This little girl LOVES to run around and jump off of furniture 🤣 she gets the zoomies and is soo full of energy!!!!!! She’s such a loving dog and has quite the personality (:
Peeves is your typical orange cat. Names after peeves the poltergeist from the Harry Pitter novel’s. While a nuisance, he’s a lover. He loves plastic, tape, boxes. If you have any type of dairy in your hands, he is right there to ensure he gets a taste. The most lovable of all the babies, he is the best boy anyone could ask for 💕
Edgar (Twin Brother To Poe) is 2 1/2 years old. He is very spoiled and loves food. You can find him cuddling with his twin, his daddy Jamie & his mommy Ashley. He loves to swat your feet when you walk by. Edgar is a good boy and has never hissed or scratched at anyone. He is very high maintenance kitty and lives his best as an indoor only cat here in Central New York!
I’m a very sweet little girl, I love to play with my humans. I’m 12 weeks old now and growing fast.
Bailey Lombardi-link
Bailey is an adorable little Shorkie, who loves to play fetch and give lots of kisses. He hops around like a little bunny and is so agile. He once jumped up on the toilet tank to try to get into the sink. He flys like a bird. He is so loved and gives so much happiness and love to us.
Luna Bear
The prettiest most loving girl. She makes me laugh everyday with her antics. Love her to bits🖤🧡
He will only drink out of the kitchen Tap and usually spends his time sleeping
Her name is gargoyle but we all call her rat. She really likes tinfoil balls. She'll scream abouy them. Thats it
She’s learning her obstacle course and loves chewing on my other dog’s toenails 😂
A proper cheeky chappy, loves being nosey and a proper mummies boy, loves snuggles of a night and waking his mummy up for 'kissies' on the head after her snooze button is pressed.
Winnie is a rescue puppy who was thrown out of a truck and starved. With lots of love she has shown us the biggest personality, showered us with love and kisses, and has given us amazing memories.
Maverick loves belly scratches, sleeping in window seals, walks in his stroller, and his bow ties!!
Apollo is a mini Aussiedoodle with so much spunk he can barely contain it in his little body!! He loves his mom, and all his toys she spoils him with!!
This loving guy is the King of domestic cat. Such a strong loving boy . Nikko is 4 yrs old and has a dog like mind . He is my everything
Chloe Barton
Hi my name is Chloe and I am 8yrs old. I am part munchkin and part tuxedo cat. I love talking and being with my Momma.
Tilly is 14 weeks old. She is seeing and learning new things everyday. She loves her sprinkler splash pad. She also loves riding in her puppy basket on my bike.
Guardian is a chunky 1 1/2 year old mister who loves his parents, aunts, uncles, and auncle, and all his toys from his grandmas!
He loves stuffed animals ❤️
Maxamillion Todd Hinton
He loves his little treats he loves to get rubs down he loves to look out the window and he loves his little cat tower with his hammock in it
Nala is a wonderful companion ❤️ She belongs to my daughter but lives with me. Ive taken care of her for years. She loves anything with feathers. She also loves pipe cleaners. Lmao 🤣 Storm is her best friend, please vote for her also
Dottie is the happiest dog in the world, she spends her time smiling, being cute, and pretending to be human.
Barkley is a ball of energy. He loves to play with his toys. He gets the zoomies and runs circles in the house. He is so comical.
Hi! My name is Max! I’m an Australian Cattle Dog! I love running around and playing with my mom. She’s gives me treats for peeing outside! They’re delicious! I’m very friendly with other dogs but I’m still learning how to play as I’m just new to playing! I love chewing on all my teething toys and sometimes on stuff I shouldn’t. Mom loves me so much and I love her! I cannot wait for all the adventures I will be going on with my mom!
Hopper loves hiking and going on adventures. He loves treats and kids. HE IS A PARVO SURVIVOR🩵
Winston is a one-year-old pup with a heart of gold💛He loves nothing more than snuggling up with his favorite people and exploring the world around him. Whether it's a long walk in the park 🌳or a romp on the 🏝️ Winston is always eager to see what's next. But when it's time to wind down, he's happy to curl up on the couch for a cozy nap. 💤 Despite his laid-back demeanor, Winston is a curious pup who loves to learn new things. He's always up for a training session, especially if it means he gets to earn a few extra treats. And speaking of treats, Winston has a serious sweet tooth. He'll do just about anything for a tasty snack, whether it's a classic dog biscuit or a homemade treat from his favorite humans. 🦴🐾
Mia is a beautiful cat she likes to play and she loves sleeping on my bed she isn’t a very good eater
Ranger 2 months old loves hanging with his big brother playing tug awar and playing outside he loves naps and slippers 😂
Kyro loves to play and snuggle! The sweetest little nugget 🫶🏼
Mega is still really young (little over 3 months). He has an older cousin, Buddy. He was meant to have a sister, but she died on the way out. Mother cat had to be rushed to the vets with complications during her labour. She passed away. Mega has been hand raised ever since day one. He’s a MegaSurviver ❤️
Bleu loves walks , he loves kids and meeting new people. Bleu is a smart & loving puppy🥰
Zeus is a calm Chihuahua he has a very calm temperament and is extremely loving to those he likes and loves Zeus is the kind he needs to sniff your hand but once he likes you you can't get him off of you. He loves to sleep under the covers next to my legs and thinks he has to be petted 24/7. He loves other dogs as long as they're not too hyper he is 10 so hyper hyper dogs irritate him a little bit. But he still loving wouldn't hurt a fly well that's a lie he's the best fly catcher I've ever known. He's very well trained and housebreaking was very easy considering he was only about 2 in long at Birth he was the runt and I tell people I didn't choose him he chose me. Because I would go see him from the day he was born and he didn't even have his eyes open and was trying to scoot it across the floor to me. I don't know what else I can say about my Zeus he's definitely a ladies man he liked them big bone women LOL. He's my best friend my loyal companion and I don't know what I would do without him we've been through everything together and he has stayed loyal through it all I say if I could ever find a man that looks at me like he does or gets that excited to see me when I get home I might have to keep him LOL
Ela is such a sweet cat who is very shy around new people. She likes to climb my curtains and stare at me like, hey now get me down from here
Kahlua loves to run and play. She is very obedient and will stay by your side no matter what. She loves to play tug of war and eat treats all day. Kahlua hates baths and will refuse to get in water. But she is very calm and gives the best hugs🥺♥️
Molly Belle is a hyper, lovable bundle of joy. She likes playing in mud puddles and eating sticks in her free time.
Biscuit likes long walks and to sleep in the couch. She is very loving and smart. She makes sure you are okay when you are upset. She gives lots of kisses and loves being held🤍
Arthur Weasley loves his wands. Any stick becomes magical once he has it!
Chill vibes type of guy, can be spunky at times. Willing to do anything for food. A thicker boy who loves to cuddle. So if you like food and cuddles who loves a little spontaneity, I’m your guy!
Cleo loved to lay around and sleep she was my shadow
Misty May
Misty is the sweetest most special little girl! She’s just about 1 year old and she’s very excited for her “Birthday Pawty” coming up on June 2nd!💜 some of her favorite things are getting treats, watching the birds out the window and cuddling up on the couch next to her mom and dad!
I ONLY PUT WILLOW IN CONTEST FOR ACHIEVEMENTS❣️❣️❣️❣️ IM NOT OFFICIALLY DOING CONTEST RIGHT NOW ❣️❣️❣️. 🌞🌞🌞🌞🌞🌞LIKE HER PAGE ✔️PLEASE TAG YOUR PROFILE TO MY PAGE AND TELL ME WHO ALL IS VOTING FOR YOU AND POST DAILY THE DATE ALONG WITH TOTAL VOTES FOR THAT DAY🌞🌞🌞🌞🌞🌞🌞🐾🐾🐾 PLEASE BE HONEST AND STAY TRUE TO OUR DAILY AGREEMENT 🤝💯🌞🌞🌞🌞🌞 Willow is a very sweet girl. She loves to play and she is very funny and goofy. She always makes sure her buddy Winston (Winston is a 14 year old mini dachshund) is ok. Willow loves everyone she meets and always shows a goofy funny pose.
Nancy Drew
Nancy Drew A.K.A Mama Nance enjoys hanging outside particularly in the trees, she often will run after the birds or squirrels that end up yelling at her. Sometimes she goes for a bike ride with mom in her bag. (See proof) She also takes trips to starbucks on the weekend and gets pup cups because she is sticking her head out of the window at the employees and stares until she gets something for free. You can also find her places where she shouldnt be like on top of a tv stand knocking everything over, she has a tendency to investigate everything (hence her name) Ultimately, she enjoys treats and everything that may or may not be edible (grass).
My names fury, I was born with one eye and my front legs are about an inch shorter than my back. I'm 2 years old with all of my baby teeth and kitten coat which makes me super soft. I love belly rubs and must have constant contact with someone or I get super anxious, and for some reason I just can't seem to help but lay on my back, it's my favorite thing to do.
Tesla is my very unique one eyed kitty. When he was very little he got in a fight with another animal and I say he won ; just lost an eye over it. He put up the fighting gloves and is just a big happy house kitty now that loves his big sister who is a dog. 😂🖤
Chief Keef
Chief is a Belgian/Aussiedoodle who spends his days frolicking while mom works. His favorite pastime is annoying his sister and stealing milkshakes while you’re not watching. The evidence is always in his beard!
Hi, I like going on walks in my stroller and watching cartoons with my mom
🌺Aloha, I’m a 10 month old ESP living my best life in Hawaii. I love lazy beach days and playing with my people. I’m food driven, love feather toys and taking walks in my backpack carrier🐈‍⬛
Sunshine baby girl