Where do I get started with Raven? Raven is now 9 months old. We didn’t think we would ever add a third cat to our home, but boy are we glad we did! Our family wouldn’t be complete without this bouncing ball of joy who has the biggest Tortietude. She is the boss or at least thinks she is, but she has the most loving heart. Our fur baby Milo was struggling after being separated from his sister. We thought it would get better over time but he would get bored and into things and cry all the time. Along came Raven and we saw a change. He was always holding her and bathing her. He became like a papa or the best big brother to Raven. We give him most of the credit to why she is so sweet! Anytime you are crying or feeling anxious she will cry and come purring and rubbing against you to see what is wrong. She does it for Milo and for us. She helps the whole family! She has truly been a blessing who always keeps us laughing and entertained. She is full of energy and loves to play with you like you’re another one of the cats. Even Phoebe (our oldest cat) loves an occasional cuddle with Raven. Trust me they came a long way. There is never a dull moment in our home with these furbabies.
Sunny And Obi
We rescued Sunny from a shelter where he was the only cat in the entire sick ward. It was love at first sight. In March he had a son named Obi who has brought us so much joy, now the two are inseparable.
Hiya, my name is Eevee, I'm a very shy and timid kitty, and people do scare me.. a lot, but Mum keeps me calm and collected by all the love and reassurance she gives. I have a big loving personality and enjoy all the fuss I get from Mum, I love treats and dinner time, and always like to make sure to remind Mum every hour of everyday so she doesn't forget!
Pebbles is playful day and night meows when u talk to her and is overall a great cat with personality She is also a british short hair cross
Elvira is a quiet affectionate cat but can also be mischievous when she has a playful mad half hour! She is very cute and loves her cuddles now and then depending on her mood 🤣
Suko is a 2 year old orange tabby. He was adopted because his previous family hated him. He’s a very vocal cat. He loves to play. While someone is in the kitchen cooking, if we ignore him he will nibble our ankles and scream at us. Suko is the most fun cat in the world.
Marley is a 12 month old staffy x Belgian Malinois, he loves being active and running through field's with a stick and he also loves cuddles/snuggles before bed
Aylo is most lovable pet I have ever experienced having. She is so patient and good with kids!
Reggie is a small dog with a big personality. He is very aware of how cute he is thus never falters to pose for the camera.
Onyx is the best boy that just loves snuggling, hiking, playing, sleeping & treats. He’s everyone’s favorite thing 💙
Ridgid is a big baby! Loves his sisters & enjoys riding, getting pampered and being spoiled & loves to eat !
Ozzy is a male Savannah F3 with tons of personality and spunk. He is super lovable and needs constant attention. Ozzy is super smart he does so many tricks you would think he was a dog lol. We adopted Ozzy December 2022 and have zero regrets.
Honey is a sweet cuddly wild kitty. She loves to cuddle by night and wreck the house by day. She has brought so much energy and joy into my household and I wouldn’t trade her for anything. She is the most photogenic cat I’ve met, when the camera comes out she knows it’s time for her to pose pretty. Please vote for my baby Honey
Orion loves sleeping in the wash basin and loves lying having his tummy rubbed whenever he meets people or in bed or well all the time, he is very chilled and laid back , he is asthmatic but takes his inhaler like a pro
Phoenix is a lively but very cuddly kitten who loves her big brother and will eat his food as well as her own
Little Ethel is my 3rd daughter and my favourite, she had a accident and lost her eye 4wks ago , she as been amazing and it hasn’t stopped her once, she is a little love and just wants to have a cuddle, she loves her doggie friends and lives with her big brother’s, pugs the staff & Blu the French bull dog , her best friend at the park is Stan the Rottweiler , x
Stevie, got his name as he wonders a lot (; he’s a cheeky funny lil bulb of joy. Absolute heartbreaking cute!
Jaxxon is a springador. He loves the water and loves cuddles.
She has been there with us through so much heartbreak and shes also been right there throughout each Amazingly memorable event we've experienced and one things for certain!! .. I couldnt and wouldn't want to do any of this without her🥰🤗🧡💛❤🐶🐕
This little girl is just barely over 3 months old but oh what the joy we have in her. She will steal your drinks in a split second. Finds anything and everything to put in her mouth. Knows how to open and close her kennel door and loves eating ice as if that was all she had to eat. She definitely has a never stop love for everyone in her life and goes split crazy if we leave for 2 mins and come back.
Cody is another shelter pup that we got a little over a year ago. He loves to run and play. He come to us as a very scared puppy whom did not trust no one. He still to this day not quite certain of who or how he feels of trust. But, he is slowly getting better with that. He loves playing with our youngest pup but really loves it best when our oldest pup is within noses away. He took to our American pit as if she was the only dog/human he will ever need or want. He loves ice as well
Maggie is a loving dog who spent 2 years in a shelter before she found her forever home with us. She has now been with us 3 years. She tends to play momma to all the dogs younger and smaller to her, she loves with no end, she plays with the younger pups as if she is just as young. She loves the out doors but most importantly she loves her human mom. She protects her family and home when she feels the need. But is also know. To just be a simple loving lazy dog that lays around all day without a care in the world. She is happy and that is what makes me blessed to know why this dog picked me to be her forever from a window
Kalijah, stoic gentleman that he is, got his name sake from an old Hank Williams Jr song about a wooden Indian. He is a cuddle bug who loves his mommy most.
Hey there! Here’s Salem, the most vocal little sweet kitten ever. Himself and 3 of his siblings had been tied up in a bag and left by a river! Sadly 2 of his siblings died, so myself and my bestfriend rescued Salem and his sister lilo (not attached) but since rescuing him he’s been the most loving and cuddliest little kitten. How anyone could harm these little 4 legged friends I’ll never know. Happy voting ✨
Tillie Jolene is a little cowboy corgi who is full of love and spunk. This beautiful little girl is almost 9 weeks old and would appreciate some love. She loves to chase after dad with her small little stubby legs when he plays catch me if you can with the toys.
This is Simba who loves to hang out with his pack he has a secret dog lover.. lagertha❤️.
Lagertha the name matches her perfectly out little queen with a attitude.
King is a sweet boy that wants to socialize with everyone! He loves car rides and going to the park. His favorite game is hide and seek ❤️
This is a smart and thoughtful kitten, 1 year and 2 months old. Love to sleep, love to act in pettish, understand "Nami, come to eat!" You'll be running towards you from wherever you are in your house! Because it was a bantam, it ran and jumped forward on all four legs at once, like a little rabbit.
Indi Nirvana Dean
Indi loves a good game of fetch, he has a box full of toys that he helps us to pick up every day. He is all puppy, learning to be a little dog in a big dogs world! He gives hugs and lots of kisses in between teething on us. Vote for my sweet Indi boy!
Hi I am Lola! I am still growing, I am only 5 months old. but know I am sweet and fluffy! I love water, the tub is my favorite place to just hang out with no water. I give a ton of attention to people wherever I go! I have a big sister, she is a German Shepherd! I’m obsessed with whip cream from a can. I love to jump around everywhere like a bunny all around the house, sleep in my mommas favorite shoes and I use my communication buttons for things like potty, and TREATS! 💕
Nik can be kinda moody sometimes, but he's actually a sweetheart. He doesn't trust strangers. He only loves his mom and his younger brother Venus, and his rabbit bestfriend that unfortunately has passed away already. Nik also loves to play inside boxs.
He is a month old and the only one that survived out of his litter of five and he loves to be held
He sleeps as hard as he plays.
Cassie is an adopted 3 year old Australian Shepherd/Great Pyrenees mix! She has such beautiful highlights and eyes ♡ She survived Parvo as a pup and I would love to donate to the rescue that I got her from. They saved her life and she is saving mine. 🙌
Smokey loves to sleep under the blankets. He loves spaghetti and loves to cuddle.
Aro is a rescue puppy, who came to me with a fear of humans. Since I’ve had him he’s really come out of his shell!! He’s such a happy, loving pup, and I want to share his journey with everyone!
Cuddles is a big loving cat that is really good at catching mouse and exspecting you to cuddle her after catching one can be very funny as well
Hes like a 2 year old that doesnt like to share his toys,his scratcher, his bed, HIS Christmas Tree! Oscar had a rough start in this life. He was found (at about 10 days old) next to a trash can( hence, the name "Oscar" from sesame street), infected eyes, fleas, cold, scared, hungry, and about 8 inches off of the side of the road. So i bought kitten bottles, & kitten formula, and gave him a bath to get rid of the fleas. Wiped his little butt, and now, i have this wonderfully handsome, furry, funny man, who doesnt like to share anything that he has deemed, "mine"! Im quite proud of how he's grown! Even though at times he is sort of like the 1st Oscar the grouch!!!
Novaaa dawggg... The van dawggg... Nova travels the south west with her builder daddy 😍 She loves a stick and loves to play.
My family and I adopted Jack-Jack from Priceless Pet Rescue. His original name was about to be Jax but got changed to Jack-Jack from the Incredibles which is one of my favorite Disney movies🍿. Jack-Jack has an auntie who is dog named Peach. He's a total goofball and he is also friendly and playful. He likes to take risks when it comes to food. He even tries to open cabinets hence why we put the kid locks on our cabinet knobs. 🤣 😺😻🥖
Rylo loves cuddles, loves to play and making everyone he meets fall in love with him. My Baby Rylo 🐶🐶❤️
Kado is a well behaved dog! He loves to play fetch.. he’d play with the ball all day long! He always lets me know when his sister is doing naughty things .. good boy
Daisy is my baby girl. Found her as a kitten. She’s almost 2 years old now.
Milo is a rescue cat. Lives in a house with 5 other cats All rescues also. He Is a vocal kitty, he enjoys playtime, and looking outside on a sunny day, and sneaking off to a hiding place of choice for a Milo sleep. Thank you for reading hope you cast a vote for milo.
Bubba is a unique cat that loves to hike and play with chipmunks!
Jinx's is very smart and playful she is a bottle full of energy that comes brusting out She is the soul of the household