Dog cat Stories - 28


Millie will eat anything she sees!
Deanie The Weenie
Deanie is a happy mini dachshund that loves to play and LOVES the snow! Dont let the cute face fool you, he is a big ball of energy!
Oakley was found in the streets of Arkansas with his siblings, all of them looking completely different from eachother! They were hungry and cold but luckily somebody brought them to a rescue organization where they were unfortunately all split up to live in different foster homes! We found Oakley through a miracle. I had applied for a dog on pet finder and the owner of the rescue called me that same day and told me that she loved my application and that I could choose a puppy from any of the 6 litters she had! We got so lucky to find such an amazing looking dog named Oakley with the most unique markings we have ever seen. He is about to turn one years old now and we couldn’t love him more. He’s adventurous, loves doing zoomies any chance he gets, superrrr smart picking up anything you teach him in minutes, he’s a big baby that loves to snuggle up on the couch and sit like a person. He keeps us laughing, whether it’s by getting stung by a bee and his whole eye swelling up, or finding him standing on the kitchen counter, or getting in a fight with an ant or a banana, there’s always something for him to do to make us laugh.
Reign or as I call her “Reigny Rabbit”. She is one of the most loving dogs. She does not have that scared aggressive personality that most chihuahuas do. He begs for attention by pawing at you gently or pushing her little face up to yours. She is 7 years old, but acts like she is a puppy. She is so playful.
This is pepper my 11 year old black cat she is not a very cuddly cat 🤣🤣
Kitty Fay
Kitty Fay is a service dog. She works very hard everyday. She does enjoy her play time also once her work is finished. She likes it when she gets to go play with other dogs and loves bones.
Hi I’m Mr. Tokyo. Mommy found me and my three siblings outside her mom’s front yard at 3 weeks old. We all had an eye infection when she saved us and immediately bottle fed us. Unfortunately, she couldn’t keep us all together except for my sister and I, but she found great loving homes for my other two siblings. I am now 6 months and constantly follow my mommy all around the house. If I don’t find her right away, I talk with various meows until I see her. My favorite toy is the tinsel ball which I carry in my mouth so my sister won’t play with it. Besides loving my sparkly toy, I love cuddling with mommy when I’m tired, she calls me the “sweetest cuddle muffin”. Love making my mommy’s day better and bring her so much joy. Thank you so much for your votes!! 🐱
Loki is 1 of 4 kittens in his litter. He is our Chaotic cat! As all kittens are playful. When he plays he will try to bite, however he does with gentle nibbles and he never claws you. He loves to snuggle on my chest and take a nap. He’s been a joy since we adopted him!
Roxi loves her walks, loves her carrots and loves playing with other dogs
I’m a small cat with a BIG personality 🐈‍⬛
Chowder Smith
Chowder is on of the nicest calm dog you will ever meet. My son. Is 4 we had to get him bunk beds cause chowder is his brother he says so chowder sleeps on bottom bunk and him on top he is a 85lbs and think he supposed to sit on your lap when you drive
Lucky he so sweet and so good he love play lot with soccer ball and put in the mouth and hold lot time he so funny i call him goodball
Oreo is my 10 year old beautiful husky, who is still as energetic as he would be if he was 3! Of course he LOVES the snow and he LOVES the camera ! He loves to play fetch but only with 1 tennis ball, and he loves to come in and snuggle up to anyone and everyone available ❤️
He is a food crazy pup that rules by heart and my home. Follow him on his Instagram handle @tobythechief
Sally loves being off lead and running in large open fields, she’s also partial to sitting at the window and watching the world go by
Snow Belle
Snow Belle is a very special little girl. Her favourite thing in the whole world is tummy tickles 🤗 and will make biscuits in the air when you do it! She also loves anything with feather and to climb! Especially curtains!! She is very intelligent and loves playing fetch, everything is a game to her xx
Pimms is our sweet 8 week-old Malshi who was clearly born to rock this buffalo check bow tie!❤️
Bailey is an outgoing, life loving puppy who adores humans and enjoys walking on the moors and beach! He is a bundle of energy and the best addition to our family. He can sit and give paw, bark and howl on command and a very quick learner!
Poppy is a kitten of mixed heritage. Her mother is a beautiful slender black cat and her father is a tabby. She is a beauty with a remarkable personality and behaviour.
My name is Bert. I am a South African Boerboel x Presa Canario. My favourite think to do is chase leaves in the garden and chew mums slippers.
Lucky he really good dog he love to play and he love play soccer with the ball he so smart dog i love my dog
Hello everybody my name is Simba and im 3 years old in April I enjoy sleeping a lot,eating And I love children.
Otis is an 11 month old toy cavapoo.
Tres Aka James Bond
He is a survivor. So very small and almost didn’t make it. Now the strongest of my 3 cats!
He is the most loveable pit you'll ever meet. He's great with kids, playful and very energetic. He loves kisses and cuddles with his now 9 month old sister🐶❤👶. He also loves playing with his best friend who is a cat🐱! He was born with 2 different colored eyes, one brown and the other blue. 🐶❤
Her favorites pass times are sunbathing by the pool, belly rubs, long naps, sleeping in, brunch, long walks, riding in HER truck with the windows open, discovering new places, Starbucks Pup cups, sleeping under the covers at the foot of the bed and snuggling with her human pack😍She’s a rescue that’s had some rough times but now has found her forever family thanks to our wonderful mom❤️
Holly is a super sassy young lady! She loves to back talk aka bark when she don’t get her way. She thinks all food should be hers along with every toy. She carries her favorite toy around almost everywhere. She loves sharing her toys with her mama. She loves giving kisses! She was the runt of her litter so she thinks she has to be the boss now.
Oscar loves to get muddy and eat food. He also has an Instagram account and is loved by +600 people!
Daisy thinks she is ruler of all! Absolutely rotten and lovable. She loves playing and staying outside as long as she can.
Samson loves sitting on high furniture, he loves playing with toys & he loves treats! He loves playing with his siblings from another species (his “sister”dogs). He adores cuddles & also cat nip. Super spoiled as all kitties should be.
She's a female but as a pup stalked me just like Simba did in "The Lion King". Then she pounced, hence her name. BIGGEST baby today yet BIGGEST protector. She's a Godsend who makes my cheeks hurt with laughter every day❤🙌
Princess Ariel
Princess Ariel is my beautiful rescue baby. We share the same birthday. She is a bit mischievous, but in a cute way. She loves to initiate run around the sofa with my little Pomchi. Her favorite sport is covering litter for 20 minutes.🤣
Wicket has the cutest personality but..... hes also double TROUBLE if he gets in that mood. Curtain climbing (to the TOP) jumping on everything in site, and harassing the dog is just a few of his daily activities.
bentley: bentley loves bones, carrots, his kitty sister macy, parks, and hunting. he is so funny and has such an attitude. he loves socks but not to eat them for you to chase him so you give him all your attention. he is the most Gentle pup ever and he is not aggressive at all
Bailey is a cutie patootie. When he isn’t cuddling inside, he loves basking in the sunshine and chasing the birds. Sweet as a peach and mischievous as a thief.
Bluebelle is super smart and very loving. She loves toys and playing.
Johnny is a whopping 14 years old! He was born on Thanksgiving day in 2006. He is a very peaceful dog. He loves to play with kids and sleep. Johnny has travelled to over 30 states and has been to both the Pacific and Atlantic coasts.
Odin is full of energy and life. 3 months old. He’s mild mannered but has that personality in the room where he can break the ice. Socialable little puppy, with a distinct screechy pterodactyl frenchie bark to add. He will let you know what he wants, when he wants it. He loves to snuggle by the warmth of the fire, and go on hikes. Daddy even got him his own hiking back-pack. Odins not very coordinated though, he would trip over air if you let him.
Ninja Kitty
Ninja kitty it's going to be a star
I adopted Sadie from a local shelter a few months ago and since then she has become attached to my hip, and her favorite mouse toy. I have taught her to fetch and catch her mouse!
Thrasher is a miracle dog. When he was a puppy he was kidnapped. We searched for him relentlessly for a month and a half. Now that we found him, he is insurmountably grateful. He stayed loyal to us when he was taken. He was so depressed that the people who took him felt so terrible. When Thrasher saw us upon reuniting he ran and jumped into our arms. The kidnappers had tears in their eyes from being so moved by Thrashers reaction. Since his return we've been training him to be a service dog for my seizures. He is the center of our family. His personality is one of a kind. We are so blessed. vote for Thrashers sister Klein!
Oliver loves to play fetch with his toy mouse and sleep next to his humans every night.
A boy after his mama's heart
Loves playing fetch the ball and getting her belly rubbed
She lives to play fetch the ball and loves her belly rubbed
Kelo is a wonderful pup! He loves to play with his toys and sleeps all day and all night. He loves his family and loves to chase squirrels 🐿