Dog cat Stories - 49


Cadbury enjoys all soft things, his favorite material is Sherpa. He loves to play with small toys and play dress up!
Eerie is an almost 10 week old Catahoula Cur or Catahoula Hog Dog.Also known as Catahoula Leopard Dog (she’s not a leopard coat).She’s a bundle of energy and LOVES to play with toys.She already has the “look” and “sit” commands mostly down,but we are still working on them and trying to integrate more commands as we go.Come April,she will be learning a variety of different working activities and possibly learning how to scent track!
Hi my name is Oaklee, my mom found me abandoned outside at 6 weeks old. I’m very feisty but I’m working on warming up to my new family, they seem to care so much for me and they always make sure my belly is full! Could you please vote for me? ❤️
9 weeks old, just adopted yorkiepoo.
Fin Fin
Fin Fin loves paper towel rolls and Boar’s head deli turkey.
Norman is a 7 year old rescue cat from the SSPCA, when we got Norman he was badly hurt, very skinny and terribly shy. But now he is the most loveable hungry boy ever, he loves his chin rubs & food more than anything.
Storm is 3 week old, hes a midnight blue french bulldog, who is yet to find his feet.
Judge has the sweetest deposition. He is 8 years old and still thinks hes a puppy. He loves the lake, boat riding and loves playing fetch in the water. Very loving and loyal.
Bailiff is 1 year old full of energy. He loves to play fetch and could play from sun up to sun down. He has his favorite ball he chooses. He loves going to the lake playing in the water and riding on the boat. He is always by my side, sleeps in my bed right next to me. He is extremly smart and very loyal.
Flake loves playing with her and specially she loves chasing the laser light
Cali Bragiel
Cali is a 2 year old beagle dachshund mix. She is a out door loving, treat begging, social dog who loves to meet new people and furry friends. She is protective of her special people. Loves to sun herself, hold her head out the window and go for long walks
Blossy Boo was abandoned in a dumpster at age 3. She rescued my Bichon Cracker & I in 2013 after he lost his partner. At age 13 this ol' gal has lots of spunk, is very affectionate, and is a spoiled rotten diva. A variety of tricks begins if a strip cheese wrapper opens. Loves car rides & walks.
Tiggs is the cutest most pretty loving kittyyyy! She has a brother Finn and a doggy sister holly! She loves playing with them all! At the age of 3 months I learned how to open a door!
Coco is a stray cat who I took in 2 years ago she loving kind and really sweet she’s my best friend is now 3 and I love her sooo much
Bingo is a cattle dog Boxer mix he’s intelligent, obedient loves people and is eager to please he loves the Nampa Dog Park He can jump real high and loves to jump off the docs into the water he loves are cats only our cats Though the best thing about Bingo is he is so soft
He is always there, keeps us going and he actually smiles
Miss Priss
I lived as a stray on my human mom's parents porch for 5 yrs in Philadelphia PA, after neighborhood kids took all my newborn babies and they all passed away. Shortly after in 2007 my human mom lost her Maximus, (of 13 years) I jumped through her truck window across a torrent of water from a broken fire hydrant on the end of the street, purred and won my way in. I am old but still playful. l am super lovable and very laid back being out in a home with lots of trees, grass, birds and able to enjoy quiet lazing in the sun or chilling in the shade. I have won over ever dog that was here and has come since. I have even sneaked over to neighboring homes to snuggle up to their kids now that all the kids & grandkids moved away.
Spit 'fire'
I was found up in my human mom's truck engine the weekend before Thanksgiving in 2010. Starving, skin and bones so frail, cold, frightened ( but still full of fire to fight ) I devoured 3 days worth of food and water in on feeding. My new mom built me a lean to shelter with litter box (I used) her hubs said freezing temps coming will help catch me and let me I n basement until I socialize. When she picked me up I Spit, growled, hissed, purred and shivered all at once. At barely 2 lbs I came right up from basement sat next to their 75lb Husky Saban at food bowl and growled at him to claim feeding area. He looked at mom as to say "she's a kibble with fire" and walked away. I am a Hemingway/Paradoxical I have a thumb on all four paws. Like I have mittens. I can still be shy. I still fear being abandoned even after 10 years. If mom not home I get fearful and try and sneak out to find her. It took her 3 weeks to reassure me once after she went to AZ take care of her pop who had a multiple bi-lateral mini strokes and surgery. She had to take me with her FL to help with grandkids while son-in-law deployed while one grandson was seriously injured. I didn’t care that there was an unfamiliar dog or 2 strange cats in the house. And loud kids. I was with my human mom and that’s all I cared about!
She is the queen and makes sure everyone knows it! She is the sweetest girl who loves to give kisses and get belly rubs. She always needs everyone’s attention in the room!
Daisy is an adorable Maltese who loves to play and cuddle and give kisses!
Emmy is an adventurous, curious little girl! Always ready for a good play, ready to gallop like a little kitty horse! : ) she’s so loving, you’ll fall in love with her as quick as I did too!
Mandy was a rescue cat from my local shelter. We have no clue how old she is but she never acts her age. She always knows when someone is sitting down with a blanket and won’t lay with you unless you have a blanket on. She always has to sleep next to my face at night. And i wake up in the morning with her cuddling up next to my arm. We share the blanket and pillow when we sleep. If I have my arm in the way of where she wants to lay she will politely paw me until I move it. If we have a nerf bullet laying around we can catch her playing with it like she’s a kitten again, tail puffed and all.
Raven is so sweet and loving! She loves cuddles and belly rubs and is a drama queen. She purrs loud and does her best to cheer up anyone who is sad. Plus look at that face!
Hi my name is Priscilla! I’m a very sassy loving kitty who loves all kinds of attention. I love to rub on my moms legs and beg for wet food every night. I love my parents and my 2 other brothers Opie & Oaklee so much! Can you take a second to vote for me please? ❤️
He absolutely loves to eat ice! Hes a mamma' boy
Athena loves to flirt, play and smile alot! She's my sunshine! Smart & Sassy!
Ollie is a 6month old Boarder collie spaniel mix. I adopted him from a local rescue Sandi Paws Rescue in Wisconsin that rescued him and his siblings from a shelter in Mississippi! He is a super fun loving, smart, energetic puppy who loves everyone he meets! Did I mention he LOVES playing water!😊
Paisley loves to sit in her window and look outside, She loves to play with her toys and her sister Miss Kitty...
Gizmo is a shih tzu mix. He is the best company. He likes to play with his little sister Daisy. He loves to eat. & his favorite thing to do is take naps on the couch.
He is the most loyal and in tunned dog ever! He fullfills your comfort and brightens your day.
Orion is a sweetheart! He was rescued from a no kill shelter in Arizona! He’s mom fell in love with him on Facebook and her heart melted when she saw him in the window. He has tons of personality and loves lounging in his cat condo and playing with moms plastic straws and contact lens cases. He follows mom around the house and can’t be in a room by himself. He loves to annoy his feline sister Cleo!
Barnabas And Blair
Meet Barnabas (Male) and Blair (Female). I adopted them from a humane shelter where they were dropped off severely dehydrated and have lived there since they were just a couple weeks old and are now 3 months old 😢❤ We've made some good memories already ❤ Barnabas: I'm all black with a little bit of white! I'm SUPER cuddly and always want attention from anybody but Mom and my sister Blair are my favorite cuddle buddies.... I'm very ornery and love to play all sorts of games especially playing on Mom's keyboard, running in circles around Mom to catch my favorite feather toy, ripping Mom's Ivy decorations off the wall, climbing through the blinds to see the outside and then getting terrified when a car passes 😂 and ALWAYS trying to get into the catnip 😋😍 Blair: I'm half black and half white with a half black half pink nose! I'm very shy. I don't like to be touched unless I see you touch Barnabas first, then I'll come up to you whenever. I love to play games especially chasing Barnabas around. My favorite spot is on a pillow by the window. I'm very smart and I know how to gracefully climb onto Mom's bed by using her desk chair 🤓 Shhhh Barnabas hasn't figured it out yet 😏😂 I also like to play on Mom's nightstand and try to eat her flowers and climb in the tub 😂 And we both LOVE seafood 😍😍 We hope you love us!!! 🐱😍❤
Keanu loves to be heard! He is a colorful cat with lots of personality. He was rescued from a no kill shelter in Arizona when he was 4 months old and he lives with his 3 humans and feline brother Halo!
Miss Kitty
Miss Kitty loves to sit on the deck and sunbathe, she loves to chase her tail
Patch is coparented between a neighbor and I. His favorite thing is to “disappear” and scare the crap out of us.
Eleanor Rigby
Eleanor is a sweet little girl. Her most favorite things in the world are cuddling up on a warm lap, rubbing on anything velvet, and chicken flavored anything. She’s scared of most people but loves warming up to people she trusts. She loves playing with her two brothers and she loves playing fetch. Eleanor is extremely vocal and will have a conversation with anyone. This little fluff ball is the cutest cat in our house and I am biased in thinking maybe the cutest cat ever!!!
Jack Jack Dumb dumb. Hes is the funniest silliest sweetest. Loves his old chihuahua brother who does not like him. Loves when you come home and when recliner goes up. Named after Jack Skellington
Finard Smith
He is very sweet he loves to run around and play with his toys and cuddle.
Hi everyone! I’m Copper! I’m a one year old female orange tabby and my people found me wandering outside their apartment and took me in! Life is good and I couldn’t have picked a better family to live with. My hobbies includes sleeping & making the best biscuits. Don’t let Arias bio phase you, she’s nice sometimes (kinda rude most of the time though.) 🤷‍♀️
Hi everyone! I’m Aria, I’m a one year old domestic shorthair. I’m everything sugar & spice, anything but nice. I’m small, fiesty, and only cuddle on my terms. My favorite thing to do is play fetch with twisty ties and pick on Copper 😈
Bobbie Brown
Bobbie Brown is outgoing, sassy, and all around best cuddler 🤗
Lucipurr is a true halloween kitty as it is his birthday and he loves to follow people around or stare out the window trying to click at birds.
Zazz is a sweet kitty who loves to dress up in costumes and play fetch.
Stripes loves to get fat sleep traumatize my puppy and snuggle with me and my sister. Try to find the kitty cat
Wrigley is so playful, if she could talk she would be a valley girl. When she was a kitten I called her spidy kitty, she would scale with walls, she’s loyal and always wakes me up in the morning for a treat of wet food. She’s a alpha kitty the leader in her pack. So gentle and sweet with my daughter who she is very protective of since she was a kitten.
Princess Leia is 10 weeks old and as her name suggests an absolute princess! She loves going crazy and playing and then having a long deserved nap on the back of the sofa or the window sill! She loves climbing and treats!
My baby girl is 10 years old. She loves everybody and every thing. She would clean Teddy (mouse in the picture with her) and try to nuzzle him.
Night Wiker
Night is an amazing cat, he follows you like a dog, he is so loving. I found him, his mom had abandoned him, so I had to take care of him, but he ended healing what i needed, I so missed it having a pet, and here he shows up on my first anniversary, he just attached himself to me, and follows me everywhere. I would say he is my little angel.