Dog cat Stories - 51


Fester is my little imposter kitten that I snuck into my momma cats litter and he loves to stir things up!
Fig is a little cuddle bug who loves her mommy and likes to clean anyone she can get her paws on!
Ferris is a mischievous man who loves to explore and get in to as much trouble as possible!
Fonzie is my little mustache man who loves his treats and cuddles from his mommy!
Fiona found me almost 3 years ago when I needed her the most! She blessed me with three beautiful kittens and took in another little stray kitten! She is a wonderful mother and will spend the rest of her life lounging with her babies ❤️
Stubbie likes to take pics w Snapchat filters and run around and play
Xena is the baby of my other 2 huskies Zeus and Bella , she talks alot, loves people and loves to play. But most of all she is my cuddle girl.
Bella is the sweetest baby , she loves to play , go for walks and loves to eat ice cubes.
Vegeta knows tricks like sit, come, speak. He is my emotional support child and is always by my side!
Willa is a Texas Blue Lacy who was rescued as a pup. She has been through a lot and is a one eyed wonder but now living her best life with her pack in Pa.
Waylon is a blue tick german shepard. He is a very energetic pup! He loves his toys, treats and his mama!
Nebula is one of a kind! One of the most verbal (in a cute way) and playful cats I have ever seen... She's got a personality, that's for sure. She's always waiting for me at the window when I get home from work, and she's been my inseparable, cute little sidekick for years. She's the best! ❤️
My name is Shinobi, Im a Blue Point Siamese and I enjoy going outside hunting and chasing birds and as you can see Im a Washington Football Fan..
My name is Shinobi, Im a Blue Point Siamese and I enjoy going outside hunting and chasing birds.
This is Kobe. He is from Tijuana but lives happily in a home in Canada now. He loves his toys and exploring nature. And sitting on laps (:
She is a blessing ❤️
Flor loves her collars, and loves to cuddle. She was adopted from local APL and has brought so much joy into our lives!
Turbo is a 1 yr old chocolate and tan pug. When he was 8 weeks old he was the runt weighing 1# 6 oz. HE IS MY EVERYTHING!!
Layla belle is a four month old standard poodle who is always ready to help anyone in need. She spends her days serving her owner who is disabled she is the best companion and has been a life saver for our family
Gunner is a 8 week old Siberian Husky. He likes to play with his human sister and brother's. He likes to sleep all day and at night he likes to play. He will only go to bed at night if he sleep with his human mom and dad. He will get up at 5:45AM and wake up his sister.🙄😂
I am a two year old TOY AUSSIE🤗💙🥰
Jazzy is my crazy girl! She loves jumping on my shoulders and just sitting there. Shes super sweet!
Lily is a super sweet loving girl! She strives for attention all the time! Shes a great cat!
He’s the sweetest loving Irish wolfhound. He loves to explore, cuddle and play with his toys
Vote for my crazy pup!
Emrys, a playful white ball of fur. So young yet so adventurous and smart. She could be content cuddling in bed or chewing on a water bottle. Possibilities are endless with this pup.
This is my sweet princess Nabu. She's a 13yr old standard dachshund. She is totally spoiled. I made my closet in my bedroom into her bedroom and she love being on the patio on her couch.
This is Danaka. She is 10yrs old. She thinks she's ruff and tuff. She took over my sloth my daughter gave me.
Lennon Ferdinand
Lennon is a 10 week old bernedoodle who loves to greet everyone coming into the office. He plays tug-of-war and running around outside
Naga is a little chihuahua , Pomeranian mix! She’s so playful, energetic, but lovessssss cuddles and naps. Her favorite toy is her little ducky. She gives the best kisses and her little puppy breath smells so good! She’s the best thing that’s ever happened to me and I love her so much ❤️
Karlos loves 2 go for walks lives 2 cuddle. Hes always smiling such a joy 2 b around. Hes the sweetest dog ive ever had.
Bubbles is a grey and white tabby who loves loves loves to have fun. She’s a little bit on the crazy side, but at the end of the day she loves cuddles and giving kisses❤️
This is Wizzard he is 2 years old He was a rescue. He is A SWEETHEART!❤ He Loves to go for rides in the car and to the Dog Parks! We LOVE, LOVE Our Wizzy, Wizzy woo woo!!!
The diamond 💎 in the rough
Misty is 3 in a half months old I found her in the parking lot of my mom's apartment she was so little barely had her eyes opened or could walk my mom and her boyfriend bottle fed her she is a very active kitty always climbing running jumping and she really loves climbing into purses, any kind of bag, draws and boxes. And loves the laptop.
Rescued as a kitten, Milo has grown to love sleeping, eating, and cuddling all hours of the day! He’s very fond of dad and mom, but shy when friends visit!
Abby is a people lover, she loves her belly rubs, she's her Daddy's girl and loves playing frisbee and running outside and being at camp!!
Very cute and loving
Buddy loves people, he can speak, whisper, sit, roll over, sit up, and loves his snacks
Jazmine is actually a mix with a husky and a miniature piodle. Her mother was a beautiful husky that was as big as they get and her father was a tiny miniature pooodle. So Jazmine ended up a perfect miniature copy of her mother with the personality to match.
Salem is 9 weeks old shes such a beautiful girl that loves to snuggle and play with her toys 💕 shes has the soul of my recent cat oreo that passed away which i absolutely love ❤ she was meant to be ❣
Murphy is the best baby ever!! He brought me out of the deep depression of empty nest syndrome! He has more character than most humans I know! He constantly makes me smile!
Suzie is a fun loving Mini Aussiedoodle who has never met someone she didn’t like. She’s the best travel companion and is sure to make anyone smile. Her favorite activities include hiking, exploring, digging, and hanging at breweries.
Tookie likes to play with his stuff toys and let’s me dress him up .
Jj Yoda Speer
Tuna, I must eat. Bathe me in cuddles and kisses and maybe I wont take over the world!
Prince is a F1bb Mini Sheepadoodle seven months old 🐾🐾 he loves to run around the backyard play with his sibling loves to cuddle and give kisses,Prince is a special Doggy!🐾🐾
This is BRUCE! We call him Boody on a count of his blessed backside. He’s a half husky half bull mastiff , he loves the mountains , fishing and little humans. His favorite food is ice cream and your disgarded pizza crust. He’s a lazy lover at home ❤️
Scottish fold boy based in SF