Bubba was left by his momma at 3 weeks old. I became his mom and even had to bottle feed him. He loves to play and sleep on his human family.
Dee is the newest cat to a house of five cats. She’s having a little trouble fitting in and usually stays in one room. But she’s a sweetheart and just wants love and attention
Oliver is 3 months old and loves absolutely everyone.. he also loves to just lay on the couch purring and chilling :)
Benny is one of five cats. He loves all his brothers and sisters and is the chillest cat around. Benny loves to be outside and eat grass.
Blair is very affectionate, she will literally go belly up for anyone (which is why she doesn’t go outside). She has seizures but that doesn’t stop her from living her best, goofy life.
Albie is a dog that love adventure and love everyone that he meets great with kids and love to play
Stiles is a loving comedian and sweet companion.
Remi is almost 4months and loves to prance around when she knows it’s time to eat or when mom and dad give her an ice cube. She knows how to sit, lay down and give paw. She is a big fluff ball with a huge personality
Lacey is a 5 year old, very social, rescue kitty. We know she struggled in her early months, but she has never let the challenges hold her back. She thinks she runs the house, and she has no problem letting you know how she feels! Her favorite things to do are to bury under the blankets with you in the early morning, or sitting on the very top of her cat tower and guard her toy mouse. She is a very nosey little girl, and not afraid of anything! (Even the vacuum!) She also loves to sit in the bath tub with just enough water to clean her paws. You’ll never find another kitty as unique as this one!
Bella Bellz Porter
Bella is the sweetest, funniest, cleverest, most intelligent little being I've had the pleasure of knowing. Her favorite thing to do is make me laugh! She loves being active as much as she love cuddles. Very friendly and meet everyone with a smile and wagging tale. She's perfect! 😁 No - really perfect! A perfect furball with a funny personality who thinks she a tiger sometimes! The Best!
Simba has just turned 1 year old her sister is Smokey, her mother is mittens and auntie is Buttons all of which are included in the app and all live under one roof a full family unit. Her and Smokey I raised from tiny and hand reared as mum couldn’t produce milk so has grown up to be very gentle and loving but also a mischief maker at any given chance. She loves a sock to run off with and if you leave a bag lying around or box she is there to play 😂
Daisy was brought home at 5 weeks old. She is a tiny little thing that loves to play and loves cuddles.
Smokey has just turned one her mum is mittens also on the app her sister is Simba also included and buttons her auntie also included. A good family unit under one roof she is friendly fiercely independent but loves a snuggle.
Mittens is three year old long haired cat with her sister Buttons and her two babies Smokey and Simba. A full family unit she is energetic and very outgoing loves her food and a good snuggle x
Rubble is a two year old pure breed English Bulldog who is an outgoing energetic dog who is people friendly and other animal friendly. He loves his food more than anything but has on occasion extremely bad wind issues 😂
Ares is playful and lovable. We just adopted a 5 week old kitten that he decided was his baby. Ares is only a year old but he took to being a mother hen on the first day she came home.
Bob loves to be in your personal space, always find him laying on your belly, smooshing your face. He likes chasing his brother around as well
Mustard is a 10 week old male orange cat, he loves to play and get belly rubs. All mustard does is purr and want to be loved!
Baby is affectionate and loving always by my side .
Max was adopted when he was 6 weeks old from the shelter. He constantly loves to snuggle and purr. He like chasing balls and playing with his toys.
Bellah, is a really beautiful playful doggy.Bellah, is loved and cared by us all, we really adore her.Bellah, loves company, she likes her walks and a drive in the car.We take her to different parks, and placed.Bellah loves her doggy treats.Bellah is gorgeous, very much cuddled at times. Bellah is, so wonderful, a good pet.
He was such a cuddly, talkative cat, meowing when we spoke to him, head butts during cuddles, purring at every stroke. He really was the best kitty. He’s been missing since March 2022, I’m hoping he comes home soon, I miss him dearly❤️
Ace is only a baby, born on July 5th 2022. He is very rambunctious, and loves to snuggle.
Kirah Rhiann
I've heard people call her a "gremlin". I've heard people say she looked "mean" or "evil". But in truth, I've never met nor had such a sweet, loveable cat. Her mother died two days after birth, and I've been caring for her ever since. She definitely has her own personality and tends to be rotten at times. But you'll never meet a sweeter feline. To me, she is absolutely beautiful. Once you see her give someone she loves hugs and kisses on the nose, then you'll immediately understand why.
Caleb is the happiest dog. He is always smiling. He is also the friendliest dog. He loves meeting new dogs and people. 🥰
I love cuddles and warm blankets I love eating bacon and biting my mom
Lucy loves to watch dog movies on TV and barks at the dogs in the movie from begining to the end she also likes to look out the window climb up on her stair steps and bark at the other dogs in the street she is smarter then lassie
cheeky little boy, who’s loves causing mischief, i love my hoomans , i love my raw treats (even if they do stink the house out) also love my cuddles
Zero loves going on car rides to petsmart! He has friends there small, big, human and not! We give our small friends space for their comfort. He loves cozy stuff, sweaters, food, other animals and people! He is a happy 6.5mo who wants to give love to everyone he meets. He also loves picking out toys, treats and likes to watch the fish! He is friends with the turtle and loves seeing her. I hope you all enjoy him!❤️
Shawnee Wolf
Shawnee is a one year old, feisty, curious, smart, playful, adorable, shih tzu that think she's my human toddler. She's my assistant gardener and she loves helping me unroll my yarn, (faster than I can crochet), because she thinks she needs to be a part of everything I do! The funniest thing though, is watching her wake up when my husband's sleep apnea machine starts making weird noises on his face....she jumps awake, climbs on my face, anywhere by me, just to get to safety. You would think that he's the creature from the black lagoon!
Leo is a precious boy who enjoys watching movies and listening to music with his momma. He likes to cuddle and enjoys his food and loves his treaters. Vote for Leo/lee
Shy and loving
He was a rescue from a neighbor he was only eating from a little tiny saucer of food and water he is maybe 3or5 years old not sure
Georgie Boy
Georgie Boy loves hunting animals, eating 4 times a day and lounging around in comfort...
Miss Lily
Miss Lily loves dressing up and strutting her stuff...!!! She has the most beautiful color hair for a Yorkie and she is sweet and sassy at 8 pounds....
She's 6 years old she's a full Pomeranian. She loves to sleep on the bed. She looks like a real bear. Loves to go on walks. She's a daddy's girl loves her daddy. Very protective of him. Drinks and eats my dogs food and water. Eats cat food. Sometimes she'll sleep and lay on her back, also loves car rides
Eddie, loves to sleep under my bed, loves walks, looks like a skunk, he's a pain in the butt, he's actually a Pomeranian Mix maybe 8 or 9 years old, loves car rides, loves belly rubs
Harmony is a very sweet and loving girl. She knows when her pawma needs her loving. She is also a little bit crazy. Harmony loves to play with her toys and sometimes drive her pawrents crazy. Harmony has two fur brothers named Malachi and Isaac that are rabbits. She is not sure yet what she thinks of them though. Harmony came to her pawrents as a stray at a birthday party for a friends son and of course as animal lovers they could not let her go without a good loving home.
Callie is the sweetest cat always wants attention, when she gets crazy running around her tail would get poofy, loves to sleep on my lap when I'm in bed, loves for scratch on her scratching post, loves to sleep in my closet
He's a pain in the butt. He loves sleeping in my dogs crate. He'll plomp himself where ever he wants by the bathroom, in the kitchen, on the top of the recliner or on the chair, on the ottamen, he'll eat dog food if I don't have cat food
Faline was a stray. The local kids would throw her against, they found it funny that she would stick, that is hang on with her claws. We adopted her and dispite her rough start to life, she was a very playful and loving kitten. I would have to start early getting my sons shoes on for school as she would play with his laces and undo the bows. My youngest son was and still is her favorite human 💞
Lola is a Romanian rescue, brightening our days for 18 months
Aspen loves exploring and agility! When she's not annoying her parents or older brother Arlo, she's blowing bubbles and playing in water! She loves naps and you can see her wiggle-butt from a mile away when you greet her!
Lulu Sookun
Lulu is the most loyal cat you could ever have. She is loving and playful and loves being chased. She’s my first love.
Pumpkin is Pickle's younger brother. Same litter but he is the youngest. They run around like mad things and playfight for most of the day, but quite often they snuggle for a recharge of their batteries. They are just over 4 months old 😊
Marley is a fun loving Bull-Boxer. He loves going for rides and chasing his pool noodle.
His personality is so halarious he loves to play in the water running runs to bath room just to watch toilet flush, has to be in the middle of What ever your doing very snoopy loves to be into ecerthing including your close when your still have them on, this little dude is one FUNNY little dude whst a sweeety and monster all at once😂😂😂😂😂😂 this little cutie is comical😃😃😃💯👍🥰🥰🥰🐱❤❤❤❤👍
This is Kia and she loves running up the wall 😂! She loves cuddles and sleeping on my head.