Dog cat Stories - 32


Bear Lee
we will Exchange 10 votes a day.Bear is a chiwalwa and Pomeranian mix. Bears favorite things to do is go on four wheeler rides with his mommy he also loves to go for his evening walks. Bears most favorite thing to do all day is bark and play with his friends. Bear is very old he’s a senior dog that his mommy loves dearly and she will always love bear for ever. ❤️🤍💙Bear❤️🤍💙
Rocky is so spoiled, he loves to play and cuddle one thing that he doesn’t like is when I vacuum. I can’t leave him behind he’s knows when I’m fixing to go somewhere he waits by the door.
He’s 2 months he’s very very playful He loves playing with his brother and his sisters
He loves his toys and of course his mommy and daddy
Sasha loves to snuggle up under her mother
Carlos loves hugs and kisses
Winston is a crazy, mischievous kitten who loves to jump around and play with his favourite toy, his toothbrush. As much as he loves to play, he also loves nothing more than to snuggle up with his human for his afternoon nap.
Luna is an 10 month old pomapoo (toy poodle & Pomeranian) mixed breed puppy born in January 2020. She really loves nothing more than to curl up on your lap then holds your hand to her belly so you can gently tickle her tummy.
She loves to play and chase. She is my baby and is so spoiled, she loves car rides and loves her mama. She would be so happy if she won.
Babushka is an absolute demon of a sass pot cat, apparently it’s learned behaviour from her human parents. Her favourite activities include jumping on your back to Style your wet hair and pretending she’s starving when in actual fact she ate 45 seconds ago.
Willow is an 11 week old bundle of mischief that adores our 13 year old dog
Miles is 3 months old and was rescued from Tennessee. He loves to sleep under the covers at night and wakes me up licking my toes in tbr morning ❤️
Zombie is a 7 week old rescue kitten. He was brought to me at approximately 2 weeks old. This bottle fed baby who was anemic and battling a severe eye infection (there were days we weren't sure he was going to pull through at times) is now playful, happy, healthy, little boy who loves scrambled eggs.
Covi un gatito que llego de sorpresa para nuestras vidas... el gusto nos duro poco lo tubimos que entregar a las mejores manos... las de mi padre Dios pero nos dejo fotos increibles! Fue muy amado
Sage is a daddys girl and loves going on the road to get cows
Connor loveesss humans lol Very friendly and loves rubs and hugs!
Hello all, I am Peekaboo and I enjoy play time with my brother and my sister, love all my toys and of course I love my treats.... Mommy and Daddy give me all the love and attention I require and enjoy. They also spoil me rotten but I am ok with that, they also spoil my brother and sister but I am not a big fan of that lol.. Anyways vote for me pweeessss
Mollie is a Boston terrier who love to play with her toys run around the garden & has ALOT of energy! Loves cuddles and play time ❣️
Mylo is a french bulldog with his fur that feels like crush velvet 🥺 he’s a happy cuddly loving dog that loves food cuddles and sleep! He likes to play with his toys ❣️
Himiko is shy but loving! Enjoys finding new hiding spots in the house and sleeping majority of the day lol
Hello from Skylar (Skye for short) I'm a 3 month old shihpoo (shih tzu/ toy poodle mix) I live in California with my mom, 13 year old labrador brother, Deuce! We love to play & tons of belly rubs please! Although we don't share the same size, we share the love of our snacks! Our faves are peanut butter, carrots, and apples!
Casper died last Tuesday in our arms, Suddenly without understanding why?? We got Casper from a shelter. His owner had a stroke and Casper was tripping him up b/c he loved to rub the figure 8 in-between his legs. He was a Huge Strong cat with a Little Mike Tyson meow. He shall be missed.
Meeko is a fur ball of energy. He loves going for walks/runs. His favorite game to play is keep away, especially when he has something he shouldn’t. He loves to steal socks, stuffed animals, wallets and shoes.
Toothless decided to join my family about 8 months ago and have loved her more and more every day. She is the first cat that I have ever owned, and I never even thought that I would own a cat, but she changed my heart. I absolutely love this little feline, and she will always be my baby girl. She has the sweetest most adorable personality, and everyone she comes across adores her or comments about how perfect of a cat she is. She does some of the cutest things I have ever seen. You dont meet many furbabies with as much personality as this little Miss Cardi B.
Kai is 5 month old puppy who doesn’t love food and only loves hugs and attention! He is playful, energetic, and the best pup to play with from the little 5lb dogs to the 100lb dogs as he is gentle and fun with everyone!
Bon is a 5 month old Border Collie and he has so much energy. We all livd him and he is spoiled rotten x We love him so much x
This is Rocky! Literally my son. Rocky got his name from the 80s boxer Rocky Balboa and because his front 2 paws are white midway that looks like boxing gloves. That white dog in the photo is his brother Mickey aka Rocky's trainer!
Lola so good n clean .quite .loves her daddy best puppy. She nearly 2 years old she a yorky poo
Khaos loves to wake up early go outside, have breakfast and then checks everyone's room for a playmate. She so cute going from room to room hoping to find someone who wants to play tug o war, her favorite game, she 2 months old, and pure breed blue nosed pit aka American Staffordshire Terrier.
Lola is a beautiful, gentle, loving pooch, who loves nothing more than snuggling up with her humans and her pack
The most precious, angelic, sweet girl in the world of doggos 🐶 💜 needs lots of kisses & cuddles + 1000% of your attention always >>>>
Silliest dog I’ve ever met.
Sweet and happy all the time
She is a crazy daft dog, but the most lovely furbaby ever! Beautiful temperament, and she gives the most loveliest snuggles ❤️😍
Rascal named after rascal flatts is a little rascal who will train as a service pup
Drax And Loki
Drax and Loki are two year old part Maine Coons. They unfortunately came from a bad home and our lives have been 1000% better since the day they arrived. Loki is our chunky boy (weighing in at a svelte 18lbs) and heated floors are his favorite thing in the world. He's a little strange and will sniff and lick your eyes and put his face in your mouth. He loves his dad more than anything and always lets his brothers beat him when they play-fight, even though he would likely win. Loki enjoys dragging furniture to the top of the stairs and throwing it down the stairs at 2am. He also loves sleeping in sinks, but nothing compares to his love for bubbles. He will go up to his bubble maker (yes, he has one) and scream until you turn it on. He loves to channel his inner Robin Hood by opening cabinets and dispersing food to his brothers in need. Milk is his kryptonite and he goes insane when he sees anyone with it. Drax is a momma's boy who lost half his tail in a recliner incident with my son. I've never been so sad in my life and still haven't gotten over it. He is the absolute best at fetch and loves getting his hair brushed with mom's brush. He also loves coming to bed to snuggle just before it is time to get up. Toy mice don't stand a chance against Drax and he is proficient at removing their tails. Drax also loves water and screams in his manly, deep voice for people to turn the sink on so he can play. He has taken showers with his humans and is definitely the strong big brother. He has a devilish side as he gets so much joy from tripping his humans, especially down the stairs. Drax also believes any visitor to the home is there for him and is quite proud of himself. His other interests include pulling your pants down, sleeping on his back and refusing to move for anyone or anything, including the vacuum cleaner, pulling tv's down (thankful for earthquake straps) and singing the song of his people at all hours of the night. Overall two incredible, loving, naughty boys
Chaos And Mr. Meowgy
Chaos and Mr. Meowgy are two year old blue lynx siberian cats. Sometimes, Chaos opens his mouth but the words won't come out. He is a little shy, but absolutely adores his people and loves hugs. Chaos also hates feet and enjoys biting your achilles and bringing you to your knees when you aren't giving him enough attention. His other interests include emptying the recycle bucket and trash barrel and of course, helping with puzzles. Mr. Meowgy is our cross-eyed maniac who enjoys chasing ghosts, running the wrong way while playing fetch and laying on your face until you can't breathe. Meowgy also enjoys hiding under furniture and waiting for the opportune moment to attack his unsuspecting victims. He loves his people so much, he will even poop in his bed as punishment when they go on vacation and their people leave him at home with a babysitter. Meowgy's weaknesses include the damn water fountain that he just doesn't understand and therefore dismantles and his sand box (litter box) which keeps getting full and he is required to empty it. Meowgy has had a few near death experiences, including the time he managed to open both the window and screen on the second floor and balance his cross-eyed self on top of the window. Overall, two absolute maniacs with huge hearts and excellent birthday hats. 10/10 would recommend.
S’mores isn’t here to participate in the contest, this sweet girl just wanted to say hello and help cheer on her Pomsky cousin Minnie 💕💜
Hunter is a 8 week old sauki greyhound and is well behaved he loves hes toy pheasant and scrambled egg, x
Betty is an exquisite young man with a large appetite. Betty enjoys spending time in the bath, eating, and napping. He is very chatty and has long conversations with his sister Dorris
Hello this is Ollie. We rescued him off the street back in 2015. He is such a loving boy who will cuddle with you all day.
Gizmo is a 1 year old Yorkshire Terrier. He is the funniest most loving we pup. He’s also a little rascal and loves eating everything in sight. Especially socks 😂.
Sabbath is 13 1/2 yrs old loving Best Friend of All time
Sable was rescued from the side of the road when she was just a little baby. And bottle fed for weeks. She is so sweet and loves to snuggle right up at your neck.
He is an adorable puppy who loves attention and loves getting his belly rubbed. He is so funny and brings so much joy to anyone he meets 💙💙
Whiskey is my very old sweet fur baby! He loves to play fetch and always comes when I call him. I've had a lot of cats but he's "the cat" Soo Sweet and Loving ❤
Obi is a mischievous scruff ball who loves nothing more than rolling in things he shouldn’t, playing with his toy duck and having a cuddle. He likes to act tough (when the postman, a lorry or his nemesis, honey monster the cat, pass the window) but he is actually a softie and will refuse to continue on a wall if a leaf or burr has attached to his fur.