Dog cat Stories - 51


We call him Roo Roo because thats what he sounds like when he talks to us.
Loves playing fetch with socks 😸😻😻
Mr Milo - is supposed to be a Russian Blue Mix, although the only blue is from his eyes. Milo loves string, feathers & climbing jeans when I am wearing them (ouch!) He is definitely the most social cat I have met, I swear he talks when spoken to. Milo hopes to receive some votes :)
She’s a rescue. Bailey loves her toys and treats. She loves to take baths and then run around in the dirt after. She’s a sweetie pie.
I love dressing up to get attention and making people smile and laugh. Favorite things are playing ball, demolishing stuffed toys, and stealing hair ties and slippers from my owners. I aspire to be a therapy dog or bark ranger when I grow up.
Tank lives to lay on the back porch and chill! Very laid back.. Such a sweet boy!
Max is an awesome dog! Loves to open doors to go outside... one thing he will not close them! 🤦‍♀️
Lucky was the the most loving cat I've ever met. My family and I have had him for about 12 years; unfortunately, we lost him May 9, 2020 which was one of the hardest things dealt with last year. He had the most expressive yellow green eyes, softest white belly fur, and his two tall white socks on back feet, which gave him the name Lucky Two-Socks Wiley. I've taken this photo myself when he was sleeping peacefully on my floral rug in my bedroom and couldn't resist the urge to snap a pic of my beautiful boy.
Ryan was born the 14th of February, he is super lovable. He has a big sister that loves playing with him. He is a foodie, but also loves him yummy milk. We live in London, Fulham. You can check out our Instagram . Luna and Ryan the Fulham cats
Nero And Nova
Would you believe this brother and sister are the same age. 7 month old kittens Nero and Nova are inseparable. They both have very different personalities and play fight everyday but end each day with a cuddle before bedtime 🤍
Nero is a laidback kitty wholoves cuddles, napping and playing with his mouse. He loves to eat all day every day and hiding inside blankets.
Nova is a wild little kitty, who has the zoomies 10 times a day. She’s love to splash water and play with ice cubes. She is very petite but still loves her treats. She also loves to annoy her brother Nero.
Millie loves to jump up in the morning and remind me that is food time by purring as loud as she can in my ear
Jesse is a very cuddling and cheeky little 5 month old kitten, loves his toys and chasing his own tail likes to think he's a dog sometimes!
Sadie Susie
Sadie Susie is the QUEEN of the house! She spoiled but is so very sweet when she wants something. She has to always be first whether it’s getting treats or being tucked in! She’s 14 but acts like a puppy!
My name is Fred I’m 2 years old and I am a ginger ninja. I love keeping my hooman up at night jumping up walls and scratching her carpets. I love snuggles on my terms of course and I love to play fetch and will give you a paw 🐾 for treats. I am a clever boy!
Cinnamon ( Alure On The Kings River) is an extremely sweet and loving dog. She is quiet, very pleasing and always acts with respect. Cinnamon is a great family dog, she is always up for anything and just wants to be with you. She will play with and keep the kids entertained all day, or just snuggle up in your lap for hours. Cinnamon is a nice dog to have around! She is our family-friendly, kid-friendly, easy-going, sweet, extremely loving, kind, mellow girl!
Willow's whole focus is on you and what you are doing. Even as a pup, she would follow right with you, not leaving your side, while other dogs would run by. She watches your every move with her focus on wanting to please you. She is extremely loving and loyal. Willow is an extremely easy dog to work with. She is human-like smart, she picks up your words and gestures quickly and reacts instantly to them. She has fulfilled our expectations and a whole lot more! This is the dog we strive hard to produce!
I rescued and reunited Spiderman with his 9 year old brother Jasper 2 years ago!! 💗🥰 He’s super loving, gets late night zoomies and loves his treats AND his brofur. The brothers are now a bonded pair!! BROTHERLY LOVE 💕 💕
Bailey loves her walks, chicken stick chews and cuddles! Bailey is very clumsy, funny and definitely a wild card! She gets a lot of attention from everyone she meets❤️
Luca's hobbies include- exciting road trips, starbucks puppachinos, cuddling with his cat Nox, and taking long naps in sun spots
Ollie Waffles
Ollie Waffles is a young playful buddy with one blue eye and one brown eye
Hi my name is Hudson. I am the protector of my house, weird people come up to my house & drop off papers into a box and I bark really loud. I love to run and I love playing with other dogs. Vote for me.
Loves taking walks outside and playing with his feather toy.
Pearl is the girliest of girls in town full of curiosity and endless love she has won many hearts at her adolescent age she loves barnyarns cuddles and feeding time ❤️🐈
Im a Pomeranian papillon with a blue mural genetic. I was born in Hawaii and just moved here about a year ago! I love to hike, swim and play! Please Vote for me so my mommy can by lots of treats for me! Thank you to everyone who votes for me :)
Im a reacue & have many rescue brothers, sisters, & fosters. Though I am the youngest in the house, I am the alpha & I have cattitude! Im a one person kitty, so I love my momma! She named me Monkey because my tail curls like a monkeys sometimes. She's been my mom since I was a bottle baby!
This is Bella. She is 12 weeks old today. She loves to cuddle and give kisses. She is super smart!!!!
Coop's hobbies are fetching, chewing, and car rides.
Loves to play with balls and cuddle with mommy!
Arrow is our fur baby that loves to hunt birds, and retrieve anything you throw for her. She is great with both of our young boys and is the best pup!
She loves balls and beer
Wayne is one of the most gentle, loyal and loving dogs.
Harlow is a Heeler / Saint Bernard mix that I got from a rescue in Dallas TX! He’s wild. ❤️
She loves all people and cuddles. She couldn't be more perfect for are family. Found out on march 25th 2021 she has cancer
This girl aims to please.
Mittens is actually a Calico kitty. Dislikes: being held, bath time, dogs Likes: treats, hunting, climbing on roofs, exploring Shes definitely a little daredevil. You should vote for her, bc every vote is a prayer for her safety 🙏
Bennington is 7 months old loves his family. He enjoys playing with all toys and anyone that will pay attention to him.
This fella has an agenda: Entertain my humans and wrestle with my dog pals (until they fall asleep)! It’s really just THE life!! Snuggling with mom is next favorite! And Green Ball play with my dad is a killer good time! Rev also LOVES park time every weekend, off leash trails, the beach, and Playcare with 67 of his best friends... he is one HAPPY boy!
He has half of a tail with beautiful blue eyes. Nonstop talker !! He’s a rebel and currently on the run… LOL seriously if anybody sees him please send him home.
Hi, I am a rescue. I have red fur & lots of sass. I love cuddles on my terms, barking a lot, and most humans. I huff when I don't get my way. I wiggle when I am excited to see a familiar facd. & I can hold a note like no other.
Kyah Spirit Marie
She is the antidote to healing from a very dangerous abusive relationship... she is so smart. At 10 weeks she was sitting on commamd without treats and practically potty trained . She has saved my life and showed me real love. Now she catches amd throws the ball.... ABSOLUTELY AMAZING
Rockys Dad is a retired firefighter and is so proud xx
Salem is a street rescue loves his cat tree and cat nip and ear scratches
Meow Meow And Bella
Meow meow was home to ke the beginning of last year 2020. He was the only animal and didnt get alone with dogs, this year my sister decided to get a kitten (bella) but rehomed her to me. Every since then they are like brother and sister they do everything together eat sleep anything u name it
Leo is a feisty, human loving corgi. He kisses everyone he meets. He is a true puppy and his day is sleep play eat repeat! We love him so much <3
Sabie is an adorable kitten. She has plenty of love to give. Loves to play and be loved Her favorite food is chicken