Dog cat Stories - 19


Our sweet River girl. Her favoritest things are family, food, and fun! She's brought so much joy to our home with her amazing cuddles, and goofy personality. She's our families angel doggy ❤
He’s spoiled ❤️🥺! He likes his treats and loves to sleep under the chairs . He love to run around and play
Meow! Meow! Im Koba, frisky, smart, affectionate, mischievous yet lovable….you just can’t stay a second without me😸ya im cheerful and ❤️ warming. I love 🕊 watching and ☀️-bathing. I like to cuddle and purrrrr, always follow momma and help her at kitchen with my warm stare and crazy cuteness😺 Bless me with your sparkly vote and make me win this amazing contest! 😹 Meeeoooww!
Oreo is the sweetest, most fun loving, and silly best friend! He loves to go on walks, play outside, chill on the couch, and snuggle!
Cali Is the sweetest girl and lives for her BALL!
Max is a lovable puppy full of energy and Sassiness!
Kitana loves toys and being outside, going on walks or anywhere near her momma. She’s the most loving gentle big ol baby, she still thinks she’s little lap dog at at least 60 lbs but we love her ❤️
Diesel is a fun energetic puppy who loves to play outside and go swimming. His favorite food is fruit loops and mushroom pizza. He loves to go on car rides and take baths.
Presley is a sweet little boy he loves to lick ya and he is so loveable .He cuddles with us .He is a very smart little boy.we love him so much .
CHOMP loves all the children, murderer of dinosaur stuffies. 10/10 chance of stealing your heart.
His “meow” sounds like Froggy from Little Rascals. Auggie always wants to be fed and will literally rub your face with his paws and face when he wants food.
This is WooWoo. He's about year in a half old. He's a very sweet baby. He loves to run around & play with you, loves his toys with Bell's in them. I rescued his mom's that was pregnant with 15 other babies. He's a very intelligent rabbit. He's definitely a keeper.
Chevy is 2 year old, I rescued him at a dump site. He's very loveable, playful, & very spoiled. He's a very smart cat.
Gypsy is a rescued Staffordshire Terrier, she loves to swim and give many kisses!
Coco Jo
Coco is a living angel. 😇 She found us in the middle of nowhere during one of the most sad times of our lives. She wants to be near you and on your lap at all times of the day. She is literally a perfect specimen of a feline. 😻
Elliott was named after my favorite Dallas Cowboys football player! He loves to run the house and play with his squeaky toy mouse and loves playing “soccer” with his ball. He enjoys sleeping on his human momma’s chest and running up and down his human daddy’s body at full speed around 2am every night! :)
Diamond is the sweetest little thing ever she’s also very smart and will give you high fives, hand shakes and she even picks up her leash when she’s ready for walk outside
Boots loves to suck on a pacifier in his spare time.
Whitesox loves fancy feast food. He is very adorable and caring! He likes to talk a lot and play catch with his toys.
Mr. Cooper is totally the best little guy. He loves being outside and playing with all his toys.
Odie is 11 years young and as nice of a dog you’d ever wish for. He is a ShiTzu Jack Russell mix. Odie loves to play with his stuffies. He likes to cuddle and enjoys massages. He’s a little spoiled. Best dog ever!!
Tabasco is a spicy young man who enjoys air conditioning, snoring and finding the best sticks!
Bindi is our new 8 week old Boston Terrier! She is a baby land shark!
Drax loves the outdoors, playing with his dog friends and cat brothers and treating himself to doggy ice creams. He is a big snuggler and hopefully gets over being a lap dog because he is growing pretty fast.
Bosko is a fiesty little guy who loves bugs and belly rubs.
Violet is the sweetest, most sassy and playful lil pug! She loves to play tug of war and cuddle. She loves when new people come over!!! She even likes to get out time to time to visit an elderly lady a couple houses down and sit on her lap.
Loves fuzzy balls love mouse toys loves to play time go bed loves make biscuits he’s mad biscuits maker he has own tic tok account too he hates being called out for it
Hi my name is kylo im a re-homed 3years old pom. I have been living with my new fam since Aug 5 2019. Im super sweet and i love to run and cuddle ❤❤❤❤❤ vote for me!!!!!!!
Hello I’m Daytona! I’m a 3 year old Gladiator Dane who loves to play with anything and anyone (but I have to admit my favorite is playing with rocks.) I am working on becoming a therapy animal. I just love to be around people.
I’m a very playful kitten that loves to torment my Great Dane brothers and sisters. My family adopted me and I’m so thankful.
Gucci is loveable... but quit frankly has a little bit of an attitude. He enjoys walks, car rides and napping.
American bulldog loves to play in the grass and hangout with his dad and pop pop in the garage and loves snuggles with his mommy.
This is my old Lady my everything 💜 she was giving to me in my time of need for a friend , if it's not her treats she wants is her mama 💜 12 years old and still living her best life
Meow Meow
8 months old an already the queen of the house, she's a crazy kitty but she loves her humans to the moon and back
Snowball is 8 years old, He likes to go On hikes and very lovely dog. He is my emotional support dog. He loves beaches. His favorite snacks are frozen carrots and duck jerky‘s and dental sticks.
My names Archie and I absolutely love the water and going on adventures! My favorite toy is my pink Tennis ball and my pool!
Sully is 187 pounds of pure love! He loves to play soccer with his giant Horse ball! He is daddy’s boy but will take a butt rub from anyone. He even lets the cat play with his tail and paws. Sully knows everyone’s name, and follows commands well. It feels like you are talking to a human sometimes!
Bobby is welsh springer spaniel with some cocker in him too:) he’s definitely a humans’s boy and loves attention. Cuddles and walks are his main priorities 🤍 he’s 6 years old!! Definately hard to not give him treats with those eyes 😍
She is a social pug! She has to be around her humans. When she sees people she gets so excited her little butt shakes. Super mellow and loves car rides.
He love coffie and love to play and watch tv
Missy is a 8 year old female. She loves to lounge around on our couch. She's very loveable & enjoyable to be around.
Hazel is a five month boxador, who loves her mom & dad very much!!💗
Astro loves his treats and can be seen here showing his little fangs for spooky season ❤️
Smokey Bacon
What isn’t cute about a cat named after Bacon?
Kaia is the most sweetest puppy, she loves to cuddle and nap for most of the day! When she looks at you with her big hazel eyes it makes you love her even more!💕🐶
Summer is an 11 year old Great Pyrenees mix and loves to bathe in the sun and protect her flock !