Dog cat Stories - 2


Little Roo is the most precious little rescue dog you ever did meet! She is sweet, smart, and sassy! Roo loves to do zoomies in the yard, and is fascinated by the cats in her home, always trying to get them to play with her. She came to rescue with a broken back and, despite a vet saying that she should be euthanized, Roo beat the odds and is living a full and happy life!
Giovanni Cannoli
Giovanni was abandoned on a beach in Massachusetts last Summer 2020. He was rescued but was near death. With numerous health issues, Giovanni was adopted as a hospice situation with a life expectancy of 3 weeks to 3 months. A full year later, Gio has gained a healthy 40 lbs, is no longer in congestive heart failure, and his Afib & thyroid issues are maintained well with medication. Unfortunately, he has been recently diagnosed with a Grade III Mast Cell Tumor and is now undergoing chemo therapy. BUT as he has before, he WILL get through this! Gio is a fighter! 🐾❤️
Sydney Sommer
Being a rescue my aunt adopted she has had a rough life. After my aunt passed away last December i inherited Sydney and we moved from the bay to calaveras county. She has her very own history as so we have been there for eachother since.
Al Capone
Don’t let my name fool you am a gentle big guy also a big brother. I love to eat treats . Am a good swimmer and love the water I love to play with other dogs .I love to play ball also lay in the sun . I love my naps ! And I love my mommy and give her a lot of kisses . Love to play with kids . I like the playing in the snow . Can’t forget I love my tummy rubbed and take my naps .
Our new pretty kitty is a bundle of joy, so loving, cuddly and sweet. We can’t get enough of her.
This is Bubba. He loves to cuddle! The cutest thing he does is when he wakes up from a nap he will yawn so big he wines are the end🥺 bubba loves to play and talk to his dad! ❤️He is a 12 week old mini doxin
Peanut is a little guy who spent the first two years of his life on the streets of San Jose, CA. I’m really the first home he has ever had. He loves his bed and is learning obedience training. I’m showing him lots love, and he’s still trying to figure out what hugs and kisses are all about. He loves his warm outfits and will wear whatever I put on him. We call him Mr P.
Senior Chunk De Amor
This chunk of love is one incredible dog. He is also the mascot to our CBD dog treat company called Fur Bitten Treats. He has a wonderful attitude and is playful with all animals and humans. He has a Goldendoodle big brother, Reese, that he loves to play and pester. "Chunkers" has a very playful nature, loves to have you play fetch, loves to leave a drool trail after he drinks water, and he gets his way quite often with his wit and charm. His favorite room is the kitchen, although he is not supposed to be in there and also loves to barge in the bathroom to say hi and give you company while you try to have your alone time. Everyone knows when he is sleeping because you can hear him snore throughout the whole house and can vibrate the floor with his deep sleep snore. Chunk is a great dog and companion, we are blessed to have him. Please vote for our Chunk.
Pickle likes to cuddle and go for walks. His favorite person is his mommy ❤️
Kali is almost 5 month old , she is cheeky and wrinkly and makes every one who meets her smile ❤️ She loves her toys and always wants to play fetch! She’s such a clever pup ❤️
Ruby has made me the happiest girl ever! I didn’t even realize how much I needed her. She is so smart, loves hiking, playing fetch and carrying around her stuffed pig. She will run all day with you or curl up and sleep by your side. I’m blessed beyond words to be her mom!
Amira is an 11 week old Savannah that goes to work with her mom everyday!! she loves to play all day long and eat all day too!!
Tito is the best lil pup.He listens attentively and always has this cute smile. He rolls over for belly rubs and sleeps under the covers by me every night. He's a joy in my Familie's world. He deserves your votes! Go Tito! We love u buddy!
Hamilton is a smart, cuddly, and very sweet cavapoo puppy. He likes to lay outside in the shade, and loves to be loved by new people.
This is Bella she 10 months old shes part chihuahua and winnie dod she very playful and loves and meeting new people and loves to be held and loves to cuddle
This isbour Gwen...she is our rambunctious one ..qhobis curious about everything and afraid of nothing. Favorite toy is the vacuum! And drinking water from the faucet!
My name is Chula . I love to play with my big brother I like to bit his paws And have him chasing me around the yard . I like too bother him that’s what baby’s sisters do . But he is so sweet to me . I love to play tug of war . I love to eat . I like Chasing the ball around . I don’t like loud sounds I get scared. I don’t like baths either I hate the water . But I love my treats. And I love to take my naps .
Remington is my warrior! Three years ago Remi had a mass cell tumor removed from right behind her neck. They told us the incision would be no bigger then maybe a couple inches. I said okay sounds good. When we went to pick Remi up it looked like they had removed her entire head from the top of one side completely to the other side. Remi didn’t look the same I remember just balling my eyes out when I saw her. The Doctor didn’t give Remi a good outlook. Basically told us go home make her comfortable that the surgery ended up be a lot more then he thought it was going to be. He gave Remi maybe 6 months nothing more. We left there with so much pain in our hearts that day. Remi has proven them wrong 3 years later Remi is still with us going strong. Remi is my cancer survivor! My warrior Princess! Remi is our❤️‘S!
Sookie is tiny but mighty! She was feeling a bit neglected with all the decorating, so she decided to become part of them!
Syrus loves to play with his family, he enjoys throwing cups off tables and just being a devil all in general. He loves to cuddle and be the center of attention.
Bowie Sirius
Hi I’m Bowie, I’m a kitty boy, 1 year old. I love playing with my toys and chicken sticks. Of course, nothing gets me like going with my plastic bag-ball. I also enjoy finding small holes to escape in. When I’m exhausted after a play session, I love sleeping on my mom’s neck and my dad’s legs while he works.
A siberian husky named krueger! Krueger is 4 on October 28th and loves just about everything , he loves getting together with his friends, forrest adventures, and laying in the sun for hours, he also love to climb over 7 foot fences
Ace Ruger
Hi my name is Ace Ruger and I am a 7 month old American Bully! I love to play outside and i love to eat!!! My favorite human is my Mommy! Everybody says i have the prettiest markings and they just love my eyes! Vote for me!!!!
Shadow is still learning herself and still waiting to show her personality but shes energetic and loving. Especially when she chases her older brothers and sisters around.
Bart is quite a shy but photogenic kitty, he loves tinsel balls and will steal any food when someones not looking, well... even if you're looking.
Wanda was an energetic, crazy little cat who loved/hated her kittens and was dedicated to proving this.
Oli (short for Oliver) is my 10 week old Scottish fold. Oli was the only one in the litter born with straight ears, and we think that makes him pretty cool. He loves climbing trees in Golden Gate Park and digging in the sand at Baker Beach! We can’t wait to share more of our adventures
Snow Bengal Siamese mix
Callie is a 45 pound mixed breed. Her Mom is a pit bull I was told but she seems a wee bit dull in the head for a pit bull. She’s almost two years old and I’m still waiting for her to mature. Callie has the personality and behavior traits of a four month old pup. I thought raising her with a cat might help her with some of her bad habits. All I did was create a whole other world of doggie bad habits. Callie whines and cries with a high pitched howl as if she was a cat. When she’s content she makes a trilling sound, somewhat like a cat purring only instead of being a calming sound, I’d compare it to nails on a chalk board.
Suki is a red Shiba Inu, who’s 15 weeks old. She’s a cute ball of energy who loves the outdoors. She is small but mighty!
Zander Patterson
A friend taped a shipping box closed for me and cut a door in it, so I could have a fort of my own! Then Momcat decided to decorate it for me. She named it “Fort WhineyPants” and put a big sign on it that says “no dogs”. Now everyone thinks I’m a pussy, even my dog!
Hi! My name is Phoenix and i’m a Catahoula pup who loves to play and take lots of car rides 🤍
Iradessa is a sassy and sweet loving 4 year old cat. She loves to chase anything that moves, especially my phone cord and always greets me at the door when I come home. She also enjoys sunbathing, sitting in between the shower curtain and liner as I shower and relaxing on my lap. Her dislikes are the vacuum cleaner, strangers, and my husband 😂
Yogi Bear
Yogi is a 2 yr old Bombay we got him at around 3 weeks.He was the biggest of the litter, he got his name when he was about 1 week old he looked like a bear cub! he's feisty & only wants love on his time😂.. yogi still thinks he's a kitten! His fav thing to play with are my sons nerf darts. He's a great spider & fly hunter. 2🖤🐈‍⬛
Odin is a Husky/Border Collie and he is the cutest most lovable cuddly puppy ever! He will come snuggle up on the couch with us and he LOVES belly rubs!
Apollo is a great family pet. Very protective yet very loving with everyone. He has much pride as you can see.
She loves my husband so much she waits everyday for him to get home from work and she will roll over and want him to rub her belly. Nobody else can do this lol
Mist is a 14wk old Blue Frenchie, she loves everyone and likes to spend her day either zooming around or on your lap like a hot water bottle sleeping.
He was rescued from traffic and has been such a sweet boy… we love him
Wess is in love with the water and socks! Ice cubes are his favorite and he snorts all the time like a little piggy.
Hennessy is a super sassy princess, she loves to eat all the snacks she get can. Her favorite toy is her bright red frisbee. She also loves to wrestle in the back yard with her sister Stella Rose. Funny fact you’ll always find Hennessy sleeping in a funny position, either on her back or her is tongue out!
Stella Rose
Stella Rose is a German Shepard, Pitbull mix! She love to give all the hugs and kisses. Stella most noticeable feature is her pointy ears. Stella favorite snack at the moment is ice cubes. She also loves to roll in the dirt every chance she can get!
Bono is my 10 month old English Bulldog puppy. He’s a sweetheart, loves giving kisses, being rubbed, and jumping in his little kiddie pool. He’s energetic and protects his family. I love my puppy with all my heart and it is exciting to see him participate in this contest. Thank you for voting for him :)
This beauty is cheeky by name and cheeky by nature.
Hy my name is Taco, and i love cuddles 🥰 My human mummy adopted me from a friend and loved me since! Please vote for me 🥺 I haven’t gotten a single vote from anyone yet and it’s making me sad 😞