Dog cat Stories - 23


Mr Jingles
Mr Jingles likes to sleep and mow mow. He also likes to eat…a lot. He’s big boo.
Molly is a 10 year old moggie, she doesn’t love other animals and strangers and tends to get quite nervous, but once you get to know her she is so so loving and affectionate 😊
Daisy is a very lovable and playful dog that loves her toys she loves it when people walk into the front door to love her and to play with her she loves to protect her mommy tho
Hello, my name is Stella but some call me chicken lady . I chose my profile pic to honor spooky season coming up (my fav) . Im originally from puerto rico & was brought to America when the hurricane hit. People are unsure of my breed, we just say I’m “special”. I love our other pet rabbit. I love snuggles & zoomies & blueberry treats
Riley is a 10 month old, bluetick coonhound/husky mix.
Bruno is very happy and energetic and loves playing with his big brother Dutchie, and loves the outdoors
Dutchie is a family guy he loves his ppl and loves to cuddle and sun bath!
Hi I’m Marco I love getting dressed up and I love my family and I really really love go to the park and going on walks
Milo is a 2 year old beagle who we rescued 11th of August 2020, he is a reactive dog and loves nothing more than playing with his friends and his frisbee and some cheese 😋
milo is 8 weeks old...
Georgia is a goofball. In her past time, she playfully bites her sister’s ankles to start play time. She falls asleep on her back. She loves children, and before I retired as an elementary school teacher, she sometimes went with me to work. She’s pretty crazy. ‘Good’ crazy’!
Marcie is the gentle dog in my pack. Her favorite day includes her grandma and a couple naps. Marcie didn’t leave my side when a surgery left me bedridden for several months. She’s a lover, not a fighter.
Ruby loves to play with milk crates and any plastic bottles she can find.
Creed is a cheeky chappy i call him my spider catcher as he always hunts them for me hes the most loving sweet boy ever
Loki is a playful good natured little puppy. He is very smart and learned how to sit , high five and speak at 6 weeks old. He is loving eager to please and loyal. I couldn't of gotten a better dog and I didn't think I could ever love a animal so much. He is perfect!
Mustard is a truly awesome dog. He is kind ,affectionate and will do anything for a belly rub!! Please drop a vote and be sure to check out our insta, mr_mustard2021
Woof there! I'm Skyler, a fluffy white Siberian husky puppy 🐶💗🐾 and I'm new here! 🌟 i am a foodie, i love eating whatever my humans eat, even if they don't share all the time! I still give them the puppy eyes in the hopes that they'll sneak something yammy! 😍 I love going to the dog park to do my zoomies and play with other doggies! My other favorite thing is carrying sticks around when we go for walks! Oohhh i loooveee those stiiicksss!! 🌿🐕 I also like to play with water and mud but mom says i can't have every day! But it's soooo fun!! I woofnder why not? 👀 Also.. my Mom wants to cuddle with me all the time and kiss me but she says I'm too independent like her and being a husky i choose the cold bathroom floor instead ❄️ but i love her and all of my humans regardless 🌟🐶💖 oh and if you are wondering my Birthday is May 13th, 2021! So if you want to send me a bone or stick as a belated birthday gift please don't hesitate! Woof woof! 🐶💗🐾 P.S. the other doggy here is my brother Bentley 💙
Snoopy is the cutest dog ever! He is smart and can pick up new tricks in one day. He loves chewing anything: furniture, bed, blankets, pillows, and his toys! If you find him cute too, please feel free to vote SNOOPY🐶
He loves squeaky toys and his cat he loves cuddles with his cat
She was adopted after they found her fully matted and underweight. In this pic she was at PTdue to a spine injury. Sadly she we just bnb had to put her down (2 days ago), because she was in kidney failure. She was so loyal and sweet!
Chip is a very goofy, loving black cat. He refuses to take walks but loves to do parkour in the middle of the night till about 4 am...#theifinthenight. His speciality is kicking litter 50mph and begging relentlessly for food/treats. He's the best bathroom pal, as well as, he loves to be brushed by his Aunt Ali. Please vote for my sweet boy to win :)
This is my sweet sweet girl Nova! She is the friendliest, tiniest, goofiest, and sleepiest FB1 Mini Golden doodle out there. She loves to play with all her toys but loves a good nap more! She would cuddle all day long if you’d allow it!
Sprite is a breed of her own. Always talking. Major foodie. She’s our little chonk. She loves the attention!
Minnie is a sweet lovable silly little dog. She had a personality like I have never seen in a dog!!! She has things that she loves that are just bizarre. She loves when you make a raspberry noise with yours lips! She is crazy addicted to it. Even if she just met you she will be your best friend if you make the noise!
Salem is my sweet Tortie baby. She is about two months old and has the silliest and whackiest personality ever. She always has me cracking up. Salem is also such a sweetheart and loves snuggles no matter the time of day. Her favorite toy is a fish taco. She has a big brother (a grey tabby) named Fuzzy and her best buddy is a calico named Maeve. Everyone who meets my Salem falls instantly in love with her. To me, shes one of a kind ❤
Ziggy is a very young and energetic pup who loves to play and go on long walks. Hes still got a lot to learn but is such a lover. Hes an interesting mix of chihuahua and Australian shepherd and hes absolutely gorgeous
Ziva Dogvid
Ziva Dogvid is a loving German Shepherd puppy who is learning to be a service dog. Her favorite pass times include head tilts and uncoordinated puppy fails, followed by snuggles and loves.
Lola is a very good girl, loves to chew on any and everything her 2 favorites are toes and shoes
Bella Mia
Bella is the light of our lives! 💕Her favorite treat is sour patch watermelons and she goes crazy for sardines (no kitty kisses allowed after those!). She loves all boxes, even those she can’t fit in, and enjoys walks on her leash and time in her cat tent. In between snuggles and playtime, she works part-time at the Catbaret, as you can see from her picture - she is quite the entertainer!
Conley is my 9 year baby boy. He is actually a mix of GSD, husky and coyote. He is very loyal and loves hanging with Mom. His favorite hobby is playing fetch with his tennis balls.
My name means "little monster" and it's absolutely correct. I enjoy long jumping from the couch to the nearest table. I practice parkour at dawn, sleep, and start again at dusk until dawn then I nap. It's a life mission of mine to take down my humans shelves. They clearly don't belong on the wall, she doesn't understand... I'm chatty and sassy. Please vote me 😉
Cassidy is a spoiled Dobie …She loves going to Daycare to see her friends each week..
Mumble is a 13 year old Quaker Parrot, I have raised her from the age of 2 weeks. She loves to blow kisses and her favorite words are Quack Quack Im a Duck!
Sudase is very lovable and cuddly. He loves to play and be with us !! Hes awsome
She’s a sweet and funny kitty. Loves water and cuddles
Aachen loves anything we are doing. He is very curious and loves to chase just about anything (including our dogs tail when he eats it) and play fetch. He is a 5 1/2 month Maine Coon that also LOVES to eat.
Brownie is a sweet boy, he loves his humans and his dog brother. And although small likes to think he is a big dog when being protective of his home and family.
Brooklyn is the sweetest baby with an unbelievable temperament for her size. She enjoys cuddling and her favorite treat is watermelon.
A lovely lady who loves walks, riding, and her human.
CeCe is a sassy, loving, shy babygirl. She’s about two years old and she has a special personality! She loves dogs and walks in the park!
Very loved and spoiled Shit Tzu. 10 months old. Has her own Instagram and loves new followers! xoxo.alliek
His name should tell you all you need to know about him,fuego is the spanish word for fire,he is just a ball of fire and energy. My sister gifted me him when I was battling a few issues in my life and he came and lit my world on fire in a good way. Fuego is my everything my furry companion, my joy my laughs my world he doesn’t know it but he saved me from alot of heartache and showed me how to have compassion and love again he lit that match in my heart again.