Dog cat Stories - 25


Madison Lee
Maddie lived outside her entire life till she was 8 and we rescued her. She is now 11 living her best life wirh her first sibling. Dakota is 10 months old golden retriever as well. Her only toy for 8 years was a ROCK. You read correctly. Missing teeth, didnt know her name they game her ... and such a beautiful change.
Dakota Blue
My "Pandemic Puppy" is learning the world by staying home to be safe and getting his greetings through a face mask, so picking up on small ques is sometimes difficult. He is 10 months old but as luck has it, he is graced with an 11 year old senior golden retriever. Follow us on IG : Dakota.and.maddie.are.golden
Daisy is soon to be 15yrs old, but she has the energy of a young kitten. She was rescued as a kitten from a refinery. Daisy loves to cuddle, keep warm under blankets and she loves her best friend George.
Bean is a chihuahua terrier mix with a happy go lucky personality that can brighten anyones day. Even tho she is a small doggy, she has warmed my heart in the biggest ways and I know she can warm all of America’s too.
Dandy is a talented little corgi. She has the best personality. She love to pose for the camera🤩 She is the best little cowgirl💕
Meet Millie! This sweet girl is 7yrs old & is our newborn’s new guardian. Millie enjoys lounging outside in the fresh air & sun,night sprinting through the house, & catching all the lovins & scratches from anyone who enters! She also enjoys napping on her back in otter form & playing soccer w/ any small objects. She also loves to watch after & cuddle up next to her new little human sister, Presley. Vote for Millie & show her the love she deserves 💖
Hi, my name is demon, I'm a fat lazy Kitty, but just likes to lay around in bed i love belly rubs and I love to eat, please vote for me, I would love to get more toys and I'm a dad to 9 kittens so I need to win so I can pay Kitty support.
Avalanche is a mini aussi mix, He's about 13 years old, we have had him since he was 3 months old. He loves to go for walks and car rides. He likes to play tug of war and fetch. His absolute favorite food of all time is bananas (literally OBSESSED lol). Oct. 17th 2017 he had an FHO surgery for popping his hip out of place. Worst time ever BUT i would do it again totally worth it as you can see in the pictures its like it never even happened 😊
Zues is a spunky & beautiful kitten.
Juno is my 6 month old puppy. He is a Shih Tzu Bichon Frise mix which makes him an adorable TeddyBear breed. He loves going on adventures and playing with his favorite toys. 🎾 His favorite snack is blueberries and loves taking very long naps during the day. He such a caring puppy, he loves meeting other pups and humans.
Prince is a loving kind and very gentle dog. He loves the outdoors and he loves to play and He protects his family.
Dori is a lovable girl who acts more like a cat than a dog.
Bailie loves the cold & snow. He can often be found snuggling up to you or chewing a stick! Huge fan of treats not a huge fan of walks!
My name is Wilma, I love playing with yarn, cardboard and even little bouncy balls. I want to adventure and find new things to play with! When I’m sleepy I like to nap on my mummies chest it’s nice and warm there!
I’m called Winnie and I went to my forever home in January. I’m settling in very well and love my fur sisters! My favourite treats are Dreamies!
I’m Rita and I’m a retired greyhound, I love spending my new found time napping! Food is my favourite hobby!
Daisy has double paws, loves to sleep next to me while I sleep, tries to get her nose into everything I eat.
Teela was just born in November last year and she has been an absolute blessing to our family. She absolutely loves giving kisses, playing fetch, and playing with our neighbors dog when she crawls under the fence into our yard. She is so friendly to new people and other dogs. We love you Teela.
Salem is spunky, sassy, and a mommas girl. She loves to chew on toys, lying on her back and she’s obsessed with boxes and small spaces she can hide in!
Hello my name is Beau. I have the best personality, I love to play with my mom my favorite game is hide and seek! I like to pounce at her face when she hides behind the couch. Everyone always tried to steal me though maybe it’s because I’m so handsome :)
Luna is a 2 year old 50%blue russian and 50%siamese cat. She loves to snuggle, eat treats, and her favorite supplement is catnip. Shes a good calm kitty. She likes to hang out by food bowl all day She loves her fursister dog Pj. She loves and hates her furbrother cat Tiny. She is also a good mouser.
Boots was a special rescue baby who was born with no eyelids and has baby teeth even though he’s full grown now. He needs extra special love and care and he loves to snuggle! 💕💕💕
Loves tug, nature walks, and cuddling. Loves chasing squirrels, rabbits, and birds. Favorite foods are chicken, ice cream, and noodles!
He’s about as clumsy as he is ugly. He’s super lazy and he doesn’t exactly understand how to be a dog. Can commonly be found in places he shouldn’t be and loves to sleep on the couch, for hours, and hours...
Rocky loves to run. He is super energetic, and he is a the most amazing dog and sweet. He is a rescue dog that has changed our lives❤️
Covid 19 took my job I love the most, of being a companion to seniors and the disabled. I so miss my special people.
Jasper is my name!! I am one of those rescues. Ran the streets most of my life until my awesome owners took me to my now place I call home. I’m a very friendly/playful pup. I love running and playing with my toys. Cuddles at night are the best. And when I’m bored I love to watch squirrels jump from tree to tree. Also btw I’m cute soooo plz vote right now!!!!!!
Brodie loves giving face kisses, chasing balls and snuggles
Honey is the only in her litter to be born with an Eye-Patch! King Louie is a healthy 30lb slim, French Bulldog! Ready for stud!! @canine.livin on Instagram !
Mittens loves bacon, Ben his owner and watching guinea pigs play 😍
Hi my name is Oreo but most people call me Dory or dor dor! My family isn’t sure my exact breed or age because they rescued me off the street! They fed me and gave me shelter while I was living outside. I got really hurt and had to have my toe amputated. I also have a broken toe and the vet said I shouldn’t be outside anymore. My new family took me home I’ve been and indoor cat ever since. After everything I’ve been through I’m still a very sweet and happy girl! I love cuddles, belly rubs & sleeping right next to my dad. I’d love if you voted for me!
Bella is a momma’s baby! She is smart, playful, and of course adorable!
Zazue loves baths he chases his tail for fun loves his toys and treats
I'm a quiet, polite, and calm cat and I love to rest.
Bobbi Jo
Bobbi Jo is an intelligent, very active and funny little girl. She looks big in her pictures but shes only 6.6 pounds of the softest fluff. Shes only 6 months old and makes everyone around her fall in love with her. Thank you for your vote ❤ Bobbi
She is the sweetest kitty ever! Loves to play all day! She loves to snuggle & chase her toys!
Mikel was found in a wood pile near sand Lake Michigan in may 2011 . He enjoys his bean bag , Iams sensitive stomach cat food, his cat condo / scratching post , Sheba pate cat food , and long naps in the sun.
Dewey is a goofy boy, my little buckaroo. When my “Buggy” plays with toys, his eyes get buggy too! He loves to investigate, he likes to get the scoop. He naps is his window thing we also call his “scoop”! Dew-Bug is a special boy, he came to us in need. He meowed to us as if to say “Please rid me of these FLEAS!” From that point on he’s been the “goodest boy” that he could be. And now he’ll teach his ways to little sister Penelope!
Chicken was found in a hay bale October of 2019 now she has lived with us for 1year she is an energetic rambunctious cat . She likes Meow mix cat food , her tent , laser lights ,and canned cat food.
Frosty is the cutest cat. He is playful and very cute! He loves to play with his toys and with her little sister.
Snuggle bug all the way. He loves any adventure small or big count him in!
she loves laying in her favorite sun spot and playing with all of her toys. She likes fruit and veggies especially carrots! She’s a big cuddle puppy!
Spunky little guy who loves bed time snuggles and meowing “mom” late at night from the dark. Also loves to pester his brother Jax when he wags his tail.
Petey loves to play chasing his stick and loves everyone
Bear is a cheeky boy, he isn’t a people person bless him! He also doesn’t have an interest in other dogs. He’s just happy in his little bubble!
Jaxx is high energy and high entertainment. Jaxx discovered snow this week; we don’t get it often in Texas. He bounded out of the house each morning looking like a deer and ran through the yard excited that cold stuff was still there. The ice was extra fun! Jaxx was clearly puzzled when it disappeared.
Hi, I'm Groot I am 14weeks old and love to stick my tongue out at you. I love cuddles and definitely snow I have PDA and without surgery I won't live a long life so please vote for me and help me