Just a word to everyone. Please look at pictures I posted. I have repeatedly told this person to stay off my page but they keep on and on. They are mad because we had help to win and now they won't stop. I have reported them to Kingpet for harassment so please beware. ***ATTENTION*** I WOULD LIKE TO THANK EACH AND EVERY ONE OF YOU THAT VOTED AND GAVE YOUR TIME AND/OR FUNDS TO HELP US WIN TODAY. YOU ARE ALL GREATLY APPRECIATED BECAUSE NOW WE CAN HELP ANGEL!!! WE LOVE YOU GUYS πŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œ HI EVERYONE!!! SUNSHINE IS RE-ENTERING THE CONTEST TODAY TO HELP OUT HER FRIEND ANGEL THE CHIHUAHUA WHO NEEDS SURGERY FOR A TUMOR ON HER TUMMY. WE ARE TRYING TO RAISE THE FUNDS SO SHE CAN GET THE HELP SHE NEEDS. WE WILL ACCEPT EXCHANGES, ADVANCES AND GIFT VOTES. THANKS SO MUCH MY FRIENDS!! 🌞🌞🌞 Have a Sunshiny day everyone and thank you so very much for voting and please return all votes given and post them on my page when you're finished because if we don't see your post or link then we assume you're not voting and your votes may be stopped, so please post! Thank you! 🌞🌞🌞 ❀️❀️❀️❀️ If anyone would like to exchange votes, please post on my wall,thanks! I will also take advance votes and I ALWAYS repay them. Thanks and have a great day! ❀️❀️❀️❀️ Sunshine came to me a semi feral kitten with fleas, pink eye and an upper respiratory infection but she blossomed into one of the smartest and best little cats I've ever seen. I love her dearly because of her wonderfully funny personality. She loves playing with her toys,chasing her fur siblings, her scratching post and most of all biting my foot in the middle of the night. She wakes up in the morning purring and wanting her pets. She is my little ray of sunshine. 😊
simba is a two year old house cat who loves his belly getting rubbed and also loves his food!
He is clumsy, cleaver, with big blue eyes and absolutely stunning 😍
Bandit is a Cavapoo. A very smart, witty, energetic boy with a heart of Gold. He loves everyone and has a friend that comes to visit him every morning. Barking at the door. His Friend is Red a pit mix. When they are not chasing each other, Red likes to take Bandits balls and make Bandit Chase him. Bandit is on Youtube and he is a loving puppy for any child. He gives the best sugars, likes cheese, bones, and any ball that makes noise.
I am only doing small exchanges right now. Simba is a very special cat. He loves to play with his stuffed carrot. He will play fetch with it. His nickname is turkeybutt. I adopted him from the local humane society back in 2015. He is very photogenic and spoiled. He is 5 and a half years old. He loves to play in boxes and eat turkey. He lives with three other cats named Amelia, Arwen, and Summer. He is the man of the house 😝 He is a very loving cat and loves attention. I appreciate all votes made for Simba.
Milo, the cute little bengal cross kitten who likes to attack armpits and climb on your face while you're trying to sleep
She loves to cuddle. She talks alot but shes such a sweet kitten and shes Very playful.
Ares Pumpkin
He loves everyone!! He is so chill!! He loves to play and jump around. He is a crazy Pumpkin!!
Mischievous but absolutely gorgeous girl.
Dumplin loves to talk. She will tell you about her day and let you know she is always there to chat.
HeyπŸ‘‹πŸ‘‹I'm Buddy 5/5 of my new feline family I was a stray until I came upon this lovely house which welcomed me with food, warmth, love, attention everything I ever wanted and needed at first I was really timmided and shy but now I know I'M HOME I can now be myself and not have to worry about getting food staying warm or having shelter......
She its a very nice cat she its 10year old
HeyπŸ‘‹πŸ‘‹I'm charlie I'm 4/5 of my feline friends, I am the youngest of my sisters and like Patch and Nana I to have got an extra claw on one of my paws, I love the attention, I love to Eat all day long especially snacks, I'm really friendly and playful
Coc came to us at 2 years of age. He was very intimidating at first because we got him from a family member that kept him in a cage for his first 2 years. He is now the most loving, protective, well tempered and loyal dog i have ever seen...we love him dearly!
HeyπŸ‘‹πŸ‘‹I'm Nana I'm 3/5 of my feline friends, like my sister Patch I also have an extra claw in one of my paws, I'm really lazy, I LOVE to sleep, I love Goats milk, I'm really shy until I get to know you and I love cuddles......
Hey πŸ‘‹πŸ‘‹ I'm Ruby i am 1/5 of my feline friends, I'm the main gaffer of the house it's my way or the high way, I am very sassy and playful I love to catch rats, mice and frogs and bring them home for rewards SNACKS yummy
Hey πŸ‘‹πŸ‘‹I'm Patch I'm 2/5 of my feline friends, I have an extra claw on most of my paws, I'm very friendly and cuddly I love to sleep and give kisses when I want something...... TREATS maybe
Airborne Orozco
Yorkie/Chihuahua terrier mix
Hi I'm Havoc I like to sleep eat and run around
Tigger is a loving, cuddly kitten, he hates being alone and runs straight to you when back and gives u cuddles and kisses he is a very playful and bouncy kitten hense the name Tigger
Hello, my name is Buddy, but my family calls me Bud, Budrow, or Budderson. I was adopted into this family 10 years ago. During the first 2 years of my life, I was abused by my first family. I have a burn scar on my back as a permanent reminder of that life. Since I have been with my current family, I love cuddling, warmth, and my mommy. When I cuddle, I end up making my owners fall asleep because I am sooo warm! I love my family so much!
My name was Otis, but my mommy changed my name to Oteru (O for Otis, teru is short for bibiteru meaning scarry cat in japanese) because I'm very shy and jumps at any sound. I was a stray and my mommy adopted me and my bestie brother, Meatball. I'm almost 3 months old and I have a lot more to grow. I'm a real purring engine when mommy strokes my neck. I like to run up to mommy's feet and sits a perfect cat sit right before her, look at her straight in the eyes when I want to be picked up. Mommy said I make racoon sounds when I seek attention, but I have no idea what she's talking about. I do elongate my meows to show mommy how hungry I am when it's meal time. I love to stalk and pounce on my bestie Meatball. We sometimes playfight and I would run away most of the times because Meatball bites too hard. But I still love Meatball. We cuddle together when we nap. He's my cuddle buddy!
Ace Boy
Hi, my name is Ace but my mom and dad call me boy or even shoulder monkey (I love sitting on there shoulder)! Some stuff that I like to do is watch Netflix with my mom when she gets off of school, watch my dad play video games, my mom and dad have taken me on car rides and they are a blast, I like playing in the bathtub (With no water of course), I have two sisters named Baby Shark and Dolly, and last but not least I love eating treats my favorite kind is Temptation but it has to be the chicken flavor! I am 5 month old with a job to fill your day with love and smiles, even off the job when I'm sleeping I can put a smile on your face!
Tipsy Chiffon
Tipsy is a handful. She's always rolling of the bed and running into windows. Some of her favorite things to do include taking baths with her friend Junie. Carrying her toys like a dog. And being in my face.. She's loads of fun, always doing the unexpected. She's a pain, but I love her.
Where do i even start??? My logan is a floof mixed in with a little sass & dog.. He's always begging for whatever we are eating, it could be literally anything & he'll want it! If he wants attention youre the first to know, he's got the loudest meow ever! Logan is a lover not a fighter & loves to play with his seester harley. He's an attention whore for anyone whos brave enough to love on him & not stop. He loves to snuggle in bed & purrs nonstop! He & his sister are my babies and are the funniest pair!
Scrappy is a huge baby! He loves food and his mama! He is attached to his mom’s hip and cries when he can’t see her.
Maisy is one of a kind, our house is more hers then our house, cause she thinks she's the princess. She loves getting her outfits on and posing. She's so loving, we just love her so much.
I was walking with my mommy when someone asked Mommy, what kind of dog is that?. I'm not a dog /ᐠqꞈqᐟ\! I was a rescue and adopted with my bestie by Mommy. I'm a real foodie. I would hug mommy's leg to let her know I'm hungry. I would sit right in front of her licking my chops. I would dash to the sound of rustlling plastic bags thinking it's food. Mommy kept telling me no snacks because she don't want me to turn into a mini sumo. I'm a real purring engine. I purr when I eat. I purr when Mommy pets me. I purr when Mommy picks me up. I purr when I nap. Basically, I purr a lot because I'm happy!
Ranked 6th in Ohio, last contest. Mama's precious little fur baby. Alice is little over a year old. The runt of her litter with epilepsy, but she never let's it slow her down. Past times include loving on and napping with Mama.
She is a cutie patootie. Cleverly named after the rum- both have the same amount of spiciness about them. She is my heart and soul and loved by everyone who meets her
Maximus Aurelius
I LOVE peanut butter! I can hear the jar open and I gotta have some! I also love my squeaky ball toys, and showing them off to my owners by squeaking them in my owners' faces! I love playing with sticks out in the yard and pulling sticks out of the firepit, especially sticks that are twice my size! Don't leave an empty water bottle lying around, or else its MINE!
Mia became an angel on 11/16/2020 at 15 years old. She was a very shy but sweet girl. I rescued her from a bad home and she went through alot there so she is timid. When I first got her,she woud pet herself because she never received attention in her other home. She has a hyperactive thyroid and as a result she is in kidney failure and has a heart murmur. She is doing okay for now with medication and fluids every few days. We are trying to win the money to pay for her medication and vet visits. She is my girl and we have been through so much together, she is my heart. Thank you for your support! It means a lot. πŸ’—
Gemma likes to follow me everywhere, sunbathe, hop around and getting her chin wet while drinking water
Mr. Sanchez
Mr. Sanchez is a rescue Maine Coon mix. He enjoys his life with three rescue Tortie cats. He thinks he is a dog!! The best cat ever!
Sawyer is an emotional support animal has helped me through my darkest times. He’s like a little human that enjoys cuddling he always knows when I need him.
Buddy is 3/4 Great Dane and 1/4 German Shepard. He loves everyone he meets. He loves to play outside and go to the dog park! He also does tricks such as rolling over, sitting handsome, shakes, and laying down. He is an amazing dog :)
Buster bean is an indoor kitty. He loves food and playing with his toys :) He does tricks such as balancing on the chair and giving knuckles ☺️
Kane loves Marvel with his Captain America leash, Iron Man collar and Thor hammer toy. He has a lot of energy and loves playing with his human brother.
Loves her daddy and pizza.
My name is Moe. I was adopted as a tiny baby. I love to sunbathe and go for rides in my mommys truck. My favorite toy is pipe cleaners and i love to pester my dog sister πŸ₯°
Scampi is a loving cat he loves cuddles he loves when you feed him he loves sleeping on you or next to you
Ebony is a sassy little madam but so loving. As soon as she wants cuddles she looks at me and barks.
Socks is an unknown breed that we adopted. He is 16 years old and is the sweetest cat! ❀️
We called him Buddy from the Valley. Is a cat we adopted but unfortunately we have 2 cats already at home. Buddy don't like to come inside the house but he loves to meow for attention and food. We love to play with him and make sure he feels the same love we give to our other fur babies.