I love to lay with my hoomans and cuddle 🥰
My name is Cedric. I love cuddles, kisses, and sleeping curled in my mom’s arms. Don’t be fooled by my big bright eyes, I also have a mischievous side.
Hi! I’m Harry, like Harry Potter. I love to sleep under the bed and eat treats. My favorite place to hang out is on top of my moms shoes, or any drawers that are open. I will talk to you about anything, just ask.
Champ was 3 weeks old when we rescued him from the streets. All of his siblings were ran over and his mom was nowhere to be found. I got him two months after having a miscarriage so I always say he was sent to me from my Angel💙
Jenny was a pound puppy. I think she was reincarnated from a person lol. Rolling around in the grass is her absolute favorite thing to do.
Siggy is only 12 weeks old and so cute!!! We got her a few weeks ago and do not regret it! She is so sweet and playful we love her sooo much!!! Please help her win her second Kingpet contest!!! Thank you so much to anyone who supported her in her first contest!!! Also please also vote for Siggy’s siblings Queen, Remi, Ace, and Firgison!!!
Junie B Jones
June loves the winter and cool mornings when she can stand outside with her eyes closed facing the sun. She loves to run into her bonded pair brother Dunkin by head butting him and kissing his head. She loves her snuggle time and catnip most of all!
Dunkin can talk using speech buttons! He says play, catnip, treat, bubbles, outside, window, dinner, and love you! He loves exploring the backyard (and surrounding areas on a harness), his bonded pair sister Junie B Jones, riding in the car and shoulder rides although his all time favorite thing is taking naps in the greenhouse or any sunny place.
I have raised her since she was 2 weeks old. She got of name because of the snickers commercial, because of how she is when she is hungry
When's dinner woman??
Im aggy, a tortoise calico cat. I am 2 years old and love my family. They rescued me and made me a part of theit family. I love cat treats and can ve very vocal. Its what human call sweet and sassy
My lil purrito when he finally learned to latch. Big boy😁 He's 8 weeks old now and getting bigger by the minute!
Sunny is a very lovable cat who loves to cuddle and is very outspoken.
Callipoe is 8 weeks old. She beautiful and she knows it🤣
Elena is 8 weeks old and she already knows how to get what she wants. That's my girl💕
Indiana Jones
Indiana Jones has a vocabulary of approx 50 words, probably more! He is an amazing hiker, runner, frisbee & ball chaser, and loves to please anyone! He is adventurous & lovable!
Astro is a very sweet and loveable dog. He loves to be around people and also loves playing with his toys and Dont forget about his treats too .
Coco is definitely a lap kitty. She’s always looking for a lap or shoulder to sleep on. Very friendly and always looking for cuddles. Loves her treats and let’s you know about it if you missed treat time
Teddy is 5 months old. He loves to cuddle and has 5 siblings who all still live together. Teddy is looking to win this contest and buy lots of kitty treats. Teddy appreciates your votes.
Frankie rules the house, full of personality. He drowns his toys in his water, I haven’t figured out what that is. But his favorites get to share it. ❤️
Tucker is a 4 year old Aussie who loves his family very much! He loves camping and boating, but his favourite think to do is going on long off leash walks at the dog park!
Riley is such a loyal & loving dog loves each of her family members the way they need to be loved. And as a mother of 5 kids she’s just another member of the family we all cherish & love her dearly. She will sit at the door & wait patiently for me to come home & at night she waits until I go to bed & goes with me & has her own bed next to mine.
Kobi is a in door cat she loves hard food snacks and chicken and waits for me to give her my chicken at the foot on my chair she’s a very quiet cat loves watching tv and and sitting down on the recliner sleeping she loves tossing her toys around she’s quite the Character and considers herself the boss but we love her
Ottie is a full breed Chihuahua who was born deceased at birth, She was rivived with a straw thankfully! She was born with pigeon feet and bold legs which make her legs alot shorter then they should be, If ottie wins Ottie is going to have her own chairty giveaway! She is disabled and can't do much but run and play like others but slower. Even if we don't get the votes, At least you now know ottie ❤️
Theo is 2 years old he is very smart and playful he is teaching his little brother. Theo loves his toys and is very friendly with animals and people.
Milo is a 7 week old fur baby he is learning how to play from his older brother that he loves already.
He is a pit/Great Dane mix and the sweetest dog you will ever meet. Loves meeting new animals and children. Loves new people too. He has to be the center of attention and he still acts like a baby. He thinks he’s a lap dog and doesn’t know how big he is. His favorite friend is his little sister duchess, which is a cat we rescued a couple years back. He will follow you around and has separation anxiety when there aren’t any people around.
Elvis was abandoned at 6 weeks old with his brother Freddie. Now thriving and his looks are striking! Sweetest little boys.
Peanut grew up with our dogs so when u Whistle she come running like she is a dog.very loveable an playful. She has her owe meow but its like she trys to bark.
Him and my son who is autistic are best friend's thier favorite games to play is chase and tag with each other he is so much fun and so spoiled and sweet
She loves being with the kids and loves her toys
I love watching the bunnies and laying in the sun ☀️I was recently diagnosed with feline asthma so if I win this contest the money will be going to help pay my vet bills 💙🐾
Lucky loves to play fetch and is the most gentle boy.
Zeus is very playful and still a little kitty. Constant zoomies every two hours especially when he gets his favorite treat for being a good boy. Don’t catch him with his favorite toy (his huge Darth Vader) he will not want to stop playing and will violently kick the heck outta it
Tangy Ansell
She is super playful and loves playing bmx in our tub
Jazzy loves to swim and lay on her hoomans.
I’m a funny mischievous little pooch who can be grumpy when I don’t get lots of cuddles and treats I hate anything to do with water but love anything I’m not aloud
Grayson is 8 months old and a bundle of energy. He loves to eat!! His older brother has lost weight, because he finishes his bowl and his brother's. He never stops!! He loves to chase his older brother and play in mom's and dad's bed. He especially likes hide and go seek!!
Nova is a 10 week old blue eyed cheeky girl who loves fuss and attention.
Luna is 10 weeks old & has been in her new home for a week. She is making friends with bob the parrot. & is settling in really well & bringing lots of love & joy.
IS IT A CAT, IS IT A PUG? Nancy is a sweet Persian squishy face kitty, She is two year old rescue which we have recently adopted into our lives she love to eat drink and play with her laser pen and to walk around the house grunting or snoring 💕💕
Lucky, he was dropped off in our yard as a kitten, he wasnt even old enough to be away from his momma, I bottle fed him and helped him get to where he could survive with formula. He’s a very spontaneous kitty, playful, and my little wild boy. He loves to try and eat fudge bars and popsicles. He’s also extremely sweet and cuddly.
tipsy is one of those cats who gives your attention at the worst moments, if i want to cuddle with him he’s wondering around but the second i go to lay down he begs for love like he never gets attention
he loves chewing on plastic more than anything else in the world, he’s so sweet and he loves to be held.
While being super playful and running around like a crazy little kitten! Buttercup loves cuddles treats and lots of play time!