Nahko is a hunter! Protector ! A king! The man of the house and will let you know as much! He is by my side all the time and is a tiny gorgeous nutcase with a kind heart and all the love for his mum! 🥰🥰😍
Happy was found outside..he was brought in the house and loves to sleep in the same spot every night. He also drools alot!
Oscar is a very lovable cat and loves to play with his sister. He is very special bc I got him from an owner who did not take good care of him. I have had him for 4 years now. He loves to eat! He will sit and watch you eat food and will move his lips like he is eating it as well. He also loves to play and hide his toys.
He loves his baby sister, cuddles, treats and his toys. He’s a very goofy cat and loves to climb.
Kane is half mastiff and boxer. He is very protective . Very happy boy, likes to play catch very lovable. He looks intimate but he very lovable.
My cute baby Fred, He deserves to win because he's a loveable cat with a lot of pride, he loves sleeping with people and he likes to give kisses and nose and head boops!!
Chief loves to play and loves to snuggle. He loves boxes of any kind.
Luxarda (or LuxyLaLa’s) is a very sweet little girl, she’s quiet, shy and doesn’t like to be too far from her Mummy (me) she loves her home comforts and whenever we go out anywhere she looks for the nearest sofa to go and relax on
Noa has always been a cheeky happy girl, always has a smile on her face apart from sometimes when posing for pictures 😂 she’s also very caring, if someone’s hurt she’s straight there trying her best to make them better! She’s 13 now and not a day has gone by where she hasn’t made me laugh!
Kramer is a 7 month old male cockapoo. He is spunky, playful, cuddly, and loooves to give you all the kisses in the world. His favorite thing to do is steal his older sister Maggies chew bones when shes not looking, and play fetch with his favorite toy hedgehog known as his "baby". He loved spending time with his sister by sitting on top of the couch watching the squirrels. Please vote for this handsome little boy!
Hello friends! My name is Rumer Glenn. I am one year old and my favorite thing to do is to wrestle with my sister Demi. I live in North Idaho and love playing in the snow! Sometimes I howl at my Dad when he’s taking too long to give me my kibble. But I never get in trouble because I’m so cute and fluffy. I love my family more than anything!
Autumn is a goofy, gentle and kind pup. She loves to hike and be outside, lives for peanut butter treats and is the best thing that’s ever happened to me!
Panda is a very sweet boy who loves cuddles
This dog saved my life. Extremely an all around cool guy. Loves to go hiking and feel free. For being 8 years old he is a puppy with all the energy he has. My cuddle buddy, gets a tad jealous, so spoiled, a tad cocky and a life saver.
Luna is nearly a 3 month old kitten who is very playful and energetic and loves her big brother they love playing in there cat tunnel together and have lots of fun.
Timber Grey
Timber Grey will be 3yrs old June 12. He came to me/chose me during one of the hardest times in my life, when we lost my mom. He was only a few months old. He is such a sweet and loveable boy. He loves his kitty nip and treats, he will sit, give paw and high five. He loves his toys, he especially loves pipe cleaners and nerf balls, he plays fetch with his nerf balls. He loves his human brothers nerf bullets and lego tires. He loves his stuffies too. He loves his cuddles. He loves to tuck himself in or be tucked in. He loves to "help" with things. He likes to try new foods. He loves bags and boxes.
Mainly a house cat , but does enjoy rolling around the garden and sunbathing. She definitely loves running around the house for her old age and knocking everything off the tables.
A sweet cat who loves sun and pets.
Gracie is a sweet fun loving cat. She loves to sleep, play with her toy mice and get treats! She loves her “mama” and is such a pretty girl! Please vote for her! She would love it 😻
Doja is a loving girl with a wild side of adventure. She loves her snacks and anything with fish, tuna or shrimp. She enjoys climbing on whatever she can with her brother. She has a wild side and also enjoys her time sitting and watching what her brother or her humans are doing. She has the most beautifully unusual coat.
Bear A Bella
Bear is a male Blue Nose Pitbull and Bella is a female Rat Terrier. I have had them both since they were 8 weeks old.
Spooky is a very timid kitty who can also be a bit of a diva. She loves cardboard boxes, the smaller the better. She loves eating. Her favourite food is chicken, fish, beef, rice, biscuits....actually most things. Spooky is a little tubby too. We love her just as she is.
Noodle is one of a kind in our family, when we got him he was an outside cat in Georgia and got attacked by a dog so we brought him in and took him to a vet and he got his leg amputated so he’s only got 3 legs but he’s grown so much and he’s so lovable and so smart! He plays catch with his favorite mouse toy he just haven’t figured out how to bring back the toy!
My Dexter was a sweet loving boy who loved to make biscuits, and was always there when you need him. Sadly we believe he perished in our house fire on 3-18-24 so I’d like to win this in his memory.
Midnight is a funny cat. Loves to play with the dogs. She loves to cuddle.
Quincy was adopted by my husband and I 9 years ago. He loves his cat hammock and actually can open the heavy sliding glass door when its cracked. He like bringing me mice from the neighbors backyard which he jumps our six foot fence to get and brang back to me, while I was working from home and on a conference call.
Meet minstrel the mischievous 10 week old kitty
Teddy is a very happy cheeky pup. He brightness up my day every day.
Mr.Capone is a loving sweetheart and he is a mamas boy he loves hunting in all the bushes at the river and loves to play in the hose.
Lady Loki
Lady Loki is a fun loving and mischievous little lady. She loves cuddles and a all around wonderful pup
Miss Alli is a very energetic cattahulla hound mix She loves swimming playing tug a war and is just a snugglebug She is very protective of her home and family.
Indi is a 4 year old rescue from Arizona where she was starved close to death. She now lives in Michigan living her best life. She is one of dad's best models for his photography. She acts like she is a cat when she chases the laser pointer @gemtographydigitalart
This is Maverick aka The sock Thief 🤣 He is 11 months old & lives in Scotland 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 Born 19/05/2023
Susie Q
Susie is a tv watching dog. She loves watching tv with her daddy
Jimmy is a cute dog
Lacey is an old girl at 14 and half years old she loves her rabbit teddy and is spoilt rotten
He has a strange name for a cat, but you could call him anything and he’d still be just as cute, lovely and beautiful! Such a loving and happy kitty! He is also very unique in the fact that he still likes to suckle on his purple fluffy teddy and blankets still to this day, after turning 2 years old! (And strangely, on my partners beard when he was a baby!)
Jess loves everything her way
She is the most sweetest dog she loves to play ball and she can be a little diva she has just been diagnosed with diabetes so young at 5 but she just gets on with it she is just our special girl
Sisy was a feral born on our property. My husband found her in a bush scared to death. Hissing and spitting etc. I took my time w her and won her trust and brought her into the house. I'm the only one she trusts. She went from feral to spoiled w her own bedroom🤗 Sisy is now 6 yrs old
She loves to cuddle, be goofy and loves to read books with you aka sleeping on books. She also loves her brother
Tilly is a little crazy ball of sass and funnines. She loves cuddles kisses belly rubs and all things attention. She loves to run and explore out doors and she is obsessed with puddles. Tilly is the type of dog who will happily roll around in the mud and play with other dogs or kids then happily come home and be bathed brushed and pampered. She treat motivated and is great with emotional support especially anxiety. A proper mamas girl clingy and loved and I wouldn’t change a thing.
Sage is my cheeky , little firecracker kitten , she’s energetic, ditsy , and loves cuddling up on the sofa 💕
Prince is a big time cuddler. He will nuzzle up in my arms and stay there all day. Total cuddle bug