Dog cat Stories - 49


a lil tortie with a lil attitude ♡
Boogie is a cat inhabited by a human soul. His favorite thing to do is watch you while you speak and try his hardest to understand😂❤️
Hes adorable, great personality..he loves people and other dogs. Hes my best friend
Meow everyone! My name is Cristal and i love lentils and peas and I love being in the sun.
Toto is a cheeky little girl and is now 11 weeks old, She loves lots of cuddles.
Stella is absolutely gorgeous she is a Staffordshire bull terrier x Alsatian. She is amazing. Her favourite trick is ‘spin’ and she is amazing at helping me deal with panic attacks; as soon as she notices I’m getting anxious she comes and cuddles me and lets me pet her until I’m calm. She is so lovable and friendly. You can also see more of Stella and our other dogs on our tiktok: @martha_norfolkterrier
Honey Hunter is a sweet boy, who loves giving headbutts. He is playful and cheeky and loves to chat. Purring is another hobby. Walks in the backyard is something he enjoys too. He has even been on a ride in a cat pram which was fun.
Iris is a typical dachshund always wants attention and lets you know when she thinks she needs more cuddles. She is very well behaved and full of energy she never stops moving.
Dexter is just the cutest little chihuahua I’ve ever met. He has the sweetest personality loves everyone he meets and just wants cuddles all day long.
Dixie is such a sweet dog she loves cuddles and playing with her doggy friends in the park
Abby Sue
Abby Sue is an outgoing little beagle. We call her turbo as she loves to run laps inside the fence. She enjoys annoying her 2 older sisters.
Savannah is such a sweetheart.She is very loving . & playful and loves to sleep next to her sister onyx at night with her arm over her. And also next to her human family. She loves to cuddle and is quite a pur box at times. She is a joy to have around..
She has a sweet personality and loves to go outside and run and play
Cleo's top favorite daily activities: being cute, playing fetch and bossing her adopted "baby" brother around! He treats her like the little princess she is!
She loves to sleep under ALL the bedcovers and is very vocal when we speak with her!
Hello! I am Tank! I like to think I am a cute, cuddly, goofball who loves to do everything with my parents. I am a fawn American Bully with gold eyes. I often have the zoomies and constantly trip over myself! 😂 I am awesome- and I know it!
Leo is the sweetest dog you could ever meet! He’s very energetic and playful, he loves to play with his toys and cuddle with his mommy and sister Leah. He’s all about love.
She loves to car ride and take trips she is shy but loving ! She was a rescue !
Hi, I’m Steel! I’m a cute and cuddly American Bully. I enjoy rides on my grandad’s moped, barking with a ball in my mouth, and napping. My parents take me on many trips and I love new people!
Juju loves to play and she loves kids and other animals ! She loves to eat dog treats! Very loving and playful ! She loves to go for walks ! And snuggles she loves !
Winston Babbitt
Winston is a 13 year old domestic shorthair. Living the dream in sunny Southern California 🧡
This is Tucker! He is 5 years old and loves swimming, running and snuggling with his family! He is a rescue pup and has one eye as well as an artificial knee! He’s our bionic pup! 💛🐾
This is my boy, Oscar. He loves to lay in boxes, chew cardboard, and play with his toy giraffe stuffed animal. He's very much an "I'll come to YOU" cat, but when he does, he likes to lick my forehead ♡
Chosen by my son, when he was about 2 years old, as we were walking past a house with a young girl outside holding we took a look, and THIS guy came home immediately! He's a goofy kitty, still loves to noozle our fleece blankets, and head bonks his boy every morning, over and over. Loves to get into my camomile tea, haha, can't keep him away from it!
Puppy love
Acts like a human and a dog
She is a special sweetheart, who loves to follow me around, chirping as she goes. Always sleeping upside-down, haha. The tiniest of her feral litter, but has the biggest heart. We love her sooooo much ♡
Odis loves his tennos bls amd loves all the attention!
Apollo is the best big brother to his 3 little cat sisters. He had a FHO (femoral head ostectomy) surgery on his leg when he was a kitten, so he has a limp when he walks…swagger at its best. He’s an active cuddler and loves to play. Feather toys are his favorite!
Kozlov loves running through tall grass, going to the dog park, and causing as much mischief as he can ❤️
This tiny man takes his job very seriously. Who else is gonna protect the yard by hunting bugs?? His favorite things to do on his free time consist of playing with a broken hair tie, napping, and food :)
She’s a beautiful Kitten Tortoiseshell Domestic Longhair. She’s 6 months old. We adopted her and her sister when they were 3 months old.Luna is spunky, loves to cuddle and explore around the house. Her favorite toy is the toy mouse and chase it all day! Vote for Luna🥳
Fancy is a super loyal full of energy princess who enjoys car rides to the ice cream shop for a pup cup and strutting around town in the latest fashion trends…
Larry loves San Diego ❤️
Coco Chanel
Coco Chanel is Diva of a Queen. Juky 12,2021 she was diagnosed in grave condition and a couple weeks later, it was confirmed she has cancer. Since she can not have surgery due to her age, keeping her comfortable, loved and enjoying her days pain free is the ultimate goal. Then there’s her slave Rose aka “Meowstress”. Her human thinks she’s a cat. Anyhow. She has this dream of a cat sanctuary where she fosters senior cats and tries to find them homes. A nice little home with all the beautiful babies that need help. Beginning of a dream she’s had since she was a little kitten, she has already started working towards. She has been home a lot more because I’m aging faster, but I have inspired her to help those who need help too. Thank you for your love and support
Johnny Cash
Hailing as the Cash Hefner with a twist of Johnny Catsh… He spends his days leisurely alluring his Meowstress to do as he says while being the biggest and sweetest little brother to his sister CoCo Chanel. Cash is also 16 and he is also an ESA Angel to his Meowstress who is warrior and survivor 🧜🏼‍♀️🐾♥️ She is who I protect and now we get to follow dreams of having a cat sanctuary to help other senior cats and even families. My slave wants to have a Cat Santcuary. Thank you for supporting us and my slaves dream. Don’t forget to VoTe for my Big Sister Coco Chanel! She is battling cancer🧿🐾
Loki is a cuddly, sweet boy who loves his treats and his family. He has a bow tie for any and all occasions. This dapper little man is the absolute best at curing bad moods or just chilling on the couch watching the Lorax (his favorite movie).
He is a Taurus as well as a bulldog so double the stubbornness, which also means double the personality. He is a puppy but already runs the house. Snores like nobody's business even when he is awake.
Nala is the sweetest pup who loves everyone she sees! She enjoys catching frisbees and wiffle balls. Nala came from a loving home and she is the most beautiful and loving doggie❤️
He gets sad when you close the door on him. Don’t close the door.
puppy dog
Hi, my name is King. I'm very energetic and love other animals. I love to play with my toys but my most favorite thing to do is sleep! I eat alot. When i sleep i snore and my momma thinks its just the cutest thing ever. I love to go on adventures and i love to be outside. I love to go on roadtrips and walks with my mommy!!!
JellyBean is a rescue kitten that i took in to care for and i fell in love with her. She loves to play and she also loves my dogs. She is so tiny but definitely fierce
Hi! 👋🏻 My name is Tucker Thompson! 🐶 I’m a mini goldendoodle and I’m new to the neighborhood! I will be 5 months on the 17th! I’ve officially been adopted and surprised my mom Morgan for an early birthday present from my dad Justin! I’m pretty chill but I do get the “zoomies” sometimes! I found out I love to swim but I love to cuddle too! I love to watch my favorite show Dug Days while chewing on my bone! I’m still kind of shy and getting used to this whole BIG world! I love to play with my brothers Wrangler and Gunner. They are a bit older but I’m here to keep them young! I love treats and taking naps! Music makes me happy at night and helps me get to sleep! My family loves me and snuggles me constantly! I’m a perfect fit and I can’t wait to see what the future brings me as a Thompson! Maybe my parents will have a tiny human someday so I have someone to grow up with?? In the meantime I will take all their time and love being spoiled! Stay tuned for updates and lots more pictures….because I’m sure my mom will post them on the daily! ✌🏻❤️🐶
sundae is a rescue "hallway cat" from a shelter. She only likes to sit like a human. There were birds at the shelter and instead of meows, she chirps. Too bad Garfield didnt find her for a lover, shes got all his qualities. Hayes mondays, loves lasagna. We love her
Darla is a special little girl born with a cleft pallet and lip. She will be having surgery once she is 16weeks old! I am currently fostering this sweet sassy little girl until she’s able to be adopted to her forever home! ❤️