Dog cat Stories - 52


Samson is a lovable rescue who has put his troubled past behind him. Big fan of steak, bacon and pancakes - actually, all food…. do you have any food for me? Also mentors at-risk inner city cats in his free time including his little sister Lolita. A vote for me is a vote for ‘murica! Love, Samson. P.S. have you tried bacon? Bacon is great!
Lolita is a young, single career-driven woman living in lower Manhattan. She spends her free time running an underground casino with her dog brother - make sure you pay what you owe or else you get the clawsies.
A rescue that found us at 2 weeks old. Very smart and loves being around people. She enjoys throwing her toys everywhere, having 3 am zoomies, and playing fetch.
Hi, my name is Dottie. I’m really a hooman trapped in a baby doggy body but I have a real good life. I love to play with all dogs and snuggle! I’m real loveable, I love love❤️
Sammy loves her big sister Iris. Sammy was found under a house and rescued. She was a great gift for my wife. She has a lot of energy and loves to be independent.
Scrappy loves pretzels! He loves playing with kids and other dogs!
Tony loves to be outside and be with other dogs. He especially loves his sister, Whitney. They go everywhere together and can’t be separated.
Grayson listens to me and when I fall he lays beside me and meow and he has a heart on his side . He’s so fluffy and fun to cuddle with .
Chance is a happy and friendly dog ! He’s greedy and loves treats ! He just turned 1.
Stryker is a Saint Bernard, dressed like a Dalmatian, that stole a Mastiff’s outfit. His hobbies include eating and also thinking about the next time he will be eating. 10/10 is always ready for a nap.
Hi my name is Marley! My mom and dad rescued me from a barn where I had eighteen brothers and sisters. I like to steal the laundry when my mom is taking it out of the dryer. I also love to go for car rides. I am a sweet loveable boy!
sassy spunky menace baby princess
Baby boy loves his parents and will do anything for a cookie!!!!!
BOOMA Boom Boom is a force to be reckoned with. He is a natural explorer and fears nothing! He even purrs recklessly. He was saved from a kitty mill and bottle fed! He is a true gem!
George Leighton
I got George back in 2004 on Halloween day! A feed store in Bellflower, CA was doing adoptions the year I moved there when I was 19. He has been the one constant companion these past 17 years. He helped me choose my Husband and witnessed us grow our family. He was an avid hunter of lizards lol, but he has now retired to the senior life. We love our Georgie oh so much!
Amos is an Akita Wolf mix. He is the sweetest & will do anything for his pack🥰 He likes to get his zen on by enjoying the sunrises on the porch✨
Roach was a rescue at 12 years old. He had a rough life and moved from place to place. He is such a loving, playful cat and loves hanging out with his sister Luna.
Tsukki just loves to cuddle with her parents and have all the attention on her 💜
Loves chicken. Rescue dog but so lovable.
Hexa Ryn is my little love. Having her has saved my life. We both experienced a traumatic event and without her I'm not sure where I would be. She is definitely a mamas girl and she has to be by my side always. I am so blessed to have her in my life.
Queenie Lune is four months old. I adopted her a little over a month ago. She absolutely loves her big sister Hexa. They play all day and they have the cutest cuddle moments. She loves cuddling. She will burrow her way inside your shirt or she'll get right under the covers with you and purr and purr and purr. She is such a little love bug and one of the greatest joys in my life.
LucKy loves giving kisses going for rides playing with his toys which he knows them all by name so smart . Most of all he gives me so much love everyday can’t ask for more than that my little blessing . 🐾❤️
Cletus Elbert
Cletus was the runt of his litter When he was only 2 months old, it was suggested to put him down because he was encountering issues that were suspected to get worse every day. Cletus has defied all the odds and become a little miracle puppy! If you ever get the chance to meet this little fella, you will know instantly he is a fighter with an amazing heart who greatly deserves the second chance he has been given! Keep an eye out, you never know when Cletus Elbert will be passing through your town to show you his spunky skills!
this is lexi she is a sweet dog super fluffy and nice please vote!
Hrh Sir Paddington
HRH Sir Paddington came from the wild Harriman State Park. He now enjoys lounging about, playing with his siblings and fancy yum yum treats
Maya is a very playful, hyper, and lovable pup. She loves to cuddle and spend time with her family.
He loves to go on a run, Hiking ,water Playing, and protecting the ones he loves. He’s a very passionate dog.
This is cooper! He is a 7month old Saint Bernard! And He loves playing fetch! Everyone please vote for cooper! Also everyone can go like our Facebook page Mo’hog farm!
My name is Charlotte, and I am a mini pot belly pig! My Instagram is Charlottethepigg and you can follow me on there! You can also find me @mohogfarm on Instagram!
Quincy is a very silly, rambunctious kitten... who loves meal time and treats. Her fur is like silk and if you catch her when she sleepy, she might snuggle up to you and purr purr purr!
Otis is 10 weeks old and loves to play and annoy his big doggo brother ❤❤ he is supper cute and very playful
Bear And Simba
Bear and simba have never been apart. They are brothers and the just celebrated their 1st birthday in august. They are always looking out for eachother and always share with eachother.
She is a riding loving dog enjoys her pup cup from Starbucks
Daisy LOVES her people and other puppy friends. She is a very loving and playful dog. She can be mellow at times, but enjoys playing fetch or with her stuffed animals.
Dumpling will only eat after belly rubs he loves to give kisses he loves his stuffed lamb (lambie pie) he goes crazy for strawberries and cookies of course he loves when you sing softly to him he loves to cuddle
I call this photo” Weekend at Bronx’s” it was taken after a wild party celebrating his brothers 15th adoptiversary.
Max is one of a kind and my definite #1 fan. He’s sweet and kind but most of all he’s always there for me and always knows how to make everyone around him smile. He’s likes to go on walks but always likes to ketch up on his sleep schedule, even if he’s been sleeping in all day long. Max is a one of a kind and by far my best friend
Nevaeh, is a very high energy, fun loving, very smart young lady. Loves to get out with us and her big big brother from another mother. She loves fetch and camping. Cuddling is a must in her life.
Bruno is an avid food critic, every time we cook he must taste it and give us his approval. Sometimes, if it's very good he would eat the entire when I bought a grilled half chicken, before I turned around he would make the chicken completely disappear. Maybe he is a magician as well.😂
Marlow was born in my neighbor’s yard. I took him and his brother home to care for them at 2 months old because they both had eye infections and fleas needing treatment. I fell in love with Marlow immediately (and found a home with a friend for his brother, Moose). He is energetic but a real cuddle bug, and loves to pass out on people’s chest, arms, and on his back close to them. He is so affectionate he follows me everywhere I go in the house! He has also done quite a bit of traveling for 4 months old — visiting my family in Colorado with me and evacuating to Texas because of Ida, he has experienced 2 planes and over 30 hours of driving!
A true personality, Rolex loves to judge us all from his chair which offers an unrestricted window view to the outside world (and me) 🤣
Luna Lena was rescued at 3 weeks old from my car engine back in 2018. She is a blessing and has became my life. The most loving and affectionate little girl with her broken tail from when she was a kitten, her blue eyes and pink paws are everything!
Coco is a loving dog who loves to play with any toy or ball that she can! She also loves to cuddle and just chill!
This beautiful girl was adopted from the animal shelter on Febuary 1st,2021. Very sweet, playful, and smart. Loves to spend her day napping or chewing on her ball.
Mercy, Mercy, here comes Turkey! Mercy loves to play and go on many adventures! She is 5 years old and been with me since 4 weeks of age. She loves any and everyone she meets!