Sterling is a mischievous little bad boy, but an absolute sweetheart. The day I met him at the rescue center, I kneeled down, and he got on my knees and gave me a hug. He stole my heart ♥️
Tokyo is incredibly friendly and almost dog like. Only 1 year old and very chatty. He loves cable ties!
Turbo is definitely one of a kind with his 6 fingers and loves being mommas side kick...i honestly don't know what I'd do without him❤️ but know when you move from your spot forget it because he won't move 😉 he done layed down as you are standing.. watch a cat race you to your spot when you get home from a long day 😄
Socks is a very silly energetic boy. He loveshis play mouse, and loves to have the zoomies.
Silas LOVES elephants
I’ve had Willy for 5 years when I first got him he didn’t like anyone but me now he loves everyone and he’s spoiled he’s got his own bed, blankets, he sleeps with me and he loves his treats.
She’s small but adorable she’s my baby.
Spoiled princess who loves to be cuddled and play. She twirls for treats and thinks she is human. Loves her moms and her favorite toy.
Iceman is a year old emotional support cat. He loves to play with the other cats and his best friend is my sisters service dog.
Hallow is the derpiest cat. She’s also very cute and affectionate.
Raina is as goofy as they come, she loves to play and make us laugh she loves playing with her schnauzer brother Hitch
Princess Ebony
loves to do her little head tilts 🐾 loves water and her ball ⚽️ and giving mummy kisses 😘and sleeping upside down 🤣
He is a odd cat with beautiful marking... on the back of his neck he has a heart shape.. when he wants something he will follow u meowing until he gets what he wants and when hes not doing that he is getting into things he shouldn't like most cats... but he also likes to cuddle and let not forget how he goea up and down the hall yelling mom i say im right here but i have to go pick him up to get him to stop.....
Hi my name is Precious and I am 15 years old! Yes I know I don't look 15 but that's because I take very good care of myself; Even the vets think so! Anyways my story starts when I was born my mom didn't want me and pushed me out. Little did I or anyone else know it was cause she sensed something before everyone else including my adopted mom who bottle fed me till I was old enough to eat grown up food would know. Well skip two years I know a little long to have gotten fixed but my mom did her best and when I finally did go in to get fixed the Dr. came out to tell my mom that I had uterus cancer and she started to cry. Thankfully the vet knew what to do and quickly removed it all. It saved my life! My mom was so grateful. The vet was nice enough to not charge my mom extra for the extra work they had to do. But boy am I happy to be alive and I don't waste a single day. I make the most of everyday and that includes my breakfast mom makes me every day so I have good nutrition it's my favorite and I make sure to show her just how happy it makes me by meowing and rubbing her legs as she makes it. than after breakfast I have to clean myself cause I have to stay clean. than I go out to the balcony where mommy has set up a cool spot for me to lay in the sun and watch the birds and whatever else walks or flys by. I usually fall asleep during that time and when I wake up I know its time to go and get some water. gotta stay hydrated ya know. Than it's play time and since mommy doesn't have to leave most days shes home to play with me and I make her so happy chasing my mouse and playing fetch or chasing that laser pointer. but now that I am older I get tired faster so mom puts on cat tv for me to lay on the couch and fall asleep to for my second nap for the day. That's how she got this cute selfie of me. It's one of my favorites as it brings out my beautiful eyes. Anyways thanks for reading my cute little story about myself I hope you have a great day... Bye!!!
Princess is angel now after 18 years of being a beautiful, independent pain in the rear. We loved her so very much!
Marcel is a goof ball of a puppy who likes to get into mischief when he gets mad 😂
Blue spend most his time napping like most dogs. He also loves to jump in his toy bin and knock all the toys out. His favorite thing is to get new toys.
Bronco is 9 months old loves to play, do tricks, and snuggle. 💎 Bronco also love’s watching airplanes ✈️. I have a brother and two sisters. They are a brother and sister Ferret and a pit bull 💚💜🖤 Bronco’s excited to win Georgia 🍑
Emiko is a beagle/ heeler mix who loves to meet and greet people, no matter who you are. She enjoys most of her time sleeping, being weird and playing with her best friend at the dog park.
cali was found in a dumpster along with tigger. she is a big sweet heart and loves to be heald and carried around like a baby as well as to play around in plastic bags she loves car rides and being carried around in a big purse!
Teddy was found abandoned in a park by my sister. He is a sweet, patient little guy who loves to be cuddled and napping
tigger was found with cali im a dumpster. he is a very silly cat and loves to bounce around (how he got the name tigger lol) he loves to “nibble” well needing his claws and always demands kisses every morning
Nilah Jean
Nilah is a pittbull masstiff mix. She is very intelligent, playful and a big love muffin. She also farts all of the time 🤪❤️
Stampy's favorite thing to do is get in front of you on your way to the kitchen. He walks super slow and nonchalantly goes to his food bowl like that was his original plan. He also uses his paw like a human hand to eat and drink. He weighs 25 lbs.
baby asher was a stray when we found him, he was found under a random truck in a parking lot. he LOVES to stick his tough out and he is the most loving cat!
Thomas loves cuddles, and he loves doing cute sleep positions. You should vote for him because of how cute he is.
He is a very intelligent and friendly dog. he loves to play and be petted.
Brownie was feral and she has been here for almost 5 years now. She is a very sweet girl and very vocal when she wants attention!
I am a 6 month old princess that was rescued from a shelter in New Orleans! ✨ Found my way alllll the way to Pennsylvania where my mommy and daddy were waiting for me 💕
This is Thumper or Thump-a-lump! He’s a 2 1/2 yr old pup. He loves the snow and the water! Every morning he demands his cuddles before his day can start. He loves to be called a pretty boi and making as many friends as possible.
Luna is a silly puppy she loves sleeping and running around outside. She loves going up to people to say hi and be a little nosy. She also loves to be pet
Paz is almost 10 and has lived with me for 4 years after coming to the UK from Romania. He is a total love bug! He loves being up high up and sitting on my over door airer is his current favourite location.
This is Tommy! He’s a big cuddle bug and chewer of hair. He loves to watch the animals outside the windows and play with his big brother Bear.
Dolly loves attention and will even paw at you and do low growl to get your attention. She’s very sweet, smart, energetic and lovable!
Goldie San
He likes to hang out and snuggle
Lucky has an amazing and fun personality! He loves treats and his squeaky toys. He loves his mommy and daddy the most.
Goldie is always super curious everything. He’s a big cuddler.he still runs around and plays like he’s a kitten and when he’s not playing he’s napping up in the cat tree.
She loves Nerflix movies, blue wilderness food, and strawberry ice cream!
Ronnie loves random sticks on his walk and FOOD👅
Douglas Fur
Douglas Fur is an almost 5 month old golden retriever puppy who already has the cutest droopy face 💕
Willow loves to play with all dogs, she sometimes thinks she is a bear the way she plays
Rico And Sasha
Sasha (left) I'd full of energy, she indulges us in her wall running skills and loves to snuggle up on your shoulder. Rico (right) is a typical dorky orange cat, the way he acts is completely random, he's either very calm or will lay on the couch upside down trying to attack his sister. He hates being held but LOVES attention. I've never had more vocal cats in my life but I'm thankful for these energetic little purr purrs!
Angel is our little bundle of nose nibbles, lip sucking, cheeky ball of fur. She’s only a baby still and she’s as bold as they come, loves her cuddly toys and her pink pillow or cosy blankie and won’t sleep without it. Angel is our pampered puddytat. Cutest little princess and she knows it.
Hi I’m Maverick I’m 2 months old and I love to be outside! I also love my squeaky toys and hiding things in my bed! Maverick is a little cheeky chappy
Simba is an incredibly loving cat, who will do anything to get your attention. He loves his older sister, Nina, who is an 80lb Labrador mix. They love to play together, with Simba being the aggressor most of the time, even though he is severely under-sized. He will paw at Nina, and provoke her, and then run the second that Nina turns to retaliate. It's hysterical to watch.
Athena was abandoned by her mom at birth. We took her in and bottle fed her ❤️ she is now almost 3 years old and our big baby..
Jacie is 14 years old in human years. She is very talented. She is definitely man's best friend and a great service animal. She has been with the owner literally her whole life and half of his life. She helps her owner with medical disabilities....