Dog cat Stories - 10


Poppy was born into a pug breeder home, they had to downsize so after her first litter we rescued her and now she is living her best life, no more breeding but TONS of love and photos! She spins when she happy and has the cutest little head tilt ~ She is a brindle baby and we love her!
Daisy is a senior Queen of the house type of dog that gets her way! She loves snack time & car rides hanging her head out the window looking like a batdog with ears blowing out
She loves swimming, riding on the Seadoo and stealing socks.
Tilly was rescued from a shelter in Mexico. She is very friendly but she hates water and when she tries to wake me up she lays on my body.
Such a loving, energetic, and friendly fur baby! She is super smart and loves her treats!! Sister of Floey❤️🤗
Beautiful soul! Such a good little lady sister of Honey ❤️😌
Diamond is almodt 2 year old blueheeler begal mix she is our porch baby but at night she in house snuggling lol thanks everyone
He loves his mamma and to take long walks!
Trooper was found in a box on the streets of LA at just 14 weeks old, and given his name for being just that- a trooper. He was adopted April 2020 and has been living his best quarantine life since. Trooper loves morning snuggle sessions, food, playing tug, searching for food, watching crime shows with his mama, trips to the in-n-out drive thru, & (did I mention) FOOD 🤪. Don’t let his sassy stare fool you, he’s the happiest & goofiest boy who’s just learning that the world is full of adventure & joy.
Karma is a very affectionate cat ,who loves to spend all the warm days in the garden sitting like this.
Loves to sleep, run and bite mama’s toes. A real Scorpio with fat cat antics!
Girly came to us from the Cat Coalition. She was found as feral. She loves treats and her mice toys. She also loves looking out the windows. My cuddle buddy at night.
Ripley is a fish loving queen of our household. Adopted this year she only brings joy around us. She is extremely vocal, but it sounds like she’s singing. Endless trills and a patient model.
This rambunctious little fellow loves to eat and prefers to sleep or watch tv on his back. He loves sneak attacks- anything shiny gets his attention. Watch out for your hoop earrings- he loves taking them out for you.
He is a sweet little dog. He likes to take photos and play a lot
Lola Rose
Lola Rose is one loving little ball of fur, she’s a little angel, she loves to eat & snack and she loves her walkers and soft toys, she also like to sleep on mums pillow at night,
Bentley is a Italian greyhound with just a splash of beagle. His personality is one of a kind. He loves to play, be silly and love his humans. He’s pretty smart as well! He loves his toys, playing outside, going for walks and boat rides. He gets along with everybody. This boy is so special and is loved so very much.
Ozzy is a friendly cat. He loves cuddles and attention. He loves to play with his toys and he loves treats
Please vote for me! Hi my name is Cheech<3 I love playing with stuffed animals and tennis balls, and chasing a laser pointer like a cat. I'm a HUGE baby who just wants to snuggle and give kisses. But watch out I snore. My favorite thing is to meet new people, go on play dates with my best friend Aly and anyone else who would join
Simba will be back on March 23rd. Simba is a very special cat. He loves to play with his stuffed carrot. He will play fetch with it. His nickname is turkeybutt. I adopted him from the local humane society back in 2015. He is very photogenic and spoiled. He is almost 6 years old. He loves to play in boxes and eat turkey. He lives with three other cats named Amelia, Arwen, and Summer. He is the man of the house 😝 He is a very loving cat and loves attention. I appreciate all votes made for Simba.
he’s very energetic to be only 2 months old so sweet !!
He's the most adorable, loving and most pretty cat I've seen and has so much coolness and has great style
My handsome boy Marley 🐶❤️ He loves bouncing about in the snow and the odd carrot is his favourite snack🥕
Lyo was a great Kitty, I plan to make him a statue for a memorial or something of the sort. Lyo loves his owner and his nephew to no end never wanting to leave their side, he’s play fetch and would play tag all day long. He was a little aggressive but it was never on purpose. He was loving and was always there to learn and love whoever was there. Just like MJay he didn’t really like others and just loved who he loves and no one has a choice. Lyo would give you kisses by putting his nose on your lips or his cheeks rubbed against your own. Lyo tragically passed away 12/24/19, He was purposely hit by a car and passed away on impact to his skull. Lyo is now Barried in the backyard of his owners fathers house as much as his owner wanted to cremate him. Lyo and his nephew and owner all share the special connection that was sadly broken that day. To this day his owner is still trying to find the perfect way to celebrate his life and let him move on but it gets harder as time goes on. His owner and nephew miss him to this day and will never forget about him. 08/01/18~12/24/19
Vera is our lovable big lap dog who looks intimidating at first but just wants to sniff and snuggle you.❤️ She has the biggest heart and is the most loyal dog who is very good motivated!
Juniper is a stray rescue who came into our lives and changed it forever!❤️ She has a ton of energy but loves to snuggle between any two people on the couch and is very smart! This sweet girl can run for hours or sleep for hours then loves a nice doggy sundae for dessert at the end of the day😊
Juniper is a stray rescue who came into our lives and changed it forever!❤️ She has a ton of energy but loves to snuggle between any two people on the couch and is very smart! This sweet girl can run for hours or sleep for hours then loves a nice doggy sundae for dessert at the end of the day😊
I love my family, radiators, climbing and treats🙃
I am 6 months old, i love attention and playing with empty medication packets i like the sound they make🤷🏼‍♀️ im a fluffy snuggly boy💓
Ultimate cuddler, toy and snackies connoisseur, puppuccino addict, part time model and pupfluencer on Instagram: Leiaslittleworld!
She is a rescue she is four years old she was a Bandan after she was no longer able to have puppies and I was planning on using the money to help her adopted dogs
This is my crackhead cat Venus. She likes attacking you for no reason and sticking her paws in your food like an asshole
Poppy is a rescue kitten, born on Christmas day. She follows me everywhere ❤️
Raider is a Pomsky. He may look intimidating, however, he’s the sweetest boy. He loves to be around people and be held. He’s extremely playful and loves to run around.
Beanz is an 8 weeks old mix-breed energetic kitten. He loves to play with many toys but his most favourite thing in the world is climbing anything and anyone!! He is learning to live with 2 older dogs and a young cat but he has certainly made himself at home with us. Beanz loves to take naps and can fall asleep almost anywhere. He enjoys belly tickles and play fighting.
Apollo is very loving and loves to be cuddled . he’s so sweet and is so loyal to his little family.
Bruno is a loving dog which loves to cuddle, he is very energetic and fun; he is an anxious dog due to other dogs being mean to him, he gets scared but eventually starts to trust the dogs he sees everyday and get excited when he finally gets to see them
Russle is an elderly cat he used to be a big hunter in his earlier years he is 18 years old
Duma was born (delivered by my son) on April 1, 2017. She and her sister, Gidgette, were the best April Fool’s joke ever 😹. Duma means”cheetah” in Swahili and my little girl zips through the house chasing little treasures she rescues from the trash bin or my jewelry box! She loves anything that crinkles, sparkles, or wiggles. She is not very brave, and startles herself constantly-running straight to hide next to me. She was certified in August as an Emotional Support Animal and is learning service skills through training and emulating Pippin Rose. She is very affectionate and sweet and designates herself as guardian of my bed. Like a cheetah, Duma chirps instead of meows. Since I am an amputee and have a brain tumor, she is an amazing little friend. Any money won helps with medical bills, vet bills and pet food.
Hi there, I’m Dave and I am a very mischievous puppy! I love eating all of my brothers and nieces food and chewing everything in mummy’s house :) I haven’t had chance to go for walkies yet as I only just got my second injection but I’m so excited for my first walk!
Mouse it a lovey sweet boy but we recently found out he has diabetes he has dropped almost ten pounds since he fiirst had symptoms
Bailey is my 4 year old Beagl/cocker spaniel mix
Tink can be a sweet kitten but she is very energetic she likes to play and mess around with my other cats mouse and russle
I rescued this beautiful kitty from the street as she was by herself. She now loves to play his and seek and cuddle and play with her big sister Akira (husky)