Dog cat Stories - 18


Dusty is a big mamas boy who loves talking and giving kisses. Hes a very good boy.
Hi I’m Simba! My favorite thing to do is run my face on yours!! Give me allll the snuggles! I’m a people kitty and love to be around my humans. Don’t I look so distinguished in my bow tie?
•I was adopted from an animal shelter by my human 🐾 •Ropes are my favorite 🐶 •I love to go adventuring with my momma 🌲☀️🌊 •I'm just chillin 💤
•I'm a goofball, crazy, wild girl 💥 •The party hasn't started until I walk in🤙🏼 •I love to play tug o war with my big sissy🐶
Hi, I am Miles! Mommy rescued me! But she says I rescued her! I love to play with anything and have snuggles with my mommy. I am here for the love! 🖤 Mom here, the reason why I entered this contest is because I’m trying out my luck to win because if I win then the money goes towards Miles medical bills. Recently he got injured and is still in recovery. He is doing good so far 💛
Hello! My name Chester but you can call me Chesty boi. I like to steal my moms hair ties and food when she’s not looking. I am a full time cat who loves to nap 😴
Keira has a beautiful coat, copper colored eyes and is full of energy and always curious. She even has gotten mistaken as a Bengal cat. She was a rescue cat, and we're excited to have her as a part of the family. ❤
Ka$h is so playful & loves feet
Gregory is a laid back cat. He loves getting belly scratches and cuddles. He has 4 toes on all of his paws. He also has the most beautiful sea-green eyes as well 🥰 He comes in my son's room every night at his bedtime to give him kisses before he gets into bed
Jeffery is one of a kind. He loves his toy mice, treats, soft blankets, and being outside. He also loves to watch squirrels and birds either outside or on the phone😂 He is deaf so his nickname is Deaf Jeff 😁💙 his momma is his best friend. He likes to yell at us in the early hours of the morning for his special food.🤦🏻‍♀️🤣
O Malley
O’Malley was adopted from a shelter. He’s very playful and curious ❤️
He's a big baby who loves to be loved
Mojo is a very aloof cat that loves to play outside. He’s a big 16 pound boy that begs for treats!
Zero is so sweet and playful and love children
Kola is so loving and so playful at her age. She loves to cuddle 🥰
Bambam And Pebbles
They are sweet and loving.
Aspen is the cuddliest boy. His tail is always wagging (hence the blurry tail in his profile picture), and he loves for his belly to be rubbed.
Nadia is our chunky baby girl! She loves playing with squeaky chew toys and being outside, and her favorite word is “treat.”
Found in our yard at 3 weeks old, Coda is an energetic, playful ball of fur. He loves chasing bugs, messing with our dogs, and snuggling in his owners’ arms.
He adores love and cuddles and lots of attention he also loves food ,sleep and playtime . Name is ralphy
She’s cute until you open a bag of chips..
P is sugar and spice and everything nice😍
She is so cute and she loves her cuddles
He is such a loving caring boy he wants to be with you everywhere you go and never give you any privacy
Harley is the newest addition to the family, after losing my dog last year I wanted some company for my older cat and so far she is fitting in well! Crazy like the rest of us too which helps!
Thor is a 150 pound German shepherd and Rottweiler mix! He loves his Scooby snacks and chickey nuggies too😂
Ruby is a crazy 8 week old puppy! She is very sharp (those puppy teeth are like razors!!) but she makes up for it by being a goofy and snuggly baby. She loves to play with her big brother Mac the cat and they get into some crazy shenanigans around the house.
When Wyatt wants something he actually talks to me with different barks and body language. When he wants something from me he tells me.
Whiskers is a rescue kitten I saved from an alley. He's very playful and energetic. But loves to cuddle with you when he goes to sleep or is tired.
Oakley is 7 years young and the best dog ever. He is the biggest mama’s boy and chewer of frisbees. He loves his people fiercely and is the best protector. Vote for him!!
This is my dog flossy she is five years old and she is my best friend, i love her very dearly and i want you guys to love her as much as i do. i will be so happy to win this with flossy ty all very much me and her appreciate it.🙂😁👍
Sabre is the most talkative boy ever and has had hardships but still keeps going and gives the best cuddles ❤️❤️
Meet milo My 8 year old Alaskan malamute or more like my 8 year old teddy bear. He is a genital giant who loves affection food people dogs and of course his photo taken. He is one of the most happiest laid back dogs ever and his big and happy face makes everyone’s heart melt.
During the 1st lockdown a beautiful stray cat turned up in our garden and never left us, we called her Poppy. Seven weeks later Poppy blessed us with 5 beautiful kittens which are now 19 weeks old. We watched them all being born and helped raised the litter with their mummy. Poppy was an amazing mummy to her kittens she adored each and every on of them, she brought us so much love and was the most adorable little companion we could have wished for. We fell so in love with all of them so we decided to keep all of the kittens, they were a oerfect family. Sadly on Saturday 15th November Poppy was hit by a car and we had to have her put to sleep. With broken hearts we still feel lucky to have her amazing kittens which Poppy still lives on through.
Hi my name is Jack! I'm 4 months old and growing like a weed! I like to run and play and love cuddles.
This is my "paint me like one of your french girls pose" very seductive but tasteful i would say!
He is my 3 month old kitten that just joined the family days ago. After losing two of my fur babies this year, fate decided to bring Binx into my life. The moment I first saw him, I fell in love with him so hard! He loves exploring, playing, running around, and he loves kissing his new mom (me) and dad!
Please vote for my lil ball of energy “Tibby” he’s so precious and smart!!!!
Arya And Alani
Only lived together a couple of weeks, and they've bonded so fast.. I could of put a hundred pictures.. But this was only after a week together. Love them both soo much.. And both are so loving
Hyper and super cute. Chews on everything loves her big brother.
He's the goodest boy!
Laptop is my 11 year old baby boy. He loves to eat, snuggle and stick his head out the window on car rides. He's my little shadow, follows me everywhere! Even when he's sleeping, he'll open his eyes periodically to make sure I'm still nearby... and if I'm not there, you better believe he'll come looking for me. Laptop has been by my side during some of the toughest times of my life. He is such a good boy and we have a very special bond.
Cocca Bean
She love to run jump climb and chew lol she is 8weeks old and is just full of life and snuggles
Frank had a rough go before he found his forever family. He was found hungry and bleeding after being attacked by another dog in the streets of Detroit. However, he plumped up and found his fur mom who loves him more than the whole world. Frank loves stuffed animals, playing tug of war, babies, running zoom laps, walks, and cuddling up next to his mom on the couch and in bed every night. Frank has lots of love to give and would love your vote!
Willow is a cute multicoloured kitten, she loves her food and loves to play with her sister nova
Hello! My name is Charlie! I am the sweetest boy you will ever encounter. I love cuddles, butt scratches and tummy rubs! My favorite toy is anything that has strings and that I can chase. In my free time, I enjoy looking out my window and making biscuits on my parents! I am so loved! If I win, i’ll finally be able to afford the cat tree i’ve always wanted!!
I was walking with my mommy when someone asked Mommy, what kind of dog is that?. I'm not a dog /ᐠ。ꞈ。ᐟ\! I was a rescue and adopted with my bestie by Mommy. I'm a real foodie. I would hug mommy's leg to let her know I'm hungry. I would sit right in front of her licking my chops. I would dash to the sound of rustlling plastic bags thinking it's food. Mommy kept telling me no snacks because she don't want me to turn into a mini sumo. I'm a real purring engine. I purr when I eat. I purr when Mommy pets me. I purr when Mommy picks me up. I purr when I nap. Basically, I purr a lot because I'm happy!