Mittens is 6 years old he’s a loving cat, he loves to eat and sleep and annoy me meowing all the time but I love him😂❤️
Billy is an Auggie - miniature Australian Shepherd and Corgi mix. He is loving and very smart. His favorite activities include fetching, on land and in the water, exploring, and playing with his best pup friends.
Hugo is an English Bulldog with an amazing character. He's no had the greatest start (Allergies) but he's defo rocking it now that we know what they are. Onwards and upwards for this wee special boy 💙 The cuddlest dog ever who definetly loves us ❤️
3 month old Persian munchkin mix who loves playing with his sister Arya, treats, kibble. He has the sweetest little meow and the most comforting purr. He loves to play with anything and everything! :) he walks right up to anyone He’s the rightful king of the North! Vote for my baby boy (Jon) Snow! ❄️ this money would help spay and neuter him and his sister, and get them some more fresh toys so please vote vote vote ❤️
I’m Flash aka Bubba!🐾 I love going outside, catnip, being a jerk, cheese and that’s about it! You’ll definitely catch me napping most the time which i’m gonna do right now… Love y’all!🐾🤍
Mishka the Caucasian Shepard
Toby Jo
Adopted in March 2022 @ 10 months old from the Humane Society in Amherst, Virginia - formerly known as “Heimdal”. Toby’s favorite things include his stuffed lion & mouse, his meaty bits food, fresh water, sharing turkey sandwiches, zoomies at 3:00AM, & cleaning all 26 of his toe beans. (Did I mention he’s a polydactyl?!?!) Toby was remamed as a play on his extra toe beans & as a nod to his human mom’s favorite singer, Toby Keith. VOTE FOR TOBY JO!!!!
Our Serbian-born Lagotto Romanolo female with a demanding name like Dylan adores her sister Mittens that was found in a ditch!
Aries is a 2 year old long hair cat not sure of his breed. Hes a very shy prince and loves when but scratches and being brushed. He is the prince of the house and loves his cat mate Leo
Leo is a 3 year old male not sure his breed he loves hugs and nuzzles into your hair if you have long hair. He is a major love bug and the king of his household
Zeus is an XL Bully Cross who loves zoomies in the woods and chasing his tail🫶🏼 he is one years old and is the most loving baby🐶
My names Smokey!🐾 I love bird watching (i chatter a lot), I love my dog sister, and most importantly sleeping with mom in bed is the best! i’m also gonna go camping with my homans hopefully i like it! Love y’all🐾🤍
Hello!🐾 I’m Daisy i love swimming, taking walks, going “bye bye” and most importantly visiting my gramps! I’m still in training which is another thing i love! 🐾🤍
Kittie Kat
Our Kittie Kat is a good kittie. She likes to snick up on u wanting u to play with her. She likes to pick on our dogs. She will come close to where they r at but just out of reach an she will sit on top of their kennel at night just lay there but the dog has a cover over the cage but he knows she is there. She is expecting her first litter SOON!! When she wàlks she waddles like a duck and she looks bow she gets on top off the truck an reaches around the window when its down trying to reach you. She loves to have her chin rubbed, and she loves to butt her head against my chin. But she gets mad at u she will attack u. But I love her bunches.
I adopted Bagheera because he is just the most handsome little boy with the sweetest but spunkiest little personality. He loves sleeping with his other kitty family members. His favorite thing to do is bite me on my face or lay on his big brother while sleeping.
He likes to sit like a human amd walks around with a toy in his mouth and meow he likes baths he likes to watch tv he likes peppa pig and to watch bird videos
I found Maxwell in my back yard when he was .maybe 2 weeks old. I heard him crying out for a day so that evening i went up through the yard and found him behind a Piece of plywood and he was hungry and just cried .and so i ran. To the store to get a baby animal bottle and cats milk , he devoured it ! We kept him in a box with hot water.bOttle inside a stuffed animal n at night and was thd only way he was quiet thru the night. I was only going to keep him until he could survive on his own. Needless to say , 9 years later ......he owns me ! LOL hes my best. Buddy
Jasper is cuddle buddy and loves laying by your butt lol and loves playing with his brother and he loves to eat a lot and loves tack on your feet and we won’t leave u alone
Diva is a very cute cuddle bug. She is very playful and loves everybody. She has potty trained and does very well on the leash as well. I LOVE MY BEAUTIFUL FUR BABY
Sugar is a Khao Manee (or Diamond Eye) breed, he loves his blankets and mini squishmallows. hes protective of his baby sister, very spoiled. Loves the outside, and especially his lasor toys. Loves his silvervine catnip tea with his wet food dinner.
Nova Sky Sims
Miss Nova is so loving! She loves too play and snuggle up! She has her moments but she loves too play. Her favorite toys are the laser light and her foil balls. She is just a sweet precious fur baby.
Though she is small, the greatest and most powerful love and light shines out of her.
Milo is a miniature golden retriever which is a golden retriever/cocker spaniel mix. Milo loves to play ball, snuggle and of course loves to steal your socks (clean or dirty). Milo has a huge personality and will never fail to cheer you up!
Zoey was my 13 year old shih tzu who tragically passed away this March. i miss her so much, but she deserves to be a part of this. 💛
She’s just a sweet baby who was rescued with her sister and she’s just a love bug
Willow is a 10 week old miniature dachshund. She is a dapple piebald. She’s super loving and playful. She absolutely loves kisses on her face and snuggling with her mama.
He is such a loving cat and very vocal! Everytime i call his name he talks back to me
Diesel is the gentle giant , we rescued 2 pit bull sisters and they were very small and not eating, Diesel took on being there daddy and he’s done an amazing job, he watches over them tucks them in at night and snuggles them on cold nights , he’s the best daddy dog I know
Bandit is about to be 5 months old, he’s completely potty trained and an overall amazing, loving and energetic dog. He loves car rides and playing with his friends!
Tormund Catnip'S Bane
Tormund is an amazing DSH adopted from a Reading Pa shelter. He is an affectionate, loving and funny boy. He did such a fantastic job helping me do a medical foster for a tiny tuxedo kitten I ended up adopting her too. I don't think he would have had it any other way ❤️🐱.
Happiest baby boy ever!!!
Pumpkin loves to play fetch, drink from the sink faucet, and snuggle. She is the sweetest cat and has that crazy orange cat energy!
Luna Mae
Always finding those sunny spots
Pete is such a big good ball, loves playing with his housemates, loves cuddling and playing with his toys!!!
Serenity is 5 months, loves cuddles, loves attention and is a super sweet little girl!
Salty is a super precious girl. She is the queen of our house. She mothers her brother mylo and loves to sit on shoulders. She’s a laid back snuggly girl who loves her hammock and fighting bees through the window.
Mylo is a young kitten but he’s a little big for his size. He loves to snuggle and jump up on your chest to claim your personal space. He loves to yell and run around the house. He loves children too
Storm is one of the biggest protectors! He’s the sweetest boy! Stormi acts very fragile and has very cat-like mannerisms.. I also own a cat, but she acts like my pitbull!! He’s just very silly and definitely full of love, life, and laughter!!
Monkey was living in a tent with 2 homeless people and I couldn't handle the thought of a tiny Kittie being confined in a tent so we asked if we could adopt him and they said yes....Monkey is the funniest cat I've ever seen he talks he fetches and he is like a little monkey jumping all over everything (hence his name) he is the coolest cat I've ever known and he loves to cuddle he has to be laying right up under your chin..I've never met a cat like him he's def one of a kind
Grizzly is 6 months old. He’s out going energetic boy. He loves to run around and bark at his mom and dad.
This is Bailey - he’s been with us for 17 years now even though he wasn’t supposed to live past 8 due to his severe heart murmur! He’s going on strong, and he is just the sweetest boy ❤️
Bella is an 11 month old Pomski. We got her from an abusive home. Even with everything she's been through, she's still so sweet. She loves to dig holes and play with Kong tennis balls and she loves giving kisses and getting them and belly scratches
My baby ginger was found around fall season with a broken tail and no food❤️I have never seen a cat this size and full grown
Mittens is a polydactyl with extra toes on her paws. She is a rescue and full of personality.
Titina is smart, sweet and loves the camera!
Mr. Wyatt Bleu Rescue Dane
Our fifth rescue Dane in 30 years an asset to our family through and through an ode to my dog’s hand in one side by side together we will walk as one on this road called life
an extraordinary fellow my husband found him at his sister as a newborn in a local parking lot destined to become part of our family he has been House and home with great Danes his brother Wyatt Bleu his whole life of 8 yrs this coming June so he thinks himself Part Dane Part Feline or the other way around he has a kitty sister named Noodles best of buds 🐈
Bluey is a special little one, in total he has 20 toes, YES HE HAS THUMBS!!! He is about 3 years old and was a rescue cat, his big blue eyes is what made us fall in love, i mean look at them. He loves to play fight and cuddle and talk. His favorite human food is whip cream and meatloaf.