Will exchange votes ... Without Brutus, I would not be alive today. Brutus has been clinging to my side like glue ever since I rescued him from the streets almost 4 years ago. I don't know how to give him back with my life because he stood by me. He loves to cuddle and, despite his size, he considers himself a lap dog. He enjoys playing with his squeaky toys, riding in the car, taking walks, and, of course, cuddling up next to me Find me on FB if you have any questions Crystal Maus I'm also on pupvote if you want to exchange there ...
Lily loves to take walks on the beach and she loves to nap in the sun she’s a cuddley one !!!
Hi I’m ziggy Sweet but savage😺 and full of flooof My mum also exchanges votes🥰
Im Benny a bundle of joy the collest dog around love to chase the mailman and play ball, love to play with sister Grace ,but im the king .
Milo is a handsome 5year old little man! He’s been through some tough times with his momma through her last few years of infertility and now he’s going to be a big brother! He loves to bark at nothing, and everything! He loves to chase his girlfriend around the yard and house, doesn’t care for his cat brother! He’s the sweetest boy and loves hugs and ear scratches!!
Leo is a very playful dog he is so gentle around kids and people he love going out on long walks he’s only 3 half months ❤️
Penelope is a fun, energetic, loving cat. She loves treats, climbing in boxes, bags, etc. She is a very spoiled kitty this household!!
Rocky Evans
Rocky loves people if he knows them he loves to play with mouses and he loves to eat he gets along with dogs
This is my best friend Vito
He’s a gentle giant and comes from a champion blood line. His grandma was champion of Macedonia in 2020. He loves people!
Nala likes dressing up for Halloween loves her treats and loves playing fetch. You should vote for her because she is beautiful and has a fun time playing with toys. She could always use more toys :)
In 2020, Hershey came to us, just weeks old, after being thrown from a car, resulting in a broken pelvis and femur. She is a true fighter; previously living on leaves and twigs and successfully making it through a surgery to repair her broken bones. Her jumper isn’t 100%, but she gets around just fine! She is polydactyl and loves staring at you from high places, watching lizards, chasing ice cubes, and sporting scarves.
Presley was a rescue puppy from Mexico. He has eyes that stare so deep into your soul, your heart can’t help but melt everytime he looks at you. The beach is his favorite place to be. Playing ball is a close 2nd, but the combo of the two & he is the happiest pup alive!
I am a very chilled, calm cat. I love to explore outside, meeting other cats and trying to catch birds. I like to be left alone to relax and in my own time i will come to have a cuddle and fuss. I love treats, I could eat a whole packet…. but mum says I’m not allowed
I am the most neediest kitty you would ever meet, I love a fuss and lots of affection/cuddles. My favourite thing to do is play with toy mouses, if you throw it for me, I catch it and bring it back for you to throw again (just like a dog). I love fish treats and I will sit in the garden watching birds/butterflies all day if i could but most of the time I am indoors where I am safe ☺️
Cody The Kid
Hello, Im Cody the kid I was rescued from domestic abuse. Im adopted to loving family I loved lots attention, love to sun bath , my favorite food Pate Purina Friskies my favorite things cats toys, cardboard boxes and my brothers .
He is a very silly boy
Pebble is crazy but so full of character. She climbs my curtains and jumps out at me all the time. She’s so sweet and lovely natured. With beautiful eyes and markings
Go follow Penny on her Instagram at @piercing_eyes_penny 🐶
Keefer is a sweet and goofy boy. He loves to play ball and snuggle.
Chloe is originally from Kentucky, she was found in a cardboard box in a garbage dumpster with her 4 siblings. Despite what a human did to them, all of them were super friendly and huggable, Chloe stand out because of her unique color, I call her “Princess”, she “talks” a lot,is super friendly and always welcomes everyone that comes to visit. She missed Connor a lot when he passed away, we got her a new sister, Cleo, Chloe is an amazing sister to Cleo.
Milo is a crazy boy but he love to cuddle the most he loves hugs and food and never misses a chance to attack you in the dark
He loves to great me in the morning and sit on my lap. His favorite toy is his chip nips which is a toy that is a bag of chips but with cat nips
Mr. Kitty
Mr. kitty is so sweet and spoiled. He loves greeting us at the door, playing fetch, and bath time. He needs all the food and attention he can get.
Roscoe loves to sleep. He likes to eat and his birthday is Halloween. 🎃
Loki is an energetic kitten full with attitude. But he is also the softest, kindest kitten around. He loves his baby chick toy, even though he loves to eat chicken just as much! Lucky he is too young to know 🤭
Mack is crazy, he likes to run and loves hugs.
Maz is a 5 month old Doberman pup, she’s sweet, sassy and full of love. We rescued her from the shelter and she’s been full of love to everyone and everything she meets!
Billy is almost 5 months old, absolute gem loves to play, gives cuddles and kisses and sleep, his a very crazy pup when it comes to play 🥰
I received notice that Kingpets "selected" Rambo's photo for their social media page. Posting him on 9/22/2022. And "ALL" votes were received strictly by the rules created by "" (I didnt buy the votes, but awesome friends did) ....Rambo is one of six rescues I own. Rambo was left on the side of the road in June... I took him in and gave him a good , happy home. I paid out over $600 total in vet bills and neutering but he was well worth putting me in debt. He is the youngest of 5 siblings and is a real "spitfire"... Hence the name Rambo....Rambo is a true warrior. He has so much character. Rambo loves to play and jump on his siblings. He is a rescue kitten and deserves to win !! Thank you for your votes, keep voting each day.
Kassie is a sweet, loving, silly and curious pup who likes to explore and get into trouble. Who doesn’t?!
Gumdrops is a shy cat but extremely loving once you get to know her. Her favourite thing to do is eat and she spends most dinners begging her family for food. She also loves sleeping in the bathtub and is the cutest cat you'll ever meet!
Willow is a 6 month old half maine coon/half long haired + enjoys bugging her older brother Harley! Willow is very vocal and will tell you when it’s feeding time. She loves suntanning and laying on top of her Skinny Pig sisters cage. She also loved doing zoomies with her brother @ 3am which wakes up everyone in the house
Taco is domestic/ Mainecoon mix. He's 13 months old and loves to play.
Chappie is a Presa Canario mastiff mixed with a pocket pitbull. Her favorite thing to do it run around in the mountains and go fishing. Shes an amazing handfull!
BMO is the sweetest cat with the biggest personality! He knows how to tell us exactly what he wants whether he’s scratching the food bin cause he needs more or knocking our phone out of our hands because he wants some love. We got so lucky to find him at the animal shelter. 13.5 pounds of kitty love ❤️
Cotton is the biggest baby! She loves car rides, her papa Danny, and her best friend Zeus. Cotton has been a family dog since she was born. Her personality is out of this world!
Luna love to pose for the camera and enjoyed a cuddle every morning on my bed
KeKee actually a miracle cat and lucky to be alive. We we're clearing out trees and debris on these people's property and he actually got scooped up in the bucket. They honestly thought the cat was going to die but thankfully he's still alive in his such a joy and such a blessing.
Hash is a pure breed Australian Labradoodle. He is so loveable and playful ❤️
Hello , my name is Hera. Who don't know my name comes from the goddess Hera she was the goddess of love. She inspired me to offer love and gentleness. I Like new toys and I love the food .I love to sleep in my parents bed and between them two. I like to run a lot and im afraid from big dogs . I also like to eat insects and catch the butterflys. I like to steal my parents clothes when they are ready for go in town and is funny when they try to catch me and is impossible and more funny it is when they falling on the ground . This is me, if you like me please help me with a vote and I guarantee I will post my new daily adventures . Thank you Humans . ❤️❤️✨️
His full name is Theodore Maxwell Gregor. He is a very relaxed dog until someone walks through the door. His favorite things are to sleep on his steelers blanket, shredded cheese and his yellow chew toy.
Leo is a cat who loves to cuddle and likes to be held as a baby . He’s a loving cat and is my best companion
Prince Goofy
Prince goofy is a special part of the family. He a support dog for my wife and he great at that. Prince loves to run and play ball or play with all his toys. Plus loves going on rides.
Hello my name is Bunker. I am 3 years old! I love to wait for the mailman and protect everyone from the mail!
Callie is very friendly and loves other people and dogs and loves going for walks and car rides. She is also very beautiful. I would not trade her for anything. She loves sleeping with mom very much. So please vote for Callie
Blaze was rescued from a house fire. He loves to cuddle.
Grey Girl is a sweet silver lab who loves swimming, hiking, and going to work with her Dad. She’s very obedient and is learning how to hunt with mom and dad this year. Give this pretty girl a vote!