Dog cat Stories - 41


My little Coby is such a good watch dog, he barks at everything but wouldn’t hurt a flea.
He’s the best cuddle buddy you never knew you needed! Always in your lap! Unless you have a squeaky ball.. then it’s play time!
Hi i'm Molly! My mom and dad say i'm spunky, sweet, and a little crazy. I love my big brother, Bentley, and cuddles.
Bandit is a rescue. I say he actually rescued me. This boxer/shar pei is the best cuddle bug in the world. Not sure what his past was BUT he has a great loving/spoiled life now!
Being an old boy, he likes to spend most of his day sleeping, but when he’s not sleeping he’s usually begging for food, and he’ll do anything for some belly scratches!
Max is a 5 month old Labradane with a ton of energy! He loves hiking, cuddling and eating!
My name is Lumi Pete McTavish. Lavish McTavish is my nickname! I love playing with my cat sister, laying with all paws spread out, and sitting upright like a human!
Nuggie is 10 months old and loves cuddles! And food
Dolly loves to chew and snuggle! She also loves playing with her little brothers Gus and Ham Lord.
Glen is a Westie cross Pugglepoo. She is very quiet most of the time. She loves chicken and cups of tea!
Coffee Cakes
She was the runt still little girl look now she looks like a werewolf
My super smart special baby! Neptune melts all hearts with his tricks and personality, he loves everyone especially kids! One of a kind lover forever!
Taz is a naughty German Shepard who likes to eat wallpaper off of the wall. She also likes to eat very expensive joints of beef off of the table!
Kitty is a very playful cat and she loves attention and she loves to play with her two brothers Kota and Jasper which are both dogs. They get along so well! She even chases them sometimes! Most cats don’t like to be near water but she does every time I go by a sink she always jumps and looks at me and asks for a drink of water! She loves to hear the birds in the summertime and she loves to look outside.💕
I rescued Apollo when he was 3months old. When I first got him, he was the smallest of the litter, skin and bones, locked up with almost no interaction. Now, he is almost 3 years old and you could never tell he suffered so early in life. He has so much energy that I wish I could the smallest grain of. He has the most unique personality I’ve ever encountered. I love my fur baby with all my heart.
He likes to play fetch with his little yellow ball. And carry it all around the house.
Kitty is very sweet and loving and likes to play with her balls with bells in them and Flippity fish
Luna is an American Bully, She is 9months old now & is a gentle giant she loves to play with other dogs and walks out & about exploring! She is her happiest eating sticks 🤣
I’m Hugo, a ten week old pug. I love attacking the mop but it’s really tiring so I have to end my day cuddled up with my favorite toy sloth.
She’s smart, confident, and loves to have her belly rubbed! Loves her best friend Blu, and wants to eat all the time.
Bubba, aka "Bucket Baby", was one of my foster kittens, we fell in love and he became a "Foster Fail". He was found sealed in a bucket of water, he survived by standing on his deceased siblings. Bubba has promised to share his winnings with cat rescue so others can be saved.💕💙💛💚
Blaze Levine
This is Blaze my 6 month golden retriever pup! He is so sweet he loves lots of snuggles,walks, food, and playing with his big brother!!! He is the best vote blaze!
Zion loves to run and play. He likes a tall glass of water with ice cubes in it.
Shy Rochford
Shy is a Redboned Hound
Ace is a very loving dog. If ur going somewhere and don't want him to go then u better not say the word car or bye around him because he will beat u out the door and to the car. He loves toys but he like to shred them lol.
He is the most loving puppy ever. He loves to cuddle and he loves his food. He is hilarious when he plays with his toys. He does front flips and all kinda of stuff
Obi was a stray when we found him.. all natted up, could hardly see out of his eyes and he had clubs for feet. Nobody wanted him. So we got him all fixed up, took him to the vet, the groomers, and not only was he a new looking dog.. but he acted like a whole new dog as well! Hes happy, and loving and just a JOY to be around. I cant believe that nobody wanted him.
Binx is a friendly and funny little kitty. So funny that he has his own FB page...Bonkers with Binx. Full of funny pics and videos. My son thinks hes his agent and content producer. They make an adorable team.
Always ready to cuddle! Rubs faces and gives nice kisses. Three extra toes on each front paw, a real vocal sweetheart. Her mommy left her Daddy. Daddy left her for vegas. Now she's being cared for by her aunt and uncle and her grandpa with her brother frank. She loves her cat tree, treats, and over grooming her fur.
Paris was a stray kitten but youd never be able to notice it. Shes super loving and so much fun. She absolutely loves attention and wants to be involved in everything youre doing. Paris is so smart. She likes to cuddle and play until she wears herself out. Anyone whos met her has fell in love with her. Shes truly something special.
Benjamin Johnson
hello this is Benjamin he loves playing fetch he loves chasing people hes 5 years old please support us by giving us some votes thank you
This is Ash. Shes part Himalayan, part Maine Coon & Domestic Longhair. She was born with hip displacement dysphoria but she gets around mostly with upper body strength. Shes very affectionate & loving but hogs all the love when we have 3 other cats. Ash deserves all the love she can get ♡
Dixie is a wild and spontaneous doggie. She loves dogs who are 5x her size. And she chews on stuff she knows she shouldn’t.
Daisy is a wonderful puppy, very playful, always full of energy, she has the same heart as mamy, that's why we are here, to help and to be with Alex SMA-1 Please VOTE DAISY
Latte' La Rue'
I am pretty sure he thinks he is human! He's kind, gentle, loves every animal and wants to be everybody's friend = Mr. Congeniality!
Sammy loves her people, always the center of attention & loves to just sleep in her King size bed. She is a foodie but hates taking selfie’s .... just look at that face you cannot resist but wanna pet her.
Shes a Jack Russell Mini Aussie mix with a dash of dachshund for good measure. Her bestie is the neighbors St Bernard. Loves to chase rabbits and play ball.
***PLEASE VOTE FOR GHOST*** Ghost and his littermates were dropped off at our local veterinary office over the hot summer in Arizona. He found his forever home with us when we took our dog in for surgery, he was the only kitty left of the litter that still needed to be adopted. He has brought much joy to us, as he loves to play and run around (usually at night when we want him to sleep!!). He is a super cuddle bug when he is tired, and loves his treats and playing with his toys. His best buddy is our older dog, Brownie (the one who had surgery). Ghost is quite the character, opening the blinds to let in the morning sun so he can bathe in the warmth. We love this little guy.
Timmy is the strongest, bravest cat who has been through so much with his health and never complains and has so much love for his mummy he is an absolute joy to have in my life he is a super star 😺
Reggie loves nothing more than to snuggle with someone nice and warm, but also likes to destroy a soft toy!
Fiddle Mantis
Fiddle mantis is a 21 month old Catahoula leopard dog who loves stalking and play fighting with her brother and barking at everybody and everything that passes by the property
Banjo is a 26 month old Catahoula leopard dog loves playing with his sister and being the best Watchdog on the Block
Harley boy is about a year old loves to play and be silly Harley loves cuddles loves his treats and his toys