Dog cat Stories - 26


Just got my baby Milo 2 weeks ago :) He loves to cuddle! He’s so precious ♡
Baileigh is a happy , full of energy gsp! She loves to play outside, explore the woods and go swimming! Vote for this beautiful face.
You gave up on me your senior dog. You dump me while I mostly struggled to walk and stand due to untreated arthritis, with decayed & brown teeth, dry, crusty skin, ear infections. You didn't cry when you walked away from me because I required too much attention and need, but you’re not here to see what’s happening now. Your heart didn't break into a trillion pieces watching me try to understand what happened. I gave you my loyalty and unconditional love all those years. I ended up being a number 85087 You didn’t see what she saw after you walked away from me - crying and howling from pain and shock, walking around constantly even though it hurt, unsure of my surroundings. Well ex-human my number change to a name "Cooper" I was hours away from being euthanized. After seeing a picture and my condition she couldn't turn a blind eye as you did. She comforted me, gave me treats and toys, petted me, stroked the little hair I had, sat with me, kissed me, told me everything will be alright (the things you should have done for me) - I don't still wonder where you went just what I did wrong? (Getting old)? I recovered. I'm not perfect, but my rescue mom loves me even though I require daily medication and special food. I rest comfy at night in her rescue home. My rescue mom is very committed to me as she is the other senior's here. You left me behind!
Diva came to us, rescued from backyard breeding case. She was severely anemic and required transfusions for her recover process. Diva's recover is an uncertain one. She requires daily medication. Her condition is chronic with having a collapsing trachea she experiences intermittent bouts of coughing that tends to get worse with exercise, excitement, stress. Dive has hearing loss and is blind. She'll live her days with us at the rescue. Vote for Diva!
Bandit is a playful and happy baby boy. He is more like a kid then a dog. He loves to go any where we go, he loves car rides. He loves playing with his toys and chasing the kids around. He’s very special and loving.
The sweetest goofball you’ll ever meet! My constant companion and lover of belly rubs and hugs.
Sir Irwin Rommel is the Resort Mascot, maker of friends and bringing all unknown friends to be friends. He is always bringing his Bow Tie to any and all affairs. Rommels motto is dress for any occasion.
Her full name is Henlee the Hurricane! She absolutely loves to fetch and is so fast. When she is hapoyvto see your home she twirls so fast! And as you can see she loves playing dress up with mommy!
Always the gentleman, he loves his hoomans and speaks all wookie dialects. He is a huge flirt and loves his monster/mutant hats!
Simba is not a regular cat. He’s a fancy, clean, loving, needy but at the same time loves he’s space. Loves to sleep and cries when we leave the house.
Rome is a Jack Russel Terrier. He loves people, other dogs, and to chase birds. He’s a very loyal friend, and loves to comfort the elderly who are suffering from an illness.
Mavis is our Black & Tan baby girl!!
Because he never meets a stranger and has a huge heart. He is my hero.
Echo is a sweet loving curious four month old kitty who likes to explore & play with her big sister Elsa. She loves snuggling and getting treats. She is ‘the princess’ and is well aware of how spoiled she is!
He's ridiculously smart and he's a lover! Over 100 lbs and he is only comfortable when sitting on your lap!
Dotty absolutely loves long walks,drinking out of the Bath tap,Barking at everyone and everything that goes past! Watching GOGGLEBOX And not forgetting every advert containing Animal's of any kind she absolutely goes bezerk at the TV near enough going straight through screen
I had my furry baby spoink for more than 11 years he’s a sweet loving cat that loves to sleep,sleep,sleep & eat
Burt Reynolds
Burt Reynolds is a rescue and is the sweetest cat I've ever met. He loves belly scratches and laying on his parents 💕 Sometimes he has a lazy eye and it's seriously too cute.
Baby Criminal
Baby Criminal (BC) for short, was named for her love of stealing shiny objects around the house and hiding them in her bed! Especially my wife's expensive makeup!
Mamma is a mom of 4 kittens, 3 boys and 1 girl. She enjoys being inside and outside. She’s very nice, and enjoys meeting new people!
This pup is a nut job, Luna aka Lunatic. Loves everyone
The sweetest dog I know and absolutely obsessed with cheese.
Milo loves to eat and play alligator toys!! Farting is one of my hobbies! ❤️
Luna is 8 weeks old. When she was born her and her siblings were taped in a box and thrown on the streets. She was adopted Saturday and living her best life! Luna loves her belly rubbed and to get treats!🌙
Harley Quinn
She is a year old rat terrier Her hobby’s include barking at anything in site, getting the cops called on mom and dad, stealing guests shoes, jumping on grandmas head, hiding her toys and perching on dads shoulder like a parrot 🦜 her favorite snack is raspberry zingers and steaks she steals out of her sisters hand while she’s eating it. Loves playing with little kids and other dogs ♥️
Little Cas was the runt of his litter, but with a little love and care, he is a brand new, handsome kitty now. ❤️
Hi! This is Jackson. He isa 5 year old dachshund mix, but definitely more dachshund lol! In the past few months, he had to have two surgeries for IVDD. He’s still not walking, but getting stronger everyday! If you vote for him, I’d like to say thank you in advance! He’s the strongest pup I know :)
Dozer Lee is a very playful and adventurous pup. He loves his toys and traveling!
Our wild man binx, loves his humans and spends his days exploring the field behind our house.
Freyja loves to play with her siblings (inside only, hates outside) and bribing us with cuddles for our food.
Missy is our little winter princess, loves rolling around in the snow, chasing butterflies and living in her own little world!
Toby Keith
Toby is a mixed Great Pyrenees and bird dog pup. He is full of energy and loves to play. He recently found his bark. He scares himself when he hears it.
Damon is a domestic Short haired kitten, he is very playful, but shy with new people!
Romeo had attitude 🤗
He’s full of energy, loves attention and gives lots of love ♥️
Xena Calliope
Xena is a sweet little kitty and super adventurous. She jumps super high when we play with her. We rescued her at 6 weeks and now she’s almost 1 1/2 years old!
Turnip has Pituitary dwarfism and will have some health issues for her entire life. We will do anything and everything we can to keep her going and give her as much love as possible!
Dc Fatty
He has been the best thing in my life i have been clean and i owe it to God for sending me DC I LEARNED HOW TO LOVE AGAIN AND HOW TO ACCEPT BEING LOVED HE IS MY WHOLE WORLD
She is such a cuddler. She loves kids and knows to be gentle with them. She loves squeaky toys and fetch. She's still a puppy so she sleeps a lot. She can sense when you're upset and lays next to you for comfort. She is a diva, she has to lay on pillows and loves blankets. Food is her life.
He loves it when i have to go to the basement to do laundry because he likes the wide open space so he can chase his tail! Its so cute because he will spin till he gets dizzy then he stubles all over the place.
Rhino is the most sweet and loving big boy. He loves people, kids, and other animals as well. I don’t really think there is nothing that he doesn’t like. Rhino forgets how big he is and thinks he’s still a lap dog but we love every minute of it.
Pubby loves to greet people when they come over to visit. And she loves to be loved.
Duchess like her name walks like she the lady of the house calm and collective and will only get active when she sees fit always meows if she can’t find my partner
Mia Morales
Mia loves ❤️ to play with her toys!!!
Zoey is a fiesty little girl who loves her tennis ball and is one stubborn cookie but she is sure to cute for me to ever be mad at her haha, she likes to tell everyone who’s boss
Hi my name is Rosie I'm only a baby at 10 weeks old i love to play pounce and chase things I'm very clumsy and funny also I'm very loving and love cuddles 😁
Mr. Squeak
Mr. Squeak ,or Mr. P. (Pip) Squeak, adopted ME, not the other way around. He is the very essence of "Curiosity Killed the Cat" and "Scaredy-Cat" all in 1. He is our No. 1 neighborhood watch officer, and has a super tight schedule he keeps once he's "Clocked In" for work. While he rarely meows, he has lots to CHIRP about every day AND also enjoys NESTING much like a bird. Plastic bags are his favorite !!