Dog cat Stories - 42


Thor is well trained, obedient, good with kids, playful and the biggest sweet heart loves playing outside and with other animals
Jazz is a 3 year old Tabby. She loves to sit in an open window. I swear she can smell when you open a window no matter where she is in the house.
This is our sweet Pollie. This is a stretch and yawn she does quite frequently when she first wakes up. She is the sweetest kitty, and loves her brother Jack the most!
Tigger is a sweet little girl. Bottle fed from 2 weeks old to 6 months. She wanted to be a baby forever but unfortunately she grew up. Still likes to be carried like a baby though which is fine with me. I’m willing to carry her as long as she will let me
Mini is a 5lb chihuahua that has a 100lb personality. She loves her kitty and dog siblings. She never misses an opportunity to give kisses... sometimes right up a nostril!
Simon is a Highlander kitten. He loves to play, hunt and snuggle. He is the sweetest boy. He loves to be wrapped in a warm blanket and rocked to sleep. He is very affectionate giving nose boops and kisses all the time. He is pure love ❤
Benson is 8 years old loving baby! He loves going on walking, swimming,treats, and mommy! Mommy is his bestie and he definitely has everyone wrapped around his paw!
He is a very active dog. He loves everyone. He looks like a cute teddy bear. He loves car rides and is always a very happy dog. He loves his mommy and daddy but is always excited to see others. He is 10 years old and our only baby we have.
Louii is 7 years old, loves cuddles and sleeping🐱
Hi guys! I’m Oliver but sometimes they call me Ollie or floof because I’m so fluffy! I just got adopted on Friday and I’m loving my life with my furever family!
Lexi is a very affectionate little girl with a cheeky personality❤
Hi, I’m Pepper! I’m almost 2 years old and my favorite past times are hiding my bones from my little sister, Coco, practicing my tricks, going on long walks, and chasing duckies and squirrels. I hope you vote for me so that my mama can get me lots of treats and bones to chew on!
Hi, I’m Coco! I’m 10 weeks old and my favorite past times are playing with my big sister, Pepper, chewing on my mama’s shoes, and giving lots and lots of kisses! I hope you vote for me so that my mama can buy me more treats and toys to chew on! 🐶
Buddie is such a gorgeous cat we lost our pup to cancer 4 days ago and now he does not leave my side he sleeps with me cuddles me in the day as he knows I’m hurting ! He’s amazing catches all the bugs that enter our home so I don’t have too he’s the best 😍
Rescue mutt that is a mix between lab, golden, husky, and cattle dog!
goofy rescue kitten!
Ari is an 8 year old rescue dog. She is very loving. Her favorite things are carrots, cuddling, and mommy! She has a one of a kind personality and is so full of sass!
She loves attention from everyone, very loving rescue dog sweetest thing ever
Rockey is the most loveable little 8 week old kitten. Full of fun love and excitment. Loves to play and have a snuggled snooze.
He's getting on a bit but always runs around like he's a pup he farts alot too😁😁
My name is Trixie I am a red heeler. I love being outside and playing in the dirt and mud! Cats are my bestfriend but my sister cat baby likes to trick me into playing!
Toby is a fun, energetic, loving cat with a little bit of an aggressive side. I got him at 7 weeks old and had to bottle feed him until he decided to eat on his own! Hes not just your average cat. He loves to cuddle! He loves to dart across the room and jump up kicking the wall with both of his back legs! You would have to see it to believe it. He dont like tuna but loves anything chicken flavored he loves to ride in the car! Anytime he wants something, he will make it known! And if he dont like you, well stay clear! I call him my cat/dog because if anyone is near me getting any kinda of attention he will let you know about it! Hes super smart and super fuffy :)
Hello I am Baby and I am a female cat! I love playing and grabbing at people's legs when they walk past me its my way of saying I want to play. I love laying on the table and looking out the window.
Samoa is a sweetheart shes 3 months old loves to play qnd is verry lovey! She appreciates the vote!!!
Meet dexter! He’s a deaf red heeler and getting more personality every day and definitely a bed hog! Loves to play with his sister cow Tina.
Ragnar is a Texas wolfdog; mixed with Timberwolf, Husky, Shepherd and Malamute. He enjoys going on walks and car rides! This gentle giant loves to make other doggie friends and hogs half the bed at night. Please give this handsome boy your vote!
Loves snuggles and my day slippers still slightly unsure of people but hes sucha lover
Lilly May Elias Allnutt
Lay between your legs and she is food moderate
This is Cora. She is a 7 month old blue heeler/ retriever mix. Cora loves the water, loves tennis balls.
Meeka is a fun loving and energetic shiba inu. Just shy of two years old, she likes to cuddle, play, dig holes in the yard and best of all be her sassy little self. She loves treatos and playing her her boyfriend (also shiba inu) Koda. Meeka is very cat like.
This is Tucker, a lovable puppy full of energy. Tucker loves other animals especially his best friend Chloe❤️ His favorite thing to do is run laps around our backyard! Tucker enjoys the attention he gets and is always wanting more! Sometimes he forgets his size and likes to trample your lap! Tucker loves playing ball outside! Please vote for Tucker, and Tucker will vote for you!
Brambles is a little trouble maker. He chases the dogs, then hides. He’s 10 years old
Murphy Mcmuffins
Hi I’m Murphy McMuffins! I run this town and I’m and outdoor rescue from my local streets! I used to have a twin named Simba McMuffins and i tried to save him but couldn’t in time.. I am a GIANT TABBY BOY and I love to make Muffins on my loving owners whenever they wear the softest blankets! :) please vote for me and my newest brother Chewy! Thanks a million muffins for reading!
Lacey Jane
She is a rescue from Tijuana. Someone traded her for a soda. She is our bubbly snuggle bunny! She’s all ears and ready to play!!!
Loves to watch football
Panda loves to be rubbed if fact when she wants loving she demands it. She is hell on wheels. She follows me around everywhere I go when I'm working on something she will steal my tools sometimes I think she is a dog cause she packs things around in her mouth like a dog.
My name is Oreo, like America’s favorite cookie! My favorite thing to do is play outside with all the other animals (squirrel?!?) get allllll dirty then go inside eat treats, bones and chew on stuff that isn’t mine. I enjoy learning new things as I grow, so vote for me, Mom says I’m a good boy
Hiyaa friends My name is Louie, I’m a 1 year old golden doodle who weights 20 pounds. I was what everyone calls a “covid” puppy, which, hey I didn’t mind.
Sugar is as sweet as her name! She loves to snuggle and all she ever wants is belly rubs. She can stand for a really long time on her hind legs & looks like a bunny doing so!
Annie must have some wolf DNA in her...she loves howling with her you tube howlers. . We rescued her at 7 months old. She's now 7 yrs (recent pic) and she's still a beauty! Our best alrm system yet 💗😜
Kaya Frances is a rescue Border Collie who loves her forever home. She stole our hearts from get go and she gets nothing but the best! She’s a vibrant, funny and cuddly girl 🌸🌸
Morrissey is an FIV+ kitty. I got him when he was 3 years old and I'm pretty sure before that he was a well established lawyer. He is legally married to my other kitty.
Penny is my soon to 13 yr old fur baby. She is now deaf but can see very well.