King Moch-e
King moch-e is a 15 year old Mann Coon hes so loving and chill he literally cuddles me at night. I adopted him 6 months ago he was getting ready to be put down because the shelter was getting to full. I think in a way he knows i saved his life
Joyce is a sweet, crazy little girl. Who has two different personalities to match her two different eye colors; blue and green. She loves bacon and has a weird interest for Jon Lajoie. Please vote for our beautiful cotton ball.
Minnie is 8 weeks old and came to us 3 weeks ago with her brother Monty. They were both unwanted pets and both needed weaning. Minnie is the mistress of mayhem, if there is trouble afoot then there she is. Her tiny size is more than made up for with attitude. When she decides she wants fuss however, she will quietly stare into your eyes until she falls asleep. With Minnie there is no agenda, she gives it all 100% of the time with no filters. She's such a character and we love her and her brother dearly.
Reggie is 7 years old, about 18 lbs, and one of a kind. He loves his peanut butter and was known for pulling curtains down in past. Mama’s boy for sure, but “tucks me in for bed”. After I cover up, he’ll jump up and crawl under covers until I go to sleep.
Maine Coone and British short hair mix chimera with the most beautiful colouring, but she’s not all looks! Juniper is a vocal and loyal hot water bottle, who is glued to her mom and chirps sweetly all day long.
Xena often sits on my lap while I use the bathroom. If not, she leaves. I had name picked before we got her. She has marking on head like a crown. Reminds us of Xena Princess Warrior. She’s 4 years old, weighs 15 lbs, and is a “Daddy’s Diva”
Hugo is a super cute, crazy and loving cockapoo. He is very posey as you can see 😭😂
Blaze is a very lovable micheivious tortie. She is 8 weeks old on this photo and had just come to her new home with us. She is totally adorable ❤️
this is daisy, she is probably the friendliest but craziest dog i know. she absolutely loves to cuddle and loves meeting new people. she’s so great with every dog and always get compliments while we are out on a walk :)
Bert came to me at about 6 weeks old. He was born to a feral mama cat I had been feeding. I opened my front door one cold day in Novemeber 2018 and there was my Bert. He has not left my side since. He sits on his bottom and lays on his back like a harbor seal, lol For Bert, life is good.
My name is Kali! I'm a super sweet girl with beautiful, long black fur. I'm currently in foster care, but I'll be available for adoption soon! I'm front declawed, but I don't let that stop me from jumping, playing, and scratching just like any other cat. I particularly enjoy corrugated cardboard scratch boards! I'm a classy lady, but I have been known to play with my own tail after enjoying a healthy dose of catnip! 😺
Mr Ripley
Vote for a wacky, high energy corgi. Loves having tons of toys and loves his family more than anything in the world. A huge love bug that's always excited to see you
Padme loves to wake us up by walking across us in the morning back and forward until we get up and get her cat soup, she sleeps every night under the duvet with me and cuddles up so I can’t turn over. When we have been at work she runs to meet us as soon as front door opens. Her favourite place to sleep is her radiator bed which she climbs inside of on cold days rather than sleeping on top.
I can be cute when I want something, and I will take every single one of your hair bands. But you can’t buy my love with treats.
Hissy is an orange tabby, loves being out side an love his treats. An is a big sweet heart ❤️
Gracie loves to swim and make you laugh. She’s a big goofball! ❤️
Archie is very different from most dogs he is amber y acres of change and new things! He will not let new people get near him… he runs away terrified and he’s so attached to me that when I leave he freaks out!
Good day! My name is Merlin, and I hold power beyond your wildest imagination🔮. I’m a wizard of sorts, so anything is pawsible.
Willow is such a good girl she learns things so quickly and she amazes me everyday on how smart she really is! She’s a chunky girl but she is so fast!
Oaklynn is very caring she hates when people are sad and she is literally my emotional support! I have very mad depression and anxiety she helps we through it! If I’m crying or she senses I’m upset she’s right by my side the entire time!
Hes lovable and he loves to eat and sleep and loves to play and chase his baby sister
This sassy Yorkie loves to play with house shoes and always makes sure she gets your socks than your heart !!
Squeakers is a fuffly old house cat ! That loves to sunbath.She loves being involved in ALL activities ! Very vocal and loves to talking with to you .But though she's very sweet she has her moments of evil frisky kitty lol 😺 ❤️
She loves to play and she loves to cuddle and she loves chasing her big brother instinct she's a affectionate kitten
RELIABLE EXCHANGES ONLY PLEASE. Please post your votes. If possible, pls post under the same threads to make them easier to find. Space available - (I must test to make sure each contest allows me to vote. For some reason, some profiles do not accept my votes.) 1 spot on Lullapanda, 1 pageant dog, 1 spot on Baybee, 1 Bidiboo, 1, 1 littlemissbeauty, 4 spots on Miss princess ♡♡♡ . Aly is an 155lb Central Asian Shepherd rescue. She just turned 3 yrs old on 6/25/22. She has beautiful golden ears, golden freckles & blue eyes. She serves as an immense help to her Momma as a Medical Alert Service Dog. She was adopted to comfort our GSD, also a rescue, after the loss of his Golden Retriever sister; but, somewhere, somehow she was sent to us with another task in mind. She is pure love & stunning fluff, with a bunch of stubborn thrown in for good measure. Her parents were found on the side of the road with her in her Dog Momma's belly. Big Fluffy Rescue stepped in and saved the Mom & 4 puppies in her tummy. Aly turns heads everywhere she goes & is living her happily ever after, keeping her human Momma safe. As a massive, powerful LGD breed CAS are very difficult for a rescue group to home. We are truly grateful to all the rescue groups that work tirelessly to save animals. We strive personally to adopt "difficult" breeds or mixes and give them a happily ever after. ♡
Radar loves long walks and belly rubs! He lets you know when there’s an intruder driving by the house or walking on the sidewalk. He’s the king of the house!
Chance is the baby of the house and he plays the part well. He came to me at 11 days old. He was full of fleas, dehydrated and had a burnt paw from the hot asphalt. He is a sweet cuddle bug. He has energy of a jumping bean and plays hard all day getting into odd places as you can see
Orion Severus Sexton
I waited for Orion since i was 14 im 31 now and hes perfect he is my other half and hes always by my side. My soulmate!!
Chaos is a fun loving boy. He has his manners and loves his walks. He is a sweetheart and knows when you don’t feel right. He will be by your side distracting you from any anxiety you may have
Fudge is very playful and funny loves to torment our dog bit they love each other really
Bastet is the Queen of the house. She cannot just sleep on a bed. She sleeps on a pillow on the bed. She can be very sweet and friendly but don’t let if fool you. She can put someone in check very quickly
She survived the tornado that hit our home on December 11, 2021. She was also the only puppy in her litter that survived. She is definitely a survivor.. and we don't consider her to be a dog, she is our daughter.
He’s lazy but active. We love to cuddle on the couch.
Alistair is the most floppy and relaxed cat I’ve had/met. He’ll play fetch and takes cuddles all day long.
My name is Tobi, a spirited free thinker , with a tail that’s curled, spending my days plotting how to conquer the world. I love to play “catch me if you can” with my pawrents. Some people are scared of me , but why? I am a gentle giant, can’t they see I love to smile. I look like a bear , so powerful and proud, makes people stop and stare. Loyalty is at the heart of everything I do for you , my family and the privilege few.
She loves to play fetch, tug of war & often has the zoomies.
Callie was a rescue from a texas kill shelter. Shes the best dog. She snuggles like you wouldnt believe! She has the cutest personality, and absolutely loves her treats! Shes extremely smart, learning 5 to 7 tricks a week!!
9wk old and already shakes paw 🐾
I’m an adventurous kitty with a big personality. I enjoy going outside while mom is at working and greet her when she comes home. All of my neighbors love to see me on my adventures. I only want love on my terms but do allow mom to love on me as long as she scratches the right places. I show my belly a lot but never like it touched! When I am outside I meet lots of new friends and get pets from strangers. Sometimes mom gets phone calls from worried strangers wondering why I am outside. She assures them that I am home for supper every night but play during the day! I scratch at the door when I want let in and out. Which is VERY often on the weekends just to make mom get up every 5 minutes.
Momo was born on our loveseat right next to me. He is now just five months old and as big as his mother. Momo is a very active an loving little man. He loves to play with the other fur babies, but when he wants affection he will come an set in your lap. There is no moving him once he starts purring until he is done. Momo gives kisses an purrs in our ear at night to wake us up an get loves. His favorite toy is a kitty spring that he carries around.
Rio is one of the smartest, happy-go-lucky pups on this planet! He greets EVERYONE at the park, especially the ladies because he knows he’ll get extra love. He’s a master at frisbee catching and flies like the wind to catch a ball in the air. The love and joy this pup brings to myself and people that come into contact with is insurmountable!
basically just a drama queen
She loves to go on walks and she loves to play play and smell smell
Mal Mal
She’s a bobtail
Willow Marjorie is the biggest Swiftie kitty there is. She loves hairties and crinkle balls, and her stuffed whale, Augustine. She is the most playful baby in all of the world, and my emotional support girl.
Wreckless loves sleeping and getting treated as a baby, he is a charming lil prince 👑 and will make you fall Inlove in seconds.He will do everything he can to enjoy some of your food, he loves charing☺️🥹
Fieni is a very cuddly baby who loves to eat goldfish and run around at 3 am every morning, drinking out of the fish tank and jumping on our heads. But besides all the mixed feelings she loves to cuddle after her rampages.
Stormy Aka Buppy
Stormy is the total chunka monk and is living his best life. Originally found in a box on the side of the road, he now has the dream life. Good for days, endless pets and never ending napping locations. He enjoys short walks to the food bowl and is more than happy to ensure you know if it’s empty. He loves his cuddles but only on his terms.