Nott The Brave
Nott the brave was named after another favorite D&D character. Which is a dirty, rude, smelly goblin… so she really grew into her name. She is utter chaos but somehow a delicate flower. She loves falling into fish tanks and the character she’s named after despised water and yet somehow always ended up in it. Once you name a cat after your favorite character they always somehow become it.
Caleb Widowgast
Caleb Widowgast is named after one my my favorite D&D character. Traits him and the character have in common is they are both incredibly smart but both incredibly clumsy. Caleb has a tail deformity which makes it curl and him being super fluffy looks like a little furry cinnamon roll on his Tooshy. Which I think deserves votes.
Thomas O'Malley
This little guy...he's my child. This picture was taken as he was recovering from two surgeries and a major health scare. This was his Christmas photo that went with the card we sent to his vet office. He was not very pleased with having to wear a bow.
Ruby'Doo is the exact same dog as Scooby-Doo, But she's in all black with white socks Female version of him, loves to play, loves to eat of course, She loves to swim, she loves to wear clothes, shes very, Smart, loved by everyone that knows her, shes her own character. -Ruby'Doo
Lou Lou
Lou Lou is the smartest dog I know. She will come to me every time she has to go out of wants something and bump me with her nose. She is also so sweet and loving. Loves to cuddle and give kisses.
💕💕Team loyalty💕💕 ALL VOTES MADE WITHOUT AUTHORIZATION WILL BE CONSIDERED AS Gifts 🎁🎁🎁🎁🎁 Tiger is a emotional support animal he is a really loving dog who loves to play and chew on everything but most of all he is there when I need him and we love him so much.
Hemlock is a lovable boy who loves sun bathing and snuggles. He’s super vocal and let’s you know exactly how he’s feeling especially if he’s in a sassy mood. He spends most of his day climbing his cat trees and trying to find a way to get higher. He often looks grumpy, but trust me he’s a sweet little lap cat who loves any affection he can get.
Petty is a unique little girl !! She likes to give head bumps , she talks to u , and she likes to bring you gifts !! She’s a sweety pie !! Please vote !! Meow
Ive had Annabelle since she was 8 weeks old. She is a tiny little girl with a BIG personality. She's queen bee in the house and has no problem letting everyone know it. She loves to sleep in the "big girl bed" with her mommy and always looks forward to night time snuggles. She makes the cutest little snorts and grunts that sound just like a little piggy which, actually, fits her well because she is ALWAYS hungry lol. One of her favorite treats is blueberries & lucky for her they are in season now! There isnt a toy that Annabelle wont try her darndest to destroy. Only one toy has successfully survived her wrath for the long haul and thats her ball from Planet Dog. I always have one or two extra of these balls in case her current one gets lost because Annabelle simply cannot be without her ball lol.
He's an amazing dog he's part Pitt and part boxer he's a year old he loves to play fetch and do tricks and commands
9 month old Mainecoon Calico mix, she has an older dog sister named Atlis and a younger cat brother names Tonks who loves to terrorize her. She love catnip and sleeping in the open window seals.
10 month old siberian husky, she has two cat sisters names Tonks and Sirius. She’s a lil weirdo who loves to eat vegetables, play in the snow, and sleep with her dad
Snuggles is true to his name. He will grab your hand when he's ready to snuggle and tell you all about it too.
Loving energetic puppy. Loves baths and cuddles.
Hi I’m Millie. I am a rescue from Texas brought to Wisconsin! I love to play, cuddle and go on car rides! I also love kids! Even though I only have one toe on my back foot I can still do everything and my mom thinks it’s cute.
Tigger The Tank
Tigger is a Sweet Loving Lil Guy loves to Snuggle and has to have his Morning Treas from Grandma.💞 He also loves to play with his brother and sister.
Miko loves his mousey toys. He loves treats and is always wanting to cuddle with someone.
Dottie is 7 wks learning knew things in life she loves to cuddle and sleep alot
He loves wrestling his brother, he loves treats. He’s pretty shy at first but once he gets comfortable he’s the cutest cat ever. He has an obsession with trying to fit under a couch.
Shes my rider i love her with everything in me
Sky loves getting her energy out she will run until she can’t anymore and she loves other puppies the most friendly dog u can ever meet.🥰lab/chow mix
he’s very loyal and sweet and will protect his owner and acts just like a human and loves to be rub.. he’s two years old
Rodney loves to play fetch and watches his sister Lyla the hamster play in her cage! He’s the loveliest boy you will ever meet and is much more of a dog then a cat!
My name is Sassy! My mom rescued me from someone who didnt know how to take care of me. Im now so very happy and have shown my family that im full of love and energy ❤
Onyx Mittens Fuzzbottom
Onyx "Mittens" Fuzzbottom is not just a cat, she is a character! When at 8 wks old she was separated from her 2 sisters (they both are also all black) and her mother to become my daily dose of sunshine and happiness, she was terrified. Hiding behind the water cooler in my apartment, the only way to coax her out was to play YouTube videos of kittens meowing so she would come see who it was making all the noise. Ever the curious little lady, she loves to roll in "kitty glitter" (sawdust) in the garage & is a firm believer that Mittens "can has" absolutely anything she wants.... (She's right.) She is perfect in every way... Even when she is trying to knock me down the stairs or mess up the rugs in the kitchen as soon as I fix them. She is the sweetest & funniest little void anyone could ever know!!
Wolfie is a sweet, greedy boy. He is particularly partial to crisps.
I'm a 7 month old classic tabby Maine Coon, that is an aloof kinda guy, playful, talkative, I'm the glue to my young owners shoe!
Lily is really sweet, loveable, lots of biscuit making and very playful! She's a 12 week blue-silver tabby Maine Coon!
Squeaky is one of the most fun loving cats around ! She loves playing with strings, climbing up the wall, jumping and running around .
I was the smallest one didn't think I would make it now look I love playing and cuddle and claiming I half I'm living life
Moshi likes to play tag at 3 in the morning .moshi is lurning to play football and likes to watch telly moshi likes to sit on top of the shower and he likes to sleep under cover moshi likes to do summersoults and moshi likes to drink water from a flowing stream moshi loves cuddles on his terms .moshi wigle wagle tail tail like a fan very beautiful. Moshi still lurning new things .moshi likes to keep warm by the fire 🔥 moshi got a beautiful orange 🍊 noes qnd is very handsom gentleman moshi is a good boy with a beautiful heart ❤
Sully loves cotton buds and hanging out the window watching birds and passers-by.
She’s perfect.
I’m almost 2 years old, I’m orange a polydactyl kitty! I love cuddles with my momma, adventures, and beating up my big puppy sister!
He is just too damm cute!! Never leaves my side❤️❤️
Atlas is a scaredy cat through and through. His mane is so long he often gets it stuck in his mouth when he bathes himself. He carries his toys in his mouth but never when you are looking. He likes tube socks 🤷‍♀️ He will never try to go outside because he’s terrified of everything.
Kaya is a German Shepard/Husky mix, she loves to play, run and SLEEP😴 she is full of love and can cuddle like no other. She loves kitty’s, babies, and most of all people!! She’s everybody’s bestie❤️
Noodle absolutely loves to play fetch with his favorite toy, a little container of chinese noodles, and bottle caps! He is also part bengal and loves causing trouble!
Kaylin is a 2 1/2 year old seal point and calico mix cat with 2 different color eyes
I’m 6 years old and loveeeee tummy rubs my mommy and daddy also love to give me unlimited snuggles I’ve got 3 sisters that get on my nerves and would lovvvveeee a new cat tree 🌲 My lil chunk! Loves pets and cuddles and rolling over ❤️
Daisy is a social butterfly. She greets and nuzzles everyone and will talk back to you when you say her name. Her favorite place is the top of the couch or the cat tree so she can gaze out the windows.
Minnie is a crazy affectionate little old lady who's constantly in purring mode. She's 15 years old and I've had her since the day she was born. The neediness in her is overwhelming... if you stop petting her, she will paw at you until you continue to pet her once again.
27 pounds of heaven! I LOVE to spend time with my Alvaro. He bailed me out of jail(shelter), almost 5 years ago! I loooooveeeee to eat, eat, eat, and sleep! I only play with toy mice! Please, vote for me! MEOW!
He’s so spoiled. Only child (cat). Has 3 boys in the house to hang out with. He loves attention but too much he will tell you by smacking you or biting you. He loves to roll in dirt, can open cupboards to get snacks and loves when someone says good morning to him. He’s the king of our house.
Sissy thinks she’s going to pass out from lack of treats about 17 times per day. To avoid this, we’ve installed a treat dispensing machine so we can remotely keep her from becoming mentally emanciated.
Pearl is a sweet lovable soul. she loves with all her heart and whenever you're feeling down or sad she's always there to pick you up. Pearl is a loyal cat and enjoys hunting, purring, and cuddles.