Snowbelle is 5 years old shes an outside cat she loves the outdoors, her fav treats are goodybag, temptations salmon flavour shes friendly with other cats and babies she has a lovely family we all love her and im her mama her favourite owner🤗💗
Frankie is a Staffy x shar pei.
Sophie Grace
Sophie Grace was my garage sale cat. Lady asked if I wanted a cat,I looked at her and it was love at first sight.
Whisper Chance
Whisper was thrown away by some college kids. It took me 8 months to get her to trust me. Once she did,she came inside and now has a furever home.
This little lad came into our lives like a whirlwind, he was poorly quite a bit due to what we think was inbreeding. Unfortunately he only lived for two short years but certainly left a huge paw print on all our families hearts 💕 and will never be forgotten.
This Bengal loves to climb, jump, and even sing at 3am. Loves rolling around like a work and just loves to knock over any drink in sight.
Duke is a Bluetick Coonhound who loves playing with his favorite sock (rather then anything from his arsenal of toys lol), confetti cupcake treats, giving hugs & having allllll the attention🐾
Yolo was named Yolo because we thought it’s a funny paradox, since cats have 9 lives, but as she’s growing she surely lives up to her name 😅
Precious’s favorite thing to do is to cuddle with mommy and daddy. One of her favorite foods is hot dog, she goes crazy over it and will also say “I love you” in order to get the hot dog 😁 She is such a sweet kind doggy and will love you to death especially if you give her belly rubs.
Odin has 2 stores he loves bass pro an atwoods. Everyone loves him there they give him treats an he makes new friends everywhere he goes. He gets on his hide legs an holds his paws up to give you a hug. He is the sweetest dog ive ever owned
We foster cats and kittens.
We bought Rico as he was going to get put down if we hadn’t have saved him. He’s the most loving dog with the cheekiest personality 😀
Rosie is a indoor cat and the queen of the castle. She loves cuddling at night with her owner, or just lounging on a comfy chair by herself. She only likes to eat wet food and is very picky on the brand she eats. She is 16 years old, in cat years she is a senior - over 70 years old! She is a very kind cat that never scratches- even her owners new couch! She is a lovable cat and her owner is lucky to have her!
Cheeky chunky Monkey is very playful and naughty! She loves to climb the furniture and tries to get in all the cupboards. She's a very clever girl and gives a good high five! She also gives a mighty headbutt and loves to jump up at people to say hello
Can be very mischievous, loves to play, hide and attack our feet. He also enjoys cuddles especially when he can get under the bed sheets!
Still such a small kitty with a huge personality, loves nothing more than cuddling up to you.
ALI likes all the attention, he is a very spoiled cat with his own personality.
LOVES TO SLEEP! climbs the curtains every chance she gets, watches the fish tank all day! loves to get in the shower!
We found him as a kitten when a stray had a litter outside our house, he love zip ties to play with, uses the toilet and it a big cuddler.
Borris is a cheeky and very soft snuggly boy. He will cosy down with you at bed time and make you laugh during the day with his silly face and cute white belly.
Luci likes playing with her toy squeaky mouse and climbing trees.
We got Simba as a support animal For my daughter. He makes her smile with his silly antics on a daily basis. He loves to give kisses and poses when we take his picture.
She is 2 years old likes to play eat sleep She also enjoy car rides & is super sweet She has her own facebook page: @Lynx's_Life As A Cat.
She is fun and energetic!
Alfie is a lovely little cockapoo boy he was born 20th june 2022 he is such a good boy loves to play and is a pleasure to call my dog .me and my partner love him very much he is so cute and afectionate gentle and caring
Roo is a friendly, fun loving, mischievous little pom. He gives the best cuddles, and loves to play with other doggies any chance he gets.
Tiggers was born a feral cat & was adopted when he was a year old by me. Tiggers loves to play around & chase his older sister Pinky.
Our other gorgeous FIV+ boy from Cyprus, he was hit by a car over there and taken in for facial reconstructive surgery, then was too friendly to be released! Took a while to get used to home life in England but now he is a total cuddle machine ❤️
Bear is basically human. He had not long turned 1 and he is an absolute delight even if he constantly chews my shoes. Bear lives the beach and loves a morning cuddle. Bear is simply the best 🥰
Our gorgeous FIV+ boy who has brought us nothing but joy since the second we adopted him ❤️
Mylo loves cuddles and has the most beautiful eyes ever! He likes to play and enjoys car rides, he is literally my bestfriend and I love him❤️
Milo is a rescued xl bully cross, he came to us at 6 months old.. and is now 1, he absolutely love cuddles and playing with other fur babies! He is one big soft cuddle pooch and will have us doing tummy scratches all day.
Richard has Godparents where he spends usualy atleast a week each month. He has very interesting coat, as vet said, seen only on dogs. The hair grows black on top and white on bottom and he likes to bring sticks home.
5 year old most gentle temperament Siberian husky with the energy of a puppy! Amazing with everyone & has so much love to give. He loves his long walks, trips to the beach and playing with his American bully puppy bestie!
17 week old mixed breed. Loves playing with water and so will often we found watching the toilet or jumping at the shower.
Hi I’m zoey!!! I’m a 2 year old yorkie terrier. I’m a very sassy but sweet girl. I love getting my tummy rubbed and my best friend is a cat named Leo, sometimes he bothers me but it’s okay. My mommy says I’m as sweet as pie whatever that means, I’m a big dog trapped in a little dogs body.
Harley is beautiful inside and out. He loves kisses and cuddles from everyone he meets. He also loves to chase balls and anything that moves and makes noise. He is the biggest poser and loves to smile for the camera
He is a very calm and loving cat
Rufus is a rescue dog. He loves to eat & sleep & play. He also barrel races for his workouts 💪
Eddie is 11 weeks old and is a lovely member of our family, however cheeky he is!
Matt loves Temptations cat treats, watching TV, dressing up, chicken, and so much more. She's one of the kindest girls you'll ever meet and one of the prettiest. She's talkative and very smart. She knows how to opens doors and is patient. We got her when I was in the 7th grade and was 12. She was only 2 months old. Now, i'm 19 and in my second year of college and she's 7 years old now. We've been by each others sides through some of the hardest times and through some of the best. You'll love this girl just as much as I do just by laying eyes on her.
Azula for Blue eyes. She’s super friendly and talks back when called. She’s our little Queen
Fluffer Nut
The reason behind her name is cuz she is fluffy like her dad was and she's just a nut she goes crazy but so lovable!
Rocky is just 3 months old and already full of character! He loves teddy bears and cuddles ❤️
In a bowl of. Candy chocolate is his favorite
Bailey is an 11 week old puppy who loves to dog holes, play in cut grass and loves to sleep. He loves to go on long walks and love’s playing in water.
Odie has just turned 7 months old, when we first got him he had Giardia from the person we bought him from, so happy to say hes grown and improved since then 😀 hes changed our lives for the better and we have only had him for a short time (just under 5 months), but we couldnt imagine life without him now 😊 his favourite toy is Mr Piggy, who he has had since we first got him, he likes walks, playtime, snuggles and sleeping 😴 he also likes doing zoomies 🥰
Her name says it all. A total baby:) she loves to be held and cuddle.