Nala is 6, but she will always be our baby! She loves cuddles and has a funny cheeky personality
Henry is a personable cat, he comes when we call his name and he loves to wait at the door with his doggy sister. He loves to play with empty boxes and enjoys food even more he’s always hungry ❤️😅
she loves her naps on the cat tree. Princess of her domain, Buttons is all sass and class.
Elvis is an adorable round faced Scottish Straight who loves to wear hats and cuddle~ Follow his Instagram for more pictures! @elvisthescottish
Nacho is a very spunky little boy! He loves playing with his toys, trying to trip his moms as we walk through the house or cuddling with his cat sister! He is a super sweet a loving boy but can be super ornery in the blink of an eye lol
Our Marsi girl loves snuggles, attacking homework, and story time with the kiddos. She’s the sweetest four legged family member 😻
Salem is a fiesty tortie. She loves to cuddle, play, and is full of energy.
Socks was found at 3 weeks old in the rain with her sister next to her with their deceased brother i took them in immediately socks is the moving loving and cuddly girl
Very playful! Loves to look outside! Knows how to open back screen door 🙄
Rain was found at 3 weeks old in the rain with her sister next to their deceased brother immediately knew both of them were special, she’s my silver rain baby
He get very mad when we leave give alone. Mittens is always on need of love. He love eating with family, sleep right next to us, love watching movies with us and of course an extra set of kisses, rubs and talks. My cat loves to drink water directly from the tap. He never drink water from his bowl.
Novas a daddy’s girl she loves to cuddle
Enzo Pixie Larry
Enzo (on left) is kind of a bully.😹 He thinks everything is his and gets jealous if others get his attention. Pixie (middle) is all girl and loves to be loved! Larry (right) is the sweetest goofball. He's always getting into something or hiding so we can't find him. They all 3 love each other and get along great though! 😻😻😻
Midnight is my second cat and the only male cat in my house, he’s the most loving fat black cat. He stands up on his 2 back legs and puts his hands in the air when he wants a hug❤️
Yes hes name is the moat original name ever, he likes sleeping and going outside, loves hes dinner and gets a tone of dreames treats xx
Waylon is a black lab and heeler mix at 3 months old
Luna is my first babygirl i found her on the street at a week old, after bottle feeding and showing this baby how to be a cat she is now 2 years old and living her best life! She likes to take walks and go on car rides and she’s the mama cat of the house now
Little Buddy
Little Buddy is a little rotten, he loves fuzzy blankets and dripping water. A true lover!
Sarge is a 5 year old GSD shelter rescue. His nickname is Gregory and he responds to that better than his actual name. He is very shy, loves to play with other puppies, and loves to get cuddles from his mom and dad!
My new rescue Boston Boxer from Georgia!! She’s shy from neglect but coming out of her shell. I’ve had her 5 months 💝
Draco is a sweet boy he meets all the kids at the door when they come home from school. He loves treats and will sit on command. He likes to play fetch, and he howls when the chickens crow. It’s really cute to see.
Demi is a sweet girl who comes when you make kissing sounds she loves to cuddle and eat treats.
He's love stuffs animals and his momma and he's extremely loving
Monty the dog. Loves parks and playing with other doggies. Filled with character - doesn’t want to eat his food, but will gladly eat yours.
This is Tula Tula is 11 years old She is a pedigree toy tea She stands 7in tall Her favourite toy is Sam
Gypsy is the sweetest girl! She LOVES attention and giving kisses! She just enjoys your presence and being included 🥰 she enjoys making silly faces and sleeping in the weirdest, most uncomfortable looking positions!
Shes a verry loveable kitty, loves her nip and her dangly toys she can chew on and slap around, loves the outdoors and is heckin adorable
Bella is a diva who loves cuddling with mama! She has the most beautiful eyes & loves to give massages. Vote for ME-ow!!
Hello my name is Oreo, I love nibbling on toes, and I absolutely love socks lol
If you’re looking for a very goofy clumsy cat Freya is the one look for. She was found outside in the snow till we caught her and have had her for about 4 years. When she’s not sitting and looking pretty she’s falling off of something or eating as much as she can fit in her mouth.
Cider the Borgi, thats a border collie x corgi Loves attention, playing ball and cuddling
Loving, funny and friendly kitten who Loves morning zoomies
Kumar likes short walks to his food bowl and hanging out by window staring at passing by birds
Charlie is a beautiful 1 year old ginger (orange tabby) who loves playing fetch, lives for people watching out the front window (he especially loves “talking” to the mail person) and is the best snuggler ever! He does tend to be a little rough with the head butts but it’s just because he loves us!
Smokey is a very loveable cat , he is a rescue cat I rescue him when he was 4 weeks old . He is 1 years old today . He loves to look out the window play with all of his toys and meeting new people and other animals . He is also blind in one eye but he gets around very well :)
Zera is a 2 year old Tonkinese I got from a litter my best friend’s cat had. She’s super loving and constantly up my bum wanting attention. She gets very jealous when I give the other cats love. She’s very picky when it comes to her treats, loves her fancy feast soft kitty food and is nuts about her catnip. She’s also my little trouble maker, always nosey and curious.
Kiki has always been a lover. She loves to sleep with daddy every night!
My brilliant puppy. So loving and loyal. Truly my best friend
Ripple likes to chew on wood and toes. He is a friendly cat who loves (and nibbles) everyone 😸
Panther loves his mouse toy. He leaves it by the door when we leave, on the bed when we sleep, and even in our shoes sometimes. He can’t live without it!
Mollie is a 13 year old beauty who gives more kisses than her hoomans 💋💋
Luna LOVES the dog park! She loves all people and dogs! She has never been mean to a dog she will soon Be a service dog!yay!
Halo loves to play and pose for pictures. He has a great personality. He has a sweet disposition and loves to cuddle almost as much as he loves his belly rubs
Scarlett is so full of life and very loving, she likes to take long naps and follow her family around like a little shadow.
Hello, I'm Koda! My mom gave me this name when she adopted me from a shelter in Krakow. I ended up there as a wild stray kitten along with my whole herd! I experienced panleukopenia shortly thereafter :( The doctors were sceptical about my situation, but I did it! I survived!! And I am a happy kitty today! At first I was very afraid of people because I had bad memories with them, so as soon as my mom tried to touch me, I hissed at her and ran away to the hiding spots. Just after a few months, I realized that not every human is bad and I gave my mum a chance. Now, I love her more than anything!!
According to Cheddar, her feline pedigree runs back to an Egyptian bloodline which goes back as far as Cleopatra's cat. We are waiting on the DNA test results and paleontology reports to confirm this. 🙂😏😁
Loves water