Dog cat Stories - 18


Hammy, sat proudly next to his sister. He’s a very chilled and loving boy. He looks like he has a love heart on his chest 😍
Bowser is the sweetest boy but also has an ornery side. He loves to snuggle and show off his zoomies through the house. He’s also afraid of ceiling fans.
Salify Molly
Well they like to cuddle eachother and sleep together very cuddly
She loves big hugs and kisses treats and Bones I saved her from her last Family abuse.And now she is my Comfort Dog I am disabled Love You Faith
Logan is all about playing. The only way I got him to sit for this picture was by holding his toy right below the camera. LOL
Brodie Duke
Brodie is a 1 year old, 220lbs English Mastiff. He thinks he's a Chihuahua. He tries his hardest to be a lapdog. His hobbies are slobbering, sleeping, snoring and eating. With lots of hugs and wet kisses.
She can be quite saucy at times but that's what makes her so lovable!!
Ike Regan
Meet Ike! 13 years old loving doggie, who loves to cuddle, play fetch, and give kisses! He is nothing less than the best! He loves to be your best friend! Always there for you in good times & bad! he is mr sweet face!
Thomas is the most loving cat I have ever seen.
Smokey is a very loving little guy, he gets along with every person he’s met! He’s super sweet and loves snuggling up to me when he sleeps. :)
She is so playful and loves her dig buddies
Samuel L Catson
Sammy loves his mommy. When she sings to him, he meows back. It is very sweet!
Shes an Emotional Support dog by day and a nap taker by night. She wirks a Lowe's Hardware and loves food and naps. With her red head attitude and unique color she struts her stuff around a college campus everyday looking for compliments.
My favorite things in the world are long walks, tennis balls, french fries, and watching the morning news while eating dinosaur chewies on mom’s lap :) I also have the cutest little Elvis, snaggletooth and a heart of dark fur on my side.
Gus is a laid back goofy guy who has never met a tennis ball he didn't like. He loves treatos and belly rubs.
Henry loves to follow his mommy outside to look at the birds and the garden. He also likes to watch when she cooks dinner.
Marshmellow loves life! He loves everyone and every animal...he is a gentle giant who is very photogenic...he's a lover❤️
benny is a amazing boy! he loves to play and cuddle his bestfreind is our cat! there is no flaws with benny he loves to sleep as well! he is the nearest dog
Zelda is a little nature girl! She loves to be outside and playing in the grass. She is super playful and loves to give to best warm kisses. If I could describe my baby girl in one word it would be RADIANT! Her vibes spread throughout the entire building. Everyone loves Z.
*if Bandit were to win, we would like to make a contribution to help other cats and dogs* My lil'K9 in training, Bandit is a Shepski (German Shepherd/Siberian Husky) Currently just over 9 weeks old. Learning new skills everyday! 'feeling cute, might pee on the floor later'
Wrigley is serviced as an ESA and has helped me become who I am. She is full of attitude, love, sweetness, and so much more.
Junie Fier
Hello my name is Junie Fier (Fier comes from the movie "Fear Street" on Netflix) I love going for long walks, running around at the park, cuddleing, hugs and kisses, and my favorite toy is my Ms.Piggy toy.
Monti is an almost 3yr old Mainecoon, whilst he looks cute he can be very curious and naughty. He's very loving and loves a brush. He loves playing with feathers and mice.
Buddy is so full of life, super excited all the time, very loving and mischievous.
Dooley is so funny he kisses me for snacks. He runs and plays even when no one else does
85 lb teddy bear and just don’t know his size and strength. Just a year old & loves frisbee, playing with plastic bottles (water bottles, etc) and trying to be the boss. 😊
Bentley is a rescue who loves everyone. He loves all toys and snuggles. He likes to cry until he is allowed to sleep in his parents bed.
Molly is a very sweet and loving dog, she loves to chase our cat around the house and have fun with our other dog.
Axel is the sweetest boy. Loves to snuggle.
She is as Edith Wharton says, “My little dog - A heartbeat at my feet.” She loves anything and is always happy. <3 Love her so much!
Puppy is a sweet baby. Who loves her toys and loves to play.. She is a year old and very smart
My name is Cooper, i was rescued by my family in July of 2020. I’m about 3 years old, energetic, funny, and always smiling. I love cookie bones, and snuggling with my momma. I also enjoy walks, other doggy’s and well everyone!
Gigi is a very happy girl. She loves walks thru the park n her rides. She also likes hanging out with her hoomans.
Fendi, a tri colored Maltipoo just turned 1 on September 24th, 2021. Fendi loves feet, meat, and cuddling. A walk outside makes his day. He loves his cow toys and playing tug a war(he never gets tired of playing, i mean NEVER!!!) . He doesnt like loud noises outside the door and will make sure you hear that , lol.
Hi my names Kati, I love my mom, and playing with my best bud Winston he’s also a corgi! My favorite thing in the world is belly scratches!
The sweetest dog ever, so kind, loves shopping, will lay on a pillow in the top of a shopping cart, as quiet as a mouse. Loves people to Pet him, so smart, and is such a protector of his little sister the tuxedo cat.
Little Lulu Lee is as sweet as can be. She loves walking around & meeting people. Very cute & friendly
Sashi has the squeakiest meow and is the purriest cuddle buddy!😻 She loves to play, is curious about any noise outside and always interested in anything I eat - then tries to sneak a bite! I’m so happy she is my kitty :)
Bronx is a bossy boston terrier who loves walks, hates those brown things that eat nuts (squirrels), and is obsessed with balls. He's a goofy boy and guaranteed to make you laugh everyday. He thinks....well knows he's the king and well..mama's just the servant! He will get a steak if he wins!!🤣
She is te sweetest dog, She love being around kids, she love to play ang give hugs and kisses. Favorite food chicken.
He’s dumb, he smiles a lot, very energetic, everyone likes him, and he’s better than Kobe
Maxine got caught lounging in her Dad's chair. I told her if she got 500 votes that I would use the money to get her her own recliner.
Hello hoomans, my name is Jupiter (aka Juppie) but really you can call me anything you’d like because I can’t hear🙈 Even though I may be deaf, I am very smart. My mum has taught me some sign language and I am now learning how to skateboard! Follow my social media’s for my pawsome content: tik tok- Jupiterthebulldog & insta- juppiethebulldog !!
Zuko loves his girls and the frisbee. His favorite game is toss and fetch. Our team, Dells Disc Dogs, did great this year and we can’t wait to get back to it.
Kobe loves to play and is a loving and sweet dog and is very friendly. He also loves his duck jerky and his family. Loves to cuddle and is very spoiled and loved at his home
Our baby Max. His favorite place to be is in his front yard haven. He greets and walks guests to the door, rolling over for a quick rub on his tummy. He's definitly a sour patch kid, with plenty of mood swings, but I love my handsome boy.
Jude is a bastard. if there is a glass cup within his vicinity, it will be on the floor in pieces. if there is water nearby, he will ensure it is all over his paws and the floor. when he is sad or lonely, he screams. he screams, but doesn't meow. he likes to scream and walk all over you while you sleep. but we love him.