Dog cat Stories - 50


Roxy is a Pitt bull Doberman mix! She loves to play with her 2 older brothers that are from the same parents as she is!!
Faith is the life of the party. She is friends with everyone she meets and loves to play.
Allura is a very lovable cat who loves to cuddle!
Say hello to Koda, he was a stray found him around 8months old he is full of life has to be everywhere i am he loves playing chase with his fur siblings Bella (cat) an Hank (puppy) he is a climber an loves to take a bath he has been a joy in our lives.
Hey there my name is Akamaru! I LOVE sleeping but also playing with sisters! I have a few special features.. my broken tail, my mane and my beard❤️
Creed is full of life! Very happy frenchie who enjoys to play to the end of the day!
Big 🦇 Ears with a big loving 💙
Summer LOVES to play. She enjoys running around, hopping through the grass, and playing with the kitties. Her father is a Golden Retriever and her mother is a mix of German Shepard and Husky.💛
He is a Beagador that we rescued and he loves his kids and snuggling with mommy.
There is nothing Opal loves more than a game of stick on the beach, except for maybe... food.
Maverick is a 6 month old English cocker spaniel. Mav loves nothing more than chasing birds and playing with his friends.
Bella was trapped in a abandoned house next to me my husband had his friend over an he went to free her well they said she was fast she ran to the hills an so later that day I heard a cat meowing in my closet to my surprise it was her she was so skinny we have had her for 7yrs now she is loving an a great big sister to her other 2 fur babies they play tag chase an loves to hunt. Please vote for Bella thanks
My name is Yama and I'm only a couple months old, I love impressonating Jaws and chasing my feline sisters around the house. I just hope I can bring a little joy to someone's life. Have a beautiful day!!
Loves to sleep, loads of attention and tuna😋
Lacey Mansell
Lacey is a very special girl we rescued her & she didn't even know how or wat a ball was for... We threw it 2 her & she just sat there as if 2 say I don't know what is going on. All she would ever want at 1st I. E show interest in was if we had a plastic bottle she would want 2 take it & she wd screw the bottle tops off. After time & 24hrs dedication we taught her love trust & that there was many toys for a beautiful girl like her 2 play with. She became a different dog she trust us & had a playful step 2 her she was happy & she is so special I had seizures & I was home alone with lacey when 1 was coming in I was worried as the back & front doors were locked... I knew I cd not stand as I have a warning noise in my ears b4 I fit. Lacey sag in front of me raised her paw & wd not stop till I wd hold her paw & only lk at her, my whole focus was holding her paw & looking her in the eyes... I never had a siezure she helped calm me & mk me focus. She was so attached 2 us I also had an accident not in front of her & I've gone fm a fully aboard person 2 disabled but fm the 1st time I saw her after she never jumped on my lap but would lay beside me all the time. U can see fm the pics she is a happy wonderful girl she lives her ball & is super fast.
Bella loves cuddles, playing and sleeping:) she also loves going on walks and dressing up. Bella LOVES playing with kids♥️
Hey there I’m Cortana! I’m Lab/Weimaraner/Australian Shepherd and I have a BIIIIG personality! Sometimes my parents have a hard time calming me down but they love me! I love taking my brothers toys and chasing him around the yard and my dad tells me I’m very vocal😁 Make sure to hit the vote button🥰
Rico Boyd
Rico Boyd is a shih' Tzu. He's 9 years of age. I got him from afamily out of Birmingham Alabama at the age of one. He loves running, playing with kids & other dogs. Matter of fact any kind of animal. He loves eating sweet treats, sleeping and chewing on his toys. He also loves outside. He's has been a great companion to me and i wouldn't trade him for anything in this world. Our bond is priceless😘
Coco Bear Nickels
Coco bear is crazy! He has figured out how to pile his “people” (stuffed animals) on top of each other to hump them! He is rated MA! He also watches animals on TV and barks at them. At first, it was only he seems to recognize all animals - turtles, horses, cats...
This boy right here as much as his dad thinks he’s max favorite. Max is a mommas boy. Max loves treats, belly rubs and hugs and kisses. He’s been a blessing in our home and we can’t get enough of him.
Betty is such a funny little character. She’s cheeky and funny. Is obsessed with tennis balls (especially putting them under the couch or garden gate) and also loves bath toys
Beaux Bear
He is a very happy cockapoo, loves to walk, run, and play with his toys. Also loves to nap and eat for sure.
My name is Kizzy and I am 14 years old not that you would realise it when I am running around the house at 100 mph or chasing my tail. I love nothing more than to help my human with her work as you can see :) oh and I love my owners feet hehe
Tucker is the sweetest Maltipoo ! He loves water from the water hose. Every time you spray the nozzle in an area, he chases it . He chases Nova the pit bull too, but only after he entices her by bringing her one of his toys! He loves playing fetch! If you’re not paying any attention, he bites gently on your wrist to through it! He plays hard and then settles down for belly rub!
Hank is a sweet boy loves to play he is still a puppy an apond taking him to his 1st vet visit we were told he may go blind but that won't stop him not one bit he loves playing chase with his other 2 fur kitties yes I said kitties his kitty Koda makes sure he don't walk into walls an Kitty Bella makes sure he eats all his food😉 please vote for Hank thanks
Max will soon be 2yrs old, he’s a lovable dog,and will always be down for an adventure.MAX LOVES KIDS MORE THAN ANYTHING.
Raven loves to go for walks and play fetch outside. When she gets a toy and wants you to play with her she will growl and wiggle her butt. She is such a good dog!
Chompsky was a stray that we took in and have been taking care of with lots of love. He is very spoiled and charming. He's also a very jealous cat 🤣 his favorite toy is a small stuffed koala that he carries everywhere with him.
Nova loves to play with her toys mostly her ball thrown, she love ham bones and to play with her two pup friends
Gizmo has recently been diagnosed with severe anemia and has been in animal trust hospital for 2 days, he’s has been through so much over the past few days and we were told he might not make it, but luckily he has pulled through but he may need blood transfusions and medication. The money will go towards his vet bills and medications etc. Gizmo is my ESA (Emotional support animal) and is only a year and a half old. He is the most affectionate cat anyone will ever meet and loves to cuddle you and lick your eyelashes. Please help gizmo 💔
I’m a bush baby! I was adopted by my human October 2019 but I’m a Leo. I’m a bit of a sour patch kid. I like to cause chaos in the house (my name suits me). I am sweet though. I sleep in between my humans like a baby every night and even like to hug their arms. My favorite spot to sleep is on my human’s lap while he plays video games, it’s warm and comfy! I am a bit overweight because I do steal food. I’ve been good so far though! I have a best friend named Cleo. My favorite toys are the tiny fake mice, although I loose them under the couch and fridge all the time.
Lou is a 6 year old American shorthair shelter rescue. She loves to be held and snuggled like a baby. She also has an eye defect she was born with and does not affect her eyesight ! She has a brother (cat) Leo and love to watch over my son even though he gives her a little too much love 😄
Joey exotic. Likes to kill bugs n play with balloons! Cool cat.
As kittens, my siblings and I were found by the dumpster in September 2019. I come from Northern California just like my human but now I live in Hollywood! I like to cuddle with my human’s face in the morning and have a best friend named Lucy. I love plants and feathers. My favorite spot to sleep is in the closet on the high shelf above my human’s clothing. I love pets. I make new human friends easy and I’m not afraid to show a new human some love.
Nova is a beautiful Blue Point Ragdoll. She is full of cuddles, purrs & loves to play. Nova loves to explore the garden & she is very well behaved. Nova loves playing but her FAVOURITE toy has to be her bundle of feathers!
Hi, my name is onyxx and I love being chased🏃‍♂️😂.
Loves his cuddle time, this picture flipped when I uploaded but this is his I'm too cute not to love on pose.
Because he is awesome , except when he sees a cup of water, he knocks over every cup/glass of water.
George was a rescue kitten who loves cuddles, chin scratches, salmon dreamies and playing with his cat friend Winston!
Lilo is a beagle/Boston terrier mix ! She loves playing and meeting new people and other friends !
Hes super loveable and just wants to be near you <3
Willow is the sweetest loving babygirl that loves to play 💖
Cleopatra Rose Harper
Miss Cleo who we nicknamed Kiki and even sometimes call her qui qui lol is such a sweetheart, she’s so playful, neither my husband and I were really cat people, more so dog people but she really just won us over and won our hearts. She’s so playful, loves to window watch and loves cuddles when she’s sleepy. We love her with all our hearts and glad we’re getting to experience having a feline in our life 💕
Harley Bean Harper
Harley’s mother (a relatives cat) pushed her away at birth, since then my husband and I have been bottle feeding her and fell in love with her so much during feedings and caring for her that she’s an official part of our family. She is just the sweetest little baby ever, she loves attention and loves kisses. She has the biggest personality for being so small. She’s healthy and has a regular vet for check ups to make sure she stays that way. To say taking care of a neonatal kitten hasn’t been hard would be a lie, we wanted to give her a shot at life and then wanted her to share that life with our family full of fur babies. (3 dogs, 2 cats including her, 1 hamster and my husbands bearded dragon)
If Chico was to be a food sauce he would definitely be sweet and sour, because he's a really SWEET but also a really FEISTY boy. Which is what usually makes people fall in love with him. Hes also really smart and soft hearted. There's also this spunk about him that you just can't get enough of!
Rhea And Louise
Rhea and Louise are two female bi-color norwegian forest cats, they are the ages between 2-3 years old, they are currently indoor cats, their favorite toys are the cat nip toy and the spin ball toy. Rhea likes to hide, while Louise loves to be petted and they both love their owner named Shar. She had Rhea and Louise since late december of 2020, they are fostered cats and when depending on the day, they come out and play! What they like most is eating; Rhea likes chicken flavor while Louise likes tuna.
Punkin loves to lounge around , and play with her fur brother Phillip!