Dog cat Stories - 29


Daphne is the sweetest puppy. She loves to be held and snuggled
Charlie Chicken
Meet Our Precious Rescue Charlie"CHICKEN".. Charlie is a 1 1/2 yrs old Patterdale-Terrier Who We Were Blessed To Have Found Little Over a Year Now On One Of New Englands Coldest Wetest Nites ..With Temps Below 0 Freezing Sleeting Icy Raining..My Husband Happened To Make Latenite Store Run to our Local Corner Bodega apprx 11pm in New Britian CT as he came out store this little pup was was abandonded by SOULEST HEARTLESS individual who left Charlie tied to store door Handle with just his collar and short red leash January 2020 Left Alone Scared Freezing Wet And Shivering My Husband Was quick to get Charlie Untied out cold. And safe by putting him in his warm truck My Hero God Bless My Husbands Kind Heart bringing him straight to the job we where Finishing up that nite (we both home improvement contractors) First site I Fell in Love With Him Soon As I Saw Him I Quickly Took Him In My Arms. Puttin him inside my zipped up coat he was so cold And wet Charlie let out a sigh of Relief as If He too Knew at That Moment he was safe with me he quickly snuggled up to my chin falling asleep and thats all it took I knew immediately in my heart Charlie felt content safe and at home and for the past year now he has been pleasure best pup so intelligent Wow!!.. how could anyone abuse mistreat any animal Charlie is such a precious loving kind soul hes so sweet just wants TLC Tender Loving. Care Just What We Have To Give and OMG hes sooo smart so again Pleased to Introduce our newest family member who we love and adore He Is My Furr Baby Besides My. 2 Children 27 yr. Old Daughter and 13 year old Son Charlie Is my. 3rd Babby. Sweetest Little puppy you could ever meet He owns mamas heart as well as My son Ty is Charlies Bestest Friend and we could not specially mama could not imagine life before Charlie."Chicken" His Permanant Home Is with us hes made our life complete We Love Our Charlie Chicken 🎀🐾🐶🐾😍💖
marley is the best dog ever!! he is a very fat, smart, fun, and cuddly dog. he loves going on long walks and playing with his bff chase!! he is my best friend. vote mar mar!!
Meet Ruby the Rottie, she loves to go on walks & chase her RC truck around. She has a Facebook account called “Ruby The Rottie”
Baxter is a 9 yr old mischief maker. This gentle boy loves to ride! He enjoys playing with his brothers & sisters & likes to hide his bones in the yard.
Arya is the sweetest angel. She follows you around, quiet well behaved, loves to cuddle get belly rubs especially and her most favorite thing playing with you! If you are not playing engaging, she likes to just follow you around quietly or lay down sleep all day. She is perfect. And she loves treats and toys! :) 💕
Bailey doesn’t like being naked, she has to wear onesie to bed, close during the day, she also enjoys getting on the Harley Davidson with her mom and dad and ride. Yes she wears her helmet and doggles. She has two older sisters ( the huskies) and she uses them as her pillow. My favourite food is eggs and bacon .
froggi is the softest, sweetest man! this little man is a rescue with a history of abuse but that hasn’t taken away from his affectionate manner :D his favorite things to do are sleep on his people and play with his dog brothers
He loves playing with his lil kid ang
Sienna is such a sweetie pie, she has been such a special edition to our family. Tug-of-war is her favorite game to play and she also loves to be chased. If you say peanut butter around her, she will automatically assume you are obligated to give her a treat lol.
Chloe is 3months old and acts like she’s bigger than the older dogs
Hey guys, I’m Tucker! I love plowing through the snow, and I’m a professional sock thief and ball hog!
Mamacita loves cuddling and sunning
She’s a Shih Txu mixed with a Poodle! A Shihzapoo!! And she’s got the LONGEST lashes!!
Dexter is a Ragdoll kitten who loves nothing more to get cuddles from his mummy and play with pom poms. He’s a petite little boy who doesn’t realise just how pretty he is yet!!
Marley has so much character he is a mixbreed between a staffie and we believe a border collie.🐕 He never fails to make you laugh and is the best company in the world! He gives you tons of kisses and loves everything and everyone! Just a happy go lucky pup living with epilepsy but that doesn't stop him!☺️
Meet Messi! He is 8 years old and loves cuddles! He’s the sweetest cat you’d ever meet! He’s the best cuddle buddy and he talks so much! Anyone he meets, he shows all his love to!
HI! I’m bailey. I love long walkies and spending time with my family! I have an Instagram account @thesprockerbailey and would love to make lots of frends! Please vote for me x
Maggie is a Boxer mix. I rescued her from a shelter on March 8, 2020 and she weighed 34 pounds. She is now approximately one and a half years old and weighs around 65 pounds. The vet that had just microchipped and spade her 3 days before i adopted her, told me that she was not going to get over 40 pounds. However, her perception was definitely off because Maggie now weighs 65 pounds. She's a big, loveable baby. Maggie's an attention hog, to put it mildly!! Lol She loves getting attention from everybody, especially children. Every time I take her anywhere with me, which is quite often, random people always stop me and tell me how beautiful she is and ask if they can pet her. She's a very happy, well-mannered furbaby that lives for bones and treats! I love my beautiful baby with all my heart. I have and always will consider her as one of my children. Maggie absolutely loves going everywhere with me, especially when she is able to stick her head out of the sunroof and see first-hand, everything that's going on. I feel that she's the cutest pup ever!! Please vote for my Maggie Mae!!
Zoë loves to play fetch
Max is a 5 year okd Chihuahua Terrier mix rescue. I adopted him when he was around 18 months old. His personality always makes me laugh. He loves long walks and play time with his dgo friends at the park.
Nala’s 2 yr old who loves sunbathing, chasing birdies and naps ❤️.
Gwyn is a sweetheart who loves string and laying at the end of the bed. She has never been able to meow, but can hear her try when she wants something. She will sit by her food bowl and look at you when she's hungry🥰
Deadpool is a sweet boy who loves cuddles, treats, cat lasers, and toys. Every night he steals the blanket and will use his paw to move and get under it 😂❤️
Arnold is your partner in crime. He loves going on outdoor adventures! In his time off, he enjoys cuddles and long naps in the sun.
My name is Sox. Bones, and bouncy balls are my favorite. I love to sleep with my brother Blaze, and my mommy. I used to be abused before mommy rescued me.
He loves his daily walks and playing tug of war
My name is Sam, and my mom rescued me almost 6 years ago as an adult cat! She was able to get my colitis diagnosed because she has the same disease as me, which is why I picked her!! I am a big boy that loves my mommy, being held like a baby, giving out kisses, having my super soft belly rubbed, playing with any type of stick toy (that I drag around the house when I wants to play) and of course I absolutely LOVE food/treats!!!
My name is Blaze. I love the outdoors, sitting in the sun and playing in the snow. I love to snuggle. I am very protective over my mommy. When my family comes to visit I wiggle my whole body in excitement. Top most favorite thing is to get butt scratches.
she was just a tiny orphan kitty when she came to our house a year ago she is amazing she makes us so happy
Cooper loves to hang out outside and chase all the squirrels he can! He loves cuddling with his mom and annoying his older brother, Jake!
Atka is a 7 month old Northern Inuit he is very curious and very friendly to all dogs and humans. His lives in the US
Millie is a 12 week old Border Collie who does a good job of looking sweet but is very cheeky!! 😂
Full name Lorenzo Il Magnifico the Orator, he got this name by getting himself rescued. He was my first foster fail, has attended holiday parties without me and I’d the mayor of my household. He cares for the sick, welcomes any new residents or guests and is overall a huge love.
Kira is amazing, she takes her disability in her stride and is so happy out on her wheels. We are so in tune, she’s my soul mate and loves to say ‘I love you’. Well We love you Kira and we are sure everyone will love you too ... vote for this beautiful girl ❤️
Hi I’m Bambi! I am a 7 month old Boxador. I really love to do many things! But, my favorite has to be dancing with my family, or having conversations with everyone.I’m a very sleepy girl but, when I’m awake I will always play with you!! And if you drop something be suspected that I will pick it up and hand it to you.Please vote for me!!
Frankie does not like taking long walks. Frankie does enjoy a good snack. Frankie has soft fur and has a good temperament. Frankie loves his dad.
This is Pam she is a round, fluffy, chunky kitten. She loves chicken and playing with her older sister called peggy.
Maurica loves wet canned food. She loves to sit on Mom's lap. And will tap on her mom's back or leg to get her attention. She loves to Meow to talk to you. If she wants something she will definitely let you know!
Molly Ann
Molly is a 14 yr old sweetie pie. She has been a therapy cat for the nursing home. She enjoys sharing the pillow with mom, watching youtube & long naps. Her favorite word is "chicken".
Mountain is not an early riser. His prize possessions are lamb chop and his bone. Mountains favorite activity is going to his granny’s. Mountain is the proud big brother of Pedro.
Yeti Louise
Yeti has an identical twin brother. She is a shy girl that loves to play pee pie and enjoys eating ice cream with her daddy.
Etta James
Hi! I'm Etta-James. I'm in my forever home now and I love it. I'm only 13 weeks old. I think I'm pretty smart and loving. My dad thinks I'm pretty special and i want to make him proud. PLEASE vote for me.
Bernoulli is a very chill dog. He enjoys sitting out in the sub despite all of his warm, fluffy fur! He is a hug cuddle bug
Smoky loves snuggling and getting it to things he’s not supposed to my little trouble maker 😊 and he loves to eat but weirdly hates beef.
Bentley loves going for rides, cuddling and playing with toys!
Lilly is a 10 month old maltese very cute and friendly