Dog cat Stories - 32


This is D.O.G but we call him og for short. He loves to play and cuddle. He is soo cute and lovable🥺💙
Drewby loves hiding in boxes 😻
Tux is only young but he loves to follow me on my walks with the dog He’s such a friendly cat and will never miss someone to talk to
Treacle loves to explore outdoors but she equally loves sleeping! 😻
Willow is a mini doxon and loves to play with her little lamb chops
Sadie is a pure bred aussie ans loves to go on walks.
He loves to be a big bed hog and loves playing with his stuffies. He has had a rough life and is a rescue dog
She is named Chloe because it means new beginning. She is such a happy puppy. Loved everyone. She loves going to puppy classes. And of course eating (Beagles known for lol) and treats. My senior fur baby passed away in November. I’m beyond grateful God allowed me to find her and adopt her ❤️
She's a playful, fluffy and cuddly baby who is very energetic.
He cries when he is happy or anxious it's so cute, and he never goes anywhere without his trusty duck. Also he loves tennis balls and garbage.
Star likes to snuggle, sit in your lap, likes to go bye bye in the car
Mckendize is an maltese and poodle mix. She's very lovable and sweet. She's love car rides and sticking her head outside of the window, and also loves to run back and forth around the house. She's very soft and cuddly and loves to lay in the bed with the family.
Rip has tons of energy and loves to play. He was able to play in the snow for the first time and loved it!
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Hi I’m Kaz! I’m a husky puppy and my favorite things to do are playing with my golden retriever brother and playing in the snow! I also love howling at everyone I see!
Hes a good boy and very careing boy.
Lucy was adopted from Petsmart. She is 5 years old. She luvs to eat and get belly rub. She also likes to sleep on my side of the bed.
Yuca was rescued from a hoarding situation in Pittsburgh, PA where 117 aussie dog mixes were found. She is living the life with her new mom in Nashville now.
Puppy is a sweet baby. Who loves her toys and loves to play.. She is a year olb and very smart
Dax is an amazingly sweet, adventurous boy. He loves to snuggle and rides on your shoulder like a parrot. Despite having had a broken leg and a urinary blockage that required emergency vet visits, he's always ready for cuddles. He has thumbs!
She's a wondrous kitty who likes to sniff and cause a little mischief but at the end of the day she's a cute little cuddler
Queenie Avalon
Queenie is a quiet shy kitten. Queenie love to be cuddled. And love to play with her toys at night.
We rescued Ella. She was stuck in a hay bale on a nearby farm and was about to be attacked by a tomcat. Lucky for her, we took her home with us. She is a welcome addition to our now three-cat household. She energizes our other cats and gives us love when we need it.
Chloe has the best personality, charisma and manners. She loves to snuggle, be petted and brushed. She is very vocal and extremely smart. She sits, lays, comes by her name and sometimes shakes. She is our rescue. She has never scratched our furniture and always uses her post, she loves her toys and gets new ones every Christmas. She loves helping me in garden smelling the flowers, pulling weeds and enjoying her own personal catnip.
My name is Mochi, and I'd like to think of myself as the perfect combination of sassy and cute. Adorable ought to be my middle name, but I'm sure that every body knows and is aware of it at this point~. I'm a Cavalier King and Bichon Frise mix - just about mid-sized and only a few months old. I'm CRAZY about play time, but only on my own terms--cause when it's time to eat or sleep, that's specifically Mochi time (and Mochi time only~.) Naps, treats, and belly rubs are amongst the many things that make up my day--but that isn't without a little work put in! I love practicing and learning new tricks that I can show off to my family and their friends at a moments notice. Outfits are the name of the game, and my wardrobe is stocked with them. So rest assured I'll always be prepared--for inclement weather and runway shows alike~. As long as I'm around, your day is bound to be anything other than boring--you can count on me for keeping things fun <3.
Ted Bundy
Teds an A-hole he’ll snatch birds right out of the air and then attack your legs for no reason😂 but Ted definitely enjoys his nap times
Violet is a 7 week old Shiba Inu/ German Shepherd mix. She is so full of energy and loves everyone she meets! She also has an instagram @violetthedoggie where you can see all of her adventures!!
Blaze is such a precious soul! He loves everyone ❤️
Stella loves her friends and family she always has to be the center of attention. She loves to bite mommy’s hair and cuddle and make puppy/baby noises when she gets sleepy. She is the perfect family edition.
Del Boy
Del Boy is the most amazing puppy he is so handsome & loving !! He ADORES children and babies he’s so fun & friendly. He loves long walks and adventures and loves playing with his twin brother Virgil🐶
Virgil is the most gorgeous little puppy you could ever meet!! He is so loving and would give you endless cuddles and kisses! He loves long walks & adventures & playing with his twin brother del boy🐶
In January, 2020 he had to go to the vet for stones. He had emergency surgery that day. Sully is doing great now.
Hes a rescue dog from romania living on the streets he is 3 and half years old hes very placid calm and friendly boy he watches everything you do loves to play
Lady Chunk
Lady Chunk is just a sweetheart, very cuddly, funny and extremely easy going. She loves everyone! Her favorite toys are her plushies.
Mia Sims
Mia is the sweetest rescue who really rescued me!! Always sweet, always happy and a born comedian!! She’s always cracking me up!🐾🐶
This girl went from zero to hero. She is such a good and supportive sister. And i love her so much. Show her some love.
Harper is a fun loving puppy who has a great temperament. She loves the snow, and the beach, but she is scared to go swimming
He is a playful, curious pup. Loves his brothers, and he loves being crazy, running around, bouncing of of everything with his zoomies! He insists you scratch his chest by being guide your hand with his paw. He is also slightly addicted to peanut butter!
Meeka is a Jack Russel X chuwawa
Cooper is a happy, healthy and playful beagle puppy who is 5 months old and loves to eat and go on walks. Cooper is also trained to sit, speak, give paw, other paw, come, crawl and wait. He is really good with people and children.
Bruno loves to wake up in the morning get on our bed and roll around giving loves then he goes potty come in eats sleeps and plays guard dog til it's play time again then he rolls and rolls around trying to get people to play with him
She likes playing with anything she can fetch, balls, sticks and even picks up apples when they fall of the tree.
Princess Kitty
Pricess kitty is the most lovable and sweetest kitten there is. She loves playing on her jungle gym and tunnels. Her favorite place to sleep is on our shoulder❤️ Give princess kitty a vote 🗳
Gypsy is a 5 year old very energetic at times or there are times she just likes to chill
This is Nala, she's very hyper, loves cuddles and playtime and loves saying hello to everyone that we meet when we are out but she is still very protective of her family
Cheddar is a big round fluff ball who loves sitting on anything electronic and loves participating in every human activity from helping to work out to playing guitar, she gets her nose in there! She also loves sitting/loungung on shoes, folded laundry, and books! And she hugs you when you pick her up!
Amber is 11 yrs old .shes very good with kids and dogs.very loveable girl.
Shes only 9weeks old here and loves to snuggle up with you.sweet girl.