Stark is a sweet and silly cat! She loves climbing in things and being in high places!
Roland found his forever home 5/5/23 and was adopted off the euthanasia list! That was a close call... he is a 1 year old super sweet pit with a heart of gold. All his wants is love and affection!
ICEE is a loving and playful dog who loves races in the park and thinks it's always playtime and having naps on her bed with her sister Kinder the cat.
Boo chased a bobcat into the woods in my mobile home park where we live. He is a bad ass cat.
Joker loves his cuddles. He is a huge people cat. He purs so loud just being around people. When his dad leaves for work he will sit at the door and wait for him to come home. He has only been with us for 2 months and he already fits in so well. We adopted him from a shelter that he had been in for 4 years. He turns 6 this October. He unfortunately was abused as a kitten and had part of his ear cut off and all of his teeth removed, but he doesnt let that stop him. He has been the best decision I've ever mad and has made me so happy.
Storm loves ❤️ to play fetch like a dog 🤣 it's the cutest thing ever! Loves pipe cleaners and fluffy balls. Nala is her best friend. Loves her belly rubbed.
shug is the best he loves food and people vote for shug!❤️
Milo is 11 weeks old and lovesss to play! He also enjoys the occasional finger if you let him!
I am Tommy and i am a very friendly cat. I love my family but sometimes i make their days crazy🤣because i am very naughty. Kiss you all and good luck 🤗
I love to go on long runs and letting out all my energy. I love to sleep with my mummy. I’m 5 months old and really naughty
Koopa is a feisty cat but cuddles with you all the time. He likes to sleep, eat, reapeat.
Chapo is an American Bully Terrier. His favorite activity is cuddling and play wrestling :) He is 4 in human years 😇 his favorite human food is Watermelon 🍉 he is the sweetest most caring dog I have had. And he loves attention 😍😂
Meet Simba, he’s a little crazy but just look at him, how can you resist? Lovely boy and deserves all your votes.
Naruto is a big sweet orange baby. We call him the boneless ham because of how squishy he is and hes such a ham for the camera. He is totally dedicated to my daughter and loves to give sweet little kittie kisses 💋 😺
Hi I’m june and I love playing ball with my mum but when I was one I got adopted from Cyprus by mum and I flown over to England to meet my forever family and I was left on the side of the road and when my mum saw me she fell for me straight away I love my new home mum buys me new balls every month and I love playing wihh the mums socks even though she says I’m crazy 😂❤️
This is Skye! She is 1 yr old and is loved by everyone she meets! She loves playing with her alligator toy, going to the dog park and sleeping!
Nina is a lovely little maniac who will always eat and keep your seat warm for you, she has a lovely soft chirpy meow and loves to play and run around like a little mad head. Also she goes by the nickname "Panda" as she is like a little fuzzy panda with a tash 😊
Wind is a really laidback pup that loves to sleep eat and play with socks. She does a favorite husky plush toy that she consider her baby. She also loves car rides. We got her 2 years ago from the shelter and has been the best decision ever made.
👋🐶 Zeus is the newest member of our family. He is a 6 month old French bulldog. 🐶🐾🐶🐾🐶🐾 🐶1.) We will exchange votes. NO Advances. ❤️ 2.) We can exchange up to +30 /day. 🍀 3.) If i don't "like" your comment I do NOT see the full amount. ❌ 4.) Votes given prior to exchange agreement will be considered a gift.🎁 5.) Votes come from Christina Z , Tim or Deni P. ☑️
Hi, I’m Mabel! I am 6 months, and I’m a mini Aussie! I LOVE my parents so much I steal their socks. My favorite thing to do is solve puzzles with hidden treats inside them. I get very anxious when I first meet people and dogs, but I am the sweetest once you know me.
This is Bailey, he is 7 and he’s a bundle of joy! He is a little trouble maker if you can’t tell from the picture he’s a cheeky boy but he has so much love for everyone! He’s my little fighter and he recently was diagnosed with cancer but has kicked cancers butt and has the all clear at the moment! Bailey is back to his usual happy and energetic self causing mischief where ever he goes but spreading love to anyone he sees!
Beans is a silly little dark grey/white tuxedo cat, featuring his trademark soul patch - he is spunk and attitude all in one! Beans loves mariners catch, insists on having the window open, and is VERY talkative! Beans is a sweet lover boy who loves making his coo sounds when he purrs.
Hi my name is brooke i am a super laid back cat. If a human is coming near me in their vehicle and im on the road i was there first they need to go round me. I love laying on the top of my mummys car which i know she isnt keen on but im the boss in my house and she knows it but i do love her. I like strange things like raw eggs, ice cream and curry. I love being affectionate to everyone.
Hi I’m hope I love cuddles I love playing with my toys I also love biting the couch when mummy isn’t looking I cause a whole lot of chaos but I give a whole lot of love
Mocha Haynie
Mocha is a sweet princess who loves play time and going on walks. She is my little diva and expects attention at all times. She listens very well and loves when daddy shares his food.
Cheddar decided to come through the doggie door one day. We had never seen her before. She was put back outside two times. She’s lived with us for 5 years now.
Luna is a deaf cat. Took her a year to learn how to walk, but she is a little fighter and the balance came in time. X
My name is Paprika and I am a female ginger. I might be tiny for an adult cat but im mighty and fiesty. I love playing with my brother, cuddling with my humans and eating bananas.
Peri Peri
Hi my name is Peri Peri, I live in the UK with my humans and ginger sister Paprika. I enjoy chasing my sister and rolling in the grass. I am a great communicator and have pretty impressive meows ...whenever my food bowl is empty, EVERYONE will know...and with my charming meows I am able to hypnotize my mum into feeding me snacks.
Ava will be 1 year old on June 21. She has a defined spirit. She loves her running in the tall grass. She hides herself to watch birds fly by. Loves cuddling with giving lots of licks to mama.
Hi I’m Louie! I love to follow my mom EVERYWHERE. I’m her little helper! I love to go on walks with mom or to the park! My favorite snack is a frozen carrot. I love to snuggle and am just the sweetest boy🥰
This is my babes Steve! He will be 5 this july. He is an amzing little dude with a big personality. He is kind, loving, caring, and a little spicy at times but he truly is AMAZING. Chasing all things with wheels that pass by is his favorite when we go on walks. Steve get's the zoomies and loves to chase his best friend nena our cat. Steve is just one funny, and loyal frenchie He is my world!💜 show your love and feel free to vote. 🐾
Bella never stops, barks at the wind and makes sure all my food is safe 😂 but gives the most amazing cuddles kisses and waits lovingly at the window whenever I return home, she’s my best friend ❤️
Tyson is a cute wee boy, only 1 year old. He loves to chase the laser and talk to birds at the window. He can chase a ball to the sofa and passing it back to Mama until he has mood to do so :) He cuddles in the morning and always stay by you till you fall asleep. He is a real spirit and made my life fuller ❤️
Ralphy is very loving, funny, intelligent and has more personality than most people!
Leela the one-eyed wonder. Our happygolucky girl. 🥹🩵
She loves to steal socks and gives lots of kisses.
Hi my name is Kuma I am a mini Aussie cocker spaniel mix I'm a Good boy who love to give kisses and go on walks
Hi I’m blaze I’m just a big softy who loves to explore the outdoors and think everybody’s my friend, I love a good bum scratch🐶 I like to sunbath on my lounger ☀️
Benji is an all out doglebrity!!! He exudes awesome sauce and everyone loves him. He can’t go anywhere without the paparazzi trying to get all in mix. He likes chicken and long walks alongside the town.
Hi I’m Sadie I love to chew everything and rip stuff up I like to play with the other dogs and be naughty
Hi I’m Lexi I like to play with the other dogs and chew things I love to get petted so I lick you
Hi I’m willow I love to cuddle you and play
My baby girl Mai is the most lovable, loyal, happiest dog. She will be one year in June. She absolutely loves playing outside with her brothers and sisters. She goes crazy for treats & pup cups. She hates water, so bath time is definitely a chore. She is by far, the best dog I could ever wish for ❣️ Go ahead and click that vote button, Mai deserves all the love ❤️