Bells is dandy’s sister and she meows the house down when she wants love she wants you to know what she’s doing and will talk to you all day if she could very playful but thinks she’s the Queen on the cat tree
Dandy is her nickname her name is dandelion. She’s very playful and likes lots of cuddles she likes to hide in the draw or behind the curtain from the other cats
Well, he is a rare breed. He is a calico male.
Odin is 3 months old and it already the god of destruction although he looks as sweet and harmless as Paddington bear
I like lots of cuddles
Mylo is a 9 week old fox red labrador who is settling into his new home. He is very affectionate and loves to explore the garden and play with his toys. He is looking forward to venturing further as soon as he has his next injections.
Hi my name is renegade, im a lover, im a protector, and dont come on my side of the fence or else....... i love my family to no end. They are the best.
Bueaty And Princess
These are my girls, they enjoy attention from their human mom. Always near me and enjoy sleeping on my chest and lap. Sisters and are very close, always together. I just love them.
Cal is a super funky cat. He’s got a big personality to match his big size for only being 9 months old. He loves playing with his sister and plastic bags.
I'm a BSH X, I love belly tickles and creamy dreamies, I live with my 2 bunny sisters and fishy brothers - I love going in the garden and watching Star Wars with Daddy. Mommy is okay, she has the best side of the bed and I like attacking her hair when it hangs over the sofa
Hi my name is maddie and i think my favorite thing is playing with my laser pointer, and my owner i think is the next best thing to sliced bread! I love my owner soooo much, i meow for her, my owner thinks its soooooo cute!
Rocky Loves To Play Outside! He likes to sleep on my bed! I give him treats and he likes taking pictures!!
Dipper is just the best dog! Handsome, loyal, loving and fun. I can't imagine life without him.
Gizmo was the runt and now he is bigger than all his brothers and sisters. He is a little rambunctious but he's a sweet boy.
Stella is a black mouth mountain cur, and was a rescue. She loves hiking, taking care of her kitten friends and loving her family. Shes truly the most gentle goofy companion. 🖤
Doja The Cat
Doja is 8 months old and a friendly cat who enjoys looking after other pets including small dogs and cats. She also loves to nap and check on her human family…and of course loves a bit of Doja Cat on the radio
Dozy & loving ❤️
Herb is small but feisty.
Blue is a farm dog from New Zealand. He loves exploring and chasing rabbits. He’s a giant lap dog who loves to sit on you!
Bob is an affectionate rescue cat that loves a fuss. Our two small children are his favourite people and he's always getting involved playing with them and having cuddles.
He’s the softest baby you’ll ever meet
Lil Baby
She is bright eyed , curious and super loving. She can only sleep comfortably if shes on someone🖤
Jacob Flanders
Jacob loves his sleep. Hes a 13 year old big boi. He loves kisses and cuddles. He loves playing with his younger brother Smudge. Snores very loud and is the most vocal cat I've ever heard
Japanese Shiba Inu 🧬 Part Fox 🦊 Part Shark 🦈
Lyla Parker
Lyla is mix beewteen beagle,labradour,german pointer always up for a cuddle and full of energy couldn’t ask for better best friend as her sister is in the picture to
A playful, affectionate ankle biter🐶
Zeebee Allen
He’s 3 years old. Full of personality and very loving. He enjoys playing with the kids, laying on mom, and chicken nuggets.
Pumba is so funny he makes me laugh every day, he get up to all sorts. His favourite is his boxes if he could lie in a egg box he would. I wouldn't be without him hes my world ,my Ray of Sunshine 💛🌞
This is Marlowe, he will be 4yrs old this year 2023. We think he is cross between a greyhound/ lurcher. We adopted Marlowe November 2020. Very adorable and handsome, loves doing zoomies at our local park. Loves curling up on the sofa to sleep and loves his food ❤️
She loves to be included in ANYTHING we do! She will sit at the table and watch us play games. Wherever we are, she is! I rescued her but she actually rescued me
Richard is a reacue from the outsdie,I brought him in for the winter since his owners moved and left him. I fell in love with him and kept him, he couldnt be any happier.
Momo loves to cuddle and always a happy kitty
Sky, my sweet boy sky, hes now 2. He has the same birthday as my dad, which isnt here anymore. Sky is very special, he knows how to cheer you up when you're sad, he loves walks, he loves to play tug of war, he knows how to sit, laydown, speak, shake, and highfive, when he goes to lay down he stomps his feet in a very sassy way. Hes My World.
Mr. Jack is a 2 year old Tabby that I rescued. Jack loves to be held and have his tummy rubbed. He knows no stranger and is everyone’s biggest fan. He allows me to dress him up which I feel can be rare for a cat. Jack should be voted for because he is sweet and gentle and his eyes are beautiful aren’t they? Jack LOVES watching the birds and squirrels outside with his sister. Please vote for Jack ❤️
Bertie is 4 , he’s a lovely man who loves to play football and bubbles
Loves to cuddle, eats your hair to show you she loves you,
Hulk is an XL bully, the sweetest baby you’ll ever meet. i understand they have bad reputations but all dogs can have a bad reputation. he’s a baby at heart💚
Max is my service dog and has changed my life! People have a tendency to look at us strange because they can't see a TBI but it's there and he saves my life, sometimes on a daily basis. I love him so much 🥰
Rego is almost 6! You’d think he was still a puppy….. well he is…. Just a big one :) still loves his tennis balls and gets super excited when he gets a new one….. he’s a cuddly bear <3
Jack was adopted by me when he climbed into a top floor window as he was so desparate to be mine! He can't meow properly, but he tries. It sounds more like frog from Little Rascals.
Gus is a lovable cheeky boy who loves his doggie friends and is such a great companion .
☁️🤍 Klee is an adorable little solid white purebred teacup persian female, born in October on the 27th and is a Halloween baby! She’s a certified emotional support animal and goes with her mama everywhere I go! Whoever had said diamonds were a girls best friend simply never owned a persian.. the affection and bond shared between person and Persian is just unmatched! Goodness me I honestly don’t know where i’d be mentally if I ever lost her.. Klee is genuinely my ENTIRE world and wouldn’t ever trade her for a thing. She’s so incredibly clever!! She does multiple trick types, will spin in circles for her food and treats or just to impress her mama and to be told she’s a good girl lol! She’s verbal command trained and listens to several commands so beautifully! She’s a very laid back and easy going little lady. She genuinely just wants to be cuddled up close to her mama. She’s incredibly well mannered! Someday in the near future she’ll be the QUEEN of the house!! Quite literally actually!! She’ll be a mama! I just cannot wait to produce beautiful purebred persian litters by her and her mate. Klee genuinely means the world to me! I’ve never quite loved something so dearly. 🤍🕊️
Bella the mouse hunter!!!
bandit is a beautiful boy who loves cuddles and protecting his momma
Dexter is a big gently gaint he loves kisses and he love the kids throwing his ball for him
Bruce Wayne Fogartyis a Polydactyl Cat with 6 toes in each paw. He loves his Daddy and is a loving fur baby.