Daisy is my beautiful prapso little girl so lovable loves her little sister pumpkin don't know wot i would do with out them they are my life 💖 line
Otis is a lazy man at heart. He loves being cuddled up on the couch. His hobbies include eating snacks, going to tractor supply, and car rides.
Bear is 22 months old very playful but loves his human daddy, he’s a happy little fella loves to take car rides because being with mommy and daddy is all he expects. If Bear wins all the prize money will be donated to Marylands rescues and local shelters so please give him your vote.
Dis is 9 years old the picture shows him rather tired after a beach run his favourite place to go
Milo is nearly a year old , he loves playing with a ball and meeting his friends in the park .As you can see from the photo he also loves socks 😂
Bear has a funny nature ...he is the dog with autism lol..he is so loving but has a little cheeky attitude..I would not change him for the world x
Nova was divas middle name
Red is a boisterous 1 year old German shepherd who loves being chased and played with. Hes very vocal but also very soppy♥️
Toby loves going up Dumyat Hill, his favourite person in the whole world is Paul. He’s a friendly, jumpy puppy who loves cuddles. His favourite food is chicken 😂 he loves it.
She was runt 4weeks old mom rejected her so she fell asleep on me with her lil tounge out we are trying to win to donate to our favorite rescue
She's not only my ESA she's a PTSD psychiatric service dog and spent the day with a 3yr old and her lil brother who's 2months old she smiled she loves kids and wants to donate half her winning to her favorite rescue California cleftie rescue
Arc animal rescue needed a mugshot of promise to see how brasaphalic she was for her spay surgery she'd love a sister but vote to adopt her a sibling from California cleftie rescue
Diva is a chug and was my emotional support dog I was on toilet and took this pic by mistake how amazing it is
I said smile for grammie
🩷Rupert Bear🩷
Pls vote for four week old promise meets four year old honey
Shiloh is 11 weeks old and a cheeky little puppy! He loves playing with his big sister and eating shoes! His favourite place to sleep is all 4 paws in the air
Roo its my second baby after the passing away of my previous dog buddy. This boy has saved me and my family and restored our heart break into love again. Hes helped us through loads. Hes a typical Collie he loves chasing ball and chewing things as hes still only 1 years old. He deserves to be in competition he is one amazing dog. Love you Roo.
My boy who passed away 3 months ago due to a unknown tumour. Most beautiful dog ill ever know. Love you forever my boythis is for you ❤️🐶
Gus loves belly rubs, a good snooze and playing fetch with his favourite toy spring.
KRILLIN LOVES TO RUN IN FILDS BESIDEDS HE THINKS A HUMAN or lap dog all the time all in all hes suck a sweet good bay couldn't ask for better,!!💞
Lucy is a very active three months old pitbull she loves to chew on everything. She has blue eyes. She acts like a little baby. I love her so much she’s so precious.
Oliver is a Scottish Fold, he can cook, shoot guns & loves to eat chicken
Oh little Tux! This poor guy was dumped in the middle of nowhere! I found him and brought him home with me so I am still getting to know him.
This is my Tryggr (Trigger) he has many attributes but i will tell yall that he loves to steal food from my plate!
Baba came to us as a feral that i spent over 8 months building a relationship of trust and respect with. She has picked us as her family and we couldn't be more grateful ❤️
Astro is a big playful goofball who also loves to cuddle. He enjoys sunbathing, playfighting, laying on his back and sleeping.
Salem Binx, named after the cat in the movie Hocus Pocus. She is Poppy’s older sister. Salem loves her chin rubbed the most.
Poppy loves drinking water from the sink, and pawing at the water. She is the runt on her family and Salem’s sister. My twin sister and I got them at 6 weeks old together.
Lady Penelope
Her Highness the Lady Penelope loves being a queen, sitting in high places to watch her siblings, and being in charge! She loves anything soft, tolerates not being in charge, and her favorite toy is a catnip filled princess crown!
Mocha Latte
Mocha Latte loves napping, sleeping, resting, relaxing, and generally being a grumpy old man! He loves the sun, tolerates Pants, and his favorite toy is anything edible!
Pants loves biting, sinking her little teeth into anything and everything, and more biting! She loves her blankie, tolerates her siblings, and her favorite toy are Q-tips!
Pandora is a little kitten who believes she is a dog 🐶 she chases her little tail In a circle and likes stealing the family dog’s chew bones she loves to sneak attack you and do the zoomies
My little Millie has a mustache and flip flop patterns on her front paws. She is obsessed with my boyfriend and following me to the bathroom. 😂
Baby Toad
Baby Toad’s favorite pastime is screaming, meowing, yelling, talking, and general cat noises! She loves all her siblings, tolerates her toad hat, and her favorite toy is a pink squid!
Lily is my lazy girl! She loves to snuggle at night and eat!!
I found him nearly frozen, so tiny he fit in the palm of my hand; now he is the king of the house. All he wants is tummy rubs, hugs and anything he wants for a kiss.
Simba loves to cuddle! He loves to run up and down the stairs and goes wild. We sure love him!!
Dizzy is a rescue and has finally released his personality. He's still very scared of certain things but has come such a long way. One thing he loves to do is stick his tongue out
Bella And Callie
This is Bella and Callie they are my dog we got them from a friend for free we decided to take them into are own hands then we took care of them we took the to the vet for the first time and it was cute Bella and Callie love to run My Dogs are the best the reason that they are is because they are fun to be around whit them it’s like my second’s Best Friend’s they are the cutest, and playful dogs ever the reason why you should VOTE FOR CALLIE AND BELLA IS BECAUSE TO ME THEY ARE WORTH EVERYTHING💞🤞🏽🫶🏼
Hi friends! My name is Augie and I’m a 2 year old mixed terrier. My favorite things to do are playing fetch and taking long walks around my neighborhood. I love taking naps after I get the zoomies. My favorite food is treats! If I win, I will ask my mom to buy me more treats, yay!
Earl Van Gogh
Earl had a very aggressive tumor in his ear. I had the ear removed and he's been a spaz since. He's constantly talking to me. He meets me at the door every day when I come home from work. I can't imagine my life without him.
Mickey is a very loving, extremely active, and super friendly boy . He loves ball amd watching over the window.
Griffey is around 6 years old and Loves going for walks, talking photos, and begging for what his humans are eating for dinner. He’s very playful, and absolutely loves tug of war, and fetch. His favorite thing to do though it play with other dogs! He loves hanging out with his other puppy pals!
Beau is an 8 week old Blue heeler. He loves to play with squeaky balls,play with his buddy (my son) and give a ton of love.
Tobi is a rescue dog from craigslist! We knew very little besides his owner before us was sick and had passed. He is an absolute sweet heart. Loves every dog he sees and wants to be the best lap dog he can. He lives his best life waiting day by day for his bark boxes to arrive. If he could tug o war would be played 24 7. His ideal day is sun bathing with a nice nap and a few treats! Hes my best friend.