Bennie is a sweet wild child. He is a year and a half old and loves playing with his toys, his favorite is playing tug of war. He loves cuddles and kisses and will never say no to a belly rub!
Luna is a very happy kitten, that loves to play, annoy her big brother Buffy, and lots of cuddles.
Mollys is a curious kitten she loves snuggles and to play with her tail at 5am she loves her tunnel and toys and anything fleecy to cuddle up in ,
Gypsy is a 3 month old rescued puppy 🐶
Dante loves to love.
Maggie is a hyper baby. She loves kids and all animals. She can jump over our 6 foot fence without even trying. She is the best pup in the world
I’m Dallas and I’m a little under 2.5 months old. I’m a Blue Heeler and Boxer mixed! I will sit for you…when there’s a treat in your hand of course! I enjoy the outdoors very much. I’m also a cuddle bug who LOVES attention. Please give me a vote!❤️
Cassie And Bandit
These two are the sweetest puppies! They like to play with the water and bring weird things on our front porch😃 They are siblings and are 4 months old. Please confirm bonus that you receive from me as advances or for exchange.
Biscuit is the sweetest boy in the whole wide world! He loves cuddles, his mom, and his big dog brother Marley. Biscuit was rescued from the side of the road and now living every day to the fullest eating the best food and playing with the best toys.
Lucy lu loves to lounge around any where she finds comfortable lol
Ian is a 10 week old Pitbull that I recently rescued. He is simply perfect. He is adapting well with his new family. He loves all of his toys and bones.
Mr Gray
My gray loves to cuddle and sleep! He also like watching his mama play games!
She is very active and very lovable! She loves her cat treats. She also loves playing in boxes.
Peanut is the brother of Callie and Shadow. He has the energy of about ten kittens combined. Loves running around and attacking leaves, sticks. He can almost fetch sticks. He is the curious wonderer of the bunch.
Shadow is the brother of Callie and Peanut. He loves attacking leaves, sticks, and sneak attacking his siblings. Loves being petted and is a momma's boy at heart.
Callie is the sister of Shadow and Peanut. Shy at first then once she gets comfortable around you, she will whine and sneak attack you. Loves playing with her brothers. She likes attacking leaves, sticks, and bugs. The tree climber of the bunch.
It’s Diesels world, we are all just living in it!
Aspen is 1 and a half years old, she loves everyone and everything and is the happiest dog!
Biscuit is the sister of mr gray! She loves to pounce and play she also loves to chace flys. She likes to cuddle and knock things of shelves
LoBeau is 8 years old and loves to lounge around and be with people!
Hi! I’m Ravioli! I’m a pug Rottweiler mix or as my mom likes to say a Pugotti! I hate dog parks but love to be in the woods on a trial and standing on rocks!! No my photo is not photoshopped, a tiny human had this delicious snack so I had to have a taste when she wasn’t looking. I love to fighty bitey play more than anything! I love car rides and bothering my older cat brothers when I’m not napping or keeping my dad from touching my mom, she’s my fsvorite!
Ashford is the big brother to Acey and Grouchy. He stays outside except for coming in for food and the occasional nap. Loves food and will steal and hog your blankets. Believes he is the king of the house but in reality his sister Acey is the king/queen of the house. Likes to eat cheese. Loves to travel the neighborhood and visiting the neighbor's cows.
Senor Meow
Senor Meow also known as mow mow is our much loved first cat. He loves to wake his mam and dad up every morning for his breakfast, scream constantly for attention and play with his toys, he also loves to scratch up our carpet instead of the multiple scratching posts he’s got all around the house! He hides under the duvet in bed and on top of the cupboards when there is a visitor, he’s also very scared of shoes!
We found her 2 years ago and it was really hard to decided to keep her because we already had a big dog, but we took the risk and decided to keep her. She has had all kind of health issues, from food allergies to seasonal to just plain pickiness. She is on daily meds and and refuses to eat most of the food we buy just for her, but she does love to sleep under the blankets, and be the center of attention. We are so proud of how she handled such an extreme situation when someone broke into our home. She knew exactly what to do and she owned it. So proud of how she has transformed with her daily training.
Meatloaf was rescued in June. He had to be shaved. He's a super happy kitty now!
Acey is the only girl in the house and is a sister to Ashford and Grouchy. She loves boxes and makes them her napping spot even if they are too small for her. She will steal your chair from you if you get up and leave. Likes beef jerky and tries to eat everything she can get her paws on. She zooms around the house a lot. Somewhat stalks her humans for no reason at all. Acts like she doesn't want to be petted but actually does want to be petted. Nicknames include: princess, princessa, butterball turkey, ace.
Albert Whisker is our 13 week old kitten. His name is based on Albert Wesker from Resident Evil. He loves to pounce on his brother when he’s fast asleep and have play fights, instead of meows he prefers to make little squeaks which he does 24/7 for some food/attention. He’s so cuddly and always wants hugs, he loves to grab his brothers tail at inconvenient times including when he’s using the litter tray 😂
Grouchy is a brother to Acey and Ashford. He is almost a master at hiding spots. He believes everything in the house is his. He loves watching things whether it be birds or people from the window. He is unfortunately allergic to chicken. He will use a person as a pillow or simply steal their pillow and bed from them. Nicknames include: fluffy, grouchymous, grouch, fluff.
Orangie is my hero. She found me and helped me at my worst time in life. Harness trained and enjoys going on adventures with me. Always by my side.
Lynxi is a lovely 9 week kitten who likes to play, loves to sleep with us and loves to eat🤣🤣. She like to sleep with her bigger sister Yuki🥰
Max was rescued when he was a few months old. He was found under a dumpster scared, confused and wet. His rescuer fell in love with him immediately especially with his eyes. Max has come a long way from being a feral kitten to becoming a big handsome goof ball that loves to cuddle with his human and other feline siblings.
Ace And Zorro
Ace and Zorro are now my angel fur babies at The Rainbow 🌈 Bridge. I've always loved this picture of was a once in a lifetime picture I took and cherish it even more now that they're no longer with me. I love and miss them every day.
Sassy runs like the wind, swims like no other, and always wants to play ball. She lives for those three things. We love her soo much!!!! She is German Shepard/Border Collie and was adopted by us at age 3 months from Midlands Humane Society in Council Bluffs Ia. We are so lucky to have her!!! Adopt don’t shop
Hes AKA Nom nom, he thinks he can trick me and his dad to feeding him 2 breakfasts and 2 dinners. He wants to be involved in absolutely everything. He's a brave micheavous little boy.
Striker is the baby of a stray cat. His mom was left outside crying in the grass at night when my brother found her and named her Khaleesi in 2017. My sister got pregnant in 2020 to be due in June 15th 2021. Close to her due date we find out Khaleesi is going to be a mommy too! She gave birth to “Strikey” and his sisters on June 30th, the same day our beautiful niece came into the world, 15 days past due! Striker was different then his siblings. He had this long crazy hair and nobody wanted him, so his siblings found homes and he remained. Finally he couldn’t stay because of his mom so my brother decided he may have to let him be a stray, to avoid the cat fights now that Striker was almost one years old. On his last day as a house cat he brought he to say his last goodbyes to everyone, the last stop was my moms house, just to grab something. He decided to let the crazy hair cat out to stretch his legs before they hit the road again. He opended the cage and Striker came out, shook his bushy coat and stretched, instantly my mom, who is a phD Nurse, a foreigner, a person who hated animals because of all her expensive furniture…. Fell in love. She looked at him and said “Wow, he is beautiful, can I have him?” As if she knew he was in need of a mommy and home. My brother happily explained to her his situation and said she could keep him immediately. And that became the most beautiful, pure, and adorable relationship between a 50 yr old widow and her cat. She has spent so much money on toys, treats, hair cuts and just spoils him. But she never cuts his tail because she is proud of his look. She will stay out all night looking for him if he doesn’t return by 10, you can hear her in her little accent yelling “Striker!” Out of the front door before she begins her hunt. He is her pride and joy, he gives her the unconditional love she has yearned for all her life. He is truly he guardian angel.
She likes to hang her head over the edge of the sofa to go to sleep.
Jasper is a huge love bug… don’t let his size intimidate you. Ask Him for a handshake and he’ll want a big hug with that
Mittens is the most laid back cat. Lol He lays like this all the time. He just goes with the flow and allows our daughter to carry him and flip him around however.
I am a mail carrier. Someone that lives on my route gave me Stormy as I was doing my route. It was raining so I named her Stormy. She loves to run really fast & climb. She drinks her water with putting her paw in the water and licking it off her hand.
Army for short is our lab mix brat he's literally the biggest baby and is so full of life. He's a gentle giant and sleeps with me like a human 😂. He's my best friend and my baby. I have had him since he was 11 weeks old and he's 5 months now. He can do lots of tricks beg,sit, dance. He literally steals everyones heart everywhere he goes.
Ella is 8 weeks in a few days I brought her home from a bad situation when she was 4 weeks. Took her most this time to bond with me and now enjoys cuddling 🙂. She's so high spirited and definitely a talker 🤣. She's a very hungry kitty and yells and me around the house when she wants her treats or food.
Joyce And Hopper
Abandoned by the side of the road, us babies are learning to trust again and adore our new home. Joyce on the left loves a fuss and is a ball of fluff! Hopper on the right is playful and takes a little but of time to trust people but once he does - he’ll never leave your side.
Princess Sky
Princess sky is a fun lovable crazy energetic cat she loves to play and talks back when you chat with her...loves to climb trees and loves her teddies ❤️
Sallie Sue
Sallie came from a puppy mill and we rescued her, she was very timid and shy when she adopted us. Now, she is out of her shell and showing off her character... She is so good and beautiful and so sweet . We Love her so much..... She came into our life at the right time... Due to us loosing our other 2 beagles... We had them since they were puppies to 14 yrs old and 16 and a half years old... She is our daughter
Rescued this beauty after being abandoned with her brother. Love them both, called Joyce and Hopper from stranger things. She’s a ball of fluff and loves a cuddle
She loves her own space but also knows when I need her if I’m feeling down. Bella has got me through some awful times and I owe her my Life x I love her more than anything in this World x Bella absolutely Loves Yum Yums the Yoghurt Sachets x Bella is 8 but she still looks like a Kitten x
Luna Toner
I suffer really bad with mental health problems and since i got her she has gave me a new lease of life i never used to get up in the morning :-( now am up at 7 everyday too feed her and walk her its helping me walking her every day i love her so much and like they say mans best friend i totally agree with that saying thank you for reading :-)
Smokey is 7 years old and FULL of personality. He loves to eat, sleep & play. Sometimes he thinks he’s just like a human, he tucks himself in and lays his head on pillows just how the picture shows! He even meows back at us when we ask certain questions sometimes! And he is ALWAYS purring!