Dog cat Stories - 20


Hercules is part of the Cane Corso line but he is a Presa Canario. He has a funny personality, loves playing fetch with balls and then shove them underthe couch for humans to fetch for him afterwards. He loves his big "little" brother that is a PitBull. He loves to be called Herky Jerky and is a big lover like Scooby Doo.
She doesn’t like taking a shower LMAO! 😂Those eyes! 👀
Hermione was a rescue cat, I’ve had her for 3 beautiful years. Most loving, smart cat that will wait for me to come home by the door. Friendly but very shy, once she is warm up to people she is very loving and caring.
Chief is a 3 year old French bulldog chief likes to bark at random things he loves to go on walks and play with my other dogs Vote for me because I’m cute ☺️
Nero Williams
Nero is our 11 month old GSD. We have had him since the beginning of this year 2021 and he is so much fun. He loves going to the beach walking with my wife and I. He is so intelligent and learns so fast he is amazing. We really couldn’t have asked for a better member to add to our home. He is always there for us and we are just so proud of him. Thank y’all for taking the time to get to know our beautiful little man!
Sky is my rescue dog. She is so sweet loves people and her cat Daisymae. She loves to give kisses. She is a very gentle girl. But yet she can play hard when she is in the mood.
She likes to cuddle purrrr very playful often sits on our shoulders and licks our fingers lol
Kobe Bryan
We named him after Kobe Bryant the basketball player because he like to play with basketballs and he was just cute
Petite is a sassy, very funny and super loving mini poodle! She’s almost 3 months old and is already a pro at photo shoots! She’s learning new things everyday and is the absolute love of my life!!
Ari is a playful fun loving Pomsky! She is amazing for a sporting dog!
Teddy Bear
Teddy is the best looking small dog here! He loves to playing with hair brushes and get treats!
Sampson is simply a sweet mischievous character! He loves to steal anything in his path. He's a cuddle bug and a bed hog! He may be half human, not sure. Oh and he jumps!
Hi guys my name is louie, i am 2 months and 2 weeks i love to sleep and eat. I love to scratch my cactus post, my favorite fruit is pinapple which keeps me growing string and glowing.
She got her name due to the panda face on her back! She loves to hide under the bed and attack feet but the cutest thing is at nignt when shes ready for bed she has her special blanket that she sucks on to fall asleep. She just turned 1yrs old
Fleur was found as a stray close to our favorite vineyard. A woman found her on the highway, and we brought her home! She is cuddly, playful, and forever curious! She might be small, but she is fearless around her Great Pyrenees siblings!
Pebbles has striking heterochromatic eyes, one blazing blue and one deep chocolate. She just wants to be near you all the time and is a giant sweetheart.
Zucker is a feisty little girl who Was adopted and lives in the San Francisco Bay Area. She enjoys loving on humans, playing with her senior doggy sister and terrifying the family when she is in one of her moods. Zucker is German for Sugar and is pronounced Zucca. Because she is just the sweetest cat you’ll ever meet!
Beckett is a 16 week old lab, who enjoys swimming, digging in the sand, eating the fuzz off tennis balls and chasing his tail. Beckett means the world to me. I helped raise Beckett and his 11 littermates and now he is my sidekick and shadow. I am currently going to school full-time and trying to juggle work, dog sitting, and other side jobs that I try to do. I’m graduating in May 2022 and if anybody knew what I’ve been through would know how big of an accomplishment it is for me to be graduating this upcoming year. At the same time, I am currently applying to medical school. Trying to make ends meet this year has been extremely difficult and this money would help and so many different ways including fixing my car that broke down yesterday (10/6) as I can’t get a new car because I won’t be able to work during medical school, veterinary care for Beckett and his two sisters, medical school application costs, putting money towards my student loans I’ve now acquired and potentially saving the rest for future expenses in medical school (which is dependent on how much I might have to use to fix my car 😅). Please vote for Beckett and I will return the favor by voting for you!
Benny is a rescue cat from Tijuana. He is a cuddle bug and loves doing tricks like “high five” and “lay down” for a yummy tuna treat.
Loki is very spoilt he only eats catit divine shreds and treats and loves cuddles
He loves the water and loves to play ball.
Oreo is 8 wks old he has a love heart on his chest and he is a very cheeky kitty. He likes to push my plant pots over til all the soil comes out. He also likes to eat your feet 😆
Layla is a rescue and one of nine siblings. We regularly get them together for “puppy parties”!
She is 8 years old and has to be around people at all times. She is definitely a Diva from NY..
14 ye old male that came from TN. He is an Army brat....
Sky is a rescue who is blind from one eye. She loves to sleep, eat, and cuddle on her time of course.
Bailey is the most sweetest dog , she’ll come cuddle in between mommy and daddy because that’s where she feels most safe she licks you to let you know she loves you. she’s protective she Always knows when someone is having a bad day she is just so loving. Her loyalty is never questioned she is fiercely loyal. She loves kids and she loves to play with her toys her favorite is her dog rings she’s the most playful. we love her and she loves our family she is definitely a family friendly dog. when someone knocks she always barks to let us know someone is there to keep us safe. she’s the most amazing thing that’s ever happened to my family we just love her so much.🎀
Lexie is all about her ball. Since she was born. She's very camera shy so sneaking pictures are hard. She's very lovey and loves her Nanny.
True gentleman...much loved furbaby
Murrie LOVES to run and be outside!!
Louis is very loving 🥰 spunky and playful! When I first met him he was a kitten 🐱 in the pound with orange flee on him from head to toe all alone in a back room. I new I had to go back and get him!
In October 2021, after settling in my professional career I decided I was ready to adopt a pet. I looked for the saddest, oldest cat in the shelter who needed a loving home because I knew all the younger pets get adopted first. When I first saw Jordan I was worried he wouldn't like me because he was so sad and shy, but I wanted to give him a loving home regardless. I'm so thankful for this big bundle of fur. He is my protector and he cuddles me when I sleep like a human. He enjoys bird watchong every morning, naps during the day, and cuddling at night. He also sits and eats with me at the table for every meal, and enjoys time wrestling and cuddling with his brother Mittenz. I could not have asked for a better pet!
Ruby is the most affectionate cuddly girl, she loves nothing better then a scratch. She has lots of Brothers and sisters living on the farm. Her favourites are Peppa the pig and Juicy the magpie goose to keep her company throughout the day. She is the best dog so please Vote ☺️
I love doing my crazy cat play at 3 am and yes that includes getting any and all hands or feet that poke out of my humans blankets at night truth be told I think its that darn blanket monster and I'm saving them.
Hazel Mae
Hazel is the smartest puppy I have ever came across. She has the best personality as well. She is goofy, sassy, and brave to say the least. She LOVES to bring home a new stick, sometimes branches lol, on our walks every day. She will choose sticks over any bone or ball any day!
We love our Lacie girl ( beagle) just like a child, we had lost our Holly ( Pekingese) of 16 years & I really got in a depressed state & my husband found some beagle puppies so that’s when Lacie came in & picked things up put them back together & it’s been joy joy joy ever since, she a sweet well behaved girl, Lacie is good with kids !!
Tasha Critter
She is 2 yrs old Toy Pomchi and weighs 5 lb. She is full of life and love. She loves the beach and park. Everyone falls in love with her, she is IRRISISTABLE!
Pixie is a little foodie, she loves baking with me and loves crawling into every little cranny she can find. She’s really sweet and loves being held like a baby. We like to play hide and seek and if she can’t find me she’ll start meowing really loud, it’s so cute. She’s the cutest baby
Eva is so sweet of there's a prize we r going to give hafe to mom and the other to I'll take Eva to store and donation
Stella has an amazing, one of a kind personality ❤ She is my Emotional Support Animal 💜
Pouka loves to cuddle and play she is so friendly and also likes to sneak a little whipped cream every now and then shhhh 😹
Plez "LIKE" my profile below and while I'm 'otherwise engaged' ie. - doin' what I do best - takin' a nap', please leave a vote and/or a "Like"... I usually sleep at the foot of my Humon's bed or in the headboard - BUT first I gotta get my cuddle time & belly rubs. I seem to put my humoon into dreamland as she falls asleep to the beat of my mezmorizing purrrrrr... I'm a purrrrfect songster!!! When 'we' get up in the morning to go downstairs my Humon takes a detour into the 'water'room, I turn around and go back to get some treats and pets while she sits & "puts her face on" after she disappears behind a curtian and gets wet; why she gets wet on purpose I'll never know??? Then we make our descent to the 1st floor ~ well, ok I skedaddle, she walks - ain't that special?... I'll run & stand wiith my front paws on her knee when she rattles the cat treat jar, but when she tells me to say please {really??? I'm a Kat???}; I put my paw on her hand {there's that irrational belief I'm going to talk to her} & I'll even give her a kiss az I'm nabbing that yummy treat outta her lips... I know I'm lowering my standards by letting her think I understand just what a kiss is ~ YUCK!!!}. I'll meow when she tells me to "talk to mama" which is my way of being a tease ~ but she seems to not want to drop the idea that I'm not going to suddenly start talking to her ~ jeesh!!! Kats don't talk, right? We either purr, hiss, or meow... I act like a snobb much of the day - unless she starts talking into this black retangular thingy ~ how dare she ignore me... I AM her middle purrrrster, right??? My Humoon has this sign by the door that sezs "My cats are NOT spoiled ~ I'm just well trained" HA!!! She does have a point. Well, I'm going to go take a nap ~ Pllase remember to vote for me ~ especially if you think I look angry; most people think I'm somehow related to some famous TV Puurrrster who is the quintessential KING of Angry!!! I'm really pretty damm loveable - just ask my humooon
Chester is a typical kitty homey, his favorite activity is sleeping all day long until breakfast & dinner time . He loves pate, sweet treat & creamy cake . Every morning and evening he will be walking around our back yard for fresh air before get back inside home then sleepy . He’s an old sweet kitty , 13 years old, and do love quite area . If he needs food , he will be meowing everywhere until he gets food on his bowl. Afraid with people unless his human family at home .
Maui is a sweet baby goulaaaa who just loves to love and be loved. She has flirty sweet eyes and steals everybody’s heart with them. She loves cuddling and pets the most. At times her least favourite her brother - sometimes a gal just enjoys some alone time. Favourite snack would be bananas or peanut butter. Not a huge athlete but enjoys a walk on a beautiful day!
Apollo loves to play ball.. go for walks and water!!
Miss Skyy Gianna
Vote for me if you think I’m a cutie! WE 💙EXCHANGING VOTES so don’t be shy! Skyy’s the most loving, silly lil diva always looking for lots of love, belly rubs and treats🛍Loves playing hard. frisbee, tug of war then 😴sleeping even harder I can tell by the snoring 😂