Dog cat Stories - 13


Jess likes to play and jump everywhere.
I am a miniature red poodle with lots of fluff and lots of cuddles to give🐩 I love to play fetch and eat shoe laces🙄
MOROKKO is my 3 month old South African Boerboel🇿🇦🩸♥️
He loves being the boss of the house and his 3 siblings He plays all night and most of the day
Tommy is 8 months old he’s fluffy and a very wild cat
Pandora has been by my side since she was 3 weeks old. I don’t know where I would be without her. She has a pretty unique personality, and is a literal queen.
My name is Ben! I'm a Great Pyrenees/Golden Retriever mix & I weigh 100 pounds. I'll be 3 yrs old on April 20th. I love going on walks & my favorite treats are puppachino's & string cheese. Mom says I'm a great protector & that I'm her best friend.
Chi Chi
Chi Chi loves to have his belly rubbed and licks you when he’s hungry! He’s a very chubby furball whom we love very much!
Buddy is a rambunctious goldmaraner puppy! After searching for a dog that would get along with the family, my mom finally decided to get a puppy! He's troublesome, but lovable!
Everleigh Rae
She’s a very playful girl, confident and sweet!! She loves playing with her toys and howling.
He loves playing with toys. He thinks hes a dog and he loves everything.
Tigger is energetic, playful, and loves cuddles! he protects his pack but loves new friends!
Our loving beast is the best 160 lb lap dog ever. He loves digging wholes in the mud and dragging it into the house! But we love him more every day.
Gus is full of energy and has a ton of personality! He loves going on walks, playing at the dog park, and eating treats. He also likes a good nap every once in a while!
Lloyd didn’t have the greatest start to life. He was found abandoned as a kitten at the dump. Two years on he’s part of a loving family and has over 14k followers on tiktok. He’s sure hit the jackpot since almost dicing with death at only a few weeks old.
Update: we are sad to say we are now unable to keep her because of our moving conditions. Hello! This is rue she is 3 months old loves to play, eat, and stand on her hind legs! We are soon to be a van life family so we are slowly taking her out on walks Every week to get to know the world! She’s very smart and likes to copy what we do❤️ Also, very photogenic I update photos a lot! The help would be greatly appreciated still haven’t been able to get her a scratching post or vaccines Since I got her for free.
Stella bear is a little diva, well not so little lol, she needs to be the main focus in the room or you won't stop hearing her sass. Though she big ball of floof she's a very gentle lady, if you give her a treat she takes it so gently it's so cute. She loves to give hugs especially when you come home and also welcomes you with a oOooOOOoo lol she's still in her terrible two phase and hopefully when she turns three she'll stop bothering her little older brother.
Appa loooves fetch, will play til he passes out and even then he chases the ball in his dream. He's 7 years young and still able to learn new tricks. He recently learned to air bud balls. He will keep you warm at night even in the blazing summer when you don't need it. He's a love bug you don't want to get rid of.
She’s my shadow she loves to play she’s full of energy but she loves her cuddling
Bentley is an energetic little runner, he has the moments called "zoomies" where he can't stop running all around his house. He is a really good boy, he listens to commands, loves children, and loves swimming. Bentley loves going in the pool in the morning for a cool morning cool, and whenever we go into the pool he joins my family. This dog is truly a blessing to me and my family. December 25th, 2020 we lost our beautiful dog "Nala" to a car accident where she was run over, it was one of the most difficult things my family has ever had to go through. Especially my kids who really loved that dog, we couldn't bear the pain any longer so we got "Bentley" who looks very similar to "Nala" to carry on her memory and he does. He does so many things that she used to do. I'm so grateful for both, and that's Bentley's story.
If love could be held in the palm of your hand, it would be named calypso. A song from the soul, a snuggle with kisses as she nudges for more, innocence and eyes that tell you to hold me, and a little heart that beats out the tune “love me” But love comes easy with this tiny little one. Because each day is a blessing as I’m the lucky one.
Hero is an old man, he is very sweet, he loves to sleep with me every night. Hero won’t go to bed unless I go to bed. Hero as you can tell he loves food! He loves attention! He loves to wake me up in the middle of the night and gently pat me on my face with his paw. He is a good kitty!
Chowder likes to cuddle with his brother from another mother.
Molly is the trouble makers she gets what she wants every time with her sweet eyes 🥰
Killian J
He is very fun to play with and sleep with.
This is Maple! She loves meeting people and thinks everyone is her best friend. She loves crunchy foods and her favorite snack is ice cubes. She also has lots of toys and a blankie she loves to carry around with her!
Small in size but big in personality He loves to be on my lap all day mind you he loves a hug and cuddle 🥰
Autumn is sweet, quirky and intuitive. Her heart is pure. She loves playing ball and snuggling with roth the sloth and trexington and of course spending time with mom.
Rooker is an amazing dog who loves to cuddle with his humans. Very loving and dedicated.
He loves His hugs and cuddles but he do rule the house 🥰he is only 3pound in weight but thinks he is a staff lol
Hi!! My name is baby Rebel and I was taken in by 2 big loving families from an owner who couldn’t look after me 🥺 I’m a crossed Australian Cattle Dog and I love chewing on anything and everything that I get my hands on. (But when mum and dad aren’t looking of course 😉) I hope you love me as much as I love you 🥺❤️
Emmit likes to sleep and eat. He talks a lot.
Wooffff woofff!! My name is Baloo and I am a pure breed black German Shepard Puppy🖤. I love to play in the snow and bite on wood! I am currently 13 weeks old and I love puppy school!
Artimus was a feral cat that was attacked by a dog. He's fully recovered but still shy around people, he loves to play with other cats.
HI! I'm Lukey or Lucas when I'm doing something naughty! I was so sick when a rescue found my litter that one of my eyes look weird. But that does not slow me down from putting my adventure vest on to explore the outdoors with my family. Every time I hear them grab their keys I beg to go with them! MY FAVORITE THINGS: ice cubes my dad sneaks to me, cuddles in my mom's sweater, watching tik-toks with my sisters, and the chicken I will never let my parents forget to give me.
Maji was adopted as an emotional support cat. Though, the most support she gives to trying to answer the door or my phone. She was surrendered to a shelter by her previous owners, after being neglected by them once she was no longer a cute kitten. She is now spoiled to hell and back and is trying to bond with her new sister, Zanxia.
Zanxia is a super loving girl, purring at me even if I just walk by. This is surprising, considering her origin story. Her and her sisters were found by a dumpster, with no sign of their mother. They were rescued and put into foster homes. The runt of the litter, Zanxia is the smallest in size but the biggest in personality!
Jasmine loves sleeping, eating, and playing with toys, especially bones or tennis balls! She is full of energy and makes the perfect vacuum while you’re in the kitchen cooking :)
Huxley is the newest member of our family, he is an Aussiedoodle & he loves to play. he has become a shadow for my older dog because he wants to follow him around & do everything he does!
Hes the chonkiest cat. Meows constantly. Loves attention.
she likes to lay on the one end of the hall then I roll the balls to her and she catches them no matter how u toss them
Winchester loves being co-pilot in our pick up truck. He loves belly rubs and chasing the frisbee.
Quinn became our quarantine dog last May 2020. We rescued her and have been thankful for having her. She loves to play with her cat sisters. At times she think she’s a cat. She loves people! Will go up to a stranger and wants to be pet. She’s wonderful guard dog who never leaves my side.
Rex is the most energetic and happy dog you will ever meet. He is a german Shepard/ Rottweiler mix. I honestly think he thinks he’s a human sometimes. His best friend is a cat and they love to play. He is the biggest love bug and will always be there to give you the best cuddles.
Flex aka felxcito is the most energetic and happy dog you will ever meet. He loves anything that is shape like a ball and chase it around he loves to play soccer . He loves to dress up ..
Emily Culver
I like turtles
Ms. Binx is a very special girl. She is the sweetest baby girl. So very special to my heart