Dog cat Stories - 12


Beautiful Cat that can turn into A Chucky Cat in an instant 😈😸😻
Ruger loves long walks, a good game a tug-a-war, bunches of cuddles, and a good chew toy session. He’s the sweetest and energetic pup around
Gemini is a 12 year old German Shepherd Lab mix and is the sweetest biggest baby ever. He is a mommas boy and gives nothing but love. Gem loves a good butt scratch, and a nice short walk where he has lots of places to sniff.
Maggie is 4+ years old, she was rescued from my work, she appeared to been dropped off and no one never claimed her. We kept her and spoil her everyday. She loves to snuggle under blankets.
King is a dog rescued from death row from New York City Animal Care and control . He is about 11 years old - He loves his toys and craves attention .
He loves to play with his toys and going for rides.
Princess is a cuddly cat and playful attitude. Loves to run jump and chase anything (including her tail)
He loves to play with a little stuffed mouse he received as a gift. He also likes to drink water from my water bottle. He loves to lick a vanilla ice cream cone and loves to lick a piece of chicken when it just comes off the grill. Most of all he loves to lay on your lap and during the day he will get under the covers of my bed.
Hey this is Oso and all I got to say he is my best friend
Smart beautiful. Giberian Shepsky. She knows over 20 tricks. Mixed eyes makes her unique. Sweet adorable puppy! 💕💕💕💕
Vader is such a happy cat, & a big daddy's boy. He has to be in daddy's arms constantly. Vader loves his toys, but loves his treats even more. He is such a big sweet boy, with a silly personality.
Mazikeen Hazel
Mazikeen is almost a year old, she loves to be a cuddle bug, she’s soft and loves to be in peoples business.
Yoda was diagnosed with asthma in 2020, but is such a happy boy. He loves his belly rubs and his toy mice, & food is his favorite thing in the world. He is also such a mommas boy, & we love his silly personality.
Luna loves to play fetch & sleep underneath the covers &!snores like a human
Baby is a ragdoll, she has the most incredible blue eyes, she is 3 years old! Extremely friendly and very talkative! She loves treats and playing with her toys and sister boo!
Hi 👋. Meet Arlo. He's probably on his way to steal ya girl.
Alamo Angel
This is Alamo Angel she is our rescue she came from Texas and we love her so much we were sent a little Angel to help us heal our heart ❤️
This is Cisco when he was a puppy and what he looks like now
Luna is a spunky little cuddle bug. She loves to go outside, explore, and go on car rides as much as she loves to cuddle up and watch movies with you. Her best friend is a French bulldog and her nickname is my little lunatic. 🖤
He is a very sweet loving little boy, spoiled rotten! This little boy doesn’t eat human food. The only thing he eats is his cat food, he’s very particular about what cat food he eats is the expensive kind, that’s Sheba cat food, Cat Chow! He’s a very good little boy that doesn’t get into anything that he’s not supposed to. He loves to play peekaboo with me, he doesn’t meow unless he wants to talk to you! He’s a very loving kitten because he’s not even a year old yet!
We met our sweet Stimulus when he was about one month old. Brought him home around 2 months old. He now is 9 month old. He likes to pose for pictures.. He is cuddly but also hilarious with all his playful energy He is Loved ♥️
Buddy And Stormy
Best of friends.
Denton is a chunky baby who was found stray 7 years ago. He has discovered the house life is the only life for him. He’s the biggest cuddle bug you could ask for.
Norah loves to cuddle, play with her human siblings and fur siblings. She love to be held like and baby. She loves to be spoiled and craves lots of attention.
Samantha is a little ball of furry energy. She loves playing with all her toys and sleeping on her back 😻
Henry is a one of a kind cat he will play fetch with his toy mouse and he loves to lay with the people. He is also a warrior cat. We have come home many time to find a dead bug that he killed for us over all he is a very amazing and obedient cat
Scrappy Doo
Scrappy Doo is an energetic momma's boy. Wherever I go he shall follow. He loves to play in the snow, chase balls and annoy his dad Chico. He makes me smile just watching him, no way I could without my cuddie buddy 😊
Binx loves to play with our 5 year old son, sunbathe at the window, play fetch with her mice, and sleep on Mom’s lap.
Henry is clumsy,loving and thinks everyone wants to play.wen he doesnt get his way he pouts till he does
Cutie❤️ she is 14 yrs young lol her favorite snack is mac and cheese with lobster and anything with cheese. Butter is a sweetheart 😻 and check out her cute little mustache
Poppy is a lovely cat we rescued her and she has really settled in to the point if we struggle to get into our bed now and she likes to watch Gogglebox 🤣🤣🤣
Ninja passed away recently he was such a sweet boy and loved chasing butterflies. He will always be my little cutie. Vote for him and show him some love ❤️
Our snuggly, brilliant Maui Girl! She loves snow and tennis balls more than anything! She is the best sissy to our little Coconut, and loves to show her the ropes. She is the biggest baby and loves to snuggle. 💕 We love her so much!
Introducing the Incredible Oji Fresh ♥️
Tsuki is one of kind. He does his own thing, but loves his momma to death! Just when we think he can’t surprise us anymore, he cracks us up! He likes to go into “crack mode” and flies around the house for no other reason to have fun by himself!
Luke is a rescue dog who was found in a box on the side of the highway with his mom and other siblings during a hurricane
Mufasa is 5 months old almost 6 months. He is very curious and a very active kitten, loves to cuddle, loves the outdoors and very playful. He is full of personality and loves to play with other cats, there’s not a mean bone in his body :)
Nugget loves to cuddle and scream if you aren't cuddling him! He enjoys playing fetch with puff balls and climbing on furniture he isn't supposed to.
Hi! My name is Lucy and I am the most precious model ever! I know this because my groomers say so (if you live in the San Fernando Valley you should take your puppers and kitties there. They take such good care of me! Please check them out on ig @puppypalacegrooming) My groomer looovvveeesss posting me on their Instagram. My mom says I can be quite the spunky girl, maybe because I bark at everyone I see but only to get their attention—Mom says I haven’t learned how to politely say “play with me!”— I love all dogs it does not matter the size. My best friend is a golden retriever named Dexter. He might run me over but I get right back up and gives as good as I get. Sometimes I’m shy around a new human but I will be your bestest friend ever as soon as you offer me a treat. Everyone says I really am the best pup ever! I hope you guys vote for me!
Frankie is a Westie x Shi Tzu. My brother is full Shi Tzu called Dougie. I am 10 years young. I am very independent and love to walk without my lead on as I stay by my mum and sister. I love a biscuit after my morning wee and cuddles with my brother. Please vote for me 🐾
She loves to tear up toilet paper and string it throughout the house.
Love Bug
Hi, my name is Love Bug. I’m a 13 week old Pitbull with lots of Sass. I LOVE my Caterpillar toy, she is my best fiend. I get the zoomies every single night at the same time my parents go to bed. I love to eat grass instead of go potty. I’m a drama Queen at it’s best, I just want to play with my mouth since I’m teething but mommy tells me no... So I give attitude and snap my teeth together and eat the air. The photos you see of me being dramatic while I wait for my mom to feed me so I can inhale my food instead of chew, just proves that. I love to cuddle, and I love watching TV with my mommy and daddy.
Little Ollie is the sweetest little furball. He loves to try to climb the cat tree, play with his toy mouse and when he sleeps with me, he gives me kisses on my nose.
Sorsha is a baby kitty we got from a family. She likes to play with toys and her favorite time of day is dinner. She also likes to look out (and attack) the window when we walk to the store and with sometimes put her paw through the mailbox.
Kooper loves playing in the water, going on rides, playing his brain games and cuddling with Mom.
Gunner recently came to live with me after losing his 1st mommy. He is full of life, very comical in things he does, he’s loving, protective, & loves to be babied. His favorite toys have to squeak & his appetite is never ending. His 1st mommy would be so proud of him for adjusting as well as he has. I know I am & we couldn’t love him more than we do. He brings smiles & laughter to our home on a daily basis.