Steve, short for Steven is a pit bull mix. We rescued him in Arizona & he’s been with us ever sense. 🥺
My name is Luna Selen. My parents adopted me in August of 2021. I am so lucky they found me. I spent a long time going to different homes. Because I was in several different homes I had several different names They said they couldn't keep me because of allergies and shedding reasons. My new family loves me and I LOVE my new name. Oh, they give me special treats. Vote for me so I can get more treats and toys 🌙
He hasn’t jumped in…yet. He just learned that the top of the fridge is warm though.
He's fun-loving and easy-going and he loves attention he's a big old lap puppy and he's only 11 months old...
She is funloving and hype and she likes to play and talk(bark) when she is playing... She sleeps with her tounge sticking out.
He loves cuddles and being stroked.
I love everyone and everything, but the squirrels behind my house scare me. My humans say I am so fluffy!
Mars is a big, lovable boy! He enjoys butt scratches, mouse toys and being carried like a baby. His humans are his taxi cabs around the house!
He is an adorable Aussie puppy, that loves to play! He loves to roll around in the grass and chase his big brother Oliver( mini Aussie)!
I think ya'lls should vote for Mascotto because she is very people likable in all she does she is a very loving cat. When i first got her 4 days shy of being 7 weeks old she was so scared when i brought her in the house after she got used to knowing it in like 2 days, this was now her territory n she slaps the Doberman pinschers upside the face n everything. Shes so funny godd love her!!! Lil Mrs. Sassy azz.... ❤
Kitty Boop
Kitty Boop is a 3 years old cat adopted from a local shelter. She is the queen of the house and is a very vocal cat that’s not afraid to speak her meows!
Rhea is a toy Australian Shepard! She loves cuddles and never leaving your side!
Cleo was found as a stray living in my garage about a year ago. She has adapted to family life very well. She loves to cuddle.
Rudy is a Havanese-Chihuahua mix :). He loves to travel on long road trips ( sometimes he drives ), hike, and play soccer ⚽❤️. He's super sweet 😍
Clint is a big sweetheart he loves to cuddle with his mommy and meet new people. His favorite time of day is when daddy gets home from work, he loves cuddles and snuggling with mommy while watching movies.
Jewel is the queen of the house and the sassiest cat ever. She wants what she wants when she wants it and will let you know with her little voice if she doesn’t get it her way! She has the men of the house all wrapped around her little finger!
Jones loves to play fetch with little nerf bullets when he’s not chasing birds from the window. The neighborhood kids all enjoy watching on their way to school while he is on his perch.
Zeus is the sweetest so smart he definitely knows how to cheer me up when I am down he loves all babies he loves to make new friends
Hello my name is Chopper, I’m 4 months old! I love playing outside & with all my toys! My favorite is my little hedgehog! I love playing with my dog cousin Daniels too we have so much fun! I love my mommy and daddy a lot and uncle and aunties! I have alottt of energy and I love cuddles! Let’s be buddies! 😊💙
Sissy is 7 years old and is definitely in charge and trains her humans well 😁
She is 18 years old. She's a sweetheart 💕 and she is my best friend for life
Izzy a a tan sable German Shepherd. She is loyal and full of energy. She will be receiving formalized obedience training and then move on to search and rescue.
I am a calm laid back pup I am a mamas boy for sure I am also a registered service dog and I love working for my mom because I go everywhere with her I am now 5 years old. Back in November 2021 my dad had a massive heart attack and I saved his life. The dr told my mom that an hour later he would not have made it out of the hospital. I alerted my mom and she called the rescue. My dad now has a stint in his heart. I work 24/7 and I protect my family.
Sandy was a Berger Blanc Suisse. She was shy but protective of her family. She was very gentle, even allowing a group of wild ducks to come and sleep beside her once. She could catch, fetch, play frisbee, sit, down, crawl, and speak...among several other commands. She passed away Feb. 15th,2022 of a spinal disease.
Gunner William
He loves to steal shoes and chew the insoles out, nevermind his toys he has. Loves to play with his brothers Andy and Ruger and lastly, just look at that face.
He’s a great companion! he loves to sit in the sun in front of a window a lot he lets me know when it’s feeding time before I get a chance to think it. Lol he loves to have company over so they can tose his mouse to him and him bring it back for more! He definitely lets me know when someone is around or in the driveway lol he’s definitely my buddy forever 😺❤️
Franco is a super-high energy pet. He's always moving (when he's not sleeping!), and he is a lot of fun to be around!
Snickers, along with many other pups where rescued from a overcrowded backyard breeder in Texas. She made her way all the way to Idaho and now calls our home her forever home. She is a cuddle bear. We just love her. Shes tiny but dont let that fool you.. her big sisters are pitbulls and she puts them right in their place . Lol...
Ivvy is very active. She loves to play fetch and tug of war! She only loves her mama & barks nonstop at everyone else!!
Winston is named after Winston Smith from George Orwell's book 1984. He's a crazy little dude. He has some serious crackhead energy! He loves vanilla ice cream, destroying dried flowers, knocking things to the floor, running around my apartment like a maniac, and pets and cuddles. He'll be a year old in June. He's a growing boy! He likes to visit GG's house where he can hang out with his two half siblings, Jenny and Oliver, as well as his friends and cousins, Nugget, Kyro, and Mr Bun.
Ronan love to travel, he has multiple doggy friends, he loves his Kong ball chew toy and cuddles, if you are not giving him enough attention he will put his paw on you and do it over and over until you start petting him he is a sweet boy but a wild child
Leo loves eating tiki cat liquid treats and playing with his fish taco!
Benjamin came into my life when he was eight. He desperately needed a new home and I was nervous since I hadn’t had a pet in years. Ben was petrified of change but settled in and quickly won my heart. He loves watching birds, greeting me at the door and begging for treats. Thank you for your vote.
Gizmo is VERY lovable and LOVES to lay in my lap. He always wants to be with his humans. He’s kind of like a dog in a cats body. He also has huge double paws and a stubby tale. 😊😊😊
Chloe is the sole survivor of 7 pups with Parvo. She is super loveable
Marley is a miniature shih tzu who is about to celebrate his first birthday in May. He is a very energetic, caring pup loves to play. Marley loves his family an friends. He can also be very silly. Thankyou for voting!
Beautiful energetic handsome puppy . Great addition for our family
Obi has just turned 1!!🎈He is a silver dappled miniature dachshund 💘 Our favourite days are at the beach followed by a puppachino🍦
Bodeccia is a rescue cat she has settled in really well and loves the window sill x if Bodeccia did win the charity will receive all prizes x I’m just showing you how much of a beautiful cat she is x
Mabel is a Bernese Mountain Dog who very recently celebrated her first birthday 🎂 She spends her time playing with her dog friends at day care and going on adventures to the countryside and the beach. She loves food the most, and sometimes playing with her toys (especially snuffle mats when there’s treats involved!) 🐶💜
Winnie is 16 months old, loves playing in rivers and the sea. Has lots of fun playing with other dogs, and enjoys playing with her toys and eating tasty treats
Loki is the most loving cat, loves to chase and play but also to sit and cuddle! His tongue is constantly out which makes him look cheeky!
Luna came into our lives via a back yard tree as a stray kitten. She loves her treats and her fuzzy worm on a stick toy. She has 4 adopted cat sisters; she's the youngest. She is my precious little void.
Friendly but fiesty sometimes his very fluffy tail is like a fox's , he's quirky and loveable and likes to sleep on my tummy all night
hes very protective.loving stubburnloves rides walks n his toys the day i took this picture he thought we werent watching he was being sneaky
Stalker is a rescue kitty she became part the family in july 2021. Her mother was hit intentionally by a vehicle in front of us. She loves the outdoors and playing with cat toys.
Oliver Twist
I save Oliver when he was a week old someone was going to throw home in a trashcan i thought money at them and took olive he got his name cos he loves food ith dosen't mater if its yours or his he wants it his bod is march 21s of 2014 him and one of my sons are a month apart in birthday i have gone through hell to keep Oliver safe once me Oliver or ollie and joe and Dylan moved from Massachusetts to Minnesota Oliver is now having one of the best lives he could ask for he has two cat sisters we got out her and a brother that is a frog and two human brothers that live out here and he get on video chat with me to see his other brother thats in Massachusetts and his grandmother Oliver love his human nana he gets jealous over me and his family he has to smell and feel you out if he doesn't like you that tells me a lot
Lil Peachie Keen Ross Korpi
Shes playfully likes cuddles on her time love lazer lights and chasing Hornets love to mess with the other two cats she was found at the farm me and joe visit she was only a few weeks old when Joe found her her mother was hit by a car and joe couldn't find a single sibling so joe called me cos the lil one was peeping for help so we got kitten milk a bottle and some mush food for when she was ready and she became part of are family but her best friend is my five month old son. she peeped she did meow till march of 2022. She definitely stole part of my heart that needed to be stolen