Dog cat Stories - 43


Lilly is the sweetest, most lovable and cuddly cat! She’s about 14 years old but still plays like a kitten. She loves drinking water right from the sink even though she watches me out fresh water in her bowl. Her favorite thing to do is cuddle with her momma 😊
Jasmine is a sweet german shepherd rescued dog , she has a lot of love to give , love the people no matter what age 😅 she likes the squeaky toys and dig holes to hide them , they are her treasure .
Koun’na loves running, having showers and getting up to mischief!
Luna is 10 weeks old. Shes so playful and love to pounce on her toys. She also likes to cuddle like a baby.
Cosmo is a lazy but adorable pup. He loves to sleep and cuddle on your lap. He has the cutest underbite and snaggle tooth. Furry or not, he will always light up your day.
Pepper the pupper is playful, energetic, loves car rides and bath time. He is the sweetest, most loving pup and wags his butt at everyone who comes up to pet him. He has adorable buggy eyes, cute grinch feet, and handsome curly chest hairs. He carries his favorite toy with him everywhere he goes and loves to cuddle.
Doc is such a good puppy. He loves to cuddle. He watches intently while I get his meals together ❤
Gus is the best. If you need a bug catcher, he’s your guy. Need a cuddle buddy, he got you. Need a good laugh, and fun time, that’s him as well. He has the best personality and such a talker.
The sweetest, most beautiful little kitten. Loves wand toys and playing rough with her big brothers.
Very sweet and playful boy. Loves his brother and sister with all of his heart. Will make your day 1000% better with his cuddles and cute poses.
Mushu is a snuggle bug that will follow you around just so he can cuddle in your lap or beside you.
Haru is a bundle of energy, but when she needs to she will snuggle in your arms at bed time.
Pono is very shy and is frazzled very easily, but when he warms up to you he loves to be pet all of the time.
Grim was adopted from Lucy Mackenzie Humane Society on October 17, 2019. He’s 1 years old now and is so funny and full of spunk. He’s very fluffy and loves morning lovings. He’s super friendly to anyone who comes over to visit. He would be so happy to get votes! ☺️
He’s a 4 year old husky mix, hes a 1-person kind of dog but once he warms up to you he’s goofy and playful, he loves the redwoods and loves to take naps 😂
Gentle Giant! The most sweet, loving dog!
Ruby is our beautiful 12 week old yellow lab. She is vibrant, full of energy and so loving. She loves being taken for walks and loves to be around people 🐶❤
We found her and her siblings with the stray mama and decided to keep them got them all fixed and they all have loving homes. She is very active loves to play and snuggle 🥰
I'm a dumb dumb and don't know why I put myself on this my parents call me a animal thare for i am one I'm considered a cat because I'm lazy and like to eat fish🤣🤣🤣
Nala is one of a kind. She loves to sit in the window and watch all the people and cars go by. She also loves to watch me use the lint roller since she has so much fur! Lol She is the sweetest thing I ever brought into my life :)
Woody is a 2 year old rescue and is disabled. He cannot use his front right paw well and has a limp. He’s the sweetest guy and loves to give hugs. Woody also loves his human and fur brothers and sisters!
Blair is a wild little kitten that loves helping mom do crafts.
Thank you so much for all your votes! 😘 Bugsy has a remarkable character! He's fun loving, super confident, active, interested in everything, fearless etc... He makes me laugh every day. He comes to work with me while he's small, and is as good as gold in the office. Very popular little monster! 😼
Your resident odd ball. Will interrupt your nap and then complain if you interrupt his.
We adopted Smokie a few months ago, when my daughter saw her, she knew she was the one for us. Smokie was dropped off at the humane society with 3 others in the littler and the others got adopted ver quickly. My 7 year old and I have so much love for Smokie.
Definitely a Daddy's girl! Loves to play with her little lambchop/catnip toy. Sits in the window and daydreams about running with the squirrels 🤣
Spencer Reid
Spencer Reid, named after the famous criminal minds character, is the sweetest cat I’ve ever met. He snuggles right up on my neck to sleep, but also loves his play time. He loves his fluffy Pom Pom balls for toys, and is always scavenging for more food. The cutest creation to enter the planet, PERIOD.🖤
George has no idea what personal space means. He likes to sit in my shoulder while I’m on the loo. Brave kitten 😂
Luna is one of the most loving cats I have had.She is full of life ,always up to play and also loves sleeping.
Sofia is a beautiful 3 month old kitten who loves her Mom/human. This fur baby even talks to her mom and she knows that she is loved!!!!
Chester was recently adopted from Columbus Humane. He came in as stray and has adjusted to his new home very well! He loves to snuggle and loves treats!
My sweet kitty was left in a box on the side of the road when he was only a few weeks old. By a miracle we found each other. With lots of love and care, he is the happiest, sweetest boy.
This lil guy was outside of my apartment wondering around looking for his mom he had one messed up eye and worms I got him back to tip top shap now he's a lil ball of energy running around the house attacking everybodys feet.
Willie is a rescue dog he is a good dog he likes to play with my cat and chickens
Miracle was abandoned in the streets of Cairo when he was few months old. A girl found him begging for food and coming up to people but no one helped him and were shoo him away. The girl picked him up from the street and asked for help as she could not keep him. I was informed by a friend that he was looking for a home or he will be probably ended up in street again. And from UK l organised for him to be kept safe and prepared to come to me. Since then single handled l am try to fundrise to help many like him to come to a better life. If he wins the money will go towards helping other in the same position he was 2 years ago. Thank you
Jameson (left) was the runt of his litter along with his little brother moose (right) he’s a king in training, and loves belly rubs. But don’t hold him, he’ll meow like crazy.
Scrap Nasty in the house 🙌🏻 He is a little fire cracker, loves to play and get attention from people! Stay away from his bones or it’s game on 🤣🤣🤣
Dixie is a very sweet and caring cat. She’s calm and loves to cuddle! A unique thing about her is that she was born with a crooked tail! Although she was born with it, she adapted quickly and overcame it! She’s a mamma of 5 and everyone who knows her, falls in love😍vote now!
She loves to tan with her sister. She's 3 years old. She's also full blooded.
he loves to play with his little girlfriend meesha *go vote for her* he is 3 months old. Please vote for my baby
Jinxy is a very independent cat that loves to be outdoors! She loves naps in the sunshine, chasing the mystery red dot, and cuddles when she feels like it. She loves belly rubs from dad.
Good Afternoon ladies, gents, and anything and everything in between. I am talking about cats blw. "How are you doing?" Tennessee ask, before she screams at you for treats. This girl DOESN'T care about anything but treats. You saw that right, she is that old. She wears alot of makeup in order to cover her wrinkles. I am not too sure through we found her going savage on the street. When we took her in, she screamed at us, "I just want Snakes and Flies to survive!!!" PoR FAvor MEE Ammors. Anyways, we saved her and gave her a good home. Please vote, she has been trying to kill me at night for money, like a starved teen. DO not mistake her for being nice, she'd rip your face off and leave you with nothing but an empty soul. Just look into those pure eyes. She needs your help amigos.
Sadie is a lovley little old lady she loves taking naps and playing with Meesha and Hyrum!
Meesha is a lovely little girl but, she does like to nip at you sometimes she is my baby!
Nova is a very playful kitten and loves being cuddled up on someone’s chest
I love to sleep, eat, and play! Vote for me💙
Just look at her