Sophia is a great girl. She is 3/4 Tabby and 1/4 Main Coon. She is lengthy and has beautiful long silverish and black coat with amazing dark green eye's that look as if they have black eyeliner on them. She loves to talk, eat treats and chase her laser toy.
Destinys momma taught her to ring a little yellow bell when she was 6 months old. Needless to say, Destiny runs the house with her bell. Ding, ding, ding!
Luna Sage
Luna loves to watch tv and she is quite the snuggle bug. Luna loves to give lots of kisses too.
Ellie is a good. She came from a situation that involved accidental inbreeding. She is one of the SWEETEST pitty babies I have ever met. She is beyond loving and attracts to her humans as if the world will end. I have done so much research over the breed for decades now. Writing papers for classes throughout highschool and college to prove that these breeds aren’t as scary as the world thinks they are. Little Ellie has taught me that everything I’ve read and researched was beyond true, but I missed so much detail from not loving one until now. Ellie taught me that Pitties are the MOST affectionate and needy dog breeds I have ever met. If you like space, then this dog breed isn’t for you. Ellie laughs in the face of the person asking for space. Even when going to bed she HAS to be touching you or she will cry. I loved pitbull based breeds, but I always had a favorite breed with Yorkies… After having Ellie Bellie, I have come to find that any and all Pitty breeds will be forever my number 1!
Jill is the type of dog that would be a great ESA, but instead she needs her own ESH(Emotional Support Human). When received she was being given away free. She had ring worm, hair missing on her butt and paws, bruises on her ribs, super skinny and she was so scared she would pee herself or freeze. After working on her anxiety(yes, she takes medicine for it too) she has blossomed into the best friend a person could ever ask for. One of my heart dogs for life will forever be this dog. She needed saved, but she definitely saved me through one of the hardest years this year.
Coconut likes snuggles, ranch dressing and crunching on leaves
Im so adorable and handsome, but my family say im naughty and need to get a job now. All i want to do is lick my butt and chase the birds. *sigh*😥 Well....Looks I'll have to take up modelling for the ladies then...😏😎
Hi I’m Renlow ! I’m a 5 month old golden retriever, I have crackhead energy and I love playing fetch! I’m a big love bug and I love giving kisses !
Unique loves to get dressed up and go out with mommy😍
Ollie’s most favorite thing to do is to run unleashed in the park!
All bean wants to do all day is eat sleep and sleep some more. Playful yet sleepy kitty .
Chloe is a very loving dog. She loves to lay up on her back and get belly rubs. She loves to chew toys. She has a very cute, moody face. Vote for Chloe!
Howdy Howdy, I’m Smirnoff. I am six months old. I’m a southern boy at heart, born in Alabama now I live in Lynn, MA. 
I am a grayish- brownish tabby (domestic short hair). I am sassy, playful, outgoing, fierce, and fluffy.
I am VERY vocal when I want to be. I have a brother: Captain, also six months, I cause the most trouble between me us. I love cuddles but only at my time and only Eli can give me cuddles. I am the owner of my house. I am also a therapist making sure that Eli don’t have a mental break down. Winning will be the best thing for me as I can buy all the treats and goodies I want.
Luci definitely thinks she’s a human sometimes. She has such a big personality and is such a lover.
Howdy, my name is Captain and I am six months. I am a charming southern boy at heart, born in Alabama now I live in Lynn, MA. I am a grayish tabby, my paws are white, my belly is white, so sometimes I do get call white paws. I have a brother his name is Smirnoff (also six months). Unlike Smirnoff I am the peacemaker, I love cuddles, belly rubs, purring and my meows are very soft and cute people say. I love food! Everyday I wake Eli up to make sure my food is on time. I am fearless, a rebel at times, a great listener, a big fan of food, a cuddler and a goofball.
Bella is the cutest, most loving little dog ever! She is always ready to greet you with kisses and licks. She is protective and loves to play. Please vote for Bella!
Olaf is the most handsome clumsy cat you’ll ever meet. He tries to make you laugh by acting stupid running around in a weird way, rolling in the floor, or even posing for the camera. He is the best comedian cat!!
Sassy Pants
Sassy definitely has a personality all hers!! She's not only lovable but protective and super smart! Her sense of humor is absolutely contagious! If you're ever blessed with her presence, you will fall in love. The entire world should know her!
Buddy has the best personality, loves the camera and his momma ♥️
Sweet Pea
Sweet pea loves to cuddle an be petted loves hanging with his fur bro Zeus an loves to go on adventures
Blaze is a 6 year old African Barkless dog. He enjoys chasing pigeons out his back garden, climbing onto high places like a cat, and yodelling/howling as loud as he can when no one is home. 😁
A word that describes Marie is sassy. Although she is sassy she is the best thing that could ever happen to me. her favorite things are treats, ice cubes, and blankets.
My Name is Skittles My Mom says im Trouble lucky im cute
a void with green orbs
Very loyal, loves going for walks, and sleeping in bed as long as he is under the covers. Very loveable
Chloe is my serious girl. She only wants pet and love when she chooses. And if you go over her limit…she raises her paw as she is telling you to stop. Chloe is full of personality and attitude. Very vocal and tells you how it is. But she’s my girl. ❤️
Sadie is full of love and chub. She’s very agile and active despite her curves. She loves her toys and her human kid Aiden. Sadie loves people and is notorious for stealing anything you’re using. From hair ties, screws, q tips,. She throws her little puff ball toys in water and brings them to you to play fetch. Any water….toilets included. Never throw a wet Sadie ball…unless u know why it’s wet. She makes us smile every day. ❤️
Lionel is sweet and loving and he loves to play and eat treats
Gilbert is an 11 year old black Moggie. He was hand raised as his mum was killed by a car when Gilbert was only two days old. He is very loving and loves cuddles with his human mummy
Thomas O'Malley
Thomas is a crazy little man loves to run around outside and attack random bugs
Sullivan (or Sully for short) is a 6 year old Maine Coon boy who looks very fluffy and cuddly but likes to think he is a dog and will chew on shoes and bite you if you try and touch his belly. Not a lap cat but does like to sit right next to his mum when he is cold.
Hi, I'm Olive! I'm a sweet and chubby snuggle bug who loves spaghetti, cupcakes, and salad dressing! I was rescued after hurricane Irma struck Florida and met my new owners- who COULD NOT resist my beautiful eyes and coat, and I can't blame them! If you were looking for a chunky cat who likes Italian food and snuggles, you've certainly found one! (P.S. we have no clue what breed I am, so we put ocicat! P.P.S, I have speculated my unknown breed though, and I think I am a rare breed!)
Bella is the cutest cat ever. She loves to lay down on the things you need at the moment you need them. She only gets mad when you remove her from them. She loves you play and explore and sing the songs of her people. You should vote for her because I know it would make her feel happy and validated.
He is miniature pincher blue heeler mix he’s a picky eater and only likes certain people but if he likes you he’s stuck to you like glue. He was named by a bunch of BSA scouts that found him on camp grounds they thought it was hilarious that it spells dog when said out loud.
Sikes is a crazy boy who loves to play. He is the definition of a crazy cat 😂. He is so loving and such a people kitty. He loves his attention and an all round chatty boy. Sikes loves car journeys and exploring outside on his lead 😻
Molly is a pure bred chocolate lab she will be 13 October 15th. She was diagnosed with a brain tumor in July of 2022 but she still loves the beach, cuddles, and all things food. Her vet always says he can’t stop giving her treats all due to her perfecting those puppy dog eyes.
Foxy is a female, loves homemade pumpkin bones, will lay on kitchen floor waiting till I take out of oven and sometimes takes one and hides in bed and comes back for me to give her another one to eat.She hoards them.
Teddy is a very friendly dog. He loves to play with his friends. He’s also a greedy monkey.
Zuki is 4 months old and still training. Enjoys training and is starting to enjoy his daily walks. On the rare occasion he’s quiet he will usually be found sneaking into his treat cupboard 🐷
This is our girl, Prudence. She has just turned 6 and is very spoilt (as she should be). Her eyes let her get away with anything! She’s claimed a spot on the settee that she’ll judge you from and she likes to play a game of her own invention: I play, you watch.
Most loving kitty you could ever wish for, i am sure he thinks he is a dog. Always cuddling and telling us great tales of adventure.
She's a goofball
He is a support animal. He trained himself. This breed of cat was breeded to be working cats. His indoors mostly but sometimes likes to go outside. He alerts to sezuires, and reminds me of food in the oven by meowing. He loves watching the birds and cat tv. He loves playing with toys with feathers on them.
Buddy is a Lhasa apso, very stubborn but super cute n such a softy