Dog cat Stories - 35


He is a fun loving, very rambunctious kitty. He is so full of love and even more energy. He likes waking me up in the morning by getting on me and kneading a.k.a making biscuits lol. He was born in march of this year.
Mooch was previously a stray before I adopted him! When I adopted him they told me he had FIV and asthma so he has to take medication twice a day and stay indoors! Despite all those things, he is still a happy 6 year old boy! He’s the biggest cuddle bug and always wants to be around people. They think he is possibly mixed with a maine coone and a tabby. He has a scar on his nose (possibly how he got FIV) along with orange and black spots. Mooch is the cutest boy and wants everyone to know that even if a cat has FIV, they deserve to be adopted into a good home! He is the best pet we’ve ever had.
Scrappy loves to wear clothes, he actually gets excited and trys to dress himself. He likes to pose for the camera, he's a ham. He likes to sleep at the foot of the bed under all the covers with his head completely covered ! He is a sweet little dog. He can jump up in the air and catch his toys. He loves to get new toys and new clothes. His favorite treat is sweet potato chicken wraps. He is almost 5 years old in human years, October 22, 2016 is when he was born.
I love to herd my owners. I nip them in the ankle when I want attention!
Bob came to me when my husband was dying, my husbands name was Bob, bob turned out to be a service dog that didnt make the team. Hes my service dog since my husband died 9 years ago he never leaves my side he knows when im ill and stays with me. I developed congested heart failure from rheumatoid arthritis, im not doing to well and he knows he watches me and stays with me and conforts me. Its almost as if he understands every word i say. I love him hes my baby. Hes a mixed breed that i rescued from the misfit rescue in florida. Never have i owned a pet like him.
Ollie is silly and very sweet.
Sunny was borh July 11, 2011. He loves to take naps and pounce on his two older brothers.
Hi am penny i am a small little yorkie shit zu mix breed 🐕‍🦺 I like to play and go for walks
He weighs 245 pounds and is as gentle as a lamb. He loves pizza crust, playing with ropes and cuddles.
Brewster was a rescue. He is so smart, loveable and a happy little puppy. He greets everyone he meets with lots of kisses. He is grateful to be rescued.
Hi there my name is Broadway! I am a 9 year old, golden collie mix. In case you are wondering. Yes, I am this handsome and no, I don’t even have to try 😉 I’m a mama’s boy to the core! Mom and I just get each other. And of course she spoils me daily. When I’m not busy posing for calendar/ contest winning worthy photos 😉 I spend my free time going to work with mom, looking out the window for hours at a time, attacking everyone of my kohl’s cares stuffed animals, listening to Classical and Broadway music, eating everything in site, (well anything, except for those things that would be remotely healthy for me) and cuddling with mom! I’m adopted. So having a second chance, where I am this loved and happy makes my a happy happy boy! ❤️🎶🐾 Vote for me!
Cordial is the most loving dog on the planet. She was one day from being put down at the shelter but when the rescue walked in and saw her sitting on the staffs laps they couldn’t let it happen. She has lived a rough life. Her original family used her for puppies and when they no longer needed her they dumped her at the shelter. Cordial is all smiles and the happiest most loving dog on the planet. She thinks she’s a lap dog and always wants to be as close to us as possible. She loves EVERYONE and hasn’t met a stranger she doesn’t love. I truly think Cordial knows she got a second lease on life and is just happy to be here!
Blue is a very fierce yet loving cat!! Have you ever met a cat that plays fetch? Well this is the cat!!
Zoey is a 5 year old blue nose pit that loves all other animals and people if you dont pet her she whines till you do
This is our little miracle. A face that melts your heart. Sadly she was the only surviver of her litter. Bottle fed since she was 2 hours old and being born the runt she made it. She is learning quickly and loves to play with her daddy.
Purebred Teacup Chihuahua 🐕 I love cuddling in my blankets 🤍 Relaxing outside, watching people walk by ☀️ with my little fur sister Salem 🐈‍⬛🌙
Mokuba Kiba
Mokuba is just at a year and a half and boyyyy does he have some energy! He loves too play, tear his blankets && toys apart and give lots && lots lovins! We couldn’t ask for a more loving pittie!
Tilley is very fun playful & lovable. She loves to wake me up earlier in the mornings by tapping her paw on me until I wake up & make coffee so she can sit with me while I’m drinking my coffee an lay across my lap. She also gets her treats and sits like a pretty girl when I get it out for her then she gently takes it outta my fingers with her paws jus like a human would. We jus love her soooo much.
Sox was adopted from a shelter back in 2017, when I went to look at the cats he came right up to me. I have owned many cats over the years but Sox is the most loving cat I have ever known he's kind and loving to everybody and all animals. His paperwork said they gave him up because they didn't like cats. I don't understand how anybody could not like my lover boy Sox. He has a beautiful soul.
Princess Monserrate
Princess Monserrate is such a sweetheart and a cuddle bug. Loves playing with her rope toy and bouncy balls.
Hi my name is beast I love to play with my brothers and I love to play with my human named haven and I sleep alot I sleep with my human haven she the daughter of my momma but I love my human haven I think I have to be beside her at all times plz vote for me
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Exceptional individualist, so gentle, sweet to the bone and graceful, I am almost sure he’s a little enchanted prince ❤️
Hes the cutest and most loving kitty ever 💙💜
I adopted Lewis 8 years ago from the Humane Society. He bonded with me the day I brought him home now he is a very happy kitty,
Kodie is a 1 year old Beagle/Labrador mix. He is very friendly, and loves people of all ages. He loves to shower you with kisses and enjoys playing fetch. We call Kodie the destroyer because he will destroy his toys by taking out all of the stuffing to get to the squeaky part inside. He also loves going for rides in the car and enjoys long walks as well.
This is Chunk! He is an American Pocket Bully. He’s very sweet. He likes to stretch, sleep, roll around in leaves and play a lot.
Jake Austin Weidler
Jake loves pkaying ball and with big dogs
I am the mighty Grumpster lizards, crawdads and other yard dwelling critters are no match for me. Whats the deal with furry wood rats for the life of me i cant figure how they get up in the trees
Lily loves cuddles very great companionship very energetic happy and she also loves to nibble on toes!
Munchkin was adopted from Pawtucket Animal Shelter she loves to play around in the morning with her toys every time you leave the house she brings a mouse to the door she is a year old
Very friendly with people and definitely with other dogs!
His name is Bentley he's a very playful puppy! Also known as bent bent.
This is 10 year old Quattro he is a Cavalier Boston terrier mix and is a rescue he enjoys naps; cuddles and catch
This is Smoky he is a 9 week old Blue Pitt he loves cuddles and chew toys
This is Lexi, she is 12 weeks old. I bred her myself. I have mum and dad. She is most playful kitten ever, and I think has the most adorable 🥰 face.
I am 8 months! I LOOOVE to play inside and outside! & i absolutely love people! I’m pretty smart as well! I know different tricks to really amaze people! Woof! 💙
HEY IM BLU !! I’m only 6 months old. I’m at rotsky , Rottweiler Husky . I like taking long walks, & I love to eat ! Please vote for me, I’m a good puppy💙
Leela is a very well behaved she loves her mommy cuz I rescued her from a dog attack with 3 dogs. She loves to play and rough house with Daddy. She loves her baby muffin.
BB vampire cat Caught in a yawn
Sweetest ball of energy you’ll ever meet 💜 I’m a Cancer born July 3rd ♋️ I love the outdoors and taking naps 🌄
She Loves Everyone and Everything. She’s loves playing with toys and going to the dog park
Ellie is a 7 week old French bulldog. She loves cuddling at nap time and bed time by snuggling with mom. She loves to play and pounce while playing with her toys.
Shes a very lovable cat. She loves being the queen of the house and picking on are fish. She is very playful and she is very demanding when it comes to her attention time.
Sadie is a German Shepherd and will be 5 years old next month. She loves receiving BarkBoxes every month and she loves her lamb chop toy the most (a gift from her daddy’s coworker). Sadie is a wonderful and super smart service dog. She lets us know exactly what she wants when she wants it and it’s usually either dessert (Greek yogurt) or a treat (bones and jerkies).
Zero to hero but only with your help !!
Hi I’m Gracie May! I love to swim and chase my ball! I also love to eat grass, my mom sometimes calls me moo because of it 🐮❤️