I love my fellow doggies Roxy and Squirrel, cat Nona, and other roommates! I am the happiest dog in the world 👏👏
I have so much energy!! I love chasing my ball and playing with my toys all day long. Swimming is one of my most favorite things to do!! Vote for ME💕💕
I rescued lima at 11month she the best dog in the world she still abig pup lol she enjoys hanging from trees loves her toys and running circules round me she loved by everyone that meets her shes gental natured
Hank is such a ham! He loves to cuddle and be loved on! He is an avid hunter. His middle name is Williams and when he’s in trouble he listens to Hank Williams!
i don’t really meow but when i do i make sure the whole street can hear me.
Hi every one my name is angel and I’m 11 months old Xl bully
Jasper loves to chase and fetch wooden pegs and red measuring spoons.
I am a fun loving, full of personality and love meeting new people! I love to play and do tricks! Give me a stick and I’ll be happy for hours!
Bebby is the sweetest and bravest little three legged cat you'll ever meet x
Alpha of the area
Chunky likes nap time, and loves his momma, and also loves Big Macs.
Oreo likes treats and loves her toys, she also live car rides and playing in the snow. She’s loves her hoomans and her “little” big brother Chunky.
Saint is 2 months old and still figuring out the world around him. He does enjoy to be outside. He loves chew toys 🦴
Luna is funny loving she spins when she barks and also farts when she barks 😂
This baby is 4 years old! If you say hello to him, he will meow back at you! He loves taking naps next to my head and sitting on my lap when playing games
Barney is a rescue dog, he has such fun loving character, loves other dogs. Cats and children, we adore him and are so grateful to be able to give him a forever loving home
Dante is such a cute black cat 🐈‍⬛ always happy and wanting love
keifer is a very playful puppy he love’s attention and car rides are his favorite.
Fin is 3 years old he is a cuddles and very protective
Silly Boy was stolen from me on March 25th and got away from them 11 days later on April 5th when he was run over and killed by a semi truck in the middle of the road where I found him on home from work. Now I go by that blood spot in road twice aday but I shooped him up and took him home. Where he can REAST IN PEACE Thank you for reading my story about SillyBoy we misd him so much.
Millie was a loving, caring, cuddly dog but sadly passed away last year but here she was ready to show herself off ❤️
Bella loves her monkeys toys n she is a big sweetheart.
Like to play eat pig ears n loves people
Loves the smell of shoes 😇 Hyperactive VERY!! #dramaqueen Apparently looks like a horse bless him😘 King of side eye
This is Prince crayford he is my garden angel he saved my life from the day he was born when I saw his photo I knew I had to go and get him and when I went along to get him he was the only boy so he was definitely coming home with me and he has brought so much joy and happiness to my life and I love him so much if I hadn't of got him I wouldn't be here today
Hello my name is Poppy. I'm a shy dog who loves to have cuddles, treats and play fights with my siblings Milo and Lola. Please vote for me and thank you in advance.
Dexter is a beautiful boy, who loves playing a good game of tug of war. Loves family time but most of all loves kisses, cuddles and belly rubs. Dext or Dexter doo doo as we call him, is such a funny loving character and a big part of our family :)
Hi my name is Milo. I'm a bouncy, loveable frenchie. Who loves playing with balls and going on walks. Please vote for me and thank you in advance.
She likes to eat crumpets
Mainer is a fun loving cuddle bug that love to eat cookies in cold months he love his pj's he always has his tounge out
Daisy And Willow
Daisy is the fawn one and her sister willow who is the silver gray.. they are 2 years of age.. 🐾 🐾 adorable babies very friendly 😍 💕 💖
Goose is a silly goose that constantly either makes you laugh looking.. unique or fall in love using cuddles and the classic puppy dog eyes.
Hello, Kawhi was brought into Crazy Pit Bull Lady - Pit Bull Rescue ( CPBL) on March 5th as a 7 week old babe. Kawhi unfortunately was abandoned, and left alone in the middle of no where. When he was brought into my hands, kawhi was suspected of having ME ( it took us a little about a month to get kawhi a Bailey chair where he can enjoy his meals. We believe he is a pitty, just not what type… regardless he is a loving little pup who loves to spend time with his foster siblings, loves to give kisses and enjoys car rides. This victory will help Kawhi proceed in his next chapter figuring out what he truly has considering he had no suspecting of ME on his last vet visit yet this Bailey chair is the only reason and thing kawhi can have meals and have gained so much weight till this day. Funding is so important for CPBL as they can continue to help kawhi, and allow us to know what is going on before he is even place for adoption. Kawhi appreciates every Vote, and says Thank you!🐾💚
Ronnie Roo
Ronnie roo is out beautiful staffy, she is 1 in a million. She has been with us since she was a year old and is inseparable from our 10yr old daughter. She loves big sticks, infact make that tree trunks 🤣 the bigger the better she will drag them regardless. She also loves water and looks like a torpedo as she runs through it lmao!!..... We absolutely adore her, she is definitely one of the family xxxx
6 1/2 year old most handsome GSD rescue. I live with mummy, daddy and little my little sister. My daddy got me from The Dogs trust nearly 3 years ago. When he first got me, I was very worried and stressed and would bark and lunge at passing cars, other dogs and even ran away once. Now I love nothing more than going for long walks, chasing after my ball in the park, playing with my doggy friends, and having a good run around on the beach and a splash around in the sea.
Roxy is a female karakachan dog. The karakachan dog is known as the “wolf killer” Karakachan dog was also later used in Bulgaria as a border army watchdog. The breed was almost extinguished, and was only preserved through the fierce protection and dedication of the Bulgarian shepherds in the mountain regions.
Daisy is a beautiful cat, she is very relaxed and calm. She loves attention and lots of loving and cuddles.
Kiara and Teter are sisters. They love to play, and snuggle! Photogenic, absolutely! Kiara loves the challenge of jumping and will jump on us any chance she gets!
Sammy is a cute mega fluffy silly Ragdoll. She loves her doughnut toy. She carries it everywhere.
Ever since I was younger I've been around cats. I've always wanted MY OWN cat. I finally grew up and was looking for a kitty. It didn't matter to me what he/she looked like young or old I wanted one. My coworker told me how she needed to find Vincenzo here a home and I told her I'd take him. We are a good match
Zeus thinks he is a dog. He constantly fetches his toys, sits and does other tricks for treats. He pretends he is motivated by praise but truly, it's food. He is obsessed with RuPauls drag race, any time it is on is the only time he relaxes, absolutely glued to the tv. Never known a cat like him. His sister Athena is dissaproving of his un cat like behaviours.
*Max’s rules* • do not touch if permission isn’t granted •if i bite you that means feed me Now. •if you refuse and make me wait i will rip open the food bag or take the lid of the containers and grab a bite to eat myself🐈‍⬛😸 •DONT disturb me while i’m sleeping •Don’t disturb me at all •Make sure food is always fresh and isn’t out for over 30mins or i will not touch it. 😾 •You’re welcome for my time
Koda was a stray that was in very “ruff” shape. numerous medical problems. now he is a very happy and healthy boy living his very best life!
Peanut is such a sweet loving pup. We love her to death she’s definitely our 3rd baby for sure. 💜🫶🏼💜
This is Mocha. He is my mister mochey man. He is almost 8 years old and he’s been nothing but my bestie. I found him in a tote at a yard sale at a firehouse and begged my mom to take him home. I’m now 20 years old and he’s moved with me into my own place. Mocha deserves all the votes simply because he’s the goodest boy and has saved me in ways most people can’t.
Pippa, is playful, sassy, and always the first pet to greet you. She is inquisitive by nature, but still gets lots of beauty rest. She’s 3 years old and is a rescue kitty. She is half Balinese, half Siberian.