Dog cat Stories - 34


Obi is a mischievous scruff ball who loves nothing more than rolling in things he shouldn’t, playing with his toy duck and having a cuddle. He likes to act tough (when the postman, a lorry or his nemesis, honey monster the cat, pass the window) but he is actually a softie and will refuse to continue on a wall if a leaf or burr has attached to his fur.
Lexi is our new puppy very loving and very playful
Dough is full of spunk and kisses! Just what the Dr. ordered💜
He's a sweet and gentle young man.. very smart, he alerts us before something is about to happen with our disabled son! He's amazing 💜 Just so happens to be a Rescue dog!
Stewie has a unique of understanding me in a way I have never seen in an animal before, as if he knows what I am thinking and what I am going to do before I do it. He is incredibly loyal, loving and playful, to the point that he will throw his own toys in the air to catch them in order to entertain himself. I have had many dogs in my life but none quite like him. He has stolen his own little corner of my heart. He loves playing with his own tail, chewing up his toys and following me around the house. He has a love for sausage rolls and enjoys lugging his giant bone around the living room!
Bella is an Alaskan Malamute
My name is Louis . I love to play all day and snuggle all night ! I will follow you from room to room to be by your side all the time! I am friendly and love everyone
I live to love.
All spunk and love!! Plays her little heart out and then looks for cuddles. Sweetest, most high-spirited kitty in the world! :)
Tasha is a beautiful friend and companion to my father she keeps my father alive. My father wakes up everyday makes her breakfast and combined lunch and diner on the grill. She true QUEEN. She sleeps in bed with him and cuddles and just adores him. There no dog like her. She deserves the cutest dog award for the loyalty and compassion she gives to a man that would rather be with his dogs then people!!!
Likes to roam and sleep with his best friend Finley and they go everywhere together
Mowgli is the sweetest 2 year old lab/pit mix! He loves playing fetch, swimming, and cuddling with his buddy Tank
Stiles Cozort
He is so loving and he knows when you are upset and you don’t see black and white in Pomeranians every much. He is also a moms boy and loves to play with kids and people too.
Nintendo is the best dog i have ever delivered n she is very protective esp with me n my grdkids yet laptog at 140 lbs shes taught herself how to help ,y anxiety emotional support shed be on our bed asleep she had 3 dog beds on floor but rather be with me but id be watchin tv her sound asleep n suddenly shed loom at me id day im ok baby shed go bk tp sleep sbe check ed on me every 15 mins or so whhen swimming. In our lake when i or grdkids jumped off dock shed run jump into lake swim around our backside n come up under my left arm for me to hold on she was saving us .im currently writing a book about her shes got ne through the roughest times in my life,
We found HellCat in a parking garage of a grocery store in very bad shape. He got a bath the same day and became a part of the family. He loves to be carried, kissed, scratched every minute of the day. HellCat really loves attention and he will let you know that wants scratches. He talks and talks so much we swear he even calls me Ma only to He likes to watch cartoons or movies with animals in them. He loves to lay by the window and watch the birds till he falls asleep. Hellcat is truly one of a kind.
Nova Raye
Nova is not the typical puppy - very shy at first who just wants her mommy then becomes her crazy puppy self wants she feels safe! She loves to swim & be outside rolling around in grass! Her favorite toys are tennis balls, her pink soccer ball & her new favorite a frisbe! Usually when mom brings out the camera - i like to A. sit awkward so she can’t have a nice photo or B. open my mouth so you can see my pearly whites! - Nova
Just hanging out, looking for the next party.
She is the sweetest, and has such long ear hair and whiskers. Loves playing with her mousies
Minnie Chanel
Minnie is a loving sweet baby❤️ she watches tv plays fetch loves her naps lol. She is a very spoiled diva with a lot of sassy and also love belly rubs.
Winston loves watching tv (especially anything with bears or wolves) and eating yummy treats! He's a sweet little cuddler.
Penguins mate for life and when they find their mate they offer them a Pebble, hoping it will be accepted. This pebble was a gift for my penguin ❤️🐧
Olive Oyl
Hi, My name is Olive Oyl .., Olive for short. I love my friend Bruno , the Shepard next door. I wait for him everyday to come out and play. His mom is really strict and I rarely get to play with him through the fence. I enjoy long naps on my moms bed - when she lets me. I enjoy my toys. I have a whole toy box of toys. My favorite toy of the week is my piggy. I Carry my piggies in my mouth squeaking her all day. I do it even louder when my mom is on her zoom’s how I get her attention. I love visitors. Please come visit me soon.
Nanuk is a Husky mix that is full of energy. He is so smart. He is not my dog, he is my baby. My fur baby. ❤🐺🐾
My sunshine on a cloudy day. 🧡
Chauncey is a gentle giant. At almost 3 ft long and 17ish lbs., he is very talkative and loves to play fetch with QTips and mini soccer balls! He loves to snuggle and is very protective of his mama!
Figaro is 6 weeks old and was found with 2 of his siblings under a car. We have had him for a week and a half and is very happy and healthy! His name comes from the black and white cat “Figaro” in Pinocchio 😊
Moonlight is such a sweet lovable baby girl. She is just 8 weeks old. My husband bought her for me because my kitty best friend Onyx passed away and I was devastated. She has brought back the part of my heart I lost when my Onyx died that I never knew I would ever see again. I named her after my favorite composers piece called Moonlight sonata by Beethoven.
An energetic kitty who LOVES to play and snuggle, and who begs for food like a dog 😂
Van Gogh
Van Gogh was born with one ear and one side of his face/head is slightly more developed than the other. Van has no concept of personal space nor does he care. Van is just a great dog and friend.
Bruno is the happiest pup I've ever met. Your heart melts with just one look into his adorable eyes. ❤ He loves plauing tug a war and making his ball squeak ( it took him sometime to figure itbout but he didn't give up!). He love's chicken! Even though he's only 2 months old he listens to commands so well already. He will lick you to death! And if you laugh he gets hyper and showers you with kisses ❤ I tell ya on a rain gloomy day and a rough day coming home to him will make you grateful to see his excitement when he see's you walk through the door. Everyone meet Bruno.
He loves to cuddle and get in trouble.
Lightning is 10 years old. She loves to carry her doll baby or any stuffed toy around. She is very lovable and likes her naps.
FiFi is a Himalayan Siamese mixed with an apple head siamese. She has her mothers fur and her fathers markings. She is a delight and super curious often figuring out ahead of her black bangle brother tasks at hand. She loves to cuddle and purrs when she wants attention. And like her adopted brother, Grimm, she plays fetch.
Chipmunk is 6-7 weeks old. She is a rescue kitten that I saved from a parking lot at 2-3 weeks old. She loves to play with her foster mommy, play alone, nap, and is finding her personality. She started eating on her own at 4 weeks old. She's patiently waiting to go to her new furever home!!!
Sage is a cuddle bug. She loves her interactive cat videos and loves when you play toys with her. She's good at occupying her time and she gives cute kitty kisses
Ming Mei
Ming Mei is Miss Queenie. She grooms herself a lot & walks around knowing she's so pretty. She's softer than any plush stuffed animal & such a sweetie pie.
Jack is a ball of energy. He loves to be outside, playing with his squeaky toys, and when he is tired to crawl in the bed. His best friend is my 8 year old son.
Ivan is the sweetest little boy. I call him to come with me to the bus stop for my son & in the morning he helps me wake my son up. He is the friendliest little boy with people & animals alike.
Blaze is gentle, loving, and playful cat who is very friendly.
He's the best rescue ever. My daughter found him. He's been with me since 2016
My girl Riley was left in really bad shape until the Humane Society gave her healing and love and then we took her to her furever home. She spends most of her day laying on her back in hopes of getting a complete belly rub down. She makes the cutest noises yawning and I can't sleep without hearing her snoring all night. She lets us use her as a pillow and leg rest whenever we want. She has been the best gift given to us and she shows us her gratitude by being so loyal and loving.
Lumpy starred as Budderball in the movie Santa Buddies. She has always had a huge personality and never has a bad day! ❤️
Had my baby ever since he was born. He is the most spoiled playful loving silly puppy in the whole world. Good luck telling the 70 lb dog that he's not a lap dog lol.
She is so bright and happy! She is pictured with her bestie, my son’s black lab. She loves everyone but especially loves to be a trickster and hide and scare us!
He loves to eat, sleep and cuddle.
Loves food, sleeping, catching mice and having cuddles on his terms!
The most mischievous cat I’ve ever known but such a cutie! He has a very strong personality and has no problem showing it 🐈