He is 2 he loves teething toys and bones he is playful always wanting to be outside
Zeta is just a 165lbs ball of love she loves to cuddle!!
She loves fruit out of the can,she likes makeup powder on her cheeks.and her favorite toy is a small rubberball in which she will put in her mouth and drop it to play with it while it bounces😹
This is chanilky(Pronounced sha nilk e), chanilky is (pretty sure) my kitten who went to heaven on 4/19/22. Her name was milky. Her name is combined with Chanango and milky.
Rocky is our sweetheart and baby!!One interaction with him and you will fall in love! He spends his days checking on chickens and getting lots of belly rubs!
Willie Nelson
Willie Nelson is part yorky and poodle he is very active loves to play with his toys he walks so proud if you ever seen a Tennessee walking horse walk then that's how he walks very proud he is so loveable
The Kittens
These are the kittens! (Aka the last litter) there are 3 little babys! They're names are goggles,mr.minnie mouse and chanilky! (Pronounced sha nilk e) Chanilky was named after my angel kitten who passed away, her name was milky.
Wynter Is A Talker She’ll Talk To You All Day Long❣️
Angel Baby
She is my ESA and she helps me beyond understanding. I go through so much alone and she is my world
He is a rescue, l found him on a cold snowy night in December. He is the most loving cat. He has already saved my life twice, he will always have a forever home with me.
Thor is 5 months old. He loves to play. When he is wild, he lays on his side and uses his back feet to push himself off the wall and slide across the floor. When he’s tired he finds me and flops down and purrs and falls asleep. He’s precious! Please vote for my baby Thor!
Omaha is no lazy Bulldog-he loves running around in the backyard chasing his ball. In the evening he loves it when his Mama gives him snuggles and belly rubs and ends the day with his favorite snack-ice cubes!
I was rescued and adopted by my mom after my previous owners moved and left me behind all alone. It took me a while to trust humans, but now, after years of so much love and care, I am so attached to my mommy. I love to follow her and get involved in gardening, cleaning, and decorating. I love to dive under sheets when she's making her bed, its like an adventure! After I eat I love chasing my mom from room to room...oh yes! I LOVE TO EAT!! I'm a bit chunky, but mom says I'm BEAUTIFUL everyday, so I embrace my thickness!
Mikey loves sleeping,running through the house and looking out the window
Beatrice is our furry bright eyed girl. She has completed our family. She loves to snuggle and be around her family!
He passed away in April. He was a loving happy dog and love to go riding in the back of the truck, and he loved being outside.
3yr old Corgi. Playful, badass attitude
Nani loves to cuddle and watch Disney movies! She is a rescue and the sweetest 💕
Brantley isnt a typical cat. He mimics you and even fetches, walks on a leash, Works cell phone games and loves car rides and more.
Milo is a love bug. He is so smart and loves to play when he’s not chillin around the house. Milo doesn’t care for outings in the car he gets carsick. My kitty loves to go on walks in his kitty stroller and every time a little kid sees him they love to pet him. He loves the attention.
This is Nugget he is full of energy, Cute and furry and fluffy. Cutest little meow chases feet when you walk past he. One moment he full energy the next he knocked out.
Hi I’m Sydney! First of all we LOVE TO EXCHANGE VOTES SO MAKE SURE TO CHAT WITH MY MOM ABOUT THAT! Now, back to me 😻I found my forever home in February. I’m such a sweetie and love my new family. Especially my big brother Oliver. I will celebrate my first birthday on 10/7. My mom tells me everyday how handsome I am! Im full of energy, very perceptive, loving and never leave my moms side. 🥰🥰🥰 Thank you so much for your votes!! 💕
He was a rescue, loves curling up on my lap on a quilt
Steely Protz
Steely is a crazy ball of energy who loves to play with his floppy fish toy and get into lots of trouble! But he also loves his cuddle time with his Dad!
This is Waffles ❤️ He’s fluffy, full of love and purrs! He loves and is attached to his girlfriend Layla, she’s a Siamese.
Sophie loves to cuddle and bathe in the sun on her window perch. She loves playing with toys and wands. She’s very affectionate and loves people. She’s amazing
Our little baby bibs likes to play and run around like a crazy little kitty 🥰. She loves cuddles 🥰 She loves her catnip treats and climbing as high as she can! She loves giving us kisses on our noses in her most loving moments. There’s never a boring day when she’s around. We love her lots .
Ziggy is almost 6 months. Shes a energetic little girl.
MJ aka Maryjane is almost 6months old.
Hannah Lynn
Hannah enjoys being with friends and family. She loves the outdoors and playing in the lake and of course the snow. She loves Hide ‘n’ Seek.. her favorite toys are her squeaky pigs and loves her marro bones. Very happy girl here.
Raven is about 8 months old. She outgoing love to play and snuggle. She likes to meet new people and will wake me up for breakfast.
Willie Wonka
Willie Wonka is a 17 week old Chocolate Harlequin Great Dane! He's sweet as can be!
Sammy was a special fellow. He loved catnip pickle toys, playing with his best friend Stinker and following me around the house. Sammy got really sick and crossed the rainbow bridge at 6 years old. #ForeverMissingSammy
Simba is a 7 year old medium short hair who Ioves watching cartoons, eating snacks and playing with his little sister Bella ☺️
George is a special cat. She is the police cat around here and keeps all the other pets in line!!
Luna Rose
Luna is 15 weeks old and full of life.. she loves to play in water and try to catch bugs lol.. she loves to try and play with her cat sisters but they don't like her and run 😂
Koda is a gentlemen. He’s cute, he’s cuddly and he’s very playful. At bedtime we can’t sleep until I’ve got down on my hands and knees and chased him round the bed.
Nova is a loving 1 year old, she loves her walks and playing with her teddies and very affectionate
Snickers craziness and boldness(which always gets him into trouble), is nothing compared to when he wants to cuddle..He makes you feel like you are the most important person in the world..❤️
Hi I’m whiskey! My mother adopted me four years ago and gave me a loving home! I play with her every day and love spending time with my brother Quincy♥️ my favorite thing to have is catnip but don’t tell mom how crazy I can get with it , I will run around the house after my toy ball and get mad when I can’t fine it. I love my family very much♥️
Princess Donut
My sweet princess donut was a rescue I adopted when she was 4 months old. She’s a playful, lover of food and she’s always the first one at the human dinner table.
Sally is a Catahoula Leopard dog adopted from White Diamond Double Merle Dane Rescue in 2020. She loves fries, bully sticks, shredding paper, and standing on her momma!
Daisy loves playing with her toys and she loves to cuddle
Pawl is very affectionate and always wanting attention. He loves sleeping right next to you, meaning he takes up the whole bed. There’s no such thing as privacy because he definitely will not allow that. He’s very much loved.
Austin loves cuddles!
Moon is the typical cat. She wants attention on her terms and nothing more, unless you are her favorite. Moon is a DIVA. She wants what she wants and wants it right now.