Rotini is a playful and cuddly little girl. She is very laid back but also adventurous. Since posting this we have also adopted her Momma, Pasta.
Teenie was a kitten when I saved her from outside ! She was my first cat ever and she is my baby ❤️ She’s 10 years old and still going strong
Beeb is the biggest love bug I’ve ever met ! He loves cuddles and food ! I saved him from outside where he was dumped by someone and I’ve had him ever since ❤️
Sammy is my beautiful third child with a spunky loving attitude! He loves to talk, sleep and play with our sweet big dog Destiny! I love my boy 💙
Niko is a ball of energy. He loves to play with his favorite toys. Enjoys walks and loves to give you lots of kisses. Sweet boy
CONTEST MOVED TO JANUARY, SO I CAN FOCUS ON CHRISTMAS FOR MY 3 KIDDOS. STILL OFFERING ADVANCED VOTES UNTIL CONTEST STARTS!!!!!! Such an energetic, loving, protecting Pitbull... 5 years old and loves attention. Also loves to protect his family. Has 3 human siblings. 2 boys 1 girl who he adores, 1 other pit who we lost last year because of health, Dixie and she lived to be 21 years old in human years 💕
Roscoe is a ball of engery and is the center of attention loves kid's and car rides
Mario is a great big, good-natured, lovable Buddha boy. Always laid-back and mellow, he’s a good example of staying relaxed when times are tough. He always sits like this and you can find him sleeping upright everywhere whether it’s on the floor, against a wall, in the tub or any chair in the house. He’s a clown and a gentle spirit and very deeply loved and adored!
Bear is an absolute lovable pup❤️ He is a total goof who loves walks and snow but water is a hard pass for him❤️
I am five weeks old and I love to play most of the day and take long naps in between.
Albus is a very out going cat he loves to be outside won’t stay in at all always wants to chasing the bees and following his boyfriend Romeo ( our other cat)! He loves treats and laying in the most ridiculous places!
Laine was 15 years old and I had to let her go a couple of weeks ago. I still talk to her everyday and will always love her.
Daveigh is my new rescue kitten. She is 3lbs and is so happy in her new home and now she is free to start a new journey with love everyday.
Well mannered, a bit of a loner, loves the outdoors, and exploring. Loves to be pet but only on her terms otherwise.... out watch claws out!
He loves the outdoors, and exploring. Chases after you when it’s feeding time. Big whiner and totally a mommas boy. Loves to cuddle up next to me.
Avalanche is 11 years old. She has a tiny meow. She loves to sleep in strange positions. Curled up or laying with the top of her head flat in the couch. She is a sweet girl.
Just a little baby who loves to snuggle up just like a person. Lila loves her family and eating taco bell lettuce!
Momo was adopted a very large girl. She’s on a strict diet. But she is as full of love and purrs as she is big. Her colors of peach and gray are unique and beautiful😀
Im super fast and i like to hide until you find me.
My Angel -Shelter rescue
Behr is a momma's boy who loves to have his belly rubbed. And watch t.v with mom. He is a mixed breed his Maine coon side is in his size and muscles. His golden copper eye's are out of this world. He did have a injury to one eye and it don't open all the way given him the hard-core bad guy look. But he is the sweetheart.
Im shy at first but i have an attitude when you get to know me.
Even though she’s 12, Belle loves to play in the park, snuggle with her best toy friend domino, and takes naps with mom
Molley is a miracle dog she died on me 4 months ago had to rush her to the vet where she had to have open heart surgery so with that being said she’s my whole world❣️🐾❤️
This crazy kat is muy loca, she’s full of energy, loves catnip and cannabis :-D
Ben is a rescue Very loving Loves people. & other animals He's been the best pet & companion ever. Loves to chat also. Ben is now 10 years old & has congestive heart failure but he still seems to be the best he can be even though his ill & sees a vet every 6 months. Loves his toys & loves attention very much. He is spoiled rotten & he know it too.
Riley is such a cute sweet loving little kitty she loves to stay up all night playing with her sister attacking me in my sleep
She a sweetheart and loves my heating blanket
Salem is really a character he enjoys looking out the window and also enjoys watching tv he even has his own remote 😂😂😂 as seen in profile pic. Everyday he does something new who knows what he will do next !!!
Marayah Harmonei Jones
Marayah Harmonei Jones is a sweetheart, she is a pit bull/boxer mix and her parents names were Jack Daniels and Sassafras...that should tell you all you need to know about her personality. She was the runt of the litter and the smallest of all her brothers and sisters, but she is big and strong now. Marayah is 5 years old and she is family to me and my daughter!!!
Chanel is a very friendly puppy, she gets excited to meet new people🥰
Just look at that little mustache on him.
Cooper loves to swim in the lake and run around with sticks that are twice the size of him. When he tires himself out while playing all day, he likes to cuddle on the floor and watch a movie and share a bowl of popcorn.
Her nickname is The Executioner, she is one hell of a mouser. Also in her spare time she likes long walks on the beach...chasing a laser pointer and the mouse app on her tablet...yes she has her own tablet.
She is only 9 weeks old and very fiesty. She plays with everything. This photo I took my eyes off her for a sec and she came crawling up to me wearing She is very energetic!!!
She’s my chubby cuddly pretty girl!
Finnagan is an American Labrador Retriever. He is our little family’s fist fur baby. We love going on adventures to the beach and on hikes through the mountains! At home Finn loves playing with his toys and snuggles on the couch.
Lil Ugly
Lil ugly thinks he's a big dog and runs wild he loves to bark at neighbors dogs all day
Duke loves to cuddle & play in the snow! He’s also a very good pouter and loves being dramatic when he’s told no
Mason loves to play with his toys and take naps.
Munchkin is a wild cuddle kitten! She loves walks but hates the cars. She just wants all the love.
This is my sweet sweet Cali girl. Unfortunately she passed away 10/05/2020 due to a two year battle with Cancer... She was my everything and more!
Apollo is a Pomsky who loves water and posing for photos!
She loves strings and her food. Shes great at taking a bath with no problem. And she loves to run and jump at night.
Athena is so goofy, she love to talk and jump around . She has a very wild personality ❤