Dog cat Stories - 19


I have an anxiety disorder and it was hard for me to be happy. But now I'm in a comfortable place so I'm is so happy. It would mean so much if you vote for me.💕
She was rescued from the pound at 5 weeks old. She has 15 brothers/sisters. She loves to eat, nap and play with her ball. She is all about car rides and sticking her head out the window. She knows lots of tricks and is so smart. Cant help but fall in love with those hazel eyes of hers 😍
Cookie Dough
She is the best emotional support dog ever. She has an attitude but it's only because she's super cute
10 years old still acting like a puppy and living the best life
It’s been a rough start to life, lots of visits to the vets but doing well and staying strong. Loves nothing better than cuddles and snuggles and chewing on mr g raff
Ruckus is a big loving, fun best dog ever
Clyde C.
Clyde is a rescue cat who adopted us over a year ago ❤️ He loves to sleep, enjoys eating his food standing up and love’s spending quality time with his family 🥰With out a doubt Clyde is a gentle giant with eyes everyone can get lost in..
Marley is almost 18 and loves going for his daily walks! He picked up the habit about a year ago and now meows at the door to go explore. He’s super vocal & thinks he’s half dog! 🤓😻
Lucy was abused as a kitten by her previous owners Which caused her to despise humans but love is the best medicine and today she is one of the sweetest cats we know
Zoey is the most loving dog. She always wants to cuddle. She is obsessed with her ball and her toys. Every night, she has to grab a toy to go to bed with her.
he is my cat (tigger and tim are the family pets) i've had him since he was a kitten and he loves me so much and the feeling is mutual
Monie loves to sing when I call his name he sings , he watches cartoons, And he loves to eat and play
this is tilly, she died on the 23rd of may 2018 but i thought this would be a great way to keep her memory alive
Scrappy is a loving dog, my daughter best friend forever, they love each other so much❤️
tigger is 4 years old, he is tim's brother. in 2020 he got hit by a car and the vets thought he would have to have his eye removed but he made a shocking recovery and is now perfictly fine. he loves people, cuddles, and sitting in the sink and in boxes
this is tim, he is tigger's brother and he is very polite as he mews to thank us whenever we let him in. he is 4 years old and likes frizbies
Purrfect Day Cat Cafe reprsentee! 😻☕Summer is a grey and white calico American Shorthair kitten from the Cat Cafe that enjoys chasing her own tail, playing with plushies and being completely spoiled. ✨💞
Rocky is very outgoing and loves his family very much hes very protective and loves to play ball and he carries his toys that we call his babys everywhere he goes he is very smart and healthy he loves his wet and dry food and when hes a good boy he gets treat lets all vote for rocky he deserves it 💙
Hello! I’m Mia, I’m a German Shepard mix! I am super energetic and loving! I love my family and my toys! Bones are my favorite! And no one can resist my ears! Everyone always talks about them. 💕
Ziggy is playful,loveable &loves to be rubbed.He loves his daily ride in his carseat.Ziggy is a yorkie-poo.Loves his mom & dad.Ziggy attends church.
Babydog Aka Huck
Huck is a character. He is more so our child then a dog. He has a one of a kind personality. His dad was the best dog we ever had, sadly we lost big huck, whom was killed by the police who illegally came into our house while we were not home. And our baby did what he was made to do and stood his ground which cost him his life.. He just so happen to get the the mother dog inpregnanted weeks before losing his life so he is a very special pup to us. He will always and forever carry on his dads memory.
Hi I’m Bonnie my momma found me down the road and brought me home to my three doggo siblings! I act like a doggo sometimes she says but i’m definitely a kitty. I love chasing tails and scratching my post!
Hi good day to every one. I have friend way back in Dubai who rescue this cute cats on the streets and i wanted them to be here with me as thier forever home.i start with Kulilit around 2 years old male have a leg injury because of fighting other cats on the street. next is Gracia around 6 months old he have spine injury that will be healed but takes he is ok with continues medicine bus still cannot jump high.but can walk and run.then we came to the siblings Hakuna male, Itim female and Corna they were both 8 months old survival with parvo almost die because 4 other sibling dies on the street with parvo so Ramon save them and put under his care till they survive please im asking you with a small help for them to have forever home because there still other rescued cat with ramon in Dubai including 4 pregnant cat.God bless you all a small help will save lives of this poor innocent and sweet creatures.
Hello I’m Tobey! I’m an older guy but I’m still down to go run around for the day! Going on adventures is my favorite thing to do! I love to roll around in the grass and pickup sticks along the way!
Hi I’m Percy. I am a chill guy I love to talk for treats and my momma trained me on how to be her support when she’s down! I’m a sensitive loving guy who is always down to cuddle. Thank you for voting for me!
Hi I’m Bean! I turn 1 on May 15th and I would really like to win as a birthday gift! I love to play ball, chew on my bones, and run my zoomies out! I play all day to sleep all night!
Stinker is a Pomski( pomeranian/husky) Hes like 75% pomeranian and 25% or so husky. He is 13 years old. He is a very very smart dog, he can jump through hulla hoops, shake paws, and dance a little bit. He got his name from his breath. Hes always had really bad breath since he was a puppy and my dad thought it would be unique to call him stinker .
She loves to be friendly and loves her dreamiest the most
Fluffy has a great character. She likes scratching on tree trunks as her scratching posts. She also loves to be the center of attention.
Gigi is training to become a therapy dog, she is outgoing, fun, loving, and a Saint Bernadoodle
Skippy Jean Peg
She has the most character I've ever seen in a cat. Is the most curious and notices absolutely everything! She will play with anything, a marker cap on the floor=played with for hours! Her ears and tail are bigger than she is and she's the biggest lover when she wants to be.. but she has the ugliest meow I've ever heard so she's lucky she's the cutest cat...
Bo Wagner
Hi I’m bo! I’m a red-ticked coonhound. I love spending time with my family and I’m so glad that they rescued me! 😊
Charli-mae Blaise Johnson
Hi! I’m Charli-Mae Blaise, I love to run up to you and lay on my back and wait for belly rubs. I’m pretty much the ruler of my house but I’m so cute 🥰 EVERYONE that walks through the door falls in love with me. Please vote for me so mommy can buy me some new toys, a princess can NEVER have enough toys 🧸 😉
Ms. Mabel
Hi- im mabel: Im a fan of acting like a spaz, while staring out my window, watching the birds. Im 2 yrs old solid black, with green eyes, and i talk ....alot.
Blu is a all American fetch player, he acts more like a dog than a cat. He loves long car rides and taking away all the stress a college girl goes through.
Ladies, watch out! There's a new pup in town🐶😎 Suave and sweet ladies man, Jack loves making friends, playing with the pups around the neighborhood, and catching z's with his little red monkey plush. Look at him! You can't tell me this handsome boy isn't vote-worthy! Show him some love!❤️❤️❤️
Hi my name is sunshine I’m a cat who has a kitten her name is Linda I’m also playful with people
Luna is a very friendly, loving, loves to be petted and she loves to eat. Luna meows when she wants something or if her water is dirty so that I can change it also when she wants her food bowl filled. Luna would jump on the sofa so that she can be petted when we walk thru our front door. Also when she wants to lay down next to us and if there’s something in her way she would stare until we remove the item.
Bo likes going to the dog park and sleeping in his human sized bed!
Candy Corn
Candy Corn was adopted from a local shelter. Her papers said she was 5 and we found out she was 12 when taken to the vet. I dont think she had very much human interaction before she came with us. But now she is the most loving and cuddling kitty ever.
Dj Woofers
I rescued this handsome boy from Mississippi 2.5 years ago. He’s is spontaneous, loving, wild and the best snuggle ever. He loves the beach, the water and make friends with all different types of animals. He’s my heart and soul
Wyatt loves cuddles and treats. He likes walks in the rain and spending time at the doggy park.
Luna is an ADORABLE cat! He is like one of the kiddos in our house!! He runs our house lol He is full of energy and love!! He always wants affection and attention!! His FAVORITE thing in the world to play with is walmart bags and packing bubbles! :) He is our love for sure!! He loves to get in to EVERYTHING!!! and he makes sure we know that he's always around!
Zeus Loves chilling in the sun , and loves running around. He’s 5 years old and loves eating food . He loves being a big brother to his little sister kitty cat 🐈
Kitty Cat
Kitty cat 🐈 Loves being outside and chasing lizards. She’s the sassiest girl you’ll ever meet . She loves hanging out with her big brother Zeus ( 5 yr old pit bull ) .
Kermit is a black and white elder Tom cat who staying hunting mice and birds, as well as exploring outside all day. He’s quite a people person and loves attention. After a king day from being outside, Kermit loves to tell stories and catch up on snuggle time. He also loves to give nibbles and licks while getting pets, and drools from being so happy.