He is only 11 weeks old and the sweetest thing ever. He's a snuggle bug and very chillaxed. You should totally vote for this muffin.
Rollo is a sweet goofy boy who loves to smile all day long!!
Mushu is a 6 month old rat terrier/ shi-tszu mix male. Heis all play and cuddles. Just want to take him EVERYWHERE i go 😍
Confuscious is a 1 year old male GENIUS! He can open doors, he talks back, hes super loveable, and hes best buds with my 2 pups 😍😍😍
Logan, AKA my delicious little boy, is the sweetest floofiest Siberian Ive ever seen. He has some silly quirks, he loves to lay in strange places he doesn’t quite fit in and chase the puppy around the house. He also never quite grew out of sitting on the roombah while it drives around lol. Logan has such a goofy personality and is the biggest lover. He’s not fat he’s fluffy :D And yes ha head is stuck in a baby gate in one picture
Unfortunately Bella passed away on April 8, 2015 unexpectedly. During her time here on earth, she was the sweetest, most comforting, cuddly cat. She loved to play with her toy mice and chase red laser lights around. She was almost always attached to my hip and was my best buddy. She is missed and loved every single day.
He's a Rottweiler'doberman with a touch of husky. Just over year and half i think.. very hyper but a lovely dog.
Chubs is very playful and has a big personality. Vote for my new little buddy
Bonnie was a little rescue dog from Romania and we have had her for about a year .The little dog came on the happy bus . As we call it . Her personality has come out so much with in the year .shes a lovely loud dog with little dog syndrome. Just blessed with he cross of a cogie and a pomeranian
Henry's only nemesis in life are semi trucks. He feels it his sworn duty to go into battle with any large truck he sees in order to defend his honor
Hi my name is Rover, I am 8 Weeks old. I really like to cuddle and play i love being held and getting all the attention also i’m very sweet and i love running outside :)
Oliver loves eating anything and everything. His favorite hobby is chasing his sister around the house. He was a rescue cat that was found nearly frozen to death. Now, he absolutely loves his human and is the biggest cuddlebug.
Franklins hobby’s include running around like a crazy kitten! Attacking your feet as you walk and hiding in laundry baskets, boxes , etc. He is about 3 months old very playful!
NYX was found Halloween night last year, along a highway. She was extremely emaciated and pregnant. She now has 2 sisters RayRay & Roo.
Petunia May
Petunia is the smartest pup I’ve ever had and she has so much personality already! She talks to me by snorting In dif tones when she wants something and paws at me w her foot. She LOvES toys and carries them all the time, enjoys sitting in the chair next to me wherever I’m at, She follows me everywhere, watches tv, loves to watch cars go by at night and pLaying with her brother Beans
Noodles is a rescue, we brought her home as an infant and bottle fed her. She has an amazing personality and loves sleeping on my daughter's face. In this picture we caught her mid yawn and found her expression comical. She is an extremely intelligent little girl. If noodles wins, the money will go towards spay and neuter for her and other rescues.
Delilah is my emotional support animal. I couldn't live without her!
The sassiest dog you’ll ever meet. Major attitude, but she makes up for it in cuteness. She loves swimming and rolling in the mud!
Very photogenic
Junior’s favorite pastimes include eating well and sleeping
muffin is a sweet baby girl with hemophilia, she almost died at 4 months but she is going strong now after her treatment! she loves cuddles, lasers, catnip and sucking on my dreadlocks lol. She acts like a baby 100 percent of the time beeing that i adopted her at only 5 weeks. And now she never wants to be away from me XD if she wins, the money will go toward paying off her vet expenses for her blood & plasma transfusions and surgery.
Lucy was our first rescue. We intercepted her on her way to a high kill shelter, she was only 6 months old. We spayed,vaccinated and chipped her, ready to rehome. She is so sweet, she just never passed through our doors again except to routine vet visits. Talked with breeder and found out she is 99% true Turkish Van, just missing a floofy tail.💜💖💚
Blizzard is the biggest chicken, like literally the definition of ‘scaredy-cat’ but he’s sooo affectionate and loves to chase Zuzu pets around the house. He struggled the last few weeks of his life, as he was either bitten by something really vicious, we didn’t notice the holes in his neck until maybe 3 days after he started acting different and by then it was too late. We brought him to the vet and he did everything he could and I mean everything, but poor baby blizz passed anyways. I will always love you and you are forever missed ♥️💕
Lillie is such a joy, has a ton of energy, and loves a good cat massage 😻😽
Oliver is a 3 month old Highland Lynx with odd eyes. He likes to let his brother Oliver know he’s in charge. He is also deaf in one ear.
Noel was 4 months old when I adopted her she had undergone surgery to remove her left arm she was a rescue kitten found on the road ran over, since bringing her home she has had a lot of love and attention she loves her mommy and I love her too she looks into my eyes and the way she looks at me knowing she’s safe and cared for by Mami being three legged has not prevented her from anything she’s capable of doing anything she sets her Mind of to do I love my MAMA
Moses is the light of my life! He is my recently turned 9 year old rescue baby. Having him literally saved my life because he gives my life purpose. He loves his mommy and daddy and family and he's just crazy about his buddies! Moses has a better social life than me! He had playdates almost daily. Moses loves playing with his toys toys, taking car rides, getting his hair brushed and dressing up in all of his fun t-shirts, sweaters and costumes! He is a happy baby and the cutest little wiggle butt in the world!!!
Mushu loves to be loved. He was hand reared from being 4 weeks old as someone hurt his mum badly and she had to be put to sleep. He is a big eater and has the loudest purr.
Jack is a sweet playful little guy that never lets you get away in a bad mood. He always cheers you up and loves you unconditionally. He is always up for a good wrestle on the floor! Those eyes will get you every time;)
Bobble is a cheeky kitty! He looks after his little brother Mushu all the time. He loves to drink from the tap and is a TikTok star and has appeared in the Mail online after sitting on my head while I was on a conference call.
Sonny loves his family, walks and food! He also loves being under the bed covers even though he knows he isn’t allowed.
I rescued Battymous when he was about a month old. Hes energetic, extremely playful, loves his stuffed unicorn, playing in running water, and playing in bags.
Hi! My names Feloni I am a 10 year old pitbull lab mix. My human mom adopted me when I was just 6weeks old and Iv been her pride and joy since day one. I’m a very friendly gal I haven’t met a strange the more friends and butt rubs I can get the happier i am. Some things I enjoy are butt rubs,swimming,laying out in sun all day rolling on my back enjoying my time, playing fetch, meeting new people and cuddling with my mom.
Presley lost his father Spot to cancer when he was one year old since then he's always stuck by my side, he's very shy but very loving, he's my best friend and has a great sense of humor too!!!!
Ruby And Elsa
Ruby and Elsa are sisters, they love treats walks and lots of belly rubs! Please give them a vote
I love sleeping in the window and watching the cars go by. At night I zoom all around the house waking everyone up.
Razz was my second cat and he’s the biggest gentle giant. He’s never hurt a fly and he’s great with communicating what he wants and when he wants it, he was sadly hit by a car and we have speculation it was the neighbor but we never found out and it broke my heart. He’s my best friend and I’ve been lost without him. I entered him to get my own justice ❤️ #justiceforrazz
Ollie Bear
Ollie is a cattle dog and loves to run around herding just about anything! He loves to snuggle and eat your left overs 💚💚
Neil is my cheeky sassy little Persian, he fills my heart with absolute joy every single day ! From his daily doses of the zoomies to toasting his tootsies by the radiator! Neil really is the best little fluff ball you could ask for 🥰
Domino is the Sweetest Cat in the World! He's a Calming influence on Everyone! Whenever I'm upset he always puts a smile on my face. He LOVES to Cuddle & he's absolutely Hilarious! I can tell exactly what he's thinking just by looking at his face!
Rolo is our beautiful chocolate labrador who is 5 months old and has come all the way from Hungary please give him a vote :)
Butterscotch is a 26 pound fun loving, goofball ❤️ He loves chicken treats and snuggling up with everyone. Chin scratches are his favorite. He’s a rescue from the Hartland Animal Rescue in Brainerd, MN. We’d love your vote! 😻
He loves outdoors!
Despite the horns, Bailey is a big softy at heart. His hobbies include sleeping...and thats about it. Though, even at 17 years, this old man cant resist a little red laser dot or a wriggling shadow every now and then. In all seriousness, Bailey has been my best friend since i got him almost 15 years ago. He's been there for me through some of the toughest times and i love him more than i could ever say. Please vote, and make this old man a superstar.