Dog cat Stories - 11


Benji And Simba
Simba and benji are an adorable little duo , they love food , playing , cuddles and sleep. They are the loveliest cats you would ever meet and always come over for snuggles .
Loves going on long walks or runs loves playing with her toys and doing tricks
Heidi is a bossy little pup, whose favourite things to do are eating things she shouldn't and chasing birds in the park.
Hi I’m Moose I’m a year old I’m from Maine, I love to cuddle and drag my blankets around like a baby even tho I’m 70lbs. When I’m not working with momma as a service dog or playing with grandpa Carl, you can find me sleeping with my ducky under the blankets.
Sly is a super handsome boy. He loves to follow you around and be brushed. He is a very funny cat and a great family man.
Our first baby, we found him on a street severely malnourished and dirty. He is the biggest baby and loves his little sister! We’re so lucky to have found our sweet boy!
Belle is from the PNW 🌧 and loves to explore. She's graceful and sassy! The complete opposite of her ball obsessed handsome brother Gaston.
Louie is actually a Chiweenie! Just over a year old, he loves to cuddle, play and dig, and loves to chase his brother around the house! Louie has been the best little companion dog who is like a child to us. He loves to stay warm, loves bath time, and loves to do the zoomies around the yard when it’s warm out! This little guys has the biggest personality you could ever imagine. He likes to even go places with mommy and daddy in his little backpack :)
Our sweet baby Betsy is the newest addition to our family. She is the biggest handful and loves to bark at herself while rolling on her back😂 she loves to get the zumies and loves all of her sweaters😂
Gira is the most loveable pomsky in the world ! She loves cuddles & long walks ! Also LOVES the snow & cold !
Nova isn’t my dog or puppy she is my daughter and we all love her so much. She loves to cuddle, play fetch & loves her toys and she is very alert any little noise outside our door she lets us know❤️She is very spoiled 🤦🏾‍♀️❤️🐶🤞🏾Nova came into my life at the right time and I pray she is with us Forever and Ever
LuLu is a 6 month old English Bulldog, she loves to sleep with her tongue out, snore very loudly, play, run around, eat, and cuddle. LuLu is very funny and we call her our little shark.
My purrfect fur baby: he loves to sunbathe, snooze and EAT 😜🐱
Paisley the cockapoo loves to give kisses!
Here is Ollie after he got in trouble for stealing a box of cheezits
Crazy Paisley
Crazy Paisley was found in a dumpster when she was just 6 weeks old and is now living her best doggone life! She loves to cuddle and snuggle but most of all is up for all of the adventures. Follow her on Instagram at @crazypaisley17 to see all of her cuteness and adventures 💞🐶💞
Barney is the cutest little 8 week old pup. He loves leaves and lying on his back to sleep and for tummy tickles. He loves to nibble on ear lobes. He’s already learned to sit and give a paw 🐾
Hamilton loves to play with his fur siblings, going on walks, and playing in the snow. He even enjoys playing with his football. We think he’s going to make it to the puppy bowl one day 🏈🐶
My name may be a dinner, but my face is sweet like dessert!
Hi my name is Pascual! I love to sleep and play with my grandpa 👴🏽. I spend a lot of time with grandma 👵🏽 in the mornings, giving her company in the kitchen while she cooks. I help my mom waking up in the mornings and i love cuddling with her ❤️
Chupey is a rescued dog who loves life and loves treats. His DNA test revealed that he has a partial trisomy of his 6th chromosome. That is what we think causes his unique and adorable appearance! Chupey is an advocate for rescue dogs and special needs dogs everywhere!
Morkie puppy. Super sweet and kind. Very smart and well behaved. An absolute bundle of joy
Darcie is definitely the Queen of our Hearts. She is the most loving and affectionate girl. Darcie lives for morning cuddles, wallows, and your socks! 🥰
Angel got injured and had to go to the vet. If we are to win this would pay for her vet visit thanks for voting for her. And i will return the votes. We really need the help to pay the vet bill.
Winney was rescued at 3 days old after her mom abandoned her litter. She loves giving nose kisses during cuddle time and waking you up with even more kisses. She has taken the time to learn parkour and uses that to jump off of random surfaces in our apartment.
Meet Eevee the fox pomeranian. He is almost 4 months old. Our super duper hyper and playful baby who also loves to chill and likes to receive belly rubs. Instagram: eeveethefoxpomeranian Tiktok: eevee.thepomeranian
He’s a very energetic intelligent small dog his name stands behind him. He enjoys 1/4 Cup of strawberry milk as a late night snack . He loves picking out his own sweaters in the pet store .he hates the rain especially if there’s a poodle of water ,He hates having his paws wet . He loves eating cheesedoddles oh and he has a thing for Dallas BBQ cornbread with butter!
Stormy is 6months old and is the most loving dog ever with a personality out of this world and she can't help but to have BIG ears and I big ❤️
George is very curious about everything. That is why my son named him George, for "Curious George." He loves playing the piano when the door is closed to our bedroom so we let him in. He is very intelligent and also likes to sit in the bar chair at the kitchen while I cook. He loves humans and loves to cuddle. If you just touch him, he purrs.
Lexi was found at a gas station all alone when she was a kitten. She is a lovely cat who loves to play fetch with hair ties!
My names Alex and I love my siblings
My owners brought me in from the outdoors, 🌲 ❤️
Mallie is a 4 year old basset hound! She’s full of energy and loves doing agility🐾
My name is Jellybean, I am a 20 pound cat, if I win, my owners will buy me a exercise wheel with the money! Please vote me! 🐱 💕
Phoebe is a 6 year old basset hound! She’s a sweetheart and exploring outdoors🐾
This is Farah, an 8 year old rescue cat. She appeared on our doorstep, obviously without a loving home. We took her in, where she slept in a cardboard box in our living room before venturing to other parts of the house. Now 3 years later, she is very much a part of our family. Farah sleeps a LOT, and is still fond of a cardboard box. We’re not too sure what breed she is, but she’s very fluffy! She loves wet food and cat biscuits (obsessed with Dreamies!), and her favourite sleeping spot is right in front of the fireplace. An absolute diva and flirt, Farah knows she’s cute.
Bailey is a stunning full bred Siberian Husky. She loves to spend all her day outside in the snow! 🐾
Barney is a fun loving, active dog who loves everyone. He loves being a lap dog when hes not running and playing.
Harvey is a beautiful American Bulldog, who is the most affectionate dog i have ever known who loves to just bounce around and play.
This 7 pound wonder was found during a hurricane, wandering all alone and scared. Today, he has 5 brothers and sisters who were given a second change at love also. He lives with the whole misfit crew and their mom and enjoys all of the love and comfort of family.
Betty is a 6 month old calico kitten. She loves accessories, especially if they are made from her favourite small businesses! We would really love and appreciate if you could vote for her!!❤︎❤︎
This is my Little Lexi she was the happiest most loving little furbaby ,she would never leave my side . She loved treats and she loved stealing the Kitties Toys. Also loved fruit & Carrots . This was her last Birthday :( May. 27, 2020 She had turned 12 yrs old . She passed on September 30th , 2020 worst day of my life . My Love, My Life, My Everything . Sweetest Little dog in My whole World. Voting for her would bring me Great Joy !! She deserved Everything and I did give her everything and took her everywhere I went . This Prize will go to the rest of my Fur babies as they always are in need of food vet care , grooming and things . Missing her ALWAYS . Thank You Everyone & God Bless !
Hi my name is Sammy I'm 9yrs old. I’m called Samantha & Samantita sometimes . I love Sleeping with my Daddy . I’m a rescue Cat , I love my Family & My Chihuahua Sisters.
Luna is a great cat. She is very curious and loves stealing my hair ties.
Mike is our youngest fur baby. He is so sweet. When I let him outside he always comes and loves on my legs first then hops out the door. I love it. He sleeps in the funniest position too.