She has a terrible past and still suffers from ptsd she is a great pup and loyal to the people she trust
Charlie is a sweet baby girl who loves cuddles and anything you're eating 😁
Lug was a rescue kitty who was second away from being thrown in a dumpster. He's gone from a 1lb kitty to a 15lb cuddle bug!
I resuced stella from under a car when she didnt even have her eyes opened she has opened up to me so much and the reason i got to keep her was because i hid her in my room for like 2 days then my mom found her took her to the vet and got her shots done...
Simba is a playful kitten he is almost 2 ! He loves his little sister mel and his big brother Sour D he is so loveable and the most cuddly cat !
Ellie Mae
ellie mae loves to play with her mom and dad, she also loves to play outside and in the snow. ellie mae was just born in October of 2021 and she’s the sweetest dog you’ll ever meet, she’s so playful and loves everyone!
Casper is 3.5 years old and weighs about 30 pounds. He is unable to hear but he is such a happy cat and very lovable. He loves to ride the robotic vacuum, always purring loudly, and loves to snuggle
Kia is a happy 12 old year Cat! Just had a treatment for her hyperthyroid ... she is living her best life 🌸🌸🌸
Nimitz loves Tortola chips and Oreo ice cream, he loves cuddles and playing with his brother Osiris
I rescued Reagan from the shelter. I’ve have never had a cat that plays as much as she does!! I also call her my therapy cat because she has been by my side for my battle with breast cancer. I love her so very much!! 💗💗
Lynx is a full breed mainecoon he was born in Russia and flew to me in Massachusetts when he came to me he was skinny scared and very sick fevers as high of 106 with tons of medication on the mend, he is showing his true personality he's such a curious little boy just wanting to play and cuddle like a normal kitty.
Cupid is full of life and love and he loves my granddaughters whom are 5 and 2.5 months. Everytime the baby cries he runs to her and then us to make sure we are taking care of his baby
Freya is my cat dog. Im just waiting for her to bark. I rescued her on my birthday she was about 4 weeks old. She loves people and her pets. She has 2 dogs, 2 sister cat's, and a rabbit. She loves her mommy and her dog treats.
Pepper is a very spazzy kitten who is a love bug and enjoys being in peoples’ way 24/7. She can be a couch potato at times but thoroughly enjoys playing fetch with pony tails. She tends to get along with pretty much everyone who gives her attention and treats. Pepper is definitely a character and a joy to be around. I’m not totally sure if Pepper is a pure bred Russian Blue, but she definitely has all the characteristics to one!
Meet Loki! He's a spunky pup who LOVES absolutely everything. He is very fond of his toys but loves nothing more than his human siblings and their friends. From babies to adult, playing to snuggles, he's the bestest friend you never knew you were missing. He likes to test his limits and pull a prank here and there but of course just gives you the look because he knows he's cute. He's the all around coolest dude in the town. 😎
Kona Moon
Kona is a shelter rescue in traing to become my service baby -she loves everyone and everything-her best friend is a retired draft horse named noelle lol lol and mini pony Grits-she has quite a personality and those ears just crack me up-im already a winner for having her in my life -❤️
She adopted us! That is what makes her so special. She was treated bad by her previous owners and they left her and when we moved in to our house she never left. She has earned her title "boss of the house" for sure!
Bandit And Bean
The dynamic duo 🙈 Bandit is a sweet tuxedo rescue who will talk your ear off! He can hold a steady conversation let me tell you, he loves attention and can’t get enough so he told me to make him an account Because he needs all the attention 🤷🏻‍♀️ // Bean on the other hand is a gentle sweet baby tuxedo rescue as well who is very much in love with Bandit she loves to cuddle with her boyfriend bandit & watch movies 🍿, however she’s shy and very picky she is a little Introvert with a heart shaped nose & gentle soul 🖤 together they are quite frankly too cute to not share i mean come on!
I’m Moose, brand new just left my pack! I’m a pretty fast learner, but as of right now my favorite thing to do is sleep. Dog food is okay but if I get a Wiff of that stuff people eat I’m determined to test it out. Toys that squeak extra loud grab my attention more than anything.
Luna is special girl who loves climbing and cuddling with her human mom.
My name is Winston I love running in circles as fast as I can and play with other dogs. If you’re willing tug of war is my favorite game. I know a few tricks that is if you’ll give me treats in return.
Rudy is a loyal boy who loves his family. He is a rescue and is living his best life ❤️
Lucifer was a rescue at 3weeks old. He love to yell at you if he wants something. He plays fetch and tag. He is also very loving when it is on his terms. Lucifer also like to pick on his brother that is much older then him.
Handsome Jack E Blue!! He loves to play and loves his snacks! He is always ready to have fun and explore.
Bernie loves to play fetch and especially loves a nice blow dry after a rainy walk!
Oliver loves all things human.. especially peeps .
Marlee is a Morkie. She loves to play with her cats and toys. She has more energy than a toddler and loves to do tricks for treats.
Ava was a rescue. We have had her for a little over 2 months she was amputated before we got her so she a tripod but she moves like shes not. She loves belly rubs and cuddles.
leo is the sweetest boy i know and he’s extremely playful ! 🐾
milo loves food and he loves going out
Cer is 18 months old...He is such a sweetheart and very smart!
He loves playing fetch with these little nurf balls and cuddling.
Bud is an amazing dog. He loves to sing with me, I call him my little human, because he sleeps with his head on a pillow. I call him my buddy and me!! We saved each other's lives.
💜💛❤️ THANK YOU SO MUCH TO EVERYONE WHO VOTED FOR JOSIE!!!! ❤️💛💜 🐶🐾💕WE ARE TAKING A LITTLE BREAK BUT WILL BE BACK 🐶🐾💕PLEASE LIKE JOSIE’S PAGE🐶💕🐾 Josie is a rescue who loves carrots, digging and her bestie, Ted. She came from a very neglectful situation where she spent the first 5 months of her life tied up outside without food or water.
Tiger is the most loving playful cuddle buddy. He sees you laying down he’ll cuddle right beside you. He loves belly rubs but once he’s ready to strike, he will.
She is nine weeks old. Loves to snuggle and play. She also loves her doggy brother.
She is very sweet.And she loves everyone.
Mak is my shadow. She is the most talkative cat and will follow me any and everywhere i go. She loves attention and belly rubs. She longs to be an outdoor cat, be currently is indoor with her big brother Kurdt.
Rascal loves ❤️ people &toys
Autumn Rae
Loves ❤️ to cuddle&play with toys
Will play fetch any time!
Shadow Buck
Shadow acts like he was a prince in another life with the way he lays on a pillow and has a personality all his own. He don't walk on certain floors, so yes he is spoiled and gets picked up. He loves to sleep and cuddle. He is so goofy and so loving♡. He likes to play fight when he feeling feisty. He doesn't play with toys like normal dogs and he is very picky about the treats you give him. He definitely isn't like most dogs and from the day i got him i could tell he was different and i love that about him.
Vote for her she’s cute ❤️
Daisy is an energetic and sweet dog who loves car rides and adventuring!
Lucifer is a crazy boy who loves the outdoors and chasing the dogs and nagging them . I like to sleep in crazy positions that make me look crazy. I love to eat tuna squeeze up and cuddle next to my sister Mazikeen 💗
Flynn is an easy-going rescue that loves his cat tree and toys.
Harley R Hall
Harley found us! She was outside our fence and the next thing you know, at our door! I fell in love with her right away. She very lovable and loves to play. Her nick name is cuddle bug because she loves to cuddle. She loves her baths. She is a blessing, she found us and decided this was her family 💖💖