My sweet boy loves to cuddle and play fetch!!
Meet Trixie aka señorita wiggles! The happiest and most affectionate little dog ever. Hobbies include: collecting socks, chasing squirrels, chasing deer, chasing birdies, getting as dirty as possible and swimming.
Tigger is super sweet, and one of our very 1st cats, he was found in a trailer park, and when asked if we wanted him, my husband said, "give him here" & thevrest is history.
Lola, very special girl Coming into our lives at a time of grief, we had to put our older great dane down back in November, She’s just a wonderful well-behaved personable great dog Corky funny many different personalities. Everybody always says they always have that dog, but I have one of those dogs too.
She’s a 6 month old English bulldog, got the energy of a kid, very playful, looks cuddles and likes to sleep in weird positions, this is her first time getting signed up for something like this
Midnight got out a few months back and was hit by a car, & we were worried he wasn't going to make it, but he wanted to live and he got better after having to be in a cage and a heated blanket , he is now the sweetest cat you could ever did meet, he is so lovable, almost thankful to be alive ❤️
Bella is so nosey, you'll find her in places you wouldn't imagine. She has just come back from the groomers, smells a treat, but she is back in her favourite little haunts.
Dusk is a sweet little angel. She loves to play fetch and would gently bite my leg for attention if she wants to play!
Ziggy is the softest, goodest boy (most of the time). The Naughtorious Z.I.G. when he does get excited. He wants to be friends with every dog and person he comes across and often wins them over!
He is a very good friend he makes me laugh all the time 😂 tloves to play
Beau was originally named Belle, and we were told he was pregnant. When no kittens came, we took him with the others to be neutered... only once they had cut him open did they realise he was male. 😭 when my mum asked what the lumps were, the vets said it was in fact poo, not kittens...
Girl...those shoes, with that dress?
Vote for stitch such a sweet and adorable he loves to play catch and fetch with his ball
Cooper is a mix of collie and we believe staffy. Cooper is a fun energetic dog, he loves going for walks, running in fields and most of all playing fetch with his scooby do balls. He loves a cuddle when he is tired and loves to lay on the mat next to the stove in the evenings. He is so friendly with kids and loves to play with his toys with them. Over all he is a good boy :)
Pippin is an affectionate wee pup and loves snuggling
My beautiful dog shadow loves to play loves to show his affection and forever loves to show off how cute he is
The natural transition from black cat to bat.
Buddy was adopted into our family over the winter. He is the biggest fur-baby there is. He loves to catch mice and play with them.
Maggie is an older cat and we’ve had her since she was a kitten. She is shy but loves us. She loves to relax in her bed.
Ada is a very sassy cat. She is loving at night but otherwise she is full of sass. She wants to win. She told me, I’m assuming telepathically
Betty is the most loving cat. She is very shy, but with us she is really playful. She loves to play with her little sister Ada.
Princess is a very special and loyal little lady with a big character 😍
Monkey is a trooper, he was attacked by 2 dogs who played tug of war with him and broke his right back leg. The vet recommended amputating the leg., I couldn't let them do that.But he has had the best spirits and won't let anything get him down. He runs, jumps and plays better than the cats even with his broke leg. He loves to play and makes sure he always gets his way..He is a pure sweetheart and trooper. Has never shown any pain from his injury..He loves giving kisses too.
Thor is 6 months old now and very much a mummy's boy, he has this habit of walking off with my keys when i come home or walking off with my work trainers. I was there at the birth and was the first person to hold him and put him on mum to feed. So you can imagine the bond we have already.
Tucker loves the out doors caring and loving. Protective.Hes from the working group. He's a half breed great Pyrenees very smart. They are a large dog. Great companion.
Chaos is a Cavapoo (wasn't available in breed section), and my best friend 🥹🥰 Every morning I wake up feeling so blessed to have this beautiful little boy next to me 🥰🥰
Nova is a super sweet little girl who always knows how to say what she's wanting! She has many different meows, chirps and trills! She was a stray kitten who came and chose me and her human, and here we are almost 2 years later, closer than ever. She loves tuna & salmon, going on walks, and riding on her dad's shoulders!!!
Lucy is a funny little girl. She uses her paws to "punch", she loves birdwatching, and she loves belly rubs. She is 4 months old, but knows sit, down, stay, and here. She also knows bed, but that is up to her if she wants to go to bed. She will pout. She chews up papers, so we keep all the important papers high. She's the sweetest dog. If you don't vote for her, don't blame me if she "punches" you.
Jerry Robert Hurdle
Jerry is my everything and I treat him as such. He’s spoiled, so he whines and acts cute to get treats and rubs. And he likes to talk back when he can’t get his way.
She is so different and sweet she is like a human she watches everything i do. As if she is learning herself she is so loving
Mollie is a sweet loving dog. Shw loves to give hugs and kisses as well as learning new tricks.
Nova Lee
Nova is a a lovable pup who loves to give kisses and cuddle up next to you!
Gunner loves to chase shadows on the floor. Meaning our feet, fridge door light when opening it. Chasing and bullying his sister for her spot cause it’s toasty warm to lay on. Jump up walls. Gunners been zooming A lot more these days. Gunner loves it when Kalina doesn’t see him coming. Then he Zooms towards her then goes up in the air & jumps right over her then Zooms to the kitchen his favourite place to be. Might get some hand outs.
Moxley is a Coonhound-Pitty Mix. He loves to cuddle and is very vocal.
Beagle Otis is a kind gentle soul with a crazy side , loves all others animals , kids & people. He’s food obsessed and love a pup cup on his walks, naps under covers & ear scratches. Otis has suffered with Epilepsy for the past 5 years & on various meds it’s been tough on him but still fighting through !
Crash Chaos
We found each other in Sept 2022 and have inseparable since . He got his name because when he was a baby he played so hard that when he slept he crashed , you could pick him up , turn him over , you could do just about anything to him and he wouldn't wake up so first name Crash . But when he was awake he was nonstop play and completely chaotic , last name Chaos . And when he's playing or hunting you or anything else those beautiful eyes of his, well you can see a little crazy in them . . I just love him
Sheba is my beautiful black miniature house panther also known as British short hair black cat 😊 she has a very spirited personality and can be loving and very tender mellow but yet chatty and have epic zoomies too! 🐈‍⬛💖
Just a great happy spoiled dog that never sees a stranger ..Mellow so passive
Great great personality never sees a stranger human or animal. Very smart so so passive
Hi I’m Phoebe, I’m a Female American Shorthair/Calico and I am about a year old. I have 5 baby Kittens whom I love to snuggle with and care for. I am very playful & Quiet. I love to Make biscuits, and anything soft. I’m very loving, and will lay with you all night. I always meow if I want treats or wet food, which is every time my humans stand up! If I win, I’m going to use my money to pay for any and all necessities I have, as well as my babies.
Mavis the Maine coon 🥰 very energetic loves to play fetch and loves her toy mouse which she’s had from being a kitten and carry’s it around in her mouth, she also makes cute little purring noises and is so clumsy 😂🩷🐈
Pepper, as a kitten, went through heart failure, kidney failure, and lung failure. He is now 6 and thriving. He has come a long way and is the best companion/cat anyone could ever have. Please vote for my boy as he is so loving.
Alfie is a blind kitten with a neurological condition that causes her to grow and develop slower than other kittens. She loves to play and run around!
Patchies the praying catdog 😻 She IS my world/my Everything! She sits and shakes, she speaks and plays fetch and talks to me, her mouth moving as if we're having a full-on conversation. She's the best cat ever and deserves the best! 💜
Elijah is the calmest calm. 😌 he loves back rubs and sun ☀️ bathing by the window and he eats properly and uses his paw at the table 😅🐾 proof in the second photo ♥️
Leo is a friendly cat, he enjoys running after birds and squirrels in the garden.
Buddy was abandoned about 9 years ago and showed up on our door step He is a wonderful dog who loves to give hugs and loves the grandkids