Luna is very sweet and cuddly! She loves the water and her favorite treats are toast, peanut butter, and ice cream! You should vote Luna because she means the world to me and she would be very thankful And proud of herself if you do!
Blue is 8 weeks old & has a very lively character, she is very loved by us all
My little devil
My grandson
Vote for my baby please he's the sweetest
Bear is a ray of sunshine bringing smiles to everyone he meets. He loves to snuggle and is never far from his mom or friends. He loves giving kisses, even if you aren’t ready for them.
Dolly is a 13yr old shiba, who does exactly what she wants and noone else
Please vote for my sweet cat Buster! He enjoys watching videos of other cats on the TV, lounging in our catio, playing with loud toys at 3 am and trying to fight with the cat who roams around outside our window! 🙈
Please vote for me i wish i show you more pics of me but i am 9 weeks old now. And by the way she l loves getting her picture and videos of herself. She is quite the entertainer i must say
Dr. Harleen Quinzel
She is spoiled , and very clingy. She is well behaved when I'm not looking.
Appa’s favorite things are treats and belly rubs!
Dexter is a mini Golden doodle who loves to cuddles, loved to get dressed up by his family, and loves to play!
Miley is my peanut butter loving, sock stealing furry bestie, and she is the sweetest pup
Meet baby Sonya!! She's a sweet, mischievous little peanut who loves to snuggle, play with her plastic eggs, and bop her big brother.
Pumpkin is a month and 2 weeks. I rescued his mom from the streets and when I took her to the vet, SURPRISE! She’s pregnant! And pumpkin was 1 out 4 kittens! And to me it’s like I saved his life and he thanks me by following me around and sleeping next to me on the couch
Ari is a 5 year old malamute/shepherd mix. She loves hiking, swimming and playing with stuffed animals.
Lucky Is The Most Sweetest Loving "Vicious" Pitbull You Will Ever Meet. He Loves Eating PeanutButter And Playing With Almost Anything He Can Find💚
Sam Sam, the kitty with so many nicknames. Loves to cuddle up on mom's lap but also loves to sing the songs of his people at 2 in the morning. He is such a good boy in general and with our 5 year old son. They are like 2 peas in a pods.
Oreo is a very loving dog. He loves to cuddle and army crawl to you!! He even loves getting treats because he’s such a good boy. Oreo will keep anyone safe . Oreo loves to lick people as well!
Autumn is round 4/5 years old small sassy toriseshell that likes to steal and play with rubberbands.
Pumpkin turned up on our doorstep one Halloween starving and scared, took over a year for him to gain outlr trust but now he's a quirky half feral urchin that's round 7/8 that is always purring.
Max is round 10 years old came to us a stray starving and nervous now he's a big tabby and white still timid with his quirks and half a tail, he like to lick ya like a dog.
Bosco is a big baby. He is a big rhodesian ridgeback with a big heart that is frightened of wasps and loves cuddles and sharing our food. Xx
Gypsy is Ziggy's brother he is also 14/15 and shows his age more than his brother was always a grumpy old got even as kitten now he walks with a swagger to match his personality.
Ziggy is a big soft ginger he's 14/15 and demands to have daily cuddles and gets upest when you don't give him them.
Spooky ! Loves children toys outdoors ! Just a sweetheart !
This is my beautiful Rue, she is always so full off life even after having two major surgeries on her legs you would never know. She enjoys running around in the park, long walks and lots of cuddles. She is a heat hog and will always be in the sun.
Im Rascal and i likes to sleep close too my mum at night, i also likes too jump up on your legs and in too your arms like a puppy and has the cutest meow ever. I also love too play hide and seek from people and chase everyone around the house. I love sitting on the outside of the window sill catching the sun.
Percy Pusspuss
Percy pusspuss is the softest, kindest and sensitive cat ever! He headbuts my a million time a day and loves his treats. He is very squeeky and you can hear him coming a mile of. Such a fluffy teddy bear that will let you do anything to him, not a bad bone in his body and a joy everyday.
Milo is a 12 week old Bengal Cross who is always full of mischief. His favourite things to do is watch his cat movies on YouTube particularly the one where he tries to catch the mouse, run riot throughout the house and receive plenty cuddles ❤️
Bertie Squidge
Bertie squidge is the baby and doesn't he just know it. I got him at the beginning of lockdown and haven't spent more than 2 hours seperated since. He adores his food, and mine (if he can get his paws on it) and follows me around relentlessly. He loves nothing better than cuddling up in my arms and having a nap. His very very chatty and answers me back when I tell him his already had his breakfast. Couldn't be anymore perfect is he tried :)
Handsome was adopted from a rescue in Costa Mesa. He caught his mom’s eye when she noticed his sweet crossed eyes. He is 12 weeks old and extremely playful. Loves to nibble on mom and dad’s toes as well as cause chaos wherever he can! The sweetest boy ever.
Oreo is a loving but energetic kitten he is 6 months old
I love to shower follow kids with skateboards 🛹 i like taking pictures an listen 🎧 to music before i go to sleep mommy loves me very much
The sweetest girl who is always smiling🥰
We rescued Lincoln from a local rehoming centre where he was brought in after not being wanted in a family :( He has an amazing temperament and loves nothing more then to find a comfy spot and snooze, you can normally find him on the sofa purring away to himself. He also loves food and knows exactly when his food cupboard is opened and will come running from anywhere in the house! Although he was not appreciated in his last home rest assured he runs ours and we wouldn’t have it any other way <3
Our baby Kaya (named after Bob Marley song KAYA) she's our family joy. She's smart, gorgeous, bloody crazy and loves a nap at the same time, we love her to bits xxx
He loves cuddles, walkies and mini cheddars 😂
Aziraphale is a spoiled little man. His nickname is Zira, although he is often called Stinky Rat Goblin because he can be very rude. His cuteness lets him get away with a lot, such as crying on his mom's chest at 6AM for a lil soup. His favorite toy is a little bird that hangs up in the doorway, he has already had to have a replacement for his first one. He also loves darting up and down his cat tree. He absolutely loves playing, and at nights he whines if his mom doesnt stretch out her legs for him to lay on. For a bit on his past, he was given to me as a kitten because bis mother had passed and he was thought to not be strong enough to survive. He had eye infections in both eyes, very dirty and crusty fur, and did not want to do anything but sleep for his first week at my home. After a week had passed, he started showing progress of recovery quickly, and showed everyone how wild his personality is. He lived running on people's backs and pouncing on their heads as a kitten.
Tazz is between 4 and 5 years old rescue staffy amazing boy couldn't imagine life with out this gaurgus lad, brilliant dog so good with both our boys has helped our oldest come on in confidence with walking since we've had him, Tazz is just a wonderful dog in every way loves lots of fuss and cuddles any time he gets to have a cuddle on the sofa he's one happy boy one very spoilt fur pup but we'll deserved as a party deaf boy come along so far first day had him struggled with proper walks but now loves them after lots of training and getting use to how he should be🐾🐶🐾
Gizmo is a cheeky, curious, adventurous cat however he is the most sweetest and affectionate and loves cuddles.
Aariya and her brother Rollie are new additions to our family. They were kittens that were strays that we took in 2weeks after moving to California. We immediately got them spayed and neutered, ( along with mom and 2 other brothers) and got them all adopted. I decided to keep them because they are special to us!
Jenny, Also known as Jenny Nenny, is a character, she doesn't wag her tail, her tail wags her. Funny lovely dog.
Maisie is a 6 year old Cockapoo. She is ball obsessed and loves cuddles.
Hi my name is Thor. I am fierce and loving. I love the park and going down slides. My favorite movie is Hamilton. I am very handsome, michevious, and a bit of a spaz.