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Sammy Bear

Pomeranian · Rocky Top

4th World and 1st Tennessee ranking in the Halloween Dog 👻🎃's contest which ended 13 days ago.
Prizes won: $300 + 1000 votes
1158 €

He loves to play with his toys and give mommy kisses



My profile
Devin J.
Devin J. Hey Lisa! Beautiful pup you've got! Any chance of getting your support with votes for my pup?? I will gladly return the favor if you ever enter another contest Pepper Jack
Terri P.
Terri P. sammy Bear is adorable!!!! ❤️
Brenda H. S.
Brenda H. S. Seriously too darn cute!! 😍😍😍😍
Mauricio S.
Mauricio S. Would you like to exchange votes if so please go comment on spidey #1 cat
David W.
David W. Sammy Bear so cute
Gail S.
Gail S. Sammy is what I call cuteness overload