Hi I’m whiskey! My mother adopted me four years ago and gave me a loving home! I play with her every day and love spending time with my brother Quincy♥️ my favorite thing to have is catnip but don’t tell mom how crazy I can get with it , I will run around the house after my toy ball and get mad when I can’t fine it. I love my family very much♥️
Princess Donut
My sweet princess donut was a rescue I adopted when she was 4 months old. She’s a playful, lover of food and she’s always the first one at the human dinner table.
Sally is a Catahoula Leopard dog adopted from White Diamond Double Merle Dane Rescue in 2020. She loves fries, bully sticks, shredding paper, and standing on her momma!
Daisy loves playing with her toys and she loves to cuddle
Pawl is very affectionate and always wanting attention. He loves sleeping right next to you, meaning he takes up the whole bed. There’s no such thing as privacy because he definitely will not allow that. He’s very much loved.
Austin loves cuddles!
Moon is the typical cat. She wants attention on her terms and nothing more, unless you are her favorite. Moon is a DIVA. She wants what she wants and wants it right now.
Piper Gayle
Piper Gayle is the queen of bullspit! She loves to run her mouth and is a complete mess! She's hilarious! We love her so much.
Kitty is the sweetest girl on the planet! She's the kindest soul I've ever met.
She loves cuddles & a bite of fries
Panda love's going outside and playing football .And he Love baby . He is very loving
Asher is a border collie/ coon hound mix and is a parvo survivor. He's a big bundle of energy and so so smart. He loves to stick his head out the window on car rides and he'll gladly ride around for hours! His favorite thing is belly rubs, he will instantly flop down and roll over as soon as someone gets close. He was abandoned when he was less than a month old on the side of the interstate. After being nursed back by animal control we rescued him when he was almost 2 months old. After lots of love and goats milk, he's a healthy happy pup and spoiled rotten. 🥰
Lil Tunechi
tunechi is a very silly boy that loves to eat toes and sleep on your shoulders 🥹🫶🏻 vote for him so i can buy more bandaids for my TOES 🥲
Meet Matilda who is nearly 3, she is very inquisitive, shy but loves her private cuddles… She loves paper bags and boxes to play with… Get too close and she will show you who have the bigger claws… The photo with the eggs, she sat there for over 30 minutes, even though I had told her they would never hatch….
Bodie is 8 weeks old and was a stray along with his sister and 4 brothers. I adopted Bodie 3 weeks ago and he is so cute. He loves playing tug and chase. Please vote for Bodie.
I love to hug my mommy around the neck and cuddle in her arms!
Moahnah Bellah
Moahnah is the most talkative Kitty, hense her name ♡
Gomar loves hunting , playing and pounce treats. He loves getting himself into tons of trouble! But is 110% a mamas boy and amazing snuggler! ❤️
Her meow is the tiniest roar ♡
This is Nicolette cuddling our rescue kitten Roadie. They are inseparable now!❤️
Sammy is a Total Ham! He Loves his picture taken. He’s a super hunter too!
Im not fat, I have a big personality!!
3 month old Lucy here! She loves cuddles, snacks, and playing hide and seek! A good nap is always a must.
I'm a sausage dog who loves to run‚ lay in the sun‚ and cuddle up next to you on the couch<3
Hi! My name is Miso‚ and I was rescued by my now furever home! Follow me on Instagram @misothesiamesesoup
Daisy is a sweet, smart girl who loves to smile!
Max is a 4 year old jack russell and mini pin. He loves going out for walks. He loves everybody he will greet you when you walk in.
Macchiato loves when mom gives her a treat!
Patches is 1 years old and loves to zoomies around the house. She enjoys chasing moths and watching birds through the window. She is very energetic
Cleo loves showing everyone her ball 🏀I am energetic and love to snuggle💗my big sister is here too, she stands no chance
You’ll see my sister Cleo too, I’m the better sister (as most older sisters are)😜
Lizzie Is an amazing cat. She climbs our curtains, which is quite amusing, and knows when bedtime is. She is very smart. So smart she picked a movie for me to watch (cruella de vil) and watched it with me. She was named after queen Elizabeth 2 because we got her when the queen died. 😭she likes kitten milk and she love normal cat food for some reason though we encourage her not to.
Draco loves getting into mischief with his two friends Smalls and Bear
Torchee is a very loving cat. She lives to cuddle with you and loves to be scratched. She is one of a kind and we love her tons
Milo is a very friendly and fun loving cat. I adopted him five years ago and we have been inseparable ever since. He loves to cuddle and is super talkative. Milo is also very smart. He has learned how to open every single one of his treat containers, so I have to make sure they are literally locked up and put away. His favorite toy in the whole wide world is ... puff balls. He bats them around in the middle of the night and sometimes plays fetch with them. I love him so much and I can’t imagine my life without him. Follow Milo on Instagram: @MiloTheCat96
Shes a cute maniac who live nothing more than playing with her other 4 legged friends
Adorable blue x Home bread ...Worcester England x uk x 😍
Kitty is the most loving dog ive ever had she sleeps with us in bed has to be touching me she a great big sister and watches our grandkids very well
Home is wear heart is ...mamma snuggles
I fell in love with Aphrodite at the shelter after my beloved Cole passed. I was never told what happened to her eye but it surely doesn’t hold her back! She’s a diva, she’s so loving but only when she wants to be. The shelter told me she was brought back twice and I could never understand why, she’s the most amazing loving baby! 💗
Bentley loves to chew on bones and go for long walks, and car rides, but also picks out his own treats 💕 and has to has his own plate for dinner !
Waiting on Hurricane Ian to pass through.
MacKenzie is a female morkie and is 11years old. She loves the outside and her treats. She is spoiled and has no idea that she is a dog. Love her beyond words!
My beautiful little girl sphynx kitten called Maggie xx
Pumpkin is a sweet tiny orange cat, she loves to play and act like a dog, she absolutely has to have clean fresh water at all times😂♥️
Sally is a pretty old girl. We’ve had her for about 5 years now and she was a stray that I found on the side of the road. We guess she is around 8-9 years old now. She’s grown to love being a part of our family and we love her. She’s lazy and gets her bursts of energy and loves her very own recliner🥰her only flaw is that she wants loves so bad she claws at you for them 😂
Cortana is a red healer bloodhound mix that wandered into our home one day and we could never find her owners so now she’s our baby♥️Don’t know how old she is but she’s very playful and full of energy so we guess around 2. She’s a very talkative pup for sure but we’re glad you have her in our family♥️
Hybrid is a corgi jack russel mix. He loves to play tug of war and cuddling. He’s our little boy♥️