Dog cat Stories - 18


Lola Starr
I'm Lola Starr, my favorite activities are napping and snacking
Prissy came to us as a feral kitten. On a frigid winter night; she was malnourished and very sick, with not good odds of survival by our veterinarian. Now, 5 years later Prissy is a happy, healthy and intelligent cat. Much loved and spoiled rotten! :)
Blue is a 2 and a half year old Siberian Husky. Shes full of character and extremely smart. She keeps her diet as equal as possible to ours....shes very spoiled and well deserves her abundance of love and affection. Shes also a great cuddler as she sleeps next to us in bed every night. She has the sweetest nature about her and couldnt imagine my life without her by my side. My best friend.
A headstrong intelligent pupper, Who is obsessed with walks, and cuddles with mom and dad.
King Arthur is a rescue dog and is the sweetest little pupper who greets everyone he meets ❤ such a little love bug... IG: @king_arthur_the_pooshihkingese 💥Check out our Etsy shop RoundTableMutts! (IG: @RoundTableMutts) DM for international purchases 😉💥
I think everyone should vote for Noche because he is the cutest French Bulldog and he is just the sweetest puppy. He loves to cuddle and play and never does anything bad! He is perfect.
This is nala! She is a chow chow english mastiff mix! 🥰 She’s only 5 weeks old and is huge! She’s such a good girl. she loves playing outside and playing with her toys. If you met her you would be in love. She’s a cuddle bug and is learning very fast! she’s going to be a good girl
This is Chuck, Chuck enjoys hogging all of the blankets at night and Incenses that he owns the bed. Chuck also enjoys chasing squirrels even if his tiny legs don’t allow him to stay caught up for long.
Her name is her personality...and she has more to say than most lonely people.. She will hold a conversation with you all day long ...if you meow...she will meow back and so on . she loves everyone and is very affectionate. If you take your focus off of her she will place herself in the middle of whatever you are doing till you pay attention to her and only her. She demands to be the focus of the room. And deserves to be too. She loves her treats and turkey lunch meat. Shes a perrrrrfect companion.
Saydee Grace is a bull massive pit and a kid lover and she loves cats
Gunner is a Hungarian Vizsla. He likes running a lot. He’s very energetic but has a cute cuddly side.
Kimber is an energetic Boxer who loves to play. She is very obedient and loves to travel.
Benji is short for benji millions! Benji came to me in a shoe box, the size of a my hand! Benji lovesss to play with his brother scuffs and loves to try and steal some kibble here and there! Benji loves cuddles the most
Hello! My name is Cassis and I am 11 years old. Some of my favorite things to do is play with my laser pointer and other toys, take naps in the sun, and snuggle my fur mom.
Cash is over a year old now, and his favorite thing to do is act satanic! Lol He loves running hysterically around the house. Attacking anything that moves or doesn’t move. On his “nice” days, he’s the sweetest cuddle bug! Another of his favorite is sleeping by your head at bedtime! He’s definitely got a strange personality, but I love him to pieces! He’s a blessing!!
Jack Jack is the toughest cat ever! He rules the neighborhood! But when he comes inside...... laziest cat ever! He is also a big daddy’s boy and follows his dad everywhere!
Our little one came to us 3 years ago, he is very playful and friendly.
This is meatloaf and she got that name by how chunky she is! She also just looks like meatloaf with her colorings. She is the best cuddle buddy ever! Even thought she is a little chubby, she has some speed to her surprisingly.
Romeo is extremely affectionate. All he wants from you is love! He spends most of his time outside sleeping in flower pots and bird feeders. He thinks he is fast but really he is the slowest cat ever. He also had a permanent head tilt!
Appah Lynn
Appah was only 5 weeks old when we got her. She had to be bottle fed for a while and she’s turned into the sweetest thing. She loves to play and be outside, and she LOVES to go on walks. Her daddy is her favorite person and she absolutely loves to be anywhere with him. Our baby is the greatest blessing we have received.
Radar is the biggest baby ever! He loves to take short walks and nap wherever he thinks works best for him. He loves going for car rides but gets nervous once we start moving because now he doesn’t know where he’s going! Oh and thunder storms are the absolute worst according to Radar!
Buddy is the best boy ever! He is very laidback and go with the flow. His favorite thing to do is get his jolly ball and run around the yard after the dirt bikes. He also loves to go swimming and play fetch! Buddy is the rescue of the family and a very old man but he still plays like he is 4 years old!!!! He is also a retired duck hunter!
He's a big cuddle bug! Loves group hugs with mom and dad! He's a terrorizer of toys, especially the ones with stuffing lol He loves licking everyone he meets!
Dixie runs the house! She may be the smallest but we all do what Dixie wants. She loves to go swimming, play ball, go for runs, and eat anything and everything! She loves herself and food most of all! And yes she got a big butt!!
I’m Winston. I am a one year old English Cream Golden Retriever. I love playing with my toys and cuddling all day. I am the sweetest little boy.
Meet my baby son Mochi!! Mochi was brought into our lives on August, 28th, 2020 during the mid of the covid 19 pandemic. We went to our local animal shelter to look at kittens because I had told my partner that what I wanted for Christmas was a cat. Upon looking at the kittens in the shelter, we were interested in about 2 or 3 cats that turned out to be unavailable and already in the process of being adopted by someone else. Right before leaving the kitten area in the shelter, there was a beautiful, teeny tiny orange tabby that was somehow super energetic. Most of the kittens in that area were neutered/spayed that day, and the vets said it’s normal for them to be a bit sluggish and sleepy immediately after the surgery, but not this guy. He seemed to really love play time. I got down to his level to take a better look at him. I placed my hand on the glass and what happened next melted my heart. This cute little guy placed his paw on the glass to meet mine. It was like the scene from Tarzan and right there I knew that this was my cat that I will forever love and take care of. Despite the financial hardship and loss covid 19 brought us, these 9 months of having Mochi in our lives has brought nothing but joy and happiness into our household. As you can see, he enjoys sleeping with his giraffe kicking toy, he loves climbing, cuddling, socializing, and chasing little bugs. If we win the $2,000, what we will do with it first is spoil our little fur baby with a new stainless steel cat fountain, invest in a tall cat tower to entice his love for climbing, and make sure he is stocked up on all his favorite food and snacks. We hope you enjoy looking at the cutest photos of our baby boy. 😻💕🥰
Gizmo is a ferocious black/tabby kitten who loves to sleep, bite any exposed skin, and give lots of kisses. she is very energetic and loves hopping to ur feet to greet you with nibbles.
The sweetest, most loyal dog. She loves to play with toys and snuggle with her cat brother, Punky. Very intelligent as you can see from "the look" shd is giving me.
Milo is a very loving sweet mini yorkie. He is full of energy and sass. Definitely one of a kind puppy!
Nova is the newest member of our family. She is 2 months old and she is a ball of energy. She loves to cuddle and she loves to chase the kids around the house. She is helping us to raise money for Stefan, who suffers from SMA1. We will donate any prize that she wins, for Stefan.
Larry was rescued by thisishouston. He was found in a ditch lifeless he was only 6weeks old. Larry is blind and we also did think he was deaf. But he can hear. Being blind doesn’t stop him
Lulu is the sweetest havapoo and the cuddliest pup in town. She will nap, play and kiss you all day long. Her little smirk is the sweetest thing that’ll just warm your heart.
Selma is 7 year old Chihuahua . She likes to go on car rides. She doesnt need her leash when you walk her or when she goes to the bathroom. She is really good with commands.
Coco Fransica
Coco loves to play, run, walk, and play with dogs! She is a cute little fuzzball! She is a Miniature Schnauzer and is 1 rn! She absolutely loves play biting!!😆🐾Please vote for Coco because i can manage my vet appointments with her and buy her stuff she needs!! I am also trying to make a Natural Dog Treat Business! I been searching on and on and on without quitting looking for a new mini schnauzer in 2019. She was born on October 11th 2019. After searching for about 1 year and a half i finally found the perfect step-daughter! I cried when i got her around December 6th! I was full of happiness! She brings more love into my heart and always lights up my day, every hour, every minute, every second, of a moment with her i will always keep in my heart, i love u Coco!😘🐶
Blue loves interacting with children and those with special needs! Playing on the trampoline and football. Hes 1.5 years old mixed american bully and great Pyrenees!
Neko likes to eat , play , eat , sleep and eat again . He loves attention and if we're not giving him attention he comes to us and cries . He always wakes us up in the morning .
She is 5 months old she is learning how to role over already got the sitting and laying down she walks well and she loves when I ride my stake bored with her next to me
Leopold is a Pomsky, mix of pomerian with a husky, is a medium size dog, he is only 4 months now, really good companion, and really obedient, he is just a really sweet dog
I recently got Moxi and her sister Jelly Bean. Bean was a gift for my mom for her birthday and then I unexpectedly decided to get to her sister Moxi who is my cat. Moxi loves to climb up your legs and attack your feet. She also loves to be pet under her ears where she will then just fall over. Her favorite thing is sleeping and being spoiled.❤️
Marco P. Boyd
likes soap bubbles and morning views from the windows
Gizmo is a happy funny little boy he makes everyone laugh all the time he is also my emotional support dog his nickname is Love Dog. Because he is so full of love
Midnight is a active dog who loves to play , He enjoys running and playing with our other dogs and is definitely full of energy!
Penelope is queen of the castle and she really enjoys being loved. She is a lovable lap dog that will get your attention for sure.
Nina has just finished her last round of chemo for Lymphoma. She is now in remission and doing well. She loves people, and going for rides. She is a constant companion to us. She always brightens up our day! A family member we couldn’t do without!😊❤️
Sir Fionnagan
I enjoy zooming. My favorite thing to do is demand my humans share their food and bark at ambient sounds. My job is to chase off the freeloading birds and geckos in my backyard.
Morgan is just a bundle of love! All she wants to do is be loved and cuddle with anyone and everyone. She loves making new friends and just being in the company of others
Gracie is the silly girl who often gets the zoomies and runs around the house chasing her little sister. She loves to go on the longest walks but also enjoys cuddling.
Lucy is a Doberman/Catahoula mix, born 2/13/2016! She is our baby!!!