Saffy here is amazing, she still looks so young for her age considering she is now nearly 9 years old.
Rex is a loveable dog and loves his walks he is such a softy at times and loves to Play.
Milly And Tilly
My baby girls ❤️❤️❤️ bring love to our family❤️🐾🐈🐾❤️ open to exchange votes ❤️❤️❤️
Jax loves playing with his brother bear ! Jax is a very sweet girl and little sassy !
He loves sleeping with his mommy ! loves his sister Jax !
Where do I begin with this crazy cat. She is definitely a one of a kind cat. She’s always wanting to play but she has to make sure you’re watching her at all times. She loves to make you laugh. When it’s time to wind down she will come snuggle on your belly and when she’s ready for bed she will start to nudge you. She has learned how to do high fives!!
Spirit is a one of a kind, his character is so relaxed. He brings up everyone spirits when the sun is not bright that day. Very talkative, and loves to play as he welcomes all family and friends with love.
Chico is a cheeky little frug frenchie x pug he's super cheeky and fits perfect with our family absolutely stunning
She eats fresh tuna steaks like a wildabeast, she’s got 3 big brothers that she dominates and she sleeps on the pillow all evening long!
Babygirl is so loving and plays fetch her favorite place to be is on her mama and she loves being talked to. She always knows how to help keep a smile on my face.
Pixie is nearly 3 years old now and acts super old for her age ahah! She loves to be high up, out exploring and playing with her favourite feather toys jumping all over the place :)
Sassy Sapphire
For one she is a she not he ! Sassy is 8 months old and is a rescue kitty. Loves to play fetch with toys and acts like Tarzan climbing curtains
I am fostering him for my daughter, he really misses her, but I think he is happy staying with me his grandma .
A gremlin who loves dairy, string and cardboard.
I lost Scooter a few years ago, he was hit by a car I miss him dearly every single day.
Sherlock is very reserved, playful when he wants to be and full of love.
She's full of energy, fun loving and so very cute.
Amost is a fun loving kitten. She loves cheese cake and being vacuumed with the vacuum! She hunts like a big tiger and snuggles like a little baby. Almost is kind and ready to play with any one.
Amira is a little Princess and just wants to be cuddling or sleeping with you all of the time
A 5 month bundle of joy. Full of fun and mischief
A sweet boy who loves pets and cuddles and FOOD
She is very loving. Loves playing in bags
Yeti is 5 months old and a good little boy
boonie is a mixture poodle she is a fun loving playful pup that has a look of energy.
Daisy 🌼 is a little Madame, also up to mischief lol but love her millions
Hi. I'm a baby kitty. I'm 18 weeks old. I love playing with my jellyfish and my ball/mouse scratcher. My Mommy and siblings are still at Gracious Friends Animal Sanctuary where I was recently adopted from. I've had my first round of vaccinations, but I haven't been neutered (yet) so I have to be an indoor kitty. There are some big dogs (German shepherds and other big breeds) around here plus a river with a fast current in back of our house so I'm safer that way.
Loving girl, who loves attention and cuddles xxx
She's tiny
Tazz Sebastian Nava
Tazz is such a sweetheart who loves to cuddle, he is very in tuned with how I am feeling if I am in pain he stays by my side or in bed with me, he loves to sit in the tree and watch everything, he is very protective over me 😻
Chit Head
He's so loveable.can tell when your down.Great senses. Knows before crap hits the fan!!! Protects you and other feline companions!!!!
Luna was a rescue very unhealthy and small..even though hes still kind of small for his age he is very energetic and has so much personality..he loves to chase the dog and yell at the squirrels outside his favorite window..but most of all loves cuddles with his momma..
Angel is our Baby full of personality and playful and loves people enjoys playing with other dogs . We adopted Angel from rescue center two years ago she is sweet loves her treats and loves eating chicken for dinner Best girl in the world♥️
Koda is a young, energetic Sable German shepherd! Complete nutter and loves a good photo. Loves the water and get extremely muddy 💩
Cookie is a female calico cat who was born on the 24th of October 2022. She has always enjoyed playing with toys (especially pipe cleaners) and mainly sleeps on her cat tree.
Bendy is a very lovable boy, so very soft like the fur of a squirrel. Spends his day sleeping in the sun and his nights running with his brother day.
Darcy is your typical mischievous cat with lots of energy and loves to play, hide, sleep and eat.
she enjoys a bit of growling
delicate and nice likes licking
Midnight is our other 10 week old kitten, she loves attention just like her brother!
Daisy squeeks rather than meows and loves chicken!
such a nice friendly dog
Binx is our 10 week old cuddle bug, who loves attention!
Punchie is a very loving, and affectionate cat. She gives me kisses every morning to wake me up. She loves playing hide-n-seek under the covers, and her favorite game to play is patty cake. I taught her that since she was very little. She is 2years and 2 months.
Patch is coming up to 9 this year, she was adopted from the Blue cross with her sister willow who unfortunately was run over only a few years after we adopted her🕊️Patch loves to live a spoilt life having her own personal footstool which she sits on to watch birds out the window, it is her favourite activity. We were told she may be a mix of calico, tortishell and maybe part Maine coon
Talulah is a very cuddly mummys girl She loves a warm lap , and will curl up as soon as you sit down to relax, talulah is at her happiest when she has the zoomies , and will run after you Playing and prancing around. She loves a roast chicken and sunday dinner is her favourite day of the week. Talulah also loves a good blanket one she can bury herself in , loves being warm at every opportunity ❤️ loved and adored by everyone in the family.
Salem is a little too handsome. He is always hungry, and eats food with such violent enjoyment that a dustpan and brush live next to his bowl. He is sweet and needy. He lives for attention and will find creative ways to draw your attention. He often holds house plants hostage.
Baine is a cute friendly dog that loves to hike, he loves discovering new things and going on new adventures he is a playful dog that has a brother named Barbosa in the cat contest that loves to take all the attention but Baine loves to sit for a photo or two