Dog cat Stories - 10


Lotus And Lily
This is a favorite place for Lotus and Lily to be....looking out of the screen door together...💗
Pepper is a Plott hound mix full of energy, loves to play, and has to stop and smell everything when she goes for her walks.
Mike Jones
I'm just a cutie.
Sasha is a stray. She is a sweet girl maybe 3 or 4 years old. Loves to be groomed. Watches tv and is always by her buddy Gecko's side. She has been a delight in our home. Now her home. She loves to eat Frisky snacks chicken flavor
Sabo is a full breed Australian Shepherd. She was a gift to my husband who is an Army Veteran to be his emotional support dog due to PTSD. She is silly and has amazing energy. Her breed came out of her so naturally that she began herding goats without hesitation. She thinks she can herd horses too. She jumps very high and makes everyone her play buddy. She is great around the kids and uses her nose to show you where to pet her. She trained in basic home commands in 1 day. We are very proud of her, we love her and her cuddles.
Liberty, AKA, Libbie, was someone's puppy that was rehomed. This girl is a goldendox,... She looks just like a golden retriever, for the most part, only with short legs. She is, by far, the sweetest and most-loving, intelligent, passionate, empathetic dog! She displays tons of empathy for her pack, yet also a strength and pride about her, like no other!
I love to explore everywhere and anything, I like eating everything I'm not supposed to, my mom tells me, I'm little big stinker, but she loves me and I love her, especially when she gives me bacon.
Puss In Boots
Puss and boots has so much energy, he loves to climb myself and hang out on my shoulder. He would love to win so he can get a bunch of stuff. Vote for puss in boots!
Sadie came to us as a stray; so afraid and thin! sShe was literally skin over bone weighing 12 pounds at about 7 months old. She tripled her weight at 2 weeks here, and has been part of our family ever since. Sadie is super sweet, but also protective of her humans. 💕😁🥰🐾❤
Chi Chi
Chi is the most loving and friendly girl to all people! However, she is the sassiest, spunkiest bratt to other dogs! 🤣❤ She came to me on her death bed with liver disease, an ALT of 1286! She has done well for several years since, on medication, and her ALT is down in 200 range!
Rayne Elizbeth
My name is Rayne. I will be 2 years old in December! I love playing outside and stealing my brother's toys for him to chase me! I also love naps out under the pine tree, its my happy place. 😊 Also Mom says im cute so it must be true! 💕
My girl is everything to me. 11 great years of love!!💕
Kali loves to play in the water hose and chase her tail in circles. She loves to play tug award and she is such a loving pup! She is super playful and is amazing with our new born baby boy!
She loves sitting on tree stumps and watching all of her animal friends doing her duty of being a watch dog. She is very intelligent, sweet, loyal, and brave! She does great at scaring off racoons and coyotes. She has friended our goats, cats, turkeys, ✔️ chickens, and ducks.
Boosie is an FIP Warrior, he’s such a strong boy and such a fighter, he endured 84 days of painful injections, it was so hard for both of us but he did it ! And passed his observation with flying colors and I’m so thankful to still have him, He will always be the cutest in my eyes 💜 Vote for him because his treatment was not cheap lol 😂 😭 and because he’s a cute boy 🥺
Lunabelle loves to take naps, chase deer, and go swimming. She's dad's favorite daughter!
She loves cuddles and the grandchildren and her big sister Molly
Brew is a energetic, frisbee catchin, treat lovin pup! Some of his favorite activities include walks and car rides!
i gave her a nickname my pepsi baby she loves to play the pepsi boxes i have at home All proceeds will go to my animal control to help find animals homes
shes a very sweet lovin cat she loves to cuddle and play with her sister and brother she also loves to eat bread All proceeds will go to my local animal control to help find animals homes
Professor Snape
I found him and his sister in a cubby in my truck his sister died the next day got him to the vet he had respiratory infection and after his medcine he fault and got over it now he if doing better. He is a lovin cat All proceeds will go to my local animal control to help find animals homes
Maggie Mae
Maggie Mae was bought to keep my husband happy he just has his second surgery to fight cancer. He has been so depressed and she makes him smile and happier than he has been she is such a sweet girl. Please vote for Maggie my husband would love to see her win. Thanks so much!
My little Kenji is a mighty dog! Loves to chase after his balls if you throw them. Loves to cuddle with his mama and pops, loved chasing things flying in the wind. Such a blessing he is, he rescued my heart after I rescued him!
Ollie And Stefano
My boys Ollie and Stefano, they are brothers both 5 months old Stefano the ginger is very adventurous and active. Ollie is more reserved but both are very affectionate and loving
Suriya has a condition called Megaesophagus. When she was first diagnosed I thought I would need to put her down. But Suriya is a fighter and 6 months later, she's still showing that fighting spirit. She loves hiking, anything to do with water, using people as pillows, annoying her doggy sister, and training to be a service dog.
Brewster Fest
Brewster is 1.5 years old. Shes a very independent pup, stubborn, loves going for car rides.
Xi Xi
XiXi's favorite place to lounge is the sink. It always has been and probably always will be.
Henry came as a 2 wk old kitten that was bottle fed by myself. We noticed when he was little that his head would bobble when he ate or drank. He does have some neurological issues but we love him the same.
Cooper is a very social and happy dog! He loves people, kids, and other dogs. Everytime we come home his little butt wags 30 mph! 😂 He doesn’t like toys that much but we throw his ball in the basement sometimes and he’ll run up and down and get the ball to get rid of his zoomies energy and he loves it!
Taz is a handsome Australian Labordoodle with a huge heart. He loves to play with his mom and is super outgoing. His personality shines bright. Please vote!
Sophie is a sweet kitty who’s always near. She loves boxes and bags. She’s gone traveling with her mom from the west coast to the east coast and loves the car rides in between!
Jax is a very handsome boy who loves long walks, chasing squirrels, and cuddling on the couch with his mom.
Maverick is a 1 and a half year old Husky. He is also in therapy school to help homeless veterans with PTSD, anxiety, and depression.
My favorite things are playing and watching TV with Dad and running away from Mom
He's a feisty feline, He also like's strolling thru the neighborhood in the crisp evening air as he struts his stuff, looking for a responsible, fun feline for adult activities like fetch, or playing with velcro or his other cat friendly toys
Brudus Tyrone
Brudus Tyrone is my 5 year old black lab mix with an amazing personality. He loves hard, and protects his family harder!! He recently got promoted to being a big brother to his little human sister Josephine, and to two wonderful cats. He being the spunk, love, and attitude to our family table daily - and is loved by many!! He loves his human Josie, enjoys swimming and running in the river, playing ball in the open fields, long car rides, and night walks with his family.
Bmo loves belly scratches and getting all the attention
This is my little golden sunshine☀️🥰 His name is Cisco and he’s an 8 month Golden Retriever. He absolutely loves everyone and everything. He LOVES dog tv, especially the ducks. He can watch ducks for HOURS. He is very photogenic, as you can see, and loves all the attention on him! He’s my happy boy and my best friend❤️
Love squeaky toys and puppachinos 😇💜
Hello my name is Nella I'm a Catahoula mix my Mommy and Daddy just adopted me from the humane society 2 weeks ago I'm all love I love food snuggles and most of all Nella wafers
She is very protective of her stuffed monkey... she puts her food outside her bowl and eats it on floor. She refuses to drink water from bowl only drinks water from She lets you know if no water is in tub lol...A child in a cat body.
Very energetic, loves to play ball, go to the park
Chubb Chubb
Chubb Chubb loves to eat and snuggle. He is the clean up crew in our house. He goes behind our other two dogs and searches for any morsel that they may have left behind. He is the absolute sweetest boy and just wants to be loved.
River is a gentle 100 lb German Shepard that loves dog toys,belly scratches, runs and his family.
Oliver is the sweetest baby. He loves kisses, playing fetch, and beating up on his older siblings since he stands up to 2.5’ tall. He is very large baby who likes to be carried around like a baby. He also likes to jump into his momma’s arms and likes to be carried over her shoulder.