She loves to Bird and squirrel watch. Also like to be outside, as you can see.
Luna loves a chase and to play, loves her food and mainly her dreamies. She loves belly rubs and paw rubs and to sleep by your feet at night. She’s our shadow always by our side.
The most beautiful little girl who crossed the bridge january 2024 a amazing personality and super loving and cute
Pebbles is a fun loving goofy cat. Shes very playful. Pebbles loves to play fetch and people watch. She also loves snuggles and to watch tv with her favourite human.
✔️Please like my page ✔️Please also go vote for or Thank you!! 🤗💞🐾😘💞🐾 ✔️✅️ Shadow loves to be with us. That's why we called her Shadow. I love watching the birds and squirrels too and being outdoors. Please like my page and vote! If I win a portion of the money will go to rescued animals like I was. So please vote for me so I can help!
Libby is an AMAZING little dog!, she is extremely smart, and her personality is mischievous, and playful, and of course, she is SO SPOILED
Cleo loves to play fetch with her stuffed mouse toy.
Started my life a stray, kicked in the face but over come it all and made one of the best family pets ever!! My nickname is cuddle monster
Trixie was a rescue from texas. She had heartworm and didnt trust everyone. Now shes feeling better and loves everyone and enjoys her sprints around the yard
This is Draco he loves to play with his best friend obi, walks, and trying to play with his reflection in the mirror. His zoomies can get crazy but he loves it😂
Milo is very friendly, loving, energetic & intelligent. He is ball mad & loves to play fetch on a field, he loves an adventure up mountains, days at the beach so he can roll around in the sand as well as having a swim in the sea. Milo has such a lovely temperament.. Top dog 🐕‍🦺💕
Lily is a rescued dog by my patient who passed away last year , the family wanted to bring her back to the shelter and I decided to adopt her , she is such a loving and sweet dog . I adore her so much . I’m very happy that I saved and adopted Lily .
Coco is a fun-loving, cute fluffy and adorable female chow chow. She always enjoys playing with her family, cuddles, fish and much more loving things. Her eyes can melt anyones heart along with her extremely adorable face and nature.
Leo has such a funny and loving personality. He's so fluffy and loves to cuddle up to me every night. His favourite toys are shoes, boxes and bags
Roxy Davis
Roxy like spending time people's running about my room and sprinting out on the field also she is a lovely german shepherd he also sits on a high stool like shes head of the room 😅
Charlie is an energetic and fun loving dog with a big personality! He loves going on car rides, playing with his favorite dog toys and performing many tricks!
Copper is a naturally curious pup who loves other dogs company, he has a laid back personality.
She is silly!! She loves to just sit out in a breeze and watch the world go by. She’s very much my little girl won’t even go out unless I take her . She’s super sweet, even as she is getting older she loves to play!
She’s always happy to greet anyone, and she’s got a natural loving personality
This is Turkish chilling in his favourite place... The dog toy basket 😸
Flash is polydactyl on all four feet, and has nubbed tail. When I first got him from the animal shelter he was very reserved and would run from people but he slowly warmed up to me and now he has bonded with me. He is such a sweet baby and just my cuddle bug and I think he is so cute and precious. I couldn’t ask for a better cat.
Biscoff is a Maine coin + ragdoll cross, he was rescued from 3 weeks old with his brother Lotus. He’s a complete softie and dopey at times but absolutely loves a good cuddle and nap in the weirdest positions possible 🧡
Bjorn just wants to play all day long. He loves to run and play with his stuffed toy lamb. He’s very clingy and always wants to cuddle.
Saiyan is the most loving and best snuggler in the world his nickname is "POP-BEAR" he just turned 13yrs old on the 30th of March hes the best son and dog in the world his love is unconditional ❤ and he deserves all the love in the world so do the rest of all of the adorable pets on this website i hope we all win with much love and respect from Saiyan and I Louis God Bless Everyone and Goodluck
Just one of the most cutest fluffiest baby i ever did see. From being bottle fed to being this handsome specimen before you. He loves the peaceful quieter things in life. Until its time to run track up and down mom's hallway
He’s a people lover and the sweetest ever. He loves car rides and is not a barker like most Yorkie’s.
Daisy is a sassy little madam who lives for dreamies 🤣🤣
China is a goofy girl, loves her mama and cuddles.
Bambi is a playful fluffball who loves climbing trees and then coming in for cuddles. She likes to be involved in everything I do whether that be cleaning or cooking, and rests on my shoulders while I move around so she doesnt miss out on any of the action.
I adopted Sundae 11 years ago from the RSPCA. He is the most loving and cuddliest cat I have ever had. Even at the age of 15 years old he still occasionally likes to play and go outside into the garden. He lives sleeping on my bed at night and wakes me up when it is breakfast time. I wanted the perfect cat and I certainly found him.
Misty is a funny , lovable friendly , adorable family companion ,
Maurice is a playful, loving, rescue cat who enjoys playing fetch and play fighting with his owner. His favourite spot is perched high on the windowsill overlooking the busy road below. He is calm and gentle, most of the time.
Hi my name is Xena, I’m very vocal, I’ll yell at you if you don’t listen to me. You have no choice reply when I’m talking to you! If you don’t, I’m known for being emotional and holding a grudge. Just like I held a grudge for a whole year when Mummy got me a little sister, I didn’t sit in Mummy’s lap for a WHOLE YEAR! If you don’t give me enough attention, I’ll get into mischief! I love treats especially Dreamies and on special occasions Chicken Hearts - Yummy! I hate it when Mummy brushes my teeth but I’ll do it for some Churu treats. Don’t even try to brush my fur - I will growl at you! And you better have double treats ready if you do brush me. I don’t mind getting my Claws trimmed I have to keep my mani-pedi sharp, just incase my little sister Coconut tries to attack me! I’m the sweetest little kitty you’ll ever meet, once you get passed my mood swings and don’t forget to give me those yummy treats, I’ll definitely be your friend if you have TREATS!
Casper is a pure bred Siberian Forest Cat and he loves to be petted and Casper acts like a dog more than a cat he loves to swim and stick his head in the toilet casper will follow you wherever you are in the house and he also likes to walk on a harness and leash when inside and sometimes when outside he loves the cold weather not warm weather but Casper is very loving kindhearted caring cat that I've ever seen he's really isn't afraid of anything except for car's
A cute shy little guy bundle of fun and those eyes beg for cuddles although im sure he thinks hes a parrot his sleeping place is my shoulder lol
Chop loves cuddles and hes a big softie.
Sophie is one of most lovable and caring cats I have ever had and means the world to my wife and I…
Smokey And Buddie
Smokey (big one) and Buddie are best friends. You dont see one without the other. Buddie was a rescue.
Fluffy just likes sleeping on my bed and his food
Antonio was a feral cat that was around my house for about 3 years who eventually became a house kitty. She is still very very shy but has become much more cuddly as of late. She loves to sneak around the house and is my bathroom buddy
He is the most loving cat ever! Loves the toilet too! He gives hugs & actually loves to go riding in the car. He will lay on my arm & look out the window the whole time! Please vote for him-he is a rescue & definitely deserves it. Thank you
Cote Willamson
She a loving joyful loves people. She loves to b centre of attention. She one of a kind. She buitiful. ❤️
Noel was my most amazing and dearest cat. I rescued her as a stray and she became my eternal companion. Even after her passing she is still with me
Smooch is a sassy rescue Kitty that is 12 years old now. She likes to lay in the Sun and torment my other cats. She loves to snuggle in bed at night and can't get enough temptation treats.
Sandy loves to play
Bear is the cutest, friendliest and loving pup I've ever met. I know I'm biased but others that meet him say the same.
Loves to have his teeth scratched & will dance for ham.