Dog cat Stories - 30


Hi, my name is Boo. I love cuddles and to round up our chickens in the afternoon.
Skyler loves to play with his rope toy he's very active and out going he loves to be cuddled and to give kisses he's the sweet most outgoing puppy you have ever seen he loves talking back to his daddy and loves to be stubborn over all Skyler your typical Siberian husky
I’m Tokyo. I love cardboard boxes and obsessed with fluffy clothing. I sleep a lot but I have the zoomies at night 💛
Skyler is very outgoing he loves to play and is very vocal his favorite toy is his rope toy he loves giving hugs and kisses plus he can be very mouthy at times lol Skyler is your typical husky puppy he a spoiled baby boy and he knows it
This is Alpha and he is an incredible ball of energy! Play time is all the time, except nap time... let’s not forget nap time!
This little baby loves to play her brother and loves cuddles❤️
Cassandra is a very adventurous and strong 6 month old Husky. She is training to be a therapy dog, and is courteous, loyal, and athletic. She hikes, swims, enjoys hot springs, and has faced her fear of bridges head on. She also loves eating her toys!
Doofy is 11 weeks he loves to play with his sister showing her about rope toys. Enjoys earning treats, love to be held, cuddles and kisses.
Daria is 10 weeks, she loves to play with her brother, she loves tug of war. Enjoys earning treats, shower time and naps with brother
Meet our silky-velvety precious little love 💕🥰 Incredible smart, gentle, playful, very loving when he wants too❤️ He craves for attention! He can be hyperactive if you ignore him😈
Bruce Willis
We got Bruce from Baltimore county animal services. They told us he has bad anxiety and needs a lot of love and care. Well we are a family of 5 and are willing to do just that! Vote for me to show sheltered dogs can be family too !
Robbie love to play, cuddle, and wear sweaters. He’s very energetic and he likes to shove his toys under the couch and then yell at it because he can’t reach them. He’s a Dachshund terrier mix. He is so funny and so sweet!
Bella is my Angel from heaven..this little dog is a Yorker/Pappilon and when I got her I never had trouble house breaking her she never barks she loves people Bella didn’t know a stranger..she’s so smart I wouldn’t want to chain her for the world! BEST DOG EVER!
Brutus was rescued on the streets of houston in 2020. He was in really bad shape and had a really bad skin condition and other issues. His rescuers weren't going to give up on him after months of treatment and love he made his way up to Illinois where he waited for months for someone to look past his scars and call him their own at another amazing Rescue. My family adopted him September of 2020 after looking for a new fur member of our family. He was perfect for us! He's been through a lot and is a fighter. We had a house fire in January of 2021 and he was rescued by the fire department and hospitalized. He had to fight again and his thousands of facebook followers came to his aid with prayers and support. Just recently he tested heart worm positive through his prevention. He has to battle again! This money would definitely come in handy to help him fight his next battle. He has battle scars and a heart of gold. VOTE FOR Brutus!
I’m an old lady but still act like a baby. I hurt my foot while on a run forgetting that I’m old. I love my family and I love them even more when they have food :)
I’m a fluffy boy. I love to sunbathe and relax outside. I’m very lazy but cute!
Thor is a swimmer and a mini dauschund as you can see. He is as fast as lighting and is such a character!
Poopa is a savage!! She loves her vegetables 🌽 and is so soft and cuddly like a cotton ball ❤️
Enzo: I am 1 in may! I love going on hikes with my family! I love to play with my friends and my cousin! My favorite toy is snuggle pup and my favorite food is peanut butter! I like to play outside! I am super friendly and I love to meet new friends!
Bella Jean Shaver
Bella Jean Shaver was abused but in October she came into our family and we the Shavers found her a great dog trainer named Joe and now we have changed Bella’s life and she’s changed ours as well
Hi, my names Morpheus, I'm a pit bull boxer mastiff mix! I'm about as goofy and silly as a dog can get! I'm always super curious about what people are doing, I also try and help as much as I can! I love running around outside with my brothers and sisters, and playing with my favorite toys! I love going for rides and I love the beach! I also enjoy laying by the fire place when it's winter time. I can't forget one of my favorite things is sitting in a chair at the table just looking around..Or sitting on the porch protecting my family!
Libby is an 11 year old rescue dachshund. She lives in Nashville with her Mom & is VERY spolied. :-)
Cheddar has a very angry face but don't let it scare you away ! He is the more cuddly cat EVER
Ducky is a rescue, he’s 3 years old, and everything you put in front of him is new and exciting and he never gets tired of saying hi to someone!
Bindi Jean
Bindi Jean is a special little dog she is only a year old and has recently over come a life threatening accident with the prayers love and support from others .. she is a fighter for sure and I am so happy to still have her .. ♥️
Latte Chai Biscotti
Mama Latte and her 2 sweet babies. They are fosters waiting for their spay/neuter day so they can join their forever families. If they win, all proceeds will go directly to Cat Adoption Team!
She so cute and tiny for a 6 year old cat. She is very affectionate and helps me with my anxiety 🥰🥰
I'm a ball of fire! While I'm only 7months old, I already run my house, putting my bigger brothers and sister in their place! I'm well trained and love to dress up!
Ghost is a cuddle bug, a bit of a spaz and full of energy at all times.
Baby Cat
Baby Cat's favorite pastime is to stomp around the house angrily. He loves being 😡 mad! Lol!!
Quinnley’s favorite thing to do is play with her ball! She loves her Saturday naps too!
Romeo is a guard dog that protects his territory, loves used socks and will nap every chance he gets!
Boo Boo Kitty
My black beauty. So sliky soft and loves to be petted. Sleeps in the sun and loves to have fun.
A very energetic, curious Maltese-Terrier mix. Loves to cuddle and give kisses. ❤️
Sugar is a Teacup Chihuahua she is 8 weeks, she loss her mother at 4 weeks, she love hugs and kisses and playing with her toys, I picked the name sugar because she reminds me of brown and white sugar and she is oh so sweet, and to add she is also my Sugar Honey Ice Tea she brings me so much joy🐶💕🐾
She's my oldest and the ruler of the roost. She loves belly rubs and her mouse.
Miss Bean
She is My Princess Bean. She is the sweetest cat ever. We sleep smuggled up together every night. I love her
I got Lennon when he was rescued from a landfill at 2 weeks old. I bottle fed him and raised him into a healthy and happy boy. I tragically lost him this past month and miss him terribly
Loves playing in backyard especially chasing cats, squirrels n birds.
Smokey is my little girl, Aka princess. She knows she is a princess. She has Russian blue in her, likes treats and loves to cuddle. She loves her grampie, aka my stepdad.
Mia is a miracle dog to our family. She doesnt do tricks, nor do we dress her up. She wasn't trained as a working dog or guard dog. She is just our family member. She just turned out to be our miracle! Our other older dog Max was lethargic, depressed, extremely overweight, on oral medications, and slept all day. I hardly moved. I have arthritis and hardly walked either. Mia changed all that! We found Mia at Broward County Animal Control. She is so sweet, enthusiastic, and likes to frolic. We discovered that she has a passion for retrieving the ball! So we all started going to the doggy park. Max started walking with me. We changed his diet to low fat and visited the doggy park regularly. Mia barks to get our attention. She wants us to throw the ball and walk. Mia made sure we are all moving! As a result, Max lost 10 pounds! He is off all medications! I now walk 5x around the path at the park with Max. We accomplished this all because of this angel! Mia is truly a life saver. She saved Max's life and mine!
My name is Bella. I am a 2 year old black lab. I love playing outside and chasing squirrels. I also love peanut butter! Please vote for me! I would really appreciate it!!
Boone is 9 weeks old. He’s energetic, loving and loves people!