Dog cat Stories - 27


Aspen is a sweet little girl - approximately 2-3 years old so very much a puppy - she is super sweet and fun. Aspen was adopted through Harley's Dream - Berthoud Colorado
Lulu is a ball loving, yorkie-pom mix. What she lacks in size, she makes up for in sweetness.
Buddy Harvey
Buddy is a sweet boy who we rescued during Hurricane Harvey in 2017 because he was abandoned by my neighbors who left town and didn’t want him upon their return after the storm. He is so loving and well trained that I had him certified as an ESA. Buddy loves to make friends with EVERYONE but will also sit next to me on the couch like a person and watch HGTV, while I teach my online classes or grade papers. His favorite thing to do is smile, and talk to anyone who is in the same room with him. Bud also LOVES to eat ice cubes for days when he doesn’t have a ball, bone, or “baby” in his mouth. He thinks our family saved his life, and he shows us endless gratitude as a result. The truth is though, Buddy saves us, in some way, every day, and we are the grateful one’s. 🖤🖤🖤
Reeses is playful and always full of energy and loves to play ball
Bandit Sterling
Bandit is Dedicated. Determined, and has a drive like no other! He has no limits and excels at whatever his mission of the moment is! He is a superstar doglete and loves hugs. He will stand on his back two legs to make himself level with you when he really wants a hug. 🥰
Rocky is a 5 month old Golden Retriever. He loves everybody he meets! Loves the attention and is always getting compliments on how cute and calm he is! :)
Zahara is an adorable micro exotic bully who loves attention and giving many kisses with her stinky breath. She loves to cuddle and play with her bestfriend baby felix and she especially loves her pupcups from Aroma Joe’s ! 🐾
Halo Sterling
Protection. Precision. Perfection. Soon to be Momma!!! Halo is a serious little lady! With her soft spot being affection from her humans. She loves being loved, everything else she believes should be approached with speculation.
Adopted from CAPS Houston, this cute family addition loves cuddling and playing. He’s the perfect companion to our family and enjoys demonstrating his affection towards others.
Bentley Sterling
Bentley loves to exercise, he will run up and nuzzle bop your leg if you’re being too lazy! He also loves to steal blankets and pillows.
He like to have his snacks and lots of rubs and cuddles but it on his terms he can be sassy sometimes too
Colin is a 10 week old kitten. He loves rolled up bits of paper and biting our hands!
Hi my name is Tommy and I'm 1 year old. I love to stay with my mommy because she plays with me a lot and i like to eat everything and the treats are my favourite. I am the king of the house and love to go with mommy and daddy for long walks.
Lucy is an active girl. She loves to run, play in the water and chase a ball. She also loves to snuggle!
Lizzie is a very smart and playful dog who enjoys being around babies she carries around a toy jack that the shelter gave her when she was a puppy after being found in a hurricane.
Pickle is a curious little kitty that loves to explore, he also loves to find new hiding places to peek out from. However, his favourite activity is curling up under a blanket with his favourite humans and taking a long snuggly nap.
Dash loves to fetch the ball (unbelievable, I know ! 😍) He answers by the name Baby Dash or Dashy boy ❤️ He loves his treats and his toys 😍🥰🐱 He is the most loveable cat ever 🤗😍 and most of all I like to sleep with my blankets and my friend Peter Rabbit x
Goodest of all the good bois, loves his ball and my best friend. 10/10 would boop that snoot.
Sophie is a petite baby girl! she loves playing with our other cats and getting brushed ❤️a true princess right here
Well Hades is your typical greyhound puppy.. an absolute land shark 🦈 That being said, he's a wonderful companion and never fails to entertain you ☺ He's willing to please, especially if treats are involved! He loves to play fetch with his favourite toys and running with his big brother 🐾💙
Pickle is the sweetest little boy ever! Loves cuddles and falling asleep with his favourite humans! He has the softest belly perfect for smushing your face into!
Snowball is unlike any other cat she is so soft never scratches or bothers when you life her, my children can use her like a scarf of there necks, hold her like a baby, sit her in there knee for hours eve. Push her around in a dolls buggy wearing a build a bear dressing gown she’s so soft 😻
Hello world!! I’m Nipsey I am a 5 month old American bully I have a good heart not afraid of anything but bubbles lmao but a good guy at ❤️! I like playing with my toys,running in the park, watching tv and swimming with my owner. Pleasure to meet u come back and see me anytime 💙❤️💯
Ferguson not only has our Family name but has the “red/orange” hair/fur that is very common with “The Fergusons”. He loves attention. Being able to get the treats out of our pantry, off the shelf & opening them by chewing into the treat bag, keeps him very popular with the other kitties.
Nugget always makes eye contact with those huge green eyes. Nugget is a big boy with huge feet but 100% sweetheart. He loves to snuggle and gives us so much love in return. Nugget is a Black & White “Bob Tail” with the shape of a heart near his tummy!!
Pumpkin has “that kitten adorable face look”. She is soft, adorable, sweet but quite sassy!! Pumpkin knows just how adorable she is loves us telling her!! 🥰🥰
Kiwi lives with 4 other rescue dogs, she loves car rides and walkies. She sleeps on her brother and violently shakes blankets and soft toys until they die. She loves head and butt scratches. And she is my shadow.
Biff is a rescue cat who arrived at my home as fur and bones one wet winter evening. Now the most placid, appreciative whopping great big ginger, he most enjoys cuddles with my son and a log fire x
She loves to case and play with the big kids. She is fearless.
Savannah is. A very nice cat she jump like a deer she loves everyone that loves her.she like to meet people she came from the animal shelter last summer after my other cat pass away please vote for savannah and click on like she jump like a deer it is really cute
Haze was named Hazel at first. He is one of 2 feral babies I rescued. He has big beautiful green eyes, and is such a good boy
Hi I'm Artemis , I like to toss my ball around and play fetch like I'm a dog , I also like to cuddle with my mom
Mocha is my goofy boy.. think that he is a baby boy.. love fleece blanket
Myloo is goofy overload and the sweetest boy ever.
Leo loves to cuddle up to moms neck and sit around and eat cat food all day
Cali is going on 9years old. She is actually half American Strafford Terrier and half Chihuahua and weighs a good 50lbs. She was adopted from a high kill shelter in Texas as a puppy. She is very loyal and protective of her family and enjoys car rides and snuggles on the couch.
Aurora is Henrys sister and they are both inswperatable. She is his little protector. She doesnt suffer from any medical issues like her brother. She is a small 5 lb kitty who was brought into the shelter i was working at. They came in with the explanation of they were in a tree. We didnt have a foster so i brought them home and bottle fed till they were able to eat on their own. Life wouldnt be the same without them.
She loves the nice breeze outside but she also loves to cuddle on the couch
I found him in the middle of the road, hince the name Roadie, surrounded by crows pecking at him. He was only about 1 week old, eyes were still closed. I bottled fed him every 2-4 hrs. the first 3 wks. & was his mama for everything. Roadie will be 3 months old around Oct. 25th. He is spoiled rotten & I wouldn't have it any other way.
Everest is one of the kittens to the stray cat we took in. When he was 10 weeks old he has a rough patch. He wouldnt eat, drink or anything bc his best friend and brother had passed away from kidney failure. But we got him back on his feet and together pulled through the loss. Everest is my sons cat they've had a bond since the second the mama cat let us see her kittens. Hes almost a year and half now and loves playing with his toy mice and of course lickable treats.
Pinki the oldest of 3 siblings her Mama and Daddy Along to my friend Tim and Kim. When she was born Tim had found out he had Pancreatic Cancer he fought the good fight. Tim was there when Bella (Pinki’s Mom) went into labor he named her Pinki because she had bright pink paws. Due to my health I had to down size my dog Tim & Kim gave me Pinki, I had never had a small dog and Pinki is a small dog with a big dog attitude. I usually joke and say she was a German Shepherd until I washed her and she shrunk. Pinki is very selective of who she allows in her space. One things for sure if your one of those people she will love you up! She loves to camp and sun bathe mostly she is my shadow.
Oreo loves his home hot chip and to play and man don't let him see running water he a love for it but his favorite this is to be near my boyfriend I love him so much I made this for him
Diesel love to play with other dogs and people
Mojo is very smart when he need to go out mojo will use his Paw and slap us on the face to tell use he need to use the bathroom out side
Please place Our fur baby Max in your thoughts & prayers & send him healing energy his way thank you & God bless for our sweet Max was diagnosed with hypoparathyroidism a little over 6 months ago We made him a bucket list he's been to Lady of Lourdes , Perry dog Festival Eastlake Dog park numerous car rides & walks Tomorrow morning he's being blessed at Grace Episcopal Church Willoughby PET BLESSING I'd also like to take him to the lake & to Squire's castle am also asking Everyone if they would be so kind to take a few moments out of Thier day & Vote for Max in the Kingpet Dog Contest Thank You again They Allow 10 votes per day Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeezzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz Vote as Often as You Can & Pass the Word to Vote for Our Beloved Max Thank You xx💓🐶🙂yes am begging because He's WORTH IT !!! 💓🐶🙂 Please Vote for Max Please & Thank You am asking for your Votes because if he wins i would like to have a necklace of his ashes made for My Mom & Myself when the time comes 💔😢 xx🐶🐾💔😢