She loves to play and climb and give kissesand lots of love
Luke loves cuddles and climbing under the blanket with me to do so! Every time I get home he rolls over on his back and wants plenty of belly rubs too! He’s the best companion to have. ❤️
Max is a goofball that loves toys and cuddles.
He is a American ringtail he is a very rare breed he loves to play with his mice loves to be petted and is just an overall big baby very much a lap kitty
We are going to be working on advanced votes for next contest just let us know…Coconut is a spoiled rotten baby but we love him 💙💙💙 we vote back 😘🥰❤️
Pepper is the sweetest girl ever. She is such a momma’s girl and will protect you to the ends of the Earth. She is feisty, energetic, and kind! I always compare her to a fox!
Roscoe is my 2 year old Rescue pup. He loves snuggles and running around our big yard in the woods
Loki Rhodes
He Likes to cuddle up with mommy and daddy and watch tv
Bane is a great dog and loves to protect his family. He loves to play especially in the water. Hes like a big ol baby that still wants to sit on my lap lol. My best friend who will always have my back !!
Leo is the most affectionate cat I have ever had. My baby boy. He loves to cuddle, play fetch and is very vocal. He follows everywhere I go, even when I take a shower he meows to come in with me. He’s got the cutest voice when he talks to you. Will forever be my cuddle bug.
Scoobie Doobie
This is Scoobie Doobie he is from a litter that was dumped and left to perish he was rescued and treated but was completely outdoors at his foster so he is now a happy indoor spoiled baby. He is 15 weeks roughly s
Trixie is a unique blend of chihuahua/cardigan welsh corgi. She is loving and very intuitive to her mom’s emotional and medical needs. She is always ready with plenty of kisses for everyone.
Hitomi is a rescue , originally from the desserts of Arizona. Shes had a tough life but finally found her furever home ❤ shes sweet and loves to play fetch . She has the biggest heart and is definitely a cuddle bug .
Thomas loves being outdoors, and he loves spending time with his brother Ash. Thomas is very sweet and loving, and he’s very outgoing and when he gets to be outside he loves to climb trees!
He’s 8 weeks old! Already learned to go out and Climb stairs! He’s just a cute baby!
Ash loves cuddling, and being under the blanket when it’s cold. He loves to play and he’s very loving and sweet!
Raja is a sweet heart he love to follow us everywhere he love to play fetch even though he’s a cat lol he loves his cuddle time and he knows no privacy when it’s shower time he thinks he can jump in 😂
Tater loves to play, snuggle and sleep!
I’m a pit bull but mixed mix 1 years old..I’m Affectionate and gentle.
Shwaggy D
Shwaggy’s ON PAGEANT DOG til October 14th. He droolingly thanks you for your support!
Bennie is a 1 year old mini golden doodle! He loves treats and snuggling up to his family more than anything! He’s a ball of energy always bouncing around and wanting to play and spoiled as can be! He goes for drives to Taco Bell or our local ice cream joint and the employees go crazy over him and they give him extra treats! He wins the heart of anyone he meets!
he loves playing with his toys and his sister Minnie. He also loves to dress up
Munchie is a Himalayan Persian. He is 7 years old. He weighs in at 18lbs. Big boy. He has mesmerizing blue eyes.
Skunk Monkey
She is energetic and loving to her sister Luna. She has a personality like no other. She is a mix breed with main coon. She only 1 years old. She spoiled rotten and sure loves her papa too
Silly goose
Handsome boi
Titan is 3 yrs old and is the prince of the house! He lets us know when he is out of water or food and does not stop until it is refilled! He is a mamas boy and loves to be a cuddle bug. He loves his sister rhea even when she is being an annoying little sister lol! He is our spolied little big boy!
Rhea is 1 yr old and loves to talk if we meow back at her she continues until she is done! Everything is on her terms just like the princess she is. She loves to be active and play with her brother titan. She loves to steal socks and place them for me to find! She is living her best kitten life.
Lily is 5 years old. She’s a Calico/Maine Coon. She is talkative and has a sassy personality. She loves pets and loves to lay around in the sun. She loves watching the birds and playing with her brother Stormy
Loves to sleep
Nala will always be my princess, she loves treats and snuggle with mami
Rylie is a trucker! He loves riding across the country with us in our semi truck. Rylie loves to go on long walks, chasing squirrels and playing with his many, many, many toys. Rylie will smile when ask, which is the sweetest thing, ever!
Jasper is 3 months old. Hes very playful and cuddly
Heidi is a sweet girl, she is the princess of the house , she loves treats and chase lizards 🦎 😂
Boomer loves all the attention. He is a super fun cat. He loves his newborn baby brother
Viper is such an energetic & funny pup! Her favorite thing to do is dig holes & sleep. (german shepard/dutch shepard)
Vira loves dressing up for Halloween! She’s my service dog prospect:)
Simba loves cuddles and listening to music with his mama he loves anything salmon flavored and is a huge bed hog even though hes only 11lbs
Gus is a loving chunky & fluffy kitty who loves attention & love. He’s super friendly with other cats and best friends with our other kittys.
Mylie is 8 weeks old, she is absolutely tiny and such a feisty little soul who is loved so much already x
Optimiss is spunky fun loving protective pup. Loves to play. Loves everyone and everything.
AnKa was found living in a laundry basket at 12 weeks old, with a traumatically broken back. She weighed only 3 1/5 pounds. Too small to use commercial dog carts, many were made for her out of lightweight PVC pipe and fleece. Her life is normal to her, she’s happy, bosses her four legged siblings around and has a personality to make up for what she lacks in size.
Pepper Ann
This is Pepper Ann she is a rambunctious and silly pup! She is a very good girl and loves to run the farm with her owner! She loves her best friends (aka goats and pigs)!
Farva enjoys his supervisory role over his 3 dog siblings. He is obsessed with the bathtub and can often be found napping in a vacant paper bag.
Walter was born deaf and is fluent in ASL. He is a diva in the truest form. If I could afford the water bill, he would take a shower every day. He has a wardrobe would put any Kardashian to shame and he comes with a criminal record, full of theft crimes; warm blankets, your spot in the bed and a small piece of your heart. When Walter is not playing ball, he’s likely found begging to take a shower or catching a nap in the sun… wearing sunscreen to prevent premature aging (diva).
Misty has a very super personality. She’s really cute when she wants to be. She loves going on car rides, 4 wheeler rides and chasing me ( her sister) around the yard. Lol.
Keana is very funny. She loves to play with her kitty sisters Coco and Shadow. She also has a doggy sister, Misty. She always makes the funnest of faces and poses for the camera :)