Jingle is very active and loves her 11 year old human.
Pud is a Mama's boy. His favorite activities are to follow her around, sleep, snore, eat and fart. If you have time could you please vote for him. Any and all votes would be appreciated. Thank you!
Benji loves being dressed up in cozy outfits and loves nose kissies. He gives us kisses daily. I think that’s his way of saying thank you from rescuing him as a newborn kitten. He loves his “Pizza Slayer” shirt and his cosmo shirt. He also loves Christmas outfits and playing in our Christmas tree! 😍
Sweet Oakley girl just beat cancer and is our fighter! She loves beating up her big brother Chubbs and will do anything for a treat!
Chubbs loves a good belly rub and loves being in water! He is 100% purebred GOODBOY
Rosie is our newest little lady. She was a feral kitty and has been soaking in all the love. As soon as you enter the room she purrs loudly and begs for some love. She’s made quite the transformation!
Possum she's a really easy laid back kick back kitty cat I slaying mom slap all the time loves superb that was to beat up on brother and watch her turtle she's just a sweetheart with Kitty
Lyric loves steak he loves is daddy, his toys and he loves to be loved. He is very protective of his home and family
Zen is a spunky older cat brother. He clocks in nightly starting at 9pm for Neighborhood watch out the windows. He is a peeping Tom at our neighbors and keeps us all safe. He alerts us when fellow neighbors are near by.
Lucy is a silly girl who we rescued and just hit 1 year. She’s a super hyper and peppy German Shepherd. She loves belly rubs and plops down on your feet when you walk if she wants her belly rubbed.
Majestic Amoré
Majestic Amore is a one of kind 14 week old Chorkie... He can put a smile on anyone's face. He is extremely determined and surprises us everyday with how smart he is becoming... We love you Majestic Amoré
Pepé is named after the cartoon skunk Pepé la Pue. His favourite thing to do is play with his brother and sun bath.
Herbie is a shy guy but loves to snuggle 🥰
She loves to get her nails done 💅 , get her hair did 💇‍♀️ , and she loves fine dining 🍱 . She enjoys the water and playing fetch! She loves to go for walks with her family and she especially loves her little humans ❤️ The most loyal companion and sweetest dog. She’s a real sweetheart!
Holly loves the water, she is an incredible retriever! She loves dog sports and her favorite person is dad!
MJ loved the water and to chew bones and play fetch. She crossed the rainbow bridge June 26th 2022
Stone loves to go out on adventures and be apart of the crew but he does have a problem controlling his licker. *blep*
Nugget cries for treats every hour on the hour because he "never gets fed" but he do be lookin cute so he always get the treat!
Shasha is a straight up spoiled diva, she will not leave home unless she's wearing an outfit. She is also a certified service dog.
Hello, my name is Sage and I had a first rough start at life. I was found abandoned by my mother, and I was added to a shelter. That’s where my true mother came along and saved me. I am the sweetest, most loving, protective cat you’ll ever meet. As you can tell, I have split personalities, just like my face ❤️❤️ The only person I truly want is my human momma. ALL THE TIME. I constantly have to be up her booty. ❤️❤️ I also play fetch, and wag my tail when happen unlike most cats who flick their tail when angry. I am also very treat motivated. Please help me win this competition so my momma can get me a cool cat tower and shower me in treats
Athena is a 6 month old Dalmatian, who is also the luckiest dog in the world being born on Saint Patrick’s Day. She is the sweetest, happiest, super energetic puppy in the world! She loves any toy that squeaks. She is very friendly and loves to cuddle especially with my 3 year old son, especially when he sneaks her treats lol.
Hi, I'm Burrow!! Im almost 10 months old. I am half German Shepard and half American Akita. I'm growing so fast! I love playing fetch with my humans, doing tricks (for treats of course!), traumatizing my cat brother, giving kisses, going for walks, SLEEPING, and playing with my sister! (Yes, my humans parents have my sister so we get to grow up together!) My mom always tells me I'm the cutest so please vote for me, I'd hate to think she was wrong! Thank you!
Oliver is a very sweet loving little boy, who loves to cuddle and play with his little mouse toys and napping is his favorite!
Simba loves to play and cuddle. He is very friendly and loves everyone he meets. He’s the perfect companion!
Scooter loves his 2 little humans, a brother and a sister. He is full of energy and loves to squeak his toys. His favorite treat is a chicken stick.
Hi my name is Sunshine and i love to go on picnics with my mommy & daddy.
Bourbon is a feisty little firecracker. His dog brither, Koda, taught him to play fetch and he even has a favorite toy to play with. He likes to torment his kitty sister, Belle, and snuggle his dog sister Ky.
Gus Gus
Captian Otto Augustus, aka Gus Gus: A soft spoken snuggle bug who really isn’t a fan of trash bags. Gus is the master of sass and is not afraid to heard you to bed if his demands for snuggles and biscuits are not met. He loves to watch the rain, especially if he’s snuggled up in his favorite blanket hoodie. If you’re ever in need of a pick-me-up, look no further because this sweet boy will give you a high five and sit (such that you tell him he’s a good boy, and maybe slip him a treat after). More often than not you can find him sneaking around corners with his favorite mouse, splashing water in the sink, or playing wrestle with his best friend Dirk.
Kalani is very vocal. Not only is she a beagle but she is also husky she is 4 months old
Valentina was rescued from Sylmar CA streets on a 4 th of July and rehomed 3 times! She’s found her 4 ever home with me! She’s my lady companion! She represents love & Friendship to me! This is what her name represents
Cabo And Cleo
2 brothers rescued from a suitcase dropped off at a local vet. 20 went in, 15 came out, lost 5. My boyz are my life and I’m so glad I was able to save them and give them a great home!
Hey everyone my name is Bella. my favorite things to do is napping, playing and car rides. I love being outdoors but I’m more of a girly girl and like to be inside. Please vote for me so I can make my mommy and daddy proud. Also I love cuddles and a lot of kisses. Meowww!!!!
Koda is a 7 year old black lab pit mix and he is the sweetest, most dopey pup in the world. He has a sister from the same litter named Ky and two kitty siblings, Belle and Bourbon. Koda is an avid fetch player and loves to snuggle.
Bella is sweet and lovely 🥰 she loves to eat and play
Brody aka Bro just turned one and is the most majestic, gentle giant! He doesn’t have a mean bone in his body and wakes u up with the cutest yawns every morning.
Arlo is a crazy boy who loves to annoy his 2 older brother cats but that wee face gets him away with everything 🙈
Ms. Coachella
🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆👑™️2022™️🇺🇲 USA 👑™️ PURE ROYALTY 👑™️Ms.Coachella 🛍🎸 Were Here to Play NIce! Pawsitively No Drama ☮ Daily vote's limited (So Ask👍 🌏™️Advance leads 2K Max 🌏™️Bonuses Welcome! 🌏™️+ Gifts 🎁.🙏 All will be Returned!%100 Bark You🐾Thank You 👣 🚨SOS" Likes Needed👍👍 👍Like👍LIKE👍SHARE🔜
My name is Fluff and I am 6 months old. I love to eat fake plants and get into everything I’m not suppose too. I’m special because my fur mommy passed away and my human mom loves me just the same!! 🐈
Oliver is a fun loving pup, he loves to play catch! He has the best personality 😃
Anakin is a silver shaded mackerel tabby with high white, High white Siberians have solid pink nose and toes and is a rare coat for Siberians
Goose is a very loving cat on his terms, enjoys getting up to mischief & zoomies! He also enjoys his bedtime Dreamies when mummy comes home late from work.
Onyx is a fun, playful kitten who loves to play fetch & hunt!
Moo Moo
Just LOOK at that face. She's the sweetest little kitty on the planet. She falls asleep in your arms and will sit on your shoulders and clean your hair. When she's VERY happy, she'll knead with her front paws, but it's not just on soft things. She will knead EVERYWHERE. We say she's "stomping around". I wish we could upload videos. Out of all the cats I've ever met, she is by far the most unique. She's really a little angel.
Chubsters loves to eat anything in sight, including inanimate objects even though I objectify. His sweet tooth is like no other, he would do anything for a treat. He is mischievous but such a sweet little angel at heart. He loves meeting new people and being admired. He’s my pookie bear 🐻. I love him with all my heart and soul❤️.
Beady blue eyed Zara loves to create chaos with her best friend Zeus, but how can you not forgive this face 🥹
Mz. Iz
She loves to ride in the car,going anywhere! Loves her toybox!! Loving to all♡
Marvel loves the outdoors and riding on the boat!