Moosestifer James
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Spookie is actually my mom’s dog, my mom has always loved black pug dogs since she was 12 years old, spooky is her second she loves the smoosh faces ❤️❤️❤️❤️
Hisoka Is my emotional support animal he makes me happy when I’m very depressed or when I have a bipolar episode. He was brought to my husband and I in a box, no mamma in sight. He’s my sunshine ☀️
Frosty was an unexpected addition to our home she was abandoned by the Wendy’s hence her name she is my baby girl and is the most loving baby I’m so glad she’s in our lives
He’s the most adorable cat. He snuggles right up to you to give you love. 💕
Kea was adopted from the Hawaii Humane Society. He is currently 11 years old living his best life. He loves snuggles and making other kitty friends.
Butters is a beautiful joy and he is very loving and photogenic he’s a lover 😍
This is yoshi. My…cat. He is a crazy MF, my big dog is scared of him and he runs the house
Ollie is my crazy baby, full of sass and attitude. She always makes the silliest faces.
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Herschel was adopted from a rescue with only three legs. This heroic cat lost his leg while battling off zombie cats on his farm that he lived on with his family. The leg needed to be amputated due to a zombie cat bite otherwise he would have possibly became one of them. (Hopefully there are some Walking Dead fans here who get this). Honestly the real story we were told when we adopted him was worse about his lost leg. He is the sweetest, most lovable cat you will ever meet.
Diesal And Missy
We can vote for vote Missy and diesel the cuddle monsters ❤️Born 12th March 2022 Little boy loves nothing more then to chew stuff he is not meant to 😂 playing with his sister Missy Missy born 12th March 2022 loved cuddles with her brother when it's nap time but when awake she loves nothing more then putting diesal in his place
Mylo is a smart cockapoo boy, loves making new friends, playing with his beloved ball and naps of course😍
Deuce is a lover and lives cuddles 🥰 He got he’s name from his birthday February 22 2022
Leo is the alpha of our 4 cats. He is the oldest and he looks after his siblings like a good big brother!. He is very talkative and loves watching birds and bringing us random gifts from the outside world!
Hazel is the sweetest puppy. She is only 5months old. She’s currently obsessed with plastic bottles, ice and of course her tennis ball. She loves being held like a baby.
My Ellie bell is an independent lover on her own time. She loves to play with pennies/coins. She's also very vocal. We call her our beggar bop.
Hi my name is cloud and I’m 3 months old! I love to play a lot running fast here and there lol but I’m super friendly and sociable!! My weakness is cuddles;)
Ranger was saved by my sister and bottle fed. He has a very unique personality. He loves my 7 year old Boarder Collie and the dog lets Ranger lay on him, with him all of the time. When I take a shower, Ranger is in the shower daily. He’s so weird and loveable! 😍
I'm super sweet and I love to cuddle with my humans and sleep in their armpits. And I snore, and if you look close, I have a cute little black heart on my nose!
Can run for hrs non stop,loves the water and finding birds!
Lola Kaur
Lola was a cat that was abandoned by her owners, she had many behaviour issues and was so wild. Eventually i fell in love with her and she did manage to get pregnant and have 3 kittens. She is perfect now and is forever loved by us all. She is beautiful and so loving, and clever she finally has the life she deserves.
Cookie plays fetch with her ringing mouse toy and she loves chicken treats. She is a sweetheart and always wants in her window spot to watch the birds and the bunnies outside
Hey my name is Lily. Im 3 years old I like to sleep and sometimes play. Im addicted to the squeeze up treats.
Willow likes fetching her bear for me to throw for her
Hope is a very caring and jolly doggy! She is very smart and loves to do agility and dog training (that’s it there is treats included) she loves her sister Winnie but does tell her off when she does something bad! Vote for Hope!
Ace, a shorkie, is the best boy a mom could ask for. Lovable and fun, he makes life so much fun. He loves his naps but also loves camping,hiking, and going to grandma’s house.
Blue loves to go on long walks, love meeting new people. He enjoys rolling around and playing in the snow ❄️, and loves his belly rub🫶🏽💙
Winnie is so cute but is also very naughty! Her favourite things to do are give people kisses 😘 and to play and walk, with her sister hope! Please vote for her
Hi! I'm Jack my mommy rescued me when I was super little. I was taken from my Dog mommy too young and my human mommy didn't know until she took me to the vet. Because of that I am super cuddly with my mom she always calls me her cuddle bug. I have to have physical touch and feel close to my mom at all time. I love all the toys I get especially squeaker toys and stuffed animals. I also love my two sisters and kids. My back legs don't work so well because I am missing ligaments in both of them so I walk on my tiptoes and lose my balance a lot but my mommy loves me any way!
She is an Angel Dog she can since when someone is feeling sick, depressed or just need little bit of love from her.CoCo's dog Lovings will always do the trick and have you feeling better.
Hades is only a little over one year old, but he is a big beautiful boy who absolutely LOVES cuddle time, has the loudest and best purrs in the world, and does the cutest thing when you start petting him, he will just FLOP on the floor for you to pet his belly. He also does this adorable thing where if he wants something really bad, he will stand on two legs and paw at the air with both paws <3
Lucy is a sweet loving peach of a cat. She is obsessed with taking baths and looking at herself in the mirror. She is always there when I am sad or feeling sick.
Hi I’m Vera , my family rescued me from Romania! I love walks and exploring new places , cuddles on the sofa but my favourite thing is to meet and play with new dog friends, I love that even more than special doggy treats , my best friend is pearl a Bosnian rescue !
Charlie is the most loving pup a girl can ask for❤️. He loves being rubbed and held. He enjoys playing ball and watching tv in his spare time. 😂
Ralphie is a spunky sassy mommas boy, who enjoys visiting grandmas house, and loves his biggby pup cups! He loves zoomie runs around the yard, his brother grapes (a cat) , and always waking his momma up for belly scratches!
Jellybean is a three year old tuxedo he loves to travel and see new things he’s very loving
He is a gentle giant, everything about him is giant including his paws. He loves snuggling and purring and loves his people 😍
Target is a Great Pyrenees and antlion sheperd mix she’s 13 weeks old loves to sleep next to her mommy and daddy she also loves to be with animals
Victor Von Cuddles
An adorable big boy who is fascinated by baths and is currently studying to be a bubble inspector. His favourite toy is his catnip fish and his favourite food is dreamies.
She is extremely smart, and loves every one she meets. She loves to run and swim and her favorite is to play fetch at the park. She is full of love and has brought complete happiness to her family ❤️❣️
Walnut was an abounded 3 day old bottle baby. I do believe he is my heart cat. He loves our standard poodle and loves to go for walks outside and play in his habitat. He loves to wash my face and chase ice cubes.
Amiri Rae
Amiri is the sweetest baby there is! So so spoiled and lovessss to love. She a lab mix and is the biggest baby ever! She loves yo cuddle and watch tv with her toy in her mouth. Loves to play and run around in the yard. Loves giving kisses and follow us around. Show her the same love we show her everyday and vote for our sweet girl!
This spicy boy enjoys day sleeping and darting out the front door. Chonkin it up on squeezems, soups and treaties.
Hi! I’m Leia! My hoomans got me a little over a year ago! I’m a pug/jackrussel mix so I can be both lazy and crazy energetic! I love cuddling, I don’t like fetching toys. They throw them too hard. I like chewing on indestructible bones and toys. I also love going outside in the sunshine.
Moonlight is one of 3 cats. Goes by Moonie, Sister to Sunshine and Muk. She is my youngest and is sure a handful. She quite literally is the light of my life as well to her dad and sisters. She always has something to say, and her favorite toy is a lazer pointer and long tailed mouses