Jasper Shadow Rain
They love to play alot and cuddle with Mommy
Well he defo lives up to his name so does his brother Reggie
Harry is a 7 year old pom that’s still a puppy at heart. He loves the beach and after a long day coming home to cwtch his “baby bear”
Bentley us an energeric sweetheart who loves to cuddle and recieve love from family and friends, he loves to be held lile a baby. He has some strange habits like staring at plugs in the wall or zoninf out for sometimes even hours. His energy can last all day as he us extemely playful and just loves to be naughty by sometimes knocking things over. He loves to sit in the toilet sink where we often catch him as he zones out, he loves nap time.
Snow is 3 years old ..She is a sweet cat but doesn't like Lovins unless she wants them and doesn't like to Cuddle ..She will lay on ur chest or ur side while sleeping ...
She loves to snuggle with her brother Shadow ( tuxedo) on cold winter days
So we had a stray cat that stayed on our porch and we would feed her. Well she ended up pregnant and we are now caring for 6 babies. Here is one of them :)
She is such a sweet girl. She loves her blue fish and orange mouse and loves salmon!
Egbert, the charming 7 y.o cat, loves playing with shadows! 🐈‍⬛✨ #CatLife #ShadowPlay
Hi I'm Bunny! I'm a Galgo (Spanish greyhound) who was rescued after being used for hunting in Spain and then abused and dumped when I just wasn't good enough anymore ☹️ Thankfully I found a new mum in Scotland who took me in, showed me love and affection and let's me take up all the space I want on her comfy sofa. I'm the sweetest gal you'll ever meet who loves being around humans now that my mum has built my confidence and I love doing zoomies with other dogs cause I know they'll never catch me!
She loves attention! Loves to be petted but only her way! She won’t let you hold her! Very independent!
Matilda is a rescue and brings my family so much joy and happiness Loves hugs and kisses too! Can’t get enough of her! Super sweet and adorable.
Well she definitely lives up to her name and she has a best friend in our garden which is a giant lion head lop eared rabbit. They play, cuddle and kiss each other. She is definitely a daddys girl and a sassy cat indeed. Shes growing into a very beautiful cat. I think she has some maine coon in her but unfortunately i do not know anything about where she came from. All i do know is that she is very happy and immediately ran the roost and went to the top of the pecking order above my 2 male cats we have.
Mimosa is sweet and energetic ESA dog. She likes long walks and to play with all her toys. She also loves grass and being outside.
Willow is my 11 week old cocker spaniel x she is a therapy dog for my 8 year old who suffers terrable anxiety im hoping she will be the one who gives him the confidence and safety to leave the house she is our angel, this is the face i get when she cant eat my food and to be honest its pure emotional blackmail on her behalf however shes a love please give her a vote
Luna is a spunky 2 year old chihuahua she can walk on hind legs lol loves to chew thru stuff very energetic
Ramone was born on 7/3/2023, and I was born 7/3/1977. He definitely has a similar personality SWEET and CRAZY. He will from licking your hand, to attacking it out of nowhere.
Dj is a toy aussidoodle and loves everyone he is a sweet and playful boy.
Buttons is going to be a great addition to the family when she is out of the crazy pup phase
Beanie was adopted as a kitten. Since the day we got her she has loved to hide in boxes, bags and blankets. Beanie also loves to watch birdies, mice, fish and Disney on the TV.
Twinkle is the most beautiful soul in a dog ever , so loyal,so loving and so so funny a proper family dog
Mystic 💜 water and walking, had to get a small dog harness for him due to his loving SIZE he's a lover. All the neighbors love him when they come by. He does great with all animals and seniors children. He makes me smile somehow someway when I've had a rough day. He found me he was just the size of a soda can..than BAM!!! He does great with the other 2 who found me as well. My dynamic trio 😊
Chloe loves to cuddle and give kisses. I love when she lays on my chest at night and wraps her paws around my neck and kisses me.
She is a 22 year old cat. She loves to sit outside.
My little girl is 8years old she is a loving funny and brave little dog she has just got over cancer and she never leaves my side i love her so much
Jake was adopted as a kitten. He's a mommas boy; following her around like a dog. Jake loves food. He has learned to sit, high 5 and speak to get treats. And he loves to takes walks outside on his harness and lead.
Moose was stray, found after being on the streets for 2 years (which I almost can't believe because of how much of a sweetheart he is). His life mission is to eat constantly and will move mountains just to stand in the kitchen or at the very least, sleep facing it.
This is matrix with his baby sister trinity he adores her 💕 where he goes she is they even sleep together the cutest babies ever ❤️
Lola is such a good natured dog. She is smart, loves a cuddle. She has brought so much happiness to my life. 🩷🐶
Delby is the most laid back kitten ever. He never starts fights, hisses,or growls at other cats he loves to watch pet collective and snuggle. If im stressed he always has an abundance of kisses and loves to put his paws around ones neck for hugs. He's not only big and beautiful but extremely affectionate. If you ignore him he'll turn his butt towards you and smack you across the face with his tail to get your attention. We have a cat that only uses three legs and Delby always sits beside him when he's eating so no other cats bother him. Delby is one in a million.
Chloe is a feisty little baby, she loves chasing birds, climbing trees, cuddles, and she screams for food whenever shes hungry.
Winston was found as a kitten needing a loving home as he wasnt living up to the name 'socks' . He loves his cuddles and is very good at sunbathing and telling me when its dinner time. The most loving cat with the biggest personality
Our 2nd rescue rehome
Crumpet is a big softie, he loves belly tickles and ear rubs!
She is our 3rd rescue cat
My names Pearl, i love to wear bows in my hair, play and go for lots of walkies, i love to play fetch and im good at my tricks, i love cuddles and lots of attention, i also look after my mammy when shes feeling low and having a bad i make her smile ☺️.
Pepsi was rescued by the rspca from a breeder when she was 7 she was kept in a small cage i adopted her when she was 7 years old took a long time for her to trust she is a lovely friendly girl who is loved by all the family and very spoilt.
He loves his 🛌 bed
Fynn is very sweet, he definitely loves attention, but dont let his sweetness fool you he can be feisty....this little boy has a BIG personality!!!
Leo is the most charming Tuxedo Cat you'll ever meet! He's a connoisseur of Friskies wet cat food, a master of lounging around, and a laser dot-chasing expert. Leo is not just any cat - he's the winner of The Paw Print Calendar contest that I entered him in. I adopted him on my 17th birthday, after losing my beloved tabby cat, Fifi, two and a half years earlier. Leo has brought so much joy and affection into my life - his playful personality never fails to brighten up my day. I feel grateful to have him as my loyal companion.
Kovva is 4 years old she loves to be carried and loves to eat. She loves to climb trees and chase our pet dog around. She’s very playful and cheerful. She’s our favorite ❤️
My name is tillie I’m nearly a year old and I love my mummy taking pictures of me and I love following my mummy and jumping out and scaring her I also love to cuddle up and just love to sleep
Frankie is going to be a year on the 15th. He loves snuggles and playing and potato chips. We nicknamed him hoodini because he can escape his play pen hes our joy
Definitely a Princess!
Charlie is a full breed working cocker spaniel. He loves his walks, tricks and playing . Hes so energetic.
Lily is a wee bit on the heavy side but currently on her weight loss journey