Leo is a friendly cat, he enjoys running after birds and squirrels in the garden.
Buddy was abandoned about 9 years ago and showed up on our door step He is a wonderful dog who loves to give hugs and loves the grandkids
Bubbles is a carefree loveable 10 year old male who loves to hang outside in the summertime and watch the bird and the butterflies from his favorite lawn chair.
She was a surrender. She loves every one and loves the cats she's so smart
Ruthie is a momma's baby. She clings to mommy's leg when she goes in for a spa day or just a nail trimming. She is a lovable, snugglable and playful dog. We got her as a baby from college station and she peed all over mommy on our way home. She loves mommy so!
Marcy is our beautiful chimera tortoiseshell! We rescued her from a shelter from a foster family that neglected her. She is a very shy girl, but a strong lover! Marcy has made great strides and her personality is starting to shine.
Tickles is a sweet girl who loves to play hide and seek with her two older siblings.
She is the sweetest troublemaker around!
Chewie was one month shy of being born on the street. Her mother was a young cat found on the street with three older kittens. It soon became aparent that she was already pregnant again, and so Chewie and her siblings were born. She's a bit of a scaredy cat, but she has the loudest purr in the house.
Boo-Boo is super special to me , he is my little boy, and jumps and rides my shoulders, he loves his big brother Pooh and is full of life
Marina is super sweet and she is truly a perfect example of a SealPoint Siamese
Kol is a gentle giant who loves taking care of his adopted kitten siblings. He can often be seen with his tongue sticking out, as he's gotten wise to how cute it is.
Pooh "Bear" is a very special little boy to me , he loves me so very much and he wakes me up every morning, by crying and jumping on my chest, i have never had a cat that loved me as much as this one, him and his little brother boo are very very special to me
You can't see as well in this photo but Grizwald has a bigger nose due to swelling from where he has a weaker immune system and is thought to of been unable to fight an infection most likely resulting in his very adorable swollen nose. We're still getting some answers about his conditions as he hasn't been with us long. Griz is FIV & FeLV positive which is why he has a weaker immune system & has a grim diagnostic outlook (according to medical statistics for his conditions) & couldn't be released back outdoors. Griz hasn't let that tamp down his zest for life though!! He is the sweetest, most playful & loving lil bugger ever!! He loves to snuggle up on the big fuzzy comforter and watch animal shows and cat tv. He adores toys and likes to practice his fierce cat warrior skills out on me. And is a treat fanatic (he only gets them in moderation, however, much to his dismay). He's so full of spunk and a full out character! We hope you'll vote for him!!
Tj Tux
Tux is playful and cuddly. He’s very observant. Loves the camera. Loves flowers as you can see in his profile 😊
Salem loves to explore outside and find every little thing he can get into! When he allows it he loves snuggles too! :)
Angel Is very loving, happy and affectionate. She loves playing fetch and has the zoomies on a regular basis. If you were to meet Angel she will melt your heart 💓
Boo-Boo is a flamepoint siamese, & he loves to ride my shoulders and has since he was the size in the photo below...he is my "son" and is super special to me him and his older brother Pooh "bear"..(which he looks up to so very much) it is super cute...
He is very playful and always full of energy, especially when it comes to feeding time. He also loves to talk!
The picture speak for itself…Kip is larger than life! He LOVES to eat and sleep!
Three days after I had my 11 teeth extracted - call me Toothless now!
Kippers is a very Large cat who we rescued from a shelter. He enjoys playing with his roommates Wesley and Luna…They love to sit in the living room window and watch the Koi swim, birds in the feeders and squirrels. He loves belly rubs and will lay with you for hours.They all keep us entertained.
Hi meet cane he is a cane corso x presa canario currently only 13 weeks old he is a bundle of joy! I cannot walk anywhere without everyone coming to show him love and attention which I love! Cane's favourite toy at the moment is his sloth teddy, he also enjoys a Kong full with doggy peanut butter 😁
Meet Mingo, the adorable tuxedo cat who has the talent of playing hide and seek, snuggling up, and lounging in his hammock while bird watching. His obsession with treat sticks knows no bounds he simply can't get enough of them!
hi i’m simba i’m a flame tip siamese! i love my mom she’s my bestfriend, i love all animals i’m looking for a friend to play with! i love watching tv with my mom it’s pretty cool
Hercules is a 4 month old Pomeranian! He's super sweet and playful! He loves walks! Still a little scared of car rides but loves people and his sisters!
Jenson is the true definition of a couch potato! The only thing he loves more than that is food.
Sassy Louise
I am a herding pup. Currently i love running around herding the chickens in the chicken coop. Mom says i have a natural attitude. She just doesn't understand my moans and groans. I love snuggling with my bear.
She is so intelligent and works things out thinking what's in this for me. She can be mischievous at times but gets away with it because we love her so much..
Maple is a Cavachon, cavalier king charles and a beachon. She is super playfull and such a lap dog. Just loves to cuddle and pull beards even though it bad behaviour can't help but laugh.
Gizmo is a very loving and cuddly kitty, he nips a little bit but he loves to play and climb on peoples shoulders.
DeOgee is his name pronounced like D.O.G (See what I did anyway before I got my lovable feline I was not a fan of cats at all. (I know calm down, it gets better) and I really wanted a dog which is why I named him DeOgee. Well, in 2019 for some reason I had mice in my home and I am petrified of mice. Nothing seem to get rid of them and then one day a friend told me that she knew of somebody given away kittens and I should get one to catch the mice and keep them out. So reluctantly I went ahead and got my cat and not only did I fall in love with him but hadn't seen a mouse since. He is very fiesty, spoiled but lovable and I wouldn't trade him for anything. He loves to play with his toys, eat, hide in paper bags and boxes, eat some more, and loves attention. Oh did I mention he likes to eat 😋 LOL.
Oogie is a 3 month old Australian shepherd, husky mix.
Mumma is a rescue cat. At first she was shy and now she is so full of herself shes a diva. She loves to cuddle and she knows shes the most beautiful girl ever
Oh i love giving my mommy cuddles. I especially enjoy when she scratches behind my ears, i just fall over it feels so good. Most of all i love getting sticks. I live in the country so they are all over the place. Mommy laughs coz most of them are bigger then me , i am a toy breed.
He loves to kiss and have treats
She loves giving kisses loves belly rubs and loves her green frog
Teddy Bear
Teddy Bear is the most funny loving dog he's great with kids he is super smart and makes sure home is always safe he loves to play catch and do trixes for some treats, everyone who meets teddy never forgets him thats for sure🙂
Coco is so sweet and a loving dog
Rosie was a rescue cat, she has one fang and loves Wotsits.
Loki is a rescue from Romania, he could not understand any English so likes child he needed to be taught!
He loves his temptation kitty treats, he is spunky and spontaneous, loves to run and play, even though he only has 3 legs he doesnt let that stop him
Introducing Charlie - the playful protector with a heart full of love! 🐾 Meet Charlie, the dog who can turn any moment into a playtime extravaganza! If you're looking for a companion who knows how to have fun, look no further. Charlie lives for play and would play all day if he could. He is the proud owner of an extensive collection of toys, with his beloved balls reigning supreme. No matter how many times you get the same ball, Charlie's excitement remains unmatched! His enthusiasm for his toys is truly infectious. But Charlie isn't just a bundle of playfulness. He possesses a unique personality trait that sets him apart - his "small dog syndrome." Despite his smaller stature, Charlie is convinced he's a mighty rottweiler when it comes to protecting his loved ones. It's both hilarious and endearing to see him put on his tough act, barking and scaring away strangers. Don't worry, though, once he gets to know you, he becomes the sweetest and most loyal friend you could ask for. Now, let's talk about why Charlie deserves your vote. Charlie's energy and zest for life are unparalleled. He has an uncanny ability to bring joy and laughter wherever he goes. His playful antics can brighten even the gloomiest of days. By voting for Charlie, you're not just supporting a lovable and entertaining companion; you're also encouraging the spirit of pure joy and happiness that he embodies. So, if you're ready to add a dash of playfulness to your life and support a dog who knows how to have a ball, vote for Charlie! Together, we can make every day a playful adventure with this spirited and protective pup by our side. 🐶✨ Remember, a vote for Charlie is a vote for endless fun and unbridled love!
We don’t like orange cats but this boy had to stay. Orange would not and still will not leave momma alone he follows her everywhere. My hubby said we are keeping him because he loves you so much and he will be heartbroken to go to another home. So that’s how we now have Orange whom at 9 months old weighs in at 12 pounds can’t wait to see how big he will become.
We decided to keep Gray because he was such a lovable boy and I love gray cats what we did not know was that at 9 months old he would weigh 11 Pounds he is one big sweet boy. I am curious how big he will get but he is so sweet we have new kittens and Uncle Gray is so sweet to them he plays with them cleans them not like most male cats he is so special.
Marshmallow is the sweetest cat. He can tell when you’re sad or mad