She is the most loving kitty, she always has to sleep with one of her stuffed animals or be wrapped around the top of your head.
She's loveable, playful, adventurous and loves the water. She greets me at the door and loves laying by my side
He is 6 months old and loves to play. He jumps on the curtains and zooms around the house. He loves being groomed by his older sister belle.
Paris was found alone in the cold night air and we took her in and fed her little belly. She was about 4 weeks old,now about 6 weeks old. She’s a lovable,rotten,happy kitty.❤️ She loved to nibble and attack all the humans. Vote for Paris You Wont Regret It ❤️❤️
Hiii, my name is Bentley Prance Tucker. My favorite things to do is cuddle with my mommy, prance around the yard, play with my best gal pal Arabella who’s a German Shepard. Arabella may be big, but sometimes I feel just as big as her, sometimes even bigger hehehehe.
Bella is 4 years old. She is the sweetest cat that I’ve owned. Loves being petted and loves her treats.
Phoenix was a rescue my husband adopted for me Christmas of 2019
Chanel is a 12 week old toy poodle puppy who loves cuddles, she loves to jump in piles of leaves and is faithful to her owner. She is very protective and loves her mommy. She is fully trained and knows commands such as sit, stay, come here and lay down.
Hazel Grace is the sweetest and most loving kitten. She loves to play with her toys, and loves sleeping on pillows and blankets. She has a funny personality and always does things that catch you off guard and make you lose it laughing.
Thank You to all who voted for Gato💕 This will be his final contest as sadly on Nov 11 2020 I had to say goodbye to him. I love you Gato💕 Your forever in my ❤️❤️❤️........... Gato went from barn cat to house cat where he now thinks he is King! There is not a counter or table that Gato has not climbed! Not a place in the house he has not left a hair behind, stock prices in lint rollers may be on the climb lol!
Leroy Jethro Gibbs
My brother adapted him for my birthday after hearing he was left outside in a box with his dead sister. He was only 2 months old. He turned 8 in April and has always been the sweetest cat.
My boyfriend found her under the hood of my car, she was only 4 weeks old. She has so much personality and is such a smart kitty ❤
Harley is a fun energetic loving pup at heart but in reality she’s 4 years old and isn’t energetic she’s EXTREMELY energetic lol. She is such a loving little baby who likes belly rubs and giving hugs and cuddling.
Scooter a well behaved cat loves to play loves lots of attention he is a sweet little cat
She loves to be loved on and to be cozy in her blanket.
Esperanza is a kitty in rescue patiently waiting for her furrever home. Picked up during a TNR trip at a business in Eastern Oregon she loves loves but is her own independent kinda gal :).
He is a rat terrier mix, but mostly rat terrier. He enjoys walks, snuggles, and playing with his favorite toys! :))
Gato is so very majestic and loves having his photo taken.
Ethel Mae
Whenever it’s chow time her meow sounds like “now’ She was a rescue that was severely neglected, flea infestation that cause her to lose her fur. When I adopted her 8 weeks ago she weighed 4 lbs. She’s finally thriving and enjoying life. She’s learning to be a cat from my other kitties Lucy and Ricky Ricardo
I am a sweet and laid back baby boy. I absolutely can not sleep until my belly is full, and I’ve watched at least 15-20 minutes of cat tv. I like to wake my mama up every morning to my purrs and kisses to her nose. I really am as soft and fluffy as I look! Please vote for me. I won’t disappoint you
Sweet Pea
So Cute and sweet a good kitten
This picture sums it all up he loves to snuggle in blankets to sleep, loves his treats, and his kitty brothers and sisters.
Izabella loves her brother ( an Australian shephard named Marly) they run and play in the woods all day. Kisses from her mommy is her favorite thing. Not everyone thinks shes beautiful but Izabella is as confident as a beautiful show dog.
Ori is mischievous but loves his cuddles. He enjoys football and boxing in his spare time. He fine dines and eats everything. A very spoiled kitty with a family that loves him very much.
Kiwi’s favorite spot to sleep is inside the feet pockets of my electric blanket.
Roxy is a 7 year old border terrier mix Chi, she is a daddy’s girl loves to follow daddy around. She loves to hunt, and she is playful and love to fitch. She knows some tricks, like fitch, sit,, laydown, roll over , play hide and seek for treats.
Tiki is a 2 year old tuxedo cat. She is an indoor cat but also love to be outdoors. She love to play outside but she can only go out if mommy human is watching her. She’s vocal when she wanted to go out. She chase birds and bring them home alive if she’ll caught any. Tiki is friendly to any stranger she’ll meet, instead of running away from people she will run toward people and happily greeted them with her head bump to there leg.
Maggie is an angel, she died from Feline AIDS on Dec 27,2019. I will never be the same, she was the best"Little Cat" that ever was in this world. R I P Little Cat, we will meet again. FELINE AIDS IS REAL, ALL IT TAKES IS ONE BITE TO PASS TO ANOTHER CAT!!!
Easter is all around and adorable bundle of joy! She was born on St. Patrick’s Day in 2008. Was coming out breach and I had to assist in delivering her. She’s my baby through and through and I’ve had her ever since she was seconds old. She is a cuddler whether I’m playing video games watching TV or just chilling. This little girl is right there and cuddling up to me at some point. Every time we go to bed she’s cuddled up to me like a baby up to my chest. She’s got a personality that no one can describe there’s a lot about her that is very human like. She definitely brightens my day and I’m thankful every day that this little girl came into my life I have no idea what I do without her LOL
Mable is a good mother and is angel's grandma
Hopi likes walks an the outdoors
Gypsy is an amazing cat. She has a personality all her own but she is very independent and does what she does on a daily basis. If she wants to be held she make sure that you know it. If she doesn’t want to be held she’ll let you know that too. She has the cutest meow and loves to cuddle up to Momma‘s tummy. She sometimes gets along with herSister Easter. But of course there’s those days where they’re constantly going at it.
*WE ARE DEALING WITH TOUGH TIMES HERE, I HAVE TESTED POSITIVE FOR COVID AND MY KITTY MIA WENT TO THE BRIDGE TODAY AFTER BEING SUCH A FIGHTER AND I COULDN'T BE THERE WHEN SHE WENT BECAUSE OF COVID. I'M BEYOND BROKEN..SORRY FOR NOT CONTINUING VOTE EXCHANGES. I JUST CAN'T RIGHT NOW..THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT AND LOVE💔* *WE ARE DOING THIS CONTEST TO GET MONEY FOR VET BILLS FOR A FEW OF OUR KITTIES WE HAVE NOW..ONE NEEDS DENTAL WORK.THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT AND VOTES!!* Piglet was the most sweet and funny amazing kitty!! She had been our neighbor's cat but they never took care of her and so we began taking care of her and she ended up adopting us! She was so loyal and loving and very silly! She ended up with a brain tumor which caused seizures, she put up a very brave fight but in the end..she lost her battle and her body gave up on her. We lost her on Sept 15, 2014 and it devastated me...I miss her so much everyday. She was my best friend and baby girl!! I entered her to try and win in her honor and memory!! The money will go to our vet fund for our other kitties💜
Trixie is such a funny, loving 13 week old kitten. Shes so doseial and does some of the funniest things ever but then shes cute at the same time
Fia ... Oh my Fia Maria Sangria. She is the best dog I could ever have asked for. She babysits her goats, her cats, her grandkids. Me. Haha. She sits, gives high fives. She is learning to dance for a treat. She loves to play fetch whether it be after a rock, a stick or one of her many many stuffed animals. She loves to snuggle, loves to go swimming.
Mama Chasley
She loves belly rubs loves getting her hair brushed and loves baths and getting her nails trimmed loves playing wit babies very lovable and sweet
With a little something special, this tiny kitty is an hermaphrodite, how cool is that! Cutest, cheekiest, life and soul of the party. Chester and my grandmother share the most incredible bond ❤
Im Mitszey and im so full of love & spunker, but also love to sleep the most. Im mommas sickly fur-baby.
Phred AKA Phred Krueger or Murder mittens is a lovable ball of fur. She loves Reddi whip whipped cream, Edamame, attacking her hooman mama and chewing on fuzzy blankets. Phred came home to us at about 4 weeks of age and I was instantly mesmerized by this little love bug. She’s definitely my kitten and I can’t get enough of her sweet innocent little face.
Hello my name is Caspar, I am 12 weeks old & I love being the center of attention. I love playing with my toys & my brother!!! ❤️
SOCK-STEALER ALERT!! Jessie will not give them back without a game of tug of war or a cocktail sausage as a bribe! She loves making new friends! A happy wee poochy!
She is super friendly. She loves to play and she is a sweetheart 💕 . She is easy to get along with other animals and people. Since I've had her she has a calm spirit she doesnt cry really and she does like her alone time.
Poppy is a very sweet loving loyal kitten she loves to give kisses snuggle up in my lap play with her favorite balls and snuggle up to my other cat shes there when im down and sad i wouldn't no what to do with out her
Farrah is a very sweet girl who loves lots of cuddles and kisses. She loves pineapple and strawberry weird favourites. She gets upset if I do not take her for rides in my truck which absolutlely loves. She is a regular boston clown playful.
Catto is a stuffed animal that magically came to life one day.
Lola is a fun loving little girl shes 4years old,she love people love to play ball ,n love her cat sister kitty Lola is my best friend I love her soooo much❤️⭐
I received Gracie at 8:30pm on a tuesday night when she was just 10 days old. Resuced from an abusive home. She was in a litter of five. Later that night is when i noticed something wasnt right...Originally Gracie looked and acted just fine.. I almost didnt bring her with to the vet but i had them check her just in case.. My fear for her was now reality.. She was "lucky" to escaped with only one leg broken and ripped off ears.. She is the only one in a little of five to have survived. Two died inside the mom from abuse to her while she was pregnant. One was snapped in half by the abuser.. One had all 4 legs brojen multiple times.. While her abuse is visable when you look at her, her loving demeanor shows nothing of the abuse she had endured.
Leo is a 6 pound rescue chihuahua! She loves wearing sweaters and pajamas, and loves to lick people faces off!