Sunny is my mischievous boy. I sometimes call him Swiper because he likes to knock over my drinks or steal food off of my plate. He makes up for his bad behavior by being the best cuddle buddy.
Hunter is a maltese/yorkie mix who loves everyone he meets! He may be little, but he has a BIG personality! He loves dressing up and cuddling.
Zeus is the snuggliest boy. He loves to meow and chirp. He’s half-Siamese and has a playful mood and lots of things to say.
Obadiah is a 13 year old Shihtsu that loves lying around with his momma.
Lily is a two year old I think blue point Siamese. She enjoys going places with me and riding in the car. She’s got the cutest meow and loves to cuddle!
Sir Charles
Charlie is such a friendly dog! When I take him for his walks in the neighborhood, if he sees anyone in their driveway, he has to stop and go say hi! He is such a character and so loving towards everyone.
Mocha reminds us of a Pokémon we call her mochachui, she is always smiling and brings us so much joy! Smart, sassy and loving!!
Milos is a very goofy little kitty that sure will brighten up your day 🫶🏻 Milos enjoys cuddles and long naps where ever that may be haha. He loves play time his favorite thing to do is wrestle with his little kitty stuffed animal. He loves being affectionate but will not have a problem letting you know when to leave him alone 😅
Hi everyone! This is Mau Mau Smoochie Bear Bum, Maui for short. If we’re being honest Maui doesn’t like to do a whole lot! She loves sleeping, judging people, but the thing she loves more than sleeping is….. EATING!
Staring at me... And playing with me and chasing toya
Harley is my best friend. She is always full of love and loves to play in the water
this is indica. shes by best friend, she loves to sleep, loves her treats, and loves to cuddle
Mickie is a great cuddle buddy and he loves to watch tv, especially Animal Planet.
Cuzo is a coffee fanatic, cheese lover, donut king and toy tester (for durability of course!)
He’s very playful , very sweet . Loves to sleep , play and eat of course .
She'll never give you a break she's more intelligent than most people she presets her toys to indirectly tell you let's play.
Mia is a Bichonpoo.
Lunis is very sweet when he wants to be haha he enjoys sleeping and playing. He’s not a cuddle bug but he’s my first baby ❤️
Arlo is very shy but enjoys cuddles with his brothers and me. He’s usually with Niko laying down. He also enjoys to play
Niko enjoys playing with his brothers and knocking stuff over 😂
Boss is a fun and vivacious member of our family!!
Kylo is very silly as you can see by his pictures. He enjoys play time and sleeping. He also enjoys lots of cuddles with his brothers and me
Theodore loves napping and treats! He also enjoys taking off with peoples wallets when they come over!
Pepper came to her furever home from a high kill shelter in Kentucky. She came along with 3 puppies that she had given birth to inside the shelter. The sire of the pups was a Great Pyrenees, while Pepper is a pocket Beagle, at 8 weeks the pups were 3x’s her size! She had anxiety and detachment issues, but is happy and well adjusted now! She LOVES kids and babies and is the most gentle dog I’ve ever met. She loves everyone and deserves your votes!
Bugsy Malone
Bugsy Malone was the runt of the litter and we had to intervene to save his life! So he had a rough couple of months! Sometimes we wasn't for sure he would live but he was a strong willed kitten and now he is a spunky little guy! He loves to eat, chase his brothers and sisters around and loves to play with his toys! Believe it or not he is 4 and half months old!
Legend is a friendly , extremely vocal, and lovable house cat. He likes to nap with me and follows me everywhere even the bathroom. I also have him leash trained! His personality is huge and unique!
Billie loves playing ball and sitting in the sink.
Angel was found a few days old in a dumpster, we saved her but unfortunately her eyes were highly infected that she lost her eyes/sight. But she is still so beautiful and the most happy little girl
Mochi is a very odd cat, lol. He is very spunky and playful and most comfortable when laying on his back. He always has a look of “oh no, they caught me” on his face which always makes us laugh. ♥️😊
Shadow is 5 1/2 weeks old. Most loveable kitten. Vote for her please
He is the biggest baby. Follows the grandkids everywhere.. Constantly purr’s even when being looked at
This is Abyss. She passed away Nov 5, 2021 at 9 years old in her mothers arms. She was daddy's babygirl and spoiled rotten. She is greatly missed.
Abby is the sweetest cat. She loves to talk to you. She enjoys to play cat games on your phone. She recently lost her 1/2 brother Smokey so she needs a little extra love these days❤️
Daisy Mae
A month ago, I adopted her from Broome County Dog Shelter in Binghamton NY. Hearing about her story, brought tears to my eyes. Animal Control Officers found her walking the highway in Binghamton. She is a 4 month old Teacup Chihuahua. She is obedient , and very playful, and a wonderful addition to my family.
This stray cat found me after my wife died. I have never had a pet before and I can’t tell you how much this cat has straightened up my world…👍🏼
Super sweet Loves my mom Loves his food Loves goose
He loves his owners myself and Abby He loves belly rubs treats hanging out with his Bestfriend Dixie All around sweet dog🥹🥰
He loves to smell flowers. In the morning time he has to make his rounds and check on the house
Jonesy is super playful and is always wanting to be by mom. He loves squeaker toys and chasing after birds.
Baby Simba
Baby Simba is a 1 yr old Siamese/Tabby mix. He is such a goofy boy, who loves to cuddle and play with his spring. He demands attention from everyone. He’s mommy’s handsome boy.
She was my tiny pokemon and partner in crime. Beautiful bub.
Luke Catwalker
Luke is a blue pointed siamese with the sweetest demeanor. If you were to give him a light saber , he would cat walk his way into a saber fight to find your heart.❤️ All he has to do is flash those beautiful blues, and zoom his way to the finish line to win. Luke deserves to win this contest because not only is he a beautiful cat, but he is named after one of the best Jedi's there ever was. Luke Catwalker will help restore peace to the galaxy with any money he wins. May the force be with you.😽😻😸
Peppy is always dressed up with nowhere to go.
Ziggy is very unique in his own way, he's the first kitty I habe ever seen eat with his actual paws. He's very loving and loves his mommy that's me, I hope he win and good luck to all contestants.
Zilla is a Dogue de Bordeaux also known as a French Mastiff. She loves to people watch out the window, howl at fire engines, go for truck rides while hanging her big wrinkly head out the moon roof for all to see. She loves squeaky balls, sneakers and cheese. If you talk to Zilla she likes to tilt her head and I am almost positive she knows whatever we are saying. She is a big teddy bear, a gentle giant who loves people and other four legged creatures. She got her name from “Godzilla” because on her transport to us from the breeder across the country, she decided to EAT her crate. So we called her Zilla! Please vote for Zilla the Dogue🐾💕 because she sure is CUTE!
Storm is 12 weeks old, she’s a blue Merle working cocker spaniel. Work loves socks! Helping me with the washing (dragging clean clothes into the garden ) She’s just the best my sons adore her ❤️ She loves to having evening snuggles and enjoys her walks with her human brothers exploring and causing havoc! Storm is the very special to us x
Scat is super playful and loves his toys. He follows after mom all the time and loves cuddling.