Dog cat Stories - 38


Dotty is a playful, sweet and gentle 10 week old kitten! She absolutely loves cuddles and to sit on your shoulder.
Forget about the 2020 Presidential Election, Vote Harvey (Harvest) Gilligan for Cutest Cat 2020! He was rescued from the human society in 2014 and has been my baby since! He’s loves his water bowl, back rubs and cardboard boxes.
Simba is a loving kitten who is only 9 weeks old. He loves to play and run around the house. He is a cheeky and cheerful four legged friend 🥰
Well he's very lovable he loves to be around family and kids he also is a double paw cat so that makes him a very special Kitty and he's very loved and very kind he's very cuddly and very soft so yeah. I think that's the reason why you should vote for him
Sox is 13 weeks old! He loves a cuddle, i have never such a loving and cuddly kitten ever!
They are my babies i love them so much
Toffee is a naughty boy and is always getting in trouble! He’s very cheeky but extremely cute and loving even when my 1 year old granddaughter strokes him. Please show your appreciation for my gorgeous naughty boy
Charlie is the sweetest boy you will ever meet. He is named after the silent movie actor, Charlie Chaplin because of his unique little stache. This kitty's favorite activity is bird watching and sleeping, but will occasionally be a little cuddle bug.
Toffee is such a mischievous little boy!! He’s so playful, loving and naughty. He’s always getting into trouble so please vote for him so he doesn’t get told off again
She lives up to her name. The sweetest dog you will ever meet!
Hes a rescue cat. He is very sweet. He loves to eat sheba and nap a lot. Hes very protective and loves ear rubs
Esko is a puppy full of energy and loves to play
Hi my name is Harley! I’m a 7 month old mini Aussiedoodle. I love a good game of intense tug of war - I’m a bit of a tease with my toys though! You have to catch me first, I’ll never turn down a good game of chase. Just like a kangaroo I’m bouncy! I also love people, and I’m HUGE on cuddles. Don’t be surprised if you wake up to me on your head!
Sir Didymus
Sir Didymus is a very cuddly, playful 3 month old. He loves to get into trouble with his sister Cinnamon
Phoenix loves his sissy Niyah :)
Toby is just over a year. He is a rescue and simple the best cat a gal could ask for. He spends his days playing with his feather toys and soaking up the sun through the Windows. He watches the chickens playing outside and loves to snuggle at night!!
Sully is the most energetic and sweetest puppy ever!! His little brother Diesel recently passed away from a birth defect
Mila is like human baby stuck in a cats body. Sleeps with us every night, uses the pillow as a head rest. She’s our baby
Meet Luna, our 8 week old baby. She is the biggest cuddle bug & so sweet, she gives kisses & purrs all day long. We are all absolutely obsessed with her, especially her 3 year old human sister. Vote & show love to our pretty girl, we will exchange all votes💗✨✨
Chowder loves to play and scrunch up his body when excited. Oddly loves his stomach being rubbed and rolls around on his back when getting combed. His favorite color is pink, he loves fresh air and watching the outdoors, if there’s a box he WILL run in it, and is called a biscuit 99% of the time. PLEASE VOTE FOR ME!
My best friend makes me the happiest when he is with me
He loves to play with toys, his dog siblings and his cat sibling.
He's a rescue! His favorite spot is his momma lap! He loves to play with any catnip filles toy. Hes very talkative!
Kirbi loves everyone she meets.
Beastie Boy
Beastie Boy is nothing but sweetness! He loves being in a comfy blanket or napping with his best little human. He loves cheese, he will devour a bag of Cheetos if your not looking. Beastie doesn’t seem to mind dressing up either, whether it’s a stylish bow tie or a cup cake hat.
This is beignet(French for donut) he’s a English bulldog! Loves to play with his brothers and sisters. Very loving and loves to snuggle 🥰. Leave some votes 🗳 please :)
Blackson Gregory
Blackson also known as Lil’ Blackie is a curious black kitty who loves to play, mostly knock cups off tables, and loves to snuggle! He feels like a big rag doll when you hold him. He reaches his big paws around your neck and gives you a hug.
Crue is a energetic 3 month old. He loves bells and will fall asleep anywhere.
Miss winifred is a super sassy spoilt little lady. She is part maine coon and has the most majestic fluffy tail. Loves having cuddles and bringing me presents from her adventures outside. My favourite being a leaf. Ive had her from 8 weeks and she is my world. 💗
Tiny Cat
She's keeping an eye on us in the garden. Defender of the yard
❤️❤️❤️❤️ vote for me
Fluffy And Zoey
Fluffy and Zoey are loveable sisters that that bring joy to our family everyday. We adopted them at 8 months old. They love each other and are totally bonded. They love to snuggle with each other and their humans. ❤ Fluffy is prissy like a princess and Zoey is more of a tom girl type and she's very chatty with lots of personality. Their favorite phrases are "wanna eat? And "wanna treat?" Lol
My names Remi I'm 7 months old, I enjoy walks on the beach and chasing anything that moves like leaves which is why fall is fun.. at least for me not so much my parents. I love food and would eat everything and anything if i could.
Hello hoomans! My name is Lily. I'm a beautiful rescue tabby cat. I was brought in to the shelter, very heavily pregnant. I gave birth to my first litter of kittens. Four boys and a girl. I am very lucky and have found my forever home here. I have adopted my hoomans. They meet my every demand and my hoomans adore and cherish me! I am a very lucky feline!
Wilma is a Kokoni-terrier cross who we rescued from poor conditions in Cyprus and brought back to live with us here in the UK. She loves to play fight with her new human dad and loves exploring new places (and running off!). Her favourite foods are scrambled egg and steak and she is a very, very good girl!!!
Instagram: @BlueFrenchieDenver 💙🐾
Duchess Is true to her name , Royalty! 👸 She’s a very active little pup, She loves anything she can chew on and will do anything for a treat. She loves hugs and getting snuggled up in bed. Loves human attention does the little one 😍
She LOVES it whenever I change my bedsheets. Playtime!
Söx enjoys long sunny days relaxing on her personal patio. The views from the 8th floor overlooking the western mountains of Denver, Söx is truly living her best life. Her day consists of snuggles and cuddles, free grazing, a few scratches on her post and then the day is hers to bask in the sun. When it snows in Denver, Söx prefers the indoors. A personal heater is placed in her small boudoir and the room becomes a toasty 90 degrees; atop a plush velvet blanket, Söx is cozied up for the day until she graces the human tenants with a need for attention and snuggles. Both tenants are happy to oblige.
Cotton was rescued at 4 weeks old. He has never been around any other cats. He does hear the dogs next door and has tried to bark because he doesn't know how to meow. He also loves car rides and playing fetch.
I love to play and I get into everything!! I have 3 sisters who love to play as well so i’m always energetic!
Lily is a fun lovable pup! She is the best thing that has happened for our family.
Harley is a lynx-point Siamese and is VERY talkative. There are 4 of us in the house, and he knows when we're not feeling good because he'll snuggle up super close. I suffer from bad anxiety, migraines, and depression due to the loss of our home and my mom in a house fire, so he's for all intents and purposes my emotional support kitty. He also "protects" us from bugs and always has to make sure the shower is "safe". He's also a bed and pillow thief and is crazy spoiled. He never hisses or lashes out with his claws, and is EXCELLENT with my brother's youngest 2 boys, aged 4 and 8. He LOVES tummy rubs and chin scratches!