Michi is our new family pet. He likes to cuddle and also loves to play games, he’s a sleepyhead and enjoys hugs and kisses. Most of all she’s always following us and loves our attention.
Sushi cat lives for shoulder hang out time and chillin with his cat homies.
Ace is such a calm cat and loves to be carried like a baby he's only 3 months 🥹I wish he can stay tiny forever
Harvey loves his ball and his cat Rick. He is a pure gentle giant.
Morty is so much fun. He loves having his picture taken.
Zoey is a Boxer/Pitbull mix. She was born November 28, 2020. She is full of life and super sweet. She is 1 of 19 dogs that I have taken in. Most were abused but Zoey was one of the lucky ones. Your votes are appreciated and any winnings are used to provide for all of my rescues.
Rick is completely head over heels in love with our Bull Mastiff Harvey.
Lexi only weighed 5lbs, but her personality weighed a ton. She passed away 3 months ago, but her spirit lives on.
Ralphie is a sweet fun loving boy. His favorite hobbies including playing with toys, going for car rides and walks, and sleeping in his owner’s bed!
Binx is my best friend who loves cuddle, treats, all the attention, & playing with his toys!
Duke was a rescue that turned into such an amazing dog he was so sweet he was so kind he was a big baby he was like to go up and lick your nose and then nibble the tip of it or on your chin as well he loved his cuddle and he absolutely loved his blankie, unfortunately had to say goodbye too soon!! RIP my sweet baby boy💔💔😭
Otis “mustache” you all a question: is he not the most regal, proper boy?!
Maga is 9 weeks old and my best friend. The sweetest and cutest kitty ever.
Geppetto is my partner in crime, he absolutely loves cuddles, very photogenic and laying with me at all times anywhere I go he’s there. He also loves cuddling next to his brother Loki and giving him kisses. My best friend!!
He passed away in 2021
I’m simba, I love to have attention, I love to climb on high places to get to where I want to be I climb on shoulders, I love to look outside at the birds and squirrels I also like to growl at people who knock on the door I also love begging for my humans food
This is Oreo he's a domestic long-haired tabby he's such a chill cat he likes to be held like a baby , my fur baby. He loves lunch meat and hard cat food it's the only two things to eat.
Bella is an 18 yr old female calico that I’ve had ever since she barely had her eyes open. We found her
Fezz is an amazing cat he is always there for me when I have panic attacks/anxiety attacks I necer taught him how to calm me down he just picked it up himself and I'm so happy to have him by my side
Remmy is just so lovable soon as I get home from work she comes to me wanting a hug she puts her front paws on my shoulders and lays her head next to mine she lets me know she loves me in many ways but this one is my favorite
Ranger is a 10 week old puppy with the best personality. He loves to chase his toys around but is a definite cuddler.
She is the most precious, sweetest dog I have ever known. I see her love for me in her eyes.
She is full blooded beagle! 10 wks old. Loves the out doors, her toys n her humans She is a cuddle monster!!
Hyper loving kitten loves to play with his brother
Prince is an emotional support dog. He is a very affectionate boy, he loves giving hugs and kisses to everyone he meets. Going for long walks in the woods or going to puppy camp to see all his friends, are some of his favorite things.
Vader is the brother of cookie he is a black Himalayan Siamese. He was a barn cat born and taken in by owner. I love calling him bubba Love cuz he's such a lovable Kitty and not to mention my black beauty. His favorite post is his cat tree watching the birds fly around the bird feeders.
Hello my name is Whiskey I am a German Short-haired Pointer. I am a service dog in training for my hooman and in my free time I love posing for the camera
My name is Winnie. I am a crazy kitten, my favourite thing to do is climb the curtains, sit on top of the warm TV and sit in the bathroom sink (no one is allowed to enter the bathroom without me sitting in my sink first!!!!), I am just a baby and love to nap in the sun. My favourite toy is my mummy’s make up sponges, she always loses them but I find them and drop them on her face when she is snoring. I give good kisses and cuddles, but not too much or I will attack:)
Beau and his sister Sabelle taking a well deserved nap, showing off the little teeth
Our Mora, a sweet little pumpkin roll who, sadly, is allergic to almost everything. We spoil her and she graces us with her cuteness
Mika Ele
Mika is a very smart cat he love to sing meow and also cuddles with his best pal which are dogs
Butters is very loyal and lovable. She enjoys snuggling, kisses and sun bathing. Butters also enjoys going on walks and is very curious of other animals. Butters had a few Seizures throughout her life, but overall she is a happy healthy loving little soul. ❤️
Saint loves hims some bananas and to binky 💗
He loves going outside and visiting with our neighbors cattle .He is also a good mouser.As you can see hes very handsome! Another thing about him he always knows when my son is not feeling well because he will stick right with him! Bubby also loves cooked seasoned green beans cooked carrots lol he listens good!Loves watching my birds lol
Cookie is my pretty princess! She is Siamese seal point her beauty says it all and that's how her attitude is beautiful. She's such a love bug and also is the sister to Vader. Her favorite things to do are watch TV ( seriously) and being outside on her leash , bird peeping and chasing bugs.
My name is kody. I’m a pit bull that loves my mommys. I never ever leave there side and I love going to the baseball field to play catch.
My name is Mia. I’m a pit bull that loves loves loves to play with my toys most of all balls, they are my favorite. I love to bark because I think I’m talking most of the time
My name is Baylee. I’m a pit bull and I love my human and cuddles.
Hi, my name is Brooks and I’m a German Shepherd Border Collie mix. I am the pup on the left sitting next to my Aunt Kya. I am extremely boisterous and oh so very spoiled. I absolutely love playing Frisbee and cuddling with my mom and dad. I am also an avid squirrel chaser, and while I haven’t caught one yet I dream that one day I will! I am my happiest when I’m outside enjoying the sunshine and of course catching frisbees. I am truly the goodest boy and would love to have your vote!
Tommy D
Milo is the sweetest pup he loves hugs and he really loves to dance for treats he loves to play in water and have a good run. Milo is gentle with the kids and everyone loves milo. He loves car rides and will sit and watch a movie with you he gives the best hugs and loves to cuddle.
Bean is a timid cat. She is tiny and hasn’t grown at all. she has big eyes and loves biting people she loves.
Lucky loves his cuddles with his human mum. He is such a fun and loving character. He always knows when something is wrong with his human family and without thinking about it makes sure that he is there to comfort them whether this is with cuddles and kisses or by playing with a chew toy.
Rudy likes to share water from a bottle with his mom. He also would kill a man for some catnip. He was abandoned as a kitten and was very skeptical at first, but he won’t leave his mother’s side.
Klyde is a very active dog. He loves to play with sticks and leaves. He’s very good with people, kids, and other animals. He is mommas best friend. Please give my baby a vote. 💙💙
Mrs Tucker
Mrs tucker is cry loving. Does not bark. Loves to eat and cuddle with her momma.
Vote for our Dori because she is our Princess Pandora. Dori is 4yrs old and the joy of mine and my husbands life. She's brought us such joy and comfort. She has absolutely no idea she is a dog she is spoiled beyond belief and absolutely our child.. Her favorite things in life is her ball and her monkey and her treats. She spends her days running awhile and snoozing awhile. She loves to ride and she has play dates with her Momma and my Mother in laws 2 little dogs. She has helped me so much with my Anxiety and Ptsd. She's just a precious little girl and we could not imagine life without her. ♡♡
Fletcher is a rescue from the humane society. She is hyper and happy, but her favorite thing to do is lay around in the sun.