maui is a 4 month old pomsky who just LOVES to skateboard, he learns more and more each day and also love car rides and bumblebees!
Winnie loves to cuddle with her brother jinx
Thanos is a funny loving male German shepherd. He likes to play with cats, follows people around.. he’s 3 years old.
Rose is our first baby, our blue eyed beauty, she’s been spoilt to the point she gets jealous if other cats get more attention than her. She’s super cute and has beautiful blue eyes and an angelic look. She’s needs a lot of attention and comfort, she’s just a a baby. When we bought our second cat Minnie home, she was angry at us for two days, she would hide her face in our arms and just moan. We had to keep reassuring her that she’s our baby and she’s a good girl, this encouraged her to become friends with our little Minnie and the rest is history
Zoey is 7weeks old playful loves to eat !! Run and play very spoiled and loving cute little girl mayb weighs 1lb
Minnie is a mischievous cat. She warmed to us the very first day she came to her new home and we were surprised when she took a leap from the arm of the sofa to my chest, literally minutes after coming home for the first time. She can entertain herself with anything and she’s a fan of moths and flies. She recognises the way I call her when I see a fly and the first thing she would do is jump on you so you can walk around with her to show hee where the fly is. She would run around playing with the fly chatting away. She is the friendliest cat out of all my 6 kitties.
Just a pup
Hazel is a calm kitty, she likes to be left alone and does her own things unless she’s in a playful mood. She loves her feathery toy and can hear the jingles from a mile away. She’s very feminine in everything that she’s does, she’s a little madam
I’m ivy! A 4 month old pure GSD!
Spot is such a loving, caring, protective dog. He loves quiet barking at night, to not wake the kids. LoL. He loves going on walks around the neighborhood. He loves wearing shirts. Green machine
Cocoa is 11/12 she is a rescue dog, she was abused and my dad saved her from his aunts house and she’s a sweet dog.
Chilli And Clohie
These 2 are sisters love playing together! Mom is a Chocolate Lab and dad is a Black lab/German Shepard
A sassy lady who loves her daddy.
Grizzly bear is an adorable 13 week German shepherd puppy whose personality is as big as his fur!
I’m Mamas favorite boy ! I love catnip! I only eat dry food at day time. I love chasing birds! I sleep most of the day.
Koda Queen
Koda is my little queen🥰 she is 4 months old and the most loving girl ever!! She loves every animal, every human and is CONVINCED that everyone is her best friend. Koda is a QUEEN!
Melody is an Australian Shepherd/Lab mix. She is an energetic sweetheart who loves to snuggle at your feet when she's not playing with you. She is very loyal to our family and just loves to be with us! We taught her to jump through hula hoops for treats and she loves to chase her ball and frisbee!
Lala is an outgoing kind pet who loves affection and treats. She’s friendly and kind
Snowball was born with his back legs backwards and it doesn’t stop him from loving to play with his toys or chasing you around the house. He loves to snuggle and play with his buddies.
Hazel is very new to our family she is very smart and playful and enjoy playing with her cat brother and toys 🥰
Loves cuddles!
Beerus is a zoomer. He loves playing with Cody bear (dog) and loves his grandpa.
I love to chase birds in the park. My mommy gives me plenty of treats when I’m a good boy. I’m a shiba inu
Loves a good hoodie with some shades 😎
Peter Parker
He is a cute, crazy kitten who loves playing with everything even your feet. He is a spidercat
He love playing outside and he love to eat and he love to sleep with you all the time he is a cute dog
Mr. Milky
I saved Mr. milky from this house that was very bad he loves cuddles he LOVES to eat he wakes me up at 7 am every morning to get breakfast he loves laser lights plays fetch he loves kisses ❤️
He loves cuddles. Loves to play outside. The reason you should vote for him is because he is just the best little boy and just look at him
Zola is hyper and an active outside dog, she was born Dec 1st 2021!🐾💜 She was born in the winter and in Feb-March she was always outside in the snow!❄️She’s outside everyday 75 percent of the day☀️
Ottis is a lovable rescue who enjoys war scratches, good boy treats, and (although he sinks) he loves to play in the water!
I’m a 3 month old rescue from Romania. I enjoy being a cheeky handful for my mummy and I’m growing into a big boy quite quickly.
Seeker loves to watch birds and climb trees. He is the sweetest sleepy boy
Hi I’m beans! I like to watch birds on YouTube and eat and sit in the window all day!
Hi I’m pumpkin! I like to take naps on mom and dad and give them nose kisses in between naps.
Dexter is 5month old goldendoodle who loves to romp and play ! He’s favorite people are mom and dad and his favorite pawiends are his uncle Tyson and aunt willow!
Victor is a very loving, curious little pup! We are so lucky in the fact that we’ve never had to train him on anything other than toileting. Victor LOVES the ball, ball is life!! He’s quite the adventure pup and will practically participate in anything you set him off doing. The trust between him and us is fantastic!! Victor is a springy little Daxiejack or Jackshund, depending on what you prefer. I’ll let you work those two breads out. He has an Instagram page, which we try to update regularly on his daily antics. Feel free to come follow him @victor_the_sausgae
She loves metting people, long walks, and loves to play, she loves to cuddle and to lick your brain through your ear. She loves everyone and has the most emotions i have ever seen from a dog before. As a pup her nose was shaped like a ❤ and still is. To me the heart on her nose is a symbol of the love that she has for people.
She is ball looney! So sweet and cuddly. She goes EVERYWHERE with me and she gets attention EVERYWHERE! Everyone always comments on her behavior and her beauty!
Im black lab and blue heeler i love the water the most and my mom n dad takes me for car rides
Bunzino is a sweet young boy. He is very curious and wants to help with everything.
Bella is the sweetest little girl ever! She turned 2 in April-a big, 80lb, energetic, loving furball. She is very intuitive and an amazing emotional support dog 🥰 she has saved my life in more ways than one💖🐾
What jasper likes most is being with his people anywhere they are is where he wants to be and he loves car rides
She loves anything green. Playing with her brother. And zoomies and 12am and again sometime in the mid morning. I am a princess
She loves her big sister baby two peas in a pod
Clover dog is a curious beagle. If she is not out with her friends at the dog bar. Then she is out on an adventure sniffing out excitement. But also love snuggles when she gets back home.
Wilf is such a clever boy, he is very adventerous and playful and already knows how to sit & paw at 9 weeks old! He makes us smile every day 🥰
Sunflower is a disabled rescue who is pure love and joy