Little One
He loves cuddles and always greets me at the door and meows until i pick him up and cuddle him hes such a sweetheart
Cosmo LOVES cuddles, stretch time, walking outside with mom and dad (mainly mom), and morning hugs!
Shiva is a cubby orange cat who loves boxes and eating hair😂 He also really loves attention.
gizmo is about 2 years old and loves to sleep cuddle eat play and repeat lol , loves to steal my scrunchies, he’ll play until he can’t anymore, loves to scratch on his cat towers and run wild down the hallway and rooms; goes nuts for hims cat chow , he’s lil grimlin <3 gizmo would love for some votes :p almost forgot if you dont put cat tv on for your kitty when your leaving for a few hours , DO IT he loves it and keeps him calm
She is a very lovely cat, I have never seen a cat like her
A lover of shiny things and big cuddles.
Vayda is the Boss of the boys. She stole their heart the moment she set foot in the house. She loves to zoom around the house full speed sliding down the hallway. That innocent face is a lie.
Bentley is a blue heeler mix. He loves going on car rides, playing with sticks, swimming, and playing with other dogs.
Minnie is 8 weeks old she gives cuddles and kisses 💋 she loves her food and treats and she destory her toys but she loves it when me mummy sings her a song to go to sleep she a little pomchi xx 💕 x Minnie said she loves you all and thanks for voting for her xx 😘 x 💯
11 weeks old. Loves to play with his toys and cuddle.
I am 4 months old and my favorite thing to do is play with all my toys and snuggle!!!
We rescued Honey from a family who left her in her cage 24 hrs a day. Honey is our world, she loves to play and meet new people and dogs.
Blue is a 3 month old Great Dane. He has the sweetest personality, loves his toys, and loves to snuggle up with his people when he sleeps 💙 !!!
Bodhi is a sheepadoodle(old English sheepdog and standard poodle mix). He loves playing outside and loves the water. He has a brother, ziggy(lab) and sister, gigi(Maltese)that he likes to play with!!
Ihsala is a spoiled old girl. She is 15 and knows she is pretty! She is a big lap kitty! She is very quite and doesn't mind meeting new people. Favorite toys: anything dangling.
Pepsi was a shelter dog, adopted in 2019! He is a goofy guy who loves toy tires and sharing jerky with mom.
UNO is the most couch potato dog. We call him spud. He loves to sleep, eat popcorn, and be carried around. He’s stunt with one eye and a rescue. He is the best little friend anyone could ask for.
Tallulah Bean
Tallulah is so funny! She loves to chase balls and play with Dobby
Mia is a lab mix with a rott she loves kids,swimming,and playing with the other dogs her favorite toy is her plastic bat. She loves running around outside and playing.
Archibald Moon
We call him Dobby. He likes to steal socks and has one white sock on his front leg. He likes to dig under his OWN blanket and makes a cave with a sock to sleep!
Little Soup
Little Soup was an owner surrender at the vet clinic I worked at. She was 5 weeks old and only weighed 4 ounces. I hand fed her every 2 hours until she had enough strength to eat on her own. The first thing she ate by herself was Friskies lil’ soups. And that is how she got her name :)
Cupcake loves to fight with her siblings and she’s very playful
Fat Mans
He loves to play with his siblings and he’s a hungry baby and loves chewing on my finger and my gaming headset
Ace loves going for walks, getting pup cups, snuggling and going to the dog park. He’s the sweetest boy with a wild personality.
Mango is an apricot cavapoo and is the most loving puppy in the world, with a very cheeky side to her!
June aka junie boonie was the 1st born. 1 brother 2 sisters, biggest baby ever. Always and i mean always has to be let up so he can flop around on you and hug your arm. His fav toy is half of a plastic easter egg that he picks up with his mouth and zigs and zags when he walks with it because he cant see when he has the egg lol His brother is def. His fav sibling as hes always with him.
Sissy almost 4months, born may 19, 2021 She was the runt and last one born. Has 2 brothers and one sister. Def. A mommas baby, loves hair ties like her mom, always has to sleep with us. Her fav. Toy the hair tie lol Most babied of them.
Moto is almost 4 months, born may 19th 2021. She has 2 brother and one sister, she was the 3rd one born and shes a handful lol Most mischivious girl ever when they say cats have 9 lives shes really putting it to the test with her dare devil flying attempts and high curtain cliff hanging lol Spoiled rotten and loved.
Stormy is brand new to the house and making friends with resident black cat Zoom.
DooDoo Brown aka Dee is the mother of mr. Grumps, sissy, june and moto. She is by far the best momma ive ever had or seen. She is super protective of them around other animals and ppl, she walks threw the house meowing looking for them like shes counting to 4 then when she finds them she stops. One day we gave her a piece of ham and the babies where in the livingroom with us and she came in with her ham dropped it meowed and gave her ham to the babies. She always lets them eat before she does even when we give them treats shell wait until they get theres. She is alittle over a year. Her favorite thing to play with is a thick hair tie. You ask her dee wheres your hair tie she looks on top of your head and your hands until we find one then she meows, ducks down and waits until you throw it shell go grab it bring it back and play like that for ever until we think she needs to take a break. Lol
Mr. Grumps
He is almost 4 months old. He was born may 19th 2020, he was the 2nd born out of a litter of 4. He has 2 sisters and a younger brother. Mr. Grumps is the biggest of them and loves to stick his paw in the fish tank until he is caught lol he lets his sisters win all wrestling matches and his favorite toy is his squirrel.
Bodie is 6 weeks old and was a stray along with his sister and 4 brothers. I adopted Bodie 11 days ago and he is so cute. He loves playing tug and chase. Please vote for Bodie.
Luda is a sweet boy. He's also very smart! He's very vocal as well. Loves attention, kisses and belly rubs.
Ms Kitty
Ms Kitty was found under a shed , she was about 5 weeks old. My friend kept seeing her and was finally able to trap her after 3 days of trying. Ms kitty is now in her furever home, she loves twisty ties, she sleeps on her favorite toy.
This little baby is 6 weeks old and is already getting into every single thing she can find. She loves to cuddle too !
Macy is a papillon/pom/pomchi She's sweet and Shy and very Loveable! She's 5 month's old and smart as a whip💗
About Sassy, she is wild and lovess to play but her absolute favorite thing to do is sleep!
Oscar is the most loving friendly loyal cat ever but he is also the sleepiest and laziest cat. His favourite hobbies are eating sleeping and sleeping some more and he loves the sun and being warm and cosy.
Long nap is not the gap in your life. It is a recharge before active hunt and savage games 😼
Hello my name is Molly. I am 9 years old and love mamas socks! My mom can never find a matching pair of socks because I like to hide them outside when I am done with them.
Hello my name is Sylvester. I am 11 years old and love treats and exploring outside! I am just like one of the pups!
Max is my entire world, he’s 8 months old, he came into my life when I was at my lowest, he’s my ESA. He loves to play with his toys, loves his bones and LOVES treats. He’s such a good boy
Teddy is a Longhair cat, meaning he thinks he's a prince and should be treated as such. He's a pretty boy and he knows it. He loves being pet on his terms.
Sissy Poo Davis
Sissy Poo May Be The Littlest in the Pride... Make No Mistake...She Looks Sweet and Innocent...But She is A Diva... Bougie as they come. She is Mommy's Princess and She Loves Her Daddy, Treats, Snuggles and Wrestling Stuffies 2x Her Size....She is the Boss of Her 3 Brother's.
Jack is 7 pounds of pure chaos. His hobbies include screaming for food, pawing at the litter box for half an hour, and breathing his stank breath in my face.