I’m momma’s little wild-child. I’m super playful and love all my other kitty family members too
He has as much energy as a two year old and an amazing personality to go along with it! He loves trying to herd our smaller animals!
Pippin Rose
Pippin Rose will be entering in the December 8th contest!🥰🥰 Please remember to return the advances that she gave to support your wonderful contestants💕💕 Pippin Rose participera au concours du 8 décembre! 🥰🥰 N'oubliez pas de rendre les avances qu'elle a données pour soutenir vos merveilleux candidats💕💕
Duke loves to eat and sleep, but also loves to play and go for walks
Kiki is a very cute cat she spend her time sleeping on top of my clothes play all the time with my daughter she follows my son a lot to play with his legs and loves her toys she is very noisy when she wants something
both dogs info on presciouse page please take time to read
PRESCIOUS AND TANK ARE MY WORLD BUT HARD WORK ISNT THE WORD TANK JUST WANTS CUDDLES I RESCUED HIM AT 6MONTH FROM ABUSE BUT HES HAD PYSCOLIGY HIPNOSIS NOW FULL OF LIFE HE SAME AGE AS PRESCIOUS THEY FORMED MEGA BOND FROM DAY HE ARRIVED PRESCIOUS SHOWS VERY LITTLE AFFECTION ACCEPT EXCIMENT OF A MORNING THATS ALL YOU GET BUT I DEAL WITH IT AS IT PART OF BREED NOTHING Can be done to fix it but she still my fab bear face prinny who better perfume collection than most women only dream oftank cant have any of that he has skin allergies to everything can only eat crave lamb or bully imported from states
Taz loves cuddles! And food! And loves sleeping, but what he loves most of all is to runaround as fast as he can at 3am every morning
Goose demands snuggles and pets. His favorite things are treats, his buddy Maverick, treats and more TREATS!
She loves treats she is a tabby cat got her in 2019 when she was a kitten
Ellie is a Sheepadoodle who loves sitting on her brother, herding her humans, and literally peeing from excitement every time she meets someone.
Tink is a sweet, loving 10 year old pup that enjoys cuddles. She is very calm for a Jack Russell and is always a good girl. 🐶
My little old man, he’ll be 12 in December and is still so playful like a puppy. He’s a mamas boy and has anxiety when I’m not around.
Hi I'm Luna! I was rescued from Pittie Please rescue. My favorite activities are pestering my older brother Bear, going for long walks and cuddling in my humans laps!
Stemi loves to go out and chase the birds and squurrels. Her mom and Dad are both medical professionals so her name is the medical term for a heart attack...because she is so adorable she will give you a heart attack. Stemi loves to cuddle with her mom and dad whenever she gets a chance
Brownie Torres
Hello I'm Brownie I love to play with socks and I love too eat. Just don't leave any food unattended around me cause it will going missing. And I love to give alot of kisses and cuddling.
Hello world! This is my 3 week old kitten pumpkin🎃 He loves to snuggle and give out lots of love!🥰
She is a fantastic friend and best dog I could ever have asked for.
My name is Mojito and I'm not tiny! I pawmise!
Chloe is 7 weeks old and the runt of her litter. She LOVES to snuggle explore and play! She's already such a spoiled girl and loved so much!! If she wins, we will use the money to get her lots of toys she treats and probably a brother or sister to grow with that much sooner!!
Mikel was found in a woodpile in Iosco county michigan on memorial day weekend 2011 he was only 1 month old we took him in next thing you know he has lived with us for nine years.
Lola is a fun loving little lady who lives nothing more to give cuddles and kisses. At just 15months old she rules the household. She knows everyword i say to her. She loves playing ball and not a day goes by where she hasnt got a ball in her mouth. Spoilt rotten and i wouldn't have it any other way. X
You can find Thor sitting out of arms reach of any affection, judging how his humans are desperate for his love, while plotting how where he’ll have his next hair all (usually on the fluffy pink rug). Or you know, saving the world from evil with his lightning powers 💫 Also has his own insta 🤷‍♀️💫@thorragdollnarok
We found snow on the street under a car about a month and a half ago, he was very sick when we found him, after some vet visits we have found out that he will only live till age 2 he has FIP, it makes us very sad but we voq to give him the best 2 years we can, snow loves snacks and all toys, he enjoys being under the tent! Very lovable and loves us so much 💖
Blazer is 8 weeks old we were close to his mama through friends and he is so fun to have here in our family now! My four daughters love playing with him and teaching him the ways of a farm dog.
Bonk is named after my nephew Quinn. When Quinn was a toddler, he would pretend to be a cat named Bonk. Bonk my wild sweet baby! She enjoys popping out of shadows to scare me. She loves to hunt ponytail holders and scraps of paper.
Cosmo was origionally going to be trained as a diabetic dog for my brother with T1 Diabetes. He has saved my brother countless times through the nights where everyone has been asleep and my brothers blood sugars got too low. Cosmo is the sweetest most loving dog ever and is literally all bark and no bite!
Mr.Mitz is a very stubborn and independent fur baby.He loves to and also will play fetch with his favorite toy mouse..then back to sleepnhe goes.
I love to sleep and eat and cuddle
Moon Shine
Hello I am a handicap kitten I love yo play with balls and pick on the older cats
Nola is a very energetic frenchie. She loves playing with her toys and messing with her big brother Bentley.
Coco is 10 weeks old. She's a miniature Chorkie (chihuahua x Yorkshire Terrier) and she's full of energy but also loves to cuddle and kiss
Meenie is a loving big boy!!! He LOVES to be a cuddlebug and has a personality of his own.
Parkour is an energetic, loving and super affectionate cat. He got his name because when he starts getting the zoomies, he will literally run sideways on walls!
Chew is an energetic loveable guy who loves belly rubs when cuddling up to goto sleep. He likes toy bones and ropes and is so smart and loving.
Petry isn’t rich in smarts but he makes up for it in heart. He has the personality of a dog, and his favorite pass time is to chase his tail. He also is a funky sleeper lol
Abby is fun loving and loves to run after squirrels
She is our rescue kitty, when we got her she was so weak she couldn’t even walk, the other kittens in her litter didn’t make it, we had to bottle feed her and nurse her back to health. Now she is doing fantastic and stronger than ever with the best most human like personality. We named her Sunday because when we got her all I could do was hope she would survive til Sunday and it stuck!
Jelly bean is high energy and loves to play multiple times a day, sleeps a lot as well, is the best cuddle buddy.
Dante is a bugg(Boston terrier pug) he is a charismatic little guy that is always the life of the party! He loves sunshine and Is a bit of a beach bum. If you have a blanket for him to hide under then he will be your best friend forever!
Layla Bell
Loves to sleep all day in the sun. Will always waddle up to say hello and cuddle everyone she meets 🐾
He's a rescue, very lovable and affectionate... He thinks I'm his personal pillow....😊😊
Link is a big cuddly maine coon kitty who loves to purr loudly and be treated like the king he thinks he is lol. He's usually found outside on the prowl for little critters, climbing trees and tunneling through the snow.
Trucker is such a loverboy and loves to break hearts on a great walk!
Pooh Bear
He’s a Holland lop bunny. I saved him and raised him since he’s been 5 weeks old. He knows the come, circle and stand commands
Apollo LOVES snow
Marley is a very sleepy & cuddly cat. She loves her mom and cat soups!
Piper is super cute and loveable. She loves to snuggle and give puppy kisses. She is a Shorkie!!!