Lovable funny little piggy with attitude ❤️
Blue loves belly rubs along with being brushed with my hair brush. And he loves to steal the bathtub plug. I can't leave the toilet paper on the roll because he will roll it right off onto the floor so i put it in basket where he can't reach. He also likes to play fetch, but not as long as his sister
Alfie is originally from Romania, where we rescued him in November 2020. Since then he’s been a valued member of our family. He is extremely playful despite being four years old. On walks, he loves to play with sticks and other dogs. He also loves swimming in the nearby lake. At home he loves to sleep on his back, the paws in the air, ready to receive tummy scratches.
Chance is a Portuguese Water Dog that is a service animal and when he is not working he loves to play and be a fun loving dog with visits to the dog park!
She loves to chase her tail in that bathtub. Playing fetch is her absolute favorite thing, she brings it back every time
Mischa Moo Min
This is Mischa moo min, she’s a 5 year old cat very lovable and playful. She has 2 coloured eyes which are blue and green and is also deaf because she pure white but doesn’t seem to bother her she’s a very happy little cat that loves her cuddles and loves her dreamies. So please vote for Mischa moo min!
Elvis is a rescue who had never been socialised. He was a nightmare when he came to me 2 years ago, he wanted to fight every dog he saw. He's over that now, not perfect and we still have work to do but all he really needed was patience and to be loved. My best mate.
Gracie Raye
Gracie Raye was adopted into my family a few weeks ago. She is such a sweetheart and gets along well with my other Kitty Henry. I also take photographs and it seems she poses for the next shot I take. She is a rescue and a joy to have found.
Buster is my cuddly little bear, he is six months old he loves to run and play fetch. He knows some simple commands like sit, stay, shake🐾 most of the time is know not to bark when I say No bark well sort of he's still a pup 🙂He is my protector and my best friend . He is a very kind hearted soul... And I love him so very much
Benjamin is a rescue boy, and now loves nothing more than sitting on a chair and having a fuss. He loves his best friend Theo ( a labrador) and they are always together.
This is cassie cat: A rescue a cat she’s been through a lot and was quite stressed when we got her but now we’ve turned her life round for the better and is now a very happy cat that just likes the quiet life and likes to sleep and chill. So please vote for cassie 😁
Freddie is a very loveable cat, he loves to be around people and he likes all the attention, he can be loud at times but only when he wants cuddles
Wisper is a 1 year old cat he loves my 8 year old daughter they are best friends he cuddles up and sleeps next to her to keep her safe and waits for her to get home from school
Loki is an 11 months old,chocolate labrador. He is such a sweet , gentle playful dog and my best friend.
Cookie is a 8 year old miniature style cat she is very loving and loves cuddles from everyone
Mr Q
Loves to be the centre of attention. Has his own special pillow at bedtime. His favourite biscuit is shortbread, has an occasional cheeseboard for lunch and loves a game of hide and seek of his dentastik after his morning walk!
Jax is my heart. He is going through some really bad health issues right now. Not sure how much longer he will be with me. Hes a great boy. I just want everyone to see how handsome he is.
Blue was the runt of the family,growing a lot slower than his siblings and seemed to be rejected by his owner as he was covered in fleas and had worms :( Blue is now gaining weight at a healthy pace and is free from all fleas and worms! Blue loves to drink kitten milk to fill up his adorable tummy ♡
Peabody was found outside right after she was born. She is a bottle baby.
Blue is my sons best friend he helps him everyday being a fun loving boy but also a little bit naughty 🤣
Gracie is a maincoon cross
She is our little baby ! Has to sleep on our bed and is obsessed with her squeaky balls …. Our ears are not 😂
Lunabear is an energetic dog, she loves socks and lots of cuddles. She gets very excited when new people give her a fuss.
Pumpkin Spice
Pumpkin is definitely a tortie. I adopted her from the shelter 4 years ago. She’s a big part of our family. Don’t know what I’d do without her. Oh and she loves her wet “fancy food”!
Chester loves a tummy tickle and lots of kisses! x
Charlie lives with 4 other females he never uses his own. Toliet think maybe cause he is a boy but my beautiful boy
Lucy Marie
Lucy Lu Lu is a very unique cat. She has beautiful long soft hair and she is full of energy. She has extremely sensitive earring and loves to play wormy.
Momo is the sweetest boy, he has such a gentle demeanour and loves to always be around you and keep you company 💕🐈‍⬛
My name is jolly. . I'm a sweetie and love to play and chase my toys.
My name is angel. I enjoy long walks and dressing up with mommy. I'm a fiesty fenine but can also be sweet.
Taco is a fun loving dog, he loves to roll around on his back and talking to you. He loves playing around with his sister Zoey and going on trips.
He is a Blacksmith cat, who loves to help out around the forge. Gets love off passers by and always loves a good treat.
Loki is a very crazy tuxedo cat! He was brought to the vet I work at back in 2021 as a very small nasty kitten. His eyes were all crusted shut and he had a nasty nose. Someone dumped him out by the high school but luckily some kids seen him and brought him in. We had to give him antibiotics and clean his face for 2 weeks and he finally wasn’t snotty! He is now 2 years old and Very playful and sometimes a butthole but he truly is a good cat. He has eyes like a lemur as I say because they are always huge! His nickname is bingus.. which is what we call him most of the time. He loves to play in the wet shower which is very weird but we don’t judge him.. not terribly atleast. He is also very very obsessed with chicken squeeze pouches. Him is a very good boy and he deserves all the love in the world!
In January, I was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer, lost my job due to the office I worked at shutting down, and had to put my other cat of 18 years down. We received Chester a few days later, and he has brought happiness and joy into our lives with his lovable and playful personality. We truly believe God brought him in our family during these tough times!
He’s super sweet and gentle! Everyone loves him instantly!!
Simba is 1 in age, he is very effectionate, loves having showers 🚿 and being brushed, he is gentle and I cant get enough of him, he is a cuddly as he looks!!!
Adorable little kitty with so much energy but a little menace too! Only 10 weeks old, a blue point ragdoll ❤️🐱
Georgie is the most excited little puppy you will meet! He’s a quick learner and just generally a really cute dog 🐕. Georgie comes from a farm in Lincoln and has met lots of friends there including dogs 🐕, horses 🐎,rabbits 🐇,parrots 🦜, doves 🕊, alpacas 🦙 and goats 🐐! I’m sure if you had met him you would completely agree too that he is the best little cockapoo 🐶 puppy out there. Thanks a lot 👍
Freddie is a very handsome boy who loves to play with his feather toys, watch the world go by sitting on top of the pergola. He's very friendly and loves cuddles.
Panda loves to be held and follows me around all day, asking to be picked up. He’s a love bug
Kahlua is an Aussie Shepherd pup. She’s very playful and sometimes a bit naughty.
Tsika likes fish and mischief!
My big baby boy. Named after GNR guitarist.
Cleo is layng on the plate of finished catnip. Cleo was also going to be abandoned when we took her in. People were moving and going to leave the 7 yr old kitty behind. They feed her cheap cat food and let her run outside. She used to be skinny.
She is a beautiful kitty. She is a rescue. She had been abandoned and we got her. She loves to sit in her cat tree or the back of the sofa.
Salem was a rescue kitten who used to hide from us scary humans, but now loves cuddles, strokes and playtime!
Misty is a big cuddle bug she loves teats and to purr she loves cat nip she is such a an amazing girl ❤️