Dutchess is our beautiful XL Bully, she is the heart of the family. Our son Oliver is autistic and Dutchess has learnt how to support him. During meltdowns Dutchess will apply weighted pressure that is known to be a calming and grounding technique. They are by eachothers side always!! Dutchess really is special, a gentle giant, loyal, loving and so so clever. Please vote :)
Mr. Felix
Mr. Felix enjoys sprawling out wherever you are about to sit, laying across your face, and bringing all of natures animals through his cat door in the middle of the night. Don’t let his sweet little face fool you, he’s also an avid hunter and professional sun bather!
Minnie loves watching David Attenborough's documentaries and football on telly. She's only 1 year old, very inquisitive, bold and behaves more like a dog. She absolutely hates it when the doorbell rings.😆
Grey was rescued from a rescue centre when she was 3 and a half years old. We have now had grey for 6 years.
I'm an 8 week old little girl called Cleo. I love my older brother Alfred. He's a bit less crazy than me but I love to play with him and bring him out of his shell. I love running around my daddies house, hiding and eating as much food as I can whilst I continue to grow
One of my all time favorites is sitting at the window for hours on end, hunting birds and sometimes I hunt mommy too. Another new favorite of mine, would have to be getting to go on walks in my new backpack. I make so many friends around the neighborhood!
The Gentle Giant - Quadruple Grand Champion
He loves water cuddles and the showring
Nacho is about 2 months old. He is an extremely energetic kitty and is very social. He absolutely loves playing with his rival Rocky (my dog), and loves eating most of all.
Sir Cookie
Best service dog ever always happy. Makes everyone smile, always there when you need him!
Peggy Sue
Peggy Sue is a rescue ferral that came into my life when I needed something to care for in my life. She doesn't like the toilet seat left up. She actually closes the lid herself if it is left up. She is my security cat as well as my emotional support animal.
pinky is a newborn kitten who has 0 brain cells and she’s DUMB
Funniest dog. He is 150lbs thinks he's a lap dog. You can not go anywhere without him supervising
My little girl is an inspiration. She had a rough life and has come so far since i adopted her from having no fur and biting her back lags to being a bundle of fur and joy. She is my rock.
Grey And Tiger
Extremely affectionate kittens, had them since they were a week old and now they are 4 months 💕
He chose me, he is a stray that lives in my shed and brings me joy every day whenever he looks at me with these gorgeous blue and green eyes, he loves being outside, but after months he allows me to give him a cuddle.
Kingsley is the love of my life always happy loves cuddles and lots kisses loves a bath hates to be towel dried
Penny is a very energetic and mischievous pup. She loves to play and have lots of cuddles too
Julious Caesar is his name. His favorite thing is to be by his humans especially when they are showing him affection. He loves to go on walks with his family but his favorite thing to do is put his head on your chest and cuddle or play with his best friend Guy whom is our cat.
Hello! My name is Happy, I am a very gentle Dachshund. I love lots of cuddles from you huuuumons 🐶 I was once in a horrible shelter accommodation. Mostly in a cage! For 4 years!!! I’ve had 4 litters. They was going to make me go bye byes. 😢😭 I didn’t know what grass was, or ‘walkies’ unfortunately that wasn’t all I didn’t know. I didn’t know how to enjoy my poochy life in a cage. Until!!!! This human, came and rescued me and took me to my forever home. Now I smell the freshly cut green grass. I love my humans cuddles, and treats and my good friend ‘Blue’ (Staffordshire bull terrier) 🐾🦴 My mummy took me for a lovely pamper day with her doggy cleaning specialist. She clipped my nails, washed my fur, and cleaned inside my ears! My mummy says I smell beautiful now 🥰 I get a little nervous when my mummy leaves me at home, she says we’re are trying to practice separation. I do get a little noisy. My mummy is very patient with me, she knows I don’t want her to leave me. I need to remember, she will NEVER leave me, and she will always come back. But I want my mummy always by my side. (we are getting better with this, with lots of support from my human.) Anyway, nice to meet you 🥰🐾🐶🦴
princess is very shy and wary, but she’s an angel
patch is very hyper, but she LOVES to sleep and eat.
Jackie likes to lick.. alot, she gives me kisses all the time everyday! She is a very confident doggy and will not back down. She loves all the comfort items, she has her own bed set! One of her favorite activities is playing tag chase and going on car rides.
Pepper is a very sweet and gentle dog. He loves to sunbathe and take naps throughout the day. He recently got a new friend in the house named Kate. He loves to sleep with her and go on walks together!
Oliver is a kitten that was rescued from a trailer park, He was wandering around very little and hungry, We bring him Home and since day one He love us back, He love to jump to My daughter’s Jeep and stays there, he takes a naps on her Barbie doll house! He love to chase flies from the porch and He is very responsible by eating in his spot and go to his litter to do his natural duties!! We love Oliver and we are hapoy to provide a loving home for Him!!
Arthur is a miracle dog he has survived with one lung for five years and is still going strong ...he is out going funny and has a character that makes you melt he is the love of my life for sure
Loki is a 14 week old German Shepherd crossed with a Boarder Collie he loves bringing stones in the house that he finds, digging up my plants, having a staring competition with the pigeon that comes in the garden every day and dipping his head in his bowl of water just to make it extra dirty, he is a pain in the bum but we wouldn't have him any other way.
Winnie is a fun loving cat who enjoys her toys and just relaxing
Hes so cute loving and omg so playful
Bruno is well tempered cuddly cat, prefer hugs to kisses😊
Oreo Aka Chip
Chip had a rough start to life. We are his 6th and final home but he is very happy and loved. I wouls live for Chip to see a little recognition simly for how far he has come in his little.cruel world that is now full of love
We call her cee cee for short. She is a loving cat and i wouldnt be without her. She is my little girl
Cheddar was a kitten on the street and was passed from home to home until he ended up in our family. He’s a sweet boy and the whole neighborhood (especially the kids) love him. He loves walking around the block and giving cuddles.
Brutis is a Rottweiler, pit bull, Catahoula leopard cattle dog. He loves to play and eat!
Kate is a very sassy girl, she loves to mess with my dog pepper while he’s sleeping. Kate likes to hide in very small corners of the house. Overall she is the most adorable pet out there!!
Herman is my trucking companion hes a great supervisor when handling products shipped through the united states
Mr Marleybeeler
Mr Marley Beeler is an emotional support service dog 21 years old losing eyesite only one tooth so cant bite he could only lick you to death loves to play keepaway with his favorite toy mr squeek and when he wins he squeeks him several times haha
A beautiful VOCAL lady whom passes away last minth which disqualify her. She still part ofnour family so i had ro enter her. We miss her terribly
Ms Spooky
Greetings humans! My name is Ms Spooky and I’m a black tabby kitten that was adopted a year ago near Halloween thus how i got my name despite it being originally Mischief. I’m a affectionate and sassy cat who loves to wrestle with my brothers even though they don’t like it sometimes and like to play with random items i find on the floor. Hair ties? Bottle caps? Small nerf darts? You name it and I probably did play with it before. I also was the runt of my litter so the vet says I’ll be smaller slightly than a average cat so despite being cute and small, i can still scratch you with my claws.
rosabell is fat and she likes to eat
Hello! My name is Ziggy Stardust but just Ziggy will do! I’m a energetic and curious fellow just like my little sister Ms Spooky! Favorite activity? Well i do like to climb onto things and lay on it so i can get affection from my humans but I just plop down anywhere really. I also love my scratchy post which helps make my claws sharper and watch the birds outside from the window. And if you’re wondering, I was named after the one and Only David Bowie while my older brother Gibson was named from a Guitar!
Zeus is a very hyper puppy at times. He loves to be outside and he also loves to sleep. He is very spoiled and very loved
She's playful, adventurous, bold - loves chicken and playing with her toy balls
Hello! My name is Gibson or as my owner’s son and daughter likes to call me “Heavy machinery” because of my Chunky appearance! I’m a very affectionate dude yet tend to lay around mostly while my feline brother Ziggy and my Little Feline sister Ms Spooky, Play. My favorite activity is making biscuits and taking naps!
i’m eclipse, a big goofball, who always wants pets, cuddles, high fives and most important, treats. when my parents are sleeping i love to get the zoomies and run around the house
She is so content and calm she is little bundle of joy and still very much loves a cuddle
Tilly is our cheeky 12 week old puppy she loves to run, play and chase anything she can shes loving and falls asleep cuddled up in bed with us every night shes such a sweet girl and we think shes beautiful no matter what.