Dog cat Stories - 46


max is 5 years old loves kids loves to be with his mom
Picasso is the most quirky and vocal cat that I have ever met. He loves running through tunnels and jumping as high 6 feet Peanut butter and tuna are his favorite things to eat, and he is always trying to steal my raspberries. He loves being held like a baby and massaging blankets and my belly. He loves being outside and is a great hunter, he leaves me gifts frequently.
Beth loves the outdoors and to show off her talent of climbing ladders!
He’s so sweet, loves hugs, and attention.
Theo is a spoiled kitty who loves naps and pets. He’s a year old and loves to play hide and seek.
Oscar was adopted 3 weeks ago. Hes the sweetest 3.5 bundle of fur and loves to lay with his big sissy, Kloee. He's also a huge fetch player!
Daisy is very fast! She loves to cuddle and will even get up at night to play! Lots and lots of energy!
Jj And Mamma
We found Mamma and Jj in our yard. She was feral and Jj was only days old and her only kitten. The plan was to get her fixed and release her back outside we have a community of wild cats in the neighborhood and to keep Jj. Well Mamma decided she likes the domestic life so we now have 2 kittys to love❤
Spade loves sunbathing outside on the deck, nightly sleeps in the sink, and lots of cuddles and chaos with his sister Lola. Everyone who meets spade never thought they would meet such an out going genuine cat like him. He has the charm to turn non cat lovers into being his best friend. He is by far the best buddy.
Hero loves long walks and treats.
Smokey was a rescue at 4 weeks old. She was on her death bed till we brought her home and got her back to life. She has a pigeon like meow and her fur feels like silk. She a motherly to any kittens we bring in as you can see.
Loves his little toy dolphin and doing zoomies around the house with it.
I adopted Nikki just a little over a year ago he has the best personality of any cat I've ever owned even conversates with me. He wakes me up every morning for work. I love him sooo much!!!
Zeus sleeps all day everyday! He likes his dog sister Bailey! He loves his tough chew toys! he's 7 years old and his sister brings out the puppy in him!
Sheeba is about 11 years old and even though she’s an older lady she seems to be getting friskier with age! She loves love but on her own terms! Overall Sheeba is a sweetheart!
Scarlet has social anxiety so she is with me all the time she loves to sit on my shoulders as I play games
Rosko is very playful, smart and is the sweetest boy! He knows how to sit, speak and shake. His favorite things to do is play outside, go for car rides and cuddle!
Flash was out of my very 1st special litter of my beggining of my breeding of my Toy Aussie/Aussiedoodles that i am just now starting to do, from the 1st dog given to me by my Best Friend "SHERYL" when i lost my only Daughter age 31, 4 yrs ago. (😥having troubles copeing/& lots of depression. Flash was named by my grandson Trever (age 5😃), he is so loving, energetic, and such a member of our family , he is so full of personalities its not funny 😂😃😆. He is a blessing to have around and to enjoy watching 🙈🙉🙊. Tami Marie Thill, Troy Montana 💙
Sylvie is my sweet girl, I was never a cat person but I love her she's adorable and very cuddly.
Chop was born the 1st. Male of a liter of 6 he is a son of a pure breed jack russel and pug. He is 8 weeks old fun and likes to play
Named after Thackeray. Is basically a dog. Likes when mom watches him poopoo
Simba is a rescue, he’s a big baby & loves to snuggle 🥰
Smalls loves to play and she learns so quickly. She knows how to give fist pumps lol. Smalls is such a sweet puppy who loves people, and loves to be outside! With winter coming, she'll need a dog house outside. I'm just so inlove with my puppy i feel like everyone needs to see her too🤣
Mickey likes to play fetch, be outdoors and is a very funny little guy!
Odin Rip
Got odin as a gift. He's was the best cat i ever had. He played in water up to his chest and fetched better then my dogs. He stole my heart then passed awY after 16 months of life. I was devistated my heart was laying on the basement floor. I ride my motorcycle and think of my baby and cry. Just lost my mother and it seems i never stop crying over these 2 special people. But i truly loved odin and all i have a pictures and great memories of my boy
Snoopy got her name from being so nosey!! She walked into our house and took over! She's so smart and fluffy and sweet!
Lola is know as the psycho catdog she plays fetch better than a dog and thinks its hilarious to bully the 38kg dog. She is 50% sweet angel 50% tiger
Hello my name is Sushi thats Sushi with a shi!!! Nice to meet ya! I like playing outside and getting in adventures with my pet humans. Everyone have a purrrfect day! 🐱
Vote for my beautiful angel please xxx
Beemer was abandoned in the desert. I started dog sitting for him at 3 yrs old. At 6 yrs old his owners couldn't keep him and they asked me to take him. Hes been trained now and is the love of my life. Hes such a good boy. He loves his "cookies". Beemer has been sick the past week...hes on a few different meds...including pain meds. If you read this...please say a little prayer for him (hes now 14 years old) 🙏
he lovesss green apples and the sand
Wittle Moey wuvs warm spots in the sun 🌞 His favowit foods is chicken, cheese, ice cream and marshmallows (but he only gets the last 2 when he steals them 😂).
her favourite thing to is cuddle up with her flash teddy
Smiles for miles
Louie is one of my parents cats, adopted in March 2020 with his sister Lucy! He’s quite the snuggle bug, don’t let that face fool you ☺️
Adventurous would best describe Trigger. He is a great travel companion that enjoys hiking, sitting around the campfire and RV camping. Trigger is 2 years old and is often found playing with his 9 year old Siamese cat Sister.
Mingy then and mingy now💕
Hennessy so energetic she loves to go for long runs and play soccer she also loves to cuddle, give kisses and dress up.
Callie loves to cuddle and get into stuff she knows is naughty. She’s fallen into the toilet twice this week! Her new favorite game is climbing up the shower curtain while her mommy is in the shower. She’s fiery, that’s forsure!
She was almost gone when she first arrived, now shes thriving and enjoying life with her brother blue. Shes 11 weeks old and loves working for treats by learning new tricks and helping around the ranch.
Pudgy loves playing with his toys and getting massages
Ramona is a fun loving kitty that rules the roost!!
Shadow is a mix breed of American bulldog, pitbull terrier, chow chow, and lab. Got her as a puppy during Covid because, why not! She’s been the perfect addition to our family. Spunky and sweet!