I love to steal your chicken strips
MidNight is a fun loving husky. He is very active and loves to be outside. He is good with kids and babies very protective. He loves other animals and wants to be friends with everybody.
Charlie Otis Harvey
Charlie is a lover with a heart of gold. He's watchful and loyal. He loves to wake me up with kisses in the morning 🥰
Kigh loves to steal your seat and your bed!! He is friendly and adorable. 😻
Sweet Toby is new to my group, but boy is he funny! He has his derpy moments when his lottle tounge is sticking out and he believes the bed belongs to him.
Lala is a calico queen who deserves a new kitten tree
My sweet Carson is a goofy, but super sweet boy. He's 13, but you'd never know it! He loves his treats and wet food.
My Sunkist is a sweet old man. He just turned 17 in March! He is the most relaxed and funny, food loving cat!
I rescued Phoenix 7 years ago she's been my baby ever since she is the best she's even traveled with me I love her so much I couldn't live without her
I got Prince 3 years ago he was my Christmas present I rescued him he's so cute he's always next to me and sleeps next to me he's so adorable with his little tongue out all the time
Always hungry and full of love
Clyde is the cheekiest little cat who wants to be everyone’s (human or cat) friend. Never fails to entertain me on a daily basis - I just couldn’t be without him.
This is mittens she is such a loving kitty! I rescued her, and she has been the best cat please vote for her she deserves it! 🥰
Jorah is a very sweet boy. He is going to be 4 in June! He is very talkative and has lots of personality!
Taze is a hockey fan through and through. The best boy, just looking for someone to throw the frisbee down the hill. But watch out, he has terrible brakes and uses his speed to greet everyone.
Barnaby is the most vocal cat I’ve ever met. He thinks he is a wild tiger in the woods, and loves to let everyone know how he’s feeling.
Danika is a very loving baby girl that don't meet many strangers. She's very vocal whenever it comes to her getting her canned food. She loves any kind of meat especially chicken 🐓 She's the apple of our eyes 👀 for sure!
Katara is a female Siberian husky. She's is 5 years old. She has had two beautiful litters. I would best describe Katara as A Big Joyful and Clever Pacifist. She is the family's "Nanny" Takes on a mother's role with every fur buddy she meets!
Daisee is a spunky little girl, she’s very independent and free spirited. And look at those eyes are u kidding?!! She’s so stunning, she’s my second baby and my biggest blessing! She’s also a little special because she has 2 extra toes on each front paw! I love you my daisee girl!! ❤️
Ollie is a sweet loving boy! He’s sooooo well behaved and such a sweetheart. He’s my first baby and my biggest blessing! I love you my Ollie boy!
Ahsoka is a rescue puppy. When the vet first got to her they didn’t think she will make it. After a month of treatment she is back to being a normal puppy but will small for her breed. She loves playing and cuddling with her cat sisters. Ahsoka loves being outside and running like a maniac. She is very loving towards other dog she meets out side and often sits until the other pups make come to her. She’s the can be the sweetest and at the same time the biggest butthead but we love her.
LUNA !!! That’s all I say everyday all day !! She is a ball of energy! Always go go go !!! This girl will let u know what she wants and when she wants it ! 99% of the time she gets her way ! Even if she takes you out of the stairs to get it !
Tucker is a lover all he wants to do is give you kisses !!! He’s not a hyper pup he’s actually very calm ..unless he sees a bird he will go insane! Tucker loves bones ! And ice cubed pumpkin !!!
The goodest boy
Flake loves to nap with her horse. She loves to play in the snow and loves swimming. BUT she hates walking in the wet grass 🙄
Scout And Susie
This is Scout and Susie they love to play with their tiny human, aggravate each other 24/7, and absolutely love getting new toys!! They are both Dachshunds. Scout was born with a birth defect of having no tail! He’s our special boy. Susie was born with a birth defect of a lazy eye! She’s our special girl.
Dave loves playing with bigger dogs. He's a lovely natured boy.
Yoda is a very large husky he weighs around 100 lbs he is a gentil giant he was also born without a tail!
Aspen is a pure bred siberian husky. She was born January 9th 2022. She loves to play and run. She's learning some commands. She currently will sit and give paw. Next is to get her to lay then roll over. She talks and has said i love you😍
Sparrow is a very loving protective cat! He is smart and kinda lazy. He has a 9 month old brother who really bugs him. Please vote for sparrow cuz he’s such a good boy!!
Axel Rose
He is a fun and loving dog, he loves to run and jump around. He also love to snuggle either by your feet or on your chest.
Olive is a 7 month old Maine Coon that loves to socialize and go on adventures! Her favorite past time is playing fetch 😻
Sativas birthday is March, just turned one. Was rescued from outside 🫶🏼 but is doing fantastic now. He loves to talk and yell. One of his favorite things is outside/window. Every morning he talks and runs to the door so it can be opened & he lifts his head for kisses. Kisses would be his 2nd favorite thing, he always meows and lifts his head up for the love. He’s an Angel with a spot on his side & face :) he just had babies and he has a twin
Bear is a happy guy! He loves to play outside and lay in the grass. He loves sticks of any size and his favorite snack is a Dandelion.
Niko was rescued from the streets of Dubai 3 years ago, he was also recently involved in a RTA which has given him a permanent limp but he hasn’t let that stop him & still loves going out exploring & loves cuddling up to new people!
He is very playful & full of love & loves to go for a walk
Hi everyone, I’m Leo! I’m the most playful & friendliest pup you’ll ever meet! I enjoy long walks with my mama (making sure to stop & say hi to everyone we see) & I absolutely LOVE bath time! I have endless amounts of energy but can be the sweetest little snuggler! Vote for me! 🐾
Sakura loves watermelon and smelling flowers! She is an absolute princess. She’s spoiled and always gets her way❤️
Beautiful lemmon beagle who loves the outdoors.verry friendly and lovable
Beautiful Beagle! excellent hunting dog verry friendly and lovable with beautiful sadle
Benji is a loving gentle giant, who has no idea how big he is. Benji loves car rides and going to work with his dad! Benji adores all his dog friends and playing at the park. Benji enjoys donuts and cuddling on the couch. This pups true love is the snow.
Our sweet silly dude can be found fetching whatever is thrown, trying to lay on your lap (hard with 75lbs of doofus lol) or playing with his best pal 🤍
Twix loves the outside whether it's the dead of winter or middle of summer. Very vocal and prone to zoomies. 5 years old. Doesn't like to be handed anything (ahem should have named him tony) loves chips and veggie straws oh and belly rubs!
Lilly loves life on the farm. She enjoys playing in the water and watching over the kids. She is full of spunk.
Echo is our beautiful Agouti Siberian husky that we produced here at B&K Huskies In Michigan. She's got blue eyes, loves to play, and is our keeper. She's only six weeks old.
Ellie is a 2 1/2 year old lab mix… or should I say house hippo😂. You can usually find her snoozing on the couch or looking for something to eat. She has a bad hip so we often make her exercise it.
Kane is a 1 1/2 year old Husky mix. He loves to sing, play and show off his parkour skills. You can usually find him tied to his mommy’s or daddy’s hip. His best friend is Ellie his adopted sister.
Hi I’m Hercules I’m 8 months old but ima super big boy. I love looking out the window, playing outside, playing with friends and eating treats. I’m super smart I learned how potty train in 2 days at 7 weeks ! Also I know all of my commands and I love to show people my tricks. I love my forever family ! My daddy is in the Marines so I spend a lot of time with mommy, but daddy always gives me extra attention when he comes back! My favorites toy are my balls and I always sleep with chicken, I’m super spoiled! Thank you for the votes I can’t wait to have so much fun on here, don’t forget to follow me on Instagram @hercules.thegsd