Dog cat Stories - 4


Autumn is a rescue kitten, her and her litter mates were abandoned right after birth. She was bottle fed and the runt of the litter, but she's doing great now! She was recently spayed, so here she is, cuddled up with me in her recovery suit. She is likely a Nebelung or Nebelung cross, which is similar to a Russian Blue but with a medium coat and a bit of a different personality. She is a people cat, and wants to be where the people are - always.
He is the boss of the house but very lovable
Before us, Sasha was an outside living, hot dog eating, dirt diggin dog. Now she’s living the life of a queen. She loves her treats she gets daily, her fave dog food is chicken. She even goes to the groomers and gets bathed. She’s been rescued by us. And we couldn’t live her more.
Coco is a girl She loves being out side She has fun being chased and she’ll chase you back She’s just a great cat
Koda is a playful, full of energy little girl. Has way to much sas for her own good.
A very patience cat, the big brother of his team cat in our house, he is willing to defend, he stay with us and follow we go in our house, He is a King of a jungle here in our house he roar like a lion.🦁❤🐈
Lilly is a 10 month old 68lb Agouti Siberian Husky, she is a wild and crazy puppy that loves her bones and loves sleeping. She has 2 Chihuahua sisters that drive her crazy but she has a love/hate relationship with them.
Lizzy is beautiful ❤️ and sweet and loves everyone and she puts a smile on everyone's face. She has a wonderful personality. She loves to run chase crickets and loves to 🥰 snuggle
Tigg is a two year old sweet loving boy. His favorite toy is a bow & cat nip would be the runner up! But dont forget about any size box! 🐈‍⬛
I’m 7 months old. I really like to run and play all day. My mom always tell me how handsome I am. So here I am to show the world.
Miko is an awesome dog, he is very smart even trying to open a car door handle wth his teeth once! 😉
Sasha is special because she was a rescue dog living outside and she was given to me free I took her in now she’s living the life she loves her treats and always chews the stuffing outta her new toys.
Loves going on adventures, giving kisses and cuddling
Has to know what it going on at all times, gives kisses, and is a cuddler.
Looking for trouble, climbing walls, loving and sweet.
Sassy, center of attention, loving, and likes to cause trouble.
Baby was a sweet girl she is deceased. Now a car hit her when she was 10 months old i loved her and miss her she loved her yard and toys and going for long walks down by the river every one remarked how pretty she was a person offered me 1200.00 cash for her i wouldnt have sold her for 1 million so please vote for Baby
Hi I’m Pancake! I enjoy adventures and random hikes and playtime at the lake. When I’m at home I enjoy snuggling near mommy and acting like a spoiled brat.
Dusty brings so much joy to all those that know her. Her big sister blue loves her very much and we are so pleased she joined our family 🥰 dusty thanks everyone for their votes ❤
Diamond Girl
This site is bullshit it is advertised as a contest and what world is a contest self indulged where are you can vote for yourself and ignore all the other participants the site should be banned for false advertisement on the reason put a profile on here is because I thought it was a true site behold it is just BS it order to say give me your money and I’ll give you a lottery ticket or a voucher to win if you get in the top number to win you are probly buying votes jest like the us government does to get the president they want not the one the citizens want #bannkingpet but if you are that person f you and do it the rite way I have been on here for over a month and not once has somebody voted for this profile too many self-centered eagle testicle pieces of Pooh on here but if you are not then this is diamond girl third generation of my combination and she love anythang involving ball 🏀 she eat’s dreams and sweats ball funny rite but it’s so true she is a realy great girl I call her my ggd that means great grand daughter have a great day and thanks for reading this and checking out her profile if you vote for me 10 times a day I will come to your profile and do the same on your profile let start #sharethelove
Moby loves to run around and play and have lots of fun and even snuggle up on the couch and watch a movie with you till he falls asleep making his biscuits 🥰❤️
Val loves to play with milk jug lids and loves to snuggle. She is a great cat and friendly to people
Meet my 5 year old Boston Terrier furbaby named Leia (like Princess Leia from StarWars). Leia is spunky, fast, always up for a game of fetch or tug of war, full of kisses, TOO friendly as she would go home with anyone that makes eye contact with her, a snuggle bug-under the covers burrower, can clear a room with the pass of her own gas and snorts/snores like a little piggy.
Danger is the sweetest little hound mix. We rescued him from Atlanta where a woman was pretending to be a rescue, but severely neglecting the animals in her care. He was extremely malnourished when he came to us and very anxious. I think he kept waiting for us to give him back or send him along to the next home. He is now at a very healthy and happy weight and we love him so much. He is very happy to have a forever home and we see that with all of the cuddles and love that he gives. He loves to play with other dogs, big and small. He does not discriminate there. He loves sticks and dragging them around the backyard and always tries to bring them in the house. He loves to snuggle on the couch and he is still trying to make friends with our cats. He can jump higher than you can imagine. People swear he has springs for legs. He loves the dog park and I swear he is smiling the entire time we are there. He is such a joy and we love our little Danger man so much!
Muffin is the pride and joy of my life! He is 1 6 months old, and I love him to death.
She is a mothers day girl who loves a cuddle and a fuss. Enjoys sliding around the house and the sunlight hitting her face
Dollar was a great loyal dog. He loved to watch TV but was afraid of seeing his reflection in the mirror lol.
Sarge loves to run and play outside. Very protective of us.
Salem isnt just another cat, he is a roommate.
Damon is over one year old kitty who is very clingy. He loves cuddles but also fight with my hand every day. He is the cuttest cat I have ever seen. The world deserve to see him! 😽
Our little fur baby Whiskey! He is 8 months old he loves playing with toys and biting mammy's hands! He is very sociable and loving!
Ringo is a playful and very affectionate kitten. Full of life and loves human company! Is a a carrier and often brings us toys and various other household items to play with! He loves to watch the fish and chase leaves in the garden!
Hunter loves to sit on your lap like he weighs 6 pounds. He is super lovable and full of energy!
I'm a quiet, playful lad who loves bringing my homum live mice. I make the most adorable sounds when I sleep and dribble when I'm happy.
c'est une chatte très en joueuse qui aime se faire flatter elle aime se faire coller elle aime les fruits et les légumes. elle gruge tout ce qui traine sur le comptoir je ne suis pas encore en concours ne pas faire de votre s'il vous plaît
Buster is such a good boy. He loves to cuddle not realizing how big he is. Good luck to everyone! He also loves whipped cream, doggie cake, and prime rib! He was a street dog in Tennessee, when your driving and he knows where you guys are going he’ll turn his head where you got to turn!
Piper is an energetic, fun-loving, friendly pup. She loves people, especially babies.
Riley may be small but he's very protective over his family. He's a chug (Chihuahua pug mix). He loves being spoiled with massages before getting out of bed to go outside. He loves chicken ribs and anything from the local butcher shop.
Colt is the most loving and affectionate dog. He loves cuddles, belly rubs and food. This chunkie chug only runs when he hears the sound of plastic opening and squirrels.
Archie is a 5 month old ball of cuteness! He is very energetic and loves meeting new people friends!
Zeus is a precious 13 year old rescue baby that I had the pleasure of adopting 10 years ago. He’s a lover and a tough guy all in one furry bundle. 🥰 It was said he’s a miniature pincher, but we aren’t quite sure.
Finn is a big, happy mamma's boy who thinks he's a lapdog! He loves his walkies, his smol guinea pig brother Ozzy, and his Jolly balls!
Little Peezum (her real name is "Precious") is turning 15 this year! She is a rescue, who was found just before Christmas in 2006. When I was a child, I called presents "Peezums", hence the name, as she was our little Christmas present 🎁 ❤ Pee was diagnosed with TCC (Transitional cell carcinoma) in August of last year, and after a very grimm diagnosis, we began a rigorous treatment plan, and miraculously, after a year of holistic & veterinary medicine, she is still with us, and happy as ever! 🐾 Everyone who meets baby Pee falls in love with her instantly, as she is just the most tiny, round, special little baby, with the biggest, brightest moon eyes ever 😍 She was stunted as a kitten due to malnutrition & starvation, and she was also exposed to a toxin, which had made her a bit... off sometimes 😆. She makes little squeaks, her balance can be off, and she has a hard time locating where sounds come from, but! Her special little needs make her all the more "precious" 💕. Her favorite foods are Keto Cookie Dough ice cream & cheese 🧀 😋 Please vote for this lil special baby, as she deserves it! 💖 Thank you! Amanda, Jonathan, Peezum & Dinah (her sister ♥)
Boo Bear
Boo bear is a very social, loving, and playful puppy. She love playing keep away and digging holes everywhere. Shes very sweet and can be spicy when she wants her treats! Shes 10 months old and she loves everyone!
I was born on Veterans day Pooch loves playing with other dogs she's very smart she will be a year in November
Mr Cole loves cuddling with his sister, running around with his brother, and curling up in our bathroom sink. He's a little weird but we love it!
Brody loves his walks, going in the river his ball and food!!! He also likes to think hes a small dog and trys to sit on your lap!! We adopted him from Romaina and hes only been with us a month, but feels like forever