I adopted teddy a month ago from a shelter. They rescued him from a hoarding situation and he only has one ear
Nylah “chicken” is her name and playing , munching snacks and sleeping is her game! She is two years old and still as spunky as a baby kitten. Her favorites include any variety of Churu’s and her mini chicken snacks. Playing and running are some of her favorite activities. She loves to cuddle with her Daddy and watch TV and sleep on her Mommy’s pillow.
Kitkat is a quirky little cat. She loves to have zoomies to initiate play. She loves other cats and dogs. She always want to say hi to the neighbour dog but the doggie dont like cats so unfortunately they cant play.
Yugi loves all people and animals, he loves to play!
Dolly showed up at my house one day and made her self into my kitchen! She never left and has now become one of the most precious pets. She’s gentle and loves playing with her scratcher that has a ball that goes around!
Gwen loves walks in the woods and running around the mountains⛰️ she’s you’re typical wild child cocker pup🌸
Bella loves treats and cuddles with her mum and her favourite thing is to play with all her other puppy friends
A crazy beautiful working cocker spaniel who loves to pinch socks run through puddles and mud and get lots of zoomies
She lives her daddy. He is her favorite thing!!
Cheese loves to cuddle, yet is ready to play. He loves playing soccer and is a quick learner. He got the name Cheese because the moment I picked him up he smiled from ear to ear and is always peppy and clumsy. He is my best friend and the closest thing to a child I’ve been blessed to have. He loves all animals (even when he doesn’t realize his size). He is the type of dog that has the personality that can make you laugh your ass off even when you’re crying. I’m doing this to make sure I’m not the only one that thinks he is the cutest thing in the world. So please Vote for Cheese ❤️
An excitable flash of mischief: Fynn loves to bat his ball down the stairs, carry it up, and do it all over again! He shouts for his breakfast and chats away all day. He's a very good cuddly companion with a chuffy little purr!
Mara is my tuxedo tabby, she's very interested in play but will prefer to play by her self she will carry all her toys through the house to find obstacles to play with, she does sit like this often and it definitely makes us laugh. She loves food but doesn't eat your kibble like an average animal she will take her paw and scoop a handful into her water and wait a moment to eat. We call this her cereal.
Eevee is a 1 year old chi/Maltese mix. She is a ball of sassy! All attitude since 8 weeks old, but she sure is a mamas girl. Eevee loves her large dog siblings & adore cats…. Even when they don’t adore her 😂. Her very best friend is our 1 year old cat Sox. Her favorite thing to do is play! Mostly tug of war and rough housing but we’re working on fetch too. She has 4 young humans to keep her busy and feed her snacks! But honestly mom spoiled her more. ❤️ Her eyes are the window to her unique little soul which is why we chose this photo. She’s a ball of energy but when she’s ready to cuddle she’s the most gentle & sweet girl. To us, she’s the cutest dog ever and we love her to bits! All 10lbs of her Tasmanian devil sweetness.
Grey is my luck of the draw, I got her from a loving family who turned out to be allergic to her, she was a challenging aggressive little kitten but she shined to the love fluff of the all. She loves to shower, loves to play in water and will go nuts for cat nip.
Hello fellow homans! I’m a very large dog for only 3 years old. Believe it or owners adore me, even though I can be a little terroir sometimes! But who isn’t? Right…vote for me, I have my own Facebook account. Tyson Taylor 🐶🐾
Hi I am Arlo I am 2 years old and love adventuring with my mam and dad I am so good in the car as I am a expert traveller after doing the NC500 and trips to Cornwall. I love running through the forest and really really love chicken.
Her cute mustache is always a topic starter. She loves to walk on her leash and spends most of her days with Cookie her big brother cat.
Loki is a rescue dog. And he lets everyone know how he loves and enjoys life. He wants any and all attention now that he knows there is goodness out there. He is definitely unique one of a kind. And has bn my A1 since day one. I try to share the goodness and greatness in life. So should definitely vote for him!
Hi y’all👋🏻 This is Fenway. He’s the most loving dood(le) you’ll ever meet. He always either wants cuddles or to take mom and dad’s socks!
This is Jinx he is a bobcat. He is very sweet and the most love filled animal in our house!
This is Tess she is 8 weeks old and a little rollie pollie
This is tootsie, she is 15 and the sweetest cat in the world. Tootsie love chicken and cuddles. We think she is the prettiest cat in the world and we hope you do too :).
burnie is so cute! he barks a lot and loves food!
I’m Toga 🖤 I like random attacks when I cuddle you and taking long walks. Living my best dog life.
He’s a ball of energy at only 10 months old. He loves his toys and his treats even more! He loves playing with the laser pointer, and also love to lay around and be lazy!! We saved in back in August when we found him in the middle of our yard while cutting grass. He is now safe and treated like one of our kids!
This is Luna. She absolutely loves to cuddle, but also terrorize her humans too 🤣 She can be very sweet when she wants to be. She’s almost a year old, and loves play time and bath time. Yes you heard me correctly 😂
My name is Knoddy and I'm almost 3 months old.I like to play and nibble on stuff.Vote for me and you will not go wrong Thank you grrrrrr
I adopted barnaby at only 12 weeks old. What he likes most is to attack my feet while I try to sleep, get litter all over the floor and hover at my feet and meow until I fill up his food bowl… for the 10th time of the day. Overall, he’s a light in my life, even if I only get half the amount of sleep.
Ozzy is a ball of loving, crazy fluff, who brings smiles to everyone’s faces!
Dallas is a orange tabby! He just turned two when we received him and his brother Copper. Dallas is a free spirit and is very vocal. His favorite things to do is sun bathe and give my fiancé head taps!
Coco is almost 2 years old. I got her shortly after a miscarriage. We have a game we play where we chase each other. I will walk towards her, she runs and waits for me then runs everytime I get “to close”. Once I walk away she runs and pounces my leg. She’s very talkative and not afraid to show you how she feels. She loves to play, yet loves to cuddle! If I’m taking to long to lay down, she lays on my notebook. She’s an indoor cat that LOVES our back deck on nice days. Our lives would be very empty without her.
My sweet lover boy with his adorable big forehead! He’s so sweet and so smart he brings so much happiness to me !
Ren came to me as a kitten. She was just on the doorstep crying. Even though, posters were printed, i think she found her 'mum'. Ren always loves a cwtch and enjoys a full conversation when she wants something, lol. I would not change her for the world and im so glad she chose me as her mum ❤️ Love you Ren 😘
This is our sweet rescue who was abandoned in a shoe box in the middle of winter with her sisters. Shes overcome so much and is growing into the kindest dog and learning to trust again
he loves to cuddle and play with our kids. but most of all he loves to eat
Olive is our little gift from above. After losing my boy Oliver a few years ago from old age. This beautiful girl came to us. Loves exploring outside and spooning me when I’m asleep. Also loves Cat TV on YouTube 😁 Would like to add if Olive wins any Monies all will be donated to The Cats Protection UK. Olive came 10th place in uk 2021 in this competition.
She's a working cocker spaniel. First puppy ive brought up and shes mad 🤣 she loves rocks all the toys and she digs in the stream for rocks, blows bubbles under water and is so loveable. She smiles when i come home and she loves playing on the trampoline with my sons... ny son had adhd and she is so amazing with him
As shown above Dink loves nothing more than the nap, eat and snuggle. He is pretty much 20 lbs of fluff but we love him!
Monty loves to play fetch, you will throw his rainbow ball and he will bring it back and give it to you, he loves to play and give loads of snuggles
Kyogo loves to play with her toys, she loves to nap and have loads of cuddles and always loves to have treats🙈
Zack is an emotional support dog who helps with depression, anxiety & PTSD
She loves the sun outdoors
I love my fellow doggies Roxy and Squirrel, cat Nona, and other roommates! I am the happiest dog in the world 👏👏
I have so much energy!! I love chasing my ball and playing with my toys all day long. Swimming is one of my most favorite things to do!! Vote for ME💕💕
I rescued lima at 11month she the best dog in the world she still abig pup lol she enjoys hanging from trees loves her toys and running circules round me she loved by everyone that meets her shes gental natured
Hank is such a ham! He loves to cuddle and be loved on! He is an avid hunter. His middle name is Williams and when he’s in trouble he listens to Hank Williams!