Peaches loves belly rubs and cuddle time with her daddy. Please vote for our precious fur baby
Zimmer unconditionally loves everyone he encounters and he uplifts our spirits. Please vote for him. He is our pal and the best boy.
Milo is an energetic and lovey 4 month old kitten. He enjoys wrestling with his stuffed rabbit, batting around his butterfly, and catching the mouse on the iPad. Milo is the biggest cuddle bug. If you're preoccupied, he'll nudge his way in there for lovins! You should vote for him to help pay for his neuter surgery and to go towards more toys and treats to keep this little guy entertained and happy.
Harley Quinn Sweethart
She loves to play with her fishing pools that have fish on them loves to run and be a Zoomie in the house loves to try and figure out how water works with out getting wet she's a teenager cat for sure she loves to play and just loves other cats and her cat grass as well.
Angel is a very curious kitten, she loves to roam around and see what everyone gets up to. She likes to be picked up while the house chores are being done so that she can supervise. She has conversations with you, she’s so cuddly she would just come and snuck up next to you. Angel loves being cuddled, she likes hiding underneath her mommy’s neck and just sleeping there. She’s the friendliest kitty who loves to interact with everyone she meets
Miss marley is a very loving kitten. She loves to explore and venture. She plays fetch like a dog and she carries her ball around the house with her ❤️
Pooty Kitty
"Pooty Kitty" is a rescued cat who was starved and brought back to life. He's a happy cat who loves everyone he meets. He loves to hunt and brings gifts of bugs, lizards. and an occasional small snake to me. He loves to eat and can never get enough attention. He's a blessing to our family and a comfort to have around. He's my best animal friend. Thank you in advance for your votes. They are much appreciated!
Tommy is such a loving boy! I adopted him at the shelter. He was very scared and had a cut on his nose. He has been through a lot. He is very loved and cared for. He loves cuddles and treats! He is my support animal and I will always be there for him!
She loves beating up her brother napping demanding treats and chasing her crinkles up and down the stairs
Teddy is very Charming and playful! He is such a sweet boy and will follow you around. He is a loyal kitty and will make you the happiest person alive!
Sylvester is a 14 year old tabby Maine Coon. I have had him since he was 2 months old. He greets me at the door everyday no matter where we have lived, he loves to be held like a baby, cuddles me daily and still has energy in his old age!
El Diablo
El diablo LOVES BATHS! he is very talkative and spends his time sleeping and complaining about the hole in his food, in his gravity feeder❤️
Bella is a very cute and loves to snuggle!! She loves her momma she’s a mommas girl all the way!! She loves to be held like a baby and will only sleep next to me with her head on the pillow as well!💕🐶
shes my 5 yr old pomchi and such a lovebug. shes a service/ esa doggo and my heart. she loves walks treats and squeeze toys but most of all she loves to cuddle and snuggle with you. she gives hugs and sweet little nose taps. i couldnt be without her shes my special lil angel.
Loki is the most handsome boy, he loves cats and loves the cool weather!
Hi everyone Maui is my best friend and such a very loving young boy. He loves to give cuddles and is always ready for an adventure.
Being with our son
Lucyfer is my 5 year old tabby girl. She loves to talk and get lots of pets. She a very sweet graceful girl and knows how to cheer anyone up.
Boots is very out going. Love to playl ball. And we go for 3 or 4 walk a day. He also very loyal when I'm sick he don't leave my side. He loves all dogs and kids. But he a scary dogs. Makes us laugh all the time.
Hi! My name’s Finn. I’m an 11 week old Bernedoodle. I love my mom, toys, playing with my brothers, meeting new friends, and cuddles! I am going to start training to be my mom’s cardiac service dog. Can’t wait, I love learning new tricks! 🐾
This is morty, he is a 7 month main coon, He is so sweet and very vocal! He loves to go outside with his harness and chase the birds! He is my support animal and my best friend .
Hello, my name is Jasper! I just turned 3 in April! My favorite things to do are playing with my mouse toy, playing with my dog sister Luna and biting my moms toes when I want her to feed me 🤣 I enjoy watching the birds and chipmunks from my window!
Leo loves his favorite ball! We play fetch constantly, he knows how to sit on command, and comes when he’s called. Not only being a very smart boy but, he gives the best cuddles and never stops smiling! ❤️
Belle is a beautiful soul. She loves to play hide & seek, sleep in the window, cuddle under the covers, & would rather play with ponytails instead of toys. 🤍
Princess is a 5yr old Turtleshell tabby. She enjoys Climbing Trees and playing fetch. She likes to watch lion king and her favourite food is salmon and tuna. Princess is a beautiful funny and amazing cat. And the love she shows me i can’t put in to words.
Keya Rain🌸 is a purebred Siberian husky , With 1 Blue and 1 Brown eye, she loves to play with her dad and her millions of toys🥰 she’s very spoiled and also a very protective Emotional Support animal for ptsd 🥰❤️ She’s also very very friendly 🥰
My names royalty and I’m a German Rottweiler lab mix and I’m almost 1yrs old that loves to play and go on car rides. I’m also a big lover. My favorite thing to do is play with my family and take naps.
Bentley is a 6 lb chocolate miniature apple head chihuahua who loves his momma, the beach, and soaking up the sun. He’s a lover, but beware he has a big bark!
Pirate Booty
Pirate Booty is a girl. She likes cream cheese, whipped cream and likes to watch Keeping up with the Kardashians. She is the sweetest, funniest and most loving kitty in California.
Tanky likes food, and icecream, he loves chewing on his dad and he talks to you like he’s human!
Spunky is almost a one year old cat that loves other animals, adventuring the world and giving love to people! Hes so curious and crazy!
This is Tigger, he’s a 3 year old bull massif pit mix. He got his name from winnie the pooh because he bounces like him. Tigger loves water bottles (mostly for water), bathes, car rides and outside. Tigger doesn’t like motorcycles, rc toys or squirrels. Tiggers best friend is Oscar who he’s been showing extra love to since oscar’s mom passed away.
Marbles is a french bulldog, he's called marbles because he's a crazy little puppy who has lost his marbles he loves to play and run about, he loves his toy ball and loves a cuddle 😍🥰 don't be fooled by his sweet little face he loves mischief and certainly will make you giggle <3
Sinatra is nothing but a big lap dog who loves his cuddles. He may look big & scary, but in reality he’s probably afraid of a fly. He’s definitely a talker & lets me know what he’s thinking at all times, as long as he gets his ice cream at the end of the night he’ll be out like a light & snoring like a human. Sinatra is definitely a dog with a personality & isn’t afraid to show it.
She loves to eat and sleep she also likes to do tricks and spins in circle for food. She likes to bug her sister and snaps at her then runs.
She is very smart, spins when we tell her or have food for her. She likes sitting by the window like a cat and watching everything outside.
Charlie is a cheeky little chappy who loves everyone he meets! He’s still a pup in training but he’s working hard to becoming a well trained pooch!
Jaxon is 4 years old. He is a rambunctious, loving border collie doggo who loves attention, anything that squeaks and enjoys playing frisbee and fetch.
Romeo is the definition of “curiosity killed the cat”. He keeps us on our toes, as you can see him here on top of a door. He has no fear! He is also the sweetest shadow who loves to be near his mom and grandma!
Peter is a rescue cat left abandoned in a home. He was about 3 months old when I took him in. He is the most loving kitty I ever known 😍. I took him to the vet at 6 months old to get his shots and to get him spaded. Now Peter is 12 years old and a very affectionate 20 pound cat. He loves baths, catnip, and his toys.
Betty Anne
Betty Anne is a Spunky girl, she loves to play and take walks at the park, Betty Anne loves to snuggle and show you lots of love and give u puppy kisses with her puppy breath! She loves pig ears She was welcomed into our hearts on the 4/15/22 she was born on 3/12/22 she now weighs 7.9 pounds and she is 7 inches in height after 181/2 inches long currently now knows her name
Star is a loving Cat, very friendly she actually says hello when she comes into the room
Theo is a sweethearts he is calm and reserved in some ways. He likes to do his own things as he the man of the house. He is a very playful kitty. His face and beautiful honey eyes just steal your hearts. He is a heartthrob and a babe magnet, attracts all the female attention. He is slightly coy but indeed very vocal when he needs to be, his interactions are outstanding. He can tell what he wants and what he needs, he would drag you by your top or your hand to take you to what he wants. He loves to sit with his favourite toy
maui is a 4 month old pomsky who just LOVES to skateboard, he learns more and more each day and also love car rides and bumblebees!
Winnie loves to cuddle with her brother jinx