Little Girl
Our silly little girl is 5 and my fiance and I had her since her first few months of life. She likes to cuddle by putting her paws around our neck and nuzzle under our chin. She's very curious and always has to investigate what we are doing, she also enjoys water, if we leave the sink dripping she will bathe her head and neck area in water 😅
Frank is the goodest boy!! He is such a lover he doesn’t realize he’s 110lbs he thinks he’s 10 lbs he’s just a big baby.
Amorea Mae
Amorea was adoptd from a sheltor at 8 wks old she now is 14yrs old. she is golden retreaver and Blue Heeler mix. She is very Smart & minds well and Spoiled rotten she loves to go Bye Bye in my Truck. She sleeps with her daddy when im out of bed and she loves mustard Hot Dogs she is playful with the kitty's and loves watchin T.V. she 14yrs old and still vibrant
Bella Rose Strickland
She is such a loving and playful pup. She’s full of great spirit and loves everyone. She actually tries to own some, like being a Momma. She said to me, please have everyone Vote for me!
She is super smart some times too smart for her own good while sliding down the stairs on her belly may be fun carpet burns are not
Loves to climb and has lots of (c)attitude :-)
He is a very good boy he just loves walks and he is very good alarm clock when its time for me to go to bed for work he just stares at me and looks up the steps
Hey Everyone! Meet Zeus, the baby in a dog’s body!😅 Zeus is super smart, loves cuddles, loves to be treated like a baby, and adores dressing up in his clothes. Zeus spends most of his time with his two human siblings and his brother from the same litter. He is also a huge mama’s boy and has to be with her every single minute of the day! He craves attention and will force you to pet him in the cutest way! Vote for this amazing baby boy and tell your friends and family to vote for him as well👏🏽☺️ Thank you!♥️⚡️
Yeti Anthony Fox
Yeti is a goofy boy with a great personality! He is such a sweet happy boy! He loves to go swimming in Lake Tahoe and hiking in the mountains!
Loves to sleep and run around causing havoc 😹
Chance, is my ride or die. He is the best & smartest fur baby. He is so very special to me
Billy Boy
Billy loves going for long walks, going swimming in the sea and rock pooling. Loves his cuddles and especially sleeping right top of pillow above your head all nite.
Mario is a very loyal very playful and independent dog he is very comical in his ways
Dexter is the Alpha male or thinks so but not where Lola is concerned loves his food and follows me everywhere
She's little bit shy but very mischief when she wants to be cannot leave slipper on floor she will definitely chew them but so lovable and cute
Bella is poppy's daughter they love to play together Bella loves the water.
Poppy is very loving and very playful she has a favourite teddy which she lies with and sucks when tired.
Hamish is very friendly loves meeting new furbabies & hoomans🐾 Hamish eats well, very playful & loves his bed (blanky between our pillows)🐾 Hamish loves going adventures in the car🐾
Diesel, also known as Mr fuzzy pants loves to snuggle. Go for long car rides and loves his momma. You can find him napping in the sun and looking forward to his next meal.
He is very loving. He loves to snuggle in bed with me and he loves to lay on my legs and sleep. He’s almost 3 years old and he is a wonderful cat. He’s my best friend.
Known in the neighborhood as Crazy Daisy, loces long walks around the pond, chasing ducks, and running carefree in a fenced yard. She loves tv and watching The Golden Girls.
Norman is a sweet little boy who’s 10 months old he loves to chase the bugs like a little fairy! He LOVES treats goes crazy for them and 100% gets into any mischief there is about 😂
Teaser is more of a daddys girl, loves kids, looks after everyone as shes the boss of the household, her party trick is standing like a meerkat which just melts your heart
He loves to cuddle in the evenings & morning, loves to play with his sisters Carly, our dog Apsen & the newest member to our family his little brother Kyle. His favorite place is sitting or laying in the windows looking outside.
She is our little scaredy-cat, she don’t like it when the grandbabes come over she goes and hides until they leave 😂she loves to play with her brother Stevie, loves our dog Aspen whom we call big cat. She is a dad girl & loves to cuddle with only him. . Her favorite place to be is sitting or laying in the windows to look outside. She does not like our newest little addition her little brother Kyle as of yet, she is warm up to him sooner or later.
Meet the newest addition to our family Kyle Click below⬇️ to vote for our little Kyle, he is 8 weeks old, our dog Aspen found him on the other side of our garage last Friday night. He was not in good shape his little foot was hurt, his eyes were closed due to an infection & he was so hungry. I gave him bath, feed him some cat formula I bought, his eyes started getting better within 48hours due to pet eye wipes I bought. I took him to the vet last Tuesday she said he is healthy & continue to do what I have been. He is on antibiotics for 10 days, he is a feisty little guy now🩵he goes back to the vet in a few weeks for his shots, a few weeks after his shots he will go back to get neutered.
Obi Wan
Loves to lay around all day, plays with his cat and dog brother. Loves to eat and look out the window.
Atkins is a Jack Russell cross, he was adopted from Pet Pals in Gran Canaria. He loves the beach and tug toys but no squeakers! His favourite treats are pepper, apple, cucumber, chicken and prawn crackers. Atkins has separation anxiety which can make things very difficult but we have learned to work around his needs because that’s what we do for family, he rewards us in so many other ways with his quirky character and funny personality. He lives with three cats and is always very tolerant of them ruling the roost.
Lucy is our 14 year old fur baby, she just loves being center of attention, and lives having her picture taken as you can see 😂
Remy loves car rides and to swim. He loves playing with his cat brothers and cuddling.
Gannicus is the King of the household!
Flynn is a rescue who was a failed gun dog and scared of his own shadow when i adopted him. Now an adorable, happy pooch who loves mud and water x
sky a pammperd shitzhu anything she wants she gets
I enjoy watching the birds and cars out the windows, singing for my family and chasing my brothers. My favorite toys are nerf gun bullets, monopoly houses and pretty much anything that isn’t a ‘cat’ toy.
Charly is a Great Kitty! She's the last one out of a lot of Litters!
Isabella "Bella" is a sweet little fuzzball, who likes spending most of her time either curled up on a nearby lap, finding any place to stretch out on her back, playing with one of her many toys, or stalking birds and squirrels in the backyard... from behind a screen door and hiding under a rug.
He loves his treats hes 4 years old oliver will be 5 tomorrow his birthday may 5 2019
Eric is treat mad and will do anything for one, he’s quite sleepy here, but is usually pestering you to play ball. He wears is badge ‘Velcro Dog’ with pride, he is definitely our shadow and the most loving dog you could wish for! 🐕‍🦺❤️🐕‍🦺🐾🐕‍🦺❤️🐕‍🦺🐾❤️🐕‍🦺
My boy is 15 loves swimming and is a true gentle boy a rescue when i got him 💙 didnt trust anybody turned him around so rewarding
Dallas Dakota
Dallas Dakota is one of our biggest 85lb boy. Full of love and enery. Loves to play with his dear friend Grizzly. While they play hard and will destroy anything in sight. Dallas had been a fabulous addition to our family. He is a bit spoiled and the biggest cry baby of them all. He has the nick name Chibacca. Being so voictrious it can will be funny and onry. Not to mention our biggest cry baby of all. Hims is a fabulous addition to our family! He is so much fun to have!
Alistar is 7 weeks old
Ralfie loves his tummy ticked and getting cuddles and being around poeple playing with his friend rocky dog on oicture heart program don't knock how long we will have with my old dog please vote for my ralfie he is 15 and hslf year old vets for my old dog
This is tigger he is 2 months old his sister beauty is in the photo too. He matches his name a bounces everywhere 🤣 he is very mischievous but loves cuddles and play fighting 🥰
Charlie is cheeky and soo funny,,, hhe is a real cuddle bunny and I have zero personal space,, he has to be with me and touching and he sleeps on top of my head! He's my best buddy and I love him,,, he was very poorly last year with parvo and it was touch and go, he spent 5 days in intensive care so I am extra lucky that he is still here ❣️
Buffy is a 'spirited' little lady who loves to climb. She is funny, loving (on her terms!) and adventurous.
Well first off he is a rescue found him abandoned in a shopping cart in Walmart parking lot. At the time I was an still am homeless I'm lucky I found him. He has helped me to start trying to get back on my feet by any means. I'm struggling but I figure out every day how to barely make what's needed sometimes not always
Symon is the most gentle tomcat hes our loverboy...hes very vocal n a savage hunter....he loves people...hes just beautiful