Dog cat Stories - 33


Max is a cross breed Persian kitten, who is friendly, mischievous, is partial to chicken and knocks ornaments over on occasion. He is a loving kitten, and loves to explore and lay under infront of the heater
Bailee is a full blooded boxer. She loves to play catch, and tug-a-war with all of her toys. She is lovable and just a joy to have in our family. She loves to snuggle and give hugs and kisses!!
Maverick loves to ride . He goes anywhere his mom and dad go. Maverick was a rescue and we may have saved him . But truth is he saved me. By bringing fun ,joy,laughter, and excitment into our lives . He loves to run and play . He loves his toys and blankys . And he loves to sit and shake hands . Maverick is outgoing and loves to go visit friends and family .
Frankie is a 2 year old Border Terrier with an unbelievable amount of energy! He’s a loving, funny and protective woofer and is always up for a play- but doesn’t like it when you take his tennis ball! He’s very good orientated and never gives up the chance for a treat (he will even give you a high five for one!).
Prancer loves to play with her stuffed Reindeer and Dragon. She also loves kids of any age and going to the Dog Park with her Dog Friends, Reese and Chloe.
Bella is still a puppy she is about 9 or 10 months old she is very sweet and nice with everyone she meets she loves people and kids she knows how to give high five by standing ,to give paw,to freez with her hands up ,to sit ,to lay down and to say hi she loves meeting people She is a mixed pit bull with german sheppard.
When he comes in from being outside, in the morning, he likes to call me. He will meow until I shout him and then he’ll come running. We also have lots of conversations. He likes to be very vocal when you talk to him 🥰
She love,s to be walked .she like,s to swime and walking in the wood she got after a ribbet today. She is just a all around good dog
Raya WILL NOT eat or drink on her own. She requires an audience
He’s crazy, when he’s been outside and he comes back he’ll let everyone know he’s arrived. He will meow so loud and come running up to you so happy
She likes to knock things off until she grabs your attention (no matter how big) She will come up to you and lick your face, she will actually lick anything which makes her so unique. She is crazy, but that’s why I love her 😊
Pinecone is a Pygmy Tabby Cat. There is a funny story of how she got her name. So as I am taking her home after finding her outside on a semi cold night, I walk underneath a tree and I pinecone hits me on my head, so I said "Well girl your name is Pinecone". I gave her a bath after I took her inside cause she was covered in fleas and ticks, she sat still while I gave her a bath. She'll be 5 on March, 9. She's a amazing cat.
Hello this is meatball, he’s a 8 month old English Bulldog. Meatball is very active, loves to play fetch, his favorite toys are water bottles, and loves to eat snacks. Meatball is always around dancers because his parents are dancers and he’s always around moving and grooving with us. He loves music.
Leo is a mix of a tabby and Siamese which makes him a red Point / Fire Point Siamese we do not know his age yet but he was a stray we picked him up and took him home🙂
He is a playful puppy who loves tummy rubs and warm baths.
Chester is an American Eskimo who loves to be called cheddar beans. He loves to squeak his toys and listen to cotton eyed joe (his favorite song). If he’s not smiling and cuddling, he’s sleeping.
This is Kye. She was the sweetest kitten I have ever met in my life. I say was because Kye unfortunately passed away. She was my little miracle, her mom was a stray cat from across the street. When Kye was born she made her way over to my house and made it her forever home. I was never a cat person until she came into my life. She was so sweet and loving and her Blue eyes were to die for! Kye loved to cuddle and be held, she was my little side kick and would follow me everywhere I went. Kye was attacked and killed, I made this post hoping to keep her memory alive :) she will forever be my miracle kitten and I will continue to love her forever!
Loves love. Loves snuggles and cuddles and cant sleep without her blanket. <3
Carson was a rescue kitty, living on the streets of Worcester, Massachusetts. We rescued him from the shelter on July 4, 2016, and he has been the perfect fit in our hearts and our home!
Douglas is my new puppy he’s a good boy , he plays to much
He loves sleeping, belly rubs, ear rubs, cheek scratches, butt scratches, and holding Mommy and Daddy's shoulder while we walk around the house with him. He is a cuddler, sleeps next to Mommy's face on her pillow every night. He hates chicken and beef but loves salmon and tuna, and his favorite things are his Mr. Grinch toy, and beating up his puppy brother, Chewy.
Coco is a Mini Golden-doodle. She is super friendly, is great with tricks, and is up for a game of tug or chase any time of day.
She is a 9 year old rescue cat who is now living the pampered life with her new owners. She loves treats especially if they’re salmon flavour.
Reggie is a beautiful yellow (white) lab. He is gentle and smart and loves to play with toys that make noise. He enjoys pouncing through the snow and chasing balls.
River is the goofiest and energetic dog you'll meet! He'll run in circles around you for hours!
Handsome Jack
Jack kisses my nose before falling asleep with his arms around me.🌌
Scouts a cowboy corgi! He has a weird obsession with pillows and is such a gentle boy. You will never meet a dog as sweet as him!
Donut is a loving pup who thinks she is so small and thinks she runs things . She loves to play with squeakiest
Sampson is the biggest baby Ive ever had!💙He loves snuggling under the covers right next to mommys legs, his FAVORITE treat is Rabbit Bully sticks, and his biggest fear is of the mean ol' "Red Devil "( vaccuum) lol but don't let that fool you ..mommy is his favorite human and will protect her from even a fly! Hes my special boy! Thank you for voting for him!
He's almost like a dog and will follow you everywhere
the king of fetch loves to cuddle
Cutie Fishburn
Cutie is a very loveable, outgoing, and friendly dog. She has a big personality. Everybody she meets, she tends to win them over.
Daisy is a 1 year old shepherd mix with lots of energy. She loves to cuddle when she isn't playing with her tennis balls
Mouse is very energetic and loves to meet everyone, human or dog! He is a lover, and adores cuddling with mom and dad as often as possible when he isn’t busy playing!
Its koda and kenai like from brother bear!!
Buddy is cool. He loves to play. He likes to cuddle.
Thor is the daftest wee boy I’ve ever met but I love him to bits! He loves to sleep absolutely everywhere, and often finds several new spots a day!
Luigi Micheal Keehn
He is extremely Loving and Friendly to everyone and everything ! He doesn't act at all like a small dog ! He beyond cute and Every Wher We go he brings joy and happiness to others of all ages ! He is very intelligent and Spry ! I cant tell you how mich joy he brings to so manh people ! I jyst want to share him with Everyone ! DonI registered him as and emotional and support dog ! Once We can get back to being in public he will go to Nursing Homes and Childrens wards and Other Patients per request with saftey ! He likes to Dress up as well ! As a photographer, He is Very Photogenic ! He jyst an all aroubd Great Fur Baby ! Hope He puts a Smile on your Face Today ! God Bless and Stay Safe !
My name is Charlie! My favorite thing to do is cuddle mommy and play hide and seek with my toys and treats. It’s fun to watch my humans chase me all over the house as I pretend to hide my toys and they pretend to find them. I am incredibly lovable and just like being with my people pack. 💗
Lilly is a sweet & fiesty 6 yr o/d Maine coone. She doesn't really like strangers but loves her sisters and the family. Very social and LOVES bird watching and hunting!! Especially HIGH PLACES!! She is a treasure . And is the glue that holds our feline pack together.
Khloe is extremely affectionate and loves to curl up under her mum or dad♥️. She loves playing catch ⚾️ and meeting new dogs. She loves Chipotle and especially loves to sleep under covers. She is adventurous and runs up to the biggest dogs like she is Napoleon. Lol VOTE FOR KHLOE 🙏🏾🙏🏾
Hello, my name is Spike & I’m such a grumpy old man! I am very cuddly and I tend to sleep allll day! As you can tell, I get comfy no matter if you are or not! I love attention and get mad when it stops.
Lily was adopted as a kitten from a local farm in 2015 and has been queen of the house since! Her favorite activities are sleeping in the sun, getting treats, and wearing her hats.
Ari likes playing and chewing shoes.
Juju 🐈‍⬛ 2 years old Tuxedo cat Favorite toy is his mouse that squeaks 🐭 Favorite treat: Temptations shrimpy shrimp🍤 Hobbies: Naps all day and parties all night😂😂
Hello, my name is Blake & I’m very lazy! My owner spoils me a lot and I’m such an old man! I love the attention I get and I tend to hog the bed for such a small dog! I don’t bark unless I see my favorite creature, which is a squirrel. I love being wrapped up in blankets like a little doggie burrito and I LOVE wearing clothes!
She is a wacko pants and is very crazy