Dog cat Stories - 45


Abby is a people lover, she loves her belly rubs, she's her Daddy's girl and loves playing frisbee and running outside and being at camp!!
Very cute and loving
Buddy loves people, he can speak, whisper, sit, roll over, sit up, and loves his snacks
Jazmine is actually a mix with a husky and a miniature piodle. Her mother was a beautiful husky that was as big as they get and her father was a tiny miniature pooodle. So Jazmine ended up a perfect miniature copy of her mother with the personality to match.
Salem is 9 weeks old shes such a beautiful girl that loves to snuggle and play with her toys 💕 shes has the soul of my recent cat oreo that passed away which i absolutely love ❤ she was meant to be ❣
Murphy is the best baby ever!! He brought me out of the deep depression of empty nest syndrome! He has more character than most humans I know! He constantly makes me smile!
Suzie is a fun loving Mini Aussiedoodle who has never met someone she didn’t like. She’s the best travel companion and is sure to make anyone smile. Her favorite activities include hiking, exploring, digging, and hanging at breweries.
Tookie likes to play with his stuff toys and let’s me dress him up .
Jj Yoda Speer
Tuna, I must eat. Bathe me in cuddles and kisses and maybe I wont take over the world!
Prince is a F1bb Mini Sheepadoodle seven months old 🐾🐾 he loves to run around the backyard play with his sibling loves to cuddle and give kisses,Prince is a special Doggy!🐾🐾
This is BRUCE! We call him Boody on a count of his blessed backside. He’s a half husky half bull mastiff , he loves the mountains , fishing and little humans. His favorite food is ice cream and your disgarded pizza crust. He’s a lazy lover at home ❤️
Scottish fold boy based in SF
Little Bit
Little Bit is my best friend as she chose me after my trauma. She has made life better to be around any social setting. She is my hero!
This is Monster he is 11months old. His birthday is November 14. Monster is a registered service dog. He also likes McDonald’s & Wendy’s double cheese burgers with his own drink. He loves to go fishing/noodling he loves playing with his toys we started a new thing on looking at ourself in the tv and grawling and barking if we were able to post videos I would love to share the videos of this cause it’s so funny to watch him
SHE,S ALWAYS HUNGRY,,im 6yrs old kitty , turned on sept 9th,who love,s her big sister ROSIE,,we love to play,and i just love,,ROSIE 5mths older than me,, i love our ball thing, we chase each other,,im mom,s bathroom moniter,,,mol,, so vote for me ,and rosie too
Lucy Purr
Lucy purr is the perfect pretty snuggle kitty and perfect little sassy personality as she was also born with a bent tail. I love her too much!
🌞🌞🌞 Exchange or advance votes welcome please!! 🌞🌞🌞 Please vote for our beautiful baby 😙
He loves to play. Protective of EVERYTHING. Not a fan of new people. But once he knows you he loves you!!! His favorite toys are balls and a TY monkey!
This is princess. She is 14 years old ,she is a loveable cat. She likes to be around her family and like to race us down the stairs 🤣
Bo And Lucky
They are brothers. I got Lucky at 3 weeks and Bo became the mama.
He's a very good we'll trained dog, he's my best friend or more like my only kid. He likes to run and play fetch. He's very good with kids and likes to play with them. A little hyper active and still thinks he's still a puppy lol
Onyx is a rescue pup from Aklavik NWT! She came to her forever home last Thursday and is such a special little girl! She loves to snuggle and be close to her humans and her two fur sisters! Such a blessing she is!
Best snuggle bubs that lovessssss butt rubs and bubba tummies
Callie is a girl she loves to cuddle an play she knows when your sad. She will love on you when she knows you need love she likes other cat an she loves dogs sometime I feel like she acts more like a dog then a cat lol
Ruru is the sweetest kitty i ever owned she luvs cuddles and kisses she is just like a toddler she would want u to pick her up with arms up
The face of an innocent dog.
Machi is special in her own way, when or if u ever meet her u will understand
Lil Taco
Not sure how our munchkin came up with our cat's name but Lil Taco was chosen when she was a kitten. When she wags her tail for attention it's like a Velociraptor's tail.
Brazi a super mischievous dog with a teeth smile.
Nina was a madam. Typical tortie she was cheeky and ruled the roost. I miss her every day
My biggest furbaby. He believes he's a lap dog as he tries to climb in your lap. Even as old as he is he still loves playing and has some spunk in him.
Olive is a 4 year old Australian Labradoodle who is the most loving and affectionate dog towards humans. She loves playing catch with her tennis ball, all the veggies and giving hugs 🤗
Hi! I love to swim and the ocean is my favorite place to be. I love pig ears!!
Lord Luna
He loves curling up with me like this. He has the attitude and sass like a lord cat would.
Bentley is a dog who loves going on adventures and loves spending time with little kids🐶⛺️
Found by a dumpster at a gas station with her siblings, we adopted Luna from Arkansas. She is energetic and the most loving dog you will ever meet. She’s also our silly girl! 😍
Loyal. Loving. Gentle. Kind. Best friends. Compassionate.
Eats everything!
Soends 6 minutes at night trying to hide his treats.
I am a tiny toy poodle i love food ,toys and to dress up and lots of attention ☺ Please Like & vote for me! Thank you all
Luna is a sassy, funny, free spirit who love her toys, playing with her mommy, and eating. She is very stubborn, she does what she wants when she wants! There is never a dull moment with my wild child.
Beerus is the sweetest boy, he loves playing with his brother Oscar and drinking from every sink faucet in the house. He is a sucker for belly rubs and loves sitting in every cardboard box he can find.
Lillie is an 8 year old rescue kitty who has an incredible appreciation for life and nature. If you don’t find her looking out a window exploring, you’ll find her in your lap purring and meowing for more treats. Lillie has been my partner in crime since found on the side of the road at we think about 6 weeks old. Everyday I come home I pick her up, she licks my face and then runs off to go scratch her post. Fun fact about Lillie, every night around 9PM she comes out and meows at us until we head to bed. She loves her sleep time with her puppy brother!
Frankie is the goofiest, most loving and playful puppy there is! He loves treats, playing with other dogs and kiddos + running around in the water. He’s 52 pounds, but thinks he’s the size of a small chihuahua. Frankie is a very sensitive pup and will do anything to make his people happy. We love our sweet boy so much!
Indigo Oro
He love's to cuddle