My Simba is so smart, loving, and adorable. Loves to play with his toy's especially in the middle of the night while I'm trying to sleep. He is not so funny in the middle of the night. Lol
She loves just snuggling and being next to you.
I rescued Felix 5 years ago, he is chatty, affectionate, and playful. He meows when I cough or sneeze like he is saying bless you. 😻
His full name is Tobias Jenkins Beans AKA known as Toby 1 Kenobi, Oct-Tobers and Bubba
He's feisty at times, he loves boxes and bags. If I bring in any new boxes home he claims as his own. He is very picky about who he likes and who is doesn't.
When he was first born he looked like a poatato where he was all brown then he started sprouting white patches on him as he grew (btw hes my grammas dog) im also not sure what kind of breed he is...🐶
Mickey loves food, getting her harness on to go outside, playing with stuffed animals, licking everyone and anything and sleeping!!
Craig is a 120lb Rottweiler he likes to think he is a lap dog. He loves toys and his brother Tony
Rasco is the most loving animal you could ever have as a best friend.
Daniel Tiger
It’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood when Daniel tiger is around. He’s a true king 👑 🐯
Killian is just a huge love bug. He and his two sisters were born outside to a feral mom who had kittens here before and knew it was safe to be here. As a kitten outside they would run from us and killian would crawl up a drain pipe. We were able to catch them. By hand the two sisters and we found killian hiding behind the fan of my pickup. We brought them inside and started socializing them. We got attached and they became part of the family. Killian loves to cuddle and chase the other cats. He has come a very long way from that shy hiding kitten that was found outside.
Artemis love to sleep also when you getup she follows you she loves to play when she wants attention she will paw you look with her adorable eyes when wants to cuddle
Gus is a crazy Bengal that has many daily zoomies. He loves a cuddle and is a very vocal boy!
My Boys
From left to right we have Milo, Handsome, Simba and Titus! These boys came from the same litter. Couldn’t pick just one to post so I posted them all! They are the sweetest boys and love to snuggle. Vote for my boys and show them all the love they deserve 💚
Wesser is a German Shepard Irish Wolf hound Hybrid. He is An extremely fast learner, and the perfect student for a therapy service animal!Wish me luck on my training!
Buddy is the softest dog ever, all he wants to do is give cuddles and sleep on your lap. He loves playing with toys especially with his rope toys. Buddy’s favourite game to play is tug of war which he always wins.
Loves to chase his doggies sister around and love to make biscuits on me
Deku is the happiest dog you will ever meet! His favourite things in life are digging holes, stealing clothes, looking after his bird siblings and cuddling his beloved Mr Sheepy ♥️
She loves car rides, walks and playing in the back yard with her brother. She gives lots of love when i get home from work and follows me everywhere around the house. Sleeps at my feet at night and is the first one to greet me when i wake up in the morning. Loves playing with my kids and sits with my wife at home all day while she works.
Honey Moka
he is the most persistent and playful cat I have ever met… he won the hearts of adult house cats
Hes got to have a morning cuddle and gotta lick you till you wake up , he is so floppy and you can cuddle him like a baby
Benny is a rescue dog, Shhh dont tell him he is a dog though he is his momma's buddy and morning alarm clock. His best friend is a cat and toy poodle.
She loves biscuits x
DeDe is my deceased grandsons cat he had from kitten. Benny beside her is her best friend. Both are spoiled rotten
Dusty is a very elegant old lady who loves to get on dresses and loves to go to the Flea Mkt every weekend, she seems to know when Saturday and Sunday comes. She has her own friends there as well.
Tear It Up Gang
they are momma, 3 daughters and auntie they are as their name says they tear thru this house knocking everything and anything to the floor, they are little terrors worst than children. but they are loved beyond comprehension
Coco is the oldest of 4 and the only cat who is NOT a rescue.. he is calm and a good sibling to all the cats and dogs. He is my cuddler loves naps and lounging looking out the window or watching T.V he is the cat who started it all and saved me❤️He is also the ringleader in finding the treats 😂
Dakota is the youngest of 4 cats he loves to climb the back door screen and look out the window at all the birds and butterflies ❤️ He is the best biscuit maker ❤️
Willow is the aggressor she is fearless and loves her food! She is a fighter and has had multiple surgeries in her young life, but loves her cuddles ❤️
Stevie is the most vocal of the 4 cats she is the peacemaker.. when she meows I swear she is saying mommmm ❤️
Cosmo is the best furbaby you could ask for. There is never a dull moment when he is around & he is ever so loving. He loves his natural chews & going out for long interesting walks with his family ❤
Nova is a naughty cheeky talkative cat who loves to explore the garden and eat treats.
This is Tank, he is out of a stray cat that showed up at my new house over 2 years ago, he is one of 4 kittens. I took tank and his siblings in along with their mom had everyone spayed and neutered and got their shots as soon as they were old enough. They all now live a happy healthy life as indoor kitties and were never separated from each other.
He is a one of a kind and very gentle giant
Millie is a mischievous, cheeky bundle of joy. She as a loving nature with sweet caring eyes. She loves to play with her balls and have cuddles with grandad. She's full of energy and is good fun to be around.
She is 16 and a big cuddle bug she loves to play this game with her fur mom called get Brownies flea just to get her ears scratched
Charlie is the most generous loving little dog in the world, he likes to play with his cat friend Brian and enjoys walks with Auntie Kristal, he's a little bundle of joy.
Dutchess was rescued from a CVS store, extremely malnourished and sick. We’ve nursed her back to health and she is thriving
Chubbs is a fun loving pup! He has taught himself how to drink out of faucets himself and also lets us know he’s gotta potty with his bells hanging by the door! He’s so smart and just so handsome! He saved us from a dark time after having to put our last Olde English down.
She Has Amazing Beautiful Eyes She Loves Her Photo Took And She Is Adorable Most important This Is My Beautiful Girl And Loves Her Cuddles
Geralt is the most outgoing kitten I’ve ever known, and is so loving. He’s always either by mine or his dad’s side and if he’s not then he’s usually play attacking his brother Jack! 🤣 He loves to cuddle, and watch the tv as his dad plays video games. He’s really a blessing in our lives and is the sweetest baby!
He's a Stinker is what he is. Stubborn, strong headed, and absolutely just like me lol
Mj is a loving cat. love to be cuddle she loves cat treats.she is very talkative.
Shiloh is blind and loves to play fetch with her giggle ball. She catches it every time. She’s my favorite animal and is my support dog. She knows how to shake left and right, sit, lay, hug, she can count to 5, and wait when a treat is laid in her foot. She also gives the best kisses
Virgo is a happy, go loving husky pup! She enjoys taking long walks and chewing on every leaf she sees! Her favorite thing in the world is people, she loves the attention!
She was an outside cat and I took her in she became the most loving cat.she loves toys.her favorite thing to do is taking lots of naps.
Kendall Bynx
Kendall Bynx is a feral cat that I worked very hard on to get her to be okay with people and now she loves attention and is now indoors. She loves to play with her toys and be crazy on the cat tree 😁 please vote for Kendall Bynx