Loki the Cavapoo loves nothing more to sleep and play with his human brother and sister
This is Puma! We rescued him from coyotes and he now lives a very happy life indoors! He loves treats, bandannas, and of course his mama!
Paisley is the sweetest dog who loves cuddles and blueberries! She is one of the most energetic dogs I have ever met and she is truly my best friend.
Mr. Grey
He’s a lover, not a fighter.
Jasper is a an energetic puppy. He plays with his toys and loves to relax to classical music.
Gus is a six year old king who loves water and hates socialising. While he loves his siblings he spends most of his time sleeping on my chair alone unless he smells any beef 👀 or doritos
Wilbur, the middle child of the group at 5 is the most affectionate cat you will ever meet. Never not purring or butting into you. The boy has the biggest appetite of the family and will always try and steal food if they aren't looking 🍕
Noodles is a sweet angel, youngest of the group at 4 years old. She is not a fan of being picked up but in the morning she always loves a cuddle ❤
Oscar is the biggest cuddle bug you will meet. His favorite thing to do is look out the window and if you leave your purse laying around he will crawl inside and take a nap
Hey all I am 11 weeks old and for those love birds I was born on Valentines day💗. Yes i am cute and i know it. I am trying my best to get away with yhings but I cant my big brother Hesh wont let nor will Mum and Dad. I have been yold i can go out soon for a walk and Hesh has been telling me it will be fun in the meantime i will continue causing havoc. The one i do love is my family and best of all snughling up to Hesh even when he does not want me to 💙
Hesh is nearly two years old. He loves any toy that says it is indestructible as he likes to prove them wrong! He loves the sun and walks through the forests and cuddling upto my baby brother(or just trying to fit in his bed🤣.
He is a service dog and loves working and going places n showing people how amazing n loving his breed is, loves chasing the four wheeler. And just being a big gentle baby.
Mickey loves to snuggle and give kisses, he likes to play wrestle with his cousins and siblings and relax by the fire
Vader loves to snuggle, go on walks, watch TV and bark at the mail man. He has the biggest personality and is the most loving dog ever ❤️
Chanel is the sassiest and sweetest pup you’ll ever meet, she loves cuddles and treats her favorite toy is her baby blanket.
Chandler or also know as Chan the man is the most stoic cat I’ve ever owned. 1 of 6 in my clowder. Personally I believe he’s part dog as some of his antics are dog like
Hi I’m Charlie but my mom calls me Charles when I’m bad! 😈 I don’t like pets unless it’s night time when my mom finally decides to go to sleep! 🙃 I love to chase my sister around and terrorize her other than that I like to sleep in the kitchen sink or mom’s favorite chair ❤️
Charlie is a very special little boy. He is 10 years old and every single day brings a smile and laugh to his family. He is playful, loves zoomies, and his favorite food to enjoy is sweet potato!! He brings such happiness, his quirkiness, and games can make the hardest day brighter. To know Charlie, is to love him.
Kendall is a 2 year old Blue Nose Pit. She absolutely loves to play and run around with other pups. She loves toys and is just a ball of sunshine.
He loves his snuggles with mommy!!
Loving Shepherd butt that was rescued when he was 1 1/2. Didn’t know his name now is the funniest most loving dog ever!
Spike is from Columbia and now runs his own graphic and window film business in PA when he’s at work he’s in charge except when the sun is out then he has a chance to relax. He has great personality and all delivery drivers customers and mail man love to visit him. He claims it’s hard to be this cute and loving. Just another day at the shop!!
He loves to play with his friends. He also loves to cuddle. And he LOVES food!!!
Jelly loves long walks, to cuddle and play with his toys. Jelly is very loving and fun guy! He got his name from growing up by the ocean! He lived by sea once upon time! Jelly loves playing with his pack!
Cookie loves to snuggle up and play with her toys! She is very nurturing! She has been the best emotional support dog ever for my daughter! One of her favorite things to do is give kisses! Please vote for cookie!
Smoke Brown
This is Smoke Brown. The most comedic puppy you’ll ever meet with beautiful strong features. He likes tug-of-war, burgers, and he’s a master of the “zoomies”. Smoke is one of the most loving canines out there so give him some love back if you can!
Thor is a very courageous, smart and outgoing man! He loves to cuddle and play with his toys! He is one strong boy but he has a heart like a baby 💗 VOTE FOR THOR
My name is Max and I love swimming in my pool and being the little spoon. I look tough but I’m the biggest baby in the world, just ask my cat siblings Samurai and Tito.
Clyde often enjoys zooming around the house and hiding in places he can’t fit! He acts like he is completely unaware of his big size. Nonetheless he is a beautiful cat and is still warming up to cuddles and kisses.
Frost is a loving husky.Loves to cuddle and lay with you and kisses when you ask.He is like a big bear
The most precious little diva! She runs the house. But she is also the sweetest cuddler and so much energy at the same time
I’ve had Dolly for 2 months now. I found her at my house, previous owners had abandoned her. She is the most sweetest, playful loving cat ever. She enjoys late nights while laying on my lap😁
Cooper is a fun outgoing dog. He loves his cuddles and most definitely his bones. He snores in his sleep(very loud lol). Cooper is very affectionate, but when he’s mad he moves his bed. Vote for my best furry friend!
Raylen loves being loved. She is a total sweetheart who loves being by my side as much as possible. I work from home so she and I have had to come to an understanding regarding her trying to lay on my arms because she gets jealous of my mouse and keyboard. She likes to make it so that I can’t work and instead have to pet her. 😂 She loves it when I play with her using toys with bells in them and only likes scratching upright posts.
Margo was rescused from the pound. We later got persephone as a kitten snd margo fell in love and adopter her as her own baby. The two are inseperable now!
Persephone loves to cuddle her adoptrd cat mom Margo
Joys Of Life
I had to post all my cat left is cooter middle is midnight right is peanut this was the picture we took the day me and my gf found out we are expecting are fist child I can’t wait for them to meet her
Sonny is a foster, and we adopted him. He was abused as a kitten and was rescued! He’s is a fiesty, thriving boy! We love him very much. I have two bonus kids, but none biologically. He’s my boy. 💙
Farley is a 11 month old goldendoodle who follows his mommy EVERYWHERE. He steals his daddy’s side of the bed as soon as he gets up each morning! He’s a mommas boy for sure! He enjoys destroying every toy that’s handed to him and demands a treat every time he comes in from outside (even if he doesn’t even leave the porch)
Murphy, is an old hyper man that loves food! He’s super sweet and is a big brother to his two little kitties. He loves to meet new people n ply with all the puppies at the dog park. He’s a big ole teddy bear:)
Her name describes her well, Lady is a boujie spoiled little brat, she loves to cuddle and is very sweet ❤️
LYNX is very cheeky he loves running around, he loves being stroked and chasinv things. He also enjoys wakinv his grandma up every morning by biting her feet. He is very vocal but shy.
ORICLE is active, smart, independent, vocal, friendly and cheeky. She gets up to all kinds of mischief. But gets away with a lot when she pulls her guilt trip face at you.
Arlo Jackson
This is Arlo Jackson he’s a German shepherd mix. We rescued him, he’s a sweet playful guy that loves toys and naps❤️
Sapphire was rescued in Philadelphia. She was just a kitten and her collar had become embedded in her neck and under her forearm. After surgery, she was being transported to a foster for recovery when I met her. I immediately fell in love! I sat with her and we “Meezer chatted” for a bit. She was talking up a storm and trilling, despite all she had been through. I whispered in her ear that I hoped I could take her home someday. Six weeks later, I found out I was approved to adopt Sapphire Blu! She is loving and cuddly. She loves her Greenie treats. She plays with her many brothers and sisters (I have 10 furkids) and has even become friends with the resident grouch! Her nickname is Fluffernutter. Love this feisty girl!
Put down box didnt see her . turn around she was here . where are you ... Ha ha .
Hola mís amigos😎 If your looking for a fiesta, just find me. Adventuring & hanging with my homies playing water pong is my favorite way to pass the time. I also mess with my bro, Misty.