Dog cat Stories - 33


3 month old german shepherd husky mix. She's sweet, shy and really smart, but can be very stubborn.
Lucy is such a fun loving girl! She loves her toys and being outside! She is just 11 weeks old and already so smart 🥰
Bonnie has her brother’s back Bo
Duffer loves to watch the Oregon Ducks with me. Loves to go for short walks and is definitely a lap dog
Doc has the best RBF. Grooms himself all day. Is the social kitty who lies in the middle of a room for all to see. Should have called him Mufasa as he is the KING!
Hi! My name is Dotty. I love to play out in the garden. I have a favourite toy which is a fish and I also love food
Hi my name is Zuko! I am 19 weeks old and I am a ball of energy! I love being around people and other puppies! My favorite toy is my chipmunk and my favorite treat is pup cups from Starbucks. I love running around my house with the zoomies!
I’m a bundle of joy 💗
I am adorable, I have the cutest eyes, I’m into anything and everything, love hiding in boxes and star jumping at mummy’s legs when she least expects in and hiding in her shopping bag when she’s about to go out.
Rescued from Cincinnati in a snow storm, Simon could not be any sweeter. Loves to snuggle, do yoga, boat rides and to bask in the sun.
Hello, I know I'm not a cat but I am a rat. My name is Obi-Wan Rat Kanobi, I was born in December and I have 2 brother rats. (I'm moms favorite, or so I think) I love to play with cat toys and squeak about the house. Vote for me 'cause I"m adorable!
This is Momo. She is a cute, sassy little chihuahua mix who is queen of the neighborhood. She goes door to door and uses her paws to scratch and knock the best she can on doors until someone let's her in for a visit. Neighbors take turns letting her sleep over and ride places with them. She truly believes she's human, even sleeps on her back the entire night long as you can see here! Her personality is such a gift to share with others. Vote for Mo!
Introducing our little bundle of joy who's name is "Bossley" taken at just 6 weeks old; he's an Old English Mastiff baby and this is the moment the camera caught him looking particularly cuddly and cute! Unfortunately they don't stay this size for very long and by the time he's fully grown we would anticipate him to reaching a weight of about 100 kilos.
Hello, my name is Ziggy. I enjoy going for walks, swimming, playing fetch and spending time with my family. I don't do well with other dogs outside of the ones in my home, but I absolutely love people and children. I'm a snuggle bug and have a quirky attitude. I was born on November 25, 2013 and I'm originally from Wyoming. I currently live in Vermont and can't wait to go on hikes and play outside. Vote for me, 'cause I'm cute and you'd fall in-love with me if you met me in person.
Hi I’m Helsinki and that’s my brother Oslo. I like cleaning everyone and everything. Me and my brother are best friends and I love him so much.
Hi I’m Oslo! It’s going to be my first birthday in May. I like chicken, tuna and stealing mums Pringles. I like to shout at 2am just let mum know I love her.
She is a gift from King Jesus so fun and so smart
She’s got beautiful eyes, and will melt your heart. Her beauty is wonderful, but her goofy side is why I love her
The snuggliest snuggler! Loves cuddles and adventure and her favorite toy is her tail!
My name is Comet and I look like a Koala Bear. 🐨🐶❤️
Myshka loves to talk,and play with water and her toys, shes a very busy girl
Clemmy & Mio
Clemmy is a prince & spunky at the same time. Mio sadly has crossed over the rainbow road. 💙
Hi! I’m Koa, which means brave in Hawaiian. As you can see from the pictures I like to play in the snow. I like to play cards. They tell me I cheat but I don’t. I look good in sunglasses. My protectors name is Oden.
Chance is a fun loving 2 year old bullbog. Looking for a girlfriend. I am the BOSS in rhe house and could use the money to help build new stairs for my doggy door. Thank you for all you support.
Stormi is a lab basset hound mix. She loves to play & snuggle!
Everyone loves May May❤️
Zoey Is A Rescue That I Saved Personally. She Was Thrown Away In The Trash Literally By Her First Owners. She Has Grown Since Then And Is A Very Healthy Dog Now. She Loves To Run And Chase Squirrels, Loves Kids, And Occasionally When She Gets An Itch She Cant Reach She’ll Back On A Fence And Scratch Herself With It. All In All She Is Very Loving And A Quick Learner.
Arlo loves his 2 human boys, his kitty & his ginormous great dane brother!! He also enjoys eating any food that hits the floor, passing horrible gas, and ear rubs;)
Brooklyn is the sweetest puppy...she loves to practice ninja moves with her brother Bandit
Figaro loves sitting on pizza boxes and getting into trouble
Hi I am Cali!! I have two different eyes, one with the color of the ocean and one of the sand! I am a super playful pup. I do have some sass to me as well, as you can see love to pose. I hope everyone has a PAW-sitive day!!
Bleue is the sweetest lover boy. He loves belly rubs and snuggles. He is one handsome man!
Fluffy is a tea cup Pomeranian he very playful very loving.He is loved by everyone. Very friendly.
Snowflake got his name by the white random strands on his head and neck and has a patch of white on his stomach. He likes to pretend he doesn’t need me but is always by my side when I am home. He is very smart and lets me know he is hungry by putting his paw on his container of food. When he want out of the room he knows how to unlock my door and open it to be free.
I am a very mischievous boy who loves snuggles and getting into everything I’m not supposed too! I love when people come over and always have to greet them at the door and make sure they give me attention, even if I have never seen them before! I always want to see what the people are up to and supurrvise them to make sure they do things right, whatever they are doing! My hobbies are chewing on cardboard boxes and fridge water lines (mom really isn’t happy with the water line one)... I also like to lick moms toes (she tells me I’m weird) and play with my brother Jack. I am a week younger then him and will be turning 2 in May!
Blu loves naps and food
I’m a sweet little boy who lost my eye when I was just a few months old, but mom loved me anyway and adopted me.❤️ I scared my mom a few months ago with a urinary tract blockage and had to go in for emergency surgery but have made a full recovery (Though mom has to watch how I’m doing consistently)! I love playing with my brother from another mother, Eon. I will be turning 2 in May!
Allie is a very energetic dog she loves to play with her siser Rosie and loves to cuddle under the blankets. She trys to sneak a tatse of your coffee if u set it down in her reach so u gotta keep an eye on her. Allie is very fast loves to get treats.
Maxine is a very loveable dog, she loves to cuddle and go for walks.
Ollie is a 6 months Chihuahua mix rescue dog. He loves kids and can't get enough playing with other dogs regardless of size. He was so timid and afraid of the world when i first got him. Now that his 6 mths he loves to discover the world as lond as mommy is a few feet away. Wherever mommy is Ollie is not far away. Ollie has helped the kids discover their tender side and help his uncle( 9 year old) demonstrate his soft and lovin side. He is the best thing that has happened to his fur mom.
Moose is 3 weeksol old and loves sleeping on his back
Theodore Augustus
He loves to snuggle, run really fast, jump high, scratch and bite his mommy, make funny noises, and being bad...aka nicknames: Theodorable and Dick Demon
this gal is #1 in our hearts and needs to be #1 on the charts!!!! leia is a sweet bluenose pitty who just turned 3 years old. she’s a beautiful silly baby who loves to sunbathe and play with her tennis. swimming and showing off her toys are her favorite hobbies. follow her instagram @babysilly_ ♥️
Hi I’m Slater! I’m a 9 week old Bernedoodle and I love cuddles, food, and play time! When I grow up, I’m going to be a medical alert dog for my mom:)
Stella is an adorable 5 year old grumpy cat that loves in her own way!
Sissy Brown
Hi! I'm Sissy Brown. I will be 2 yrs soon. I almost didn't make it into this world, it took me along time to squeeze my way out of my Mother but I made it and I am here to stay! My owner is glad I made it too because I warm her heart with my kindness and sweet kisses. I hope you like my picture. I was a frog for Halloween, ribbet!
Chip is a 2 year old American Pit Bull Terrier. He and his sister Bella both love to take long naps, and he loves to cuddle. Chip loves peanut butter. His favorite pastime is taking naps🧸🧸 Oh, and he has no concept of personal space 🐶
hi everyone this is diva ! her name definitely fits her personality! she’s a little crazy but super cute !🥰🐶🐾 vote for miss diva 🐾🐾