im a very mischievous little bastard. i take naps all day then run around all night screaming at my sleeping humans. i am also very fat because i ate my emotions away when my brother died :(
Keena And Kiera
Keena and Kiera are basically one. They are 12 year old sisters. They love to snuggle and get all the attention.
Baby Fonz
I'm not exchange votes..return advance votes. Thank you team... I can't votes your pets, Even my pet.not feeling good ..
Vinz Clortho
Vinz is playful, loving and so needy it is adorable. Where we are he is! Including sitting in the sink when we are in the bathroom. He was surrender by his last family for being fearful and bad mannered. He just needed a quiet home with few people who were willing to teach him to be a gentleman <3
Luna is an 7 month old black lab//pitbull mix, her previous owners were going to "get rid of the litter" so when i saw her i just knew that i had to have her. It was definitely love at first sight. Shes the most playful AND lazy pup but she fits in PERFECTLY.
Benz was my savior. He was recently put down due to cancer in his throat. He was 17 years old. He has been my best friend, and my rock for all these years. He is the best dog a woman could ever ask for.
Avery is a 6 year old chiweenie. Her favorite thing to do is visit her grandpa in Tennessee and she loves protecting her babies(toys) from her sisters.
Josie is a 5 year old chiweenie. Her favorite thing to do is sleep all day and eat pickles with mommy.
Fred is a very loving chug which is a pug and chihuahua mix. He is a very territorial pig though and will protect his home no matter what.
Gypsy is a wild little kitten full of energy. She is just a wonderful bundle of joy and loves to play and bite with everyone.
Buck is a 5 year old Australian Shepherd. He is very attached to me and he is the cutest little thing when he gets to know you. He loves cuddles but is very shy in the beginning.
Mister likes to sleep, especially on mommy’s lovesac, which he took over. He loves to bird watch and take sun baths during the day.
Prince loves windowsills, biting straws, and french fries.
Akhira Pons
She was a rescue cat she likes to look out the window alot she is a sweet heart her favor place to be is on my bed....
Moon hatessss tape, sleeps a lot and love playing with her sister
Her favorite toy is a tennis ball, loves to cuddle, and helps with anxiety
Theodore loves to eat, play, get brushed, and sleep! He is the sweetest lil boy and considers himself more of a dog.
She is a fun lovibg rowdy pup she loves ppl and pics as a pup she is still energenic and gets the zoomies
Cooper loves to cuddle and be outside. He gets super excited when meal time comes and can’t contain his excitement he’s my little piggy
My name is Puss, dont get it twisted cause i aint no soft cat. I grew up in the hood. One night i was catten around and got jumped by the west side bad cats. They left me disabled. I crawled back home screaming for my dad. He wrapped my toe and healed me. I gave up my catten after that and moved to the calmer south side. Now i have friends i hang with or i sleep all day in my cozy cat bed. Life is sweet.
Diva is a 150 pound beast. She is the youngest dog yet she is ALPHA. Diva takes no mess from anyone. She doesnt have a problem slamming her husband if he gets to friendly with the neighborhood flirt. Divas street name is "Dewki" or "Dew Dew".
Deebo is a 120 pound Great Pyrenees that thinks he is a chihuahua. He enjoys sitting in laps and barking like a mad man with his chihuahua siblings.
Killa was rescued from the streets of Wichita. His feline mother abandoned him and his siblings when they was about 4 weeks old. He got his name from being the rowdiest cat in the house. Killa likes to climb curtains and scale christmas trees in his spare time.
Postie was rescued from the streets of Wichita. Him and his siblings was abandoned by their feline mother when they was about 4 weeks old. We picked them up and brought them home. They all went to new homes except for Postie and his brother Killa.Postie got his name from the rapper because the song Sunflower was on the radio the exact moment we saw him. He is a little sweetheart.
She loves the bathroom that’s for sure she’s a Russian blue that I love so much
Sweet Amazing Grace is my service companion after my two brain surgeries in 2019. Grace has a sweet personality and I am so blessed to be her human.
Greta is a shy girl, she loves playing outside, she loves her brother vanfleet
Spud loves to play fetch. When he hears the garage door, he waits for me to enter the house at the door and jumps on my shoulders. He Love to cuddle in bed around my neck. He sits on the shower rail while I am in the shower. He follows me everywhere go😻
Rue is a rescue dog. She was previously a puppy mill breeding dog that was rescued by a Pomeranian rescue out of Harrisburg, PA, in 2016. We adopted her shortly after she was rescued. She loves taking walks with her four siblings and barking up a storm to let us know she wants something. We call her bitch’n Rue Rue because she can bark forever waiting for her dad to come home. She is partially blind in one eye and she’s also loosing her hearing. She’s one of the sweetest pups we’ve ever had.
This is the best girl! Tara has quite the obsession with people, especially children 👶 going for walks is her favorite thing to do. Very vocal, & is just so very sweet.
Blu is such a loving cat. He loves attention, hugs, chasing lights, looking out windows and sleeping in a sunny spot❤
This is Mister! He is a retired store cat at a local pet store. I took him home because of the stress he was facing at the store. He is 13 years young and has a lot of energy like a kitten! He loves to catch birds and is loved by the whole city of Grand Rapids😌
Kira is a complete snuggle bug and loves to take her naps! She will speak and sing for treats and pets. When she gets super excited she will get the “zoomies” and throw her toys!
Spice tries to mamma everyone! She is a sweetheart and loves her family! And socks!! Lol
Kisses loves to run free, and chase everything that moves. She especially loves to beg for treats by saying "I love you".💗🐶
Rabit is an 11# 8mo. Old kitten who loves to please everyone. He helps calm my son down when he gets upset. My son has adhd and has spells rabit is always there to help calm him. He is also very loyal and will put up with anything.
She likes to curl up and sleep on your shoulder.
Cheeky, funny and very cwtchy. She loves playing with her mini tennis balls. And she loves to try and rule the roost
Pumpkin is probably one of the most loving kittens I have ever had!! No matter where I go he is always right there....he likes to sleep on mommy when she is working or be held by her when she is lying on the couch whether it's on my shoulder arms legs or chest even my back haha he is the cutest!!
She likes to cuddle and sometimes be naughty !
Chicken does not get his name for reasons of fearfullness, but rather is orange color. He is the big, friendly, and loves attention. He loves all friends in the neighborhood including the rabbits next door. He likes to sing in the shower and dreams of one day being Americas Next Top Model Kitty.
Lily is a sweet girl we rescued with no teeth. But that doesn’t stop her at all from eating whatever she wants. Lol!
Rio is a Staffordshire bull terroir x sharpei. He is the most loveable kind hearted dog. Who is obsessed with teddy’s.
He's a rescue from the vet clinic after being found injured. He's only been here a few weeks, but very comfortable already!!
Isla is 8 weeks old and just moved into her forever home shes funny cheeky loving little girl
Teddy is a cavapoochon! He is so sweet and cuddly, and is very clever. He loves to learn new tricks, go for walks to the park and to spend time with his cousins!
Hades is an energetic sweet boy!! He is 4 1/2 months old and loves people!!🥰😍
Barney is so cute loveing loves to play whive cats he has truly brort me so much joy to my life he truly is a joy