Hello my name is Dottie, my mummy and daddy rescued me from Romania. I love playing outside especially with my sister Darcy she had an accident and now finds it hard to run around and play, but that doesn't stop us having fun!
Snowy And Floss
snowy is a 7year old corgi cross jack russsel floss is a 1year old miniature jack russel they wont go anywhere unless they can go together total soulmates
Millie is a three year old tabby cat who was rescued at the age of one , when he was two he was sadly involved in a car accident,broke his leg and had to get his leg amputated. He is perfectly fine now and is a very happy cat who loves cuddles and tummy rubs.he is an indoor cat who loves to go on walks in the garden. Thank you for reading and please vote for Millie.
Luna is the best friend anyone could have. She’s chilled, but loves cuddles and loves playing. One of her favourite things to do is meeting new people. She’s very friendly
Good Girl
Good Girl is a sweetheart! She is very food motivated! She is primarily an outside cat. She will peek in a window to let you know she’s hungry.
Rocky is a curious little gentlecat. He loves playing, wondering around and go for walks together with his sister Lora.
Romeo loves to go walking with his daddy, lying on his rug with his hoof or playing with us and 1 of his cuddlies. Romeo is cute and extremely clever. Except when hiding treats sometimes hiding them in full view. He loves mummy but worships his daddy. He loves his cuddles but likes his own space too. Anyone who meets Romeo instantly falls in love with him.
Mia is 6 months old and is the most loveliest cat ❤️
Hi my name is S’more. I am a very quiet & lovable cat. I love to pose and mind my own business.
Blackie is also a rescued barn cat now living a happy life
Crush is your typical ginger boy ...a little empty headed but a big cuddly love. Thinks he's the king of the house but he's more like the court jester LOL He loves the camera and looks right at it when you call his name. Vote for Crush bubble!!
Sylvia And Pearl
Sylvia and Pearl are sisters they were rescued from being barn cats and now live happily in the house .They love each other as you can see and are inseparable
Matilda is a 2 year old tabby, who is also George's twin Brother.She can act very ladylike, however she also has a sassy attitude! She is very affectionate and sociable and enjoys the company of her brother George and Mum 9owner). Matilda was a rescue cat from the Cats Protection League. She was found on the streets of London and was in a local rescue sanctuary, before continuing her early days at The Cats Protection League where she then found a forever loving home with her Brother George. Matilda loves to play and has an assortment of toys! Her favourite toy is a mouse attached to a string hanging from a door frame! She loves an affectionate fuss and sitting close with her Mum, including sleeping with Mum at night on her bed. Since living in her new home, she has made friends with another male cat in the neighbourhood named Reggie.who is a tabby and half bangle. Reggie spends a great deal of his time around her garden and house. They have built up a nice friendship together which is very commendable!
Lola was found dumped on some open farmland, so we rescued her! She’s one of a kind, loves to be up high, on your shoulders. She’ll jump from the floor all the way up to your chest or upper back! She loves snuggling up and falling asleep in our arms like a baby. She absolute LOVES her balls, any kind of ball she can bat around 🎾🏐⚽️🏀
Basil is the sweetest cat. Loves to cuddle and give nose kisses.
Sassy was a rescue puppy when she was found on a dirt road in a pile of trash. She was only about 2 weeks old. She's now 2 1/2 years old. She is a mommies girl but is a true social butterfly. She loves everyone!! She doesn't meet any strangers. She is the official greeter of our home. Just a big love puppy,. Yes I still see her as a baby.
My Luna baby is such a character ! Shes 9 months already , she’s a rescue /trauma cat ! 🥹 she loves to cuddle all day. She sometimes has a attitude but she loves her momma 🖤.
Very sweet, and very playful 😈
Sugar is the sweetest, smartest and most laid back 1 yr old Goldendoodle ever ... Until I start with the water hose! I rescued her at 5 months old and she in turn rescued me and has made my life of pain a little more tolerable. If she wins I want to take her to experience the ocean for the first time.
My Gypsy is a beautiful mom of 3,3wk old babies...shes fun loving and it would be great for ger to share if she won
Broli And Salem
Salem(black cat) and Broli(grey cat) are brothers they love living at home with they’re biological mom and playing all day. Broli is the oldest. He is very loud, sweet, and great with kids. He is never mad and only knows eat,sleep,and play all day. Salem is the younger brother and he is very modest and mature. He enjoys looking out the window and getting pet. Unlike his brother, Salem is very quiet and cautious of kids. He listens very well and understands everything i say to him. Hes the kinda cat you can have a conversation with😂 but i love my boys and i wouldnt trade em for the world.
my name is tank i am 2 in september. i am an american bulldog but fall under the xl ban catagory. i love to play with squeaky toys and give cuddles to everyone. i love snoring and laying on my back for attention 😂. I AM NOT A DANGEROUS DOG 🙁, my mummy have made sure im safe and secure.
Jacklyn Renee Neal
Jackie likes to play peek-a-boo. She also kisses me on my forehead every morning
Benji is the sweetest and most loving little bengal girl. She is 16 weeks old and loves cuddles! She loves to play, gets the zoomies multiple times a day and certainly keeps us on our toes ☺️
Tiddy is a 19 year old domestic short hair and my perfect little fellow, he's there when I wake up in the morning and ready to cuddle at bedtime, he has helped me to survive a harsh and cruel time in my life. Tiddy loves mild mexican food and buttered toast ( wholemeal), can let himself out by opening the back door despite having a cat flap which he refuses to use. He's my boy he's my baby I love him soo much
Bella is a very loving cat.she loved her teddy bear!😁she always carrys it around were ever she goes!.At night she has to curl up with me and is not satisfied until I wrap my arm around her and then she falls asleep.
He is the best dog in the world 9 yrs old and now a big brother to our other boy BUDDY, he is showing buddy the ropes and they love eachother so much
Wednesday is a 10 year old female who was saved from a spca an is now loving her new life
My Beloved Blue has passed away about 2weeks ago. He was sick. I loved him so much. Words can't express the pain of losing my baby boy. I would remember all the happy times and the fun times i haf with u.
Percy loves nothing more than stealing your socks and underwear and proudly showing you! He also enjoys a tug of war, digging holes and licking you to death. He is the most affectionate and loving dog with a gentle temperment but with a super cheeky side too.
Mason is a 4 year old deer head Chihuahua. His most favorite thing to do in the whole world is to go on walks with his mom. He also likes being outside and the Sunshine. His favorite snack is cheese and boy does he love his cheese.
This is sox he's 11 months old, loves sleeping and zoomies, very laid back and will happily sunbath anywhere in the house
He loves his family and very peculiar about who enters his house. He will tolerate most anyone as long as they give him a treat. He loves to play hide and seek, even though most of him is not hid. And all pieces of furniture are his to lay on.
Ive had Tilley for 5years now she came as a rescue n she likes lots of fusst n treats
Simba is a crazy little boy who loves to play and get in to trouble. He is the most loving cat and he’s definitely a mamas boy♥️ Vote for out cute Simba!
Roxie is a 2 year old staffy cross American Staffordshire terrier who is very funny and so loving loves cuddles and kisses very cheeky at times but she's just a happy cheerful dog
Quinn is a 19 year old cat who loves been fussed over and loved and loves sleeping with you on a night loves his cuddles and definitely loves fish
Val is almost 5 months old, she loves to be adventurous. Balancing on tvs or jumping on countertops, she loves playing and jumps around all the time. She’s a bundle of joy and I love her too much! 🥰
Marvel is the son of out cat disney unfortunately she died when he and his brother pixar was 5 weeks old we always intended on keeping pixar but rehoming the other 3 but marvs was so calm and became my bestie i couldnt do it, no one wanted him but hes turned into the most stunning cat inside and out
Meadow is my little princess only sometimes she doesnt look like one
17month old , very friendly with all dogs kids cats people
Everybody loves Bruno!!! He loves to run and puts everything in his mouth. He is my toddler!
Luke Junior
He is the most beautiful soft and gentle puppy I have 14 dogs.
Hufflepuff is a very loving cat he love love loves attention and if he doesn’t get enough he meows he follows me every where around the house he is very unsure of new people and will bolt or hide behind the sofa such a bubbly personality like his sister Hedwig
Hedwig is a white short haired cat with specs of grey and brown, she is very mischievous she loves sleeping in bags and boxes or she obsessed with a fruit shoot lid if her brother Hufflepuff tries to play with it she will bite or swipe him She loves attention and meows for it She loves jumping in my curtains
🧡 Princess is a Rotterman who is loving she thinks she is one of the kids very playful and friendly but absolutely scared of everything.
Brandy is a puppy who is full of fun gentle and playful and loves attention