Dog cat Stories - 45


Smr Aka So Many Roads
My sweet torti is really only sweet to me! I think she choose me to be here momma! I am a professional beachcomber who collects seaglass and this cat right here LOVES seaglass! She likes to tuck it under her belly and nap on it!! I love her so much! (Her name is pronounced esmer in case you were wondering)
My name is Cali. I am 4 months old, and I love people and other dogs. I am a busy body and love to explore.
Tinkerbell is 11 weeks old. She's playful loving and a proper mummy's girl. She constantly sits on my shoulder everyday or in my dressing gown with me. She's very loveable. Please vote for me 😀😀
KENZO is a 7 week old frenchie, he is so loving and cuddly when he’s tired and wants to take a nap, he zooms around the house and is into absolutely everything. He loves all of his toys especially his bunny teddy. He loves when daddy comes home from work 🥰 he brings our home so much joy 💙
Roger Louis
Hi my names roger louis, im a rottweiler x blue heeler. Im very loving and full of joy, i love talking to people and watching netflix ❤
Milo is a rescue dog from Dubai! he was not socialised properly so he gets very nervous and sometimes barks around other dogs. (he was bitten at 6months chained in a garage)milos best friend is siri and he is doing really well with his training! he will never love other dogs but now he can walk past in a lead and be all okay! we recently got a new puppy patchi! please vote for milo
Roger And Diesel
best friends ❤
Hi my name is Diesel, im a very big boy who loves nothing more then a big cuddle ( massive sook).
Mr Giles is a lovable ball of fluff! He likes to watch the raindrops run down the window from a nice comfy seat. He loves to explore the garden and chase leaves in the sun!
Baxter is a sweet kitty that loves treats and laying in his mamas lap
Chloe is a previous mother to 3 beautiful kittens and her lovely husband Benjamin.
Cara Dumpling
Cara is a sweet little staffy dumpling who loves playing and giving all the hoomans kisses! She was in a horrible place at the start of her life but has always powered through! She is a playful little sausage. She’s still the size of a puppy for being 5 years old but she uses her cuteness to her own advantage of getting biscuits!
Hugo is 11 weeks old and he loves playing with everything he’s not supposed too!!!😂 when he’s not playing he’s the most loving pup and wants cuddles all the time🥰Xx
Barry is super adorable! He enjoys cuddling, cooking with me, dancing, going for walks, playing ball and walks on the beach. He is the perfect pandemic lockdown companion.
Lily is a gorgeous little Working Cocker Spaniel that we rescued just over a year ago. She loves everyone and helps her owner, Hannah who’s in a wheelchair 🐾 ❤️ please give her a vote!
Snow is a Norwegian forest cat loves exploring in our wide open yard in our small town in Indiana. She is very loyal and playful. She is about one year old.
Tinkerbel is a 5 month old Ragdoll. She has the deepest blue eyes that most people want themselves! She’s loving, affectionate and extremely needy! She is my little beautiful fur baby ♥️
Bruno is a cheeky chap. He loves chasing leaves on walks, chilling in front of the fire and zoomies every day!!!
Mister Murray
Minature american eskimo!
Rosie is a chocolate miniture dachshund who had her 16th birthday in January. Despite her age she learned how to let my mom know whenever my mom is about to have a seizure. She also has been known to chase off pit bulls when they get on her nerves.
hi I’m Koa! I love treats, socks, and most of all, my mom. ♥️
Bella is a 4 month old frenchie. She is the sweetest, most loving and smartest puppy ever. She is my best friend and I could not imagine life without her. She loves playing with her mommy and daddy and all of her toys (since she’s so spoiled!). She knows how to sit, lay down, shake and roll over! Life has been great ever since she came into it. I love her so much! ♥️🐾
My name is Needle! I like to be a hat on my mom's head when she sleeps. I like turkey, my window seats and playing with my little brother, Thimble.
Elijah Javert
He is my first every fuzzy animal. He is an emotional support animal and hope to one day have him be a therapy cat that visit kids in the hospital. We think he is only 4 months. He is so small compared to his brother that was at the shelter. He is so small and only weighs 3 pounds. He is very adventurous and today he likes take my socks and runs around with them in his mouth.
Hello, my name is Kendall also known as Fluff. I got my nickname from my long luscious fur. Some of my favorite things to do are dig in my blankets and talk to all my humans about everything!! Please vote for me!
We found Jouuzou abandoned from he’s mom on the street and we decided to adopt him now he’s the baby, but is so so afraid of all sudden sounds or movement.
Smokey was given to me by a friend as he just loved to bite toes under sheets. He continued to do so with me too...
Moonie likes to climb the curtains and scream. There’s not a single coherent thought in his little head.
Found this sweet baby on the street. She has been my best companion.
Sparkle is a hamster ik but she died aswell as my othee hanster who is in the photos
Coco Bean
Coco bean love to play outside. He loves to explore the woods, takes hikes, and swin He also loves kids and babies. He very hyper but is in all a good dog. He is not only our dog but hes our fur baby and best freind. He makes us happy and we make him happy he makes us laugh like crazy being goofy.
Milo is very nosy. He likes to climb and explore. He is boss & king of the household. He likes to be near his hu ams or best friend (dog) at all times
Rocky is both playful and cuddly. In these pics, he is modeling his new tee shirt. He's such a sweet baby boy.
Attitude is a loving cat who adores feet. He will stop in the middle of the room while someone is standing or even walking and try to lay on their feet. He has brought so much joy to our home.
He was a rescue at a local car garage he loves to play with the other cats and loves to play with the dog
Hi I'm Beau, a goofy 5year old rescued hound mix! My favorite things to do are go to doggy daycare, take naps with my mom, bark at squirrels and play with my feline sisters!
My rescue cat Jinx is like my shadow, she is loyal and follows me everywhere, she knows when I’m upset and will comfort me and is very vocal. Very pretty black cat with a spicy attitude.
Little purring machine
Colby Ritz
Colby loves to play outside goes for long walks snow is his favorite Colby is sweet ,friendly,lovable,kind,He obeys just look at him is handsome. His my bffff I love him so much and he always smiling
Littlefoot is his mommys emotional support animal, he loves going shopping and riding in the car. Littlefoot is a gentleman and loves everyone, he will lick you to death with love. He loves doing tricks for treats and dancing for his food in the evening. He loves nothing better at night then burrowing under the covers in mommys lap and making her feel safe and calm!
Peach loves to adventure and steal the hearts of all who gaze upon her :,)
My little Coby is such a good watch dog, he barks at everything but wouldn’t hurt a flea.
He’s the best cuddle buddy you never knew you needed! Always in your lap! Unless you have a squeaky ball.. then it’s play time!
Hi i'm Molly! My mom and dad say i'm spunky, sweet, and a little crazy. I love my big brother, Bentley, and cuddles.