Moe is only 6 months old and loves to cuddle! He’s a very chunky cat already weighing 8lbs and likes to eat! He also has thumbs which makes him even cuter 🥺
Fireball Mckean
Fireball was found all by himself, crying for help as a tiny kitten. He was small, very hungry and scared. He was eating plants to stay alive until I found him. All he ever wanted was to be loved. Now he is a happy little teenager cat. He is family, and he is loved very much. He loves to run around the house, and gets excited when my husband and i gets home from work. He loves his mouse that makes noise when he plays with it. Lol. He also loves his bow tie collar.
I found sweet my angel 🐈‍⬛. I said "come to me lil one and you'll have a beautiful life." Furio is an only child for now. He is spoiled rotten and loves mash taters n gravy from KFC. He is the best snuggler and biscuit maker! He has his own bedroom with tons of toys and stuff to do. He also is trying to climb him mom's 12 foot palm trees. He's too cute to get aggravated at. He loves to go on car rides and see his friends at the golf course. Everyone loves him!!
Hes the coolest cat ive had.
Hi! I’m Melanie! I’m 8 months old and I love to cuddle, especially when you hold me and i can nuzzle into your neck! I also love to give mommy kisses on the nose!
Hi, I’m Bailey. I’m a 6 month old yorkie chon that’s full of energy and life. My favorite thing to do is to snuggle. I love to get dressed. My favorite color is yellow and I love Cheese.
Louise is my black and white girl on the right. In this picture, she has her paw around her sister Thelma. Louise is one of the most lovable cats that I have ever owned. She brings happiness and laughter to my life everyday and is inseparable from her sister Thelma. ❤️
Valkyrie has been smiling since she was a puppy! She loves to play fetch and run agility and melts everyone she meets! Though she likes cat toys too much... Show her some love!
I adopted Thelma and her sister Louise because they had been together since birth and I needed a cuddly cat in my life. Thelma loves to cuddle and her fur is extra soft. She and her sister Louise play together every day and sleep next to each other every night. She is just a great cat all around. 😻
Trixie is a headbanging cat.Metallica is her favorite band.Their music is like a lullaby for her.
Trixie is always on the go, that's why all her pictures are her sleeping, that's all I can catch! She's a great little cat, beautiful and full of 'tude but a great cuddler when she'll grace you with her company (when she's not busy playing with her straw) 🤣 Please vote for my pretty lil girl 💕
I'll be honest, Lana here is a pain in the ass sometimes but she'll effortlessly steal your heart 💕 Always looking to give and receive attention this kitten never grew up! Amusingly enough her favorite toy is a rock! Please vote for my beautiful playful golden kitten 🐈
She's very calm and sweet and has the lightest squeak for a meow. She loves bologna!
Meow, My name is Olivia and my momma came to my rescue when I didn't have a home. I've been with my family for 16 years, yes I'm an old lady and still act as if I'm young. I was diagnosed with cancer 4 years ago. My momma made the decision to let me live out the rest of my days at home being happy as you can see.
She is very strange. I'll catch her staring at nothing and then... its the zoomies!
Isabella is smart and very loving puppy she is 5yrs old . she loves to go on hikes and kayaking and loves to take pics with her mommies!
Banshee is a rescue pup so we aren’t quite sure of her breed yet! She is sweet, loving and growing fast. Abandoned on the hot streets of Texas, SheeShee and her siblings were alone for weeks. They were saved by a shelter and shipped to another shelter here in WA. We fell in love with the whole litter but they were all meant to be adopted. All of her siblings received furever homes but she was left behind. We fell in love upon meeting and have been best friends ever since!
Gypsy is a moving baby main coon. She comes from a pure line of main coons and shes very loving 💚🖤
Such a beautiful loving little boy 😍 Loves chewing threw all his mums fluffy socks 🤣🤷‍♀️ has the most amazing personality makes everyone smile and laugh! 💕
Sweet hefty boy he loves all the belly rubs he can get and his favorite snacky snack is grass😋
Oh Abner our bundle of fluff we thought was a girl. Silly kitty. Maybe that’s why he’s so ornery now and poops in the bathroom on the rugs. He loves Temptation cat treats. He’s very spoiled. He’s a very finicky boy. But oh is he loved. The middle picture is where I thought he was a girl. Yup. I gave him a complex and scarred him for life. This the reason he pees on my things now
Symba thinks he is my baby. He is so sweet and loves attention. He is by far the most beautiful cat I've ever seen. If you think so too please vote for him.
Gizmo is a beauty, she has her own personality that is like no other. She like to be your number 1 when it suits her for scratchs but when she want left to herself she will let you know by turning away 😂
Sweet Charlotte Louise
I was blessed to have this baby enter my life. My little girl has been my life saver. Miss Sweet Charlotte Louise is my family and stands by my side through thick and thin. When I am down, she is there for me (climbs on me and gives me a good old fashioned head butt to remind me that I am not alone).
Space invader to the extreme. Loves stealing the greenery off your dinner plate.
Tank loves to play football with his favourite tennis ball🎾 He also loves to sit on the back of the sofa and watch everybody go past out the window😂
Gorgeous Bruno is 13 & 1/2 years old
Ruckus loves food! And snuggling with us on the sofa. But most of all she loves playing with other dogs 🐕
What Uniqua liked moast was her kitty Jack Sparrow when I told her that her kitty got killed because of her grandmother elizabeth being niglectful she had tears rolling down her little face
Jack Sparrow
Well he's no longer amoungst the earth but what he liked the moast was a toss up of his dog and his blanket he stole from me
Nevaeh is a 13 year old Sassy little girl who loves dressing in her fancy attire everyday... She even demands her sleep shirt at night.. She is a Godsend.. I can't have children, so my girl is my world.. I love her more than anything.. I Thank God for every second with her..
Smoke is a very loving and smart dog. He loves playing. He knows how to give both paws, high fives, roll over ,and dance on 2 feet in a cirlce! His favoritr food is apples! He's loved in our house hold! Enjoy my son Smoke Boogie Rodgers 🖤Thank you for your votes
Do you like my Christmas collar
I no you think I'm cute :p
Vote for mowgli he is my everything xxx
Hi! My name is Shrimp and I was recently rescued. I’m 7 weeks old. I love to cuddle and play all day long. My favorite toy is my sock monkey.
I love cuddling with my mummy
I love my toys I can chase my ball all day <3
Can he get any cuter :)
Mowgli is half ragdoll mix. He is full of engery and loves to surprise you by jumping out of nowhere or chasing your feet as you try walk 😀 he is so much like a puppy it's unreal. He definitely suits his name, mowgli from the jungle book and my mowgli do like to run wild 😉
Venus And Nova
Nova and venus just got adopted into our family about a month ago from our local human society. Venus is our little princess and nova is a diva! They bring so much light into our dark world. Blessed
Harvey named after Harvey Dent from Batman AKA two face, loves to play with his sisters Anna and Maggie, and run in his big backyard. Harvey was adopted after he, his mother ,and her litter were found abandoned. Harvey also loves to eat, sleep, and snuggle!
Rosco was found on the side of the road and we took him in and gave him a loving caring home. Since we found him he has stollen our hearts.
This is elvis, He is a cuddly fluffy cat and very playful i hope he wins .
Hi my name is bambi and i hope you guys can give me a vote or maybe more bc i would really appreciate it 😁.
I am a 13 year old cat that is as feisty as a kitten. I love the outdoors and running with my family.