Hes just a small town shrimp. Living in a shrimply world. He took the midnight current going any where. Hes just a shrimpy boy. Born and raised in san antone. He took the midnight current going anywhere.
Freddy La Grenouille
Freddy love’s car ride’s love’s to play ball and cuddling up with his mom
Frankie pops round every morning for a treat and if we have run out he'll stay there till we go get some more 😂
I’m a 3 year old cat that loves naps, playing with lasers and chasing feather wands, also chilling in paper bags and talking back to my mom.
My name is Finnlee. I am 14 weeks old. I love my new family and playing with my 2 boxer brothers. I became a Litvany family member to hopefully be trained as a service dog one day for a member who has severe social anxiety and epilepsy. My grandma takes me to work with her everyday. She teaches 1st grade. I love greeting my new friends when they come into school every morning. They play with me before morning work and they take care of me throughout the day during their breaks. I LOVE sitting on the school desks watching them learn. Favorite time is recess and snack time with my 1st grade friends. 💕
Ninja is a rescue animal he is very lovable and loves to cuddle
Spooky loves belly rubs. He loves playing outside and cuddling with you. He's a happy guy with a lot of love to give
Demon gets many nicknames from my family and the one they choose to call him is what he'll listen to for them. If I use their nicknames on him he gives me a funny look and ignores me.
Butterscotch, butters for short, is spunky, sweet and fun. He loves to play and nibble on your fingers and toes
Asher is so sweet. he is very docile and a total love bug
Smokey loves to be on peoples shoulders. He is constantly jumping up just to sit on your shoulders and if you don’t wake up early enough he likes to sit by your head and slowly pat you on the face to let you know it’s time to give him some attention.
It's Her World, I Just Live Here ❤️ Princess of the house and Daddy's Girl
My name is Astra and I love destroying curtains and giving morning cuddles
Norman was named this due to him being a pyscho kitten. He loved to hide and attack you. He has to be the most beautiful cat and full of personality. He is a lover and a King of his house. No one can walk by this cat with out petting him.
Totoro is a sassy kitty. He loves attention, cuddles, and FOOD ! If you leave a burger out or nuggets HIDE THEM because when you come back it will be gone lol.
Venus is 5 years old and such a mommy’s girl! Her best friend is her dog brother Moose and have been best friends for 3 years ♥️ She loves to sleep under the covers and is obsessed with her scratch pads/posts, crawling into grocery bags, and chasing bouncy balls around the house 😂 Give my girl some love ♥️♥️
I adopted Trix a few weeks ago from our local animal control. She has fastly becoming family
Stewie is a 13 year old sweet handsome boy. He loves everyone and was raised by two labs, so he pretty much thinks he's a dog which gives him his friendly loveable personality.
Charlie loves posing for pictures and being a little diva
Archie is almost a year old! Loves being held like a baby, lunch meat is his favorite snack, baby brother to boomer and zoie. Best cuddle bug on the planet and will meow to you all day💗 he also thinks it’s funny to put his junk in peoples faces 😂
Phoenix is a 14 week old XL American Bully. She loves our kids and to be outdoors. She loves playing tug a war. Shes a great addition to our family. We love her and hope you do too! ❤️
Matilla is 2 years old and full of love. She loves to talk to us and run around with her sister! Follow her on instagram to follow her life! @matillakitty
Boy Dog Mckinley
Always making me say “ Mac what did you do???!!! :):)”
My name’s liberty and I’m 1 years old I’m a Christmas dog! I love to play with my sisters and the sister cats 🐱 I love to eat, maybe a little to much! I’m a daddy’s girl.
My name is boo and I’m 4 years old! I have two cat sisters and many dog sisters and brothers, they are all my friends; never meet a stranger. I love to eat, go on ride with mom, and go see my grandparents and daddy ford.
She is the best she aways knows when I'm off she can read me very well. She hates being away from me when I leave the room or go up to bed she meows through the whole hous till I tell her she's okay mommy see you in the morning. She also loves to play fetch with her toy spider or a pipe cleaners.
Hi my name is Lucy I love long walks and acting crazy like running around the back yard and I love to play in water especially my pool my mommy got me a week or two after she adopted me from the shelter she is my everything she spoils me a lot ❤️🐾
He thinks he is more of a dog he loves car rides eating your food playing around and loves going on adventures also his rbf is his day to day look he has helped me throughout some of my darkest times and i have been always there for him through all of his medical problem in the past and in future he also gets whatever he wants if he touches it its his his favorite thing to steal is french fries he plays with one of our dogs and its the cutest thing ever if he wins he is going on a shoping spree and can get whatever he wants
My name is scooter, sadly iam no longer here today, I gained my wings at a very young age, I was just a year and 2 months old when I lost my battle with kidney failure, my favorite thing in the entire world was my hedge hog toy my mommy got for me one day, I miss my mommy some days I know she's sad and wishes I was still there but it was my time to go, my mommy was the best she loved me Soo soo much! And I loved her the most, sometimes when I take a peak at mom just to see how she's doing I see her crying because I'm no longer with her, I wish I could lick away her tears I don't like mommy sad, she says it's hard because I was more than a pet I was my mommy's world and I followed her everywhere and never went a single night not curled up at her side, I love my mommy and she loves me, and our bond can never be replaced it was special, I'll be waiting for you in heaven mommy don't cry anymore you'll see me again one day. r.i.p scooter I miss you so much the pain will never go away -Mommy
Gabby is the best girl! She loves cuddles, playing in the water, and taking a ride any day!
Drake is a cuddle bug for real. He will literally lay his head down on your pillow next to you! He’s the best doggy I’ve ever had sweet baby is 8 years old! Him so handsome❤️
Chuy loves to play and just be loved with kisses and hugs. He loves to play with his toys.
Julie is an 8 month hound mix! She is a playful loving girl who loves meeting new people and adventures! ❤️
KiKi loves playing with water faucets. 💧 He also loves his little human. 🥰
Poe is an aristcrat, hes educated and well spoken. Just kidding, he is a sigma male, very intelligent but twice as stubborn. He loves people especially kids. He dislikes cats, rabbits and especially squirrels. His hobbies are chewing things to bits, eating cheesey puffs, and napping.
Pepper Potts
Pepper is a goofy girl who is absolutely adorable! She's an expert hider who can get into any place...inside cabinets that close behind her so we have no idea where she is, in the drawer under the oven without opening it, behind the washer, inside drawers 3 feet off the ground without opening them, etc. She's very sneaky! She also only has a kitten squeak instead of a meow, even though she is 6...which adds to her cuteness!
Kitty crossed the rainbow bridge two weeks ago today. He was sweet, had a doggy brother that loved him so much. It’s my way of honoring this sweetheart. He was the kindest
Ghost still figuring out what she likes. Right now it’s exploring her new surroundings and getting to know her brother Geno and Loki!!!
Raffey loves to watch tv.
Aka Geno, he loves to sleep and play with his brother Loki!!! Geno is unsure of his sister Ghost. His favorite spot to take naps is in the sun!!!
Clover 🍀 born on St. Patrick’s day! Loves to snuggle and lounge around the house.
Loki, loves play ball and run!!! He loves snuggles and eating ice cubes!!!
He is such a sweetheart, & he LOVES going in his tree.
She likes to suggle with me on the couch
Otis is an adorable & playful pup.
Dunay loves to cuddle, sunbathe, play with his lambchop toy, sleep with me at night, play with his sister Nya.
You should vote for her because she is already 4 months old and I haven’t started a college fund for her yet!