Dog cat Stories - 22


Wiggles was the most special cat in the entire world. I’ve had five cats at a time and she has always stood out. She thought she was a dog and she liked to lick you as you walked by. She always wanted to get some of your food and she loved more than anything to snuggle on your lap. I miss her so much!
Cooper is a loveable, affectionate, playful little bundle of cuteness and joy 😍
Maddie is 7, loves going out, lounging in front of the fire, annoying her sister and having long naps on her tower! Beautiful nature.
Lenny used his front paws like they are hands and he has legs as long as a supermodel’s legs! 😻
Hi my name is Mala Aka/ Maki/ Baby / Mak/ I got so many nicknames. I have my mommy / daddy / big sis Kristina wrapped around my little pawzies 🐾🐾😁.. I love to go for my walkies & chase my buddies the Squirrels 🐿. I also like to play with my duckie and squeak my duckie 💯 x a day. Mama & daddy love that duckie noise. Tee- Hee. I love to give big hugs and lots of kisses.Mommy says I give the best huggies and kisses to her especially when mommy is in lotza pain in her boo boo she has in spine . She says I make her pain go away when I give my mommy big big huggies and wet sloppy kisses . Mommy says I so cutzie ❤️❤️ And am her BABBBYYYYGIRL 🐶💓.. I love sleeping with mommy and daddy in their big comfy bed that I like to hog with my little body. I know I’m a stinker 😛. I also like to be on Security Patrol sitting in my comfy Alpha Pet calming bed and watch out the window and watch for intruders . I’m a big girl and need to protect my mommy & daddy. Good luck to all my fur buddies in this cool kings doggie 🐶🐾💓contest 🐶🐾🐾🥰❤️ LOVE MALA 🐾💓
Capone is a gentle giant and loves kids and cats
Mr. Felix Anderson joined our family on 11/13/2012. We found him at a local shelter in Columbia, South Carolina. He's such a sweetheart and a goofball to boot!! His favorite things include boxes, chasing lights and shadows, and sleeping.
Frank had a rough go before he found his forever family. He was found hungry and bleeding after being attacked by another dog in the streets of Detroit. However, he plumped up and found his fur mom who loves him more than the whole world. Frank loves stuffed animals, playing tug of war, babies, running zoom laps, walks, and cuddling up next to his mom on the couch and in bed every night. Frank has lots of love to give and would love your vote!
Marley is a loving playful creature who pinks like a little piggie! He loves to be surrounded by humans.
Eddie is my funny little man, my first boy - the king of the castle. You can always find Ed sleeping in a spot thats probably too tight for him or looking for some plastic to chew on. His favorite things are plastic bags, tuna, and belly rubs!
Stormi is ava’s big sister❤️ Stormi LOVES to be called “BEBE” & belly rubs ‼️
Odin is my sweet, strong & compassionate boy. Odin had a hard start at life and had to have his right eye removed, this doesn’t get in the way of exploring everything he can. His favorite things are food, his brother & shoe strings!
Hi, my name is Maxwell! I am a chunky tabby cat that loves food, playing with toys and receiving love from my humans. I am such a sweetheart and love to cuddle with my bunny brother during nap time. Check out some of my other photos below! :)
A simple little boy who loves chicken and lamb chop. Love to cuddle with everyone and get belly rubs.
Kyro is an American Staffordshire Terrier, AKC Therapy Dog Excellence title (THDX) CGC, CGCA, CGCU, as well an Arch Angel title with K9 Caring Angels Therapy Dogs, sharing his love for life to everyone he meets!! Adopted from a local shelter to be a friend for his service dog sister Shelby.
He loves sleeping next to me with his legs and arms stretched out. He wakes me in the morning with gentle paw taps to my cheeks
Bruno came to us all the way in WA after a long road trip from Pennsylvania. He is an AMAZING part of our family and the best friend and blessing we could of ever asked for 🥰 He loves all children and has to be apart of EVERYTHING! He is so nosey LOL. He is super spoiled and boy does he know it too LOL 🤣 I hope one day he can be a daddy, we feel he would be such a great one. He is currently 3 yrs old.
Meet Cora Cat, age 5. Obese rescue cat who we took pity on as she was the only cat there too plump to get out of the cat flap and play in the garden with the other rescue cats. initially fooled us into believing she was an anxious girl but soon showed her true colours by insisting we carried her round the house on a pillow like a true queen 👑. hobbies include general denial about being a cat, sitting in armchairs, sitting at the dining table for mealtimes and pushing us out of the bed.
My name is Leche! Yes, my name means milk in Spanish! That’s because I was rescued from the Dominican Republic. I am two years young! I love to run and am super fast. I also love being outside, long walks and chasing squirrels.
Millie is 10 years old, her favourite things to do are play, have treats, lay in the sun, have cuddles, watch the birds and to be brushed. Millie is a really happy and loving cat that always puts a smile on my face no matter how i'm feeling.
All dressed up
My name is Ouija and i LOVE wreaking havoc everywhere i go! Me and mom go everywhere together and its always an adventure! She my best friend!!
Bear is loveable he loves to sleep and cuddle up to keep you warm. His favorite toy is his lamb. He is too cute to not vote for.
My names Maisy and I love to get as dirty as possible then cuddle with mom
Karma is crazy,sleppy and outgoing
She's truly one of a kind.. miss mia thermopolis... Aka big kitty well atleast she thinks she is lol
Ziggy is just the sweetest boy. He always wants to be snuggled up with his favorite people, he loves to give kisses and brings us joy every day. @ziggy_pugz on Instagram
Ellie is a bubbly french bulldog, she is 4 months old and when she runs around she hops like a bunny rather then running like a normal dog 🤣 She loves to play with toys and she has already learned to fetch and sit!!
Lily is a crazy weirdo that loves eating everything if it doesn’t involve cat food itself. She’s hyper and loves playing and giving me many scars.
Kala loves to fetch her toy for treats. She likes hanging out with her sisters and taking long drives across the country. She’s a well traveled girl and walks on a leash. ❤️
This is Cassie or Miss Cass. She loves to do zoomies around the yard, play with her babies (toys), and most importantly, cuddle.
Meet Rudy! He’s definitely one very unique 15lb cat that’s so spunky, yet so cuddly and lovable! His favorite thing he enjoys doing is playing fetch! Yes, like a dog! He retrieves and brings his little blue mouse right back to me and drops at my feet EVERY time I toss it! Actually better than any dog I’ve had at being so consistent with it! Hands down, he’s one special pet!!
Hi everyone my name is Nugget and i am blind, i love going for walks and playing with crinkle toys, before my mommy found me my eyes had ruptured causing my blindness but that doesnt stop me, mommy found me at 1 month old i am now 6 months Mommy also saved my 2 siblings and kept all three of us my siblings are not blind, including us mommy has 18 furbabies and feeds 12 strays
Maverick is an f1 labradoodle who loves to play and go on walks! He loves the water and can’t wait for his first river trip to play all day!
Bertie is a happy, playful beautiful boy. Such a funny little character! He loved his kisses with his mummy and daddy ❤️
He loves being spoiled... he knows when to whimper/ bark to get what he wants
Harley Quinn
Harley Quinn is a laid back and very chill. She is now 9 months old and 110lbs. She is also a excellent guard dog and extremely loyal. She is Great with our grandkids. Also She is very popular on TikTok with her silly ways and has 40k followers lol. With the help of her biggest fan my 25 yr old daughter. She is really a very sweet girl ❤️ Hope people who tend to judge her breed starts to see them in a new light. A family friendly guard dog ❤️❤️
Luna Fletcher
She is the sweetest girl! Crazy at times! Loves the outdoors. Hiking and a great travel companion! Vote for Luna aka Loonie tunes. ❤️
Well hi! My name is Bay (aka Poo) and I am Queen 💩 of Turd Mountain! My mama saved me from an overcrowded, scary, dark place and now I’m in charge of 2 hoomans and 2 doggies! My mama wants to donate her winnings to help make that dark, scary place where she saved me and my dog sister from, a better place. Mind helping us out and sparing a vote??
Hi world, I'm Remi Monroe and my parent's best girl, which I love hearing the most! My favorite things so far in my 5 month life are cuddles in my parent's bed, playing with absolutely any human or animal that will play back, and treats! Vote for me because life is better with chocolate!
Malachi is super playful, boisterous, always hopping and spinning! He's a big cuddly, lap dog, bear who never realizes how big and strong he is!
Alfie enjoys running about chasing his tail. he also loves being cuddles and is a very attention needing dog
Delta Dawn
Delta knows no stranger, she is the most friendly dog in town and can’t stand when a dog doesn’t like her. She’s got little legs but can still manage to counter surf to find out where are the good smells are coming from and try to get a taste.
This is Bella. Bella is a Malshi and four months old. She loves to snuggle, play, and enjoys going out in her little purse.
Meet Luna, our 5 month old baby. She is the biggest cuddle bug & so sweet, she gives kisses & purrs all day long. We are all absolutely obsessed with her, especially her 3 year old human sister. Vote & show love to our pretty girl, we will exchange all votes💗✨✨
Artemis is a snuggle pro! Her nick name is ‘blankie’ because i take her with me like Linus his blanket. She loves to play puzzles and her training sessions. Starbucks is her favorite haunt:)