This boy is just the best he loves his lil sister indie and he loves the water he is a puppy at heart but when he need to be big brother is get into big brother mode
Chief is the best dog I've ever had. He has a blankie that he carries around all the time. When he sleeps he sucks on the corner of it like a pacifier. He is very funny and loveable.
Link is just over one years old, he loves to adventure outdoors and then come home to lots of cuddles and tuna! Plus he adores sleeping on his grey teddy bear blanket at bed time
Honey is a feisty 2 year old little guy. He has been with is since birth, and was the only one in his litter! He is very unique and has a lot of little quirks. He's a lover and fighter all in one. He will pounce and play all day, but snuggle up tight at night! He is our little sour patch kitty and we wouldn't have it any other way!
This is Ruby! Our sweet shelter rescue! I went to the shelter in search of the perfect kitten for our girls, and came upon shy Ruby hiding in a little tunnel toy. All the other kittens were running around playing, and she was shy and hiding.. just like I always feel! That's when I knew she was mine! She is the sweetest, cuddliest, most shy little girl. It has taken her nearly 3 years to fully come out of her shell at home, but over the past few months, she has really blossomed and is such a joy! She loves her mama, and climbs up on my chest every night with her little head on my head and purrs us both to sleep.
Whiney is truly a one of a kind. She plays fetch with only red milk rings. She sleeps on my pillow with her paw around my neck and under the blanket with me every night. I've had her ever since she was born. She talks alot and I mean actually says words. She helped me through alot of hard times. I just couldnt imagine life without her!!!
Buddy is a playful, mischievous and loving 7 month old Cavapoo puppy
My fur baby is only 8weeks,he loves slippers and teddy's and most of all cuddles. Please vote for me
I have been transitioning into a new job so I am a little behind! promise I'm making up all votes Thank you for the continuous support, we will be accepting Exchanges and Advance votes, we are open in all platforms. FOR ANY CONCERNS, FACEBOOK MESSAGER IS SAVANNAH KNAUER
Biba is 3 year old a Maine Coon short hair. She is the fluffiest cat you will ever see! She loves playing and sitting in the sun ☀️. Biba is such a loving cat🥰
We enjoyed helping others. Please be careful and play responsibly. Farewell!
Shadow is a male staffie who is the most lovable boy ever, amazing with children and just wants to make friends
Benny, brother of Jet, named after the Elton John classic - Bennie & the Jets. Loves cuddles and kisses and gets the zoomies at least 7 times a day. Mischievous but loveable.
Sean was brought to me after he was found by my friend Corrinne. Came into my life as a scared little kitten, but turned into my best buddy. He got a brother recently, so he’s been having fun playing with him. He loves watching movies and watching this rabbit that visits him every day outside our living room window.
Hello - megumi is a powerful explosion witch. Leaving an explosion of toilet paper or trash anywhere they can. With that being said. I am the princess of the house hold. I hunt for rabbits and protect the rats my human had decided to keep.
Oscar is best known for his mane , white mittens and boots on his 🐾 he loves playing with his string and his little brother Otis. He loves belly rubs and treats. Oscar loves to be loved and sleeping on his mommas pillow at night. During the day you can catch this sweet boy sunbathing and chirping at the birdies. Oscar is the sweetest boy and our life is much better with his cute little face in it💜
Oscar is an old dog now and is very loving! He is our shadow… he enjoys strolling on his walks and lots of treats
Bean is a 2 year old rescue, my boyfriend works construction and found her at his job site. Bean is very talkative and loves to bird watch.
Ava is a crazy show cocker spaniel who is very small for her size. Her favourite hobbies are chasing birds and swimming in the sea to chase them. Her older brother is 10 and hasn’t quite warmed to her yet… can you?
Meet Angus, our sweet yet mischievous little prince.
Frank Synatra Frankie
Frankie is the most chill little dude to be so young he loves his big sis oreo he protects her cause even though she is a pit bull she is a bit of a scary cat. Frankie has these blue eyes that make you want to pet and love him .. he enjoys baked chicken and sharing every thing but that with oreo.
Blue is a rescue pup from Romania. She's travelled a long way but has finally found her forever home. She loves people and playing - but is still not quite fond of rain!
Grace is a ragdoll and she’s the most sweetest baby. She’s such a happy girl & loves going out for a walk. She is the heart of our home.
Lily is a pure white long haired Ragamuffin (Ragdoll descendent) with a little black dot on her nose! She is tremendously fluffy and sweet she loves cuddles and to be with you. Got her from rescue when she was 2 in 2015.
June is very active, he loves play all the time and be next to you to get cuddles.
We got Peatrie a year after my dad passed away and she has saved me more than I could have ever imagined. She is cheeky and wonderful and the best thing that's ever happened to me 😊💜
Gracie loves to play & cuddle with family.
Ruby is 14 years old and more of a teddy bear than a cat! She loves snuggles, treats and sleeping. She also loves to watch cat tv and chase her sister around the house. Ruby is playful and does the funniest things!! She also is very vocal and talks back to mummy a lot.
Scruff is blind and handsome. He’s around 3-4 years old and rescued him last year. He’s such a clever boy 💙
I love taking runs and love playing in water
Baxter is a super duper cute playful little boy who loves nothing more than to run around and chase all the big dogs!
Queen Saffy Boo Boo
I am Queen Saffy Boo Boo … When I'm not being served by my human slaves, I am basking in the sunshine or taking one of twenty naps of the day, a girl needs her beauty sleep after all! With a few trips each week to my in-home pussy parlour my fur is smooth and silky making me truly the Queen of the kingdom! Meow meow bitches! Now vote for your Queen!
Mr.Duncan loves his duck hunting training and playing ball 💙
My Name is Rebel Im fun loveable Husky, I love to play, im unique because I have two different color eyes. Im an Aquarius I love taking walks with my parent's. Apples are my favorite snack.
Millie looks like this all the time. She is an avid runner, and wants her time to be spent on playing ball, trying to catch worms, or chewing a bone. She makes friends easily and will be your best companion S long as you have treats!!
This is babe! He's 2 years old. He's my best friend and if u say "babe kiss" hell smush his cheeks into your lips. He loves to cuddle and he loves watching his mommy play call of duty or Fortnite ❤️ he gets excited and will just lay there and put his paw on me and stare at the TV.
Guliver is my cat son! Love him to death! He loves being outside and hanging in his cat tree. He speaks volumes with his looks and facial expressions. And never leaves my side, when I’m home.
He loves attention, he loves giving kisses but only to certain people, he loves playing with his toys , and other dogs around his size, he's known for the looks he likes to give , he likes to look out the window and bark at absolutely nothing to see if you will get up and go look , he is a very smart dog that's for sure , he's as close to being human as possible, he loves his snacks , he also knows when he's been naughty and not gonna get any snack ,
Butch White
Butch is a cool cat who likes watch the rain when he's not parkouring through the house. He loves catnip and cuddling. The purr is strong in this one.
Clyde is a mischievous, but sweet boy. He loves playing outside, and taking naps in the sunshine. He LOVES to torment his siblings, which are dogs. The dogs have taught him to drink from the toilet, and beg for scraps. Clyde is the most lovable, most snuggling cat I’ve ever known. He loves belly and head rubs and scratches. And if you can’t tell from the photo above, his favorite thing is to sit in bowls.
I love sticks, digging, hiking, and toys!
Meh Meh
Meh meh is the most vocal cat that ever existed! She loves her water from the sink as well as her special blanket! She also loves her humans very much!
Little Bear
Little Bear loves to ride in the car! He's My Dad's PTSD/Service Dog!! Little Bear was Rescued from the San Diego Animal Shelter. This dog is an AMAZING Boy!!! He fits right in with the family!!!!!❤️❤️❤️❤️
Itty Bitty
Itty bitty is the most loving cat you’ll ever meet! Her name isn’t itty bitty due to her size (as you can see) but due to her tiny meow! She loves cuddles and treats more than anything in the world, and HATES plastic bags!
Momo loves to play piano with his mom.
This kitty is an indoor/ outdoor cat. She loves coming in during the day to sleep and eat. Even though she is mainly an outdoor cat cali is very well house trained and used the potty outside. She loves cuddling her people and running up to us outside when we get home. She will meow for us the let her inside the house and walk us to where her food is so we will feed her. Very funny and sassy cat.