Dog cat Stories - 100


Pumpkin Boo
Once upon a time pumpkin boo gave me a scare on letting herself outside by opening the front door when I was gone door and she knew how to pull open drawers and climb inside and once she got stuck and I had to take all my drawers out and push her threw to get her out she is my little Houdini love her so much she can be fiesty and loving and caring with lots of nose kisses
Isabella is full of energy 24/7! Loves to be chased with a stuffy toy in her mouth! She loves snuggles and being talked to!
Dallas is a very playful Kitty. The picture I submitted of her is with one of her favorite toys. She had actually somehow managed to get it up the stairs and was just patiently waiting for me to play with her.😄
Mowglie came into my life when he was a baby he needed me as much as I needed him we grew together he makes me a better human he waits for me at nite to make sure I make it inside safe he meows his way into anyone heart 💜 he plays with toys and strings and boxes and bags his favorite is definitely the paper bag or a soda box we’ll actually any kind of box he lets you know when he wants out because he will stretch his body so he can touch the door nob with his paw for when he wants out he is a big hunter of moles mice rats and yes birds but that’s just his catlike instinct but his favorite thing is to talk for treats and snuggles he is loved by all
Hi, this is Simba. Named after Simba from Disney’s ‘The Lion King’. I am very lovable, charming, playful and cheerful. I love my catnip, I love sleeping for long periods of time and I definitely love jumping from one surface to another. Although I am only 5 months old, I am growing very fast and my hair is getting super long.
Popcorn is the sweetest boy!! I rescued him from a cat rescue center in SD when he was 8 weeks. The woman said, “You are getting my lap kitty!!” I was sooo excited to hear he would lay in my lap… and he has stayed true to that! Thirteen years and going strong in the lap kitty department! I love him so much! 😻
Butter Bean
Butter bean was rescued from under our shed. She is ornery and adorable and loves to talk and cuddle
Jack is working Dog! He rides in the truck everyday. Some days construction sometimes ranching. He is always happy and adorable. He enjoys long naps and pupperccinos from Starbucks. In his spare time he sun bathes and keeps track of his owner.
Marley was born on Easter Day. He is very playful, but does love to curl up on your lap to nap. 🖤🤍
Otto is the most affectionate, cuddly, intelligent, and well-behaved puppy! He’s got the biggest personality smushed into a little body, and never fails to carry around the biggest stick that he can find. Most days, you can find him napping in the sun right in the middle of his humans’ bed. He was adopted from Texas at 12 weeks old and now lives the best life! My partner and I realized that our lives have been made exponentially better by Otto- not a day goes by that he doesn’t put a smile on both of our faces. By adopting Otto, we helped make room for one more stray/kill shelter dog to be in a foster home with his rescue, Tess K9. He’s a testament to the belief that rescue dogs make the BEST dogs. I will always be forever grateful to Otto and his rescue for bringing so much joy into my life. The unconditional love that I receive from Otto has made such a difference in my mental health! Watching him grow and thrive is so fulfilling, and he really is just the happiest little dog.
Boo Bear
Just a bottle fed baby he was born Sept. 5th by emergency c-section n his momma passed away...but he has his daddy n i to love him!! 💗😍
This is my dog Valentina her nickname is vale she loves playing with people she is really good with kids she loves taking walks and road trips with us ❤️❤️❤️
When you look at sophia she has the cutest face. She is tinkerbells sister. You can see the difference when you see soohies face. Sophie has half black lips. This is such an unusual marking. Ive nick named her lipstick. Both sopjie & tinkerbell were from a rescue. We adooted them together. They are both loving and love their human's. Sophie definately is a bed hogger. Sophie is my older daughter's now. I was inable to care for her after surgery. It was a great decision because she loves her new family so much.
This sweet pup was born on the streets of Puerto Rico and brought to the US to find his forever home. Quinn is a snuggle bug and momma’s boy through and through and spends his days chasing bugs, digging for treasure, and snoozing under the bed. He will do anything for salmon.
Tinkerbell is such a lover girl. Even when ypu are having a bad day she knows. She smothers you with love. The best emotional support dog. She brings the calm to a stressful day.
Sweetest boy 🐾
Mmz Boss
Hello I’m MMZ Boss 4 Months and a beauty Eye Candy Full of energy and love to eat Vote for me 🐾🐾🐾
Scarface was a rescue from a very abusive home he got his name from all the scars he had as a puppy he had holes in his ear and scares n wounds all over him hes become a fighter he loves toys to play and cuddles lots of cuddles he holds your hands stands like a prairie dog its so cute n makes the cutest wimpers. The little man is under 1 and is a fighter if u helieve so let him know.
Maddie is a therapy dog, for mentally challenged individuals. She loves everyone
Hi, my names Bennie, I love to play, snuggle and explore the beach.
Nala is 12 weeks old bundle of energy but cautious too. Talent is problem solving how to get into things she shouldn’t be in.
Absolutely loves playing with Tootsie! Loves anything that rolls across the floor! Loves going outside and chasing birds and butterflies! Hates it when we try to chase her and put her back inside! 😂🥺❤️
Loves playing with Bella and chasing her around the yard! Absolutely loves sticks! Hates gunshots and fireworks.🥺
Very playful! Loves playing with Stormie! She loves water, and loves to swim in our pond! Loves toys and sticks, but basically anything you throw! 😂🥺
Tiger is 10 years old. He likes wearing his hats and especially his ties. He’s our handsome boy
The most playful chihuahua you’ll ever meet! She loves chasing and playing with the cat around the house! She’s very spoiled and loves to beg! 😂🥺❤️
Mama is estimated 2-3 years old,super playful,loves to cuddle,is scared of alot of things ,she was found in a park super skinny and shy
Mr. Purn he prefers to be called, is truly one of a kind. He is the best little man in the world and gives the best cuddles!
Wuana is the funniest, cutest, feistiest kitten. He loves to play with all his toys but his favorite thing to do is drive his older brother and sisters crazy with his kitten energy.
Very cute and friendly Cat
LadyBug 🐞 is a sweet girl with a hardscrabble background. Adopted from S.O.S in Virginia Beach, who rescued her from a high Kill Shelter in one of the Carolinas. She came in with 2 of 4 surviving puppies. They were adopted out and LadyBug's health and rehabilitation were underway with dental surgery, spaying, nutrition. We adopted her in late July a month after we lost our Chihuahua GingerSnap at 15 years. LadyBug has her FurEver Home and every bit of love and attention she deserves. She's in basic training and is the smallest, yet oldest at approximately 4 years old, in class. Vote for her so we can buy her more indulgences.
Ally is a scaredy cat. I adopted her. She will never get used to being held. She loves to be brushed and belly scratched.
Friendly boxer/pit smart and playful. Loves laying tug of war and chasing after toys kennel trained just a loving playful man's best friend
Meet Benny, the cutest 3 month old french bulldog puppy ❤️
Gemma is a sweet cat. She lets you know when it's time to stop puzzling.
Jarvis is a very smart and energetic puppy. He is 1 years old and loves to play fetch, take pictures and as you can see from this picture study. Check out his Instagram for more pictures and adventures with Jarvis @jarvis_thedobie20
Blossom The Dog Stage
She is not named after the tv show but a powderpuff girl and like whom she was named after, this girl is bossy, affectionate and adventurous!
Baby Princess Stage
“No one puts Baby in the corner!” Cause she just too adorable. Baby Princess is a very flirty, affectionate, and crazy lil chihuahua. Vote baby!
Smudge is our newest baby arrival. He likes to bite your toes! But he just has the cutest purr and absolutely loves a cuddle
Now this is Ernie nicknames Bernieboo, Bernald, bernaldine, bernieberns. He is my oldest baby, Ernie will be 5 this year! After losing his best friend Gizmo in the pandemic we decided to get him a friend as he was very lonely. So we got gidget (then bert and then smudge) and ernie was a bit weary at first but now he lets all the babies snuggle up to him and he loves a good play now and then!
This is Gidget. The oldest of the kittens, she is never very far from Bert as they are the best of friends. She is also very cuddley and likes to sit on your chest gor a snuggle. When shes not cuddling she likes to have a scatty 10 minutes sliding round on our wood floors!
Hi! My names Alex. I love food and I’m currently on a diet to loose some weight. I love playing with toys and my siblings.
Hi! My names Jessica and I love doing flips for toys and spending time on my catio. I love watching the birds at the feeder too.
Hi! My names Olivia and I’m 16 years old!! I love chewing bones and sleeping in my chair. I’m still very active for my age and size.
Bert or little brown one as my 2 yr old calls him, is our baby of the bunch. We have 4 cats. But Bert loves a cuddle, doesnt matter who with. He normally climbs up your legs and belly to sit under your chin for a snuggle. This is Bert and Gidget, they are 2 weeks apart in age and have been best friends since Bert turned up at 6 weeks old!
Hi! My names Xavier and I love spending time on my catio and going for walks in my harness. I also love watching the birds at the bird feeder and the fish in the tank.
Angel is such a sweet & smart little pup! She loves to dig holes when she thinks nobody is looking and just being outside in general.Her favorite toys are her stuffed animals & she loves to eat!