Dog cat Stories - 25


Barry is a beautiful dapple daxijack, he is a happy playful baby with the most photogenic little face x
Logan is a rescue cat we adopted ❤ Beautiful and sweet as could be 😊
Squish (aka Jolene) is a little bundle of energy. She loves annoying her sister, grace the cat, and also her brother, Bobby the dog. They put up with her though 😂 underneath she is a sweetheart. She is 1 years old!!
Hi! I’m Ace! I’m about 6 months old. I was found in the alley behind my house. I go to puppy school. My favorite thing to do is ride in my dad’s Jeep!
Bleu is a Full blooded Blue Pit. He’s very playful and love kids. Full of energy and a emotional support dog💕
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Beaux Jax
Beaux Jax is a 5 month old Boston Terrier. He loves his family. Especially his older fur brother Rusty!
I love to have fun . I’m a pandemic kitten ready to play
Baby Boy
He a big fluffy loveable cat who is still as playful as a kitten.
Amber is a loving and friendly cat with a a lot of energy. She is still a kitten that’s very well feed she has a two tone lip black and pink she as unique stripes and great colors we love amber
Jojo is a Spunky blue nose, she has zoomies when she sees you every day. and she’s such a cuddle bug as well. Her Favorite things are walks around the neighborhood and watching animal planet and barking at all the animals on tv.
Yoda is a funny dog, from barking and trying to fight the vacuum and swifter to sleeping all day. He is a total stud from the way he walks to the way he tells you what’s up when he meets you. He’s also such a lover boy❤️
King lives to cuddle and run after the ball he is great friend
Turbo is a special needs dog. He was born the runt of the litter and no one wanted him. We choose him (he choose us) and we knew he would need constant attention and direction. He has come such a long way and we love every bit of him. He recently learned and enjoys playing fetch for a few rounds. He loves constant snuggles and chasing his brothers.
Hemi Taylor
Hemi is a Happy Loving dog his hobbies include chasing his tail and hanging out with his best friend ace the cat
Sugar Bear
Sugar Bear is our latest addition to our family. He’s just like his Mom. He has other family members who has taught him to be TOUGH. He’s not afraid of anything accept his daddy’s bark😀. He loves to play and even get rough. Sugar Bear is independant, loves to play and loves KISSES. Is definitely a daddy’s boy and listens when he wants too🙃 but strong willed as most of them are. He’s a Black and Tan but gets his brindle colors from his Daddy. Oh and does he love the camera as in this photo. Cuteness overload and personality PLUS. He’s not going to miss a 🎉 PARTY
Shelby Shine
Shelby Shine fine as wine but don’t let those sweet eyes 👀 fool ya. This little gal stands her ground and when she does ya better step aside. She is like a little back woods country girl and yet a lover too. A daddy’s girl no doubt. She loves to cuddle, eat, and knows lotsa tricks. She’s an amazing Momma too. She’s expecting her 2nd litter late November. She’s not gonna miss out on anything and she will make it known. A huge FLIRT when she wants to be and definitely not Shy😙. VOTE FOR ME she says. I’m your girl💕
Scooter Dapple Do Dah
Scooter Dapple is fun loving and in a league of his own, he loves to hear himself talk too and makes it known so pay attention to what he has to say cause it’s important He is a new daddy too struttin his stuff and proud of it😀 extremely smart as 6pm rolls around watching our security cameras for momma to come home daily😉He knows the drill
Sassy Sosa
Sosa is Sassy, just like her name😊 She is Independant and plays by her rules. She entertains herself and needs nobody in the room with her, she is loving when she wants to be so take advantage of those kisses when she brings them on. Straight from the hills of Tennessee
Lilly has the most amazing eyebrows 🥰 She’s just 15 weeks old!, She is super cute, cuddly and loves camping with us. She’s won puppy of the week at her training class and she’s made me a very proud puppy parent x
Loves temptations treats! Loves walks. Loves to cuddle. Sweetest loving cat on earth ❤️❤️
She is a maine coon 🔥 She got adopted from shelter and she’s our adorable little cutie! She’s got her own insta @chiquita_noir
I love sleeping, treats and snuggling with Mom. If anyone (even my human sister) tries to snuggle with Mom, I do my best to get between them. I enjoy sun bathing, chasing squirrels and car rides. My Mom loves me very much.
I know nothing
Hilda the huntress
Ivy is a little fluffy mountain kitty who loves to explore and promote McDonald's bags😂 She is almost 4 years old and is such a cuddle bug! She is the prettiest rescue I've ever seen!🥰
Loca is a calico, a blessing in disguise 💜 She now loves looking after her rescue brother Lucky! Even though she's only 16 weeks old..those motherly instincts came alive 😍Those two are peas in a pod 💞 They both bring us lots of love and joy 😊
Madi loves to chase lizards and dig up rocks when she’s not taking a nap
Louie is3 years old. I adopted him from an abuser. He was in bad shape. He is learning how to be loved. He is a sweetheart. Loves to go for walks and meet new doggies.
Turbo loves to run and play with all his toys he is such a lovable dog and loves to cuddle
Chase is a Chesador. He is a cross between the Chesapeake Bay Retriever and the Labrador. He loves the water! His size really is impressive and he may look very imposing, but he is just a big baby that want to snuggle. He definitely is a gentle giant.
Mr Jingles
Mr Jingles likes to sleep and mow mow. He also likes to eat…a lot. He’s big boo.
Molly is a 10 year old moggie, she doesn’t love other animals and strangers and tends to get quite nervous, but once you get to know her she is so so loving and affectionate 😊
Daisy is a very lovable and playful dog that loves her toys she loves it when people walk into the front door to love her and to play with her she loves to protect her mommy tho
Hello, my name is Stella but some call me chicken lady . I chose my profile pic to honor spooky season coming up (my fav) . Im originally from puerto rico & was brought to America when the hurricane hit. People are unsure of my breed, we just say I’m “special”. I love our other pet rabbit. I love snuggles & zoomies & blueberry treats
Riley is a 10 month old, bluetick coonhound/husky mix.
Bruno is very happy and energetic and loves playing with his big brother Dutchie, and loves the outdoors
Dutchie is a family guy he loves his ppl and loves to cuddle and sun bath!
Hi I’m Marco I love getting dressed up and I love my family and I really really love go to the park and going on walks
Milo is a 2 year old beagle who we rescued 11th of August 2020, he is a reactive dog and loves nothing more than playing with his friends and his frisbee and some cheese 😋
milo is 8 weeks old...