Dog cat Stories - 32


Harmony perform for snacks. Her speciality is founding snacks and dressing up.
She is a very educated tabby. She can fetch and also when I feed her wet for I ask her to give me her paw and she does it.
Rambo loves to jump. He can clear a 6 foot fence. He loves kids.
Milo is very energetic and lovable he loves giving kisses. He is always at the window looking out.
This will be Simba's last contest until the beginning of next year. Simba is a very special cat. He loves to play with his stuffed carrot. He will play fetch with it. His nickname is turkeybutt. I adopted him from the local humane society back in 2015. He is very photogenic and spoiled. He is 6 years old. He loves to play in boxes and eat turkey. He lives with three other cats named Amelia, Arwen, and Summer. He is the man of the house 😝 He is a very loving cat and loves attention. I appreciate all votes made for Simba.
Meet Izzy she is a calico breed very chilled out cat has a great personality loves cuddles . And very cheeky enjoys playing with her other cat friend's kiki and Ellie plays chase zooming around the garden. Enjoys her food .
Matilda is a sweet rescue from Georgia and she is sweet as sweet tea! Shes a cuddler and our shadow. A dog in disguise, Empress Matilda LOVES to chase toys and walk around with them in her mouth. Very energetic and spunky
Rooster loves to play with his toys we play fetch a lot . We take long walks . And he love his farm animals friends . And he loves to take rides
She's 8 months old. Loves to cuddle, play fetch (& brings back) & gives kisses!
I found him and his sister on a dirt road someone dumped them they were in a small box when i found them and i saved him he is so much fun he plays with my dogs and he comes in the house threw my window he dont like doors idk why he loves his cuddles
He’s a very entertaining, loving puppy. He’s always so full of energy.
Hello my name is Beast. I love being with momma. Enjoy going to the dog park. I miss my human brother, momma is sad a lot since his last hospital trip 😞 he didn't come back home with her. Thank you for voting and sharing this fun with others.
Loves baseball...would give any team a run for Thier money!
Yeti is a fun loving dog. He know no stranger. Loves playing with his toys. Loves to run and play outside.
Hello, I’m chopper. I’m a mamas boy. I love to sleep but also love to play. My favorite treat is dried beef lung. My favorite toy is any sort of long toy with or without squeakers. I absolutely LOVE to run! I’ve saved moms life 3 times without being trained in that field!!! Smart, loving and caring boy
Solomon is the sweetest little puppy you’ll ever meet. Whenever someone walks through the door he has to give them a gift of some kind! Just like my cat Bella he loves giving you socks as a present.
Hello, I’m nala. I’m sweat, playful and fully of energy. I love my treats and walks.
Pumpkin is now 10 weeks old. She loves running across the house as if her tail is chasing her. She was named crowned crowd pleasers in her local vet. Pumpkin enjoys warm showers and walks in the beach.
Loki is a beautiful long haired orange cat. He is so sweet and friendly
Daisy is 9 months old is is loveable puppy that just wants to go go go we got daisy from RICO pet recovery and she is just loving every nap and play time. 📸 Love Daisy cuteness follow Daisy's instagram at daisy_the_mixed_mutt 🐶
Baby is a very fun loving dog and is amazing with children! I’ve had her since she was about 4 months old and she has been my best friend ever since ♥️😊
Hello there, meet Charlie ( brown ). Technically we rescued him, but by now it’s safe to say, it’s more like Charlie rescued his mama! He’s THE SWEETEST, most lovable 150pound lap dog/cuddle monster you could imagine. Charlie absolutely LOVES to play, somehow always ending up getting into some kind of shenanigans 😁 He’s genuinely one of the happiest, gentlest boys I’ve ever come across. As long as he’s hanging out with people he’s happy as a clam, but the second he hears talk of going for a walk or going bye bye in the car, he’s even happier! Charlie and my seven yr old are the best of friends 🥰 wherever one is, the other I sure to be right next to him. Although Charlie is almost twice the size of my son he has never and never would hurt him in any way.
Bella is about 15 years old now. I’ve had her since I was 5 years old. She’s got a very big personality and loves her naps and kitty treats. She will demand attention by bringing you a sock she found.
King of all Lizards in our screened porch!
Heidi Ho
Heidi-Ho loves her stomach rubbed how many cats do you know that love their stomachs rubbed? Not any if any!
She plays hard all morning and naps all afternoon!
Meet Tehchichi! Thusly named because that is what she is, a Techichi dog. The ancestors of Chihuahuas are the Techichi. She is a very sweet spirit, she loves to cuddle and lick noses. She will nap in the sun all day. Her little wiggle butt will meet you happily as you come through the door. She is so very soft and warm and loving. She will steal you heart.
Corie is a sweet, fun girl but we've nicknamed her "T- Rex" due to her love of fingers :) She also thinks she's the boss of the family (secretly she owns us) ❤
Winnie da dood is a mini golden doodle who absolutely loves cuddles and going to the store on adventures. Her favorite activities are riding in store carts, chasing Daddy at the dog park and sitting at the table with the family. Winnie is best friends with her brother Jake and we play together allll the time! Winnie has the cutest head tilt when she watches other dogs on TV and has mastered giving mommy and daddy kisses on command. Winnie loves bringing joy to people she meets
Ash loves to play hide and seek behind cushions and bully his big brother milo.
I will steal your socks then steal your heart.
Lucky Kitty Love
Come read my story @luckykittylove
Milo may seem small but he is large in his mind. Milo is playful, and demands attention.
Benny is a philanthropist who advocates for rescue animals! He loves bow ties, documentaries, good books, and car rides with his humans and puppy brothers.
Maximus has the gentlest disposition & is 100% a momma's boy! He loves to chase his ball in the yard or just chill out by mom all day during work sitting by my feet at my desk :)
Sasha loves her "babies", when her hoomans come home she loves to share her day with us and her babies which she always carries with love and tenderness.
I'm the chattiest and friendliest boy you'll ever meet! I love treats, I love to hunt, I love my crinkly toys, but most of all...I love my mommy! Everyone else tells me I'm cute, so what are you waiting for??
Bean is a rescue (the last of his litter) who loves sticking his tongue out, licking his mom's nose, car rides, and walks in the yard.
Stillies is a white pit mix, who loves to play and run, she can be up all night and sleep all day.
Frito stated off as Frida Catlo but much to our surprise Frito was a boy!
My granddaughter gave him the name Chance, for 2nd Chance. He was the runt of the litter. We had to bottle feed him and we did not know if he was going to make it. We also though he was deaf. He would not react to any noise. Well, he can hear very well and is a pretty smart boy. He loves his toys and the water hose.
Hi I’m Tackle! I love playing with my toys and dressing up for photos. I like to sleep a lot and eat treats.
She loves to fish,dig holes,take walks,eat,and give Lovins. She's very loyal and loves kids. She's farm dog and she's my best friend.
Stewie was born a runt, 1/4 the size of his brothers and sisters. We took him in as a foster home until he was strong enough. During this time we found he had a spinal defect which weekens his back legs. This picture shows Stewies determination as this was a stop at a halfway point of a 9km Hike with 700meters of elevation change in the Canadian Rockies. This dog shows all of us everyday what it means to never give up no matter what adversity you face.
Elvis is a rescue. He is a 9 month old Miniature Schnauzer mix
❤Delicate, affectionate little miss❤
Ricky Spanish
Ricky Spanish is a cheeky boy just over a year old. loves beard scritches from his daddy.