Dog cat Stories - 30


Chico is a mommas boy! He wants to be at my side at all times. He even sleeps in my bed and sometimes sneaks up and shares my pillow when I’m sleeping. He loves to play fetch, and is probably more spoiled then my children. 🙂
Will is perfectly named, he has a will of his own. He is loving, and loves to aggravate his sister Grace. In his picture is taken the day after he figured out how to turn that Tiffany lamp on and off.
Mirah is a white Siberian Husky. She love to sit and shake paws for treats. Her favorite toys are her rope and tennis ball. She is not only adorable, but sweet and smart!
Fitzgerald (AKA Fitz) is a German Shorthair Pointer/Lab mix. His hobbies are cuddling with his cat siblings, pheasant hunting, swimming at the lake, getting new toys from Target, and acting like he’s a 10 lb lap dog. His dislikes are: being left alone, when the cats won’t play, little dogs that are scary, and baths.
Archie is a mini Golden-doodle he loves to play in the snow and play hide and seek under the couch! He’s a little snuggle bug that loves to cuddle up with his human and give kisses! His favorite toy is his stuffed whale. He’s very social and loves all his doggy friends!
Ruby is 2 years old but is still as crazy as anything! We adopted her from a rescue a few weeks ago - her favourite thing in the world is cuddles and follows you everywhere you go!
Bella is coming up to 12 now, she’s been our family pet since i was little, she still likes to act like a puppy even though her body thinks otherwise... she’s got so much love in her, show her some back:)
Suzuki is the baby of my other dog Bella, she’s a little monkey at times but loves to be fussed over
Sailor is between 6-8 yrs old were not sure of exact age because we rescued her.She just loves to love and purrs super loud 💗
Rascal is such a rascal he tries to get inside but my mother was SO nice and let our three cats inside because it was like -25 degrees outside but Pebbles which is entered in this contest he was scared and Lucky she is also entered and she was a little scared and was like what do I do!! But Rascal loves to play and run and especially hide so he can keep playing but he lives up to his name!😁
Remi is an explorer! He loves adventure and is always out playing with the field mice.
My name is Obie. I’m 11 months old and already weigh more than my 7 year old sister, Boo. I was adopted from a farm family so I like to show my wild side every now and then. I talk A LOT and am obsessed with my mom. My hobbies include: talking, eating, chasing puff balls, playing in the shower, talking, destroying mom’s fake plants, and chasing my dog brother.
This is Gunner he is a boxer, and he is 10 weeks old. Gunner loves to Cuddle and play with his toys all day and LOVES peanut butter and eggs.
This is Titan, he was a lab/husky mix, he was a very loving and energetic dog and was very loyal to his family. He loved playing with frisbees and playing around in the snow.
This little guy really is prince of the prideland. He climbs into spots that he shouldn’t be but has never broken anything. He likes to sleep curled up in his own chair. Not much of a smuggler but he sure loves to play!! He has the cutest mischief smile
This little snuggle bug loves tuna, belly rubs, and of course snuggles! When she purrs her whole body vibrates loudly. She yells only when it’s time for dinner.
My beautiful girl snow ❄🐶
Teddie is now 17 weeks old... he was only 7 days old in the picture.. he is gorgeous and happy and always hungry lol.. loves the beach with his dad.. please vote
Stormy is a fun, energetic, loving pup! I rescued him from a horrible situation about two years ago when he was 8 weeks old. But he has turned into such a gentleman and I don’t know what I’d do without my sidekick!
Cute but can be evil. Only likes you when there is food involved! Very cuddly though!
Rescued in Evans, CO. Copper loves belly rubs and being outside. He is the sous chief in the kitchen and is protective of his dog mom!
Lilly Flower
Lily Bear was found in a cow creek at the age of 6 weeks old. I adopted her at 7 weeks old. She’s a cuddle bug who loves kitten treats!
Lucy is a fun, loving Yorkiepoo! She loves to play, go to the lake, swim but most of all she loves being with her family! Please vote for our sweet Lucy!!!
Poppy is an 8 week old Sprocker Spainel who is just finding her feet at her new home. She’s bouncy, clumsy and loves to eat.
He's an adventurous little guy. Loves to ride in the car wherever you're going. Loves his mama and his best friend Maggie May. Very loving and tender. Chillest guy youll ever meet for being mini pincher and chihuahua
Frankie is a little blonde, half Burmese and half Tonkinese. He is extraordinarly loving (well, to me anyway... he's a bit of a thug with Gus, my other cat!). He would gladly perch on my shoulder all day, given the opportunity. Both my cats have been wonderful company in lockdown....
I’m a cheeky and crazy girl, my humans love my personality! 1 minute I’ll be cute the next I’ve stolen a shoe laughing while they chase me around the house🥰😘
Max is a cross breed Persian kitten, who is friendly, mischievous, is partial to chicken and knocks ornaments over on occasion. He is a loving kitten, and loves to explore and lay under infront of the heater
Bailee is a full blooded boxer. She loves to play catch, and tug-a-war with all of her toys. She is lovable and just a joy to have in our family. She loves to snuggle and give hugs and kisses!!
Maverick loves to ride . He goes anywhere his mom and dad go. Maverick was a rescue and we may have saved him . But truth is he saved me. By bringing fun ,joy,laughter, and excitment into our lives . He loves to run and play . He loves his toys and blankys . And he loves to sit and shake hands . Maverick is outgoing and loves to go visit friends and family .
Frankie is a 2 year old Border Terrier with an unbelievable amount of energy! He’s a loving, funny and protective woofer and is always up for a play- but doesn’t like it when you take his tennis ball! He’s very good orientated and never gives up the chance for a treat (he will even give you a high five for one!).
Prancer loves to play with her stuffed Reindeer and Dragon. She also loves kids of any age and going to the Dog Park with her Dog Friends, Reese and Chloe.
Bella is still a puppy she is about 9 or 10 months old she is very sweet and nice with everyone she meets she loves people and kids she knows how to give high five by standing ,to give paw,to freez with her hands up ,to sit ,to lay down and to say hi she loves meeting people She is a mixed pit bull with german sheppard.
When he comes in from being outside, in the morning, he likes to call me. He will meow until I shout him and then he’ll come running. We also have lots of conversations. He likes to be very vocal when you talk to him 🥰
She love,s to be walked .she like,s to swime and walking in the wood she got after a ribbet today. She is just a all around good dog
Raya WILL NOT eat or drink on her own. She requires an audience
He’s crazy, when he’s been outside and he comes back he’ll let everyone know he’s arrived. He will meow so loud and come running up to you so happy
She likes to knock things off until she grabs your attention (no matter how big) She will come up to you and lick your face, she will actually lick anything which makes her so unique. She is crazy, but that’s why I love her 😊
Pinecone is a Pygmy Tabby Cat. There is a funny story of how she got her name. So as I am taking her home after finding her outside on a semi cold night, I walk underneath a tree and I pinecone hits me on my head, so I said "Well girl your name is Pinecone". I gave her a bath after I took her inside cause she was covered in fleas and ticks, she sat still while I gave her a bath. She'll be 5 on March, 9. She's a amazing cat.
Hello this is meatball, he’s a 8 month old English Bulldog. Meatball is very active, loves to play fetch, his favorite toys are water bottles, and loves to eat snacks. Meatball is always around dancers because his parents are dancers and he’s always around moving and grooving with us. He loves music.
Leo is a mix of a tabby and Siamese which makes him a red Point / Fire Point Siamese we do not know his age yet but he was a stray we picked him up and took him home🙂
He is a playful puppy who loves tummy rubs and warm baths.
Chester is an American Eskimo who loves to be called cheddar beans. He loves to squeak his toys and listen to cotton eyed joe (his favorite song). If he’s not smiling and cuddling, he’s sleeping.
This is Kye. She was the sweetest kitten I have ever met in my life. I say was because Kye unfortunately passed away. She was my little miracle, her mom was a stray cat from across the street. When Kye was born she made her way over to my house and made it her forever home. I was never a cat person until she came into my life. She was so sweet and loving and her Blue eyes were to die for! Kye loved to cuddle and be held, she was my little side kick and would follow me everywhere I went. Kye was attacked and killed, I made this post hoping to keep her memory alive :) she will forever be my miracle kitten and I will continue to love her forever!
Loves love. Loves snuggles and cuddles and cant sleep without her blanket. <3
Carson was a rescue kitty, living on the streets of Worcester, Massachusetts. We rescued him from the shelter on July 4, 2016, and he has been the perfect fit in our hearts and our home!
Douglas is my new puppy he’s a good boy , he plays to much