Hi this is Nala I am 6 months old now I’m a black calico with a little orange heart above my right eye I am 9 lbs I’m going to be big cause I have mainecoon in me I love to be carried and I play fetch with whomever will throw my little pompom ball I even bring it back to u well until my asthma kicks in then I have to be put in a medical box with my oxygen put on other than that I’m purrrrfect
Zeus is a lovable fluff ball 11 weeks old. He has a character that makes us laugh everyday. He loves to try take a swim in his water bowl 🙈 He also loves nothing more than playing with his furry friend Bella.
Duce Duce
He is super lovable and feels like rabbit fur. Hes pretty quiet as far as meowing for things. Instead, he will come up and nibble on the tip of your nose for attention or needs.
He’s a the most loveable cat, he is so smart. He isn’t like most cats, tink would be a dog if he could lol. He knows when his other mommas sugar is low he will know before we do it’s kinda crazy how smart he is.
Bella is 1 year old. She absolutely loves cuddles, she is the most affectionate dog I have ever owned. She loves nothing more than going out walks and meeting new people and 4 legged friends. Everyone loves her and she puts a smile on alot of peoples faces.
Brutie loves his morning treats and playing with his Sister Hazel. He also loves his snuggles with Mom and Dad.
Once upon a time my cat gone on the toilet seat and occupied it for the whole day.😂😂
Hello this is simba he is a snowshoe siamese snowshoe means white feet and other white marking on him such as a white belly or more white in other areas also my favorite is it looks like he has a milk drip going down his chin also other things that are different is they usually have a crook In the tail and apple shape head since he was a baby he has become really close to me the third week I got him he noticed that I have seizures the very first time he saw me go into one he laid on my chest and kept purring and ever since then he has never left my side so we went thru all the hoops and got him certified for my ESA cat I can take him with me no matter the place
Luna is 12 weeks old. Stealing hearts with her adorable look & sweet nature 💛 You can find me on @lalunathegoldie 📸
Marley is seven and loves attention. He loves his belly rubbed and can’t get enough of going on a car ride.
Hi my name is Ace, and I love to sleep! Most days I enjoy watching mom cook, because she always gives me a piece of whatever she has.. I’m extremely greedy I love everyone’s food except my own lol!! I really hate when it’s bath time because I just hate the water I always try to jump out, and create this big mess for mom to clean up.. but I love it after I dry off because she lets me sleep in her bed once I’m clean! I’m the sweetest little dog ever and my mommy loves me sooooo much and I know all of you will too. ❤️
Jude is a 3yrs old Labrador cross who loves his walks and treats afterwards he’s the most loveable dog anyone could ask for loves nothing better that cuddles from Mummy
Attention all harry potter fans, and dog lovers! This is Godric! He loves morning cuddles, morning poos, bread, his humans, and many many more things!! he’s the sweetest and goodest boy on the planet!!
Max is a 9 year old Pomeranian who is very photogenic and energetic. He loves to go on walks and enjoys car rides.
He loves to go for walks, he loves to drink ice cold water, he doesn't like coffee, he loves vanilla ice cream, and loves to go for car rides!
Pete is a Boston Terrier had a spinal cord injury in 2018 he had spinal surgery in 2019 and defied the odds. Pics from his MRI have been added to show what problems he has. The doctors said he wouldn’t Walk Again… Pete went from barely walking to wheelchair to playing ball swimming and running! God showed them differently as he is still Walking, Swimming and loves to play ball!!! Pete is a true Miracle! ❤️🙏
poe is a domestic medium hair / maine coon mix! he was born on st patrick’s day in 2021 and was found in a box outside of a shelter with his siblings. poe is the absolute sweetest angel and he makes me laugh every single day. for people who don’t like cats- once he rolls over and gives them his belly.. he’s the exception. 🤓
Bob Ross
Bob Ross was a rescue 2 years ago, he Is the sweetest thing in the world. He is toothless which makes him all the more unique !
Binx made it out the hood with no help. He’s a part time plus size model. He loves hissing at people that aren’t his day one homies. He’s very loyal and he got stripes in the streetz. A true OG.
This is Paddy, he loved running in fields/parks and loves lots of cuddles. He's a great natured wee pup who just loves everyone to talk to him ❤️
Hi my name is Theo, I’m 2 years old. When I was just 1 I went on an adventure for 2 months, leaving my mum very worried but thanks to a kind lady that took me in and posted my picture on FB I got home safe. My favourite place to sleep is around my mums neck.
Tabatha loves baked beans loves cheese hates being brushed loves shoulder carries
Blu was a rescue- She is doll- like . So very sweet and will play with any animal or human being .She is magnetic, especially with her one blue eye
Eros is an absolute sweetheart and loves everyone he meets!! Every human he meets is his best friend and he’s absolutely the best. I couldn’t imagine my life without him. He’s so friendly sweet and outgoing.
Shi is very loveable. He loves to talk .he does not like to sleep alone.he is our big guy .he He weighs about 20 pounds.
Ollie loves his outdoor adventures and he loves his temptations snacks. He is a crazy orange cat but I wouldn’t have it any other way! He is so well behaved and playful at the same time. I got so lucky with my Ollie Wallie.
Willa is a rescue nobody wanted her because she was a female and that her eyes where messed up so I adopted her and been treating her eyes and her eyes are way better she's a sweetheart
Timothy And Ping
These were kittens out of a litter from a stray momma cat that found us. (We we’re playing outside and she ran up to us.) we kept her and helped her with her pregnancy and litter of 6 that were born. Timothy is the gray boy, he is mischievous. Ping is the white girl and she is loving and quiet.
Cleo is our silly medium Bombay with a larger than life attitude… for being such a coward. Loving and sweet, she’s the best girl weird we could ask for.
Tanks is the happiest and calmest dog ever. He is very friendly and loves a cuddle. He sometimes thinks he can sit on peoples laps for a fuss
I got him when he was a kitten he was found under a construction truck abandoned but full of life and energy( my furniture can prove it, 😂) he loves being picked up and carried and hates anything he can’t reach
Fifty Cent
Cutest kitty from the kitten hood
Charleigh Blake
I found this Angel in a parking lot where she was dumped. Best dog ever! She’s so friendly and loves all people and animals. She now has an amazing life with us!
Pickle is the most cuddly cat EVER. He isn’t afraid to be vocal when he wants attention (which is 24/7). He snores and drools a lot! Has some jealousy issues when someone pays attention to our other cat! But hands down the sweetest pickle you will ever meet!
Chewy is an adventure dog. He loves his travels in a campervan and never visits the beach without his wet suit. He loves nothing more than being around humans
midnight is a cheeky 2 year old cat. he is a real mamas boy and he only really loves me and gives me kisses. he tends to hiss and bite everyone else most of the time.
Leo is such a sweet, active and loving cat. He likes to snuggle and sleep with his mama and sissy every night at the foot of the bed.
Loki is the most loving mischievous intelligent cat he will watch you doing something and literally come try to help you achieve your task.. he loves playing with hot wheels and getting into every single thing he possibly can.. Including our christmas tree!!
An adorable rascal. I had a real fear of dogs since I can remeber. But my sisters Lhasa Apso had puppies. I instantly fell for MY LOLA. She has helped my fear so so much and thanks to her calming nature she has made me more calm and confident around other dogs. The beautiful fluffball that is Lola, loves walks, doggy peanut butter, stealing socks 🤣 and belly rubs! She loves kids and it so charming to everyone who meets her, she melts their hearts❤. She loves attention and is so loyal. My little bestie. 😍
Bijoux is friendly, affectionate, outgoing, and social. He is extremely intelligent, loving and trusting with people, and he thrives with lots of positive human interaction.
He's a 4 month old rambunctious Belgian Malinois.He was the runt and abandoned by his mother. Now he's happy and healthy! Hes extremely smart and sweet. Loves to play with his labrabull brother and going for swims. Loves going anywhere💜
Iris is a playful puppy and loves nothing more than cuddles and kisses
Stella loves snuggles, walks, and chasing laser lights.
Lucky is a very very playful dog he is great he learns a lot he's just a sweet puppy and the cutest you've ever seen
Bolly is our mischievous 11 month Siamese mix kitty,loves to climb and feathers. Very loving boy.x
Zeus is just over a year old, and along with being extremely cheeky and playful, he's the most loving natured big baby! He will play fetch all day if you let him and loves making new friends!