Bertie was a birthday gift, he is the wildest, most loving birthday present ever & his hunting skills are insane. He loves a good walk with me but prefers to lead the way 🤣
Hailey loves to eat!! She will meow to have food put in her bowl!! She likes to curl up in your lap at night while watching TV and sleeps on the foot of my bed….she’s very cuddly and sweet!!
Rocky is an active and smart bull terrier who loves the dog park and gets along well with other dogs. He's also a big fan of peanut butter. I’m definitely his person!🐾🥜
Buddy is a real firecracker he wakes up in the morning and he is like. Lets PLAY BALL,He is very smart he knows shake,back up,go get your ball ,stay and also when its time to lay down he knows lay down sleepy time he closes his eyes and go to sleep such a sweetie pie he is a year and a half
9 week old Bruno is nicknamed bonkers Bruno because of how crazy he is and how he’s so full of energy! Bruno loves his toys but nothing will come close to his love for chasing and chewing feet. Brunos loves climbing his tower, watching the birds and of course he loves his cuddles and tummy tickles!
Alaia is a husky mix
Durk Ross
Not only is our adorable puppy Durk a poo a ladies guy, but he is also the cutest infant puppy you have ever seen. He can dance like Michael Jackson, so there's no denying his attractiveness. However, Durk is definitely unique among dogs.
Tommy is the cutest, most loveable, friendliest, and soft cat in the world! He has short legs and sometimes misses his mark when he jumps from one spot to the other but this makes him more adorable! He comes into any room and outstretches his long body and his front leg uplifting his paw to say hello! He's so dang cute.
Destiny, was rescued as a puppy from abusive people. She is s5ill learning to overcome some issues but she is now in a loving home. She is very protective, playful, and very smart. She is in the class of a working dog. She has a beautiful stance.
I am a very energetic boy. I have an outgoing personality. I like to bark at the stove when the humans build a fire. Im one lovable fella!
Zoe is a rescue momma that was in a very poor condition. She loves the outside and also loves snuggles. She’s had 5 litters before being saved and now living a kitten free life with me and my family.
Bella Boo
Bella boo is so loyal she helped me heal when i had my aneurysm. She slept on my toes everynight till i was healed. I owe her my life
He loved food! and more food!!!
harry potter shut up scene tiktok
What's your cat’s favorite toy and/or go-to treat? Luna’s favorite game is playing fetch with her pink rattling mouse but she’ll do anything or high five for green beans or turkey. What is your favorite thing about your cat? My favorite thing about Luna her playful energy and friendly personality. She’s always up for an adventure to hike new trails and meet new pups. But at the end of the day the thing I love the most is her ability to lay down and snuggle up with her big sister Marley (a beautiful Maine coon rescue) and her mama. Why should you vote for Luna? Luna should be this year’s Favorite pet because like her mama Luna loves all other animals as well and hopes that one day they will be as blessed to find their forever home as her and her sister Marley have been. Luna and her mom Katie would love to continue to give back to other rescue organizations to help care for those kitties and puppies who are still praying to find their purrfect homes. Feel free to follow Luna’s adventures in instagram @wanderlust_gypsycats
Maya loves to play fetch. As soon as Maya goes outside, she goes after her red ball.
Teddy is the bestest big brother and son!
Ruger is a 6 month old Geramn rottie. He currently is a SDit. He loves to go places and when hes not working he is a fun loving crazy dog. He is very smart.
Georgie loves her person! Doesnt want to leave his side!
Camden The Toilet
Please dont make fun of camden he was born in a toilet after fanum taxed him in ohio. camden likes me because hes very cute and i give him treats like poo. camden has to take a covid vaccine every second because he is ill and will die soon. i hate camden
“Mr. Toes” has 26 TOES! (7 toes on each of his front paws and 6 toes on each of his back paws!) 🐾🐾🐾🐾 He is such a silly boy and likes to sleep in odd positions. I found him in a dumpster when he was a kitten 8 years ago.
Mr. Pickles
Mr. Pickles was saved from the animal shelter and enjoys going to Lowe’s Hardware so he can ride on the lumber carts.
Meet Miss playful Marcy!
Meet Princess Trixie!
Chollo is a therapy dog and visits assisted living centers often.
He’s a good dog that knows tricks
Meet Mr.Slippers!
Sketchy Cat
Meet Mr.Sketchy Cat!
Meet the most curious kitten!
Grumpy Cat
Meet Mr.Grumpy Cat!
Racer is a small cat with a Big personality!!
Hi everyone this is Willow she is 4 years and 5 months old and she is a tabby and quite the tomboy, she's the outgoing one, she is very playful and vocal she trills alot, she loves to be fussed at anytime and is a daddy's girl, Willow loves eating meat meals the opposite to her sister Luna who is a biccie girl and fussy about eating meat, she's also an indoor cat prefers home to outside. She lives with her black cat sister called Luna.
Bentley is a sweet and crazy boy, who loves his humans but maybe not as much as he loves tearing up anything stuffed with fluff!🧸 He is also quiet the "island surfer" in the kitchen trying to sneak any snack he can get!
Hi everyone this is Luna she is 4 years and 5 months old, she is quite the princess, but she is shy by nature, she like to be fussed but only on her terms, but she does love to be playful, Luna is more a biccie girl and fussy about eating meat, she's an indoor cat prefers home to outside. She lives with her tabby sister called Willow.
Willis is a true SURVIVOR! Only 6 months and having already gone through front fore limb amputation, parvo, intussusception surgery and e-coli bacterial infection. All this and he still shines!
Meet Pralines!
Rescued, our 140 lb Cane Corso is the sweetest and biggest ESA baby, always putting himself to work in a licensed Foster Home without even realizing it. Vinnie is very compassionate to everyone around him 💙
Roxy came to us as a dog off the streets. I believe she was abused due to her fear of men and boys in general. She loves to cuddle with her teenage sister and loves chicken.
He loves playing fetch especially with nerf bullets. Loves snuggles, car rides, and outside adventures.
Sofie is a senior dog 15 years this year. She still playful and always cuddling
Hamlet was a Recue dog. He was lost and had been hit by a car requiring surgery. We adopted him in Oct,2019. He is the best, loving, caring dog we've had. So blessed to have him. He also feels blessed to find a Loving Forever home.
Daisy loves to play & runs zoomies in the yard. She’s a very vocal little girl.
Prince Lil Wayne Burt
Lil Wayne is a sweet Siamese boy very quite and loving. Very smart and loves playtime.we love our LilWayne
Duke is a lake swimming, trail hiking buddy who loves to be with his family. He loves sunny days at the lake with his humans the most!
Pumpkin is my husband's baby. She's a mini miracle because she changed his entire opinion on cats! He was diagnosed with Non-Hodgkin's lymphoma last year and during treatment she never left his side. She is a fun-filled joyous crazy cardboard loving high energy clown. We are so thankful for her in our life.
Teddy Bear
Teddy Bear is six years old. He is one of five puppies I rescued at 4 weeks old. Teddy was born with a grouth disorder and had to have both his ACL repaired as well as both his hips by the age of two and half. He overcame the odds and proved the Doctors wrong and is walking,running and especially jumping like up at the TV when his favorite shows come on and anything to do with playing ball he goes crazy. Teddy's favorite past time is play ball as he's literally got hundreds of balls and you'll never see him without one. Teddy Bear is just a great big happy boy who loves everyone and everyone loves him. Teddy Bear is the perfect combination of love,loyalty, very protective, great personality and truly an incredible example of what Rottweilers really are like. Teddy Bear isn't just my dog he's my big protector, my child and he's truly my hero.