Miz Molly
Miz Molly likes to dance on her hind legs
Sky love’s everyone, she’s a very happy and playful dog and the sweetest
Kodo is a crazy little 5 and a half month puppy
Hi I’m Sergio, my birthday is 04/27/20 I turned 3 this year I’m a blue rag doll! As you can see I’m fat & do nothing all day but lounge around & eat! My mom put me on a diet so I think she hates me I’m only 27 pounds now😏
Hi! My name is Skye! I'm a sassy girl who likes to get my way. I love to give kisses and cuddles to everyone I meet!
Adorable cheeky lovable cavapoo. Only 7 months old. Loves everyone!
Follow me on instagram: @sandi_watermelon I’m just a cutie girl who loves Chicago ! ❤️🐾
Coco is a small fluffy delightful baby kitten that was born prematurely and will remain this size!
Gizmo loves to play and wind up his big brother Smudge!! Cuteness overload!! Loves cuddles and giving little head nudges when he wants to be cuddled too.
Lovable she is sassy loves to play and has the most beautiful blue eyes. Loves to jump high and watch the birds on window she a true love bug.
Petra is 8 weeks old
Abandoned as a kitten until rescued by rspca. In a really bad way including an ulcer on his eye. We saw him online,fell in love with him and drove from our home in Wiltshire to Birmingham to adopt him. Painfully shy to begin with but is now a confident and loving little boy.
Sandy may be a smaller breed than her little Lab friend but that doesn’t stop her larger than life personality. She never meets a stranger, everyone is her friend.
She’s a southern bell getting a second chance in Vermont!
We rescued Finn 2 weeks ago. He's given us so much life and love ❤️❤️❤️
Oakley Mae
Oakley Mae loves to play outside with her ball and she loves to play with her 2 human sisters! Miss Oakley is 6 months old and looks just like her momma! She is super spoiled and loves to get her picture taken
Hi! My name is Milo and I am 3 months old. I loveee walks, and don’t get me started on sticks they’re my favorite!
Lilly Bet
Lilly bet is domesticated rabbit who identifies as a cat she uses a litter tray roaming free inside the house she comes to her name being called and gives so much love and she is my support animal for my disability and mental health
She is a polydactyl and loves eating ham. Sometimes she has a runny nose
Boss is a very mischievous but loving dog. He is always causing trouble and loves to act innocent. He is also a very loving and loyal dog.
Bella Greenia
Bella is a very loving baby, that I rescued 2 yrs ago from a man that tried to end her life. She loves to protect and comforts her mommy that has serve depression and PTSD. She love to sit in the window and chatters to the birds and other animals.Bella has helped her mommy in so many ways. If it wasn't for her, I'm not sure i would even be here.❤😻 Bella loves lazer lights and oh yeah all of mommy's hair just the black ones. She loves her treats and cat nip. She runs around the house jumps from the couch to refrigerator and to up top cupboards. Mommy loves me very much, and as I love her too.😻😻
Minnie is my 8 month old rescue Pug. She is playful and cuddly who loves nothing more than sleeping in a lap. She is a cheeky little character
Spider is our lovely kitten who was born on Valentine’s Day this year 💘
Zorro is a mischievous cockapoo cross who loves to play fetch and swim. He loves nothing more than being wrapped up in his favourite harry potter blanket after a nice shower and given lots of cuddles.
Follow me on instagram: @teddybeddy_cockapoo I’m just a curly boy who loves the Lincolnshire countryside! ❤️🐾
Tilly is a happy little girl ! Inquisitive. Mischievous..she loves her walks in the country and her adventures walking in the forests she loves to explore !a beautiful ..she is very loving. Also well behaved ..a beautiful little girl in every sense 🥰
Lina is 10 months old and just a wee bundle of joy 😍. She loves playing with other doggos - no matter there size and and always picking up sticks on our walks. 🖤.
My name is Phoenix, im just over 2 months old and i love biting my people’s ankles. i love my toys… but i think i love my humans more. They’re so patient with me even though i’m restless. please vote for me!
Daisy is a rescue cat from Bangkok, Thailand. She recurrently relocated to be with her mum and dad in England. A catnip lover, handshaker, and a dog-like cat 😽
Life can be tricky and unpredictable, but life can also be a blessing. Back in January, I was asked to foster this little guy for 4 days, obviously I couldn’t resist - I mean look at those puppy dog eyes! 🥹🐶🙋🏽‍♀️ He hasn’t had it easy, he was abandoned and roaming the streets until someone found him and dropped him off at the local PDSA. My friend Katya is a vet there and she immediately called me, “we have a puppy who needs your help!” Tilly, the bear-coat Sharpei I watched had just gone home after three weeks of being with Auntie Alexa and I was feeling the blues of missing her so much. So Tilly’s Mom (Holly) and I jumped in the car to go over and rescue this sweet baby boy! Something changed and we found out his owner was never going to come back to collect him. Which meant after 4 days, he would be mine! They didn’t even have to ask me, I was beyond excited to take on this little 6 month old ball of (energy) and joy! 💙 Welcome to your fur-ever home baby boy. I can’t imagine my life without you now, Daniel the Spaniel. 🐾
Rover loves playing with his toys going on walks and being lazy. He’s great with kids and loves sausages
Tank is the biggest couch potato with an even bigger heart! // IG @keepingupwithtank
Hi! I’m Autumn! I’m a mini goldendoodle! I live with megaesophagus but with all the love and help from my pawrents, that doesn’t stop me! I’m a crazy girl (who likes to get into trouble) but I’m the sweetest!
Hi! I’m Ellie! I am a mini bernedoodle! I’m alittle crazy but extremely sweet oh!, and my nickname is potato!
a sweet old man who is still full of energy, he loves his chicken and his dad, but doesn’t know how he feels about that cat so he just follows him around.
Flint loves frisbees and hates baths. He’s the bestest pal around. I wouldn’t trade him for the world.
She’s just a beautiful Dog around
My girlfriend found Charlie for me while I was down in Texas when I was on vacation. He was only three months old when i received him he was being re-homed the family that had him no longer wanted him. I had just lost my dog Coco that I brought with me from Minnesota to to take care of because she had severe stage four cancer in her leg and she only made it a less than month while we were down there, so when I lost her, my girlfriend started looking for another dog for me to keep me company.You see, when I was only 53 I had aortic dissection of my heart and then after that I’ve had several more than 6 or so strokes and they affected my eyesight so I am partially blind in both of my eyes my left eye is permanently blind on bottom, half and my right eye is 3/4 blind, now I am permanently disabled 😢so a small dog is nice for companionship, even though I didn’t know, I wanted another puppy to train. He actually has turned out to be perfect , I was very scared to bring him back on the airplane with me because he was so little but he is now back in Minnesota with me and my other little dog Chloe and they get along perfectly and they love to play together. Charlie is a purebred Yorkie with a lot of energy. He loves playing outside and he loves playing inside with all of his toys. He loves when company come over he gets so excited. He just loves people and other dogs. It does not matter what size the dog is he loves playing with them. He loves climbing in the black of my reclining chair, sniffing my hair and licking my ears and squeaking his ball into my ear. He likes to play catch and he just doesn’t ever stop playing Hardly all day long. He’s wonderful he keeps me very busy, & makes me laugh. I pretty much am the type of person that stays home all day I feel very comfortable because of my eyesight I don’t go to many places. So he gets to enjoy our big house in our big yard and has fun playing all day long with Chloe & all of his toys.
Socks will be a year old on September 13th. Socks is shy but loves playing with her siblings. Loves being in the window and people watching. Loves her family but mainly mom. Loves to sleep all day and play all night
Mimi just turned a year old on march 24th. Loves playing mom to all her siblings. Love eating treats and getting rewarded with wet food. Loves looking out the windoe and people watching.
Saber will be a year old july 18th. Shes loves getting into trouble. Loves meeting new people. But most of all loves veing with her family, mainly her dad
Paige is going to be 11 years old june 15th. Loves playing with her siblings. Loves seeking extra treats . Loves being outdoors and meeting new people
His name is lux. Hell be a year old on december 15th. Hes very lovable. Very adventurous. Likes to get into to trouble with his siblings