Dog cat Stories - 52


My name's Cinnamon and I absolutely love my Daddy!
Finard Smith
Little man's name is finard he loves to cuddle with his mother and father and he loves to play with his toys recently this little man had an accident where he was nicked by a car the vet said he broke his pelvis and injured his knee and he may have splinters that needs to be removed please show this little man some love
Panda Blackbeard
Little night fury 💕🐾
Half of the winnings will go to our local animal charity ran by the willows veterinary group... So help us help others and give this not so little bundle of joy your vote 🥰
Hi! Introducing Romeo! He is a 6 month old fire cracking ginger kitty that was rescued from a barn. He loves people and bathing in the sunlight
Arthur has recently passed away but he was the light of our lives. He was always so chilled out and enjoyed to look out the window and watch the leaves fall from the trees. He was always such a fun loving cat, who would always be there to give you a cuddle.
Hi everyone, I’m Ralph, a 16 week old Cavapoochon. As you can see I’m quite an unusual mix of colours and pattern. My mum, dad, brother and sister sometimes laugh at me and say I look more like a sloth. I don’t mind though as they give me lots of cuddles and treats. Some days I really test their patience but I’m only trying to have as much fun as I can, especially with their sock and pants!
She is such a sweet kitten who loves to play with slippers, play fetch, cuddle and hang out in my daughter’s doll bed. She is very silly and loads of fun.
Rosie is a Toy Poodle and a lover. She loves people and especially children. She greets everyone with love and kisses with her tail wagging so fast that it looks like she's ready for lift off. She seems to have been born with manners, since she always lets other dogs have the toys first. Just a real lover at heart.
Jackson is such a loving cat! He loves to play fetch and hide and seek! Loves to have his belly rubbed too!
My name is Mylo, Im a 13 week old Jack Russell. I like playing with my toys and now starting to go outside where I get to explore and meet other Doggo Friend's.
Frodo loves everyone! He is a well behaved, fun loving, scared of weird stuff, puppy boy! Family dog that believes he is the baby of the family!
Hello, I’m Gucci a blue brindled French bulldog. I like rough housing w/ dogs that are bigger than me, hiking mountains, and being lit! My clout brings all the female dogs to the yard. Vote for me and I’ll keep it 💯🔥🐶
Stewart is so smart. I think he thinks he is human. He loves to go on car rides and go to the park. He’s very protective. He rings the bell to potty outside and love to play tug of war with his toys. He also loves to play peek a boo.
This is bear he's a black and brown lab. He loves to play. Run outside and. Sleep he is a vary. Good puppy he loves to cuddle. And loves his mommy and daddy. He loves car rids. Lol♥💯💜
Marlee’s favorite thing to do is play fetch and sleep! She’s a 115 pound black lab who’s filled with love and joy.
Rue loves to snuggle up against you all day long and follows you around like a puppy for love. She loves making biscuits on fluffy blankets
Will do ANYTHING for a Lays Potato Chip
Chunk is a 10 month old Bullador. He is a registered service pet (Im a veteran). Hes very loving and happy.
He is the biggest sweetheart and the most loyal dog you’ll ever meet. He loves his toys and treats
Athena May
Athena may, a very cuddly and playful kitten. She loves her blue mouse, and making biscuits on her mommy‘s belly at night.
Benji is corgi and wiener dog mix! He loves playing with other dogs! He’s also a hard working service dog!
Zuzu is the sweetest most friendly cat. He loves treats and helping his mom work from home. His interests are shoes, his dad’s computer wires, and mommys hair! He never wants to be away from us.
Gwen is 12 years old and her favorite thing to do is sleep and eat. She is my sweetheart and I hope she doesn't get mad at me for submitting this photo!
Molly And Arrow
These two little girls are sisters. They had separation anxiety from being apart, so added two more to my fur family ♥️
She my love bug
Piggyfaye is full of spunk she loves to play with her toys and loves to be rubbed. She is a Chihuahua Mix that was found in a shelter by herself and I took her in and she’s my baby.
Doc is a rescue kitty from Animal Kind in Hudson, NY. Doc and his sister were brought into the rescue at about 3 months old. He only spent 1 day in there before we brought him home, and his sister was adopted on the same day!
Rescued Autumn about 3 weeks ago and decided to keep her 💕 she is the most loving, playful kitty you could ask for. She is the sweetest thing with my kids ✨ so lucky to have found her. Autumn is absolutely perfect addition for my family 😻
We call her momma cat but our two year old says he’s daddy’s cat lol and that because as soon as he sit down she settles in his lap she love her family and love to Catch mice
Goliath is our sweet Corgi man! He loves bath time, car rides, and getting belly rubs! He loves his new baby brother who joined us in August and his kitty brother, Sebastian! Goliath is loving and will let you let him for hours. He’s our sweet boy. 💙
Skylar is a 5 year old female Siberian husky. She is very sweet and energetic. She has special abilities such as saying some English words, she also does front flips, and if you wink at her, she’ll wink back.
She a very special loving cat loves cuddle and nibble at your feet for attention
Jack is a cancer survivor, he is 14 years old loves to snuggle and cuddle. He loves tuna and catnip treats..
Cadbury enjoys all soft things, his favorite material is Sherpa. He loves to play with small toys and play dress up!
Eerie is an almost 10 week old Catahoula Cur or Catahoula Hog Dog.Also known as Catahoula Leopard Dog (she’s not a leopard coat).She’s a bundle of energy and LOVES to play with toys.She already has the “look” and “sit” commands mostly down,but we are still working on them and trying to integrate more commands as we go.Come April,she will be learning a variety of different working activities and possibly learning how to scent track!
Hi my name is Oaklee, my mom found me abandoned outside at 6 weeks old. I’m very feisty but I’m working on warming up to my new family, they seem to care so much for me and they always make sure my belly is full! Could you please vote for me? ❤️
9 weeks old, just adopted yorkiepoo.
Fin Fin
Fin Fin loves paper towel rolls and Boar’s head deli turkey.
Norman is a 7 year old rescue cat from the SSPCA, when we got Norman he was badly hurt, very skinny and terribly shy. But now he is the most loveable hungry boy ever, he loves his chin rubs & food more than anything.
Storm is 3 week old, hes a midnight blue french bulldog, who is yet to find his feet.
Judge has the sweetest deposition. He is 8 years old and still thinks hes a puppy. He loves the lake, boat riding and loves playing fetch in the water. Very loving and loyal.
Bailiff is 1 year old full of energy. He loves to play fetch and could play from sun up to sun down. He has his favorite ball he chooses. He loves going to the lake playing in the water and riding on the boat. He is always by my side, sleeps in my bed right next to me. He is extremly smart and very loyal.
Flake loves playing with her and specially she loves chasing the laser light
Cali Bragiel
Cali is a 2 year old beagle dachshund mix. She is a out door loving, treat begging, social dog who loves to meet new people and furry friends. She is protective of her special people. Loves to sun herself, hold her head out the window and go for long walks
Blossy Boo was abandoned in a dumpster at age 3. She rescued my Bichon Cracker & I in 2013 after he lost his partner. At age 13 this ol' gal has lots of spunk, is very affectionate, and is a spoiled rotten diva. A variety of tricks begins if a strip cheese wrapper opens. Loves car rides & walks.