Truffle likes to think that she is a goldfish!
My girl Lucy is the smallest cat I’ve seen in my life she’s only 1 and this girl is still so small to my ankles . She’s very sweet and loves to play a lot.
Toro is a loving laid back cat he’s only 1 years old and he’s mommas boy he loves being loved and squished like a baby.
Bob it’s the biggest gentlemen from all cats , he it’s calm and well behaved cat .
Timmy it’s very friendly and playful cat . He never grow up , stay my little baby .
Basil is a 3 year old English Toy Spanial (known in uk as King Charles Spanial
Dottie Mae
Meet Dottie Mae shes just one big baby that thinks shes a lap dog. She loves playing ball and chewing on all her rope toys. Shes 3 years old and definitely a girls best friend 🧡
Dash is such a big softie. Loves playing with our wee franchise as she hangs out with him . Dash loves giving kisses and a wonderful gentle dog.
3 years old Chico. He knows, how to makes the eye contact, which will instantly melt your heart, and you that you want to hug him 😉 Chico is so clever, so he knows, how to give a paw, lay down, and sit 😀 He loves to sit and be close to his humans 😀
I am a blue brindle and I have loads of energy
Tiago is the most affectionate and chatty cat ever !!!! He is always up for cuddles and has the loudest purr 😻. Tiago is gorgeous in every way , we are so lucky to own him .
Ziggy loves snuggling and taking care of his little brother MoMo!
Bobbi Furmino
Bobbi is a female cat, 4 years old and a very sassy independant kitty. She does nit care for meows and loves nothing more than pouncing and eating driend chicken treats
Theo is a playful but willful miniature poodle who would do well in flyball if only they used his favourite toy in place of a ball! He's fast, cheeky and there's no place he loves to take a nap more than at his mum's feet or in her lap! He's a cuddle monster at heart.
She is very loving, loves kids, other dogs and cats. Kara loves watching dog films, she gets really involved with the characters.
She was the best friend a girl could ask for, always there for you. She unfortunately passed last year in august suddenly and unexpectedly. She loved spending her days in the sun
Lucy Pearl
Meet Lucy Pearl, the tiny but mighty feline with a heart of gold. Despite her petite stature, Lucy’s personality is larger than life. She's a social butterfly, never meeting a stranger she couldn't charm with her affectionate nature. Lucy’s favorite pastimes include basking in the warm glow of the sun and indulging in belly rubs, which always result in her purring up a storm. With Lucy by my side, every day is filled with love, laughter, and endless cuddles.
Baby Bella Luna
Baby is Pure Laughs and Loves!! She is a Best Friend and Sure Knows Her Tricks and Bunny Feet!! I couldn't Love another Sooo Beautifull as "Baby Bella"...
She is very lovable. She loves hugs and loves getting hugs.
Gizmo is a very friendly cat full of affection he loves children.he is playful.he is very curious we call him curious george.he is adorable and is a gorgeous 5 year old male tabby cat.
Rescue cat from RI.
A silly boy who loves belly rubs and is so full of love!
Meet Skunkers AKA Skunk face.. This girl showed up at our door step exactly one year after the passing of my other kitty! She brings me mice and goodies everyday! She knew I needed her like she needed me! So meet my new bestie!
Buddy wandered onto my propery Sept. 9th of 2023. According to the vet he was about 10 months old so about 15 months old now. He is very loving and affectionate. But also has a lot of energy. He is a Chocolate Lab and Pitbull mix. He loves wrestling and cuddling on the couch and plays catch daily with his stuffed ducky. He's the perfect companion.
He is the sweetest and very smart! I met a guy at the gastion and he said he was going to be homeless. He needed to find a home for his dog! Im so glad i brought him home to his forever home with me! ♥️
The Mia is a sweet girl loves to play fetch and loves my grandchildren
Ember is a fun loving rambunctious six months old baby. Emmie loves to keep not only me, but her brother Django, and her sister Lola constantly guessing. Not to mention hitching the occasional ride on one of the dogs tails! Emmie very clearly has settled into our pack very well as she regularly like to groom my face and suckle at my clothing so clearly she loves us as much as we love her, with her dog like tendancies, her amazing fetch capabilities and her adorable little squeaks
Atlas is a friendly, lovable ball of energy! He loves to play and watch the birds, especially the ones on tv!
Tabitha is a very loving girl adores people and loves to sit on your lap purring away. Loves her treats and she adores the outside country village she lives in she has a sister Gabriella and they both enjoy playing together they have a very close bond.
Mouse or moysey or mushy or mush is a pure breed lilac British Shorthair, she is very playful and a natural hunter.
Truly might look like a fancy little Persian Cat (with part of British Shorthair, as we found out from a DNA test), but she was rescued when she was barely two months old with serious health condition. We took her with us and now she is thriving in all her beauty!
Maizy loves being snuggled into bed with her mama & she loves laying in the grass to sunbathe. Once in a while some of her puppy energy comes out to play & she will play with all her little sisters toys.
Sienna is a blue seal sacred Birman. Female born 1/9/2017 Had since 3 months old. She has a sister called Maxima
Honey Lava
Honey is super social and loves affection and definitely so much attention! Watching birds fly and chasing leaves are her favorite part of nature🍃🐦‍⬛ 🎾 She’s a little supermodel🩶
Sweet Honey
I’m a feral cat from a farm who was taken in by a Beatiful lady who has since passed on. I’ve now been adopted by the ladies daughter. I’m a gentle, quiet gal who likes to watch everything from the sidelines. I can be quite friendly to anyone who love to scratch my head lots for me. I’m a picky eater who likes what I like and keep my figure in trim by not eating too many treats. I like to be outdoors early mornings but tucked up at night getting cuddles. I will tap my keepers arm when I need something as this is a sure way to get what I need 😊
The chonk 🥰 Beautiful boy who loves his food and loves a feather 🪶
Luna is a chocolate lab x staff. She is playful very loving and amazing with kids
I’m a 5yr old rescue cat who was rescued from birth. I’m the strong silent type who likes to keep very active. I spend lots of time outdoors being very active but love coming home to a cuddle at night. I am friendly but not overly so and thrive on routine. My owner thinks I’m so handsome but we’ll see 🙂
She is a rescue who rescued me. My husband just went to a nursing home and she is my life saver grom loneliness. She goes with me daily to the nursing home and visits the patients. She brings so much joy to them.
Aiza is a 13 years old Russian Toy Terrier, she loves having long naps and cuddles! She sadly has no teeth left due to old age, hence her little tongue finds a way out on the side making her look more adorable.😄
Loves to play and get into things im not supposed to
Mia is a rescue cat. She is the typical scaredy cat who steers away from most ppl. It’s taken her the 5 yrs she’s with me to finally let me pick her up and have her sit on my lap. She is such a sweetie and if full of eneryand life. She will be on the go all day chasing her tail and fits of zoomies. She is so demure and loves a spotless eating area. When she wants a dish of cream or milk then nothing gets in her way as she will be very demanding but in the cutest possible way. Little Miss Mia is just full of life.
He loves his balls, especially the squeaky ones. Hes very vocal when he wants your attention or to go outside and he loves walks
Muffin And Molly
Both born on 3rd January 2024 sisters and muffin think shes a parrot.