He is a beautiful loving cat and also very funny, he always makes me happy ,he is just pure love ❤️
The Dude
Hated wind, rain, gravy and paper towels. Loved and missed. RIP ‘Dude’ - 19years old 13.03.2023
Laura is the most sweetest girl and very protective of her owners. She loves belly rubs and road trips. 🎁“I would love to gift you 150 FREE VOTES🎁 to bring you higher in ranks! Please send me an email at ( for code! Wishing Everyone Best Of Luck 🤞🍀☺️
Indie is a husky x American bulldog (not an xl) we adopted her from a rescue centre in derby around 6years ago.shed been left there before she was a year old,&after having had a litter that were taken too early from her,her&the father,a mastiff x rottie,were both were hslf of her litter.that sane house dumped many dogs there,seemingly breeding them for the puppies but ditching the majority. Indie was badly abused,terrified of everyone but especially took 2 months before my partner could touch her,6weeks before she'd eat anything.once indie is comfortable enough to trust,its a love unlike any other.she smiles as soon as she sees her favourite people, the wiggly bum comes out,&she is obsessed with hugs&snugs&bum scratchies.shes such a beautiful girl,its heart breaking what she went took a long time to bring her put of herself, but wed do it all again in a heartbeat. Adopt dont shop,we love you indie roo ❤️❤️
Pretty Girl
Pretty Girl is a stray cat i have been taking care of for about 3 years. She will not let me touch her or come close to her. She will not go into traps , i have tried everything to lure her into different kinds of traps. She is so smart , she will not fall for any of the tricks. Still trying to catch her .
Styx is a ragdoll cross and she is 3 years old. Shes stunning in every way possible.
Such a loving boy full of character always smiling so much people comment, and been told never have they seen such a waggy tail wen he on walks oh and likes going on boats wearing his dads hat!!!
This is Teenie May Rose 🐈‍⬛she is 19 and a half years old and is my little best friend❤️
Benny is a Pomeranian - Shih Tzu mix. He's very energetic and super loving. He loves to play with other doggies and he loves kiddos.
We rescued Nala in January, she came from a neglected, harmful environment. Nala now loves to play, has learned basic commands, she is 8 yes old and is now loving her new life 💕
Stewie is a diva to put it lightly, a lizard hunter extraordinaire, sun loving, mousk(yes its spelled correctly the play-mice)taming pro, shes a big girl @17lbs but that doesnt slow her down! She's known to eat her emotions, but will take any adversary down if & when necessary.
She may look like a wild cat here but she would much rather curl up on the sofa
Winston was diagnosed with cancer two Christmas ago they told us he wouldn't live long. He us so full of energy.
Matilda was found on our aunt's porch we rescued her and gave her a new home
Gigi wa resecued from the shelter no one wanted her, she is now a lsp cat
Reggie is a lovable 7 year old lab who is rarely seen without his teddy
This is quite possibly the sweetest and most tolerant girl on the planet. I don’t know what I did to deserve her. During the pandemic my neighbours used to come into the garden just to cuddle her. She just makes life better.
This darling girl came into my life after I lost my first girl (Ceecee). My Lilly Bug missed her big sister dreadfully and this little sweetheart is her new snuggle buddy. She 80% angel, 20% savage, not that you’d believe it to look at her!
Panda is abouts 6/7 yo. She came into our family befor Christmas of 2023. She is a beautiful and kind rescued cat. If Panda gets any votes and benefits, she would help other cats to find a beautiful and lovely family. This cats go in a shelter and after to a Foster family. The costs are there for food and vets. Help me and Panda to make more family happy 🐱❤️
Reuben is a Pitt mix. We adopted him a month ago. He loves to chew and go for walks.
He loves to meow his way outside! For a cat he does respond to his name and comes when he is called. His full name is Groucho May Marks. I named him after Groucho Marx, a comedian, actor, and etc.
As everyone can see, she is NO Deva, in fact she is a Junk Yard Cat. I got her from a Junk Yard when she barley had her Beautiful Blue eyes open, she was hiding inside of a junk car that someone brought in to be scraped. It took a little while to finally catch her, and she was NOT happy about it. Lol. it was painfully clear that she was a feral cat. So I took her home with me and introduced her to her new family, Bella, our Chihuahua, Buddy, our Pitbull, and Goldy, our other cat, and once again she was NOT happy about it. Lol. But over these last 4 or 5 years, she has gotten a little better, lol as long as everyone minds her! But as you can tell by her pics she still don't really time for them, and covering her face when I take pictures of her shows just what she thinks of me
Maisy is 17month old female pure labrador puppy/young dog shes very good at retrieving she picks up her lead and then goes and gets my boots abd then we go walking i can let go of the lead and she will walk next to me does pay any attention to other dogs unless the dog comes over.
Daisy Mae
Daisy Mae is a rescue kitty, found her as a kitten on my porch back in July. She is now a VERY loved and spoiled girl.
He loves cuddles with his daddy and comes straight away when he hears his grandparents car.
Loki is a rescue dog . He's nervous but loving . Stubborn and sweet lazy and loves cuddles .
Koda Bear
Koda is a lovable pup who loves to play fetch and tug of war. She loves cuddling up under the blankets and loves playing with everyone in the house. Koda gives the best greetings when you come home and has loads of kisses for you. She also likes to talk to you!
Galls as we like to call him is an absolute nutcase. He will snuggle up to your face one minute and before you even know it he’s legged it to go and chase something that’s not even there. He is obsessed with the Lazer pen and thinks it’s the best thing to exist. He will also scratch the life out of you if you interrupt his cleaning sessions. You can’t hate his adorable face tho.
Sonny Day
Sonny is 10 years old but has such a HUGE personality! Hes a mommys boy and loves talking with people and such a happy boy! He has so many facial expressions but such a sweet genuine heart...
Bella is a doodle and enjoys just being oyt and about with me !
Sweet, crazy,playful puppy
Timothy was born in a bathroom and lived his first weeks together with twenty cats, the owners at the time had no idea which litter he came from or who eas the father, they weren't even sure who were the mother. I brought him home as he was the most malnurished and frail of the lot, the others pf his family went out to different fosters and shelters. He grew up to be the smartest little kitty Ive ever seen, opening the shower drain despite the child safe lock which made it so it had to be spun in a certain way, twice, to open. Moving chairs and books to better reach the heights and objects he had set his mind on. He followed me to the trainstation when I went off to school, and would greet me from the bushes on the street home everytime I returned. I have never loved someone as much as I loved my beloved Tim, and I miss him everyday.
Snowstorm is our first family pet! She is very affectionate and slightly crazy. We love her!
We found him as a puppy trying to get into a dollar general store because he was hungry. We took him in and taught him how to sit, lay down, & roll over. He is the sweetest boy and loves everyone. Leroy gets chicken nuggets & pup cups every time we go out in a ride or a walk. He is the best dog I’ve ever owned. Please vote for him ❤️
Honey it’s the biggest softy know to man, she is a bundle of love and would rather spend her entire waking minutes with her family, she may take up the whole bed but she provides warmth and comfort when she is around, my light and joy.
Chanel will lie o her back for a belly rub, but will never try to grab at you with her cute humbug paws
Jax love's to ride in the car and run in the woods and play with the kids and his favorite toys
Nevaeh Marie Aka Nova
She was born on Halloween, out of 10 puppies she was the only one who survived. Her favorite thing is her blanket.she is my service dog,I have PTSD and diabetes..
this is my babygirl mew mew! she is about 8-9 years old, we got her at a farm house.mew’s nickname is the meanest kitty in the cities. she only like me and my mom. her favorite human food is shrimp and yogurt.
Oscar is a rescue. He is 98 pounds of cuddly lapdog. We are so glad we could give him a furever home! He loves lounging by the pool!
Jake was an incredibly special boy who saved my life from depression and again from sepsis - had he let me sleep I’d never have woken up, he just kept nudging the infected wound until I took notice. I couldn’t have loved him more 💔 xxx
Rory loves the park, loves people and tearing up soft toys!!
Princess loves her sister Midnight.
Gracie is here with her sis Harley… she thinks if she puts her paw on Harley’s head, Harley will pay attention to her. She is very animated!!!
Nemo is a very good kitty who loves to snuggle and stay warm. He falls asleep in your arms and is always there for you, sensing your emotions.
Trumpet was an injured cat who had his leg amputated. He became a vet house cat and then I adopted him. Trumpy dump is his fav nickname. He’s a lover for sure.
Luna, is our always on the hunt for something to eat kitty. He loves wearing blankets and sweatshirts, cuddling, and napping on his heating pad.
Teddy is the most loyal dog. Did you know that dogs can need and use inhalers? Teddy is one of those rare dogs! We almost lost him last year, and we're just so thankful to still have time with him!