Dog Gone Cool
Hi my name is Bear, I am a German Shepard husky mix! I am very active and loving playing in mud. My parents gave me my name by a costume I came with that was a bear!
Chico, we found out, loves eating rocks! It doesn’t matter the size! The crunchier, the better! He also likes to eat houses, sprinkler heads, hoses and nozzles! Anything placed in the backyard he must think it is his toy!
Presley is 8 week old rag doll kitten, he is so very affectionate,cuddly,and acclimated him self into our home with 2 shihztu dogs almost immediately. He has been ours for a whole 5 days. He likes to follow you around to see what your doing,loves his neck rubbed,and sun bath in front of the window.
Storm is a playful, energetic, inquisitive sweet heart. She enjoys roaming and using furniture as her own personal obstacle course. She is a rescue kitten from a litter who's mom was run over by a car. She is a joy to have around.
She is a lively kitten who loves to hunt, play, and cuddle! Her favorite thing to do is cuddle with our 14 year old cat, and watch rain fall outside.
Alaska Beau
Alaska Beau ❤️ is loving and loves to cuddle ❤️ on you're lap he his playfull and fun loving
Lily is calm, cautious, sweet, and talkative before the birds awaken every early, crisp morning.
Gorms (Gormogon) is a 12 year old lady who is mute and also diabetic. She loves to hang out with her big dog Sydney and cozy up with her stuffed carrot. She’s a smart cat, so smart that I have baby locks in the kitchen so she can’t get in the cabinets and eat all the food! She’s feisty and loving, and the SOFEST cat I’ve ever felt. Which makes her great for cuddling! Her top canine teeth along with the all her bottom baby teeth needed to be pulled, so now her smile has extra character!
Iris is a mix of American Shorthair, Scottish Fold, and Norwegian Forest Cat! She loves to play and will occasionally smack our dogs in the face as a way of showing her love.
Jager was born at a pitbull rescue on April 28th. He’s a gorgeous boy and will be available for adoption soon
Sadie Boo
We rescued Sadie Boo at 4 months old. She was underweight and terrified. Now she is healthy, happy and very loved! She is a funny, silly girl that keeps us laughing. She love walks and toys but her favorite thing in the world is chicken!
Bella is a yankie doodle. She is 14 months She is so adorable and wants to please and play all the time . Bella is still very mischievous but in a lovely way…. But dont leave any paper around as she love to give it a good old chew !
Brownie is a female pittbull She absolutely loves toys and taking walks she loves cuddling an sun bathing ! She’s one years old an is super friendly
He is the best dog I have ever had. He listens and does what ever you tell him.. He doesn't need a leash but we still use one. My husband says "go in your campo" and he goes behind his head, lays down and goes to sleep.
My name is Doug, I am a big ball of mischief. I love to play and get into trouble, but luckily i am super cute so my humans dont get too angry. I love squeaky toys and when i play with them i sound like chewbacca! I love going on long walks and playing in the park with all my doggy friends, especially my best friends Honey, Peanut, George and Mason!
Mina is a beautiful Manx tabby, sweet loving cat, loves to cuddle. She waits for eye contact to plop and roll or even headbutt your arm. Although she is an older little lady with some health issues, she is still a happy little fluff
At the end of last year I rescued my "sweets" from a shelter. I had been searching for an emotional support animal and decided on a dog. After months of searching he came into my life. He loves on his terms, protective of human, loves walks, and treats! Can't forget the treats! We really rescued eachother!
Arlo Boston
Hi I’m arlo! I would love for you to vote for me! I love my mommy!
Miesh is a fun and keeps you on your toes lil
Hi! My name is Sawyer. I may look scary but I'm just a big scaredy cat!!
Miley is a 8 month old blue staff with a lovely temperament and plays all day long
Sir Percival Hawthorne Moreland
Percy was just rescued from a very busy street at only 13 weeks, we love him already
Fat Back
Fat Back is a 10mo old female pit mixed. She enjoys playing catch with her mommy (Me). Fat Back loves her treats. When I go to the store and come back I better have her a bag of turkey sticks. She looks forward to this just like a child. Fat Back has helped me in my recovery from addiction with her loving, caring and affection I have been clean and sober since October 21,2021. She has looked out for me and helped me along the way and that's why I'll be there for her in every way I possibly can. If I win this contest "Fat Back will have more treats than she could ever imagine". It will also help me to get us a vehicle so I can take her down to the River and let her get her swim on! 😉#fatbacksavedmylife# #iwillalwaysbehereformyfurrbaby# #ilovemyk9#
10 months old, loves water but won’t swim in it. Her ears are her biggest feature
Hi I’m rain im a adorable 1 years old I love to play and being outside with other cats when I’m not in a mood love playing with my puppy friend teddie
Little Man
Little man is a Boston terrier mix and a ball of energy. He loves playing outside and running around. He loves being lazy and goofy. Im in training right now to become a service dog for my mom.
Pepper Roni
When Pepper Roni (Pepperoni) isn’t being sassy, she enjoys snuggles and playtime with friends. She loves living in the North East because she can frolick in the snow!
Hello! My name is Zeus, Zeusers, or Zeuscurdoos as my humans often call me. I am the middle kitty with an older brother, younger sister, and a baby (baby) brother. I love snuggling with my mom!
Hello! My name is Ripley and I am a 3 year old Flame Point Siamese. I have two older brothers and a baby (baby) brother. I love playing fetch with my humans and sneeking out into the backyard whenever I can!
Tsunami is a rescue who fits his name perfectly. A wave of destruction, he destroys our plants, gets zoomies at 2 in the morning, gets stuck in precarious spots and decides 6 am is the perfect time to slap us in the face as a feeding wake up call. He loves boxes, tubes and under the blanket cave time. His sister passed a few months ago and for a couple weeks after her passing, he was found nuzzling the urn box.
Tiggy is 5 months old and has lots of energy, he loves to wind his mum and dad up and also my 2 dogs, he thinks he is a dog and sits when u tell him to ready for treat
Luna is 4 years old and is the softest dog I have ever met, she loves to cuddle up with anyone including our cats as seen in the picture.
Hi my name is Hercules. I’m 2 years old. My favorite thing to do is play with my sister Athena. I love ropes and to play fight. Just like my little sister I have a very spunky attitude and love to talk back. All my people and my dad tell me I’m the sweetest pup ever!
Tank’s favorite things consist of his family, his toys, making friends with frogs in the yard, and acting as a lap dog- despite the fact he weighs 70 pounds!
Lovable but spicy, enjoys chasing anything that moves, loves her alone time the most
Lovable and thinks he’s human
My names jasper, I’m small but I’m strong! Don’t mess with me or I’ll beat you up! Lol jk, I love everyone, especially my pumpkin chew toy. My snout is to small to bite it but when I get big, it’s going down!!
Theo is three years old and a ginger long haired dachshund. Theo loves his mama to death! His favorite toy is his moo moo cow toy. He loves sleeping, sharing snacks with mama, and cuddles under any type of blanket. Theo does not like the vacuum or thunder.
Cammy loves to get her attion on her time. She loves to steal my bed and sleep on it. She also loves to sit in box with a blanket
Goldie love to Knock over her scratching post and rool all over it. She also loves to play with pipecleaners.
Zeus is a 8 months young pocket bully. He is shy but friendly. He loves to sleep, eat, but mostly play. He also snores and loves belly rubs.
Buck is a two year old Pomeranian shih tzu chihuahua mix. He loves to play fetch and fo swimming. He also loves to playwith my cats.
Lena is 22 weeks old now and we hand reared her from birth, she was very poorly in the first 4 weeks of her life but has come on leaps and bounds. Shes one sassy little madam who loves nothing more than to give your ears a good wash and enjoy lots of tummy tickles. She really is a superstar who deserves the world after her tough start x
Primrose is a 1-year-old miniature dapple dachshund. She is the smallest of 4 dogs but quickly found herself as the fearless leader of the pack. She prides herself in food patrol and making sure children do not find their way into her fenced-in yard. Primrose is extra spicy, but very sweet and loves to be held like a baby. Her favorite toy is a (now legless) stuffed lizard, which accompanies her everywhere she goes.
My name is Oliver, I like watching cartoons, long naps with mom, playing with any type of cardboard box 📦or balls! My favorite food and snack flavor is chicken or salmon. I was adopted at a animal shelter in Tucson at 8 weeks old and merely 2lbs . Now I live in Mesa Arizona and am healthy and happy and always having the cat zoomies
Cinnamon’s nickname is Cinny, he traveled almost 2000 miles to be in bus forever home and he likes to be a window watcher and to go outside for walks in his rucksack or with a leash.