Jack is 11 months old. He loves to lick you when he’s pleased to see you. He’s loveable and gorgeous xx
Loves his walks going to the park loves food very kind and gentle such a good boy please vote for him 🙏
Bailey is 11months old. He’s a loveable and gorgeous Jack Russell . Please vote
Azalea is a little sister to a 7 year old big brother! She keeps him on his toes by playing with his tail, and loves to tackle him!
Demon is the biggest sofie ever with the bluest eyes
My soul dog sent me Fang. I saw him at the shelter and he meowed at me and it was a done deal. He was 2.5 lbs. Hes now 6.8 lbs of sweetness. He rescued me.🥰 Fang loves naps, running water, cat nip, treats and snuggles with mom. Loves to play and bite dad and he hates the brush.
Oreo a very handsome, laid back lad and loves nothing more than be treat like a king and having his paws massaged
Charlie Moo Moo
I am also not sure of his breed but this is our majestic Charlie Moo Moo. He is 7+ years of age and since day 1 he has been king kitty! We love our fat cats in this house and he certainly fits the description. I couldn’t love Charlie Moo Moo anymore than I already do!
Wookie is a chubby lil guy who LOVES to cuddle! He is very lazy and loves to play with his toys while snuggled up in your arms. He is very sweet and wouldn’t hurt a fly.
Cyrus is a Dalmatian cross with an English bull terrier he’s he has really bad anxiety issues but he’s such a loving boy always giving kisses and cuddles winning the heart of anyone who gets to know him
A true lal character, very headstrong and determined, very cute and loving, anything but a princess, loves nothing more than getting muddied up and jumping in the becks and lakes. She is also our emotional support therapy dog as my husband and i are both disabled. She gives us so much happiness, doesnt matter how stressful things may be she can immediately help cakm and relax us. She is also a fab footballer and loves nothing more than playing footie with full tackling in the garden lol, better ball control than some of the england team even the balls as big as her nearly lol. She was a valentines present this year from hubby and she really is the gift that keeps on giving, but she does have a temper like a gremlin and can throw a paddy that would put any 2 year old kid in the shade lol
Luna is a very playful and amazing kitten! She is playful, funny, kind and just such a character! A little mischievous at times but hilarious
Bella chella is 2 years old and lives with 3 cats Tigger (14) Sooty (14) & Mitzi (9) She loves walks, social time with other animals, humans, lots of belly rubs and chasing her Cat siblings.
I am not sure what her exact breed is but I promise you she is the definition of “I solemnly swear, I am up to no good”.
Flower And Hades
These two are seriously the best dogs! They both have the most amazing personalities. Flower who is on the left is an eight year old lab/pit mix. She is such a dope. Hades on the right is a 2 year old chow mix. He has the most quirky and chaotic personality you could ever think of. I love my babies with all I have, please feel free to vote because aren’t they are just the cutest things you’ve ever seen?
Nala is a lively little cutie. She loves to chase her (not by blood) big brother Wookie. Her favorite thing to chew on is her mommy’s slippers. She is very cuddly and loves to curl up on your chest and watch Encanto.
Miso is a little sweetheart! Her name is Miso as in "Miso pretty!" Her name is pronounced 'Mee-So'. Miso loves watching the sunset and she is very playful and kind!
Riku loves afternoon naps and his bow tie. Since bowties are cool. 😎 He is super sweet and cuddley then complete opposite the next. He's my sour patch kid!
Shimmer loves to chill and eat sausage rolls every week she goes to gregs and carries the sausage roll home in a bag then eats it when we get home
she loves playing ball and she likes to play chase and her favorite toy is her duck that squeaks and she loves to cuddle
Miss Iggy, she is a sweetheart. She loves to play with her big brother Duke. Iggy loves to take a nap.
Stitch loves playing with his toys loves a good zoom around the garden and a good cuddle at the end of the day
gizmo is a chinese pekingese who was raised by a black bear, he loves cookies and cheese
cutest little girl you’ll ever meet shes so sweet around kids and strangers and has never once bit anyone! she adores attention and loves sleeping next to you.
Trix adores treats, chasing balls, going for walks but mostly loves kisses and cuddles and lots of snuggles!
Duke is the sweetest super mutt. He was rescued at 14 weeks from Helen Woodward Animal Center. He love’s playing with his sister Iggy and chasing his ball.
The sweetest little girl you could ever meet Neptune is a god send for me
This is river, she is 7 months old and she loves cuddling and getting rubs! She loves to play fetch and run around till momma gets to tired to keep up lol.
Cali is Beautiful Fun Loving Energetic Spoiled Smart And Love Her Mom Cat Treats And Toys Please Hit That Like Button And Show Her Some Love
Adopted from a shelter a few months about a year ago and loves pup cups and squeaky toys. Also does not enjoy baths unless it’s a mud bath
Ivar is the sweetest big brother to his lil sister Alfa. Real couch potatoes ❤️
I go on Zoomies after I poop and I dig daddy’s head at 3 am when I’m hungry then I do it again! I’m the twin brother of luna and I loooveee foood
Likes digging , and his human dad 😂
I’m blades sister luna and I’m very chirpy and bounce around like a pogo machine as soon as darkness hits then I sleep… I like to chew toys when daddy’s not looking :) I also like to sleep under the blanket next to daddy so he’s safe. I also have big claws compared to the boys as my defence to keep them away when I’m tired ahhh
This dolce, I rehomed her near enough a year ago, and she is the best decision I have made. She deserves the world not a bad bone in this girls body 🖤🤍
Arya Blu
This is Arya Blu. She’s sassy, energetic and a big bundle of furriness!!!!!
I love to cuddle and do zoomies. I have a ton of energy but also love to nap. My pawrents are the best and take me to my favorite park daily. Nicknames are Monster, Phoebe bear, Mama, Yoda and many more. I have a very unique personality and you’ve probably never met any pup like me. :)
Ruby is a 10month old frenchie. She’s a little terror who loves to destroy everything in the house
Heathen is an ESA for anxiety! He loves to play fetch and meet new friends! His best friend is his human sister, playing together with makeup and toys is his favorite pass time!
Theo is a 5 year old Lab/ pit bull mix. He is a wonderful watch dog. He loves playing ball and sitting outside in the sun.
Panko likes doing zoomies around the house, he loves playing with his springs. Loves to cuddle and watch over the hedge movie with me.
Ozzy is my floofy Norwegian boy, he is super affectionate and always chats back to you, he always has to be involved and will guard his tunnel with his life! He’s a cheeky lad with the most gorgeous personality ❤️
Luna Love
Hello, her name is Luna naveen giroir, she is a boxer and husky mix, I always call her Luna love, she’s four years old, and the sweetest dog with the best personality, she’s so sweet and lovable to anyone, and will definitely make you laugh. She used to be so entergetic and playful, would play & get along with any animal. Four months ago she was shot, then the same person came and broke her femur bone. She underwent two surgeries and still has checkups, and now my poor fur baby isn’t entergetic, and doesn’t play, she loves being out doors and sunbathing however. We would appreciate any & all votes ♥️
Loki likes tennis balls, belly rubs and rides in the car. He’s always happy to make new friends when he’s on his walks! He’s just a small town pup living his best life ❤️
Luna (LULU) is a 4 month old Olde English Bulldog. She loves to play with her 5 year old brother and steal his toys. She growing fast and learning to jump and walk on a leash. Luna loves car rides, playing outside and chasing her big brother. Her size is small but her snoring is louder.. 😂 Our adorable girl loves everyone, and keeps us all busy!!