Jonesy loves her laser pointer toy and can be pretty ornery. Although, she has her days when she's the sweetest little cuddle bug.
Toby and his sister along with 3 other siblings were left in a box outside of Animal Care. We adopted Toby and his sister Sophie who both became very sick. After weeks of constant medicine and vet trips, they survived. Unfortunately their 3 siblings did not. Toby and his sister are now 4yrs old and healthy! Toby doesn't leave my side!
Truman is a 6 month old Aussie and lab mix he’s the sweetest boy and sooo good and behaved. He loves to cuddle and he loves his Brother Smokey(my cat)
Cooper is cute and loves to go for walks and car rides . He enjoys the fresh air and he is friendly .
Piper Rose
Piper (Hyper Piper) is the sweetest little girl! She just loves to play catch, go for walks, sunbathe in the warm sun and watch the birds for her porch!!
Dijon is a cutie she loves to play and she loves to cuddle . She loves toys and playing ball in the back yard .
Sandy is a cute little 1 year old she is soft fluffy and very cheeky!!!She loves cuddles and loves to swim in ponds and lakes.
Chappo is a teacup chihuahua with a twin brother named Pablo. Chappo is a mischievous dog and is forever stealing whatever he can.
Pablo is a teacup chihuahua and has a twin brother named Chappo. He’s a hyper dog who’s always squeaking a toy.
Always there when you need her, and even when you don't. Sweetie loves to be where all the action is but will always make new friends along the way. A big cuddler and a n even bigger heart. A sweetheart who loves being where all the action is, but truly lives up to her name 🥰
Paws up for pets! Oliver is a 4 year old corgi who knows how to get your attention. He’ll throw his paw up when he wants attention and that smile, how could you resist?! He’s the biggest cuddler, loves his treats and his big lamb stuffed animal ❤️ If he isn’t cuddled up with someone, you will find him frolicking through our field with his big bunny hop runs. We also have his daughter Eleanor who you can also vote for 😁
Penny loves her "mama cat" (older sister) Patch, her toys, and most of all her treats 😻
Zeus’ loves to play soccer, swim, and watch TV!
Imari is a baby british shorthair who’s just under three months. She loves playing with her toys and with the dogs. She’s a sassy little kitten but that’s her best thing 🫶🏼
Mittens “mitts” is a 9 week old love bug that loves to play and eat all day long,I got him at 8 weeks old with severe abandonment issues so he’s always right next to us and following us everywhere ,he definitely gets enough attention 🤣
Hi im Piper Grace....I love people, my toys, my cat brother, learning new things and tricks, exploring the world with my sniffer, treats, and peanut butter! My mommy says im spoiled because my momma makes me scramblies (i guess humans call them scrambled eggs) all the time for breakfast! Please vote for me! Thanks human friends!
Baby is a very chill cat. She likes to be alone and loves to be clean and wants her food and water to filled all the time
Benji is an energetic, spunky, sweet guy! He loves his walks, food and cuddling with his mom and enjoys snuggling with his mom and dad! I had adopted benji in college…. He had come into the shelter with his siblings and was the only one left out of the group! From living in the mountains to moving to the beach, he is a true man of many areas and enjoys every minute of it!
Sadie Mae
She is a very friendly, happy dog. She is 8 years old and loves kids. She has a skin allergy to regular dog food so her food is more expensive
She gets her name from her favorite movie “Gone in 60 Seconds”. Sixty seconds is about all it takes for you to become her best friend. She loves attention and all of the pets! Besides pets, she loves sleeping next to you, eating peanut butter, running around in our field and being queen bee of the house
Bee is a purebred Alaskan Malamute. She loves with her pawrents in Arizona. She loves to take long walks, and enjoys swimming in the pool She is personality plus and is always making us laugh
Zayn loves to chase squirrels 🐿️ and play with his 2 beagle brothers. He loves toilet paper 🧻 he loves to dress up as well 😊
Maci loves sleeping, no matter what weather. She loves playing with anything in her site.
Hope is a very loving (on her terms) kitty, loves playing with string and looking out the window. She’s celebrating her 3rd birthday in May :)
This is Chip he is 6 months old he is so playful and so cute and handsome he is such a good boy he looks like a little man
Hades loves food, he would do anything for a treato. When he’s not trying to find all the food in the house he pretends that he is a lap dog.
Finn is a 4 month old German Shepherd. He is a playful, happy and bouncy boy. He loves walking through his grandmothers flowerbed with a naughty look on his face. He is mischievous but so cute🥰
Our Tommy loves my Pepsi and he is already wired for sound! His other favorite thing is to sink his teeth into you. Such a good kittty!
My beautiful fluffy was the cutest, funniest, happiest little kittie but she was killed by road traffic at just 2 years old! The car didnt stop it took me 3 days to find her, please lets do her justice and sign the petition to make it illegal to hit a cat and drive off, did you know over approximately 230,000 cats are killed by road traffic each year so please in the name of fluffy vote and sign on that is below in the comments thank you! your signatures and votes count
Chloe Is Energetic Pretty Love Playin With Her Sisters And Brothers Playin With Her Toys And Being Spoiled
Sugar Pie Is Well Trained Sweet Loving Adorable Love Car Rides Food And Ice Cream And Most Of All Her Mom DivaNita
Xena is a 10week old Maine Coon kitten who has a delightful personality
She’s still alil puppy not even a year old. She love the outdoors and loves to play all the time.
Bruce The Boss Elliot
I love everything and everyone. I am a Petite Basset Griffon Vandeen x Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier. I am named after the great "The Boss" Mr Springsteen. I am a very social charismatic guy who loves attention.
Buddy is the best guard pup ever.
Cheeto is a very outgoing and adventurous kitten. She loves to play all day and cuddle throughout the night.
This is Ripp. He is a 3 year old Australian cattle dog who is protective, playful, energetic, and a BALL enthusiast. He loves to play in the water, hike our beautiful mountains, and has the BEST personality. Isn't he handsome?!
Ronin is the cutest little egg! He might as well be a baby!
Sugar is an energetic, wacky Burt croissant that loves to destroy toys with stuffing and enjoys all the treats she’s allowed to have.
He has the sweetest personality.he supports me through my health problems. He is so loving and likes to lye in the sun. And enjoy his walks x
He was a rescue at 6 months old he was dumped. In a field. And only weighted 15 lbs. he has 4 other sibling with him and since then the day we. Got him he has been able to see a whole new world of love and. Kindness
Karmen Wright
Her name is Karmen she was born march 1,2023 my baby is two months now she is a full blooded Pitbull she loves to play and gives lots of love and kisses she love kids I just love her whole life.
Tali is a Pembroke welsh corgi and Australian Shepard mix, a crazy ball of energy and loves to chew everything
Cutie loves kisses and cuddles. Shes an emotional support doggie. She likes rolling in the grass and mud but she loves to play with her favorite blue bunny named blueberry. Shes really good with kids.
Hello! Spice is a Tri color🖤🩶🤎Dalmations with some liver spots. She is so smart & lovable. She knows when you are down & ready to cuddle up under you. She loves to give hugs & very protective & friendly with children. She loves to run & runs fast, I might say😁. She's the perfect emotional support dog ever. Her stands is incredible. She's very alert of any & everything she hears & sees. You can't help but want to hug,rub & kiss her all day. She's a hunt dog by nature & won't let anything harm or near you. She's the perfect fur baby. Happy Voting Everyone! Peace✌🏽Love❤&Happiness😊
Hades is a dog
Hello, my name is star im 5 weeks old today if you think im cute feel free to leave me a vote it would be purrrrfect