Dog cat Stories - 2


Meet Maya
Princess is 9 months playful likes cuddles and likes toys food tuna and sleeping 😴
Little Joe
My little Joe works every day at a mental health care center and horse ranch called Church In The Barn 2723 hwy 70 Oroville CA ...he is a fun loving crazy funny guy and he loves the ball and swims everyday down at the river with his sister Jessy he and Jess are a Australian kelpie and poodle cross i call them my kelpadoodles i thank God for them in my life everyday they make it a good place to be.
She’s actually a Border Collie/Australian Shepherd Mix. She is the sweetest dog you’ll ever meet! She loves people, horse rides, and razor rides!
I think I am adorable, luaole in Hawaiian meaning unique!
Is this where I will be getting bathed?
Rudi is a camera ham. He has such cute expressions. He cocks his cute little head when being photographed. He is full of doggy spirit!!!!!
She love kids, fetch, long walks, naps
My names Finn, Im 12 weeks old. I have alot of energy and love to run around & play. I get cold very easily so I cuddle to stay warm❤️
Hey guys I’m Big papa Kane, I’m a little troublemaker , as mommy would say. i love getting in anywhere i can fit in like boxes, bags, and closets. i love play fighting my big brother Nine. What you don’t think i can take on a pit bull , ha try again big dogs are kittens to me ! I eat when i want and sleep 5 times a day you can say I’m the big kahuna . I put pups in place i control the house hold and the dog park you can’t help but to love me call me the boss dog 😉
Atlas is an absolute sweetheart that loves everybody, she loves going for runs in the field And doing her zoomiez, and let me tell you she loves munching on bones to keep herself busy. She’s a very good listener and will always stay by my side while walking, and with just one command she’ll listen and come back if she walks away or gets distracted, overall amazing dog that has so much love and potential 🥰
houston is the best boy in the world <33
Gonzo is as silly as his name! He loves his snacks and chasing his own tail. He loves to sleep on his back in the weirdest spots! Definitely my lovely fur baby!
Clyde C.
Clyde is a rescue cat who adopted us over a year ago ❤️ He loves to sleep, enjoys eating his food standing up and love’s spending quality time with his family 🥰With out a doubt Clyde is a gentle giant with eyes everyone can get lost in..
Kobe loves to play hide and seek in his pillow covers and play with his favorite stuffed animal. He has such a sense of humor and is very sweet and intelligent puppy as well. He is super friendly and wants to be everyone’s friend.
Murphy loves to play with his toys and his best friend Harley. Murphy is a one of a kind dog from his unique patter of fur to his personality. If Murphy wins it will all go to him getting more toys and a new big boy bed
Koda loves cuddling. He is my emotional support to help with my anxiety and depression
She is the cutest puppy I’ve ever seen... she is sooo adorable and sooo smart already...
Apollo loves digging in dirt. He also loves his family! His favorite toy is trash. He especially loves water bottles. When he’s not digging in dirt he is sleeping. Apollo loves his sleep. If we win I will use the money to get him a friend. He is also GREAT around chickens and he loves other dogs. He is also a registered service dog.
Bugatti Aka Bu
Cat dog! Before I was even 1 yr old, I was found on the sidewalk of a busy intersection in a box with my kittens. I was a kitten myself, the runt, so I was very little and I didn’t know how to take care of them since no one showed me how to be a cat myself when I was a kitten. My kittens all found homes and my mom nursed me back to health although I do have to live with a respiratory disease. I’m still scared of outside and unknown male humans but I’m getting more brave. I do some normal cat things and even though I’m very clever and vocal, I’m still working on how to make biscuits for my human and other stuff like rubbing against her legs(I always miss). I do love my scratching boards, some comfy blankets AND the best part, I have a whole bin full of toys to choose from. I dig around with my mouth and paws until I find my favorites which are stuffed animals that I can carry around in my mouth, like my lamb chop! she’s lost right now, I’m still trying to find her but I think this human baby stole it. My absolute favorite is playing fetch with mesh and plastic balls that make noise. I bring them to my mom whenever I want to play n she throws it for me. I can hear her car pull up, I sit in the window watching and waiting for her to come inside. even if she’s sleeping I still want to play so I leave a ball on her to see when she wakes up! I even like to leave them in sneakers as a surprise! I love waking up and sun bathing on my chair for a little until mom gets up to feed me. I normally don’t get up until mom does unless she sleeps too long then I meow at her. She asks if I’m hungry and I always let her know I am! I also love human food and sometimes I’m fast enough to steal food off my moms plate and run away with it. I like all sorts of food, my palette is vey sophisticated for a feline, if I say so myself. Vote for Bu!!!
Ike is the most loving boy if he knows you he loves his sisters and dreamies
Cooper is 5 years old and loves his Mom, Dad, Sister & Brother! His favorite thing to do is snuggle! We can’t remember what life was like before him. Please vote for Cooper! Thank you 🐾🐾
My Butters loves chasing lizards and crickets. He was saved by a rescue days before he was to be euthanized. I adopted him 1 month later from petsmart at 6 months he is now almost 3 years old. He loves playing with his younger sister Chloe. He is the most gentle and sweetest cat you will ever meet. He loves going on walks and having belly rubs.
Master likes when his human slaves obey and cater to his every whim. The humans are careful to keep his food and water available and ready for him to eat at his discretion, lest he be displeased and punish the human serfs. He faces daily battles with the nefarious Laser Monkey, and sometimes the cowardly Mr. Bill. He wins many battles, but has not yet won the war against his adversaries. Master does not like when the human peasants disturb his long rests, as the daily crusades he wages and endures wear him to exhaustion. Disturbance will invoke the wrath of Master upon his agitators.
Chloe is the most happiest kitten ever. She loves playing with hair ties and squirrel toys and jumping into baskets. She loves playing with her brother Butters and being cuddled in the morning.
Lil Girl
A true American breed, this Carolina dog has a crazy personality that is just as adorable as her face.
Wolf is actually a Pomsky! But he’s my best buddy! He’s just under a year :)
Beebs was rescued by me from the side of the road after being abandoned. He was found with feline lice, ear mites, an umbilical hernia, and a URI at four weeks of age. He is now thriving in his home with his three big brofurs.
She loves swimming in the water and will constantly have a ball in her mouth
Tookie is the funniest and smartest cat in the world ! She made in 2021 Guinness book of records !
Meeka loves to be around other dogs and kids, she very sweet...the most thing she really loves is going for a ride in the car..🥰🥰
Salem Rwby
Salem is 1 year and 8 months old she likes eating ALOT she loves cuddles,playing and going on mad hyperactive moments at 3AM shes tiny and has never grown shes very loving
Hello world! My name is Tigerita and I am an adopted rescue cat. My favorite feature about myself is that I have only one nostril! On my free time I love to play with my sister Cleo and make a mess of the litter box!
Pinky loves to take long walks and to do tricks! She has a great kind temperament too! Make sure to look at her other pics below and add a comment if you would like! PLEASE VOTE FOR HER WE NEED THE MONEY TO PAY FOR HER PUPPIES SHE IS SOON MAYBE HAVING! :) Also sometimes we think she thinks she’s a bunny because she hops like one! 😂 Please someone donate 1,000(+) votes! Also people who have Facebook please like Pinky & share her link with everyone if possible! Thanks everyone Pinky barks thanks too!
Hi I’m Wilson! I am a Newfoundland poodle mix and I love to play in the snow with my friends! My most favorite toy is my koala bear! Sometimes I cross my paws if I’m feeling fancy!
Eliana is a red standard poodle puppy who LOVES to run and play! Her favorite color is red, her favorite print is leopard print, and she is a Connecticut born-Jersey raised, sassy little pup. Her style is second to none! And she is super patient with her aunt, who loves to dress her up. ♥️@eliana.the.poodle on IG.
Dutch has a bone disease, he has had 2 legs break, and one of those legs rebroke twice. He is fully recovered and is one of the happiest dogs i know. Please vote the money goes to his vet bills.
Hi my name is Blue, I’m a 2 year old calico with grey spots. I enjoy going on walks around the block with my owner as well as running around playing with the laser and other toys. When I’m not doing all that fun stuff, I lay in the nice warm sun.
Baby Girl
You should vote for baby girl because she is a very sweet and loving dog. She is a service dog for depression ect. Baby girl loves to play fetch and playing with all other dogs. She is only 5months old and has already a great dog. She is also a great cuddler. She deserves everything to me.
Hi my name is Remmy and I’m a 10 month old puppy who survived parvovirus. I’m the happiest when I’m at the beach Chasing the ball with my family. I love people but I’m scared of little dogs. I enjoy watching tv in the evenings with my family.
Bonnie Parker
Bonnie Parker is a 4.5 months old lavender Shih Tzu she weighs at 3.5 lbs she is spunky, sweet and her favorite thing is to bite, lick and jump on your face and to terrorize her brother Clyde. ❤️
Sage is a 2 month old Mini Australian Shepherd. She is so smart and so sassy. Her favorite things to do are herding her mommies into the pantry, playing with her squeaky cow, and car ride to get pup cups. She has a little heart on her nose and a big heart inside. She cannot get enough of outside time and ear scratches.
Briggs Koby is a very energetic 5 month old goldendoodle puppy. He absolutely loves people and his other puppy friends!
Chico likes peeing in the kitchen and playing with his dog toys.
Our Kaido is the king of his domain. He loves to play and hunt, and he’s also very cuddly!❤️