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Zolfo Springs

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2nd World and 1st Florida ranking in the Cat’s contest which ended 4 days ago.
Prizes won: $700 + 1000 votes

Hi everyone my name is Nugget and i am blind, i love going for walks and playing with crinkle toys, before my mommy found me my eyes had ruptured causing my blindness but that doesnt stop me, mommy found me at 1 month old i am now 6 months Mommy also saved my 2 siblings and kept all three of us my s...



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Kc Corcoran
Kc Corcoran Friday 10 ❤
Rosemary A.
Rosemary A. Friday 10 😻
Katarzyna T.
Katarzyna T. Hi, would you like to exchange. If yes, how many? Nicolas Angel
Rosemary A.
Rosemary A. Thurs votes done 🥰
Kc Corcoran
Kc Corcoran Thurs votes in 😘
Claire P.
Claire P. Does Nuggets 1000 votes get added on to this comp?
Kc Corcoran
Kc Corcoran Wednesday 10 done!
Rosemary A.
Rosemary A. 10 votes done!
Admir Velma D. H.
Admir Velma D. H. Amellyn Hi there would u be interested in advance votes to be returned my next contest end of April or May I can do 10 or 20 a day pls let me know on my wall.🤗🤗🤗
Rosemary A.
Rosemary A. 10 votes done in this new contest. Good luck Nugget!
Kc Corcoran
Kc Corcoran 10 votes in the new contest! Good luck sweetie!
Kc Corcoran
Kc Corcoran Congratulations Nugget! I love you! Time to vote again!!! ❤
Rosemary A.
Rosemary A. Congratulations Nugget! Love you! 💝
Holly F.
Holly F. Great job on getting second place in the world and first in Florida!!! Love me some nuggie!!!❤️❤️❤️
Lynne S.
Lynne S. Congratulations Nugget♥️ Love you.❤️
Kelly O.
Kelly O. Yay!! You got 2nd in the world, that is Awesome my Godkitty so proud of you!!!
Cory M.
Cory M. Great job on getting second little Nugget! ❤️
Dianne I.
Dianne I. Congratulations Nugget!
Joanne L.
Joanne L. CONGRATULATIONS!! YAY!! ❤👑😸🎉💜 You deserved winning!! I'm so happy for you. Love you!