Ollie is full of energy and loves his squeaky toys
Brodie loves to swim and loves everyone he sees.
This is 1 year old cuddly Kodak, a Cane Corso cross who is a big fan of his sleep and stealing peoples food! 🧡
Buddy is 1 year young and loves attention off everybody. He loves kisses, cuddles and playing with his friend huskies! He’s a little baby and gets treated like the royalty that he is. I want to share his picture with you all because he is so special to us ❤️
Buster Girl
She is a 1 yr old and very mischievous . Loves to get in mommas water glass and chase bugs!
Sky is the most amazing loving dog she has so much character and full of energy and very intelligent
Hello, my name is Mazie! I love to play with my little sister, heard my ducks, and help my mom train other dogs just like me. My mom is a dog trainer and she wants to eventually open her own training company! It is my dream to be the face of the company, I am where she started her dream after all.
Storm was born during a thunderstorm hence his name. Storm is living his best life in his new Furr-ever Home where he gets lots of love and cuddles. He spends most of his time playing with his many toys, eating, and sleeping.
Basil is a mischievous little 10 week old kitten hes also a trouble maker and likes eating anything i also have 2 wonky back legs and cant walk in a straight line and i like to throw myself of things i also have a lump on my nose but its unique and super cute
Freya enjoys rounding up and playing with her flock (cats). She is a natural born athlete, pacing with the bike since she was only weeks old (very short trips). At only 9.5 months she has proven her athleticism at every opportunity from her first time in deep snow, her first fearless swim, chasing deer from the yard and running off leash with bikes. Freya is a Goddess to be reckoned with!
Amorea Mae
Amorea was adoptd from a sheltor at 8 wks old she now is 14yrs old. she is golden retreaver and Blue Heeler mix. She is very Smart & minds well and Spoiled rotten she loves to go Bye Bye in my Truck. She sleeps with her daddy when im out of bed and she loves mustard Hot Dogs she is playful with the kitty's and loves watchin T.V. she 14yrs old and still vibrant
He’s a baby. He loves snuggles and kisses,very affectionate to say the least.. he has a few scatty hours loves jingly toys and most of all his mouse toy that also rattles.
Douglas is one of the most happiest dogs I have ever had. He loves snuggling after a long walk having days out to the beach. He also attends a care home once a week to see all of the residence. Where they all love him
Tank is a mixed breed of Border Collie and Mastiff… He is very big and very loving…he will come and keep hitting my foot with his paw to her treats…as soon as I mention treats his tail wags sooo fast and he bounces on his front paws…sheer excitement and we love our big baby (fur baby)… He has his own recliner in our tv room and we have leather furniture and he plops on the sofa and lay on his back wanting tummy rubs…he has been with us since August 20, 2023…We love our “Big Boy”…as soon as he hears our car he’ll start barking even before we crest the hill to pir trailer… Please VOTE for this beautiful…loving Fur Baby…♥️♥️
Tiny was 17 yrs old when she passed away from Kidney disease. She was my very first pet and when we got her she actually fit in a shoe box, hence the reason we call her Tiny. She was so rambunctious and always full of energy she definitely kept us on our toes. I feel like she deserves to win because she’s simply beautiful inside and out.
Mama Teresa And Babybaby
I saved Mama from an outside freezing Minnesota winter, she came into my home skinny and sad. Took her to the vet and after xrays i was told id become a grandma. She never wants back outside, She had 3 precious babys and i kept one, Babybaby, I'd come home from work and ask Mama "wheres your Baby?" Hed come running when he heard "Baby" so thats how he got his name!
George is a lovely , loveable cat , he loves to flop on the floor and roll around on his back , he is a very clean cat that loves to clean up after his brother Milo 🙂
He is such a beautiful temperament cat , he is very affectionate, and he loves me to throw a ball and brings it back to me 🙂
Mabel is a gorgeous, affectionate rescue cat. She loves to play with her toys, eat lots of treats, be in our company and loves getting lots of attention!
He’s a pitbull and chihuahua mix he likes to eat a lot always. Most of the times he break the new toys same day😂
Phoebe is a Maltipoo full of mischief and totally adorable 😍
Sassy is a maine coon x bengal, she is 8 months old. Sassy is stunning, playful and loves cuddles. The sweetest little girl 💞
She loves her mama, and she is my foster fail
Tia is my shadow, her favourite thing is to stand beside me while I’m washing the dishes to play with the bubbles 🥰
Hunter is my little girls best friend, if she ever gets poorly he stays beside her all day, and actually lets me know if she has a temperature 🥰
Aka trainer socks, Five is 1 of 3 brothers we adore, he's named after five from the umbrella academy. Complete snuggler, sucker for a dressing gown and meows his needs eloquently & relentlessly. He's our baby 🥰
Ashes is a two month old blue point Siamese. Very affectionate, playful, hyper, and all around handsome. Ashes loves to talk and socialize with not only his humans but other pets as well.
Max is about 1 1/2yrs he is my big big beautiful handsome boy. He looks intimidating but is the biggest baby youll ever meet. My companion and could never imagine not having him in my life. Hes smart, intelligent and a big lover.
Miss Doobie Wilson
Miss Doobie is a very affectionate fur baby and she’ll be 4 or 5 years old… Whenever my husband and I aren’t feeling well…she will come and lie down with us and if we do much as move she’s checking to see if we’re ok …she will cuddle with us and she knows how to wink and if you walk by her and don’t acknowledge her she will take a swat at you as you walk by and continue to race by looking for attention…she is our PRECIOUS Fur Baby and we’d love to see her win…she is very deserving of this win…all my relations!!!…aho…
Lovely affectionate cat.Bobby is 5 years old and a big softie.He is very vocal and purrs so loud.He,s rather lazy and loves sleeping and eating...and sunbathing!
Sunset is a Pomeranian that loves the camera
Chyna she a little over a yr. Old she will make you smile and laugh she biggest part of me. She love to dance play and will protect you if she hear a noise to let you know something is near by. She a beautiful Eskimo Split and is 100 percent love.
Gentle giant, very vocal, and laid back cat! Loves being in the outdoor elements than inside. Small ears and fluff ball. Lol! Never a dull moment around him! Motivates, me! My feline buddy and pet. Adore him and spoil him rotten. Loves cat treats, eats every chance he gets and pesters me around the house.
Daisy Duke
Daisy is actually a boy, hence the name Daisy Duke, when I got her I was told she was a girl and once we knew she wasn’t we just kept with it, I refer to her as trans-gender. I don’t know where all her fluffiness comes from but she is adorable xxxx
Tiffany is my angel, she loves cuddles and sleeps with me like a baby xxx
Charlie was the runt of the litter I lost my husband from cancer and I needed a company and live again so he was my life and best friend
Jasper is now 7.3 mths old and loving life,he plays with hes sisters and creates havoc on a daily basis,he Luvs to run through the woods and meeting new friends and any puddle is a goal to play in,he likes shredding toys and playing ball if you own a springer you know every day is a fun day ❤️
My Crystal is the sweetest, loving happy, playful, and so fun to watch playing with her toys. She makes my life complete.
Thorin is my service 🐕‍🦺 in training iam a person who has been though alot some of his training will include being able ti work with me in human trafficking advocate work
i called him loki 'the norse god of mischief ' because of his instantly noticeable playful and mischievous nature, he playfully hides when i enter the house and attacks me from different directions!...he also loves hiding upstairs when i go to the bathroom and waits for me to exit before pouncing lol
Smokey is the funniest cat Ive ever seen! He has such a sense of humor. If you’re goin somewhere he will beat you there, and expect treats always
Fluff is 10 weeks old full of life and goes where she shouldn't she loves playing with the other cats in the house and loves to have a nibble of your toes when your asleep
She likes cheese, a lot!
Oreo is the last of 5 feral cats that I tamed and dearly love. He is my "little boy" He has the sweetest temperament and always a bundle of energy especially when chasing frogs! He loves the outdoors along with his 4 brothers but he and the others are always safe and tucked away inside before the sun goes down
Winston is very loving, smart and a perfect Corgi!!
My Rosie is my rescue cat. She is my best friend and been on some hard times together. She is the sweetest cat ever.
Seamus is 15 weeks old, mini Australian Shepherd that loves to play and very active but cannot pass up his cuddles. Yes he is my Velcro for baby. He also likes to lay in crazy positions.