Dog cat Stories - 29


This is my girl Daisy, she loves to do tricks and so much more!! She is super sweet and such a good girl!💕
Scarlet is loving but independent. She loves her catachino at dutch bros
Rindy is a sweet, funny, very smart Dorkie. (Dachshund Yorkie mix) She is 5 months old, and loves all of her toys, playing fetch (she’s really good at it, and really fast!) she loves watching squirrels and birds from a chair on our screened porch. She’s willing to try almost anything and scared of nothing! She would love to get kisses and votes from strangers! 🙂
My baby elephant... sadly whiskey is no longer with us 😢 so beautiful and so loving
Daphne was rescued from family who didn’t want her. Daphne is loveable, loves to cuddle & warm her coat in the sunlight. She will do anything for Temptations treats. Daphne is the light of our world & we are so happy she came into our lives!
Sirius is beautiful but is my little monster, he is always on the go 😆
Malibu is a shy but beautiful cat.. she is now a first time mum. Malibu is near 2 years old
He is well my first son to be honest. He is 11 years younger than me lol just turned 14 8 days ago.
She is the most Mothering and loving Baby ever.I juat love her so much.She is sweet loves playing some times.
Daizy is my pride and joy. As we all know anxiety and depression has spiked since the pandemic. Working in the healthcare industry can really drain you and take a toll mentally and physically. Well, Daizy is that light in a world that can be so dark. She never fails to make me smile. She love all people and animals. She is smart, caring and loving. She is gentle with people with disabilities and takes the, "rottweilers are so vicious and mean" sitgma away instantly when people meet her. She loves to play and has so much energy and passion for her family and friends. She likes special treats and hot dogs. Especially, during K-9 Obidience Training. Most of all she loves her Mama (me) and I couldn't be more blessed to have Daizy pick me for her human❤
gnomie is a vey big boy and likes his food only likes cuddles when he wants them
NiNi she is the sweetest Fur baby ever.She she is a great Mom.She just gave birth .She deserves to win .She is Beautiful ,Energenic,and Loving.
Pickkle Lilly
pickkle is a very small daddys girl looks are deseving
Hi there, my name is Lola! I love learning new tricks, eating, and sleeping. You can follow my Instagram @lil.lola.aussie 🥰
Ryder Barkruffalo
Ryder is a dog of the 21st century...a dog that loves to play on "his" ipad, yes you read that correctly, his ipad. He has had a rough time these last couple years though. He got quite sick in December of 2018, where he spent 11 days in Intensive Care/Emergency Room at WVRC. He was diagnosed with PLE, it equates to chrons disease in humans. He was on a lot of medication and while he was doing good for about 8 months he started to develop kidney failure and spent another 2 days overnight at WVRC. He came home with needing fluids and he now had diabetes on top of his PLE...poor guy couldn't catch a break but he never stopped fighting. With the amazing help of WVRC and his doctor's he is now only on 4 medications and his insulin and you acts like a puppy. You'd never even know he was or is sick. He is back to playing on his ipad until you take it away...he even carries it around with him.
Hello my name Is Ace I am Two years old! I loves to run an play an eat treats an I love my mommy an daddy berry much.
Basil Grace
She is saving the world one kiss at a time.
Ruby was our first cat, we went all of the way to Birmingham to get him and he honestly saved my life. Through the darkest of all days, I would always have my baby by my side who needed me there. He gave me every reason to wake up and get out of bed, He will always be my saviour and my darling boy. 🤍
I am around 7months old and very energetic! I can be talkative with my grumbles and saying I love you. All I want to do is run around and chew on everything!
Mango is our angel girl, she loves a good cuddle, she was the last of the three, she came hours after the other two and fought to be here with us today. She is still understanding walking but loves to give it a good try, she’s our wobbly princess😂🥰
Spot (to the far right) can NEVER sit long enough for a photo so sadly this is the only one we have so far😂 He is super energetic and loves food just like his momma. He’s our loud boy but we couldn’t love him more🥰
Peanut is a squidgy cuddly ball of fluff, he loves milk and playing with teddy bears. He is the sweetest boy ever 🤍
Mimi is our mama bear, she gave birth to triplets on the 11th August 2021. She is super loving and loves food more than anything in the world. <3
I'm Creed, I like to run really fast but sometimes trip over blocks of air that cats stash around. I sleep on my back with my feet up and propped against my dads legs and am scared of my own farts.
Hi I’m BO from Bulgaria 🇧🇬 at 3 months old I flew all the way across the world to be with my new family in Texas! I love them sooo much! ♥️ I love doing super speedy’s around the house and playing tug-of-war while making funny pig grunts haha. Thank you pawpals for stopping by and getting to know your friendly neighborhood Frenchie!🐾
Jack-Jack loves everyone! His favorite activities are sneaking hangers from the closet, chewing up mom and dads socks. Crop dusting humans is another favorite pastime. He is also a great space heater, loves cuddles and is the head of the welcome committee anywhere he is. Jack is an over all lover and sweetheart.
Sadie is our first family puppy! She loves the backyard and being doted on by her human siblings!
Fiona loves to play fetch and pose for pictures! Shes also very loving and enjoys standing up to give hugs.
Monroe is the sweetest little girl. She is extremely social-she loves people, is great with kids and other animals. She even has a pig as a friend…
Oreo is a black and white biscuit (that is his nickname) he is very accident prone and has lost half his tale at just 2 years old, it didnt bother him, he protects his sister (not really related) and loves to cuddle, he sits on command for his treats and is a joy to own (i think he thinks he is a dog) is favourite place to sleep is on my tummy at night and if hes near me he has to bed touching me with his paw. Love this boy so much
Juniper is my 6 1/2 month old Aussiedoodle pup, Juniper is a sweet pup with a love for kids, herding chickens, and any kind of food offered to him.
He Loves Kisses Playing And Cuddles He’s Super Happy And Loves His Stuffed Animals
Lexi is the most loving cat, to her humans, she loves cuddling. She always brings me presents, (most of which i dont like) i still thank her for them, she is a bengal cross with a moggy, so pretty and just fun to own, she loves chasing her laser light and can jump as high as my doors she is amazing.
Got him from a shelter, on September 10th, had him for only had him for 3 weeks, this Friday. He’s sweet, caring, loving, a big baby. Loves to sit on your lap, and be under you.! He’s definitely my best friend 🥺❤️
My name is Bully, my family likes to call me mr. Bully or bully bear 🐻 im 4 years old and I’m a big baby. I absolutely love being outside, (but I don’t like the rain) & I also love playing with toys!
Hello my name is Gracie! I’m very quirky and full of energy. I love to talk and my family says I’m full of character☺️ I also like to look upside down a lot!
Zula, is a full blooded South African Massif Boerboel. My rider and my comfort. She loves Dandelions, and nice walks. She is my protector. She is a bossy, got attitude, needs all the attention,and very cocky. Zula is a sweet heart but don’t over do it.
Kloe is a sassy girl she might be small but she has a big attitude. When she’s in the mood she is very lovable and sweet and she ESPECIALLY loves to give kisses. Not to mention she’s a big sleepy head and loves to cuddle in bed.
Karma is a great pyr/collie mix. Her and her brother are the best fur babies anyone could possibly have. Unlike canaille, Karma has a ton of energy. Always ready to run and play. She loves people and all other dogs.
Luna Baby
She is the most laid back kitten you'd ever meet. She loves my Bob Marley record!
I'm pretty sure Oaklee is part dog. Hes has the strangest personality and yet He is the most loving, caring, sweetest cat I have ever had the pleasure of knowing in my lifetime. And because of that he usually feels he needs more attention than my kids.
We adopted Kane from Paws. He was our first adoption. He is a blessing to our family. He loves his people and anyone he meets. He loves his Bark Box every month and playing fetch with his toys.
Curious, sociable and lovable. Kyla loves playing with her big brother Clifford and exploring the big wide world around her!
Chloe likes to take rides, and loves going to work with me. She’s a super sweet girl.
Luna is a very sassy girl. Loves to sleep in my bags in the closet. Gets the zoomies often!! We love her!!
Alaskan malamute Saint Bernard mix so she's big but nothing more than a big cuddly baby. Loves tummy rubs and playing with her rope the most, hates baths but always makes it a point to jump into the creek.
Best Bulldogge ever