Bear is our newest edition, she’s 6 weeks old. Her mom is a Tabby & her dad is a main coon giving her a unique brown color and more fur than body 😂. She’s a spunky adventurous girl who love to snuggle her siblings and our dog Eevee. She’s as wild as our kids who enjoy her playful nature. With her unique color and her big blue eyes she’s a sure fire winner! We’re elated to add her to our family. ❤️
Jax love his toy mouse love having attention he a very good boy I believe you should vote for Jax because he is the cutest boy ever
Sebastian is very well trained dog! He listens very good. He’s like a big teddy bear. He can get hyper but most part he is a lazy dog lol 😂
we rescued bax when he was 1. he was chained to a tree and left. he got transported to syracuse from Texas. I think it’s safe to say he is well fed now! my little chunker!💞
Tula is the most loving yet energetic pup ever. She loves spending all of her time at dog parks and playing for hours with any and every dog she comes across.
Hello my name is Lilly I’m 9 years old but I’m a puppy at heart my mommy is obsessed with me but I don’t mind I give her so many kisses I have a a dog stuffed animal I cuddle all night❤️
Nala was a street kitten along with her 7 sisters we she 7 months when me and my boyfriend found her at safehaven in Albany she was very sweet and wanted all the love. Although her sisters were drama filled and it was obvious she wanted to go to her forever home❤️ her shelter name was almond joy!
Maisie was a Foster fail. She came to us via a friend in need that works with a local shelter. Maisie was recovering from Parvo and needed a home with no other dogs. She then became heart worm positive after Parvo. Maisie is a happy loving puppy. She is always aiming to please and loves everyone. She is very well behaved. Maisie’s favorite pastimes are hanging out with mom outside or playing with her brother cat Loki who is also showcased here. Go vote for Loki as well. 😊
Tucker is a emotional support dog! He is still training and his big dream is to become a service dog for his mom :)
Bonnie was born on my birthday got her for my mom on her birthday… but she’s been my dog ever sense. She’s goofy 🤪 and sweeet she know when u having a bad day and she won’t stop nudging at u till u look at her and smile
Sox is just a chunky old man I would say he likes to go on walks but he’s like me and would rather sit and go for a nap or watch tv. he really dislikes paper bags and straws we still don’t know why
Loki is a very loving kitty. He has been with me through thick and thin. He always knows when I need him. I work from home and he stays in my office all day, usually right on my desk. He has a bed there as well. His favorite past times are bird watching or playing with his toy mice. He also enjoys quiet evening curled up in moms lap. This little boy is my best friend. I would be lost without him.
Frodo is an old soul!! super chill and mellow but loves to get crazy and have a good time!! and then a snuggly little boy! he’s the best ❤️
Demons a good loving boy loves to cuddle only 1 year old
Basil is the ruler of the house with three dogs. She loves to play and love on her daddy.
China is an active 5 month old American Staffordshire Terrier She Loves to jump high and fetch the ball.
She’s sweet she loves her mama
Slicky Jr
Slicky Jr is no longer with us. This was one of the last moments we shared. He was a good boy.
Junior is my emotional support animal. he'll be a year old in July. He’s super playful, always has the zummies. He absolutely loves squeaky toys. He also loves to cuddle but likes to nibble on your ears or nose. Hes super friendly and loves kids.
Hi!! I’m Echo, I love to play with toys and my friends at the park. I love my humans and anyone that is around. I am a Husky/German Shepherd mix!!
Hi im Queen! I like to run and i like toys! Especially stuffed animals!
love indoors and outdoors!!! Love playing with my sister!
Cisco is a sweetheart and curious about everything. He loves to play fetch with small frisbees, toys, rope, balls, you name it. He also loves walks and finding sticks and branches to triumphantly bring home. Cisco absolutely loves people and will approach anyone and everyone. Cisco is pure joy!
Coco is our new puppy! She is very active and she loves playing with our 100lb German Shepard! She is now the boss of the house. She loves to chase her tail and chase balls.
Chester is a rescue he’s a sweet boy that loves his brothers and sisters he loves to take adventures outside.
Luna is the sweetest most precious princess I've ever known. She's young but so smart and loyal already!
Sienna is a very loyal loving girl who adores everyone she meets!
Amara is currently being trained to be a service dog, she loves people and she deserves all the love us humans could give her ❤️
Shadow loves duck hunting! 🦆
Nala is so smart, playful and full of energy!!!!!
Dozer is an 11lb ball of fluff!. His favorite thing it to invade the neighbors house. He plans to use any thing he wins for a small headstone for his momma, cat nip, and his favorite snacks.
He’s a confident, loves The spotlight but won’t leave myside for nothing . He’s the greatest pooch to cuddle up with in the middle of the night to feel like your the only one that matters.
The Judds
Was listening to love can build a bridge and hadn't picked names yet and saw them laying that way and the rest was history Wynonna & Naomi became the girls names
Rowen Rose
Rowen is a Pointe Lynx Siamese loves indoors and outdoors!! absolutely loves crinkle balls and treats! My girl just turned 6 in April!
Tucker is just the smartest little puppy; he loves to play at the beach and pup cups. He is a very smart little pup
Six is 12 weeks & definitely keeps us on our toes when she's not sleeping so peacefully!!! Yes, she sleeps a lot, but you can't help but love her to pieces!!!
Mia is one our kittens, she was born here at our home, shes sweet as can be, loves to play fetch (way better then her doggie sisters and brother) her best friend is one our Dogs, they been best buddies since she was big enough to play with the dogs, she loves to wake me up with a tap and a meow then plops her ball on me to throw it.
Blue loves treats, belly rubs, and to fetch his toys but never bring them back!
Bambino is a big cuddler. He loves to eat, sleep, and repeat 😇
Hello I’m magic I’m a very good boy who loves attention my aunt is making this account for me bc I’m just such a good boy give me a ball and we can be friends forever!
Hello my name is Piper I'm a Russian blue kitty. I'm a sweet girl who loves to cuddle and get forehead kisses. I love to talk out loud in the early morning to wake up my mommy for treats and lovens. Please vote for me
Pixie loves every person and animal. She has lots of energy. She loves to go for walks and especially loves food!
Echo is a big goof ball! Echo and his siblings( the E puppies) were rescued from Tennessee. He is a black lab/ blue tick coonhound and loves to play with his sister Zola!
Erine is the best boy you could meet he loves giving kisses and holding hands but he doesn’t love anything more than his food!
Daisy is our scared little baby. If she sees any one be prepared for butt wiggles!☺️
Meet Bear! He’s a pit/boxer mixed with I believe shepherd. He’s the sweetest baby ever. He loves to cuddle up with mom and chew on tennis balls. Tommy is his best friend. Please vote for my sweet boy!
Zola is a cuddle bug! She loves with all of her!! She always greets you with a toy! She was a rescue from Tennessee her previous owner was I’ll and could not take care of her anymore! She loves her brother Echo so much and are bonded!