Dog cat Stories - 17


Onyx is a fireball of energy. A shadow shooting through the house. He’s a cuddle bug however and he loves his mommy dearly. Every day after work he comes to me for snuggles and I pick him up like a baby and cradle him in my arms. 🖤🐈‍⬛
Precious is 10 yrs old she loves to cuddle and lay on my lap she is very precious to me
Milo is 1 year and 10 months old, adopted from the shelter. Milo loves the water, he likes chasing waves, and playing fetch. Milo loves hugs and cuddles, he cuddles with his kitten siblings. he has a heart shaped nose and is very high energy.
Our first rescue doggo, rescued from the streets of Romania😍 Adopted through Soul Mutts Dog Rescue. He loves long walks and playing fetch with his teddies😅
Honeybear is a sweet baby kitty. His mother was attacked by a bully and then went into labor with Honeybear and had him hours later. Like his mother he is strong willed and a fighter.
Ace is very energetic and would do anything to protect his family. He is a little sweetheart and LOVES to play tug o war!!
Loke is the Fresh Prince of Delaware! He absolutely loves anyone and everyone to the point where he got a career as an Emotional Support Animal! Help him win so mama can buy him more treats and toys 💕
He is an 8yr old blue nose American bully, Loves snuggles and blankets.
This is mama she is so sweet and loves to cuddle
Gemma Mae
Gemma is a 3 month old Lilac Tri Merle English Bulldog and is just the sweetest little pup! Still scared of everything, but learning her new home. She LOVES belly rubs and will flip over as soon as you reach for her. Thanks for voting for her (votes matched if your pet is in the comp)
Loves soft blankets and harassing her older brothers
Aloha animal lovers I am Oasis I love sniff around and chase down wild roosters🐔 Hawaii has alot of fun! Love🐾🐾🐾
Sophie is the sweetest ragdoll. She's somehow independent but clingy at the same time.
Lulu is a ball loving, yorkie-pom mix. What she lacks in size, she makes up for in sweetness.
Mio has disproportionate dwarfism, and is waiting for surgery to remove a nasopharyngeal polyp. He likes to snuggle with his hoomans and annoy his feline companions!!
Luna my baby, she came to me like a treasure. One day, in front of my house, a tiny, black ball of coal, after greeting, she did not want to leave. My first cat, June 1st is the day I met her, predicted to be three weeks old. From a constant fear that she would not survive to now the closest and dependent relatives. She is truly a miracle. I never thought that one day a cat would come into my life because I never had the opportunity or the courage to raise one.
Duke is a 10 month old English Pointer, he loves to hunt
Semine, my little fairy. She is about three weeks older than Luna. At first, she was a friend I found for Luna. She got a good education from her birth parents. Very polite, very sweet and very naughty. She would wait patiently while I prepared the food. She would ask for my attention many times. She also jumps up and down and knocks over a lot of things.She is my little sweetheart, warm me every day.
Hello meow community my name is Buddy my owner calls me bubu for a nickname I’m somewhat crazy at times but I’m lovable and caring feminine. At times I feel like I’m half dog and cat since I sleep like if I’m a pug or something. Call me a spy cat because I LOOOOOVVVVVEEEEE looking outside your window who’s passing or even seeing my favorite car. Please vote for me buddy your aka bubu. Shoutout for all the feminine community meow meow🐈‍⬛🐾
Princess is 3 years old and very active. She loves eating yummy treats and going on walks.
Rika loves cuddling and playing with her toys. She’s 3 month old and is already learning cool tricks.
Pedro gained his angel wings a few years ago but worth remembering ! He was very loving and adventurous! Would go everywhere his family went and always happy to be around people! He was very social and loved all the attention! A very fun little guy!
Daisy is a 8 month old pupp who loves to zoom and play. She is a lovely obedient pitbull. She honestly thinks shes human and can sit like us. Daisy loves her 2 sisters but most of all her dad. From waiting for him to get home from work to sleeping together almost every night, unless mom gets mad 🤣
Chop likes to relaccc and he likes to attaccc. Packing 59 lbs of solid love and muscle, he has enough energy to power a city via hamster wheel. His favorite thing to do when he's not napping, eating things hes not supposed to, or searching for rabbits in the yard is to play fetch with his squeaky toy and cuddle up with his human. A vote for Chop is a vote for all the not just good, but great boys out there.
My Shishi is my best friend my life 💝 she’s very playful cat she loves attention and she’s very picky on food 😫 her love toward me Change my life forever ❤️❤️🧿🧿
Angel is a 1 year old puppy. Mixed with pit bull, husky, and border collie. She’s very vocal and hyper but she’s also so sweet and loving. She loves car rides, cuddles, swimming and playing with her sister! ☺️
Duke is a year and half GSP who enjoys upland hunting and tracking wounded game.
Im sky & im the most loving, humble, loyal, funniest, sweetest bestfriend you could ever ask for. I like car rides & cuddling... im down for anything really, as long as im with my mama. 💕
He loves to cuddle with me
Oreo loves his home hot chip and to play and man don't let him see running water he a love for it but his favorite this is to be near my boyfriend I love him so much I made this for him
Noodle is a rescue that I adopted from the humane society in Sioux City, Iowa. He loves to give his daddy lovin and cuddle. He likes his squeaky toys and old socks.
Lily hails from Japan originally. She’s a little odd, she likes to play fetch and is very vocal
Floki is an super energetic 16 month old rescue. Who loves to play and with his older sister twizie. His favorite toy is currently his stick/ wand. He enjoys morning cuddles and kitty crunchies
Ilean is a sweet girl.she loves her doggie brother.she has a favorite teddy bear and loves her purple blanket.The bed is her hang out spot.
Pipa is an emotional support dog. She has the sweetest disposition. Whenever someone around her is sad she will come lay her head on you and smile at you with her eyes and melts your heart.
He loves car rides , playing with friends, eating pup cups and treats ❤️❤️
I love to hunt and run and ride on the back of the four wheeler. I also like my frisbe. Oh and of course treats.
Tea Cup
T is a tea cup. T loves food. T will eat whatever will fit in mouth. My ears go flip flop. T has 9 brothers and sisters. T loves you.
Chevy Bevy
Chevy is very competitive and is the fastest dog at the park ! My Mom and Dad call me Prince Charming, especially when I’m naughty
Zelda is a one of a kind hair ball . She has pet rent coming up because she got busted. The cat is out of the bag !
Magnificent Molly
Hi! I am Magnificent Molly a long hair Cairn Terrier mix. I enjoy cuddling, big fields to run and food! I am not yet 2 years old, have had 10 puppies successful, and am getting certified to assist my human with happiness. I was born in Moses Lake, WA and traveled to Seattle in June of this year. I love being outdoors! Please help me and VOTE for Magnificent Molly by clicking this link!
Daisy is an american bull dog who is deaf . . she is sweet playful and i am her service human
Remington loves to be outside. She’s a lovable and very loyal dog. Loves to play ball and flip her food bowl when it’s empty. She also loves to go to the cabin where she can run around like a nut!
Mary Jane
My dad calls me the fat and the furious
Adventurous, loving and friendly Cat. Bruce was adopted in May 2020, he has brought so much joy in our lives, he acts like a human, knows what he wants and certainly goes for it. Unlikely other cats, Bruce loves other cats and dogs. He loves to run out to the hallway and meet other neighbors and other pets.