Dog cat Stories - 24


ATTENTION ‼️‼️ I am accepting advance votes I can return to you at a later date, please let me know! Thank you!! This kitten loves to play❤️ any help with votes would be appreciated 🙏🥰❤️
Uhura The Tripawd
Uhura was adopted 10/8/16. She's a tripawd! She lost her left hind leg to cancer in 2018, now runs around the apartment, climbs her cat tree like it ain't no thang. She's very petite. She loves talking, especially at dinner time (also, if she were a human, she'd sound like Dolly Parton 😹). If I'm late for breakfast, she gently wakes me up by stroking her paw, and/or whiskers on my face. She loves going outside in her stroller.
Hi! I'm Tobiah, but my friends call me cookie. I like all sorts of food and snacks. I love cuddling with my mommy and daddy(specially mommy!) I like exploring our new apartment! So much to explore here and so many toys! especially soccer and tennis balls my size. When I'm not bothering mom or making dad lose on his spiderman game hehe I'm usually at home relaxing or jumping on my cat friends, Guinea pig and turtle. I also like going out to the park, beach, family events, birthday parties and road trips. Mom says that maybe next year I'll be able to travel via plane with her to go see my uncles and aunt! I'm so excited. Anywho, I hope your having purrrfect day and a grrreat week! Bye
We saved each other after he chose to beat us both. She was my angel and I was her safety. We got away from it all and now we live a beautiful life together in the Florida weather. She loves to sleep at around and on my feet as shown in photos. She’s loves company and seeing people. She loves playing with other dogs and pulling all her toys and bones all over the living room. She’s like to act like she has to pee only to go outside and try and jump on the golf carts that pass down our street. The neighbors are amused by her sass and personality. She does zoomies for any kind of treat plus she dances on her hind legs for her love of food which she piced up on her own as a pup. She’s spoiled and deserves every big of it. I owe her for saving my life.
Missy is an amazing cat and loves to lay about but when it comes to her food she is back to being an energetic kitten, she loves being loved and the would love your votes. Thank you
Dolly (also known as Dolly moo moo) is the craziest most soppy dog you'll ever meet. She is amazing and would love your votes, thank you
Sweet Remi boy, he loves playing with his taco toy and climbing up curtains! He loves snuggles from his momma and is so very friendly!
I’m Rileydoggo the Pomsky. My favorite toy is Mrs. Chicken the squeaker. It was Mr. Chicken but we don’t speak of him anymore, he’s in a better place. I like my brother and sisters they include me in everything. Catch me in dresses or learning to skate. My personality shines through the looks I give. Smiles mostly but sorta salty if the family leaves me home alone! Thanks for the votes and may we all get lots of lovin’
Cruela D Ville
She’s an adorable little kitten always wanting cuddles and giving kisses she’s very affectionate and loves playing coin master
♥️L’il Bit B🐶LT⚡️🐾🐾 thinks that he has super powers just like the Disney pup Bolt❣️Bolt is always making us laugh 😂🤣He loves to run fast 💨 and play with all his pack & chase kitty 🐱 cats‼️Aka skunk 🦨 monkey 🐵♥️🤣He is a rescue dog & therapy sweetie that has stolen our hearts💞✨😘 TYSM ✨💋 kisses👅 from us & B🐶LT⚡️🐾🐾PLEASE VOTE , THANKS 🤩♥️✨💖✨💝💫
Maxwell is still just a puppy but thinks he is the top dog of the neighborhood. He loves to play dead, give face licks, and annoy is cat sister. Mommy and daddy rescued him on their date night! It was love at first sight for all 😍
Breelyn is a sharpei mix rescue pup. I adopted her and her sister from a litter on 10 puppies that I had fostered along with their mama. This litter was named after the KC Chiefs football team players of that year. Mama was named Andy after the coach, and each puppy was named after a player on the team. Breelyn was originally Breeland. All the puppies and mama Andy were adopted fairly quickly as they were an unusual breed mix for rescue dogs and they have all amazing quirky personalities. Bree is spoiled rotten as you can see here she sleeps in the bed with us each night.
Jasper is a very loving boy, he loves hims belly scratches, He loves walks but he is also very lazy I don’t get that lol he loves attention he gets jealous a lot when we play with our other to puppies, jasper was rescued when he was a puppy in VA beach and now he is with us, we adopted him on September 30th 2018 he just turned 6 so he’s getting old but he is a very sweet boy
Lucy loves to play with her peekaboo toy. She’s a sweet loving girl.
Freja is a sweet lil pup! She is part husky and part hound and honestly we think she might even have a little coyote in her! She's the fastest lil dog I've ever seen. Freja loves kisses, digging up rocks, eating spiders before cuddling and has a keen eye for lasers. She looks up to her very handsome and equally sweet older brother and BFF Loki.
Sprocket loves to make people happy. He has a Facebook page too, Sprocket's World, to bring joy to others.
She’s a hyper little girl, she is a German Shepard Boxer mix. She LOVES attention, She’s a very sweet baby girl She also loves her blanket
Hello there im a full blooded ragdoll i love to play and eat and im about 25 lbs vote for me
My Tillie is very mischief and loves to be apart of everything I do. She also is very cuddly and sweet even when I tease her a bit. She is my gray furry baby. When I hold like you hold a baby I tell her that. And kiss her on her nose. She loves to eat especially canned salmon cat food. She waits near the fridge because she knows I keep it there. She has helped me for the past two and half years. After I was alone and divorced. I love going home from work and she is at the door meowing and complaining about being alone all day. Love my tillie 😍
Hello my name is Pixie im 3 legged but that doesnt stop me from playing and enjoying life i was rescued from a shelter
My name is Phoebe and I love my mama and shrimp treats my favorite thing to do is sleeping in the sunshine and Meow All the time
Ripley is my sweet Boston Child! She came to me a whopping 1.75lbs. She is now 14lbs and almost 3 years old. She has had to deal with a liver shunt but she is spunky and strong and Personality plus… Love this baby girl! 💖
Dior is a Yorky terrier very friendly girl love kids and love people very chill dog I always get compliments on her behavior Dior loves walking around the mall
Jojo is full of personality and spunk, and has earned his nickname Demon Dog. But unlike the name suggests he is the most loving and sweetest dog, he just has a lot of energy and spunk to spread around.
My highly strung tortie , scared of her own shadow but adorable
Howdy! My name is Westley, and i was born at The Ozark Humane Society! I enjoy swimming, playing tug, and wearing backpacks!
Theo is 6 years old. He loves sleeping and getting his cheeks scratched
Bowie is a Labrador Retriever mix who is the most energetic dog you will ever meet! He loves to run and play tug o war with you. He’s the most loveable dog always giving you cuddles and kisses. He was adopted at my local shelter and brought home to a family of love.
I got Angel when she was 8 weeks old for my 22 anniversary. She made my day because my I was still getting over the death of my 19 year old yorkie ( little buddy). Angel wants to go for car rides every time me or my husband get the keys to my car. She goes crazy jumping up and down at our legs until we pick her up. She is a great dog. She is 1 year old now, but still tiny, but her spirit is bigger than a big breed. Angel will always be special.
Teddy is 6 weeks old and loves cuddles x
Stitch is a fun loving dog that is also lazy. He loves to just lay around and snuggle with you wherever you are. He is great with kids and is so patient when they want to pet him. He also loves playing with his sister (a mini schnauzer) named Lilo ❤️
Chance is the funniest goofball. He loves swimming, going for rides on the Sea Doo and jet ski. He loves trying to catch fish in the shallow area of our lake. His absolute favorite thing is his soccer ball. He loves playing catch. He is our greatest joy!
In this picture Baby is watching t.v with me. She was the most loving cat. She left us with sweet and precious memories this past May. This was my favorite picture of her. It was just to funny 😄 when she sat like this. Hoping you enjoy!
Steffi is a rescue pup from Romania. He loves his teddy!
Charley is my baby boy he's so sweet and kind he loves to lay next to his mama he loves to play out on the patio there's nothing bad to say about him he's my life and he's mine
Meowello there! I’m Schmoe! I am 7 years old and I love to sleep all day, run in between my owners feet and trip them, but my most favorite thing to do is chew on any type of plastic! (Mom hides it, but not good enough)
Charolette has a mind of her own.. she will meow at when she wants food or outside…She will be loving when she wants and follows you around like puppy would 💕
Magnus And Toby
Magnus is a sweet, loving and playful fur baby that we adopted from the spca. He has a brother that is one day older thats was also adopted from the spca, they are 6 months old. His favorite past time is playing with his toy mouse. He love to cuddle and be carried around. He is our baby.
Romeo was adopted from the spca and is 6 years old. He has been with us since he was 2 months old. He is an Awesome cat! He is the most loving and playful. He acts like a dog. He will obey what you say. He is just a very intelligent cat. We love him with all of our heart!
George lives in a house surrounded by cats! But he loves them! He is very playful and gentle with them. George likes going for long walks, car rides, treats and more treats! His favorite is going to Andy's and getting frozen custard🙂Thank you for your love and support☺
Toby And Magnus
Toby is a siamese mix and 6 months old. He was adopted from the spca with his brother, Magus which is one day younger. He is an extremely smart cat. Toby is extremely loving and very playful. He and Buddy our Golden Retriever have become best buddies.
Milo is 14 weeks old. He likes to sleep a lot but when he’s not sleeping he loves to go on walks, dig holes and chew shoes!
Bruno is an awesome dog. Very loyal to his family. He loves his walks and will strut his confidence so cool, calm and collected. Loved by everyone in the neighborhood ❤.
Buddy is 10 months old. He absolutely loves everything! He is the Happiest dog ever! We love our furry family member with all of our heart. He brings so much joy into our lives. So Greatful he chose us.
Ollie is a 3-year-old Boston Terrier from Florida! He loves to play with his frisbee, and his "pig pig".
Hi my name is Cooper. I am a 3 year old German Shepherd/ Colli mix. I love going for walks and car rides and hanging out with my mom and dad.