Dog cat Stories - 2


Marley is a very sleepy & cuddly cat. She loves her mom and cat soups!
Piper is super cute and loveable. She loves to snuggle and give puppy kisses. She is a Shorkie!!!
Ace likes to play fetch, cuddle and zoom around our house! He is a fiery little man and his favorite snacks are frozen bananas, carrots, and sliced apples. He's an only puppy, so he gets lots of love and attention. He is also a tiktoker!! Follow him at @lifewithaceandmace. Thanks for reading about our Aussie man, vote for him!!!
Toonces is the biggest baby in the world! Believe it or not he enjoys to be swaddled like a baby... sweetest kitty ever!
He loves to play with his sister, he’s a very big boy. His hobbies are eating and snuggling under the covers.
Benni loves to go for rides, she love walks and squeaky toys and im very certain “treat” and “squirrel” are her favorite words.
Thomas is 13 weeks old, he is so full of energy and lots of fun, he likes playing with his toys and climbing on EVERYTHING!!
Smokey is a 5 yr old Snowshoe siamese who is VERY vocal and is more of a person than a cat. He is gorgeous and while he is a cat, he and his best friend that is an American Staffordshire Terrier, when they play it looks like 10kids have been playing.
Scarlett was born on Halloween of 2019! She is a crazy girl, who loves to play fetch and dig her holes! But at the end of the day she’s always up for some snuggles 🥰
Miracle is a very cheerful pup . She loves to get up every morning and show each one of her toys from out of her toy box and its alot lol . I have to put them all back in her toy box before I go to bed or she gets upset if left out .
Hope is a very loving pup . When she was about 4 months old she adopted our family . In winter someone dropped her off by my garage we found her a home well she escaped the yard a few streets over and found her way back to our gate we noticed she was acting funny when you tried to touch her so my husband told the people she found her home and shes been here ever since. A couple years ago we found out Hope had cancer after surgeries she has been cancer free for a year :) She is a very loving pup and she stole our hearts and became part of the family
Luci loves to cuddle his little gingerbread man, he loves his big sisiter bonni, but his favorite thing to do is play fetch with momma!
Please vote for Bella because she is very special she is a survivor we had to bottle feed her her mom had a disease called mastitis so the momma couldn't feed her we took shifts on feeding her we didn't think she was going to make it she's a miracle she is very loving she loves to watch tv with us she sticks up for cats it's truly amazing she drinks out of a cup instead of bowel she thinks she is a human she loves her cat toys and loves going to the lake with us she waits up every night on us to curl up in bed with us she's very smart and she talks back to us all the time in her kitty voice lol
Sam is a stray I found walking down the side walk in the Las Vegas heat. I couldn’t just let him stay there so I brought him home. He has been such a loving and Energetic cat
Moses Allen Davaney
Moses is the kind of dog you can't help but loves. He's gentle and always well behaved. He loves his mommy grammy pawpa and granny. He loves to travel. He's an emotional companion and only wants to bring those around him a smile
Winnie is a whippet cross staffy. Shes a fast paced loving dog. Theres nothing she doesn't like. She is more human than dog. Winnie will let you know when she wants a cwtch with the simple stretch of her paw. Shes very affectionate, loves warmth... Especially a duvet! Her favourite treats are bonios and most of all she loves walkies.. Winnie loves running wild she's fast runner on the field and tends to drift along the way .. Thankgod she doesn't own a car!! My brown eyed girl
Baby Girl
Baby girl is a sassy little girl and loves to play. She has to sleep on ny chest and she doesn't like when I'm not home
Peanut is a 2 year old staffy/ridgeback, she is the most loveable, crazy, hyper dog there is, will never say no to a cuddle or nap
Oliver is a 5 year old Morkie. He loves long walks, cuddles, salmon and his elephant toy. He is a allergic to chicken. But other then that he is a healthy and happy puppy! And mommy loves him so much!
this is cute Evan he is really small and purr every day !!!! Rest in Peace sweetie i will always remember you!!!
Zig has been with me since birth. He loves all kinds of roast, chicken and ham He even eats pizza and chicken noodle soup. He always climbs into bed when I say its time for bed. He loves riding in a car and hanging his head out the window like a dog!
Izzy is 3 years old. She loves to cuddle & chew on peanut butter bones!
He’s the king of cats.
Jellybean Milo
In the first picture that is Jellybean he is a year old tuxedo, he got his name by being so jumpy when he was little so his nickname is jumping jellybean, jellybean loves to go for car rides and he also loves to hang with the family jellybeans favorite treats are the little heart shaped treats that you get from the dollar store, Jellybean also loves to play with dogs and other cats he is more close to his pal Milo jellybean will always plan a sneak attack on Milo and milo and him will play and chase each other around the yard they also love to explore the woods sometimes jellybean brings back a snack from his long trips in the woods and jellybean loves attention if you don’t give jellybean attention he will set by your feet and meow till you pet him. In the second picture that is Milo. Milo was a stray that someone dropped off on the side of the road and I took him in and Milo has been a blessing in my life Milos favorite things to do are follow me around the yard and he also loves to play with jellybean and milo loves to be petted. Theses cats are the best part of my life.
diamond is a 1 yr old pitbull puppy full of energy she is the sweetest there is
This is Maverick. He has the head and tail of a shepherd, and the body and legs of a miniature daschund. He likes to bark at the dogs on TV and insists on sleeping in the middle of the bed, tucked in, with his head on the pillow. He is 100% snugglebug.
Spinx was a stray kitten. he loves to cuddle and play alot. he loves to run around and he is very fast. he loves his twin brother
Reggie is between 6 and 7 weeks old. He's super cute and cuddly and loves to bite toes! He snuggles right into you! He's just an amazing pup.
Hi! My name is Apollo and I'm an 8 week old Great Pyrenees rescue puppy! I love running outside and rolling in the grass and I can't sleep without my puppy blanket!
Karma is a sweet loving little girl 💕 She likes hiding in blankets and playing with my other cat 😂 she has been with me for about a year she was a stray that we found if our back yard and had nothing to do with us we caught her got her warm and some food and water and now she one happy kitty🙂💕
Finley is a Boxer/Lab mixed. He just turned 5 months old. His nicnames are Fin & Stinky boy!! If he's not cuddling in bed, he is causimg trouble with his cat sisters!
Reese Cup
Reese cup is a sweet loving girl loved to ride on my shoulder during car rides! She loves laying out in the sun!
Meet Mogwai! Don't get him wet. Don't expose him to bright light. Don't feed him after midnight. My little gremlin has finally grown into those ears!
He loves walks to the beach it’s his favourite thing to do playing in the sea 🌊 he loves people and dogs always a happy pup
Darlene is a rescue. Found him as a tiny kitten with a broken leg. He’s an energetic weirdo and a true sweetheart who loves belly rubs. Now that he’s all healed up, his favorite thing to do is jump to the highest points around the house.
Banjo is a love bug and likes to cuddle and play with his sisters.
Neko is a 16yo Maine Coon/domestic shorthair mix. She loves eating anything potato and sleeping
Willow was given to us after we lost our older kitty to a coyote attack. She is a little princess and her personality just lights up a room. She loves to play and chase her brother around. She will get your attention by meowing at you to pick her up. She loves to be held and cuddles with you.
Poppy is a 3 month old domestic/British shorthair cat. She’s a loving, friendly and playful little kitten.
Aja Becky
Aja is the most loving animal I’ve ever known. She came to me from RACC almost 4 years ago. Her perfect day would be spent taking long walks, sniffing butts, and taking naps.
Iga F. Reggie is a little poser who likes to be centre of attention at all times! His cheeky grin proves it all!💙
Tigga/ tiggy is a old, lazy and definitely crazy boy! He loves a good cuddle and enjoys bossing his younger sibling around.
Woody is a silly, clumsy pup. He is a big boy that has a huge love for cuddles and licks. His favourite things include cats, food, pillows (for comfort) and his trampoline! 🐾
Cookie is extremely energetic, he charges around like a cheetah. He is the most affectionate cat and he's purr can be heard for miles. He loves his food especially whiskas pillows and loves to drink water out the tap (not the bowl) and loves to play with water
Butters is a rescue pet he was only 6weeks old when him and his brothers and sisters were left in a kennel outside someone's house in mondovi I took him in he was malnutritis and loveless until we got ahold of him fed him and loved him and he mad a new best friend Mr.tibbs they love playing together and taking naps together. Butters is now got a big belly and is growing up he just happened to be napping with the t.v remote while we were watching movies together. How cute! T.V and cat naps :)