Dog cat Stories - 25


Rj Adway
He only makes this face for pictures 😂
Koda is 8weeks old and in to every thing good and bad lol. He is doing so well with puppy training. He has learnt to sit and walk down the stairs himself. Fingers crossed giving a paw will come very soon 🐶❤️
Humphrey is a very energetic 8 month old puppy !!!! He loves to play with his big sister , Coco, and chew on bones!!!! Humphrey has overcome adversity following an accident that resulted him losing his right eye. This boy never misses a beat!
Harley is a gentle giant, pit lab mix, very afraid of thunder and fireworks. He loves to play and sometimes gets caught in the act doing things he shouldn' picking in the trash.
Lolo Bitzy Ryder
this is my baby girl LoLo Bitzy Ryder. She is my 7 lb Shih Tzu. She is the sweetest little girl EVER! Look at that can you not VOTE for LoLo!!!
Daisy is the most lovable Pit Chihuahua mix. Yes you heard that right. She'll smother you in kisses if you're not careful.
Hi my name is Kush. I am a big beautiful Maine Coon that can hold my own against my new little brother, Australian Shepherd who thinks he needs to herd me around the house. I love naps & when mom is home on her days off so we can snuggle.
I Vote for this “babygirl!” Because she is “Any And All Just That!” In one little body she’ll Exercise “All day long” with her🏀and also not miss “Tip Toeing” to you for ❤️and she’s Mother by🌛Time!
Wilson is 10 months old, he has more energy than 10 monkeys. He thinks he has hands instead of paws and catches his frisbee with this paws.
Hi my name is Jackie. I am a little fluff ball. I love sitting up high & looking down on the world. I will do anything for brushes or getting mom’s undivided attention.
Charley Mae
Charley spends her days lounging around, playing fetch or finding something she shouldn't play with.
Heugo is 9 months old, I found him in the local pet shelter and found out his last owner was homeless and sadly had to give him up since he found a place to stay that wouldn’t allow dogs. When I met him he was super shy but now he comes with me everywhere, he even goes to school with me every week. We’re still trying to teach him tricks and manners and he’s actually been doing pretty well. He loves playing fetch, hiking and sleeping between my legs (he’s actually doing that as I type this 😂).
An adorable puppy who has melted our hearts! Very playful and a little bit mischievous.
Bart is a wild explorer he loves going out relaxing in the sun in garden and chasing a good bird and squirrel or two. He love his hide in bed or cat cave as we calm it. Love food it’s his passion. Dose not play with toys but he is super into treats. We found him in the rain under car as a kitten he my family member my best buddy my art partner he my Bart.
Royalty is a a fur human! Her fur is pink because she revealed the gender of our baby! She loves attention and being loved! She is spoiled I mean the name alone tells it all!
Oscar Wild
I was born on a farm in Colorado and love to play with all kinds of animals! I would sneak out of my bed at night so I could go snuggle with my fellow duckling buddies. I’m very curious about the world with an enormous appetite. Give me a piece of kibble or a q-tip and I’m entertained for hours!
Pretzel is an adventure pup! He goes everywhere with me, he loves strangers a little too much, he is very scared of cats, and LOVES swimming!
He loves to steal items like socks 🧦 pillows, shoes 👟 & towels & give them to people as presents He is such a lovebug & just wants to be with people.
Funny Lovable enjoyable family pet has her own personality jst a joy to our family
My name is Lovey, my mamma calls me baby girl. I love Long naps, short walks around the neighborhood and cuddling with my hooman! ❤️
Arlo is a feisty wee guy, but so sweet also. He’s very active and loves to play!
Jinx is our white Garfield! If there was ever an actual Garfield this is him. Loves to eat, sleep and be left alone.
Reesy is a rescue pitbull from our humame society. She was saved from a dog fighting ring where she was being used as a bait dog. Reesy loves her 2 furry brothers zues (dog) and Mousse (cat) Reesy enjoy long cuddles and playing outside with the kids. Reesy enjoys wearing her different sweaters, coats, and nightgown to keep warm.
Nallah Joy Mccoy
No matter what kind of day my wife or myself might be having, Nallah brings nothing but Joy. She has caught 6 mice in our small efficiency which is cluttered with cat toys and places for her to climb. She will drag her favorite wand to you and meow till you get the hint, its play time. She loves kiddy acrobatics and flipping through the air. We are currently trying to leash train her so we can take her for walks and expand her world beyond our small home. Shes amazing in every way and if I, her Daddy would have one reason to vote for her its that if she ever did win we would be able to afford to give this princess a bigger home to fit the mountain of toys we bought her. She our world and we spoil her rotton every chance we get, she even has her own heating pad she love to lay on, she rides her Mommy's back all over the house and sleeps every night on Daddy's legs. We are so blessed to have her and I hope you can see ¼ of light she brings to us with the photos. THANK YOU TO ALL WHO VOTE FOR NALLAH
Sylvester showed up at my house about a year ago. Being as how I’m allergic and have never owned a cat, I found him a new home. A good friend took him to his house on a Wednesday and that following Friday he passed away from a massive heart attack. I couldn’t live with myself had I not taken him back so long story short, he’s an inside cat and I’ve stocked up on allergy meds!
Lola Rose
Hi my name is Lola Rose! I am the sweetest ball loving lab you’ll meet. My momma is my favorite person but I’ll show love to whoever! I love my sibling kitties as well as my best friend Dozer the rottie. Soon to be a blood donor so I can save my fellow canines!
Stormy is a 3 year old Female Russian blue mix we adopted 3 months ago. She loves to cuddle and play but tends to be more on the chill relaxed side compared to her other 2 sisters. Bird watching is her favorite thing to do, it keeps her busy for hours! Want her attention? Just jiggle some Temptations chicken flavor and say “snack” and she will come full speed. She enjoys sleeping on the bed by our feet with her favorite blanket and some cool air hitting her. Once you meet her you can’t help but fall in love.
Little Bit
Only doing advanced votes for granddaughter for a return in August. Her link is below. Fo to her page and say if you want those advanced votes!!!
Lilly Mae
Hi my name is Lilly Mae, I am 6 months old and I love to chew on everything. I really like to be lazy and sleep all day but sometimes I do zoomies around the living room when I get excited.
Winnie is one crazy Boxer, like Boxers can be. She’s well behaveD most times but she definitely has a stubborn streak. She likes to carry her empty food bowl around.
Salma may have gone blind a year ago but that hasnt stopped her from ruling the roost over a husky & another Shih Tzu! The husky walks way out of her way to get around her! But she is also a funny, lovable girl!
Alamar was third best Siberian international in 2017 in the TICA championship. He snorts and snores and he doesn’t like his butt touched or he will hiss at you. He loves his sister Coconut who is also a pure colorpoint Siberian.
Lil Buddy
Little buddy is Lab/Pit he’s 20 weeks old, he is very lovable and playful
Hey gang! My name is Abel I’m a pure bred Golden Retriever, I’m such a sweetheart and a goofball all in one :) I love to play with my frisbee! And I’m getting pretty good at it! I will be 3 years old on the 4th of July! I’m a little crazy at times but I love to snuggle!
She has a hip joint and has a wardrobe of clothes because she is a Chinese crested hairless dog.
Hey! My name is Bentley. I’m 12 years old and love to chase thunder! One day I’m going to catch that loud noise! I also love to play fetch and chase.
Nahal is a teacup chorkie who is about 3 pounds and is such a sweet dog with a big heart she loves to share and steals the hearts of many people where ever we go. Shes crazy about cat food and somtimes follows the cats around the house it makes me wonder if she knows she's a dog not a cat
Gizmo is a fun lovln lil dude and a big love bug behind his bark that looks good on camera and he's looking to get his teeth fixed hes has to have blood work and surgrey on his teeth
Hi my name is Huckleberry. My mom calls me Huck. I love herding bigger dogs around the dog park and climbing mountains with my humans. I have two big sisters that are cats. Vote for me so I can get a new frisbee!
Ollie is a cute, durppy dachshund who hops when he gets really excited!! He loves he's toys and his momma!!
Hi I'm Sully a 10 month old Cavapoochon (aka fluffy teddy bear) I'm always using my puppy dog eyes to get what I want. My favourite things to do are Stealing Socks, ripping up paper and playing with my best friends....oh and I can't forget cuddles with my family.
Mr Harvey Moonstone
My name is Harvey and my favorite things to do is sleep and steal my mums socks when she is getting dressed in the morning. I run off up the hall with her sock in my mouth and hide until she finds me. I love to sleep and watch tv and sleep and eat and sleep oh and i like sleeping. Dreamies are my fave but the tuna ones. Im a very spoilt boy who thinks he is in charge of the house, Im not but i like to think i am
She loves to smile and her walks at the state park. She understands everything you say to her and is smart and loves her family
Hi im Coco, i got my name grom the movie Coco. Im a happy pup that loves to play ball with my human. I have a sassy temper and i love talking back to my human.
Meow I am Bayard. I love stealing my brothers food. I love to cuddle! With the money I win, I will be getting a new cat tree and better food for me. Thank you so much hoomans for voting for me!😻😻😻
Simply adorable
My Tobey passed away in 2019. My heart broke. He was by my side every single day. When I would get sick he would be laying by my side. I miss him so much.