Dory is a sweet loving cat! I’ve had her since she was a kitten. She is now 8 years old. She loves her cat castle, igloo bed, and playing with shoes!
Bruiser is such a wonderful dog! He loves to go riding, playing catch, and he loves seeing his Nana.
Sal loves to be held and cuddle! He loves people!! He has a loving personality. ❤️ 🤗🥰🐈
Momo is a deaf cat, but that doesn't stop her from being as energetic as she can! Momo used to be a community cat, but the other community cats rejected her so we ended up adopting her. Momo loves to sleep with her sisters, she loves it especially when she can relax in boxes with them. Momo often wrestles with her sister as well, and even tried to wrestle with humans sometimes.
He’s about 1 1/2 years old, he loves to go outside and chase the squirrels, he really loves to eat and eat, his nickname is fat boy, he loves to love on his family, and he really loves to sleep
Ace is quiet but very protective of his sister, he loves treats and chin scratches. He is the best boy we could ask for!
Steve, short for Steven. He loves playing with his toys, cuddles, & being outside. His favorite thing to do is play with the kids & get treats. He is a pit mix, but a baby at heart.
Rocky loves his frisbee and brings it with him everywhere! He loves walks and all the snuggles!
He's now 1 yr old. His mama brought 4 and I kept him and took other 3 and the mom to no kill shelter. He's my buddy. He kisses my face and cuddles. A holy terror but I love him!
Not sure how old. She showed up in 2016. She's a good kitty. She loves rubs on shoulders and had grow to like cuddling. She's a loner and keeps to herself but comes to me when needs loveins.
Nala is very playful, she loves to cuddle and play with your hair. Sleeping is #1.
Tux is 12 yrs old. I've had since about 1. He's a good kitty. He showed up at my front door 1 day, came in & took over house and he's been mine ever since. He's a very calm cat. Loved to cuddle and looks up at me with all the love in world!
Bella is very small at 10 mths old. I took in at 3mths because mom was treating her bad. She's got eyes like princess Jazmine. Now mom is also indoors and cleans her baby. Took training! Bella is a ball of energy!
He's a funny guy! I've had since 3 mths and he's now 9 yrs old. He loves watching TV! Tom and Jerry is fav! He also has the worst attitude in a cat I've ever seen lol. He has 5 siblings. He loves kittens! He's a good boy just a smartass!
Binx is a rescue. He is a great hunter Very mischievous.
Very wonderful personality. Loves to cuddle in bed Loves long walks on the trails and loves chasing Deere
Sassy-girl is 19 months old and she is Hilarious to watch her play the things she do makes my day.
Freddy is a mama boy who just cries for attention. He loves to be kissed and hugged.
Cal Cal Samaniego
This is my beautiful dilute calico, named Cal Cal (the calico from California). Hes a little lover who loves to hang out on your shoulders and gives the gentlest love bites. He snuggles himself around my head on my pillow every night until i fall asleep and then he falls asleep on my legs.
Nefertiti is a sweetheart who likes to act tough. She doesn't always want attention but, when she does she will climb on top of someone and cuddle them.She really loves shiny objects. She likes tuna, and typically gets it as a treat.
Max Little Man Meeks
Max is a handsome little man who likes to sit pretty and play patty cake. His favorite toy is a tire and he LOVES car rides.
I adopted Tito from a shelter after his previous elderly human passed and he was surrendered. He the sweetest and the smartest boy! He is now my service dog, and he helps me navigate large spaces and crowds. ❤️ He loves to be brushed, he loves to go to the park, and he loves cuddling. He also really loves cheese.
Chewy is a feisty little guy that loves to play and fight (and get into trouble) with his older Great Dane sister named Georgia.
Hunter is a 1 year old Fawn,Pug . He loves to play with his toys and to chew🦴. He is healthy, happy, playful, and enjoys daytime naps. He is very protect and enjoys to cuddle with his human💙🐾
Sienna is a 3 month old puppy white pug. She is very loving, playful, and feisty. She loves attention and to give kisses. Sienna is loves naps and cuddles with her humans.
She is tilly and gizmo sister she was the most ferel and now the most loving
On the 1st june she will be 31 years old, today she lost her doggy friend after 15 years
Ebba LOVES toys, loves typing on the computer, never misses a nighttime snuggle, and likes to watch TV! She was rescued as a kitten and now lives her best life!
Serenity is a very sweet and loving cat. She has a 10 minute play time every day where she jumps on my armoire. She loves boxes and loves to see what’s going on outside. She is more loving to men. She sits and waits for you to pet her but hates being held. She loves floor vents as well.
I raised him from 4 weeks old when his mother rejected him, once he got old enough ro use the catflap he invited his 2 sisters in so we now have 3 siblings
We got Maddy from a rescue. Someone bred her and kept her puppies but dumped her at the shelter. She is such a loving dog.
🐶A little Mini Aussie male from Miami Secret agent working for MI6 #007 🕵️
She is a 5 month old puppy and she is loving and loves to hop in the outside fields.she loves give kisses and is very playful
Hey everyone I’m Sebastian I love to lay in the sun to recharge and watch the turtles, birds and squirrels from my cozy little couch!
She may look mean but she's a sweet dog with a heart of gold
Luna is a very sweet pup! She will be 5 this year, and was my first furbaby! She has two younger fur siblings and she is a fantastic big sister! Seeing her play is one of my favorite things to do!
Rory is very sweet and just loves to be loved! She had a rough start to her life, she was thrown out of a truck on my aunts road back in 2020! She wasn't even a year old yet, but she turns 3 in December and is loved by many now! I am sad that someone could ever do that to her, but I was given one of the best blessings because of it! She loves playing with her dog sister and cat brother, and she definitely plays the little sister role well!
Shelby Renae
Shelby is is a mix of pocket pit/border collie. I adopted this sweet, funny, little ball of energy this past January from a shelter. She's short and stout, so I call her my little teapot like the kids song. She is a light to anyone who feels like they may be in the dark. Pure spazzy love!
Tripp is very quickly becoming well known to the bars of downtown Willoughby, Ohio. He’s does a fantastic job of putting smiles on people’s face and probably a lick or two as well 🐶
Zoey loves Long John Silvers chicken, head rubs, and to lay on my chest for cat naps.
Leo is a 3, almost 4, year old cat (in human years). He likes to sit in boxes, on top of papers, and pretty much anywhere that isnt very comfortable. He loves when he can sit in the sun and whenever someone he doesnt know comes into the house, he hides behind the couch.
Nala is a strange kitty..she's very pushy and bossy yet tolerates being mauled with love. Shes the big sister and takes her roll very serious.she has a twin from the littler and her and her twin belong to my twin children
giz is very affectionate and loves to sleep/lay in your hair. he’s has such an outgoing personality and loves the outdoors.
Blackjack is our shop cat loves to go for rides in the car is leash trained and sits on hand and voice comands
Abby is a little princess. She is out little world and we love her. She is playful and very loving.
Mushu is 1 year old and he is deaf and has Down syndrome🥰