Suzie was my grandma cat. When she passed away she came to live with me and my husband. Her best friends is a bunny name Remy and a chinchilla name Pip.
Galaxy Rain
Galaxy Rain is a Miniature Schnauzer, she is such a fun girl, she loves to play. She loves camping and just be outside. She loves all her toys, but her favorite are her Elmo & Minnie. She helps me out a lot around the house & with my health stuff. She is a service dog. When my oxygen falls off at night she gets it and wakes me up so I can put it on. Galaxy loves to help with the laundry, but her favorite is to lay on the warm clothes in the dryer before they come out. Galaxy has an enlarged heart & a heart murmur. She is such a great girl.
Aurora Gale
Aurora Gale is a Cavatuz. It's a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel & Shih Tzu mix. She is so fun & loveable. She loves to jump & play.
We lost our Male yellow lab a few years back and got the opportunity to rescue Sissy which turned out to be some of our male lab that passed, blood line. Her whole first year or two were spent mainly in a crate all the time and since we rescued her she has not been in a crate or anything where she was locked up. She knows how much we love her! She goes for spa days, where I take her and give her special treatment at a local pet store that has do it yourself bathing areas and she loves it! She has been a joy and blessing since day one. She is so smart loving and playful! Our boys nephew and niece love her so much and she loves them. She acts sometimes like she is human. We joke and say if she could work with her paws like we do hands she would be the best help. She loves the water and fetching. Loves going out in the boat fishing crab pots and nets. She will pick fish up off deck and put in the totes and tease the crabs. At the end of the day she loves to snuggle and thinks she weighs 10 lbs. she has to be touching one of us when she sleeps and she will let you know if she hears any sounds at all. I am so thankful she came into our life’s! I pray she has a long happy life with us. I love my Sissy girl!🐶🐾💗
Gary is a rescue cat who we adopted when he was three years old. He loves cuddles, especially belly tickles and getting brushed! He always comes for cuddles in bed every morning!
80 pound big baby that thinks he is a lap dog with the personality of a 2 year old toddler that likes to push boundaries of who is boss ♥️♥️
Blake is very lovely, he loves snuggles ,ice cream , 😍he goes crazy on car rides ,my baby Blake snore like an old man 😂he is my life saver, my world my rock my ride or die I love my son Blake soooo much🐾🐾🤍❤️
Teddy has wigglebutt that goes 0-100 real quick. He has a big heart & plays hard. Teddys favorite things to do are give kisses and play tug with his brother.
Boo is the kindest smart dog around .. she intimidates cuz she part pit bull but she a big cuddly bear.
Maya is a very talkative Husky she speaks her mind on EVERYTHING. She is very athletic. She enjoys going for walks, and going on a run. She's so full of energy. She also enjoys playing tug of war and fetch. She also likes to eat snacks and she is a bundle of joy. Everyone falls in love with Maya as soon as they see her. She's very special, and spoiled. She spreads positive energy wherever she goes. She brings a smile on everyones faces. With all of that said she has overcome alot as well. She is a walking and howling miracle. She was found 2 years ago outside at a local library. It was summer time and was in triple digits. She was dehydrated, starving, very dirty and was limping. It broke her rescuers heart so she took her in. Her rescuer is now her proud owner and has had her for 2 years and 3 months. Maya and her owner are best pals forever. They even share a birthday together!
Ocho is a dachshund beagle cross she loves cuddly toys and loves kisses
She is a 5 year old Bull-oxer. She has survived Parvo and Pancreatitis. There's not a mean bone in her body! She loves to wiggle and be loved on
Boone loves to smile big! I don’t know where he got it from but he sure does love to pose for pictures! He’s a ham he loves to love 🫶🏼
Foxy Girl
Foxy Girl is a very energetic longhair Tabby. She is very lovable, but also a feisty demon!! 😂 She will chase your toes and give you a nip when you least expect it.
Kilo is just turning 3 years old September 17th. He loves his ball more then anything. He can play with puppies or adults, male or female, fixed or not. He knows sign before words. He will never turn down a race.
Phil Buster
Phil loves swimming any chance he gets. If there is water around it is guaranteed he will get in it. From a little mud puddle to the ocean Phil is happy as a clam. He especially loves swimming with ducks in a large creek near our home. Phil refuses to come out of the water until he truly wants to. If I try to go get him out of the water before he is ready, he just starts swimming around me making sure to be just out of my reach. I burst out laughing every time Phil’s trademark is his gorgeous deep coat and tail. It is always up in a beautiful way with his long hair cascading down over his rear end. His personality is so vibrant and mischievous. He is a true alpha. He Is incredibly stubborn too. If he doesn’t want to do something he won’t at least until he decides he wants to himself. Try to budge him and he turns into a cement wall. Of course that is only because he knows that I’m gonna crack up laughing at his antics.
Baby Blu
Baby Blu, AKA, Blu, is a male Siamese “flame point.” He’s 7 months old. He has sky blue eyes, loves cuddling up to you at night, and enjoys playing with toys (e.i lazar, springs, toy mouse) BUT, if were being honest, I think he loves messing with the toilet paper more than anything.
Biscuit is a former street cat turned tiny king. His favorite toys are old fast food wrappers and shoelaces.
We rescued Hope a few years ago. She is the sweetest! Loves giving hugs
Arlo is an orange tabby short hair, he ways 21 lbs (pure liquid gold ☺️) and loves to cuddle! Always turning heads with those handsome yellow eyes.
Blue is a Husky German Shepherd mix, she loves to cuddle with her mama, play in the water, and get lots of treats! She’s named blue got her beautiful blue eyes.
Ruger already has quite the personality. Should’ve been named “patch” for what a sour patch kid he is! So sweet and snuggly then crazy, playful and then tries to act all mighty and tough! He is learning quickly how to be a good boy and already has a couple tricks he does!
Hello, I’m buck. I’m a lab, St. Bernard, Rottweiler, and German Shepard mix. I’m only 9 months old. I love to be outdoors! Mainly playing in water or chasing my fur friends!! I also enjoy my humans and playing with what I call my sister!
He’s a super lovey playful boy he’s loves treats cuddles and giving you knuckles “I am also scared of the celling fan” and I have to be everywhere mom is
Hello I’m Thor aka Thorsie I’m a poodle terrier mix, I love long walks by the river, I’m a nut for a car ride and puttng my face in the wind. I also love bacon and chickens.Im a good snuggler too if you need a cuddle.If you ask me I’m the pawfect doggo my hoomans tell me all the time!
I am almost 2 yrs old and I love to try to get into everything. I have a pretty little sister Chanel.
She acts like a dog although we do not have dogs , runs to the door to greet every visitor . Talks constantly and pretty much runs the household !
He’s As Loving As Pie, Smart As A Whip, And As Handsome As A Prince. 👑 Let’s Help This Lil Guy ;-)))
We got Pearl from a basset hound rescue in Texas . She is the sweetest dog I have ever had. She loves everyone & she is so goofy
Nova is deaf 🧏‍♀️ but, that doesn’t stop her from being the absolute smartest, sweetest, most laid back, loving, angel on earth. She is a SWEET HEART.
He’s the best fucking dog around. End of story - he’s got Rosie (his cousin) beat.
Sam loves to play ball and hang out with hes's mommy.
Twitch is a Border Collie and she is at the learn to heel everything that moves stage...people, the cat, the turtle, the other dogs and she loves to steal stuff. She is worse that a ferret! Her stash is behind the couch, if I miss anything, I look behind the couch.
Luke is the sweetest boy. He gets in my lap or on my chest and head butts me in the face giving love and happy feeting
Willy passed away Thursday, September 8th. A tumor grew in his throat causing him to struggle breathing. I’ve entered him in this contest every year the past couple of years. He was 16 years old. Willy loved his family. If his mama wasn’t home, he’d come to me for attention and love. Just last year, the vet told us he didn’t have long to live. He had kidney failure, dental disease, and tumors. I can’t imagine my life without him so I want to spread my love for him to everyone. I made this for him. For my family. I love you Willy.
I think you’ll agree that Ivan is a handsome boy. His littermates were all girls so you know who got lots of attention. Ivan hasn’t toasted up yet, but he appears to have the coloring of a Flame point Siamese. He just turned four-months old. Ivan has beautiful blue eyes. His mother, Cali an orange DSH, used to be a stray that a neighbor took in. His father is a feral Lynx point Siamese. They call him Bubby. I’ve added a few baby pics to his album.
Buttons loves her chin scratches. She also loves to go outside. She also likes to head nudge.
Molly loves to yell at me when her food bowl is empty, she loves attention but not to be held. Molly will be 2 in October and she is a rescue, I found her and two of her brothers when they were approximately 2 1/2-3 weeks old, so we bottle fed them for a few weeks, fell in love and now they are all spoiled fur babies living their best lives!!
Mocha is a 8 month old French bulldog 🐶 she loves long walks in the woods 🐾
Rex is a very good boy who loves to be outside and enjoys being his goofiest self at all times.
Cera is a polydactyl cat. She was rescued from the pound when she was little over a year old. She has the cutest meow! She loves playing with her (cat) brother, demanding cuddles, meal times, and sticking her tongue out.
He’s an Excellent hunter. Stormy is sensitive but strong. He is vocal and loves affection. He is so handsome and cat model worthy.
She loves her pink fish toy and she’s just a trip 🖤
Loving cuddly sweet loves sinks drinks and walks & camping
Lil Bit
Lil Bit is a crazy kitten! She loves playing with her toys and being a stubborn baby. She also loves going out on the porch with her mama! She always trys to catch lantern flys for us!!
Luna Lovegood
My sweet girl loves the outdoors with her family, cuddles, and doing tricks for her treats!
Super playful an smart pup loves everyone an all animals 🐕❤️
Playful pit mastiff pup enjoying life adding new family members