Squeaky Mcsqueakins
Squeaky squeaks when she meows! She loves her tummy rubbed, and her favorite word is pssspssssspssss!
Hi, my name is Bridgerton! I am 4 years old, and I was adopted on July 2021 by my mom. I was born with a condition called Entropion, making it very difficult for me to open my eyes. Thanks to the help of a lot of people, I did my surgery, and now I can open my eyes pain-free! My favorite things to do are eating wet food, eating treats, playing with my bat toy, and lying on the balcony bathing under the sun. Do you want to know a fun fact about me? I have a crooked tail! Once, my vet told my mom she could hang me by the tail after a bath, and everyone started laughing. I don't know you, but I really think humans have a weird sense of humor! I hope you're going to vote for me!
Sasha loves to play with her pink heart plush and also loves to relax and lay in her bed!
Corvo is a 2 year old rescue cat we adopted back in 2020, his breed is just a guess. He was the quiet kitten in the corner, just minding his own business at the rescue. It was right then, I knew he was going to be trouble. He loves his rescue sibilings, food, figuring out how to open doors, cabinets and anything else that looks interesting, especially if he knows he isn't aloud to be in there and there may be a tasty treat waiting behind the puzzle; i.e., refrigerator. He even poses for photos when he thinks mom is being a bit rudiculous with the bow ties 😉. We love him and all of his antics.
Bowie is a rescue, He was hit by a car and lost his front left leg. His jaw was also damaged. He’s extremely talkative and is crazy about treats! He also loves being held and yawns more than any other cat I know!
Tuna, short for Petunia, is the sweetest and most ferocious barn kitty in all of Nebraska! When she’s not napping on the porch, she’s prowling the fields protecting her horse sisters from field mice. Tuna loves her treats as well…especially lil soups! Tuna says hi and that she would appreciate your vote! ❤️🐈‍⬛
Joey is the best kitty ever!!! He's so well behaved and listens like a dog, he even enjoys fetching balls and of course bugging his older K-9 brother! He's a social butterfly and friends with all the neighborhood pets, he particularly likes big dogs and will play wrestle with 100lb dogs without hesitation. His favorite past times are "pest control", pretending he's a dog, licking my actual dog and stealing his treats, and walking all over my laptop while I attempt to work. He thinks he's a lion and tried to chase after an entire pack of howling coyotes, but he also regularly gets stuck in trees that are only a few feet tall... I hope he has extra lives, 9 might not be enough
Valor is a big lovable goof that loves nothing more then to play and cover you in kisses.
My mom had my name, Geode, picked out before she even met me. Coincidentally, my spots form a capital G on my side! I love to cuddle anyone that comes to my home. In between cuddles, I like to go to the basement where my voice echoes, and sing my heart out, sounding like a pack of kids playing around. I’m very loving and a very unique little man.
He sleeps “ under” things. ( couch cushions, area rugs, etc….
Our boy- Oakley is a red Merle Aussie, with blue eyes, he’s spontaneous, and loves traveling, he is currently 9 weeks old.
He’s is a super playful puppy she turns 1 may 20
Tuffy was a rescue with severely matted eyes. He couldn’t see at all and was very sick. His turn around in only a week was simply amazing!
She is the sweetest cat... She is my cat bird because she loves to purr and be on my shoulder
Meaty is 14 years young and loving life more than ever! He's a dedicated"seizure alert" service dog and has literally saved my life on many occasions. Meaty had a very rough start to his life as he was a victim of dog fighting and extreme abuse. Luckily our paths crossed at the right time and the rest is history, we've been inseparable since!
Bear was rescued out of my flower bed after her mother abandoned her. I found her at two weeks old when it was about to freeze outside. We brought her in, bottle fed her, and slowly she became the kitty she is now. She loves her brother and sister, Leo and Sandy, and is glued to my hip anywhere I am in the house. She also LOVES “her” chickens and get to go outside and see them regularly. She has truly become my best friend. If you look closely, she has two colors in her eyes. An aquamarine color around the Iris of her eye, then a more yellow color around that. Show my sweetest baby some love❤️
He’s sweet and sassy , he’s a mama’s boys and very loyal and smart
Wrigley is a plott hound german shepherd mix who loves to soak up in the sun, or lay in his little cabana next to the pool.
Sullivan was rescued at one month old from someone that kept him in a raccoon trap outside in the woods. He now lives in a happy loving home 😊
This is Cindy, a 12 year old good girl from Scotland. Her favourite things to do are sunbathe, sing her songs to the birds nesting in our garden, and getting ear scratches. I'm pretty sure she holds a world record for rubbies on everything and happy purrs. Her favourite food is tuna and her favourite bed is at the end of mine right on my feet.
Meeko is new to our family and such a sweet boy! Give him some love!
Rescued at a week old. Hes my lil boy fluffly and soft as silk. Hes energetic when hes awake plays hard and rough but careful not to hurt you and kisses your face. Hes a jungle cat when he gets out climbs to top of trees to be a look out. He protects he fellow pet friends and even chases off big dogs that get in our trash. Hes 1. 5 now a lil over 13 lbs and wins the hearts of all Hes a male calico and 3 different kinds tabby, tortishell, and dilute. 8 wondeful colors in All!
She loves going for rides and walks and giving me high fives. Occasionally goes to the beach with me. Shes been through thick and thin with me since i was 8 years old. Shes very loving and cuddly. Shes been through all the toughest times and shes there for me when no one isnt. Shes my best friend and i couldnt appreciate anyone more than this dog.
I’m 5 months old. I’m a pit bull . I am really laid back. Mommy says I’m a good girl
Bentley was rescued at the age of 7 from an abusive home. ‘Bendog’ is quite the liver and cuddles whenever he can. He loves when he gets his haircut to make him feel more like the lion he is! Sometimes he will even chase his own tail :)
Carlos is a 12 years young pup (just celebrated his birthday!) who has a love for French fries, the beach, toys with squeakies (the more the better), naps, and being anywhere his mom is. He is full of personality; his favorite word is “cookie”, and favorite channel to watch is animal planet.
Bella is a sweet chunky girl. She loves her kitty sister Stella, her doggy sister Daisy & food! She loves to give kisses especially if you give her some good scratches.
Stella is a very sweet girl who loves to sleep. She loves to cuddle with her kitty sister Bella!
Daisy is a very happy & loyal girl. She loves her mom & dad as well as her two kitty sisters! Walks & treats are two of her favorite things, she loves taking trips to the park & sniffing every tree!
This is mochi! She’s turns 1 august 8th. She’s is the most loving little girl, she loves to cuddle and lay on my neck. She also has a sassy side and goes crazy running around. She has a feet, shoe and sock fetish lol she goes crazy for them
Bean is a sweet cuddly love bug, with a big bright personality, she greets you at the door when you get home. she loves watching tv and cuddling with mom and dad, she has crazy zoomies and loves playing with her toys. And she loves surprising you by hiding in her boxes and empty paper bags.
Kitkat is a very vocal cat and he loves attention and wet cat food!
Jinx loves his booty rubbed, and he enjoys laying under the blankets
My beloved baby of 19 years. He crossed over her rainbow bridge in 2019. He will forever be with me. 🌈🐾
Thor-man is a fun loving gentle kitty. He loves playing with us cat dancer and chasing his little brother Loki around.
My Fur-babies
My Thor and Loki together ❤️
Pozu is the funniest cat you will ever meet, he loves to play and cuddle.
Simone is one of the most playful and cuddly cats you will ever see.
Loki is a fluffy chubby kitty who loved to torture his big brother Thor!
Ivy is a 1 year old blue heeler mix. Her favorite things are ice cubes, playing with her best friend tyga (cat) and bugging the hell out of mom. She is always full of energy and loves people, especially kids. She has no concept of personal space when it comes to her mom.
Rescued at 4weeks old she is a mommy’s girl! And while she is full or personality and very vocal, she wants nothing more than to be snuggling with mom at all times.
Salem is a playful kitten that loves playing with his toys and popping bubbles with his nose.
When Nala was a kitten, she was so curious that she got her head stuck in a watering can and turned it upside down…..soaking herself in the process! She loves night time cuddles and tucks herself right up against my body to go to sleep.
Jaydis is such a smart kitty! At times she even thinks she's a dog; she fetches, plays hide & seek and talks ALL THE TIME! She also feels she needs to be the center of attention AT ALL TIMES!
Kilo Wayne Cox
Kilo Wayne Cox is the most lovable dog in the whole entire world. He’s three years old and still acts like a puppy. He is the most loyal dog I’ve ever met in my life, he would do anything for me. He is the best cuddler in the world, when he cuddles he likes to be the little spoon. My boy likes to think of himself as a lion and he is absolutely perfect.
cali is my name short for calico. I love playing with my sister in this perfect life size doll house
T is a sniffing king that LOVES food and treats and to snuggle on the couch! Is a fantastic co-pilot in the car and isn’t afraid to give a mean stink eye haha! I adopted him 3 years ago. Definitely a lover and not a fighter.