Kali is the newest member of our family, she is as pretty as a blanket of fresh flowers! 💖
Oscar is a playful 1 year old yorkie shitzu mix ( shorkie) his favorite thing to do is chase his human siblings!
Piper has the wildest personality from day one she’s been a hyper mess but in return she enjoys giving lots of kisses (in the mouth) and snuggles! her tail is her best friend and she loves to get on her brother nerves! she does the zoomies at least once a day! Her favorite treats are peanut butter and pup cups❤️ if only we could upload videos on here just so y’all could see how funny she is! she is definitely her mamas baby and knows no stranger🤗 y’all please vote for my Pipe and i’ll vote back m! thank you in advance ❤️❤️
Beyond the sweetest and friendliest cat. He has no fear to approach people and greet them with his tail (after a quick smelling test!).
Hi I’m Aries. I’m 12 weeks old. My favorite things to do it to play with my mice and pineapple. I love to play, sleep and run through the house! My mommy says I’m the princess of the house.
Jellybean is a 5 month old rescue kitty that lives in a house of dogs. She is always into something and loves being right where we are and as close as she can. We should have know with the little white mark on her nose that she would be getting her little nose dirty all the time while looking for her next adventure
A queen in every way from the first morning purring to wake daddy up until the evening demand for petting.
Zuma is a very active dog, he loves playing with toys and running around in the yard, but he also loves sleeping under blankets.
I adopted Ayomi 3 months ago. But it’s like she’s always been my cat. She’s always by my side (even when I go to the loo 🙈)….. On the rare occasion she’s not by me you’ll find her in a carrier bag or the wash basket (basically anywhere that isn’t the comfy bed I bought her). Likewise you’re more likely to find her playing with the bath mat in the bath than with any of her actual toys 🤷‍♀️. She’s the sweetest thing and is very chatty, she’s a woman who knows what she wants and isn’t afraid to ask!
My name is Oliver, but I go by Ollie. My favorite thing to eat is tiki cat puree and temptations treats. I love to cuddle and play with my human. I am also still a kitten, only 4 months old ❤️
Nissy (aka Nissan) loves the attention, he also loves playing with his dad Bandit.
This is Zapha, he is a big, good boy who loves baskets, and boxes! This is his best day ever since he was able to do both at once! 💖
I'm Omen. Indoor cat 🐈‍⬛. Fierce and small. Living the cat life to the fullest. I go crazy for bottle caps 🤪
Shay is a calm cat. She likes attention, but mostly like to cuddle up on a pile of clothes and take a nap.
Spirit is a picky cat. She loves me and my grandfather. She loves sitting under your feet waiting for you to give her some of your food, and she loves drinking off of the bathtub faucet.
Nova loves attention, and I really mean that. She will follow you around the house meowing and trying to get all your love. She’s sweet and will cuddle with you all day long.
Smokey loves to run around, and play with all the other cats. He jumps from dresser to dresser, and just spends his days playing.
Shadow sleeps a lot. She loves attention, but she doesn’t like cuddles. She loves to play with strings.
Ravenclaw is more of a loner, he spends his days laying out in the sun or playing with his stuffed toy.
Shiloh means Heavenly Peace, well I can tell you now, there’s no peace when’s she’s around. Don’t be fooled by the photo, she can be a very naughty cat, but she also can be one of the most loving cats.
We’ve had Garfield for 2 years now, but he doesn’t like much attention. Sometimes he will come on the bed to get it but he usually loves playing with Bandit.
Bandit is a sweetheart, he loves running around and playing with Garfield. He likes to cuddle, but he doesn’t like his belly touched.
Parker Valjo
Hello, my name is Parker ValJo, I am a Jack Russell X Pug! I’m 1 year old, and I love my toys, my mummy’s and my entireeeee family (fur & Hooooman) Please vote for me, I love you all 💙
She is a small kitten that always looks so grumpy but extra cute. She likes to nibble on fingers and toes
Baimaxx is a 7month old tiny toy poodle but big at heart! He loves everyone he meets & enjoys giving out high fives 😁🥰🐾
Kash was thrown out in a banana box on my property. He is my baby boy!!
Mack James Bella
Mack is a very lovable pup! Loves to adventure. He is in training to be a service dog for Epilepsy, and severe anxiety. He’s doing amazing! He loves to play with his older sister. He loves kids and cats! He is such an amazing pup!
Sokka is named after a character in the show avatar the last airbender. He is a true water tribe boy and loves to take showers with me. Sokka loves playing with his sister Suki and cuddling with mom 💕
Very active smart she wakes me up everyday at the time i get up its like she knows when i get up so 2mins b4 im suppose to get upshe wakes me
Hi my name is Masha and I am the little princess in my family, I like the most my rides with car with my mummy, to teasing my big sister Micky and to pretend sometimes that I am a little dog or a frog, before I go to sleep I am enjoying my time with mummy for kisses and a lots of hugs, especially when I am falling asleep on her side of bed. That's all what I can say about me 😽
Ted is a 12 week old cockapoo, he is bursting with love and energy
Plankton is a 12 week old mix of Corgi, Red Heeler, Norwegian Elkhound, and Pomsky.
Hi, I’m Piston, and I know you are probably wondering what breed I am. I’m Lab, German Shepherd, and Catahoula Mix. The Catahoula is where I get my unique coloring! I’m very out going, as well as very talkative but not in a bad way, in a playful happy way. I am 5 years old! I know I look good for my age🤭 I love my sister Hemi, who looks similar to me but brown with black spots instead. I’m very much a mamas girl, and won’t leave my mamas side. Mom has taught me to be well behaved and have manners and people are really impressed by my abilities! Please vote for me and my uniqueness. I really am one of a kind!❤️
Hello, my name is Cora. I am 4 years of age and a rescue cat with a grade III heart murmur. I am very chatty and very affectionate. I love to be brushed and play with my toys. I also do love cheeky little treats 🥓 every now and again. I nap most of the time and love sleeping next to my mummy and daddy. 💕 Moreover, I am really thankful to find my forever home with my purr-parents. I am so glad that they adopted me and provided me all the love that I need. ♥️ I hope that you’ll vote for me.🐱
Ryder loves meeting people and riding along In a truck with his human so that he can See the world. He is such a loving pet. Please give him a vote.
Coco is a bengal/ragdoll full of life only 6 months old and loves to play fetch 🤣❤
First thank you for taking time to vote for Angel. She helps her mommy out when she has seizures and when stressed. We appreciate all the votes we get. She loves to go outside, only can with a leash and harness.. she is a sweetheart She loves to climb She is very curious Loves toys and catnip Eats grass and plants Turned 2 on May 17 2022
Bella And Georgie
Bella (left) georgie (right) are the best buds and enjoy their catnip!
Mocha’s the most energetic, silly, and loving pup! She loves her stuffed moose and treats!
He enjoys chewing on everything & he loves to play outside 🍁
Nala is a loving rescue kitten who loves to sleep wrapped up in the her blanket!
Mitzi Moo Moo
She is the sweetest, best friend anyone can ever ask for. I'm so grateful someone didn't want her don't know why anyone would drop this sweet baby off on the side of the road.
Hades is 20 lbs, loves ground beef and cuddling!
Bandit is a sweet, silly boy and very curious. He is always getting himself into something lol. He js uyrs old and still runs to his mommy when in trouble (his mommy shylah lives here too). He definitely is a mommas boy. Love him so much!❤
Sadi is a one of a kind loving, playful and cute three year old bull terrier. Sadi can warm your heart by walking in the room and is the only dog I know that will wear just about anything.
Hunter AKA sweetness is the cutest kitty ever . He loves to hunt and capture beautiful butterflies among other little creatures. His name definitely suits him very well .