Chevy is 6months old, he’s a fun, loving and happy little rascal, who gets the zoomies, he’s playful and loving, a hyper little one who loves everyone that he meets.
Storm is our 2 year old American Akita sweetheart who is full of personality. She loves bananas and hanging with her pack❤️
Jolene is so Sassy! But she definitely loves her mom and her brother Jax 💜
Scampi loves to wear hats n chases birds like hes going catch them
This photo was taken when Mister Sherman was playing his favorite game, laser. His favorite things are cuddling, laying on my laptop, laundry baskets and laser. Everyone take a moment to say hi to Sherman Aka ‘cherms!
He is a very cuddly lazy cat. Was born in my house along with his siblings and he’s been a favourite ever since! We love him to bits
Spencer is a rescue dog, as he was so small they said he was a whippet…a funny looking one😆We have had him 11 years now, he still thinks he’s a puppy from time to time though!!
Simba is a rescue kitty I adopted at The Funny Farm when he was 4wks old. He is now 10 mo. He is playful, loves car rides, loves to play fetch, belly rubs and is 100% a lap kitty. Love him to pieces 😻
Mindy is a fluffy dog that likes everything and everybody, likes to cuddle with dad !
John Dillinger
Some know me as public enemy no. 1, but I’m actually a very good boy. I enjoy fancy feast, chattering at birds from my catio, catnip toys, worms with googly eyes and tucking my dad in at night.
This is Blue, but he has all kinds of nicknames! Blue loves naps under the cover, his food & treats, letting his ears flop through the wind, and he absolutely loves to play. He’s growing so fast & becoming such sweet heart🩶☹️
Casper loves to follow you around the house,loves to play with toy’s.
Stan the Man, single and ready to mingle 😁 aka I love everyone, he's a sweet loving and caring pup. Loves everything including his cat little brother and his big brother
Oscar is a sweet floof who loves to be outside in the sunshine, he also loves chasing me up the garden playing tag.
Chewy likes to sleep and run around the block, come back home to sleep even more!
Cadillac is a beautiful dilute calico we took in when she was about 12-13 years old! Her favorite things to do are cuddling, purring, and letting everyone know SHE’S the boss of the house. Everyone loves to get their Caddie-Kisses!
Rex-amillion, aka Rex is a fun loving cat that loves nap time and his big brother Stan
Runtly is the oldest of our two pups. He's a service dog that loves everything and everyone
Teddy is a dog we inherited after his previous owners passed away. Loves cuddles especially from daddy. Loves to play with his squeaky toys
Lucking is lab mixed with Pyrenees we got him when he was 2 months old. he loves to chew on bones and play fetch with sticks
Nugget loves belly rubs and pets. He's my pup nephew lol
Luna is also a big baby. She loves to play frisbee! She's one of my 4 grandpups
Klaus is a big baby who loves to stand on her back legs and give me hugs. She is one of my grandpups
Sir Sj Costa Jr
He’s the best baby boy ever !!!! And loves to snuggle with his Momma!!!!
⚠️⚠️⚠️⚠️ SUNSHINE WILL NOT BE IN THE NEXT FEW COMPETITIONS BUT I WILL BE GIVING ADVANCES AT THE END OF CURRENT CONTEST TO ANYONE THAT WANTS THEM. DUE TO CIRCUMSTANCES BEYOND MY CONTROL, SUNSHINE WON'T BE IN CONTEST UNTIL JULY. ADVANCES WILL NEED TO BE RETURNED IN JULY 2023 AND I WILL POST EXACT DATE WHEN IT GETS CLOSER. IF ANYONE NEEDS ADVANCES PLEASE POST ON MY WALL, THANKS!!! ⚠️⚠️⚠️⚠️ 🌟🌟🌟🌟 I AM PUTTING TOGETHER A TEAM FOR VOTING. IF YOU'D LIKE TO JOIN PLEASE REPLY VIA MESSENGER - STACY SADLER COMBS. THANKS FRIENDS FOR ALL YOUR SUPPORT 😊 🌟🌟🌟🌟 Sunshine says please give her likes❤️❤️❤️❤️ If anyone would like to exchange votes, please post on my wall,thanks! 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟. I will also take advance votes and I ALWAYS repay them. Thanks and have a great day! ❤️❤️❤️❤️ Sunshine came to me a semi feral kitten with fleas, pink eye and an upper respiratory infection but she blossomed into one of the smartest and best little cats I've ever seen. I love her dearly because of her wonderfully funny personality. She loves playing with her toys,chasing her fur siblings, her scratching post and most of all biting my foot in the middle of the night. She wakes up in the morning purring and wanting her pets. She is my little ray of sunshine.🌞🌞🌞 Have a Sunshiny day everyone!!   🌞🌞🌞
Rudi is our handsome man who thinks he is the king of the house
I may look serious, but deep down, I’m the biggest cuddler! And I love butt scratches!!!
Bruin believes all ducks and birds are his friends. He walks himself so his human can have free hands to carry his treats. Loves all water… especially mud puddles. Listens to mom when suits him. Greatest boy.
He is a night time cuddler loves all treats love playing predator and prey with his brother Tiny. He loves being outdoors any chance he gets
Fifi is a Ragdoll, who adores being held and stroked. She follows us around all day and loves to give loads of kisses🥹
Phoenix is a sweet girl who loves playing and bird watching when not sleeping or eating.
Loki is a very outgoing and loveable playful kitty that likes to get into stuff. He is very smart. Knows where stuff is you hide from him is. He loves that he has meow vocals loves to talk to you.
Hi this is boycie he is 7 years old and he sadly had a though start to life but has grown in many ways being apart of out family, he still stuffer from his past some time he has separation anxiety and gets very overwhelmed but he is so full of love and has help us in more way than he will ever know, i think without even knowing he saved us in many ways ❤ thats my boy!!
Loving boy of 8 years old, loves holding your hand, high fives and his burger toy, swimming, a sucker for attention and will lay across you, loves cats and is just a beautiful soul ❤️ old timer at kingpet ♥️
Blue always wants a cuddle & will never turn down attention. She’s very loving but does not know what personal space is 😂. Blue is a crazy kitty & her zoomies make us giggle
Charlie is the most loving loyal cat and my best friends he has been with us 5 years. nick name cheeky Charlie
My name is Desire,I love to play ball alot and I can run very very fast.I have a hard time getting along w other dogs but my mom is teaching me how.i have a great personality,and love to kiss my dad all over his
Rosie is our much loved rescue cat very friendly and loving and my little shadow ❤️❤️❤️❤️
Whisper is a fun loving dog she is always the first to greet our guests with a wagging tail and smile. She will light up anyone's heart.
Ryder is our hyper, loving, chewing 1.5 year old pup! He looks and sounds scary, but wouldn’t hurt a fly. He loves kids and playing fetch! 🥰
Loves to play with her sissy Leilani!!! Loves to eat everything, literally!!
Leilani loves to take long walks and meet new friends at the doggy park!! Best baby to her momma!!!
OSA was a rescue and she is super lovable and tolerates everyone. She even puts up with my 4 year old. She is super active and always asserts her dominance even though she weighs a whole 9 pounds.
Sweetie is the happiest little girl around. She loves to explore and give kisses. She gets all the attention for her gorgeous blue roan coat and striking markings. Her confident trot is too cute to handle. When she’s not hippady hopping and bolting after birdies, she’s at home snuggling her mom and dad. Mom and dad are excited to watch her grow and progress in her training!
Cricket has some dog like personality. Once a spicy 🔥 kitty now cuddly kitty. It's wonderful to know what a little TLC can do.