Simba is a loving dog who will never pass up a chance to relax in the sun. He loves his family as well as treats!
Almost two month old black itty bitty baby who loves his cuddles and being near his humans. He has a banana toy that he absolutely loves playing with and he loves to eat 🤣
Ollie is a sweet pup that always has smile on his face. He loves to bring his favorite toys outside, play with his favorite doggo friends and snuggle with mom.
Oreo is 9 mths old, he is friendly
I would Like to welcome Nashville she’s is a fully blooded Siberian husky! She loves to run and play with her favorite toy which is a mallard duck! She’s very loveable and loves cuddles and loves to follow you around everywhere❤️
Peaches is loud, obnoxious and fluffy. She screams for food In the morning and loves catnip. She loves cuddles and attacks my feet late at night when she wants more food.
Sam loves to go on walks, play with his toys and his favorite activity is catch. His best friend is his fur sister Bella, he loves to play with her and be around her any chance he can get.
Piper is such a sweet loving soul. He loves to be loved and is a mamas boy.
Tyson is a fun loving baby he loves to sleep and play with the cat he is also all about his mommy everything i do he wants to do
Simba was adopted in 2020, from Ruff house rescues...and has been thriving and is definitely the King in my home!
Cutest white fluffy fur baby with big green eyes ♥️♥️♥️
Hi my name is Hero I am a rescue from Alabama! I have tons of energy and love long walks on the beach
He loves to play, snuggle
Fluffy is out of surgery and doing well! He had a condition called Intussusception. His intestines had telescoped on themselves and caused a blockage. There was no foreign object at all! They did have to remove 5” of intestines because they were damaged. He is going to spend the night, possibly 2 at the emergency vet go recover. This condition can happen again, but it’s not likely. They are not sure what caused it. He will be separated from the cats for 10 days at home to recover peacefully by himself (I’m sure he’s going to go crazy). We appreciate the donations 🥺❤️ At the emergency vet now, if anyone is not aware: My 9 month old kitten Fluffy was vomiting at 4:30am, he cannot hold anything down. I took him to my regular vet at 9:30am. My regular vet did X-rays and sent the X-rays out to be read by a radiologist. The results were inconclusive. We were sent to a larger vet hospital for more imaging and information about what is going on with him. The current diagnosis is possible foreign body in the stomach, with severe constipation OR foreign body in the stomach with involvement in the intestines as well. I have had fluffy and his 2 siblings since they were 2.5 weeks old, they were fed with bottles. Fluffy is the sweetest baby that snuggles and lays on me every night. He is a special baby that has been bonded to me since he was very little. I will be doing any and all life saving measures HOWEVER; the estimate at the emergency vet is currently anywhere from $2,500-$5,000. I am a frequent donator to cat rescues and believe in good karma. If anyone can spare ANY money, please consider donating to Fluffy’s medical bill. He is at MedVet Akron, you can call and donate, or you can donate to me via Cashapp, PayPal or Venmo. Thank you all for reading. 🥺❤️ Cashapp: $Miranda0321 PayPal: @MirandaCarpeno Venmo: @Miranda-Carpeno
Bowie likes Pup cups and getting caught in the Rain. If you’re not into walks, if you have half a bone. If you like barking at the dark at midnight, from the warmth of a bed. I’m the pup that you’ve looked for, come with him and escape.
Luna is a very sweet and quirky apple head Siamese mix.
Beans lives to play with trash ❤️
Stella Rose
Stella loves attention, she loves to look at her self in the mirror, you would think she’s a human by how much she likes to stare at herself. She is a boujee and so spoiled. Stella loves to play and go on car rides. She just wants all your attention, she’s super loving and sweet.
Blake is very lovely, he loves snuggles ,ice cream , 😍he goes crazy on car rides ,my baby Blake snore like an old man 😂he is my life saver, my son he is my world.
Yuki is a great pet. Full of wonder.
Ralph And Ronnie
Ralph and Ronnie are 2 brothers. Caine corso and french bulldog cross. They were the only 2 born! They LOVE a cuddle, treats and long walks down the canal.
Hazel is a sweet, adorable and snuggly calico cat. I had her brother before I got her but sadly her brother passed away when he was only 6 weeks old. It was heartbreaking and traumatic and I am so glad I got to choose Hazel and her brother Hamilton to take care of and love for the rest of their lives.
Hamilton is a big 14 pound big boned cat. I had his brother before he passed away from an unknown illness. Hamilton and his sister Hazel are my everything!
Bean is a sweet, energetic polydactyl cat that was rescued from being hit by a car on a local highway. She has stole my heart.
Logan loves to take kitty naps on his mom and play with her fingers
Loves naps , playing ball, and eating the stuffing out of her toys.
Pickle isn’t afraid of water when anyone is taking a bath he is waiting outside to laid down in the tub don’t care if he gets wet
live, love, snack
Nova ia a very sweet loving girl. She is the breed that i listed but she is also mixed with other breeds. Shes wearing reindeer antlers for the holiday season.
Avery is a female Tortiseshell and has a spunky personality. She loves to carry toys and socks in her mouth while running around making hunting noises. If there is anything on the coffee table she will bite it and pull it off. She also likes to lay or sit on your shoulders. Sometimes you find her in amusing positions like this.
Benji is a big ball of fluff who loves cuddles 🥰
Three Legged Dan
Dan is missing his front right leg but still uses the other 3 to kick and shake when he gets his tummy scratched!! Dan also loves being held and hangs his head over when I rock him like a baby :) He loves to talk every second of the day. He’s the best cat i’ve ever owned, like a cat on the outside and a dog on the inside. He definitely loves his food the most, if you cant find him shake a random food bag and he’ll come sprinting out screaming at ya! He loves laying in your neck and being snuggled up next to you every night. Dan is a 11/10 cat
Unfortunely Shadow pass away two years ago, he was an affectionate cat
Echo is a big ole' love bug, loves her toys and cuddling in bed with her momma..She loves giving hugs
Dj Sherman
He is the biggest teddy bear, sounds mean but will lick you to dead
Hi my name is Calvdin, I’m a little cheeky, playful but full of love and purrs. I’ve been trained to meow goodbye when someone leaves and trained to can sit to wait for my stick treat, love a few dickie bows as well :) please vote for me <3
Very silly and playful
Copper loves his mommy, and he loves to chase cats. We have cats, so thats not always fun. He loves to spend time outside, but loves his bed inside. He was born with special needs, he has misaligned teeth and a crooked nose.
He’s a lively and spicy kitty, but he is mostly sweet as long as he has your full attention.
Tigger loves to be snuggled and he will sit for a treat.
Leo is a very compassionate little guy, he loves too sleep with 1000 toys! he knows when something is wrong and will not leave your side 🤍 he’s my whole world hope you can see that through the photos.
Meet Lily, an absolute ray of light. When she’s not poetically gazing out of the window to birdwatch, you can find her curled up in beside you with one paw on your arm!
Spike And Gizzy
Spike and gizzy i got when they were 5 weeks old. I had to catch them they were ferrel i had to train them to ise a littler box and train them the humans were not horrible people. Now they are the most loving bonded cats i have ever had. They love to get into things just like normal cats and have come such a long way. Please vote for my babies.
River is my multipurpose assistance dog in training. She helps me with my hidden disabilities to gain independence ect. She loves to play with her toys and go for long walks.
Olaf loves his stuff toys and sleeping under blanket where it's warm,he loves to cuddle a lot and loves belly rubs ❤️❤️❤️he's 5 yrs old
Beanie is the queen of Hackney, London 👑 She LOVES tuna 🐟 sleeping 💤 and steeling her owners cereal 🥣
Bently is a fluffy scaredy-cat who loves endless pettings, floor licking and his best friend Ducky ❤️
This is Ducky she likes catching mice, lounging around and talking! She also loves the outdoors and her best friend Bently ❤️