Dog cat Stories - 48


He is a chunky man that smells a lot! He is very awkward and likes to chew tennis balls or bananas :)
Bella is an outgoing, sweet Bengal. She enjoys her mini hooman, cat tree, treats toys and playing.
Bailey the Mad Hatter. He loves to dress up. He gets into character with every costume. How can you not vote for him. Look at that face!
Cali is a beautiful calico cat she is super loving and friendly
Cedar loves to snuggle and make bread… be careful though he may bite your face off if your too close 🥰
Carter is the cutest, sweetest baby ever. He loves cuddles and loves to ride in my Jeep.
Lovie may be a cat but she acts like a dog. Shes very finicky about things, its her way or no way.She wont drink water unless her glass, yes a glass not a bowl has ice in it. Shes one in a million for sure, thats our Lovie girl!
Kristoff may be small in size but his Love is big! He will stare in to your eyes for hours and sneak little kisses in here and there. He’s quite the ladies man as you can tell by his picture.
Ziggy is a sensitive guy who loves to cuddle and give kisses! Chasing the ball is his favorite thing to do. He’s a health nut who’s favorite snacks include carrots, zucchini, squash and apple.
Millie is my favorite rescue dog. She is a loving member of our family. She loves to sleep with Nene and play with the granchildren. She has a sister and brother from other mothers. She is the sweetest dog.
luna loves to adventure, she is a little feisty, but loves morning kisses, she wiggles her butt and dances to shakira.
tia aka my chicken. she loves all humans and will follow you wherever you are in the house (especially the bathroom). she gives a wake up call every morning by licking your face.
Benji is a 3 month old Full bred bengal cat! He always has energy to play and loves playing with his fellow cat siblings. Benji gets plenty of attention! His favorite spot to sleep is either in his basket or on the couch!
My sister is Elly. We are twins!
My brother is Norman. We are twins!
Jimothy is about 3-4 years old And a Tabby! He is very adventurous and loves to try and sneak outside. His favorite thing to do is either sleep or drink milk! My favorite thing about him is that he is very very loving and as you can see, a great model!
Frank's a free spirited ball loving pup.
Mr.Sweetface Aka Arti likes to tilt his head when he hears a noise or you talk to him. He loves to Cuddle 🥰 and get petted. He recently had 2 surgery’s he’s recovering from but he’s doing very well. He rescued me as much as I rescued him. 🐶I Love my little boy!
ZUBERI is a 10 month old Yorkiepoo! She's obsessed with socks and sticks. Loves camping and going to the lake.
Houdini is a world class escape artist who goes crazy for catnip and cuddles. His favorite pass time activities is belly rubs, playing with the laser pointer, and exploring how high he can climb!
Baby Holly
People very friendly loves her brother max
Hello, my name is Henny and I am a micro-French Bulldog. My favourite hobbies are fetch, eating and farting 💨 mum says my belly is a bottomless pit. Mum is a huge foodie and she enjoys buying new treats for me to try (can’t complain). I am super chill throughout the day, you can find me snoring away under my mums desk while she works. Oh and I love to zoomie at night.
I had been told that the training procedure with cats was difficult. It’s not. Simona had me trained in two days
I was given Leo by my son who’s friend didn’t want him anymore. Tbh he was an answered prayer. I can’t have kids any longer and wanted a child if not then a dog and Leo was chosen. Leo was abandoned and left unbathed no haircut no love whatsoever had anxiety separation for awhile he’s really a diamond in a rough. I fell in love more each day with Leo especially after bringing him to a dog park boy does he love going there he gets so sad after we leave. He loves making dog friends and is very protective of us as well. He’s so fast when he runs so smart and not afraid to be who he is. He has a very royal like behavior it’s so funny. You would love Leo too. 🐾
She is a silly cat who likes to sit on the ledge of the shower and hangout while you shower. When she’s excited she shakes her tail like a rattlesnake. Her meow isn’t very loud it’s more like squeaks but you will definitely know when she wants treats.
shes a beauitful cat she loves to watch birds loves to eat chicken very sweet cat never mean to anyone she very nervous with new people she was abanded and abused so she got to trust you first but i love her alot
We rescued Ruby when was 3 months. I reassured her. She loves to cuddel and with her humans. We taken her almost everywhere with me. She helps me with my depression and anxiety. She alerts me with blood sugar is low.
Named after my favorite candy, her peanut butter and chocolate colored fur is the softest on this sweet little kitty who loves nothing more than cuddling her mama.
Hi my name is Honey Amber!! I enjoy belly rubs and going for long swims in the lake. I also love running in the mud with my family. Long walks are preferred too 🦮🐾
Simba is such a friendly kitten. He is very playful and loves lots of cuddles.
Galaxy Aka Galy
Galaxy is a fun loving kitty who is now a teenager, he is a little mischievous at times and loves to play. Galaxy enjoys a warm bath and he gets his hair cut every two weeks along with nail trimming, he is very easy going when it comes to his grooming, he is a very intelligent cat and has been easy to train he comes when I call him and sits when I ask galaxy was also easy to potty train not one accident has happened. Galaxy enjoys treats and the moment he smells food he comes running and puts on his sweetness to convince you he wants a treat lol. Galaxy likes to listen to kitty music at night and sometimes enjoys cat tv. Galaxy is The Only pet so he needs and wants constant attention. He is grey and white striped with with big beautiful ears he is a very lanky and lean Tom cat. We got galaxy from a local shop who was giving them Away, we love him and hope you do too.
Tiddles was a feral farm cat antibiotics for my owner as i was v scared and anxious but shes all better now and i get all the loves in the world
Tango is 15 years old and has hyperthyroidism, but it doesn’t stop her being playful and mischievous
She is only 3 months old but very smart and just so adorable
Hi my name is Oshie. Im 7 yrs old. My parents just blessed us with a new puppy... ew. His name is Malkin, hes okay. My past times are going on long walks, swimming at the beach and definitely eatting. Please vote for me. Go Bills!
Hi my name is Malkin. I love causing trouble wherever I go. My past times are sleeping, eatting and wrestling with my older brother Oshie. You got grass? Dont worry i got you by digging holes. Please vote for me. Go Bills!
Io's baby blues would put Paul Newman to shame. Admit it, shes won your heart already.
Charlotte is our life and we love her so much. She is an emotional support dog for my Wife and she is also a good friend to all our cats/ kittens.. She is also very much her own boss and tries to get away with doing wrong but she does come to our way of thinking after a short protest.
Remi is a lovingly loyal pup. He spends his days cuddling with his dog mom and playing with his human siblings. He has such a sweet disposition!
O Jay
OJay or Oscar junior is a very big boy who enjoys lounging about in his lay-z-boy and being groomed he also enjoys munching through the day. He really is the juice
Mellow loves to play with his squeaky toys. He always waits by the front window until i get home from work. When he goes outside to do his business, he makes a stop at Penelopes cage, shes our rabbit. They are close friends. He loves treats and head rubs.
The sweetest, most handsome baby boy. Apollo’s favorite activity is crawling in moms lap for the worlds best snuggles. He purrs non-stop, and has never met a piece of chicken he didn’t love!
Buzz loves relaxing on the back porch watching the waterfall In the pond. He loves doing tricks like Roll over, play dead,sit, And walk on his back legs.
My beautiful, petite little angel: the picture of sophistication and charm! She loves cuddles and pets but it has to be on her terms! This sweet girl also plays fetch!
Goose is a very sweet boy. He loves nothing more than playing fetch with a tennis ball. He is a great cuddle dog. Fun fact about Goose he is named after the character ‘Goose’ from the film ‘Top Gun’
Bossy, nosey, handsome, Loyal and friendly. Lives for biscuits and making shives out of dog toys.