Hi, I’m Rosebud but you can call me Rosie for short. I’m very sassy and love to scream at my family for treats. I also enjoy fancy feast, showing off my fluffy belly, boxes, going outside and taking long naps in my cat tree.
Hugo loves his Daddy sooo much~ he only has one eye but does not miss anything~ his little nose is the cutest~~ Hugo the sweet baby~ he is loved ~
Bluey loves to play! He’s super sweet, is learning tricks so easily and loves everyone, including kids!
Lady Chanel
I love harassing my little yorkie brother and driving dad insane by bringing in leaves and twigs from the grape vines. Can’t wait for those grapes to drop I’ll eat those tooo! But dad says they are bad for me so he’s not letting me near them :-/
He’s a teacup yorkie, very happy and hyper at all times. He’s my youngest baby.
Hii my name is bayley. Love to talk a lot. Iam very active and love cats n dogs!!❤️
He is a stubborn j/russell does wat he likes, never stops from morning to night, but likes to give u cuddles.
Blue is a very chill but could be crazy sometimes. He’s pretty independent, friendly, talkative, and absolutely loves to be outside.
Hi , My name is Halo but my mom calls me Halo Marie when I’m in trouble. I love going for walks with mom especially if we sit and watch sunsets. Mom also got me a little sister named Fierce and sometimes she can be a pain in my butt. She chews on me & it’s annoying. I love pup cups from Starbucks and matching with my mom. My moms the best she gives me tummy rubs and head kisses. I also know Spanish commands more then English. You’d be awesome if you gave me a vote !
Sugar loves to lay around…most days she’s found napping somewhere and one of her favorite places to sleep is on the chest of someone napping.
She’s an Carolina Dog who is constantly on the run!! She loves with the purest of heart and will protect her people!!
I am a 6 month old Siamese, born in London! I play fetch everyday and talk to mum just like a human! Please vote for me! :)
Lilu has hemophilia and requires special meds and attention. We are praying the vets can figure out what to do for her long term. She is the sweetest little thing and loves attention.
Bear loves: Cuddles, long walks, being called gorgeous 🤣, chicken, sausages, extreme amounts of attention💙 Hates: baths, showers, water drains 🤣
Winston is a lovely fluffy Ragdoll! He loves snoozing and cuddles in bed ❤️He is a kind natured soul who enjoys being brushed and chatting to you 🥰
Kiki is a sweet bundle of fluff - she loves rolling balls around and carrying a stuffed unicorn around in her mouth. She makes cute little noises and chirps like a bird when she sees bugs which she loves chasing ❤️ Kiki loves a cuddle and being brushed 😊
Loves to get dirty every day. Loves water. Makes me laugh every day
Stormy’s the most sweetest yet energetic little dog you’ll ever meet. She loves to run around and roll in the grass which is her favorite thing to do. She’s lovessss attention and to be petted.
Cricket has always been a special cat in my life. Finding me, instead of me finding her. She was clawing at my back door as a kitten when I first found her. She has two little nubs for a tail and she loves attention. She is and always will hold a special place in my heart.
Minnie is our covid baby. We rescued her and she is our pride and joy. Minnie loves sunshine,chicken and getting new outfits! She spends her days napping,sunbathing and going on car rides.
Still a baby 5 weeks old love cuddles hate the bath
Jojo is special. He loves people. Especially children. He has many balls and loves to play fetch. Everyone who comes in contact with him is in love. He's Very smart and energetic. He makes a good emotional dog as he has gotten me out of some tough patches. He's the BEST!
Jireh loves people so much he nearly knocks them down trying to hug them!! He also loves his toys!!
Lacey is the newest member to join our family she was my cousins cat but he moved and couldn't keep her. She loves to cuddle and is a very sweet cat.
Oreo is my emotional support dog and she loves to cuddle with me. She loves to play with her best dog friend shelia and she tries to play with our 3 cats Midnight,buttercup and Lacey. She follows me everywhere i go and loves to ride in the car.
Mochi is a rottie/husky mix and loves to bite ankles lol
Hello, my name is Gallagher and i am the crazy of the party. I may look old and scruffy but im really only 3 and a pure bred good puppy. I loves my outfits, and sucking on my blankies like a binkie, my parents say its for my touch of anxiety. Some say i have something called "short term memory loss or somrthing", i think that just means i get more attention. So hi!
One day me and my sister sitting on the porch talking and up walks this black cat. We don't know where she's come from but she just decided that she was home and she's never left. She's so sweet we just love our lucky
Today is Kodys birthday!!
Joey used to be a wild cat when we first got him, but he’s grown up to be such a cutie.
Frankie Knuckles
Frankie is the most playful and kind little soul!!! She makes any room light up and is always full of love. She has a cheeky personality and won’t say no to any treats. Beware of her stealing your socks though!!
Biggest such a sweet little boy he loves running on a four wheeler taking walks and loves to cuddle with his mommy
Bugsy loves to be herself and cuddle
This is my Pippy, he’s been my best friend for my whole life. He loves chasing butterflies and trying to steal my crisps whenever he can. If he’s not doing that he’s probably asleep on a radiator somewhere. <3
Peanut is the chill one. Gets rowdy sometimes because of Lucy getting him all wild up. Has a loud bark already. He loves going outside and running and messing around.
Koba is a 14 week old choc tri merle bully with gorgeous colours and eyes. He’s a little character, he loves to play and likes really big toys! He’s a very playful pup and loves coming everywhere with his mum even to work🙄😂
He was rescued from the mean streets of Cyprus at just 2 weeks old after his mummy and siblings where attacked and killed by dogs. He was bottle fed by his rescuer and rehomed in England with my husband and our 3 other fur babies
chasing lights
Maggie is a dog that loves to lick a lot
Mayonnaise is a Syrian hamster and he is the fluffiest hamster ever
Chester the cat loves tuna. One day, I opened a can for myself, and before I knew it, he was begging for a taste. He gobbled it up and meowed for more, so I always make sure to have a spare can on hand for my furry little tuna lover.
Marley is my 8 week old husky...he is the most kind and gentle puppy i have ever met...He loves to run and play in the grass he loves to go on walks and meet new people who always stop and tell him how beautiful he is❤️
Amara is a sweetheart with a dash of sass! She is a Husky/Great Bernese. Amara loves belly rubs and chasing her tail, but most of all she loves to eat! ❤️🐕
Leo is a domestic shorthair gray tabby bengal mix. He is incredibly affectionate and playful. He loves belly rubs and sunbathing.
Fandogh And Odi
Fandogh lost her husband that's nam was Danny, today and sadly both Fenech an she and her children children are very sad because they lost their father Danny. Fandogh is very kind and lovely and beautiful. You may also vote for him to win the award and be happy
I like to say that Mari rescued me! Also she has this really cute quirk where she likes to tilt her head and keep a paw raised up as shown here. ❤️
Milo is such an amazing lovable kitty. He loves his belly rubbed. Doesnt mind getting picked up (or baths). He is such a sweet boy. He loves just chillin and lounging around. In the mornings, he wants his belly rubbed and will meow until I follow him into the kitchen and shake his food bowl. Lol. He is a typical brother....torments his sister but they love each other. So grateful that we were able to bring him and his sister into our loving family.