Dog cat Stories - 5


Lou Lou
Lou Lou is a cancer survivor but recently has another cancer battle to face. She is a spunky 14 year old beautiful friend and boss in our family. Thank you all for letting us share Lou Loy with you.
Bella Star
Bella chose us. We found her under my fiance's mom's car. Once she met us, she let us know she was going home with us. How could we say no to that face? The minute we brought her home, she was at home!!!
Bailey is a female Sheltie puppy who loves to spend her time being sassy and trying to herd her humans and big brofur, Nugget. She’s also an opportunistic hotdog and French fry thief, as well as a sweet cuddle bug.
Maui And Rio
Brothers and Best Friends
Koala Wallie
Koala Wallie is a boy but acts like a little princess. He is a special needs baby we have to go to State Veterinary hospital due to every time he goes to the bathroom he screams. Vote for this little 4 pounder of fluff.
Tick tock kitty
Boo Who
Boo Who is my sweetest little doggie ever... If I get any more dogs, I'm going to have to get a bigger place. Boo Who is such a cutie, and gets along so well with the others. A bit timid. But will overcome. Her needs a bib when she eats, yes she does. Who's my girl? Boo Who. That's who.. ❤🐕💃🌟🌞🌈🎀 In it, to win it
Pirate is a young little tuxedo cat with a sassy personality! She is very well mannered and loves to lay on your shoulders during naptime.
Khloe Ladson
My name is khloe I love to cuddle 💕 and having treats I love playing with my mommie and kissing my daddy! My nawn tells me I'm the cutest ever!!
Mollie Anne Dodge
Mollie is a fun loving playful dog loves being outdoors with her other friends playing and enjoying time with us.
We rescued Waylan and his brother Willie on their second chance around from the Cat Adoption and they are in their furever home now, and they enjoy grooming each other ..until it gets annoying and turns into WW Cat Smackdown - they wrestle and chase each other around the house, out into their catio and back in again, with hard wood floors it is hilarious to watch them skid around corners and hear the happy noise of the 8 paws running about..
Max is almost 1 year olds rescue dog. He is very spoiled and loved thinks he’s a lap dog and loves to play catch. He loves his brothers and sister (cats and dog)
Jet loves to steal the other dogs food and hide it for later.
Harley is 4 months old.
Mochi Mae
Over excited baby loving princess that loves to play dress up
Brody is a chihuahua he is the cutest and gots a look a like lions tail and the fluffest ears. He loves to play outside and inside and he loves cuddling with you when your sleeping in bed and everyday when come back home from work, school, or when you just came back from outside a few minutes he will wait for you by the door to give you a bunch of kisses saying he misses you and he loves you. When he begs you for some of your food he will only take one fries and will walk a way happy not bothering you ever more. He also loves any car rides from day to night he will also come running to you happly when you say "baby boy". He also loves wonderful cute lovely belly rubs.
Girlfriend loves to play cuddle and also get her hair done she loves outdoors and lots of hugs and kisses she surely is a Girlfriend you’ll love to show off She was adopted from an abusive family but once I showed her not all Humans are bad her self esteem picked up and she’s as happy as can be please Vote for Girlfriend because her journey is not done yet! 🥰
I am a Yorkie/Pomeranian/Tibetain Spaniel. I am very intelligent and my favorite foods are carrots, pumpkin, roast beef, and broccoli. I hope you will vote for me. for every vote i get, i get one of my favorite foods! (feed me my favorites!!)
Lucci is my 4 yr old Miniature Pincher. I rescue adopted her 3 months ago for emotional support since my husband passed away . So we rescued each other. She loves to cuddle. Go on walks. Minimal barker. Loves to ride in my Jeep daily. To me she is the Best dog in the world. I Love her so much .
London is very playful loves to run through his tunnels and play with toys. He Loves to cuddle.
Red loves to Ride!! In or on anything with wheels!
Jill is the best, sweet dog you will ever meet and she loves tug of war and belly rubs so please show your appreciation and like her account
Pup is an energetic happy baby bully! At 5 months she is still teething and likes to run around and play catch!
Granger is half Husky/Boxer. He is almost two years old. He loves to cuddle and gets jealous very easily.
Mandy is extremely smart!! Has many different voices!!! Will talk or yell back at you!!! Howls at any sirens she hears!! Loves to play all day and also dig huge holes in the yard!!!
Kitty acts so much like a cat that we had no choice but to name him kitty. He's very long legged and uses his legs just like a cat.
A black forest kitty growing up with a witch in Philly. 🌙🐈‍⬛✨ @lilahthesiberiancat
I literally just told her that she couldn’t go swimming, so she did this!
Mr Pea Buddy
Mr. Peabody was found at the Cumberland County animal control we went there to pick up a female Siamese cat that was about 10 months old and he reached through the cage and grab a hold of my husband‘s arm it was as though he was saying hey don’t forget about me we brought him home and he is the biggest goofball that you will ever meet he’s very curious about things and you will find him in a box or you will find him laying on top of my dryer or we have found him lying on top of the rabbit cage please vote for Mr. Peabody and maybe he’ll send you some of his chow
Destiny loves to go outside and play and she likes to go on walks
April is a sweet kitten with a big appetite! She has quite the personality, and if food is involved you better watch out! She’s about 6 months old, and we just love her little milk mustache!
Frankie is an Australian Shepherd that is being trained to be a PTSD TBI service dog for a United States Army veteran this young man has learned his commands very quickly he passed his puppy class without standing marks. You should vote for him because he is helping a veteran in need. Franky is a love bug that thinks he should be in your lap
Diesel is a 9 year old Blue Nose Pitbull. I rescued him from a shelter in Carthage, Tx that found him wounded from dog fighting. He is the sweetest and smartest dog I’ve ever had. He always wants love and to be so close to you that he’s touching you in some way. He loves his treats, naps and dog rope!! He loves to play chase and try to catch me when I’m running. He’s the best dog ever!!
Luna is a big fan of playing fetch and causing chaos! :-)
Marley loves to have lots of cuddles and sleep on the sofa with you and loves his food he finishes his food with in seconds he is adorable he is only 6 months
Hachi is full with energy; keeps you on your toes. He loves too snuggle and when you share snacks with him.
Sprout Monkey has a PHD in heart restoration. When Sprout senses a heart in need of repair she soars to the rescue When people look into her beautiful brown eyes they can't help but smile. The icing on the cake is when they notice that she is smiling back Sprouts hobbies consist of searching for those in need of her service. GO TEAM SPROUT
Delilah is a very loving girl. She has a very funny personality and loves to go outside and to the park.
Ace is a big mommas boy and he loves to play with the frisbee but hasn’t quite learned how to catch it🤦🏻‍♀️ His favorite place is the park
Capo is a riot. Climbing her trees running in her yard she is a burst of joy
Whiskey loves to play. His favorite at home activity is running up and down the stairs untill he tires himself out!
Jungle Jack Frost
We call him Jungle "Jack" Frost... Reason being in the summer his favorite shaded place to be out in the yard is in/underneath a bunch of branches from a tree and lilac bush... and when you get him outside from first to last snowfall during the winter he instantly starts rolling around and shoving his face in the snow.. Always stays out for long periods of time to play in it.. I entered for people to vote for him because out of any and all of the dogs I've met or owned throughout my lifetime (being 33yrs old) Jack has been the most loyal, laid back, friendly, funny, loving dog I have ever known. 100's of people in our town have said the same as they have walked/jogged or drove past our place for years as Jack lays in the yard (with no need for a leash) smiling , so well mannered that he doesn't get up or approach anyone unless they come up to give him attention ... We had just found out a couple of weeks ago that our Jack has a mass on his spleen that is a bit bigger than a softball and that he may only have up to a couple months left... He's had such a fun, long happy life and i just wanted to share how much of an amazing, loving best friend he's been every.. single.. day.. he's been with us and we're beyond blessed and thankful for every minute of it....❤ Thanks, Nate
Beasty is very playful he loves to play with the water hose it's so funny. I love my dog so much. He is the prettiest and the sweetest dog ever.
Zoey will never let you change the trash bag without her approval!!!🤣
My name is Tydus. I am 7 months old. I am mixed with husky and pitbull. I love to play outside. I can do some tricks like sit, lay, stand, speak, roll over, shake, high five, wave byebye, and can shut the front door. I like to learn new things. He is the best dog.
Bailey is 19 years old. When i rescued him i took him to the vet who diagnosed a cancer tumor in his stomach and his prognosis was a year at best. Ive now had bailey 16months and he is still well with unconditional care and love. He is a beautiful soul. Please vote for my boy.
Our beautiful little girl Luna is only 2 months old and a little bundle of joy. She's a ditzy little nugget but always making us smile.