Chabada loves taking long walks from his bed to his food bowl, he also likes scaring the birds that come to the balcony by loudly jump at the closed window
kevin is the most handsome boy and he loves to cuddle.
Simon was given to us as a rescue kitten and he immediately stole our hearts. Simon is a tuxedo cat that is always dressed to impress :)
Hercules Moore
Meet Hercules Mulligan!! His Name is tributed to his history buff of one mother and a theatre greek for the other one! 😂 He loves his tire toy and he is currently service training!
Tiny is a husky, he loves to cuddle with momma n loves to be outside he is 9 months old
This is booger, we adopted him from a shelter after he spent his first year of life as a stray. He acts like a protector, and he is only 1 but he is so independent, outgoing, and has the funniest personality. Some of his favorite things are to make biscuits, eating wet food and he loves to go outside. He loves hanging out by himself but will definitely give you lots of loves when he wants to.
Draco is my sweetest baby. You know what they say about the 2nd child…well that’s Draco. He’s outgoing, a little wild but at the end of the day he loves laying with his momma.
She is new to our family and is a whole lot of fun
Bear is a Maine Coon mix, 7 month old kitten that i got from mutual friends, his nick name is Mr.Pitty. The night i got him we had accidentally left the door open for a couple seconds and he slipped right out. I prayed so hard he would come back, and sure enough, at 3am i heard meowing at my window. I brought him inside and made him a little bed to sleep on. He was very sick when i got him and when we went to the vet, they told me he had feline corona virus (FCoV), which causes severe stomach issues with diarrhea and vomiting. The vet told me if it continued it would cause feline infectious peritonitis (FIP), which meant he wouldn’t live very long. Luckily after a couple visits and some medicine, he pushed through and he is doing great! He has so much energy and loves to cause trouble. I am very thankful Bear was strong enough to pull through and that i could help build his immune system up.
Indigo Jo
I’m a big fuzzy love bug that enjoys eating, playing & napping! I am the sweetest and most loving furbaby. My favorite thing in the whole world is cuddling with my mom every night ❤️
Tater Jo
Hewwo. My name is Tater Jo, I’m my mommies first kitty furbaby. I am also Indigo Jo’s daddy. You can tell where she gets her good looks from! I’m the most precious boy with a soul like no other. I spend my time napping, eating, and rolling around on the floor. My favorite thing of all is being carried around like a baby by my mommies all of the time! ❤️ they are my favorite people ever. I also love my brother Alexander, he’s my Best bud. We enjoy being lazy together and cuddling ❤️
Ari Jo
My name is Ari Jo and my favorite activity is playing with my toys and getting belly rubs from my mom! Did I mention she’s my favorite human?! ❤️ I enjoy getting in my toy box and pulling all my toys out, it’s so exciting! I’m sweet as can be and beautiful, too, but if you get on my nerves, I’m not afraid to assert my Dominance by giving you a nibble or two! My breed is actually blue tortoiseshell, my color is unique and rare. I’m always cleaning myself to look most presentable😺
Spicy Bean
Spicy bean was feral when he was rescued. He still has what we call spicy moments, but working at the biscuit factory is his second favorite thing to do. The first would be causing trouble
Silly Bug
Partially blind in one eye, deaf in one ear, and partially deaf in the other- he runs the house. His nickname is mommas boy. He’s the caretaker to the other 2 cats.
Sea Biscuit
Giant cuddle bug, loves to argue, and most favorite thing to do it sleep in the sun.
Arlo is full of side eye, attitude but most importantly affection to his human counterparts.
Tux is a fun loving kitten who is always up to something! He loves water, is very affectionate and his favourite thing to do is climb onto a shoulder and rub his face against yours! He lives with another cat and a dog and wants everyone to be his friend
It's with great sadness that our beloved kitty used away 02/05/2023. We entered this just to get her beautiful face seen out there. We miss you terribly ❤️
Mala was born on October 17, 2022 and I adopted her on February 5, 2023. She is almost 7 months old, she is super affectionate, playful, very familiar, calm except when it is 7/8 at night her eyes are dilated and that's when she has about an hour of cardio jumping and running around the house, she loves almond milk and being pampered a lot, she loves all her toys but her favorite is a mouse-shaped laser. She also loves to always be close to me either to sleep or to play with her. She also loves to be clean, when I cut her nails or bathe her, she is very calm. This breed of cats usually have a delicate stomach so I have to give them food with a lot of omega 3 and I use them to control weight. she would really prefer regular cat food but it's all for her well being. the name mala means bad girl in Spanish although she is a very sweet kitten and mommy's favorite, she likes to take a lot of naps, and watch the birds and deer through the huge window that we have in the living room.
I was born the day after Christmas !! I love to play with my family and meet new people. I can sit, shake, and sit pretty and I’m learning more and more everyday!
Fun loving little dog who love everyone and every dog ❤️
Parlay is an English Bulldog / Lab mix. His favorite hobbies include going on walks, chasing birds, & doing tricks for treats! Parlay knows how to sit, give paw, give a high five, lay down, roll over & even speak! He has brought so much love into our family.
Her favorite pass time activities are chasing the cat as well as her tail. She’s working on how excited she gets when she sees other dogs but loves everyone ❤️
Kitt is 19 years old. She loves her catnip and family. She talks alot.
Cthu is a precious talkative cat. He wants to run for president to fix our world from all evil. He likes to become a cheerleader and live in a carboard box besides his true crate jome we got him. He is funny loving and just plan adorable
🐱 7 years old 🐱 loves belly rubs, playing with strings, and sleeping on my pillows 🐱 favorite food is salmon or tuna, and he LOVES cheese😹 🐱 needs attention 24/7 and is a very vocal cat, he makes all kinds of kitty noises when he wants love💕 🙀 I’m not sure of his breed, but he’s about 3/4 the size of a full grown Maine Coon. He’s really more like a small dog at this point and is the fluffiest cat I’ve ever owned or met.
Sugar was found under my front stairs abandoned by his feral mother he is very loving loves being around his human mom loves to tease his 4 chihuahua brothers he loves playing hide and seek and loves his treats loves to play in the back yard and climb trees
Playing fetch and cuddling
Red is a 2 year old rescue, he loves to give kisses, cuddle and and just relax. He doesn’t know personal space and wants to be friends with every soul he sees. He loves his Hat and his rope. This big ferocious boy is scared of plastic bags and wind chimes
Loves scratches, kisses and someone to keep rolling the ball to him. Has a favorite toy that he will drag into the same room so he can cuddle up right next to you.
This loving, intelligent pup is a Great Dane and English Mastiff mix. She has the ultimate puppy eyes and makes you just want to snuggle up on the couch with her. Vote for this sweet girl. 💕
Peaches loves pouncing up at the back door catching flies and chittering her teeth at them
Oliver will act like he runs the place he makes up his own mind an dose what he wants he will be 2 years old this year hes the softest cat i have ever ment he loves going for walks in his cat bag as he likes to look around and can be very playful and talkative especially when he wants something 💗 overall a very goofy cat who loves to get into blankets boxes an anything he can squeeze into will be shown in his photos !!
Clyde is alittle over 1 hes very playful and the most loving cat i have ment he likes to lick my walls the floor anyone who comes an visits he so fluffy and so photogenic but in all reality hes a big babyy😍
Peaches is a sweet, friendly puppy who knows no stranger. She likes to nap, play and meet new people.
Blue Opal Amber
I couldn't pick between my girls. So you have all three. 😻
Riot is one of the most loving cats I’ve ever had he is three legged, but doesn’t let that slow him down. Unfortunately he had gotten his leg trapped in a bear trap and when I found him he had ripped and shredded his leg by pulling it out, he had to have it amputated because there wasn’t any chance to save his leg the same day he finished surgery was the same day he start teaching himself to walk on three legs and he was a kitten when I saved him, two days after surgery he taught himself to run, climb, and jump (even though I tried to stop him he wouldn’t give up running around). He now is full grown and officially the best cat ever, he curls up in my arms every night to sleep since I found him and loves me and much as I love him so I couldn’t ask for any cat better he helps me when I cry when I have my anxiety attacks and all around mentally, he truly is the best at ever to me
Binx wakes up every morning with a sweet meow and needs his morning chin and ear rubs😻 He loves playing with his little brother Oreo. He loves laying and looking out the window. Will play for hours just like a little kitten even though he's a year old now😻sweet kitty, he's so furry.
He’s a loving hood natured we thing .loves attention and gives you plenty kisses cuddles x
Both curious and crazy, Charlie has never met a dog or human he doesn't love!! From playing frisbee to being the best cuddler, he's the sweetest ❤️🐾❤️🐾
Climmy is all about himself. He lost his mom at two days old and was placed with me to foster. He was bottle feed till old enough to be weaned and from there had to be returned to the shelter for his neuter. Climmy is a little on the quit side. Would rather play “nice” games by himself than with his sister because she is so mean she beats up on him. This boy is always climbing into something being nosey and as you can see by his picture, once he climbed up, he needed help because he didn’t know how to get back down.
Winston Michael Jordan
Winston Michael Jordan bishop is named after the cat lover Winston from new girl. He is a great cat and loves looking outside and taking naps. He loves his belly rubbed and plays fetch with his ball.
Sandy is a one year old BSH who came to us with her sister Rizzo from a local cat charity. Her and Rizzo were found when they were very young at around 3 months. We visited the girls once and even though they were too scared to be touched, we trusted their Foster mum and we had a good feeling, so a few weeks later we bought them home. I'd given myself some time off work before going back to uni to settle them in to their new home. Within a week they had gone from hiding to play and cuddles, within a fortnight they wouldn't leave our side. Sandy is always up for a play, going for anything that moves (including her sister). She'll do anything for food, and will get herself in trouble in the process. Sandy has tabby/bengal markings, and like her sister, will sleep with her tongue out. She is the most confident of the two, and the first I managed to socialise. She loves the cat tree, spending most of her naps there.
Tigger has this sweet calming love that gets me through my hardest days. He loves snuggles 💕
I'm a 3 year old Maine Coon. When I'm not snuggled in my cardboard box I can be found royally on my perch chatting with the birds. I love running the household, long walks across the house, candlelit canned meals, and laying on my humans chest after a long day of work.