He is the cutest, the most photogenic, and the loudest baby in the house. He screm for food and attention 24/7 but is also so nice and gentle that he'll let other babies have their share first and will never scratch or bite mama
Bear is a 3 month old german shepard He loves his 4 kids walks and playtime! He is a big lover and family member and his favotite toy is a giant cupcake from bark box
He loves to play and loves his outdoors. He was trying to say he let me drive I got this lol.
This is Titus, he’s pit bull and husky mix. He likes hiking and playing in water! He has a blue and brown eye which is what usually catches peoples attention along with how sweet he is to everyone! 💙
This is Pumpkin, she’s probably the sweetest cat you’ll ever meet. She loves to cuddle and play with feathers. She got her name because she was born in October! 🧡
My name is misty Im 10 years old i love to play and have lots of cuddles.
He loves being outside and being with me he's a show off and loves playing in his cat hut to attack my feet wouldn't trade him for anything
Gizmo turns 1 this April 20th, will do ANYTHING for a treat and loves to play!
Binx is a laid back cat with a vocal meow!!! He gets stuck on his back and uses the wall to bath himself since hes so fat! He only plays with hair ties and stares at you like a creeper!
Missy is a loveable dog she likes new people
He is a lovable dog. He loves his humans. He loves to play fetch. He loves his treats.
My name is snoop im 5 mths old Im a rottweiler cross Shar-Pei.I love to play and have lots of cuddles.
Kevin is almost 2 years old and he was a stray kitty that we took in and instantly loved. He definitely keeps life interesting. His favorite pastimes are chewing on toilet paper rolls and watching birds out the window.
He is the sweetest little soul, he LOVES boxes and catnip, he also loves his sister Arya. He’s a chunky boy and loves his food.
Little Bit
He loves playing with his toys and he loves being held and loving on his humans
Clementine loves snuggling, tanning, and going on walks! She recently spent some time in the hospital due to spontaneous pneumothorax, but has thankfully been recovering well and getting back to her spunky self!
Hello! My name is Fury. I'm an AKC registered Siberian Husky from Michigan. I'm very smart ! I can herd cattle, sit, shake, & give high fives. I love to go for rides & hang my head out my owners truck window. I also like to jump off their speedboat and chase Lilly pads. I'm an energetic, great dog! please vote for me !
She is the sweetest dog who just loves playing ball
He is a sweetheart and he loves posting for pictures
Arya isn’t only an Australian shepherd but she is also part akita! she lovesss showing her teeth and is always up for a good tug of war fight. She is also the queen of barking her lungs out, super energetic!
Luna is a fun loving girly who is extremely active and fun to be around!
hes so cute honestly i need thr money
shes had 8 kittens and very cute so pls vote for her bc i need the money🙄
Gus, Gussers, Gus Gus
Princess is a beautiful beagle pup who Absolutley loves being the center of attention. She loves playing outside and long walks to see the sunset.!
River & her best friend Boomer 🖤
I am piper,i am a corgi/ aussie shephard.i love playing tub a war with my family, love riding in the car and just being close to my family,and i get lots of cuddles..
The black and white guy is Biff, and the little is Bentley, his the name Biffley. We rescued Biff two years ago in December he was 6 months old. In February we rescued Bentley at 8 weeks old. The moment they met they have been best friends and brothers.
She always says ladies first
Poncho is the black and white one he is super high energy and loves to play outside & NYX is the white and brown one she is deaf and love inside time and hanging out with her dad they are pit Bull / border collie mix
Hello, my name is sushi I’m an orange disaster. I like running around the house jumping on beds, sofas and don’t forget the curtains. I love to go outside and explore all over, I especially love to sunbathe.
Mottz is a very lovable and playful kitten she is very hyper and needs alot of playtime
Roxy is a white pug, she thinks she’s a little tuff girl, she keeps us on our toes, she loves to play with her toys and loves Her mom
Lestat was rescued as a poorly kitten. He is named after the Vampire Lestat. He likes to never be too far away from his crazy cat dad and the pair of them are always getting up to mischief.
My first best friend, he was a love machine, missed by many he loved nothing more than going on adventures
Zula love's kid's tea bottles n love's too go for car rides
Baxter is a perfect, loving boy ❤ He loves snuggles 🥰 loves going out 🐶and chasing squirrels 🐿 and follows me everywhere.🐶🥰😘 Please vote for me! Thank you to all my supporters! ❤️Exchange votes daily 😊small advance votes of 200🗳+gifts 🎁🎁🎁🎁🎁welcomed 🥰 🙏
He's my best friend, life saver and ride or die. Loves any tennis ball and scritches behind the ears
My name is Uno, I am a couple months away from turning 7 years old. My mom got me when I was 12 weeks old, she named me Uno because My white marking on my face is the shape of the number 1. I am a very loyal and loving member of our family. I love going for hikes and runs as well as rides and camping with my humans.
This is Thor.
Every cardboard box she has ever set eyes on has been her bed for the night, she will snuggle up inside even though she has a cozy comfy bed ❤️
Sasha loves car rides, walks, and playing with kids and other dogs. She’s also a strong and independent woman, who will look right at you, acknowledge your command, and completely ignore you
Chauncey And Stevie
My girls are best friends .Stevie acts like she has 4 legs when she only really has 3:)She keeps up with Chauncey who is my short stocky little bullet!!💕
He very hyper and loves to beg for food and like to go on walk and love getting treats he five year old labradoodle
Leo is my 10 year old daughter's best friend, they are always together . Leo has the sweetest nature and loves his food .My daughter sometimes dresses him up as you can see from the picture he really doesn't mind.
Lenor is 12 years old. She’s disabled, totally deaf and partially blind. She’s such a beautiful gentle girl, with so much love to give and demands snuggles in return 😻
Otis is a 2 year old Maine coon and loves boxes all shapes and sizes even if they’re too small for him he will sit till they explode. He loves Gatorade caps specifically and he likes to lay in the window on nice breezy days.
Chewy loves to watch tv and go outside to play he loves to sleep with me and my bf