Dog cat Stories - 43


Hewo im Nala im only 6 weeks old! Im new ti the world and learning many many things im growing lots of teeth i love playing with my new toys! Im jumping around and exploring new places with my mommy. Puppy food is Starting to taste so yummy now and im growing to be one beautiful pup!
Beans is a handsome good boy just 11 months old. He loves to play and go for long walks providing the weather is to his liking. If beans is missing you can find him lazing around in any sunbeam available. Beans loves other dogs big and small and people of all ages. He is very photogenic and eager to please.
Hello im Pumkin, i love running at the park and playing with toys and i love dog treats! Especially peant butter ones! Im very loving and enjoy snuggles with my momma 💕
Koda is almost 4 weeks old! He’s so smart and hunky already! Loves his belly rubbed and his litter mates
Stella is a 2 month old Australian Shepherd, she’s a goofy girl who loves to play and is the biggest sweetheart! In just less than a week, this little girl is already getting the hang of potty training, knows how to come, and even knows how to sit! She’s very intelligent and loves to have a job🐾💖
Milo was adopted from the local shelter as a 9week old puppy after his mom was dumped. He is Australian Shepard and chocolate lab mix ❤️
Coco is the sweetest little girl, she loves to curl her little paw when she’s happy
Boots is 8 weeks old. He is a very loving little boy, smart, playful and calm. His precious little face says it all.
Penny is a beautiful Jack Russell terrier, she is a cheeky girl, loves people, other dogs and her cats brothers, always ready for walks and treats ❤
Fin loves to play with balls...any ball and he will carry one in his mouth while batting another like a soccer ball. He loves playing with his friends at the dog park and walks with mummy. And puppachinos on any day!
Cooper is an energetic, lovable, handsome, overall just an amazing puppy with a massive personality!! Vote for Cooper!! He’ll repay you in much love and show off his tricks for you!
Dalyla is 3 years old and she was dropped of at a rescue shelter. She was very timid and afraid of EVERYTHING when we adopted her less than two weeks ago. Since we took her home she has been adapting remarkably. We've had her camping, she loves walks, playing ball and cuddling. Can she get your vote?
Fifo has a unique personality he is a loving dog only when he is in a good mood.
Lucas is two years old. He is loving and playful and can get your attention when he tries to communicate with you. He will even pose for a picture.
My fur cutepie suchi he sweet loving, he loves to play and suchi makes me smile and laugh , and loves to cuddle , iam so happy that he is part of my family.
Hi! I’m diva and yes I got that name in the way you think. I tip toe on wet grass, turn my nose up at biscuits and only eat out of a glass dish. I do love my pack and you can find me smiling just like this on any day that I get to go for a walk, chilling in bed with my people, or during pretty much any photo shoot.
Jack Black is our latest addition to. Our family he is about 6 mo old and. Jack is a funny little guy he loves to chase his tail fast cuz he likes how dizzy feels i think he is a sweet little boy. We love our little jack black and like jenna we live in Albuquerque New Mexico in the USA ... LOVE JACK
Jenna is a 4 year old pug we live in Albuquerque New Mexico in the USA she is the heart of our family we like making people laugh so we make tictok videos our page is called a girl and her pugs.. go check them out i hope u enjoy them .. love Jenna
Annie Mae
She loves herding our goats to their pin and she loves playing with our duck they chased each other around the yard
Chico Ché
Chico is bilingual and he loves children chasing birds and squirrels. His favorite food is cheeseburgers 🍔
My little man is the best companion. Very smart and already knows his basic commands. Very genuine and a loving puppy. He makes me smile everyday. Rome is my Romeo.
Our Kaido is the king of his domain. He loves to play and hunt, and he’s also very cuddly!❤️
Kruz is a sweet Silver Lab , he loves to play and is very energetic and upbeat !
My name is Keke. I love playing with my sister Queeny & eating lots of food! My favourite thing to do is dig & ruin my mums garden!
Norbu is a very good boy. Many have told me, I should take him straight to Hollywood not only due to his good looks & amazing platinum blond coat but his personality is very human-like! Thankfully, he was rescued from an abandoned home by animal control 4 years ago. We were blessed that he chose us to be his forever humans. He is VERY charismatic, sings and talks to us a lot EXTREMELY intelligent. My husband & I have to spell many words so our conversations are kept! DNA testing indicated that Norbu is 75% labradoodle & 25% Yorkie. He has soft, silky Yorkie-like hair yet weighs 35 lbs. This adorable fur baby goes everywhere with us...kayaking, boating, camping, nail salon, fine outdoor dining, shopping & more. I often say he’s the ONLY man who enjoys “shopping” with me!
My name is Queeny. I love attention and running very fast on the field! My favourite thing to do is play with my sister Keke & chicken chew sticks!
Mookie passed away on October 24, 2020 at just 1 year old. He was diagnosed with FIP ( Feline Infectious Peritonitis) which is a disease with a 100% mortality rate. Despite desperate measures, my sweet baby boy crossed the rainbow bridge. He was a sweet, loving, beautiful boy taken way too soon from us.
Mugs is a very obedient dog, he loves to lay around and be lazy, his best friends are chihuahuas, he loves to play fetch and visit grandmas house.
Luka is a fun, loving 2 year old mix breed. He’s very vocal and has a personality like no other. He’s the happiest dog you’ll ever meet with the saddest eyes you’ll ever see.
Bella is an adorable cockapoo! She loves to snuggle!
Hi fwens, I am a 2 yo Golden Boi in Chicago! I love stealing things from mom's closet and my skill set includes destroying anything in 10 seconds or less! But I have a supaw puppy-like personality that absolutely loves other hoomans and dogs! I am your neighborhood friendliest doggo! <3
Gator was a gift from god. She is 170 pounds of big baby. She is very protective of me and would never hurt a fly. She is Afraid of her own showdown. But one look at her and you will not come in my yard or house. Once she knows you you have a friend for life. She lost her brother due to cancer and her big sisters from what I believe from heart worms. She mourned them both. And she doesn’t forget. She thinks she is a lap dog if you will. She gets along with cats and any other animal. She groom her own nails and isn’t to keen on the water but what walk along the shore of the beach. She doesn’t need a collar or leash but in unfamiliar areas you have to keep an eye in her. She is not a bully or territorial. She loves her people and is mom girl. She likes her kennel her blanket and will take up the whole king bed. You will wake up with puppy paws in your ears and she pretty much snores all night.
Hi my name is Barry I am 5years old, I am so lovable and love to greet people who I see. I am a laid back boy who loves my family and I love to play with the children. My mum and dad are my life 🥰🥰
Hello my name is scrappy I am 9 months old, I love to play with princess the cat and other pets. I also love to sleep on my mum's legs sometimes my dad's and play in the garden, learning new tricks each day. Thank you for taking your time out to read my profile. Much love to you all.
He’s a laid back, sleepy boy with a big appetite for seafood. He loves to snuggle, and play with his rattle ball toy. His brother Mr. Whiskers likes to pick on him, though. Help Willow win in his first photo contest. The money will pay for vet bills and of course supplies for him and his brother.
Hi I am a dog named Rubi I like to go on walks Nd okay outside with my owner o ya and I defently Love treets 😋 there so yummy and I also love to run all around the house but sometimes just lay down I also love to stick my toung out in the car the air feels really fresh .
Sasha is a very mellow and calm German shepherd. She loves cuddles, Bambi, and long walks! Her age is unknown considering she was rescued a year ago. We found her sleeping in a mud puddle, during the hot months of July in deep southern Texas near the border of Mexico! Her leg had many scars, and she was afraid to come up to us! She was especially afraid of my husband who is very big. The only reason she came up to us is because of Bambi our 8 week old puppy we had just gotten! She was so attached to Bambi that We assumed that she must have had puppies before! She came home with us, and has been a happy member of our family ever since!
Kai Willow
Kai is the best girl! She is a husky/australian mix. She loves to ride on the back of horses & play in the pasture. Give her a vote😇
1 year 1 month old🐶maltese x mini poodle he’s soo cute and normally rocking an afro, unless he’s had a haircut. most playful, cute and best natured dog i’ve ever met. all votes are very appreciated 🥰🥰
Remy Roo
Remy is a fiesty girl who loves to play chase. She loves treats and cuddles & gets so excited when you ask her to go! Give her a vote:)
He is one special boy. He has a lot of feeling he vocalizes on the daily but will always be down for a good snuggle.
Sweetest boy you’ll ever meet! Loves toys and all his puppy friends!
Bambi is a fun loving shepinois that is full of energy, and character! She loves, baths, food (not vegetables), and playing! She may look intimidating, but her only weapon is her tongue. If your not careful she may lick you to death! 😂
About my girl Penny. She's an 11week old Jack-a-Poo that has a lot of energy and huge personality. She's amazing with children and is very intelligent. Although Penny is in her mouthing/teething stage, she smart enough to know not to hurt the children while playing with them. We just love her so much and if given the chance, you'll be able to experience all of cuteness and love too.
Dolly May
She was a show dog all her life until i adopted her she loves to play and cuddle and chew up everything she spolied just look at that face plz vote 4 her
Phoebe loves to model as you can tell. When she’s not modeling she’s trying to gossip with you by meowing back and fourth to each other across the house.
Gracie is one crazy dog she loves life. She is just a girl who wants to have fun!
Bella is a Red Heeler and German Shepherd! Very rambunctious and energetic! And she is a very lovable dog! Loves cuddles as well!