Blaze has a big personality and a lot of energy and loves to play with all animals and loves to go on adventures. He just turned a year old.
Furgie is a female Khao Manee cat that loves the outdoors! She’s such an affectionate little cat and sometimes brings me home dandelions! As soon as she hears my car pull up she’s always the quickest to greet me home.
Stanley is a high energy, loveable 5 month old pug puppy. He enjoys playing with stuffed animals, cuddling with mom and showing Dad’s socks who’s boss.
Andy Pandy
The funny bunny 🤡
There is no place where he cannot gracefully climb. He gives the sweetest kisses ever and always replies when he’s asked how he’s been doing:Meow 🐈
Simba is a 10 week old orange tabby cat who loves to play and cuddle. He also loves to swim in the bath when my daughter is washing he’s one of a kind with a personality of his own !
Gems is just one chill cat.
Chewy is a handsome, playful boy. He loves his toys, and playing in the yard. He is the snuggliest pup ever, and loves to sleep on Mom's lap.
Greta is a spunky cat from Michigan who loves car rides, making biscuits and chirping at the birds. Greta loves to talk and will probably tell you her entire life story if you let her.
She loved to sunbathe, she was always so lazy and sleepy but loved a walk!
Lucifer is currently battling a serious illness which we’re not sure he’s going to get through but he still finds time to smile !
A curious little soul who likes his own space. Spends his days running out the front to return through the back, bringing butterfly’s in the summer.
Tink is the most lovely beautiful little girl! Vote for her just because she’s so beautiful ❤️
Ruby is a people person if you day hi she"ll wave her paw to you. She loves to fetch and loves to catch her toys if you throw them to her..She is tiny girl with a big personality.. She makes everyone feel so special everytime she sees you.. Shes my savior..
Diesel Tank
Diesel is the cutest, funniest dog ever. He gets high off of dirt and never turns down a hike. He also okay with being a couch potato
Phil likes to sleep in plastic bags and break into my fridge and eat all my cheese
Harlem is an American Bully with Street Cred! He loves looking 😎 and understands Spanish & English Commands , his favourite Games are ‘Tug of War’ & he likes swinging on ropes. Harlem has a very calm nature and shows Love towards others. His experience for anxiety support to his owner , has come from an very early age supporting the well -being of other humans by being a Puppy Yoga Dog 🥰 Harlem enjoys taking 📸 and his Dream is to star in 🎥 But first he’s starting off as a Puppy Model 🐾🐾
This is Loki. I’m not too sure of his age, i ask my mum stuff like that. We got loki when he was just a puppy from roathbank rottweilers, I named him loki after marvel (god of mischief) but now he really lives up to his name. I’m honestly not sure what I’d do if I didnt have Loki. ❤️
Tank, Tanker, Grouchy Grouch Lil Dude are few of his alias. Tank is Chihuahua and is 16 months old. He's a eater, Grouchy Grouchy, playful but most of all procter of the balcony away from birds. "Where's the food" would be his saying
Bandit, Lil Man, Stinker. Your face isn't safe from kisses. He's a lover and earns his kibble he's my Service dog. He loves jumping up and catching things. He's 2 years Chihuahua and Terrier mix. He stole my heart.
Bagel is our playful, funny one year old Bengal who love cuddles and headbutt her humans 😊
Lulu loves nothing but to sunbathe, spy on birds and chasing for treats.
Bullseye is 12, yes 12 years old and he still is healthy then ever!
Oscar loves to play and loves his long walks and he loves barking non stop x
Bagel is a playful, funny, one year old Bengal cat who likes to cuddle and head butt her humans! She’s got remarkable markings and gorgeous green eyes 🥰
Hi my name is Riley. I'm a British short haired tabby. Very independent but loving and affectionate 2 year old female house cat. My favorite thing to do is go nuts around the house and sometimes drive my mum crazy. However at the same time I love my cuddles and often some treats. Please vote for me and thank you very much, if you do.
My only boy and he is scared of life. Only comes around when my husband is not in bed .
Sister to my marilyn, she is like a dog as well. She loves playing fetch, with hair ties @
Grandma to my other two girls. The best cat... loves tummy rubs
Marilyn Aka Norma Jean
She is missing her tail since she was two days old. She was raised with a min pin puppy and completely acts like a dog. Even growls at the door when someone knocks.
Beau is the sweetest boy i could ever wish for, he gets him self in some cute positions
Enzo is a gentle and loving little puppy. He loves treatos, dinner time and belly rubs!
There is nothing Dottie loves more than being snuggled on top of her fluffy German shepard friend Diesel 🐶
Jaxx is 2 and is blind he is the most loving dog please give him a vote
Wander And Widow
These two little cuties are mine and my partners world.after having our old boy put down just over two years ago due to ill health these two have brought us happiness and laughter.would not change them for the world.
Tae Tae Aka Tator Tot
Tae Tae was rescued from a puppy mill is proud single father of twins and lil man of the house. He loves blue chips, pistachios and his bear bear is his security blanket. He can run fast for short distances. He's extremely bossy and if things dont go his way he and his bear bear are definitely in Poutsville. On a serious note Tae Tae suffers from seizures and would like to be a spokesdog to help find a natural cure and bring attention to what puppy mills really are and what they do. And this has also passed down to Mena his daughter (one of his twins). If you vote for him he will be able to help so many fur babies. Ps.He is also in his son's band called Guapo and the Howlers and man can he sing.
Louie is the little brother of Pippa. He was the smallest of the litter but when I saw him I instantly knew that he was going to be a part of my family. We lost a cat who my mother and autistic sister were very close to four months previously and from the love and care of Louie they healed from the loss. He loves to meow and he's super friendly.
Keita loves to play but she has a life threatening disease called Addisons and this sometimes slows her down she has the most loving nature such a lovely little girl
Pippa is my mental health cat. As someone who has autism, anxiety, adhd and a lot of different health problems, she looks after me and makes sure that I'm okay. She has saved my life a couple of times when I was feeling really low. She's truly my best friend.
Reggie is a sharpei, he is the goodest boy and loves his walks, slipper and selection of toys. Reggie is always happy to see you and expresses how happy he is by getting one of his many toys and showing it proudly to you. He loves to roll around in the sand and do zoomies every night. He is the best dog ever and we love him a lot! Please vote for Reggie!
Moose is a 1 year old chocolate British Shorthair female who loves to cuddle, play, and go for walks :) she’s the sweetest baby ever. She’s quite famous on Instagram (@moosetheshorthair) and her followers love keeping up with her daily antics.
Chase is a very hypo collie 😂 he constantly jumps up the wall so we have nicknamed him kangaroo chase, he can open doors by himself to let himself outside for a toilet, such a clever dog, he absolutely loves and adores the kids and loves fuss’s and cuddles😊
Jonah Lomu
Jonah is a very playful and cheery boy. He’s cuddly and friendly and loves nothing more than to sit on the fence with his friends!
Mittens is 6 years old he’s a loving cat, he loves to eat and sleep and annoy me meowing all the time but I love him😂❤️
Billy is an Auggie - miniature Australian Shepherd and Corgi mix. He is loving and very smart. His favorite activities include fetching, on land and in the water, exploring, and playing with his best pup friends.
Hugo is an English Bulldog with an amazing character. He's no had the greatest start (Allergies) but he's defo rocking it now that we know what they are. Onwards and upwards for this wee special boy 💙 The cuddlest dog ever who definetly loves us ❤️
3 month old Persian munchkin mix who loves playing with his sister Arya, treats, kibble. He has the sweetest little meow and the most comforting purr. He loves to play with anything and everything! :) he walks right up to anyone He’s the rightful king of the North! Vote for my baby boy (Jon) Snow! ❄️ this money would help spay and neuter him and his sister, and get them some more fresh toys so please vote vote vote ❤️
I’m Flash aka Bubba!🐾 I love going outside, catnip, being a jerk, cheese and that’s about it! You’ll definitely catch me napping most the time which i’m gonna do right now… Love y’all!🐾🤍