Dog cat Stories - 33


Ricky Spanish
Ricky Spanish is a cheeky boy just over a year old. loves beard scritches from his daddy.
My Sphinx is a very sweet young cat that loves to play and follow me around the house. Lol. He's spoiled *as he should be* and loves his treats!! He's not your average cat, he's bigger than his feline brothers and sisters, and he loves children! My baby boy!!
Odie is 7 months old and adores his humans. He has the sweetest soul. Has a scary bark but is afraid of his own shadow.
Hi my name is Kujo! I love to play more than anything. I will run around for hours chasing flying bugs, my toys, sticks, and anything that is moving from the wind or my owners throws. I love to swim and hangout with other dogs. Most importantly, I love my mommy and daddy. I would do anything for them. I follow them all around the house like their shadow. They are my world and I know I’m their world too!
For around 10 years I have wanted a pug and I finally got one! I found the most loving and adorable puppy pug ever! She is beautiful and I can’t help but spoiling her! she is the best behaved puppy ever! Full of beans for sure! Please vote so I can keep spoiling her!
I’m a little trouble maker. I also love adventures and exploring the world!!
Tifa is a very victorious Girl she will be as soft as putty but she can change very quickly She is the funniest cat I no Whiffy waffy tiffy taffy is her Nick name and she loves it .
Luna is a tortoise shell cat, extremely happy and lovable. She enjoys hunting and playing and walks with her dog sister Puppy Jane aka PJ She keeps herself busy all day and snuggles all night. Luna is the light in our world.
This is Ziggy.... Pure white kitty with sea blue eyes. He is deaf but doesn't stop him getting into everything haha, he loves a cuddle and the hoover is his favourite thing.
My boy Scooby-Doo loves to run around with a toy in his mouth all the time. He loves to lick. No matter what I'm doing, he'll lick the back of the leg so I know he's there before walking off. He loves food and people. We named him right. He's my world.
Indiana Jones aka Indie Sprocker spaniel Loves running through long grass and playing with tennis ball's. Absolutely nuts but in the best kind of way. So kind natured and fills everyone with joy Find him on Instagram indiejones2021
F. Cat Fitzgerald
F. Cat Fitzgerald is a sometimes-good, always loud-mouthed kitty-boy who gets first and second breakfast - just like a Hobbit.
Darcy is curious, chatty, and quirky. He loves to play in the bathtub!
Khloe stands on two feet will really watch tv try to jump in it when animal appears she’s a Bully pocket one of the smartest dogs I ever seen
Mooki is feisty. He loves to lay in the vegetable garden and explore the sunflowers. He is a attention hoarder.
Steiger means climber in german. He loves to climb but also loves the food. He is such a easy going cat. Loves cuddles and snuggles.
She loves wearing clothes dressing up as u could see ,she loves to learn new words and ,tricks well behave , spoil ,loves chicken, going outside ,very lovable, getting massages , rode trips , jealous, cute I love my baby roxy
Mímir is a blue mitted ragdoll kitten with the most cuddly & adorable personality! he spends his free time snuggling. he is named after the wisest of the gods of the Æsir tribe from Norse mythology since he is so curious and smart!
I have had Berlioz since he was 8 weeks old. They say humans puck their pets no pets pick their humans. And he picked me when he meows it sounds like he is saying mom. And when I'm not home he has separation anxiety and drives everyone else in the house crazy.
Moxie is my newest black kitty. She was adopted after a friend was unable to keep her after being rescued from an abusive home. She loves cuddles and is always vocal when she wants attention. ❤️
She is one of the younger babies in my group. She has three big sisters, a little sister in heaven, and one younger sister. I loved her the moment I saw her. A tiny little ball of fur. Now she's my bestfriend❤️
Rico is the most lovable dog. Literally will kiss you for hours if you let him. Super smart always has one ear up and one down so he doesnt miss a thing. Loves Mommy Daddy and Grandma equally but in different ways. Mommy for cuddles, Daddy for play time and Grandma for a little of both. Everyone loves Rico, he's the mascot at our complex. Vote for Rico because...well look at him 🙂
Gatita is a silly girl who loves to run around the house and whip toys around that are as big as she is! She is an unusual girl who loves to watch mommy do the dishes and occasionally stick her paw under the running water. Gatita loves to distract mommy while working and especially during meetings. She is a very picky eater, but loves taco bell and ice cream! She is extremely jealous of other pets that come to visit her mommy and daddy. Her nicknames include booty, shibby, mama, and mama butt.
He can play with kids on the play ground. He climbed the lader, he can pick up his bowel, my fanny bag and give it to me. He can walk with me with out a leash. And he is loving and kind.
Freddy is a free bird fun loving energy of love. He likes ice cream, playing and hanging with his parents.
Rogue is a 4 year old Maine coon! He is a big boy and weighs about 20 pounds!! He is super friendly and playful! Loves children 🥰
👑Nala, #Queen of the #puppy jungle🐶🐾4/1/21 🦁hakuna matata✨diva 💎#aries ♈️ 🇺🇸bada$$ ‘Merican #pitbull to the bone🦴 💕#spoiled, silly & sometimes gassy💨💩
Miles is such a sweet/calm puppy, he loves to play, sleep & poop 😂 I love him very much ❤️🐶
Whiskey Mae
Whiskey is a sweet, sassy, and spoiled pup who loves dressing up with mom, car rides, and playing ball. 1 year old yorkie born on December 15, 2019🤍
6 months old. Uzi is such a crazy sweet little boy. He loves chasing around his toys, and biting our feet lol. We love him unconditionally.
Boo knows how to knock on doors! Would not come in my room when door was open, waits til door is shut and comes and knocks. Also says Hello and mama. One time I’m sure she said ouch when she got nail caught in comforter trying to jump in bed with me. I had to rescue her and give her a tummy rub. She adore those!
There is what looks a lot like a left hand print shape made out of Pemi. fur
MY EMOTIONAL SUPPORT ANIMAL: Compton is a very active lil old man that just loves to show off how strong 💪 he is. He loves playing with socks , rolling in the bed, and getting as much attention as possible he’s the sweetie guy I know and greets everyone. He told me to tell you all he’s been locked in a cage most of life so he just now getting back into society so he needs some new toys 🧸 so he can make friends at the park.
Our Muggles, a.k.a., “Mug Bugs” is a 10 week old 1/2 Maine Coon, 1/2 Calico with an ambitious, fiesty, playful personality. Her favorite toy: this fuzzy, orange ball (the nose off of a stuffed animal my kids used sleep with). Her favorite food: Any and all wet kitty food, and occasionally, some of mommy’s salmon. Oh! And also Cheetos...
Red boy is a sassy husky if there’s every been one. He loves long walks and playing with other doggy’s at the dog park! He also LOVES the cold so living in louisiana… doesn’t really get that, so we would love to make a trip to the snow with him with this money! thanks for the votes!
Jax is a KEESHOND. He is unbelieveably smart. He loves to swim, chew on everything (including me!) and learn new tricks. He is 12 weeks and can sit, roll over, sit pretty, and give a high 5. He loves to be with his family, has a sister that is an American Eskimo, and a little keebaby sister arriving in 2 weeks!
She is so playful and loves her toys.She is very lovable.
I guess the best thing I can say about Niko, is that he’s extremely smart. He can perform a lot of tricks and knows commands, sit, stay back, hit the floor, guess which hand, and more. He’s very difficult to raise though, we won’t get into that… him anyway !
Bunny wakes each member of the family by jumping on the bed and showering you with kisses and a wagging tail!
My name is Elsa! I’m a min pin! I’m 5 months old! I love to run and play outside!
Hemi, my soul dog, the wild child, adventurer, forest frolicking, alligator swimmer.
Ally is a sweetheart although very protective. She had a rough start in life, she was returned to the pound 4 times! Now she has a forever home with us
Scout is the most special dog I have ever had. He has so much personality and is so smart! He has little ears because he had surgery on them for blood clots at 8 weeks old and they never grew. It gives him character
Don’t be fooled by his grumpy look , crooked teeth and big tongue . Humphrey is the most loving rescue cat ever and he’s in love with paper towels 😂
Gigi Marie Schmidt
GiGi (Good Girl) LOVES to play with her toys or just wrestle with mom's hand. a growl and bat by her right paw means its play time. and I ask her to get her toys and she does. She is my companion animal but is so sensitive that if daddy is having a bad day she goes to him to cuddle. She is super smart and always tells me when it is time to get the mail or when someone is at the door of our building for us. She knows when its time to cuddle her teddy and when its time to come to bed. She is the biggest joy ever.
Daisy is a German Shepherd Shih Tzu mix is five years old and she loves toys and food has so much energy never get tired but she love to cuddle with her mommy and daddy
Roko is a very playful dog he is a mixture of dachshund with yorkie miniature. He is very energetic and an excellent emotional support animal. He is always with me when I most need him and he protects me of everything. Give him thumbs up if you think he is cute.