Dog cat Stories - 42


Mylo has the sweetest soul... he loves cuddles and kisses more than anything and its play time all day every day! He has an amazing temperament, he has never so much as growled at a single soul! He is our beautiful boy and he is deserving of unconditional love, happiness, cuddles, kisses and TREATIES!!!
Faith was a rescue pup and she brings so much joy into my life and is a real character..she loves to play with her toys and really loves cuddle time with me and her dog and cat buddies.
Twig loves cuddles and squeaky toys. He is the goodest boi
Raven loves to play with her tennis ball and steal all the shoes in the house 💜
I’m a baby Pom - I have brows and winged eyeliner🤩 ! I love carrots and chewing everything in sight hehe
Diego is 4 months old and is a very friendly and handsome little man. He isn’t scared of anything and will give anything a sniff 🥺 he loves you, no matter what and is such a big character that you would miss!! He is such a poser and has only noticed his reflection in windows lol!! He would love you to vote for him as he does have overbite and would love for you to love him with his flaws <3
Luci was a feral kitten found in my barn with his siblings in May 2020. He was so scared when we brought him into the house that he wouldn't let us hold him - he'd hiss and spit so viciously. But, with time, patience and love, he has become the most loveable, sweetest cat ever. He's so silky smooth and has a long tail. He's constantly purring - he just loves to be loved!
Fireball is very loveable.
Baby Leo
Baby Leo is 14 years old. He is a one family fur baby. He only loves his closest family members other humans he tries to keep away from his beloved family. He backs up and makes a little jump to help pick him up. And loves snuggling under his favorite blanket. He is spoiled rotten. But most of all he loves us.💙
Theo is a feisty, smart doggo who loves the outside world and chewing all the stuffies he can find :)
Winnie B
Hi, my name is Winnie B and I’m an 11 month old Miniature Goldendoodle. I’m a quarantine pup & have my parents wrapped around my little paw. I have lots of playful energy & my favorite activity is going to the dog park to play with all my friends. I’m a gentle soul & haven’t met a dog I don’t play well with.
Please vote for our cute, lil, brat cat, Midnight.
Hi, I’m Dexter I’m a adorable puppy pitbull. I love to get cuddles and given treats and good pets. I’m scared of thunderstorms and shy around other dogs. I have a brother named Myles who I play with everyday. Thankyou if you vote for me!
Pinto Bean
This six months old can of beans is one feisty little puppy. He will sell his soul for any type of cheese.
Olivia Benson
Benson is a red Basset Hound. She loves belly rubs and playing in the snow. She has very expressive eyes and will dramatically roll over so she can get her belly rub. She is very sweet and will put her paw on your arm when you pet her.
Maui is a super sweet, fun loving and energetic pomski! He enjoys traveling to new places especially where there’s snow. Maui loves hiking, playing fetch and eating tortillas!
Meet Lucky, who is Maltipooh with a dash of rabbit and meerkat. At almost 8 months old he has won the heart of our family, friends, neighborhood and coworkers. Plus his pawrents adore him. Thanks for visiting and for your votes.
Ollie is a 9month old Boarder collie spaniel mix. I adopted him from a local rescue Sandi Paws Rescue in Wisconsin that rescued him and his siblings from a shelter in Mississippi! He is a super fun loving, smart, energetic puppy who loves everyone he meets! Did I mention he LOVES playing water!😊
Daisy May
Daisy is 3 years old, Her birthday is March 3rd, she is lovable, playful, and very hyper
Smudge, wakes me up few times in the morning, she give me attention, bunting her head and purring
Allie ("Allie Girl") is a little 10 lb terrier mix. She was a rescue and is a love. She likes taking car rides but her favorite tbing to do is she loves to be on your lap giving kisses or just hanging out near you.
This is Caspian. The sweetest cat. Hasn’t had the easiest life, started off being dumped at the vets as he wasn’t wanted as a kitten and a couple of years ago he was hit by a car and had a fractured pelvis but has healed all by himself and is happier than ever
Mooney is a spitfire, full of energy, and not afraid of anything no matter her size....
Barley is a ball hogging, tug lover, adventure seeker, fast learner, and snuggler 💙 he’s my whole world.
My fur baby is the perfect amount of sweet and feisty. Terrible two's. Loves to eat just about everything. A laser is her best friend. 💛
Rose is definitely something else. She loves cuddling with her dad & I. She loves to eat, she goes crazy when we feed her. She has some obsession with straws, she’ll take them out of our to-go cups and play with it for hours and then when she’s done, she’ll pick it up in her month and hide it in our room.
🐾 Also known as Squidge or Monkey🐾 We’re almost certain she is part monkey, she makes the funniest sounds! And sounds just like a monkey when she makes them 🐒 Little sister to Saffy. Friendly kind and loves cuddles, even though she’s the little sister she shows saffy who’s boss😜🐾🤎
🐾Also known as Saffy Socks 🧦🐾 We’re almost certain she is part kangaroo, she’s always jumping around and can jump almost up to our heads🦘🥺 Big sister to Bonnie. Friendly kind and loves cuddles. Loves her walkies and her treats 🐾🤎
Grey tabby rescue cat, livin’ my best life.
Louie is the smallest of his brothers and sisters. He’s into watch cartoons and cuddling
Bear is 8 weeks old and loves to go in all the unusual places.... hence this photo Bear is one of a kind he is a beautiful kitten and loves having his photo taking .... Bear would love to work on advertisement 📸 Please vote for my cute little bear
Cash ain't nothin' but a hound dog.
Felony Joseph
Felony Joseph is the biggest lover! He is a massive gentlemen.
Maximus loves treats, he loves attention, likes to be pet, he greets people. He gives kisses, likes to be cuddled
He love his 49ers football !!
Shotgun is a 6 year old male who enjoys outside. He stays in a heated kitty house when cold. He loves to harass the dogs and roll in the dirt. Biggest and Smartest kitty ever
Teddy is a puppy, he is a rare breed and loves to cuddle.
Princess Leia
She has 9 Adorable little Puppies that we love and adore
Hi I’m Zeus/ Mr. Man/ Pumba/ Land-Seal 🦭 I live in LA and love swimming in the ocean, hiking with mom n dad, playing with other dogs, and anything covered in peanut butter! 🐾
kali loves everybody, other dogs and kids of all ages. she does not like being alone though. she also is very soft and likes to cuddle.
Loki is just as spunky as her name suggests, she loves catnip and playing in water.
This Mika! He is 9months and loves playing fetch with his rubber bands and bottle caps! We go on car rides and nature walks or to the beach with our backpack and chase the flies ❤️ He loves being combed ONLY with an old toothebrush even on his belly. I had him since he was just over two months old. He cuddles and sleeps with me every night until 2am he is hanging from the curtains!!!!
The name is Sinbad. He is a 7 year old beagle mix. A very big food lover. Loves to cuddle under a blanket. Who could resist those cute brown eyes and the floppy ears. Sinbad can put a blanket over himself when he wants to curl up and get cozy
Cooper is a fox face black and white parti pomeranian who loves playing with his ball
My name is King Louie and I will sleep on your head, I’m the softest kitty and you can pet me backwards. I love face snuggles and all the treats. When mom whistles for me I gallop across the field and come in for dinner and cuddles. Sometimes I’m super naughty and don’t come inside and play outside all night long. I love coming in from playing in the rain. My favorite thing to do is cuddle.
Mr. Al B
My Mr. Al B.. such a sweet boy with his two white mustache dots! He is one of the most friendly cats I have ever had! He loves to cuddle!
Bellsby aka roosby
ChiChi was born with both her front legs bent inward and her back foot is deformed. She is also missing her other foot when she walks she hops like a bunny! She is my best friend and I love her more than anything!