Rhallo was found in our carport in 2017. It was really cold and someone had ran over his tail. We took him in and brought him back to health. And ever since then he has been the biggest snuggler and kisser. He loves to be held like a baby and lots of belly rubs.
Ellie Mae
Ellie Mae is chunky chocolate labrador. She is 7 years old and will be 8 on December 8th around noon :). She is EXTREMELY spoiled; even has a her own bedroom with everything a dog could possibly want. She loves to eat ALOT and sleep all day if she could. Everyone that meets her, falls in love with her and wagging tail; that will beat you to death haha.
Luv is the only girl out of 5 cats. She was found as a stray, laying on our front porch in 2016. She is the sweetest and probly the most confident cat in our pride.
Romanian rescue, he loves to collect soft toys and treats them like his babies
Shadow is 1 year old short furred cat. His birthday is 6th September. He is very playful and loves his cuddles and having treats 🙈💜
Zoe is the sweetest girl..she fell asleep on the bible
nick name is little bear. She makes noises like Chewbacca!! Sophie is my ESA and goes just about EVERYWHERE with me!
Meg loves chasing the cats and licking peoples faces. she likes hugs and chasing the ball.
Pingu loves his carrot and exploring the outdoors. He loves his best friend Juno the dog and sleeps holding her paw.
Ginny loves her brother Dave and dog friend Meg. She likes to sleep and play in the garden.
Leo is a cuddle bug and a sweet cat ! He loves to play and hunt his toys . He is very funny as well !
Tut emotionally supports his family. Loves his treats he talks to you when he wants somthing and gives your his sincere cute eyes when he wants loves or treats. Tut is our cute little black Olive.
I adopted London from the shelter 2 years ago. He lived most of his life in the shelter since he was one year old. Toby is approximately an 8 yrs old male cat. He is a timid fellow, who doesn't like to be approached unexpectedly. He enjoys his dry food and snacks, not so much into wet food.
Sokx is a very loving cat he loves giving you nose kisses by licking your nose and he always loves to headbutt you mouth for kisses back he loves people!
When I decided to adopt Jade it took me a week to find the perfect name for her, even though I had only met her through photos. The day she came into my life, my father went to look for her, because she was far away. Her mother was rescued from the street a few weeks pregnant, and Jade lived for the first month with her little brothers before being adopted to give her a better life. I waited for her with a can of sardines and when she arrived very skinny, with fleas, I felt a tenderness and desire to take care of her for life. Today, Jade is 2 years old, I don't consider her my cat, I consider her my daughter.
Tigger is a cheeky, mischievous, loving boy.
Ada is chill, goofy, and a big teddy bear. She loves life and everyone that she meets.
Kenya is a lab terrier mix she loves running around outside hates being inside she’s a big lap dog and she loves kids she’s a hunter she loves to chase birds and and animals outside!
Lucy is a rescue pup. Her mom was hit by a car when she was only 2 weeks old. I've since hand raised her. She's the sweetest girl and would really appreciate your vote. ❤️🐾
Rachael And Martha
Rachael and Martha I adopted a week ago they’re twin sisters about 11 weeks old! They’re feisty but loving! They love to play and eat!
Teddy is a real little poser he loves having his photo taken, he is the head of our house despite his size
Izzy is my sweet and sour patch dog. She is so loving, sweet, and silly but she can be on the crazy side too.
One Eyed Jack
Jack got jealous that he wasn’t entered into the contest but his brother Oliver was. One-eyed Jack was born with only one of his eyes, he is super small for being 4 years old. Please vote for Jack and show him that he is also loved ♥️. Jack also has a nickname beanie since he is a little bean lol.
Lyla is the QUEEN of the KINGDOM! She has two sister that she rules, Minka, a chocolate brown Pomeranian and a loving cat named Farrah that adopted us. It is so entertaining to see their personalities when they interact.
Hi! Rocky is a 2 year old tuxedo cat who loves to play! He had hip surgery in 2021 and has been doing great ever since! He loves cuddles, watching birds, and being the center of attention!
Dukey is a very energetic and loving pup my best friend. He loves hikes and car rides and the destruction of a few toys. He always has something to say and loves to be in the conversation. He is the most sweetest and loving pet I wouldn’t trade him for the world
Hi! Im Princess! Or "Baby Girl" as my parents like to call me. Im a mini schnauzer that loves to loves. Cuddling is my number one thing to do! I love being outside to chase the birds and squirrels and to bark at everything! I may be small but I have a lot attitude to bring when needed. Lol.
I love playing with my 2 sister and eating treats!
June has a lot of different names—Junebug, Juniper, Juneth—but the one she responds the most to is “Treat!” Juney likes to play with her little sister, Willow, protect the house from any and all offenders (especially chipmunks), and absolutely loves being around people and her friends at doggie daycare. She has the front paws of a ballerina and floppiest ears, and I am very grateful to have her apart of my life
Like his mum, Bud is a fan of the bath. Unlike his mum, he prefers it without water
Hello 🥰 I’m Pickle! I like getting stuck in small places and expensive ham! 🍖
Kiki is 2 years old most loving boy ever his favourite thing is his microfleece blanket. we enjoy our daily cuddle just a big bundle of loving fluff he always waits by the door to welcome me home.
Angelic smile, demonic personality. Wakes you up at 4am to play fetch with his favourite mouse. Decides the curtains are his new climbing tree and thinks every time you go to the kitchen it's food time.
Binx loves having conversations and is a very vocal friendly kitty :) she loves any ball that rolls and is currently house champ of mini pool. She gets all the balls in the pockets!
A little snuggle rascal who likes to wake you up with all the kisses in the world.
Stella is very hyper.She loves swimming and playing the most she is so lovable and a fashion diva
By my side in good times and bad. Loves tennis balls, would fetch one all day. Loving and loyal,beautiful soul
She’s a lovin dog
Hobbies: (1) Biting the heads off of dandelions (2) Trying to pick up trees (3) Chasing pigeons
Capt Jack Sparrow
Capt Jack Sparrow is the voice for every rescue pup out there. Jack came from a horrible back yard breeder of Wolfdogs when he was unable to sell Jack and three litter mates he was taken to a vet and told to be euthanized or he would take them home and shoot them.. instead the vet fostered them out and due to me being in wolfdog rescue I was contacted when current foster couldn’t keep him contained and he wouldn’t let them touch him. Jack was petrified beyond any rescue I’d seen.. he won over my heart and my mission was to socialize him.. it has taken time and patience but Jack has opened his heart for love and has become one of my wolfdog pack… I love him his personality and just him in general
I got lola and her sister Luna at 12 weeks they are now going on 20 weeks. Fell in love with her frosty blue eyes and she has attitude to match, her sister loves chasing lola everywhere
I fell in love with Luna the minute I saw her she is as unique and beautiful as her two different color eyes!!!
King Moch-e
King moch-e is a 15 year old Mann Coon hes so loving and chill he literally cuddles me at night. I adopted him 6 months ago he was getting ready to be put down because the shelter was getting to full. I think in a way he knows i saved his life
Joyce is a sweet, crazy little girl. Who has two different personalities to match her two different eye colors; blue and green. She loves bacon and has a weird interest for Jon Lajoie. Please vote for our beautiful cotton ball.
Minnie is 8 weeks old and came to us 3 weeks ago with her brother Monty. They were both unwanted pets and both needed weaning. Minnie is the mistress of mayhem, if there is trouble afoot then there she is. Her tiny size is more than made up for with attitude. When she decides she wants fuss however, she will quietly stare into your eyes until she falls asleep. With Minnie there is no agenda, she gives it all 100% of the time with no filters. She's such a character and we love her and her brother dearly.
Reggie is 7 years old, about 18 lbs, and one of a kind. He loves his peanut butter and was known for pulling curtains down in past. Mama’s boy for sure, but “tucks me in for bed”. After I cover up, he’ll jump up and crawl under covers until I go to sleep.
Maine Coone and British short hair mix chimera with the most beautiful colouring, but she’s not all looks! Juniper is a vocal and loyal hot water bottle, who is glued to her mom and chirps sweetly all day long.