The most gentle GSD you’ll meet! The way she nestles her head into your chest to cuddle will melt your heart 🤎
Our most crazy yet most receptive kitty. A wild thing, she loves to be the center of attention.
My names Luna and WOW do I have a lot to sees and dos! I was poorly when my mom got me. I only have one kidney but I’m OKAY 👍 mom buys me lots of treats and makes me so many beds but I like sleeping on the steps, they are the softest!
Biggie Smalls
I am a rescue pup from Texas. And I love Oregon. I enjoy playing in the snow and with my squeaky emoji toys. I go to puppy school when everyone is as work and run around. I love other dogs, pup cups from coffee stands and i love sleeping. I know how to give high fives and i am just an active doggy
Tesla is the greatest cat ever. Hes loving, hes always there to hang out. I dont know what id do without him. Hes literally my best friend!! Love you buddy hope you get a bunch of votes ❤️ if he wins im going to build the coolest cat house for him!!!
Betty is a sweet little girl who loves nothing more than snuggling up with her humans; snacking on tuna juice and catching leaves in the garden 🪴
Maximus The Gladiator
I know I’m cute, but I will gladiate you with my fangs :)
Jake is a lovable pup that loves to play ball and run around but when it’s bed time he loves to cuddle!!
Bella is 14 weeks old and such a sweet baby girl with a very big unique personality. She loves playing tug of war and she hops around like a kangaroo when she wants to play with you, she will even jump around in circles, flip around and roll on the ground like she is an acrobat. Bella is full of spunk and love and has tons and tons of kisses to give. When she is cold or when she is ready to catch some zzz's, she loves to lay on a heating pad and if the light that indicates the pad is on isn't lit up she will try to jump up on the bed or get your attention somehow to let you know that the heating pad isn't on. Once you turn it on she will lay down on it and fall asleep almost instantly. Bella is from a litter of 12 pups and she is the runt of the bunch and she is the sunshine that brightens any day when you see her because she is always so excited to you.
River Feenix
River loves to play with dice and his favorite snack is shrimp. He jiggles the doorknob to be let into a room instead of meowing, but you have to invite him in before he crosses the threshold 😆
Bella is the most loving, playful and spirited little cat I could of hoped for. She would never hurt a fly and is more than happy to be picked up and played with. She often comes in the house after a day roaming the outside looking for some love and attention. Bella really loves her pouch of wet food in the mornings and an occasional treat here and there. You should vote for Bella as I can say without a doubt she is the most loyal and adorable cat there is, she deserves it :)
Well his original name was Smoke/Smokey man but when my granddaughter Tessa was about 2 (she's almost 5 now) she would be calling for him, "Mocha, come here Mocha and that's been his name ever since! ❤️ He is such a special part of our family, everyone loves him so much but especially me. He sleeps with me every single day on the pillow right above my head and holds me. He knows when I don't feel good and will come even closer to my face, I swear he's even better than any human. He's the love of my life
Jax The Pawmaster
Meet Jax! aka "THE PAWMASTER" simply because he likes to sit in goofy positions with his paws. He is a 2-year-old tuxedo cat with glowy golden eyes that are super reflective. Jax loves to play and has a lot of cool moves, like fetching toys and sneak attacking the humans from around corners. He seems to float when he leaps, and likes to catch toy balls in his mouth mid-air, which looks hilarious. But the best part about Jax is that he is my emotional support animal (I am diagnosed bipolar and have a lot of ups and downs). Jax keeps me centered, focused, and helps me sleep at night with purrs and cuddles. And whenever I say “I love you” he meows back! If Jax wins anything, I will use the money to adopt another cat so Jax can have a sibling! He deserves it! 😸😸
Goose is a beautifully crazy boy, he likes to nibble and snuggle. His long fur is so soft and silky, he’s my best boy.
Brisket is just over 2 years old. However,we have only had him for about a month. We just adopted him from the shelter. Everyone that meets Brisket loves him.
Noodle is a girl. Sorry. She likes to play with the water facet in the bathrrom. Looks shes folding her hands like a little lady
Blaze is 4 years old. He loves to chill, be right in your face and loves his rhino toy! He's my baby boy and a cutie! Please vote if you would like!! We live in Ortonville Michigan but it wouldn't give me that option😊
She is a cute beagle puppy with green eyes
She is a beautiful kitty. Very shy and love to sleep a lot. Lol 😁 she enjoys playing with her little brother Zion all the time. They love each other. But she has a beautiful patterns all over her little body. Very unique. I love her ❤
He is the smallest of the litter. Very playful. Love to play with his toys. Loves to curdle and sleeps even sitting up. He is beautiful. And his eyes are like the sky. A beautiful blue. Very soft like a cotton ball.
Hi, I'm Jingle, I love playing soccer and hanging out with my neighbor brother.
He is a Charcoal Seal Lynx Snow Bengal he loves to play fetch like a dog. He loves his treats every night before bed.🥰
Lexy Velociraptor
1-year-old Lexy is foreman to her human from atop toilets/litterboxes, cat trees, and her buggy. She is highly food-motivated: stands on her hind legs and pulls backwards to inspect cabinets for treats and stealthily tests Mom's attention sneaking onto table for human food she shouldn't have. Her favorite game is hide in darkness in the corner and scare Mom with a loud meow like a tiny velocirapror, which is her nickname. She greets Mom everyday when returning home waiting at the door, and is clicker trained to high five. We're working currently on sit on command.
Iggy is a sweet Male Persian. Iggy loves to find places to sleep all day long (blankets, pillows, cat tree, under beds, and many many more). Iggy is very picky with his food. He will only lick the gravy with his wet food and leave the rest there. He likes to have his treats hand fed to him. Iggy likes to snore while he sleeps. Iggy is the greatest and sweetest cat ever, although his face might tell you differently lol.
Rollo enjoys cuddling, going to the park, playing with his humans & visiting Baskin Robbins!!
Tommie is the sweetest good boy loves to run around with his toys.Tommie also love to play with his cousins when they visit.
He likes to play so much around, is a very happy puppy. He loves long walks and play at the river. He such and adventure soul.
Mittens is a very laid back, vocal, playful and rambunctious kitty who loves getting and giving attention and who is always at your feet or in your lap. When he wants something he makes it very known vocally 😂 and he even comes to you when he is called! He loves playing with his humans. Doesn't matter if it's with his toys or hide and seek. He loves the attention.
Zeus is a 8 mth old Snowshoe Siamese ancestor kitten..he is very smart, practices being quite verbal and knows his surroundings; he has very stromg instincts, and can be very protective over myself, my son, my dog and his sister cat, Rubydia. His BEST and my favorite quality is just how lovable he can be. 💙
Polor is a beautiful kitten that is full of energy and love. She's a mysterious and adventurous kitten. At night she loves cuddling up with my daughter along with her siblings that dog pile on her at night. She's a beautiful sweet kitten and she would love to win first place and buy a bunch of toys and treats for her and her brothers and sisters.
I love ❤️ to go outside and snoop around. I have a brother doggie Mylo
Scout is a Border Collie Shepard, my rescue from Texas. Loves his ball and is super smart!
Girlfriend was rescued just a few weeks old She will be 2 yrs old in july..She has us wrapped around her paw what she wants she gets she's our BEAUTIFUL PRINCESS ♡
Tax is 13, he loves everyone!
Bella is a wild kitty. She was born outside and loves being out doors. She is a spaz, that can jump 4 ft off the wall and loves her toys and lazor lights!!
Jaxx is named after one of my favorite show SOA. He is super gentle. But when out doors he knows whos boss. He becomes a fighter not a lover. Durning the winter he gains tons of weight and i can barely carry him. He loves chicken. He loves to act like he is going to bit me but he never bites down. He is going to be 5 at the end of may.
El Cucuy
We named him this after the buggy man, which is funny because he is the biggest baby you will ever meet. He is 90lb and thinks he is still a 4 pound lab dog. He is in training to be a therapy dog for children hospital and elderly homes. Cucuy thinks, just like in this picture that he is human.
She is the most charismatic dog I’ve ever met, and she has to have her pillow and sleep at night under her blanket.
She was the super runt of the litter and is growning into a beautiful firecracker!!!
Brave is our majestic king. He loves to sleep in bath tubs and when where not looking unscrew the plugs from the sinks!
I adopted this precious little boy last week. He is 8 weeks old. And he loves his big sister and brother
The one thing about remington is he is the coolest cat and then all of sudden he will just flip to where he doesn't want to be touched to wear he makes us love him from a distance so thats why i feel he deserves to win it because it will hopefully make everyone see how special he really is he acts like a king so this will surely make him a happier kitty and be more loveable . But know he is got the most unique personality and it shows in all that he does.Theres nothing he does that doesnt have attitude weather its kisding you or biting you lol with love of course . And the funny thing is we got him by cat sitting for a friend that just never came back for him and hes been with us ever since. We even had to bail him out of kitty jail before and he was mad when that happend but we couldnt picture our home without him he gave us no choice but to love him even when hes bad so give him a vote he definitely deserves it
Dexter loves going out on walks! He likes meeting the fans on his window of fame. He enjoys birdwatching, climbing, playing with his toys but he will stop all that with one shake of a dreamies pack. His favourite food is Duck and Salmon!😻
Paxton is very curious, he loves water unlike most cats/kittens.. he loves his feathered toys, watching birds and going for walks with mom and dad on his harness.. he’s favorite thing to do is cuddle❤️❤️
She is the most unique cat ever.. She is amazing with our son who has special needs.. She truly is a therapy kitty for him and myself! She has an amazing temperment, please vote!
Harley Quinn
There is probably no kitty as prissy as our Harley. She prances and is very dainty. She won’t poop in the litterbox if it is at all “dirty”… She demands her attention until she is done getting it-
Poison Ivy
Ivy is a sweet and playful girl that follows food and likes to sleep on top of people
Koda is a fun loving handsome man who loves to play with his not so furry sister!