Victor is a very loving, curious little pup! We are so lucky in the fact that we’ve never had to train him on anything other than toileting. Victor LOVES the ball, ball is life!! He’s quite the adventure pup and will practically participate in anything you set him off doing. The trust between him and us is fantastic!! Victor is a springy little Daxiejack or Jackshund, depending on what you prefer. I’ll let you work those two breads out. He has an Instagram page, which we try to update regularly on his daily antics. Feel free to come follow him @victor_the_sausgae
She loves metting people, long walks, and loves to play, she loves to cuddle and to lick your brain through your ear. She loves everyone and has the most emotions i have ever seen from a dog before. As a pup her nose was shaped like a ❤ and still is. To me the heart on her nose is a symbol of the love that she has for people.
She is ball looney! So sweet and cuddly. She goes EVERYWHERE with me and she gets attention EVERYWHERE! Everyone always comments on her behavior and her beauty!
Im black lab and blue heeler i love the water the most and my mom n dad takes me for car rides
Bunzino is a sweet young boy. He is very curious and wants to help with everything.
Bella is the sweetest little girl ever! She turned 2 in April-a big, 80lb, energetic, loving furball. She is very intuitive and an amazing emotional support dog 🥰 she has saved my life in more ways than one💖🐾
What jasper likes most is being with his people anywhere they are is where he wants to be and he loves car rides
She loves anything green. Playing with her brother. And zoomies and 12am and again sometime in the mid morning. I am a princess
She loves her big sister baby two peas in a pod
Clover dog is a curious beagle. If she is not out with her friends at the dog bar. Then she is out on an adventure sniffing out excitement. But also love snuggles when she gets back home.
Wilf is such a clever boy, he is very adventerous and playful and already knows how to sit & paw at 9 weeks old! He makes us smile every day 🥰
Sunflower is a disabled rescue who is pure love and joy
Gus Gus
Gus Gus loves snuggling and eating
Avid shoe collector and protecter from all mail men 👟
Cassie is a 4 month old shih Tzu, Chihuahua, pug mix. She is very active, loves other dogs and kids.
Hi,Im rosco,Im a rescue, i ran away from my old home multiple times because they treated me bad,after the 3rd time they didnt want me anymore, I am scared of any loud noise,and yelling, i was yelled at alot,ive been living with my current family for 5 almost 6 years, I am around 11 I have arthritis in my front legs and in my hind legs, I love walks,hikes,sleeping and sitting in the backyard sunbathing, My bestfriewn is Nyla
Lola loves anything she can get a hold off , cuddles and watching tv
Sonya our best guard dog and friend ♥️
Don’t let the cute face fool you- Benjamin is full of mischief and mayhem! He loves to play with anything he shouldn’t and enjoys scooting around the house. However, he is a beautiful boy who likes snuggles at bed time and is loved very much.
She is so loving. You were swear she was 1/2 human. She loves to talk back when shes told to do something she doesnt want to do.. she loves to chase bubbles, go for rides on 4 wheelers. She loves chasing chipmunks. Her most favorite thing is going to the mountains.
Pretty Gu Bo
Sweetheart the day I picked her up these two baby kids came out to me and said we named her pretty girl so I told them girls I’ll never change her name and give her the best home!! So I named her pretty Gurl Bo and Bo comes after I lost my other dog and he went to the rainbow bridge waiting for us .
Thor loves food. He’s very cuddly and loveable
Bella is a very shy cat only likes her human sister follows her around. And meow when she is being locked out from her human sisters room.
Charlie Girl
Charlie likes to sing
Frankie is a pretty unique little guy. He is by far the most affectionate cat I've ever had, to the point of being pushy. He loves to torment his sister khaleesi. They definitely have a love-hate relationship. But he definitely lives up to the name of pesky little brother. He's just over a year old and very rambunctious. He's definitely a daddy's boy, and I've just accepted the fact that he loves him more than me 🤣 I recently taught him how to play fetch and do not regret it at all. It's hilarious watching him pick things up in his mouth and run them back to me 😂 my cats are my babies and he's no exception to the rule. His dad and I just love him and his sister to pieces!
Tobias Lincoln
Tobias loves nothing more to be involved in any conversation. He loves to sit on everyone he sees 😂
Kimber is the sweetest little pup! She's the world's perfect shadow, travel buddy, and snuggler. She goes everywhere with her mum and LOVES to eat, it must be the Taurus in her. Kimber is a rescue from Texas and we couldn't imagine how someone could abandon this sweet little baby!
A crazy, loving, and sassy kitten who loves to climb and explore new corners and rooms. But always down for cuddles.
Crazy puppy who loves to play and always finds a friend wherever he goes.
Valentina is a sweet and playful puppy, she is also a bit ornery and will take our phone or keys at times to get our attention. She loves saying hi to everyone she sees even if they are across the street.
Y’all come on now and vote for my sweet CoCo. She’s been through a lot! Her Human, my Aunt Loretta, God rest her soul, passed away from Cancer. CoCo loved her very much and would slip out to go find her whenever my Aunt would go somewhere. When my Aunt died, I took CoCo so we would know she had a good home. CoCo is PRETTY OLD although no one can remember exactly how old. Lol….she had been with my Aunt for so long that we couldn’t even remember how long! Since Lolo passed CoCo has had bought a of sadness. She gets worried and temperamental if I go anywhere and don’t take her with me. Wherever I go I just have to look down and she is by my side. Even if it’s just to the bathroom. I believe she suffers from Seperation Anxiety. She goes where I go, she expects to eat what I eat, and she thinks my bed is her bed. Now I will not lie, CoCois also very much spoiled!! She is a Diva for sure. My Aunt started it and now I spoil her as well. I’d like for CoCo to win this money so I can take her to the vet. She has two large masses growing in/around her “boobs”. I have no idea what they are but would like to have it checked and taken care of. So from CoCo and myself, Thank You! in advance for your vote. We love you all!
Hunter Hart
Hunter is a sweet,fun and energetic little dude that I adopted from PetSmart!! He loves watching tv and snuggling and purrs 24/7, Hes just the happiest cat🥰🥰
hi my name is sam and it would me a lot to me and my mama if you voted for me. I was recently adopted from a animal shelter and im now living my best life. I am one years old and im the sweetest little boy. Please vote me woof woof, love sam<3
He has gathered you all here tonight because someone is about to be murdered. Also where is my food?
Athena is a Calico short hair. She has a sister named Artimis and a brother names Solaire. She has a Calico mother in heaven named Momo and a siamese father named Knox. She loves exploring, the outdoors and playing with her siblings. She doesn't like dogs and sitting still. She loves cuddles, people, and stepping infront of my phone while I'm playing on it. 🤣 She's kind and loving and our sweet baby. ❤💞
Artimis is a Calico short hair, she has a sister named Athena and a brother named Solaire. She has a Calico mother in heaven named Momo and a siamese father named Knox. She's the most loving out of her siblings. She loves cuddles, playing with her sibling, and being held like a baby. She doesn't like the outside and loud sounds. She's 7 months old and very curious and clumsy. She loves people and other animals.
Herc (Hercules) was adopted and is called by many names Hercie, Fluffy Tail, Doodles and Sprinkles when his mom buys wrong cat litter. He has a beautiful chocolate and white coat.
Gia is our German Shepherd/Heeler mix! We adopted her from a local shelter and it has truly been a blessing❤️ She’s a lover of all things including tug-of-war and play time with her brother, Dave.
Romeo is a cuddle bug ,loves to sit on your lap and soak up the attention, of course his treats are his favorite
Alice loves to explore new places ! 💕
Fat Cat
I rescued Fat Cate in 2015 from being euthanized. She was 4 years old at the time I rescued her. She is gentle natured and friendly. She is often playful and curious, even though she is blind in one eye it does not stop her from being playfull. She loves baths and she'll jump in the bathtub when its feeling up with water. She is the most lovable cat to be around.
I am the sweetest little boy who loves all my toys and cuddles with my mom and dad!
Titan And Bandit
They are both rescue dogs.
Millie is an 8 month Lab mix who loves treats and snuggles from Mom and Dad!
von, loves cuddles from mama but loves puppychinos even more ! he’s the sweetest boy all he has to do is give me those eyes and he gets what he wants. #mamasboy🥹❤️
Mittens is 8 months old and is very lovable and playful. She has extra toes on her front two paws which are very cute and give her a lot of character.
I’m playful and good with babies and kids! I love to cuddle!