Dog cat Stories - 12


Jet Namath
Jet Namath is both playful and loving. He is obsessed with playing ball outside and he will drop it at anyone's feet that is willing to throw it to him. Jet is also a cuddle bug when he is not outside. He is such a love and the best boy!!
Loves his belly to be rubbed, suns outside and talks to the neighbors 💙
Honey Bear
Honey Bear proceeds her name. She is the absolute sweetest girl. Always wants to be around her humans and LOVES getting pets non-stop from anyone and everyone!
Ember Joy
Ember Joy loves to play with other dogs. Her go to move is to go head first and flip over to roll around on the ground. She is such a silly little girl!
This is cooper! He is a 7month old Saint Bernard! And He loves playing fetch! Everyone please vote for cooper! Also everyone can go like our Facebook page Mo’hog farm!
Exchange votes 🗳 Pretty Wally loves a good morning when we wake up, and whenever we come home from running errands he’ll always welcome us home. His favourite things to do are eat, and take cat naps.
Our Little FIP Warrior. Lily was diagnosed with FIP shortly after adopting her on December 26, 2020. When she is feeling healthy, she loves to play with straws right out of our drinking cup. She fetches (no joke) her crunchy balls and plays soccer with them like a pro. She loves to antagonize her big sister Rae (we adopted Rae the same day) But mostly, Lily LOVES watching football on our flatscreen TV. She is convinced she is going to catch that ball by diving behind the TV to find it. With God watching over her, we found a medication that has been shown to cure this deadly feline disease. Lily is a fighter. She continues to battle this disease. This money would help us with the high cost of her treatment. Our lives have been forever blessed because of Lily.
Louie Blu
Louie Blu Is A 12 Week Old Pup Who Loves To Snuggle & Play! His Hobbies Are Zoomies Throughout The House & Snuggling Up On Mama & Dancing With Dad.
Reece loves his teddy bear and walks all over with it! And when he is happy (all the time)he loves doing summer salts and will cry until you let him in your room! He can open every door in this house and absolutely loves babies! Please vote for Reece
Sandy Beach
Sandy beach is a chunky little meatball with full of energy!! She loves her treats!!
Bailey is the sweetest and lovable little girl
Kiki love the water he likes to say hello an out when he wants outside. Sometimes i like to think we have some good conversations. He always looks mad but hes not. Kiki loves to be lazy during the day an outside at night. He loves to play in the 🍁🍂.
Thiago is a male Tabby cat. 3months old. He is named after Thiago Silva the footballer and his name means “may god protect all”. He absolutely loves his food and playing. He also enjoys swinging from the curtains! Please vote for me🥰
She is very friendly and cute and a foodie
Felon (rip) was the smartest, most loving, loyal dog ive ever had the blessing to be father of. He was taken far too early at 9 yrs old dye to tumors in his stomach😞 i miss him every day. Hes #1 first i want to see when i leave this place as well.
Military working dog washout, but is an amazing therapy dog
Service dog in training for her mama! She will grow up to do great things. Also. Hoping she has an aptitude for scent detection.
Redbone coonhound, I smile, I play, I like to hug
He is my 8 year old Russian blue
Ness is a Scottish Fold. We have rehomed her recently. She is a little ray of sunshine and she makes us happy. Ness is 1 and half years old.
Midnight is about 3 years old, we got him as a rescue who was in a car engine with some Burn marks he is so sweet and loves to cuddle and run around.
Loves to play with aluminum cans and plastic bottles very energetic and loves to play his best friend is a cat
Libby is a 5 week old foster that was found on the side of the road. She loves to be held but her favorite thing to do is eat. She loves to sleep with my 16 year old pug.
Curtis is very affectionate very loving likes to talk and thinks he’s a man if you know what I mean. Constantly thinks he hast to clean my face
Ivy is a loving sweet girl who loves the outdoors and playing with toys she likes walks and bedtime cuddles
Jane Eyre
Jane Eyre loves cuddling, wrestling her sister Bellatrix, and carrying her toys around in her mouth.
Buddah is energetic bully who loves car rides for hours walks with his girlfriend ivy and laying on the couch for some cuddles he very full of life and is basically a real life child he is our big sweethearted baby ❤️
Bellatrix loves curling up in her bed, chasing her sister Jane Eyre, and eating/playing with pancakes.
Stella was adopted during covid and i cannot get enough of her. She's the happiest dog I've ever met. She's obsessed with cuddling, soft blankets, and cheese ♥️ her zoomies are the best! She brings so much joy and laughs to our lives.
Boop loves a warm spot to lay and cuddle! That’s why bedtime is her favorite so she can snuggle with her human mom. At first, Boop can be shy but once she gets to know you, she loves the attention. If she isn’t getting enough, she makes it known! She makes for a great alarm clock and trip hazard in the morning with her zoomies. Boop’s love language is definitely physical touch and quality time.
Very photogenic and loves cuddles
Spencer Black
Spencer is Named After Spencer Reed off of criminal minds! Soon, after he's old enough to be neutered he will finally get to be with the Love of his life J.J (as in the T.V show lol) but for now he's just 8 months old and loves to chew on everything to give his reviews about its taste. He really loves sleeping in his shark bed. He feels like the King of the Jungle but normally ends up by morning cuddled up by me. Hes very chubby for his age, and eats twice of everything at this stage.... He lives in a edible wooden castle so big and round, He's a celebrity but hates a crowd, He'd rather just hang out with a friend or two, Play with toys, watch some T.V and Take a nap, or maybe a few, He did belong to a very mean woman, But his mommy found him, and called him her son, So hes very thankful to have his blesses family, And realizes that happiness is the Key!! Today he asks for just one thing, "May i have just one of your votes for me?"
I want to bring awareness to rescue animals! He is almost deaf and will be soon. We are trying to raise money for training for deaf dogs, and to be an emotional support pooch. He is a 4 month old rescue that we fell in love with on a recent trip to the shelter. We were there to spread some love and enjoy the hundreds of puppy kisses. When we saw Ollie, (aka Beef Wellington) it was MAGIC!! There was a clear connection between him and my children. After playing outside with him for a bit I knew that he belonged with us and we were meant to be at that shelter that day! He has brought us so much joy and is doing really well with his training. His favorite thing to do is snuggle on the couch and play with toy ducks. Ha! He’s so funny with an amazing heart and so much love to give. Thanks for loving us Ollie! 🥰
Van Gogh
Vinnie has had tough life from the get go. At 7 days old, his mom, an excessive groomer, bit his left ear off and left a wound on his back. Then, at a year old, he had to have a portion of his tail docked for happy tail, cause it never stops wagging. When he turn 2, we learned he had an aggressive cancer. We had the mass removed and then he needed to have chemotherapy for 6 months. He is now cancer free and he continues to have check ups every 6 months to make sure he stays healthy. Through it all, he has been the happiest boy and he loves everyone!
Jessie is my best friend, my dad bought her but suddenly died 2 days after her arrival, so she came to live with me, she got me through such a tough time, she is one spoilt pooch, and is just family now wouldn't have it any other way.
Miggy is a 4mo Black and Tan Coonhound. He loves to chew, chase the cats and play with his kids. He loves the front seat and is the sweetest little boy around!
Gracie is the cutest gray little kitten there ever was. She loves to run and jump and chase her toys all around the house
Mollie is the sweetest cat who loves playing with her frenchie sister Dottie. She enjoys exploring the garden and sleeping in the dogs bed!
Frankie is a sausage
Hi there, I'm Roxy, an 11 year old cat who looks very much like a little kitten💖. I am small in size but I have a big personality, and love to have pets (but only when I say so). I love treats and snuggling right underneath the duvet to feel all snug, and playing with my very new little brother Finn who you may see on here too😍. My humans brought him home a few months ago, but I'm warming up to him now and love to groom him to keep him nice and clean🥰
Hi I'm Finn, a 5 month old kitty who is full of energy and loves to play! I am very skilled and play fetch with my humans, and run after any toy that makes a noise🤣 I LOVE food, and will do anything for food, but most of all I adore cuddling up to my humans, whether that be on their lap or on their shoulders, I just love to be close to them♥️
Vinnie is a sweet Loving Frenchie, Enjoys Long walks with No leash and LOTS of Breaks!!
Erin is a 7 year old cavalier King Charles spaniel , she is very cuddly and affectionate, she’s a little trooper when we go on hikes but when she’s at home she likes to Channel her inner old lady 👵 😊
Queen of the sass this is Lexi, a seal tortie ragdoll rescue
Cali is as cute as a button, blue eyed blue mitted ragdoll, she is a rescue kitty
Baloo is a 3 almost 4 year old blue roan cocker spaniel , he is very clever ,playful and energetic and can light up a room with his goofy smile 😊
I am Nando. I like extensive napping, snuggling my brother and occasionally pooing in the indoor plant pots