Dog cat Stories - 14


Leo Spicer Turner
He loves kids and protects them no matter who it is i am not allowed to touch or even raise my voice to my grandbabies or any other child . He thinks he is human and feels peoples pain. He is the sweetest dog youll ever meet .
Benji LOVES hiking and traveling, so of course he travels all over with me! His other favorite thing is by far cats, he’s obsessed with all cats all the time😍
Hi My name is Rocco! I love going for walks with my best friend Cat, he's alot of fun! I also love having my picture taking.
Gerald had a bad start in life and ended up in a rescue centre. Hes 2 years old, arrived at our house a week ago, very wary and hissed often and lashed out. In the last 7 days he's really relaxed. No more hissing, eats well, everything has been in his litter tray, he runs upstairs now to wake us for his breakfast. He loves his own bed next to us on the sofa.
Pyp is our sweet little 5 month old snow bengal. He loves to play and we are training him to do lots of tricks! You can follow us on instagram - @pypthebengal
Millie known as Muddy Millie loves her sticks, the beach ,water and muddy puddles
Suki is a Special 3 year old , that’s loves to cuddle an gives kisses all day .. She is the sweetest chihuahua I know
Leah is a 15 year old yellow lab mix , she is very sweet an loves smiling for the camera
Abby is a cat who loves attention and loves her toys especially her mouse toys and she’s funny when it comes to eat she does tricks for me rolling on the floor so I can feed her with an positive attitude I love her and she’s the best cat on earth
Bean is the sweetest cat, he loves snuggles and kisses, and thinks he is a baby. He has a quirky personality filled with goofiness and love. He is the definition of pure affection.
Waker is a rescue that i found while volunteering at the local shelter. He loves to chase sticks and is smart as can be! You name it...he will chase it (or eat it lol) and loves to snuggle too! He is a true family member and a loyal friend! Named after a Widespread Panic song title :)
Hi! My name is Logan! I love humans and I hate squirrels!
Hi I’m Jackson Ross but everyone calls me Jack. This is my sister rabbit Hops. She doesn’t always love me as much as I love her, so I brought her a favorite treat to share my love. ❤️
He is a pure bred cane corso . Quick learner and loves attention. He loves chewing our things but his cute face saves him all the time
Hi I’m Dusty. I like to chase goats and ducks. I also enjoy running away and talking my fellow doggy sisters to follow me. I have two girlfriends that I’m crazy about. I hate being shaved even though I need it badly. Also sometimes, I think I’m a cat.
Horus Orion
Horus-Orion loves to chase lizards and sunbath in the sun. He likes to play with his brothers
Don’t be fooled by those baby blue puppy eyes, this lil girl has nerve, verve, pep, courage and a whole lot of MOXIE!
Buzz buzz loves egg yolks and chirping at the windows he snuggles with me every chance he gets and loves playing I adopted him and honestly he’s such a good boy he even plays soccer and fetch.
Sansi - Destroyer of Things. Looks like butter wouldn't melt but , don't be fooled, this mischievous, headstrong and loving girl loves to play, and for Sansi, play means you destroy things!!! Runt of the litter and abandoned by her mummy, Sansi was hand reared but hasn't let any of it affect her. She is happiest when playing catch, cuddling up on a sun beam or destroying things you love. You have been warned 😂
I found Ginger in a back alley, he had been badly abused by a nasty person. he had burns to his head and belly, cuts along his back and injuries consistant with being repeatedly kicked/stepped on😩 it took 2 years for him to fully trust me, but he shows me he’s grateful everyday! He is somehow still the most loving and pure soul I have ever encountered and likes the simple things in life, snuggles with his mamas and sniffing the fresh air ❤️❤️❤️
We have no idea what breed Marie is, all we know is that she recons she’s a supermodel, that can jump out of second story windows. Marie recently had a very complicated break in her leg and is still recovering, but has not let her injury stopped her from doing her favourite things, laying on her back and eating.
She’s a sweet girl. Her name was created because she LOVES ‘making biscuits’ (pawing).
She is such a sweetheart. She loves cuddling on the couch and chewing off her sisters collar.
Hi my name is Cyril i enjoy chasing birds Leaves to be fair anything that moves, I loves long walks lots of lovings and cuddles with my family, my mom and dad think I’m a clever lad, and when I Meet new humans or dogs I do have an exciting piddle 😱 I’m looking forward to my first holiday away and bouncing around the beach hope my picture makes you smile 😊
Annie is a rescue kitten I had visited my local humane society looking for my 12-year-old Casper I did not find Casper but I did gain Annie
roxie is super loving, she loves loves loves to cuddle and will never leave your side if your feeling down. she loves to eat and loves to run around at parks
Calm and collected! Loves nature walks. Zen puppy. 10 months old. F1 golden English cream retriever and Merle toy poodle mix.
Goes by Baby Dawson, named after two beloved characters, Jack Dawson and Dawson Cole. Loves to cuddle and give lots of kisses. Enjoys playing with his best friend Samson the st bernard. And will talk back any time he knows he's in trouble.
Mika loves to play outside! She has a younger sister named Yuri! She loves going to the beach and hanging out with Yuri. There’s not a place that she goes without her sister!💖
Im mom and dads cuddle buddy!! I love to sleep and eat and eat some more!
Thor is a extremely verbal cat!! He playes fetch and likes to play hide and seek! He is just this big fluffy ball of love!!
Hello! I’m kenai(Key-nye), I’m a 5 year old dachshund and shi tzu mix who loves to run and play at the beach, but I’m always ready to cuddle!
Alister has more personality than any cat I have ever met. He’s also the most loving cat I have ever had the pleasure of knowing.
Koda is my sweet, loving and loyal cavoodle. He loves cuddles, visits to the dog park and runs on the beach.
Mochi likes to run..... a lot. His favorite thing is going for hikes and swimming in creeks!
The Puppy Bunch
Hi! We are the puppy bunch. 3 boys, 3 girls. Mom and dad. Like the Brady bunch in the 80s. we are A pawnful of fun, Lots of smiles. We keep mom on her feet when we go out. We are a handful of joy.
He is a ray of sunshine and loves children 💙💙💙
honey is my almost 1yr old puppy who loves chewing on things, she’s almost always energetic!
Frankie Gomez
Super sweet & love to snuggle
Honeybloom is a pretty cool gal she likes to walk and also sleep. She is a super sick dog fr💯.
Snickers is a tiny lady with a big voice. She will hold full conversations with you. She also love giving head butts and biscuits to show her love.
This is Slink and his new girlfriend Britney. They are cuddle buds
Trixy was born on May 9th, 2020. She loves to play and run around!
** I am currently doing advanced votes to be returned in September for my pup Declan. Let me know if interested!❤❤❤❤❤❤**Hi! I'm Declan! I am a 5 month (19 weeks) old Blue Merle Australian Shepherd. My parents think I look kind of like a Snow Leppard and a Hyena. Haha!! I LOVE playing outside, going for walks, and chewing on just about EVERYTHING 🤣😂🤣!!!! I am loved A LOT!! If you are wanting daily or advanced votes, PLEASE be RESPECTFUL and do the same for us!❤🐾
Monte doesn't really like to explore a lot or knock things around, but loves to drink only the freshest water - water from the tap, or water from the cup that someone just set down.