Dog cat Stories - 21


Loki is our Rottsky. Not only is he lucky to be here after a very severe (hours from fatal) case of Parvovirus, but we are lucky to have him.. such a great dog and big brother to his little sister Freja. Even though she’s the reason Parvo got into the house. He doesn’t take it personally.
Gus’ favorite food is French fries but he has to try whatever his humans are eating. His favorite toy is anything with feathers! He loves everyone he meets and he wants cuddles from everyone!
This is Bear he is 16 years old next week! Our family rescued him when he was 3 months old. He is the best dog ever!! He still loves to go to the doggy park and he is such a great big brother to his three sisters!
Crouton is a rescue come the PA SPCA! She is very social and loves to meet new pet or human friends. She’s loves to play and pounce around. She has two older dog siblings who enjoy cuddles from her!
I want to bring awareness to rescue animals! He is almost deaf and will be soon. We are trying to raise money for training for deaf dogs, and to be an emotional support pooch. He is a 4 month old rescue that we fell in love with on a recent trip to the shelter. We were there to spread some love and enjoy the hundreds of puppy kisses. When we saw Ollie, (aka Beef Wellington) it was MAGIC!! There was a clear connection between him and my children. After playing outside with him for a bit I knew that he belonged with us and we were meant to be at that shelter that day! He has brought us so much joy and is doing really well with his training. His favorite thing to do is snuggle on the couch and play with toy ducks. Ha! He’s so funny with an amazing heart and so much love to give. Thanks for loving us Ollie! 🥰
This wigglebutt gives smooches for days!
Im bubba i like to take walks in the park where i can run around and jump in the lake where i like to go swimming
Sweet Jude is a 4th month Irish Doodle puppy who loves to lick furniture and make new friends
Max Davis
Max is one of the coolest and laid back pets ever and everyone loves him 🥰🥰
Libélula is a very playful and adorable princess four-month-old my sweet baby 😻 she doesn't like to be alone and she loves to be loving with us .
Cute, Sweet and loving. They are are all the words to describe my baby girl.
“Floki” is a very entertaining guy! He loves attention, and craves kisses from us. He enjoys car rides and basking in the sun. (Sunscreen applied) Floki is very vocal and will let you know when he wants something. He loves to play catch and likes to be chased around the house. Floki is just the sweetest guy ever!
She’s a feisty little kitty, she loves expensive tuna, and enjoys fighting lizards, she loves to cuddle under the blankets with mom and dad💕 she loves to prank dogs, and mess with their tails😂 she absolutely HATES water, but loves to drink it, she also loves bags she likes sleeping in them and playing with them! And also has a thing for boxes! She goes absolutely crazy for them! They can be big or small she will try and fit in them all!
Mean bites scary witch cat
He loves attention and loves to be in the pool and the bathtub. He also loves to be outside and going on walks
Frankie is regal and proud. Whether it be papers or a box he shall sit. Very devoted family guy always on a lap waiting for the love to receive and give.
She loves to sleep in the hammock.
Teddy is a sleep gay dog hes spoiled and stylish your lucky to even meet him he's a handsome boy a drake fan to sexy for your girl to sexy for this shirt
Zeus loves getting slim jims as a snack and riding in the semi with his daddy!
Tango is my best friend and my whole world he came into my life when I needed him most and has been the best rescue dog I could have ever asked for
Dexter Honey
Dexter is such a cutie!! He is the most gentle loving companion anyone could ask for. He is very playful and loves giving kisses. We just welcomed our newest addition Dexter Honey to our family and couldn't be happier.
Blue(boo) is a foster fail of mine. We have had him and his brother since they were about 3 weeks old. He loves cuddling. And absolutely loves getting into everything! He is our very special kitty who probably thinks he is a dog.
Simba is My Step-Daughts Dog. He is a very VERY Hyper Dog that loves to Play Outside & Give Love.
I'm an 16 week old whippet puppy. I am super cute.
Smiley riley is a very sweet girl who is very protective of her sister tinkerbell
Mommy’s Insta @drizzy.zuleyma 🥰 My insta @theboysreportingforduty 🐶 Hi my name is Togo I want to help mom like my brothers do. I love to run around like a chicken with my head cut off 😝I’m a good boy I swear
River is such a sweet cuddly boy! He's a whopping 20.4 pounds😆 He loves to snuggle and will eat anything you give him. Careful pulling out those treats as he'll try and snatch them from you!🤣 How can you resist his adorable face😍
He puts the end of my plait in his mouth when he sleeps so I can't sneak off🥰
Thor is an incredible guy! He is snuggly and sweet! He zooms around the house and the yard and makes us laugh!!! He sticks really close when he knows one of us doesn't feel well. He is VERY smart! He knows his right and left and is starting agility training in the front yard with Mom! He loves children and his older sister, Ginger. If you need a hug, Thor is your guy!!!
Skye Benjamin
Skye is a very loving fur baby. She likes walks , belly rubs, and snacks!
Cleo is such a lady! Always cleaning her self, only wants cuddles on her terms and one fussy eater but lover her to bits.
Hawk aka Hawkeye is a rescue.. He knows some sign language and is very loving. A companion dog for my parents. He loves to get mail and open presents. . he has a beautiful personality and makes u smile everyday..
He is my baby boy, very mischievous, loves his food bit of a greedy one. Always can count on him for cuddles in bed.
My sweet Fauna always looks a bit sad. Sometimes I think I should have named her Eeyore!
Goose is a big ol baby that loves to snuggle! He gives the best hugs and is alwaya by my side! His favorite things are his toys, his Doggo sister Rylie, his treats, and his people! He is the sweetest little big Doggo I know!
Rex is a 1 year old female kitty who loves to terrorize everything. She has so much energy that her older siblings often tire fast. She loves to sit where she fits... or even if she doesnt :)
Figaro aka Figgy is a Floof and a half! She is scared of everything. She loves to just lie around the house or sit in the window. She loves to make silly puurrrrooowwww sounds to her humans. ♡
Hey! 🥰 Follow me and my brother on Instagram @winnie_and_willows_adventures My name is Willow, and I am 5 months old!! Im a cuddle bug who also loves adventure and playing with my brother! Mom and dad got me from a "breeder" who would hit me with rolled up magazine when I was only 2 months old, (he told my mom and dad this while they were picking me up) and they kept me in a mud pit with my brothers and sister. They took me away from my mom too soon too, so I self soothe with suckling on blankets. The breeder they got me from said I was skiddish, and probably would run away from mom and dad. But they opened the gate, and I came running to them crying!! They scooped me up, and brought me home! I was covered in fleas, and riddled with worms. But thats all behind me now! I am so so loved, so spoiled, and I'm learning new things as I go 🥰
clarice is very loveable...her nickname is licky cause she loves to lick u. She loves her table scraps as she begs for food just like a dog. She loves to pose as she does thst for attention
Sirius Black is my service dog. I am a disabled veteran and we are in training. He is a loving, kind puppy who tries his best to be good. He loves his cat siblings, his brother River, and tennis balls. I can't wait to see how far he will go in the future. He's going to be a big guy!
Dallas is a purebred beagle who was rescued from a bad environment. He loves eating, playing with his cat brother, and sleeping outside!
Harmony perform for snacks. Her speciality is founding snacks and dressing up.
She is a very educated tabby. She can fetch and also when I feed her wet for I ask her to give me her paw and she does it.
Rambo loves to jump. He can clear a 6 foot fence. He loves kids.
Milo is very energetic and lovable he loves giving kisses. He is always at the window looking out.
This will be Simba's last contest until the beginning of next year. Simba is a very special cat. He loves to play with his stuffed carrot. He will play fetch with it. His nickname is turkeybutt. I adopted him from the local humane society back in 2015. He is very photogenic and spoiled. He is 6 years old. He loves to play in boxes and eat turkey. He lives with three other cats named Amelia, Arwen, and Summer. He is the man of the house 😝 He is a very loving cat and loves attention. I appreciate all votes made for Simba.
Meet Izzy she is a calico breed very chilled out cat has a great personality loves cuddles . And very cheeky enjoys playing with her other cat friend's kiki and Ellie plays chase zooming around the garden. Enjoys her food .