Dog cat Stories - 39


Meet Silver. He is a beautiful 4 year old Lynx Point Siamese with a little bit of anxiety. Despite his anxiety he is extremely loving and enjoys cuddles + laying on odd positions.
Meet Ella, She is a 5 year old Flame Point Siamese. She loves attention, belly rubs, and chin scratches.
Gizmo is a bundle of energy! Growing up with his brother Stubby, a Manx cat, Gizmo thinks that he’s not only a Shih-poo, but also part cat. He loves to jump and climb (although Stubby is always happy to have a shadow!). At night, Gizmo can’t sleep unless tucked under the covers with mom and dad. We love this little boy so much!
Meeshish is short for Meatball, he is a big chubby fluff ball. He loves pets, and attention. Watch your shoes by him, he will snuggle with them🥰
Sushi will melt your heart with her good looks, shiba smile and warm kisses 😘
Stella loves 3am zoomies and meowing even when just a bite of her food is gone for mommy to fill it. She also loves snuggling up to her human big brother and giving him extra loves.
Barkley Baker
Barkley is a teacup Chihuahua with the heart and soul of a wolf. He’s awesome and loves to play with his friend Olivia. He loves to chase and jump and go for walks. My little boy passed august 4, 2021 and we got him the same weekend. His owner asked us to meet to buy him where my little boy was originally from which is a sign from God! Thank you Lord for our baby Barkley!
He’s a big baby. Very sweet and friendly. Playful and lovable. He loves attention.
Tally is just a sweet cuddlebug who loves nothing more than to be with his favorite human. He loves attacking the water as it comes out of the hose. He is always happy & is my favorite friend to wake up to!
Matilda is a rescue basset hound who is 4 years old
squirt is a youthful lil guy even though he’s 8. he’s so sweet and likes to lick your tears when you cry. he loves to play, and his favorite toy is bigger than he is!
chichi is a sweet marshmallow who likes to lay on your chest and get rubs. she also loves to eat, chicken is her favorite
Merida is a year old German Shepherd/ Chow mix with a red coat. She's a rescue that came all the way from Arkansas. She has hip dysplasia in both her hips, so any winnings helps go to her vet bills. She doesn't let that stop her though. She loves to go to the dog park and have fun with all the other dogs. She loves to sit outside with her favorite squeeker toy, play with her brothers, and cuddle up with her auntie. Don't tell her but she is also a big snorer! Lol
All about Midnight💜: she has lived a hard life as a stray until one day she got saved by her new mommy. After a long time struggling to find food, shelter and protection for her babies I took her in but it was harder than usual. She didn’t get a full body x-ray so all along she had a broken ankle , possible poisoning and something that caused neurological issues she can’t help and is fully blind in her left eye so after a week hospitalized on fluids and many medications I could finally take her home but it wasn’t over from there I had to teach her how to walk again and clean her because she couldn’t get up to use the litter box I had to re teach her how to use the litter again after many months and she can no longer say “meow” or do normal cat things causing her to gain more weight and many different things. The vet told me I should put her down but I never gave up on midnight no matter what the cost was and I never will she has been through the worst and is progressing better overtime they also told me to consider cutting her leg off and I said no, shortly after, she jumped on the bed/couches for the first time and she can even run again. I knew she was progressing and isn’t in pain like she was before. She has been through so much and she deserves nothing but the best please vote for midnight although she isn’t an average cat anymore she isn’t any less special she is just very unique and meows in her own little way💜please vote for her Midnight💜 she is funny too as soon as she hears her food open she comes running around the corner😂☺️She is a super sweet, sassy & chunky girl and loves her scratches🥰💕🐱💜
BooBoo is a very verbal pup, always howling at the moon, loves to play with his big brother Bandit, and thinks he’s a prairie dog! 💙
Bandit is a gentle giant, especially with his little brother BooBoo. He has been through so much is his young life, but now is the sweetest boy his parents could ever ask for💚
Rory is a black smoke persian with a pawsome personality. He loves to explore and sleep. Fussy with his food and enjoys a cuddle 🥰
Cassie is our newest fur baby. She was born to my inlaws dog and my husbands aunties dog. There are 4 other pups from the litter that have all gone other close family members, two of her brothers have said with their mum. Cassie is a little mischievous character and has settled in nicley in our house. Cassie loves to spend her days sleeping,eating doing laps around the sofa
Belle was rescued at 10 months and now she is 7 years old, she has 2 different colour eyes 😍 she amazing with my nices and other animals aswell. She has 2 sister cats charliee and elsa and a 10 week old sister cassie. she can look like a beast a the drop of a hat but really shes a big softie 😘
5 month old tabby kitten 🐈🎀
Every one loves smokey he used to be a naughty cat and boystris but the last 2 years he has been very cuddly and he has always loved his food he eats anything and loves playing because of his markings I call him suited and booted he even has a moustache im sure he was an hard working man in his previous life lol he is getting cuter by the min lots of people love him because of his moustouch and he loves his cuddles he is zoppy he always waits for me when i come home he is a mummys boy smokey says please vote for him each day has much has possible he thanks everyone that takes the time to vote for him .Smokey also makes a good alarm clock he is in charge lol please do vote for me says smokey 😁😁😁a messeage from smokey even cats in the contest can vote for smokey too he has been voting for some in the contest also feel free to share smokey also says if smokey is voted by anyone in the contest he will give them a vote in return and would very much appreciate he says come on cat lovers if your true cat lover you will vote
Tommy is the soul of the house !!! My little baby boy !!! He had my hard from the first look .. when I saw his precious eyes!! ❤️❤️❤️
My Beautiful Girl is 2 & half years! She's such a Princess! Every since she was little she has carried (her string we took out of a sweatshirt) around the house wanting to play. She loves that black string! When she was younger when you threw it she would run and get it and bring it back to you. She has a little grunt she does when she wants attention. She also comes with some Sassyness as well!
Hi, I am Pizookie the driving cat. I love car rides and Daddy lets me take the wheel. I love to cuddle and I purrr so loud my whole body vibrates. When no one is looking I sneak up on the kitchen counter just to see if there is any food left over. I really should loss weight but I just love to eat. I am always happy and Mommy says I have a sunshine face.
My baby girl Yoda is about six months old. She is very playful and smart. I love the orange patch on her head that's what made me fall in love with her. She was a runt out of the litter and her mom was a feral cat. I got her when she was about four weeks when she was by a dumpster by my job. and she is my joy.
Always curious, and electric energy.
Toby is a sweet loving dog. He in one pic is waiting in the window for us to get home. The other he’s just a happy boy.
I am a Jack Russell Lab mix who was born July 6th named after a stormtrooper from Star Wars! My mom and dad adopted me when I was 8 weeks old. I love treats, naps, and cuddles! Vote for me 🐾 follow me on Instagram @trooperthejackrussell
Jade is a border collie mix rescue. She loves to play in her kiddie pool, chew up stuffed animals, and be carried by her mom. She is the sweetest and sassiest baby
Enzo is a spunky trouble maker who who has a "I'm in charge" attitude but gives amazing cuddles too
She is a sweet loving family dog who loves my kids and will do anything to put a smile on all our faces!
Currently she is just a baby so we are working in the little things, such as going potty outside, and chew on her own toys. She adores my children and loves to chance them around the back yard
I have raised Punky since he was days old so he is truly my baby.
Selena is a super friendly who jusy want to play all day and go to the park. She lives belly rub, food, and her walks.
Merlins a Persian & Maine Coon kitty. Hes only 6 months almost 7. Merlins a sweet kitty, he likes to come up to people and rub his face on yours.❤
Best Fwiend
Im sassy but cute 😻 I love to argue with my mom when she doesn’t share her food but I know she loves me 🥰
Kita is a girl she loves to walk and run me. She is 5 years old. Loves people and attention oh and sniffing out everything
I’m Murphy a toy poodle who loves taking the kids to school and riding in the car! I love my mamma unconditionally !
My name is dusse I’m a 4 month old red nose pit I love grass and cuddling with my mommy and pooping in places I’m not supposed too if I’m not at the park I’m sleeping 😊
Gemma is a lazy girl. A good time to her is laying in her cat tree watching the birds from the window.
I’m a 15-month old American Bully named Brody! I love to play with my friends at daycare and I enjoy being spoiled as well.
Ash loves eating, cuddles, playing with his brother Finn, sleeping, hunting for human fingers lol. He has the cutes little meow, he chirps when he wants to be petted. His eyes are so intensely blue, and he has the most striking markings ever ❤
I love Cuddles. And I get my way Almost All the Time ❣️😻😸. I'm 9yrs old I've been with my parents for 8.5 yrs. My Mom is my lounge chair. My Dad gives me treats whenever I want. I'm very Spoiled. My humans are my everything. I allow them to live with me.
Storm loves attention! If she isn’t busy running around with her toys, she loves to cuddle and be around pretty much everyone!
Jack is my sweet boy..He loves sun bathing, walks and playing fetch. He sleeps beside me and loves to cuddle.