She was the last kitten left in the litter, the runt of the pack, but she is the best kitten in the world and everyone loves her so much.
I found her in a box outside my work job and she was only four weeks old when I found my baby. She is now a month and a half old and is full of sass and energy. She definitely was a gift from god because I was struggling mentally before I found her. I love my princess!!!
Leara is the most lovable Chihuahua ever!!! Only thing she'll do is lick you to death and cuddle to stay warm but careful!!! She's a daddy's girl to the core 💗
The "Thin White Duke" is a Kittadoodle !!! . . . He has long hair only half-way down his legs . . . he was the "boss" cat rescued from a 37 cat household . a mad scientist breeding only white cats . . . possibly a Maine Coon bloodline . . . can't live without his "Greenies"
She is a spunky and independent girl with a heart of gold, too bad she's a bit clumsy.....
She is a playful loving cat she loves to sit on our laps
Daddy And Daughter
We called him “fat man” because he was the biggest Tom I had ever owned and his daughter was his twin!!! Her name is Rose
I got him when he was just 8 weeks old and he has been my best friend ever since. his birthday is 04/01/2012
Oscar is 1 year 2 months old, he's full of energy, we call him the "white lightning". He is extremely cuddly and loves everyone. Oscar is mix Dash hound, Boston Terrier, Australian Shepherd.
Very smart and luvs to play
Brutus loves everybody he is so affectionate
This is idgie, I got her 9 weeks ago when she was just a few days old. She’s very energetic and sweet. She loves to play with her toy mice. She would love to have more cat toys and a tree house so wining this contest will make her really happy.
Riley Bell
She's a mixed fur baby. She loves nawing on her bones and she's so smart and she's an emotional support fur baby.❤️🥰
She's really attached to people quickly she's so loving and just straight up spoiled 🤩❤️
Dr.Zira likes to play fetch with hair ties it’s her favorite game. She is the sweetest girl!
Adopted during the Covid quarantine, his real name is Kitten Quarantino. Lol. He is just the most loyal and lovable boy! Always gives me cuddles.
Zelda is a rescue cadt and she is 10 years old this year. She's an extremely soppy Tortoiseshell cat who will stop anything that she's doing to lay down next to you or to be stroked
He is the sweetest old boy. He is 17 and loves food. He was a feral kitten I took in years ago.
he will meow then get his tongue stuck out its the cutest thing
Jasper loves cat naps and treats!
Blatch is a big lover boy he loves to eat and be Petted.
Pooh'ka such a sweet boy. He loves to sleep and look out his favorite window in the house.
Chrissy is very vocal and love her toys.
He’s 3/12 years old he has disability he was born with three regular legs and one bad one that doesn’t stop him from running jumping and playing we both moved back to New York last April after I lost my husband my little knuckle has been by my side ever since we moved back and I would not change anything
Ozzy Pawsborne
Ozzy just made 1 year old today May 18th. He is a fun-loving energetic pup that loves walks, playing with his toys, napping with his mommy and daddy and his brother cat Kush.
Daisy Jo
We named her Daisy Jo but her nick name is Crazy Daisy. She is full of energy .
Week Old Girl
This little girl is 5 days old in the picture and she was in milk heaven.
He was outside one really cold winter. In spring our dog Charlie found him in the garage. He's been with us ever since.
She loves to cuddle and just hang out we with you dosnt matter in the house outside just like to be around you almost like a dog.
Hi im Pip, I am 2 years old, love to watch the birds and play games with my mum, I love treats and chasing my magic ball.
Buddy is a awesome boy and my life line.
Lilly Mae
She is so soft and cuddly! She is sweet natured well trained in a short time I had her.She loves to play with her sister Daisy Jo
Lily is my is a rambunctious kitty who likes to attack her older kitty brother
Chloe Girl is a Siberian cat and she is 18 pounds
She is very playful, likes to play with her brother Khaos. Is very verbal, will yell at you is you don’t feed her at the time she gets fed. Very food motivated!
Khaos loves to sleep and cuddles. He also likes to attack his sister Clio. Also puts his butt in your face.
Whinnie is the most ridiculous funny dog that loves water but hates a bath. She always finds a way to cause mischief and always looks sooo innocent when really she isnt.
Ivy Rose
She loves children. She plays ball with balloons without popping them. She is very playful, smart and loving
Reesee loves to cuddle and loves to give her paw.
Sierra is a brown/tan 10 year old Chihuahua. She looks and acts younger than what she is. She is super sweet and loves her owner(me) and loves her best friend, Bowser, who is a black 14 year old Chihuahua. Sierra is known amongst her humans as "Everyone's Little Girl."
Bailey And Winnie
Bailey and winnie are both rescued Bailey is the shishzu and winnie is the bichon who arrived from a puppy farm bless her little heart she is a ex breeding dog who lived in a cage for over 3 years and was used just for breeding. But my baby girl is safe now and she is much loved by us and her husband Bailey 🤣🤣
Hello my name is Ozzy I am a rescue soul who is thankful and have a loving family 💓 now I am a temptation 👑 King.
Mershaton is a classy, older gal with very discriminating tastes. She can be aloof one minute, and loving and attached the next. She's a very loyal girl and has no problem showing her love for you.
Vote for Eva because she'll scratch your eyes out otherwise. Don't be fooled.
Curly is a love bug. He loves to lay with me on the recliner. He loves to play with string and catnip toys. He also loves watching outside at the birds and squirrels at the feeder.
Tabby loves to cuddle and is always at the door to greet you when you come home.She is a 12yr old Maine Coon. He favorite place to take you is the kitchen for treats. She loves going outdoors and seeing the neighbors.