Dog cat Stories - 13


I’m Your favorite Boba. The Queen of the house and the kitty everyone’s love. Meow
He’s a very cheeky little kitten loves playing and loves drinking milk from a mug lol xx
Mao Zedong
He absolutely loves hair ties! He carries them around in his mouth and growls at his brother if he tries to steal them from him! Lol!! We think he identifies as a dog sometimes😂
Noodle a adorable little guy with a loud motor, he purz so loud I can’t even sleep sometimes, he loves cuddles and he’s a very social little man, food is his number one favorite thing though.
Elsa likes to climb ~ The higher, the better! She likes to do things on her terms. She loves snuggling her little sister, Echo. Elsa is very spoiled and she knows it!
Sambo is a crazy energetic boy who loves hanging out with his best friend Noodle, his cat friend, he loves treats and pets from all people.
Jada is a Queen that melts the hearts of anyone who looks her in the eyes. She loves to conquer heights and roar in dominance. Although she has many toys, her true passion is catching playing cards in her mouth and striking them down with furious vengeance! And yet her predatory skills are somehow no match for her loving, cuddly cuteness.
I’m Buster! I love chasing squirrels, playing with my friends and chewing sticks!
Teddy was taken from his mother prematurely, and was hand fed with an eyedropper for 6 weeks. I adopted him 3 days after I adopted Lydia and they've added so much joy to our family! Even a pandemic can't stop love
Sammy is a rare 26 toed American polydactyl he has 7 toes on the front paws and 6 toes on his back feet. Sammy is a character always getting into things and moving things with his big hands, he is extremely loving and loves belly rubs and to grab your face with both hands and give you kisses. He really is a sweet boy his main goal right now is to make friends with my puppers and that isn't on her list so makes for some good entertainment.
Toffee needed a new home, and with us she's found what forever means. Her favourite things are Long walks, Car Rides and Taking a swim. She's sweeter than Coffee, that's why she's named Toffee!
Who Rescued Who?! 🐶💛
she’s cute perfect and mean
Daisy is 2 y/o, very protective, so patient with her sister from a different mr. (Literally), and such a loving dog. She loves to rest her big cheeks on the people's laps, hands, and that's the way she communicates with us when she's hungry, needs to go potty and/or nap...she loves taking naps!❤ She has such a big heart and she also has a spot on her side in the shape of a heart. (Picture is from when she became a big sister to Lilly. Lilly is very energetic, playful, and loves being the center of attention. The way she walks when she's happy is very peculiar, very intelligent, skilled and spoiled. She loves naps as well and chewing shoes 😁. If we win, no matter the amount $, we will donate it to @SaveRockyTheGreatDane, an organization that helps danes in most US States. Please support them!
Kovu is a spunky energetic 3yrld cat loves who loves to play with his toys and take long naps with his person 🥰
HotShot is 5 years old & has the greatest personality. Follows me everywhere, alerts like he’s 10 feet tall & scared of nothing but yet is scared of everything!! He’s a little mischievous and full of love!
Diesel 18 month old old tyme bulldog loves to run around chewing toys and chasing after balls
Django is the best dog we’ve ever owned. He is a giant sweetheart and is incredibly gentle.
He has a lot energy. He loves his grilled chicken. He love to play and snuggle. He has been bottle feed since he was 3 days old. He is a fighter. His favorite thing to do is wake us up to play. His sister didn’t make it but he did. He doesn’t eat cat food only kitten milk and grilled chicken
I’m a 4 m/o husky boxer mix who loves to play with my sisters a lot but also cuddle up on the couch and relax just as much!
Piper was the runt of the litter. She came into our house like a firecracker, running the house and bossing our other 2 cats around. Don't let size fool you because she is fearless. But when she gets tired, she likes to suck on her blankie and snuggle with Momma.
(Happy to exhange votes!) Hi! I'm Poppy 😺 i am a cheeky (well my mummy says i am cheeky anyway!) Kitten, 6 months old now, and think i am all grown up! I have been recovering from a fractured jaw and hoping no more surgery required but even if i do, i am a trooper! My experience has definitely made me super confident and have learnt that humans can be the most caring! I like to have piggyback rides from my mummy - i make her parade me around the house and will climb on her back and wait till she takes me to where i want to go.   I like to stick my tongue out at people and have lots of play time. Im not allowed outside yet but one day i shall go and be a almighty adventurer. I am already practicing my skills and like to fill my mummys bed with my toys and feathers. I just know she loves them so much! X
Picca is a very happy dog she loves being outside in the sun and she loves getting her belly rubbed and loves bath time, she loves getting her treats she loves dressing up and she’s very photogenic and playful and she loves being with family.🥰🐶
Simba despite having many health issues he is always ready to play in sun, rain ,or snow.
Lilian likes to spend her time in the garden watching the birds, she is very sociable and loves to play!
Maximus is a 3 year old Staffy x Bullmastive. He loves going on walks, bikerides, runs and playing with his balls. Gentle, super friendly, wants to play with everyone and thinks everyone is his friend! He is a big, soft teddy bear who happens to be slobbery sometimes. He loves his food and his treats, and his strokes and tummy tickles. He is needy and always wants to be around people. He chats to us, sounding like Chewbacca, and he will bite food off of a fork or spoon like a human would. I'm pretty sure he thinks he's human sometimes.
Puff Puff
Puff puff was a rescue he is old but he is the sweetest happy dog ever if he wins he wants it to goto senior dog rescue
Mr Tibbs
Mr Tibbs loves to dress up in fabulous bow ties!
Jack thinks that he is a rabbit! He runs thru the house hopping! Just a beautifully handsome spoiled boy!
Ranger is my ESA animal and is so full of love and life. Ever since I rescued him at 10 weeks old he has never left my side and he is very protective. He also loves his grandma and gives kisses when he can. He has the fastest tongue in the west!
Punky is a character! When she gets into trouble she's my red-headed step-child lol...She loves her grandma and is always on our heels wherever we go!
Angel Sooty
Cleo loves to take naps by the window she also enjoys taking walks and playing with kids! Instagram @caramelslifeofficial
I got voodoo when he was 2 months old. I thought I was getting a puppy. when I opened the door and realized it was cats I told the guy I couldn't do it they're cats. as I went to close the door one jumped out of the box, out of the car, and landed on my chest/shoulder. I heard him purring and I was hooked. we've been inseparable ever since and he is now my ESA
Winston is a 2 year old Bernedoodle who is loved more than words can say. He's always by our sides and loves us everyday, every second without judgement.
Zeppelin is as cool as his name. Very chill, loves to hang with his 2 legged and 4 legged family members. Most relaxed little guy ever.
Snow is a flamepoint Siamese who is shy but super lovey when he knows you. Loves the laser and cat nip. He’s super soft and very curious but also into mischief. Don’t leave cups of water out of they get spilled.
Super sweet and then he’s sour And then sweet again He ekekeks at birds, bugs, & bees And he hisses at large dogs & surfboards He likes to travel via backpack & stroller Enjoys going to the vet to get his claws trimmed Listens to Prince & Boyz II Men
The sweetest loving Garfield like cat.
Lucky is about 3 weeks old. Is currently being bottled feed. He was abandoned by his mother
Kora is the sweetest girl. She definitely lets you know when she wants attention. She is our owner. 🙂
She has loads of character! Hops when she’s happy! Sister to Cleo
Softest cuddliest dog you’ll ever meet! Sister to Cassie
Woof, hey everyone I’m Teddi. An American Eskimo or German spitz. I like cool weather, and rolling around In the leaves and snow. I think I’m pretty cute 🐾