Dog cat Stories - 41


He is a rescue, 3 months old. He loves to cuddle and play with his dog friends. He meows if you get out of his site. He likes to help clean, though he thinks your playing.
Anubis loves his 4 human and 3 cat siblings. He helps us foster kittens through the local shelter he was adopted from. He even chose our latest kitty addition when we fostered a litter of newborns. He wouldn’t let her out of his sight!
Muffin is the sweetest kitty and best thing that ever happened to me!
Tequila must have been a human in his other life! He loves walking to the beach, ice cream and tummy rubs!
Selena loves cuddling and looking out the window enjoying the views of Hawaii!
Quinn Is An Orphan Puppy Who Has Came A Long Way Since Got Her!! She Loves Cuddling With Her Humans n Her Stuffed LambChop!! She Also Loves Playing With Her Cat Siblings!!!!
Arabella Carmelnilla
Arabella Carmelnilla or "Nilla" was adopted 9/1/2020 from local animal shelter. She's a special needs kitty as she has FIP. Nilla has been a cuddlebug since the momemt i picked her up in my arms. And she's gotta lick everything!
This is Ellie! She’s a wooly coat full-blooded Siberian Husky. She loves belly rubs, cuddling and peanut butter. Ellie hopes to win this competition so she can buy her favorite treats at Petsmart!
Crazy Lady we call her, she is scared of her own shadow but still protects her family & oh she barks at cucumbers 🤣
This is my snuggle buddy Chase! He is 5 years old and gets his name from what he loves most! His favourite things are squeaky toys, going for runs and chasing birds!💙
This is my snuggle buddy Chase! He is 5 years old and gets his name from what he loves most! His favourite things are squeaky toys, going for runs and chasing birds💙
Hello guys my name is Midnight. I am 5 years old. Here is some of my back story for you:) Midnight came to me when he was just a baby, To young to be away from momma. He since become a very spoiled fat house cat. He is the best cat I’ve ever called mine. He loves his treats, cat tree and naps. He is always sitting at the door waiting on me when I get home, waiting on lovings and attention. He is the cuddliest and most affectionate cat Ive ever raised. He is the true definition of a fur baby. Our first goal is first in state. If he wins he will be getting a new cat tree to share with his brother:)
George is a very loving cat. He is always there to greet us when we come home and wants picked up and held. He is a very good big brother and gives his baby brother baths and plays with him.
Hello my name is Pedro, I am 4 months old and I am the craziest of dogs. I love to play, it is my FAVORITE! I might nibble on some some items hear and there around the house but......... I love to make you smile 😊
This cutie is so worthy of 1000 votes! Please help him get there❤️
This is Cali! Her favorite things to do are SNUGGLE and bird watch! She is full of personality! She will answer you if you ask questions or just talk randomly. She is the sweetest most lovable cat!
Jolee was rescued a year ago from an abusive breeder. She was so sad and frail, but look at her now!!! We believe she is 4 years old and thinks she is a 120# lap dog.
Shadow is a total sweetheart and anyone that he meets falls instantly in love with him.. He is super active, loves children and is a gentle boy
Chunky was a stray that never left, she was so thin and mangled from fights. My kids and i took her in a year ago and fattened her up. Sweet, loving and loves belly rubs!
Zippy is full of energy and love chasing dart balls around the house and loves to sleep on top of his other furry friends kennel
Blaze is an adorable ball of energy and very very loving!
My border terrier cross bichon frise fur bay! 🐕
I love to play with my maternal mom and snuggle with my human mom. If anyone comes in I protect my mom with real loud barks and howls
Winston loves to wake you up for a midnight snuggle & when he's this cute, you can't get mad ❤
Nikki is an adorable little soul. He loves to play hide-and-seek. He loves to be rubbed and to give kisses. He is always looking for a lap to cuddle.
He is a fun dog.A bit mischievous but loves his family. He loves to run around outside. He has lots of energy. You should vote for him because he’s a fun dog and has a great personality and loves his family.
We rehomed Randy 18 months ago and he has become a different dog since we had him. Hes gone from being shy and quiet, to boisterous and playful! He loves his walks, and his tongue is definitely a talking point.
He is a fun loving dog loves to be rubbed. He loves to play hide and seek with his stuffed animals. You should vote for him because he is a fun and cute dog and has a great personality.
He greets me at the door every night when I come home , growls to let me know someone is approaching my doorstep and cuddles with me at night. He loves chin scratches !
Hi, I’m Tilly and I’m a really smart and caring dog who loves my owners. I love following a daily routine!
Hi, I’m Tiffany and I’m a little dog who’s really friendly and energetic. I love playing with my older brother Charlie who is a gorgeous ginger cat.
Norman was found next to a dumpster just a few days old. He’s been raised by his human ever since. Norman is grumpy and loves to pick on big dogs. He thinks his human is his mom and cries when she leaves him.
Shine is a very kind cat. He lovessss to cuddle and give kisses. He’s also so furry and loves to sleep!
So loving fluffy and full of life
Kaycee is a ragdoll tuxedo loveable squishy kitty. He loves switching out his bowties each month to match each holiday or time of year. He is always happy and always in the mood to eat some wet food or treats!
The most food motivated ham I know (aside from myself), Archie is incredibly lovable and welcomes all head scratches and belly rubs. He likes to hug (for 20 seconds TOPS) and will let you know with a paw to the face that it’s 5am. Every. Morning. You can find him looking out of the window 90% of his day, the other 10% telling me he wants treats or fed.
henlo. my name is grayson. as you can see, i’m a hard-working business man. my interests include the stock market, taxes, and wearing ties
Blu is a loving, curious dog. He loves to play with his friends and hoomuns! Blu’s favorite thing to play is get chased by mom and fetch!
I love to eat my cat food 😻
Dog Sauce
Henlo, my name is dog sauce. aka dong bong or dog boss. My favorite thing to do is sauce my dawg (if ya know what i mean) I also enjoy biting peoples snozez. monch monch
Rosie is a 1 year old kitten she loves to play and when you play chase she will jump off walls and once you get close to her she will lay down i have participated in this contest before and i did not win so i am trying again
Lilly is a Maine Coon kitty. She was rescued at 8 weeks old on the side of the highway at a gas station 13 years ago. She’s double pawed on her front paws. She’s very sassy and she loves takes a nap under the covers
Hyrum loves play fetch and he loves his little sister Meesha! He is a friendly beautiful GSD
Booner is my baby, an absolute cuddle bug who loves naps and cat nip
Toby was born in Pennsylvania on May 5th, 2020 and being raised in Massachusetts. he loves playing with his big sister, car rides and chasing his tail. favorite toys are the laser pointer and squeaky mouse. favorite blanket is mickey mouse
He is a snuggle bug!! Loves to get treats for being a good boy! He is a little rambunctious and mischievous, hence his name. Over all the best boy I have ever met! He loves his squeaky toys and getting treats at places because he knows he’s cute!