Was dumped out at my fiances house at only 2.5 months old. She loves her little heghog toy named mr. Heggey. She loves treats loves to try to pay with the other cats but she is just a little to mouthy still so they dont really like when she plays with them. She loves her pitty sister missy she likes to tap her nose and watch her sister do the pitty butt wiggle happy dance.
Hi my names Bonnie and I love to snuggle! 🥰
Trigger is a 17 month old British victorian bulldog like to play football eat and sleep in the sun when we have it
Leo is a rescue kitty whose mother got hit by a car so when we found him he was very tiny and needed to be bottle fed. Fast forward to now… he is a healthy rambunctious little boy who loves cat nip, lazer lights and bells! Leo is also very talkative and makes all kinds of different sounds to let us know what he wants!!
As you can see puppy enjoys gaming 😋
Chucky or chunky as we call him loves to sleep. He loves to come wake me up early mornings for snuggles
Loki is our Big Baby Boy who is full of energy and tons of love!! He enjoys playing with balloons, bubbles and his Bark Box toys! He loves going for walks and visiting the dog park. Loki also thinks he’s is a lap dog and doesn’t realize he weighs 95lbs!! Lol but we will always let him sit on our laps!
Diesel Hiser
Im a 16 yr old red fox retriever. I was my moms service dog before she went to heaven, but now im retired and live with my sister. I live a comfy life. My favorite snack is puparonis. Not much more to say im just a chill out kinda guy.
Hi! This is Moonie (or Moonira when shes in trouble) and shes 2 years old. She is super playful and loves getting to know new friends! She also loves knocking down my stuff and stealing my food too when im not looking😭. Her favourite food is spaghetti, although her mum only lets her have it on special occasions!!💕
Lex short for Lexi is my bengal cat! Fun fact is that she’s pee’s in the toilet! She’s also the best cuddler! Vote for Lex!
Luna was rescued from an abusive situation. To show her support for all her other “fur friends,” she always wears a purple Mohawk for Animal Awareness. Luna is a SURVIVOR!!
She loves the mud!!!
She is so smart and brave, want to do everything by herself, Loves daddy to leak her ❤️
Squirtamiss is a 9 year old cat. She loves sleeping on my pillow and taking over my bed. She loves sun bathing and laying outside on the steps. Absolutely loves making little noises at birds and squirrels (which is quite funny). She still thinks she is a kitten and tries to fit in places she don’t actually fit but shhhh we don’t tell her that 😄
Vixen is a beautiful long haired german shepard cross sibirian husky also known as a sheepski, She is 8 months old , Loves to play fetch, hide and seek with winter and bella, she is a big fuss pot that loves the attention but is very vocal.
Simbah is one of the most loving 5 year old cats we know. Most of the time we think he believes he is a human with the way he sits. He loves having his tongue hang out! He lets my youngest daughter do anything to him from putting makeup on him to make him look pretty to putting clothes on him. He has an enormous amount of energy and still enjoys playing. His favorite thing is of course is cat nip and lazor pointer or even just the shine off of a phone going on the wall. He will go crazy! At night he talks really loud if my daughter don’t let him in her room and he will wake everyone up. He don’t bite or hiss. He is a big ball of joy.
Bruno is a lovey puppy that we got on bonfire due to being mistreated by the previous owners he is lovely and lively and very energetic
Scout is a 3 year old beautiful boy he like to hunt mice and roll in the sand he is a very cheeky boy who love cuddle with you if he loves you or pretend you don’t exist if he doesnt love you
Winter is a beautiful loving 9 month sibirian husky cross akitia that is an emotional support pup. She is smart and trys to make every day abit better
Luna is always there for me through the good and the bad. She was there through my cancer journey, and knows when it’s been a rough day or a lonely day. She is always wiggling her butt, and her favorite activities are swimming and playing fetch. She loves everyone! Every day is the best day for her so here she’s laying like a froggie doggie and smiling holding her favorite tennis ball!
Briar is a tiny girl with a big personality! She was born on Easter Sunday and is the smallest of 5 kittens. At almost 1 year old she weighs in at only 5 pounds, making her only half the weight of her biggest brother! Although she is small she runs faster, climbs higher and jumps further than all of her siblings and if there's mischief occuring you can bet your life Briar is behind it! 🐈‍⬛❤️
Asher And Toby
Toby is my old man he’s an 11 year old chihuahua, we adopted Asher 8months mix breed… they have became the best of buds❤️❤️ vote for these cuties❤️❤️❤️🐾🦴🐶🐶
Bagheera is a sweetheart who is also incredibly intelligent. He teaches other cats how to play fetch, open up cabinets and drawers, and will also sit on command with a hand gesture! Bagheera is amazing! 😻
Emmylou is an almost 1 year old Idaho Shag puppy!! Her favorite thing to do is chase her light up balls. She throws them in the air and bounces them herself. She also loves her froggy toy that crinkles and her tug of war rope toy. I get compliments on her everywhere i take her. She’s extremely outgoing, intelligent, gorgeous and has beautiful ice blue eyes. No matter how my day has been Emmylou can put a smile on my face!! I can’t imagine my life without her!!
She loves to play.
Lilly is month's and love's to play
He likes girls :( and is very "special"♾️
Riggs loves watching TV, taking naps and meeting new friends out on walks. He is very loving and sociable. Loves water and playing with his toys.
Ginger is very energetic, smart and loves to cuddle. Her favorite toy is the rope.
Ted is a tabby ragdoll mix, he loves watching birds and having snuggles with his humans.
Nico is my tiny little best friend! He loves everything and everyone, and has just grown into his first xxs harness 🥹
Banner is named after the Hulk (Bruce Banner)
Martha is a much loved family pet she will be turning 2 in april,she is an inside pet.
Queen Lilyarna
She's the queen of the the household and expects to be treated like royalty and shes very affectionate
Onyx is a 14 week German Shepherd puppy thats sweet and lovable
My name is Jenny, I love you 🥰
Inka is a Chinese red dog who loves being mischevious
Gilly is a funny. Loving fur baby, loves walks, road trip and visiting friends and family
Fudge she is very old and likes to sleep all the time and have lots of hugs and she loves eating as well she loves her treats that her favourite now. She is very much loved ❤️ and likes you to pick her up when she wants to move from room to room she is on palliative care as she is unwell with her kidneys got to make the most of the time we have with are fur babies x
Fluffy she is loving very energetic she loves running around play and is every loving 💗 her favourite is catching her toy mouse and swinging of the shower curtain 🙀
Bailey is a stunning chocolate lab over the past year he has unfortunately suffered from seizures.
He loved being around his favorite dog. He loves outside and sticks, its always the sticks
Tyson loves to play tug of war and run through the woods
Rudey loves to snuggle up with any of the family and bounding around the garden with his brother Tyson
Havoc is super energetic and loves to play fetch, go on car rides and run, run run…easily the quickest dog in the neighborhood…and he’s incredibly smart and sooooo lovable…every morning he jumps up on the bed to smother me in kisses so I’ll get up…LoL…Havoc has been with me through some of my hardest times and we got through it all together… I’ve never had a dog who absolutely adores me like he does…he’s truly my best friend for life
Buddy is the other, bigger twin by a few pounds and by personality since they were kittens. He wanted to hang out with me and get chin rubs almost from birth it seems like. He’s the biggest of the bunch and doesn’t realize it sometimes still at 10 years old 😹 He’s really smart & is still coming up with new tricks for more pets & treats 😼
"Living his best life: treats, belly rubs, and endless adventures! 🐾❤️ #DoggyDreams #SimpleJoys"
Tiger is one of the twins. He’s been the quiet, shy one until the last year or so. He follows his human mom around like a puppy 😻