This is fireball we at home call him goob. He loves to go outside, loves to cuddle at night and has thumbs♥️
He loves to play and loves his outdoors. He was trying to say he let me drive I got this lol.
Hi my name is Jasper. I live in the sunshine state of Florida. I like chewing my bones, playing outside, and sleeping with my mommy and daddy. Please vote for me. I appreciate it very much! Woof! 🐶 Jasper
Tyga is a tiger Persian
Leo is the most sleepiest boy and his best friend is a dog ❤️
Ernie is such a playful puppy, he loves going for nice walks and likes to make sure everybody talks to him!!
Sox is very friendly but he also likes to yell and bite.
Lacy loves chasing birds, meeting new people and is an overall sweetheart!
Tucker is more human sometimes than dog I think. He talks to me when I tell him too and he’s such a fun loving dog. He loves to play fetch outside and he loves to have play dates with his friends. Tucker recently got sick with the Parvo-Virus and he was fighting for his life in the hospital and almost didn’t make it. Tucker is a part of a huge family that loves him more than anything in this world. Tucker is currently quarantined from his friends and family besides his mom and dad. We are so thankful for Tucker and forever will think that Tucker is the cutest and strongest dog in the entire world.
Mya Lynn
Play, run, toys, squeaky balls, play with her sister.
Eat, cuddles and car rides
Kiyon is an independent little boy who loves to play with his siblings! He loves cuddles when he wants them! He loves feathers and catnip toys!
Charlie is a big goofball. yes he might be alittl over weight but he is just the cutest! he loves to talk to people and loves to roll around. You can always find him running around with a spoon in his mouth!
She’s a sweet little girl and a complete cuddle bug! She loves playing with her siblings and being up under her Hooman mama💕
Buster is the sweetest cat ever. All he wants to do is cuddle and do whatever you do by your side. he is your built in bestfriend. He loves to come cheer you up when your crying and whip away your tears.
Milo loves to have his tongue sticking out. Milo is very mischievous and a little bit of a goofball. you will always catch him running around with a straw
Stewie is still a young kitty. He loves to play and cuddle and if you don’t pet him while he is laying on you he will nibble your fingers to indicate to pet him.
Romeo is a very lovable kitty he likes to play and he likes to be petted
Ace loves to play with his cat slingys, he is very playful and smart, he will eat mcdonalds french fries right out of your container!
Nova is a sassy and loving husky who is always ready for the next adventure! She’s also always ready to lay in bed all day!
Yuki Guadron
Yuki loves to play and eat
He loves to snuggle with mom and loves to say hi to everyone and loves making friends hes very friendly and wants to be everyones friend
Fluffy likes to walk on our treadmill!
Kobe is super energetic puppy. He is always up for playtime and loves to play with toys, other dogs, and human friends. He is very vocal and always feels the need to “yell” at you when you get home. But he loves to show affection by putting his head on you while sticking his butt up in the air. We call it “the stink butt move”.
Macie is the sweetest big baby who doesn’t know personal space. She just turned 7 and is the biggest blessing in my life!
Murphy loves to play outdoors and go swimming. He loves to climb up on the raft at the cottage and lounge in the sun all day long.
Montana likes to nap, shred the stuffing out of her bear, and she loves lots and lots of snuggles and attention!
Shelby likes to take long naps, bird watch, and chase laser pointers
Shes cuddly loves to play and run around loves her treats and always loves to sleep with someone 💞💞
Loving baby boy loves the outside and kids
Sandy was rescued from a closet during a drug bust. We adopted her in January and her antics make us laugh everyday. She loves to use us a jungle gym, hold hands, dance and wiggle! When we go outside all together, she wiggles in excited circles all the way outside.
Marina is a huge cuddly kitten she love to sleep with me and she cries when i have to go to work. She very playful too.
Natasha is a 4 year old Puggle mix. She is my answered prayer. She saved me from a life of depression, and I am forever grateful for the miracle that she will always be.
Meow, My name is Honey Claire . I love many things in this life. My interests expand from sun bathing , playing in my tree, rubbing against my Mom , and most of alll, having others give me my needed attention but seriously , I just love being me - A cat who is loved by her humans. Yes, life is ...well, nearly purrrfect. I truly hope for many votes, but even If i get a few that is fine with me. Im grateful either way 😻
Princess is the only pet in the home and she likes it that way! She loves to play with Dads work boots and loves to hide hair ties!! She is sure to walk her dad to the door every morning and then rush to the window to watch him drive by and wave! She loves to cuddle mommy but ONLY when she wants to!! She is the best!!
Grrs, you cant has my human. Oh you dont want her? Okay then were good, Hey im Precious. I am a fluffy Pekingese doggo who loves toys, especially the ones that make sound! (Im partically blind so sound is important! So is smell!) My human says im a diva and a tsundere. I often change my mind nothing wrong with that! hmph...I'd really like to win this. Then I could have more sound toys!!! That would make me so happy. I guess i'd share it with my human,depends how much ham I get in the next week. If she skimps and I win then No deal its all mine! Oh I have 2 siblings both boys....Im the only princess here as it should be. One of my brothers is most small named Pocky. My human says he is a bunny. My youngest brother is Zeon who is a cat.He lives inside with me. We get along pretty good now, we didnt use to though. What else Oh yes...Ham...Ham is the best thing ever and I love it...more about me human says I walk like a little super model. Recently shes gave me a trim and now I have furr pants. Think thats it, but yeah votes for me please so I can get new sound toys pretty please?... Just look into my eyes!!!
Teddy is the most loving but cheeky little boy. He loves cuddles, playing with his toys and going for walks… and of course treats!! He has bought so much joy to my life and helped me get through the covid pandemic. He is golden, never naughty just cheeky and spends a lot of his time on his back legs or on his back asking for belly tickles. Teddy can do sit, paw, roll over, hi five and always gives you a kiss if you ask him. He is really friendly and loves when family members come to visit along with meeting new people and other dogs.
Daisy is very playful and super smart. She will sit, stand and lay but only for treats. She loves to hang out with humans and prefers to be around them even while napping. She is 3 months old fluffy snowball.
Duck (also known as Cheese Boy, Turkey, Chunky Butt, Queso, and Big Chungus) loves spending his days sleeping, staring at birds and squirrels, and begging for human food. Especially cheese. We think he is composed of 10% cat and 90% cheese.
Daisy Marie is a loving little baby girl. She just wants to cuddle all the time! She plays well with all dogs!! And also lives her siblings!!
Marley Mae is a smart loving border collie mix not sure what she’s mixed with but she definitely has the collie brain. She’s very protective of her house and she’s a great big sister to her siblings!!! She’s 1 1/2 years old and has the most energy ever. Marley Mae could play fetch for hours!!
Ace is a Siberian husky Alaskan malamute mix. He’s a crazy energetic puppy only 1 year old. He loves his sisters and is a big protector.
Professor Paddy
I mainly assess the miniature humans they call children most of the time.
Mako he’s a loving sweet boy who just gets along with anyone, I loves his wet food for dinner and breakfast. He loves his food and toys and to be played with.
My beautiful baby Pippin is 12 weeks old, she loves causing havoc around the house and loves playing. She loves snuggling in for a cuddle too. She has the cutest little pink paws 🐈‍⬛
Charlie loves doing tricks. He knows sit, down, paw, spin, jump, roll over, and play dead. Nothing makes him happier than being praised with treats for these trick!
Lynx’s is a very sweet cat loves to get the attention. She's also have a mischievous attitude. Lynx's also a mother of 5 adorable kitten. She also enjoy being outside playing rolling in grass and eating grass as well. Enjoy going tor a car ride and going beach.