Myles is such a sweetheart. He's so good with people. He loves getting pet and having snacks. He's good at listening to commands.
Finn was rescued out of a garbage can and became my best friend. His hobbies include begging for food insessantly, harassing his brother Morris and sister Monster and laying in his dad's guitar case.
Bella Boo
Bella is such a lovable little bubble of fun. Adventures are her fave of course, she has travelled the UK and Wales and we plan to do much more!! Bella loves chicken and duck the most but honestly will eat almost anything and is great at catching flies in the summer 🪰
Halo is a very loving German Shepherd! She loves spending time with her mom, and playing with balls.
Saydie Mae
Saydie is a unique one. Her personality is so cute. She loves playing with her toys and loves to carry her babies around. Her babies are actually stuffed mice cat toys which I will have in her photo gallery. The pictures will tell you alot about her. 😻
Mimi Reyes
Mimi loves to go for walks, she likes to go byese in the car. She is cuddles and gives love and very protective.
Ruby likes sunshine, shrimps, pets and playing with sparkly tinsel balls!
Rose loves sleeping on Mom but doesn't like it if her bed moves too much!😹 She loves being in the presence of her family members but doesn't always want to be touched. She has a very unique & bougie attitude! She has always been an indoor kitty but she loves to bird watch outside while she sits in/on moms plants! She is a scary cat afraid of her own shadow & too afraid to jump down from high places most of the time😹 Please like & share!
Rip likes to play outside, go on runs, and take a lot of naps❣️
2 month old Black Lab who loves chasing balls and collecting sticks.
Lance is a sm breed, sm in size but his personality, the way he shows no fear he acts like he is ten times his size. “My littleBigDog” . Lance love’s going outside he especially loves climbing in my backpack and going on bicycle rides. Everyone loves him can’t go to any store without him if I do the staff get upset. He’s my best friend and will give him everything and only the very best. So vote for Lance the LittleBigDog. He also was a trooper recovering from parvo
Hi I’m Loki! I was born March 4th 2022. I have goldendoodle on here because that was the next closest thing. I am actually an Irish doodle and Aussie doodle mix! I love to play and come with my mom to work everyday at the animal hospital where my mom is a Veterinarian Technician Assistant. I’m very friendly and I love cuddling with people!
Reggie is a huge cuddle bug, loves babies, and is the sweetest boy. He’s very adventurous and outdoorsy
Hello! my name is salem. my mom thinks i am very sassy but i just think i’m independent and know what i want. my mom is always talking to me and i usually respond in some way but i’m not sure she’s actually getting my drift. i love pets but i usually will flop on the floor and expect you to come up to me and the sneak attack your hand ahaha. i also love playing with anything that crinkles and sitting in from of the tv because i am the main character!
This is Luna she is a Australian Shepard. She likes long walks and lots of pets. She also saved my moms life three times.
Hi this is Olaf he is a year old he is a silly cat he likes to play he is very friendly and loveable
Max is A 2 year old Yellow tabby cat And he loves his family. Max Also loves cuddles, boxes, blankets and of course his mommy, me! Max is funny and cute. He likes to Jump and climb. He jumps on me like a puppy. Max is a loving, sweet and adorable kitty. I love him with all my heart.
Ivy loves playing with her big brother Briar, playing outside, and pointing for birds hoping she can get one!
Briar loves going on adventures and playing ball any chance he can get! And he loves pointing for birds!
Pepper is he sweetest kitty in town! He loves a good snuggle as well as a good kitty treat.
Harry has had a tough life and we have recently adopted him from a rescue centre. He now has a new lease on life and loves to go for runs and eat lots of treats! We think he is the cutest dog around.
Hi I’m archer I love taking naps and playing outside with my sister! I love chewing on my fox toy and chasing birds as well. Some of my favorite things are playing with my baby human and my big human!
Portia is a 3 year old female British shorthair. She loves to hunt on her walks outdoors and has lots of aunties in the neighborhood who love to pet her fluffy coat. She has an addiction to Temptations treats and expects her daddy to be willing and able to take her on her daily walks outdoors. She is friendly and sweet.
2 Month old Alaskan Malamute x German Shepherd puppy who loves playing in the mud!💙
Baby Yoda
Baby Yoda is a male french bulldog. He is tiny with a big personality. He loves to eat and play with his toys. He loves to snuggle and give kisses.
Billy loves to lay in the sun, eat Cheetos, and snuggle. He is loved❤️
Baby is very soft and loves to cuddle. She loves to go outside and is a very good hunter, much to her momma’s dismay. Such a sweetheart!
Riley is a 5 months German shepherd, she has the sweetest personality, loves playing with everyone and digging in the garden!
Beautiful devil
Cooper is a Golden Retriever Australian Shepherd Mix puppy. He came from an animal rescue that saves puppies from kill shelters in Alabama. He is the sweetest, most gentle boy that loves being outside so he can listen to the birds chirp, destroying mommy’s plants from the sunroom, taking long walks on the farm with mom and dad, watching tv at the end of a long day, and going for car rides to visit friends and family.
I saved her from outside life at about 3-4 weeks old. She's 6 now and will not go outside! She has to remember that life of being alone and hungry.. now she's loving, playful, and ready to stay next to me at all times. If we're separated she will literally cry for me until I return.. 😕 I just love her so much and so will you!!❣️❣️
Jetta is full of energy. She is a very smart and hard working girl. She enjoys food puzzles, flirt poles, and her chuck it ball. Most of all, frisbee is life.
Ruger loves hiking and is training to be a retrieving dog for hunting. She goes with us to every competition trap shoot and gets loving and compliments from everyone who passes by her.
Hi my name is Milo and I am 4 years old. I i was born on New Years! I have a best friend pitbull/boxer names Katrina. I am a very active dog. I also love my stuffed animals !
She loves food especially vegetables. She gives the best kisses ever, she loves to hold anyones hand. Her favorite thing to do is play with her sister. She gets excited when she sees her papa.
MiMi jumps off of my roof everyday. She prefers it to walking out of our sliding glass door. She believes she can fly, and she does!
Dexter is a hyper and loveable. He loves to cuddle and take bottle caps around the house. He’s always finding new ways to play and hide!
Daisy is a good girl she loves to play and she listen very good she love giving kiss and she love her treats she loves going outside and stuff I think daisy should gets votes❤️❤️
Hi! This is Misty and her brother Keebler. She likes to climb a tree and chase birds and a good hunter for small bugs in the house! Keebler is such an adventurer! He loves patrol the premises and play with our neighbor cats. 😸
She is almost human she says mom and she is a very lovable and loyal cat to me
Dekin is always a good sport 👍
Autumn is 1/4 Blue Heeler or Australian Shepherd, but 3/4 Jack Russell. She likes to think she's a police dog in our household. She lets all of her fur siblings know if they're breaking rules. She pokes the peeps with her nose until mom comes to tell the fur pero how bad they are 😆😉 hardly act like any other working dog breed, besides household law enforcement.
Hazel is just puppy trapped in a cats body. She loves to play fetch, run, and cuddle.
Izzy has a loving personality, very playful, but calm and great with children. All he has known is love amd he is a perfect pet. Izzy is the perfect pet.
Faith is a lazy baby who loves to chase her tail and take long naps.
Luna joined our family 2 weeks ago. She is very sweet and playful. She doesn’t like to be alone and always want to keep you company.
Sparkles was rescued out of a trashcan where some human tossed her out. She now has a home and is loved! She likes toy mice, playing and napping. She is allowed outside with supervision.