Titus is sassy, but sweet! He came to me as a stray, and now has a forever home. He loves to talk(meow), eat, play, sleep, and he’s a big snuggle bug 🥰 and he hunts often and brings presents to the porch 😅 He is really the best cat 🐱
Milo loves to sit on the bathroom sink while I get ready for work then runs to the front room tower climbs to the top to say “have a good at work and bring me a treat mom” when I return he’s waiting as if I never left. Such a handsome boy with his big sister to love on him.
Pepper is spicy and full of love. She is the best dog ever ❤.
Bentley loves to play fetch, learn tricks, shakes head yes or no for potty questions, cuddles & loves very gently. An amazing bundle of joy for adventures with his momma. 8 months old & truly one of a kind companion!
I love to play, chew on things, nap, and bark at my neighbours!
My name is sirius, yes after that sirius and i live up too it. My mom always says its like im a human in a dogs body. My other names are, stop that, good boy, no... hey i said no, and of course mommys best friend. I love my mom and my dad and my two special kids who i protect everyday. My oldest girl is my absolute favorite and we like to play fetch and barbies together... but we arent qllowed to fetch her barbies 😁
Kipling is a long haired Persian. Almost 4 years old. Talkative, somewhat playful. Favorite pass time, cat napping
Spatz is mainly here this time to earn advances & voting for all friends. Official #Spatz2020 Campaign! Spatz is officially running for cutest cat in the world. His platform is a fish in every cat bowel and guaranteed daily 3 hour nap in the afternoon for every mouser. Spatz is the perfect politician, he will give out random votes to other adorable cats. Spatz is originally a rescue who loves looking out of the window, getting cuddles and pettings. He will always give his input on everything in soft meows as if he's speaking to me. Though naturally shy he's grown very close and become my lap cat. Him and Joe (our other cat) are inseparable and will often nap in the same cat bed together. Favorite foods include Friskies wet pate food and Friskies dry food. As treats he loves Fancy Feast Dry food and Friskies Party Mix treats. The cutest thing he'll do is dip his foot into the water bowel and then drink the water from it or playfully splashing with it.
Karma was a rescue we found his mom someone shot her in the face apparently she was a drop off and got into someones trash we couldnt catch her, although we did try. But my sister has her now. But we got to him in time.. he is very adventurous and loves to swat peoples feet. He is good boy. Neeko and rocky help take care of him as well. He doesn't like to be held. But loves to be touched. And those eyes..
Bubba is a boxer/pit mix. He is a rescue dog, we saved him when he was a pup when someone abandoned him at a landfill. Bubba loves giving kisses, playing with balls and sticks, loves going for walks, and loves to sleep. He is the most loveable and gentle dog i have ever had. He is my big baby!
Both neeko and karma were rescues we got both when they were about 4 weeks old. Neeko had his jaw broken and sia our shihtsu actually nursed him. She had just had a litter. I think he thinks hes a puppy to..
Cocoa is a red nose pit. She is loves to snuggle and is always stealing the blankets.
Bertha is our newest furbaby. She is a boxer/pit mix. Still in puppy training but she is getting their. Loves to play and is full of energy.
Rocky is a mamas baby, he loves just about everyone but especially kittens. He helped coral neeko and karma when they were little hed pick them up by the back of the neck and carry them off to the couch if they got to close to the door or when theyd be under peoples feet while packing in groceries. He also still takes his pacifier for storms and comfort.
Mav is a boxer/pit mix. He is very gentle and loving. Full of energy and very playful.
Sia and rocky both take pacifiers we started them on them to stop the chewing of table legs and chair legs, but we found they both also like using them during storms they dont really suck on them they just hold on to them for comfort they dig them out of there toy box and have a stash hidden under our bed for emergencies. They like carrying them around in their mouths.
Baby Gilmour was part of a local TNR rescue. His little face struck me and I knew he’d be worthy of being named after my guitar rock god. Only 3 months old he’s full of love and life. He’s my little snow leopard.
Charlie also Chunky Charlie, Charlie Buckett... he’s named after my grand pop who passed away 3/18. My aunt worked in a shelter and showed me pictures of 20 cats but the second I saw my greybie, I just KNEW. Once a kitty terror now he’s 15 pounds of sweet chirpy love.
Meezer aka Little Meezer was a stray in the streets of Philly. After he rescued ME, I had to teach him how to be a cat and he’s mastered it by being the sweetest cuddliest funniest blue eyed purr monster ever. He has rare inner ear tumors but he’s doing very well and we are going to enjoy life!
Freckles came to us as a stray, and at first we wanted to take care of her so she could do well on her own. However, after looking after her for a few days, we instantly fell in love with her and decided to keep her as our forever cat. She is a bundle of joy and energy and we wouldn’t trade it for the world <3
Peekaboo is a cuddly lover girl. She likes to need in my armpit. When sleeping next to me she loves it when I hold her back feet. She has been with me since she came out of her Cat Mothers womb and was a runt from a litter of 4. She couldnt find a tit to latch onto and her mother and herself allowed me to help . I wS the first person she seen when she opened her eyes. She wasnt so much into playing but into exploring. Her mind is as curious as a cats should be and some. I cant imagine my life without her. Definately my BFF.
Burger is a cool cat, although she thinks shes a dog 🐕. She was raised around dogs. Shes mellow, and loves posing for pictures 1m
Hi my name is Yin! I love my tunnel, gazing out the window, and playing with my Brother Yang! I love cuddling with my Mom and Dad when they come home from work it's my favorite!
Juno is an adventurous, sweet, and loving cat thats always up for new things. He loves going on walks and exploring the outdoors, along with going on car rides. His favourite thing to do when hes not adventuring is cuddle and play with his mama. Juno would be thrilled to have your vote! :)
Koda is a 6 month old Pomsky. He is an aggressive kisser, playful 14lbs of energetic love. He loves playing dress up with Mommy. Chasing cats brother and sister a daily favorite. Surprisingly picky eater.
Nino Bean Love Bug
Selective yet loyal companion. He loves cat nip, temptations treats & frequent naps. He is an avid accomplished hunter, always sharing his prize kill with ungreatful human mommy.
Before my mom took him home, he was a kitten on the streets that had gotten in an accident, which left him with his leg run over and he immediately was taken to surgery at a Banfield where my mother was working as an assistant. After his leg was removed completely, the office tried to figure out what to do with him. My mom stepped up and said she'd adopt him and she brought him home. He's the happiest and laziest cat we have, and he's very loved by his family. He got to live a full 16 years of life filled with love and warmth. He passed away suddenly early april of 2020, where his little brother Shadow would follow him across the rainbow bridge months later. I miss you every single day Yimmy, please know that your mom loves you so much.
He was 14 years old, we had him since I was a child. He was the most loving, caring cuddlebug cat I've ever had! He was scared of his own shadow but he was such a unique cat. He sadly was diagnosed with kidney disease and passed away a few weeks ago. I'll always love and remember him in my heart. Rest in peace my Shadow bean
Before we adopted her, she was a stray cat on the streets with a litter of kittens. We believe that she was abused on the streets by animals or humans because she has battle scars on her nose where her fur won't grow back. But luckily, the shelter found her and her babies and took them there. Unfortunately her babies were separated and adopted before Snow, and she was fixed immediately. However, the day I came to adopt, in my mental goal, a kitten. Snow caught my family and I's attention and we adopted her on the spot. It took her awhile to adjust, but she eventually warmed up to us and her personality shined right on through!
My Bentley is full of energy, he loves to cuddle and give kisses 😘 Everyday he walks around with his toy in his mouth
Precious Rose
I'd like to introduce my beautiful 9 week old bottle baby Precious Rose! I found her fighting for her life at a few days old, but shes a fiesty fighter and now shes nothing but pure joy and a ball of energy. She loves snuggles and sleeping under the blanket and her favorite toys are breadties dispite the 50 toys she has! We cant wait to see what the future has to hold for us, she completes our little family and brings lots of smiles and laughter to our home!
Hi my name is Yang! I absolutely love eating , cuddling with Mama, and playing with my brother Yin! I love to sit by the window and protect the house like I'm a watch dog. & every night I wait for my Mama to come home from work and I can't help myself but give her kisses. Please vote for me!
Cookie is 8 years old. He is so adorable and loving. He has lovely green eyes that just melt your heart! He kisses us in the morning s and last thing at night! and sometimes during the day too! He loves the outdoors and looks out for his little brother Jessie!
We found her when we moved to our new home. We can't touch her but she love to sleep in our bed.
Moose is a cute little mutt with tons of character. He's a mix of pitty, chow, husky, and a bunch of shepherd breeds😂
Charlie is a sweet kitty that we adopted from the SPCA! He is so gentle and loving ❤️
Maverick is a 15 week old Belgian malinois. He is in the process of training to be a service dog. Vote for him to show him love for his gorgeous markings and for his hard work
Marley is a 4 month old Great Dane who loves to shop at Target and Petco. She enjoys picking out her new toys after being a shop dog during the day at her family’s business.
Meet Baloo 4 months old the most affectionate kitten loves to play and curl up on your lap for a snooze. He is such a character. Oh and also very photogenic doesn’t mind a pose or selfie now and then. Please leave him a vote Thanks
She loves to be petted and loves attention!
Boop the snoot
Dagny was brought to my house about 5 years ago when a friend found her living out of a dumpster by her church. She now loves all the crunchy treats and cuddling she can get.
Stinker is momma's baby loves to lay in my arms on my chest and get bunches of kisses. She is Patches sister. Late at night they romp and run thro house like a herd of elephonts
She loves playing with her ball & all her toys even though the card board box they came in is something she finds a lil more exciting.
This little love bug just turned 1! He loves to play with hair ties and chase his brother. He is the perfect companion to cuddle and sleep with ❤️
Patches is a yr old. She loves to be a part of everything I do. She was the only long haired baby out of 5. Fry's to be boss and keep others at Bay.
Precious is and older female that loves laying on her perch all day long.She sleeps by my pillow at night. Still plays but seldom.
So when we first got our Guido was right before Thanksgiving he was just a little pup but very shy and timid we had dinner at my mom and dad’s friends house and they kept trying to get us to take him home so before we were leaving he came in he laid down between my dad’s legs on his feet so my dad said guess we’re taking a little guy home.. we’ve had our family pet for 11 years he’s been a great dog always faithful and very friendly and he loved us being his family he’s getting to be an old man now but yet he still loyal and faithful and still very loved here at home please vote for him it would mean a lot to my dad who is now an angel in heaven❤️😭