Dog cat Stories - 3


Casper is 2 months old mix breed pomeranian and bichon (Bichonaranian) he loves playing with his toys very playful pup loves to eat alot and very affectionate pup he just loves giving lots of kisses that's how he wakes mama up with lots of kisses letting me know is time to feed him he's just to adorable love him...
sweet as can be❤️
I'm 3 years old. I love my Dad and little barker. I like to go on walks and watch cars go by. I am quiet and very observant, oh and SUPER smart. I really love butt scratches and Dogsters (doggie ice cream).
I'm 6 months old. Absolutely love outside, tug-o-war, my big big brother Bull the Bully, food and my hoomans.
This dude loves to fetch. Super energetic, loveable and most of all, and he isn't afraid to be your friend!
Harley loves to eat, sleep, poop and eat, sleep, poop. Oh she also is considered t be the fun police. She likes things in order.
Stella Bell
Stella has more personality than most humans. She is very loving and affectionate. She has her “baby” stuff animal that she sleeps with every night. Stella will bring her baby to me so I can hold it for awhile then she takes it back. She is the best animal I have ever seen.
Titus is a small dog with a Big personality. He is happy and hops when he runs. He loves his rope and has a grown dog growl. He loves grass the most. He loves to dive face first into the grass and roll around in it all day long. He definitely makes his big voice heard and Giant personality shine.
Duke is a 1 year old mini poodle who loves the snow, playing with his football, and stealing slippers!
I like to wake my owner up at 3am playing with my squeaky toy... but it’s okay I’m cute. I am a purebred Siberian husky that is planed to be a service dog form my owner❤️
Ollie is a certified emotional support animal with a lot of spunk! He loves to play in the outdoors and LOVES snow!
Clovee is such a cuddle bug and he loves to talk.
She was born without back legs
Update: we are sad to say we are now unable to keep her because of our moving conditions. Hello! This is rue she is 3 months old loves to play, eat, and stand on her hind legs! We are soon to be a van life family so we are slowly taking her out on walks Every week to get to know the world! She’s very smart and likes to copy what we do❤️ Also, very photogenic I update photos a lot! The help would be greatly appreciated still haven’t been able to get her a scratching post or vaccines Since I got her for free.
Archie is a 2 year old labradoodle. He is so lovable and very talented. He is super fluffy and loves the snow! :)
He’s my big old goof ball.
Thor is a 9 month husky pitbull mix. He is super friendly and loves cuddles. He is very playful and so smart. He knows a lot of tricks and even ways to get out of his crate.
Hi my name is dolly. I’m a very sassy girl as my brother would say. I was just born a couple of months ago I’m only 2 months old. Also I love to tear up my toys so fun. 🤩
Hi my name is scooter my mommy and daddy rescued me & my name was void before they named me scooter. I love the beach, snow, & I love to cuddle with my little sister dolly we just got her and she’s only 2 months old so I’m still getting used to her.
Hi my name is Beau. I am a two year old Great Pyrenees and had a hard start in life. I am a rescue and have found my forever home. I grew up in Alabama but now live in Buffalo, NY where I have discovered SNOW!!!! My favorite thing to do is lie in snow drifts outside (and eat).
Cruise is a cuddle bug. He loves his peanut butter flavored ice cream and taking naps.
Hi guys! My name is Fred and I am a 12 year old basset hound! I love to cuddle with my mom and dad and I LOVE belly rubs. Treats are my favorite thing in the world... after eating all of my parents food. I’m such a good boy and would love your vote! 🐶
His name is Duke and he's 6 but He likes to play in the snow and he loves people!
His name is Logan and is 11 years old and he's a very loveable dog🕺🏻 he's sweet and loves people
Ziggy Mcfluff
We rescued him from the side of a very busy road when he was only 5 weeks old! I felt bad because I think he was a runaway from his mother. He could fit into one of my dad's palms. So skinny and small, now very annoying, but cute. He now has a loving family that takes care of him and will love him forever. PS. He acts like a dog, he begs for food at the table, and sniffs scraps of the floor lol He would really love a vote❤❤❤
Diesel Wayne
my name is diesel im a black lab mix i love going for car rides, i love playing in the snow and during the summer i like going to the lake to go swimming i can be ornery sometimes and chew up moms shoes! I love snuggles and getting lovings! i love chasing my brothers (cats) around the house
Baby is very loving , she likes to cuddles and give you kisses and also she’s very active .
Hercules is an energetic boy who loves to play with tiny mice toys when he's not making biscuits on his favorite blanket. He's the life of the party and loves to be surrounded by people.
Hi my name is Scout & I am a 2 year old brindle chocolate lab! I love to play in the snow and play with my toy duck!
Lil Man
Lil Man is the man around the house. He loves treats and naps. But will always gladly snuggle with momma all night long!!
Opie loves to be outside playing in the yard with family. when he is not, he finds a way. He can open windows and twist door knobs. And best of all, he's a protector. Wherever mom goes, Opie goes!
A very smiley staffie :)
His a young but big dog who loves attention and cuddles he thinks he is a small dog by sitting on your lap he has so much energy and keeps you smiling all the time. He loves the camera.
Peanut is a rescue. Found in the streets of Los Angeles. I have had him approximately 13 years. He loves the beach and he loves cheese. He is such a little lover and I cannot imagine my life without him❤️
He loves cuddles and play time
Hello friends!! 👋🏾 My name is Urban and I am a four year old Siberian Husky!! 🐶 I love long walks especially when there is snow on the ground! ❄️ I love treats and doing my special tricks to receive them from my mom and dad. My mom is a dog groomer and I hate baths, but I don’t mind walks in the rain. Thunder, fireworks, and lightning terrify me! 😱 My mom and dad always say I am a good boy. They always say they don’t think I realize I’m a husky because I don’t talk very often, whatever that means! 🤔 Welcome all my new friends to my doggy profile! ❤️
Good purrrrr night 🌙 💤 😴
Wiggles was the most special cat in the entire world. I’ve had five cats at a time and she has always stood out. She thought she was a dog and she liked to lick you as you walked by. She always wanted to get some of your food and she loved more than anything to snuggle on your lap. I miss her so much!
Cooper is a loveable, affectionate, playful little bundle of cuteness and joy 😍
Maddie is 7, loves going out, lounging in front of the fire, annoying her sister and having long naps on her tower! Beautiful nature.
Lenny used his front paws like they are hands and he has legs as long as a supermodel’s legs! 😻
Hi my name is Mala Aka/ Maki/ Baby / Mak/ I got so many nicknames. I have my mommy / daddy / big sis Kristina wrapped around my little pawzies 🐾🐾😁.. I love to go for my walkies & chase my buddies the Squirrels 🐿. I also like to play with my duckie and squeak my duckie 💯 x a day. Mama & daddy love that duckie noise. Tee- Hee. I love to give big hugs and lots of kisses.Mommy says I give the best huggies and kisses to her especially when mommy is in lotza pain in her boo boo she has in spine . She says I make her pain go away when I give my mommy big big huggies and wet sloppy kisses . Mommy says I so cutzie ❤️❤️ And am her BABBBYYYYGIRL 🐶💓.. I love sleeping with mommy and daddy in their big comfy bed that I like to hog with my little body. I know I’m a stinker 😛. I also like to be on Security Patrol sitting in my comfy Alpha Pet calming bed and watch out the window and watch for intruders . I’m a big girl and need to protect my mommy & daddy. Good luck to all my fur buddies in this cool kings doggie 🐶🐾💓contest 🐶🐾🐾🥰❤️ LOVE MALA 🐾💓
Capone is a gentle giant and loves kids and cats
Mr. Felix Anderson joined our family on 11/13/2012. We found him at a local shelter in Columbia, South Carolina. He's such a sweetheart and a goofball to boot!! His favorite things include boxes, chasing lights and shadows, and sleeping.
Frank had a rough go before he found his forever family. He was found hungry and bleeding after being attacked by another dog in the streets of Detroit. However, he plumped up and found his fur mom who loves him more than the whole world. Frank loves stuffed animals, playing tug of war, babies, running zoom laps, walks, and cuddling up next to his mom on the couch and in bed every night. Frank has lots of love to give and would love your vote!
Marley is a loving playful creature who pinks like a little piggie! He loves to be surrounded by humans.
Eddie is my funny little man, my first boy - the king of the castle. You can always find Ed sleeping in a spot thats probably too tight for him or looking for some plastic to chew on. His favorite things are plastic bags, tuna, and belly rubs!