Django is a rescue pet that my boyfriend and I adopted only a month ago. He was a bit shy but he quickly opened up to us and really shown us his personality. He loves to snuggle and play and scratch his scratch pad.
My husband works on the roads, hes a waterman, he found Pumkin along with his siblings in a cardboard box out in the middle of the countryside! He saved them ❤️ Pumkin is such a loving, beautiful boy, so grateful for life. We love him so much ❤️
Princess Leia
Leia loves playing with her little squirrel toy, Kong catnip spray on her toys, and plopping down to be loved on.
Cooper loves being outside whether it’s playing fetch, playing with his frisbee, or just chilling with mom and dad. Speaking of mom & dad, he also never leaves our side. He’s the sweetest, goofiest, most lovable boy.
Rambo is a 2 year old Pitbull. He sleeps with our 7 year old and 10 year daughters every night. Such a loving and protective dog.
Jovi is a silver maine coon at 12 weeks he weighs 2.2kg hes extremely mischievous and loves to play
Luke Skywalker
Luke loves to play fetch with his toys, and also loves when his toys get sprayed with Kong catnip spray.
Mamba Hakeem
Mamba is 2 years old he love playing with his brother BabyBoi. He sits in the window watch the birds and bugs fly and waits patiently for something to land in front of him. Mamba personality shows on his face it changes a lot. Tuna is his favorite food and he love catnip.
She is very friendly, she loves treats and playing with her pet fishs and she loves laying in the sun..
Shasta is 15 years old!! She doesn’t play much anymore but she is the sweetest old lady. Loves food will literally eat anything!! Loves to nap and go on walks even if she has to hobble a little. She is the sweetest bestest girl
This is Wrench he is a little over a year old. Loves to play, his favorite treat is ice cubes, he loves going for car rides and going on walks, and spending time with mom and dad.
He is super cuddly and sometimes crazy. He loves treats and playing with his toys and bird watching out the window.
Max is 8 months old and had both eyes removed at 4 months old for a bad infection 4 weeks ago he was diagnosed with FIP which is a fatal virus The treatment is for 84 days and max already completed 33 days n is doing amazing ❤️ he loves life n enjoys every minute running n playing ❤️
This is Milo. He is 1 years old. He is a savage but funny bundle of joy. He enjoys the outdoors and his famous expressions are: 🤨😐😒😠
Diva! She is sweet as can be but also quite the sneaky thang. She’s a love bug. And spoiled rotten.
The sweetest girl you’d ever meet! Miaou loves to play, cuddle, and Nap!
Sad face because, it’s raining and muddy. And, she can’t go outside. 😊
Bug is my favorite cuddle buddy. He loves to cuddle all day everyday!
Tilly is a cute golden doodle who loves to play with her stuffed bear!
Bertie is a 10 week old pomapoo , he is such a cuddly and playful puppy , my little ball of fluff..
Harry is the funniest and most caring cat I’ve ever met! He loves to chat, meeting new people and his plushies. He literally plays with anything he finds and he can’t see a lap that he runs for it to get some cuddles! Everyone that meets him can’t believe how smart and loving he is, and I just feel lucky he chose me :)
Bella is 9 weeks old. She loves to watch tv, play, and cuddle. Bella’s favorite movie is Puss in Boots. Bella is also very active. Vote for Bella, because she has an out of this world personality. Also, Bella is smart, cute, funny, and witty!!!!
My name is Nezuko I love helping my dad make music I love playing with my toys an chasing my brothers around my favorite food is human food I love to steal it whenever I get the chance
Bubba Kush
My name is bubba kush I was a rescue I love playing with toys an having my picture taken my favorite food is wiped cream I would love for you to vote for me
She has yes set to kill but she’s actually Really sweet once you get to know her.
Rocky will be a year in January 2023 He loves attention and loves to cuddle and snores really loud , He's my Son's best friend
Super cuddly little lady. She is an f6 savannah cat who loves hunting.
Mr Rolland Price
I love balls I’m ball obsessed I want cuddles 24/7 and you must give me food if your eating it too
Sweet girl but only on her terms. Love treats and naps
Teepo loves ham! He also loves to play fetch with crinkly balls. He has to slseep as the "little spoon" at night.
Lady D'Arcy
Lady 'arcy is a total diva who likes to knock things over, riot and demolish things! More thug than lady but very pretty little lady!
Hi! I'm sage, my absolute favorite thing in the world is cuddles! i love giving lovings! I do like to play, but i mostly just want you to hold me! i love making my siblings toker and hollywood jealous!
Charley went over the rainbow 🌈 in 2018 .. His Human Daddy Joined him in 2020 .. Both Loved and Forever missed 🐶❤️
Hi, I'm toker. i live in a house full of girls, i am the only boy. i love cuddles with my mommy, and playing with my sisters hollywood and sage. My early years, i thought i could eat electricity, scared my mommy, but i am okay with only a scar on the corner of my mouth to tell the story!
Maggie is a mixed breed rescue dog from the streets of Bosnia. She's come on leeps and bounds since we first got her in October 2021. She loves other dogs and chasing balls.
Hi, I'm hollywood! i enjoy love and cuddles but mostly eating! i love talking to mommy, sleeping, and playing with my fur siblings, sage and toker. the diversity is real in this house! none of us look the same. but of course i'm the STAR.
He likes to eat and sleep . It’s not friendly with everybody. He is choosing his friends . He likes also to play and cuddle ❤️
Kitty was found in a tree where I fed her until I could bring her home. I was late for work but gained my bestfriend❤️ She loves her chamaeleon toy thanks to her daddy and lives in the window.
Tank is my grand-dog. He LOVES eating, hunting, playing with his toys, and riding in the car. He is the sweetest natured dog I know.
Leah is such a sweet mellow cat who loves to silently meow.
Billionaire is the most loving dog and so kind! He loves his walks outside and loves the sunshine. He also loves snow! He loves me to chase him and he talks to us. We call him our son! We love him so very much.
Im 6 months old and full of vinegar. Can be a sweetheart when I want to! I really enjoy riding in cars with my head out now.
Kiser is almost 3. He likes playing with his toys, spending time with his sister's, fighting with dad, rock hunting and swimming. His favorite thing is being his momma's shadow.
Treats and play time is his best! Also loves cuddles and having accidents on my carpet!