Lucky is energetic,and sweet.loves to eat and retrieve his toys when thrown
Titan is a wonderful boy so happy and loving. He is an emotional support puppy for his momma and he makes her super happy. We rescued him from a couple that could no longer have him and we couldn't ask for a better boy
Kona Joe
Hello fellow puppers!! I’m Kona Joe and I love to herd people and slurp down my pup cups!!
Luna loves pinching your socks and slippers. She loves squeaky toys. Luna loves to come for a cuddle and is the most loving dog. We rescued Luna 4 weeks ago and is the best thing we have done
Gatsby loves to play ball, and drop the ball down the stairs. He loves ice cubes and to cuddle. He loves to whack people with his toys.
Melon head Aka big head was the only male tabby kitten from the litter of 4,loves temptation cat treats and the scratch post
He born with beautiful smile he love play his eye so beautiful blue
Flynn Rider
Flynn rider is an old boy he's 12 years old and his birthday is in February. We found out he loves doggie icecream. He loves to cuddle under fuzzy blankets.
Salem is my black soul kitty. He loves sleeping, eating comes second, and playing with strings!
Niko is ALWAYS full of energy but he’s a sweet boy and he loves playing with his toys
Hi my name is Luna and I am 1 years old , for free time I like to play with my sister jada another thing is I LOVE to chew on socks and I love TO SLEEP !
benny loves being outside, swimming, and he can eat like crazy!
Brutus is very curious everything is new to him and full of energy he's got his own personality
Zen is a shar pei great dane she is working girl her mother has mobility issues and PTSD
Drax is 10 weeks old and unfortunately has a heart defect called Patent Ductus Arteriosus, he has a life expectancy of up to one year but it is going to be the best short life any pup has ever had! 🩵
HBK, named after wrestler Heartbreak Kid is the sweetest boi in the world. He loves cuddles and kisses. He’s such a baby boy and the sweetest cat in the world. 🤍 He is our mighty silver lion.
Bunky loves to watch his mom cook dinner. Bunky loves to kill all the bugs in the house. Bunky loves his mushroom toy more than any of his other toys. Bunky can be a brat but he is my baby!
Jewel loves cuddles & play time
She is a long hair all white cat she is 7 year old an she loves boxs an sleeping
Nahla is super friendly, playful, and smart. This pitbull completes and activates our family pet duo super powers 🥰
Lennie is a young, playful kitten. He loves laying with the children and watching the world go by. Hes a beautiful, gentle soul.
Rigley is a very playful puppy who just learned she loves digging! She’s always down to play and run around!
He was emotional support he was such a good baby he sleep with me and even woke me up. No matter where I went he followed me around making sure I was ok. He loved to sleep on my chest close so he could hear my heart. He also lay right by my face so we were face to face. The picture is when he would lay on my son's Bible during church it was so cute. He also loved to travel with me when I went on long trips. However, my Garfield-Chunky Monkey -Lover boy died on 5-26-23
Harley loves to go on walks and get belly rubs. She is the most loving dog you’ll meet.
Hi, my name is Bex I’m a Calico cross Maine Coon, I’m 8 weeks old and I love cuddles and sleeping with my mum❤️
Hi my name is Frank the naughty Bengal kitten. I like to go on adventures with my pawrents.
Emmett is a playful cat, that loves spending time with his cat brother Finley, he loves sitting at the windows listen and chirping to birds, and enjoys a nice warm cup of coffee in the morning!
He is a silly boy that loves to sleep on laps and get pets. He loves to climb on shoulders and give kitty kisses in the form of headbutts on your face. He LOVES food and loves napping
Charlie likes to nap on couch cushions and if you are in front of him he will reach a sleepy paw out and just put it on your shoulder. He likes to talk a lot and likes to demand pets. He is a very good boy
Our little Warrior! Hedwig means female fighter/ warrior. Hedwig was attacked by a dog as a kitten. She lost a lot of blood and the vets didn’t think she’d survive the night. So we waited while she slept with shallow breath and shaven fur around tended wounds. With my eldest daughter to comfort her, she miraculously survived, and is now 4 years old! The dogs bite was millimetres away from puncturing her heart and lung. She is so very lucky to be alive! She is very protective, calm and loving. Attention has to be on her terms and she doesn’t like to be carried around, but without fail each evening she will do walk arounds about the house to each of our three children’s bedrooms to sit with them awhile and check on them. She is beautiful x
Penny loves to play ball. She is the sweetest thing and loves everyone. She is so much fun and keeps us all laughing. We love her very much. We add a Y to all her Penn tennis balls so they have her name on them! Penny is the proud Mama of 10. She had her puppies 5/27/23. She is being the best Mama❤️
I’m a fiery, feisty and full on puppy. I love my mummies and they say I’m such a good boy. I also love my photo being taken
Harley is an awesome, loving and energetic. He loves spending time with his human mom!
On April 26, 2023 it will be one year since Dozer crossed the rainbow bridge, even thou my special girl is gone, she is still with me. She is helping other kiddos that are just as special as she was. From across the rainbow bridge Dozer is helping Mama help these precious kiddos. Anything that is won during the contest will go towards the kiddos. Dozer crossed the rainbow bridge early the morning of April 26, 2022. To say I am devastated doesn't even begin to describe the pain. She was and always will be my Dozer, my goofy girl, my angel, my special girl. Mama loves you Dozer, I will keep you with me forever!! Run free sweet girl.💔😿🌈
Bear wants to play 24/7. He loves toys and all things outside. He loves kids and every other animal there is.
Queen Elizabeth
Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth Ms. Bitch Freaky Diva #1 Menace to our Dog's 🆘️✝️✝️✝️✝️✝️✝️🤣 LIKES 👍👍Needed Smash that Like Tab👍👍
Emmett is such a loving pet, even at 13 years of age. He's so friendly, and he thinks he is a dog which is funny to watch. He loves his tuna and his royal k9. He always try's to give me a kitty facial when i wake up, and he loves his hooman snuggles.
Bella the pug is an absolute sweetheart, with a loyalty that knows no bounds. At 13 years old, she has become a cherished member of our family, providing unwavering support and comfort whenever we need it. Her favorite thing to do is cuddling with us, and she will happily spend hours by our side, snuggled up and content. With her gentle and affectionate nature, Bella is the perfect support dog, even though she has cushings disease, she’s always there to provide love and companionship to those who need it most🥰♥️
Proud Boy
Rescued from a dairy farm, he hates milk & likes Steam Punk, also a rescue. She is a tiny, feisty cat & does not put up with any of his crap. Not so proud after trip to vet. Grow oats for your cats!
Princess Jessie The Third
This is Princess Jessie The Third, she is just so happy to meet new people, she loves going for walks. She likes protecting her little herd of little hoomans and she takes her night time neighborhood watch walk very seriously protecting the neighborhood looking out for foxes.
His favorite word is mom
First off she’s a girl I don’t know why it’s saying him. But she’s a grumpy little girl who adores her family and will fight you over them. She’s a very lazy and stubborn girl too but she absolutely adores her momma and her soon to be brother.
He loves being hugged and carried and he causes chaos everywhere, hence the name
Found her in my conservatory one day, this alien of mine.
Haze is a very loving pup but has a crazy obsession with feet
Duffy likes to steal underwear from every room in the house, he's mischievous, clever, loving and loves going adventures in the car 💙