Dog cat Stories - 37


I’m the town gossip! I love to know what everyone’s doing and wants everyone to know what I’m doing. I get up right in my parents’ business, wants to sit on their lap, and chill. Wheeen I’m not being nosy…I adore going walks - the longer the better. ❤️🐾
Cooper is such a sweetheart! He loves to cuddle, play fetch, go for long walks, is extremely friendly and will sit, lay, and shake on command! He is still a young puppy but is growing to be a big doggie day by day!! Don’t forget the pizza collar!😋🍕
You can admire Damon, but he prefers no touching.
Sevi likes to take his big boy naps. He also refuses to listen to directions and might genuinely be a human trapped in the body of a dog
kota is only a couple months old and knows how to sit, fetch, and shake already. she’s the sweetest thing ever, and her favorite thing is chewing on mom’s arm. 🦋🤎
Rio found his human family in Texas with 5 months old! After it he turn the traveler cat travel cross country!
There is a strange story about my mummys boy, He had his 9th birthday on 1st Sept, which was the same date 12 months previous that my best mate was sadly taken from. Now Mikey loves everything that Alfie did, Lasagne!!! Follows me, sleeps on top of me. Just as Alfie did..People say its Alfie come back as he was always a mummys boy. xx Alfie
We all know how are puddy cats love to bring home gifts. Lola loves to bring home elastic bands, hair bobbles etc.
Mei Mei is always full of curiosity and is never too tired for a round of catch the lazer. She can put all her practice to use when doing backflips to catch house flies. Other than being overlord of the house she absolutely loves afternoon naps, treats, and sunbathing with her canine siblings.
Food motivated and enjoys going to parks!
Molly is empathic and gives attention and love to anyone who is in need. She's an amazing service dog with incredible instincts and focus. She is a great listener and she minds, she has a human soul and understands everything you say.
Billy is the cat we found outside of work and grew to love and care for this summer ❤️ He’s a sweetheart and gives the best hugs.
Ira is a chill guy. He likes to eat lettuce and go for walks. He’ll be 13 this February!!
My name is Luna, I am a playful, cheeky kitty. I love being outside and enjoy climbing trees. I also love playing indoors with my Mummy and Daddy, my favourite toys is my fluffy swisher!
Tank is a seven month old pitbull puppy he loves going on long walks around the neighborhood loves playing in the yard he also loves playing with the babies and our baby pig he’s great with other dogs and other animals he’s a big baby is the sweetest pup
Hey Pet lovers my name is Lilly. I am 3 years old now. I love drive my mum crazy and being very vocal xx
Mini Pinscher
Shes funny she has been a great dog got her when she was a pup shes never chewed anything as a pup pottyed in the house bark she scares her self when she barks hes sits up on her butt like a bear gives high five she almost died when having 13 pups all but 2 died she almost died her self she my crazy dasiey may
Louie will make friends with any animal, including raccoons and cats! He is a little clumsy and prances like a baby deer!
Loco is an adventurous little pit that loves peanut butter & cuddles ❤️
Miss Priss
She is just like her cat mom...very spoiled
She is very loving and playful and fluffy
She’s not just a cat, she’s a member of our family that has captivated our hearts as soon as we see her, and we love her more and more with each passing day because she doesn’t stop surprising us with her love❤️
Hello I am Bouey. I enjoy sleeping, chewing things, and watching the neighborhood activities from my balcony. I love cheese and peanut butter. I am very quiet and only bark when someone comes to the door. I like sticking my head out of the window in the car. I’m looking for friends in the area!!
Malakai enjoys everyone and everything. He really loves snuggling with mom and being by her side no matter what she is doing. The dog park is his favorite place to go.
She’s a ginger kitty and her name is ginger. Shes a very lovable playful cat.
Shorty is a rescue dog. He was found tied to a tree outside of a firehouse.We adopted him 2 weeks after we found him. He is so sweet and he has so many personalities.
Skye loves to play, eat, and sleep. Her favorite toy is her squeaky pink ball.
Mr. Cuddles
Mr. Cuddles is a tabby cat. He is big and loves his Grammy!! He loves to talk and bring me presents!! He is one big cuddle buddy..
Spazzie Renee
My husband hates when he does this but it’s Spazzies favorite spot in the entire house
Meet Silver. He is a beautiful 4 year old Lynx Point Siamese with a little bit of anxiety. Despite his anxiety he is extremely loving and enjoys cuddles + laying on odd positions.
Meet Ella, She is a 5 year old Flame Point Siamese. She loves attention, belly rubs, and chin scratches.
Gizmo is a bundle of energy! Growing up with his brother Stubby, a Manx cat, Gizmo thinks that he’s not only a Shih-poo, but also part cat. He loves to jump and climb (although Stubby is always happy to have a shadow!). At night, Gizmo can’t sleep unless tucked under the covers with mom and dad. We love this little boy so much!
Meeshish is short for Meatball, he is a big chubby fluff ball. He loves pets, and attention. Watch your shoes by him, he will snuggle with them🥰
Sushi will melt your heart with her good looks, shiba smile and warm kisses 😘
Stella loves 3am zoomies and meowing even when just a bite of her food is gone for mommy to fill it. She also loves snuggling up to her human big brother and giving him extra loves.
Barkley Baker
Barkley is a teacup Chihuahua with the heart and soul of a wolf. He’s awesome and loves to play with his friend Olivia. He loves to chase and jump and go for walks. My little boy passed august 4, 2021 and we got him the same weekend. His owner asked us to meet to buy him where my little boy was originally from which is a sign from God! Thank you Lord for our baby Barkley!
He’s a big baby. Very sweet and friendly. Playful and lovable. He loves attention.
Tally is just a sweet cuddlebug who loves nothing more than to be with his favorite human. He loves attacking the water as it comes out of the hose. He is always happy & is my favorite friend to wake up to!
Matilda is a rescue basset hound who is 4 years old
squirt is a youthful lil guy even though he’s 8. he’s so sweet and likes to lick your tears when you cry. he loves to play, and his favorite toy is bigger than he is!
chichi is a sweet marshmallow who likes to lay on your chest and get rubs. she also loves to eat, chicken is her favorite
Merida is a year old German Shepherd/ Chow mix with a red coat. She's a rescue that came all the way from Arkansas. She has hip dysplasia in both her hips, so any winnings helps go to her vet bills. She doesn't let that stop her though. She loves to go to the dog park and have fun with all the other dogs. She loves to sit outside with her favorite squeeker toy, play with her brothers, and cuddle up with her auntie. Don't tell her but she is also a big snorer! Lol
All about Midnight💜: she has lived a hard life as a stray until one day she got saved by her new mommy. After a long time struggling to find food, shelter and protection for her babies I took her in but it was harder than usual. She didn’t get a full body x-ray so all along she had a broken ankle , possible poisoning and something that caused neurological issues she can’t help and is fully blind in her left eye so after a week hospitalized on fluids and many medications I could finally take her home but it wasn’t over from there I had to teach her how to walk again and clean her because she couldn’t get up to use the litter box I had to re teach her how to use the litter again after many months and she can no longer say “meow” or do normal cat things causing her to gain more weight and many different things. The vet told me I should put her down but I never gave up on midnight no matter what the cost was and I never will she has been through the worst and is progressing better overtime they also told me to consider cutting her leg off and I said no, shortly after, she jumped on the bed/couches for the first time and she can even run again. I knew she was progressing and isn’t in pain like she was before. She has been through so much and she deserves nothing but the best please vote for midnight although she isn’t an average cat anymore she isn’t any less special she is just very unique and meows in her own little way💜please vote for her Midnight💜 she is funny too as soon as she hears her food open she comes running around the corner😂☺️She is a super sweet, sassy & chunky girl and loves her scratches🥰💕🐱💜
BooBoo is a very verbal pup, always howling at the moon, loves to play with his big brother Bandit, and thinks he’s a prairie dog! 💙