Walter is a valentine’s day baby, he will be 3 months on May 14th. He is a very energetic, affectionate, playful yellow lab. He loves walks, messing with his cat siblings, and napping with his mom and sister!
I am a Pomeranian that loves water more than my treats. I could swim all day long. At the end of the day I love cuddling with my papa and chasing my squeaky toy around.
He loves to play and he jumps and he loves to run
Salem is a very loving cat who loves to snuggle. He is always full of love. I have had Salem since he was 8 weeks old and now he is 2 years old. Salem is a very affectionate little guy. In this picture of Salem he is snuggling with a pink peeps bunny that I had gotten for Easter.
Shaymus is 15 weeks old and loves cuddling with everyone he meets. He also loves his big sister Harley (Pitbull). He love playing with all his toys and loves his good boy treats when he is a good boy.
Millie And Belle
My name is Millie, I am a Lynx point Siamese and my sister Belle is a snowboot Siamese. I enjoy walking on top of moms laptop while she is trying to work and getting into the bathtub.
Hi! My name is Anastasia. I’m a 3 month old Siberian Husky 🤍 I have a passion for fashion! 👗I also love unicorns and rainbows! 🦄🌈
Meatball absolutely loves mom and hates everyone else. His favorite things are chop sticks, straws, and munchin on rice cakes.
Son of Beretta and loki 5 week old Thor is a mini power house loves to kiss my wife, chase the big dogs, and prance around with toys.
Dash loves food, chicken training treats and his toys! He loves to run as fast as he can like 20 times around the foot stool. He has to be touching me to sleep. He loves attention and to be hugged and kissed. He's only about 4 months old but he's so smart! My favorite thing about him is that he loves me as much as I love him.
Monty is very mischievous and playful. He loves to take walks and sneak attack when you least expect it. He purrs all the time and loves to be pet. He is a little rascal.
Mac is a 9yo White German Shepherd who is all puppy!! His playful spirit keeps him young! Not super fond of cuddles but when he wants them they are big and fuzzy
Alice is a Sharpei mix, we believe she is mixed with St.Bernard. She is such a character! She is very picky about what she eats, we have to tear her cheeseburgers into pieces so she will eat them. Her main goal in life is to someday catch a "squirrely" (squirrel)
Stella is a energetic, friendly and sweet puppy. She loves to go to the beach and play with other dogs!
Vote for the sweetest rescue pup around!
Wally is 14 weeks old and is current Andrex puppy of the week 🥰 he loves cuddles, digging and stealing socks!
My name is Apollo im a handsome youngman who still likes to annoye his parents still i like to go for walks and play with my squeaky toys
Zeus Rivera
Zeus is the sweetest most loyal boy in the whole wide world. He loves to roll in dirt, especially after a bath. His nickname is bubba and loves to perform cool tricks.
Mae Mae
Came from a texas pound loves to protect the farm and stand on her back legs and box my wife lol
Yuki aka Bean.
Rick is 1lb and 6 weeks old! He loves to eat every 4 hours and sleep in his Dad's Snuggie in between. When he plays he is hilarious, but his most favorite this to do while hopping all around is attacking the ripples in the blankets 🤣
Zephyr is a sweet boy who loves to play with foster puppies! He loves squeakers and sticks the most! He loves his human and enjoys playing hide and go seek with her
Michonne is a full blooded majne coon he will be 5 in august he loves sleeping in his new cozy bed i got him a few weeks ago
Roxie is a sweet but spunky little girl. She chooses to play with socks over any of her toys. She is a brat at times but we love her very much.
Marty is a Jackapoopoo (Jackapoo x Poodle). He loves chilling in the sunshine and being with his humans no matter how sleepy he is. He will follow you anywhere. Shy yet curious this young pup is a brave little fellow and is only growing in courage with every walkies. Vote for Marty because if he could meet you he would give you endless licks (he really does give plenty of those on the daily).
This little girl was saved last winter. My husband found her freezing and abandoned. So we took her in and gave her love and a warm place.
Karma was a unwanted baby but really she saved my wife they are best friends do everything together. Loves to run with the four wheeler and chase anything that moves.
Cooper is a high energy sun loving chihuahua mix, he loves spending his time outside in the sun and just enjoying life! 💜❤️
She waS a rescue who lived her whole life starving in a cage and now she loves water, black coffee, and jumping hay bales.
Dobby truly acts like a free elf, although he is an inside cat. He does whatever he wants, however he wants and whenever and wherever he wants to do it. (Besides use the bathroom) He is so playful and loves when the camera is on him. His favorite toy is a thick plastic ring I got from an empty Hiwaiian Punch jug, he doesn't touch any of the ones I bought for him. He can be a pain sometimes but he is my best friend and I wouldn't trade him for anything.
Owen is a Pyredoodle who loves all his fellow 4 legged friends! He gets to go to work with mom everyday and play ! Rain, snow, or shine Owen loves the outdoors.
Riggs loooves his teddies, gator rides on the mountain, car rides, pets on the head, snuggles, people, and all other animals! He is a gentle giant with the biggest ears I’ve ever seen and the cutest face!
Izzy loves chips and McDonald's cheeseburgers
Salem loves to play!! She also loves to be with me and I’m taking her to college so voting for her would really help her get some new furniture for the dorm!!
Aspen Bar
Aspen Bar is a Golden Pyrenees, and is very protective of her property!! Squirrels, chippies, deer, bun buns have no chance with her 🤣. Also, the pyr paw is real!!! She likes her little brother Hickory in small doses.
Hickory Lee
Hickory Lee is 11 months old and loves running and playing outside with his sister Aspen!
Bella Bean
Bella Bean is a 1 year old pitbull/lab mix. She is a very happy girl with a lot of energy. She has such a goofy personality and she can even stand/hop on her hind legs. Her favorite things to do are go to the dog park or on long walks.
I just adopted Luna on 5/09/2022 and she has already chose my husband over me. She has her daddy wrapped around her little paw.
Ven is a crazy loving energetic kitten who loves to play fetch and footsies with him hooman friends. Ven also loves cuddles and treats and learning new tricks. He’s a real ladies man
Sammy came to us as a rescue and with rescue animals, you believe that you help them but with Sammy, he truly helps us as he has got his own little personality that makes everyone laugh. He’s silly, clumsy, adorable and loving 🥰
I haven’t been eating your plant…. …. Honest
damon was named after damon salvatore, from vampire diaries. until we found out she was a girl, the name just stuck. she loves goldfish crackers, billie eilish, & her parents. she always has time for a nap, according to her schedule. also, she’s a pisces! who wouldn’t love her.
Star loves giving high fives he loves cuddling and playing with his siblings
Hi i’m minnie i’m cuddly and cute but i love to play with my humans hands causing marks and scars when i’m bored. if Leo gets to much he gets a smack too ☺️
Hi I’m leo, i’m a pain in the bum that loves chewing ears off my toys but also if the most cuddly boy you will ever meet, i that than that i chase my Cat friend Minnie around when i’m bored thanks for voting
All of the winning funds will go to littles $3,000 vet bill from having her teeth removed ❤️
Loves tummy rub and ,to play with toys.
Swagger loves playing outside and chewing on toys. He loves chasing the FedX and UPS drivers from window to window! He is a protector and a pure breed good boy!