Hudson is a rescue, a little yorkie cross. He has brought so much fun and joy into our lives! He is very smart and so eager to please! He just loves to race at high speed and loves everyone!
Love bug
Stormy loves attention and very playful, enjoys company and loves watching her 30 gallon aquarium of fish swim around
2 years old, full of live and energy. Big softy who loves car rides but has a mischievous side a mile wide
Calm, cool and collected, a royal madam that knows what she wants and when she wants it.
Venus was named after the the goddess of love and bueaty. Her nick name is Little V.
Her name matches her personality.
She is a little sweetheart loves curling up with her mum and dad of an evening ,she is a real champion at jumping . She loves to hide in bags and tissue boxes . Gizmo would like to win so She can buy a scratching pole home .
He's a velcro kitty... He follows me everywere, very very vocal... Esp when is little bro sidders is getting my attention.. Love the little fur ball
Gimli is a lovable red fox lab. Well behaved, loves cuddles, loves carrots and walks 😊
Proud papa bronson and always up for a cuddle 😍
Luna is the best friend you can ever have .she like to give hugs and when she does she leans into it so you know your getting her hug..she is a very spirited and fun boxer.
Tiny is a very loving, playful girl. She loves to play with her toys.
She’s very playful, loves her brother, likes to climb curtains, & gives kisses all the time
Angel is 3 months old and is the most loving big hearted cat ever ❤️
Little is the princess of mischief, she loves sitting on top of the fridge and knocking off all the magnets, and running circles in her tube. After mom gets home from work she will stick to her leg until she gets food, and then joins her to watch some tv shows.
Chanel loves water and mud. She loves to run around and play all day. She is very friendly to everyone and will put a smile on your face.
This is Tikka she is the baby of the house.. she is an absolutely sweet little girl but is shy of some humans. She absolutely adores her daddy and follows him everywhere he goes. She loves playing with all her siblings and loves playing with all the rescue and community cats that my husband and I feed in our neighborhood everyday. She even loves playing with our daughter's Bunny and guinea pig.. Tikka loves all animals and love sleeping under the covers cuddled up next to her mommy and daddy.. her favorite toy it's a little teddy bear that we named lovey.. she loves to eat just about anything.. she absolutely loves fresh green beans.. Tikka always will put a smile on your face
Deebo one of our rescue dogs .. we got him as a puppy and when we got him he had parvo. We took him to the vet and did a lot of praying and now he's a parvo survivor. He loves playing and prancing around.. his best friend is our older dog sugar bear and when he gets excited he loves to how with a high-pitched voice LoL. He's very photogenic and the sweetest boy you could ever meet.. we've had him since he was around 8 weeks old.. a lady had a lap full of puppies and was giving them away little did we know the poor things were sick and have parvo.. we saw him in our hearts melted and we just had to take him we felt he needed us to rescue him and we were right. Without the vet care he probably would have passed.. he is a joy and a bright light in our life
Sugar Bear
This is sugar bear she is our almost 15 years old Pomeranian Chihuahua mix. She is my service dog and we have had her since she was 6 weeks old. Sugar loves playing with all her Kitty and doggy siblings her favorite treat is chicken jerky and even though she's a little older in age she still acts like a puppy and loves to give everybody kisses.
Mika was adopted at 2 months old . Shes a playful, energetic , and wild mischievous newborn. Her personality grows as she ages. Apparently she loves celery or anything I have in my hand that she wants to play with. Mika means "gift from God" shes my angelic tilted halo angel .
Buddy is the sweetest little guy ever. He leans into your hand or butts his little head up against your face so you will pet him when you talk to him he meows back at you. He loves to play with feathers and swat water bottle caps around the floor. When I was looking at his chocolate brother and they sent him down beside me and I looked at him and said you don't have a chance little guy, and he flipped his head up backwards at me and looked at me with those sweet, baby blues I was furrever in love!
Jack is an amazing little fur baby. He is almost 4 years old with a great temperament and innocence. He is really cute and obedient.
Teddy has been my baby since he was 5 weeks old, his personality is so loveable, he likes chasing birds, going to the beach and the dog park. Plus his one floppy ear is the cutest!
Woody is our new little addition to the family he is so adorable and was born with a kink in his tail due to being cramped in the womb
Sugar absolutely LOVES to play Laser especially at night! That is her favorite thing to do. She has so much fun chasing that little red light all over the house!!!!!
A cheeky chappy
Irwin was a skinny dirty feral kitten, about 6 months when I coaxed him into my home. Ever since, for the last 13 years, he has been a love muffin and total support for me. Every time I was recovering from medical surgery, he was always glued to me. He gave me the support I didn’t get from people I have been through a lot since I found him and he has always been so close to me. He loves to wear Halloween costumes and loves me so much! Currently he is suffering from diabetes and has to get an insulin shot twice a day but he’s a champ and doesn’t flinch. Everyone that’s ever met him loved him and even one person I dated always hated cats and Irwin changed his mind now he has a few cats of his own. Irwin is and always will be the best cat ever!
Smutty loves to climb trees he is one of a kind loves to sleep at my head he is a very special cat to me
Midnight has been hand raised he was so death very sick i carried him everywhere to care for.him he servived because i cared he is my side kick very loving and sweet.
He is a therapy cat certified with Pet Partners and brings happiness to many people.
He is a therapy cat certified with Pet Partners and brings happiness to many people.
Ben is the most well-known, well behaved, friendly Dog i myself and everyone we meet says! He is so laid back and gets on with All people, animals, creatures, anything living that islucky enough to be in his company! He is also the most intelligent, loyal and protective dog there is! If you knew him or anyone who does they would tell you that the above is So Very True and he's Much More. Almost everyone where i live, including pupils from the local school's know and love him and everyone gives him the time of day. I often get asked, how did you train him to be like that? And the honest answer is; I didn't. He does everything naturally!
Bruno is the most loving, caring, adorable cat I’ve ever known. He loves to play, explore, and sunbathe. He’s also my ESA animal and has done wonders to help my mental health. Please consider voting for our little pumpkin 🥰💙
Ivy is 4 month old long haired dachshund. She loves to bathe in the sun and run around in the yard. Her favorite activity is napping and cuddling🙂 Ivy loves going on adventures and getting treats🐾
Bubby Snicker Doodle
My name is Bubby Snicker Doodle. I love to be outside and soak up the sun, while playing catch with my owner. I love to wrestle and take my owners hat off his head and shake it like a mad dog 😆. Im very lovable and I love to cuddle and give kisses for hours. I'll fall asleep by your side and not move till im reqdy to go potty. I love super long walks and wading in the river by me. Im super needy and i talk a lot. But most of all I Love Everybody!!
Oreo Hartley
Combing the best traits both world, half Charles and half Bichon Oreo find pure joy when at the seaside, posing for pictures dressed stylishly or simply being around those close; you’d love him too if meet so go ahead & cast that vote
Chewy loves his toy he takes it everywhere this is him taking it to bed
Bean is a sweet rescue we brought into our family. She loves to play in her water bowl and torture her dog brother, Benny.
He is 8 months old. His fabourite food is banana and he loves playing in puddles and aggravating his sister Ruby
River is a shenanigator who is living her best life! She loves shredding boxes from Amazon and hogging the blanket! She truly is a mix of all my past dogs and she makes me laugh!
I have the most outgoing personality, if im not eating my moms hair while she sleeps or my dads sweatshirt strings then im either passed out in the most uncomfortable of ways or pulling all of my toys out of the bin they are kept in. I frequently enjoy watching anything out the front door, being an intruder on my owners when they are in the potty or secretly setting up to attack the other cat lewie! I love my belly rubbed or sitting in mom/dads lap in front of the fireplace!
He's a sweet boy who loves to cuddle and go for walks . He loves outside. He loves to play with our other dog and she is his baby mama .
Comet is a 8 week old puppy he loves to play with his tug rope and he loves his ball.
She is just started to play and growl n bark. She's the cutest smallest little sweet girl. Love her so much .
She is a calico beauty. She loves to play. She will be One at the end of April. Funny and has loads of energy. My little campainion
Rascal is a intelligent crazy smart fun and cute Frenchie rascal will love bark and cuddle with anyone and everyone