Krytos is a 11 week old Rottweiler. He love toys and playing with mom. He has a personality all its own.
My name is Bella. I am very spoiled. I enjoy swimming. I also have to have my makeup put on every time my mommy does hers.
Theo is a miniature daschund. At 13 weeks he a cheeky wee chap and full of character. Never a dull moment when theo around he’s always up to some sort of mischief. He loves to steal his big brothers toys (Milo). Any time he has a jumper on he pulls it off and hides it in his bed.he is just a fun loving pup. He loves nothing more than snuggles with everyone and gives plenty of kisses 😘
Diamond is my little Angel. She loves to wear her little dresses and cute outfits. She is just adorable. She loves to run and she makes me smile. She is my joy and I love her with all of my heart. She enjoys going to the park and loves to follow me everywhere. No matter where I am at I can hear her kitty pat feet coming toward me. She loves her treats and toys. She has to have a blankie to go to sleep. I am thankful to have this little girl in my life. She brightens my world and she will always be my special Angel from above. She is my heart and I love her more than she could ever know. She is my Diamond Girl
Hi! My name is Walther(walter). Im an almost 2 year old german rottweiler. I love playing catch with my dad and tug with mom. My most favorite thing to do though is dig. I can be a little saucy sometimes but im cute so i get away with it :-)
I am a 6 years old Dachshund born and raised in Orlando Florida. I love playing with my toys and outdoors activities. I’m stubborn but sweet.
About Toriel is he doesn’t like ANY treats, he cries A LOT, and he’s my BABY, hopefully going to become North Dakota’s king 👑🗳(I also do 10 vote exchanges)
This is Lulu and she’s a mixed snowshoe and siamese, she loves watching over the baby and she ADORES attention but she’s very picky ❤️😂 (I also do 10 vote exchanges)
This, is snowball! She is very hyper, and she loves playing with my other cats, but she’s a too rough so they end up fighting after 😅(I also do 10 vote exchanges!) But after all that we still love our little demon ❤️‍🔥
Libby is a crazy Beagle who loves to be with family and adores children.
Hello 👋 this… Is Mistey and she’s 13 and she loves spending time with my youngest brother (10 month’s). And she also loves eating ALLTHETIME! 😰😂 (Plus I also do 10 vote exchanges!)
Princess Skyye
Princess Skyye is the newest member of our family. She’s loving, cuddly and playful and brings us smiles daily. She loves to play with her two big brothers, Diego (2.5 year old German shepherd) and Rico (4 year old Yorkipoo). She’s not all cuteness, though. She’s smart too! After 3 nights of being home and at 10 weeks old she already learned to pee on her potty pad. We are so happy to have this sweet Princess in our lives!
Kylo loves to eat especially in the morning he eats apples and baby carrots and bananas.. super friendly dog ..
Rosie And Jellybean
Had their babies 1 day apart
Molly Ann
Hello! My name is Molly Ann ❤️ I am a very big daddys girl, why wouldn’t I be he is the one who rescued me as a baby. I am the queen of my Castle or the cat tower as some might say but whatever I say goes if not then You will definitely hear about it. I like many things including my cat food bowl to be full and my nap to be long. I’m currently 13 years young and never skip a beat (to my own drum).
Malibu LOVES her mommy! She cuddles all night in the same spot, she loves her brother Echo, that is a German shepherd, and her 2 other cat sisters, Holley, and Sierra ❤️
Alreet, my name is Ollie or as my mama loves to call me Olliebops or precious. I love nothing better than to sit at the window and chirrup and chatter to the birds. I think I’m a king and I love my home comforts especially my cushion to sleep on. I am certainly one pampered puss.
Shep the pup He's a one of a kind German shepherd
coffee dances and loves clothes
Prince is so playful he loves wearing new sweaters and he loves to eat especially his salmon snacks!!! A cool fact about prince he has a extra claw and pad on his foot he’s unique!!!! So vote for my lil kitty he loves giving kisses too😎
Ragdoll x Bengal
Maximus Tot Andrew Mitchell is the name i love to attack my mommys face (: im only 7 months old and weigh 2.8 lbs i might be a dwarf cat my mom keeps saying! Idk what that means but I love it lol i moght end up being one of the smallest cats in the world!!!
Morgus The Magnificent
Morgus aka Morggie is 1yr 10 months old now. He loves toys & peanut butter cookies. He sings the star spangled banner. He was born in the pound. I adopted him the day he turned 8 wks old from LASPCA. My favorite thing about him is that he makes me laugh everyday. He has a mischievous & silly personality.
Hello, my name is Kiku and I am a menace- like Dennis the menace but cuter! My parents let me get away with a lot, even when I playfully attack my mom to get a reaction out of her; it is hilarious. Overall, I love my family. I get an abundance of cuddles, kisses and I even have a brother and sister from another mother that I like to beat up. Life is good and I am happy. Winning this contest will mean the world to my parents. Thank you for voting!
She loves her daddy!!!! That’s me ;)
He loves to pee when excited 😆!!!!!
Juno is a very smart boy💙 By 6 months old he already knew sit, paw, lay down, spin, bow and stay. He is very energetic and loves going on walks/runs. He loves playing with basketballs🏀. He loves cuddles and giving kisses🥰 & last but not least he loves having days out & getting to go on a car rides with moms to get pup cups🍦
Silvio is quite the character! He is stubborn, ornery, and sometimes a pain in the you know what. He can be such a lover and does what he can for affection (bring us his toys, act like he is a lap dog, and talk like crazy). He loves FOOD!
Jax is a rambunctious, typical Siberian husky that loves to talk back to get what he wants. He loves his treats (his favorites are sweet peppers and peanut butter). How can you deny that cute, mischievous face? ❤️
Meet Blaze, the cutest cat and boy does he know it! This spoilt kitty loves spending his days relaxing but also being a right little menace! He also thinks he’s a model and loves dreamies more than anything!
Hi I’m olive I was rescue from a house fire. I love catching bugs, I love to cuddle, and my favorite thing to do with my dry food is dump my bowl over and eat my food on the floor 😻vote for me
Bear Bear
Bear Bear is a tiny Toy Poodle; what some people mistakenly refer to as Teacup. He's currently 14 weeks old, and is already housebroken. He is a rambunctious, playful, and sweet and loveable little boy!
Dotty’s favourite hobbies are chewing things she shouldn’t and digging holes in the lawn. She loves playing with her doggy friends and sneaking into my bed for a cuddle!
Baron was a great dog his family loved him very much he loved to play with his "charming" latex toys he also loved ripping apart his stuffed animals and he loved playing with his towel.
Sami is the best puppy squirrel I've ever had! She likes to zoom around the house, steal your food and climb on everything! Truly worth all yhe votes!
Nickolas aka Nick aka Louso, is a stunning young man who loves to sleep and play with his ball. He is the king of zoomies! 💨
I am a very loud purrer. I love treats and to hide in boxes
She's 10 years old very layed back loves being outside ❤️
Daisy is a teeny weeny cuddle bug, she is the most precious thing I’ve ever seen.
Finnegan loves running my house like a racetrack at night playing with all his siblings. He enjoys his treats and getting cuddles. He’s such a good boy, he’s loving and fun!
Loki loves to spend his time hidden in a drawer for about 6 - 12 hours of his day. After that, he can be found having the zoomies and tearing up anything he can find. He loves to play in the bathtub. His favorite toys are a green pickle that wiggles and hair ties.
Cat enjoys day naps and chewing straws. She also enjoys traveling from under the bed to the keyboard on my laptop.
Broly is a snuggle bug, he loves car rides and the dog park, he loves attention and his favorite thing to do is sleep, he loves to chew on his foot, his favorite toy is his ducky
The smartest lil lady with so much love to give.
Birdie is the spitting image of her dad, in looks and personality. She’s a super loving and playful puppy and loves the giant toys
Belle is a beautiful and playful cat who is possibly the most loving cat I’ve ever had. She’s very sociable and never hides away from new people, and in the morning she’s desperate for some cuddles and pets before I start work. She loves dreamies and can even do a few tricks for them 🙈
Honey is the newest member of the family.. she's little but she has a mighty personality