Dog cat Stories - 44


Izzy is a sweerheart. She loves to play with her toys as she will dump her own toy basket. Izzy is extremly smart. She knows many words when we tell her something. She loves people!!! Definatly and Daddys girl.
Ophelia is an adventure cat in training! She loves to be outside exploring.
This is king he loves to play with his owner very much and he loves to sing to hond dog by Elvis. If he wins king will by his new baby the supplies they when born
He's a cuddle bug my son fell in love with him and he chose my son ❤️
Clingy and loving. She loves to play fetch in the ocean.
Smart, funny, sweetie boss man with attitude.
Little Man
Little man and I are from Lake Charles Louisiana. Currently still in a hotel evacuated from devastating hurricane Laura and hurricane Delta . weve been here since August. We will be permentally moving to New Orleans.
Maggie Rhea
Maggie is a momma’s girl with a massive appetite. She will do her famous “circus tricks” for any kind of food she sees! She also loves to snuggle and comfort her momma through her cancer treatments by licking her bald head until she is relaxed! She loves to play with stuffed animals and will sleep the day away if she can. She is greedy for cuddles and kisses and love to be the center of attention!!
Mavis is a sweet girl, I rescued her and she rescued me right back 💙
Nova Oasis Debose
Nova is so amazing and cute! She is crazy and has a lot of personality. She loves to play and is the best little kitten ever. She is also super sweet and cuddly. I found her as a newborn and a Walmart parking lot when she was just born. She is healthy and thriving!
Febe is a loveable companion. Always by my side with those big beautiful eyes and always purring!!
Axil is a Rhodesian Boxer that is full of memorable expressions. While Axil is a not a vocal doggo, he more than makes up for his silence through his loving and cheerful presence. Axil shows love to all humans and animals he interacts with and loves a good nap. Axil would be the perfect dog to represent the brand.
Harley has made our family whole. He is with out a doubt one of a kind, with his "puppy" at heart personality. Harley absolutley loves to tag along right on any of ours sides as if he is helping with any of our projects or chores. Harley loves to show his love by hugging and giving a great high five! His favorite time of the day is bed time along with everyone has a pillow on one of us and gives you big cuddles. He can make friends with anyone that comes around.
Samuel is special to my family he makes us feel happy and he may be small but he has a big heart. He loves to give kisses and love. He has definitely got a funny personality too, he knows how to fake cry making a pouting face when he wants something and he knows ot just too cute. He likes to dress up and go out for rides to th stores, yep he will pick out something he likes sneakit in the buggy if you get him too close to toys lol. Favorite game is fighting his toy alligator puppet with dad.
Calie is a very intelligent loving and playful dog. She loves her toys and playing dress up.
The Mighty Thor is almost 5 months old and very active! He does not like long walks on the beach..he doesn't like the beach. He loves his toys. At some time, everyday, he goes to his playpen and take each toy out 1 by 1. His favorite toy is his zebra with wings, "Pegasus".. He is just the cutest.
Kona is very intelligent, only four months old and he has learned to sit, speak, lay down and shake. He also loves to play! He is active and brings a smile to everyone he meets with his sweetness!
Finnegan was rescued at four months old when a lady was putting him in the street I took him in and trained him. He was trained as a dog because he works with me at my grooming shop. His job is to greet the clients and keep the grooming dogs company on the table. He knows, sit, stay, give paw, do love, and the word walkie. He walks on a leash to go outside to the bathroom. His favorite food is Fancy Feast grilled delites with cheese. He also loves grilled chicken. Finnegan loves to meet people and he loves attention. He gets along with dogs very well and interacts by playing fetchbwith them. He is five years old
Lucy is the heart of our family! My two sons and I, Lucy makes our family complete. She is so loving, caring and brings my family so much laughter! She is playful and such a human. This is a picture of her as she picked a wild flower from the yard. Hopping we would play and chase her for the flower in return.
Artemis is a very special cat. She is like a cat dog in so many ways. She loves to fetch. She comes when she’s called. She plays in water. She follows me everywhere and loves her hoomans so much
Daenares is a spunky girl who never lets life get in the way, shes battling medical issues but always has a smile on her adorable face
Marshmallow may look like a grumpy old man but he is the sweetest, most gentle kitty around. He loves napping and catnip but mostly loves spending time with his mama.
Yoshi is a 1yr old Cavapoo. He enjoy playing outside and going on walks. His favorite treats are grandma’s G sweet potato and banana cookies. He loves puppuccino from Starbucks. He loves cuddling with mommy and daddy. He is such a sweet baby.
Mick Lovin'
Mick is the coolest cat I've ever met or had. He is full of personality; he loves to jump super high and do acrobatic events with his bird feather toy. Also loves to bird watch out the window...He is super fast, run up to 30mph. He's an awesome fun cat to be around. He Fills my home with Joy, excitement and entertainment. Plus he is beautiful 🤩 as well, super photogenic Mister Mick Lovin'. I've taught him so cool tricks, as well as communicating with rhythms. He will copy me with his tail tapping. Mick Lovin' aka Chief One Sox is definitely an attractive loveable kitty cat, and one of a kind. 💙
Hazel Onyx
Her nickname, "Meow Mix' because when she's awake all she does is meow and every meow is different from the last one. We adore her! And she's got her 2 big dog furbrothers and my family wrapped around her paws.🐾 Hazel is 7 months old.
Saige is a 3 month old Golden with the biggest personality in the WORLD! She can sit, shake, and fetch. Her best friend is our cat, Mr. Kitty!
Queen Bella
Queen Bella is a 8 week old Canary Mastiff mixed with American Pit-bull. She is full energy and love. She like to play tag in the backyard with her toddler best friend Tristan. She has an appetite that is twice her size. She also love to cuddle up close and give lots of kisses.
Abby is a cute,playful, and sweet kitty. She loves to knock items over and hide them.
My favorite things to do are play ball and chew on my mom’s hands. I’m fluffy and naughty and oh so adorable!
Bubba is waiting to start a puppy class...but they say he has to be 4 months! He decided that napping is a good way to pass his time!
He's a cuddly little guy who loves to play!
Adelaide's favorite things to do are play with all of her toys, rides in the car and her absolute favorite is cuddling with mom and dad after a long day of supervising mom at her grooming shop! She loves everyone and just wants to give everyone kisses!
He loves to eat and play with his favorite toy wand.
Daisy is a two year old Halloween Baby. She is a mix breed made up of half pitbull, a quarter Labrador, and a quarter English Mastiff. She loves sticks and daily zoomies but she loves her mama more.
Nadia is a bottle feed baby from birth ,she loves to play with her toys and she will bring me her bottle even at a year old..she loves babies.
Finnegan is an almost 3 year old dachshund. He enjoys sun bathing, riding in his bicycle trailer, and being groomed. He’s the perfect pup! Always accessorized with a bow tie, Finn is his mama’s right hand man. He’s trained to be her Emotional Support Animal and has even gone to college for a few years! Truly the sweetest boy to ever be.
Nala Rose
Nala Rose is a VIVACIOUS soon to be 2 yr old Pekingese. She is the absolute BEST snuggler and kisser!! She loves to be where you are at ALL times! She is a pro wrestler with her bigger brother, 3 yr. old Simba. It’s her way or no way......let’s say!! 🦁
This is Xena! She is about 9 weeks old and super playful, she loves to hop (not run) around the yard, dig, and take lots of naps! She is such a sweetheart 💓
Bella Tate
Bella is wonderful around children, cats, dogs and other people. She is ESA certified and she's working on becoming an therapy dog, so she can share her love with people in need. Bella is very treat and toy motivated. We're so blessed to have Bella, especially that she's the first furry child we ever had.
Hesh is nearly a year old. He loves any toy that says it is indestructible as he likes to prove them wrong! He loves the sun and walks through the forests
Bandit is one curious pup....filled with energy and loyalty for her “people”! This cutie deserves this win 😍
That's Vino and HIS cat, Hungry. He loves his cat! He'll just sit and gaze at him all day. It's a bit weird but SO cute!
Daphne loves everyone she is a ball Of energy at 8 months old she is a lilac tri merle English bulldog
Dolly, she is a love bug! She loves her lamb stuffy and blanket. She plays fetch and loves to snooze on the couch. her anecdote is food/treats. Car rides are so relaxing for her but sqeak a toy and she is ready to play.
She will wait by the outside door to go get her stick. Then will walk for miles holding it in her moth...until she sees another dog then drops it to say hi. Well known as ‘such a cute friendly dog’ in the neighbourhood. Loves everyone