He is a 9 week old little bundle of Fun !!!!
Mavis loves her ball and running after it in her walks
Pascall is almost human the way she understands English. She's super intelligent, loves cuddles and still dreams to one day catch a rabbit
Roxy very goofy very loving like to play
Athena is 1 gonna be 2 this July she loves to play with her toys especially her toy mice she loves playing with her brother Boogie she loves temptation treats she even loves to play with the water in her bowl she is outgoing sweet loves to cuddle she is such a sweetheart she loves looking out the window she is definitely a Daddy's girl and she is very spunky❤️❤️ she also loves to play with her new fish wand.
Shep is 6 years old and is a photogenic doggo. He is a Border Collie and Australian Shepherd mix. He loves Kong toys, laying in the sunshine, and watching Cesar Mullan: The Dog Whisperer
Bella is a playful pup that is a mix of German Shepherd and Swiss Shepherd. She loves to pose for pictures and loves her sock toys. She gets compliments all the time about her pointy ears and how they look like they are "praying"
Tina And Stormy
They love each other all they do is cuddle and fight they’re half sisters same mom different dad lol when I first bringed stormy all Tina did was love and fight her
Binx came into our lives shortly after my husband died , given to my youngest son as a suprise gift. He is the cat we never knew we needed. He is the most laid back cat ive known but also has some dog like characteristics he will run atound the house with my son and play but also loves to snuggle. He is a indoor cat and everyone that meets him loves him
Kitler And Milo
Milo and kitler love each other so much, loves to snuggle with everyone! They are the best!!!
Coache’s breed is a Puggle. She enjoys dress-up in her downtime & soaking up the sun because she’s my beach bum. Even though she might be up there in age, she still has plenty of pep left in her step! She truly is my saint, because she got me through the darkest of days .
My name is Ron named after Ron Wesley from Harry Potter and I'm 2 years old. I'm not a wizard but I often cast the crucio spell on my dad and call it playing, my favourite human is my mum and I must protect her with my life even though she's never in danger.
Hayes is a 5 month old black lab that is in training for retrieving ducks.
Koda And Smokey
Koda and Smokey are sisters who definitely love each other. They love yo cuddle together and they also love to eat oh boy let me tell you 😂
Bella is a cute little psycho
Sweet little Pepper is such a gentle soul. She loves to greet you with little kitty mews and chirps
Kloe is the perfect companion never I can imagine “Happiness is a warm puppy”. She is loyal, friendly, obedient too She is so playful and full of energy!! She will cuddle with me when I need her she will always remind me how w wonderful is love,because she show me true love. Kloe is fluffy and sweet , she is SMART and Kind Kloe is my perfect World 🌎❤️
I adopted Arthur a little over a month ago from a local shelter. He has filled my heart with so much joy. He loves his fuzzy toys, boxes and, of course, the laser pointer. He's such a sweet boy, but definitely has his sassy side. To be expected since he was born on April fools!
She is a clown. Very smart, learned to sit, shake, and give high five the first week I got her.
Aladdin loves playing ball and being outside in the sun!
Smudge is a shy kitty who has a hard time looking at the camera, so let's vote for him to boost his self esteem 🥰
Remi is a 9lbs Chihuahua mix who's favorite food ( the only thing he will just steal with no regards) is the store bought frosted sugar cookies
She is so sweet !!
Salino is a hunter, he is a house watching someone knocks he's right at the door! He's always into or doing something,he is a very lovable cat,loves to play with his springs!
Athena is a she, she loves Sheba cat food , time outside ,and us very much she's an awesome cat!!
She is a beautiful and playful main coon domestic long haired cat and she has brought so much love and joy into our life
Ellie is a 9 month old Mini Australian Shepard. She is very energetic and a very happy girl. She loves hiking, literally anyone that she meets and all the treats 🍦
Cammie is a sweet girl that has sensory issues. She was a rescue from an unsafe for her home. She walks away while you’re petting her, but if you stop petting her she runs back.
He loves his dad more than anyone and loves Pup-Peroni. He’s getting to be an old pup but still loves his belly rubs.
Her Name Is Jypsy Rose
Jypsy Rose loves cuddles and playing with her toys and her best friend melak.she loves going for walks and has a lot of human friends that love her very much
Max is a puppy who is very gentle and loving. He can be a little brat if he doesn't get the attention that he wants but that is the husky part of him.
Onyx is my little snugglebug. His favorite toy is a cat wand, oh and the laser pointer. He likes to play tag with our new puppy. But the one thing I love about him is he likes to lay on chest to sleep and purrs. He purrs so loud, my mom can hear him thru the phone.
Update: Emma has gone over the rainbow. She ended up getting Oral melanoma. What can I say about Emma?!?! Love her so much. She just turned 15 yrs old in July and she is just now showing her age. She likes to chew the cap and ring off plastic bottles, after she gets that off she's done with it. Her and Jewel, our cat, like to play tag.
Willow Kailani is a Husky/Australia Shepherd mix. She loves to learn new things and she is very smart so she catches on real quick. Her favorite toys are the but seriously her favorite is the Kong chew toy with peanut butter in it. I was worried on getting her just because she is at that puppy stage and we all know how much work they are. She is fitting in great with this crazy family.
Digits is a 2yr old rescue kitty. Best blue eyes ever.
Qurenie is a xl bully but is a gentle giant. We got queenie when she was almost 2, rescue dog. Shes out going, loves people and is very loving. She likes nothing more than playing with her toy's and will get them all out when someone pops round.
I got Charlie from a shelter and it was love at first sight! He is my best friend. He loves Slim Jims, is very smart, and is skilled at walking backwards!!
He gives hugs jump on you follow you ❤️
I’m ruby! I’m my mommy’s cuddle bug (but only on her face, no other place is acceptable to snuggle!) I also love screaming in the middle of the night to wake up my siblings, especially my older doggy brother!
Patches is very energetic loves to play with her toys.loves to cuddle,very loveable but likes to hide if she dont know you.
My name is blue and I LOVE my ropes, and especially love when dad scratches behind my ear. My younger kitty sister ruby is ALWAYS trying to play with me though and sometimes I just really want to lay on the couch and nap! My favorite thing though is going on my walks and seeing all the squirrels and birdies!
Duggee favourite thing in the world is rolling in the sand. His favourite toy is foxy. He likes to sit by the door and guard his garden.He loves sitting on his dads knee and have lots of cuddles.
Gentle Giant Don't let the size fool you - Maverick is a gentle giant with a heart of gold! This photo perfectly captures his playful spirit and peaceful demeanor. While he may prefer lounging in sunbeams to chasing squirrels, his soft fur and kind eyes invite cuddles and melt hearts wherever he goes. Vote for Maverick to celebrate the beauty of gentle souls, big and small!
Hi my names Milo i’m a calico mix. You can’t tell with my tan fur, but my mommy is very beautiful calico. I love to play and wrestle at night time and sleep during the day and I love cheese and to get in the garbage.
This is Honey who is beats the statistics of pitbull. My beautiful girls, one of the sweetest most cuddliest pitbull I’ve ever met, and she came into my life as such a needed time. She is a real blessing. Don’t let her deceive you she’s a real goofball.