Dog cat Stories - 16


Murphy Mcmuffins
Hi I’m Murphy McMuffins! I run this town and I’m and outdoor rescue from my local streets! I used to have a twin named Simba McMuffins and i tried to save him but couldn’t in time.. I am a GIANT TABBY BOY and I love to make Muffins on my loving owners whenever they wear the softest blankets! :) please vote for me and my newest brother Chewy! Thanks a million muffins for reading!
Lacey Jane
She is a rescue from Tijuana. Someone traded her for a soda. She is our bubbly snuggle bunny! She’s all ears and ready to play!!!
Loves to watch football
Panda loves to be rubbed if fact when she wants loving she demands it. She is hell on wheels. She follows me around everywhere I go when I'm working on something she will steal my tools sometimes I think she is a dog cause she packs things around in her mouth like a dog.
My name is Oreo, like America’s favorite cookie! My favorite thing to do is play outside with all the other animals (squirrel?!?) get allllll dirty then go inside eat treats, bones and chew on stuff that isn’t mine. I enjoy learning new things as I grow, so vote for me, Mom says I’m a good boy
Hiyaa friends My name is Louie, I’m a 1 year old golden doodle who weights 20 pounds. I was what everyone calls a “covid” puppy, which, hey I didn’t mind.
Sugar is as sweet as her name! She loves to snuggle and all she ever wants is belly rubs. She can stand for a really long time on her hind legs & looks like a bunny doing so!
Annie must have some wolf DNA in her...she loves howling with her you tube howlers. . We rescued her at 7 months old. She's now 7 yrs (recent pic) and she's still a beauty! Our best alrm system yet 💗😜
Kaya Frances is a rescue Border Collie who loves her forever home. She stole our hearts from get go and she gets nothing but the best! She’s a vibrant, funny and cuddly girl 🌸🌸
Morrissey is an FIV+ kitty. I got him when he was 3 years old and I'm pretty sure before that he was a well established lawyer. He is legally married to my other kitty.
Penny is my soon to 13 yr old fur baby. She is now deaf but can see very well.
Tank is a very lovable boy he loves attention. He just wants cuddles. He loves his food or any food and like to snore while sleeping
Callie is a very playful, loving cat. She enjoys playing with my two dogs and my 3 kids. She loves dinner time and sleepy time. She's just a gorgeous little thing and loves a photo
A sable pomeranian boy. Mummy's little knight.
Miki is a tiny, sweet squish who enjoys chasing her tail, playing in her house/tunnel, bags, boxes, and waking up her mom up at 5am by biting her feet. She is so lovey and likes to be carried around like a baby. Vote for this kitty! ❤️
Bella was passed to me while my parents had to fix their house after a hurricane. We were only supposed to watch her but my husband fell in love and it took a year to get the house fixed needless to say this beautiful Pitt stole my husband’s heart, my Spot in the bed and constantly steals the blankets ! :)
Rio is a bully pit he is a Rescue pet he came from an Abusive home he is a year and a half he loves to cuddle and playing with his toys he’s great with kids and also very gentle
We rescued eachother
Hi I'm Salem, I was rescued by a sweet lady driving home from work that happened to see me. My Mom and siblings were killed and I wasn't in good shape. I have a forever home now, I just turned 2
Baloo is nearly 9 weeks old he is the most loving dog you will ever meet he loves to play with this toy and loves to give you cuddles Baloo can also tell if you are having a bad day or can tell if something is not right he can always cheer you up with his cute face and kisses and cuddles
Bruno's a pit/Mastiff, 9 months old and around 80 lbs. He loves his brother and sister, Kitties, Salem and Feisty. Very protective and Hyper. My Blessing 🥰❤️
Charlie is a superhero hes a wonderful watch dog and my best friend
Peterson is an FIV+ kitty. This picture is from his wedding. He married my other FIV+ cat Morrissey. (It was a legit wedding! And adorable). These kitties get listed as special needs but they're the best! If anything, I would like to spread awareness of FIV (like HIV but for cats) because a lot of these cuties get put down. They live normal lives but just sneeze a little (a lot, you get used to it!).
I sware he's human. The cutest little man!
Theadora is a true little lady, super cute and true to name she is theadora the explorer.. she loves to play and be giddy and when she wants love she comes to me with a squeaky purr which melts my heart
Bob is unique dog with a funny personality. Hes survived cancer and a stroke. At 15 he has managed to master walking on 3 legs.
Monster is almost 7 years young, she's the most content and obedient little thing, not to mention so adorable, she absolutely melts our hearts and everyone else's around her, she's so well behaved and enjoys long walks and treats, she has always walked off of the lead with no collar and has never ran away or even moved from beside us, she will even wait outside shops for us without wandering off, a few times we've had people try lift her and take her as they thought she was a stray because she just stands there, she gets treats everywhere she goes from anyone and everyone she meets which she absolutely loves, she's so cuddly too, will literally cuddle all day when given the chance to 🤣 she often does this little floppy ear which is so cute and is definitely how she gets whatever she wants, she's a very spoiled little thing but how can you not spoil her ? VOTE MONSTER!!!❤️❤️❤️
Coco has one eye is is a happy pug girl. Loves to play and give loads off cuddles .
Doesn’t understand the concept of stranger danger, she loves everyone and everything. She really loves attention and to steal socks (ugh) but she is so sweet you can’t stay mad for long!! She loves to give those puppy eyes when she wants food, and she loves food! She has been a gift to my family who struggle with depression. I am so glad she is ours ❤️. Thank you for considering Butters, she would give you a kiss if possible!
Reggie is the sweetest boy. He loves running with other dogs, especially when they chase him. He loves messing up freshly placed comforters, helping firefighters by howling as a siren and has perfected the perfect jump kiss. He truly is so special❤️
Ric found us one day just hanging around our house. He is the sweetest, loving, most chill cat. His best friend is Reggie the Aussie, they love cuddling and chasing each other.
Kip is 2 years old and lives in Gaffney SC. He is a long haired chihuahua and my emotional support dog. He loves playing with his kong toy Moose and going for long walks.
Nelly is such a character she loves playing ball and playing with her toys
I love my new family! I have a little girl that I chase in my big back yard. We play chase & roll around in the grass. I love to nibble on ears and I give lots of kisses. My new brother's (2 cats) are treating me pretty good. I love getting treats. Oh yeah, I'm 8 weeks old. Mom says please vote for me. Thank you so much!
Snowy is play full and funny she has two different coloured eyes blue and green
He's super smart can sit and stay already and he's 4 months old he loves everyone he meets he wiggles his Lil butt any time he meets someone new he's the best
Hi, my name is Milo. I am Jack Russell. I do like playing out side and chasing squirrels.
This is Storm! Storm loves to model and pose, she also loves to her toy panda! She loves to run around while she has the zoomies!
I’m super fast and I can jump really high. I like to lay on anything that’s soft and comfy and curl up into a ball . “ Make everyday a little less ordinary “
Hi, I’m Ceaser 🤩 I love playing fetch with my toys and gazing out of the window most of the time. My favorite thing to do is follow mom around the house and taking walks in the garden just to eat the grass 😂 I just got a new little brother and he’s a pain but I’m glad I’m not the only cat anymore! 🐾 My mom rescued me when I was just a newborn. I immediately grew fond of mom and have been with her ever sense. My favorite food has to be chicken pate, even though my doctor (vet) thinks I should stay on “weight management food”, I think I look good what about you? 😻😻 Please take a moment to give me a like 💙
The most playful boy you'll ever find ❤️
Rocky The Rockstar
My baby since he was 8 weeks he is now 14 years old
He loves his squeaky toys and balls and giving kisses he smiles with his bottom teeth and is my best friend we love adventures hiking and visits to the river
Mylo is such a cute and kind puppy. He loves playing with his toys and enjoys family reunions. Also, enjoys a lot running on the grass and playing with leaves 🍃 😅 .. he is just so adorable 💜🐶
Sebastian works at a ballroom dance studio each day, greeting everyone that walks thru the door! He's the friendliest most loveable little man you'll ever meet.
He's adorable, smart, playful, he's very affectionate and loves food.