She loves starting out the window an playing hide n seek. She loves chasing her toy mouse. An love taco bell. An long John silver's food. She also loves watching TV. Tinker is a very loveable cat.
He is cross eyed and has trouble seeing. He loves to eat. He'll eat anything, even veggies. He's pretty weird!
Forest is a huge loveable lab who loves to fetch and play Frisbee
She* likes belly rubs, and she’s the sweetest cat
Can sleep anywhere, thumb cat, sleeps all day plays all night, easy going kitty.
Thumb cat, super smart kitty, loves to hunt, aka big kitty, total sweetheart!
Great listener, cuddly, long haired kitty, 1 year oct 13!
He enjoys cuddles esp with his kitty son, great daddy, very vocal, and loves to attack toilet paper! Lol
Lovey is the biggest lover boy , Hence the name ! Outside all day is favorite time of his day . An lounging with mom during the night , after his treat time . Sweetest boy youll ever see.
Sailor Marie Jerry Javad
Sailor is friendly,loveable, lives hugs and kisses. Can be a tad bit mouthy. Lives to snuggle and watch what ever is on tv as long as there is no dogs barking
She’s one of a kind , she loves to swim on her boogie board at the river, she loves baths and showers, she can do anything a dog can do, leash trained, does tricks, and has three pet geese that follow her everywhere, She loves her jewelry and her necklaces, she loves clothes and her toy spider, Scarlet, she loves boat rides and she loves to go bye bye, her favorite treat is a lobster soup from Friksy’s
Loves scratches behind her ears. Has the cutest meow. The sweetest most adorable cat you will ever meet 🥰
Hendrix is just a big, clumsy, goofy guy. He weighs 140 lbs & has no clue how big he is. He's just about the nicest dog you'd ever meet.
Hello 🐾 I love my family and making sure everyone is where they need to be. If someone isn't feeling well It's my job to lay next to them until they feel better. I love playing with my brother the dog and get kind of sad and meow when he leaves with mom, dad or the kids. I'm very good at running fast so fast nobody can see me , I also love chase and making myself look much larger than I am so they think I'm scary kitty 🐈. Other than that eating is a specialty of mine the raw freeze dried chuncks out of mine and my brothers food, mom said something about a diet yesterday whatever that means. I love playing in my sand box and digging holes. I watch over all and rule the house ♥️ iris
Bo loves chewing sticks, playing fetch, getting into trash and chewing his toys to pieces.
Gizzi loves catnip and to play with his best friend Molly!
She is playful and loving and like cuddles
Kevin was left in a box in a driveway with a note on the box stating there was a sick cat that needed help in the box. His name “Kevin” is from Home Alone because Kevin was left all alone in the box just like Kevin from Home Alone was. Kevin LOVES to suck on a blanket anytime I get one out. He’s such a cuddly little kitty & I love it so much. He’s JUST over 2lbs now considering he was really sick when he was first found. He is going on 10 weeks old & you would’ve never known he was ever sick & dying by just looking at how happy & healthy he is now.
He loves attention and to eat a lot he loves snacks and toys 🧸
Coco likes to roll in flowers and weeds and get them all over him..
Hades is a rescue cat from the humane society. He is very playful and loves his mouse toys. He is very cuddly and always strives for your attention. He loves to follow you all around the house and hide in corners and jump and attack you. Hades is the sweetest boy and needs your vote! Thanks! 😊
Hi. I am Argos and I am Belgian Malionos. I am friendly happy puppy. I love to discover new toys I love to jump, run and chew everything around:)
Meeka loves to carry a stuffed slice of pizza to play with and sleeps on top of my head at night. She is an absolute snuggler.
I got the chance to make a home for loki in late 2021. Loki was going to be dropped off at the pound and I knew I had to drop everything to save him. He is the sweetest most loving cat I’ve ever had the chance of coming across. His big eyes make you wanna give him the whole bag of treats. He’s beyond spoiled and loves to play with anything that has a string and boy can this cat be eat.
Hello 🐾 I love walking through the woods with my human and playing with my best friend kitty iris. But my favorite of all time thing to do is chase the round thingy my human throws for me, o yes ball. Smelling the funny looking animals down at barn is a lot of fun for me. I'm a happy puppers and love my humans very much ♥️
Bella is a 10 year old Pembroke Welsh Corgi. She is a diva, believes all living creatures but herself are peasants. We live to serve her majesty.
Evie is a 7 year old Blue Brindle Am Staffie/American Pitbull Terrier mix. She loves her people.
Harry is a very friendly. He very vocal, he's got the best personality. Loves watching the birds and squirrels. Has a lot of friends on Facebook. He's my best buddy❤️
Milo is our jug puppy he is very playful and loving. He loves chasing your feet xxx
A fun bundle of energy that loves to snuggle on her own chair, play with mice (but never hurts them) and loves to be loved.
🌻🖤🌻🖤My name is Lucille, but my owners call me Lucy or Cille! I love to play outside, chase cars, chew on toys & I am a big lap baby. I am 3 years old & have been with my owners since I was a puppy. I love attention too💖💅 Vote for me on pageant dog!!🖤🌻🖤🌻
*Simba is competing in the next contest* Simba is a very special cat. He loves to play with his stuffed carrot. He will play fetch with it. His nickname is turkeybutt. I adopted him from the local humane society back in 2015. He is very photogenic and spoiled. He is 7 years old. He loves to play in boxes and eat turkey. He lives with three other cats named Amelia, Arwen, and Summer. He is the man of the house 😝 He is a very loving cat and loves attention. I appreciate all votes made for Simba.
Gizmo is a very playful and lively cat that enjoys the sweetest cuddles and attention from everyone. He is a very good cat from vets and listening to his owner, knowing his name and when he’s getting told off
She likes to sleep in weird positions 😂
Muff is a 5 month old black and white kitten with half a moustache and she loves having her photo taken. She is so sassy! Her favourite thing to do is talk to the birdies and other cats through the window. She loves chicken and gammon.
This is Elsa our 8 week old kitten, she is a mischievous little girl but at the same time loves to cuddle in and have a nap
Bailey my little jrt loves to be cuddled enjoys his walks to the park his favourite toys are squeaky balls his favourite food is chicken he loves to ride in the car hates rain but loves to play in the snow
She’s the most loving cat. She’s so gentle and calm and she always comes home when I call her. Such a gorgeous girl who has nutty half hours each night before bed 😆
Ted is such a funny little character, he loves playing with his brother, loves the water , his just my amazing handsome little boy. He was named after my dad
Sage Is A Wonderful Dog He loves Playing In The water and Chasing His Ball Loves Attention And Being With His Family
Hes a big baby loves to swim and dive for rocks and watches over the kids and grandkids and always thinks they need help when swimming and he will swim to them and pull them from the water ans he loves to play and cuddle
Chloe isn’t like other cats. She’s very unique. Her beautiful coat and untitled personally makes Chloe a great companion. She loves rolling in the dirt, then cuddling you right after. Laying on your face, to keep you warm of course. Her absolute favorite food is mango popsicles, and honey wheat bread.
Tundra is the biggest cat Packer fan ever! Loves spending his Sunday’s watching football with dad.
I am a family of 2 with 3 cats. We have 2 males and 1 female. Which our little baby princess Daisy comes in. She’s very playful,loves to eat, and of course cuddle. She’s a really sweet girl. Sometimes may have the spicy in her but I love her with all my heart. She’s my precious little princess.
Leon is a 3 month old Labrador retriever. He loves to swim, and play fetch. He is also very friendly with everyone.
Hi there! My name is boo 😸 I met my mommy when I was 8 weeks old. I used to be an only child but after a year my mommy decided to get me a sister 😸 we are best friends and looove to play together! I like baths and taking walks. I am shy around strangers, my parents are my favorite humans and they give me all the loves, I hope you want too as well and help me get some votes! 💙