Dog cat Stories - 100


Wyatt is 8 month old Saint Bernard. He is lazy and coddled by his mom and dad. His favorite activity is sleeping
Chubbs is a almost two year old Saint Bernard. He is goofy and clumsy. But oh so lovable. He’s the father to Wyatt!!
She’s an amazing puppy! My husband and I adopted her, her other owners abandoned her . We love being her parents. She’s only Alamo 8 months old and so bright and intelligent. We would use the money for her vet bills and new toys. 🥰🥰
Hi, I'm Luna a standard poodle pup just living her best life! I love going on hikes, breweries, and kayaking with my mom. But who am I kidding, I like being any where my mom is, she is my all time favorite. Hope you think I am as cute as she does!
Hi! I’m Benji! I’m a fun loving boy with a great personality. My favorite thing is getting a brand new toy and tearing the squeaker right out of it. I hold the record for being able to tear it out in 4 seconds! Oh, and how could I forget about all the pupachino’s I love to eat. I recently lost my brother to cancer, so every vote counts to help my family!! Your favorite boy, Benji
Hi! I'm Theo, a labradoodle! Typing with paws is hard so my human is here to help! I love playing with my real dog mom (I never left the nest) and my dog uncles Russel and Sam! I'm still learning what sounds are and every time I go outside at night I just sit, listen to all the scary sounds, then whine until my human comes and picks me up. I'm a good pup though, who has already learned the grass is the toilet and my crate is my den! My human says I have the best puppy dog eyes so I hope you love them as much as she does.
Queenie knows how to come, speak, sit and stand on command.
Carly is a rescue cat that we adopted with her brother Baghera a few years ago and she’s quickly became my best furry friend. Both her and her brother will never miss a chance to demand some love.
Delilah is pictured with kitty. She loves cuddling up to humans. Her favorite thing is to play fetch with little fabric mice. She’s very tiny and under 6 pounds as a full grown cat.
Lexie is our first Tabby kitty. She likes to play but on her terms...if throw toy downstairs, whatever you do...don't look at her. She's too good to play and doesn't want anyone to know it. She loves to put all the toy mouses on my daughter's bed everyday then they end up on the stairs
Lilly loves warm cuddles and her family she also enjoys playing with her sister remi
Hello! My name is Dom. My mom rescued me and three of my siblings who were found abandoned in a field. We were only five weeks old when we were rescued. My mom was only suppose to foster me, so technically I’m a foster fail. My other siblings went to a puppy rescue in Colorado and were all adopted! My mom loves champagne and that is how I got my name. I am so happy and grateful to be in my forever home ❤️
Jack is a outside kitty. Who I call my sweet boy. He loves sitting on the front porch with me . Love how he crosses his paws too. Hes a tabby.
Honzo is two years old he loves to cuddle with mommy and daddy mommy he does suck on his blankets while he sleeps kind of like a cat
Kaia is an agouti, wooly, & dirty face purebred Siberian Husky puppy! She was born in November of 2020 on Friday the 13th (:
Chester is a Bengal/Siamese/Savannah mix with pericing blue eyes that loves chasing his tail and midnight cuddles.
Rosie is a sweetheart who loves to snuggle and purr! She kneads on anything that’s soft. So glad we adopted her!!
Norm is a very handsome boy who lives for his catnip, He is the little brother to his beautiful sister Eloise! Thank you for the love <3
Gucci is a special dog . She has a different personality.
My Gunner is a big love bug, my mom calls him her gentle giant ❤ Gunner loves playing ball and chewing sticks! Hes my heart!
Angel is 7 months old and he is a very silly rambunctious cat. He likes to attack my grandson on a sneak tip. He likes to sit on the toilet but this one is the most funniest to me but very cute.
Katniss is a little feisty. She likes to hop side ways down the hallway and spazz out. she doesn’t like pop tarts. she loves to play peek a boo but you better watch out because she is a fast little one! she is the boss of the house and her brother ottis and sister maggie are very scared of her sometimes
Bailey is the sweetest boy who LOVES his piggy!!! He takes him everywhere!
maggie is the cutest begger. she loves her walks and car rides. she also loves her sister molly more then mommy but don’t tell her that🤫maggie loves cuddles and she is the fluffiest thing ever!!! she loves getting her pictures taken! Also she wiggles.
Pickles was bought to be a companion to my husband who had Alzheimers Dec2020 he was the 1 thing that gave him peace. my husband lost his fight Nov 4th 2020 so now pickles comforts me the one who said she would not have another house dog. I ate those words when I bought Pickles.
Capone is a momma’s boy. He loves his laser pointer, treats, and sleeping anywhere his floofiness fits.
Ottis loves to play. His favorite foods are eggs, cookies, ice cream, mike and ike’s, pop tarts, chicken noodle soup, anything with cheese on it, and doritos!! he makes bird noises sometimes. He likes to be crazy at night just so mommy gets up to play with him.
Dreams nickname “The Dirty Snowball” He is a jumbo baby that loves to snack and sleep and snack again!
Tokyo is a Husky Hound Mix she is about 7 months old She is very playful and very loving Her Favorite thing to do besides eat is to eat bubbles.
Gucci is full of energy and loves attention, gives besos aka kisses 😘 and loves food anything you drink also fruit he’s one of a kind. He loves to try and talk and loves socks
Punky is a rescued feral. With a bit of patience and lots of love, he is a sweet mannered boy. He loves his toys, being held, snuggles and other animals. His buddy is a chinchilla.
Sawyer is a rescue pup from Florida. He was abandoned in a yard ar just 1 1/2 years old. He is the best dog, and he's so smart!
Rory is a 3 year old Havanese male with lots of personality.
I am the baby of the house! If it’s not kisses or cuddles I don’t want it!
She loves snuggle with her star wars blanket!
Lucky has a perfect face, and a cute goatee to boot!
This sweet little nugget loves everyone, enjoys napping, snuggling and destroying all his toys
This boy loves to cuddle and loves to eat! He waits for my arrival from work by the front window and greets me at the door when I come in!
Briggsy was found on the side of the road at just a few weeks old, and she is such an amazing little girl! She's so cuddly and loving, while also being super adventurous and playful. She loves any toy that moves and scratching at the carpet lol
Sadie is a playful 3 year old wire coat jack Russell she loves her walks And Loves playing a flower bud or lemon over a ball .Sadie love attention and she is very sassy. Sadie used to be a show dog she was entered into a show with her litter and they chose her, after that they said she was to talk so that is how we got Sadie ❤️❤️ Love you Sadie Mae 😍
Yaki loves to take long long walks on the beach! He gets all tuckered out after playing a ball of fetch!
Oreana is a year old, she is the sweetest thing. whenever your upset she is always there to cheer you up. she is very playful and loves people. she also loves to cuddle.
Just ask Mick, “who is the cutest bulldog in the world?” He’ll raise his paw for you🥰 And, who could resist that scrunchy face?!
Rosie Rae
My name is Rosie Rae. I love to play! I am very spunky, energetic, and friendly.
“Hello der Hooman! My name is Ryker but sumtimes my mama calls me Panda, or Ryka-Boy... or Little Floof... or Fuzz Ball. I like dem all. I also like leafs and pinecones da mostest. They all so cronchy. Anyway, mama says I’m cute so here I am.”
Zoey is the princess. She loves to snuggle and be with you. She enjoys her playtime and lives her dinner time
Ruxin is a playful, crazy super outgoing cat! I think he was a horse in a previous life because he gallops like one!