Dog cat Stories - 23


The reason I came up with the name Chewbacca was so I could nick name him chewy because he loves to chew on everything!!!
Lemon is very sweet but also sometimes sour! She loves to scream at her momma all day
Luna is a German Shepherd Mix. She’s very playful.... full of energy. She loves people, she likes to give you the biggest hugs and kisses. She also loves going to the park and when she gets to running she’s very very fast. She’s only 5 months old but she’s about to be 6 months in a couple days. She’s been a very good good dog.
@bhx_bullyz on Instagram!
Blue is mello and a heart throb. He loves kids, naping and belly rubs. When Blue hears the ice cream truck its time to put on the begging face. The driver looks for his hairy friend all the time. His favorite nap position is his back.
Wade loves watching TV with us especially if there are animals on the tv. He a very good boy
This is Pig he’s a presa corso and he loves nature walks , cuddles , treats , and giving kisses and he loves belly’s rubs 😄 he’s four years old and he loves toys. He such a cool boy he takes good pictures with me almost all the time.😄♥️
Hello I'm zeus I love to play all day long love to bark but when I aproch me I'm very shy and loving
She is a really loving, caring and playful member of the family. She completes us and loves walkies on beaches. Loves meeting other dogs and human babies. Loves Mcdonalds Chicken Nuggets too.
Zara loves to play fetch, go for walks on the leash, play with her bengal sister, and cuddle with Momma. She's extremely sweet yet spunky! She is so loved and makes every day brighter!
Mars Clarke
Mars has the funniest personality and what's his is his. He understands almost everything that you are saying mid conversation he has his head tilted totally involved. What he likes most is his treats
Bailey has an Instagram account it is called Bailey little diva
Nyla is a very energetic but lazy cat at the same time. She instantly goes to sleep when she is in warm places or when you hug her❤️ Her name is from the lion princess from lion king. She just made a month old. And loves to play with everything that isn’t a toy😂❤️ We are entering this contest to raise money to pay for her shots as a baby cat❤️
Sir Stanley
He loves to snuggle, so quick already, loves food and 💤 sleep. Will throw a tiny tantrum if he doesn’t get his way and be picked up. So far his new tricks are “he learned sit” and goes to the door and barks to go out” also learning the cat is not his friend
Kore is a 5 month old, DSH, tortie. Named of the Goddess of Spring from Greek mythology (the secondary name for the Queen of the Underworld, Persephone), she's spunky and loves to give her momma kisses.
Fletcher loves the garden and going crazy in our tree!!
Dexter Morg
Dexter is a service dog for ptsd, loving and loyal and my favorite is when he says I love you ❤️
We fostered Grayson for about 2 years, for some reason no one wanted him. After 2 years we adopted him or "Foster Failed" him and he has been a important part of our family ever since. 💙
Pebbles is a calico with an ambitious attitude. She was rescued as a kitten and is about 17 years old in these photos with plenty of pep in her step.
Spunky Punky
Hi! I’m Punky, But my nickname is spunky punky, Because I’m so energetic!!! I have Big, beautiful green eyes, with a gold Beauty spot! am friendly, funny, and very quirky! My favorite thing to do is to get swaddled In a warm Blanket like a Baby! My human sisters also put shower caps on me, and give me a Bath, I I love water! Whenever My human takes a Bath I will Be sitting in her Bath waiting for her to run the water! am a rescue kitty who was the only tortoiseshell kitten in my whole litter! I was found on the streets with my 3 siblings-Draft, phantom, and Mia (who is shown in the pictures with me!) we were found with no mommy cat, she had been hit by a car... We had a rough early life...But we are loved and spoiled now! I love to play with cat toys and I also love to play dress up with my human sisters, my favorite outfits are my pink dress and my rainbow tutu... I also love to give my fur siblings, snuggles and kisses...I love my family so much ♥️
Big Mama
Big mama is the sweetest fur baby you will ever meet❤️She loves kids and cuddles and loves her ball and bones❤️
Teddy is a 6 month old Pit/Husky mix who loves to cuddle!
Beau Jaxon
Beau is so lovable and playful! And my absolute bestfriend! He is the fastest dog I’ve ever seen! And He is in need of a new dog house, to share with his big brother chunk!! So they can have ever more fun!!❤️
Hi, I’m Chobi 🧸 12 weeks old and trying my best to potty outside!!
Luna is a very laid back cat that loves belly rubs. Luna is a bit depressed lately since her buddy fur baby crossed the rainbow 🌈 bridge. She loves to be outside on her leash to chase bugs.
A playful cat who thinks she's a dog she fetches and follows you through house in constant want for attention also loves sun bathing! But she is all around the best cat and loves to cuddle n sleep with her mommy n daddy 💗
Toby is a energy filled puppy who loves to eat, play, and go to the park. He loves playing frisbee and fetch.
Zima is an absolute wild child. But she has the kindest heart, she is bonded to her brothers and thinks she rules the house. But come bedtime she is a big baby who still comes to you to kneed your arms and snuggle up for kisses and pets. Her fur is like silk
Cooper is three months old and a firecracker. This little mommas boy loves to run around and chew on everything he can sink his teeth into.
Oni is my affectionate crazy kitten x he’s 7 months x
Storm is just over one year old, he loves cuddles every night with my kids, zoomies at 1am and any box he can squeeze in
I’m a princess boy.
Sassy is Chihuahua/ Jack Russell. She is a very energetic dog. Loves to play fetch all day. Her favorite thing to do is play in the water. She will howl I Love You and does many tricks for treats. She is my child and I don't know what I would do without her.
Im a tiny pup with a huge personality, i love my humans i love making them laugh and smile i think im a big dog stuck in this itsy body
Billy Kitty
Billy Kitty was a stray that our neighbors took in and gave to us to love after losing our pup. He seems more like a dog at times, and does his own thing!.. He gets very vocal when he wants something but more than anything is affection and attention!. He's a real lover!
Jerzie was a rescue from Oklahoma and brought home with us to Minnesota with her brother Whiskey! Jerzie gives the best kisses and loves tummy rubs. Her favorite spot to sleep is on the back of the couch. She is a fun loving free spirit with a gentle shy heart!..
Whiskey was rescued in Oklahoma, and came to live with us in Minnesota with his sister Jerzie! He is always full of kisses and cuddles. He often makes his humans laugh for just being himself!.. He loves the snow, hates when it rains but always enjoys hanging out on the porch loving life surrounded by nature!.. He is a silly happy boy!
Toby loves to play with his cat toys. He loves to play outside. He loves his can cat food and his pink blanket. Best cat in the world. He's very loved. If he wins I plan on using the money to get the cat food and shots and stuff he needs. It all goes towards Toby.
Milo is a very loving, playful yet talkative dog. He loves going on walks to explore and listening to music. Milo is in love with treats and love his family very much.
Bella Dominó Bardot
Bella is a sweetheart. Smart, loves to wear clothes , love hair bows. Her very favorite thing is playing soccer or fetch with a ball
Kosi is a rescue from Puerto Rico and fills his mama’s life with lots of laughs, cuddles, and love.
Pelusa is a winner , he survived the cold winter at age of 3 weeks. When I found him abandoned he was fighting for his life
Koda was found on the side of the road, walking by himself. He had apparently broken his leash and ran away. My friends found him and were gonna take him to the pound, but posted him on Facebook. I saw him and that was it. He was the best dog I ever had. He died on June 22, 2018, and my heart broke. I miss my little buddy. I had him 7 years and I am still having a hard time with the fact that he is gone.
Hi friends! My name is Mia! I’ll be 5 months on May 12. I’m the sweetest girl you’ll ever meet😊 I love to cuddle with my human parents, I’m goofy and I’m currently in training. I promise to be a good girl 🐶
9 week old little kitten, great hunting skills, loves her mouse on a string, but also very cute and cuddly with an adorable purr.
She likes to sleep on baby blankets eat little soups an cuddle
Cocoa loves to play and run around after mika and loves to eat and he loves to sleep on my blanket and he loves to be love on his favorite toy is his banana that has catnip and he loves to sit in the window and watching the birds and sunbathing and he loves talking to me and telling me he hungry...he got this growling noise going on it sound like dog growling...he had this growling noise since he was a kitten.he loves to go bye bye u can ask him if he wants to go bye bye he gets in his carrie...he has Nick name and it is sugar boogers or he gose buy cocoa bean.....he well flop over to his back so he can get his belly rubs sometime he well sit there til u pick him up so u can take him to another room and he well let u pack him like a human..his breed is himalayan and siamese flame point munchin.....he is very lovable and spoiled rotten.