Luna is a very affectionate loving cat, she loves toys, catnip and playing fetch and chase. She loves to play out in the garden and comes in like a dog would if her name is to be called or she is whistled! Shes a chonky gurrll who dribbles ALOT when snuggled. Shes sassy and loving all at the same time and very vocal. Shes a true companion whos always there for you and she will try her best to cheer you up if sad. Luna has helped me through some of the toughest times and shes such an angel. She loves her dad and literally follows him everywhere when hes home from work.
Little Booty Ham Sandwich
This is little booty ham sandwich! She loves chicken and purs like a lawn mower! ❤️ she loves cuddling at night and making her humans happy! ❤️
Bella was found on the side of the road when she was just 5 weeks old.she has been a huge part of our lives till recently we lost her to a dog attack.she was always a fun happy chatty girl who would greet me every morning with her tail vibrating in the air .her favorite thing was her soft blankets that she would suck in till she fell asleep or as you can see in this photo climbing into things she didn't belong in.we miss her terribly.
Cheeky, chatty and a total cuddle bug.
Clever, playful and a total cuddle bug.
Bella is very friendly. She loves her toys and her new cat house. She loves to play hide and seek. Bella also loves her 1 am zoomies lol
Tiggy loves to go on walks, play with toys & cuddle with his mom💗
I think I am ready for a morning jog!!!
Mili is a fun loving boy, he loves to play with all his toys and he likes to be around people to play with, and he is a handsome boy!
Sprout is a quiet cuddlebug most times !! Occasionally he likes to be a little mischievous, so don’t be fooled by his cuteness !!! He LOVES playing in boxes and laying on his hammock to look out the window. Full of love and shows it !
Piglet is a very happy and energetic kitten. She loves cuddles and loves you playing with her toys with her. Her favourite thing to do is play in her tunnel. Piglet also loves playing with children.
June loves to swim and loves to meet new people
Izzie is a sweet fun loving boxer! She loves to play at doggie daycare!
Budtavious (Buddy for short) was a rescue. He was found at 3 months with an infected bite mark on his neck that had been swollen the size of his head. With a few visits to the vet and a couple surgeries and now a clean bill of health, Buddy is a very important piece to our growing family. It been a long journey he has fought but you would never be able to tell. Buddy is the sweetest most joyful pup I've ever met. Which makes it super easy for everyone to spoil him
Jinx is adopted, he's a active cat that loves talking & expressing himself a lot in his meows. His favorite activity is playing fetch & having a chatty conversation when i get home from work !♡
Fluffy is a snuggly, cuddly, friendly little bundle of joy 🥰
She will give you endless cuddles. She loves getting pats and licking you a lot. She loves to drag her toy strings around the house. She also loves the laser pointer. She can jump really high when we’re playing with her toys.
Zora is but a human in a cat suit. Loves Cheetos and cheesy popcorn, and goes crazy over twist ties.
Lottie is only 8 weeks old, she loves playing with her brothers and sisters. She enjoys cuddles and playing ball.
Household manager cat. Keeps all other cats and hoomans on task for the low payment of kisses, cuddles, playing and food daily.
He was a stray that we took in. He loves to cuddle, beg and sleep! He always by my side! He cries when he can' t get his way!
Dolly Inger
Dolly is a rescue cat , she was brought up in a foster home I took she was old enough to be with us , dolly has the loudest purr a cat can have and is very loving
Bandit is the most human cat you’ll ever meet & he loves attention! He will be 3 this coming December. My girlfriend and i got him when he was 5 weeks old. Couldn’t ask for a better cat!
Hero is always happy! He's so goofy and has a hilarious personality!
Cougar is our service dog in training. Shredding cardboard is her favorite past time, and drinking peoples coffee
Shadow is so loving , we have been attached to each other since the day he was born, he loves naps, car rides, and cat nip
Lottie was an alleyway cat that came everyday to us for some treats, a few weeks later with ended up with her little kittens.. The kittens were about 2 weeks old and currently 5 weeks old 🥰
Bean is an ocicat bombay mix. She is particularly fond of parkouring and staring at the fish tank. She helps her owner with chronic pain by acting as a heating pad and providing emotional support. Even though I may be biased, she's the best jumpin Bean around. 💕
Rex is so smart. Loves to play ball. Loves everyone ❤️He has brought so much joy to us. He’s really human with fur. He’s our winner. So ya please vote for Rex. ❤️He is a beagle dor ,beagle and Labrador
Buckley is my 19 year old Himalayan! Hes silly, adorable, literally says "Hello", loves to spin in a chair, sleep on a bag and yell at me!
She’s the sweetest cat ever, loves to cuddle, loves to play, and is just all around friendly and lovable. She’s my best friend!
Snuggle Bugs
When we first seen Snuggles we thought she was a huge, dangerous wild animal. She wouldn't come past the tree line. So all we seen was a big cat.
Piper is a silly,sassy clown of a dog. A load of fun!!! Personality plus!!! She’s my heart!! I love her to the moon and back!!
Indica is a spunky crazy girl! She will have you laughing your head off at some stuff she does she is super cute and energetic she loves her pit bull brother they are best friends she is always trying to bother him to play.. lol .. she also has a parrot sister who she’s always climbing on her cage to play with.. she loves toilet paper and drinking from the toilet ( which we don’t allow) but it is super cute when we catch her! 🤣❤️
Ginger loves playing fetch. She especially loves her little stuffed unicorn. She always attacks my feet regardless of what shoes I have on.
He is extremely loving and such a vocal kitty! He loves new hoomans especially when they feed him treats.
Zola is one of kind . She joined our family at an early age of 8 weeks.. She has bought us Nothing but happiness and healing! We love our Zola she very spoiled with lots of Love. She Loves tummy rubs , Peanut Butter and doggie cookies and the parks where always makes new Friends.. Everyone always says she looks like she’s smiling!!! Of course she is the tail never stops wagging either!!! I’d say she found her home and her humans ❤️🐶
Loves to play and have cuddle Hates anything to do with fish
Ebony is 9 month old puppy that loves to play…she loves ice cream…loves kids and in general loves people…
Hugo is 8 months old now and he loves to be outside! He can’t get enough of squeaky toys and loves to be loud with them, always wanting to play, and can jump very high
Whiskers is a fun loving cat who enjoys sleeping all day
Leo is the biggest cuddle bug! He loves to play with his big sister Lily. His favorite thing to swing from is the chandelier. And for whatever reason he has something against the window blinds.
Lottie and kittens 😻 Our alleyway cat had kittens so we’ve taken them in 🥰
Hi my name is sardine, I’m 7 years old and I have a little brother called gizmo, I like to sleep and go on little adventures round the neighbourhood, I also like to find presents for my parents and leave them on the doorstep to show how much I love them, I love to wake up my parents most mornings which I think they like as they feed me every time I do it
Jarma is the most loving cat ive ever had. His like a best friend and you never have to tell him more than once to do any thing. Love my boy 😍
Mikey is a 2 year old tabby kitty that my husband saved from a sewer drain when he was about 12 weeks old.. He was so wild but after months of coaxing and love he is now a couch potato 🥰🥰
Quill is a fun loving pittie. He loves to go to the dog park and play with his friends, car rides, treats, and stealing his brothers ball. He recently got a kitten brother, and love to exchange kisses with him.
Finch is a goofy orange kitten. He loves his big pitbull brother and exchanging kisses with each other. He is favorite activity is jumping out and scaring his human dad. (Actually scared him once)