Smoke is a loving cat , he plays fetch , I throw his mouse down stairs he run back up and gives me his toy mouse , when u dont do it he throws it down himself and gets it , smoke stands to be nosey , must see all u get , quite and clean great with kids and other cats , He respond each time i call him , when I wiggle draw he comes he thinks its his treats , he loves his temptation treats that's his favorite part of day his treats, PLEASE LIKE AND SHARE AND VOTE FOR MY SMOKE , Thank u 😍😘🥰 hey just measured my 1 year old Smoke and he is 3 feet so far and has 4 more years to fully grow ...... woooow he is big already. HAPPY BIRTHDAY SMOKE 5 6 2022 U ARE 2 YEARS OLD NOW💕 ,
Jax is the most loving big lug! He is my 3 and 8 year olds best friend!
Dobey loves to spend his time looking out the window all day and sunbathing. He’s very good with the ladies.
Duches is the sweetest little girl loves everyone and loves watching the birds from the windows
Treats are his favorites
Hermes has a very big personality. His favorite thing to do is meow at us until we pick him up for stretches. He’s also a very big fan of sink water from the bathroom.
Ms.Meow was a ferel kitty , she decided to adopt me and is very vocal, thus her name. We are learning to live together and i think she's happy becouse she stays ❤ Adventure of 1st time cat parent. She loves her toys and yum yum treats. Now she is loved and never has to worry ever again. ❤️
Merlin is 12 years old. He was rescued after being abandoned. He’s such a character and is very vocal. He’s such a loving cat. He does suffer with anxiety and we help him overcome this much like he helps us humans with our anxiety!
Olive was a runt from a barn that wasn’t doing well when I received her, I bottle fed her for the first month. She’s doing so well now! I just hope she never grows. She loves to play and attack, and will sneak up on you any chance she gets!
Belle is a loving energetic little dog she loves to give his and kisses and playing with her bff mynxie the cat
Mynxie is a beautiful loving cat playful and loves her doggie companion ❤️
A sweet 15 yr old male tabby. He is super sweet (with people) , recently had some teeth extracted and discovered he had a fractured jaw :/
Skye is our youngest baby, weighing about 9 lbs and is 1 years old. She’s super sweet, loves to play w her siblings and she can’t meow so she just squeaks to get our attention. We call her BitBit because of her size.
Sweet gentle when we asked her for a treat she barks and when we say food or walk she bark
When we got bagel and Buster they were super overweight. It's been a long road to getting them to the fit and active dogs they are! They've always been big bundles of love and Bagel is extremely jealous if his brother gets cuddles and he doesn't! They boys were taken away from their mummy too young which shows itself in bagel's habits sometimes (like chewing on a comfort blanket). Bagel adores the beach, though he's been known to try and bring huge dead fish into the car 😂🤮 a beautiful energetic boy who still thinks he's a puppy!!
Rip is a 6th month old pitbull he loves watching the tv and running around the yard
Nova Luther
Nova is such a sweet kitten! She is very energetic! Runs, plays and gets into everything! She loves her belly rubbed and likes to cuddle with you on her terms! ❤️
Leo is so friendly will greet any adult coming to my home loves the attention
Frank loves all foods - will try to steal anything
Earl is a big lover boy - loves the fireplace
Maya is my little rescue baby, for years I have been wanting a cat but my family always said no. One day, the vacant house across the street had kids playing in the front yard, chasing something with a stick and beating on it, later that evening we went over there and saw what was in the corner and found a little kitten, her face was tore up, and we rushed her to the vet. Ever since then she’s been the best cat, she loves rolling in the sun and cuddling up to her momma at night! Such a sweet Angel.
Pluto is a crazy kitten. He was rescued from a feral colony but you wouldn’t know it now. He loves his toys and ripping off wallpaper. He stalks the other cats. He’s the cutest most friendly little cat I’ve ever met.
Our sweet baby, Charlotte, is 13 weeks old and full of love and attitude! Spunky little girl spends her days with her fur-sisters playing, forcing her fur-mom to take naps by giving cuddles and being the greatest snuggler!
Miss Coco is our sweet deaf girl who knows sign language! She is full of spunk and protects us from numerous attacks from squirrels and every car that drives by daily. But we truly love our Coco Bear!
My sweet rescue baby, Murphee (she rescued me ♡). She loves to give hugs and high fives, spends her days napping and keeping her sisters in line. She is my Heart Dog ♡
Mr. Monster
He’s a lover and a hunter lol. He has his morning routine of waking me up with his paw on my cheek to go outside. About 5am lol
Very energetic fur baby, who’s eyes are bigger than her stomach! I’m training for agility-the goal is to get into Crufts! My mothers a groomer,so unfortunately I get groomed often but I make new friends while she works 🦴☺️
Gatosso is our first-born and big brother to our (human) son. While our son has slept through from the age of 6 months, Gatosso still wakes us once a night for his night feed! Our baby!
My name is Penny and I’m almost 9 years old. I am a big fan of cuddling with my human and crying at 3am for wet food.
Saints so loving! He brings joy too everyone who meets him! How awesome would it be too see him with a beautiful collar! If I win I dedicate money too make saints life better!
Dexter is definitely different than other cats. He plays fetch, goes on walks, purrs loudly and constantly happy. Everyone loves Dexee.
She very devoted to me, fearless of everything and very vocal. She always wants to be by my side. She always has to sleep under the covers. She hates me to put clothes on her. But, she always cold. And hates getting her feet wet.
Zhu is an adopted cat who is 8 years old. she has cerebellar hypoplasia which means shes very wobbly but this doesnt stop her living her best life and giving lots of cuddles and licks
Karma enjoys burrowing himself up in all the blankets, knocking over the trash to steal food and watching bird video’s on youtube. He was white when I first brought him home, but has since turned more brown
Full of spunk and very sassy lovable and is very attention seeking
Muneca will be two years old in June 2022 and the most loveable cat we have had. She can be a little testy at times and knows she is the queen of the house! We wouldn’t trade her for the world. She keeps herself and us active by always making us play with her until she gets tired. She is so funny she plays hide and seek with us, sometimes we think she got out of the house and are going crazy looking for her, calling her name, she finally comes out like ha ha here I am with this look on her face 😽
Koko is the most handsome German Shepard, he is also very strong. Koko loves playing with other dogs and children, he is always down to play at the park.
Asher is a playful German Shepard husky with bright blue eyes and big ears! He loves to play at the park and howl with his brother! Asher is the most friendly pup around and loves cuddling his mom and dad.
Diesel is a very loving cat, he loves to cuddle and play all day long. He enjoys laying in the sun and playing with his brother.. I hope diesel gets your vote! :)
Virgil is a 1 year old cat he still thinks his a baby. He enjoys playing with his toys climbing mom like a tree and watch the birds from inside. He enjoys eating treats playing with his siblings pepper and dante. Hes favorite thing is sleep on the top part of the cat condo.
Axel is a very friendly cat, he’s unique cause he only has one eye.. I rescued him from outside and ever since then he’s been so happy, he likes to play with his brother and he really likes his belly rubs. Hope axel gets your vote!
She is sassy and intelligent. When she’s in stalker mode I call her crouching Nala, hidden dragon!
Maurice is a very playful deaf boy, he is fascinated by light, he is a lot more visually stimulated due to being unable to hear and loves bright lights and shadows. He has one blue and one green eye!
My little baby Freya came to our doorstep as a stray when she was so small she could fit in my daughter's hand like a tea cup. She was so young and so skinny that we honestly didn't think she would make it, but with a lot of love and a lot of work we were able to get her healthy again and now she is the most loving cat I've ever seen. She enjoys grabbing my face with both paws and smashing her face into mine and rubbing my whole face with hers❤️
Stella Mae
Hello! I'm Stella Mae! I love cuddles with my mum but only if dad doesn't see! I also love running around the house and asking for food early in the morning!
Callie is a sweet loving cat. She loves to sleep and loves playing with Alani and brownie our other cats.
A mischievous little girl with a big heart, loves cuddles and bringing mummy and daddy ‘presents’, oh and winding up her baby brother
I found juju on the street in some bushes he is very comical he loves to play hide and seek that is his favorite thing to do, And he also loves the mirrors he cannot figure out what the mirror is but he loves to look at himself.!!!