The cocker spaniel who loves 3 things in life: A ball A bone A cuddle
Buster is 9 weeks old and he loves to cuddle and give a lot of kisses and what he likes the most is just being loved and being part of a family. Every Dog deserves that💯
Coco loves playing outside and chewing on her rope that is in the shape of a duck and she loves cuddles and she gives lots of loves
Poochie loves to play fetch with his tennis ball!
Bubba is a full trained service dog, but he is super goofy when he isnt working his tail off. He loves to go swimming and play ball.
Princess Leia
Leia is so loving! She loves being outside and getting the zoomies her heart murmur does not stop her!! She is one years old!!
Moose is the loveliest boy ever he’s so sweet! His brother gus recently passed away and he has been really struggling with the loss :(
My name is Macaria. I’m just over a year old. I have a bum leg but I don’t let that get in my way!
He's cute, long, stubborn and loud...and we love him 🤎
My name is Persephone. I’m just barely a year old and love adventures!
Avery is a 3 year old female boxer. Super friendly and loves people.
Enzo is a pocket bully x german shepherd mix and he loves cuddling with his big sister Narla 🐾 💚
Narla is an energetic, cuddly and excitable girl! She loves seaside strolls and playing fetch with her best friend Bella 🎾🥰
I absolutely adore feet and fingers all the same, i have two big brothers i love chasing around, and i love hiding behind and under things, i love toy mice, and I'm a lovebug!
Olive Grace
Olive Grace is the happiest girl ever, I just adopted her 7 months ago and she spends her days chewing on her favorite bones, playing fetch with mom and getting the zoomies. She is a ‘Dudley’ yellow lab which means she has a liver/pink pigmentation instead of a darker brown/black pigmentation
Luna is a young super friendly girl who loves chasing hair-ties across the floor and loving on all the people she meets!
Miss Kitty
Miss Kitty is a loving and sweet cat she likes to cuddle with me in the recliner chair she lays with me in bed. Sometimes she makes me laugh
Daisy is such an affectionate cat, she loves cuddles and will always be found sitting with someone, she just loves company! She’s amazing with my two daughters and if they are ever sad she will always find them and sit with them. She is the most amazing family cat 🐈
Max is a 16 lb cat who acts like a dog! So cuddly, loving, and full of life! He loves hair bows, q-tips, and bread ties
Solomon likes to play with are other 3 dogs, he likes to go to the lake, play with bubbles. hes very energetic
Minx is a loving cat, she is very friendly. Minx loves exploring outside, but also loves being at home too. My neighbours in our street love minx and say she is quite a character
He’s a fun loving, goofy, sassy 70lbs baby!!! He’s all the best in one pup. (:
Chester loves dressing up for the camera🥹😸
Patchy Kitty
Patchy akitty loves her baby cat and FOOD 😹😻😸
Loki’s a sweet loving, crazy silly, sleep n treat loving goofball. He loves his dad and his layley and loves his cat brother ❤️❤️
Eric loves his snuggles. He also loves stealing bread thrown for the birds. His ears are always flopping around and end up inside out. He just loves everyone and everything. Most beautiful soul.
She is so sweet and loves everybody
Flopsy is our last puppy who is waiting for new family!
He’s my beautiful baby boy no matter his size 💙 Insta - Milo__xlbully
Gracie has personality!
Evie was born on Halloween and she will be 5 this year but she's far from scary,she very loving and very cheeky and just loves cuddles.
We adopted delaney, she is 2 years old. She had rough young life, though now she plays fetch with us. She loves to be outside on her harness.
Denali loves to shake for powdered donuts, and nutter butters she’s loves to bark at the mail man and she also loves to be outside going for walks!
When Izzy Meows, she just squeaks. She loves a belly rub and playing with anything she can find on the floor. She will nestle herself into any space and make herself at home
Twilight he's my little Bombay cat he loves to lay out he's a little hellion he does love to talk to me he's spoiled I rescued him off Craigslist he's my baby I got him when he was a little baby he loves to be outside he loves to check female cats out he's a little stud he can be lovable at times
An all around cool cat. A little on the small side size wise but a large personality that makes up for it. “Oz ball” loves under the chin scratches. Has no fear of water, and insists on drinking from the purified water tap!
Jazzpurr is a very sweet girl. She loves playing with her sister Roxzee, watching the birds, and napping. Jazzpurr is not a fan of storms or strangers. She hides under the bed. We love our beautiful Jazzpurr!
Raven and her sister was rescued under a dumpster and when I got her it took her 4 weeks to come out of her shell. She loves attention and has a great personality.
Waylon is a 8 month old Gooldendoodle, who absolutely loves being outside and playing with anyone and everyone!!
Loki is a quiet boy at times as his big brother Milo can steal the show with his loud boistressness. He also loves cuddles and is energentic with a cheeky personality and gives lot of 💋kisses💋
Milo is a cheeky chunky little boy who loves to play with his brother Loki He likes his ball and loves cuddles. He doesn't like being left alone for too long and has a sassy attitude 💙
A 13 year old GSD, and blind... she's an absolute star. Beautiful girl, gentle, friendly, funny...we love her so much!
Jonesy loves her laser pointer toy and can be pretty ornery. Although, she has her days when she's the sweetest little cuddle bug.
Toby and his sister along with 3 other siblings were left in a box outside of Animal Care. We adopted Toby and his sister Sophie who both became very sick. After weeks of constant medicine and vet trips, they survived. Unfortunately their 3 siblings did not. Toby and his sister are now 4yrs old and healthy! Toby doesn't leave my side!