Goldie is always super curious everything. He’s a big cuddler.he still runs around and plays like he’s a kitten and when he’s not playing he’s napping up in the cat tree.
She loves Nerflix movies, blue wilderness food, and strawberry ice cream!
Ronnie loves random sticks on his walk and FOOD👅
Douglas Fur
Douglas Fur is an almost 5 month old golden retriever puppy who already has the cutest droopy face 💕
Willow loves to play with all dogs, she sometimes thinks she is a bear the way she plays
Rico And Sasha
Sasha (left) I'd full of energy, she indulges us in her wall running skills and loves to snuggle up on your shoulder. Rico (right) is a typical dorky orange cat, the way he acts is completely random, he's either very calm or will lay on the couch upside down trying to attack his sister. He hates being held but LOVES attention. I've never had more vocal cats in my life but I'm thankful for these energetic little purr purrs!
Angel is our little bundle of nose nibbles, lip sucking, cheeky ball of fur. She’s only a baby still and she’s as bold as they come, loves her cuddly toys and her pink pillow or cosy blankie and won’t sleep without it. Angel is our pampered puddytat. Cutest little princess and she knows it.
Hi I’m Maverick I’m 2 months old and I love to be outside! I also love my squeaky toys and hiding things in my bed! Maverick is a little cheeky chappy
Simba is an incredibly loving cat, who will do anything to get your attention. He loves his older sister, Nina, who is an 80lb Labrador mix. They love to play together, with Simba being the aggressor most of the time, even though he is severely under-sized. He will paw at Nina, and provoke her, and then run the second that Nina turns to retaliate. It's hysterical to watch.
Athena was abandoned by her mom at birth. We took her in and bottle fed her ❤️ she is now almost 3 years old and our big baby..
Jacie is 14 years old in human years. She is very talented. She is definitely man's best friend and a great service animal. She has been with the owner literally her whole life and half of his life. She helps her owner with medical disabilities....
Our little monkey moo Maia the spoiled chihuahua/multis. Wait did someone say snackin bacon from Dunkin? Wooof my favorite.
I am a 9 month old cocker spaniel, I love the beach and posing for the camera 📸
Mikey loves cuddling, watching Ncis, and dancing, his favorite thing to do is sleep and talk to his owner!!
Peso is a spunky, adorable, rare, sweetheart. I call him my “therapeutic kitty” because I got him during Covid. This 3 year old is so smart. I’ve trained him to know commands such as “cookie” and “outside”. He actually plays fetch, is extremely well behaved and social. He likes to go on the balcony (no matter the season). He chirps, lays on his back a lot, and cuddles next to people if he senses they are upset. I’ve never met a cat with a kinder heart than him.
Hi! My name is SweetPea and I'm a 2 month old Chihuahua and Terrier mix. I love to cuddle and be around people. When I'm not cuddling I love to play, especially with my big sister (another dog).
Lottie is a Cavapoo. Lottie doesn’t believe she is a dog, she thinks she is human. Lottie loves cuddles, kisses, her mum and most of all…roast dinners😋 She is the bestest fur friend you could ever ask for!
This is Trevor he is friendly and likes to eat twigs sometimes he smells nice and potty trained
What into the room and bear had the toilet paper in his mouth and a look in his eyes tells it all he knows he was caught
He is lazy here and there but when he does start to play him and his brother Goldie wrestle and will Chase each other all throughout the living room. he likes to cuddle here and there but it’s takes awhile for him to warm up to you. He hates being held.
Salem is very loveable, he absolutely loves being picked up and showered with affection but he will always adore food the most
lulu was a rescue cat . we gave her a new life and home. she an indoor cat and loves her family . she always greets you at the front door everyday with a meow. she is the best cat we could wish for.
Zola loves cuddles, treats and going outside!
Poison Ivy Rose
She knows "sit" in sign language
She was born in my lap, so she’s very attached to me. She loves playing with her toys and loves to play fetch…. Non-stop. She is very opinionated, especially if I don’t clean her litter box the exact way she prefers it to be done. If it’s not a piece of chicken, then to her it’s not a treat, and she will kindly dispose of it in her litter box. She refuses to go to bed if she doesn’t have her fuzzy blanket. But her favorite thing in the world is sitting on moms shoulders while I’m watching a show, or doing paperwork. Or going on a car ride to her aunts house. I’ve tried giving her different names, but Booger is the only one she’ll answer to, so that’s the one that stuck!
Giz is a very vocal cat who loves to eat 😂 Aside from that, he is very loving and gives plenty of kisses
This is Sammy, he’s soft, fluffy & loves lovins!!!
Bonnie is a beautiful Toy Poochon She is our bundle of fluff who loves cuddles
Roscoe is 5 years old. He loves chewing and chomping on everything including his big fur boxer sister, Bella! His nickname is bug because of his insatiable appetite for bugs.
Ranger is our newest addition to our pack. He is full of spunk and is super sweet! He loves chewing on his rope toy and my toes!
Nala is the princess of our family! She is playful and fun! she loves to cuddle but if you don’t pay enough attention to her, she will find a way to get it! 😂 she has our hearts for sure!🥰
Marceline is a very sassy cat who loves to play with her seahorse toy and chin scratches❤️ she will also judge you quietly in the corner 🌸
As you can see nova is her own character. She’s also half human haha! She loves food and try’s to mother ANY size dog which can be funny! She’s loving and loves anyone! But can also have her defensive side!
Heather Ostic
Heather lives to play, with tug-a-war as her favorite game. She also enjoys cuddling and sleeping under the blankets.
Raven loves chasing me and spilling his water and trying to swim in his water bowl he is looking to date
Angel Loves ripping curtains down and loves being a scary cat but she also loves looking pretty and chasing me
This is my very own house tiger! Even tho he is half human! He loves sun bathing and cups of tea and often answers back haha! and loves any kids! He’s trained and well mannered!
Skye’s just a love bug that never leaves my side and always has her tail wagging
He loves to play catch he loves to run and gives us his cute little puppy eyes
This girl is my best friend, she is silly,smart,fun,and powerful. She loves her momma the most, and loves cuddle time! She is the biggest lap dog I ever met❤️
Hazel Ostic
Hazel was an animal shelter dog. She is a middle aged shy dog with messed up teeth. We play games daily to get her to take her medication. She also loves people, lives to run and play with her sister.
Woffy is an old boy, he has balancing problems and digestion problems, but he is so loving and loves a cuddle in bed. We would love to treat him to some really good nutritious food.
Kloud is a beautiful chocolate tri Merle puppy who is amazing with both people and children. Her training is impeccable and she never fails to impress!
Lil Bit
Lil bit, or Chunks as i call her, was my mother's baby. My mother swore she hated cats until she met this sweet girl. Her words, not mine. Bits is definitely bipolar. She'll cuddle for about 15 seconds and then she hates the world again.