Ember Grace
Ember is sweet, goofy, & an occasional terrorist. When she’s hungry she’ll bring me her bowl. If I’m not paying attention, she’ll bring me our other 2 dogs bowls to me as well!
We foster failed Rocky 7 years ago. He’s the sweetest, most gentle boy who loves his people big time! He doesnt let his limited vision stop him from being a goofy lovebug everyday.
He is the only kitty that was born in a litter. He is so very sweet, calm, brave and friendly with my other bigger cats. Plus, just look at him! Hes just adorable!💞
Bindi Boo
Bindi Boo is the most loving and playful pretty lady 🥺 she loves cuddles, playing outside and waking her parents up at 3am banging on the door to go outside
Hi, I’m Mazy, I’m a talking Husky with a lot of funny traits. I sometime dig a hole in the sand and hide my face inside for fun. I also sit still for hours and stare into the nature and plot against squirrels and birds (Shhh.. Don’t tell my mom)
Ace Mclickums
Ace is very mischievous and playful. While begging for a treat, he enjoys belly rubs. He’s super smart,loves to cuddle and is just the best dog ever!!!
Princess Zelda is a wild little thing who loves to snuggle and make biscuits
Jenny is a lovable tabby cat! She's almost 12 years old and still likes to cuddle on the couch and is the best at catching mice and birds:) Give her a vote!!!
Spacey Kasey is a sweet and energetic pup! She also has heterochromia, one brown eye one blue! She loves to play tug of war. Give her a vote!!
Chai is so loving and energetic ❤️🐾. Loves to be my side unless he’s found a stray sock then he’s gone with the wind
likes to run outside, likes to sleep, loves people
Precious is the sweetest dog out there. She loves to give hugs and be the center of attention and is always smiling. Precious loves running around in water even though she hates baths. Her favorite things are pup cups, any treats, and walks at the park.
Tipsy is a sweet girl who loves to rip up paper to make confetti and throw her toys around
Max loves food.. hiking.. swimming and most of all talking back. He is fast and loves to play with his beagle brother Joey. He also loves playing fetch in the house but not outside.
Misa was found outside a bar by my mom and she knew I wanted a cat so she let me adopt him! :) I originally thought he was a girl so I named him after a character from my favorite anime Death Note, but even when I found out he was a boy I kept the name Misa. He’s very adventurous and curious, he’s a chill cat but he has his goblin moments lol!
Mirmo De Pon
We think he is a cat, he is a small shiba inu, loves To chase laser, eat and digging in my pawrents mattress.
Ziggy is a fluffy beautiful Kitty. He was raised with my pup who recently passed so he acts much more like a dog. He comes when I call him and follows me everywhere sweet boy.
Zoe is a beautiful 4 month old tripod and she doesn’t let that stop her from getting around. She is very playful and friendly.
Tyson is a loving black a brown Chihuahua he loves walks cuddling a just loving his humans a getting love back. He’s incredibly smart a sweet!! He loves his brother Billy too!!
Billy is incredibly smart has an obsessive love for his favorite toy which is a ball. He loves walks on nature trails ice cream once a yr for his birthday a being with his human dad!!❤️
Monty loves a good cuddle, loves his food more though, he loves staying inside and sleeping yes he might be abit lazy but his so cute
Zeus loves to go for walks in his stroller and thinks he’s a human. He’s very unique and he’s super friendly.
He is a playful cat
Letti is pit/dalmatian mix. She is a very special girl with 2 different colored eyes and is deaf.
Simba is half cuddle and half zoomie. He loves to play and loves to cuddle.
He loves to play and give the best cuddles 🥰 He was born on the first of April I think you should vote for him because he deserves all the love he can get😁❤️
She has a wonderful nature & loved playing with other dogs and forever loves cuddles
Missy loves going on adventures and loves cuddles
Angel really loves her Ra Ra (its a lion) she cuddles him every morning and night helps her sleep its her best friend she loves to share it with her family too
The sweetest kitten and we’re pretty sure he was wise old cowboy in a past life. Not sure why, he just gives that vibe. First time we met him he was hopping with a cricket until he caught and ate it.
Bentley is a 5 months old chow chow puppy. He is well-socializedare never fierce or intractable, but always refined and dignified. He is aloof with strangers and eternally loyal to me. He love to hiked in the mountain and sleep on a marbled floors.
He really loves his tyres
Tenne is a 4 1/2 month old gorgeous orange Manx mix. She loves my girls and love to play hide and seek with them. Her favorite treat are the tuna lickables. She loves to talk and play. When she sees a bird she can’t help but cackle at it! Orange cats truly do have their own personalities! I’d recommend an orange cat to anyone. We love our Tenne girl❤️
Driver is one of a kind! He loves sticks and very lovable!! He also Loves giving “Fist bumps!!”
Hi my name is Chai named after the well known chai latte because I’m all brown with lovely socked paws and I’m sweet with just a bit of spice!!
Star loves car rides with her little brother Odin. She loves to cuddle with her dad and her momma. She also loves to snack on chicken feet as a treat or her Gaga gives her a carrot every morning
She's my evil genius
i am lilypad. i am a crazy frenchie and love walks, food and hugs with my big sister ❤️
Nala is a very loving, loyal and playful girl who loves belly rubs and snuggles and cuddling her teddy bear to sleep
Nova, short for Supernova soends her days grooming her best friend, Finn the dog and helping her mom work from home. She's the boss around here.
Bandit is a 4 month old rescue. He loves to play with all his toys, and loves to cuddle. Why did we name him Bandit? His face says it all!
Hello, my name is Buffon! I flew to America and have been living here for 3 years! I love my parents very much, and they love me! I am a very beautiful and smart cat!
Reggie is a little softie. Loves his family so much. He adores muddy walks and he will do anything for cheese. Love you boy
She is the cuddliest friendliest furry baby ever! When I am sick she stays by my side always
Mateo is a cheeky little boy who loves to play all day, and cuddle with his human at night. He may be ambitious but he’s also very clingy 🥹
Ava Marie
We've had Ava since 3 weeks and now she's almost 3 years!!! 🤯 She's a tad bit crazy but it's in a good way!
Bella Rue
Bella Rue loves to sit and watch people walk by while outside enjoying the sunshine.