This is my furry grandson Lucifer. He loves to eat, sleep and cuddle. His favorite show is Wicked Tuna and he has his own profile on Disney plus.
Sir Benjamin.. rescue.. old boy.. gives loads of love.. enjoying his retirement years
Bob will be 9 in May..he is in his senior years..he loves to beg for treats..and is very protective of his toys ..he get excited when the mail comes even if he just gets an envelope..his biggest fear an egg carton
He's lovable he's fun he's fun to play with he makes you laugh you can be sad and he'll make you smile he loves his treats temptation is his favorite treats he rolls around you say roll over and he rolls over like a dog he loves to play even play with his tail all you have to say is let's play tail he's just so playful and lovable
Buddy is the sweetest dog. Since day one of his rescue hes done nothing but love even tho he was tought the oppsite b4 me. Hes the silliest dog ive ever met and no matter what hes doing he'll stop for his favorite treat (duck jerky). His nemesis is water. Idk why but since day 1 hes attacked it if it comes from a hose,sprinkler or fountain. His idea of play is chase him & try n get the toy(u never do. Hes FAST and STRONG). At the end of the day all he wants is peace and love and for his family to be with him.
Axel is the sweetest boy. He loves to go outside and to go on hikes with his dad. He loves whipped cream for a treat and his mom and dad are his best friends. He lives in the woods with his little brother Steely. You can follow his adventures @Axelrod_thepersian
I don’t only look up to my gmom but cats do too. She’s the neighborhood cat lady . She takes very well care of them. Gets them fixed, fed and loved. I adopted my two cats cookies and cream from her. THEY ARE BLOOD SISTERS 😊 I knew they needed each other . And they live happily together . Cream has a sassy attitude but what cat don’t 🐱
Caesar is the most loving little boy, he’s 9 months old and recently broke his leg but he has been recovering so well. He’s everything to me and such a handsome boy!
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Can exchange 10 daily 💖The location that we live we have a lot of stray cats around. I found roxas abandon as a baby in a field by my house. He was a baby away from his mother to early so we had to hand feed him kitten milk , and give him all the love a warmth he needed 💖 he has a adopted brother name ventis who looks just like him! And a sister in heaven 🕯🙏🏼
Hi I’m Mae ❤️ I’m a hyper, dopey, and very sassy Siberian Husky. I love my pink pig toy! She squeaks at me all the time, It really gets me going! It’s only fun when mommy plays too though. My favorite part of the day though is when I get to bother mommy. Which is all the time! 👑
she’s definitely a model! she loooves to cuddle and curl up like a lil shrimp. she can be pretty feisty, but she’s the sweetest baby ever with a BIG personality
Mr Nubs
Nubs is my work buddy! He sits with my during lunch break every day
Meeko was thrown out of a truck on a rainy day, I was lucky to have found him before the storm got bad & took him in as my own
Sun worshipper and lap warmer
Ruby was rescued from a life of being crated and no socialization. She was terrified of everything and knew no commands but with time, patience and lots of love she learned many commands and tricks and started learning to trust.
Dallas loves going fishing & taking naps. His favorite game is tug of war & boy does he tear all of his toys up
Bronson is 5 months old He loves his walks and loves to do the zoomies 😃
Pearl is my service cat. She know my depression and when I’m in pain. She loves going outside and is always in her cat Tree looking outside. She rescued me and I rescued her
I can’t say enough about this precious dog . She likes to sleep with me every single night. She loves to go on car rides . Also she is bilingual so she understands both English and Spanish . She is so incredibly smart and caring it’s unreal. She likes to get her nails painted sparkly colors..She loves to go on walks and most of all she loves being up under me as much as possible she pretty much never leaves my side unless I have to go somewhere that she cannot. And when I return she gets so excited she starts shakin her butt and waggin her tail lol help her win so she can use the prize to go on a shopping spree to get more clothes and toys lol
Ruff, my name is Cooper. I’m only 2.5 months old, and I’m growing really fast. I’m a border collie breed that loves playing with my sister. Mama calls me Mr. Potato for fun cause I’m so chunky & fluffy. I love playing tug a war and chewing on my daddy’s combat boots. Mama also says im a really sweet, good boy :)
Coco is so lovable and loves to play fetch with hair ties. She loves being around humans and very active.
Sassy kitten who loves to cuddle 🥰
He’s a grumpy old man now but he makes for a good coworker.
Charlie’s the white one and the most vocal of the bunch
Hi! My name is Nala and I’m 5 months old! I love spending time with my other doggy friends and with my momma! I’m real sweet and kind! My favorite pastime is to play fetch with a tennis ball!
Romeo loves to sleep all day and loves to eat his snacks. He is a very handsome boy and loves to be the center of attention. We adopted him when he was 6 weeks old and has a younger brother named Oakley, who is a Labrador retriever.
My name is Loyal and I love riding in the car with my head out the window. My favorite place is grandmas house. I have a best friend named neeko and I follow my mom everywhere. Oh, I love giving kisses too
Heyyy! My names Zara! When I’m not on duty at the window for neighborhood watch, I show my loving playful side cuddling mom and playing with my toys!
My name is Sofia. While I’m small I can be Feisty. I like playing outside. I like sleeping in moms bed and Hogg the covers
He likes car rides and loves to play n sleep
Miss Bonnie is a rescue pup that I gave her a forever home! She loves kids & so much cuddles 💕💕
Siggy is a cats cat, he doesn’t love people but is sweet when he wants to be!
Louie is a mommas boy. He always knows how to cheer you up if he sees your sad. Plus he loves being outside and rolling in the dirt!
Sweet Bailey is all about the cuddles. She loves her 3 cat siblings and thinks she herself is a cat! She love playing outside and her hedgehog squeak toy.
Addison, aka Baby Babushka, is a mother of 6 and LOVES to cuddle!
My name is Pandora! I love to sleep and sometimes play! I love talking to mom and dad (and I wake them up when they sleep in too long)
Cinder is a 4 1/2 yr old rescue. He is not much info cuddles and tolerates being picked up and kissed. However he is a master at weaving and rubbing on your legs especially in the kitchen around a certain cabinet. If you need an alarm clock for those days you where hoping to sleep in, he’s your guy! He also knows that some days you DO need to be woken up at 3am to pet him. Cinder is the sweetest and is my special guy. So glad he is in my life.
Milo Handson
Milo is 1 n a half, loves car rides,loves dog food,very active,playful,he loves soft n hard food,loves to bird watch,loves to be in my drawers he is my daughters emotional support kitty
Pebbs is short for Pebbles. Pebbles is a brave girl who enjoys playing with her Dog brothers and sisters. She is the definition of CatDog! Pebbs enjoys playing fetch and trying to escape to the balcony! Pebbs enjoys teasing her Dog family. She enjoys laying on the grass and sunbathing, she also enjoys watching birds peck for worms or fly! Pebbs is a one of a kind kitty!
Indica is a super fast fire cracker! She enjoys running, jumping up the walls, and specializes in tripping all of the humans. She's a lover, a fighter, and an all around sassy girl.
Don’t let her sad face fool you. She full of energy and loves to play. She loves going on walks and going to get her pup cups
Charlie is most fun, protective Dog! He enjoys long walks, and bothers my brother! He has lots of Dog friends as he is extremely playful and sometimes can’t control his excitement! He loves people and is so friendly he thinks everyone loves Dogs!
Sophie loves to run around at 3 am when mommy and daddy are trying to sleep just to get some attention! She’s definitely a brat but that’s why we love her <3
Cooper is a 3 yr old Shephard mix. I got him during an extreme tough time in my life. Have never owned a dog before, Cooper has become the light of my life. He loves car rides, walks, his clothing, his ball and that mysterious red dot the cats always chase after. He loves his hoomans and loves to cuddle n give hugs and kisses.
Lucky is 2 years old and is just as soft and fluffy as the day he was found. He likes playing with other cats, hair ties, laser pointer and the dogs food. His best friend is our dog Cooper. Lucky was found abandoned on a back highway on a cold rainy spring day. Lucky got his name for that he is lucky just to be alive.