Raingo is a dedicated ESA animal for disabilty people, elderly and his owners. He loves to ride on the motorcycles. With his hair blowing in the wind. Giving high fives to anyone. He is a big part of the Road Warriors for the missing. He loves to be there for the kids when found. To cuddle with them. To let them know their safe.
Gage is a 15 year old Havanese. He loves loves his mommy. He so silly and playful and is goofy.
Belle just turned 1 year old on May 22nd, 2024! She is such a gentle, loving, and playful cat. We got Belle when she was only 8 weeks old. Yes, she is named after the Disney princess! She is a very vocal cat and loves playing with ice cubes. We're so lucky to have her!
Mary-Anne is an extremely intelligent and loving ESA!!
Snowball loves to chirp at the birdies
Hi, my name is Pip and I love doing tricks for treats and nibbling fingers and giving kisses. I love to meat people and play with other doggies. I am full of joy and happiness. Please give me a vote🐕‍🦺
Kolby is only around 5 weeks old and has stole our hearts already. His mommy left him so of course, I decided I would be his new mommy 💜 Kolby is so full of life already and in the past week decided he was done with naps and he needs to run and play at all times. His older kitty siblings are still trying to figure out what he is and his older doggy brother thinks he’s a toy we brought home just for him to play with. I have a feeling Mr. Kolby will give them all a run for their money soon!
Snowball loves to drink out of a water bottle and will let her mamma know when it’s time whether sleeping or not.
Chief is an amazing amstaff that just loves life such a strong confident boy that gives me so much more then he will ever no.he loves his walks his cuddles an the TV , ow an we best no forget his cheese lol
If I accept an advance, I will ONLY return the amount I requested on the site I agreed to receive it from and ONLY for the dates I agreed to. I will NOT play around with my votes. These contests are how I feed my rescues!! They are my world!! I used to work for my kids, now it’s for my fur babies. If you agree to an exchange, vote!! It’s that simple 🤷🏻‍♀️ I will move on and find someone else that is actually honest and dependable. Cane is my dream dog. I never dreamed I would ever own one but here he is! All 105lbs of this gorgeous 2 year old baby boy❤️❤️ I got him December 2nd 2022. His previous owner wasn’t able to keep him through no fault of his own. He is such a sweet boy. He is my baby and I couldn’t imagine my life without him. I do these contests to provide for all my rescue and personal fur babies.
Misyy loves to play,have her belly rubbed,laying in the sun & snuggling in the bed...She's super sweet & very smart..
She 9 weeks old very smart and very cuddly and loves her chew toys and likes to go on walks with her mommy and daddy
Ginger Jo
Ginger used to be afraid of everything. Now she's a happy doggie and loves to be loved. She loves treats and chasing squirrels.
The goofiest girl in the world! Janie loves food. Any food. Anyone's food.
Jinx is a very affectionate and cuddly kitten
Dash is an Italian mastiff he loves to cuddle, he’s big floppy ears lots of energy and gets cold when a fan is blowing at him (he has a personal blanket and pillow for himself)
this is leah she is three years old and is a sweet girl. she loves playing and getting affection.
Oliver loves company and treats! He loves giving kisses and is super silly!
She loves to play with the kids. She protects her family. She is silly most of the time, she is loving, she loves to run outside, loves attention, and being loved on
Cutie Pie loves to plays with her nephew "Cat" and niece "Dog" She loves to ride in a wagon, hide in containers. If i didnt know any better i swear she's part cat. She loves going to check the mail. But the funniest thing is when the cat or other dog tries to get her treats she will growl and snap at them. She is so sweet and loving. Please vote for her. Cutie Pie and i will appreciate it very much.
Buddy is my 5 year old emotional support animal, he loves his family, walks, play time and treats 💖🐶🐾
Tucker Doo
This handsome furchild is an absolute lover boy. When he is not snuggling you he enjoys zoomies inside or outside. He thinks he is entitled to taste anything you are eating even if he has had it b4 and hates it lol.
Leon was born on July 4, 2023, and I met him shortly thereafter. He quickly became my best buddy, or rather, my baby. He embodies all ragdoll qualities, such as being puppy-like cats owing to his proclivity to follow me around, enjoys being carried like a baby, and enjoys playing fetch. He comes with a whistle. I chose his name since we met during a difficult time in my life, and I believed he would protect me. In Ancient Greek, Leon meant "lion." Leon is a wonderful little lion child who I know would always defend me spiritually. He enjoys giving kisses and having his head kissed. Being held is one of his greatest pleasures, however he does not enjoy sitting on laps.
Peter is 4 months old. He was going to go to another family but they unfortunately couldn't take him. Since it's been so long we decided to keep him ourselves because just look at that handsome face. He's a lover for sure and so much personality.
She likes to share an apple or peanut butter sandwich with me. She loves toys.She sleeps on my arm every night.She has a heart shaped spot on her back.We say that it is a heart from heaven from our daughter.
Hello this is little sam a sprocker age 9 weeks, a beautiful little brother to charlie, sam is funny mischievous little boy, hes already toilet trained but he loves being cuddled and plays with his brothers squeaky toys , he is always by your side his little face his adorable he has a long way to go yet but i already know he is going to be an amazing lovely boyi cant wait for this little one to start his huge adventures 💙
Lyla is the newest addition to our family. She's a Boxador and will be one in June. She likes to play tag when it's time to go outside and her favorite thing to do is get into my rocks and play hide and seek. I usually find them in my bed. She's an amazing dog.
Bubba Ray
Bubba is very friendly. He loves catnip and chasing balls. He loves to cuddle with almost anyone.
Nugget is a playful little boy. He loves his squeaky mouse and shakes it until I tell him to bring to me. Then he drops it by my feet and starts purring ❤️
Tom is the Clown of the three cats. He is the one who usually initiates the mischievous things they get into. He also usually is the main one that starts all the playing. He acts very goofy most of the time. He is my funny boy.
Charlie is the most beautiful bestest pal hes so loving like a teddy bear, he is so understanding and help both my sons to go out on walks which is very hard with them being autistic, charlie never leaves your side and comsoles you when he knows you're you are upset he plays on end with his squeaky toys and teddy bears gives lots of hi 5's he has beautiful eyes , he loves lots of cuddles and opera we got him at 8 weeks old he was born 30th june 2011, he loves his toy every time we go shopping we bring him a toy a squeaky of course he checks through the shopping bags every time he is just amazing 1 in a million 💙
Sassy is the Spokesperson for the three cats. She is very vocal when it is time to do something. Whether it is time to wake up, eat or change the litter. When she talks loudly and goes to either the food bowls or stands in front of the litter boxes, she always makes sure she is heard ❤️👍🏻
Mylo is a curious guy. Loves to play with the deer.
Isis is the Clean Up Lady. When they have food left and I tell them they have to eat all of it to get more, Isis will go clean the bowls so all three cats can have their second feeding ❤️👍🏻
Her reaction of being annoyed by my love
Asher is a 12 week old ragdoll. He is very playful and loves attention. He is so full of life and he gets along with everyone he meets
Loves a cuddle and is brilliant at doing paw x
She is still young, shes very playful and she loves being by a window to look at the outside
Poseidon is a beautiful kitten that was rescued from a neglectful home. His favorite toy is either a laser pointer or his crinkle ball <3
Abra is a big, lovable boy who loves his Daddy more than anything in the world! He is also a ladies’ man!!! He has 3 beardie siblings named Twinkie, Momo and Dunkan!
Roxy is the best dog you can ever ask for, she loves playing hockey and addicted to tennis balls, she’s such a smart dog and filled with love!
Simba is an escape artist from robbing the pet store out of all the catnip. He has a sidekick who is a sock monkey Jagger. He never sleeps, while his owner is sleeping he is plotting.
Kiwi a female,very curious and mean girl with the veterinarian.
My lil hounddog is my best friend he gose everywhere with me He is a great example set for the beagle bread!
This little goddess is 5 months old. She loves her toys and playing with her subjects, much to the chagrin of the cats. She is a cuddle bug amd loves to share her hair with you.
Mama bear is in the hosue! She keeps all her sisters in check and cares for them like a proper mother ♥️