Dog cat Stories - 40


Del Boy
Del Boy is the most amazing puppy he is so handsome & loving !! He ADORES children and babies he’s so fun & friendly. He loves long walks and adventures and loves playing with his twin brother Virgil🐶
Virgil is the most gorgeous little puppy you could ever meet!! He is so loving and would give you endless cuddles and kisses! He loves long walks & adventures & playing with his twin brother del boy🐶
In January, 2020 he had to go to the vet for stones. He had emergency surgery that day. Sully is doing great now.
Hes a rescue dog from romania living on the streets he is 3 and half years old hes very placid calm and friendly boy he watches everything you do loves to play
Lady Chunk
Lady Chunk is just a sweetheart, very cuddly, funny and extremely easy going. She loves everyone! Her favorite toys are her plushies.
Mia Sims
Mia is the sweetest rescue who really rescued me!! Always sweet, always happy and a born comedian!! She’s always cracking me up!🐾🐶
This girl went from zero to hero. She is such a good and supportive sister. And i love her so much. Show her some love.
Harper is a fun loving puppy who has a great temperament. She loves the snow, and the beach, but she is scared to go swimming
He is a playful, curious pup. Loves his brothers, and he loves being crazy, running around, bouncing of of everything with his zoomies! He insists you scratch his chest by being guide your hand with his paw. He is also slightly addicted to peanut butter!
Meeka is a Jack Russel X chuwawa
Cooper is a happy, healthy and playful beagle puppy who is 5 months old and loves to eat and go on walks. Cooper is also trained to sit, speak, give paw, other paw, come, crawl and wait. He is really good with people and children.
Bruno loves to wake up in the morning get on our bed and roll around giving loves then he goes potty come in eats sleeps and plays guard dog til it's play time again then he rolls and rolls around trying to get people to play with him
She likes playing with anything she can fetch, balls, sticks and even picks up apples when they fall of the tree.
Princess Kitty
Pricess kitty is the most lovable and sweetest kitten there is. She loves playing on her jungle gym and tunnels. Her favorite place to sleep is on our shoulder❤️ Give princess kitty a vote 🗳
Gypsy is a 5 year old very energetic at times or there are times she just likes to chill
This is Nala, she's very hyper, loves cuddles and playtime and loves saying hello to everyone that we meet when we are out but she is still very protective of her family
Cheddar is a big round fluff ball who loves sitting on anything electronic and loves participating in every human activity from helping to work out to playing guitar, she gets her nose in there! She also loves sitting/loungung on shoes, folded laundry, and books! And she hugs you when you pick her up!
Amber is 11 yrs old .shes very good with kids and dogs.very loveable girl.
Shes only 9weeks old here and loves to snuggle up with you.sweet girl.
He is a Gentle Soul and wouldnt hurt anyone.. he loves sleeping and going for walks he loves eating his bone and gives cuddles He’s great company... he cheers you up when you feel upset
Oliver is a sweet, funny, highly intelligent kitten who loves to play catch! He also loves to "dance" through the sliding glass door with his girlfriend, who visits our backyard daily! Finally he loves to snuggle his mom and does so nightly!
Bella is a two year old Saint Bernard/Great Dane that loves to lounge around. She had a rough start to life and is now living her best life. Her favorite toys are her Lambchops which she collects.
Jazmine loves nothing more than curling up with her twin brothers and going to sleep with them
Lika is a 17 year old Japanese chin, this little sweetheart has one eye and she’s so full of love, she loves the attention and is a full time diva and is one spoilt little princess ❤️
Judo is a 9 year old staffie loves his walks his family his doggie mates and especially loves his food
Pippin Rose
All votes should be posted for . Pippin Rose has retired and is only returning votes owed from her final competition or tracking down the deadbeats who didn’t return votes to help Duma in her competition 😹🤬
This girl is tiny, but loves to eat! She is the cutest thing when she bounces around in excitement. The whites on her feet, along with the long hair, reminds me of a Clydesdale horse when she prances about after hearing her name. She is super smart and loves to sleep on her back; see pic below.
I rescued Angus many years ago, he has been with me through it all and he is a wonderful loving puss. He's very vocal, very playful and loves to head boop and wakes me up everyday with a boop :)
Kronk is a sweet old girl who loves cuddling and loves giving kisses. She reply with a meow when talked to (sometimes) and she loves basking in the sun looking out the window!
Sinatra is a one year old American Bully rescue from ACC of Brooklyn. After having a traumatic past he has finally found a forever home last Summer and now lives the best life a pup could ever have ❤️
🦁 Simba 🦁 wuvs doggy’s, big ones, small ones, loud ones, quiet ones, ones that like me & ones that growl or bite I still ❤️ you too, I will run to you for kisses & playtime & bum sniffs 😁 see you soon!
Pixie is a three year old pug, she is kind, cuddly and loves lots of attention!
We just got Casper a few weeks ago. I was nervous because he's a German Shepherd but already he has won my heart. He is so laid back and gentle.
We rescued pudding from a large farm. Her owners did not want her so the farmer took her in and let her have her puppies. We are so happy to have her. She is a pure joy and the best little buddy for my baby.
Sophie is high energy!! She loves to play fetch. Her expressions are hilarious. She pouts and refuses to move if she doesn't want to go out. She lets my daughter draw all over her.
Sparky is an American stafford bull terrier who is only 8 years old. He loves to go camping and hiking with his owners. Sparky currently has a cancerous tumor on his chest we are hoping to get removed in the next month or two.
We named her Lucy because when she was a kitten she snuck out of our window and jumped off of a second story roof to the street. So I said that cat is crazier than Lucille Ball, hence the name Lucy !!
Oh sugar sugar... you are my candy girl!
Casper Boo
Casper Boo is a chiweenie and a lover. He is the man of the house and he knows it, if he is not first in whatever it is he is doing he will pout! He was taught how to give knucks or fist bump! He is also a lover and has a great sense of humor and personality, they are both spoiled!
Beetle Geuse
Beetle Geuse loves going for walks and being lazy whenever he can. He is min pin mix, wears booties and absolutely loves them! He has a great personality along with some separation anxiety, however with alot of love and affection he has come a very long way.
Mark is a special kitty. Raised from birth along with her other 3 feline sisters. One whom had gotten a forever home 😀. With the exception of her sibling Leo who at 3 months had gotten very sick & had to be put down😢. Mark isn't quite up to her 9 month size. Despite her breathing problem from when she was born is fun to watch play & run around in her strange way. We hope she gets better & has a long & healthy life.😺 And yes...Mark is a girl. She had gotten her name because of the mark on her back right leg😊.
Milk Tea Maltipoo
Milk tea is a 11 week old maltipoo. He loves treats, cuddling, and most of all his ability to attack all his stuffies 🤣. He is friendly to everyone and when i say everyone, I mean it. From crickets to mailmen to hamsters. His name was inspired from (of course milk tea) and he is very spoiled. We would love to win because Milk Tea would be able to subscribe for Bark Box’s monthly boxes. He loves them and since covid started, we had to cancel the subscription to save money. Thank you! Woof woof 🐶
Strudel aka Noodle is always looking for something to get into. He’s also a polydactyl
Benjamin is a year old and the most playful and amazing dog I’ve ever had. He loves to play and sleep 😂. And he kinda has a milo and Otis thing going with our cat
Sammy is a fun loving, lovable pup who loves to play and snuggle. Loves his spot on the couch next to his family!
Stella is spunky, sweet and full of life! She loves the snow but most importantly loves to be loved !! ❤️
Hunter is an old soul. He’s a treeing Walker coonhound. He used to be a stray. On the shelter website where I rescued him from it said in the description of him that he was very shy and takes a long time to warm up to people. When I went to go see him for the first time he instantly ran up to the front of his cage, gave me the cutest puppy dog eyes and handed me his paw through his cage. I knew right then he was gonna be my new best friend forever. He recently was diagnosed with heart worm even though he was on preventatives so he is on tons of doxycycline currently and going in regularly for injections from the vet. He’s gonna pull through though, cause he’s always been my strong baby ❤️ He would really appreciate any votes ❤️🐶
Arlo is a Pomsky (Pomeranian x Husky). He likes playing with toys, running in the snow, belly rubs, snacks, and sleeping!