Leo is the heart of our home. He loves to play with his toys, his favourite colour is blue and yellow. He loves to knead on his yellow blanket as he lays on his bean bag and watches tv. His favourite channel is cat tv and amongst them all he loves to watch the nut bar and chill. He tidies away his toys, he loves to watch his mommy clean and once his best friend comes home from work, he runs around with him and demands his playtime with him. His most comforting place to sleep in on his best friends face and chest, he takes up all the space in the bed. He is very communicative and is very vocal when he needs to be. He is his best friends gym partner, he will go underneath and over him when he is doing his workouts. Leo loves sleepovers ar granddads house and is spoilt with gifts and toys, no occasions needed. He is a very well behaved cat, he will know not to touch certain things, he comforts his loved ones if they are in pain or if they are upset. He is our baby and we cannot imagine life without him, we can’t even remember what life was like before him.
This is moon how is a 3 year old 18 pound baby!!! He loves cuddles and his treats!!! Loves playing with his sister
Hey everyone I’m gunner. I love to play, jump around, and have some fun. I also love going to the park and walking with my parents. Im a boxer and pitbull mix and I’m 3 mouth old.
Kota is a great big baby. He reminds me of a black bear, but is loveable unlike that of the bear. He cuddles up on the bed nest to me and sometimes puts his head on "his" pillows. He likes his hips massaged and he will back up to you and want more, then he will do his little "stomp dance". He loves his baby bear and holds in his mouth so gently. He has raised many farm animal babies. Kota loves the snow and is a very gentle giant. He loves to be loved on, and just loves life. He is 10 years old. Kota sleeps on my bed with me & Taima.
Im my daddys princess i love to get into stuff im still a baby and i love to sleep
My name is garfield my mommy and daddy named me Garfield cause i love to eat and look like him i like to run outside and sleep and eat
He’s a little velociraptor who loves to attack our toes but loves us unconditionally!
Princess Rubia
Princess Rubia is a curious girl, who is always there to see if she can lend a hand with whatever you are up to. She is very choosey as to the wet food she has to be in gravy. At night she loves to come up to me and make biscuits and give me kisses,😻😘
Lilly love to play, watch tv, most of all get cuddling in. Shes the cutest most loveable kitty
Pebbles is so enjoyable and talented, her personality is of a child . She loves to go for walks on her leash, and watch the birds. She can be naughty too as a child wanting your attention. She brings us happiness 😊
Winter is very playful cat she loves to play wth her toys and be fighting with anyone just so they could chase her threw the house
Ollie is a 2 year old dachshund! He’s an energetic boy, but such a sweetheart! He’s obsessed with playing ball & napping with his parents 😂.
A very mischievous little boy who refuses to use the door to get in and out the house! Instead he likes to climb through my bedroom window and play with the blinds string! Sleeps with 1 eye open waiting to cause trouble! He has a little friend called Socks who he plays with in the garden and even invites the little kitten inside! Love my boy!
Luna so sweet she is not even one but she’s been though so much been returned twice immediately I knew she was mine I love her so much and she means the world to me I love her and all I wish is to give her the world cause she deserves it.
Nike is a lovely companion I had to part ways with her for years while I was in foster care I came back for her and she knew who I was she so sweet my Bestfriend 9 years strong the love of my life truly couldn’t imagine life without her.
Basia: Part time badass, full time sweetheart. Loves to play fetch (for hours on end at times) and go for walks in nature to find some decadent grass to roll in. She is an independent, one year old torbie mix and has a pretty amazing life living with two 22 year olds who have no children. I’d say she’s set. Show her some love!
We rehomed zues 3 weeks ago from a family who kept him in an under stairs cupboard. He is a lovely boy doing super well with his training especially at 7 months old! He loves chewing things and ripping things apart! He is so playful and loves cuddles! He wakes us up at 5am every morning with lovely slobbery kisses! He thinks he’s a lap dog a lot of the time but he is huge!
We picked up Tabitha and he brother 2 years ago this July. She’s a lovely girl. Loves a butt rub and definitely daddy’s princess. I get a swipe of I touch him! She’s very fiesty.
We picked junior and his sister Tabitha up 2 years ago this July. Junior is a mummy’s boy he loves attention and loves to have a play. He’s also an absolute foodie!
Barnabas is a curious and mischievous boy. He doesn’t meow, he purrs and trills!
Evie loves to make biscuits, watch the birds from the window and is our 4am alarm clock for cuddles.
Kouvr is an Australian lab mix 10 week old puppy she is very cuddly,loves to play(Her favorite toy is her duck Mr. Duck),and she loves her treats and will do anything to get a treat
Maple Daple is my baby! She’s just so adorable and always smiles. She’s a little bit crazy and moves rapidly when she’s excited.
I’m a 1 year old pitbull boxer mix dog. I am very playful and love to be mischievous. I am also very lovable and love to give hugs.
Delilah is extremely loving and wouldn’t hurt a fly. She’s also really awkward and loves to smile just like you can see in the photo. I always laugh at her because of her quirky attitude and she literally hugs like a person.
Zoey is a Siberian Husky and she’s been with me since middle school. It’s crazy, because now I’m graduating and she’s there to cheer me on. She’s a talkative little girl who loves her wolf pack (her children). She would like you to believe that she’s tuff, but she’s really a big ole softie.
Our beautiful boy is shy when it comes to taking pictures ❤
Lulu is an adopted kitty! She loves cuddles and playing. She greets her mommy soon as mommy walks through the front door!
My name is cooper and I am 5 years old. I love to play, love my daddy, and I’m a big baby❤️
I’m Ellie 12 years old. I’m a Easter baby and I love my mommy ❤️❤️❤️❤️
Daisy loves to sit in the sun. She’s a pit bull and also love to cuddle
I’m 1 1/2 years old. I love to chew on everything and gallop like a horse. I’m a big dog who thinks I am a lap dog.
I got love at about a week old and had to bottle feed her, she has so much personality and loves playing with our dog
Ahsoka loves to give kisses and is scared of anything new. She’s a pit bull and blue healer mix
Sissy will be 2yrs old on December 24. She loves playing with her toys, on her tree tower. I rescued Sissy when she was 3 months old. She is joined to my hip, Sissy has saved me in so many ways. She's very smart and has a big 💜. I love her more than life.
Bella is a playfully kitty. She loves her toys but she loves her mommy where she wants me to play with her all the time. She is mommys spoiled kitty. 😊
She loves to go swimming, play with tennis balls, and plays with her best friend gypsy and learns new tricks.
Fuzz is the sweetest little love bug of the home. He like to talk about it always and is our hunting boy in the summer time always brings us gift’s. He is full of energy and love we are blessed to have him as part of our family. He was helping us build the trampoline this evening.
Misha came to me all the way from the Ukraine. She is very loving and the best cat I ever had.
Kota is an 8months old and the newest addition to our family, She absolutely loves playing ball, she get hyper focused on basketballs in particular she hasn't learned to pop them yet lol.. Kota had 4 hooman brothers and a Fur brother who's still warming up to having a Canine in the house. Kota is currently in training and doing really well she's a lovely addition to our family and just what I needed she's helping me so much with my depression and anxiety I'm thinking of making her a ESP, Kota still gets to see her mom and dad regularly and is really a sweet and fun puppy
Fella has the biggest voice I've ever heard on a cat and he uses it often, he's sweet and mild manored, Fella is 8yrs old and a rescue kitty, his previous owner had a toddler that killed him and he had to be resusatated she decided to re-home him at 8weeks old and he's been with us since, I can not put into words the personality on this guy EVERYTHING about him is big he's believed to be part maincoon he has 4 hooman brothers and a new baby dog sister he tolerates lol..Fate could not have given us a better cat, we always had cats growing up my mom has three right now and I have never met a cat quite like My Fella. When I say mild manored I mean just that I can hold him like a baby and he won't fight me although he's never enthused about it
Sage the most beautiful sweetheart ❤️ loves to watch birds through the window and cuddle :3
Thor loves to talk and tell stories. He tells us when he needs out or in the house. Thor is the sweetest of cats.
Polly is the sweetest boy there ever was ❤️ He loves treats and naps with his sister sage :3
This is Scooter. He is very energetic, he love dinosaur toys and is always looking out the window on westie patrol (he barks at everything and keeps us very safe) He has his very own personality and also has a bit of OCD. He always has to take two pieces of food out and put them on the ground before he eats. He also always has to circle the reclining chair before he goes out to potty
Max is a cuddle bug :)