Peanut is the chill one. Gets rowdy sometimes because of Lucy getting him all wild up. Has a loud bark already. He loves going outside and running and messing around.
Koba is a 14 week old choc tri merle bully with gorgeous colours and eyes. He’s a little character, he loves to play and likes really big toys! He’s a very playful pup and loves coming everywhere with his mum even to work🙄😂
He was rescued from the mean streets of Cyprus at just 2 weeks old after his mummy and siblings where attacked and killed by dogs. He was bottle fed by his rescuer and rehomed in England with my husband and our 3 other fur babies
chasing lights
Maggie is a dog that loves to lick a lot
Mayonnaise is a Syrian hamster and he is the fluffiest hamster ever
Chester the cat loves tuna. One day, I opened a can for myself, and before I knew it, he was begging for a taste. He gobbled it up and meowed for more, so I always make sure to have a spare can on hand for my furry little tuna lover.
Marley is my 8 week old husky...he is the most kind and gentle puppy i have ever met...He loves to run and play in the grass he loves to go on walks and meet new people who always stop and tell him how beautiful he is❤️
Amara is a sweetheart with a dash of sass! She is a Husky/Great Bernese. Amara loves belly rubs and chasing her tail, but most of all she loves to eat! ❤️🐕
Leo is a domestic shorthair gray tabby bengal mix. He is incredibly affectionate and playful. He loves belly rubs and sunbathing.
Fandogh And Odi
Fandogh lost her husband that's nam was Danny, today and sadly both Fenech an she and her children children are very sad because they lost their father Danny. Fandogh is very kind and lovely and beautiful. You may also vote for him to win the award and be happy
I like to say that Mari rescued me! Also she has this really cute quirk where she likes to tilt her head and keep a paw raised up as shown here. ❤️
Milo is such an amazing lovable kitty. He loves his belly rubbed. Doesnt mind getting picked up (or baths). He is such a sweet boy. He loves just chillin and lounging around. In the mornings, he wants his belly rubbed and will meow until I follow him into the kitchen and shake his food bowl. Lol. He is a typical brother....torments his sister but they love each other. So grateful that we were able to bring him and his sister into our loving family.
Rosie is very loving and loves to cuddle<3
Mila (and Milo) will be 3 in Sept. We got these two a few months ago. They were both very skittish when we first got them but she is coming out of her shell more (he was out of his shell within a few hours of being here lol). She loves her chin scratched. And she loves sitting up in the window sill watching the birds.
Mila And Milo
We received these two from a loving couple whos 18mth old daughter was highly allergic to kitties and needed to get them into a good home.
Bugsy is a little over a year old. He loves to run around the house full speed! Loves to chase his tail and he is very cuddly
Mizuno loves people, car rides and attention!!! He's really smart and well behaved!! He recently lost his vision but he navigates, remembers and finds his way no matter where he is. He stands at the door when he wants to go outside and knocks on the door when he wants to come back in.
Smokey is very affectionate and loves to eat but can be a little fiesty at times.
Penny is 6 months old and is very friendly with everyone she meets and greets u with tons of kisses
She’s our guard cat. She’s always on patrol. When we go to bed so does she.
Zelda’s a crazy cat. Although she loves cuddling, most of the time you can find her terrorizing anyone in the house 😂
Philly is my first pet I ever owned. He is a very sweet and lovable boy very playful and laid back at the same time..... He love to play hockey with bottle tops and run and greets anyone that come into my home.... Vote for Philly
Bunny comes and holds my clients hands whilst they are in my salon getting their eyebrows done 😍
She likes to watch birds out the window and kill catnip mice 🐁
Bailey is a sproodle hes only 12 weeks old . Hes a very brave, independent no fear puppy
autumn is 5, super cuddly and sweet❤️
Molly is a super loving crazy energetic girl
Cooper loves to sleep
Peanut was born with a brain disorder but that does not stop her from being a rambunctious fun loving ragamuffin who loves life.
Wesley is a sweet, goofy, lover boy with lots of energy and playfulness. He loves to play with any toys but really loves his Squishmallows. He’ll carry them in his mouth around the house and cuddle with them too! I don't dare put them away, back up on the shelf, as he will just knock them right back down. Wesley loves his sister Mabel, who is about the same age as him. They are inseparable! He also loves his sister, Willow, but she isn't as big of a fan when it comes to sharing her toys and she prefers to relax by the window and eating treats over playing with her younger siblings. Wesley loves cuddles, making biscuits on his soft blanket, his fluffy teddy bear (see pics), and he especially likes snuggling on his mom’s head at bedtime.
Hanz is the most lovable boy around!
Mabel was adopted/rescued by me in March 2023 when she was estimated to be about 6 months old. Mabel was found with her mom outside in the cold Buffalo, NY weather by TNR workers/rescuers. When I adopted her, they told me that she had been the only kitten in her litter that was found alive. She was very nervous/shy and they almost released her back to her colony with her mother, but decided to let her have a chance at a foster home first, and thank god they did! Mabel is sweet, lovable (which is the meaning of her name), playful, and still a little shy, but quickly coming out of her shell and getting more comfortable in her warm, cozy new home. She absolutely loves her brother, Wesley, who is a lot larger than her but around the same age. She's slowly warming up to her older sister, Willow (or should I say, Willow is slowly warming up to her lol). Mabel likes to cuddle up next to my legs when she's not cuddling with Wesley. She LOVES breakfast and dinner time! She is also very playful and will make a toy out of anything she sees. She really loves dangle toys and chasing after balls. Her and Wesley are inseparable and groom each other, sleep and cuddle up with each other, and chase each other around the house during their "manic kitty mode."
King is our playful and lovely friendly dog and he loves to go play outside and go on walks
Rolo is a 6 month old Jack Russell, he loves pigs so much he’s having a piggy party this year. He also loves his paddling pool - although only for drinking out of.
Kali is very loving and caring cat.She also loves to cuddle up with u.Kali has learned to play fetch with a ball throw it and bring it back.Kali has also been trained if i say ouch im hurt she come and try to help me out to see whats wrong.
Nala is my 9 week old Dogue de Bordeaux cross who absolutely loves her new family life!
Big Papi
Big Papi loves snuggles with Mama, Friskies cat food , swatty toys and debunking the myths that black cats are bad luck
She is a love bug... she loves to cuddle , loves her toys and loves to play outside... N is always by my side
Tom was rescued I found one day during a cold winter day on my door step when he was a baby kitten his mom keep neglecting by his mom so I took him on and keep him as my own . Tom is very friendly to everyone he meets and love giving people love and cuddles and he is well trained cat
Smokey is our beloved ole buddy. He has been in our family for 15 years.
She loves her crocodile teddy
Kit Kat
Kit Kat is a talker and loves to hunt her own brothers and sisters
Bellbot is a american shorthair,he was dumped outside near a barn and the people who owned the barn said people did it all the time and they couldnt keep we obviously took his cute butt in,he loves his monkey seen in the picture, he also loves cuddling up at the bottom of the bed or on youre stomach
Tilly-Mae is a 2 year old Bearded Collie, she loves nothing more than chasing the pigeons around the garden barking. Tilly’s favourite snack is a slice of ham before bed time and she will not hesitate to lick anything in eye line. You will never see Tilly without a bow in her hair, infact she has a different one in every day to keep up her fashion statement! She loves to get involved and be part of the dinner time routine, sitting on her favourite chair smacking her lips together while everyone else eats
Cleopatricia sleeps in her own bassinet with her favorite toys on a mobile. She will not sleep unless her sheets are perfectly flat.. no wrinkles or lumps. Lol! She is a blessing and has helped me through so many dark days! She’s my favorite part of waking up every day.
Leo loves to play, hes a happy energetic dog. Loves to do tricks, he loves everyone!