Amelia is the sweetest kitty in my opinion. She loves attention, being brushed and pet.
Molly is a kitten at heart and the adoptive momma of many. If there is an open lap, she’s on it. At 13 years old Molly is still as playful as she was when she was 13 weeks old. Molly hunts down her mice toys overnight and leaves them as presents for us to find in the morning. Molly is specifically a blue point siamese, her piercing blue eyes proving that.
The breed is Havanese, but wasn't on the list provided so I chose a similar one. As a puppy Buster was shy & loved to cuddle. Now he runs, plays & follows his love ones everywhere! He is as sweet as chocolate! :)
Hugo is an adventure cat in training! But for now he loves cuddles, snacks, and playing with toys!
Tank is a new member of our family, he was a “Covid puppy” that was surrendered. The weekend he was available for adoption we drove to get him. He loves tennis balls, kongs, and tug of war.
He is a silly puppy he love to run and slide into his bed. He loves to play nonstop. He loves to nibble on fingers. He can hop like a bunny. He is new to us so we are taking it in.
energetic, incredibly playful, and very sneaky; sweet, gentle, goofy, and loving; enjoys being held like a baby, and never passes up the opportunity to cuddle with her mama (Me) very good with people, and with no doubt she’ll comfort you if she knows you are upset or hurt; licks you, gives you a few eskimo kisses, and lays in your lap; kinda like a person. she can be so incredibly shy with new people, but, once comfortable, she’ll embrace her unique little kitty personality
Natsu Dogneel
Natsu is a very hyperactive lovable puppy!
This is princess she is 7 months old. She loves to cuddle with me. She is a sweetheart. She loves to be as close to me as possible.
Piper is 8 years old and she is such a doll baby (not an ankle biter, haha) but she definitely is a little sassy girl and definitely acts like she rolls the roost over our other dogs even though she’s the smallest! Piper loves her toy “ducky” so much but extremely loves to go buh byes. Please vote for my little angel❤️
Chi chi is a chorkie and he is loveable dog and he loves kids. And Love's cats as well.
Dia was found behind a Mexican restaurant. Her sisters name is Casey. And together you have … quesadilla (pretty cute, I know right) she is so loving and so sweet. With a little bit of wild side.
Blu is his moms most sweet Angel baby in the whole world. He keeps his brother in check. And he loves to eat and his weight proves it🥰
I'm Streak. I have had a sickness-looks like diabetes but isn't-since March 2022 and nobody can figure out what's wrong with me. I love my meowma and pawpaw. I live in Colorado. My family adores me so meowch! I like catnip, treats, tummy rubs, whisker rubs, sleeping, playing and tuna! I have a hard time believing my life might be only 13.5 years, so I'm not accepting that! I am adorable and sweet. I'm a fighter, too!!!
Sabastan is a very sweet mild tempered kitty. He is also a father two boys and loves them very much.
Klaus loves snuggles and is obsessed with pumpkin 🎃 he also just got a new brother Vinny! Klaus is such a good big brother and puts up with the kitten craziness!!
Loves to play with my daughter,cuddles and play play play!
Karol Y Emma
Emma is very friendly unlike Karol she is very over protective and takes time to get use to others. Other than that she is very lovely both like to play a lot and are very alert.
Cali is a wild 5 month old pup and is full of energy⚡️She loves to play with anyone and anything, she loves all dogs no matter how big or small and is always making new friends everywhere she goes. Her best friend/ sister is a Jack Russell pup and they do everything together, they both love adventures!🏕🐾
Ozzy Poo
I’ve always said oz rescued me I didn’t rescue him. The moment he saw me he was hooked. He is a lover not a fighter, and loves going on new adventures with me. He loves his summer haircut when he looks like a lion, and becomes the most sassy boy ever! He loves everyone and everything and is the sweetest boy ever💕
Bailey is rambunctious and loving all in one tiny body. She loves to cuddle when she is tired, but is a little fire cracker when she is awake.
Blue is 20 weeks old today. loves to be with me all the time and to be loved. Loves her food and toys.
Oakley Kai
Mr. Oakley Kai is a 11 month old Blue Heeler/Blue Nose Pitbull mix born and raised in Colorado. His favorite activities include fetch, long hikes & taking up all the room on your pillow! (No joke!) We could go on and on about our sweet boys personality but all in all he is what makes us a family, and his face full of smiles kinda speaks for itself. ☺️💗
Atlas is our two year old baby boy! He was found as a stray in January of 2020. He loves to cuddle and watch movies with us, and try and sneak food when we’re not looking. His favorite foods are chicken and whipped cream 🥰
Austin is a great dog loves his walks
Gizzmo is such a Sweet Cat, he always greets us at the door by putting his paw out like he is wants to shake your and hand, he sits, shakes your hand lays down, does high 5's on command
Hunter enjoys running in the water with his older brother Fluffy. When he isn’t in the water he is out camping or exploring nature. He lovesss his cuddles. He has anxiety so when he feels anxious he goes and finds his parents and demands for attention till he calms down. He is a loving and loyal dog. He is currently being trained for an emotional support dog for his owner.
Bandit is a 11 week old Labordoodle who loves to play with his sister Ginger. When they aren’t playing he is running through the house chasing the cats or asking for cuddles.
Thunder is an outgoing playful husky. He enjoys running up mountains with his older brother buddy. When he’s not out exploring nature he can be found camping or playing with his cousins
Miss sassy, either the most innocent or the mastermind begins her brothers getting into stuff they shouldn’t
Our goofy trouble maker
Mr. talkative attention hog.
Smalls Arias
16 weeks & 5 days 40lb & hyper then ever... enjoying puppy life
Ella is 6 months old she’s a Lilac point siamise when she was four months old her and her siblings were dumped At a job site and I was called to foster but decided to keep her and her sibling she’s so sweet and so much fun and she’s a beauty
She loves to go on walks and love her red bear
Princess is American blue nose pit bull she's vary Royal and sweet vote for this amazing dog
Zeus is a Mainecoon, only about 6 months and plenty of time to grow! Zeus came from a family that couldn’t take care of him, we took him in and he loves his new home! He is the only pet in the house so he lovesss to play with any person that comes his way! Very energetic and loves to constantly run! Loves his treats and will eat ALL day if he could! 🤣 Vote for Zeus we would greatly appreciate it! 😁
Boone is not only a very active, but extremely entertaining. He loves to play fetch and tug of war, but his favorite thing to do is simply giving love. He is very affectionate and loves his momma and daddy. He is what we needed when our last child left for college. Never a dull moment
Cooper is 3 years old. He is chihuahua and Jack Russell “Jachihuahua”. He is absolutely spoiled rotten and loves to go on car rides even though he has to ride “console” because he can’t see if he rides shotgun. He loves peanut butter (Nutter Butter Cookies) and any type of Pup cup!
Moon Pie
Moon Pie is a female mixed breed. I call her Moony. She’s 10 months old and can give some looks. Very smart and loving
Eddy Bear
Eddy is such a huge bundle of fun (and fur!). He absolutely adores Webbox treats and cuddles!
Emma is a loving,fun, mini schnauzer who loves to cuddle, take walks and play with her toys. Not too favorable for rain, but loves the snow. She loves to cuddle and especially cover herself up with blankets. I am a proud Dog Mom
Moby loves to snuggle and loves a belly rub he likes to play a with all of his toys!
He loves boat rides & kayaking. Chewing on everything. Our little Rock Star with one blue eye
Archie is a 3 year old Dachshund and Rottweiler mix. Archie is a very good boy. He love cuddles, bathing in the sun, playing with toys. Archie loves puppies and playing with other dogs. And no doubt if you sit on the couch he will hop up with you and cuddle with you. Oh and he absolutely loves attention and treats.
She is a super smart 9 week old that has a great future ahead regardless
Zeus was born in lockdown 2020, his mum had a litter of 8. Zeus loves anything fishy to eat, he loves treats, being stroked and being the centre of attention. He is loved by us all xx