Dog cat Stories - 35


Ozzy is 5 years old. He is a black lab, he is a massive cuddle bear adores cuddles and kisses and walks. He loves to roll in puddles😂
Clyde is 4 years old. He is a fox red lab adores cuddles and attention and loves a walk🥰
Hes a very playful kitty we all love him sometimes he can be bad but hes still adorbable we r very lucky 2 have him
Remy Jane
Remy Jane love's to receive her BarkBox in mail, altho shes never had puppies she had let kittens sooth off her it led into a faults pregnancy but Remy looked out for the kittens by mothering them. She loves ALL Animals and ALL humans. Her favorite spots in the house is in front if the fireplace or my recliner. She loves her blankets and playing dress up as well. Loves care rides and going to petsmart to get pampered.
Luna helps me cope with everything going on. I can always rely on her to welcome me excitedly with her wagging tail even if I was gone for 5 minutes to use the bathroom.
I am 10 months old. I am a gorgeous ginger with beautiful copper eyes to match! love cuddling, chasing, and giving lick baths to my best furriend Big Boy!!! I love my hooman pawrents, too!
Eevee is a 3 year old scottish fold. She acts more like a dog than a cat. Aside from belly rubs, she loves to play fetch and stands on her hind legs and meows when she wants attention. Her nickname is "Moomoo" because of how vocal she is. 🐈 She loves other animals and does very well with small mammals.
Tontoe is very vocal, he will talk to you all day long. He’s now six years old his favorite things are open windows, and gravy. 💕
Pepper is a 2 year old border collie/ rottweiler mix. She was rescued and adopted from the Cleveland APL. She loves her cat brother and sister and absolutely loves snow storms and playing in the river.♥️ She loves everyone she comes into contact with and will paw at your arm for pets 💕
Gwennie was adopted in October 2020, and is loving her new life, but I love my new life more with her in it🥰
Reece is a lovable Australian Shepherd! He loves to play in the snow!
Edward is an 8 year old domestic shorthair we adopted from my fiance's sister. He NEEDS to be the center of attention and he MUST be laying on your chest at all times. He loves people and attention (even at the vet! Lol) He likes belly rubs and staring out the window to look at the birdies. He's a little cuddle bug. ♥️
Batman is a black and white shorthair who is part Siamese he is a little over seven years old. His hobbies are hunting at night around the house as though it were Gotham city, he likes to play with his sister, sunbathing, he loves his fleece blanket as well for knitting when in a cutsie mood, and he loves targetting his laser light toy he will hunt as though he has wings like Batman. His choice of cuisine for treats mostly enjoyed are temptation milk or chicken flavored. Even though at a young age he had to get half of his tail amputated due to health conditions he always suffers ghost spasms. He still pushes through his day and makes sure he makes the most of it he loves affection and playtime and Batman is one of a kind.
I like chasing squirrels and my favourite takeout is crispy duck.
Simba is a very energetic pup only 11 weeks he is a mixed breed which is German Shepard cross with husky and collie whippet grey hound and he is a blue merl which is a rare coat
Peteys a fun loving boy who loves his dad and loves chasing sticks
Spotty Gene Friend
Spotty loves his Mommy he thinks he rules the house he is just do darn cute!!! He loves his brothers a d sisters he is just the most laid back baby I have ever seen!!
My princess pug is the most loving, smart and sweet dog ever! She loves her toys, food and belly rubs❤️😊
My little Durti girl is 5 years old. I got her at 8 weeks old and 2 pounds! I grew up with big dogs such as shepherds and pitties. She is my first small dog and man she is fast and Soo cute. She LOVES camping every year. She gets so excited and does zoomies all over when we get to camp site.
Luna Marie
Luna Marie loves to eat she loves lettuce, boiled eggs and green olives and chicken. In her spare time she loves to play with her many toys.
Wrigley Banks
Wrigley Banks is a big loving puppy 🐶 he loves to snuggle and play and he’s always happy ❤️
Hi my names Laci Lou but my nickname is Lai lai. I’m a Pomsky from Rhode Island. I love playing with toys (mostly balls), playing with my cousins, walks and snuggles with my mommy. My fun and crazy personality makes everyone want to pet me (which I love). I would appreciate your votes so my mom can stop telling me how pretty I am everyday (:
Winston is one year old. He is a feisty little boy. He loves to play and snuggle with his favourite blanket .
Lurch is an adult stray kitty i took in recently, hes super lovable & likes to yell at me whenever i leave the bathroom for some odd reason.. He loves his treats & milk, which he knows how to ask for.
Kilo is a handsome Siamese & Calico mix, he loves to play with hair ties & clean other kitties, as well as napping in his favorite spot.. On top of the microwave.
Max is 6 years old. He is incredibly affectionate but is cheeky and is a brilliant escape artist . He loves cuddles and chewing a good bone .
Mocha is a half brown pit, half brown lab mix. He loves playing with his feline brothers and taking naps on soft blankets. In his free time, he enjoys taking car rides to the the dog park (or any other car ride), so he can enjoy safe distancing. His favorite toy is a Go-rilla which he carries everywhere. Mocha loves to protect his family and all children. He has proven to be a great foster Dad to all animals who need help learning how to behave. He is a very good boy who just wants scratchies!
Elvis is a 9 month old dachshund who is loving and affectionate to everyone including dogs. He loves cuddles and kisses in the morning and wants to be as close to you as physically possible
Beau is a little boy , loves walks on the beach and seeing his friends , but mostly he loves weewees nunights, which we do every night before bed . He goes outside for the final time then comes in and does his tricks and then gets chicken and a treat . 😂
Our little lady is cheeky, playful and loving. She loves playing with her toys and cuddles in the evening❤️
Sophia is 12 years old. She is still strong, sweet, loving, and protective. We adopted her on Sept 2020 from SPC. She is a bundle of joy. She may be a senior dog, but she is still full of energy.
He’s a loveable big ball of fluff 💜
Chase is a senior boy but still acts like a puppy everyday! He loves carrying around his stuffies & after his zoomies has cozy naps. His nickname is Bubba
She loves laying down most of the day, but we try to avoid that. Lately she enjoys afternoon walks by the creek. Kareese loves to play with her ball and hanging outside, she really loves riding in the car and hanging her head out the window. All around loveable dog and member of the family, she also loves to stare at her husband pic on the wall and occasionally smell the urn which contains his ashes
Luna is a sweet girl and very smart 🐾
Little Man
Little Man loves to make huumans smile and laugh at him as he shows off. He will pose for you to take a picture as well. Little Man loves to lay in the pots as his fresh catnip is growing. He is a little gentleman.
Zeus is a very playful yet cuddly fellow. He loves his long walks with mom and pop pop, and loves to cuddle every night with his mother. He is quite the companion to have
Born 2/11/21 he is the only one of 8 puppies to survive birth. He loves snuggles and naps by the heater.
We adopted this pup and it’s been the best decision ever!! She is amazing! Smart, playful, gentle and loved her sweet kitten Ollie! She plays so gently with him!!! Love this pup!!!
This kitten Ollie is dog-like. He is passive, loves people and his pup Ellie!! He loves to hang up side down and loves his belly rubbed!!! He is the best kitten ever!!!
Greyson is 4 years old. Greyson was returned to the shelter twice before our family adopted him. 3rd time is the charm, he is a perfect fit for our family! Greyson’s favorite things to do: Take cat naps 😴 - Play with his toys 🐭 And last but not least... - Tease the dog 🐶
Chloe is 5 years old. She has been a member of our family since she was 8 weeks old! Chloe’s favorite things to do: - Take naps in the sunshine ☀️ - Roll around in the dirt 🐶 - Play with her favorite stuffed duck toy 🐥 And last but not least.... - Follow the human kids around 🍔🍕🍟
Otis is a rambunctious little boy, he loves snuggles and is highly motivated with treats ! 🐈‍⬛
Kana is just an all around good boy. He was a rescue who has been enjoying life ever since! He loves long hikes and snuggles. Kana is a momma's boy and will do anything to protect her. He has another husky sister who loves to annoy him 24/7. His #1 favorite thing is DINNER 😍
Mac is a pitbull mix, who loves to cuddle, we like to call her a perma puppy because she grew to full size very quick (we were expecting a full pit) and never grew anymore