Oliver is the cheekiest and most loving kitty - our gentle giant. Even though when we first brought him home he climbed behind the fire guard and went up inside the chimney! He loves anything chicken flavoured, but bizarrely doesn’t like duck. When you talk to him he responds, and when you call him he comes straight to your side. Most importantly, he came at a time when I was lost and so low - he saved me from that, from myself. And now we can’t imagine our family without him!
He loves kisses and cuddles
Hi Im Cod, i was a stray until my Mummy and Daddy gave me a home. I like sunbathing, chasing leaves and lots of cuddles!
Hey I’m Hector and I love cream cheese, tin foil balls and rolling in dirt then tracking it in for mum to clean up. Very handsome and Goodest boy. All votes are much appreciated 😊🐀
This is Taz, he is one year old and thinks hes Gmork from the never ending story.
Very loving puppy
Hi my name is Apollo! I am 2 years old, I’m a mini Australian Shepard/ border collie mix. I love to go on car rides and going to the dog park with my best friend cowboy. My favorite toy is my stuffed duck, even though I tore him up in one day! 😊
Dixie is a Chiweenie/Maltipoo. She is the sweetest baby ever. She is my little traveling companion except there’s one problem. She has advanced stage PDA heart disease and with medication may have 2 years to live. She loves to wrestle with you but can only play for a few minutes at a time.
This cat is now 20 years old and still going. He is still playful and loving and always comes running to meet us when we get home from work.
Found her in the trash and decided to take her home and treat her like a queen
Mickie Meowz
Firstly, Mickie is a girl. She loves to play, and carry her toys in her mouth. She loves cotton candy, and ice-cream. She's an indoor girl, so windows are her favorite place to nap.
Bessie is sweetheart, who loves spending time going for ice cream and car rides. You can find her helping out in the garage and playing with her toys.
Shes a sweetheart an very playful kitten
Luna has been the best cat friend I’ve ever had, only figuring out how to really meow a couple months ago. She has what we like to call a “Tail-Dar”, where her tail is always flicking when she gets excited. A simple calico who was born around October, so her colors truly match! She truly warms my heart, and I hope she does the same for you😊
Cheyenne is a energetic 9 month old border collie who keeps us on our toes. She loves to play fetch and herd anything she can.
Sasha May
Sasha May is my crazy lover. She loves to be outside and loves to pick on our dog. The most independent little lady by day and best cuddler by night She has a good character shes very loveable she loves playing in bags, shes a service cat and a chatty Kathy. Please show your kindness with a vote we appreciate your support, we also vote for vote 🥰
Mary has came into my life on April 9, since than she has put her furry paws onto my heart! Mary is a red bone blue tick, coonhound dog. She is one caring, love able, friendly dog! She absolutely loves kids, she loves out doors. Her favorite thing is to play in the water, doesn’t matter what kind of toys it is but she will destroy them in a heart beat. She had 6 kids, 4 boys and 2 girls!
Hi I’m Archie! I’m the biggest cuddly boy you’ll ever meet I LOVE people my mommy is my favorite person to snuggle with I love to play with my brother and get my monthly bark boxes! I’m always getting new toys and mommy never stops giving!! She spoils me rotten ❤️ Fun fact my mom and I share the same birthday!!! Isn’t that awesome?!! If you give me a vote I’ll give you unlimited kisses!!
Kenzie is 8 years old and loves being indoors and outdoors. Indoors she loves getting in the shower after owner is done showering and outside she loves to trample through the snow that’s as tall as she is.
Waylon Jennings
Waylon Jennings is the youngest 3 rescues. His older brother is Hank Williams and older sister is Penny Lane. He spends most days running behind them trying to learn trying how to steal all the attention from them.
I am a 5 month old mountain cur/pit bull mix. I love to cuddle and snuggle and give kisses. I love belly rubs
Kit Kit
Kit kit is extremely talkative and loves everyone that comes around. Some days she loves her toys and other days she hates them. She’s still a kitten so she loves to get on your nerves. But she is just the cutest thing ever.
Moose is a 1 year old hound. We are so happy we brought this boy into our home. He is a bundle of joy and a cuddle bug. We love him so much!
Herbie is a 9 month Calico. She’s a rescue just like her other siblings. She’s the funniest kitten and has the biggest personality.
This is Nia, she didn’t have the best 2 first years of life. We rescued her from a puppy mill after her litter of puppies were taken from her. It took her awhile but now she’s the happiest, silliest dog. We love her so much!
Maia joined our family in January of this year and has been the greatest addition. She’s super friendly and quirky and loves going on adventures!
Yuzu was rescued from the streets of Rosarito Mexico & crossed the border for a better life. 💜 She loves birds & any meat. Since she was a stray cat, she is the cute breed ☺️
She HAS to pull her food bowl far away from the wall EVERY time she eats.
Peanut is super energetic, and playful. She loves to sunbathe, snuggle, and attack evil ankles that walk by. Her absolute favorite thing to do is climb into little paper bags that she can hardly fit in, and lay in them.
Ziti wakes me up every morning at 6:30 am to does he know the time? It's uncanny. Before I feed him, I ask for a kiss, and he lifts his nose up for me to kiss it. I just love that!
We adopted this pretty lady last year. I have always wanted a cat and when I saw her, I fell in love and immediately knew she was the perfect cat for me. She is sassy and full of energy but best of all she is cuddly. You’ll find her staring outside, watching the birds eat birdseed and try attack squirrels from behind a window.
Nemo has been my buddy since I was 12. He’s is now 13 and I’m 22. He’s truly my best friend and my old man. You’ll find him napping most of the day away now-a-days or playing with his favorite teddy bear toy.
She love to hunt mice. Her favorite toy is a feather. And she loves to nap.
She loves to play in the water hose. Her favorite thing to do is chase the stream of a water bottle. She loves to give hugs.
Ms Kitterlynn
Everyone say hello to Ms. KitterLynn! I adopted her from the humane society 3 yrs ago and she is the best support kitty anyone could ask for. She has so much personality and loves being around people.
Maggie is a rescue dog and loves playing and going for walks.
Miss Ae is an abuse survivor shelter cat who turns 2 this month. She's a shy kitty with a loud soprano voice. She is vocal when she delivers mom catnip 'mice'. She loves her food so much she camps out by the pet feeder so she can be the first one to eat. Laser pointers are her favorite game.
Polly is the absolute sweetest beagle girl! She was rescued in January and has been enjoying the adjustment to her new life. She LOVES to play with ALL the toys, her favorite snacks are carrots and bananas, and her favorite hobbies are cuddling with her momma and giving her ALL the kisses! 💕
Chief man was rescued as a kitten & has been the best add to our family! He’s the only male in an almost all female house & he’s the sweetest honey to all his girls & his human brother ❤️ Chief is very strong willed & is the funniest kitty. ❤️
Kage was rescued off my mail delivery route. I bottle fed him and he is SUCH a mama’s boy.
He loves playing with toys he’s very spunky, cuddly and loves being around people and wanting all the attention. He also enjoys his belly being pet ALOT.
Pixie Bella
Pixie Bella is lovin Minipen chawaui she knows all her toys an brings them to You when she wants to play fetch can roll over,paw shake,high five sit up ,speak n count. She lets U know when its time to go potty.
Moose is a 3 year old Blue Heeler, Border Collie, Lab, Pitbull mix and just the best boy ever! He loves going for hikes, swimming with his chocolate lab sister, playing Tug of war, going to the dog park, and LOVES people! ♥️♥️
My baby Suki Kuma which means "Beloved Bear" in Japanese. She loves being mischievous and letting everyone know that she's the boss. She enjoys going to the park, car rides, and going for long hikes. Her favorite food is anything you are having! But really, she just wants you to offer her your food so she can just drop it on the floor and beg for more!
I am a lap loving enthusiast…. I love attention and greenies ….. very loyal and loveable…
Opie loves to play with his cat and guinea pig sisters. He enjoys eating at the dinner table at night and napping all day!
Skinny is a chunky shorthair orange tabby who likes to start mischief and hurt himself so he can visit his favorite vet office 💕 He also responds to Stink ❤️🐈