Very cute and very photogenic she has her own personality.
Lucky is a very Happy dog..Loves to run and jump..He get so excited when meeting new people..
Sparrow is a recue kitty, and I brought her home July 3rd, 2021. Fireworks were going off all evening, scaring Sparrow so much that she hid under the bed for weeks. She's so happy now, and loves to drag her beanie kitty around, looking for me.
Finley is the ultimate goober. He is a sweetheart who is convinced his reflection is actually a dog in the oven. He loves to talk and zoom in the rain.
Smokey loves to walk everywhere with me and is very cheeky but cute.
Hi! My name is whiskers and I love to stick my tongue out! I am very cuddly and love to plop wherever whenever and on whoever gives me attention. I LOVE the outdoors, eating, sleeping, and playing with the fish. I don’t really have a meow but what I do have I make the most out of it!
She is 2 month old and is already in to everything. She is a beautiful kitten
This is Earl (Mooshie). He is a rescue that came into our life a little over a year ago. His old family left him abandoned in a house. The neighbors found him and dropped him off at their Vet. He now lives at the Vet office. He spends his days greeting scared, anxious animals, napping around the clinic, playing with all his rescue brothers and sisters. While enjoying all the love, treats and pets he gets from the staff and clients. He is truly living the good life as a pampered furball.
Mia recently started enjoying the backyard gardening. She loves digging and rolling in the dirt and taking in the views from the redbud tree.
"See, Itold ya sants real!"
Loki is just a gorgeous boy who is intelligent, affectionate, bold while still showing the people loving caregiving personality Staff's are known for. The best boy in the world.
Jonah is almost 16 years old. He is such a lover boy. He has an amazing personality, comes when he's called, loves to greet all my clients. He is super loved 😍. Best cat ever
Jimmy is our feisty, energetic, two month old puppy. He loves people, and playing with other pups. We would love your vote! 💜
Never a dull moment when the Bunters around. Very energetic loves chasing lasers, sitting in the window, favorite snacks are lickables. Has very sharp nails and teeth. Nickname: my kiss
Melly was found on the side of the road at only a couple weeks old. He loves to play and climb and has an outgoing personality
Roger is my little Dachshund mix. He's my little adventure buddy and is such a little goof ball. He's one of the many high lights of my life and I couldn't have asked for a better dog companion
Ollie loves to dig holes and play outside, he enjoys any toy. He loves to snuggle when he’s sleepy.
Smokey And Bandit
Smokey is the black and white doggy, he's German shepherd/husky and Bandit is the all black doggy, he's great dane/German shepherd. Smokey is going to be 11 and Bandit is going to be 2. They're such goofballs and loving playing catch. This is them waiting for the ball to be thrown. They both love to be lap dogs and love all the attention they can get.
Chica is the love of our lives! She is the ultimate best dog we have ever had. She is very loving and extremely friendly! She is 4 years old. She loves her daily walks and car rides. She loves to lay out in the sunshine 😊.
Pretty Girl
She used to run and hide when she seen people, she's a loving cat to everyone now.
Miya is a female orange tabby cat! Female orange cats are extremely rare, making her even more special. She was born on April 26th, 2020 and has been by my side ever since. She's extremely intelligent and learns tricks fast! She can give high-fives and more. She loves liquid cat treats and bird-watching. She's very loving and playful.
Dolly is so loving and sweet, her best friend is my Sons cat Chase shes also partial to a digestive dunked in my cup of tea
She’s sassy sexy and sensational! She’s a Boss and runs the other cats. I love her confidence !
Shiloh is a Full Blooded Beagle. He’s a year old now! He was born on January 26th, 2023! He’s a very active, playful pup & very smart.
Diva always needs her SPF because she won’t leave her sunbathing area without a fight. When it’s gloomy out, a chunk of beef trachea and some TV is her ideal day.
My mum named me Lunatic (short for Luna) for my random zoomies! I am not a lap cat but I love tree hugging and grass eating when I am outside exploring!
Abby is a sweet heart. She loves everyone and ready to play anytime
Frankie likes looking out the window and being a mischievous little girl.
Daisy is a 2-year-old corgi. She makes bladder stones so she goes to the vet a lot. She likes to play with her sisters, make new friends, listening to music, and going swimming.
meet dexter! he is an australian cattle dog and black lab mix. this little guy enjoys the outdoors (and loves to take dads spot to look out the window), chomp on toes, and play with his older sister! his favourite snacks include; ham, eggs, and the occasional chip from mom 😂 he has quite the voice and will input his opinion no matter what!
Jareth is my Emotional Support Animal. He is my best friend and my faithful companion. He loves looking out the window and taking naps on my bed. He's got the most beautiful eyes despite having a sight disability. He's my wonderful little Goblin King
Lil Mama
Hey everyone I’m lil mama. And I am a red nose a gotti pit mix. I am 3 years old and I love to eat halos and hot dogs. My favorite humans is my daddy and sister. I think you should vote for me because I’m the bestest girl ever (says my sister)
Brutus loves long walks going to get the mail playtime and lots of loves and he enjoys time with his sibling Brownie
Jaeggar is a 20lb ball of fun. This ole fella is notorious for making sure you are adhering to his schedule. He will stalk you from room to room to make certain you are on point with his needs. He is super smart and will do meer cat squats for treats. He loves hot fire, belly rubs- and well, let’s be real- food 😻
Brownie loves hugs kisses long walks and playing with his sibling Brutus. But nap time is his very favorite time
Vote for Cupcake. A rescue pup.
Lucifer Morningstar
Lucifer is a happy boy who love to talk and run around the neighborhood and backyard. He likes to chase the squirrels, and loves his treats. He loves his big sister and two kitty siblings. He’s obnoxious and very loving.
Jax is a very loving boy who loves to cuddle and talk. He’s very smart and loves to play with his toy mouse and fish and he will chase his ball and bring it back. He loves his treats and sitting on the back of the couch looking out the window at the squirrels and birds.
Hi, I'm Molly. A cheeky, energetic and happy little pup 🐾
Mittenz loves to voice her opinion and has a meow that will melt your heart. She loved fresh shrimp and salmon.
Salem Bluebell
Salem Bluebell is a very sweet and loving cat. She loves to hide in her cat bed or tree and sleep. She loves to sit on her cat perch and look out the window. She loves her treats and cuddles.
Lucifer is a happy boy who love to talk and run around the neighborhood and backyard. He likes to chase the squirrels, and loves his treats. He loves his big sister and two kitty siblings. He’s obnoxious and very loving.
gizmo is a bully but he’s cute so it’s okay
Heaven loves her treats and toys, and she loves—to nibble on—your toes even more.
Baby is a sweet girl who has a strong attitude. Her mustache might throw you off but she is a princess!
Wooky loves to dance when we say "are you happy happy happy". Shes so in tune with our feelings that she knows when youre sad and she'll come and sit with you and show you love and attention. She absolutely loves getting snuggles. We love her so much x
Her nickname is Sammy, she’s a staffy and she loves belly rubs and walks