Bernie likes to catch birds and bring them inside to play. He hates doorbells and loud noises. He loves snuggling on the couch.
He is the sweetest fur baby. He earned his name by being a very big talker as a baby-even now! He loves to play, and takes care of all our foster kitties. Showing them the way of things, protecting them, taking care of them. He’s a wonderful cat. 💕
Kitty is a sweet 12 year old girl who loves to sunbath, sleep, and play with paper balls! She is my little ole lady 💜
Hello my name is Caspar, I am 12 weeks old & I love being the center of attention. I love playing with my toys & my brother!!! ❤️
Patricia is a fun-loving psycho who loves food, cuddling, and attention! She makes her purring very evident! Patricia is a registered ESA due to her incredible comforting skills. Anytime I am not feeling good, she comes to comfort me!
Kitters the love of my life is 6 yrs old he was born without eyes but honestly gets around better than the rest!!!
Hes has two different color eyes that make him stand out!!
He loves to run around and play with his big brother he’s the cutest kindest kitten in the world he loves to cuddle and give kisses 😽 please vote for him
‼️HELP US WIN‼️ WE WILL EXCHANGE 20 VOTES DAILY ‼️ Boris loves to be in the window looking at the neighborhood he is such a noisy kitty 🤪
Tofu Chan
I’m a snow white persian, who loved by my hooman mom . I love to play hide and seek . And yes ! I love to eat too !!! Especially my hooman food 😍 I also like to cuddle up with my hooman mommy every time. Give me a thousands of votes and I will give you thousands of love 🤪🥰😘
This is the light of my life. He was saved from a puppy mill and covered in fleas only 5 weeks old and the lady was hoping he wouldnt survive. But he did and has become my best boy!
this is lacy. she is a very good girl, she is a chunk and loves all the food and naps. she’s a very lazy pup. but she is the most loving little girl. she loves car rides 🥰🥰
Lil Weenie
little weenie is a sweet loving cat who loves attention from any and every one. he’s hobbies include eating and sleeping and running around town once in a while :)
Luna loves to play fetch and loves to chirp with the birds ! Her favorite toy is a little butterfly. She likes to sleep on the windowsill . And she loves to give cuddles !
Ghost was abused by his old owners he has proven to be the most protective cat he is very happy now and he brings me so much joy he loves to snuggle and bring me "presents" (mice) He is my son and i am his mom❤🐾
Delilah loves rolling on the rug and doing zoomings around all day long she's loves eating and playing and specially sleeping 😴
Tigger is a little ball of energy that loves to fetch and cuddle with his stuffed kitty.
Murphy is a rescue from NY. He loves playing fetch and chewing his bone. He's got the most expressive eyes I've ever seen!
Chester Cheeto
This is about the only time he's cute and cuddly. Usually he's flying around bugging our two dogs.
Oreo loves his mama ❤️ He loves sleeping all day! And he likes to be wild at night! He loves looking out the window and loves the sunshine ☀️
Shorty is a cross breed of a Bassett Hound and a German Shepherd. She loves to go for hikes in the woods, she’ll stick by your side with no leash! She’s truly a cuddler and understands the concept of a hug!
Twitch is a kitten, he’s super friendly and loves to play. He loves having cuddles at night by the fire, which is where he sleeps most days and nights. Loves to sunbath on the windowsill. Never a dull minute with this fluff ball around, makes you smile every minute always full of beans. When I come home from work he always greets me by the door, which a sweet little thing he does for being so young.
Hello im midnight. Im little kitten always full of beans. My best friend is casper the dog 🐶
Sbi is 12 weeks. She is very mischievous. She loves to play but also loves to snuggle.
Neo has been with us exactly 2 years. My husband found him nearly starved and his sister already had died. He had been abandoned. Today he is spoiled king of the house and well loved
Duncan is 5 mos. old. He is a rescue who was emaciated with singed whiskers and infected eyes. He has come home to us and has become the most loyal, loving, gentle lil boy. He greets me by extending his paw and touching my nose. he loves kisses and so glad he is our new baby. Please vote for him that he be happy and knows he is well loved. Thank you. Update: Duncan and I are grateful to receive a certificate for Missouri cat contest-thank you for your votes. He is such a kind, gentle and devoted kitty, bonding with our dog, Lilly. Pics to follow.
Ball ball ball ball ball. He loves his ball!
molly baby is the sweetest most smartest puppers i’ve ever met. she’s loves cuddles and to play outside. she sits on her back legs all the time cause she doesn’t understand she’s a dog ahah
Oscar is a very friendly, cuddly cat. His love for plastic bags is hilarious A family cat You should vote for him because I am sure he would love another brother that passed away 2 years ago now😢
I wasn't looking for a cat .BUT.. then zip found us. She came out from under an abandoned trailer. And after sharing her lovely ringworm with the entire family lol and we fell in love with her. Don't worry we took her to the vet and everyone's healthy n Happy today
My name is Apollo! I enjoy playing fetch and hiding bobby pins in shoes! I love ice cubes in my water bowl and my cat food. I love to snuggle with my mom every night in bed.
Pearl knows how to spell out so if you say do you got to go o u t she will jump and bark
Differs is basically a rabbit stuck in a cats body, she runs like a dog and bounces like a bunny, very full of energy, but also won’t forget to rub her face on your head and get her lovins
She is a playful husky with a LOT to say!
Zoe is a lovable little puppy who loves other dogs and people! Hope her cuteness warms your heart like it does mine during these unprecedented times we are living in right now.
Remi loves being cuddled, beef, playing catch, beef, playing in the leaves, and beef but most of all he loves beef 😂
Molly loves to talk to you in her own little noises and loves to hunt her ball in the park if we lose it amongst the the long grass with her tail wagging.when she has found it she will paw at it and look for me to say dad I’ve found it come and look.
Apollo is training to be a search and rescue dog. Serous at work but a goofy guy at home.
She loves nothing better than snuggling and giving kisses. Shes not happy unless touching me in some way x playful, cute and adorable
Zeus is a very friendly and loving dog. He loves kids and is over the moon to have a new baby brother. He loves hikes and playing fetch. He is just a wonderful companion. His nickname is Moo cow 🐄❤
Gemma is a snuggly, lovey, rambunctious kitten. She loves cuddling her mom and dad. She’s very vocal and her current obsession is climbing in the Christmas Tree. Her favorite toy is her catnip filled avocado toast and she loves to play fetch!
Hi, my name is Toby! I am a Shetland Sheepdog from Long Island, NY! 🐾Once you get to know me, I will never leave your side and I will become your new shadow! And ohh yeah, I have an older brother named Buddy.🐾 Welp, I have to go my mama is calling me. Be sure to vote for me! Catch ya later.
Herro, my name is Pickle! I luv to play fetch and to chew on bones. I also enjoy laying in weird positions and doing photo shoots with my new little hooman!
Tyka is a love bug. She's literally never met a stranger!! She loves all humans and other animals as well. I rescued her at 10 weeks old and she's now 9 years old but truth be told, she rescued me!!
Tia is really affectionate, and loves to have attention whenever someone new comes. She loves to sunbathe in summer, as well as going out for long walks. Tia also really enjoys getting new toys, but she prefers to go off to sleep with them then play with them all. Tia is also really spoilt as she always get plenty of affection, as well as new toys from everyone. Tia can also tell when I’m feeling sad, and will try and give me comfort to help me feel better. Tia also means a lot to me, as she was there for me when I lost my first dog that I had grew up with, and she helped me to slowly start to heal after I had lost them, as she always wanted to be next to me to make sure I had plenty of hugs and kisses. 🐶💚💚
Magenta was an outside cat, his momma was Cali, who is also in the contest. Cali had her babies and magenta was one of them. She kept moving magenta to different spots but he kept coming back to us. He raised him as along with his momma. He came inside and slept with us and went outside. Then about 7 months later we introduced sterling. They become the best of friends. They loved playing with each other, sleeping with each other they did everything together. There my babies ❤️