Dog cat Stories - 11


Everyone meet Kitty. She was only about 5 weeks when we found her. I wasn’t looking for a cat, but she found us. She is an outside cat, by choice. I’ve tried to bring her inside and she literally bounces up and down the walls. So we got her fixed and chipped so she could live the life she wants. She’s the sweetest little kitty in the whole world, weighing in at maybe 5lbs. She loves her people, but rodents beware, she protects her yard.
budha is very special! budha is a very spoiled, loving, vocal, energetic dog. if you see him out you’d think he looks the meanest, but in reality he’s a BIG loveable baby. He loves attention, goin for walks , playing fetch, giving kisses , shaking paws, anything a toddler can do he thinks he can too!! 😎🤣
Canelo is a Pomchi that loves to be babied and is full of energy! He is the sweetest puppy who enjoys playing with his toys.
Alfie is the most tigger like cat I have ever owned he bounces non stop and he even goes for walks with me
He likes to run all over the house and play tag he's the most awesome sweet member of the family
Baby is very feminine and gentle. Loves to play and gets along with cats and dogs. She’s not afraid to jump into a fun time. She is a sweetheart!!
Lea is a 5 year old Chorkie (chihuahua/ yorkie mix) who is absolutely adorable, fun, and HIGHLY energetic. Her favorite thing is to go on walks, eat ham, and tear up kleenex. She may be a small dog, but she is very sassy and has a big personality.
Remy has the biggest heart I know. He’s super loving, playful, smart, kind, most of all he loves people. Remy has a heart of gold. He loves going on car rides, eating out, enjoys his walks and exploring his environment. Remy loves to cuddle as well as being covered in a Super soft blanket. The minute you meet Remy he already has gained your heart. I’m in love with him because of how unconditional his love is.
Floki loves the song The Final Countdown he sings to to it every time it comes on. He loves to play and his favorite playmate is a cat named Maverick and his little sister Nayru. He loves car rides and sleeping in. We just love him he is mommy's little prince.
She’s sweet she’s loving just a amazing cat
Diesel is a fun loving Yorkiepoo that has completely changed my life. He walks on his hind legs, catches in mid air, and one of the best emotional support friends I’ve ever had.
Callahan is your go to puppy! When it comes to napping, eating, or harassing his older sister, I don’t know which he likes more!
Pepper is a daddys girl.
Hi, I’m Aries and I like to cuddle in arms and play with my brother! Watch me grow up! 🐾
Money Penny
Money Penny is a dachshund yorky mix with a big heart. She loves to play fetch!
Caine is the baby! He loves being held in your arms like a baby and sleeping for as long as you’ll hold him! He also snorts like a pig 24/7 lol He loves playing with toys and his two frenchie brothers!
Ralphie is a big ball of energy! He’s the leader of the pack at our house. He loves allllll toys especially the squeaky ones. He also enjoys chasing our robot vacuum around the house! Lol
Benny is super cuddly and lazy. He loves laying down and watching tv and playing with his two other frenchie brothers until he gets tired which is very quickly, lol
Hi I’m Chance and I love fishing, riding dirt bikes, carving bears, hiking, swimming, all the fun stuff!
Linda Lou
She was born deaf ..she loves to dress up and loves balls that light up
Belle was rescued. She’s partially blind but very active and loves to snuggle & cuddle. She’s good at playing ball catching with her daddy. She’s an advocate for TNR and rescues. We need to fund raise to pay for spay & neuter surgery as well as veterinary bill and medication for sick kittens in Qatar. Please vote for us. Money goes to the animals in need. 💕🐾
My name is Reggie and I am an absolute 💩 bag! I love getting into trouble and I love eating anything I shouldn’t.. Mummy is always telling me off. I love nothing more than cuddling with my family and my Big Brother Bernard. I may come across as a strong boy but underneath I am a big scaredy-cat and I get frightened by the smallest of things. How can you not love my cute little face?
Yawzie is a Pitsky with a ton of energy. Rambunctious , loving, and fun.. Likes to chew on his mommy's shoes when she is not looking and he hates
My name is Bernard and I absolutely love life and my brother Reggie! I am very mischievous and I love to go into bags to try and find treats for myself. I love barking at aeroplanes when they fly by. Everyone who meets me absolutely loves me but I mean it’s understandable just look at how cute I am!
Obi-wan Kenobi
Hello! I'm Obi. I love long walks and playing with all my favorite toys. I try to play with my 12 year old brother but, he doesn't want to play most the time. I have a ton of energy!
I am getting old! I'm 12 year old but still putting around with a little help from my owners down the stairs. I love treats and cuddling. I'm old so I am allowed to be cranky when I want to be.
Pixie is the sweetest cat ever he has so much love to give always giving kisses and nose rubs please vote for my fur baby
Daisey is a silly pup she like a kid she goofy and into everything she can put her little paws on. Her eyes are really cool And she has one lazy eye
Winston LOVES to play fetch, is an avid indoor hunter, and is the most talkative cat I've ever had!
Sassy is very playful. Loves to play peek a boo. And hide and seek! Very intelligent!!
Vote me, I am super sweet, friendly to other dogs and humans. I bite on my toy, wag my tail when momma and poppa is waking up. Love to snuggle. Love to play hide and seek.
Willow is a 2 year old tabby who is the most affectionate girl you could ask for. Willow lost her left eye as a kitten through cat flu. Willow like her sister Nala, was born to a feral mummy cat and with much love and care is now a fit and healthy girl. My fluffy baby ❤️
Nala is a 2 year old tabby who is the most wonderful girl. Nala lost her left eye as a kitten through cat flu. Nala was born to a feral mummy cat and through various surgeries and much love and care is now a fit and healthy bundle of energy. She is my angel ❤️
Karl loves to drink out of the toilet and to sleep in any drawer he can get into. He is very talkative and affectionate. He is deathly afraid of the broom and toilet paper 🤣
Hello my name is solene i am a one year old french bulldogg / boxer mix i am basically a gut all i do is eat and play i love my family but my favorite person in the house is my daddy...
Milo is a very loving cat. He is my emotional support animal and really gives comfort to me when he senses the need from me. I love him dearly.
Luna King
Hello my name is luna i am a puppy but my family calls me a piggy. I love to eat and i love to play and sleep i have a big sister who is jelous of me but loves me anyways i love my adopted family very much...
4 years old...💯 country boy. Thinks he is a dog. 8 dogs here and 1 horse. No litter box he wants out like a dog he lets you know. We love him.
Gimley is cross-eyed, has no tail, and is physically disabled with limited use of his back legs. He is lovable and nurturing and is there to comfort those who need it
I think he's gonna be a big boy, maybe even grow into his outrageous personality.
Icey is about 5 months now. He is very playful and loves his little bird toy the most! He carries it around the house all the time. Icey loves spending time with his other furry friends Smokey and Milo! He is a loving, and very affectionate boy and I love him so much !
Buddy is just that, my Buddy....he follows me everywhere i go. He enjoys watching birds and bunnies through the window and will run from the downstairs window to the upstairs window just to get a better view of the critter hes watching.
Simba loves to snuggle between the blankets. He loves yarn and our chihuahuas tail.
Remi was adopted from the humane society at just 8 weeks old and is now 5 months ❤ He likes playing and snuggling up to our two human babies. He definitely has his own little personality, he's a big goof 😄💕
Puck is a character. He loves to bring his plush toys to the couch or bedroom so they can view his majestic kneading technique. He also loves to grab the bath mat and run around with it....who knows, hes a cat. 100% of any winnings will be donated to Wildhorse Ranch Rescue/Kitty City. This organization gave Puck and so many other animals a sanctuary and a life among those who love and care for them.