Very playful loves cuddling with his big dog brother butters
Luna Is full of personality. She loves hiding and scaring me and loves to play. She is a very energetic cat!
Fluffy is 4 weeks old , please give her likes ❤️
4 months old Italian Greyhound - Tommy loves nothing more than trying to jump up on the sofa to snuggle with me. However, he's not quite the graceful jumper he thinks he is. More often than not, he ends up falling back on his cute little butt! It's like watching a cartoon character in real life. But Tommy doesn't let a little embarrassment get him down. He's always up for a game of fetch with his favorite toys. The only problem is, he gets so excited that he sometimes runs too fast and ends up skidding right into the wall! It's like he forgets he's not a race car and doesn't know how to hit the brakes. Despite his occasional clumsiness, Tommy is the funniest and most lovable dog I know. I just have to make sure to keep a watchful eye on him, or he might end up bouncing off the furniture like a little Italian greyhound pinball!
Hi, I'm 9 weeks old and I hav just found my forever home. I love to have cuddles and play around with my family ❤️
Apollo is a beautiful scottish straight and likes to laze around in the sun or run around crazy!
this is aspen, she’s 11 weeks old. a very playful, kind, loving, smart puppy. she loves to play tug-a-war. she also loves cuddling and taking naps with me
He falls asleep ony lap And stare at me before doing so🥰
Heidi White
She is a proud nice doggy she listens and loves a little win
Sacchi is 8weeks old❤️ she is spunky. And she loves to sleep next to us.
Billy is a 13 week old Chorkie.He loves going out on walks.He also curling up next to us for cuddles.
Douglas (aka Dougie) is the calmest little pup 🐶 he loves puppy club and loves walking ! He’s already fetching and coming back and sits without a treat! He loves his two (human) brothers
Ollie loves his bath in the morning! He loves to have his cute, adorable face washed!!
Misune was 13 weeks in this pic he is now 20 weeks . He loves playing with smokey who is 3 years old both are huskys they both love to ride in the jeep.
Sesame And Tofu
Hi, this is sesame and tofu. They were born in a really nice persons backyard. They love to play and they are super friendly! Please vote for them. ❤️ vote for me ill vote for u
The sweetest boy ever 💙
Noel is a joyful 8 months old kitten who loves climbing,cuddles,sleeping doing tricks and playing/ hanging out with people
Beats is a springer spaniel who loves anything and everyone. He especially loves cuddles and balls 💗
This is Cooper the Trooper! he is fully like a bulldozer. he has no idea how big he is and likes to chew on anything he gets his mouth on 😂 but he’s a cutie! Cooper had recently been diagnosed with hip dysplasia in both of his hips were currently trying to raise the funds to afford the operation so he doesn’t have to be euthanised, he’s only 11 months old. please give him some love… he deserves it!
Miss Shelly
She is delightful, bright n sun y and oh so funny. Shelly was rehomed to our home! How blessed are we!
My boy is like a son we never had , he fetches and gives you high five . He is almost 11 years old .
Morris is a rescue who we hope now is loving life, just look at that face he is such a cutie ❤️
I named her Nano because she weighed less than a pound when she was rescued. She shows that she loves me everyday with her kisses.
very cuddley tuxedo 🫶
He’s 9 years old and live with 3 other cats 1 girl Tigger and 2 boys Fred and Sherbert he was born on Sept 13th 2013
Oreo likes to go on walks and he loves car rides. Oreo has one blue eye and one brown eye. He’s well loved in my neighborhood and he loves to play with kids. He protects my 1 year old daughter in every possible way.
❤️April is very elegant and obedient❤️ ❤️ ❤️
This is our baby dog 🍼Roxanne🐕 Roxanne was born on February 4th 2023. She is the smallest of 12 pups and her head was crooked when she was born she could not turn her neck. We decided if you made it she would be the one we would keep. Roxanne is almost 3 months old and is crate & potty trained. She loves water,playing in the sprinkler, rain, mud puddles. Roxanne loved her car seat but not her seatbelt. She is extremely smart an affectionate she is just a big ol' BabbyDog
Cookie is the most softest and most lovable American pocket bully ever! She loves fetch and being chased around. She gives the best cuddles and loves to go on walks.🐶🦮🐾🍪
Hello 👋 My name is Paddy, I am a 10 month old blue staffy. I really like treats and belly rubs ❤️. I would really appreciate it if you could all take a moment of your time to go through my pics and vote for me 🗳️. In return I will do the same 😊. Thank You! Paddy The Blue Staff 🐾
Sassy He is are neighborhood watch He was taken from me in Florida he was gone 4 yrs I found him in a shelter he never forgot me he is so amazing
Gorgeous George! He is a 13 week old Scottish Straight kitten. Loves cuddles and especially loves his little toy mouse Jerry!
Snowy is a Khao manee is so well behaved and loves to purr as well as food 🐱🥰
Ice is the cutest and rarest breed kitten in the whole UK he’s a Khao manee loves cuddles & food. He’s addicted to napping 😴
Frost is the sweetest girl!! She’s so affectionate, constantly gives me loves :)) this picture was taken when I was giving her a treat! How adorable 🥰 she’s around 9 months old, so sweet and intelligent. Extremely loyal😍
I rescued Dolly who had been left alone in a flat for weeks being fed through a letterbox by a neighbour. She would pace the window ledge and cry. Her brother escaped through an open window leaving Dolly alone. My first ever cat shes sassy, loving and so funny. She loves her dog siblings Princess and Butchie though Dolly is the boss. Her exact age is unknown but shes roughly 8yrs old now. We call her Dolly Diva as shes a cat who knows what she wants 😂😂😂💞🐾🐾💞
Wee Dude aka doodle is such a smart wee guy, he loves to love and loves to be loved. His best friend is his cat brother Buddy, he loves chasing squeaky balls.
Dingle Berry
Dingle Berry is a male cat who was from a feral cat family,so I rescued him when he was 5 months old now he's fixed n inside safe n happy.💙
Thor is a very playful, hyper, smart, crazy and funny dog. Thor loves to play and go on walks and has loads of friends
Loco Loki
Loki is a Ginger that is a rescue from a community of cats outdoors... he was 3 weeks old when I saw his picture and knew he was the one for his forever home ... The cover picture my son made a window box for our 3 cats...needless to say they love...It is one of Loki's favorite spots...
There is a lot of spunk and personality in this tiny little body. When she's not giving you a little sass She is the best cuddle buddy and loves to give kisses.
Mac is a 7 year old lazy king charles. He loves waching tv and even thought he is lazy he'll never say no to a nice walk(unless its longer then 35 mins )
Sexy Rexy is so chilled and loves cuddles. Scared of every other dog. He’s a beaut.
Tyson is 9 months old, he loves walking and playing with his toys especially his rope🥰 he loves giving kisses and getting everyone to play with his rope with him, he’s such a lovely calm dog yet so energetic , he loves nothing more than attention and his food. he’s terrified of the hose😂 and hates getting baths!
Baliey has the attitude of a dog 5x her size. She is playful and energetic.
This is Maia, she is 13 months old. Extremely intelligent and the softest soul. Loves fetch and would give her life for the tennis ball but deathly terrified of water bottles. She is a vibrant character
Blaze likes cuddling and taking naps. He is a well behaved boy.
Obie Dobie Wan Konobi
Obie Dobie as you can guess was named from Star Wars his best friends are a kitty named Nagini and a beautiful 6 month old named Laveyah hes a very special baby because he was born without the proper use of her vocal cords so he doesnt bark at all he does have a word pad for communication which he uses extremely well