Mia is a sweet heart and loves to pose!
Chloe Reese
Chloe Reese is a wire haired dachshund that loves to play. Reese is 4 months old. She loves to bask in the sun and have zoomies around the yard. Her favorite food is Kibbles & Bits mini bits. She loves her pink duck toy and playing tug of war with her toys.
Lucy is an extremely intelligent cat who loves to play fetch.
Matilda is a very lovable and gentle pup who loves plenty of cuddles and attention…she is the kindest and funniest dog with the best personality, she’s like to be mischievous and loves to pinch my socks. Matilda just loves everybody she meets she loves going for long walks and meeting up with her best friend ivy-bleu. Matilda is the best addition to our family!
Simba is a mix between bengal tiger and a tabby. He is such a loving boy who loves plenty of love. Simba was a-bit scared of the world due to a rough and scary start in life but this beautiful boy is so trusting and loving and has the best personality and now he is slowly getting his confidence. He loves winding his little sister up Matilda who is a (dog) Saint Bernard. Overall Simba is my big baby who I adore!
Summer is a cute playful 4 month old red mini goldendoodle! She loves cuddling & going for walks!
Well… he’s just soooo stupid, dopey as anything! Such a loving little Frenchie tho, walks into doors falls off settee and gets up and does it again haha
Misha is 2 months. She is a very smart kitty. Loves to jump on you and sit on your shoulder.. very loving and sweet!
Butter Dean is a sweet and loving cat! He loves to try to go outside and loves cuddles.
Reyne is a fun love toy poodle. She’s happy and energetic. She loves to play tag, have her belly rubbed and cuddle up whenever she’s in the mood.
Oats is a energetic little thing, he loves playing in his pop up tunnels and and just being so cute!!
She’s the most comical, placid American xl I’ve ever met. She has us in fits of giggles everyday and loves to be cradled to sleep like a baby.
Bandit is very loving and caring pup that you can take anywhere but also loves to get into trouble but the blue eyes will get you everytime. All in all the best dog ever and very well behaved in general.
Unfortunately Sweets passed away last month after nearly 19 years and I decided to enter this competition to honour him as everyone would say what an adorable and cute cat he was. I don’t really care if he wins or not I just want to show what a beautiful cat he was and share that with everyone as these photos are precious memories. I decided to use this picture which was taken by a friend which captures the character he had, he reminded me of a panda bear. Miss you my boy! Xxx
Energetic and intelligent. He is a massive snuggler and loves to roll around in the grass!
This is Dexter he is our handsome tuxedo boy, he loves a treat but loves his family more. If he's not cuddled up to me or my partner he's sun bathing catching them rays! He is very talkative when it comes to a tasty snak and an air needer, loves making them biscuits😸 Dexter also LOVES a warm bath! And pulls some very questionable faces😹 He has the cutest set of mixed toe beans! He really is the most loving handsome man.
Willis is a chonky boi, a floofy chonk He likes food and sleeping. He’s my big bill
Maeve is our Sassy girl! She’s full of attitude and always wants cuddles. She’s chosen our teenager as her favorite person and spends a lot of time playing video games on the top of my daughters gaming chair. Maeve is the mama to our kitten Bear 🐻 ❤️ and she’s been a wonderful mama & teacher for our newest edition.
While I may seem shy at first that won’t last too long. I love nothing more than cuddles and doing zoomies round the house with my brother Luna
While I may seem shy at first that won’t last too long. I love nothing more than cuddles and doing zoomies round the house with my brother Nala
Maymay is the most loving pug puppy. She loves to play with her brothers and sisters, eat, and snuggle. Please vote for my beautiful girl.
Zeus is a Weimaraner Pit mix and has been our loyal boy for a decade! He’s the goodest of boys and has a very gentle demeanor. He’s a great farm hand when it comes to corralling our goats & chickens. He loves booty scratches and basking in the sun while mama works on her garden.
Furya is a 3 year old long haired Calico. We weren't planning on adding a 3rd cat to the family but when my s.o. saw her picture he just had to save her. A friend's parents friend her abandoned at their farm at approximately 7 weeks old. She came to us with an upper respiratory infection and super tiny. She was so stuffed up that she lost fur on her nose (which grew back white). Now she's a proper weight, eats healthy and it's spoiled by both her rescuers.
I found Mowzer by her self on the street. I had to bottle feed her for a while as she had not been weened yet. She is my baby and I love her more than anything.
Chico is a very loving and happy pooch everyone who comes to visit the house he greets them with a toy in his mouth and he loves the young children in the family and is very pertective and has a hunger for choc and cheese
I am a 10 month old Dill Calico Shorthair. I was adopted on 4/30/23! YAY, FINALLY! <3 I know I am mixed but not sure with what. I am SUPER playful and I LOVE cuddling up on the couch and with my mommy and daddy! I love my toy mice and ball that jingles!
Sky is so funny, she beautiful inside out small soft and this how she sleep or on you , she like playing with socks and running off with them when try out washing away
Eating and sleeping
Loves to chew on bones
Loves to eat
Socks is a big ball of cuddly fluff! He absolutely loves snuggling under the duvet and being the little spoon! When he’s asleep, HES ASLEEP, I can pick him up and he will not wake up - he’s so playful and he’s definitely a mummy’s boy! ❤️
Junior is a loving sweet little fluff ball. He meows 24/7 but it’s not annoying it’s cute, like asking for attention. I’ve had many of conversation with Junior. He’s a daddy’s boy!
Gregory Bartholomew
Gregory Bartholomew is the smartest not puppy, puppy ever. He legitimately thinks he’s a dog! He makes high pitched meows in a phase that in return sounds like a puppy barking. He’s spunky but such a snuggle bug with his momma.
Loves eating and Snapchat filters.
Ruby is such a loveable girl she is also playful and always looking for a cuddle which she gets lots of
Belle is partially blind. She’s my first pet. My wife rescued her when she was abandoned at 2 months old. We use this platform to fundraise so we can spay and neuter the homeless cats in Qatar. We appreciate any gift votes. 🎁
When we first got Stormy she was super shy and lived under the couch. She now is a cuddly girl and loves to scratch her post and when we give her canned food once in a while, it is her favorite!!
Loki is an almost 9yr old domestic long hair, loves to snuggle with anyone, not afraid of new people, will always be your best friend.
This is Buddy , he’s a 2 year old beagle and absolutely loves the outdoors and digging. He has a stuffed beagle named Bear that he loves to sleep with every night. He’s got such a amazing personality and so friendly to everyone he meets.
I am 8 months old, with a love for roulade. My skill is impersonating an alarm clock, much to my humans delight.
Dottie loves to run and to play with all her squeaky toys
Cosmo came into our lives when we needed him most. With my daughter battling depression, Cosmo helps her in more ways than one. He's very active and loves cuddles. We are going to work on making him an emotional support therapy animal
Koda is a very sweet & adventurous boy! He loves to give kisses & cuddle. He loves to go on walks with his mama & big sister, Capri!
Bentley is the kind of dog that has endless love for anyone ❤️ energy like an infant and curoisity like no other he will be your best friend i love him to the moon and back
Cookie is a playful,loving and talkative kitten and enjoys causing mayhem around the house and looking cute while doing so
Nala is a naughty tortie from Devon 😉🤣 Nala is a lazy but loveable feline and loves a good snuggle in bed 🛌 Sassy but sensitive 💙
Clover graduated from Doggie College, with a degree in Paw Vision.
Simba is a beautiful seal point Tonkinese that is very lovable and full of energy.