Dog cat Stories - 36


Ringo is such a good little boy, he loves everyone he meets, as long as they hug and kiss him.
Mera has been with me through all the tough times in life, even when I've felt like giving up. She's the truest friend a furbaby could be.
Bonnie lives inside but she loves being outside, she loves walking. She is a very sweet dog that loves everything & everybody!
Reese named after the candy is an adorable tortoiseshell cat with a unique look. She is 8 months old and lives to explore. Her favorite things are her toy mouse, pant strings, climbing up the window screens, taking naps and hanging out on the balcony in her egg chair!
He love snackies and playing with his little brother, peanut.
Paisley loves to play with her toys and she loves to be chased while running with her toys.
Sammy loves to cuddle, play fetch, and just lay around and look absolutely adorable! Also the new contest ends on my birthday, it would be nice to win in New York!
Tank loves to cuddle and gives big hugs!
Turbo is an 8-9 year old boxer, Pit and lab mix. We are unsure of how old he is because we don’t know his actual birthday, he is a rescue. He loves to play with his lambchop and many other toys he has, he enjoys going for truck rides and being outside and laying in the sun.
Sadie is 7 weeks old and is absolutely full of love and lots of energy. She loves lots of cuddles
Tinkerbell is our beautiful Romanian rescue dog that loves nothing more than cuddles, hot dogs and zoomies in the garden!
I brought Skyler home when she was only 6 weeks old and she had to be bottle fed. Skyler is now 1 year old and enjoys nothing more than a good play and run around the house with my kitten Tinkerbell. After a game she finds the warmest place to nap,which most of the time is on top of my lap or snuggled into my over furbabies.
Mimi and I would love ypur vote if you think she's as cute as I do!
As a puppy he loved to chase his tail! Not only chase, he caught it too! I thought that wouldn't last long because he's a growing boy! (No way would a full grown pitbull still be quick and nimble!) Now, Ghost is 3 years old and fully grown. AND still catches his tail! A definite achievement!
Sophie Roche
Sophie Roche will soon turn 5 months old. She is a seal bicolor ragdoll and is the sweetest little lady but dont let that dress fool you, she definitely stands up for herself when her older brother gets on her bad side. This little lady was named after my 10 year old daughter’s best friend, Sophia and her mom also an amazing woman and close friend Rochelle. Rochelle lost her battle with breast cancer and left us entirely too soon. Sophie Roche reminds us that friendships are one of the greatest gifts and that the fight inside of you is stronger then you’ll ever imagine ! Keep fighting ❤️
He loves his family and is extremely loyal and very protective us all him.
Loki is 19 week old mastiff x rottweiler, he love to play in water and go camping with the family, he has has two brother ( human and feline) and a sister (another pooch) which he adores, lokis favourite part of the day is cuddles and kisses!
Harley Quinn
Harley loves to play fetch and to dress up!
Sasha is 6 months old. She is a fierce little yorkie puppy. She is not afraid of anything or anyone. She loves her big sister, Chloe (bischon) and her mom and dad. Sasha especially loves children and loves to play all day. I would appreciate it if you'd vote for my baby, thank you so much!
Polaris (PoPo) is a Space Dog & wants to be an astronaut when he grows up. He's named after the North Star & gets his name from the white star-shaped marking on his back. The rest of his markings resemble a Pinto Horse. He's been practicing his leaps & launches from the couch, daily. He also enjoys eating dirt, collecting rocks, & playing with sticks. Please Vote for Poe!
Kenner is 18mnths old. She is a presa canario x cane corso. She is totally broken and loves to sleep under my quilt 🤣
This is bugs (aka Goober) we call him goober because that’s what he is. He’s goofy, playful, and loves to cuddle. Every night when it’s bedtime he comes up to me and lays on my chest, and that’s where he sleeps. He’s a sucker for friskies lil soups, he’ll always let you know when he’s hungry. He gets along with everyone and every animal. He’s very energetic but always down for a nap. But most importantly, Bugs doesn’t meow like the average cat. He chirps instead! When he’s excited to see you, hungry, or lonely, he’s always got a hearty chirp to let out 🙂 That’s our goober, please consider your vote, he would appreciate it 🐈
She's 11yrs old, mostly sweet and a recent cancer survivor.
Max was a rescue he had a hard start to live. I was to foster him for a short time. He chose me as his person. And I couldn’t let him go. He overcame separation anxiety, he learned to play and loved any kind of food lol. Mine or his lol. We had three good years together. He passed away in feb. He was 9. I miss him everyday. He helped me through so many things. And was such a good boy. ❤️❤️❤️
Clint E
Clint was on the streets for the first 3 years of his life. We have had him for 2 years. He loves people and other dogs and gives therapy to all. He is a street smart and can crawl in and out of places. He will do anything for a treat. He loves traveling, hiking and going to restaurants where he can meet people.
Surgery again on 4/22/2021 but a little cancer can’t keep my Tally from living her best life. The scar on the top of her nose was a bump that came out of nowhere and removed immediately 2 years ago. Another bump came up last week and we didn’t want to take any chances so her vet and I decided to take that one out just in case. She’s been my best bud since 6 weeks old and is now 11 years old. She had the cancer scare recently, but her amazing vet was able to get clean margins!!! Tally loves everyone and on most days, she still acts like a puppy.
Dino is a dachshund mixed with beagle. He loves to play outside and cuddles.
Hi everyone I'm Fancy was born in a shelter my mom got me when I was 8 week old I love to play I love lot's of kisses from my mom and dad I love to play with my big brother we go for a lot of rides and I love snack's
Everyone remembers that Muttley has the “Worlds Most Famous Laugh”
She loves to play a lot, she's a very sassy girl, she loves to snuggle hence how she got her name. My girl is a very loving pup & she loves her lil boy (my son). Snuggles is 4 months old & she is a German Shepherd/Catahoula/Pit mix puppy.
Molly is a sweet gentle giant who wishes she were little. She will never pass up cuddles and will never be found sleeping anywhere but beside her mama.
Polo is the biggest dog in my neighborhood, but still my baby. He is 5 years old and loves pizza. TDI certified therapy dog but couldn’t meet other people for past 12 month because of COVID...
Moose is a goofy guy who loves sticks & water. He has a groomer for a mom so he’s always sporting a cool Mohawk!
Bam Bam
I brought him and sister in the house two years ago in October the weather was getting down in the 20s that night I couldn’t leave them out there in the cold even though they were under the house I caught them both while I was feeding them and brought them in ...I already had been petting them so they was a little weary of things in the house the adult cats showed them how to be calm and relaxed..Bam Bam got big after being neutered.. is sister Pebbles is no where big as him they like to play chase at 10pm They are very entertaining.. I’m glad I brought them in out of the weather because that it what I’m supposed to do ....
Mia loves bacon beggin strips, tummy rubs and she likes to run in the backyard to get her exercise. She loves her squeaky toys and snuggling with mom on the couch with a blanket. Why you should choose Mia? Shes spunky, she’s definitely everybody's friend, she loves to give kisses. Who doesn’t love kisses right? Shes quirky, sassy, and she knows how to get your attention when she wants it. Shes loyal and loves to snuggle you when your having a bad day.
Moose is a big baby who is a gentle giant at only 6 months old. He’s a big love bug who loves treats, laying on the AC vent and on his front porch.
Upon hearing a fire engine siren, he howls as a way to alert us help is on the way.
Dakota has a great/funny personality, she thinks that she is a huge dog (Great Dane) in a tiny dog’s body (chiweenie). She runs super fast for her size, she is still a puppy and she is going to learn to be an Emotional Support dog for her mommy (me). Her main picture of her was when she was less then 2.5 months old. I love to snuggle up to my mommy and sometimes my one ear sticks up while the other lays down. When I am being funny my mommy laughs at how funny I can be. Me and mommy are each other’s best friends. My mommy had another Chiweenie before me that she had to put down back in 2018 and two years later I was born in October 2020 and I was my mommy’s 30th birthday present November 2020. Here are some examples of funny things I do to make mommy laugh. I bark at my mommy’s cows, I hide behind my grandma’s deep freezer that doesn’t fit against the wall and I start barking but nobody can find me until they follow the sound of my barking, barking at my daddy, when I look like I am hoping like a rabbit outside, when I walk with my mommy and I am far away mommy looks behind her doesn’t seen me then mommy looks all around then finally looks by her feet, when I am riding in the car with mommy while she is driving I lay behind the middle of her back, sometimes I get on my mommy’s shoulders and sit on them like I am a cat or bird.
Luigi is a 5 year old Cane Corso Mastiff rescue and 120 lbs of the best dog ever. His likes are cheese and riding in the car and his dislikes are long walks. Luigi is definitely a champion napper. It’s certainly exhausting looking this handsome all the time.
Our beautiful girl is 7 years old. She’s fearless, loves long walks in the park and cuddling with daddy on the recliner. She’s my praying partner, gets up before sunrise and sits by me as I read my devotional and prayer books, my coffee partner and office assistant!
Our kitten was rescued from the animal shelter by us. He was only 3 months old when they abandoned him, we saw him and we fell in love with him. With his antics and with his love he has filled our home with happiness, now for 11 months, we love to see him grow up, he is so beautiful. FRIENDS WE ADOPT, and you help many animals waiting for you. 🙏❤
Sheeta will be 10 in August. She has been through hairs in the eye surgery, teeth pulled ear infections but only now is good on her epilepsy medication. She loves every one. She got grey overnight. She is the best thing that ever happened to me
My Mommy adopted me from the local shelter. I am a Rhodesian Ridgeback and love to go on long walks. When I get tired I love to curl up on the couch and rest my head on the pillow.
He has a huge personality and knows he’s funny and cute! He is spunky even at 14years old. He loves people and other dogs. He loves to eat socks and toilet paper. It’s a hobby LOL. He’s a little menace! He is very lovable and loves cuddling. He will lay on your stomach or your back or even on your hip if you are laying on your side. He’s a funny guy. Everyone falls in love with him when they meet him. He’s that kind of guy.
Paddy is a small pug and the sweetest puggy.
Penny Lou
Hi my name is Penny Lou! I’m 9 weeks old and 3.9lbs of Miniature Dachshund cuteness. I like chewing on things my mom tells me not to, absolutely hate going potty in the rain, and stand about 6” tall.
She loves the laser pointer. She goes crazy. She is a talker and loves taking my spot when I am at school. I got her on my birthday and it was amazing.
Papi Ball
Papi is a friendly pure bread chihuahua. He will be 10 years old this year (2021). He love bacon treats and is spoiled rotten to his core. He likes long walks and getting to meet new friends.