Toto is my emotional support and best friend. He loves to get out and walk the neighborhood going on adventures meeting all the other life this great big world has. His faverote game is rassle ball. Its just like fetch but you wrestle around inbetween throws.
Snickerdoodles is the sweetest cat & she's so happy to meet new people & pets. I'm really proud of her & the way she acts around other pets & people. She loves to climb trees but know's mommy won't let her get to high because I keep her on a 16ft. leash that she does very well on. She's truly an amazing Angel!!
She knows shes cute and has the biggest personality but the shortest legs ever!
Theo is a 7 week old yellow male Labrador retriever! He loves to chew on toys, taking walks, and riding in the car! He's so smart and cuddly!
Spot Spot
Spot spot is very ornery but sweet she is a vocal kitty who loves to talk. Some of her favorite things to do are eat, sleep, play with her momma and sister cuddle with momma watch cat TV and catch bugs. Her favorite place to be besides in momma's bed beside her is laying in the hallway guarding the bathroom door to make sure nobody sneaks in without her
My name is Dougie, I am the cheekiest pup ever but I get away with everything because of my cute face! My pawrents adore me and I get very spoiled! My favourite thing in the whole world is my ball, chasing squirrels and being naughty!
Ernie is the most lovable dog I’ve ever owned! He has been a wonderful companion for the last three years. I’ve never had a better dog who loves you more and is a sweetest. He has never met a human he did not love!
Precious is a sweetheart but you only get love on her terms she is just a snuggle bug when she wants to be some of her favorite things to do are cuddle with daddy, eat, sleep play with her momma and sister. And her toys
Sage is my tiny little momma cat she's always lovable and affectionate and loves to snuggle loves belly rubs and lots of cat treats. Her favorite things to do are to sleep, eat and watch cat TV on YouTube and when she's not watching that or playing she likes to watch CMT and her favorite song is Love Can build a Bridge by the Judds. R.I.P Naomi.❤
Hi I'm Ezra. I am a chatty boy who has lots of energy. I love to chase mouse toys and balls and when I am not running around I enjoy cuddling too. You can usually find me sleeping on my owners legs at night.
Lily is a 12 year old snowshoe whom I have had since she was 5 weeks old. She loves burrowing under blankets and snuggling with her best friend, Zephyr.
Kiki is a 15 yr old cat that’s been through a lot of moves & adapted very well. Her favorite thing to do is lay in the sun and watch the water move on the canal. She also loves cat nip! Lolol
Diesel Bear
This is Diesel Bear, my BF, registered ESA. He has brought lots of love to many people that he meets. His smile (yes he smiles) never gets old especially with people's reaction. He is a very spoiled boy to his Mom and Dad.
This is Ralphie. Unfortunately he hurt his back which appeared as a very nasty wound. He hated the plastic cone that the vets gave him so instead he wore this soft ring. He likes to use it as a pillow whilst sleeping.
This is echo, she is an akita lab mix, 12 weeks old, and is currently being trained to become a barbershop dog 🐶 💈
Baby Cat
Baby Cat likes to speak up for herself. She lets you know what she wants. She loves being brushed, and loves being scratched and petted by her cat dad.
Melody is a foodie, she hears her treat bag rattle and here she comes running. She likes to drown her toy mice like they are tea bags.
This is Ryley, my best friend:) She’s a very well mannered & rambunctious dog all in one bundle of joy! I one day found out that my dog that I had for 5 years was the father, I couldn’t say no to this beautiful furball!:) She’s the sweetest, mischievous, & such a beautiful dog. She’s extremely energetic, she loves walks, she enjoys being trained, & she loves being a nuisance✨ I Hope this wonderful dog & Me do win at least something, It worth a shot! You’ll never know if you don’t try👏🏼
Simon is a little Spontaneous guy who has to touch or follow me anywhere I go, he likes bells but my office chair seems to have him he loves giving kissis and he has to touch me when he falls asleep, he has his time when he’s doing his own thing, but when he wants your attention he has no problem walking on your phone or whatever your doing, jus so he could have your attention, he is very sweet and cam also tell when something wrong,
Nova likes to start her mornings with some good ol’ wet food and then its time to watch the birds. She loves being around people & also plays fetch ! She’s a spunky lil kitty who steals the hearts of everyone she meets.
Maverick is a 5 1/2 month old who is very inquisitive and very smart. He loves to go for rides in car and enjoys taking everything he can get ahold of and carry it through the house. Maverick just lost his older brother another Doberman who was 14. They were great friends. So now he is very spoiled being just him.
Ronnie is rascal. He is more puppy than kitten. He likes to play chase and fetch. Loves play fighting. He will only sleep if he does the little biscuits on your face 😂 such a love able little boy. Very clumsy and falls a lot ❤️
He loves boxes . But his true love is temptation cat treats ..
Moose loves to be outside so he can run around! His favorite toy is his stuffed duck that squeaks! Moose is 100% good boy! He’s only 3 months old and listens so well!!
Itsy Bitsy
Bitsy is a papijack, papillon and Jack Russel terrier. She is sweet and precocious. Her right ear is floppy unless she’s very happy and excited.
Toffee is a Red Lab. She needed a new home and with us she's found what forever means. Her favourite things are Long walks, Car Rides and Taking a swim. She's sweeter than Coffee, that's why she's named Toffee!
Miss Bella is a princess and very quite. She doesn’t meow unless she wants lovins:) she is super sweet and adorable and loves to cuddle. She is my beautiful little girl :)
Lilith is a little over a year old she has a sister and her name is Gracie, she loves to play and sleep. She doesn’t like to be alone but she also doesn’t like to be held and it makes me sad but she does love pets.
Brody LOVES to talk! He is a character to say the least! He has a personality like no other cat and is just amazing. He is obsessed with feet and just a big goofy! He acts like a dog and his nickname is horse boy :)
Nash is a corgi/ French Bulldog mix. He loves car rides & playing fetch. His best friend is his sister (yellow lab) madi!
Mya Mae
This happy little spoiled girl is an absolute doll. Mya Mae loves to play with her soccer ball and go visit her grandma, but nothing is better than snuggle time with her mamma!💜🐾
Mitzi is the sweetest little bundle of fur. She loves lots of pets and head and back scratches, as well as treats. Her favorite toy is the round plastic toy with the ball that she likes to push around and the cardboard scracthing pad that's in the center. She's a little shy around strangers at first, but she'll warm up to them once she gets to know them.
This is Cheeto a few weeks into saving him from a home that neglected him. He started to show his love for affection immediately. He really loves cuddles as you can see in the photo he’s such a sweet boy ❤️
I got Theo from a shelter unexpectedly and it was the best decision of my life. You would never guess that he’s part chihuahua. He’s super smart and knows many tricks. He actually has super curly hair which makes him super unique. He’s just the sweetest boy and I can’t imagine life without him.
Elton is named after the famous Elton John. He is Siamese, and a very shy boy. He is super sweet, and loves to cuddle!
Abu loves to roll on the ground to show us how cute he is and loves his daily treats.
Patton has quite the personality! He loves attention and dislikes being told NO. He is super sweet most of the time, but can have the occasional attitude. He is 6 months old.
Max is a 2 month old Shorkie. He loves to play and chase butterflies. He's super active by day and sleeps like a log.
Hi my name is theodore, i am 2 years old and i love to chew up stuff animals. While i am an high energy and very acctive dog i love to be on the go whether that be just a walk at the park or a long hike.
A 24 pound Maine Coon - he loves to talk to you, lounge around the house, and he loves to take showers. He is a big brother to our newest addition and he loves showing her the ropes.
Bell is an 10 month old tailless on Manx… everything is a toy to play with and she LOVES to play with her brother Taco who watches over her dearly! The world is her playground!
Zoey is a goofy, fun loving fluff ball! She loves everyone and being spoiled with attention!
Buster is a 10 pound dachshund loves his walks and his toys both make him very happy.
Loki is the sweetest boy, while afraid of everything, he will always be right by my side
Hi I'm Maui. Im 14 years young! I like to be where ever my mom is. I enjoy car rides, adventures in the woods, and riding in moms kayak. I have two younger cat siblings. They are something else, but I put up with them. Thanks for checking out my profile. Don't forget to vote for me! 😊
George is my baby, my protector. He is sweet and gentle but loves his mama and wouldn't let anything happen to me! He lives with four cats and loves to play with them. He loves long walks and loves his treats! Much love from George and I 🥰😘🥰
Rosco Coble Jr
Hi my name is Rosco, im just over a year old. The first part of my life was a bit hard, my first family was not the best. I ended up a shelter my back leg was broken and they didn't tell them that, but soon they found out, and they had to take my back leg, so i had to spend time recovering. Then I wasnt sure if I would find my forever home, cause i only have three legs. Then my new parents showed up. An boy let me tell you they are best, and freedom is amazing. I love going for drives, i sit on my dads lap and hang my head out the window. I got to chase my first squirrel. I love help dad clean up outside. Best of all now my mom and i are in school so i can help her, and when im done i will be her service dog. Thanks mom and dad.