Harley Quinn
She loves to watch out the window and meow at the birds. Loves attention and her family
Coco likes walks around the lake and loves chicken nuggets.
He is full of love. Loves to snuggle. And loves everyone.
Like any other Beagle he wants to run and hunt until he gets tired
Daisy loves belly rubs, spring toys and treats. She spoons me at night and caresses my cheek, with her big paw. She's a wild thing during the day but come bedtime, she turns into a baby. 😂
He was rescued from a dumpster. He loves snacks like chips, popcorn and limbe. He loves to play fetch with his pink mouse. He thinks he’s bigger than he is and picks fights with his big brother. Had the cutest little sneeze. Full name Boots McSneezy
He loves to play fetch and tag with my daughter. He likes to eat cheese snacks. He’s so sweet and wouldn’t hurt a fly. He has separation anxiety from getting lost while on vacation and will now follow us everywhere. He’s learning how to be a big brother to our newest kitten Boots.
Loki named after the famous Loki from marvel, is so loveable! He loves cuddles and kisses. Loki loves bubbles and playing with any string he finds.
Riz is a six year old domestic long hair. She’s shy and sweet and all she wants is to share some chicken with ya she loves to hammock and sitting on the balcony after a long day of sleep. Vote for her means a vote for more treats
Prudence is 16 weeks old and such a sweet loving girl who loves sun bathing in the window and having cuddles but has also got a naughty side.
Luke also called Lukey Pookey, is my little pumpkin roll. He loves to play with his sister Salem, and roll around when he wants attention. He loves his treats and is very food motivated.
Macaroni Richard Batman
Please VOTE on Macaroni's other account. I got a badge for making this one
He loves to dress up & sit proud! Loves all of the attention he can get!❤️
Brie was a breeding dog for four-years before I adopted her. She had never felt grass beneath her feet or played with a toy. Brie wasn’t potty trained or know any commands. She turned 9-years old in April. Brie has learned some commands and tries really hard to use the pee-pads. She is sick now with Protein Losing Enteropathy. There is no cure but can be managed with diet and meds. With everything she has gone through I’m so happy I saved her from the life she lived. Brie doesn’t play with toys much. She loves to have her little belly rubbed. Her favorite times of day are breakfast, lunch and dinner. Brie’s only 5-lbs. If she had her way she’d double that amount easy.
Carson was a rescue cat, living on the streets, until he jumped into the car of a shelter volunteer who was doing a TNR at a feral cat colony. But he certainly wasn't feral! He loves his furever home with his loving pet parents, and is the sweetest little love-bug!
Hello I am Gizmo ,my daddy found me abandoned in a barn when I was just 3 weeks old and brought me home to raise me in a loving home. I am almost 3 years old, soon to be an adult (although I’m still baby of the family). I love to cuddle up and sleep, chase flys and make sure I get lots of head and paw massages. When everything’s quiet I run around stomping my little paws so people wonder what’s going on (my parents should of called me thumper). I love cheesy snacks especially crisps , I try to steal them when my mummy isn’t looking. I have a grumpy older brother called Sardine , I know he loves me really but I think I am too energetic for him at times. I love to play with loo rolls , laser lights and chase shadows. I will tackle your legs when you walk to try trip you up but most of all I enjoy staring into corners or mid air to freak my parents out.
Thor is the Mighty Kitty of Thunder... He likes the race.. go to your bed room? He shall beat you there? the bathroom you guessed it... He will beat you there.. He has a Love hate relationship with his Brother Loki, a younger black cat... Hes adopted (they are both adopted lol)
Arlo is a 1 year old border collie mix who was a rescue. He loves tug of war and to play fetch. He also loves butt scratches.
Gets jealous when momma brushes her hair, cause he wants to be brushed too. He loves love and cuddles time.
Miss Phoebe Buffay The Cat
Miss Phoebe Buffay is the most precious kitty I have every had. She is FeLV positive so we have meds and a whole routine we do to keep her immune system up and she is the MOST patient kitten ever. Never fights me and truly is the best little kitten. She is my #1 Gal Pal. 🌸
Little Booty Ham Sandwich
This is little booty ham sandwich! She loves chicken and purs like a lawn mower! ❤️ she loves cuddling at night and making her humans happy! ❤️
Nice cat
Karma loves water, raw treats and food! She loves to cuddle with her sister and play all day long!
Macaroni Richard Batman
Macaroni loves all type of veggies, and fruits. He loves people, especially babies. He is cuddling but at the same time adventurous. He is beyond smart and loves to make people smile. If you really love him and want to see more follow him on TikTok and Instagram.... He's also a painter
Kodiak is the sweetest cat. He lets you rub his tummy and sits with you like a dog.
Rosie is very playful she likes to sleep and play on the trampoline and likes to play with other animals and people
Bubs is a 7 year old Turkish Van that loves playing fetch with garbage, eating catnip, and biting ankles. He is my best friend in the whole world.
Dexter is the sweetest little boy who loves his toy donut. He loves to play fetch and knows tricks like spin, sit, handshake, high five, lay down, roll over, and play dead. He is very smart and is such a unique pomsky
Charlie thinks he owns me and everything in our house. Despite being 14 years old he is young at heart and it shows on the outside. He has a quote unique character and a mind of his own. He's a very friendly cat but not a lap pet.
Maleficent is Queen of her castle! She has 3 other sister Elvira. Morticia. And Lily.
Gracie is a 8 month old labordoodle who loves watching duck dynasty and watching her dad blow his duck calls! She is always happy and loves playing and laying in her bed
Loki is definitely the cat of mischief. She is a hyper little thing and does zoomies all over the house.
Neo loves to snuggle on his favourite blanket where is always paws on it and does this cute little sucky thing on it too.
Porcha loves bedtime snuggles and is usually drooling when you stroke her in bed.
Willie Wonka
Willie Wonka is a 16 week old Chocolate Harlequin Great Dane! He's sweet as can be!
Leo is 9 weeks and is very cuddly! He also Meows when ur asking him questions so he talks to you in a high pitched quiet voice the most cutest thing in the world. He also plays fetch and loves to wrestle with me.
Beans is the prettiest girl! She loves belly rubs and having her feet tickled. She loves playing fetch & chasing her little brother Frank.
A very pretty pain in the bum! Loves loving, strokes and cuddles but will also pinch your food, climb your legs and go on adventures when she shouldn’t 🥲🤣
Angel Faith
Angel Faith is a very spoiled little dog. She runs me and my husband. She is so cute loving and playful.
A domestic feline who enjoys bird watching, cuddling, and serenading my human. I spend my day taking long naps, bathing my silky fur, and sharpening my savage claws!
Bridget is a sassy little 4lb munchkin that loves to cuddle mom and dad, and her sister Lola. But she also loves parkour and MMA 😂
Very playful and such a sweet tired boy
Loki is a playful 9 week old kitten. Named Loki after the god of mischief as he can be mischievous and lives up to the name well. He loves cuddles and sleeping but loves playing the most
Snow is definitely one of a kind. Like a Snow Flake. She’s super sweet and calm for a husky. She likes to be secretly mischievous. Her favorite thing is to pounce at you and swat at your feet with her big paws and thinks it’s funny when you trip. I love her so much and so does anyone who meets her.
Sasha is a 4 month old tuxedo cat, she loves lots of cuddles and going for walks and loves lots of playtime💜