Dog cat Stories - 21


Hi my name is Hank! I am a keeshond and 10 months old. I love to play tug a war, play in the snow & go on walks. My favorite toy right now is my chewy rings. Please vote for me. Thanks for visiting my page 🐾
Minnie Girl in a Minnie World Hello friends! My name is Minnie. I’m a silly Havanese Cockapoo mix. I love playing with my two brothers and bothering my cat uncle. Getting my first round of shots today so I’m a little scared. Follow my hooman on Instagram so we can be friends! Watch her stories to see my vet visit @Skarlett_Fever
Chad is a loving pet that needs his people. He loves to cuddle up with you. Chad is an old cat and we love him so much.
Max is extremely cuddly & always such a happy guy. He loves milk bones !
Barrett is a 2 year old, all white male. He loves yo play with foam nerf balls, rubber rings and stuffed mice. He loves catnip and chin scratches and loves his 3 feline brothers and 1 feline sister (who of course are all black in color).
Scoot is fierce and sweet. She likes to be by the woodstove. Sometimes Scoot and Brutzy curl up by the stove after teaming up to chase mice. Scoots sister is Binx.
This picture is Bella watching the Purina Dog Show,..loves to watch TV that has dogs on it!
Mochi is a Lovable 4 year old ESH. She enjoys belly rubs and playing with her yorkie brother. She is super spoiled and has to be around her humans at all times! She is a hugger and cuddler and does not have a mean bone in her body. Please vote for Mochi!
Porthos is 1/2 main 1/2 bobcat. When I rescued all three, and him and his brothers are the most loving, loyal, and well behaved cats I have ever raised.
Bb And Munchkin
Brother and sister offspring of rona 17 weeks old now Run around and love to wrestle each other Really strong bond
Morgan is a sweet, loving, and calm natured young cat. He loves affection and has to be involved in everything your doing especially if its cooking or eating in the kitchen. He's very playful with our other young cat in the house.
This princess loves playing around the house all the time! Any time! She like to play pick up her toy and came back to me for her meal, throwing toy again and come back for food that is always the breakfast time. But she loves people, she love small dogs and babies. This puppy is the most affectionate and sweet we have ever had. she worries if she sees you sad and puts her paws on your shoulder. She is really a keeper ❤️
This little cutie loves playing around all the time! ESPECIALLY at 3 AM🙄 But she loves to cuddle and gives face nudges! You got a friend in her that’s for sure!
Five is a Lab/Husky mix full of love and energy! He loves going to the park to run and also loves being under his mommy💞 Five loves to play with other dogs and also loves to go on car rides!
Hes super sweet snd friendly and loves to play fetch!
His name definitely suits him. You will always find him with a stick in his mouth playing out back. He's a loveable guy with a ton of energy.
Brian loves everyone and everything, and wants to play with every dog he sees
I’m part Pyrenees part boxer! I’m completely deaf, so my mom has to talk to me through hand signs. I’m the biggest cuddle bug in the world! I have two sisters and a brother that I play hard with!
Bella is 2 years young, hatched in Halifax but lives in beautiful PEI. Stunning black fur and big brown eyes, she uses her stunning good looks to get extra treats from her mom.
Max is so sweet. He loves to cuddle & loves his bully bones!
He loves to play with squeaky toys & loves belly rubs from his mommy!
Willow is 12 weeks old, born in Ontario but living in PEI. She is looking forward to spring to check out the local beaches. Her favourite pastime is snuggling, running away with shoes and looking cute
Zeta is a 5 month old Husky. She loves snuggling, chewing on shoes & being the Queen of the house.
Callie is our big polar bear! She loves being in the snow.
Bandit is a loving puppy full of energy and love.. he loves carrots and cuddling.. he has 3 siblings which are Yorkies that he loves to play with he turn on his back and let them do whatever they want to him.
Koda Bear
Coolest husky around, he is a big old baby! Loves the snow and will eat it all day if we let him. Loves pickles and veggies more than any dog treat. Pick me cause im stinking cute!
Hamish loves peanut butter, sticking his head out of the window and barking his best-friend is a hamster called Angus
Very loving and personable!
Peanut is an adorable, playful and loving pup! She is a rescue and was found on the streets fending for herself at one month old. Peanut was near death and was brought back to good health by SNARR Northeast! She became a member of our family when she was three months old. We can’t imagine our lives without her! Peanut loves to run around, play tug o war and chase her kitty sister.
Teddy is a 1 year old cockapoo. He loves swimming and going for walks with his best friend Boo.
Kai is such an adorable overgrown puppy with the biggest 💓. You can't help but fall in love with him the moment you meet him. He forever has everyone laughing at his silly sweet demeanor and antics. He would not hurt a living and thing, unless he were defending those he cares for. So loyal and lovable!
I came across Lola quite by accident - and I instantly fell in love with her. Lola has a way of capturing the hearts of everyone she meets. She’s quirky and funny and so so sweet. She must think I’m her lactating mother because she’s always trying to suck on my earlobes when I’m asleep. No matter what I’m doing Lola follows me and sits near me with her paw always touching my arm or my leg. She’s not cuddly but she always has to be close by and connected with me. She stole my heart and has ruled the roost ever since. I have never been a pet person, but she has changed me… She’s made me a better person and a more compassionate person and she has taught me patience. She’s truly a gift and I’m so grateful that she came into my world.
Loves bones very friendly and the cutest prince ever
Charlie is a 3 year old fun loving pup with a big heart and strong spirit. His favourite things are chasing birds and ringing his bell for treats. He’s a small boy with big energy but loves to sleep curled up in his bed snoring louder than his humans.
Cotto is 11 months and the biggest goof ball you can ever meet. While he’s not on duty being the neighborhood watch he enjoys playing with his toys and his human sisters!!!
I am a shitzu x poodle x schnauzer and i have had numerous health conditions since very young. I live with my mum who loves me to infinity and beyond and i always bounce back. Im only little and dont weigh very much (4kg) but i eat like a horse and my heart weighs half of that as i have loads of love.
Im a loving grey cat. I love roaming around the house and going off for a few days but i absolutly love chinese food. I love my family and snuggle up to them when they are asleep. I love to play i maybe nearly 11 but i play like a little kitty.
Bailey is a funny little dog who likes pulling my shoes along and considering his size it look funny
Well what can i say about myself. Like most dogs i love walks especially in the peak district. I love playing fetch and chasing squirrels and birds but i never catch them they are too fast for me. I may be a medium size dog but i love cuddles and kisses and i give lots of love and affection but i do think i am a lapdog. Thanks for reading about me woof woof lick lick xx
Mosses love to have a lye in... EVERYDAY. He is a very lazy dog. He loves his food and most importantly, his mummy.
She loves running and being outdoor
Stellaluna or luna as we call her is a rescue pup she is kind and sweet and loves to show her pearly whites. She may be shy but boy her personality can light up a room!
Smart and cute 🔥🐶
Denver is 6month old puppy, has a LOT of energy , and when I say that I truly mean it , he can spend hours and hours running , jumping around like a bunny and breaking everything that comes his way ! He is also very sweet, smart and loves to take naps ! He is the friendliest !
Hi! I’m the sweetest 50lb lap dog in the world! I love chewing bones, hanging with my mommy, and eating lots of treats! I’m the best girl if you need a hug or a million kisses! Vote for me and my wrinkles!
This handsome guy is Maximus but we just call him “Max”. Max is a full blown puppy teenager around 8 months old and loves going to the dog park and playing with his pup friends. He is a Doberman mix but definitely has all traits of a Dobie. He loves to find sticks, chewing on everything and loves to snuggle.
Two Different Eye Color Predominantly All-Black Kitty🥰 She’s Something Magical🎀