Dog cat Stories - 13


Bella was born in Idaho on September 16, 2020. Bella was very small and just a ball of fluff and couldn’t get on the couch too save her life. Bella now is 8 and half months old and loves going on walks, treats, and all of her toys 🧸💕.
Rescue cat survived many attacks and now is in a welcoming home! He loves the sun, laying on his sisters bed, watching cartoons, and cuddling with his mom. 💓 (He also doesn’t mind the occasional belly rub)
Bubba is 8 months old. He is a rescue dog. He is the most lovable, funny puppy we have ever had. He loves his bones and his big brother Bud. He loves to run in circles and spend his time outdoors. At night though he has a very specific area he claimed as his own directly under the bed under my head on his doggie bed!
My lola never leaves my side.... i just had back surgey and as pic shows she thought she needed my body pillow more than me.....
Bubba is the sweetest pretty boy there ever was! He loves chewing on socks and his favorite toy is a seahorse named Secaucus🤣 he loves morning cuddles and when mom sneaks him w hot Cheeto🥰
Betty Boo
Betty Boo spent most of her life on the street with a man who became homeless after his wife passed away. Last year in September i noticed her and started taking care of her, taking her to the vet for him, getting her spayed and vaccinated etc. On rhe day I picked her up for surgery, the homeless man got arrested and spent 10 days in jail. In that time i had her at my house and once he was released i begged him to let me adopt her from him. It was a very hard decision for him to make vut I think he realized that she would have a better life with me and so he finally agreed to transfer the ownership. Shes the cutest little angel , my husband adores her , she likes to hang out by the pool, go for long walkies and her little red ball is her entire world lol. She sleeps in my arms at night and follows me wherever I go. I could have not wished for a better dog. She makes my life complete . I thought i rescued her, but she us actually the one whos making our life so much better and way more fun. She's our little baby Betty Boo :)
Lewis is one of a kind. I think he might be half pig.
Ollie is now a year old 12months old Boarder collie spaniel mix. I adopted him from a local rescue Sandi Paws Rescue in Wisconsin that rescued him and his siblings from a shelter in Mississippi! He is a super fun loving, smart, energetic puppy who loves everyone he meets! Did I mention he LOVES playing water!😊
June Bug
June Bug loves being outside and getting fresh air. She loves to chase lizards and squirrels, and loves to run and play. She is a rescue, and is a Dauchsadore
Might be the sweetest kitty in the world? She's a ball of fun and loves to play! She can be shy at first, but once this cute lady comes out of her shell, she just wants to cuddle with everyone. Amber may have come from rough beginnings, but she's the best kitty I've ever met. She never fails to put a smile on everyone's face ^^
Stella is a very mischievous little kitty, and it’s hard to believe she’s full grown! She will change your minds about black cats, as she is very loving and adorable. She loves playing in boxes and chasing balls around the house. She even gives you kisses! So, vote for this amazing ball of cuteness. 😙 Vote for my other cat here:
Golden is extremely energetic and playful. He loves to play with his favorite broccoli toy and run laps around the house. His favorite snack is peanut butter and bananas. He's very friendly and loves to meet new people
This precious little girl, Munchkin absolutley loves her basket! She loves cuddling with her sloth. She is a sweet, loving, and super playful kitty 😻
Triton is a parvovirus survivor an we got him at 3 weeks of age he is playful engergetic loves running an chewing an playing with kids an is the happiest dog i have ever had
Siouxsie will head but you for cuddles and kisses,she loves being brushed and loves little treats so affectionate,just beautiful 😻
💐💐💐💐💐 HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY TO ALL MOMS. HOPING YOY HAVE A WONDERFUL DAY!!!💐💐💐💐💐 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ WE WILL BE STOPPING ADVANCES IN MID MAY TO HELP A FRIEND AND PREPARE FOR OUR CONTEST IN MID JUNE. IF YOU OWE US MORE THAN 1000 VOTES PLEASE CONTACT ME ON MESSENGER, STACY SADLER COMBS. THANKS MY FRIENDS!! ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ HI EVERYONE!!! 🌞🌞🌞 Have a Sunshiny day everyone and thank you so very much for voting and please return all votes given and post them on my page when you're finished because if we don't see your post or link then we assume you're not voting and your votes may be stopped, so please post! Thank you! 🌞🌞🌞 ❤️❤️❤️❤️ If anyone would like to exchange votes, please post on my wall,thanks! I will also take advance votes and I ALWAYS repay them. Thanks and have a great day! ❤️❤️❤️❤️ Sunshine came to me a semi feral kitten with fleas, pink eye and an upper respiratory infection but she blossomed into one of the smartest and best little cats I've ever seen. I love her dearly because of her wonderfully funny personality. She loves playing with her toys,chasing her fur siblings, her scratching post and most of all biting my foot in the middle of the night. She wakes up in the morning purring and wanting her pets. She is my little ray of sunshine. 😊
I’m Ash. I absolutely love meowdeling new outfits (and the treats that usually come with them). Instagram: @theashcatcfo
Sammy is an 8 year old Black lab retriever that loves snuggles and go for walks. She loves laying in the sun as much as she can and meets new people wherever she goes
Chevy is a 4 month old Corgi who loves to go on walks, play with his doggy buddies, and he’s so excited to meet new people! He is so smart and is almost fully potty trained. He loves to snuggle with mom and play with daddy and his siblings!
She is very loving and loves to cuddle and play her favorite past time is to lay in the sun or lay on me she is also mixed with red nose pit
We call her "Murf". She's a wonderful dog. Loves everyone especially the kids. She'll wear you out playing fetch. Her momma is a black labrador and her daddy is an Australian shepherd.
Lucky is now my angel baby she recently passed away but she was always doing these jesters to show you how much she love you or wants pets
Chirpy is a cuddle bug and has the most curious mind but doesn’t want to be to far away from you but if you give chase she will hide from you.
Tula loves too cuddle and just wants you to be happy!
Marleigh is a Cream Golden Retriever that loves doing what Goldens do best. She loves hanging out with her people. She likes to play and chase around after her favorite toys. If she doesn’t have a paw wrapped around your arm, she’s laid up and cuddled up with anyone that will give any loving on her. There’s plenty of good boys, well here’s a good girl. 😉💛
Ellie is 16 years old. She loves having her treats and sleeping on peoples laps. Ellie purrs so loud, and she loves us so much. I don’t know how life would be without her :)
8 month old baby dinosaur. Probably spoiled rotten but I won’t admit it. She is the youngest of the family. Loves to play ball and be with her people
Hi! Who loves taters?! I was named after a gas station sign that said that. I’m a ball of energy and such a socialite. I don’t know a stranger. I spend all day trying to be just like my sister, Roo. When I’m not following her around, I’m chewing on my Buffalo horn or napping... cause I’m growing like a weed!
Brutus Maximas
He loves to high 5!
Roo is a foster failure. My girlfriend worked at BAHS for a semester. Roo came in scared of everyone, dog and human. Katie came into work, Roo ran right up to her, and the rest is history. They’ve been inseparable since! Katie put lots of time and effort into decreasing my social anxiety, and now I’m a happy go lucky pup!
Benji loves to watch cartoons, eat his favorite treats, and get head rubs! He is very friendly and energetic!
Baby Cosmo loves cuddles and he’s extremely playful ❤️
Marco is one years old I had him since I was 10 Well last year when we were only travel to South Carolina my mom and dad told me they had a surprise for me so when we went down there we went to Walmart and then we stopped at one of the parking slots right next to a car which had Marco playful he barks a lot but it means he loves you as long as you get to know him you’ll start loving on you all Day and he’ll never stop loving you
She loves to play foot ball .she is 14 years old.
She is the most fun loving girl. She loves to play and cuddle. She always shows excitement no matter who she sees.
His favorite things are toys, naps, food, and mom. He likes to go check on the garden with dad in the morning.
ROOpert is a Bloodhound living his best life! He wants to play all day and has an older brother and two cats in the house to keep him busy! He loves balls and snuggles and his ears are growing faster than the rest of him right now 💜
My little love only 2 months old. :) She likes play all day and she likes eat.
He is awesome, playful cat. 2 year old cat. :)
Mya was the most loving kitty. She was Grandmas girl since she was a baby. She loved to cuddle, would look at you with those beautiful blue eyes. I loved her so much and is very much missed. This is a beautiful pic of how she was. Loving soul. Rest In Peace sweet girl😢😘
Bella has been such a happy dog from the minute we first met her. We adopted her from a local rescue and she fit right in with our other 2 fur babies immediately. She loves to play fetch and snuggle under the covers. And she always has a smile when its time for a picture!
My name is Mini. I am a little two year old girl. I love ir when my Mum throws the ball for me to chase in the park .I also like chasing the squirrels and birds of course
She is a feisty little princess who is always up to mischief
Rexha is a sweet, sassy little diva, who loves her moms more than anything in the universe...she also loves her T-R-E-A-T-S! She aims to please, and loves to talk back 😝
She a loveable cat with a mind of her own
He a loveable boy
Tippy was my female tortie cat...She came to me at the age of 2 weeks has she had been found laid next to her dead mum..She was born with an enlarged kidney but it was monitored and rarely gave her any problems...So I had to hand raise her myself...It was hard work but has you can all see...It paid off...We had some moments when I thought she was not going to make it...But she fought back..She turned 13 in December of 2019.....Then sadly on 2nd February 2020 Tippy passed away at home in my arms due to a sudden illness...She will be forever missed