Dog cat Stories - 20


Tootsie is a fun, sweet, loving and caring girl that loves the pup life! She’s a great support to her family and her love for life truly shows in her character!
Smartest little pug who doesn't act like a pug you would ever know she hated being without momma and she wouldn't hesitate telling you what ever she chose to shes in doggie heaven now her and Luke are up there together chasing parked cars
Sweet-natured, sociable and a fun loving furbaby. He is attentive to my needs as a Deaf woman who can not hear doorbell rings, doorbell knocks or when someone is near. He may be over protective but his heart is bigger than his 10-lbs size!
I love chasing sticks and useing them as cigars and really love chasing chairs always remember all chairs belong to luke
BoBo loves to play with his toys and loves to ride in kids Jeep’s! He loves to snuggle all day and night and gets excited for his walks 🐶❤️
Pasha is only 4.25lbs and is usually quiet, but can roar when she feels powerful.
Dior loves to cuddle and play with his toys. He’s very obsessed with his Mommy and can’t stand to be alone. He thinks he’s the boss of all the Bullies of the house.
Loki loves everyone and every dog! He loves to play at the beach and dog parks. He’s a lover that’s for sure❤️🐶
Ruby Roo
She's loving , loves to cuddle loves to eat and play with her big sis Marley Sue
Lil Burroto
Lil burrito saying no mom i swear i didnt do it seriously it wasnt me lol
Boris is a unique cat, he has a pathetic meow, he hates it outside and is scared of his own shadow. However he is the cutest thing on earth!
We’ve only just rescued her(17/02/21) but she has already made an impact . She’s cheeky , VOCAL and loving . She loves being fussed over ,posing in funny positions for the camera
Jazzy is 7 years old she was adopted from the spca she is just a sweetheart so layed back one think so knows is that she is the boss she eats sleeps an plays an yes the bed really belongs to her she shares it with Mom an Dad lol she is a joy to have in this family an is the best think that has happen to us all
Molly is a sweet rescue dog. She loves eating snow and going on car rides. Molly can even talk a little and sing.
Kolbe is a sweet loving mini 13 week old Dachshund. He loves to jump and play and get belly rubs, he also loves to hog everyone’s body heat. He is a Whiney baby and can’t stop crying when mama leaves the room. Gives best kisses, Vote Kolbe.
Archie is a baby Persian kitty that loves attention and his doggie friends.
Jack is almost 1 years old he is smart sweet an very wild he love to play with his older sister Jazzy. Jack loves to play with all his toys but i think his favorite thing to do is eat. He was a stray that came to my door came in an ate went back out the next day came back in to eat an never left us he is our heart
Mr. Whiskers
Mr. Whiskers is a spitfire! Always into something he isn’t supposed to be. He picks on his little brother, Willow. If he wins, the money will be used toward his upcoming vet bill and his favorite, fresh salmon!
Lulu is the sweetest, extra loving little white Chihuahua-poodle dog ever! She has such a cute personality. And is always ready to go bye/bye. She loves her husband Mr BayLee (a Morkie). And is very playful! She definitely is a fashionista with lots of sweaters & dresses. She’s very shy when she meets new people but loves her family so much!
Peaches is the sassiest cat you will ever meet! At only 1 1/2 years old She opens doors on her own, and she ain’t afraid to tell you how she feels. #meow 😻👑
I found him under a bush with 1 sibling. He weighed less zhan 2 oz. Mother wouldnt take care of him.I bottled fed him.He has a black heart shape on his nose.and back paws..
Miss Mocha bean is so cuddly and will just lick your face off. She is little for her breed but that doesn’t stop her from out running all the dogs at the dog park. She loves doing her zoomies and playing with her food.
Charsbarkley is my Best Bud! He loves to be outside but never fails to be home for supper every night. He loves me and wants to be wherever I am and has brought so much joy into my life! He’s a cuddle bug and will snuggle all day, if I let him and will go on a walk with me, as my protector, always between me and potential danger! He’s larger than life and the Best Bud to have around on this crazy journey!
Ozzy is 1/2 Australian Shepard 1/4 husky and 1/4 German Shepard.. He loves to play in the snow and show off his wold personality
Enzo is the sweetest puppy he's 4 months old he loves his bones and every time he plays with his toys he's got to sit on your lap he is so loving and all he wants to do is be cuddled
Miss titan is a big teddy bear. She loves giving kisses and telling how much she loves you. She thinks she’s smaller than she is and thinks she’s a lap dog. She’ll also breathe in your face until you pet her.
Lola is a shy but fun loving dog, she loves he cuddle time, in the morning. She had so many teddies and she loves to ply with them all. She can be very playful and loves running around the garden with he toys
Teddy Bear
Cute and all about her momma! This little lady is super smart and at times more of a hooman than kitty!
Marble May
Don't let her cuteness fool you, she is extremely mischievous even though she loves her snuggles!
Pepsi was a rescued kitten and she happen to have some damage to her eye from when she was out in the streets. But that doesn’t stop her from giving the best cuddles and eating all the food in site. She loves to give hugs and have her belly rubbed.
Millie is just the most loveable wee dog ever, she loves kisses, cuddles, belly rubs & her treats. She does tricks to like sit, paw, high 5, roll over, speak & lie down. Millie has just turned 11 so she's older but doesn't let that get in the way as she still acts like a pup & loves life.
Simon took a few weeks to name. A name just wouldn't come to me that I thought was a good 'fit'. He purred me through my studying for my MA degree - day in and day out for years... I finally got him a little burnt orange tabby Persian 'sister' named Sez... When I'd type papers up on my word processor, Simon would lay with the tips of his paw & chin hanging just a tad bit over the top, purring & staring at me... When I'd type up a paper and find an error, I'd have to take the piece of paper out that had the error and type up a do-over - I started tossing the waded up papers over my shoulder into the diningroom... Simon started retrieving the paper wads, silly cat ~ you're not a dog... He just wanted my attention & affection - and got it of course...
I’ve been in Chewbacca’s life since he was 14 hours old. His (dog)mother is very close to me, as well as his breeder family. He is such a wonderful dog. I never imagined I could love a dog as much as I do Chewy. He thinks that he’s a cat and loves to lay on the sofa top and when it snows, he loves to run his nose through the snow.
Tiger Drane is a rescue cat that has become our baby, he is Mr personality, he likes to watch tv, his favorite shows are animal programs, he likes sunbathing to the point he has lightened his, he loved my grandchildren, and is an all around social butterfly.
Lewis here , I love to run ,chase birds and squirrels! The best guard dog in the family ! I love my family and protect them at all cost. Don’t be fooled by my cuteness !
He was a stray and we fell in love with him.
Ted is a cheeky chocolate border collie who loves adventures. He’s always ready to play with toys and doggo friends, and loves a belly rub from his favourite humans.
Sasha loves to play hide n seek, eat salmon, chasing bumblebees and surf her 🧸 toy box. She also loves all things coconut, chewing 🪵 wood and being my very own paper shredder. Loyal and vigilant in all her ways, she even will dry my toes fresh out of the shower. Loves to please her mom, and playing Bulldog games with dad. She also loves sharing bacon 🥓 strips with her big Brother and Facetimes with big 😘 kisses.
I’m still learning about little Miss Ruby. She just adopted me about a month ago. Sweet, gentle and shy. She will give back to her sister Aticat tho! 😉Brave and smart. Loves to sleep at the foot of my bed in a little ball of fur. Her favorite show to watch is Cat TV 😻
Tuff loves to ride in the truck and is always on the go. He is a mama’s boy but loves his Dad just as much.
I believe Ati is a Maine Coon mix, maybe with a Norwegian Forest cat in her. Also goes by Aticat. She found me outside my work last Sept. Sweet kitty with big eyes! Floofy with a big tail that she loves to groom! Curious and nosy. Very smart. Brave and stubborn. loves to climb and watch the birds and squirrels from her catio. Loves to cuddle and be tucked in ❤️ Great big sister to her little sister Ruby. Her favorite place to sleep is next to me in bed. She likes to hold my hand while she sleeps 😻
Nova, the sweetest fluff that ever fluffed. She is the most gentle cat ive ever known, she is also know as misses fluffy butt, dutchess of livongroomvill, and she rules her kingdom with a fluffy right hand.
Franklin loves food and playing, He’s constantly running around, full of energy. Loves cuddles with his grandma and sitting in the sun.
Achilles is a rescue he was found in a dumpster when he was around 7 weeks old he is the sweetest most loving dog I know he is super smart he is only 4 months old and knows how to sit , lay down ,shake L and R , roll over and speak !! He’s an amazing pup, that loves to be vocal in the cutest way !! His favorite things are cuddles , sleeping with mommy and car rides.
Roxy is a Cavapoo. She's just a lovely little girl. She loves belly rubs and play in the snow. She never gets mad.