Cowcat Wang Anth
We fostered Cowcat since he was 5 days old, and he has grew into a quirky kitty! He loves to wear Oldman sweaters, and stand/walk on his hind legs. I always laugh when he meows because he sounds like a deflated balloon. Lol
Hally is pure bread English bulldog! She is 4 years old she LOVES all people especially kids! She likes to eat, sleep, fart and barp not very lady like!
Chico is a Chihuahua/Pug mix.. a Chug! He loves going on walks and chasing his sister girly. His favourite toy is a teddy doughnut 🍩
I enjoy lots of naps and cuddling and love my stuffed animals♥️
Willow is a jackachu she loves people and cuddles , shes very playful and loves fo steal your socks. shes nearly 1 year old in February and 2020 has been so much more cheerful with her around ☘🌻
Will bark for any and all attention, loves his tennis ball and will always bring you a shoe whether you need it or not.
Casper was given away at 7 weeks to a couple who couldn't look after him anymore due to working full time. This ball of fluff has given me so much love and joy and even helps with my works when working from home!
Max is a rescue and loves to explore , train and play with his tennis ball. He has never lived in a home as he was a yard dog and then a stray so he is learning to be his best self
Armani is the sweetest little girl! She loves to cuddle and she follows us around like a puppy. She loves to sun bathe in the window and play with her baby Grayson.
Tig is like a little old man, he just wants to be fed and let out. He also comes running when I shout out the back door in the evening and likes to snuggle up 😍
The way Puff snuggles is gives me a loving ‘feline’ ☺️
Prince is just the sweetest little boy
Dolci is my one eyed Rotty! After a rough start in life and us finding out she has early hip dysplasia she has grown to be a super healthy and mischievous loving pooch, living her best life!
Hello, my name is ceasar and I’m just like a dog😘 I sit for my treats and I understand words that you humans say. I know when I’m being fed as my owner shouts “Mmm mmmmm” I also play hide and seek🙈 and I love to be taken outside for walks.
She is the sweetest silliest and sassist kitty she loves to snuggle and lots of attention. She's a natural model..
Lana is a lovely, smart cat so lucky to find her
Born from a feral mom all of my brothers and sisters are tuxedos but I’m the king of Fuzz. I love to play and give kisses
Found this "little" guy crying under an out building when he was barely 5 weeks old. It took hours and some demolition to get him out. He fit in the palm of my hand. He now weighs 10.2 lbs and looks like he might grow a little more yet. He walks just about daily on a leash with a harness to help tend to gardens and the fish pond and likes to play on the trampoline with the grandkids. His personality is like that of a young child full of bewilderment with every new thing he experiences. He spends every minute of the day by my side (or on my feet) and uses his "hands", quite effectively, to communicate. He has never been vocal with me or anyone else EXCEPT for the person who pulled him out of the dark, scary, lonely place he was lost in. The sound of his voice when he sees his "hero" is as loud as a roar! I could not love this cat more than I do!
Smokey Jay
I have the sweetest boy alive hes 35 lbs and loves his mama. He was born on Valentine's Day 9 years ago. He follows his mama around at night after work. During the day he hide because I have three little girls that annoy him. Vote for my baby boy smokey Jay
This beautiful girl is equally sweet and silly! She is attached to moms hip and talks mommas head off w/ little chirp noises! She is also into EVERYTHING! Can’t turn your back on this babe for 2 seconds without her finding something new to explore!
billy is a t-cup multi poo and is the sweetest dog ever! he loves to cuddle, meet new people, and loves his best friend cricket who is his older brother. he has so much energy and is the sweetest dog you will meet.
Saylum is a 1 in 1000 male calico cat - who was the runt of the litter. He LOVES playing fetch, loves naps and also loves his toy pickle. ❤️
Lucifer is the cuddliest kitty known. He even loves hiking with his momma and canine friends.
Siarra is the sweetest little babe. She loves hiking and cuddling in bed with her momma.
Rory loves to annoy his sister, gets into things and knock stuff over but, he loves to cuddle and loves attention.
Butter was rescued from a very bad situation. She was kicked had all her ribs broken. She’s completely blind in the right eye and has a lot of health issues from neglect we rescued her and trying to give her the best life
Loves snuggling and playing with her toys
Jasper Mcboots
Jasper was rescued from Mexico by the agave dog rescue, when they found him he was in very bad shape and it took a long road to recovery but eventually he was well enough to be fostered. One day I walked into a petco to pickup rats for my snake and I found out that the dog rescue was doing an adoption showing and they had all of these beautiful adoptable dogs running around and playing with people. I soon noticed a shaky little guy in the corner not playing so I walked over to pet him and he climbed on my lap and I knew I had to take him home. He fills my life with so much joy each and everyday and makes me laugh constantly. He is best friends with everyone and loves people. I shared this picture because I hope that whoever sees it smiles as much as he makes me smile everyday 😊
Mable is a good mother and is angel's grandma
🐾❤️🐕‍🦺 Hank 🐾❤️🐕‍🦺 is a 5 year old Husky/Shepard mix who was one of our foster failures for Last Call K9’s rescue. He is my 2 yr old sons Best friend and has been through professional police training. He loves to accompany us on trail rides and do anything that keeps him active. He’s kind of the oddball in our pack of five as we have two Dobermans, two Great Danes (all rescues and foster failures!) and then you have Hanky. We are very lucky to have such an amazing dog for our family and especially our youngest son.
Daisy is a sweet kitty who loves cuddling, being held like a baby, playing with her kitty sister, Sadie, giving kisses, and playing with her wand toy
Reeses adores my autistic son .she is a self appointed therapy cat. She was a ferrel who found us and refused to leave.. We were her family, she paw picked us
Bentlay 7 months old. Came from Poland to new home UK. Vote for me word reward I give to charity 🥰 Welcome to follow Bentlay
Athena is the most loving & caring pet. She cracks us up with her antics & makes our day easy to get through which is so important in these testing times.She’s funny as well as protective. We are truly blessed having her with us.
I'm a happy little doggo, I love to give my family cuddles and show them how much I love them
I love my squeaky toys and im terrified of bath time
Roger is so cute! He has the softest meow and is very friendly, so gentle and patient! Loves a good stroke and likes to go round to neighbours to have a nosey what they are doing! He likes to come into my car when im cleaning it or tinkering with it, he will jump up and rest on my engine if i have the bonet up!
Barfy Sousa
Loves salmon, his baby brother, belly rubs & basking in the sun.
Lola is the best dog in the world in my eyes! Shes so patient and caring and would do anything for me! Shes like my shadow, very well trained and could make a very good guide dog if she got the chance! Shes amazing with children and young pets too as she likes to mother them :) shes my shooting star
Hes the coolest dog ever! He is his own personality. He loves scraps and trampoline jumping with the kids!
Hes one of a kind I'd say, pretty special if you ask me. He loves attention and will push his sister out of thr way just to get extra strokes! He likes to lick mid air which can be strange but also very funny
Oscar is a very weird but loving cat, he loves attention and will sneak upstairs to lay on your chest and lick your face in the morning! Very funny cat but so affectionate
Evie is a very cute kitty! Very small and petite, shes very timid but she likes to come for cuddles when she feels like it :)
The fattest, laziest, hairiest yet loyalist cat you will ever meet.
Ripley Chaos
Ripley enjoys going to the softball field, chasing his brother Levi, cuddling with his 2 sisters, and belly rubs! He has mastered sitting, lay, shake, leave it, and here. He is always looking for a new adventure amd is a very smart boy!