Mimi just turned a year old on march 24th. Loves playing mom to all her siblings. Love eating treats and getting rewarded with wet food. Loves looking out the windoe and people watching.
Saber will be a year old july 18th. Shes loves getting into trouble. Loves meeting new people. But most of all loves veing with her family, mainly her dad
Paige is going to be 11 years old june 15th. Loves playing with her siblings. Loves seeking extra treats . Loves being outdoors and meeting new people
His name is lux. Hell be a year old on december 15th. Hes very lovable. Very adventurous. Likes to get into to trouble with his siblings
She is a rescue Dog, and she is smart and playful and loves to travel
Insecure Grandma
Insecure Grandma is a polydactyl cat meaning she has 22 claws instead of 18. She is insecure about her extra claws and tries hiding her paws and she's and older cat which is house she gets her name insecure Grandma. We rescued her from someone who threw her outside to survive on her own and have had her for almost 2 years now! She LOVES treats and playing with her other cat brother and dog sister!
Kylo is our 1 year old American Akita boy he is the sweetest & loves to play in water with his toys. His favorite snacks are blueberries 🫐 ❤️. Krazy Kylo!
Ace And Bella
Ace and bella are siblings the most beautiful loving caring kittens i know. What cuddlers they are within themselves and love human cuddles too.they love to play with eachother ace is like bellas big brother always investigate things before entering then bella follows so funny love these too who dont 🥰😍
Lulu is a very energetic pup! She love to be outside with her big siblings!
Duke is a 2 1/2 yr old Pit/lab mix. He absolutely loves any kind of ball he can play with. Duke loves to go for walks and car rides. Duke is a service dog in training and also helps me day to day and loves his tr Job. He loves cookies and anything peanut butter! This is dukes first contest VOTE FOR DUKE!!!!
Akeno Kenobi is a sweet, playful, & loyal Goldendoodle. He loves his plushies & belly rubs. He is silly & loves to make noises when happy. He has been a great help to control our kids anxiety.
I’m fluffy and round and I enjoy watching youtube videos and taking long naps with mommy
Apollo is a 9 year old Great Pyrenees mix,he is a rescue from Texas,he’s been part of our family since he was 9 weeks old.He is a happy and goofy 100 pounds of fluff! He loves to bark at nothing and everything! He thinks he’s a lap dog and knows nothing about personal space. He’s a big mommas boy!
Hi my name is skitty! I was rescued as a kitten, as my mom and dad found me outside during a thunderstorm. I was nearly drowning in a puddle, when my mom found me. Ever since then, I’m in my loving home! I’m not much of a cuddler, but I do love playing with toys and biting peoples toes! I am very energetic, and I’m always into something. I love jumping up on things and knocking them off so mom has to pick them up. Vote for me, so mom and dad can buy me new toys!
Bandit needs her furever human servant so she likes to pose in adorable pictures.
Squishy is mummys girl, is very vocale, is obsessed with food, likes lettuce, chewing plastic, sleeping and is Simbas sister 💜
Meet Gus! Gus is a 1 year old chesapeake! He loves his stuffed animal squid and will even bring it with him outside for walks! Hes a big snuggler and despite him being so large, he thinks hes a lap dog. He loves to eat and play with ice! And loves being around his big brother, hes a very sweet boy!
Simba is a super gentle boy, loves watching tv, going crazy at 3am and is squishys brother!! Everything he has is pink! 🩷
Cojo is named after Cody Johnson the “country singer” he has much sassiness and attitude but sweet when you peel at the layers , cojo is a very sweet boy he isn’t very old yet but is in training to become a seizure alert service animal for his mamma💕 cojo is an amazing boy and has lots and lots of love! Voting for cojo will help pay for his training through the ADA!!, voting for cojo will mean the world to him and his mamma 🫶🏻💕
Atlas the baby is definitely fully aware he is a baby and never gets told no. Stealing food out of our hands or even before we can actually eat it. He has no fear in trying any sort of food. His hobbies include stealing food, and cuddling with grandpa, getting his brothers in trouble and calling out for his big sister all the time. His goal in life is to be a magician as he can hide anything in an instance and disappears in a flick of a finger!
Mr. Loki… mamas boy… loves to take showers with mom as he bites her every time she’s away from the water. He has a neighborhood that looks for him in the window and talks to him as he answers back. Loki loves to talk to the local wildlife but is lowkey afraid of them and tries to escape to the basement every chance he gets. Grandmas coffee is his favorite as he will try anything to get to it. And his hobby is licking plastic any chance he gets. Loki is the mischievous one in the house for sure!
Mr. Aries known in the house as chonkers and floppy floppy love loves. He flops on the floor looking for loves but hold true to his name as he will start a war if he doesn’t want to be touched anymore. His favorite hobby is knocking things down anywhere any time, having zoomies 24/7, and great grandpa.
Ms. Meisha Rae is a goofy 8 year old Beagle mut. Her favorite things are her hedgie, giraffy, and slothy. Her life is sooo ruff as she sleeps all day gets lots of loves from everyone around her! Her favorite snacks are carrots… more so chewing them up into small tiny pieces and spitting them back out. She is a staple in the car community as she is the only dog who wears clothes to car meets especially her variety of tutus!
He's a pomeranian/yorkie mix, and he's a very shy dog, that loves standing on his back legs and waving his front paws whenever he wants a treat or to get up on the couch
Marley is a sweet 1 year old Tabby who loves catnip bubbles, sun bathing on her back and playing with her 3 older sisters. She has a habit of scaring herself knocking things off the table and when she does her tail puffs up 3x it’s normal size. If she wants to be loved and she’s not getting it she will walk back and forth under your hand to make you love her. 🖤
Keeley was rescued from an orchard, she is a wonderful fun little girl and a great addition to our family!
This handsome baby was abandoned at the beginning of March and my daughter gained his trust in 2 hours and he followed my her home, he is just the sweetest boy, calm and loves giving kisses! He loves playing with his toys and laying under coffee table. He now can get all the love he never had!
Tucker is very playful , and loves to sunbathe as he is in the picture he loves walks and hates baths but hey he’ll love you to death
Liya loves greeting you at the door when you get home from work! She also loves to play and cuddle! Her favorite time of the day is bedtime because she knows she gets to lay in bed with her human parents!
Hi, my name is Diamond. I have put on a little bit of extra weight lately. Please vote for me, because I am still a beautiful baby! Thank you ❤️
Hello everyone.....Thank you again for all the support. It's my last contest for this year so if someone owed votes you can return by bonus or wait for next year ;) Frimousse is the sweetest fur baby and she's turning 8 yrs old this year. She came into our family in 2013. My niece saw her on Kijiji for sale, it was love at first sight for her then the family decided to bring her home. Everyone in the family fell in love with this little furball She was very tiny & cold. She prefers to sleep in our bed at night and loves being snuggled.
Jax Skellington
Jax just loves his big brother. They love playing together. He especially loves cuddling with his human mom. Such a sweet baby.
Lil Buki is an adorable little bundle of joy! He loves to play with our Husky Ariel!! He loves to play with his toys and loves the lasers!! He loves to cuddle with me and watch movies or tv!! He knows how to open the pantry door!
Shiloh is a Full Blooded Beagle. He’s 12 weeks old and was born on January 26th, 2023! He’s a very active, playful pup & very smart.
Calley has recently started to show her love of gardening. Full of life and very mischievous.
Milo is a very playful and affectionate puppy. Milo loves to be petted and he loves playing with his chew toys!
We adopted Chewey 8 years ago from a local shelter, hes been the best cat I could ever ask for. Hes a 20 lb snuggle bug, the best emotional support buddy and my best friend. Recently we got him two baby brothers. Watching their bond has been so rewarding and warms my heart. 💙
Archie is definitely a one of a kind dog. He loves swimming and walks, dosnt like the dog parks so much.
Danali loves to be outside and play fetch. She loves to cuddle and play. ❤️ She has such an awesome personality, and she loves attention and playing with her toys!
Dixie Rose
My name is Dixie Rose. I’m at mixed with an Old English Bulldog & a Pitbull. I am very affectionate & love playing outside.
Hank is a large affectionate pup who love all the attention and cuddles he can get! while Hank loves to play, toys really aren't what he's wanting, he wants to play with his big sister (which is only 13lbs!) The two of them go round after round of playing for hours! As seen in the pictures, Hank has a small underbite, it's so cute and he knows it! His big puppy eyes and underbite get him whatever he wants! Hank is 15 months old, weighing in at a wapping 145 lbs!
Xena The Princess Warrior
Xena is a 16 month old Cane Corso with tons of energy and personality! She loves her toys, sticks the size of tree branches, playing fetch, and will do anything for a treat!
Duke Valentine
We watched Duke be birthed into this world in June of last year and if he didn’t already have our hearts from that moment, he wasted no time making sure that happened more as the weeks following. We had to bring him home at 4 weeks old bc his mother stopped nursing him. So we bottle fed him and now he’s the adorable boy you see now
Jolene is a pure bred Boston Terrier, weighing in at 13 pounds! She is a loving pup who adores her mom, dad, and little brother! She is highly energetic pup who loves nothing more than jumping, running, and trying to intimidate her little brother. Jolene cherishes her stuffed pig, which is her absolute favorite toy. Her happy place is lounging in the warm sun outside on beautiful days, where she can bask in the glow and soak up the warmth.
Archie is an outgoing cat who thinks he is somehow royalty, lol. He loves the outdoors and going on trips with me. He love to play, nap, and run. Archie is also very affectionate.
Prince Lucifer
When he’s not chasing feet, jumping out of nowhere with his ninja style sneak attacks, he’s monitoring closed doors he wants open with paw rakes on said door, or jumping on you and demanding love. He’s sweet with an devious attitude, and one of the lives of our life!