I’m Jupiter, I’m very hyper and I love wet food and to play with my big brother. I’m his side kick, I’ll do anything he does! I’ll even go bathroom with him. I love windows and love watching my mommy feed the bearded dragon!
Molly loves naps and treats! She loves meeting new people. Mostly to con them to give her some treats! Haha. Also, She is 14 years old and is just the sweetest girl❤️❤️
Gypsy Jean
Gypsy loves to curl up under my chin and sleep. She also loves to dart through the house, jumping over furniture and run across the table and chairs. Not bad for a 9 year old kitty.
Korra is a sweet princess who was rescued. Vote for Korra!!!
Duke is a very loveable and friendly dog. He knows how to comfort you on bad days. He is a very good boy.
Kat goes meow
Lunas adorable looks can be deceiving. Luna is the nosy outgoing and playful cat you will meet. She plays 24/7 and is always hiding and scaring her siblings. A force to not be reckoned with ❤️
Toby Cat
Hello I’m Toby! I’m a polydactyl which means I have extra toes! I have thumbs on my front feet. I enjoy sleeping on my families’ chests, playing with plastic springs, chasing my sister around the house, & of course, eating all the treats mom will let me have! I’m 20lbs & the biggest lover you could ever meet🤍 Thanks for your vote, humans🤍
Stryper used to be a very bad cat. He was very crazy and violent but after a couple cat brother friends he is now the coolest cat. He lets me dress him up, he is also an aspiring model. He makes the best head pillow , likes to ride on my shoulders and have adventures on a leash. Stryker loves making new friends of all species, big or small.
Kansas is my service dog. She helps with a variety of my medical conditions and loves to spend her time around my family and snacking on a yummy bone!
Diesel is a 14 week old pure breed boxer. He is sweet, loving, and protective of his 3 y/o kid. He is a genuine attention hog, and loves pets and rubs any time he can get them! Show him some love, and pass on a vote!
Frank is a loving rescue dog. He loves, hanging out with his best dog friend private, eating treats, and barking at delivery people. Franklins winnings will be donated to National Canine Cancer Foundation in memory of his brother Tango.
Rory is a 5 month old Goberian! Her mom is a light golden retriever and her dad is a stunning Siberian husky. She is infatuated with all squeaking toys, but especially her Lambchop! 🐑
Ashes is spoiled and she definitely knows it. She loves both her parents, but especially loves playing with her dad beard.
Spazzie loves playing with her toys, sneaking up on her sister and going to bed with mom. She’s a very energetic chonk.
I adopted this precious little boy last week. He is 8 weeks old. And he loves his big sister and brother
Remi is a little over a year old and full of energy! He loves to play fetch and go swimming at the lake. He has a big personality and an even bigger heart!
Shadow now has her fur-ever home after finding her abandoned in a Walmart parking lot. She is a sweet, energetic pup who loves snuggling, car rides, and her toy stuffed monkey. She also enjoys long walks on the beach and hammocking by the water front downtown with us. Anyone who meets her instantly loves her!
Cookie came to me from a friend who couldn't take him to her new home. He is such a cuddle buddy and loves to crawl underneath the blankets to cuddle with us. I can have conversations with him too, as he actually answers me. I love him so much.
Davey is 3 1/2 years old. He likes to be close to us and cuddles with us at night, giving us kisses on our nose, purring up a storm. He's the most affectionate kitty I've ever owned.
Azul is a Lynx Point. In her spare time she likes catching lizards, eating treats and watching me shave. She has a younger sister who she is teaching all her cat tricks to include but not limited to escapes, dog provocations, and knocking items off countertops.
He is a Rottweiler/ blue heeler mix he loves being outdoors, he’s a very active and good puppy for 13 weeks old, he loves walks, he loves car rides with his head out the window, he loves being snuggled up next to you. Please vote for our boy!
This is butters he is my sisters dog and he is 2 years old and he loves to play with his brother and sister Nira and bandit!
He love to play and eat abd sleep
This is cali she is from Clovis nm and me and my boyfriend adopted her this month she is a beautiful calico cat with lime green eyes and a very short tail! She’s very energetic at night and loves catnip and laser toys!
Je compte sur vos votes! Minette est chanceuse 🍀
Neema is a dog whose only goal us affirmation - she wants to always know she is loved, always cuddle, and always just be with you. She is a total goof and lover and wants to make everyone her friend!
Dixie is very courious about everything. Likes other cats and dogs. Gets the zoomies when it is time for bed
Clyde is the goofyest dog in the world and tge best dog he loves playing with hus big brother and eating biscuits 😀😀😀
Cannoli loves cuddles and car rides! She is a shy pup at first but once she opens up she is the sweetest girl!
Kreature likes to be by his moms side at all times. Likes to sleep in and be under the covers to keep warm.
Ariel And Rico
Ariel and Rico one is a girl and one is a boy they're St Bernard's re retriever mixed puppies they're four months old we just got them like a month ago so I'm still trying to get to learn them and everything but they're so adorable good listeners world behave obedient gentle kind 😌 there funny 🤣
Monroe is our fun loving sweet rescue girl! She is enjoying life with her forever home and loves to pick on her big sister Presley!
I am squishy I am 10 years old and I like to cuddle with my mom and I love laying on my moms chest and sleeping 🥰
Bobo is a rescue.. he's a very loving cat and very affectionate. He likes to cuddle with you. And if you don't show him attention he bites you. I couldn't ask for a better Kitty.
I found Kringle at a gas station Christmas night of 2021. He was about 4-5 weeks old and I told myself if he was still there the next day, I would take him home. He was still there so I took him home and he is the sweetest boy, giving his situation. He’s such a happy little guy and I am so lucky we crossed paths.
Cuddle buddy always purring. It's playing or cuddling no in between.
Blu loves to play outside!
Oliver is a very lovely cat that loves to cuddle and get kisses. He has FIV but that hasn't stopped him from living his best life
Dolly is a rescue cat who flew all the way from Bahrain to make my life complete! She is a playful little girl with the cutest meow! Definitely a fiend for catching flies 😬 but more than anything she loves cuddles and catching sunbeams ❤️ if I win some money she will get a drinking fountain!!
Busta is fun loving engery dog he only has 3 legs but that dose not stop him from being best dog in world ❤️
My sweet Lola is a rescue dog… we literally found her running around in traffic scared and hungry. She is 2 months old And weighs a whopping 5 lbs. she is so smart, friendly and playful. I’ve only had her for 3 weeks and she is already potty trained! She knows how to play fetch, sit and lay down and not to chew on mommy’s shoes! Her favorite treat is baby carrots. She loves taking a stroll through the park and sun bathing on a warm, sunny day. She is my study partner, my snuggle buddy and my new best friend. I’m so blessed to have her in my life!
Marty Mcfly
Hi! I’m Marty and I am a 3 months old Bernedoodle which is a Saint Bernard and a poodle. I absolutely love belly rubs!!!
Saria loves to play with her rope and drag it all over the house. She loves salmon treats and goes crazy hunting for them! She cuddles under the blanket between my legs at bedtime. She loves going outside on nature walks and getting into trouble!
Trouble is a rescue dog. As a puppy he was abused. He's brought so much joy and love to my life. I couldn't ask for a better companion. He's the love of my life.
Bear Bear
Iv had bear since the day he was born. He’s a baby but you can’t let the other cats see him being all love able! His favorite thing to do it get into and dump over all the plants in the greenhouses.
He’s a Havanese Shih Tzu Poodle mix. He’s energetic, loves to play and cuddle. He is 2 pounds and will only grow to be 4-6 pounds.