Dog cat Stories - 21


Kilo isn’t a rescue but he is 3 going on 2. 80lb pitbull terrier and a fun loving, bull in. A China shop kind of dog. He loves everyone and even though going on 4 he shouldn’t be in the toddler stage but he is all boy.
Picey is equal parts spice and sweetness. She loves a good feather, cheek kisses, and totally transforms into a gremlin at the sound of a cheese wrapper
Her mom was breed by a wild Manx cat so she was born with tell amd am amazing cat.
Charlie is a big handsome boy, I knew when I adopted him and his sister Dutchess that he was going to be huge! He’s a sweetheart and even though he’s 9 still likes kneading on me daily ❤️ He also brings me presents, he’s a hunter gatherer that loves sleeping the day away on his fur bed.
Recused him from KY chained to toilet in hotel room. He is an 82lb pitbull terrier and the sweetest thing ever. His favorite thing is tug-a-war but he cheats lol.
He loves playing ball. He lives for it
Bella is an American Cocker Spaniel. She loves belly scratches and her family ❤️.
Luna has a spunky personality and loves riding her skate board. She’s also an Instagram model you can follow her daily life @lunabear.thedoxie on Instagram 😍
She is 12 weeks old and an absolute delight. Full of energy to play but sooo much love to give to everyone she meets
Marlee was rescued from a lady who had taken her in at 5 weeks old. She lost her mum and was hand reared which had many issues as now she relies on me all the time (even toileting outside). She loves to climb up very high, she is like a ninja.
Lottee was rescued from a colleague as her cat they thought was a boy escaped in lockdown and ended up pregnant. She is my crazy fluff all who looks like she has pantaloons on as she waddles when she walks.
Lucky is full of energy and has a powerful personality. He lives to run and play and is an exceptional talker.
Meet Ellie! She is very playful and has the funniest personality! She’s a sweetheart and even cuter in person
Xena was named after a warrior princess. She is lovable and makes a cute companion. She is full of energy and jumps with excitement at the sight of her favorite people.
Cobra is loving and protective of her family pack. She looks out for her cat and human siblings. She is an outstanding alpha dog who knows how to really take charge.
She loves to roll over whenever she sees her humans. Adores jumping over her sister cat and showing off her paw to the WORLD! 😊
Meet Apollo he loves playing fetch and running around outside! Very full of energy with an amazing personality!!!
I got Dutchess and her brother from a Petco rescue as a kitten and although she is 9yo she still looks and acts like a kitten. She is absolutely gorgeous with one blue eye and one yellow, she is a total sweetheart so I HAD to enter her in the Kingpet contest!
Sebastian was a neighborhood cat that wouldn’t come near anybody, after 6 months of food, trust, and love he is now a full-time member of our 5 cat household. He loves attention and greets me everyday from work with purring and wraps his tail around my leg...which I call “tail hugs”. Rescues are the best ❤️
Toast is a very vocal loving kitten, she loves to play with her toy mouse and to chase her brother around the house
Sushi is intelligent, friendly, and affectionate. He likes to be held and he purrs a lot when he feels loved. He loves to run and play with Oreo, his playmate. Sushi is named after a Japanese dish that usually involves fish, a favorite food for many cats (and humans).
I am a super smart sweet boy. I love long walks on the beach and in the mountains. Oregon was my favorite place to live
Stormy is sweet, cuddly, and adorable. She loves to brush up against her loved ones, especially Angel, the husky we used to have. Ironically, Stormy is terrified of storms, but she was named so because of her fluffy, silver-gray fur that reminded her family of storm clouds.
Dakota Grey
Dakota Grey is the most loveable boy ever! Loves his mommy and loves to just be loved on. His favorite thing to do is chase after a hair tie and bring it back for me to throw again.
Hi i am Amire very playful & loveable Love children,walks n games sometimes i 4get im a dog👀 lol people lover💗💗
Hi Im.Prince im 11 months love walks. Love to play w cat sibling can be annoying sumtimes 👀mainly when i want sumthin😂 love kissin😋
Hello my name is mommas i was rescued from street after being abuse i even lost an eye sight tho i didn't trust right away she gave me chance now i have 2 boy dogs as siblings & a happy home im very well spoiled 👀
Best ever puppy! More pictures to come with her cat friend Tomy😉
Loki loves food but he loves exercise too hiking, fishing, kayaking.
Little E
Essmay is a mastador, she’s a fun loving dog who loves to play with her toys please vote for her
I rescued Meatball a little over a month ago, and he's been a perfect addition to the family ever since! He loves to play tug-of-war and snuggle! He's the sweetest little boy! He had a rough to start to life based on some scars he has along with fears and how he gets skiddish by flinching if you move too fast around him, but he is now so loved and spoiled!
Sonny is very loyal and very loving and dedicated
He can play fetch just like a dog
King is a wild little 2 month old Pom. He already loves to be outside, LOVES my kids and is a BIG cuddler.🖤
He likes naps and he loves fluffy blankets and carpets
Koa is a super active dog. He likes to play but loves to nap 😍 he loves cuddles and he is a mama’s boy 🥰🐕He is 10 months old.
Luna is my cat/dog/friend. She struts like a cat, greets me at the door like a puppy, and cuddles and comforts me like a friend. I got her 10 years ago as a new baby, and she has been such a comfort to me, through family tragedy, through sickness, heartbreak, and now throughout 2020....I'm not a "crazy cat lady, " by any means, but I'm pretty sure I'll go crazy when she's gone. <3
Hi, I’m Rover. I live with two humans who are my parents and also my best friends. I’m also a professional mess developer and a food beggar. I’ve an instagram account rover_woofer.
Hi, I am Tama and I was adopted when I was 6 months old. I used to live on the streets of Dubai and am so scared of abandoment that I never leave my parents, I always follow them and can never get enough attention. I know I can be very sassy and am a troublemaker, but my parents always tell me they love me even tho I am such a misbehaving kitten. Meow!
Kiki loves to play fetch for hours! No matter where you throw the ball, she will bring it back to you! Kiki can jump super high and reach heights as high as my husband!! Which is over 6ft.
Binx is a very shy, very independent boy. You can pet him if thine majesty allows it. He will never sit with you only look at you from across the room with a loving stare. He loves balls of yarn and treats. Beware, you cannot touch his feets.
Meet Cali, Shes a very sweetie, Loveable calico kitten with a huge personality, Who loves to play & cuddle. Shes such a great kitty, Shes smart, Funny & definitly a high energy kitty with a very curious mind that makes her a very smart girl. Cali has only been with us for a few months now, But She stole our hearts the day we found her in the snow where she was abandoned. I like to say we rescued her, But actully she rescued me. This is her 1st kitty contest, So pleaae be nice to her, Thanks for stopping by & Thank you so much for your vote😊
Hello I’m Amy I am a shit zu crossed with a bichon frise. i have a daughter as you can see in the picture called babs I am black, white and brown. i love rolling in dirt and mud I hate baths and I love playing fetch.
Hello I’m wilamena I’m a black King Charles cavalier crossed with a poodle. im a couple of years old. i love running around playing in the mud and taking naps. my favourite food is chicken and I love when my own gives me belly rubs.
Hello I’m masie I am a kind Charles cavalier crossed with a poodle. i am black, white and brown. i love belly rubs and chasing my daughter. my favourite food is pet mince and I love taking long naps.
Hello my name is Zed and my favourite game is playing catch Meow
The runt of the litter, Marla had always been small in size but she had a huge personality and a lot of love to give!!!