Rocco is a fun loving Shitzu Poodle mix, who loves his plush toys, sleeping with mommy, and chasing around his feline brothers and sister. He would love this win and to be recognized as one of the cutest pups. As he is just that in our house!
Sebastian is not only a sassy and tubby cat, but is also a sweet heart. Sebastian is one unique cat who loves people and being lazy on a daily base, he was born on july 14 2016. He loves to be the center of attention by making you stop what your doing to love on him, he loves playing with a red lazer, catnip mice, and peoples hand to bite on. He is one cat who will love you forever.
Boomer is a 1 year old Abyssinian kitty who has the most cutest personality! He is an Oklahoma Sooners football fan (which is how he got his name) 😉He loves playing with his toys and sleeping in random boxes that he finds around the house! He is so loving and purrs about 90% of the day! He enjoys sitting at the window and watching the birds and squirrels 🐿 The best part of him is that he loves his mommy! He follows me everywhere I go and answers when I call him❣️ Vote for my little Boomer! ❤️
Luna is an out going girl she loves to please! Loves to play With her little humans and the little weird fuzzy thing that makes a meowing sound that she still doesn’t understand!!
Maia is a sweet ragdoll girl. She was born in 2020, so she’s a quarantine kitty!
Frosty is a rescue. We received him 1 week ago yesterday. It appears that someone had thrown him out and he landed on his face. His lip was all infected, but now the little guy is doing much better. He is full of energy, and loving his new home.
My Fancy girl is an Australian Shepherd who LOVES to play in the water. She also enjoys the AKC FAST CAT sport. We are very fond of our fur baby! She thanks you for your votes!! 🐾♥️
She was the last pup out of the litter and out little gem. Curious, excitable and very sassy, Kimiko loves going on adventures and finding new places to poop! She's learning everyday and continues to astonish us with her intellect. Very lucky to have her in our lives and she has really made a difference.
She fell off the back of a farmer's truck and we found her in the culvert outside. And she's very fond of hugs. She's actually a tabby and wildcat with bobcat. she is polydactl on all four feet because of this.She chuffs and squonks instead of meowing though and if you catch her by surprised she'll flat pawed smack your hand! She won't use claws though cause she's a sweety ;3
Bella is very Sassy her personality shows you just that❤ wants she gets to know you shes not as shy but can be jumpy we had adopted her please vote for Bella, and ill vote for your beautiful Cat as well.❤
My name is Marley, I've lost a few teeth along the way but that's doesn't stop me loving food. My favourite thing to do is shout at my mum and dad and have long peaceful naps.
Mowgli loves to sit in boxes :)
Honey was a rescue from the humane society . She loves her toys and bandannas.
Thunder is 2 1/2 yrs old. He was born October 1st, 2016 Thunder is a pitbull, he is loving, very playful and a special emotional support dog for my son & I. He brightens the room when he enters. He loves apples, carrots and loves his treats!! And, we cant forget he loves to play!!😊
Hes a rabbit Who weirdly acts like a cat
This is moe last name Lester he helps me out all the time and carries all my laundry off downstairs while helping my cats eat their food, he loves to jolt out the door at 6am so I can run for three miles to get my excercise in and he wants you to always see his favorite toy whether you want to see it or not, his tongue always sticks out and sometimes I have to push it back in but I love him and he also just wants to be ✨appreciated ✨
My lovely min pin chi mix, Pooka is such a charmer and goofy she is more human than me, I swear anywhere she goes the cock eye will find your way to your heart, don’t let her smile confuse you she will take all your beef jerky and Oreos even when you think you put it somewhere safe , I love her she may eat out of my cats magic sandbox but she just wants to be ✨appreciated ✨.
I am a very talkative and playful kitten! I like to bring presents for my parents all the time. My favourite are feathers and mice!
My name is Nova I am 3 months old and I have an amazing and outgoing personality, I'm cute and fluffy and extremely loving. I am always affectionate but I also love to play and sleep. I have beautiful big blue eyes with a grey and creme coat. 💞
Luna was an abandoned 3 day old kitten when we found her and I've been her mommy ever since. She's such an energetic loving kitty,and huge mommy's girl 💕
Tater Tot
She’s just the sweetest thing who always knows when I need some attention myself and she’ll come by me and just look right into my eyes with her big adorable eyes telling me that she’s there for me.
Bella is playful, loving, friendly and loves her big human sisters. She always has a big warm-hearted welcome when she sees you!
Herro! I'm Nala, a 3 (almost 4!) year old Black Lab and Golden Retriever mix, though I mostly look my labrador ancestors. My favorite hoomans are my Mom, my Grandma Shannon, and my Nana Laura. I love my rubber bone and ball, though when Uncle Alex or Nana Laura buy one of the BIG chicken flavored bones for me and Arty (my male doggy companion) I tend to take it for myself and it becomes my obsession till I eat it all gone. I love going for car rides and playing "Psych!" when my family tries to get me in from outside. I'm a good sleeper and Mom's favorite cuddle buddy. My other names are Goober, Goober-Berry, Stinker-Butt, and Nala Ann (this one always scares me because it means I'm in trouble.) I hate baths, but I do like the peanut butter Mom puts on the Evil Tub's wall for me to lick. Chicken and Peanut Butter are my favorite treats!!!! I especially love it when Mom puts a bit of the peanut butter on a chicken treat for me. IT'S SO GOOD!!! Anywho, that's me! Byeeeeeeee
Kitten is a feral kitten I took in to foster to get her ready for her furever home and her Dad. She’s a fluff ball of joy! I wish someone would look at me like Kitten looks at her toy❤️😂 If she wins, prize money will go to her Dad to have her fixed, shots and any other costs
Meet Bandit😊 He is a rescue cat from our local shelter who adapted quickly into this K9 filled home. His best friend is his sister dog Luna who he cuddles with at night. Some of Bandits favorite activities include climbing trees, laying in the sun and having his dog siblings (Luna & Axel) chase him around the yard or house. Please give this good looking boy a vote❤️
Buzz Lightning
Buzz is a wild and crazy guy. It's how he got his name. All my white cats have something to do with snow or the weather. I had used up a lot of usual white cat names so I was struggling to find a good one. One night he happened to be buzzing around the house and I asked him if he could please stop buzzing around. Then I thought of Buzz lightyear from the toy story. So he became Buzz lightning.
Meet Axel James😊! He is 75% German Shepard and 25% Belgian Malinois. Being only 10 months old Axel acts like the young baby he is. He loves to spend time playing outside with his sister pup Luna and chasing his brother cat Bandit. He is a sweetheart, mamas boy and goofball. Please give this handsome boy a vote♥️
Meet Luna Rae😊 She is the most sassy, animated and caring pup around. Luna spends her days playing with her brother dog Axel and brother cat Bandit. She also loves to cuddle up with her mom and best friend Dad. Please give this pretty girl a vote♥️
Kitty is a very playful cat and she loves attention and she loves to play with her two brothers Kota and Jasper which are both dogs. They get along so well! She even chases them sometimes! Most cats don’t like to be near water but she does every time I go by a sink she always jumps and looks at me and asks for a drink of water! ❤️
Moe is only 6 months old and loves to cuddle! He’s a very chunky cat already weighing 8lbs and likes to eat! He also has thumbs which makes him even cuter 🥺
Fireball Mckean
Fireball was found all by himself, crying for help as a tiny kitten. He was small, very hungry and scared. He was eating plants to stay alive until I found him. All he ever wanted was to be loved. Now he is a happy little teenager cat. He is family, and he is loved very much. He loves to run around the house, and gets excited when my husband and i gets home from work. He loves his mouse that makes noise when he plays with it. Lol. He also loves his bow tie collar.
I found sweet my angel 🐈‍⬛. I said "come to me lil one and you'll have a beautiful life." Furio is an only child for now. He is spoiled rotten and loves mash taters n gravy from KFC. He is the best snuggler and biscuit maker! He has his own bedroom with tons of toys and stuff to do. He also is trying to climb him mom's 12 foot palm trees. He's too cute to get aggravated at. He loves to go on car rides and see his friends at the golf course. Everyone loves him!!
Hes the coolest cat ive had.
Hi! I’m Melanie! I’m 8 months old and I love to cuddle, especially when you hold me and i can nuzzle into your neck! I also love to give mommy kisses on the nose!
Hi, I’m Bailey. I’m a 6 month old yorkie chon that’s full of energy and life. My favorite thing to do is to snuggle. I love to get dressed. My favorite color is yellow and I love Cheese.
Louise is my black and white girl on the right. In this picture, she has her paw around her sister Thelma. Louise is one of the most lovable cats that I have ever owned. She brings happiness and laughter to my life everyday and is inseparable from her sister Thelma. ❤️
Valkyrie has been smiling since she was a puppy! She loves to play fetch and run agility and melts everyone she meets! Though she likes cat toys too much... Show her some love!
I adopted Thelma and her sister Louise because they had been together since birth and I needed a cuddly cat in my life. Thelma loves to cuddle and her fur is extra soft. She and her sister Louise play together every day and sleep next to each other every night. She is just a great cat all around. 😻
Trixie is a headbanging cat.Metallica is her favorite band.Their music is like a lullaby for her.
Trixie is always on the go, that's why all her pictures are her sleeping, that's all I can catch! She's a great little cat, beautiful and full of 'tude but a great cuddler when she'll grace you with her company (when she's not busy playing with her straw) 🤣 Please vote for my pretty lil girl 💕
I'll be honest, Lana here is a pain in the ass sometimes but she'll effortlessly steal your heart 💕 Always looking to give and receive attention this kitten never grew up! Amusingly enough her favorite toy is a rock! Please vote for my beautiful playful golden kitten 🐈
She's very calm and sweet and has the lightest squeak for a meow. She loves bologna!
Meow, My name is Olivia and my momma came to my rescue when I didn't have a home. I've been with my family for 16 years, yes I'm an old lady and still act as if I'm young. I was diagnosed with cancer 4 years ago. My momma made the decision to let me live out the rest of my days at home being happy as you can see.
She is very strange. I'll catch her staring at nothing and then... its the zoomies!
Isabella is smart and very loving puppy she is 5yrs old . she loves to go on hikes and kayaking and loves to take pics with her mommies!
Banshee is a rescue pup so we aren’t quite sure of her breed yet! She is sweet, loving and growing fast. Abandoned on the hot streets of Texas, SheeShee and her siblings were alone for weeks. They were saved by a shelter and shipped to another shelter here in WA. We fell in love with the whole litter but they were all meant to be adopted. All of her siblings received furever homes but she was left behind. We fell in love upon meeting and have been best friends ever since!
Gypsy is a moving baby main coon. She comes from a pure line of main coons and shes very loving 💚🖤
Such a beautiful loving little boy 😍 Loves chewing threw all his mums fluffy socks 🤣🤷‍♀️ has the most amazing personality makes everyone smile and laugh! 💕