Dog cat Stories - 39


Garianna Elise
She is the most loving chihuahua I’ve ever seen. She is my emotional support baby. But mainly, she is my best friend! Sure loves to play and pose for pictures. She is loyal, caring, and ever so funny!!!
Bear Bear
Hes the best dog in this world and im not just saying that. He love bones and his momma the most. Just 2 weeks ago he almost died they was considering i put him down. I refused and just 3 days after he was walking again and slowly come back to himself with all the medications. We got a long road of recovery, but hes so special he deserves the whole world to see how amazing handsome he is. I have so many good photos this one is just funny cause it can show that the drink in that good it makes you lick your lips.
Flinn is a shelter rescue and we think corgi/wire haired terrier. What was I thinking?
Finn is a 2 month old Australian Shepard/Blue Heeler Mix! Some of his favorite hobbies are running around with his Mommy’s Crocs, bothering his big sister Abby, and going stick hunting in the yard! Vote for this speckled nosed cutie for cutest pup!🥰
He likes warm hugs!
Luna is a very fun, loving, and overall a great standard poodle. She loves snuggling with her family and playing fetch!
Hello my name is Astrid I love to play and eat food I have decided to enter this competition because my other family has entered like my cat brother Figaro make sure to check his profile out and my cat cousin Mint. As the only dog in the family its going to be a little hard beating them is the competition but I will try and with your votes you can make that happen. SHOUT OUT TO ALL U DOG LOVERS!!!
Willow is loving and playful she likes playing with her sisters
Wrigley is a sweet boy, very tired and hungry. He’s 7 weeks old and like to snuggle
She's the best around. She wont ever let you down. She loves to play fetch. She has the best crack head energy out there. But loves to cuddle and be super cute.
Our lil peppi is named after the famous running back #26 Saquon Barkley of the NY Giants 💙 Likewise, his nickname is also Say Say!! In his spare time, he enjoys playing with his IKEA baby rattles, his wababa bouncy ball and dirty socks. In the evenings, he likes to practice phonics lessons with his puppy mom and has learned to pronunciate multi-syllable words and talk :) At the end of a hard day, Saquon likes to snuggle and cuddle 🥰
My name is peach and I’m almost 1 year old. I love watching my mom clean the fish and reptile tanks. I was rescued by my mom at 2 weeks old ands I’ve had her wrapped around my paw ever since. I love all kinds of food especially bologna! My favorite time to play is 3 am when my mom and siblings are trying to sleep, I always make up for it with shuggies thought! My best friends are my brother Diablo (bearded dragon) and my sister Lola (dog) I love to drink water out of the toilet and the faucet.
hung is a goodboy
She likes to lay around, she’s a lady of leisure 😂🐾
I love FEATHERSSSS!! I live a Eat, Play, Sleep kinda lifestyle.
He is such a sweet lovable cat. He loves playing outside with his brothers and sisters. As you can tell by the picture he is into everything. Very curious
I’m Zeus! I love naps, French fries, and most of all, cuddling with my mommy!
Buddy just came to Wisconsin from Tennessee where he live with his dad, who just passed away April 19th. He loves to cuddle
Nearly 6 months little princess who loves to play with boxes most of the times, eats and sleeps. She is so cute when she sees her in the mirror or when I I’m telling her not to do something she is doing it anyway
🦄Xiaolongmao (XLM or Maoki)Girl | Siberian x Norwegian Forest | ♌️ I’m a shy but clingy baby. I like modelling in my spare time. Yes that’s me in the cat food ad! Show me some love 💕 Instagram/TikTok: @biencutechats
Sally was born the day before our granddaughter turned 1 year old, so they are growing up together. She loves our 2 year old granddaughter so much. They are inseparable when they are together. Sally loves playing fetch, and loses her little doggie mind when we get the frisbee out as it is her absolute favorite play time.
Azul is 6-7weeks old his a very active a playful kitten. He loves to get attention but running around and doing his jump scares. He loves to play in his wheel with his balls and toy mice.
Booka Boo Cashew
She is 1000% Diva and she runs the show!
Hi! I'm Milo, a cheeky 7 month old American Bully x Staff. I'm very handsome and good at doing tricks for treats ❤️
Bryn loves life ,but has bad intentions for Squirrels!!!!
Kai is such a sweet boy who loves to see other people happy!
My name is B.B. and my favorite things to do is playing with my own hairball after the groom. Also, I love digging into the pillow while my mom is sleeping.
Hes a big baby!
Such a goofy cat
Loves this bear always sleeping on it
Quigley is a blue Merle purebred Border Collie! He loves to bird watch, catch the rain, and anxiously wait to see a laser! He will always rest his head under your chin if you are crying, and he will jump up to hug you when you come home. He also smiles.... with all his teeth, every time you say “good morning Quigley”.... Quigley is the sweetest!
Harvey is a great cat. He's 4 years old and loves playing with his toys!
He is so precious.He has an all black head and his back side looks like he's wearing a black diaper..He loves to play and run.Everyone who sees him run can't believe a puppy with such short legs can run so fast.He should have been a greyhound
Teddy is one of the most unique cats you’ll ever meet. He loves to play hide n seek, he will creep up on you and jump at your legs to “tag you”. He loves his toy springs and could play with them for hours. He cracks all of us up all the time with his silly, mischievous & sometimes sneaky acts. Teddy is very stubborn & picky though. He likes things HIS way. We don’t own him. He owns us.
Princess is a Persian kitty that is a rescue.
Hi I’m Mitzy💕💕 I love to cuddle under the blankets with my owner but when she’s not looking, you can find me stealing treats out of her candy dish!
Harvey Dent! The split face AussiePom! For more pics check us out on Instagram : @talesofharveydent__
I’m only 10weeks 💕💕🐶
Sunny is a 10 week year old golden doodle who loves to play and have fun he is very lovable and loves to cuddle and bring joy to people
Ellie is always up for an adventure! She loves to point birds but most of all she loves her pup cups. Ellie always wants everyone’s utmost attention and she is her mamas saving grace ❣️
Jack Daniel'S
Jack Daniel's loves to be hugged, loves to do Zoomies, loves to nap, and loves his squeaky ball 🤩😛!
Hi I’m Trixie, I Love To Play Catch And Run Around! I’m An All Around Spunky Girl!! I Know How To Chase My Tail And Chase The Cat😂 My Favorite Word Is TREAT! I’m Also A Cuddle Bug💜 I Love My Mommy And I Love Playing Dress Up I’m A Real Diva🤩
Lil' Booty
Lil' Booty is a rescue from Kuwait. He was badly beaten and almost died. He only has 2 teeth as a result of his trauma, but it doesn't slow him down! We are not sure of his age as he was living in the streets, but we think he is about 5. He is happy to have a loving home in Canada!
11 weeks old, and full of sweet lovings. I dont know what the word strangers is, I LOVE everyone!!! ❤ I love naps, giving kisses, and chasing my sister! Every day is an adventure!
Hi, I’m Shadow! My Mumma cat accidentally left me behind on the stairs to my new Mum and Dads house. My humans named me Shadow because I’m almost completely black, and I follow them and my cat sister, Hope, around the house like a little shaddow. 😺 I love playing with my cat sister, chasing her around the house doing zoomies. I also love laying out on our balcony, playing with leaves and enjoying the lovely warm sunshine. ☀️