Rockey is amazing loving dog
Hims the baby and hes the most handsome!
Salem is a spooki black kitteh, he loves playing with his brothers and sisters and following mom everwhere. 10/10 cat loafs. Loves chin scritches. Mom and Dads personal house gargoyle 🖤
Aspen is a 2 year old mini Aussie! She loves snuggles, treats, and chasing after the neighborhood squirrels :)
Finn loves to swim and go for long walks. He was adopted at 10weeks and has been the spoiled only child ever since. He’s super smart and loves puzzles.
Beau is a 5 year old Jack Russell Terrier Boxer mix (Jack in the box). She is a lover of naps, snacks, car rides, and cats. She is the biggest sweetheart of all time.
Luna is such a sweet girl! She loves treats, playing and sleeping! Luna is 5 years old.
Most loyal , obedient , gentle , and definately th smartest dog ive ever saw...
Shazam is great little dude....whether is taking on organized crime or Super villains...or making time with the ladies...he's always got your back!!!
Francie is a three year old kitten size cat that i adopted from my local shelter October of 2021. A mischievous furry tornado rescued from a hoarder house now living the high life as a single cat with her best friend, a 19 year old painted turtle. Hobbies include breaking dishes, shredding paper towels, and stealing pizza.
Athena is all about being cute!!! A sweet girly girl...who loves the pets and lounging in her pool...She loves her brother but love bacons more!!!
Very loving care. Loves food and sleeping
My pup loves cuddles he has a good nature and he is a character likes getting up to mischief and loves fuss from my 3 grandkids😁
Bella is a 4 month old Shihpoo. She is very playful and love going on walks. She loves to give lots of kisses and falling asleep on moms lap. She is a little bit of sunshine that will brighten up your day.
Bliss by name and nature… she truly thinks she’s human… and loves nothing more than pinching dummies from my grandchildren!
Dolly is a chatterbox loves to sit up Like a human
Beau loves to eat…. and eat! She loves the outdoors, living in a huge cat community! As much as she loves the outdoors she also does like being indoors with her owners and is very very affectionate!
He’s part pug part goblin. He loves to eat fluff and play with his two kitty brothers. He also is a world renowned kayak captain and camping expert. His favorite snack is fresh fruit and again, fluff.
Zeus loves belly rubs and is addicted to Dreamies biscuits
Gronk is just your average good boy. He loves making people smile, playing catch, and watching football. He likes playing with his two brothers Chewbacca and Brodie, and annoying his cat siblings Miller and Buffy.
Hi, My name is Bruno and I’m a 6 yr old Great Dane and I’m just the most loving couch potato you could ask for. I am the biggest and bestest boy in my city and would love for you to vote for me
Bear is a lovely, friendly playful wee girl! She is very nosey and loves exploring in cupboards, bags, washing machine… anything that looks like fun to hide in! She is our world😌
baby is four months old and is very spoiled and sleeps in the bed and also loves play outside and is very sweet and loyal..
Scout Little
My name is Scout Little and I am a Shar Pei/ Puggle mix from Rhode Island. I love my mommy and daddy, my brother Sam the cat and my Scootz the lizard. Most of the time I am a good girl. I enjoy puppy ice creams and long walks at city park.
Zylah is full of energy but loves a good nap, she loves showing off her tricks for some yummy treats, she loves giving kisses and licking her beards!
Junebug is a brave, social, energetic little guy. He roams our home happily with his older brother. Naps and meal time are his favorite along with climbing his cat tower late at night and scaring me by hiding in odd places.
Booker loves everyone that he comes in contact with. He loves to shake and roll over. He is obsessed with squeaky toys.
Very calm and sweet. He is independent and just a very peaceful kitty.
This is Journey girl. She is a baby rottie, and has the most sweetest personality ever! My 6 year old would like to see her puppy win so she can buy her some toys! ❤️
Loves to play fetch … he loves socks !!!! He loves water 💦
Duke is an American blue heeler. He is very sweet,loving, and very playful. He loves to go outside and sleep. He is also great with kids.
Mosa loves to talk, play, cuddle, and play with her basketball! She knows 10 fun tricks!
Gracie is a loving, cuddly shepard who loves treats, walks and play time.
A sweet sweet girl. Shy at first, but feisty when you get to know her❤️
Cooper is a certified treato connoisseur and loves to run like the wind! 🐾🤎
❤️Mocha is a super friendly guy and love to play with anyone, people or dogs 🐶 Mocha gives out kisses for every vote 😘
Rosie<3 is a small dog but has a big caring personality she love to chase squirrels she is 2 years old
Chewie loves to play outside, go on walks, play with his favorite ball and cuddle!
Diva Labelle
Hi, my name is Diva LaBelle, I'm not your average four-legged pupper. My favorite things to do are: fetch with tennis balls, run around with other puppers in the lake at the local park, and play with the neighborhood kids. My paw-parents shower me with whimzees and fish treats! I even love when my mom makes me icecicle treats from the gravey of my food. On a hot summer day it's paw-licious! Nap time is my favorite time of day, my paw-parents give the best cuddles and kisses. Dress up is my jam, I love to pose for pictures and make fun videos in my fresh new threads. Anyone can check that out on my insta @missdivalabelle!
This stinky little ham butt LOVES snuggies, he loves cuddling and being held like a BABY. I swear if this cat could be fused to my body he would sign up in a heart beat. Something’s he doesn’t like are pillows, being told to get off the counter and thunder. He goes by numerous different aliases such as: Mr.Baby, Wubby, Wub, Stinkerton, Ham Ass, and when he’s being bad, Alfredo Fettuccine.
She’s a needy girl. Loves to snuggle and yell at momma all day for attention.
She is a handicapped doggo. Even Bo legged girls need love. Her front legs Bo out. Back legs bo in. She is pure love and joy.
This sweet boy is getting surgery Today to fix his liver! He is 6 months old and such a mommas boy and the sweetest and most loving little love ever! Him and my 2 year old nephew are absolute best friends. He is my whole world! He is my emotional support dog and has helped me a lot through my chroic illnesses. He doe not leave my side when i dont feel good. He LOVES going to his grandmas house and playing with all the dogs she has. He loves playing with his toys espcially the ones that squeek. The dog park is his favorite place to go and he also loves going to petsmart. This little puppy has the best personality and is so spunky and silly and he is also really sicl and we are working on getting him healthy again. He was born with a genetic problem called a Liver Shunt and has to get it fixed or he will not live past this year! Hence the reason he is getting surgery tomorrow a VERY expensive surgery might I add! If any of you could it in your heart to donate towards his medical bills his fundraiser link is Like I said he is my baby and this momma is doing everything possible to save my sweet boys life! He really is the best pup! With the most amazing personality even though he can get sassy and talk back haha. He is such a talker! So far I have gotten him to say momma and love you. But if you donate or share my fundraiser with all your friends and family i would be forever grateful! It will be going on until noon Saturday.
She loves car rides and she loves playing with stuffed animals she loves cuddling
Bitsy is definitely a gentle giant, she loves her family. She loves to play and aggrevate her fur siblings, and she's great at slobbering 🤤
Grace Ann
Grace is so spoiled rotten she's my lil shadow she's very territorial and loves to play till she gets the zoomies lol she has 6 bro n sisters to.
Well where do I start?? … welcome to the most crazy bossy cutest little white boots around
Icesome is a rescued baby, she is very shy but she warms up to you fast. She enjoys laying underneath the sun and eating wet food 🌞