Bono is a 13 year old, springer spaniel/ staffie cross, who still thinks he is a puppy, he is very loving a sweet boy with a very cheeky way
He is a outside cat very loveable likes to roam
Moo is a pain sometimes, but she is also the sweetest. She is snuggly when she wants to be. Her favorite thing to do is sleep and have treats given to her.
Luna Rose
Luna is 14 weeks old and full of life.. she loves to play in water and try to catch bugs lol.. she loves to try and play with her cat sisters but they don't like her and run 😂
Always hungry
Loves to fetch his toy donut and to sit where he fits
Rosebud, named after one of Jerry garcia’s guitars, is just the most precious, loveable huskador I have ever had the pleasure to meet (not biased at all- really 🤣)!!!!! She is so eager to please and loyal that the only times she needs a leash is if the land we are on actually requires it. She was a timid, underweight, underloved, and unhealthy pup when my fiancé took her into his care. Now she is a healthy, confident, sweet companion our whole family appreciates!!!!!
The name says it all, we def jinxed ourselves 😂 He’s one and a half, he’s a big strong brute, as well as a big softy who loves to cuddle and get attention. The outside does not match the inside but that makes him who he is. We love him so much even though he’s a needy one 💕
She likes to cuddle ON HER OWN TIME! Likes spending quality time with her 13 year old human and lives lying next to the fireplace
A beautiful white Siamese named Molly who likes to hunt outside and cuddle inside!!
Toby is the cutest and funniest dog I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. I love him so much ❤️He is famous in the neighborhood and people come out to pet him on his walks. He has a way of making people 😃 smile. He also loves other dogs and always wants play. He is smart and has trained me to give him treats by stealing my shoe 👟 and won’t give it back until he gets the treat. 🤣 Honestly, I feel Toby is what I look forward to coming home to from work everyday. I would love to spoil him if he could win this contest. Toby is a good boy who lives in Lake in the Hills.
Romeo loves to sleep, play and try to scare me :)
Dude is 4 and a half and is a rowdy boy. He loves running but loves being lazy in his chair more.
Penny is a very smart and very playful dog. She loves to play outside and fallow her daddy around the yard. She is interested in everything we do and wants to be involved. She know all her basic commands and is learning to run an agility course i made up on the yard. She loves to play in water but hates her baths. And she loves to chew on just about anything she can find, although sticks and branches seem to be her favorite. Penny has brought so much joy into our life and we just love her so much.
Just got this cutie a couple months ago. He’s the best at cuddling and loves watching tv with the family
Crappy is a snuggler!!!!! He likes to roam the house , the back yard and enjoys the occasional light chase !!! He’s our huge 20 lb quarter domesticated linx child !!
Maui is a sweat cuddly boy. Loves to talk to mom. Loves to communicate with the family and is very vocal ! He knows so many commands and words just to get what he wants. He loves to be carried over shoulders and eating is a favorite. 😁
Urgent! This poor girl 💔 Found abandoned dog tied up on Casteton AvStella Blanca Panzarino‎ to Lost-and-Found Pets Staten Island UPDATE: Finders had no choice but to take her to MACC last night to keep her out of the storm. They could not take her into their bldg. and no one could foster and no rescues could take her. She has no chip. She is less than a year old. She is on stray hold for 72 hours. URGENT! This young female PB was found tied to a tree tonight in SI. She was left in front of 88 CONYINGHAM AVE off CASELTON AVE. Finder cannot keep her - no dogs allowed in her bldg. She appears to have been abandoned, and tied up. HOW DO YOU ABANDON A PUP....AND BEFORE A STORM?? SHE NEEDS RESCUE NOW! NO ONE WILL BE DRIVING HER ANYWHERE TOMORROW. DURING THE STORM
Koda is a year old and love squeaky toys and his dads army boot
Summer is 8 week's old she is very playful and very loveable and she sleeps with me every night
Grey is just 3 years. Loves his black mouse 🐁 toy 😁. Loves his dad and is the protector of the house. He loves when he wants. You know, a cat. 😁
Look at her sweet face! 🥰
Khole' is a 10 Mt old pit bull. She loves to run in her nannies flowers and play in the creek with her big sister sosha. She loves laying in her daddies lap and where ever he is she will not be far. She loves to give kisses.
This precious baby was handed off to me unexpectedly while picking my son from elementary school! We already have quite a full house, with an older cat and 2 rambunctious and rather large, adolescent dogs. Thank goodness my son, as well as the four legged members of our family already are welcoming little Pigpen in with open arms (he apparently loves the Grateful Dead… that was an immediate “in” with our family)!!!!!
Hi my name is Athens my mom rescued me abt 3-4 yrs ago , I have loved every min with my new family since I never get tired of getting pettings on my nub and love going for short drives in moms car , I’m very spoiled and get what I want , I also love playing in the mud when mom tells me not to 😁 but the best part about my life is the endless lovings I get 🐾
hi my name is cleo. i enjoy sitting by the window watching the birds and cars pass by. i drink water out of the toilet like a dog, and go bonkers when i get my catnip. i love making muffins on my moms face at 5am to get my breakfast as well:)
Stormy thinks he’s a dog and will follow me everywhere, come tearing down the stairs whenever I come home, and will fetch his favorite ponytail holder.
Hi😻my name is Lola I’m 10 months I’m crazy silly but sweet at the same time I love my mama and I love sitting bathing in the sun , walks outside on my leash , chasing all of my toys and love watching mom clean the house 🫠
My name is Baby I love my family, I’m protective, I love playing with lasted pointers and bell balls!
Maverick is our crazy, handsome bengal boy. He loves hanging out with his Siamese sister, Goose. His favorite treat is deli turkey, and he enjoys climbing everything possible!!
This is Winston. AKA: Chunks. Winston was a stray until I ended up adopting him around Christmas. He loves napping, his food, and butt pats.
Charlie is nothing more than a big baby. He loves cuddle time with his mama. He also enjoys his belly rubs. Charlie loves camping and car rides.
Goose is undeniably the happiest, smiling, little love! He has the energy of a child but naps like an adult. Goose gives the best and softest kisses. He’s known for his love of swimming and retrieving.
Mango loves to play with her humans and her dog brothers. She is such a sweet girl. Mango love her belly rubs and being brushed.
Zoe Marie
She is a very loving and affectionate dog. She had never met a stranger and loves everyone..She accepts new pets when they come for foster care,so therehas been many,and she just treats them all like family..She has been through so much and actually almost lost her life ,last year .So she is my angel pup,she fought so hard in the hospital, when everyone told us she wasnt going to make ,she fought and pushed through the storm ,and is a adorable loving,not giving up 13 year old Pom..
Im a 1 and a half year old RUSSIAN Blue. 🐾😸 😽😽My world exists in a catmosphere, in my meowmy’s home. I luv it here, it’s purrfect, cozy, and sweet as a warm marsh-meow-low. I Iuvv my sister AKA comrade, Autumn, a brown tabby mix, though I also favor me crunchiesss. 😻😻 How do you like me meow?? It was great to meet ya’ll! I’m Mochi, AKA, William Shakespaw — over and meow-t!
Kairi is a smart brat who loves attention and wet food
Kai Eden
Kai is fiesty he loves doggie treats and his cuddle puppy.
Chandler Bing
When you enter a room, Chandler greets you by running up and scratching on your shoes.
Shosa is a 2 1/2 yr old pillbull mix. She loves to run in the woods and play in the creek with her little sissy. Shosa loves to dig for moles and makes it her mission to get them out of the yard. She loves to give kisses and lay under the cover and cuddle.
Bubba is a sweet boy that I adopted due to his urinary issues. He went through a battle with MRSA UTI but is now a happy and healthy boy. He enjoys napping in the sun, playing with his catnip mice, and tearing up his cat tree.
Biscuit is the baby of the three cats we have. He’s just under two years old. My daughter and I rescued him from our old neighborhood. He shows his love and appreciation by snuggling and giving LOTS of head-butts, lol. When he’s really happy, he likes to head-butt over and over and push his face into yours… it’s the sweetest thing! Biscuit is a high energy boy and LOVES to play! His favorite toys are “Puppy” and “Fluffy”. These toys were my daughters, but Biscuit quickly claimed them as his own!! Other than playing and napping, Biscuit loves to sit in the windows and watch birds and squirrels… He also has a weird obsession with chasing lizards away from the windows, haha. We love our sweet boy and couldn’t imagine not having him as part of our family❤️
Archer is a fun loving dog!! He loves to play and could run around all day!! He’s loves taking photos and learning all new tricks!! He was named after Taylor swift song called Archer
Hi I’m Noodle! I love hugs and kisses. My favorite thing to do is destroy my dog toys!!! My favorite food is STEAK.
Loves playing with his toys and snuggling his mama! We just adopted our sweet boy!
Midnight is a great family dog, full of energy. Her favorite chew toy is a stuffed animal.
Babbs is a sweet girl we are currently fostering to adopt. She two and loves people!
Leo is such a ball of sunshine! He will light your day up in an instant ☀️ He’s my little sunshine boy