Dog cat Stories - 40


Blu is 6 weeks old... Loves to play outside and he loves to nap and He Loves to cuddle 🥰 blu would love to have your vote....
Louie is a Morkie. He’s small but mighty! Has a big personality. I love how he looks like a stuffed animal.
Hi my name is Roxy. I am a ball full of personality. I love food, if you don’t want yours I’ll eat it. I also love scooting my bum around moms rug. Vote for me :)
A 10 week old Border Collie pup! 🐾🐶 She loves playing with plant pots despite the many toys that she has! Tilly is a very intelligent pup and is already responding well to commands! 🐾🐶 WOOF!
Hi im Nugget and im blind, i love going for walks and playing with crinkle toys, before my mommy found me my eyes had ruptured causing my blindness but that doesnt stop me, mommy found me at 1 month old i am now 8 months Mommy also saved my 2 siblings and kept all three of us my siblings are not blind, including us mommy has 19 furbabies and feeds 12 strays, he hope to help more kitties including special needs and inspire many people ( feel free to check my social media's Instagram, fb, Twitter, Nuggettheblindkitty)
He loves his stuffed duck that’s his favorite toy
vote for brando!! 💞
Ottie is a miniature schnauzer who likes playing with toys, going on walks and spending time with his schnauzer brother
Cookie is our new best friend in our house. He is as sweet as he is cute. He is a young 6 months and curious about everything! We love our Cookie Dough!
Pilot is a rescue from a Pilot truck stop, hence why he is named Pilot. He is a master a fetch and loves to socialize!
Twister is one of a kind. When you sneeze he actually meows and cries and blesses you. He’s a very smart cat and knows the difference between bottled water and city water. If you give him city water he gets angry and dumps his water bowl over. He definitely has an attitude.
Storm loves to play and cuddle. He will climb up behind me on the couch and snuggle up to my neck and eat my hair. He loves to talk back when you ask him a question.
Mira is nothing short of a Miracle. Her litter was born a bout a week early. She was the smallest of all 6 pups. She still is weighing in only at 1#1oz while her siblings have hit the 4# mark. She is to small to do the proper testing as getting enough blood for tests would kill her. She’s nursing and we are supplementing to get the weight on her. She is a very fragile puppy and requires around the clock care. She now gets excited when she hears my voice, knowing it is feeding time and snuggles which are her favorite. Let’s show Mira a lot of love! Thanks for reading.
Minnie is 2 years old minnie pug she loves her cuddles n gives kisses she loves chase in the garden n walks along the beach
Freya is a Black Mouth Cur mix. She is the same breed as Old Yeller. She was adopted as a puppy.
Hi Hi Hi!!! I’m Remy (short for Remington) I’m a pure bread Jack Russell terrier, I enjoy long walks in the woods and cuddling with my baby brother! My favorite treat is peanut butter(I go crazy for it!!!) I love meeting new friends and showing people ALL my toys! Please vote for me!!!!
Greysha has the biggest personality I’ve ever known in a cat. He loves to ‘argue’ with me. If I tell him no, he will meow back at me, quietly at first, then if he doesn’t get his way, very loudly. It’s the funniest thing. He likes to sit in front of the TV, he thinks he’s making me turn it off. He likes to spend the day outside, at bedtime he politely knocks on the door to be let in. 😍😂
Vlads is like any teenager out there wants your attention but on his terms moody but wants to be beside you invade he misses anything
Pebble is my sweet 7 month old baby, he loves to chase toy mice and play laser. He also loves waking his mama up at 6am to cuddle ❤️
Maple loves her dinosaur toys and playing with the big dogs. When she isn’t playing hide & seek in small places, you can find her napping in the sunshine near any window.
He’s a chunky man born on 4/20 eve and has constant munchies. He lives in Wisconsin and his name is Cheesecurd, enough has been said
Noodles was rescued from an abusive situation at 2 months old and has since become the sweetest, cuddliest, craziest little baby! she’s 4 pounds, which is a lot of noodles, but very smol in kitten :)
Cheese, full name Cheese Curd, is a handsome chunky boy that loves messing with his baby sister. He also loves food and just doesn’t know when to stop 😂
Ginger was surrendered to the shelter. Adopted 4 different times before landing with me.
She’s a mommas girl who loves to play fetch with darts from her human brothers nerf dart guns!! She’s quite the classy little gal! She demands attention when she wants it and we have lots of fun posing her for fun pics!!
He’s our quirky guy who almost didn’t make it. We found him outside in the cold two winters ago. He brings us lots of laughs and he loves his daddy most!
Chino is a super fun kitten who we rescued!! Such a fun guy to have around!!
Mr Beasley
Mr Beasley is named after Auburns Terry Beasley great football player. He is a 8 mo old Beagle. He was a rescue of sorts. He’s been in a cage for the most of his life. He wanted more love than hunting. He’s a hoot. Runs himself to death. Jumps on and over everything in the house. Never had a animal toy and now loves them. He loves watching TV. Will sing along with you. He is the most adorable fur baby. We love him dearly 🐾🐾🐾
Lucy Lulu
Lucy was the smallest and weakest of the litter, but she is happy healthy and full of affection, loves running around and people
Ryuk has been my saving grace this past year! He deserves the world and more 💞
Kingsley is a rescue and my diamond in the rough. He loves playing outside and going for long walks. He is very loving and loves being spoiled and groomed on a regular basis. All who meet him love him instantly.
My not so little Squishy. She is the sweetest Bulldog. She dances when she’s happy!
Gentle , playful and always down for adventure! 🐼
Hi I'm Clovie! My favorite things to do are look outside and meet new people. I also love to play cards with mom and dad, sometimes I even sit on their cards so they pay more attention to me! I love playing fetch and playing with "dog toys". Vote for me so I can prove to my mom I am the cutest kitty ever!
Dana likes to have fun and play outside. Most of the time she likes to watch the moon at night.
Hello my name is Luna and i like to play and i like to play outside and i like to run outside
First thank you for taking time to vote for Angel. We appreciate all the votes we get. We have never won this contest. Angel is 11 months old now She loves to climb everything She is very curious A very sweet kitten
She loves to cuddle and play and she has super soft fur. Super energetic and will walk between your legs. She loves to be held and her head petted. Her favorite toys are hair bands, I’ve lost many to her swiping them 😂❤️.
Einstein is just as smart as his name implies... most of the time. He is sweet as can be and takes to all of his training quickly. He is a cuddly little love bug who likes to play with his little human brothers.
Betty has such a fun personality. She is cheeky and clever and loves to play.
Harley is an Aussidoodle! She is a loving and very energetic pup. We love her to pieces. She makes everything better💜
Marley is very playful and lovable. She loves to give you snuggles and kisses. Marley loves to play catch and keep away with her toys. She loves to jump, Jump, jump. Marley doesn't like Chicken flavor anything.😆 She's a very picky eater. Marley loves to go for car rides to go visit all her store employee friends. They're ALWAYS glad to see Marley. She sits up tall in her seat and loves watching out the window as we go along. Marley is nearly five months old. She's part Miniature Australian Shepherd and part Dachshund. She has one blue eye and one brown eye. She's very unique looking. Please vote for Marley! She's my #1 Gal
Chief is just a good boi livin’ it up in Kansas City. He’s a member of the Long Tongue Club and loves belly roobs.
Pippin Rose
Currently, I am maxed out on giving any further advances and daily votes until after May 8. Pippin will be supporting Duma’s next contest in either July or August depending on how things progress with my brain tumor. Both of my girls are busy keeping me calm, quiet and sane🐾💕. Thank you for your understanding 🥰
Currently, I am maxed out on giving any further advances and daily votes until after May 8. Duma’s next contest will be in either July or August depending on how things progress with my brain tumor. Both of my girls are busy keeping me calm, quiet and sane🐾💕. Thank you for your understanding 🥰
Kowboy loves getting a new toy everytime mom and dad go shopping..
Ringo is such a good little boy, he loves everyone he meets, as long as they hug and kiss him.