This is Leo, he loves head kisses that’s his favourite thing and also loves to sleep a lot. Being the king is hard work so likes to refuel himself from food and sleep
Peter is a service cat and a perfect gentleman, as you can see by his built in mustache. He also works part time at a bakery making biscuits to help his mom with money in this crazy economy. When he is not working, He loves playing fetch with hair ties and straws. He is extremely friendly and always willing to meet new friends.
Martha is an 8 week old Sprollie who has stolen our hearts, she is the most adventurous little pup with bundles of energy. She is the first pup we have had and it took a while to find the perfect name to suit her but we love the name martha we think its very fitting for her. She is already showing signs of high intelligence so when she can we will be taking her to puppy training lessons. We cant wait to spend the rest of her life with us. We adore her. We love her beautiful eye colour and fluffy fur and the sweet little noises she makes when she sleeps. We cant wait to see how she develops she already is full of personality bless her.
Peaches is the sweetest little boy who loves to give cuddles, but of course he also has his crazy side 💙
Buddy is so loving loves his mum loves having walks and cuddles
He is a sweet, loving little boy. He’s about 10 to 11 months old spoiled as ever love playing with all his toys loved his kitty treats and loves crashing out on mommy and daddy‘s bed.and he loves to hug and kiss u a lot and he loves to go out in the car for a ride
Minxie as a baby, have a look at her kitten days, she’s nearly 2. Minxie is our queen, Regal and beautiful, loves snuggles under the covers and hitches a ride around the home on dads shoulder
Prissey is a Very Smart Loving 4 Yr Old Pomeranian, She Loves To Give Kisses & Cuddles Along With Chasing Her Fluffy Tail & Playing With Her Lambchop Toy & Raccoon From PaPa & Mema.💞 Not To Mention She's a Happy Girl When Going Out For Walk's & Laying in the Sun!!! Prissey's Definitely An Eye Catcher With Her Loving Big Brown Eyes, Her Cuteness & Bouncy Personality💖She's Gave Us So Much Love & Enjoyment Ever Since We Rescued Her❣️ Please Vote For Prissey Everyday Upto 10 Free Vote's Daily❣️Prissey's Definitely A Winner in Our Heart's & Hopefully Your's Too!!!💖 Thank You All & Have A Pawsivitly Wonderful Day!!!💖🐾💝🐾💖 💞🐾💞🐾💞🐾💞🐾💞
Falkor is an albino miniature dachshund. He is named after the dragon in the movie The Never Ending Story
Our first kitten. Wee character (cheeky) already
Milo is the most affectionate cat I’ve ever owned and when he cuddles he looks like he is praying.
Nylah is a playful, cheerful pup who will melt your heart! She loves playing with her sqeaky hedgehog and basking in the midday sun. Oh and...she loves her cookies!
Gunner loves to play outside and in the water he is sweet but protective when he needs to be!!
Kona Lynn
Kona is so free loving and protective over her human kids!
i am doing advanced votes for return to my contest on 8th August please leave a message on my wall if you would like advanced votes.Thanks x
Max is a very happy and lovely dog, he loves to play soccer with his human-brothers and like to ride the car every day.
Nala is a beautiful gentle girl she loves her human brother and sister Jacob & primrose so much, Jacob is autistic and the patience understanding and love she has for him is amazing. We love our Nala.
Hi im Cupid and im love chasing butterflies and smelling the flowers...
Buddy was 1 on the 16th April,he is the most loving dog, always giving kisses and cuddles,he has so many doggie friends ,hes loves everyone,he is so gentle and loves everyone and friendly
Henny loves her mousy 🐁 she brings it everywhere with her, and knows how to play fetch with her little mouse. She loves the birds and the nature out there. She loves flying squirrels 🐿️ she brought one to me and my fiancé and was mothering it. She’s such a sweet girl. She loves to cuddle like a human. She’s a miracle from god. Her mom was killed by a car. But henny and her sister fluffy where the only ones out of the litter to survive. Man I don’t know what I would do without this kitty. Shes so delicate.
Mama and her 6 babies... Babies are 3 days old and so adorable!! ❤️❤️❤️
Phoebe is full of life and has a twinkle back in her eyes since she was rescued from the streets of Serbia. A very cheeky little lady who loves her food but bananas are her favourite. A very happy girl.
Maggie is obsessed with her toys specifically balls, and can be found with one in her mouth at most times.
Charlie B
Charlie is something special he's definitely not your average cat ..may of 2023 he will be 11 years old and 11 years of me having a free yard sale kitty ..I didn't rescue Charlie, Charlie rescued me ,he's very smart and very handsome beautiful fur baby he loves to walk around the yard and lay on the porch .. he's king kitty .I wouldn't say he's spoiled he loves to play and ride around in the clothes basket
Tiger is an amazing loving cats and is very playful, sometimes he thinks he is a dog
Nellie is a 10 week old brindle French bulldog. She is adorable, fun and loving!
Shaq is a 2 year old Great Dane who loves to play with his ball at home with his dad. He loves going to the dog park and playing with any dog he runs into.
This is my Lacey Lou which you could tell she hates her hat but is always sweet and lets me dress her up, she loves people loves to be held while I clean up the house vote for her!
This is sage my little fashion icon ofc she is a full breed of beagle and has one grown pup named remi
He likes to eat play and sleep
Hi I'm Jimmy a 3 year old British Shorthair, my favourite food is chicken and I enjoy sleeping and playing
Felix is a domestic shorthair, tuxedo cat. She is a very spoiled little girl. Loves to be combed and loves to play with anything thats not a cat toy. Lol
Rocket is 6 months old and he loves to play and sleep on his favorite blanket. Whenever we shake his treats he comes running. He is very energetic and loves to play!
Iggy Pop
Ignis aka Iggy pop is the gentlest dinky princess with the most beautiful nature and is adored and loved by us! She was born at home and lives with her mum cocopop dad Jackson sister caddycat and 2 foster uncles skylar and Rupert bear. she loves to take her toy mice to her fur family in case they’re a bit bored. She loves watching the pigeons on the window ledge and is spoilt with cat tv and playing in the big bath with bubbles and her boat. She loves bouncy balls. Often she will be found curled up in a fur bundle with her mum,dad and sister. ❤️
Feo Is 4 months old and she’s the sweetest tea cup yorkie ever! She’s likes to play with toys and chase ducks, just because she’s tiny dies mean she’s not noisy!
I’m very playful but only at night when my parents want to sleep. I like catching flies and leaving my mum&dad worms, my favourite place to nap is on my dad.
Grizzly Smith
Grizzly is a 7 week old Bully XL who is Fiesty, friendly and funny. He is also so smart hes already housebroken!! He is #1 in my heart and should be #1 in yours also!!
Buddy is the best therapy dog. He is a papillon that Loves to fly and be passed around the airplane to visit everyone on the plane. Always wants to share his love and kindness with everyone. He even raised 3 kittens and 3 puppies as his own.
Shes such a smart dog. She makes me smile so much. She just loves to run, and chase kitties. No she doesn't hurt em. Shes just a big floofy goof
Sweets is a lazy kitty but when he wants to play you know it. He loves to lay by me and get pets all day. He’s a cuddle monster on top of already be such a lil cutie
Virchow is a rescue dog, soft, friendly and very smart.