Dog cat Stories - 33


Poppy is a 3 month old domestic/British shorthair cat. She’s a loving, friendly and playful little kitten.
Aja Becky
Aja is the most loving animal I’ve ever known. She came to me from RACC almost 4 years ago. Her perfect day would be spent taking long walks, sniffing butts, and taking naps.
Iga F. Reggie is a little poser who likes to be centre of attention at all times! His cheeky grin proves it all!💙
Tigga/ tiggy is a old, lazy and definitely crazy boy! He loves a good cuddle and enjoys bossing his younger sibling around.
Woody is a silly, clumsy pup. He is a big boy that has a huge love for cuddles and licks. His favourite things include cats, food, pillows (for comfort) and his trampoline! 🐾
Cookie is extremely energetic, he charges around like a cheetah. He is the most affectionate cat and he's purr can be heard for miles. He loves his food especially whiskas pillows and loves to drink water out the tap (not the bowl) and loves to play with water
Butters is a rescue pet he was only 6weeks old when him and his brothers and sisters were left in a kennel outside someone's house in mondovi I took him in he was malnutritis and loveless until we got ahold of him fed him and loved him and he mad a new best friend Mr.tibbs they love playing together and taking naps together. Butters is now got a big belly and is growing up he just happened to be napping with the t.v remote while we were watching movies together. How cute! T.V and cat naps :)
Jack Russell puppy! 21/09/2020
Mr. Tibbs is more human then cat he is always chatting saying hello everytime I come home. We have full on conversations he always awnsers. He sleeps on very strange poses for a cat and rolls himself off the bed. Also he can open up all the doors in the house there is no privacy with Tibbs around but his cuteness makes up for it. How could you be mad at that face?
She likes mud stinky stuff and is a natural heat detector
Leo is a 5 year old Siberian kitty. He loves affection and loves to be snuggled by my mom and I. He likes to give both my mom and I hugs and kisses with his cuddle time. He does get vocal on feeding time and if there ever is a real "simon's cat" it will be my bud Leo with how demanding to be fed in the morning and afternoon. Also he likes to sit up like Garfield when he is relaxing out in the screened in porch watching the birds.
Xena is 4 months old. She loves to play outside and LOVES HER DAD!!!! Her favorite toy is her squeaky pig! She loves to watch her mom and dad play softball. Xena knows sit and paw and currently still working on training her.
Leia is a very energetic cat who loves to play with practically anything! She only wants to be loved on when she says it’s okay. She has the most beautiful colors I have ever seen on a cat!
Scar is a 5 year old tabby cat who loves to do nothing but cuddle his mama and give a bunch of nose kisses. He is at his happiest when he is being held like a baby.
Maverick will be 1 year old on the 22nd of Dec. We were told he was a lab mix. But as he got older he doesn't represent a lab at all. We believe he is a cattle dog, husky, pitbull mix. My wife and I rescued him from Winnies Legacy out of Ferrisburg, VT. We decided to rescue through them knowing there cause rescuing from kill shelters and being a non-profit rescue. Maverick and the rest of his litter were rescued from the side of the road in South Carolina. Winnie's Legacy rescued them from this kill shelter after they were picked up and suppose to he uthanized within the same day!!! We're so greatful to have him as he's the best boy we could ask for. He loves ball and to just run around. He's a for sure love bug. Very energetic. He's a great listener. He knows all the basics. We also just taught him to bow and how to sit pretty.
Loves to go for walks and is super energetic all the time ❤️
Chico is a 5 year old chiweenie. Full of character loves to fish and play. A mans best friend to say the very least.
Charlie is a 13 week old kitten who is rambunctious and witty. He loves to play with his toys and cuddle.
Here’s our Mothie, he loves to be outside a lay in the neatest spots!
We adopted Annie from a rescue. She has only one eye and was 6lbs when we got her. She is now 17 lbs. She is a sweet girl and loves to cuddle. Annie likes to play with her toys and sleep on top of my pillow at night.
She thinks she’s a dog
Houdini enjoys long cuddles on Sunday Mornings and yelling at me because he can see the bottom of his bowl.
His name is actually Moose, but I always call him Juice. He was laid off from his job at a ranch and we got him from a Border Collie adoption organization called HerdUNeededAHome. He is the most clingy and co-dependent dog you will ever meet. But when he has the guts to leave your side, he could travel the world twice in a minute.
Knuckles loves bacon, french fries and naps. 😻
Loves to chew on any toy, sleep and chase after our miniature Schnauzer.
Odin is currently enrolled in IPO training, where he is excelling nicely for a 6 month old pup. Great personality, overall a well rounded dog!
Mushu Porkman
Mushu Porkman is a German Shepherd and Belgian Malinois mix. She hails from the far off distant land of Pennsylvania, but we adopted her and brought her home to Richmond, VA. She specializes in shoe thievery, booping of snoots, seeking of treats, defense against the dark vacuum and is a peanut butter sommelier. 10/10 would recommend her snuggles. Her idea of having fun is going to the local park and jumping for frisbees! She’s almost two years old, but she still thinks she’s a puppy despite being 75lbs.
My Name is Ollie .. My Mom tells me it is a good thing I am so Handsome.. My nickname is Diablo 😈 I Love biting toes for fun !!
Our rescue dog, Meshach is the sweetest and best dog ever! He lets the kids carry him around like a baby and loves to snuggle!
Panda is 23lbs of fluff! He is a Mainecoone mix that's lives to eat!
Athena is the definition of a crackhead she loves kisses and her momma she loves her sister Luna so much I’ll catch them cuddling when I get home. She also loves Barkley who is my English springer spaniel
Silly kitty with no tail, thinks she’s the ruler of the world
Princess is a Silver Shaded Persian Chinchilla, she is almost 2 years old. She absolutely loves watching fish on YouTube, she chases them with her paw on the iPad. She follows my youngest son EVERYWHERE and they are best friends. She even waits at the window for him at school pick up time !
She's the tiniest little kitten. A rescue given to me from a friend. Super sweet and I mean just look at her 😻
Oscar is the cutest mini dachshund around!! He may be little, but has the biggest personality.
Noodles and Maizy are best friends!
Vinnie is 5 years old and is the SWEETEST cat. He is snuggly, playful and just down right adorable. He loves bedtime with mom, treats, playing with his catnip mouse and snuggles. Just like a dog, he waits at the top of the steps for mama to get home and greets me with purrs and meows. He is honestly the best cat I’ve ever had, he’s absolutely purrfect❤️
Misty is such a clever puppy who will soon be turning one! She loves to play fetch down the field. She is so energetic but so so loving and loves nothing more than to snuggle up on the sofa for cuddles and tummy rubs.
Zelda is very unique she only likes to be loved when she feels like it, all she wants to do is eat and play, she’s not an outside cat AT ALL when put her outside and sit her down she automatically runs back up the stairs, cars scare her or any loud noises she’s never heard before, she loves to give you attention the most when your trying to go to sleep, if you leave her alone at all she’ll meow the whole time, she’s a mommas girl, she’s loves to do all sort of weird stuff that makes me laugh. She’s completely amazing!
Tabby is a sweet fun loving big baby. She loves attention and sleeping with me.
I was found by 2 lovely girlies in a car park, I was cold and hungry 💔 I was rescued and have fallen in love with my new hoomans, Roof & Clarky. I loves treats, fishy and mousey 🐭, sleeping and sitting in my plant pot 🌺 Take a look at my piccies 📸
The most pawfect girl ever. So sweet and smart
A grumpy, loveable boy! 💙 Recently adopted and living the good life.
Loki is a year old male pup that I rescued a year ago. Now I’m not sure who saved who to be honest but, He loves to chew bones and play with kids.
Tiger is a momma's boy.
Little D
little d’s real name is Denaryus. but we call her little d due to her being a munchkin. AKA a dawrf kitty. she’s 2 years old and 4 pounds. she looks scaring people and kitty cat rubs. she is also a esa!