Dog cat Stories - 27


I’m a brand new 2 lb. fur baby and I’m already training my parents. I love to cuddle especially when they warm up my towel in the microwave.
Chilly Palmer
Chilly Palmer was named after John Travoltas character in get shorty because that’s exactly who he is. He’s that dog that makes friends everywhere and even turns non dog people into his biggest fans. He’s extremely sweet, loyal, loving and funny and deserves this.
I rescued my mommy and have been her therapy cat for five years. I used to live on the street but mommy said I’m the best cat in the whole world!!
Moose Willis
Would ya just look at him!
Oscar Jones
My Oscar is 16 years old and still fighting. He’s been through so much and still fighting with a couple more health issues. He recently made it through a risky surgery to help him breathe because it was a option of doing surgery and taking that risk or putting him down, so we decided to give him that chance and so far, he’s doing great. He also has cushings disease, a tumor on spleen and possible prostate cancer, so we are spoiling him rotten with what time we have with him.
Hi! My name is Echo, and I’m a very energetic pitty. My favorite thing to do is go to work with my Mom. She works at a Doggy Daycare so I’m able to make a ton of friends! I also have 3 brothers, but they all know I’m in charge of the house!
Whiskey is 18 years old in March and a right character. As you can see from his photo he has to be involved and “helping!” In this photo he made a cat shaped space so that he could take part in Lego building. He likes nothing more than a good warm lap to sit on, and he loves being around people. Whiskey likes to play still, and I found him outside recently playing Swingball using his paws as bats!
Besides being cute and Loyal,he's very playful and great with the kids.he love's meeting new people.Hates bath time so far,But love's Chicken
Boo loves to play and bounce around. She loves a cuddle and loves to play fetch
Oldee likes to sit and wear wigs on her head. She does not get around much.
I rescued this sweet Angel 3 weeks ago after the death of her owner. I found her online and fell in love with her instantly! She’s kind, loving, obedient, and deserving of so much Love! I can totally relate with her, we’re both grey haired and overweight! Together we will get into shape!
Ash is our baby boy and he is super sweet! He loves to be cuddled and is always up to play fetch with his tiny foam ball.
Abby is our feisty little girl. She loves to be super independent and only wants love when she wants it but she is the sweetest baby girl!
Cowboy likes to wear bucket hats and sleep with his stuffed animals. He loves everyone, and loves to cuddle! His favorite thing to do is play tug of war with his sister Lulu. You can always find Cowboy snuggled up waiting to cuddle!
Sir is a huge boy he makes 1 next month and already over 80 , Loves treats and new toys , best at snuggling , very active love to run and play , and I’m a good boy very obedient that’s what gets me all the treats!
Devin loves to wake her mama up every morning to get her favorite treat!!
She is an amazing cat! She loves to play fotbal and run in the house. And of couse when we eat something she wants too :)
Aries is a fun loving and free spirited pup. He absolutely loves playing with his cat brothers and snuggling with his favorite moose toy to sleep. Aries is also an extremely amazing support dog and always knows how to calm me down. He’s playful, loves playing outside (and all this snow we’re getting is his favorite)!
Bud Tyrone
This is bud && Tyrone ! They are the most loving dogs && my most bestest friends ! Please vote 💖
Rosie is a Masweiler, meant to be a momma. She is so loving and nurturing to humans and dogs. Love being outside and sleeping is a all time favorite 🤣
Honey is a sweet puppy she loves to play, and loves to sleep. She loves kids and is very excited to meet new people, she loves to run/ hop getting toys or chasing. She also loves taking socks she loves to lick 👅 in the mornings
Beau is the SWEETEST rescue a person could ever have. Although shy at first, once warmed up he is nothing but loves and licks. He is most happy when his sister Butter is nearby to take the attention off him, and when they are at home cuddling on the couch with their mom and dad. He also never fails to let you know when a person or dog is walking by the house.
Butter is a wild little girl who loves to play with her brother, Beau and seek all the attention from anyone who will give it to her. When she’s not being paid attention to, she climbs in her window spot and keeps a lookout, but mostly falls asleep on the job.
I am very nervous and it was hard for me to be happy. But now I'm in a comfortable place so I'm is so happy. It would mean so much if you vote for me.💕
Loki is an adorably cute Chiweenie. She is training to be a service dog which makes her super smart and intuitive. Loki came to us right when we needed her most and I would do anything for my little girl. Who rescued who, indeed!
Rex is the most craziest dog I think I’ve ever come across! He hates veg, hides it around the house so I can’t find it! When we’re on are walks he like to chase the cars (thinks he’s faster then all). Rex loves to have cuddles and give everyone lost of kisses!
Pepé is a loving puppy dog who loves going outside and sleeping. Peep the family photo; Hopewell, Emma & Pepé.
Lilly’s a big dog in a little dogs body. She loves to chase leaves, run in circles, and practice her new barking skills. At night she turns into a big cuddle bug and rests her head on my shoulder while we sleep.
This is Tofu, he is blind.. I found him in Ibiza on the street when he was a couple of weeks old and brought him back to London with me. He loves cuddles and treats ❤️
Koopa is a delightful cross jack chi. Lives hisxwalkies and playing ball often getting a little over excited. He’s loyal and a great addition to our family x
My name is Leo, and I am one of the goodest boys around! I love to play in the snow in the winter, or in the sand and grass in the summer. I am a very smart boy, and I know how to sit, lay down, roll over, shake, high-five, play dead, heel, and speak! I love to go on adventures with my humans, and take them on walks because they need a lot of exercise! I hope you like my picture!
King Henri, the slayer of mice. Born into the Colorado mountains as a partially wild barn cat, Henri's mom died shortly after having her four kittens. Among them, three gray females and one fiery orange male. With the help of the vet, Henri and his sisters received the love and care that they needed until they were old enough to go to their permanent homes. Henri made his way into the heart of the Vet Tech Assistant at the vet, and he made his way from her scrub pockets to her bed. Henri's favorite things are hunting in the summer, napping in the sun, playing with shoelaces, and lots and lots of treats!
Ki Ki
Ki ki was born in thw winter outside in our garage! We heard kitties crying went out and found the litter. We kept the area warmbwith food till they got older and ended up stuck with us! Shes super tiny and spunky! She also lovessss tv
I love humans, treats, and long walks on the beach
samson is a goofy golden retriever that loves to wear clothes, his lambchop, and the snow!!
Henlo friens my name is Pj im a 1 year old girl im a mix breed my birthday is Feb 9th 2020 I am very smart i loves cuddles, car rides, hiking camping, swimming and my favorite toys are my blue squeaky ball and my monkey. I steals the eyes and heart of everyone i meets. Even people who not dog people love me. They say i am welcome to their houses too im such a good girl i make everyone proud
Auburn is one of our Rescues! She is the SWEETEST girl! When we found her she was in terrible shape. She had sores all over her, she had ring worm, a uti, and other skin infections, she was 20 lbs under weight, she was let go with a leash and collar on. We tried to find her owners. Then we realized after weeks of trying to find her owner, clearly, she was better off with us!
Livy is a special girl! I rescued her from a freezing cold garage where the cages were stacked and they were being used as breeding machines. It was in the negatives for weather, there were windows knocked out of the garage, all of the pups were freezing! We have done everything to give this girl her best lift since saving her! She deserves EVERYTHING!
Hi! I’m Olly! I’m an energetic and playful boy who loves the indoors as well as the outdoors. I love playing outside so much, I’ve learned how to open sliding doors and doors which benefits me because I can go in and out of my house. Vote for me!
My lil Dixie girl is an angel! I was blessed with the opportunity to give this beauty a home. She is the happiest puppy and loves to give kisses. Her favorite things are sticks and her big brother (River). She has beautiful eyes: one green and one blue with a chocolate spotted coat. Give this lil girl a vote :)
J J is a shy laid back guy. He loves rubbing his nose on everything. Hes a little guy with a loud bark.
Ralph is sweet and playful. His favorite thing to do is chase shadows. Ralph can have a full on convo with me. He loves licking anything and everything.
Hi, I am Conor Mcgregar. I can kick, I can punch, I can't share anything. Because I like privacy. If Somebody tries to ruin my privacy, I will have to punch or kick. I like to sleep under the dinning and I hate Bright light.
Hi, This Is Isabella. I am Rio's Sister. We were born together. Only 2 same day. But Rio is the Healthiest and I am Kinda Skinny. But no worries . I don't have to diet. I am still good looking😎
Hi, This is Romio. I am fat , I know, But What can I do. Chicken and Fish tastes So Good. I like to Sleep on Couch and watch Tom&Jerry.
Hi, I am Rio. I am the Most Healthiest and Youngest Out of Everyone. I like to sleep With my family. I also like to taste their Food. I like to Run alot Like a Horse. Which makes me looking crazy cat, which I am Not.