Bingo And Dolly
Bingo and Dolly are brother and sister and were inseperable from birth. They love laying together.
Tuxedo is one of the most entertaining cats -who thinks he’s a dog-!! He loves to play fetch with his toys and he is extremely talkative. He loves to torment his older kitty sister and is secretly a loverboy at heart.
She is cute and fluffy and loves to play, but also loves snuggles
Shes fun loving and likes to go on walks and go swimming
Grayson is a very loving little guy that loves to cuddle and play and sleep and he also loves to meet new people he loves to go for car rides and he has a lot of energy and he also loves to be held and Grayson also loves to curl up on your lap and he is so gentle and sweet and he also loves to cuddle up with you at bed time and he loves to eat anything that he can get his paws on. He is the cutest little guy ever
oscar is an 8? year old cat that belongs to my cousin he's an awesome cat and my buddy but I will have to eventually give him back to my cousin
Salem is a 1 or 2-year-old rescue cat who lives in our barn she's terrified of people and doesn't know what it means when you put your hand our for her to sniff or what it means when she rubs up against things
marshmallow is a 2 or 1-year-old rescue cat she lives in our barn and loves people and exploring
joey is a 12-year-old main coon mix from a hoarding situation he now is living out his life as a king.
Greg has a cute little snaggle tooth and loves Churus treats. He loves to cuddle up on your lap 24/7 and is a great participant towards anything and everything. Greg is 10 years old and dying from renal failure, but his personality is still amazing, genuine and loving.
Willow is our 2 year old boxer/pit bull. She is a complete love. Her favorite people are children!
He is a very loving lay back fur baby
My little fur pal is a real character, she wakes up and sits near me until I scratch her tail, she is loving and perfect little buddy for a single lady
Maya loves her sunrise walks first thing each morning. 🌞 She is a good girl with no digs then! 😁 She has been a lymphoma survivor since May 2015 & is Living Her Best Life with her big heart full of love, kisses & Woowoo's of "Love You's" for all! 💗 She is such an amazing gift with her silly, goofy personality we cherish each day! 💝
Hera has found a safe haven with our family. She has been rescued from being a stray. She has a big voice for such a small and sweet frame.
This is sassy very adorable kitty. She has been with my hubby for 8 years. Loves to watch tv and sneak human food. Loved by all
This is my puppy, Seb. He’s a cocker spaniel mixed with a border collie. He’s almost 4 months old now.
Blue Boy
Beautiful calm and gentle this is Busters brother. Always around your feet and constantly eats! Loves roast chicken and tuna 👍
Sheldon at the top of pic and his brother from the second litter he is cuddling is Tippy. Sheldon is amazing and always wants to be with you and loves to sleep under the covers ❤️
My super cool little chatty girl. Youngest of 4 she makes up with it by chatting your ears off! Super affectionate and loving, this baby is a treat x
This is our baby Buster who was a really loved cat and had special dietary requirements. His mum Lola and his dad Curtis still live at home. Buster was found by myself outside my garden gate last week and shortly after died. He was killed by a dog walker who ran off and left him ☹️. He was our pride and joy for 10 months x
Tippy is the eldest of his 4 strong litter. He meows a lot and is quite interactive with humans. He will swipe you as you walk past to get your attention. He’s such a baby really, likes to play and catches the birds.
Tiva is a spunky Siamese who loves to play and talk she comes to her name she loves her toys and human baby brother and thinks she’s a dog 😂
Dewie is 18 Yrs old but you would never know it..She’s Still Young at Heart and loves to play but at the same She is a Genuine Old Soul...As you can tell by Her Heart-shaped ❤️Tongue She Just loves Her Purr-licous Party Time Treats ......She’s either Clowning around to show me “Live in the Moment” or trying to be Serious by “Teaching me Life Lessons”.....My Sweet Doo is My Soulmate.. My Best Friend...My Everything....I am Blessed to have Her in my Life for these past 18 yrs...🦋
Popcorn was born very poorly and had pneumonia due to his rib cage being deformed at birth. 5 vets didn’t know why he was so ill, so nursing him for 4 weeks by hand he lived. Popcorn can’t meow or purr but he does try to when he’s happy. This miracle cat is my life, he’s so affectionate and loving. He won’t eat cat food only biscuits and fresh cut meat, oh and he likes my gold fishes food and he drinks the water from the tank daily.
Samson Duane
Samson Duane loves to play fetch and he is the goodest boy!!
She’s a sweet loving with her own personality
This is my 2 year old Golden Retriever Knox! My always smiling boy loves to go to work with me at doggy daycare and hang out with his golden friends! He also loves to balance all different kinds of things on his nose, go camping up north, and seeing his favorite uncle when he comes home to visit! Knox would absolutely love it if you gave him a vote! Thanks!
Playful loveable demanding curious funny
Protective of those she loves. 💕
Rosie is a daddy’s girl. She loves to sleep in her hut or curled up next to her daddy. She is a spoiled princess who’s favorite treat is shrimp.
Sonny loves to snuggle with his panda bear- it helps his anxiety.
He’s the sweetest dog in the world! He loves his family so much too
Don’t let the mustache fool you. Mable is a sweet, loving, female. She loves to lay on me and sleeps beside me every night. She is very laid back and great with kids!
Wicket is a good boy. He took care of his brother while he was sick and he looks after the younger kitties in our pack.
Sophie loves treats, and playing! You can help give her lots of treats and new toys if you vote for her for cutest pet!:)
Rescued this beauty as a young kitten and been in love with him ever since!
Joi Adele
Joi (pronounced Joy) is a spunky sweet little girl who loves to lounge on the couch, loves cuddles, and loves to wear PJs. Her favorite thinvs to do are play with squeaky toys and couch cuddle with her daddy.
Roy is our ball of laughter he has an enternal click that tells us when its 9pm so he can go to bed. He thinks he is a dog and will sit when told to.
Rocco is full of life and mischief! He keeps us on our toes but we love his cheeky personality. He has a lovely and cuddly soft side too, which tends to come out at night time. Look at his wee face! 😍
She loves to play and cuddle
Gracie is a rescue this man found her on the side of the road and took her to the vet when she was a kitten and that same day i went to the vet asked them if they had kittens come in and they said yes and thats how i ended up with gracie... she loves to be loved on and picked up and to lay in your lap...
She is a bobtail manx she loves to cuddle and loves to play and every day is exciting cause u never know what she is up too.. and she loves her treats
Milo is a loving cat. He loves his owners vey much. And lives to play
Got Milk! Its the best tag line ever. He was 5 weeks old and a little bear...