Nala is a cherpy dog what barks and anything infront of her, she likes everyone to know when she’s around, and loves to wind up her big sister which is a husky
Nola is my all American dog (mixed breed). She has a great personality and acts like a typical 3 year old; playful, energetic, and does what she is told to do most of the time!!😊
Elsa is the most loving and loyal husky, loves to play with her little sister which is a Dachshund, Elsa is a very polite dog and loves all attention
Our little Staffie genius, rings a bell to go outside & uses buttons to communicate. He loves walkies & cuddles just as much as cheese.
Sasha my 11 month german shepherd loves a fuss and playing with balls.
When I decide to took her, I saw this picture of her. I fell in love, she's really shy girl but if she like you, she'll be always next to you, she's so lovely and really fast! 😍
Roxy is a prima Donna and loves dressing up. She is a Toy Poodle and loves the pet Guinea Pigs, even climbing into the hutch sometimes.
Myka is a girl and 8 years old, she loves to play i the garden ,she’s scared of everything but so loveable and a wee bit cheeeky at times
This is Tilly shes a belgian shepard mix collie, she loves playing and has a bit too much energy. She loves greeting and seeing people and other doggos her favourite breed of dog is a sausage dog as they remind her of her favourtie, uncle welly. Shes a big baby and likes to shove toys in your face if she doesn't get the attention she wants. She loves tea and any type of food you're offering to give her (even grass 🙄😂)
We often play Where's Winston with him because he finds himself in the most ridiculous places. He is a very amusing cat.
Kind, playful and smart
Havoc loves going on new adventures, exploring new trails within Forest city. He has a need to howl with Emergency Response 🚨 Sirens...I think he want to be fire dog cause when its fire trucks his howl is much more intense and his tail wags back and forth in excitment and when he is stops howling he picks up the pace and heads in the direction they went..he loves Pizza he loves playgrounds with slides and tunnels when he sees a playground he acts just like children do when they see a playground starts getting excited and heads towards play ground and if i even try to walk by with allowing him to explore he gets so disappointed and sad and usually will try to pull me and even trys to take his leash out of my hand to walk himself to the playground to play and explore and slide down the slides. He loves to interact with other dogs and when it comes to females lil Chihuahuas and dogs with fluffy tails make his heart melt and will have him stopping and staring puppy love at first sight. And he knows hes a studd and the females see him they get distracted and stare back and start walking all pretty and fancy its so funny....and you always know where Havoc and I when we are out for walks cause he seems to get all the dogs in the neighborhood barking inside and outside non stop intensive barking. Every day i learn something new about him. I use to be SheHulk in the mornings before coffee NOT a morning person at all until Havoc came into my life now every morning he sees my eyes open and he calmly greets me with a morning cuddle for another 30 to 45min unlike most dogs i know its a hyper panic mixed with excitment and urgency of having to do their morning bathroom doodies just like us humans i feel like i am waking up in heaven every morning rather then waking up mean mugging and grumpy.i can go on forever about all the positive changes he has brought into my life and is my #1&1st place in my💝
Our little Mitzi Moos is an absolute little monkey! Doesn’t miss a thing! You just cannot be cross even if she’s been a bit naughty- as that little face - butter wouldn’t melt!
Molly Haysom
Molly is 20 year's old we've had her since she was 8 weeks old, she's got kidney problems.
playful and cuddly, just turned a year old. vote for vote ☺️🐾
Pea-pie Dauphin
Well..there are so many positive things to say about him. He found me when he was a streetrat, now he lives the spoilt life. He is humble, patient, and his favorite place to in the way..
Hashtag Von Toodles
HashTag found me starving, full of mange, and close to having 8 puppies. She is the epitome of humbleness, patience and a best friend. She is like none other.
Keeper was a throw away too. She is my watcher..she watches me like a hawk. She protects me from those her favorite place to in the way.
Delilah is a 4 month old Pomeranian/ shitzu sweetest puppy ever loves to be dressed up in her bows & little clothes! She is such a delight to have in our lives she brings us so much happiness & joy 🫶🏼
He’s been described as spicy by the vet. He loves scratching his cardboard posts and running through his tunnel.
Milo is a handsome loveable kitty. He loves his toys especially the ones that give him zoomies!!!
As you can see Bobby is a real character, he loves to get messy and have fun, he’s a bundle of energy and loves smiling, he also sings along to certain songs and ambulance sirens!
Neilie Mae
Neilie Mae. Is a. Lovable little. FurBaby. She is so sweet. She likes everyone. She is a wonderful. Pet to have. She likes her toys the most. We play ball. And she brings it back and lays it at my feet she really likes attention and she growls at you to get it. Lol.
Bailey is the sweetest, my lovable guy! His favorite things to do is playing fetch and playing with his favorite toy the frisbee. He is one of the best friends that I never had, he melts my heart and I hope yours to!
This is him when he was a kitten with his best birdie friend, a conure parrot named kiwi.
Prince Charles
Prince Charles was adopted in July of 2022. He went from owner to owner, then to his forever home. At his forever home he likes to spend half his day inside cuddling with mom and playing with his sister, and the other half outside (supervised) watching birds and chasing wild life. We recently through Prince Charles his first cat birthday (with cat themed decorations of course) where he turned five. Prince Charles will spend his days in his forever home, living his best cat life, and rocking many outfits.
Ippo has his own Facebook page at Boss Ippo Pooptamus! He was a stray cat when the shelter took him and we adopted him. He was so happy when he came home he drooled and purred too much we initially thought he was sick. Vet said he’s in perfect shape 😀 He is a very sweet playful cat. He likes playing 24/7 😀 he would rather play than eat!
He is loving and so caring, knows how to bark to get attention. He is amazing addition to another fur baby, full of energy.🦋🦋🦋
Woody was about to go to the animal shelter in waycross until I seen his post on Facebook and rescued him,loves chasing flys
Charlie is my crazy guy, he enjoys stalking me from his hiding spots, but most of all loves sitting and watching the birds,squirrels chipmunks from the window.
My kippy is such a sweet love bug she was given to us when she was 7 months old she just turned 6 4/20 shes been such an amazing addition to the cat and Kippy are the cats meow
Baby is full of energy ..she enjoys lazers.ribbon..and loves treats ..full of love ..full of crazy runs and flips. ..she is all about the cats Meow 🐈 😻 🐈‍⬛️
Ricky is a 7 year old rescue sprocker, he absolutely loves people and is as daft as a brush
Princess Tiara will be 2 in August. She loves her cuddles esp cuddling up on your legs or the back of your knees while you are asleep. She is definitely a mummy and daddys girl. She loves when the children's play with her but she doesnt like if they pick her up (only mummy and daddy) Tiara can make the saddest of people smile :)
Micky Moo is the sweetest little boy, he is always looking at me with adorable big eyes. He loves a cuddle & chirrups when you hug him x
Chester was a scruffy farm kitten covered in silege, before we took him home. Now 5 years old, Chester is the most chilled out cat ever. He has a big brother called Harley, who is diabetic, and a baby sister called Esme. He loves nothing best that having adventures in the garden, lying on the car convertable roof, keeping eye over his land, playing with his toys , chasing a lazer pen or having cuddles with his Mum & Dad. He deserves to get voted as he keeps a close eye on his brother Harley when they are outside, which is important due to his health. Please vote for our wee prince x x
Bruno is a fun and energetic maltipoo that loves to eat carrots!
Honey Girl
Honey Girl is my name—- and I’m just that SWEET like honey! I love to sleep, play, and be adventurous with my brother, Archie. I love when my mom gives me treats, and turns on my heated blanket for me. Help me get my first votes. ♥️🐾🐈
I’m an orange tabby who thinks I am the Boss.. of everyone. I let my owner live here. I forget that I am not human. I’m sassy, I pounce like a tiger, I am very vocal. But I’m a lover when I’m sleepy. I love treats and looking outside.My sister is Honey Girl, and together you can see in my pics, life has always been an adventure since my mommy took me in! Please help my adorable bad self get my first votes! ♥️🐾🐈
Being the harbinger of chaos isn’t easy… Kitty enjoys long naps in the sun, flattening Squishmallows, and relishing the taste of human blood with her claws any time she is moderately annoyed. I was forced to enter her into this contest to further grow her royal ego.
The fun loving, cuddle snuggling and amazing Martin. My best friend, a socialite and lover of cheese. He's just the greatest little pug in the world, and what a name...Martin
Bailey Bug
Bailey threatened me to write this… A bouncing, ball-fetching, baby-faced smoke tabby girl! She spends her days watching her water fountain, chasing unsuspecting bugs, carrying around glitter balls, and wrapping her tail around my leg! She was adopted in 2016 from the Portsmouth Humane Society under the name ‘Gerbil’.
Finn is a rescue that I saved! He is 7 years old and he is the most loving pitbull you will ever meet!
Princess Zelda
Princess Zelda is a nonhuman cat, finding time in her space, and always laying in her car tree. But when away from everyone she thrives for attention, always looking for someone to cuddle, and even jumps to grab your hand when you move it away. When she sleeps she begins to snores adorably and begging to make dough agaisnt your arms or legs.
Onyx is a puggle!! He love to play catch with balls and toys 🧸 he is the highest dog jumper around, I always have said since he was little he should of been in the circus!! Ha ha