Drogo is a 4 year old Labrador Retriever who is spoiled rotten. He is the baby of our home and loves sleeping, playing and watching movies. :) He is a very sweet boy but at times has puppy tendencies like whining and jumping.
This is a photo of sweet adorable playful Casper. Casper loves to cuddle, play,watch birds, and enjoy the outside spring weather and flowers. He was my mother's cat she won't me to take care of him after she passed away a year ago. He's doing better, but he still heartbroken .He looks every time someone comes in the door, he still lays and sleep sometimes where she used to sit and sleep. Casper sweet lovable,that has a broken heart 💔 💔 💔
Goliath has a stroller and walks on a harness.
We brought Brutis home just after the shutdown started from someone who was looking to rehome this big ball of cuteness!! He is 3 and a half years old and full of love! He loves to play with his big fur-brother and cuddle with him. He also loves to chase squirrels up trees. He is the sweetest boy!
Moose is so sweet and loving. He is so patient with his human brothers and loves to play and snuggle.
Beautiful sweet Bella she loves the bird watching cuddling and playing
Loki is definitely the cutest Dog of Mischief!! Sweet crazy boy is almost 4! We adopted him at the beginning of the pandemic. And he brings so much energy and fun to our family! He loves to play and snuggle with his little fur-brother! We love our little Dog of mischief!
Hi my name is Piper! I am from Texas, I am almost 2 years old, and I was rescued from the shelter in 2021. My meowmy has been spoiling me since! My favorite things are treats, mouse toys, my rocket ship cat scratcher, and cuddling with my meowmy! My personality is sweet & cuddly but I can also be sassy! I have a instagram(@caliconamedpiper) that I love to post on and meet other furriends! 🐾💗😸
Sunny and his brothers are big trouble loving cuties. They love to play all day and lay in the sun
Hunny love cuddling, treats and laying in the sunshine. She is loyal, protective of her family and loves to be cuddled.
Steven C Katz
Steven C is a grouchy old man. 18 years old and going strong. Loves to sit at the end of the couch and growl at his chihuahua brother. He’s part of our family❤️
Bear is a fun little man, loves his chicken nuggets, slim jims and hot dogs as treats his favorite thing is going bye bye with momma
I got him from the Humane Society 2 years ago. He's missing his right eye because the socket was too small...I named him after Thor's father from Norse mythology
Ryder is an happy, loving, crazy little pup! He loves cuddles, loves his bones and playing outside. Ryder loves to hide under the bed with anything he’s not suppose too. His favorite thing to do is sun bath out on the deck.
Nova is a very loving girl, loves to cuddle and ruff house with her brother and mommy and daddy!! Big fluffball full of happiness!!
Loyal dog & Sunworshipper
Everyone just loves Tigger because he is the most mushiest orange tabby cat! Tigger is only 4 and we have had him since he was 2 months old . Tigger Loves his brother Zuess and Zuess is a dog! They play and cuddle together Everyday. Tigger is very talkative with his cute sounding meows!
Ozzy is the sweetest boy who loves his mama (me) and drools heavily when he’s pet. He has a sister named Ellie who is identical to him and they play and nap hard. He’s a bully when it comes to getting lovins and will force you to live on him when he wants it.
Pork Chop is my Emotional Support animal. He loves to go out in the boat fishing, chasing squirrels or just playing with his ball at home. Outside doing anything is his favorite place to be!!
Fred is an Italian Greyhound/Jack Russell Mix. He dislikes other dogs. But he loves car rides, boat rides, hikes, and sunshine. Plus, he is very photogenic, very soft, and enjoys getting rubbed and loved all over.
Lando hates Nirvana and loves chewing on carpets
Winnie is a golden chiweenie! She loves her momma, riding in the car, and playing with her doggy friends.
Very sweet, caring Yorkie, Bichon Mix
Rou is a 2 year old female she love's to play and will follow me everywhere
Star is very playful spunky and loveable and love to talk and have her treats also play with her toys .
She's a bit of a diva, but very sweet to those she likes. Also, shevplays fetch, hide-and-seek, peek a boo & a form of tag (loves to be chased).
Ozzy, loves tummy rubs, meows when he wants to be held & loves to sleep in the towels haha!
She is 7Months old,she is my fur baby,she was a Birthday present from my kid's and she loves to cuddle and sleep right next to me
Mishka is a pure Siberian from Alaska. He loves treats and his Brother. His name means Little Bear.
Mr Puss
Mr Puss is my rescue Chocolate coloured British Short hair, he’s my little shadow and the sweetest most gentle boy! He has travelled country with myself, my husband and our other cats. Everyone who meets Mr Puss loves him because he’s so chilled out, loves his food and toys! Thank you for your votes ♥️
Mamba Koda Charlie
My 3 boys. Koda in the front, charlie to the left and Mamba on the right.
My Minino (Spanish for Kitty) is the king of the house and gets home whenever he wants. He enjoys playing with my dog Wendy but hates to be treated like a pet, he’s more of a royalty cat. Things are done when he wants and how he wants.
Dobby has no master, Dobby is a free elf! Socks and walks are some of my favorite, favorite things 😍 Im super friendly, outgoing, and an all around people lover, kids especially, i know all my tricks and am a super good boy! Vote for me!
Blue loves the beach, belly rubs, TREATS, to dance and shake her auss. ;)
Leonidas, or Leo, was a pandemic kitty. Born to a community stray in my backyard, he was the runt and after his mama left him, I took him in. Loves treats and all snacks. Very curious and loves meeting new people. Enjoys sunbathing and wrestling with his cat brother.
Rescue pup learning to live her best life❣️
She is such a sweet playful snuggly kitten!!
Everlee Rose
Everlee came to us one year ago. She chirps at the birds outside and loves long naps in the sun.
Trev is an old girl who likes to be left in peace. Cuddles are on her terms only!
Cookie is my fiancés cat I’d like to surprise him by giving him enough money to pay for cat food and whatever he needs for the month!
Pepsi is a fluffy boy who is very food orientated (like his owners). Very affectionate and loves to purr. He dribbles when he’s happy 😃
Max is very protective of me, especially when I go for walks. Rattlesnakes are very common in Texas. Max has been bitten 4 times now. He doesn’t want me to go walking. He meows real loudly, and tries to herd me back home. He then walks from one side of the trail to the other with his ears on alert to make sure it is safe for me.
Nula is a 15 week old puppy loves everyone more so children she can’t wait to go out and play with the children including my own is very playful loves playing with lady my other dog and snoozing after long walks on the moors loves to give kisses 😘
Small for his age, but that doesn't take away for how much space he takes in the hearts of everyone who meets him! The fun loving cuddly Cheeto is THE definition of a "perfect cat"
Kingston is the sweetest dog and he has the biggest personality. I really feel he’s my soulmate and we have amazing times together every day.
Milo is king of the household. He is 13 years old who acts like a kitten still.
Quimby is a chunky free spirit who loves everyone (and animals) he meets. He loves his cardboard houses and lounging belly side up on the couch. Food is definitely a motivation.