Dog cat Stories - 31


In this picture he loves to look out the window. And see people walk by. He wven will sit at a tv or computer and just watch it. And watch my husbands game and paw at the screan to get the people in the game.
Lilo is a sweetheart. She lives with her brother, Ula, and dad, Kai, and loves to play with them at the ocean all day long and clean them up with loving kisses at night. Don't be fooled but her sweetness though, she's an alpha at heart and will protect her ohana at all costs!
I think yall should vote for my cats because they are such loving cats. Anyone that comes over thwy just great them and give people loves.
Munchy And Mustacio
They both live to climb the trees. And love wrestling with each other. They r such good loveable cats. They live to cuddle.
My favorite past times include 3:00AM meows, chicken over rice and long naps punctuated with short naps.
Kelso is a lover, born on valentine’s day 2021, just turned 7 months💝! She loves car rides and playing with anyone and any animal! Haha loves Ozzy Osborn so her middle name is Ozzy.
Shadow loves to give hugs and cuddle with me! He is a super cute cat and lovable one
CJ stands for Colby Jack! He does not like cheese, tough his favorite food is turkey! He loves his cat tree hammock and sleeping on any soft blanket he can find! He loves to play with is flopping fish and his bells! Loves to eat treats and play tag with dad!
Stevie has lots of energy and loves to cuddle 🥰 she is a love bug. She can sleep all day and or take you on a run . She’s very loving and loves other dogs.
Elle est super belle et gentille Adore jouer avec les balles
Crazy Kitty
She's a Kitty with attitude. She's not a people person, but she does love me. She wants to lay on my chest and snuggle but if I want up and she doesn't, she pounces and tries to hold me down and growls at me when I move. Needless to say, she gets rocked to sleep every night. She's momma's baby and I love her 💕💕💕
She loves to play and loves to go on walks. She has her own little personality and she likes winking at her dad.
Total Panther, that's what Bucket is!! He leaps further, jumps higher, runs faster than other cats. He has scary huge sharp claws that hurt so bad, so good luck playing. He shreds everything. But Bucket has a secret, he's afraid of his own shadow!!! The smallest sound will send Bucket up into the basement rafters in 2 seconds flat. He refuses to make eye contact with anyone. But he's also the most lovable cat I've ever had or met. He loves being petted. More than normal. He's so grateful for everyone and he is just a nice guy all the time!!
Smokie loves to bit toes while your feet are under the covers while I'm sleeping,,, He's a tempoermental Kat who had a fit when another Kat of mine had babies, He wanted to help take care of them and would cuddle with the kittens...
Meeko is so sweet!! He's a lover!! He rubs his face on mine and his dad's face! He loves to flop down on his side and get rubbed from head to toe. He's a true hunter. He attacks our feet while walking! He can catch anything that moves.
Bull Dozer
We called him Bull Bull Dozer bc thats what he does goes right through everything. He looks like Yoda in this picture all dressed up for a bark on the town. Bulldozer is a very special boy that joined our family in the this past year when I lost my mom from covid. He was here for me in a very emotional place. He is not the smartest boy in town but he sure is a super handsome little boy, I was going to call yodi bc of those ears. If you vote for BullDozer all his winning votes will be going to a special cause Kimmys safe Haven rescue because the animals here are the biggest winners who deserve it all and more bc the sadness and unfailing love these unfortunate ones go through until someone like Kimmys steps up to turn their lives around every day, One Heart at a Time. All will go to there happiness and new beginnings. For myself I am truly grateful for my family and all our new furry friends i get to meet in our rescue everyday.
She follows me around like my Shadow, which is fitting. She loves to lay right on top of me or in between my legs.
Minuscule is the most energetic, playful cat you'll ever see. She's feisty, sassy, and has a serious attitude. She tiny, always has been, that's what minuscule means. She is full grown and was free on Graigslist at 6 weeks old. She was too young to be taken from her litter and mother. We had to get another kitten to teach her how to act. Now she is the most lovable cat ever.
Cow (aka Cowboy aka Cowbaby) is a 4 year old rescue cat (who looks like a cow and acts like a dog). He loves people, food, and purring too loudly for no reason at all.
Zoey blue eyes loves to run around and play and loves kisses 😘
Princess Leia
Leia is a one year old adoptee who recently found her fur-ever home with her two mommies! 🏳️‍🌈Leia’s learning to show off her pizazz in the city of Richmond and loves to meet friends along the way! 🐶
Pimpster love to chase cows and play in the grass.
Hey! I am Pablito, I am 2 years old male, Ragdoll. I have beautiful blue eyes and grey fur, strong personality and I love to play and sleep. I would really like your votes. ❤️
Ruth Bader Ginsburg
Shes such a playful little fluffball, she loves getting into sinks and bathtubs. She is a Nebelung breed, which wasnt on the dropdown menu. she only has one eye, but that doesn't stop her from playing and cuddling to the fullest. she was Born that way, its why I adopted her. Shes the best little buddy ever and always asks to be held.
she has Cerebellar hypoplasia, a very odd cat, has allergies but super friendly and loving.
Chris doesn’t have a cerebellum. he wobbles around. but he enjoys kids and pictures
Riley has the sweetest personality!
Hello I’m Berkeley, my mom calls me Berkelberry and friends call me Berk 💗 💫 Fun Fact: I was born on my mommas 21st bday 💫 You will never see me without a bow in my hair 🥰
She loves to look out the window all day and appreciates the views she sees!
One of the friendly dog you will ever meet. Just a laid back loving dog.
He is very vocal, you can have a whole conversation with him, he loves to sleep on our lizards cages and has a strange addiction to popcorn
Charlie is a loving and playful little guy He loves , long walks at any park , Blueberries, Greenbeans And he loves car rides . If he won we would use the Money to build him a fence for my back yard so he could run and play .
Max Magistro
This is Max, also known as Bubber / Bubbs/Bubbsy, or Maxy Boy, he loves meeting new people, especially little kids and babies. His 5th birthday is coming up this September !! <3 His favorite toys are a small squeaky bee named Bumby and a duck named Quackle. When someone new comes over, he likes to bring out his toys and show them to the new guests. When he is super happy he’ll start doing little hops around the kitchen and jumps up to give you hug which is so adorable, especially when he will fix his paws and step closer to you when he realizes he’s losing grip. Overall, Bubber is an amazing, smart, talented, loving, caring, and hilarious dog who loves to lay on and cuddle with his family or go on long walks to meet new buddies along the way.
Cookie is 6 years old and 4 lb spunky little thing ! She goes bananas over balls . She can’t even spell the word or she s all excited ready to play
Kitty loves giving cuddles. She loves her dog sister Misty. They love laying on the recliner chairs watching tv.
He was a stray!
A small but growing bundle of chaos. She is learning some tricks and can already knows come and nose boop!
The name pretty much sums it up;or is it a rare tan seal?
Twinkie loves attention , he loves to talk when you talk to him , he is friendly to most especially kids. He's getting up there in age so he hasn't been as energetic as he use to , but he will sure give it his all just to keep up with you.. He has been a blessing for our family
Toby is 14 years old, he was adopted from a local shelter where his owner who had him from birth gave him up because he had diarrhea. Super sad and devastating for him. We brought him home when he was 11 and he’s been perfectly fine ever since. This sweet boy does so much for me. He’s definitely my partner in crime
Ghost is a spunky one year old who loves to play, take long walks, and chew on everything.
Gracie May is 3 years old. She was adopted from a local shelter where she was found in a trap and the owner of the trap threatened to kill her. We rescued her and she is the sweetest little girl! She also have two thumbs on both hands!
Luna is a little troublemaker. But with a face like that, how can you not love him? He’s a sweet boy who LOVES attention. He’ll jump right up on you to get love and pats. He always comes when he’s called — especially if there’s food involved. He’s still a little boy and he always wants to play, even if his other kitty siblings want to be left alone.. Luna is a very sweet kitty with only love in his heart and I’m sure he’d love to know he’s appreciated by others ~