Missy likes belly rubs and long walks in the neighborhood!
Chase (AKA Frank) is a people pleaser through and through. He’ll do anything to chase a squirrel and has dabbled in agility, scent work, herding, and has his AKC advanced trick dog title!
Kovu is just a year old and loves going on walks , he can never pass these certain bushes without stopping for a minimum of 25 mins if u let him. He rides right on the dash sometimes to observe traffic .
Marie Lavoie
Hi im marie Lavoie im 11 months old i am half boarder collie half pit bull . My parents rescue me and all my brother's and sisters. We are one big happy family. Im a mommas baby i help my mommy with her anxiety stress disorder. I would apawciate your vote very much.
Binx now has a furever home after being found in a target shopping cart in the middle of the parking lot. He brings so much love and energy that I didn’t know we needed
Not one brain cell in that head of hers, but that doesn't stop her from being cute about it
Just got Lily about a month ago and she loves to play fetch with crumpled up piece of paper, she loves her wet food, loves waking her mama up at 2 a.m. so she can get love and/or play, and there's still lots to find out out what she truely loves. She also loves to cuddle and give kitty hugs
Ace is 1.5 yrs old, he loves attention 24/7 and such a love bug. He enjoys new adventures and his favorite toy is his flirt pole. 💙
Oh boy oh boy...this little guy has been giving me a run for my money lol. He's spunky, devious, a love bug and hogs my bed every night. King bed I get 1/4. Lol... He always has to be laying on top of me and I wouldn't want it any other way. Loves to bark at the bunnies thinking he is king bee they couldn't care less. Ill let him think he is a badass and cool. Lol He is my 3rd adoption from the same rescue and I love him to pieces. Please vote for this cutie 🥰
My name is Bash, but I am far from bashful. I am foodie who will get moody if I don't get fed on time. I make a dash for my stash of treats.
He like to cat nap almost all day. He is 85% Ragdoll amd 15% Siamese. He has a girlfriend and 9 kids.
This is Luna she is a cheeky pug loves to be lazy as well as being cheeky she is amazing pug loves her cuddles love to go out for a walk she loves Chicken nuggets
Finny knows how handsome he is, an loves when you tell him. He's very confident, until there's a vaccuum in the room, he loves, and his little brother Karin.
Donald is 14 years old but hes still just a cute little kitty! He is just amazing
Rarity is 4 years old. She loves her brush and chasing laser pointer. She was found in a bush just a few days old and has been my 2nd child. Her favorite toy is a stuffed unicorn.
Hi my name is Taylor’s Jack In The Box Driggers. I am a salt & pepper schnauzer. I am 14 years old.
Hi, my name is Finn Diesel Driggers. I am a parti schnauzer. I am 8 months old.
Magnolia aka Mags is the sweetest! She is such a cuddle bug, as soon as you sit down she will snuggle up right on your lap, not caring that she is too big to be a lap dog. She is also very energetic and very playful. Mags favorite thing is car rides and playing fetch!
Not in contest, here for advancements ⚠️⚠️⚠️ Remind me when your contest starts please ⚠️⚠️⚠️ Thank you 🤗 **UPDATE** He is home and has made a full recovery. All funds made will go to his medical bill. He is currently in the hospital with parvo, i am hoping to use the funds to help pay some of the medical bills. Its been 6 days and im not giving up on this boy. If you coupd help us, it is much appreciated. Please like and share ❤
Where do I start about this little alien. She’s just a doll. She will jump on your shoulders to greet you. She squeaks when she plays and her favorite thing is her pink fluffy ball, Carry’s it everywhere she goes. Bravest cat who will come up and smell the vacuum, I believe its her grinch toes!
They call me bobo and I m the sweetest lil girl ever. I have good manners and love treats.
He loves a good sock and also his brother 🥰 no he dosent know his size and still thinks he’s a lap dog 😂 but the cuddles this guy givesss
Lunas adorable looks can be deceiving. Luna is the nosy outgoing and playful cat you will meet. She plays 24/7 and is always hiding and scaring her siblings. A force to not be reckoned with ❤️
She is a very loveable puppy! We love her very much!
What chaos likes most is to sleep...
Daisy is one of five from a litter that my wife and I fostered. We took in mama (Marigold) and were able to foster out pairs to two different families. We chose not to split up Daisy and Marigold and now they're ours forever! Daisy loves to play with her favorite toy, a fuzzy worm on a string and sets super excited whenever we go near the place it is stored. She is quite acrobatic and leaps in the air for it! Once caught, she plays with it for a few minutes, then lets us know that it is time to go again. She's the absolute sweetest cat we've ever had.
Her name stems from the noises she makes. And her sneezes. She loves her unicorn onesie.
Kitten loves eating flowers especially roses 🌹 she loves chin scratches and will roll over for belly rubs but will attack 😂😂
Oakley is a lively little girl, who lovers to play fetch gives tons of kisses and loves cuddling with her mamma. Her favorite toy is a hedge hog she sleeps with every night
I’m Frank and im a cheeky 8 month old Labrador! If anyone wants to have kisses, im you’re guy - im super affectionate! I absolutely LOVE swimming; any water, I'm there! My mum even put me on her paddleboard the other day which I enjoyed too!
Oakley, 1, still a small little baby, and loves to be held like one. He has his favorite stuffed animal, a stuffed monkey. He acts like such a brave big dog but is just a little dachshund.
Boss, 3, came out exactly the same as his birth sister, who my sister has. They’re twins. Boss loves his teddy bear, and loves to sing and play with kids.
Adi is a diva… he’s picky about everything but shows you how much he appreciates it when I go out of my way for him
Opie loves to play and loves cheese. He loves to cuddle.
I am Oliver! I am a playful puppy who loves to hang out with my older brother Otto the dog and chase around my fast and ferocious cat brothers Mickey and Stacey! I love to play tug of war with my mama and bathe in the sun on the porch!
Noodle the adventure cat. Noodle loves car rides, being outside and adventuring with his humans. Noodle loves to play especially with his hummingbird toy.
Flynn Rider
Flynn rider is an old boy he's 9 years old we don't remember his birthday. We estimate around February. He loves to cuddles and under a fuzzy blanket.
He knows how to get anything he wants and has a strong purr box!!
Oakley and his siblings were abandoned as newborns in a park during an ice storm. We got him from a wonderful rescue organization, and he is a lovable, funny little guy!
I love to play, cuddle and try to do my big boy bark!
"If you give me an inch, i'll take a mile' Tiddles life motto He also loves the pet fish, belly rubs and cat treats.
Fluffy has cute curly belly hair and loves lima beans and whipped cream and cheetos sucks on your toes while you sleep
Raj loves ice-cream and laying across my neck and going on car rides
I got oso at three weeks he was really skinny missing hair so I took him home he is truly is a special puppy and loves so much he has a personality like no other.
Frank is a loving rescue dog. He loves, hanging out with his best dog friend private, eating treats, and barking at delivery people. Franklins winnings will be donated to National Canine Cancer Foundation in memory of his brother Tango.
The name is Sherlock! I love sitting on the couch by the window barking at the rabbits that come into my yard. I have two human sisters and soon to have two human brothers! I love them so much! I I love going for car rides and to the store with my mom and taking walks with my dad.