This is Smoky he is a Blue Pitt he loves cuddles and chew toys
This is Stella our Jack Russell and my son’s Mini Bernisedoodle GiGi, they are 2 weeks apart in age and generally fight when they are together, so I caught this rare moment of the two of them!
Some would say drama has identity issues his two best friends and dogs so he thinks he's a dog too he'll sit like a dog he'll come get treats like the dogs and he plays just like he was one too.
Just a little mischievous kitty wanting a good sleep and lots of treats! I love rolling around with my llama toy and chasing after flies
Lyla is a pretty black American shorthair. She is always lady-like and is very picky with food and everything else. She is sweet though, and loves her mousse treats!
Bode is sweet baby kitty. He loves attention, the outdoors, and all kinds of food - never picky! He is also a retriever when playing - he brings back his toys to his pawrents! 🐱
Just adopted this sweet little guy. My beautiful boy. Loves to eat and play with his sister.
Part Siamese. One of the sweetest cats I’ve ever owned. Loves her mama.
Milo is 11 months old. He loves to play and is such a cuddle bug. The laser pointer is his favorite.
Bear loves cuddles and having his belly rubbed, plays fetch loves loves wet food and winding up his sister like brothers do
Moo is moo from the start a pain in the bum climbing curtains and scratching our feet my baby girl vicious but loves daddy’s cuddles, plays tug of war
Pumpkin is a gorgeous and loving 10 month old kitten! He loves getting up to mischief and being the centre of attention!
He loves to cuddle and play! Big tug of war fan and a foodie!
He’s the sweetest little sweetheart you would ever meet. He literally follows me everywhere. He loves people and children and attention.
Calcifer was found in the streets 4 days before Christmas in 2019 by his daddy. His daddy is his best friend. Hes got 3 brothers and two lizard siblings. Calcifer loves cuddles, being smothered with kisses, being around his 10 yr old human sister and giving belly to everyone he meets.
Luna was found one day in our chicken coop. She was only about 3 weeks old when we found her. She loves her people so much and loves to dance in the kitchen while I cook. 🥰
Sock pincher
Hello!! Papi loves treats, he loves naps, loves tacos, and loves salsa music !
Elvira Jade
Elvira is 9 years old and is my special needs princess who loves her mommy and loves to sleep on her mommy's feet.. she loves playing with strings and cuding with her puppy sister Luna they are the best of friends
Cow is 16 years old and very loving ..she's my ESA and loves playing fetch with her toy mouse.. she waves for her treats and loves to mother her fur sisters
Lolly is a loving little lady.. she is very playful and loves having cuddles and kisses on the sofa watching lady and the tramp.. her favorite food is carrots atm but this could all change.. we love to bark at people as they walk past its her way of saying hi be my friend..
Clover is a 2 year old Husky/German Shepard mix. He’s the best protector to his 7 week old infant baby brother. He loves frisbees and of course treats.
ZED was named by our 5 year old after a disney character. Hes mischievous. Funny and a blanket theif. He wants all the food can't have a snack without his big brown eyes watching and waiting 🤣🤣 hes very energetic. Hates baths but loves doing the hot laps after. Hes cute and full of fun and play 🥰
Hughie is a 3 year old sphynx cat. He loves to eat, sleep and snuggle with his daddy! Unlike the myth that sphynx cats are balled, Hughie grows fur to keep him toasty in the colder months! And it feels like clouds and smells like fried chicken! 🍗☁️
Murphy is a one year old bundle of cuteness and fun! You will always find him with a massive smile on his face! His favourite things are treats and bum scratches. He also LOVES long walks in the countryside and meeting lots of new friends. 💛
Sophie is a DIVA. She's a sweetheart, but only on HER terms. She loves her catnip banana toy, window hammock, and snuggles. She's 13 years old, very chatty, and greets me every morning when I come home from work. Sweetest girl ever!
Emmy loves life, a lover of giving you a lick on the face. seeing you is enough to send her tail wagging, loves a walk, a chew, and chasing the cat 🐱 xx
Remmy is a rescue, we've only had her home for a week and she's still getting used to being loved and having room to run, instead of being in the shelter.This is my new brother, Winchester. Don't mind his look of annoyance, She knows that he loves her
I have had Bella since she was born. She is11 years old and is the smartest little girl. She has been with me through all these years with all my ups and downs. She is over weight but really does not eat that much. I worry so much so much about her. I love her with all of my heart and I am thankful for all that she has put into my life. She is my Baby girl. Something special indeed.
She loves to cuddle 🥰
Rocky was only 6 month when he joined our family. Rocky is a typical cat.. he loves cuddles and kisses on his terms. He likes to play with anything else than his cat toys. He is food oriented and gives you cute looks to get a piece of whatever you eat. Rocky has some dental issues but thankfully still has all his teeth and loves to give you lots of love bites. He is a good boy but also a trouble maker.
She is a 4 month old belgian malinois. She is very sweet and highly intelligent. Loves playing in general she loves chasing and retrieving ball she just turned 4 months old and she is highley protective of me and thinks she should be center of attention silly girl
Leo Oxenburg
Leo Oxenburg is a Morkie (Maltese Yorkie) He is such a mellow fellow. He likes to wind up and throw his own ball. He loves opening his monthly bark boxes. He's my best friend 💓
Lexy is an energetic 1 year old, Olde English Bulldog. She can melt anyones heart ❤️ with those big beautiful eyes and pouty lip. She's definitely a mama's girl. A cuddler and a lover, but stubborn at time. She'll be your best friend if you have treats or any kind of food. Diva princess that can get almost anything if she whines or crys. She's our world and we love her so so much!!!
He’s brought so much joy to our house. He’s very playful, loves to chase us around the house like a puppy. He loves his treats and has a favorite little stuffy he carry’s around in his mouth.
Loves to run around and play with cats, chickens, ducks, and other dogs. Also loves car rides and will go anywhere.
Toxic Mold
Toxic mold is a very bold boy who acts like he’s king of the world. Very sassy but easily lovable
Loki love to sleep on the bed beside me. Loki loves his treats. Loki also loves attention & his catnip toys.
Buddy is a very protective dog but he still has his puppy side he loves to place and run he’s gonna with kids and other animals
Harley diafintly lives up to her name. She is very mischievous. She always keeps her human Moms surprised at her many misterious accomplishments!
Winnie is from a barn cat liter! She has the goofiest personality and loves to stick her tongue out for pictures to prove it!
Enzo is a very playful cat with a lot of energy! He has a unique color which makes him stand out. He loves his treats and toys and this money would all go toward him. He was adopted from the shelter at 2 months old and is now almost 4 months!! He was a very shy and scared kitten in the shelter but since then has had the most outgoing personality!
She is s so lovable and goes by a few names. She always needs attention and understands the words sit, roll over and snack. She loves playing with twisty ties and we took her in when she was a few months old and was an alley cat. She also loves laying in the sun as it glares into the house.
She’s a loving cat that loves to be held like a baby, and loves to give love! She loves to eat treats out of your hand like a dog she will stand on her to feet and get it out of your hand she’s so gentle! She also loves to sleep!
Remy is a playful kitten that thinks he’s the boss of the house and when he doesn’t get his way he will yell at you he loves to play and attack almost everything and gets the zoomies a lot!!