Dog cat Stories - 43


Nala is the sweetest pup who loves everyone she sees! She enjoys catching frisbees and wiffle balls. Nala came from a loving home and she is the most beautiful and loving doggie❤️
He gets sad when you close the door on him. Don’t close the door.
puppy dog
Hi, my name is King. I'm very energetic and love other animals. I love to play with my toys but my most favorite thing to do is sleep! I eat alot. When i sleep i snore and my momma thinks its just the cutest thing ever. I love to go on adventures and i love to be outside. I love to go on roadtrips and walks with my mommy!!!
JellyBean is a rescue kitten that i took in to care for and i fell in love with her. She loves to play and she also loves my dogs. She is so tiny but definitely fierce
Hi! 👋🏻 My name is Tucker Thompson! 🐶 I’m a mini goldendoodle and I’m new to the neighborhood! I will be 5 months on the 17th! I’ve officially been adopted and surprised my mom Morgan for an early birthday present from my dad Justin! I’m pretty chill but I do get the “zoomies” sometimes! I found out I love to swim but I love to cuddle too! I love to watch my favorite show Dug Days while chewing on my bone! I’m still kind of shy and getting used to this whole BIG world! I love to play with my brothers Wrangler and Gunner. They are a bit older but I’m here to keep them young! I love treats and taking naps! Music makes me happy at night and helps me get to sleep! My family loves me and snuggles me constantly! I’m a perfect fit and I can’t wait to see what the future brings me as a Thompson! Maybe my parents will have a tiny human someday so I have someone to grow up with?? In the meantime I will take all their time and love being spoiled! Stay tuned for updates and lots more pictures….because I’m sure my mom will post them on the daily! ✌🏻❤️🐶
sundae is a rescue "hallway cat" from a shelter. She only likes to sit like a human. There were birds at the shelter and instead of meows, she chirps. Too bad Garfield didnt find her for a lover, shes got all his qualities. Hayes mondays, loves lasagna. We love her
Darla is a special little girl born with a cleft pallet and lip. She will be having surgery once she is 16weeks old! I am currently fostering this sweet sassy little girl until she’s able to be adopted to her forever home! ❤️
Harley loves her dog sister and getting into trouble. She is as loving as her whiskers are long.
She was a cuddly, lovey girl. She was also very ill. She had a birth defect that caused an enlarged heart. She passed away at 18 months old..her last night she held my hands with her paws.
Alice can usually be found lying in bed, or trying to get you to lie in bed. She loves her cat sisters more than most dogs.
Athena is a sweet girl, who is gentle, kind and loving. She loves to cuddle and is always by your side. Especially when your sad. She is battling Lymphoma Cancer, so we could really use the $2000 to help with her chemo treatments.
Kit Kat
Kit kat loves cat nip and catnaps. She makes biscuits on the morning like clock work and won't let you get lonely in the bathroom.
Sissy is scared of most things but loves a warm cuddle. She is my little bat girl.
Jelly Bean
1st off, Jelly is a she. My favorite thing to do is give her a brand new toy. If she does not recognize it she barks at it hops around like a Bunny and then eventually we'll play with it
Luna is a sweet playful little girl, she loves her dinosaur toy and loves going to the park and getting puppy ice cream. Her best friend is her kitty cat
Rocky is a year old and full of energy he loves to play catch and go for walks. And he’s a big cuddler, I couldn’t ask for a better dog!
Polo is a very energetic & loving dog. Very active & likes to chew anything that is on your body. He likes to chew on his plastic bone toy & eat his face off. Polo is gonna grow up to be a protector & rider.
Oreo is a sweet girl she loves food being lazy and acting like shes the queen😸
He has ice blue eyes and this picture is from june!
Buddy came to us @4 weeks he is not 5 he loves soft kisses an playing at the park🐶💕
Chloe is Chorkie (Chihuahua/Yorkie mix) the sweetest dog, she will approach everyone as if she’s known them her whole life. Unfortunately, I lost her New Years Day 2021.. and there’s never a day that goes by that I think about her all the time. So I’ve decided to put her up here in memory of her and see where this goes even though she’s no longer with me. Thanks for visiting her page, take care.
I gotten Pumpkin last year in late October. I feel like she truly came into my life for a reason, which I will always be forever grateful for. She brings me bundles of joy and happiness into my life every single day. And this contest is for her.. what an amazing cat she truly is.
He loves the park and playing with toys. He loves to give kisses. Always gets his toys out after they get picked up. He is playful but gentle.
He's a happy little pork roast. Looks a lot like Winne⁸ the Pooh. But he doesn't like honey.
Charlie is one of the most handsome tuxedos in the world, who wakes me up every morning with tongue lick kisses on my mouth, He blesses me when I sneeze, and he's the best giggler, we have the best giggling sessions always started by him, and just like Charlie Chaplin he's quite a character with his perfect little Chaplin mustache, eyeliner and lip liner.. the cutest kitty in the world
Mischeif lives up to her name. She is also convinced she is the only Dog in existance. All the rest are computer simulations.
Ayla is a rambunctious ball of joy, expect not to be able to walk around her… she’ll get under your feet.
This is Roscoe ❤️🐶 he is 5 months old. He loves to play with his toys and loves to be outside. He loves to swim and dig. He is such a sweet boy but people think he is mean because of his breed 🥺 he will be anyone’s BFF.
Ryder is a pitbull he is 9 weeks old loves to play with his toys and he loves being by the ocean he is fun to have around very lovable and loves to give kisses
I’m an old lady who likes to lay around and eat and every once in a while chase my little dog.
Kobe is 3 years old and filled woth energy. He loves kisses and to lay belly up. He is very friendly and likes to be near his momma all the time. Everyone that meets him loves him.
To eat ankles of his owners at 3am and bring back gifts from the field :)
Kirby was rescued from Texas after they had a big flood. Kirby is named after Kirby Puckett (an old Twins baseball player).
Rocky B.
Rocky B. is a Gental Giant!! His Friendliness draws people in!! He loves playing ball.... He loves car rides, and then walking in the park socializing!! He'll start a conversation with you for treats!!!😉 He's a lap dog...weighing at 114lbs, (thinking he's a chihuahua 🤣)He has learned how to open doors now🥴... He's Precious and The Best Friend You Could Ever Have!!! To Know Rocky B. Is Love Him!!❤❤
Tina is such a sweet loving kitten. Her eyes are like a window into her sweet innocent soul. She was the runt of a litter of 6 and had to be bottle fed to survive.
🎂Born 6/30/20 ✈️MIA --> BOS 💕Love naps, treats, window watching, meowssages and chasing after my favorite birdie.
We adopted this little princess when she was 10 years old and very very sick. She weighs in at just 5 lbs, which is 1/3 of the average weight for a ragdoll, but what she lacks in size, she makes up for in diva attitude.
Max is an amazing dog, he came from such a rough life before he became a part of our family. Max loves doing fun activitys such as swimming and playing ball. He loves getting his picture taken, he's such a photogenic pup. He makes everyone smile who ever see's him. He is the most happeist pup that tail never stops wagging!
Bella Grey
Bella is a pocket bully, almost 8 months. She's extremely smart, very beautiful, and lovable dog. She potty trained in 3 days at 8 weeks. Has aleeady had her 1st heat. 🐶❤
Sir Capone
Capone is a really fun loving BIG puppy. He is very cheerful and loves to roll over for belly rubbing time—ANYTIME! Super sweet animal.
Hennessy is an absolute wonderful addition to our family! He loves to run, play with toys, and of course since he’s a sheltie, he loves to herd ANYONE AND ANYTHING! He’s a true joy to have in our family!
Molly loves the outdoors, she loves exploring in the long grass she also loves her quiet time and naps she loves her toys 🧸 and food and her mummy
Babe Ruth
Babe Ruth loves his car rides .Totally loves anyone who will pet him
Oscar is a lover. His favorite person is his human Mom. He can play fetch ALL day long!
Bacon was a rescue kitten from a home where he wasn’t in healthy condition. He now plays, jumps and bounces around with all the energy in the world