Dale loves to play tug of war and sleep on the tile floor. He is so floofy it’s impossible to not squeeze his face every time you see him!
Hello I’m Juniper, but mom calls me Juni. I cause little to lots of trouble. I love yelling and hunting mice!! 🐁❤️😽 I was found with my brother, but unfortunately it’s just me now 😔 he left to go party in the city 🏙
Bob Marley
Bobby loves blueberries, he loves to be petted as well as taking walks. He loves other dogs but really loves going out on car rides, he’s respectful he doesn’t wonder off he is always by my side. He’s so cute
Archie is a lazy chunk! He is my amazing 19# loaf of love and fluff! He is very vocal when he is calling for his sister in the apartment or when anyone is in the bathroom. He insists that he sits and stares at you while you’re in the bathroom. 🤷🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️
Charzard is a quirky little girl. She is nick named Charles. She sleeps on her back and stretches as far as she can with her paws pointed up. She also enjoys bothering her older brother Archie all day long.
Calypso loves playing withe the laser light and she loves her snacks before bed.
Jonah is a sweetheart. I adopted him in June 2022 and he has fit into our family perfectly.
Socks And Patches
Both of them love being held, always want to be in momma’s lap! Socks loves giving kitty kisses on my chin and Patches is my little talker!
Nami is 12 yrs old she likes to sit in the sun and lounge around all day
Maggie has a identical twin named Minnie
I Adopted her 5 months ago from a shelter & she is the most sassiest yet sweetest girl. Love you bella baby
Galen is the goofy gentle giant of our home and always brings a smile to everyone who meets him , he is his happiest when his family is happy, Galen's second favorite thing is playing fetch with his nerf ball launcher he could play all day long leaping and chasing after his ball
the most loveable fat boy ever🥹❤️
Loki was the runt of a litter of 4, and her mother would carry her away to a safe place and feed her away from the others. She’sa spunky little girl who loves kids.
She Playful loves attention loves to snuggle family dog
Hi Im Blue , my life could be discribed in 3 words … Sleep , Eat , Repeat . 😍💙🐾 …. Help me win this contest so Mom can buy me a lot of more toyyss !!! 🦴🧸
Kitty Frank
Kitty frank is a rescue cat. He lives waking me up at 6am and he loves staring out the window
Sandía is the sweetest puppy in the world! She loves belly rubs, squeaky toys, and long walks outside.
Frances Bean
My name is Frances Bean and I’m really bossy to my siblings. When I get tired during the day I cry for my human mom to hold me and rub my ears.
She loves to run around, cuddle, and meow.
My name is Mama Faith. I rescued my human Mama while I was pregnant with 5 fur babies 2 1/2 years ago. We are still all together. ❤️ Please vote for me!
Well she was a stray and I took her in. I've had her for about 3 months. She loves climbing around on her 6'0 cat condo. Playing with her little toys that I've bought for her. Loves affection. She couldn't be any happier. She's approximately 6 months.
Spartacus Keanu
My name is Spartacus Keanu and I’m a really sensitive guy. I enjoy playing fetch with my favorite toy. AND I have a really big paw arm.
Flashi Lom
My name is Flashi Lom and I enjoy playing fetch with my favorite mouse toys!
Watson is a cartoon character. He loves to sit up on his hind legs to beg for treats and bounce straight up in the air, but mostly, he just loves to snuggle.
Oliver is the best cat ever. He's still young but super sweet and playful and just loves his owner, 6 year old boy James.
Sophie loves to cuddle and bathe in the sun on her window perch. She loves playing with toys and wands. She’s very affectionate and loves pets. She’s amazing
Ren LOVES the snow! One of his favorite things is going to work with his owners up at a ski resort during the day and then relaxing on the couch in the evening. If it involves hiking and exploring Ren is stoked!
This is my baby grace! She’s a mine coon kitten she was a stray, When I found her she was very sick and I nursed her back to health. She loved to play with her little green mouse as if it’s attacking her everytime she walked by, she loved her wet food and her sister I couldn’t tell who or what she loved more. Grace was a very adventurous kitty she loved to climb on everything in site, when it was time for bed she would run to her mom(me) and wouldn’t leave my side she was the most loving kitty I have ever met. Not to long ago she had gotten sick again and this time it was out of my hands, so I rushed her to the vet and we found out she was born with a birth defect. We had no choice but to send her to heaven to live in peace she was way to beautiful for this world and I miss her every second of everyday. I made this in remembrance of her and to make me feel better in any way.
Hewooo my name is toven i love my moms and also love to play and give kisses and also enjoy running around with the hooman pups haha
Bella is a cute, sweet, happy, and energetic little pup who loves to play soccer and fetch!
Suki was found off of the side of a busy highway when she a little kitten. There was no mama cat or any other kittens around so I took her in and fell absolutely in love! She is such a sweet girl and absolutely adores belly rubs!
Callie Grace
Callie Grace is a rescue cat she loves to talk sing and play her personality is beautiful
Milo like to play with his dog sister. He will lay around and have his head chewed on by his sister too! He will give u sugars!
Kiki is a fun energetic fur baby that like to eat hot dogs with katchup thinks shes a lap dog and love to be around her human babies
Bailey is a sweethearts loves cuddling and over the moon when it comes to attention her favorite thing is belly rubs she loves absolutely everyone
Prince has a fascination with bath tubs and he's a momma's boy.
Handsome boy
Zeus is a cuddly butt that loves pets, pats and forehead kisses.
Ren loves too cuddle, head scratches, and treats. He hugs and gives me nose kisses. Is playful, but only when he wants to be. He is a big boy, but a baby when he wants to be loved.
Venus De Meowlo
Venus aspirated on fluids when she was born and came very close to death as a tiny baby from pneumonia. I was able to get her to the emergency vet in time and she lived to be the most quirky, sweet, hilarious cat that I’ve ever known.
Panda loves to walk around outside. Shes an ol girl. Shes 13yrs old. She loves her treats also. She loves being petted and having her back scratched. And she loves sleeping in the bed with me.
She is the kindest dog you will ever meet she loves people and kids she is only a year and a half so still learning not to jump but though she is young she is the best dog I ever had
Bubba loves to run outside. He loves his treats. He loves getting a hold if something your useing and running off with it. He also loves sleeping in the bed with me
Gibbs is a big sweetheart! He loves babies, other animals and his tennis ball!!
Pickles loves to snack on goldfish & take naps after waking up lol.
Coop is very smart and affectionate. He loves to play fet h and play in the water.
Laney is a very cuddly little girl. She’s constantly wanting pets and is very talkative if she doesn’t get them.