Dog cat Stories - 34


Murphy Houdini
This is the spectacular Murphy Houdini. He is a rescue from the Humane Society. He became my fur-baby January 2009. Murphy loves giving high-fives and low-fives for a bite of American cheese. He is definitely a hekkin' good boy. When Murphy is in a mood... he gives me and his dad... the 50 shades of yellow looks LoL. I wouldn't trade this boy for the world.
Mercy is a super sassy kitten who is not afraid of anything!
Nala loves walks love and attention.
I adopted Sebastian in August of 2021 as a birthday present from my fiancé. I did not plan on adopting him, I had my eyes on another cat but his spunky sweet personality caught my attention. Sebastian is crazy 24/7 and is ready to play as soon as his eyes pop open. He loves to aggravate his brother Oscar but is still nice enough to paw at the water for him to make it move like I do to entice him to drink. He’s super smart and catches on pretty fast unless it’s rules of course. He definitely has been a game changer for us but we wouldn’t trade him for the world!
Lilith loooooves whipped cream, tuna, and long walks to the litter box. 😂
Oscar is the most comforting, lovable cat you’d ever meet! Always welcomes guests purring and ready to be loved on. He’s 7 years old and loves being picked up. He gives sweet hugs by rubbing his face against your cheek and under your chin. He was my present for graduation in 2016; started out shy, nervous, and very startled at the slightest movement. Safe to say he knows he’s loved and can show his love however he pleases ♥️
Puddin was the runt of her litter, she is a French bulldog X Pekingese mix pup! She is extremely playful and loves absolutely everyone she comes into contact with! Including big and little dogs, cats, and has even played with skunks and raccoons from a rescue!
Hi! My name is Norman and I am a 6 month old mini goldendoodle! I got my name from the famous “Norman Bates”, which some of you may have heard of :P. My hobbies include playing with tons of toys, going to the dog park, swimming, and playing with my friends!
I'm almost 7 weeks old and every day is full of brand new exciting adventures.
Lily is 5 years old. She loves to go for walks, and loves to play fetch with her ball.
Tatiana is 2 years old. She loves to play with her stuffed animals and play fetch with her frisbee.
Lacey is a one of a kind dog. she acts just like a human! she’ll start “talking to you” by howling, and she loves cuddles! she’s such a sweetheart:)
Chester is 10 weeks old. He is a little bugger most of the time. He likes to "help" with the washing and mopping. He likes to nibble on fingers and toes but gives just as much kisses and cuddles in return. He's got an amazing personality, he's a proper little character
Remy Poquette
Remy is a big baby! She loves photos,stuffed animals,& any type of water😍 She's our biggest blessing!
Jaz is a super hyper 9 1/2-10 month old daddy’s girl who loves to chase her dad and cuddle with mom she’s super smart and always determined to try and catch the neighbors cat her personality is something I’ve never experienced but I will always cherish every day is a new experience and I look forward to tons more!
Scotty Fife
Scotty loves to play hide n go seek, cuddles, nose rubbies and his treats!
Luna is a pretty shy guy but once he feels comfortable with you , he’s loving
Funny loving kitten. He’s all an living human can wish for!
Shylo is a sweet shy beautiful calico
Holly is 11 years old. She loves to play, eat, sleep, have catnip and watch the birds. She is a really happy cat that loves to be cuddled and is just a joy to be around.
Kiki is a loving affectionate cat like a typical female she loves attention and cuddles, a very playful kitty but listens when she's told to behave lol. Kiki is very playful (usually during the night when I'm trying to sleep haha), during the day Kiki is a peaceful cat that loves her cat naps. Kiki is 4 years old, her mummy was white with black patches and her daddy was a full ginger cat so Kiki is a special mixed cat with a ginger heart shape on her 🥰 Kiki is an indoor cat, she is a shy scaredy cat sometimes and very vocal that we often have conversations together! Meow! 🐱
Koa is a very loving people dog she is a mix of Swissy and Bernese mountain dog she loves tug of war and thinks she’s a lap dog constant need for attention and cuddles.
He very cute and smart
Hi guys! Im Apollo! I was born on a full moon with my 4 sisters, Aruna, Mahina Ayla & Deva and my 1 brother, Titan. I am the first to eat wet kitten food and i love to climb to the top of my new cat tree! My human mom said that we will donate my prize money to the most voted for rescue in the comments! Dont forget to visit me every day and vote for me ❤
Hello, I'm Kapi. I am a Nebelung aka long haired Russian Blue. My Mom rescued me in May 2014. She says that she is blessed to have me. I like to hunt for my toy mouse and long walks to my food bowl, I love working out on my scratching post, I also help my mom work out with extra steps when I try to get under her feet. Karaoke at night is fun, that is my loudest singing. I love to cuddle and I'm a foodie when it comes to treats. Thanks for stopping by.
Choudini is famous for his escape skills (like Houdini) and his crazy antics.
Daisy is a Morkie!! She has Dalmatian spots and Corilla Deville black hair stripe! She is 101 Dalmatians all in one
Hi!, my name iz Khaos and I was 6 months old on the 28th of September... I have 2 older brothers but only Muggsy likes to play with me - sometimes... Zeus growls, snarls & swats at me... I've got a LOT of energy and I just think they're too old to play with me very much... My hooman didn't let them near me for a week or so as I had an upper respiratory infection & then I had to stay away from them after my next Vet visit for 10 days and I wanted to play - bummer eh? My hooman sezs I'm living up to my name az she sezs I cause a LOT of CHAOS... Hopefully we'll all be happy little campers SOON if Zeus doesn't eat me for a snack... My hoooman did get a picture of big butt Zeus & I laying next to each other lookin' out the screen door the other day; but I'm sure he is still just 'tolerating me', no hissing for a while and he's not swating or growling at me very much anymore... Send me a little brother so I can have fun day in and day out - I want an all black or an all brown Persian sibling... It has to a Persian as I heard Ma say she wuves us Persians... She spoils us & keeps tellin' all 3 of us she wuves us so I guess being wuved is a gud thing! But, she cud stop stickin' that rectangular thingy in my face tryin' to show off my baby blues...
Gucci may look mean and unapproachable but don’t let looks deceive you! He is the sweetest and has the tiniest meow 🐾
Reef is a onery boy! He loves to sleep and eat and play with his toys!
Jubilee loves to chew, dig, and run amok!
We adopted Freyja in June she was one of 10 puppies for her mom who was picked up by animal control.
Diesel is an olde tyme English bulldog he’s 18 month old and he loves playing with his tennis balls,going for runs and loves the snow ❄️he doesn’t like to share his toys with his sisters 🥴but he loves playing with he’s besties “ferrets”
I’m Your favorite Boba. The Queen of the house and the kitty everyone’s love. Meow
He’s a very cheeky little kitten loves playing and loves drinking milk from a mug lol xx
Mao Zedong
He absolutely loves hair ties! He carries them around in his mouth and growls at his brother if he tries to steal them from him! Lol!! We think he identifies as a dog sometimes😂
Noodle a adorable little guy with a loud motor, he purz so loud I can’t even sleep sometimes, he loves cuddles and he’s a very social little man, food is his number one favorite thing though.
Elsa likes to climb ~ The higher, the better! She likes to do things on her terms. She loves snuggling her little sister, Echo. Elsa is very spoiled and she knows it!
Sambo is a crazy energetic boy who loves hanging out with his best friend Noodle, his cat friend, he loves treats and pets from all people.
Jada is a Queen that melts the hearts of anyone who looks her in the eyes. She loves to conquer heights and roar in dominance. Although she has many toys, her true passion is catching playing cards in her mouth and striking them down with furious vengeance! And yet her predatory skills are somehow no match for her loving, cuddly cuteness.
I’m Buster! I love chasing squirrels, playing with my friends and chewing sticks!
Teddy was taken from his mother prematurely, and was hand fed with an eyedropper for 6 weeks. I adopted him 3 days after I adopted Lydia and they've added so much joy to our family! Even a pandemic can't stop love
Who Rescued Who?! 🐶💛