Hi, my names Oliver. I am one year old and am very playful. I love playing frisbee and howling at my mom when she doesn’t throw my frisbee fast enough. I enjoy going to the dog park and chasing other dogs around while howling at them. I also love napping, cuddling, and giving everyone kisses.
My name is saintsypie and I’m a big baby 😎 I loveeeee outside and walkies especially when there’s snow ⛄️ and my tree stump makes me feel like king of the yard 🐕 I love naps and treats 🥹 and my birthday is my favorite cuz mom gives me whatever I want 🥰my fav things to do are eat stuff I’m not supposed to, play in baskets even though I’m humongous, play with my brother benji andddd give kisses 😇
Oakley is a big puppy who has the sweetest personality. She lives for naps, treats and playing with balls! Her favorite thing is belly rubs and chasing her sister around !
She is a little 4 pound sweet dog who never seems to grow up because of her size. She loves her family and she loves food!
Boo Bug
He's my beautiful tuxedo baby! Super loving and clingy. Always wants to be around mommy and daddy and has to be center of attention when the camera comes out.
Pepsi is a sweet girl she is very good and listens
Twila is a huge nighttime cuddler. Every night she is in one of our rooms purring aways sleeping next to us.
Taco is a loving, sweet, playful, and spunky little boy! He is my baby and he loves to play, lay in the sun and he loves everyone and everything!!
My aunt rescued her as a kitten and since I saw her we have been bonded together. Zoey enjoys playing fetch with her toy mice and will do anything for a belly rub.
Charlotte Mae
She plays fetch with spring toys
Phoenix is a Siamese Bengal and the sweetest baby ever. Loves to cuddle and loves attention.
I'm very very sweet, I love going byebye I love treats and I love attention.
He just turned a year old! He is super playful and is down to play at anytime with any little toy. Although his favorite thing to play with and flip up in the air are fuzzy winter gloves balled up 😂 he is very talkative and does the silliest things. He also loves to cuddle on his own terms 😂🥰
Meet Nugget was born on December 29th 2021. She was born deformed and has lost use of one of her front limbs. She loves to play and jump around and she doesn't let her deformity get the best of her. Everyday she continues to fight. One day we do believe she will need amputation but for now she's just living her best life.
Ava Marie
Hello my dogs name is Ava Marie she is a long haired dachshund. She’s super sweet and friendly. She loves to play with her toys. Eat grass likes kisses and love. She’s 4 months old and is brindle. She’s a very happy puppy 🐶
My name is Cleo. I was adopted and they saved my life but my parents say I saved theirs. I have a huge personality I'm goofy I'm obedient I'm loyal and very loving oh I am photogenic too. I love to talk and go byebye and walk. I love treats to or as my parents say T R E A T S, I don't know why they spell it out sometimes.
Yang is a singer. Likes to sing along to many songs.
Rosa was a stray for the 1st year and half of her life until she found her forever home with us❤️ She loves bird watching outside the window or cat videos and LOVES to cuddle like no other 🥰
Hi my name is BB! I often go by Beebus. My favorite things in the world to play with are bottle caps and wrapped peppermints! I love cuddling with my brother Teddy.
My name is Teddy. I'm a sweet old man now. I have a little brother and I love to give him groomings! My favorite thing to do is cuddle with ANYONE!
Meme is a spunky cat that is always full of energy. She likes to get into everything and explore new areas. She has a wardrobe that would make any diva jealous.
Tulsa And Tessa
Tulsa is 1 and half yrs old and an Australian Kelpie. Tessa is 16 weeks old and a German Shepard. They at are the best of friends. Sorry couldn't pick which was cutest
Misscat is a 18 year old rescue survivor.She is mellow,friendly and in everyone business!
We found Finnigan in a basement of a house we were residing. He was dirty and scared. And within a week he now loves cuddles and playing with his older sister.
Francis is a very happy guy! He loves anything that involves playing; especially with a frisbee. He loves running, the snow, joining us on hikes, anything outdoors, or making new friends with other puppies. He is a very sweet, loving pup, with such expressive eyes, and always has to know what’s going on in the world around him. His favorite treat is cheese, which he would do anything for!
Peanut is the sweetest, she always has to be next to me, she loves belly rubs and cuddles. if she hears me crying she will come over to me and lay next to me and stay attached for about the next 2 days. peanut loves laying on my shoes and loves kisses and is extremely patient.
Lady was rescued from the highway during the snow storm of 2021 that hit Texas! Since then she has taken quite well to house life ( she shares her house with 3 rescued cats). She’s loves going for tractor rides, watching scooby doo, and playing with her stuffed chicken. She is also a dog model for pack leashes Code LADY1220 She would love your vote
Sophie is a beautiful little ball of energy. She loves her floppy fish and cuddles. She runs to her food dish at meal time, like it’s her first time eating every time. She has brought us a lot of joy so far.
Melman definitely has his own personality, he is extremely talkative and silly and loves to hide in places you wouldn't even imagine. he can be a jerk sometimes but he is also sweet and loves to lay on any piece of clothing i own.
Bella loves to play.
Binx loves to cuddle up with her human mama every night and during the day she loves to explore and play.
Chance is a rescue dog found in a field when he was 2 months old with his siblings. He just turned 11 on Cinco de Maya and is a super brother to 2 fur babies. He loves to table surf(very bad habit could never break) never put your food down LOL. ❤️❤️
A little Kitty who loves to sit on my shoes♡.
Falco is 2 months old. He is currently suffering from a Hernia that we are hoping to soon get fixed with surgery but, despite such an unfortunate situation, he's still super playful and has the zoomies all the time. He loves to cuddle and sucks on my finger to fall asleep. I love my baby and he's one of the best things to happen to me ❤️
Sheldon is a rescue
The sweetest boy you’ll ever meet. Purring machine and sock stealer
Toulouse is the destroyer of only Samsung charger cords. If you walk by him and do not acknowledge him, he will smack you.
Zest for life. Forever curious and overall best friend.
Sam is a good boy who loves treats, cuddles, and zoomies.
She is loving and loves to play and snuggle
Gunner Stone
Gunner is the most loving well behaved Pooch! We can’t go anywhere without everyone saying how handsome he is and asking to give him pets. We say he’s a Pure Bred Good Boiiiiiii 💙
Buddy loves to sleep and feel loved. He's a great companion. Faithful. Loyal. Beyond all, he is our pup. ❤️
I got my name from my grandhuman who liked the way I arched up high into the sky at the touch of a paw. I love being stroke and fussed, and I have a very cute freckle on the tip of my nose.
Blue Scott
Blue is hard of hearing but that doesn't slow my boy down! Hes very hyper and loves his momma. He loves to play. He weighs 6.4 lbs. Blue is my cuddle buddy!
Eli is my heart dog. He is the sweetest, gentle and kind soul ever. He won’t greet you without a toy and loves to be close to you.
Luke’s favorite toy is a good squeaky ball! He will play for hours. He gets extra zoomies when running around with them. He is the best sitter. He loves his fur brothers and watching the world out the front window. He also can be caught chewing on a good bone.
Torvi didn’t have the best start in life, but since becoming part of our family she has been able to grow into a happy and loving pup with the softest coat ever!
Imagine the artful dodger as a dog and you get Scampi! The most loving, snuggly boy but also a cheeky pup who likes to pinch things that don’t belong to him!