Tiago the prince loves to get treats for helping taking out the garbage. He is a daddy kitty and surprisingly likes showers! Loves his fuzzy blankets too!
Gizmo is the king of castle! He is a daddy puppy. He loves to sit outside and watch people and traffic! He loves to play in the snow.
We saved here she likes her friskies beef an loves to play an keeps my husband an i from getting lonely she plays we saved her from NC when we visited with camper she is our camper queen
Coco loves to snuggle and play. She loves the snow and her babies. But her favorite thing to do is sleep 💖🐾
Remington is a red merle australian shepherd! He loves to go on car rides and spend time with his family. He enjoys playing with his toys and being in the pool!
Faith Bailey
Very sweet is a emotional support dog...
Mimosa is the queen of comfort when she’s not glued to the tv, watching or attacking what’s on screen.
Miss Kitty Rumpous
Don't be fooled by her cuteness she is one spicy kitty. Everything amuses her. She loves pom pom balls and shiny things that reflect off the Lol. She also loves hervsister ferret Fizzles. Shes my pretty princess!
Purrnelope loves snuggling with her lamby and making biscuits on her down time. Otherwise she can be found running around in the bathtub or yelling for attention.
Scrappy Doo
She is very sweet and was a stray
Malakai is so friendly and loves people! He very much enjoys being cuddled 🥰
Milo is a social butterfly, he loves everyone. He is the sweetest, loves to play and sleep. ❣️
Lola is a mamas girl for sure! She loves to snuggle but only with me. She is very sweet and loves to play.🤍
Super Snuggly purrs so loud ❤️
Jagger was rescued at 4 weeks old on the side of a highway. He has Jagger moves and fetchesball like a dog
Im moomoo, im a pit bull terrier, my mom was a rescue and im 4 weeks old! I love playing with my sisters and brother and chewing on my moms ears!
Pookie is beautiful ..She is Mooches daughter..she is also mixed siamese..Shes been my best little princess thru all of my dogs lives lol she lost 18yr old doggie mom..16yr old sissy dog..15 yr old brother dog..lets just say shes been with me a very long time..She loves to put her arms around me when she sleeps lol
My sweet sweet Oli! He’s such a gentle, precious baby. He’ll be 7 in February. He has to cutest pink nose. He loves the sound of his wet can food being opened. He also enjoys looking out the window and watching the birds fly by. 🥰 he’s a mommas boy
Burton is an elf sphynx with one eye!
My little Ivy is such a daddies girl. She easily gets jealous if he gives her sister Eve attention and not her. She loves to hang out by the window and look outside for hours. She loves to nap next to momma. She will stare you down with her beautiful big eyes. 🥰
Winnie Poo
Lil Winnie poo was a life saver for my daughter...She dressed her up..carries her everywhere in her purse...Shes still with Daughter was ill and winnie was the cure...Best medicine ever..
He's a hyper fluff ball that loves his attention
Imi Lei is daddies little girl. She is a black lab/chow. Her name, Imi is Hawaiian for seeker. And it suits her as she never stops following you wherever you go, unless you tell her to go to her bed. She is full of energy, even at 12 years old. She loves treats and expects them 5x or more a day. She has a kind soul & is daddies princess
Zena is my calico princess. She was born in WI but lives in AZ now. She is 17 1/2 years old & was diagnosed with diabetes last year. She loves to eat, & sleep, & meow a lot & cuddle with her mommy ❤️
My name is Biscuit.I like to play with my big brother Jax I love to take little naps and play with my chew toys... I also like to follow my mom around and try to bite her ankles.
King Badu
November 4,2023 King Badu became part of our family. King Badu has started his training for my two son’s. King Badu will be a therapeutic and emotional support bestie. My youngest son is nonverbal and has Autism so he will be taught how to respond to my son’s request using his ACC device. King Badu is from South Carolina, American Bully Kennel Club. King Badu enjoys walks, playing in leaves, cuddles, car rides and sunbathing in the beautiful Florida weather.
I live in sunny Santa Barbara, CA. I love going to the dog park, playing keep away from my human, chewing on bully sticks, tummy rubs & hanging my head out of my truck windows so I can see the world better & let my ears fly!
Never a dull moment
He is the most talkative cat I have ever been around. He meows and purrs, and yodels, and gives short meows. And jumps on my head in the morning. And licks my nose & hair.
Binx And Simba
They do everything together, play, eat, sleep, fetch the ball, looking out the window, running after the hair band across the room , you name it , they're doing it together, the both of them !
Larloch came to us as a 6week old stray, He is layed back and enjoys play time with our other cat Storm ,His favorite thing is to meow very loudly to get attention and a treat. He has become quit the mouser and loves to lay in the window
Dakota is a Siberian husky who loves the play. She will run around the yard with the zoomies with her favorite baby. Nothing can stop her from greeting her boy everyday when he comes home from school.
Hey My name is Dolby . I love getting myself into trouble . I am the a sweet and cuddly. I love to explore new places and make a scene . I love the outdoors and trying to catch birds. My favortite activits are playing with toys, eating ,playing with my sister and sleeping.🐾🐈
Simba likes to ride , If you dare say anything about going somewhere he will beat you outside to the car to go, Simba is just so spoiled and he loves attention!
Calamity is our little biker pug. She travels everywhere with us. She knows the difference from a Harley to a metric bike!
Simba is the love of my life. He will be 17 at the end of January. He loves pup cups from Starbucks, and peanut butter on anything, going for car rides, and following his mama (me) anywhere and everywhere where I go, we are best friends, I love him so much and would do anything for him and I know he would for me, he makes my bad days good, and loves me unconditionally. He is the best little man in my life and he deserves nothing but love and treats! 💙💙
Midnight was found as a kitten from a feral colony. He is now a big love bug and his favorite activities are sleeping and chasing his little sister around the house. His nickname is Big boy.
Rosie is an eight year old girl who is 90% blind, but that doesn’t stop her from doing anything. She’s sassy, hilarious, and demands cuddling under the covers every morning. We can’t imagine life without her!
Blu Raven
I love to root around in a newly made bed and chew on my bones.
Sadie Mae
Sadie Mae is sweet and sassy girl! She loves going "bye bye" cookies and her daddy!
Rocky is a sweet spunky guy. He loves hanging out in the Amazon box !! Lol
Zues is fun loving and playful boy. He loves playing ball and he can't control his licker!!
Layla is 7 lbs and 5 yrs old she is my little cuddler.
Peanut is 4lbs. And 5 yrs old. Hes is my little buddy. He loves his 2 companions Lottie and Layla.
He loves napping, hes very vocal and an absolute sweet boy. We got him from a friend's barn when he was a baby
Rebel's name fits him. He is constantly into things. Loves plastic bags and churo snacks. Loves to bug watch and eats Only cat in the house that has caught a mouse!
Orion is a spunky, playful, and loving cat that we found walking the streets and sleeping under cars. We took him in and he made himself right at home. There comes a cost with taking a stray cat in, which is vet bills. He not only has to be neutered, but they have to find a lost “tess tickle” which is an extra procedure. It would definitely help to win!