Yeti Ready Jedi
Yeti is a Jedi and he is always ready to go on many furry adventures
Indigo Emmanuel Butler
We adopted Indigo May 21, 2016. He just turned 1 years old. We adopted him to help our daughter who had seizures. He brings such a joy to our lives and he is awesome with our daughter. He loves to give hugs and kisses. He's spoiled rotten and we love it. He makes any bad day brighter. We love him so much.
Sahara is a loving dog she loves digging holes cuddle with her mom and eating bugs and hanging out with her baby sister pepper
Marshall is a big softy with a very playful character. He loves nothing more than snuggles at the end of the day. At the park he is the friendliest pup you will meet, loves his ball and is kind to all.
This is cleo she is 12 years old. This would be great to win so we could get her some new toys ans treats. This old girl loves her treats. Thank you for voting for her ;)
Little Cat
Little cat loves too climb trees. He also loves too steal any food of mine lol. He is a very sweet cat and you should vote for use because it would help me and him both so much!!
Coconut is an adventurous big boy, he loves to take naps with his 3 cat siblings and playing with his mouse toys:)
Hi, I’m Kane.
Dozer is such a sweet and loving dog. He has so much love for children and loves to play fetch and run after the kids. He is just a great dog all around he has so much energy and loves to play as much as you can handle to.
Tinka is a Husky Terrier Mix who is a Mama dog to all our animals and my children. She has the sweetest personality, she’s so gentle with everyone and is extremely loved.
Taz And Mania
We are taz and mania,also know as the devil brother's. We are pains in the butt, yet sweet and loving. We love to play, swim, and chase stuff.
Hi my name is mania. I love to do what i want, chase stuff, and pick on my little brother taz. Im a big pain in the butt, yet my parents still love me.
Hi my name is taz. I love to swim, fish, chase squirrels you name it. Im a bit of a spaz but my parent's love me.
Jada loves squeaky toys and sleeping. She also loves kids. She’s very loving and very smart.
Wesley is a highly intelligent cat, and also an extremely efficient predator. He loves to run, jump high, sit in the window to watch cars and trucks go by. His favorite foods are Purina Cat Chow, Sheba pâté, and Popeyes Chicken. He also loves music.
she was gave to us as a stray. she was attacked by a bigger dog would t walk or anything but we nursed her back and she has grown on us from there.
I love to be a doggy on my off days
Brutus is a great dog his personality is bigger than some people I know.... He loves playing fetch and running free in the yard enjoys being outside as long as I will leave him...
Pepper is a grumpy four year old cat she hates other animals except her big sister Sahara she’s loves sun bathing and loves eating as much food as she can get her paws on
Lady loves taking naps, cuddling, and playing with her toy mouse. She also likes listening to her dad play ukulele!
Hello everyone this is Tucker! He is funny and very smart! He loves bones and squeeze toys! We hope you enjoy our funny pup! His best friend is a golden doodle! He loves car rides and his Meme!
My name Obi-Mutt I'm a boxer/lab mix I'm goofy and love to play
Monkey is a sweet kitty that likes to meow at me in the mornings and snuggle when no one is around.
Snow is a very very friendly cat and the most loving and patient well behaved cat. He has a blue eye and a yellow aye it makes him such a special cat breed.
My name is Nala i’m a crazy energetics cat I love playing with my balls making biscuit sucking on my mom’s finger and attacking my dad!
very loveable i rescued her when she was a very young baby
Luna is laid back and very smart! And loves to hunt! But hates her bath times!
Oscar is friendly, loving and can be bashful and very excitable! He loves chasing bees and playing with big sister Luna
I am Hobbs. I enjoy looking like I have seen a ghost, barreling into my owners while they lounge around & falling off the couch often. I also enjoy meowing incessantly.
Endzo is the sweetest rescue who became a mommas boy and unleashed his inner puppy and is learning to play with his sister!
she was adopted from the shelter at about 6 months and had her for a little over a year now my daughter got her for me for mother's Day of 2021.She is very loving very sweet she loves snuggles. She has a silly personality she loves her lickable chicken treats. And when you tell her to say hey to the camera she waves LOL
Scout is a hilarious girl, she is a great service dog to me that I can’t love without.
Zeus is a very hyper and playful puppy, loves to play with his sister jazz and his little human friend❤️
Thumbies was a stay cat that adopted me. He has extra toes so of course i named him Thumbies.
The magestic queen.
Luna loves to play. Very energetic and when she gets tired she loves to snuggle. She loves to bug her older brother Smokey and attack his tail . And when you don’t give her the attention she wants she’ll cry and come up to you with a head bump .
Bonita is the MOST obedient cat you will ever meet. Whenever I call her name she comes right up and sits on my lap. She follows me to bed and doesn't get up until I do. I LOVE HER VERY MUCH!!!
Kylo is 7 months old, he is the most lovable boy in the world. his ice blue eyes & all white fur he is a little snowball. he loves to howl & speak. & take up all the space in bed, but he cuddles so it’s okay!!
Bella Donna
💖~This is Bella Donna she is a loveable Pup! And she loves going to the lake with her friends and playing in the water. She is a friendly and playful dog.~💝
Hendrix, like Olaf, loves warm hugs. But mostly snacks. A pure Sour Patch kid. First he's sour, then hes sweet. Vote for Hendrix!
Zoey is our 5 month old bull mastweiler. She loves to do zoomies at the dog park with her doggo friends. She loves to cuddle and give lots of sweet kisses.
Titus is One, he loves to fetch ball, go for walks and runs. Very adventurous and vocal he likes to stand up on you on his two feet on your shoulders like a baby, little does he know he’s not a baby anymore 🥲🥹🫠
Felix is 3 months. Don’t let the eyes fool you he’s a wild one 🤣 he loves to hop from wall to wall. If lighting McQueen was a cat it would be Felix. He loves to cuddle and play with his toys. Also loves to play with the toilet paper 🥲
Carly is the sweetest rescue. She loves chasing squirrels and being next to her momma.
Mufasa is the sweetest! He loves to talk and be held like a baby! He especially loves his after dinner snack.
Loki lives up to his name. He causes mischief daily but he really is the goodest boy.
Luka Lupine
Luka Lupine is 7 years old and he was rescued by us out of a local animal shelter. He is thought to be Alaskan Malamute/Husky and Grey Wolf. He loves to play with tennis balls, to sunbathe, and the outdoors. He isn’t fond of small dogs, but is fine with bigger dogs and cats. He likes head/chin scratches and playing with his big sister, Linda. He is a big baby and so fluffy!!!