This is harley. Shes a full blood shi-tzu she is a daddys girl and loves attention
I’m a goofy girl who loves treats and squeaky toys!
Hello, my name is Oliver! Some of my favorite things are playing with my big brother, Sun bathing, eating, and sleeping with my favorite toy sloth. I’m a very vocal little kitty and not afraid to speak my mind!
Hank was adopted from a shelter about 4 months ago. He was found in a box behind a grocery, and has since gained 4 pounds! He looks regal and serious, but he is far from that. He is very inquisitive and loves to go on walks, play, and snuggle. He follows me everywhere with delightful chirps and purrs. He loves all other animals and humans and gets very excited to see any of them. He makes anyone around him smile.
She’s part human 1 year old pit terrier full of love and cuddles
Mittens is a sweet little cat who loves to play with balls and A little mouse toy.
Mabel is a 9 week old Pug who loves to bounce around and play with her toys and sister Penny. Her favourite thing to do is give kisses (well lick our faces haha) and eat 🤤
Penny is a 5 year old Pug x Chihuahua, her favourite thing to do is sleep and eat and also play with her little sister Mabel 🥰
Obadiah or O.B. is our 1yr old Mini Aussie. He's so full of energy & love for everyone. He's an absolute joy even to the mailman who he barks his head off to until he comes over to pet or pick him up. He gets so excited with strangers that sometimes he can't hold his bladder thru the excitement but no one can get mad at that sweet face.
Hi I am Luna a Siamese mix who just celebrated her first birthday. I love playing with my mousy and running from my younger sister.
Roscoe is about 11 months, he loves to eat, he loves to be petted and told he’s a good boy, he loves to chew on anything he can, he loves to play and chase squirrels
Hi My name is ace I love to go on walks I love to eat my aim is for people to see how stunning I am
10 months old Pit/Husky Mix puppy who loves cuddles, blankets, attention, car rides and most of all his rope. Turns 1 year old May 24th.
Hi im kiera i love being in the garden and chasing bees and love to play with my ball i also love cuddles
This little guy has tuned into a beast who loves vegetables and wrestling with his buddy Sid!
BB stand for baby but then was changed to badbitch because , well look at her. BB was a kitten of a feral cat that roams out carpark who where together for about 2 months before BB became Ill. She sat under a car for 5 days not moving not eating on the fourth and fifth day she came out and threw up and my wife told me about it. I laid a trap (cat yoghurt in a cat box with the door open) and waited ( I played Uno and smoked for 20 minutes) and noticed she was in there and closed the door. Her nose and mouth where covered in a thick black coating and she was tiny. We clean her up and as I stroke her she was butter in my hands, I cared for her and nursed her back reluctantly because the last cat I helped betrayed me, but not my BB.
Bella’s favourite thing in the world (apart from her humans) is being at the beach! She’s learned to be the perfect poser too 📸
Snowball is a 4th month old chihuahua corgi. He loves playing with his brother, Clifford. He likes taking walks and being around his people.
TK stands for trash kitten because that where I found him, in my bin shed. I never wanted a cat and my wife always wanted her own so we obviously compromised and kept him, I fell in love with him instantly. So after climbing in and scooping him outta of the wet bin shed bought him in, cared for him and kept in warm sleeping on the sofa for 6 weeks so he wasn't alone he betrayed me and prefers my wife than me... Fucking Judith's
Cleveland Smith
This picture was taken when we found him two days after he went missing. He had not only escaped the pound but managed to find his way down the road to a place we lived at two years prior to our old neighbor s house. His friends in fact and he waited there for us to find him.
Coco is very frisky sometimes has a little attitude n she will let you know when she doesn’t want to be messed with, she loves playing in her tunnel and loves her kittie treats
Marley is my nervous collie he copes really well with all his fears when training outside
Hamish is 9 weeks old, he is a very playfull, friendly cat, he loves cuddles and likes to sit on my shoulder like a parrot 🤣, he loves his toys and play tent to run through
Everest Snow
Everest is a pretty little lady who loves her toy duck. She would really appreciate people to vote for her since she’s such a cutie!!
Louie is all cat. Climbing the Christmas tree was his favorite adventure this winter. Everytime I turn around all I can say is “oh Louie”.
This is Iris, she’s a blue heeler, australian shepherd, and bored collie mix. She’s very outgoing and loves to play. Her favorite thing to do is go on walks with her brother! Oh and we can’t forget about her NAPS! 💚
Chanel Jo loves her mommy and snuggles on the pillow next to her every single night💗 she is the sweetest baby and loves to have kisses! she is almost 5 years old and is starting to grey already around her mouth. she’s the cutest girl ever and if you don’t like her your are a buffoon. please vote for Chanel!
He is the cutest, the most photogenic, and the loudest baby in the house. He screm for food and attention 24/7 but is also so nice and gentle that he'll let other babies have their share first and will never scratch or bite mama
Bear is a 3 month old german shepard He loves his 4 kids walks and playtime! He is a big lover and family member and his favotite toy is a giant cupcake from bark box
He loves to play and loves his outdoors. He was trying to say he let me drive I got this lol.
This is Titus, he’s pit bull and husky mix. He likes hiking and playing in water! He has a blue and brown eye which is what usually catches peoples attention along with how sweet he is to everyone! 💙
This is Pumpkin, she’s probably the sweetest cat you’ll ever meet. She loves to cuddle and play with feathers. She got her name because she was born in October! 🧡
My name is misty Im 10 years old i love to play and have lots of cuddles.
He loves being outside and being with me he's a show off and loves playing in his cat hut to attack my feet wouldn't trade him for anything
Gizmo turns 1 this April 20th, will do ANYTHING for a treat and loves to play!
Binx is a laid back cat with a vocal meow!!! He gets stuck on his back and uses the wall to bath himself since hes so fat! He only plays with hair ties and stares at you like a creeper!
Missy is a loveable dog she likes new people
He is a lovable dog. He loves his humans. He loves to play fetch. He loves his treats.
My name is snoop im 5 mths old Im a rottweiler cross Shar-Pei.I love to play and have lots of cuddles.
Kevin is almost 2 years old and he was a stray kitty that we took in and instantly loved. He definitely keeps life interesting. His favorite pastimes are chewing on toilet paper rolls and watching birds out the window.
He is the sweetest little soul, he LOVES boxes and catnip, he also loves his sister Arya. He’s a chunky boy and loves his food.
Clementine loves snuggling, tanning, and going on walks! She recently spent some time in the hospital due to spontaneous pneumothorax, but has thankfully been recovering well and getting back to her spunky self!
Hello! My name is Fury. I'm an AKC registered Siberian Husky from Michigan. I'm very smart ! I can herd cattle, sit, shake, & give high fives. I love to go for rides & hang my head out my owners truck window. I also like to jump off their speedboat and chase Lilly pads. I'm an energetic, great dog! please vote for me !
She is the sweetest dog who just loves playing ball
He is a sweetheart and he loves posting for pictures
Arya isn’t only an Australian shepherd but she is also part akita! she lovesss showing her teeth and is always up for a good tug of war fight. She is also the queen of barking her lungs out, super energetic!