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English Cocker Spaniel · Stockton-on-Tees

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Leo is a one year old cocker spaniel who brings so much joy to everyone , he’s energetic, loving with a caring nature , He has helped us so much since the loss of his brother Jack.



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Martha C.
Martha C. 40votes done to date dayla
Lynnae V.
Lynnae V. Voting
Julie Aldred
Julie Aldred Come on Leo! Xx
Lianne I.
Lianne I. Wow doing fantastic
Babs H.
Babs H. Yay, 2nd place, congratulations xxxxxx
Andrea D. W.
Andrea D. W. Done 100 for you today xx
Babs H.
Babs H. Done my 10 today so close to 2nd place, come on Leo 💙
Laura G.
Laura G. Oooohh 4th!!! 😃😃🥳
Laura G.
Laura G. 🐾🤞🐾🤞🐾🤞🐾
Lianne I.
Lianne I. Woohoo 29th :) x
Lianne I.
Lianne I. Still voting :) x