Patches is 1 years old and loves to zoomies around the house. She enjoys chasing moths and watching birds through the window. She is very energetic
Cleo loves showing everyone her ball 🏀I am energetic and love to snuggle💗my big sister is here too, she stands no chance
You’ll see my sister Cleo too, I’m the better sister (as most older sisters are)😜
Lizzie Is an amazing cat. She climbs our curtains, which is quite amusing, and knows when bedtime is. She is very smart. So smart she picked a movie for me to watch (cruella de vil) and watched it with me. She was named after queen Elizabeth 2 because we got her when the queen died. 😭she likes kitten milk and she love normal cat food for some reason though we encourage her not to.
Draco loves getting into mischief with his two friends Smalls and Bear
Torchee is a very loving cat. She lives to cuddle with you and loves to be scratched. She is one of a kind and we love her tons
Milo is a very friendly and fun loving cat. I adopted him five years ago and we have been inseparable ever since. He loves to cuddle and is super talkative. Milo is also very smart. He has learned how to open every single one of his treat containers, so I have to make sure they are literally locked up and put away. His favorite toy in the whole wide world is ... puff balls. He bats them around in the middle of the night and sometimes plays fetch with them. I love him so much and I can’t imagine my life without him. Follow Milo on Instagram: @MiloTheCat96
Shes a cute maniac who live nothing more than playing with her other 4 legged friends
Adorable blue x Home bread ...Worcester England x uk x 😍
Kitty is the most loving dog ive ever had she sleeps with us in bed has to be touching me she a great big sister and watches our grandkids very well
Home is wear heart is ...mamma snuggles
I fell in love with Aphrodite at the shelter after my beloved Cole passed. I was never told what happened to her eye but it surely doesn’t hold her back! She’s a diva, she’s so loving but only when she wants to be. The shelter told me she was brought back twice and I could never understand why, she’s the most amazing loving baby! 💗
Bentley loves to chew on bones and go for long walks, and car rides, but also picks out his own treats 💕 and has to has his own plate for dinner !
Waiting on Hurricane Ian to pass through.
MacKenzie is a female morkie and is 11years old. She loves the outside and her treats. She is spoiled and has no idea that she is a dog. Love her beyond words!
My beautiful little girl sphynx kitten called Maggie xx
Pumpkin is a sweet tiny orange cat, she loves to play and act like a dog, she absolutely has to have clean fresh water at all times😂♥️
Sally is a pretty old girl. We’ve had her for about 5 years now and she was a stray that I found on the side of the road. We guess she is around 8-9 years old now. She’s grown to love being a part of our family and we love her. She’s lazy and gets her bursts of energy and loves her very own recliner🥰her only flaw is that she wants loves so bad she claws at you for them 😂
Cortana is a red healer bloodhound mix that wandered into our home one day and we could never find her owners so now she’s our baby♥️Don’t know how old she is but she’s very playful and full of energy so we guess around 2. She’s a very talkative pup for sure but we’re glad you have her in our family♥️
Hybrid is a corgi jack russel mix. He loves to play tug of war and cuddling. He’s our little boy♥️
He is a pit bull basset mix. He loves to play and to be lazy. Great pup and we love our Jules♥️
Scarlett is 3 & is such a little sweetheart! She loves to eat, sleep, meow loudly and constantly, and she also loves to get brushed and get pets from her human family (:
Simba Chan
He loves to talk and to lounge around in his hammock bed
Moses is the most love able puppy ever. He only sleeps on his back. He loves to cuddle and he is very playful.
Samuel is 4 & he has a fiery personality! He loves to eat, drink water from the bathtub faucet, look out the window, and run outside anytime the door opens. He’s a big ol goof & likes to play fight but he’s such a good boy (:
Malley came to me when he was 5 months old. I was in a very dark place struggling with depression and this boy literally saved my life. He is the epitome of the best cat and I love him so much.
Herc is a 2 month old Lab Pit Mix. He’s very energetic, loves playing with his toys & laying around with mom and dad.
Abby is a 3 year old Red Boston Terrier. She is a spunky little girl.,loves playing ball .She is my velcro baby enjoys playing with her friends Bella and Kodi
Nala is an oldie but goodie’s cat! She loves to nap near you or on your lap! When she hides, she goes under your bed and burrows inside the spring box! If a sock or keys are missing she probably took them! She’s so special!
His tail is 12” long and when he stretches he reaches the door knob (3’ long)! He is sweet but very curious and active! He’s a delight to be with!
Ahsoka Tano
I’m a Deer Headed Chi. Don’t mind the extra pounds I’ve packed on. What with all the free cat food lying around these days I just can’t help myself. I’m a sweet snuggle bug who keeps the kittens in line! Momma says I’m the best Nanny Tano
Stella Rose
I love to travel with my Mom and Dad. I have already been to 10 states. I am quite a small package of energy and love cuddling.
I’m the only princess of the litter and my mommas twin
Hi I’m Sebastian aka Bash. if I’m not Bashing and Crashing something you can find me sleeping
Bear 💕
Elvis loves playing with his brother Justice and LOVES going on car rides🥰
Momma says I’m her familiar. I’m such a sweet boy but also afraid of my own shadow
Hi I’m Pongo. I’m the snuggliest of my siblings. But don’t let my good looks fool you bc I can sure cook up my own mischief !
Maz is a Handsome Polydactyl Boy who puts his thumbs to good use climbing trees and swiping through mommas TikTok. I’m also the uncle to all these little hoodlums running around my house
Lumi is the Momma to a whole mess of cuteness. Scuttle above her is the baby of her 5 piece litter
Hi I’m Dodger aka Dodge Ball. I’m a rough and tumble fella always at the head of any mischief
Aster came from a feral mom that found her way to our house. She and her 2 babies were well cared for and Aster and her brother Lennon were taken in to be vetted and cared for by me and mama spayed. Aster and Lennon have both found their furrever homes
Princess Jam
Help jam win all the Money pleasee 🤩😎🙂😁😁😻 she wants tickles and cat toys to make her dream life come true. Vote please The jam fighters
Coal is my lover boy, he spends most his time in the house but is trained to use the restroom outside. Coal knows how to get your attention when he wants something. He will either grab at you when you walk by or he will meow as you can see in his photo.
Lola is a Teacup poodle. She loves to swap anything she should not have in her mouth for a treat. She loves playing catch with me on the floor chasing the ball and her on the couch. Highly intelligent. Very loving and loyal. Love her🐩♥️
Raifiki loves to cuddle in bed with his mama and he loves to chase his laser light
Sir Puggington
Sir Puggington is a very energetic boy! He will jump all over you, with loves !! He’s 3 years old, love ripping up toys and beds (lol)
Dozer was a bottlefed baby from four days old him and his four siblings! He’s now 9 months old and a very handsome loyal and smart boy! He loves any toy that has a squeak to it! He also is a very talented jumper I believe he is part kangaroo! He’s a very loving boy who loves to snuggle !! Dozzer is Shar Pei pity mix