He is part Maine coon cat, He loves to cuddle, when he is hungry he just stares at me or pushes his paw in my arm. Hates the iPad! Means he has to wait to cuddle!
Baby loves to "hunt" hair ties, pacifiers & feathered toys!
Rafael Pharaoh
Rafael Pharaoh is a sweet, distinguished gentleman who never turns down an extra meal. He feels it is his job to guard mama at night and wake her up every morning. He has a sister, Lily who is obviously a peasant and can live here because he said so. He’s also scared of everything. 🐾
Mufasa is playful loves to play .. Loves to eat and love to play with toys..
Boots is a very loving and playful cat. She loves to take walks on the leash and enjoy the fresh air. She also enjoys playing fetch and lots of cuddles.
Bean (formally known as Mr. Bean) is a silly boy. You’ll almost always find him sleeping with his tongue out or with his eyes partially open lol. With his piercing blue eyes and his pouty confused face, he will truly melt your heart! Bean is the sweetest and most bestest boy in the world! Vote Bean ❤️
Felix is an odd boy whos favorite pass-times are sleeping on electronics, eating, getting love, and eating.
Ruby loves playing with other dogs,loving on people, sun bathing, and stuffed animals.
When Sailor wants a piece of chicken, he is will sit patiently in the kitchen sink until someone sees him.
Mr. Kitty
Mr. Kitty was abandoned as a baby, and left in a window well. We were able to save him, and nurse him back to health. He survived a fight against a weasle, and almost lost his ear. He is the most affectionate cat you will ever meet.
Mocha was born a month ago, she like playing with anything in reach, she likes sleeping on her back, and she loves comforting and cuddling with you
My little Freya. I found her in the woods one day with the family. She was so small and all alone. She loves to walk around the house with her mouse meowing. She loves it when u talk to her and tell her what a pretty girl is.
Perp is a Hawaiian native born in kailua, HI on MCBH. He was the known homeless friendly cat roaming amongst the barracks. Unfortunately he was hit by a car, a marine command took care of him until they later deployed. Perp then roamed to the Navy barracks where he was well taken care of and later adopted and transferred to Jacksonville where he now lives a luxury life. When he was adopted it was noted he was cross eyed due to the unfortunate event of getting hit by a car. But he is a gentle, majestic, thick, and grateful handsome boy with unlimited amounts of love to give 🥰
The most vocal cat 🐱
Vicki was bottle feed by me unfortunately his mother passed Defending him. He is weened off the bottle but loves to nurse on my neck every day and I love our bonding time
Aspen is a 10-week old bundle of energy! She's got a split face, as well as partial heterochromia in one eye. She loves people and exploring!
She is a very sweet and loving dog loves her humans lol
Saber is named after the lightsaber. When he was a wee little kitten he would always go after our lightsabers my husband and I got from Disney. Maybe he is one day hoping to learn the Force and be part of the rebel alliance, until then he is my sweet little cat that loves to play fetch.
Arlo is a 5 year old Border Collie. He enjoys walks and annoying his owners.
Pepper Holmes
Pepper is my lovely Minature Schnauzer that I adopted from Schnauzer Rescue Texas. The minute I saw those ears and eyebrows I knew we would be best friends. I have had him for over 2 months now and he has brought so much joy to my life. He loves to swim and play fetch and enjoy going to work with me where he plays and swims with his friends at PetSuites of America Pet Resort. He’s truly the sweetest and funniest little guy I’ve ever met. He makes my world happy!
I love chasing squirrels and going on walks with my pawrents and taking photos for my Instagram account.
Zuesboy is a very smart dog .love attention loves playing and loves his little piggy HeIs 6months old part bull dog and German shepherd. So come on vote for zuesboy.
Lilo is a 4 month old puppy that loves walks, her toy elephant and cuddles
Mitsu is always full of energy! She loves eating grass, staring out the window & watching birds.
DOG is a 4 year old. All black half simese cat❤
Loving affectionate playful listens good. Love to play fetch an actually will being his toy back to have it thrown again to go get it an bring it back to play. Loves his cat condo. Loves giving kisses to me or people he really likes an he trust. He likes water and likes having a bath
Although he has a neurological problem (probably from past abuse) since hes found his true home all he wants is to play and snuggle
Pepper loves to cuddle and protect his family. His favorite thing to do is go on walks. He spends most of his time sleeping next to his sister(chili) and daughter (mocha.) Even though he's tiny he will stop at nothing to protect what's his.
Bambam a loveing free Spirit. Love’s to roam an hunt. Great boy
Rusky is a very friendly lovable dog, anyone that meets him falls in love with him. He's a big derp still full of energy and turning 7 in 2 months time. He's great with kids and is so very caring, if anyone hurts themselves he must check on them and won't leave their side. He's a special boy, who wouldn't hurt a fly.
Kyra is the most sweetest, loveable dog you could meet. She loves kids any other dog or cat. She will be 4 years old next month. She is trained off leash and is very loyal to me. She loves sticks and has to carry one on a walk she will even go to the toilet with it in her mouth.
Buddha, boo bear, boobs, etc. brings so much warmth and happiness to my life and I am beyond grateful to spend my time with him. I love him more then any words could ever express and thank you for taking a moment to check out his profile :) have a blessed day and good luck to all the pups!
Haddix is 1yr, he's 14lbs of pure love, adopted at 5 months old, spoiled and so so loved. Haddix is affectionate, loving and well purrfect😻 Vote for Haddix so we can spoil him and his brother! Living in Las Vegas🎰
Pêche loves playing fetch, ripping her scratching post apart and running after our two chihuahuas.
Maxx loves to take walks in the local park meeting other dogs and the occasional squirrel
Lucky is a great friend to have he loves to be rubbed on his stomach. Lucky is a friendly and loveable pooch. Once you meet Lucky you will fall in love with him.
Paco is a very energetic puppy who loves to play or watch over the kittens paco was an adoption dog I took him in after he was being abused and having cigarette s put out on him and was getting thrown outside to fend for himself he is only puppy still so I took him in I couldn’t help but to give this little guy a good home and tht is exactly Wht he has
Spooky is a rescue animal from my college, he’s been rejected by multiple owners before my husband and I claimed him, we fell in love with him at first sight, spooky is the most caring, loving, cuddling animal we know. He loves playing with his cat tower including hiding in our boxes and loves to be around people he loves pets and even humans and gives kisses !
Sassy, Talkative- especially when it’s breakfast time, Loving (when it’s her choice) sometimes she makes noises that make her sound like a Pokémon. She’s nearly 11 years old but as she’s quite small it makes her appear younger. I called her pixie as when she was born her ears were almost to big for her giving her pixie like ears.
Christmas Cumberbunch
Christmas is a 9 month old Maine coon who enjoys dressing up and chilling in a park.
Brownie is a Dalmatian Lab some one he is the only all brown one out of the litter, His mom is Lab and his dad Dalmatian he is also the craziest and cuddly one out of the group !
Mr Beefy
Hello! My name is Mr Beefy and I’m a 4 year old Bulldog from Wales. I live with my parents, my two sisters Minnie & Velvet (BSH cat & Chinchilla). I’m your typical Bulldog...I love to sleep and laze around all day! However I do love an adventure with my family. My favorite things are riding on the paddle board with Dad, car rides, chewing on my antler and suckling my toys.
Munchkin and his sister were bottle babies. Munchkin was the runt but now outweighs his sister by 10 lbs. He's a sweet little boy who has a total fascinating with lights and shadows .
Kevin loves sleeping under the covers and his mommy for rescuing him.
Little Bit
She's fun loving and playful she's got her little crazy stuff she does that's makes her my sweet loveable best friend. She loves to play with her toys and hide under blankets and when she goes outside she has to have something in her mouth either a sock or her toys and when she comes back in the house she has a leaf or a pine cone.....she's set in her ways and I love her for that. Anyone who has ever met my baby has fell in love with her and want a little 4 legged human just like her but she's my 1 of a kind baby girl. She is right beside me when I'm hurt or sad she doesn't leave my side when she feels I need her. She is the best person to come in my life and save me
Maddie-blind Kitty
Oh, Hello 👋!! My name is Maddie! I’m a sweet Blind, FIV+ kitten. I was brought to an animal shelter in a box with severe eye infections and rotten teeth, and the person who brought me asked them to euthanize me!! They didn’t just euthanize me, they saw all the love and life that I still had in me, so they gave me a second chance at life 🙌🏽😄!! I got my eyes and teeth removed, it took awhile, but my family eventually found me! and adopted me! (I actually adopted them! Lol 😂 ) I now have a loving home with them! My family doesn’t care that I’m blind, they love me anyway. They are very patient and encouraging with me! I love them so much 💕 Please vote for me🗳😘! 💖Thx everyone💟!!!
Trouble is playful loves outdoors. Loves his squeaky toys and loves kids. He will sit when told to and shake your hand. Loves his bacon treats
Chase loves to run around and jump in the air he also loves to play tug a war with the kids. He loves to Fetch a ball and a stick.. he loves baths and walks his friendly to pepole and other animals :-) we love are chase so vote for chase