Tallulah absolutely loves the camera, she is such a poser!
Rocky is a 2 year old lab mix. His personality is goofy. He’s a silly boy who enjoys walks, rolling in the grass, and roughhousing with his brother, Luke. He loves his family.
Bear likes carrots 🥕 and walkies 🐾
Milo os such a funny little thing but his best thing to do is beat his big brother up while hes asleep. He loves a food cuddle with the dog though.
Taco likes to find all the sticks in the yard and be wherever I am at all times. He is a love bug. He is a 10 week old mini Bernedoodle.
Dusty is a very devoted dog. He’s 9 years old and gets real excited when he gets company. Such a sweet heart.
Bear is a English lab 6months old male he loves his duck teddy’s his walks and of course food bear is a well behaved pup that likes to keep his owner close to him bear loves all animals and people and is a all round great dog
Our tiny little miracle puppy. Happy and healthy with enough energy to tire out the entire family. She loves her big brother ghost the husky and knows a lot of tricks. She is most proud of learning to beg and to spin. Loves the trampoline and guarding the garden with her older brother.
4 month old chorkie(cavalier king charles spaniel × yorkie )loves cuddles love attacking peoples feet .99.9% sure she isnt going to grow into her ears. shy but slowly coming out of her shell.
Dayanna is a special tortie girl, very sassy yet very shy. She’s got the sweetest meow 🤍
Hello! Im rose! I am the cutest of 3, my brother arent even close.. or so says my daddy. Im cute and cuddly. And my favorite is talking to the birds
Murphy is our 13 week old border collie , he really is the best and most beautiful boy :)
Hello my names star!🌟 im a tabby kitten who's only 5 weeks old today please look at my photos below and if you think im cute please take the time to vote for me it would be purrrrfect!!
Luna lives up to her name, looney luna we call her. She's 6 months old full of energy. Shes so affectionate and loves a cuddle, she's my little shadow. Luna loves to chase after a ball and maybe I'm biased but she's so damm beautiful 😍 my little fur baby whose brought so much joy to our lives
This is wee Stella. She is 5 years old but still acts like a puppy as she is full of energy and loves to play. She loves days at the beach playing in the sand
Rose is a friendly, outgoing girl who loves her Chuckit ball.
German Rottweiler. Very Loyal & Spoiled , Dont Take No For An Answer When It Comes To Rubs . Do What She Wants ..... The End
Please Like 👍 Rolos profile 💗 🐾🔵🟣 Rolo is currently on holiday he will be back to offer advances end of June 23. 🔵🟣🐾 🟣🔵🐾🟣🔵🐾🟣🔵🐾🟣🔵🐾🟣🔵🐾🟣🔵🐾🟣🔵🐾🟣🔵🐾🟣🔵🐾🟣🔵🐾🟣🔵🐾🟣 💗💗 Rolos 1st Birthday in September 2023!!💗💗 Hi my name is Rolo, i'm a working cocker spaniel. I'm still a pup and causing havoc when I can. My favourite things are jumping on my big brother Max and pinching socks. My hoomans tell me in the future we will be doing lots of exploring around the uk and Europe, something called van life. 🐾🐾
St. Francis
St. Francis is very loyal and loving. He follows me everywhere and sits under my chair at bars and at the dinner table. He likes to give open mouth kisses
Ripley is raising money for Furry Faces Sanctuary! He's a likely boxer mix with megaesophagus that we rescued from a shelter in Tennessee and had him transported up to our sanctuary in Iowa. His favorite toy in the whole wide world right now is a Kong tire, and he love galloping through the house with it in his mouth. He also sports the cutest little built in pirate patch!
Tucker is a 12 week old golden retriever, he is the sweetest little boy and loves pup cups and playing on the beach with his big brother 🐾💗
Hello, my name is Pepper. I’m 10 years old and I love to play. I mostly sleep through the day but I play with my brother Luca who is also a dog. Vote for me so my owners can buy me more treats 🦴
Luna is very vocal and needy, she loves laying her head on your shoulder and having a cuddle, she will follow you around until you sit down so she can sit on you.
Here Is Kona! This Beautiful Girl loves playing with her toys, having lots of cuddles and adventures. 18 months old and loving life!!!
Hello, my name is Luca. I’m almost gonna be 1 in July and I’m an AKC registered Husky. I’m a digger, and I love getting into eveything and playing with my older Sister who is a dog too 😊 I’m a very friendly dog and I love getting on everybody’s nerves 😂 Vote for me so my owners can buy me more toys 🧸
Luna the cocker spaniel is a lively and intelligent dog who brings joy to everyone she meets. She has a compact body with a soft, curly coat that is chestnut brown in color. Luna's eyes are expressive and bright, giving her a playful and mischievous appearance that belies her gentle nature. Luna is an energetic dog who loves to run and play. She thrives on being active and enjoys going for long walks and playing fetch with her favorite toys. Despite her high energy levels, Luna also loves to cuddle up with her owners and enjoys being petted and stroked. She is especially fond of children and loves to interact with them, making her a popular family pet. Luna is also a very intelligent dog, and she learns new commands quickly. She is obedient and eager to please, making her easy to train. Luna is always eager to learn new tricks and loves receiving praise and treats for her successes. She has a lot of love to give and is a loyal and devoted companion to her owners. For these reasons and more, Luna is a much-loved member of many households and a favorite among dog lovers everywhere
Elsa is a fun loving little girl. She loves her snuggles with her mama!
Tangela Haze (Tanjie for short)came into our lives only a short while ago. Biggest Taylor Swift Fan EVER!!! She was nervous moving into a new home, but when she heard “All Too Well” come on the echo dot she came out of hiding!!! She now acts like she owns the place :)
He likes to play and take naps don’t know to much about him I just got him
Hank is a spunky, handsome, and outgoing dog! He is only a few months old but knows how to sit, stay, speak, and dance! Hank is one of the best puppies i have ever owned! He is mixed with a full blood black lab and a german shepherd with belgium malinois! He is incredibly smart and he loves to to walk himself down the street!
The most loving and sociable puppy you will ever meet ❤️ and she genuinely smiles (look at picture on my hand) ❤️
Lucifer is our big little boy. Loves cuddles but on his terms. Very affectionate, spends most of his day outdoors exploring but always comes home at night. With his brother Leo, they are the best cats owners could have. We love them both dearly.
Just a big ol' puppy stuck in a small body 🤣
Ariel is a beautiful Husky mix!!! Named her after my favorite Disney princess!!Shes the sweetest dog you will ever meet! She loves playing with her half sister Mizzou but her best Lil fur friend is our cat Buki!! They eat, drink and play together! This girl loves to sleep and cuddle!! She loves hot dogs! Her favorite treat is cheerios! She loves playing outside and she likes to jump like tigger when she’s happy! She always wants you to pet her and she loves to give kisses! She knows how to sit, lay down and shake! She’s very smart! I’ve had her since she was a puppy and she’s 3 years old!
Oreo loves to play around, he’s a very curious cat , he’s very lovable , energetic, and trustworthy,
Brain is all balls, no think, in this sweet boy 🤪
Noah is a rescue and was dumped as a puppy, he is just the most loving boy
Sadie weighs about 100 lbs we rescued her last April. This dog is my dream dog she gentle even though she’s giant and loves to cuddle. When I come home every day or wake up in the morning I can always count on her to greet me. I love this giant doggy :)
I love to sleep and annoy my dad with as much energy as puppy possible!
This is Dougie, he’s a beaglier, he’s got a very cheeky loving personality
He is the sweetest, most laid back dog we have ever owned! He is also one of the pickiest eaters I have owned! He loves to cuddle and give kisses, also snores when he sleeps! Him and his mommy are always getting hiccups together, I've never had a dog that got hiccups? 🤷
This is Bella. She is a very loving funny 8 month old pup. She loves playing with her toys, her favorite humans, going out on long walks and playing in parks with her squeaky ball although shes not quite mastered bringing the ball back just yet!
Oslo is nearly 7 months, he is the most beautiful, loving and precious Golden Retriever🖤.