Gidget loves to run after her sister Hazel
Roxie is a very fun loving dog and will bring a smile on your face when ever she is around , she loves long walks and playing fetch in the park and loves a good cuddle on the sofa
Mowgli is a major cuddle bug and always willing to let you know when he needs food. He likes to watch everything that happens outside. His best friend besides me is his grandpa who tends to sneak him food.
Miss Fizzie
She loves squirrels and is our little love dumpling.
His name is Jack I goofed and put his sister's name lol
A very spoilt rescue dog
Nash is a sweet rescue that grew into his ears lol .he’s a mushy boy who loves to play with his fur brother and sister. He’s vocal and very loyal. He saved us!!
We are fundraising for little buddy his link is in comments if you can help please share his fundraiser and vote for us and him Please help by sharing his fundraiser this can be found on gofundme website by typing in my name CELITA ALCARTIO this will pop up little buddys fundraiser appeal please share to all your social media outlets your one share could lead to a donation thank you.
He is 14 and loves to be petted and loves Fancy Feast!!!!
Adopted from the shelter after being there for three months. Cami loves cuddling and playing fetch. She loves to be vocal and tell us all about her day when we get home.
Loves hunting toes before bedtime 🧦
Tyson is a fun loving little pug. Tyson loves his family and enjoys having cuddles all the time. Tyson was named after the boxer Tyson Fury as Tyson was very poorly pug when he was born and the vet said he wouldn’t make it. Tyson is now 4yrs old and is living life. 💙
Ziggy is a two year sweet boy. He loves attention and he loves snacks. His hobbies include running through the house, biting my sister, and trying to sneak out the house whenever I see the front door open.
Diesel is a Labrador retriever! He is 14 years old and loves to get all of the attention he can get! Diesel loves going outside and also enjoys cuddling with family!
RUMBLE is a very special pup. He is 18 months young and suffers from epilepsy, but that dosen't break his spirit. He loves to play with his toys, always ready for a belly rub, and knows lots of tricks. He is a ham behind the camera, check him out on TikTok Ready_2_Rumble 🐼🐾
Gracie came to my fiance's family when they found her in their garage, they had no idea who was owner was and either of them came to claim so they kept her since then. At first she was shy and hide most of the time. Over time, she became a very nice kitty and she even let's you pet her now. Her meow is so cute that it's low voice not like the high ones and we all love her for beautiful color pattern on her fur.
Loves designer bags!
Sweety pie
Milo is a cute lil fluffy boi who absolutely adores eating chicken, fighting you yet also cuddling with you (on his terms of course)!! Everyone who has seen him so far has instantly fallen in love with him!!!
I'm doing advances for September / October contest !!!!! // ...... Thank you again for all the support .. Frimousse is the sweetest fur baby and she's turning 8 yrs old this year. She came into our family in 2013. My niece saw her on Kijiji for sale, it was love at first sight for her then the family decided to bring her home. Everyone in the family fell in love with this little furball She was very tiny & cold. She prefers to sleep in our bed at night and loves being snuggled.
This is maizy! My 5 month old cane corso corso cross xl Bully pup!🤣maizy loves meeting all her doggy pals and sitting in places she doesnt fit 🥰
Likes belly rubs..a lot. Also is the loudest snorer.. somehow?? 🥱❤️
My names Bageera, my momma rescued and adopted me from Cyprus where I walked the streets alone and I love my forever home with this crazy cat lady who gives all day cuddles. We love watching the birds out the window from the tippy top of my very own house tree. Don’t I look cuteeeee in my birthday bow. Momma calls me Bee, says when I sleep my snore sounds like a bumble buzz. 😤 I doesn’t snore I dreams out loud 🐝🐝
This is Javier, or Javi for short. He loves taking pictures and attention! He adores being stretched and carried. Besides being held like a baby he also enjoys lots of food, specifically ham and wet beef flavored food. A adorable and lovable cat :)
Toby is a super sweet purr motor who loves to be held by his humans and cuddle with his fellow kitties. He loves meal time, watching the trash trucks from a high window vantage point, rolling in cat nip, and sleeping in the wet sink, shower or tub. He is the first one to greet a stranger visiting his home.
Hes too cute and loveable and plays with you and cuddly
Izzy Torrez
She is the happiest dog and playful. She is the sweetest dog and loves to play especially with her kid. She waits for him all day while he is at school and then she goes wild when we pick him up. When she gets excited she starts to smile.
Jessie loves cosy blankets and cuddles and can be heard snoring from a mile away.
Hi! I am Thor the charcoal lab! I am a large snuggly goof who loves to play ball and swim. Sometimes I forget I am a dog and am very spoiled.
Milo James
Milo is the cutest most loving dog on the planet! He loves jerky as a snack and spins around in circles when he’s happy 😊
Luna Beans is my energetic, wild, fly catching baby that has also bought joy into my life. She loves to snuggle & rub her head underneath your chin. She chases her tail like a dog & loves playing with her brother.
Mouse is our “first born” that has bought joy into our lives. He has one of the rarest eye colors for cats, he enjoys playing with his favorite avocado toy & he got his name because he’s caught more mice then any other cat that I know!
Thunder And Storm
This is Thunder and Storm. They’re both Lab Retrievers who love swimming but hate bathes. They were bought from the same litter making them biological brothers. Thunder is blond and Storm is black. Thunder is sweet and timid around loud noises, Storm is quite the opposite. Despite their differences, they are inseparable!
I could play fetch for hours upon hours and I love going on car rides with mom and dad (as long as I get treats along the way). 🐾🍪
Buttons is our newest baby .she lives with 3 pits an she is the boss.she loves her some Dunkin Donuts.
Momma is a beautiful pregnant stray that showed up on our porch in a time of need. We took her under our wing and are so excited to meet her kittens when they arrive.
Luna LOVES scrunchy balls and following he's Pawrents around!
Cindylou is a sweetie pie loves to be hugged and gives plenty kisses loves to play ball and jump and pop bubbles she’s a lil hunter let’s us know when something is around that shouldn’t be here and will show us the intruder
Please can we vote for my cute marley 💙💚
Harley is the Sweetest Yorki-Poo She loves Everyone Loves going for walks and She's a total lap dog 🐾 💜
Oreo love his food breakfast n snacks and love to play like ninja kitty
Barnaby is quiet soul. He loves being under the covers in the winter time. He is anxious and frightens easily but curls up next to me for me to protect him.
Jupiter Jones
She turnsbinto a Tasmanian jungle cat every night at 8pm. She is probably an air bender .. She is more lime a house cat loves tuna fish and cherry tomatoes and spinach leaves its weird..
Koda is German shepherd/heller very smart
Aurora is one of the sweetest cats she loves bird watching and her mom.
Peach was my shadow. Never left my side. She went everywhere with me... she lived 14 loving years on this earth.. this picture was the last one before she passed in my arms. As you can see, she was like a little human baby and liked to be treated as that! Im asking for your vote to honor peachus long beautiful life..
Louie boy is super active he loves to play fetch he’s very spoiled and loves his 2 mommy’s !!!